GTC News Sunday 22.10.17

Rides this week:
Tuesday 24th Oct - 9am from Fyansford - 70km to Inverleigh via Bannockburn and Teesdale - Peter Jones to lead.
Thursday 26th Oct - 9am from Grovedale Pub - 40km to Groove in Ocean Grove - Ross Glover to lead.
Saturday 28th Oct - 8:30am from Grovedale Pub - medium ride - Peter Jones to lead.
Sunday 29th Oct -

1. 8:30am from Sth Geelong Station - medium ride to Barwon Heads via Ocean Grove - Peter O'Brien to lead.
2. Easy Ride of 28km - Geelong Loop with coffee at Cafe Fyan or Door Gallery - Ross Glover to lead.

Greg's 100km Ride to Lara and around Avalon Airfield on Sunday 22.10.17
BREAKING  NEWS !     Today 5 serious riders completed the 100 km flat black (road) course without a coffee stop!  Could this rare event be classed as a Guinness World  Record ? There are allegations that one senior rider may have consumed a caffein-laden gel sachet. A spokesman known as the Centurion believed  that this would not technically disqualify the record attempt as the caffein intake was negligable. Commenting on their success, the Centurion attributed it to a very careful route plan, which after leaving Geelong did not take the group within actual sight of a cafe. This was one of the flattest rides I have done  along some of the quietest roads in the region, although the group was a bit disheartened by the 20  km out and back leg along Beach and Point Wilson roads. We returned from Lara via the Hovell Trail but unfortunately heavy drizzle set in after the Refinery.  Thanks to Mark Boyanton, David Innis, John Hagan and Rolf Kohnert for your company.                                                                   
Greg Allerton ( century number 93 for 2017). 

Ian's Ride around the Waurn Ponds Creek to Panache on Sunday 22.10.17
Six riders turned up for the easy but enjoyable ride to Waurn Ponds, where a plesant chat & tea/coffee was enjoyed at Panache by Mick & Lyn, Nicole & Bill, Pam and myself. The biggest surprise of the day was that the ride leader never lost any of the group, not even the allowed 10%
Cheers, Ian.

Saturday Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove - 21.10.17
Seven riders for our speedie trip down to Groove in Ocean Grove: Mark, Rolf, Jackie, David R, Terry, Mike T and John H. The weather was a little cool and we were drizzled upon a couple of times and, as you can see from the photos, we had coffee indoors. The trip down was via Warralily, Horseshoe Bend, Blackgate and 13th Beach. Rolf was 'tapering down' his training in preparation for defending his National Title in Road Racing this coming weekend in northern Tasmania. We all wish him well in this endeavour. Mind you, his 'tapering speed' was still of a fairly high order as he disappeared into the distance a number of times on me. On the return trip the faster group (Rolf, Mark and Mike) came home via Wallington and Leopold and the 'not so fast group' (although speedie enough!) came back through 13th Beach, Lake Rd and Warralily Bvde for a round trip of about 60km.
Keep Riding, John Hagan.

Peter Jones' Tour from Sydney to Port Macquarie - October 2017 - Day 9 - FINAL DAY - Harrington to Port Macquarie
The photos are from Peter Jones' phone.
Just a brief report while we are waiting for our meal. Left the park early as we had decided we would have breakfast in Harrington. After brekkie we headed up to the look out. Spotted a few whales out to sea. Then it was off to Crowdy Head then via a gravel road to Laurieton. Stopped for morning tea on the road in the bush. Had fish and chips for lunch then headed for Port Macquarie. Really heavy head wind unfortunately Mike Currie took a tumble and had to be taken to the hospital. Luckily he has been released after tests and can fly out tomorrow. Cheers Peter.

Peter Jones' Tour from Sydney to Port Macquarie - October 2017 - Day 8 - Forster to Harrington
Headed off from Forster with a few spits of rain. Called at the bike shop in Tuncurry then moved on. Ed wanted to try the designated bike route to Black Head. The road started off sealed but deteriorated to gravel then packed sand and rock but we all pushed on and arrived at the end and a gravel road which became a sealed road at a mere 18% then to Waves Cafe in Black Head for coffee and a bacon and egg roll. Suitably fortified the peloton pushed on to Taree for lunch and then on to Harrington for the night. Cheers Peter

David Rae's Ride to Barwon Heads on Tuesday 17.10.17
Six riders met at the showgrounds - Terry, David I, Dr. Mike, Ross, David and Jackie on a lovely sunny morning. We followed the bike track to Leopold where we met up with Lyn and Mick and continued along the bike path to The Bungalow at Drysdale for coffee.  After coffee Mike decided to return home via the bike path and the rest of us went up Princess Street and onto Grubb Road into Ocean Grove and across to the rotunda at Barwon Heads for lunch.  Ross said goodbye to us here and the remainder had a very pleasant ride along 13th Beach road and then back via Lakes Road and through the new estate at Warrililly, where Lyn and Mick took a right at Horseshoebend Road and Terry, David and Jackie rode on to Torquay Road and through Armstrong Creek to Baanyip Road and along the bike path to Gazeephore Road and home. A very enjoyable ride was had by all.
David Rae.

Peter Jones' Tour from Sydney to Port Macquarie - October 2017 - Day 7 - Seal Rocks to Forster
An early morning jaunt up to Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse at 6-30 am started the day off nicely. It was a little overcast but not cold and the views of Seal Rocks and Seal Rocks blowhole were great. Back and after a good breakfast it was time to tackle the first hill of the day, a mere 17%, it was fun to ride in last night but we paid for it going out. An undulating road to Bungwahl then the Lakes Rd turning off to Smiths Lake and the Frothy Coffee Boathouse, fabulous coffee, great Bacon and Egg Rolls and a lovely outlook over the lake. Of course getting to coffee took some pain, with names on the roads like, 2nd Ridge Rd, 3rd Ridge Rd what else would you expect. Fully fortified we pressed on to Boomerang Beach, Elizabeth Beach with many stunning views. Stopped at a picnic spot for a cuppa and cake then moved on to our accommodation for the night at Lani’s Island Holiday Park. Thai attack tonight.
Cheers Peter.  

Click here for an ACTIVE map of Day 7.

Peter Jones' Tour from Sydney to Port Macquarie - October 2017 - Day 6 - Hawkes Nest to Seal Rocks
The day went well a very quiet road North to Bombah Point Ferry where we went over to the other side for coffee and lunch then back to take the Old Gibber Trail across to the Seal Rocks Rd this cut out a lot of ks and the main rds. The Old Gibber Trail was a little rocky in places but generally good. Arrived here about 3.30 and swimming was popular. Also sight seeing walks up to the lighthouse. Only slight issue is the big hill to out of here tomorrow. Cheers Peter.

Peter Jones' Tour from Sydney to Port Macquarie - October 2017 - Day 5 - Newcastle to Hawkes Nest.
After our rest day which was a bit showery today dawned fine and clear with bright Sunshine and a few puffy clouds scudding about. It was very humid, 100 % apparently but ok for riding. Route today was from Stockton to Hawkes Nest which involved a Ferry trip from Nelson Bay to Tea Gardens which is on the Myle River across from Port Stevens. The first section was along a really good concrete bike path, then on the Nelson Bay Rd with a very good shoulder. Called into Fighter World and a few had a look while others headed to Saxby’s Bakery for a coffee and all sorts of goodies. With the peloton intact again we soon turned off the main Rd and on to the much quieter Marsh Rd which meandered it’s way through the marshes before re-joining the highway. Coming into Nelson Bay we stopped briefly to watch a hydro foil kite surfer then took the Bartlet’s Cycleway into town. Lunch was on the waterfront, ED followed up with the Ferry company to ask about timetables and discovered only two bikes could fit, a bit of discussion and the number was raised to five, they only had the small boat on that day. A bit of organising and nine bikes were loaded in/on the trailer and problem solved. The ferry wasn’t due to go until 3-30 pm so everyone relaxed, chatting, eating ice cream etc. The trip across took about an hour after which we headed to the Hawkes Nest Caravan Park for the night. Dinner was at the Golf Club.
Cheers Peter.

Ross' Ride to Raven's Creek Farm in Moriac on Sunday 15.10.17
Quite a bit of climbing in the published ride for today so I was quite surprised to find 10 people waiting at South Geelong station. It appears there had been some confusion about the route and most were expecting a fairly leisurely ride so we revised the route, destination and planned refreshment stop. Marie, Pam, Lyn G, Heather, Geoff, Mick, Mark, Harry, Dr Mike, David I and Ross set off for Moriac. Our new route took us along the river path, Waurn Ponds Creek path, Waurn Ponds Drive, Pettavel Road and Reservoir Roads. The group split at Cape Otway Road with roughly equal numbers taking the easy and harder routes to Raven Creek Farm. After a nice long refreshment break in the sun, we set off for home along Mount Duneed Road. The group started to split as we working our way back to Geelong with riders taking the most direct way home.
Nice day, good ride, great company. Ross.

Peter Jones' Tour from Sydney to Port Macquarie - October 2017 - Day 4 - Rest day in Newcastle.
Well deserved rest day in Newcastle enjoying the arts culture and food on offer in this busy city. Construction everywhere. Hosting the V8 Supercars next month. Some are excited.  We celebrated with a delicious team a Pasta night featuring chefs, Ben, Fiona and Chris Hu. Cheers, Chris Halpin.

John Hagan's Ride to The Cheeky Cow on Saturday 14.10.17
Nine riders for this ride in beautiful weather for cycling. With the Port Macquarie Tour on and a few other Saturday regulars missing it was a good turn up. The group consisted of: Sue and Thomas on the tandem, John on the recumbent, and David I, Peter M, Ross, David R & Jackie and Terry on diamond framed bikes. With only a slight breeze around we headed down Lake Rd, Barwon Heads Rd and Sheepwash Rd before crossing the Barwon to Ocean Grove and down to The Cheeky Cow in Collendina. Surprisingly, it was not crowded and we enjoyed coffee and conversation on the outside seats. The return trip took us back via 13th Beach, Blackgate Rd, Horseshoe Bend Rd and the group split up at Warralily Bvde, some coming home via The Surf Coast Highway and the rest via Horseshoe Bend Rd. The total ride for most was about 70km.
Keep Riding, John.

Below - Thomas and Sue on the tandem on the Barwon Heads - Ocean Grove Rd.

Peter Jones' Tour from Sydney to Port Macquarie - October 2017 - Day 3
Fine warm Sunny day, only a short ride into Newcastle mainly on tracks/paths to Belmont then on the Fernleigh Track, one of the first Rail Trails in NSW. A very well used trail, fully sealed and marked passing through one of the only curved rail tunnels around. Had coffee at The Fernleigh Café and headed for the beach, Chris Hu noticed an eruption on the side of his tyre so we headed to the bike shop for two new tyres then on to the beach and the Skywalk. Magnificent day with fantastic views along the coast. After lunch took the ferry across to Stockton and our accommodation for the next two nights.
Cheers Peter.

Mick leads the Ride to Moorabool Valley Chocolate Cafe on Thursday 12.10.17
We had a good turnout of riders today considering there was a group away on tour.  Eleven riders fronted up at the showgrounds for a trip round the waterfront up to the Moorabool Valley Chocolate on Ballarat road. They were: Marie, Lyn G, Ian, David I, David & Jackie, Rolf, Ted, Mike, Mark and myself (Mick).  We went via Boundary Rd, thru Eastern Park, Waterfront, Rippleside, no cuppa & scones at Rolf’s so we kept going thru to Nth Geelong and into Douro St and up the Tom McKean trail to Vines Rd, Drysdale Ave and Ted Wilson Trail where we lost Ted & Ian.  Went back a few streets and found them fixing Ted’s rear tyre. Finally got to coffee stop just as MG car club was getting there so place was full. After coffee back along trail, McCurdy Rd,cementies hill and along the river with riders dropping off for home along the way. All up a good ride, a bit blowy but good around 50 klm. 
Thanx to all for coming. Cheers, Mick.

Peter Jones' Tour from Sydney to Port Macquarie - October 2017 - Day 2
Did a few more hills today on our 80 odd klm ride, some Stravas said 800 odd metres, some said 400 odd another said 600 metres of climbing whatever it was there was plenty. Left Gosford just after 9-00 am on a warm and humid morning, followed a bike path for quite a while before taking some streets and then back on a path. Trudi had a puncture but we were soon on our way to Terrigal for coffee, the run down into the town is really spectacular and great fun. The town was absolutely jammed with people and cars, no apparent reason other than it is a beautiful spot right on the ocean.
There was a very nice ice cream shop and some tried their wares. The run on to The Entrance for lunch threw up some more hills but we overcame them as usual. The Entrance was a lot quieter than Terrigal but still with lovely views over the lake. The final leg to our overnight stop at Swansea was about 40 klm, a mixture of paths and road, with hills of course, and was all over by 4-00 pm, a quiet drink to re hydrate and later happy hour and later still a BBQ finished the day nicely. Quiet day tomorrow into Newcastle for a couple of nights.
Cheers Peter.

Peter Jones' Tour from Sydney to Port Macquarie - October 2017 - Day 1
The group all gathered on Tuesday 10th Oct as planned, some by car from Geelong, some by air and some from Coffs harbour. The usual BBQ was held at the Caravan park and everyone settled into their cabins. The weather was overcast without rain but the threat of misty drizzle was in the air. Start time was discussed and agreed that we should get the 10-30 am ferry across to Ettalong which meant departing the park at 8-30 am.
The morning dawned overcast and the threat of drizzle had materialised and remained off and on until about 2-00 pm when we were almost at Gosford. We took bike paths and minor roads as much as possible the roads are very busy and being wet it made it more daunting. The lengths we went to to avoid heavy traffic were proved  when we willingly climbed many, many, steps around a headland. Following the steps we were able to take the main road which had become less busy the further out the peninsular we went eventually we arrived at Palm Beach and took the ferry across to Ettalong where we  enjoyed a coffee and cake before taking to bike path around to Woy Woy for lunch and on to Gosford for the night. Their were magnificent views if a little spoilt by the drizzle and mist. Total distance covered was around 45 klm but it included some pretty steep hills made a little more difficult by the misty drizzle.

Travelling to Sydney to start the Tour to Pt Macquarie

David Innes' Ride to Moriac on Tuesday 10.10.17
Tuesday morning turned out to be a beautiful morning, one out of the box, far and few between, sunny blue sky with little wind. Starting at Bunnings in Warn Pounds we headed towards Moriac via the Old Colac Highway, stopped at the General Store for coffee as our favoured stop Raven was closed Tuesday's. With some chat and laughter we bantered for a considerable time until we finally headed off home via the Cape Otway Rd and Ghazeepore Rds was an uneventful days ride but enjoyable mainly due to the weather and of course the company shared along the way. Those attending were David and Jackie, Dr Mike and Terry, a welcome return after some  long term injuries - good to see him riding again.
Ride Report - David Innes.
Photos thanks to Mike Taylor.

John Hagan's Combined Ride to Pettavel, Freshwater Creek and Armstrong Creek on Sunday 8.10.17
Because Around the Bay in a Day 2017 was on today and Cycling Geelong were also involved in a lot of volunteering both at the ride and at a stall on the waterfront I was not sure we would have any takers on what looked like a beautiful day. However, Richard from Cycling Geelong, and Ross, Chris Hume and myself from the GTC turned up at the Sth Geelong Station. We had only travelled a block when a woman nearly took us out as we came down Yarra St - she slid to a halt with a big screech of brakes at the give way sign and looked like she was coming straight through us. Our route took us out the back of Deakin to Pettavel then back along Reservoir Rd and the Anglesea Rd to The Farmers' Place in Freshwater Creek for coffee and cake. Our return tip took us through Armstrong Creek on Warralily Blvd and home via Breakwater for a round trip of about 50km.
Keep Cycling, John.

Around the Bay 2017 Photos from Peter Jones & Chris Halpin of Pam, Lindy, Ian, Trudi and Leo on Sunday 8.10.17

Peter Jones' Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove on Saturday 7.10.17
Just the cream of the crop for my ride today, Trudi, Lyn L, Sue, Leo, Tom, Harry and myself took an easy roll down to Groove for a coffee. Sue was riding with a new Pilot, did very well, Tom is nice and strong with some experience of tandem riding so all went smoothly. It was a bit of a headwind going down but it was great coming home after a coffee. We returned via 13th Beach and HSBend Rd., a very enjoyable morning on the bike, a good work up for our ride to Melbourne tomorrow with the Around the Bay in a Day ride.
Cheers Peter.

The Social Ride to Drysdale 7.10.17
Lyn, Jean, John & Mick at The Bungalow in Drysdale.

Lyn's Ride to Drysdale on Thursday 5.10.17
On this pleasant Thursday morning 14 turned out to ride:  Marie, Trudi,  Heather,  Geoff,  Ian,  Ross,  Terry,  Chris H,  Peter,  Rolf,  Ted,  Jean,  Mick and Lyn. We headed down the rail trail on to the Bellarin Highway, turning left at Bunnings then up Melaluka Rd to pick up the trail again and headed to Drysdale to The Bungalow where there was coffee and plenty of chatter. We resumed down Princess Street onto Swan Bay Road where Marie left us and Terry left at Wallington Road then Mick and Lyn dropped of at Kensington Road and the rest proceded back to the Show Grounds. A good ride thanks all for coming. 
Cheers Lyn.

First Senior's Ride for 2017 around the Barwon with Rod Charles from Cycling Geelong on Wednesday - 4.10.17
Quite a big turn up for this ride from Balliang Sanctuary with coffee at Barwon Edge. Three GTC riders: Chris Halpin, Peter Horan and John Hagan.

Peter's Ride to Queenscliff on Tuesday 3.10.17
Fourteen riders for our Tuesday Ride to Queenscliff, the warm forecast encouraged everyone out for a ride on a lovely day. The riders were Trudi, Julia, Lyn G, Lyn L, Zdenko, Ken, Ross, Mick, Chris Ha, Chris Hu, David I, David R, and  Mike. It was a lovely day for a ride but it was a day of punctures, we had barely gone 5 klms and Lyn L picked up a big nail right through the tyre. We made it out to The Bungalow for coffee via the bike path. Following coffee we took Princess St to Swan Bay Rd. Mick picked up our second puncture on this leg but after a short wait we were on our way and rolled into Queenscliff and down to the Marina for lunch. Lunch over the concensus was for return via 13th Beach, on this leg Lyn G dropped into a pot hole and created our third puncture. Puncture repaired we rolled on home via Ocean Grove, Barwon Heads, 13th Beach and HSBend Rd., a really lovely day on the bike.
Cheers Peter.

Ross' Tour of the Barrabool Hills on Sunday 1.10.17
Not sure how many intended to do today's ride through the Barrabool hills but 10 riders managed to navigate the transition to daylight savings (some only just) and assembled at South Geelong station for the 9.00 start. Greg, Mike C, Dr Mike, Ken, John H, Long John C, Chris Hu, Rolf, David I and Ross set off for Moriac via Barrabool Road. It was slow but steady up through Wandana Heights and Ceres with a westerly wind taking the edge of the following down hills. Mike C diverted on to his own ride then after Devon Road, John H and Long John turned back towards home meanwhile Ken was selecting his route to minimise altitude changes, appearing in front of us on the highway before turning off again and reappearing on the run down Hendy Main. During refreshments at the Raven Creek Farm, a majority decision was made for the wind-assisted fast run home down Mt Duneed Road rather than re-tracing our steps. Reward for effort! Thanks to all for a most enjoyable outing.
Cheers, Ross.

Saturday Rides to Drysdale - 30.9.17
Saturdays ride started from the South Geelong trian station where footy fans from all over arriving as well for the AFL grand final. Even a bus load of crows supporters who as we now know went home very sad ha!  ha! Lol. The cycling was good the weather a little ordinary cloudy with a few showers. The scratch bunch consisted of the two Chris's, Dr Mike, Mark, Rolf and Harry. We headed to Drysdale but as Rolf said was wetsdale as it drizzled and was wet the pace was fast as we had a nice wind behind our backs passing through we waved  to the C grade bunch who had stopped at another coffee shop and not the usual Ground Zero where we were headed. Arriving at Ground Zero it was decided to have our coffees outside but not for too long as the rains once again tumbled out of the sky so we all cowered inside listening to the rain on the tin roof of the building. When the rain stopped we went thinking perhaps the rain has gone only to find it started again but only heavier! with a few stopping to put on rain jackets. Making our way to the Queenscliff Highway back to Geelong the going was a little tough for some as we rode into a fairly stiff wind no punctures or mishaps all enjoyed the cycling even though the weather wasn't ideal thanks to all who attended.
Cheers, David Innes.

The "C grade bunch" consisted of: Lyn, Jean, Heather, Mick, John H, John C, David C, David E, and Geoff C. As you can see from the map below many arrived at The Bungalow in Drysdale by different routes.

Mike's Ride to Mejavo's Cafe in Torquay on Thursday - 28.9.17
We woke to bright blue skies but oddly a light sprinkle of rain. The forecast was for 16 degrees with a strong westerly.
Ten riders showed up to Grovedale Pub for the Thursday ride.  Mike, Peter J, Chris Hu, Lyn, Mick, Terry, Dave I, Trudi, Ken and Marie.  Mike was elected team leader, by default it seems, and we headed enthusiastically down Torquay Road. We turned left down Warralily Boulevard and across through the estate to Horseshoe Bend Road and had an uneventful run down to Torquay.
At Torquay we turned right at the Quay Boulevard roundabout and proceeded down Fischer St to the Mejavo's  Café.
After coffee we headed back along the beach to Horseshoe Bend Rd. The team leader and young Dave became involved in an engrossing conversation about cycling cornering technique when we suddenly realised that the peloton, apart from Chris Hu, seemed to have totally and inexplicably vanished.  We found them again a short time later and proceeded to Blackgate Rd. At this stage the peloton split. Peter, Terry and Dave returned to Geelong. The other 7 riders enjoyed a wonderful tail wind down 13th beach and on to Grubb Rd. Trudi, Mick and Lyn quite by chance found Rolf at the turnoff and proceeded with Rolf  down the Bellarine Highway. Mike and Chris proceeded on to Drysdale for some more refreshments at Ground Zero.
Thanks to everyone for the excellent company and an excellent ride.
Cheers, Mike.

Ross Leads the Tuesday Ride to Moriac and Bells Beach - 26.9.17
A sunny spring day with next to no wind = the recipe for a perfect riding day. Lyn G, Julie, Jackie, David R, David I, Terry, Rolf, Dr Mike, Chris Hu, Chris Ha, Ken and Ross definitely thought so and assembled at Bunnings for today's ride. We headed out via Waurn Ponds Drive, Pettavel and Reservoir Roads to Cape Otway Road where approx half took the direct route to Moriac while the rest continued along Reservoir and enjoyed the nice long Hendy Main down hill to our coffee stop at the General Store. There we were joined by Trudi and Peter J who had sought out some extra challenge by riding via the Barrabool hills.
After drinks and conversation in the sun, we set off down Forest Road. A small group down the back were witness to the makings of a road rage incident where an oncoming silver car took exception to red ute that had crossed well on to the wrong side of the road while passing us. The oncoming silver car screeched to a stop, directly in front of us then with tyres spinning, took off back up the road in pursuit of the ute. We quite expected to come across some sort of fight but further up the road we met the ute driver who told us about a verbal confrontation and asked for contact details, in case the matter went any further. At the GOR roundabout, most of the group "voted" to do the Bells Beach loop while a few continued directly on to home. Kudos to Lyn who had not ridden Bells before and Terry who has not ridden much and originally intended to head back from Moriac. Up through Bells then Jan Juc and in to Bell Street for lunch at Bells Bakery. The ride leader abandoned the group at this point but was confident they would be able to find their way home. Thanks to all for a most enjoyable outing.
Cheers, Ross.

Sunday to The Cheeky Cow in Collendina with Chris Hume - 24.9.17
Five riders turned up at Sth Geelong Station: two Chrises, two Mikes, Dr Mike and Mike C and Rolf on a very breezy day!! We cruised down to the rail trail until Mike had a puncture then shortly followed by a second puncture!!! He sent out an SOS for a pickup and left the group.  We then headed along Bellarine Hwy to Melaluka Rd where Marie, Heather and Lyn joined the group. From here we had a great run, with the wind behind us, to Swan Bay Rd then Banks Rd to the Cheeky Cow for coffee. After coffee it was into the wind most of the way home. The group soon split, Marie, Heather and Lyn headed home via Grubb Rd and the rest continued along to 13th Beach, Lake Rd and Barwon Heads Rd. It was a bit of a grind but well worth the effort.

Saturday Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove - 23.9.17
When we started at Sth Geelong Station we had only 5 riders: Rolf, Mark, David I, Chris Hume and John H. We decided to head for Groove in Ocean Grove via Barwon Heads Rd and then joined with Peter J, David & Jackie Rae, Trudi & Leo Bellia to bring the number up to 10 at Lake Rd. The sun was shining and we had a gentle headwind on the way down to a delightful coffee break at Groove. For the return journey we let the very fast group take their own way home (see map) and the rest returned via 13th Beach and Lake Rd. On 13th Beach Rd Jackie had a puncture and it was fixed by the team of David and Leo in record time and as this was happening Ross came along having had coffee with quite a few others of our GTC group at The Bungalow in Drysdale.
Keep Riding, John.

The "A" team of Mark, David and Rolf left the big group at the Goove cafe as no one wanted to join them.  We went back to Barwon Heads and took the 13th Beach Road at high speed, the blackrock path onto the Blackrock Road and turned into HSB Road.  A word of caution for anyone riding from Torquay towards Geelong along HSB Road, the edges are extensively and badly damaged and it could be treacherous to cyclists.  After HSB Road we turned into the Belmont oval and took the river trail to Swanston Street and home along the water front.  It was a fast run home and we all made it safely back, clocking up over 75kms.
Cheers Rolf.

Rolf's Ride to Millars in Lara on Thursday 21.9.17
It did look ominous and the radar map showed a lot of green, but the forecast temperature tempted Heather, Chris Hu., David, Zdenko and Rolf to front up for a headwind ride to Lara, using the Ted Wilson trail and the easy option to get to Lovely Banks, up the wee hill and onto the Bacchus March Hwy. and the dirt short cut to Millars of Lara for our well appreciated but not really earned coffee break.  For the first time since winter we could sit outside and actually enjoy warmth, so much so that Heather stated that she got a bit too warm.  The run home along the Hovell trial was a real breeze, having the breeze right behind us.  An enjoyable ride in lovely spring weather, thank you all for making it perfect.

David Rae's Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove on Tuesday 19.9.17

Eight riders met at The Showgrounds - Trudi, Mark, Lyn G, Chris Hu, David I, Ralph, David and Jackie.  We started the ride by heading towards Breakwater and down Barwon Heads Road continuing along this road until turning off onto Lake Road.  We had a good wind assisted ride along 13th Beach Road into Barwon Heads and then onto The Groove for coffee.  After a pleasant coffee and chat we rode up through Ocean Grove and onto Grubb Road, where we had a few spots of rain, but nothing to worry us too much.  We decided to keep going along Grubb Road into Drysdale, where we joined the bike path to make our way back to Geelong.  Rolf, Dave I and Mark took a right at Melaluka Road while the rest of us made our way to The Showgrounds and home.
David Rae.

3. Bourke to Swan Hill with Ross and Mick - September 2017
We have done it! Arrived in Wentworth yesterday to view the Darling joining the Murray and are now working our way home. Have continued to struggle with headwinds with an overnight stealth camp required between Pooncarie and Wentworth. That was interesting in itself with overnight temperatures falling into the negatives and everything covered with ice in the morning. It has been a most enjoyable and challenging ride with both of us enjoying visiting some out-of-the-way places. Definitely worth a second attempt! Cheers, Ross and Mick.

Greg Allerton's 106km Ride to Lara, Sutherlands Ck, Bannockburn & Mt Moriac on Sunday 17.9.17
It was a good turnout for one of my long rides with 6 starters. It was down to 3 degrees overnight  but the forecast of a sunny 19 degrees encouraged John Carleton, John Hagan, Chris Hume, Peter Maurer,  and Dr Mike to participate. I led the group on my usual backstreet route out to Ted Wilson trail and followed it to Bacchus Marsh  Rd. The sizeable group must have deterred some of my usual swooping magpies, though this did not help Chris later on.                                                 Staceys Rd was the first  long climb of the day with an "unfit " Peter and Chris getting well ahead. Robbs Rd then led us to Sutherlands Creek where John H had a bit of trouble organising us for a mobile bunch photo.  Parkers Rd gave us  a great downhill  but when spread out on the climb up Clyde Hill allowed a magpie  to pick on Chris  while leaving the rest untouched. After coffee at Bannockburn  we then took the quiet Masons Rd through Spring Creek to Hamilton Hwy. The climb out of Murgheboluc split the peleton and at Pollocksford Rd  John C decided to take the direct way home. Dr Mike did his first ascent of this long climb as I highlighted the great scenery  we had time to admire at our sedate pace. Along Barrabool Rd to Andersons Rd for more hills with Peter and Chris again leading the way.                                                               There was a short section along Princes Hwy before the quiet Reservoir Rd took us towards home. After   surviving the appalling bikepath surface we had just reached Ghazeepore Rd  when Chris had a sudden front wheel blowout. It was promptly fixed  and some more backstreets soon had us to Breakwater Rd  from where riders headed off home. The 106 km distance had us climbing 917 meters in elevation with an average of 22 kph .  Thank you all for your company!             Greg Allerton.

PS - Chris was hit on the neck by yet another magpie as he returned along the Barwon with John H.

Chris Halpin's Ride to Moriac on Saturday 16.9.17
Six sappy cyclists lined up at the starting grid this morning. Rolf, Dr Mike, Chris Hu, Peter, David & myself took off at 9.02 - unfortunately the Ride Leader had his phone turned off and missed the emergency call from John repairing a puncture. Apologies John. We headed SW along the river bank  to Breakwater encountering some amazing floodwaters in the lower Waurn Ponds Ck. On to Ghazepore and the Anglesea Rd to Blackgate finally turning off the wind into Hendy Main and a delightful coffee in the sunshine at Ravens Ck. Back onto Hendy Main with fabulous tail winds taking us over the Barrabool Hills and home. Thanks for the ride team, Chris.

John Hagan decided to ride with Cycling Geelong after repairing the puncture (on the way to the start) and met up with Richard Hamilton from Cycling Geelong. We got there too late but ran into them later as they returned from Waurn Ponds. The photo below was taken on Gundog Lane and shows the amount of flooding. John.

2. Bourke to Swan Hill with Ross and Mick - September 2017
Mick and I have arrived at Pooncarie which was where we abandoned on our first attempt at this ride. The very last section of dirt road ended just out Pooncarie and it is all sealed road to the end of our Darling River Run at Wentworth and on to our final destination at Swan Hill. I don't think Mick was sad to see the dirt end. He says "NO". Had a really good run down from Menindee. Stayed overnight in the shearers quarters at a run-down station. Great hospitality from the people there and the luxury of lights and an open fire. Nothing serious to report other than 3 puntures for me today - all thorns. Feels as though the trip is coming to an end but should have at least one more report before Swan Hill.
Best, Ross and Mick.

Lyn Gregg's Ride to Barwon Heads on Thursday 14.9.17
On a cool morning 9 cyclists arrived for a ride to the Groove for coffee: Marie, Ian, Chris, H Rolf,  Jackie, Wee Daveee, Ted, and Dr Mike. Went Reserve Rd, Horseshoe Bend, 13th Beach with a nice tail wind. To Groove for coffee but just before coffee Marie had a puncture so called Geof as she was close to home. Then going along Grubb Road I had a puncture so thank you to Rolf and wee Davee for getting me going again. I left the group at Leopold and the rest headed for home. Distance of around 62km.
Thanks for coming. Cheers Lyn.

1. Bourke to Swan Hill with Ross and Mick - September 2017
Greetings from Menindee. Apologies for the lack of reports. Absolutely intended to report from Wilcannia but had to leave in a hurry due to an imminent weather change. The ride has gone very well so far. Roads are not too bad - some pushing required - and very little traffic. It has been in the 30's for the last few days and we are both weary and having a rest day here before pushing on towards Victoria.

Combined Ride with Cycling Geelong to Jack Rabbit near Drysdale on Sunday 10.9.17
As we assembled for our ride today at the 'Park N' Ride' carpark near the Botanical Gardens we were drawn in by the beautiful scenery on this sunny Sunday morning. The Rainbow Lorikeets were in the tree besides us so I snapped a few shots. David Simpson from Cycling Geelong led the group of 13 riders from both clubs out along the Portarlington Rd to the House of Jack Rabbit Cafe just past Drysdale. The views were even better there and we enjoyed coffee out on the patio with Corio Bay stretching in the sunshine almost to the You Yangs. Our return trip was via Portarlington, St Leonards, Swan Bay Rd and the Bellarine Highway. From Cycling Geelong we had David Simpson, Linton, Brigid, Doug and Richard and from GTC Pam, Marie, Lyn G, Ben, Chris Hume, Chris Halpin, Mike T, and John H. We covered approximately 90km on our lap of the Bellarine Peninsula.
Keep Riding, John Hagan.

Saturday Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove - 9.9.17
A good turn up for this ride - 9 participants: Rolf, David I, Chris Halpin, Chris Hume, Peter Maurer, Greg Allerton, Mike T, Harry and John H. Peter M had come down from Melbourne to join us - welcome back Peter - and he hasn't lost any speed! The weather was good with some wind so we decided to head for Groove in Ocean Grove. As I had gone through some deep water further up the Barwon yesterday I kept off the Barwon Path and directed the group to Breakwater via Barwon Tce. However, some got caught at the lights and came via the River anyway! It was all clear along that side. We thought we sighted the missing riders up ahead but were not able to catch them. I sent a phone message to say we would meet them at the corner of Horseshoe Bend Rd and Blackgate Rd - then, to our surprise, they came up behind us and we travelled through to 13th Beach, Barwon Heads and Ocean Grove with a good tail wind. We got the usual good service at Groove then returned via Wallington and Leopold for a trip of just over 60km. Mike and myself returned along the southern side of the Barwon and we encountered quite a bit of flooding.
Keep Riding - John Hagan.

Trudi's Ride to Lara on Thursday 7.9.17
On a windy Thursday morning six riders were waiting at Church St, Chris, Mike, Lyn, Marie, Rolf, Ted and ride leader Trudi. With men at work at the start of the Ted Wilson Path, we had a slight detour to join the path. On reaching Ballarat Rd we turned left, then right onto the Ballan Rd. Finding ourselves in a strong headwind, our progress was slow and steady. Until the unthinkable happened !!!! With a short lack of concentration, or perhaps too many heads downs. I heard a yelp with a bang and a clatter of bikes and cyclists scrapping the ground. Luckily for Mike and Chris all was well, just a bit shaken, one with a splash of Claret on his knee. Once we turned onto Stacey's Rd we all enjoyed a lovely tailwind push, with a fantastic down hill run. We then turned left onto Bacchus Marsh Rd. Then right onto Windermere Rd and to our coffee stop at Espresso Cafe in Lara. Our homeward journey was along Hovells Creek Path, all dropping off at different stages along the way. Thanks everyone for a most enjoyable ride, life is better on your bike..

Nicole's Ride to Coffee at Millars in Lara on Sunday 3.9.17
A very windy day and we had a mostly willing group of riders not sure about the ride leader.  Riding on Father's Day was John, Mike,  Chris H,  David I,  Bill and myself.  We rode past the water front to North Geelong, to Lara via trail.  Coffee outside at Miller's.  Returning via gravel  recommended  by David.  Not sure he was thinking about the wind at this stage, blown off track but not off the bike. On to Ted Wilson trail.  Enjoyed the  downhill to the river.  His legs are cut off said a young boy on river path at seeing John. Guess that was the first time  seeing a bike like John's.  No damage to John.  All returned home safely.

Chris Halpin's Saturday Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove - 2.9.17
An awesome foursome - Mike, Chris Hu, Rolf and me - took off from South Geelong station at 9.02.  We decided to ignore the then light northerly and head to Ocean Grove via the Barwon River track, Horseshoe Bend and Blackgate roads onto Thirteenth Beach. It seems we were enjoying quite a tailwind and very nearly got blown off the Barwon Heads bridge. ''Twas more than a little scary." A bit disappointed to find our favourite tree has disappeared from the garden at Groove Coffee stop, but sure it will soon be better. Returning to the bikes we headed into the wind towards Wallington and scooted back to town along the Bellarine Hwy with almost another tail wind. Thanks team for an enjoyable ride. 
Chris Halpin.

Also on Saturday 2.9.17 - Unofficial Ride with Simon leading OZ-HPV - 5 GTC Riders met up at The Bungalow at Drysdale: Simon, John C, David C, David E & John H with Rob from Ballarat and Peter from Melbourne.

Lyn's Wallington Loop on Thursday 31.8.17
On this lovely Thursday morning 10 cyclists arrived at the Showgrounds. There was Chris, Dr Mike, Harry, Trudi, Jackie, wee Davee, Rolf, David I, Mick and Lyn. We headed out along the Bellarine Highway turning left and going in the back of Bunnings, cutting off the corner of Melauka Road. We made our way down to the rail trail and proceeded to The Bungalow for coffee where three amigos decided to go to Ground Zero. We all met up and returned home via Princess Street, Swan Bay Road, where Trudi, Dr Mike and Chris were going further, and the rest headed down the Bellarine Highway.  Thanks all for coming on a lovely day.
Cheers Lyn.

David Rae's Ride from Winchelsea to Birregurra & Barwon Downs on Tuesday 29.8.17
Six riders turned up at Winchelsea - Chris, Laurie, Julie, Trudi, Jackie and David - on a cold, cloudy morning.  On the way to Birregurra, Trudi told us the temperature had dropped to 3.6 deg, but we were all well wrapped up and had an enjoyable ride to a much welcome coffee/hot chocolate. On arrival at the usual coffee stop, we discovered it was up for sale, but we found another really nice cafe just down the road.  We continued our ride along the Forrest/Birregurra Road, where a light shower of rain followed us for a little while.  We turned left onto Division Road riding through some very pleasant countryside and started to see some patches of blue sky.  We stopped at a very nice cafe for lunch and another hot drink, where Julie, Chris and Laurie sampled the local pies. There was another shower of rain, but it cleared up before we headed off again. We all managed to negotiate Bambra Hill with the help of a slight tail wind and the good conditions made for a fast run home.  We all agreed it was a very enjoyable ride.
David Rae.