GTC News Thursday - 23.1.20
Events this Week
Thursday 23rd Jan - 8:30am from Church Wt/Ted Wilson Path - medium ride to Bannockburn - elect ride leader on the day.
Saturday 25th Jan - 8:30am from Geelong Showgrounds - Banks Rd to Collendina & Barwon Heads - Ron Little to lead.
Sunday 26th Jan - 8:30am from Sth Geelong Station - easy ride to Moriac - John Hagan to lead.

GTC RIDERS AT TOUR DOWN UNDER - DAY FOUR - click here for the latest report from Peter Jones.

Nick's Ride to Torquay via Moriac Vicarys Rd & Bells Beach on Tuesday - 21.1.20.
It was a beautiful cool but fine morning for a bike ride. Eight riders: Nick, Sarah, Jonn Paul, Doug, Ken S, Mark M, Ken and Lyn met at JB HIFI and set off ascending Waurn Ponds Drive, onwards and upwards along Reservoir, speeding down to Moriac, undulating along Hendy, lumpy on Vickerys (where Chris Ha appeared) before tackling the big dippers along Gundrys. Bells was as beautiful as ever and aided by a tallwind and gravity some thrilling high top speeds were achieved. After excellent coffee at Swell we cruised the smooth scenic Esplanade with a tall breeze and sunny skies before scooting along Horseshoe Bend to Geelong. A great ride.

Greg Allerton leads the 100km Ride to Moriac & Bannockburn on Sunday 19.1.20.
John C kindly came to South Geelong station just to take the official start photo as  Noel and son Clint, John M and I set off down to the north river path and across the old Breakwater. We then took the busy Waurn Ponds Creek path before getting onto the quiet Waurn Ponds Drive. We had just completed the long climb up to the Princes Highway when we met Ken Gawne heading back home. After Reservoir Rd it was nice to ride down Hendy Main Rd to Moriac, as I usually ride up this road near the end of my 100 km rides. After a short section on Cape Otway Rd, Hortips and Considines Rds brought us back to the highway and soon up to the enchanting Cottage Nursery Cafe near Gnarwarre. As usual we were the only guests, where we had a choice of delicious home made cakes with coffee for only $9. Pedalling again we were soon riding down Pollocksford Rd then turning left at Hamilton Highway. Burnside Rd led us up to Bannockburn. We soon crossed Midland Highway and it was a nice change to ride down the steep and long Clyde Hill. Noel was keen to try Russells Bridge Rd rather than the usual Parker Rd, which proved to be a similar hard climb in the warm hazy sun. Steiglitz Rd took us back to Ballan Rd from where Noel and Clint headed back to Lara while John and I used Ted Wilson Trail before parting ways. This is one of my favourite 100 km circuits and it was a nice change to ride it in the opposite (clockwise) direction. It was good company and an enjoyable ride. 102 km average speed 23 kph. 
Greg Allerton.

Mike Taylor leads the Easy Ride to Millars in Lara on Sunday 19.1.20.
Although small in number our Sunday “easy ride” group showed considerable enthusiasm. Riders were: John, Jennie, Mark J, Andrew, Doug and Mike. Doug had commenced with his customary 24 km ride in from Torquay. Doug’s level of fitness is quite extraordinary! The weather was great for riding with just a light breeze and great air quality. We managed to negotiate the rather crowded trail along the foreshore to Rippleside and then had a lovely run out to Lara. After coffee at Millars we returned home via Elcho Rd, Bacchus Marsh Rd and the Ted Wilson trail then along the north bank of the Barwon. It seemed like there were several hundred dogs along this section but fortunately we managed to avoid them all on this occasion. Thanks to everyone for a very pleasant ride.

Janet reports on the Saturday Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove for Coffee - 18.1.20.
Upon arrival at South Geelong station it was discovered that there was going to be only a small group of 3, none of whom actually knew the listed route to Avalon Beach. After some discussion we set off to Ocean Grove instead via Barwon Heads Rd, Lake Rd and 13th beach. Nice coffee stop at Groove then return to Geelong via Wallington, Bellarine Highway and the Rail Trail. Our group consisted of Ken, Ian and myself. We were happy to meet up with John and Jenny on the way back who had ridden to Drysdale for the usual Saturday morning catch up there. Lovely morning ride.
Happy cycling everyone, Janet.

Sarah's Ride to Paraparap & Torquay on Thursday 16.1.20.
Despite cooler weather and overcast skies there were 11 starters for today’s ride namely Chris Hu, Chris Ha, PJ, Noel, Ross,  Gary, Ken Smith, Nick and Sarah. Very good to see Ken Gawne back on deck with Lyn as well visiting from up north. A few spots of rain did not deter us as we rode to Torquay, and the trucks that passed us on Hendy Main Road were notably courteous. Ken and Lyn took a slightly different route but we all met for refreshments and conversation at Mejavo’s before returning to Geelong via Horseshoe Bend Road in double quick time with a tail wind, always a bonus! 

John Hagan's Easy Combined Ride with Cycling Geelong to Deakin & Armstrong Creek on Sunday 12.1.20.
Thirteen riders there for the start of our ride from Sth Geelong and we picked up Peter & Marion at Roslyn Rd. The riders were: Peter B, Dave S, Chris Hu, Jenny, Noel, Janet, Clint, Ross, Mark S, John-Paul, Ian, Andrew, Peter & Marion J and your ride leader John. We headed out along the Barwon and up through Wandana Heights before exploring the back blocks of Deakin and coming past their oval, over Waurn Ponds Creek to Waurn Ponds Drive (the Old Princes Highway) then up the bike path beside Princes Freeway and underneath (photo below) to Hams Rd. Quite a few hills to climb for an 'easy' ride and your leader was usually last up! We then took Ghazeepore, Whites Rd and Warralily Bvde to the Warralily Cockatoo Cafe in Armstrong Creek - just off the Barwon Heads Rd. They seem to have increased the number of tables outside so there was plenty of space for us to enjoy their coffee and cakes. The return trip was via the Barwon Heads Rd and through Breakwater to the Showgrounds and back to the Station. Thanks all for an enjoyable ride.
Keep pedalling, John.

Peter Jones' Ride to Barwon Heads - Saturday 11.1.20.
Fourteen riders today at the start: Sue, Meri, Trudi, Lyn L visiting from Port Macquarie, Richard, Ken G back on the bike, Lovro, Ken S, Kym, Chris Ha, Leo, Robin friend of Doug from Macedon Cyclists, Doug and myself. With the destination set by the Ride Sub Committee I figured we should have a change of route just to keep things interesting so we went on the Great Circle Route via Anglesea Rd, Coombes Rd, Messmate Rd, South Beach Rd, HSBend Rd, Blackgate Rd, 13th Beach Rd and into Barwon Heads for a coffee at The Beach House. Barwon Heads was jumping with lots of tourists. Ken and Lyn branched off at Ocean Acres as Ken didn’t want to overdo the riding at this stage and Richard and Sue after blasting up 13th Beach Rd at over 40 kph turned for home at Blackrock Rd. The rest, (except for Doug and Robin) enjoyed a coffee and chat and rolled home via Sheepwash and Barwon Heads Rd, a bit of a tough ride with a strong side wind, we came back via Barwon Heads Rd and Mt Duneed Rd to HSBend Rd where the wind finally came on our backs and blew us home.
Cheers, Peter.

Mike Taylor's Thursday Ride to Ocean Grove - 9.1.20.
With a strong prediction of heavy smoke I was kind of looking forward to a nice sleep-in. However, on rising, I was greeted by a perfect riding day with no sign of smoke at all. What’s more I was amazed to find 21 eager enthusiastic riders waiting for me at the showgrounds. All riders appeared to have become much fitter over the Christmas New Year period (with the possible exception of the ride leader). The riders were: Gary (New Rider), Nick, Sarah, Dave, Jackie, Meri, Trudy, Leo, PJ, POB, Chris Hu, Sue, Richard, Kim, Ken, Noel, Ron, Mark, Mike C, Ted. Later at the Groove we were joined by Chris Ha, Ross and John Miro. Making a total of 24 riders for the day (and I hope I haven’t left anyone out). We had a very pleasant ride to the Groove and then along thirteenth beach with a tailwind. I was amazed to find that I had beaten my best time on Strava for Lake Rd.
Thanks to everyone for a very pleasant ride. Mike.

Chris Hume's Tuesday Ride to Ocean Grove - 7.1.20.
Forecast smoke haze had cleared so we had a fill-in ride starting at Eastern Gardens car park. Six riders today: Kim, Ken, PJ, PO'B, Ted and yours truly Chris Hu. We decided to go to Ocean Grove. We started off heading to Warralily via Boundary Rd joining the Barwon Heads Rd at Belmont Common. Here Ted left us to return home. There was light SE breeze and it was a bit damp with fine drizzle turning to light rain along Lake Rd which persisted until we made it to the Groove. Those without jackets got a bit wet!! After coffee PJ led us back to Geelong using the rear entrance to the Groove, Thacker St, Grubb Rd then through the Estate to Bellarine Hwy and onward to the Rail Trail  turn off, here we split up and headed home. The weather had improved for the second half of the ride and I was dry at the end of the ride. An enjoyable outing!!
Chris Hu.

TWO Rides on Sunday 5.1.20:
1/ Greg Allerton's Short Ride in the Rain to Armstrong Creek
The cool  damp morning deterred many from riding. Peter O'Brien was my only companion and we both agreed that a  4 1/2 hour long ride would not be very enjoyable in these conditions. We instead did a short ride down  Horseshoe Bend  Rd , Warralily Drive and returned along Barwon Heads Rd in steady light rain.I was home before 9-30 am after 26 km. Thanks for the company Peter.
2/ Chris Halpin's Short Ride in the Rain to Drysdale
Just three starters at South Geelong Staion this morning. Not surprising given the steady rain and cool temperatures. Chris Hu, PJ and I quickly agreed that an easy ride to Bungalow in Drysdale would suit. Off down the Rail Trail, the rain no more than a nuisance, and no wind to speak of, pretty good riding conditions really. So - you should have come! A long and tasty coffee break with much discussion on bushfire news and possible future tours. Returned via Princess St, Swan Bay Rd and the awfully busy Bellarine Hwy. A very pleasant ride in very pleasant company. 
Cheers, Chris Ha.

Meri's Ride to Ocean Grove on Saturday 4.1.20.
From the Grovedale Hotel, eight of us made for Ocean Grove at a fair pace. Mostly a sidewind, occasionally assisted. So Nick and Sarah, Peter J, Mark K and Mark B, Chris Hu, Lovro and myself, thought we'd coffee at the Groove. Left after coffee and cake into a pretty strong head and side wind back along 13th Beach, Lake Road then Horsehoe Bend. Smoke was not a problem, but definitely present. As were the flock of black cockatoos on our way home via Lake Road. Think the smoke may have upset them. So home by 11.30, 50 k's with good company and a pretty good run. Thanks everyone!!

Chris Halpin's Thursday Ride to Moriac - 2.1.20.
A small group gathered to greet me this morning at the Church St meeting point. Doug, Ken S and Chris Hu were punctual. Ross and Mike C just made it. The Tarnays were both late but luckily we were still chatting. A collective groan went up when I told them we would ride down Cementies and back along the the river path - from whence most had just come! Perfect weather and little traffic made for very pleasan't riding through Highton to the Pipeline track  along to Pigdon and a circuit of Deakin Uni. Sarah lead us to an inspection of the Unis new Microgrid and solar farm which will produce 7 Megawatts when commissioned soon. Waving to the anxious Security guard we rolled on through the Uni and down to Waurn Ponds Dve, up past Mt Duneed winery and into Moriac. Quite a crowd enjoying coffee at the General Store including lots of Torquay riders and one familiar face - Treasurer Ted and his faithful hound. A bit of a wait was no problem as the chatter flowed. Soon it was time to bid farewell to Ted, and most of us pedalled off down Hendy Main and home via Blackgate. Chris Hu chose the hills option and Ross headed home. Great ride in perfect weather and exceptional company. Thanks all, Chris Ha.

Ron Little's Ride to Pt Lonsdale & Ocean Grove on Tuesday 31.12.19.
14 left Grovedale in good weather for the final ride of the year.  We rode to the Warralily Estate and turned up Barwon Heads Rd, left into Lake Road etc. Up 13th Beach Road, over the bridge, over the back beach gravel path, turning off down past the Cheeky Cow to Point Lonsdale for coffees.   Finding this all full we back tracked to the Cow.   John left us at Point Lonsdale for his 180klm solo ride.   After coffees Doug and Mark left us for their Torquay route, the rest returned via Grubb Road and Bellarine Highway. Today's riders were: Peter O'B, Terry, John Miro, Meri & Lovro, Trudi & Leo, Mark K, Mark S, Ian, Doug, Nick & Sarah and Ron.
A good ride in great company. Happy New Year. Regards, Ron.

Peter Jones Leads the Easy Ride on Sunday to Drysdale - 29.12.19.
Eight riders waiting for me this morning at the station, I was a bit late, had a problem with my back tyre on the Orbea and had to walk back home and change bikes to the Oppy. Julie, Jackie, Sue and Richard, David R, Chris, Ross and Ken were all ready to go. Took the BRT out and picked up Mick at the Queenscliff Rd and Jenny and Lyn at Melaleuca Rd. A pleasant run along the BRT, busy, being well used. At The Bungalow our usual spot was taken but we were just getting settled in to a round table and the group up and left so we were able to slide into a bit more shade and enjoy our coffee and chat in real comfort. Coming home there was a bit of a split as some went on to Queenscliff on the BRT, some took Princess St and Swan Bay Rd., and some took the BRT home.
Lovely ride on a lovely day, keep pedalling. Cheers, Peter.

Peter Jones Leads the Saturday Ride to Torquay - 28.12.19.
Big bunch for Chris’ Sat Morn ride but led by myself: Sarah, Janette, Trudi, (just) Leo, (just), Nick, Mark K, Mark S, Doug, Greg, Ross, Ian, Ken and myself. The programmed ride was to Torquay via Bellbrae, took a group decision that traffic would be an issue on the Anglesea Road so the offered alternative of Ocean Acres was taken up, there may have been some confusion in some rider’s minds on how we would get to Coombes Road but I like the short sharp option as we have done on many, many, Sat morning rides. Not too much traffic on Torquay Rd to start but as the ride rolled on the traffic increased with the temperature. Ken had a puncture on Anglesea Rd., but Mark K and Ross helped out and the peloton were soon on the way to firstly Mejavo's, too busy, The Stoop, not open, so it was off to The Coffee Club where we were able to all gather around and enjoy our coffee and chat. It also was very busy but surprisingly service was very good and quick. Ross and Doug left us after coffee, Mark K stayed with us until Boundary Rd to build up his ks before heading home to Torquay. Everyone else continued along through to Geelong peeling off as when required to get home. A most enjoyable ride in lovely weather, in good company and a great tailwind along HSBend Rd.
Cheers, Peter.

Chris Hume Leads the Ride to Curlewis, Ocean Grove & Barwon Heads on Thursday 26.12.19.
Six riders headed off from the Grovedale Hotel for the Boxing Day circuit : PJ, Ken, Ross, Trudi, Leo and yours truly Chris Hu. We rode along Warralily Blvd, Lake Rd, 13th Beach Rd etc to get to the Groove at Ocean Grove for refreshments, did not go to Collendina as coffee shop closed. After coffee Ross returned to Torquay and the rest of us headed to Geelong via Wallington Rd, Curlewis Rd and the rail trail. A most enjoyable ride, good company, good weather and little traffic.
Chris Hu.

Sarah Reports on the Pre-Christmas Ride to Drysdale - Tuesday 24.12.19.
‘‘Twas the day before Christmas.... and South Geelong station saw 9 starters for a trip to “The Bungalow” along the Bellarine Rail Trail; namely Trudi and Leo, Chris Hu, Barry, Ken Smith, PJ, Ross and Sarah and Nick. Fine weather (again!!!) added to the enjoyment of the ride. At coffee several other riding friends turned up and a merry time ensued. Suitably refreshed, our homeward journey took the nine of us along Princess St and Swan Bay Rd to the Bellarine Highway. The group then divided : 4 took the direct route back to Geelong while 5 went via Barwon Heads to make a longer and arguably more scenic ride. 
Happy Christmas to all!!! - Sarah.

Below - the photo shows 4 versions of the GTC Jersey.

Ron's Sunday Ride Around the Barwon River - 22.12.19.
Six riders gathered at Sth.Geelong this morning in fine weather for a lap of the river: Ron,Peter,Ted,Noel,Doug& Ian. A welcome return to new Geelong City resident, returning from the move for his first ride back. We set off around to Breakwater, riding to the Criterium Track past the dog obedience club, returning to the river watching for the odd unsupervised off leashed dogs along the way. Turning at Fyansford on our way to the Barwon Edge Cafe for a nice coffee, then splitting up for the ride home.
Footnote : The river scenery is ever changing and a delightful solo ride in all conditions, providing public toilets & shops with sheltered spots along the way.
Have a great Xmas. Regards, Ron.

Sarah Reports on the Saturday Ride from Fyansford to Moriac - 21.12.19.
Six starters for today’s ride setting out from Fyansford: Meri and Lovro, Sarah and Nick, Ken Smith and new visitor JeanPaul. A moderate temperature and mercifully non windy conditions made for pleasant riding conditions along Hamilton Hway, Merrawarp Road and Hendy Main Road to coffee at Moriac General Store. Lo and behold who should we meet but Mark Kelly and Terry who joined us for refreshments and a chat. From there Meri, Lovro and JeanPaul returned to Fyansford on the same outward route while the rest of us headed back to Geelong via the Blackgate and Ghazepore Roads route. Nick’s leaky tube eventually refused to be pumped up and needed changing on the way home but otherwise no mishaps, just a fine ride on a fine day. 

Peter O'Brien's Quiz Ride - Showgrounds/Cowies Creek for Thursday 19.12.19.
This morning Mike T, Mike C, Ron, Peter J, Noel, Mark J, Ken, Ross, Doug and myself departed the Showgrounds, proceeded to Newtown, Geelong West and North Geelong and then onto the Cowies Creek Trail.  This particular trail crosses Thompson Road and Anakie Road so we needed to not only be alert to the volume of traffic but also be to cognisant of low hanging tree branches as well.  We meandered and ducked our way along the trail route and stopped on Bluestone Road at the end of the trail to take in the view of the Cowie Creek Railway Bridge No I.  This bridge is a two span segmental arch bluestone bridge that was built in 1860 and a magnificent structure. A coffee break was taken at the Soft Cafe on Minerva Road where the quiz was conducted.  Mike C was the star student, excelling with his general knowledge and consequently winning the most choc bar prizes.  Overall, the other riders showed what an intelligent bunch they are with the majority of questions being answered correctly.  We headed back to Geelong along Minerva Road and at Aberdeen Street the group split and riders headed back to their respective homes. A relatively short but interesting ride of 30 kms.
Peter O.

Ross Glover's Ride to Bannockburn & Ceres on Tuesday 17.12.19.
Eight riders for today's 80 km ride to Bannockburn via Russells Bridge.  Trudi, Meri, Peter O, Peter J, Chris Hu, Chris Ha and Ross set out from Church Street is almost perfect riding conditions. As a Bannockburn/Russells Bridge Road ride had been run last week, we took a non-standard route via the Hamilton Highway, Dog Rocks Road to Batesford then out the Midland Highway. As we approached our turnoff to Bakers Bridge Road, we thought we saw Noel turn out and head towards Bannockburn. Lots of arm waving didn't seem to have attracted his attention so we continued on, only to have him catch us on the uphill section towards Steiglitz Road. He obviously couldn't get enough of the hills and rode on with us. A great run down the Parkers Road hill and a slower slog up the Clyde Hill Road had us at Bannockburn for refreshments. Return was by Burnside Road and the Hamilton Highway. At the Pollocksford Road turnoff, the group split with the majority heading home along the highway and three riders heading up the hill to complete the loop necessary to make the required (?) 80 km. It was warming up by now and the climb up to Barrabool Road and on to Merrawarp Road definitely raised a sweat. Thanks to all for the good company. Ross.

Greg Allerton's Hard Ride to Bannockburn, Teesdale & Inverleigh on Sunday 15.12.19.
I was pleased to see Julia McKeag, Chris Hume and Peter O'Brien at South Geelong Station for my long ride.We left just after 8 am on an overcast  morning with a cool west wind. Ted Wilson Trail and off road path beside Midland Highway took us to Ballan Rd. At the intersection with Steiglitz Rd we met Noel Pownall and his son Clint. There was little traffic out through Sutherlands Creek and up to Parker Rd where we turned left. It was a good descent into the Moorabool Valley before the long climb up Clyde Hill. There was a short toilet stop at Bannockburn before we took Harvey Rd where the bush gave us some shelter from the wind. Spring Creek Rd with little traffic was an enjoyable ride before we rejoined the busy Shelford Rd, though mostly cars not trucks. After 55 km Teesdale provided a welcome coffee break at the shop. I then led the group up Learmonth St with its steep short hill and along Jolly St to join Inverleigh Rd. This was a nice ride through bushland and when we turned into Common Rd at last there was a tail wind, which then gave us an easy ride home along Hamilton Highway. We parted ways at Fyansford with 3 returning along the surprisingly quiet river path. I completed 100 km in 4 hours 30 minutes riding time average 22.2 kph . Thank you for your company!   
Greg Allerton  Ride Leader.

John Hagan's Easy Ride to Barwon Heads & Ocean Grove on Sunday 15.12.19.
Eight riders arrived at Sth Geelong for the easy ride: Leo, Ian, Trudi, Mick, Jenny, Pam, Marie and your ride leader John. We picked up Peter & Marion at South Barwon Reserve and Lindy at Lake Rd. The progress was good with a healthy tail breeze. We came back onto the Barwon Heads Rd at the Airport and travelled through Barwon Heads to the Groove at Ocean Grove for coffee. Peter, Marion & Lindy returned home via the southern route and the rest came back via Wallington and Leopold, into a noticeable headwind, for a round trip of 49km at an average speed of 19.7kph.
Thanks to all who participated, John.

David Rae's Saturday Ride to Barwon Heads & Oean Grove - 14.12.19.
13 riders Trudi ,Chris Ha, Peter J.,Meri, Lovro, PeterO.,Jackie, David R. Mark S.,Ken S.,SArah, Nick,and Doug.left the Grovedale pub heading down the surfcoast highway to Warililly Boulevard helped by a favourable tailwind. We made our way along the Boulevard and had an easy run along Lake road through to thirteenth beach and into Barwon Heads where we were joined by Terry as we made our way to the Groove for our coffee.  After our break we headed back along thirteenth beach road this time into a headwind, along the bike path onto Blackgate road till we reached Horseshoe bend road. Doug made his way home to Torquay while the rest of us headed toward Geelong along H.B.road.  Several riders went to have a look at a the new roundabout at South beach road while the rest of us made our way home.
Regards, David.  

Ron Little Leads the Ride to Collendina on Thursday 12.12.19.
A total of seven riders showed up for the ride to Cheeky Cow today from the Showgrounds point,comprising of Ron,Peter,Chris Hu,Mike T,Ken S, Norm & Clint. We set off along the Rail Trail to the Bellarine Highway and along there to Banks road turning off and along there to Bonnyvale road to our coffee stop for a well earned coffee & cake amid some good chatter.We decided to head off along to 13th beach Rd,Blackgate&Lake Rds,to Barwon Hds.Rd.Stopping at Warralily lights before splitting up into our return destinations. A good ride in favourable conditions.
Keep Pedalling folks. Cheers Ron.

Peter Jones' Ride from Ballarat to Creswick - Tuesday 10.12.19.
Just the cream of the crop for my ride today, not me of course, I’m just a hack but Julie, Mike C and Peter O are definitely the cream. Arrived at the Windmill Island Carpark, Western End of Lake Wendouree about 9-30 am, unloaded and tried to connect with Peter O, a bit difficult as his phone was pretty flat. Eventually caught up at coffee at the Bike Rack Café in Doveton St. Enjoyed a long coffee and chat before heading out the Daylesford Rd over Browns Hill and up past the Reservoir. Weather was a bit cloudy but slowly cleared to a fine Sunny day. Turned left at the Bungaree Rd, a little more ups and downs before breasting the final hill at Wattle Flat and headed down the final 8 klms through the Creswick State Park, this long downhill is heaps of fun and a just reward for the climbs on the way. Went first to The American, our usual lunch spot only to find that they have changed their opening hours on Tuesdays so it was on to the Farmers Arms which was excellent, it has been renovated, very nice surroundings and the food was great. Enjoyed a lovely lunch with Mum and the bunch then headed back to Ballarat via Bald Hills Rd and Gillies St., a most enjoyable day on the bike in really good company.
Cheers, Peter.

Nick's Ride to Moriac, Point Addis, Jan Juc & torquay on Tuesday 10.12.19.
Eleven riders: Trudi, Meri, Sarah, Nick, Chris Hu, Chris Ha, Ross, Kim, Mark, Ken S and Doug set off from JB Hi Fi to the bustling coast for coffee at Swell in Jan Juc in slightly overcast, cool conditions. We headed up Waurn Ponds drive and  then descended into Moriac along the Cape Otway Rd. We continued to make good progress down Forest Rd with only a few gravel trucks. The traffic on the GOR was noticeably heavier than usual before a lovely high speed and scenic descent to Pt Addis. What goes down must go up and the steep bits were pretty tough on the return. The Bells loop was another downhill delight for those that feel the need for speed before a well earned coffee at Swell. The return trip saw the Torquay contingent wave goodbye and  we cruised back via Horshoe Bend Rd enjoying a brisk tailwind. Good company, some great scenery, fast descents: what more could a cyclist want? No traffic, but you can't have everything!
Cheers Nick

Lindy & Don Lester Hosted a Great GTC CHRISTMAS PARTY at Charlemont - the photos will speak for themselves - JH.

David Ellis led us in the fun of the Kris Kringle draw:

Dave Simpson from Cycling Geelong leads the Combined Ride from Breakwater & Around Deakin - Sunday 8.12.19.
Dave led 8 riders from the 2 clubs from Sth Barwon Reserve out to Baanip Bvde, through the tunnell on Hams Rd and down to the front of Deakin. Some were keen for gravel as they had their wide tyres on so we did a circuit around the borders of Deakin mainly on the gravel paths. I went ahead from the SW corner to get some photos as they passed by. As I went by an area which had been exclavated months ago and was duly flagged beside the track I suddenly hit a cord crossing the track - fortunately it was not at neck height but about axle height. I skidded and caught the string stretching it a couple of metres out of alignment. Looking up I could see workers digging trenches in the next paddock. I took photos (below) and stopped the riders. After the photos the workers and staff from Deakin came down and erected what should have been there when they started work. It was a rather hilly ride from there on the Pipeline Track and we stopped at Darriwill Farm Cafe in Highton for a coffee and great conversation. The GTC Riders: Chris Hu, Peter J, and myself headed home from there as the GTC Christmas Party was starting at Lindy & Don's Farm at midday.
Thanks Dave for a very enjoyable ride. Keep Riding - John Hagan.

Chis Halpin Reports on the Ride Around Geelong on Saturday 7.12.19.
Five smiling faces at Rippleside for this morning's ride. With no designated ride leader and very obscure tour directions I was quickly elected Leader as long as PJ offered to guide us on a tour of Geelong. Julia, Doug and Ken S made-up the numbers as we first headed north along the waterfront. This path is dangerously narrow these days with the safety fencing being added to. Up past the Powerhouse and on towards North Geelong, over the railway and along the Ford Factory site. Over the Princes Hwy to the aboriginal co-op then along some gravel trails around Cowies creek and eventually coming out onto the rail trail. Turned in to Church St and over the hill down through the new estate and over to the river path. We then tackled Scenic Rd and along the pipeline track to Deakin Uni in a fruitless search for a cafe. Then to the Waurn Ponds Creek trail to Panache for a very social coffee break. Made our own ways home after that. I travelled a very pleasant 38Km in great company. Thanks everyone.

Trudi's Ride to the Bannockburn Station Cafe on Thursday 5.12.19.
Six cyclists for my ride to Bannockburn: Ken G, Ken S, Kim, Nick, Doug and myself. With a very stiff headwind our route saw us ride out on the Ted Wilson path, Lovely Banks Rd, Steiglitz Rd, Parker Rd.  Our cafe of choice today was at the Bannockburn Station Cafe. After a very enjoyable chat and coffee it was soon time to get on the road. This time we headed for Burnside Rd then joined the Hamilton Highway for a lovely push towards home. Thanks everyone for a very enjoyable ride, even though it was tough going at times, catch you all next time.

Peter Jones Leads the Ride from Sorrento to the Top of Arthur's Seat on Tuesday 3.12.19.
Nine riders on the ferry to Sorrento: Peter O, Mark S, Nick and Sarah all rode down and Trudi, Meri, Julie, Chris Ha and myself drove down. We had a bit of a rolly Chris Ha ride over to Sorrento, Chris Ha left us to recce a ride to Point Nepean in Feb 2020. The rest of us rolled down wind calling in at the Memorial to the 1803-4 Collins Settlement, everyone checked for their name on the list of convicts, plenty of Jones’. Called into the Rye Lime Kilns before stopping off in Rye for a coffee. The strong West wind pushed us along to Rosebud where we turned inland and took Jetty Rd, Browns Rd and Purves Rd to Arthur’s Seat. Rode through a bit of a light shower which had cleared by the time we arrived at the top giving lovely views out over Dromana, Safety Beach and over the bay to the City in the distance and the You Yangs.
A fun run down the front of Arthur’s Seat through some tight hairpins and we were back on the Nepean Hwy and into a stiff headwind, the tailwind we had enjoyed as a friend was now our enemy as we made our way to our favourite café at McCrae. The aim was to catch the 2-00pm Ferry which we were on track to do but a bit of slow service on the Soups almost brought us undone. We left the café at 1-15 pm with 18klm to ride into a stiff headwind. The riders were sent on a head to try and make the ferry while the car drivers set a little slower pace resigned to perhaps taking the next ferry. As it turned out the early riders let the ferry people know we on the way and we all managed to get on board just a few minutes late. Another rolly ride home to Queenscliff and the ride was done, lovely day out in good company. Peter O, Mark and Nick rode home, Sarah accepted a lift from Julie.
Cheers, Peter.

Doug W Leads the Ride to Drysdale on Tuesday 3.12.19.
With two rides occurring today, it was pleasing to see that we ended up with three riders as the Drysdale ride was not as attractive a ride as a ferry ride and the view from Arthurs Seat. Today’s riders shared responsibility with Mike C and Dr Mike sharing camera duties whilst I was the scribe. We set sail for Drysdale in extremely blustery conditions and if we had a spinnaker to hoist, we would not have needed to pedal as the tail wind would have taken us there in record time. The conversation over coffee was about the journey back to the station, into the wind. At times along the trail we managed 27kms per hour, however that was short lived and occasionally we could only manage 14 kilometres an hour and working hard to maintain that low speed. The ride will not easily be forgotten for the wrong reason, the ferocious wind. We were glad to get back to the start/finish. For the record, my Garmin indicated a WNW wind of 24kms an hour and I am sure it increased during the ride home.
A good effort by all.

Combined Long and Short groups at the Start - Sth Geelong Station - Sunday 1.12.19.

Ken Gawne on The Longer Ride on Sunday - 1.12.19.
Pre-ride advertising was apparently nullified by a poor weather forecast. 3 starters made their way to Barwon Heads and warmth,  shelter and refreshments at The Beachhouse. Not far into the western loop, the prospect of a heavy downpour brought about abandonment of any idea of further slogging into a strong wind all the way to Moriac. A soaking in Grovedale was our reward for taking on the elements. Thanks to Andrew and Greg for keeping me company.

John Hagan Leads the Short Ride on Sunday to Curlewis - 1.12.19.
Quite breezy this morning as we set out for Curlewis. We took the Rail Trail out to Hermsley Rd in Curlewis and then the dirt road along Coriyule Rd where there were great views across the Bay to the You Yangs. However, I am not sure all saw the views as those with road tyres thought it was a bit bumpy. We went to Brown Shugar in the Curlewis Shopping Centre which was quite crowded but one table was vacated at just the right moment for us to get a spot to eat. After coffee we came out to find the rain had set in so decided on the shortest route home into a strong NW wind. On the ride were: Jenny, Kim, Doug, Dr Mike and John. Thanks folks for an enjoyable morning.
Keep riding - John.

Peter Jones Leads the Ride from Fyansford to Drysdale & Ocean Grove on Saturday 30.11.19.
Just four at Fyansford for the ride to Inverleigh, Trudi, Leo, Ken S, and myself, I was lucky enough to be elected leader when no one else wanted it so I took Leaders prerogative and changed the ride to Drysdale for coffee, met up with a bit of a mob there. After coffee Ken took the easy option back on the BRT and Chris Hu joined us and we then headed on to Collendina via Princess, Swan Bay and Banks Rds. Rolled on through Ocean Grove, Barwon Heads and 13th Beach returning home via Lakes Rd. An enjoyable ride in quite pleasant conditions.
Cheers, Peter.

Mike Currie Reports on the Ride to Moriac & Freshwater Creek on Thursday 28.11.19.
After a late leader substitution, 14 riders assembled at Bunnings, Waurn Ponds for a loop around Moriac. These included Chris Hu, Peter J, Jackie & David, Trudi, Mark S, Nick, Barry, Doug, Mark J, Kim G, Ken S and leader Mike C. We also welcomed Ross back from the wilds of Sth America. In perfect riding weather, we headed for Moriac via Waurn Ponds Dve and Pettavel Rd then along Hendy Main and Blackgate for coffee with the Mums and bubs at The Farmers Place. From there it was the normal route back along Dickens, Ghazeepore and Baanip back to Grovedale and home.
Cheers, Mike.

Ken Gawne's 98km Ride from Moriac to Benwerrin and Return on Tuesday 26.11.19.
Cycling from Highton, I arrived at the start in Moriac with a couple of minutes to spare. It was pleasing to find Julia, Sarah, Trudi, Nick and Peter O ready to go. The southwesterly wind was up and there was a threat of rain. All went well until we turned off Cape Otway Rd onto Marjorie Lawrence Drive where the first of several showers resulted in a short stop to don jackets. Very scenic ride through Bambra, past Deans Marsh and up the 3 major climbs to the summit at Benwerrin. We discussed the pros and cons of descending the 9 kms to Lorne on a very wet road or returning to Deans Marsh for refreshments. All favoured the latter and we enjoyed the 12kms of mainly downhill, with no sharp bends, back to DM. Peter did not stop as he had to be home, change and leave for Melbourne in mid afternoon. The last of the showers fell whilst we were indoors. Despite Nick picking up a front wheel puncture a couple of kms before turning back onto Cape Otway Rd, the strong tailwind ensured  a return to Moriac in record time. The group recorded 98 kms with 1065m of climbing and an average around 21kph. An exhilarating day out.

Peter Jones Reports on the Alternate Ride to Lara on Tuesday 26.11.19.
Just three for the alternate ride at the start, Kim, Doug and myself, decided to take the easiest way in view of the blustery, showery weather. As we left on the bike path a bit of a shower arrived so we sheltered at St Helens Boat Ramp for a few minutes until it had passed through. Rolled out to Lara via the Hovel Creek trail, met Noel on the way so by the time we reached Xpresso for a coffee we were 4. Enjoyed our coffee while a couple of showers moved through then we were away back to Bacchus Marsh Rd., Noel headed home at the 6 ways and we took Houston Rd and Towerhill Rd through to Bluestone Bridge where we joined the Ted Wilson Trail. Doug and Kim had their cars at Rippleside so at Ballarat Rd they took off downwind and I continued home via the cementies housing developments and around the river. Not the best of days for riding but certainly worth going and keeping those legs turning over.
Cheers, Peter.

Chris Hume leads the GRAVEL RIDE to Paraparap & Moriac on Sunday 24.11.19.
On a beautiful day for riding eight riders started off from the JB Hi Fi, four gravel riders: PJ, Sarah, Nick and Chris H, and four road cyclists: Trudi, Leo, Meri and Lovro. We all headed out along Ghazeepore Rd as far as Dickins Rd then split meeting up again on Blackgate Rd. The gravel crew then headed down Loutitt Rd, Trudi and Leo to Moriac and Meri and Lovro off to visit some friends nearby. The gravel crew used Willowite, and Hunts Roads to get to the Moriac Store. After good coffee and snacks headed home adding Elvins and Draytons to the list of gravel Roads. The six of us finished up with the pleasant roll down Waurn Ponds Drive. An enjoyable ride in great company. Total distance 45km, 28km gravel.
Chris Hu.

Peter O'Brien Leads the Exploration of Geelong Back Laneways on Sunday 24.11.19.
Today’s ride differed from normal GTC rides, being a tour around the back lanes of old Geelong.  The weather was perfect when Lindy, Don, Janet, Pam, Mick, Jenny, John H and myself departed the South Geelong Station. We spent the first hour traversing the East Geelong laneways where the highlight for me was meeting my two grandchildren, Milla and Paddy, who were on their bikes and waiting in the lane behind their property to greet us. After winding our way around East Geelong we headed across to Pakington Street where we had a coffee break at the Southside.  Following the coffee break, we proceeded into the laneways of Chilwell and Newtown with the highlight being the downhill ride from the intersection of Fairview Avenue and Stinton Avenue.  Like all good downhill rides, it was followed by a climb - up a back lane to Noble Street in the vicinity of Geelong College. We then rode through the back laneways to Geelong West, used the pedestrian overpass to cross the railway line, rode along the Esplanade and back to South Geelong. 
A leisurely and thoroughly enjoyable ride totalling approximately 22km.
Peter O.

Jenny Prince Modelling the New GTC Jersey in the Colour Pink

Trudi Leads the Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove on Saturday 23.11.19.
Ten riders today for the advertised ride to Queenscliff:  Janet, Julie, Sue, Trudi, Doug, Richard, Mark, John M, Andrew and Leo. With a ride leader needed, I was quickly elected to the position. "Thanks everyone"  someone mentioned that there was a music festival on at Queenscliff this weekend. So It was decided with the agreement of the group that we would head towards Ocean Grove and the Groove. Bike path first till Curlewis Rd, then crossing the highway onto Wallington Rd and straight into the Groove for a lovely coffee and a long social chat. Our homeward bound journey was Thirteenth Beach, Lake Rd, Barwon Heads Rd and back to where it all began. Thanks everyone for the very enjoyable ride. See you all next time. Oops nearly forgot to mention, John and Julie continued on to Queenscliff on the rail trail.

Peter Jones' Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove on Thursday 21.11.19.
A ride of fluxuating numbers today on a hot and windy day. At the start there were 5: Nick, Peter O, Chris Hu visitor Ken, (soon to be member) and myself. We headed out the BRT and met up with Lyn and Mick who joined us at Melaleuca Rd for a short while until we turned off at Curlewis Rd to go across to Ocean Grove, so then we were 5 again. Curlewis Rd was a blast with a strong tailwind, at Queenscliff Rd we turned into Wallington Rd and after a small climb took the quiet roads through the Wallington Estate to Rhinds Rd., Grubb Rd., a nice run down Grubb again with a tailwind but there are some nasty holes and rocks, Peter O hit a rock and blew a tyre immediately. A quick repair and we were on our way, right into Thacker St until we were able to turn off and enter Groove from the back. Enjoyed a coffee in the shade and Mark J turned up, so we were back to 6. Mark’s shoe had fallen apart but nothing a bit of gaffer tape can’t fix.
Headed home via 13th Beach, strong side wind, Blackgate Rd, strong head wind, Lake Rd, strong head, side, side tailwind. Turned from Barwon Heads Rd into Waralily Blvd and Ken came to a stop and fell into the grass, suffering a bit of dehydration so we all took shelter in a shady area, cooled him down and rang an ambulance. Rose, a nice passer-by stopped to assist and later took his bike home for safe keeping. By the time the ambulance arrived Ken had partially recovered but was still showing symptoms of dehydration so he was carted off to Hospital and we all headed home into a cracker of a headwind at times. Lesson to be learnt, drink plenty of water for a start and add electrolytes if you so desire.
Cheers, Peter.

Trudi's Ride to Lara, Little River & the You Yangs on Tuesday 19.11.19.
Eight riders today for my ride to Lara, Little River and the You Yangs: Julie, Meri, Sarah and Nick, Peter J, Noel, visitor Ken and myself. Today's route saw us riding through North Shore then joining the  Hovells Creek path. As we rode past the Geelong Grammer we came across a familiar face Noel, who was waiting patiently for our arrival. My Cafe of choice today was Cafe Xpressso. Once our coffee cups were empty, and with some movement within the group is a sure sign that it's time to get going. Back on our bikes we rode along the Old Geelong Rd, turning at Little River and onto the You Yangs, stopping at the top of the Turntable for a few minutes to take in the stunning views. Lunch was enjoyed back in Lara at the bakery, except for poor Ken, who discovered that he had left his back pack, at the turntable on a bench. I hope that it was still there as it contained wallet, phone and car keys. Our last leg of the ride was on the Ted Wilson path. A very enjoyable ride of 73kms and a early finish to the day, I was back home with the kettle on by 1.30. Thanks to those that rode today, see you all next time.

Peter Jones leads the Easy Ride to Sandstone Cafe in Grovedale on Sunday 17.11.19.
Six riders for todays Easy Ride, even steven on the genders, Lyn G, Pam, Lindy, Geoff, Mike and myself, Chris Ha made a brief appearance at the start to check we all got away safely. I drew the short straw and led the ride out the river path to Fyansford and back into Highton, after the long drag up Bellevue a couple of the riders just getting back into riding expressed a wish to head for coffee, so off we went to Sandstone on Torquay Rd where we met by Chris Ha again. After coffee Do picked up Lindy as she had an appointment and the rest of us headed for the river path again and home. A very social ride with the Sun finally coming out to warm us all.
Cheers, Peter.

Chris Halpin's Saturday Ride to the You Yangs & Lara on 16.11.19.
A beautiful sunny morning brought a big group of 15 riders to the Church St meeting point. Chris Hu, Nick & Sarah, 2 Peters, Mark S, Julie, Trudy & Leo, Barry, Ian and Greg were all waiting patiently for yours truly to arrive - slightly late.  This was lucky though as new rider Mark was actually following Chris, and then Hugh also arrived.  Off we set up the pathway and onto Bluestone Bridge Rd, thru Lovely Banks, along the lower Anakie Rd to Ballan Rd, Staceys, Bacchus Marsh, and into Wyndamere and Forrest Rd to the front gate of the You Yangs Park.  Here the group split with one group heading direct to Millars for coffe, and the 'true believers' rolling up to the summit. Back down to Lara via Flinders Ave was a bit of a slog into the wind, the bunch now regrouped for a very long and social coffee break/birthday party. Thanks PJ for providing the excuse, and thanks to Janet for finally catching up and joining us.  Reluctantly back on the bikes and into the wind for the return via Hovell Creek Track. All up about 65Km in exceptional company.
Thanks everyone. Chris.

Mike Taylor's Thursday Ride to The Bungalow in Drysdale - 14.11.19.
It was a lovey day for riding today. Just a hint of chill in the air and a predicted maximum of 22C. I arrived rather late for a designated ride leader,  but was excited to find around a dozen keen GTC riders waiting at the Showgrounds. We had a lovely tail wind to Drysdale and really hardly needed to pedal. Coffee was at The Bungalow where service was, as always,  exceptional. Peter O’B and Ted were waiting for us  there after riding up the trail from Point Lonsdale. It was great to catch up with lots of GTC riders and the conversation was, as always, stimulating. We headed back down the path into a fairly stiff headwind. Riders were: Yours Truly, Rolf , Dave I,  Mike C, PJ, Chris H, Nick, Sarah, Terry, wee Dave, Jackie and Norm.

Ken Gawne's Ride from Buninyong to Mt Egerton & Ballan on Tuesday 12.11.19.
Club members aversion to out-of-town rides was evident yet again when only Greg and I fronted up at Buninyong. A tail wind blew us up 4 significant climbs on our way to Mt. Egerton and again on the road to Ballan. Food and drink were devoured there before heading off towards Gordon into a gusty westerly. Several showers hit us before Dunstown but mercifully they were short. The downhill plunge on Fisken then the highway back to Buninyong was exhilarating. Because of lack of support for rides that I have led, I have informed the ride programme sub-committee that I do not wish to lead any rides in the Jan-Mar quarter. It will be more satisfying to arrange to do challenging rides through quiet and beautiful locations with like minded people.

Peter Jones' Ride to Moriac via Freshwater Creek & Paraparap on Tuesday 12.11.19.
Good turn out of alternate riders today, Jackie, Sarah, Marge, Julie, Meri, David R, Nick, Terry, Chris Hu, Chris Ha, Barry and myself. Some riders had time constraints so started at 8-30am at the Grovedale Hotel. A few very light showers about with a stiff head wind. Took usual route out through Baanip Bike track and Ghazepore to Anglesea Rd. Turned into the wind again at Blackgate Rd but in amongst the trees it wasn’t too bad, even had a bit of Sun every now and again. Some had removed jackets but we ran  into a slightly heavier shower on Hendy Main Rd and  stopped to put on jackets before continuing into Moriac for a well earned coffee and for some, cake. Terry was already there after a bit of a mistake about the start time. Enjoyed a good chat and the ride split to come home, some took the full hills, some the half hills and the rest came with me along Mt Duneed Rd with a roaring tailwind, great stuff. Thanks for coming everyone, a most enjoyable ride in good company, also good to see Barry on his first Tuesday ride, welcome.
Cheers, Peter.

GTC 40th Anniversary Celebrations at Grovedale United Services Hall - 10.11.19.
Our last reunion was in 2009. The organising sub-committee (Nicole Collins, Julia McKeag, Nick Tarnay and myself) chose the United Services Hall in Reserve Rd Grovedale as the venue. This location and date had historic significance as this was the start for several of the Geelong Otway Challenge rides which were always held on the Sunday after Melbourne Cup, as was the day of our reunion.The organisers arrived at 10 am and set up the tables and chairs before decorating the big room with Otway T shirts and ride tops, banners, posters, ride signage and a Cadel framed photo. 
People began arriving at noon with a good mix of current and former members. The level of conversation increased until I used my blue cow bell to gain their attention. Vice President Lindy Lester welcomed everyone and then I gave a speech briefly covering the history and activities of the GTC over 40 years. It was great to have several former Presidents there - Frank Kinnersley(our first President)  Craig Blackman, Dave Ellis  and myself. Six of our Life members attended: Fran Forsyth, Lyn Kerr, John Hagan, Geoff and Heather Christmas and myself. It was then time to sample some of the fine food  people had brought and catch up with old friends. The memorabilia, old photo albums, historic documents and the three volumes of Rod Charles' Whirr of Many Wheels attracted much interest. John Hagan had painstakingly assembled a vast range of photos which were shown in rolling rotation on Nick's large TV screen. I really enjoyed catching up with lots of people including Janette & John Shandley (who travelled from Korumburrah), Gill Broadwood, Betty& Mel White, Bill & Val Rae and so many others. There was about 50 attendees. I would like to thank everyone who came (sorry, too many to mention by name) and also the sub-committee and John Hagan for his great camera work.
Greg Allerton.

Peter Jones' Ride to Waurn Ponds before the 40th Anniversary Celebrations - 10.11.19.
Expected a few more takes for my easy ride around the bike paths but it was not to be. Janet turned up, then Dr Mike and lastly a possible new member Geoff Cameron. As the 40th Celebrations were on at Grovedale at 12-00 O’clock, set a course that would get everyone back home by about 11-15 am. Rode out to Fyansford on the river path and back to the Highton turn-off. Through Highton Village up Belle Vue Ave and down to Panache Waurn Ponds for a coffee returning home via the Waurn Ponds Creek track and the River Path. A nice little ride to keep the legs turning over.
Cheers, Peter.

Heather Christmas' Report on the Shopping Trip in aid of Breast Cancer - 19.10.19.

Mike Taylor's Saturday Ride to Pt Lonsdale & Ocean Grove - 9.11.19.
It was a remarkably cold November day. When I woke up it was 8 degrees but according to the computer it felt like 4 degrees. Fortunately, as it turned out, I decided to go with the full on rain jacket with my winter top underneath. I was greeted at the station by just four extra keen riders: PJ, PO’B, Mark and Chris Hu. Feeling somewhat daunted by the high quality of the field we headed as planned to Point Lonsdale. Fortunately we had quite a nice tail wind for much of the ride and made very good time. After much pleasant conversation and arguably a few too many cakes we headed back into the wind (and by this time light rain) proceeding back along Shell Rd to Banks Rd. From Banks Rd we turned left onto the Bellarine Highway and much to everyone’s surprise, the headwind wasn’t actually too bad.
Thanks to everyone for a very enjoyable ride. Mike.

Peter Jones' Ride to Waurn Ponds on Thursday - 7.11.19.
Just Chris and myself willing to brave the wind this morning. Banockburn was not an option for me as I had to be back early, it was also a long ride into a gale and a very exposed road. A ride around the bike paths  to Bunnings seemed much more protected and sensible. From there it was up past Deakin, along the Pipe Line Track and a blast down Barabool Rd to Two Sugars for coffee. Enjoyed our coffee and headed home just before the weather really cracked up. Thanks for your company Chris it was nice to turn the legs over for a couple of hours. 
Cheers, Peter.

Peter O'Brien's Ride from Rippleside to Dockside in Melbourne on Tuesday 5.11.19.
On a rather brisk morning Lovro, Meri, Andrew, Zac and myself set off from Rippleside for the annual ride to Melbourne.  We rode out to Lara and various back roads to Little River and Werribee where we stopped for a coffee break. We proceeded towards the Federation Trail and then worked our way across to the outskirts of Point Cook to the Skelton Creek Rail Trail.  To access the trail required traversing a bridge over the creek which was a challenge in itself as pools of water at the foot of the bridge meant we needed to cross with care.  As the ride leader I thought it my duty to go first and we all managed to cross the water successfully. Riding along the Skelton Creek Trail and the Bay Trail provided many fabulous view of the Melbourne skyline.  We stopped and took in the sights from the top of the 100 Steps viewing point.  Between Altona and Williamstown we encountered another water crossing and Meri took up the challenge to cross first and demonstrated how to do so with a minimum of fuss. The ride from Williamstown to Docklands enabled us to again appreciate the sights of the city as we weaved our way towards Southern Cross Station.  We then caught the 1:50pm train to Geelong and I managed to make it home just in time to see the running of the Cup. Thanks everyone for a very enjoyable bike ride.
Peter O.

Ken Gawne's 100km Ride to Jan Juc on Sunday 3.11.19.
Greg and Peter joined me this morning at SG station. Peter was playing chef - he had a roast in the oven due out at 2pm and therefore wanted to be home before that hour. We followed Barwon Terrace up to the racecourse, around Breakwater and onto Barwon Heads Rd. A detour via Horseshoe Bend and Boundary Roads saw us back on BH before turning onto Lake. Peter tried to set various section speed records but found that the leader did not respond. The bike path at the end of 13th Beach took us to Blackgate where Greg paced us into the westerly wind right through to Horseshoe Bend Rd. Much appreciated Greg. Through Torquay which was packed with Melburnians on a 4-day weekend. Swell cafe at Jan Jug was doing a roaring trade but we found a table and enjoyed a well earned refreshment break.
Then came the hills - Bells, Bones, Gundrys and Vickerys. Hendy Main, Grays and Forest before El Presidente left us to head home and weave his culinary magic. Greg ignored my instructions to take off and leave me to slowly wend my way back. Instead he conned me into raising another effort until the strong wind blew us at good speed along the length of Barrabool Rd to Highton. Glad to get off my heavy Specialised cycle after 100.1 kms. Thanks to my companions for what turned out to be an excellent 5h of exercise. The only shower occurred whilst we were in the cafe.