GTC News Saturday - 23.10.21
We will be permitted to start our Ride Calendar again from Tuesday 28.9.21 in groups of up to 10 riders. You will need to take your masks, photo ID and check into cafes with QR code.

Rides This Week:
Sunday 24th Oct - TWO RIDES:
1/ 9am from Geelong Showgrounds - easy ride of 45km - Eastern Gardens, Point Henry, Leopold, Bellarine Hwy, St Albans Park - Janet Roussety to lead.
2/ Possible GRAVEL Ride - need a volunteer.

Ken Smith's Saturday Ride to Ocean Grove & Drysdale - 23.10.21
After a night where some suburbs of Geelong had been battered with a storm that included hail during Friday evening , it was a surprise to awake to a still morning with out rain. Although there was some drizzle on the way to Grovedale, and I was amazed to have twelve riders come to enjoy the the ride: Chris H, Hugh P, Jennie P, Joanne F, John H, John M (met us at the Groove), Julia M, Mark S, PeterC, Peter J, Trudi B, Leo B, and myself . The first part of the ride was to the Groove Cafe , and we went via the Surf Coast Hwy, Blackgate and Thirteenth Beach Roads, and we arrived  without any rain. After we were refreshed we rode to Drysdale, on the Wallington, Swan Bay, and Grubb Roads. It was here we had the rain start and kept falling until we reached the B.R.T at Curlewis Road. Thank you to all who participated and to Leo for being Tail End Charlie and to John H for the photos .
Ken Smith.

Barry Tippett's Thursday Ride to The You Yangs - 21.10.21
16 riders turned up on a warm and overcast day for the ride and potential ascent of the You Yangs summit. The riders included Chris Hu, Chris Ha, Clint P, David Sm, Gary Br, Ken S, Kim G, Lyn P, Lovro  L, Noel P, Norm L, Peter C, Peter J, Peter N, Trudi Be. Both Chris Hu and Gary B had indicated at the the start of their ride their intention to break off from the group part way through the course and complete their own individual rides. Two groups were created with Ken Sm and Gary B opting for second leader and tail end Charlie roles. Thank you for volunteering. Chris Ha had a tyre puncture near Geelong Grammar which was quickly repaired and the two groups proceeded to the You Yangs.
With a tail wind and a slight downhill gradient assisting riders a nice rhythm was created on the Flinders Avenue 4.8km section. Our coffee stop was again located at Xpresso Lara. After our coffee the group divided into two groups with Peter J leading the group of 4 riders returning on the Ted Wilson trail. The now remaining 10 riders ventured back to Rippleside via Rennie St and Shell Pde where again we enjoyed a tailwind back to the start. Thank you to all riders for turning up. 64km covered at 23kms/hr with 381m of climbing.

Trudi Leads the Asphalt Ride & Chris Hume the Gravel Ride to Queenscliff - Thursday 19.10.21
Quite a crowd today for Chris’s ride to Queenscliff and return. 15 riders: Chris Hu and Ha, David S, Gary, Janet, Jennie, John M, Ken G and S, Kim, Peter J and C, Ray, Sarah and Trudi. Pretty easy riding along the rail trail saying bye to Janet at Drysdale, while the two Chris’s headed for the gravel option. Having released Chris of his leadership  duties I took over the rest of the ride. Out onto the road up and down some lumps we arrived at Portarlington for coffee. Today I had to race over and retrieve some eager, thirsty, hungry cyclists from Daniels Donuts premises. (Lucky for me they came quietly) Because today I wanted to go back to a old favourite coffee stop the Bakery. Plenty of seating outside under umbrellas, service was quick and was a very pleasant setting. Well refreshed and refuelled time to get on the move, the esplanade was stunning as ever. Unfortunately we had a shower come through while riding in St Leonard’s, lucky for us it didn’t last long but long enough to wet us.  Murradoc Rd, Queenscliff Rd saw us sailing along, three turned off at Swan Bay Rd. The rest of us headed into Queenscliff  for our second stop of the day lunch at the Bakery. Our return route was straight back down the Highway rejoining the rail trail at Moolap.  Thanks everyone for your company today for what was our first longer ride since the lockdowns started, most of us reaching the 100 km mark or over.

Greg Allerton's 100km Ride to Shelford & Inverleigh on Sunday 17.10.21
I was pleased to be joined by regular Sunday Long rider John Hagan and Mark Jones doing his first Sunday Long Ride with me. We took an indirect route to Fyansford with an exciting descent down Monier Way. There was brief drizzle as we rode out Hamilton Highway into a slight head wind. After Murgheboluc we took the quieter Brislane and Spring Creek Roads. Then came a less enjoyable section along busy Shelford road though there were only two big trucks. A pleasant off road path led us into Teesdale where coffee and cake awaited us, though we should of course have had tea in Teesdale! The offroad path continued for a long way and then we enjoyed the great downhill into Shelford. It was a pleasant ride along the valley road following Leigh River. Quiet backroads led us into Inverleigh for a brief stop.There was steady traffic back along Hamilton Highway and at Fyansford the river path lead us home. Distance was 104 km in 4 h 34 min  av 22.8   I was home by 1-15 pm. Thank you John and Mark for joining me.

Janet's Circuit of Geelong on Sunday 17.10.21
An easy ride around Geelong attracted the following riders to South Geelong Station: Alison, Hugh, Ian, Jennie, Julia, Leo, Mark L, Noel, PJ,Trudi and myself.  We broke into two groups with PJ and Julia leading the second group and Leo taking tail end. It felt a bit like a train along Barrabool Rd as we picked up Kim, Jo and Mike C at various points and then Geoff in Pigdons Rd.  We rode through Highton, Wandana Heights, Armstrong Creek, Breakwater to our coffee stop at Mercy Cafe in the Eastern Gardens.  Excellent coffee and nibbles (as long as the weather is ok for outdoor seating). Just a short journey back to the station to finish.
Thanks everyone for a lovely morning.  Janet.

Trudi's Saturday Ride to Bannockburn - 16.10.21
This morning I wasn’t expecting to be riding due to the rain that poured down from the skies above yesterday. And I was certainly not expecting to find ten cycling friends at the top of Church St ready to ride. Lucky for us all we didn’t encounter any rain on our ride to Bannockburn or the return. Today riders were Barry, Hugh, Jennie, Jo, John M, Julie, Ken S, Leo, Nick and Sarah, Trudi. Heading out on the Hamilton Hwy into a head wind saw Barry, Ken, Nick and John taking turns out the front to protect the rest of us (thank you fellas). Brislane Rd was a delight with some assistance from the wind. Cafe of choice as always was Cafe Le Due Sorelle, having our beverages outside on the sidewalk, service was excellent. Today we helped celebrated Nick’s birthday so Sarah kindly offered to pick up the tab. Our return route saw us descending quite fast down and through Clyde and Parker Rd’s. Once on Steiglitz Rd we had a great tailwind to blow us homeward. Crossing the Ballan Rd and along Lovely Banks Rd we rejoined the Ted Wilson Path, before we knew it we were soon back at Church St.. Thanks everyone for coming out on a very grey morning to join me on what turned out to be a fantastic ride. Thanks again Sarah for the refreshments it was so nice to be able to share in Nick’s birthday celebrations. 

Janet's Loop to Ocean Grove on Thursday 14.10.21
We had a beautiful ride to Ocean Grove today via Lake Rd and 13th Beach. Coffee at The Groove was good and quick as usual. Heading back via Wallington and Curlewis Rd to the BRT we came across a turtle in the middle of the road which Chris kindly picked up and moved to the side. Hopefully the turtle was happy with the side of the road he chose!  With dark clouds looming we all went our shortest route home. Today's riders were: Alison, Barry (tail end Charli thank you), Chris Ha & Hu, Jennie (who left us early to go to work), Ken S, Kim, Nick, Noel, Peter O'B, Sarah and myself.
Thank you all for a fun ride, Janet.

Tuesday 12th Oct - TWO RIDES:
1/  Loop from Colac to Beeac & Red Rock led by Ken Gawne
11 members (see photos) made their way to Colac to experience one of the top rides on the GTC calendar. The group had travelled less than 3 kms when Ken Smith was halted by a broken chain and had to abandon. We battled a fresh crosswind to Beeac where, even though barely 18 kms had been covered, a coffee break was taken as there would not be another opportunity before arriving back in Colac. Around Lake Cundare and on through Dreeite and Alvie before the climb of Red Rock. Our reward, panoramic views over lakes and craters. Down the hill past Alvie, along the edge of Lake Corangamite and then back onto roads leading to the Princes Hwy. Thanks to all for supporting a unique out-of-town ride.

2/  Chris Halpin Leads the Ride to Jan Juc & Moriac
Six starters - Chris Hu, Julia, Lindy, PJ, Ray and Trudi met me at the Grovey this beautiful morning. We quickly decided to try our favourite Vickerys/ Gundries ride in reverse, so headed for Horseshoe Bend Rd via Warralily to Torquay. Around the Esplanade with a pleasant easterly to Swell for coffee and chat with Doug. Doug is making progress with his broken arm but would like it to be mending a bit quicker - a familiar story. Back on our bikes we headed for Bones Rd, across the Hwy to Gundries, Vickerys, then Hendy Main and more refreshments at Moriac. Just short of town Ray punctured after hitting a pothole. Luckily it was only a puncture - easily fixed. I needed to be home so I left the happy group hopping into lunch at the store. A great ride of just on 70km for me, great company and even better weather.

Jesse does a GRAVEL Ride to Torquay - 10.10.21
Jesse was the only one to turn up and here is a short description of where he went. Cycled from Bunnings down Ghazeepore on to Whites Rd then on to Pettavel then down Loutitt Bay Rd on to Vickerys then Elkington Rd then down the Great Ocean Rd riding around the foreshore to Safeway at Merrijig Drive. Back around the foreshore up the Great Ocean Rd stopping at Elkington Rd. Much of it gravel - total 68km.

John Hagan's Sunday Ride to Moriac - 10.10.21
A good turnout for our ride to Moriac. At the starting line: Ken, Jennie, Trudi, Julia, Ray, Leo, Ian, Peter C, Noel, Janet and your ride leader, John H. The breeze was nippy but the sun was out when we started. The first part of our ride was on bike trails - first the Barwon Trail to Breakwater, then the Waurn Ponds Trail, where Kim joined us, then to Ghazeepore Rd. The next trail was up the side of the Princes Highway, through the Hams Rd underpass and up to the Anglesea Rd/Princes Highway roundabouts. Lindy joined us and Jennie left us at the intersection with Mt Duneed Rd which we took through to Cape Otway Rd. Half way along it started raining and persisted almost through to Moriac Store. As you can see from the photo below we were fortunate to have the sun out for most of our coffee break. The return trip was via Paraparap and Freshwater Creek. Thanks to Leo who kept the end of the line in order and thanks all for an enjoyable morning's ride.

Chris Halpin's Saturday Ride to Portarlington - 9.10.21
A timely COVID negative text message at 7am released me to lead today's ride and join 14 GTC riders enjoying the sunshine at the Showgrounds meeting point. So 2 groups, with Janet kindly offering to lead the 2nd, and John Miro providing 'tail end' duties. It was great to welcome Ray back from an extended break - also riding were David BS, Geoff, Jenny, Ken S, Kim, Mark S, Peter C, John H, Trudi & Leo. Traffic on the Rail Trail was quite light thru to Jetty Rd. Kim and Geoff headed back from Drysdale, while the rest of us tackled the Bypass and the rolling hills into Portarlington. Daniels Donuts was a popular choice for coffee and treats and the brilliant sunshine was very welcome. We tracked back to Drysdale the same way and headed south on Princess St to Swan Bay Rd. Here Peter punctured and the groups split with Leo and myself assisting Peter and the remaining riders racing to the Bellarine Hwy and home. There and back was just on 70Km - a pretty and challenging ride. Thanks everyone especially John H for the photos.

TWO Rides on Thursday to Moriac and Beyond - 7.10.21
1/ Kim's Ride to Ashphalt Loop to Moriac:
The numbers kept growing at the Bunnings starting point so we decided to split into 2 groups. My group of 6 were,  Gary, Janet, Jennie, Kim, Peter N and Trudi. Ken S was kind enough the take the second group of 7 being, Geoff (back from FNQ), Ken, Lindy, Noel, Norm, Peter C and Barry as Tail end Charlie. We took WP Drive and Pettavel and onto Moriac via Reservoir and Cape Otway. Lindy and Geoff stopped for refreshments while the rest of us continued down Church, Larcombes and up Hendy to meet at the coffee stop. Ken’s group rolled in soon after so we were just one big happy group. After lots of chatter and a beverage to top us up we headed back down Hendy, over to Blackgate, Dickens and Ghazeepore to home. The wind had become stronger and quite cold and rain was threatening all the way home from Moriac. Fortunately we kept dry but Ghazeepore Road was very wet from the railway line to Bunnings so a shower had just gone through. Thanks to Ken and Barry for your assistance today, and to all the participants for a very enjoyable ride. We travelled 50k with 410m elevation. A great mornings ride. 

2/ Mark Kelly's GRAVEL Ride through to Gherang and Back to Moriac for Coffee:
Only three Graveleurs today for a loop out the back of Moriac - Chris Ha, David L and Mark K. We took Willowite Rd then headed across to Hendy Main Rd and Larcombs Rd where we passed the roadies doing it easy with a nice tailwind heading into Moriac for coffee. After turning onto Layard Rd we took a left at Dangers Rd to get into the good gravel. Heading up Wombete Station Rd we enjoyed the lush looking country side. The weather cooled down somewhat and it looked like we might get some rain but only a few drops eventuated. After a quick stop at the Tanners campground with some brief orchid spotting and with the sun returning we headed back along Tanners Rd to Forest Rd and into Moriac for coffee. We then enjoyed a tailwind assisted ride back to Waurn Ponds. Thanks David and Chris for your company and special thanks to David for keep us honest on the pace. A very enjoyable gravel ride of just on 70kms and not as muddy as we thought it might be.

Peter O'Brien's Ride to The GOR Chocolaterie - Tuesday 5.10.21
This morning eight enthusiastic riders turned up for the planned ride down to Anglesea.  Strong prevailing winds meant we had to keep our heads down along the first part of the ride that incorporated Gazeepore, Dickins,  Blackgate, Hendy Main and Larcombes Roads.  When we turned into Forest Road there was some relief from the wind allowing riders to enjoy a relatively quick ride to the Great Ocean Road.  It was at this point we decided not to go to Anglesea but rather succumb to the allure of a coffee at the Chocolaterie.  Surprisingly, the Chocolaterie was practically empty, a good thing for us given these Covid times.
On the return ride we forewent the hills on Gundry and Vickery Roads in favour of the more direct route back to Geelong via Torquay and with the aid of strong tail wind we were home in no time at all. The total distance covered today was 82kms. Participating riders were: Peter J, Peter C, David, Mark K, Kim, Ken S, Ken G and myself.
Peter O.

Sunday 3rd October - TWO RIDES:
1/ Greg Allerton's Hard Ride.
I was pleased to be joined by John C, Peter C, Jesse H and Noel P at South Geelong station for the early 8 a.m. Summer Time start. We rode out TW Trail to Midland Highway where it was a bit foggy. We then  took the service road down through Batesford expecting bad fog but it was clear. Daruma Way lead us through the quiet estates then over Dog Rocks and down to Hamilton Highway.John C left us as we headed out Pollocksford Rd through more light fog. We explored the dead end Nobles Rd,which ended at the elaborate security gates of Rosemont horse stud. It was a tough climb back up to rejoin the main road.It was then out  Gnarwarre Rd for 4 km before we turned back and made our way to Cottage Farm Nursery for much needed refreshments.Fog had cleared as we cruised down over Princes Highway and along Considines and Hortips Roads.It was an easy ride on Church, Larcombes,and Hendy Main Road before pedalling through Moriac up to Reservoir Rd. Pettavel Rd ,Waurn Ponds Drive and the creek path took us back into South Geelong. I was home at 2 pm having ridden 100.5 km , average 22.2. Both Peter and Noel  rode over 120 km having ridden from home. Good pedalling everyone!   
Greg Allerton,  Ride Leader. 

2/ John Hagan's Easy Ride to Lara.
Our riders today were: Ted, John H, Trudi, Kim, Jennie, Janet, Lindy, Peter J, Leo, Barry and Chris Hu. As we headed off on the Bay Trail to Lara we encountered light fog which eventually lifted to give us some beautiful sunshine. Along the Hovell Path we had to skirt around a burnt out car on the middle of the path with broken glass strewn in all directions. Coming under the Princes Freeway we found that the pump was working well to take any excess water away - Ted had been a great campaigner to see that this formerly flooded path was trafficable in wet weather. When we arrived in Lara we did a loop up to the next level crossing on the railway line to make sure we were arriving at the booked time of 10:15am at Xpresso Lounge Cafe. Service was at a reasonable pace for the majority but Leo and Chris quite a wait as there was a big birthday party group there. Our return trip was via the Ted Wilson Path and Church St. Thanks to Leo for being our 'tail end Charlie'.
Keep Riding, John.

Nick's Saturday Ride to Gnarwarre - 2.10.21
Its a well known truism that Peter J can pick the weather and then choose the right garb to wear for the conditions. He was right on Thursday where Tarnay’s predicted a  ‘wet ride’  that was not to be and that today would be showers. Right Again. Chris Ha, David L, Jennie, Jo, John H &M, Julia, Ken S, Leo, Nick,  Peter J, Sarah, Ted and Trudi turned up expecting the odd shower or two and weren’t disappointed. 400 metres up the road it was jackets on ! Peter, Ted and Chris continued up the Hwy to Pollocksford  whilst my group turned at Merrawarp before puffing up the steep hills of Barrabool. The group  split again when Jo punctured requiring team mechanic ‘Mr fixit’ Leo to expertly do the repair whilst the rest of us had a chat. One very small piece of hard to find glass. Gnarwarre  road extension was abandoned in favour of catching the rest of the group for coffee and cake at the nursery. The return route via  Moriac  and then along Mt Dunneed was pleasantly tailwind assisted  and certainly much easier than the trip out.  Most riders stayed together up Pigdons Rd before branching off for home. Thankyou to all riders and tail end Charlie Leo.

Chris Halpin leads the ride to Barwon Heads on Thursday 30.9.21
Six warmly dressed riders, 2x Chris, Jesse, Noel, PJ and Peter C, met at the Grovedale this morning. Ride Leader Sarah and Nick were there to see us safely on our way, as was Trudi - too wet for them. The weather was very kind to us actually and we were soon complaining about being "too hot". Off we pedalled along Surf Coast Hwy to Warralilly, into a light easterly to Lake & Barwon Heads Rd, around Sheepwash and into the Beach House for coffee and treats. Lots of lively discussion before we headed back along 13th Beach to HSB Rd and back in to Geelong and a little more misty rain. You can be lucky! All up about 55km  little wind and pleasant company.
Thanks all, Chris.

Tuesday 28th Sept - TWO RIDES:
1/ Nick Leads the Ride from Anglesea to Wye River on the Great Ocean Road
Delightful spring weather at Anglesea welcomed Ken S, Janet, Jenny, John M, Nick, Sarah, Peter C & J and Trudi back from lockdown to test the legs on  the iconic GOR. In spite of the school holidays, traffic was relatively light and drivers were courteous. We had a lovely run into Lorne  where we had coffee and conversation before deciding to ride at least to the Mt Defiant Lookout. Once there the group thought at least the outskirts of Wye River would be achievable and so we pressed on and made it within sight of Separation Creek before turning around. Only Peter C completed the listed course into Wye itself.  Chapeau Peter! Cycling is hungry work so we stopped again in Lorne for excellent toasted Sangas.  Fortified, we headed back; however despite the balmy conditions, Big Hill and Aireys were now more challenging with tired legs and bodies unused to the longer distance and saddle time. After all the hard work the downhill into Anglesea was fantastic and a fitting finish to one of the best rides on the calendar.
Thank you riders and Well Done! Special thanks to tail end Charlie’s Peter J and Peter C.
Cheers, Nick T.

2/ Kim's Loop to Moriac
My request in triplicate for a nice day was answered with perfect conditions for the 11 riders gathering at Bunnings. We decided that one group spread out was the best option with Alison, Chris’s x2, David L, Gary, Ken G, Kim, Lindy, Lyn L, Noel and Peter N, all eager to get out on the bike following yet another lockdown. We headed up Ghazeepore to Dickens and over to Blackgate, Hendy Main and Church then finding our way to the Moriac Store for coffee. Here we were greeted by another group of riders who filled the deck table area so most of us went out to the back yard which was very pleasant with ample tables and seating. It was here, in front of everyone, that Lindy asked if she could feel me. We had been discussing the club jersey at the time so I think that’s what she meant. Once we were refreshed we headed back up Hendy Main to Reservoir, Pettavel and down Waurn Ponds Drive, then everyone made their way home. An uneventful but a very pleasant mornings ride with a great group for company. Distance 44km.
Cheers, Kim.

Greg Allerton's 100km Ride to Moriac & Bannockburn - Sunday 19.9.21
I was pleased to have 4 other club members (Peter C, John H, Peter O'B and John C at the start for my GTC Long ride,though John C only came to take the start photo - he probably thought I  would have no other takers given the grim weather forecast. We were to ride the Great Circle circuit clockwise instead of the usual opposite way. Conditions  were OK until we reached Reservoir Rd when the NW wind began to strengthen. We took the short cut on Cape Otway Rd to Moriac as there was little traffic. Along Hortips Rd the resident magpie took exception to our presence.
Cottage Farm Nursery
was a welcome stop with hot coffee and a choice of home made slices. Soon we were descending Pollocksford Rd. The 6 km west along Hamilton Hwy was very tough into a gale force head wind. Brislanes then Harvey Rd took us to Bannockburn. After a short stop we went through the new roundabout and down Clyde Hill. Peter O'B powered up the climb to Steiglitz Rd. Peter C then relished the great tail wind and got well ahead. We regrouped at Ballan Rd and had an easy ride back to Geelong. I was home by 1-30 pm after exactly 100 km in 4 h 33 m, av 21.9  Thanks to my companions and well ridden Peter C who did 120 km.

Janet's Sunday Ride to Drysdale - 19.9.21
Today's 6 riders abandoned the proposed ride to Torquay and opted for Drysdale with the thought that the BRT would shelter us a bit on the way back.  A lovely ride down the Bellarine Hgw, Swan Bay, Princess and coffee at the Bungalow. The maggie at the Drysdale station took a persistant liking to Trudi on our way to the BRT.
Thanks to David L, Kim, Leo, PJ, and Trudi for your company. Janet.

Chris Halpin's Ride to Lara on a very WINDY Saturday - 18.9.21
At the 9.00am start point we had 10 hardy GTC riders sheltering in the Rippleside pavilion. Straight out of 3 Little Pigs - with the wolf threatening to blow the house down. Lots of discussion about safety and options before the call was made to proceed up the sheltered back streets to Lara and abandon the You Yangs summit option. Those present included David L, Greg, Janet, Ken S, POB, Peter C & PJ,  Trudi & Leo. By this time we had been joined by Johns M & H, plus a windblown Jenny. Peter O’Brien lead us past the old Powerhouse and the port, and onto Station St all the way to the Princes Hwy. All good so far. A handy bike friendly path alongside the Hwy took us into School Rd then left into Shell Pde and on to our booking at Xpresso Coffee Lounge in Lara. Of course we were now 30min early for the booking but all were happy to accept takeaways and gather in the sunshine out the back. The homeward option was out to Windermere Rd into the wind to Bacchus Marsh Rd and down to the relative shelter of the Ted Wilson path along the freeway. All up a bit over 40km and a very challenging ride. Thanks everyone for the company and assistance, and a special mention to Leo for his tail end support role.
Chris Halpin.

1/ GRAVEL RIDE from Torquay to Anglesea led by Chris Halpin - Thursday 16.9.21
Only 3 eager gravelleurs today. Chris Hu and I welcomed Peter J back from his Northern holidays and we set off from Torquay heading along the Surf Coast track to Anglesea. Beautiful sunny morning with a chilly easterly wind to help us along the way. It was a bonus to meet up with Doug out walking in Jan Juc. Track conditions were pretty good, a smattering of joggers, walkers, dogs and prams. A gorgeous Wallaby in the Ironbark forest was another bonus, and then a Brown snake enjoying the sunshine certainly caught our attention.  Pleased to report no Magpies! The track gets quite difficult closer to Anglesea but we managed easily enough. Toasties and coffee in Anglesea were much appreciated before tackling the return leg. All up just on 40km of most enjoyable traffic free cycling.
Chris Halpin.

2/ Ken Smith's Thursday Ride to Moriac - 16.9.21
The day started with a 5 degree morning and as the Sun appeared the temperature rose making the ride pleasant,with only a slight breeze. As there were fifteen riders two groups formed so as to comply with the Covid requirements. Ken G volunteered to lead the second lot and oversee their safety. Barry was my tail end charlie, thank you both. We rode on Ghazeepore, Dickens, Anglesea, Blackgate, Larcombes, Church, and Cape Otway Roads to the Mt Moriac Store. There we enjoyed  coffee and cake and good service. On the homeward route we rode Hendy Main. Reservoir, Waurne Ponds Drive. Good ride, no punctures, thank you to those who participated: Alison, Barry, David L, David S, Gary, Ian B, Janet, Ken G, Kim, Lyn, Norm, Peter C,Ted,Trudi.
Regards, Ken Smith.

Janet Roussety's Tuesday Ride to Bannockburn - 14.9.21
A lovely morning saw 9 riders meet at Church Street for a ride to Bannockburn. We were Jennie, John M, Julia, Ken S (tail end), Kim, Peter C, Ted, Trudi and myself. Kim had his lovely new shiny bike to show off. With a sight tail or cross wind we enjoyed the run along Ballan Rd, Stiglitz Rd, Parker Rd (where there was a very large pot hole down the bottom of the hill) and then the climb up Clyde Hill. Coffee, munchies and chatter in Bannockburn before heading down the busy Midland Hwy, Dog Rocks and coming into Geelong along the Hamilton.
A lovely morning thanks to all,  Janet.

Janet Roussety's Ride to Drysdale on Sunday - 12.9.21
Today saw 9 riders head from the Sth Geelong Station to Drysdale. We had a terrific run all the way down the Bellarine Hgw with a fabulous tail wind before turning at Swan Bay and making our way to the coffee van at the station. Excellent coffee served at lightening speed.  Home was via the BRT. Thanks to Barry, Chris Hu, Jennie, John H, Leo (tail end) Peter C, Ted and Trudi.
Happy riding, Janet.

Ted's anti magpie gear below.

John Hagan's Saturday Ride to Portarlington - 11.9.21
Sixteen riders turned up for the GTC ride today and were divided into 2 separate groups to meet the covid standards. On top of that number Julia arrived without her water bottle so headed back to get it and do her own ride. Janet volunteered to lead the second group (top photo below). It was sunny and later cloudy but very windy. In the first group were Mark S, Nick, Peter O'B, Jesse, John H, Ken S, and Jo and in the second group Ian B, John M, Mark L (a new member - welcome Mark), Peter C, Chris Hu, Janet, Chris Ha, Mark J and Jennie. We made good progress under a NW wind out on the Rail Trail, Bellarine Highway, Swan Bay Rd, the Queenscliff Rd to Portarlington. Mark J and Chris Ha left the group at Princess St to head for coffee at Drysdale. On arrival at Portarlington the rest of the 2 groups called at Daniel's Donuts to get coffee and donuts. We copped a bit more of the wind on the way back but the Bellarine Rail Trail is reasonably well protected and this was very much appreciated. The total distance for our ride was just over 70km. Well done all for a good morning's exercise. It was good to be back on the saddle and able to do that sort of distance after our last lockdown.
Keep riding, John Hagan.

Ken Smith's Thursday Ride to Drysdale, Ocean Grove & Barwon Heads - 19.8.21
The air was cold about 5 degrees as we gathered for the ride to commence, we warmed up once we got under way. As there were fifteen riders two groups were formed Barry volunteered to lead one with Noel as the tail end charlie. Peter N undertook that role with me thank you. The B.R.T was very busy with walkers and cyclists, the other cycling club [not sure of their name] started at the same time on their ride to Drysdale. When we reached the pedestrian lights at Jetty Road we waived to Ross as he rode towards Geelong. We rode along the bypass to Princess Street to Swan Bay Road, crossing Grubb Road down the Swan Bay extension through Wallington to the Groove Cafe . There we enjoyed their fast service and refreshments and then we were on our bikes to stop at the car park above the Golf Links to watch the waves coming on to shore, and to be thankful that we have this scenery to enjoy. Thank you to the riders who participated. Barry, Chris HU, David L, David S,Gary, Jennie, John M, Julia, Marge, Mike C, Peter C, Peter N, Noel, and Trudi.
Regards, Ken Smith.

Chris Halpin's Tuesday Ride to Jan Juc - 17.8.21
Only 15 riders today for the best ride in Australia to Bells Beach via Vickerys and Gundrys. At the Bunnings start we had Ben, 2x Davids, 2x Chris', Doug, Janet, Jenny, 2x Kens, Noel, Peter and Trudi. Lyn rang in from the Grovey Hotel and organised to meet us, and then John M arrived for the coffee break. Ken Smith gallantly volunteered to lead the required group 2, and Chris Hume assumed Kelpie duties.
Traffic was hectic in Geelong but quiet on our back roads - Ghazeepore, Dickens, Anglesea, Blackgate to Hendy Main, Vickerys, Gundrys to Addiscott and on to Bells Beach. Little wind, lovely scenery, a couple of light misty showers - great riding weather really. Coffee at Swell was very enjoyable as we regrouped for a chat, and a banana bread fix of course. Back on our bikes we enjoyed a gathering tail wind thru Torquay to Horseshoe Bend Rd and home in a little under 70km.
Thanks all for a very enjoyable morning. Chris.

John Hagan's Sunday Ride to Brown Shugar in Curlewis - 15.8.21
Beautiful sunshine greeted eight riders at Sth Geelong Station this morning: Trudi, Leo, Jennie, Lindy, Noel, Chris Hu, Peter C and your ride leader, John H. We took the Bellarine Rail Trail as far as Bawtree Rd before heading on about 50 metres of gravel to join the Portarlington Rd to avoid some of the roadworks on the Curlewis Rd intersection. At this point riders were asked to make a decision as to whether they would go via Hermsley and Coriyule Rds with 2.5km of dirt road and some great scenery across the bay or stay on the bitumen along the BRT and Tivoli Rd to coffee at Brown Shugar in the Curlewis Shopping Centre. Three of us took the gravel option and Peter C led the others who arrivived at the cafe first. There were some beautiful cakes on display and 3 of us tucked into giant carrot cake laced with thickened cream! We perhaps had not ridden far enough to deserve such a treat but couldn't resist. Your ride leader pulled out of the ride to take a person in care for their covid jab so Trudi took over the leadership at Princess St and led the group back via Swan Bay Rd and the Bellarine Highway. They were battered by the strong wind from the north when joined the Highway. Thanks to Chris Hu for guarding the tail end and all for a very pleasant ride.
Keep riding, John Hagan.