GTC News Sunday - 27.11.22
Rides This Week:
Club Apparel Ride, members are encouraged to wear their club kit on these rides (optional)

Tuesday 29th Nov - 9:00am from Church St/Graylea Avenue - Medium/hard ride of 72km to Little River via Lara (Mystery route to Lara) - Doug Wyatt to lead.
Thursday 1st Dec - NOTE - DECEMBER RIDES START AT 8:30AM - unless otherwise stated
8:30am from Rippleside -
medium ride of 65km  to Lara via the You Yangs (optional ascent) - Ted Reeve to lead.
Thursday 1st Dec - GTC CHRISTMAS PARTY - from 4pm at Eastern Park BBQ Area on Eastern Park Circuit, in Geelong - Bring a $5 Kris Kringle and BYO food to BBQ and drinks - Salad and/or Sweets to share. 
Saturday 3rd Dec - 8:30am from Bunnings in Waurn Ponds - medium ride of 70km to Torquay via Cape Otway Rd & Hendy Main Rd - volunteer needed to lead.
Sunday 4th Dec - TWO Rides from Sth Geelong Station (near Verner St Entrance):
1/ 8am start - hard ride of 100km - Greg Allerton to lead.
2/ 8:30am start - easy ride of 40km - Dead End Roads: Pt Henry/ Curlewis/ Drysdale - Doug Wyatt to lead.

Doug's Sunday Ride to Cafe El Nido in Torquay - 27.11.22:
Arriving at the South Geelong Railway Station this morning I found a big slice of the car-park fenced-off for building alterations to the station however as it was Sunday there was no issue with carparking or our new start location in Verner Street. Joining me were: Jennie, Julia, Leo, Peter J, Peter O’B, Paul and Trudi. With a strong westerly wind blowing it was smooth riding until we were a couple of hundred metres along Charlemont Road where we were confronted with a ROAD CLOSED sign. Plan B was enacted and we went the shortest possible way to Torquay. Just a couple of hundred metres from our coffee stop (El Nido Café) a large black cloud was about to drop its load on us and to avoid the rain our speed increased threefold enabling us to get undercover with seconds to spare. During coffee the black rain clouds passed and it was fine weather from then on.
Our course back to the station saw us ride on roads we don’t usually use and these included Breamlea Road and Bluestone School Road (heading in a North Westerly direction). Positives from today’s ride included all riders using lots of hand signals, combined with loud voices relative to those signals. As today’s ride requested riders to wear the GTC jersey it was impressive as we almost had a full house, re club jerseys, well done. At the finish, Leo gave a demonstration of removing a tyre from the rim with the new red whizz bang lever in record time (thanks for the demonstration, Leo). As usual T.E.C. was Leo, so another thanks to Leo. Distance was 52 kilometres.

Ken Smith's Saturday Ride to Ocean Grove - 26.11.22:
As we gathered at the start of the ride, the riders were thankful that they would not have to be riding in the rain. The riders were Chris Hu, Greg, Hugh, Jennie, Joanne, John M, Peter J, Philip, Ray, Steve, Trudi, Leo, and myself. The roads had plenty of traffic on them especially thirteenth beach as the the surf was ideal for surfing. We enjoyed our ride with out any incident . The Groove Cafe was very busy and the good system they have meant the wait was not that long and we were on our way again riding into a North East wind giving us a tail wind along the B.R.T. Thank you to all who participated.
Ken Smith.

TWO Rides to Moriac - Gravel & Bitumen on - 24.11.22:
1/ Sarah Leads the GRAVEL Ride to Moriac:
Today six riders opted for a gravel ride from Bunnings, namely Chris Hu, Janet, Mark K, PJ, Nick and Sarah. With cool but dry, calm weather prevailing (Hooray!) we headed south along Ghazeepore Road, encountering road grading machinery en route. Turned at Blackgate, then left along Loutitt’s Bay Rd. (Fun fact:  Prior to its current name, Lorne was known as Loutitt’s Bay) Although there were many potholes on the gravel roads we traversed, there were no water crossings and few corrugations. We continued on incident free enjoying the rural scenes in between watching out for the aforementioned potholes and stopping briefly at Drol Kar Buddhist corner for a drink before continuing on to Moriac for coffee. The road cyclists arrived there simultaneously so we all had coffee together. We continued back to Bunnings via Erwin’s, Reservoir and the ever enjoyable down hill run along Waurn Ponds Drive. Overall a very pleasant and safe ride, notwithstanding the potholes.

2/ Lovro Leads the Bitumen Ride to Moriac:
Riders on this ride were: Trudi, Lovro & Meri, David S, Peter F, Gary B, Ray and Ken.

Doug's Tuesday Ride to Winchelsea - 22.11.22:

With a reasonable weather forecast for today's ride I was joined by Chris Hu, David S, Janet, Jennie, John M, Julia, Ken G, Ken S, Mark J, Peter J and Ray. We headed along the Baanip bike path and received a free tyre wash on a low spot just near Sovereign Drive. Mother Nature provided us with a howling head-wind all the way to Buckley South Road. Before then, a small group decided to break-off at the end of Reservoir Road and go to Moriac (a wise decision). The rest of us continued on the Princes Highway where Ken S had a puncture and thanks to Mark for assisting Ken. Just a short distance on, Jennie’s back tyre stated oozing a white fluid, which indicated she had punctured and the goo in the tyre did its thing enabling Jennie to ride on without any issues. Arriving at the corner of Aitkins Road and Buckley South Road, I informed the group that I had an afternoon Club meeting and in order to ensure I was not late, I opted to go to Moriac rather than Winchelsea. The group wanted the challenge and kept riding into the wind to Winchelsea (great effort by those riders). Chris joined me and we rode along Cape Otway Road at nearly 30 kph with a tail wind. Riding along was euphoric and I didn’t keep an eye on Chris and when I discovered he wasn’t there, a U turn followed and a few kilometres later I found Chris repairing a puncture (the 3rd for the day). Jennie and Julia arrived back at the hotel in a short downpour, had they been 5 minutes earlier, they would have missed the shower. Ray was riding back to Leopold and became the 4th rider to have a puncture today. Summary of today’s ride: Because of the strong wind, a most challenging ride and with four punctures, this topped off a very forgettable ride. Well done to all for accepting the challenge. Thank you to ‘Tail End Charlie” Peter.

Peter O'Brien Leads the Sunday Ride to Lara - 20.11.22:
This morning nine enthusiastic cyclists met for the planned ride from Rippleside to Lara.  Despite the BOM indicating misty rain, the sky told a different story with rain appearing to be imminent. Due to the heavy rain last night, we encountered several sections where water was across the Hovells Creek Trail, forcing riders to take care to prevent getting their shoes and socks wet.  As has frequently been the case, the downpour meant that Hovells Creek was flooded and the road closed yet again. We verged off the path onto Cummins Road and from there to Rennie Street where we wove our way through Lara to the Expresso Café for a break. 
The return ride to Geelong was by the shortest possible route that included Shell Parade.  Just before School Road we again encountered water, and as there was quite a bit of traffic along this stretch we all had to be particularly vigilant. We concluded the ride at Rippleside. Thanks to all riders for a pleasant Sunday outing - Craig, Hugh, Ian, Jennie, Joanne, John H, Julia, Paul and myself.
 Peter O.

Greg Allerton's FAST 50 through Sutherlands Creek on Saturday - 19.11.22:
I was pleased to be joined by Sarah and Nick T and also Peter O'B at the new starting location on the city side of South Geelong Station near Yarra Street. The grim forecast of 100% chance of showers might have deterred some people. We made our way along backstreets to TW Trail at Church St. It was a pleasant ride via Bluestone Bridge with no problems. Along Lower Anakie Rd there was little traffic but a few potholes. It was a warm but overcast morning and luckily the north wind was quite light. Robbs Rd was quiet and at Sutherlands Creek we turned left and headed for home via Hopes Bridge and Moorabool. TWT had a few more people than earlier and from Church St people made their own way home. Thanks to my good companions for a very enjoyable dry ride. I was home by 12-30pm after 54 km.   Greg Allerton 

Ken Smith Leads the Saturday Ride to The General Store at Moriac - 19.11.22:
With the sky overcast all the doom and gloom about the weather did not deter David L, Doug,Geoff, Hugh, Jennie, Jo, John H, John M, Kim, Peter J, Leo, and myself, from the ride. For most of the riders the rain did not start until they would be nearly home. John M and I were riding the bike path on Moorabool Street when the rain started. As we rode up W.P.D we were confronted by the road being blocked and a traffic controller telling us that we could not ride up the road because there would be cars parking along it due to the paddocks at the music festival at the vineyard being too wet for cars to park. As there was not any cars parked we were allowed to ride on. At the corner of Reservoir and Hendy Main Jennie said she had to go home early and Hugh and Jo did not stop at Moriac to ride back to beat the rain. All the other riders rode the advertised course and going their way home as we came into Waurn Ponds. Thank you to all who participated and thanks to John H for taking the photos.
Ken Smith.

Steve McDonald's Thuraday Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove - 17.11.22:
Joining me today on a ride to Ocean Grove was Chris Hu, David L , David S, Doug, Julia, Ken G, Ken S, Mark J, Paul B, Peter F (TEC). Peter J, Nick and Sarah. Weather was overcast but fined up for the ride with a southerly wind with only a brief shower on way home. Unfortunately the puncture gods are still not looking after David S so the group split just after Barwon Heads Rd. Team leader got his roads mixed up during initial instructions and continued on Barwon Heads Rd turning at Blackrock whilst some at the back took Bluestone. Thirteenth Beach Rd  was enjoyable and we all met up at Groove, with ride to Collendina changed given Cheeky Cow being closed.
Ride home up Wallington, across to Curlewis and back via BRT. Group split heading into Geelong with peloton heading along High St and Francis St in Belmont before heading down Torquay Rd back to Grovedale.
Cheers, Steve Mc.

Doug Leads the Tuesday Ride to Torquay - 15.11.22:
Early this morning, I interrogated the Bureau of Meteorology web page data and radar image in order to assist me to make a call as to whether to cancel today’s ride. My assessment was that we would get a shower or two but not severe, therefore the ride should proceed. Riding to the start I had misgivings about my decision as rain fell from North Torquay to Sovereign Drive. Along the Baanip bike path I had contrary conditions in that I was showered with sunshine and a blue sky. Arriving at Bunnings I was surprised to see a good roll-up for the ride despite the forecast. With the possibility of the creek/bridge being flooded at the end of Vickerys Road, combined with deteriorating weather conditions between 11.00am and 2.00pm it was decided to shorten the course and head for the Maple Bakery via Anglesea Road and Grossmans Road. Risking getting wet were: Ben, David S, Doug, Janet, Jennie, Kim, Lovro, Meri, Nick, Paul B, Peter J, Ray and Steve (13 riders). Along Dickins Road we received our first lot of rain, which soon passed. Along Coombes Road I punctured and were more than ably assisted by Lovro and Ray. Ray produced his big tool which made light work of getting the last bit of the tyre back onto the rim.
We were almost at the Maple Bakery when more rain descended on us. In the comfort of the upstairs part of the bakery we watched the black rain laden clouds pass us by. When we were about to leave the bakery, David discovered he had a flat tyre. With the tyre repaired we were ready to push off but alas, his tyre went flat again. Rather than risk another tube, David opted to call home and solicit a car ride home. Leaving David behind the peloton made it back without further incident although a spot of rain fell around Whites Road area. Not exactly the best day for cycling. We had a team effort today and thanks to the following: Lovro and Ray for puncture repair assistance, Kim and Peter for photographs and Nick who performed the important function of “TEC” and everybody should give themselves a pat on the back for enduring such unpleasant riding conditions. When the going gets tough, the tough get going (is that a Chinses proverb?). Distance was just over 50 kilometres.

John Hagan Leads the Easy Ride to Armstrong Creek & Around Deakin on Sunday 13.11.22:
The weather turned out well for our ride to Armstrong Creek this morning despite predictions of possible showers during the morning. We had 7 riders for our easy ride: myself, David L, Jennie, Lindy, Peter K, Craig & Paul Ba. Fortunately Geoff C had alerted me yesterday evening to the area around Eastern Park being blocked off for the Run 4 Geelong event so we avoided the Park by going to the end of Myers St and then headed south on Boundary Rd. We negotiated the ovals at South Barwon and crossed Barwon Heads Rd at the temporary pedestrian/bike lights taking Bailey St south. David took us on some interesting back streets close to his home and the Grovedale CFA Fire Station. We were seeking out coffee at the Armstrong Creek Town Centre on the Surfcoast Highway and the first cafe we tried was booked out so we settled for Overtime Expresso just near the entrance to Coles.
Our return trip was via Sovereign Drive, the bike path along Baanip Bvd, the Hams Rd tunnell and we crossed Waurn Ponds Creek near the archery range to get into the back of Deakin. Alternatives were given for those who were not comfortable with gravel and we met that group again after travelling on the dirt path around the back of the lakes at Deakin. In all we covered about 37km but some had a distance to get home such as Paul who pedalled back to Pt Lonsdale! Thank you all for an enjoyable short loop around the south of Geelong. Thanks also to Leo for taking the group photo and Lindy for looking after the tail of the ride.
Keep riding, John Hagan.

TWO Rides to Moriac GRAVEL & BITUMEN on Saturday 12.11.22:

1/ Lindy leads the Bitumen Ride -
14 riders set out this very pleasant morning on the bitumen course to Moriac with a slight breeze. After navigating roadworks and lane closures at Baanip, we continued on through to Ghazeepore, Anglesea and Blackgate Roads to Paraparap where riders made a decision to head straight to coffee, or take a longer option along Larcombes, Church and CO.  Four could smell the coffee and were surprised to find PJ already there despite taking the long option. The others soon arrived followed by the gravel riders. The ride leader was so engrossed in the wonderful social chit chat, that it took some time to read the cues that others were waiting for the call to depart. We left one group of three behind, who eventually caught us on Mt Duneed, whilst the breakaway took longer to catch. After that, my 2 IC Peter J took charge and guided us back through closed roads and busy traffic to the pub, with riders peeling off left, right and centre, with Leo and I being the only ones left.  
A very pleasant ride of approx 50 kms (my computer stopped working). Thank you riders: Doug, Gary,Geoff, Greg, Jennie John H, John M, Ken S, Kim, Peter J, Ray, Trudi and TEC Leo for providing great company.

2/ Nick leads the GRAVEL Ride -
Joining me today on a little gravel adventure were, Alison, Ross (welcome back!) Sarah and Chris Hume whom we collected on the first gravel section. We rode with the bitumeers until Whites Road where we then zig zagged our way on lovely quiet gravel roads  to coffee at Moriac arriving at the same time as the other group. Our return journey added a southern loop along Flaxbourne, Nortons and then north on Ghazeepore back into Geelong. Very few cars, lovely scenery on quiet roads in good company. About 50% gravel, 430metres ascended and about 60km travelled but I feels longer which indicates how tired you get gravelling. But it’s well worth it.
Cheers Nick .

Peter Jones Leads the Thursday Ride to Moriac on Thursday 10.11.22:
Ride Report, warm and humid, riders were, David S, Ken S, John M, Ray, Brendan, Lovro, Meri, Trudi and myself. As it is difficult to get to the start for most of those attending and to get back suggested Moriac was a better option so that's where we went. Enjoyable ride out there, had a little bit of light showers but as it was warm and humid it was just enough to keep us cool. Met up with Alison at the General Store with a friend, Jack. Had a good chat and headed home, Lovro, Meri, David and Brendan did Cochran's, the rest were more sensible. Good morning out on the bike.
Cheers, Peter.

Nick's Ride from Aireys Inlet to Kennett River & Return on Tuesday 8.11.22:
After so much cold, windy, wet and downright miserable spring weather it was an absolute delight to ride the GOR from Aireys to Kennett River. Seventeen riders turned up today, a GTC GOR record: Alison, Ben K, David L, David S, Geoff, Jennie, Ken G, Kim, Lovro, Mark J, Marl K, Meri, Peter J, Sarah, Steve and Trudi. Although we encountered some road works we made good progress  in small groups with Peter J as TEC.  After enjoying the rolling hills and fine views we reached the Koala Cafe at  Kennett for elevenses. We sat outside drinking our coffee with several pesky King Parrots who insisted that we share our carrot cake with them. It certainly made for a different coffee experience. Ask Kim the bird’s favourite. Our return journey was more of the same excellent cycling, especially the Lorne to Kennett section. Gary and Mark J looked after the tail. The photos don’t do it justice compared to cycling through the magnificent vistas. Put simply It was a cracker ride. My thanks to all riders today for the  way we rode safely and looked out for each other. 
Cheers Nick.

Peter Chilver Leads the Alternate Ride to Curlewis - Tuesday 8.11.22:
Well I was first to arrive at the Showgrounds (for GTC) however there where about 30 riders from the other club there. Chris Hume arrived next minus his helmet and returned home. Ted was next to arrive so at 9-00am we set off, me as leader, Ted as TEC. Gentle ride down BRT with a coffee stop at Brown Shugar. Then a leisurely roll down Princess St to Swan Bay. Surprisingly the lights were flashing and the gates down at the rail crossing (doing some track work) down banks to Bellarine and parted ways at Ryrie St. Thanks Ted for your company, conversation and taking it easy on me.
Peter Chilver.

Greg Allerton's Outer 100km Loop of Geelong - 6.11.22:
South Geelong Station was slightly chaotic with temporary fence barriers blocking our normal starting point. I was pleased to be joined by Ray C, John H, Mark J and Jesse H, while John C came to take the start photo.  Today's route was a new version of the Great Circle route we have ridden many times. It was a great day for cycling with sunny sky, light winds and a  forecast of 24 c. After an easy ride along TW Trail an offroad path and a few back streets kept us off Bacchus Marsh Rd.  Alas for Jesse an unfixable frayed gear cable on his recumbent prevented him changing gears and he had to head home. The long climb up Staceys Rd saw Ray draw well ahead.  We soon regrouped and Robbs Rd provided a good descent before a short climb. We made our way via Bakers Bridge (the easiest climb of the Moorabool Valley) to Bannockburn. It was a real hunt to find anywhere open for coffee, but luckily Apco servo had self serve takeaway coffee, though it was hard to stop the paper cup from overflowing. We then headed to Pollocksford Rd for the day's toughest climb. Andersons Rd led us to Princes Hwy and then Waurn Ponds Drive. Mark turned off and the others followed WP creek path to Belmont from where we parted ways. Good riding guys and commiserations to Jesse who had been really looking forward to this ride. I was home by 2 pm after around 100 km of enjoyable riding with good company.   
Greg Allerton, Ride Leader.

Ted's Sunday Ride to Lara - 6.11.22:
Nine members and one guest turned up at Rippleside on a beautiful Geelong spring morning. No, that's not a typo, it WAS a perfect day for riding. Having reconnoitred the route a couple of days earlier I advised the group that we would be riding mainly on roads as the Hovells Creek path was under water at the highway and I wanted to try a new route home via Norlane.
A short detour at the new Spirit of Tasmania ferry terminal for a photo opportunity and we were off to Millars for coffee.
We haven't had a GTC coffee stop at Millars for some time due to a disappointing experience during Covid when they didn't want to serve us in house unless we ordered a meal. I thought they had served their penance and it was time we gave them another chance particularly as it was such a nice day and I know Scott, the owner, is a good bloke and is struggling to get staff so he is working flat out to keep the place open. The service and coffee was excellent but the food was a bit slow coming.
We rode home via Bacchus Marsh Rd and the group split up at the Ted Wilson where half returned to Geelong via that route and the rest headed further along BM Rd to the highway and back to Rippleside.
Thanks to Andrew, Geoff, Jennie, John M, Julia, Leo (our reliable TEC), Noel, Peter C and guest rider Lloyd.

Chris Halpin's Saturday Ride to Groove at Ocean Grove - 5.11.22:
A large group of riders assembled at the Showgrounds for the ride to Ocean Grove this morning.  The riders split into two groups, with Chris Ha leading the first peloton and Nick taking lead of the second.  The route to Ocean Grove was via the Bellarine Rail Trail, Curlewis Road and Wallington Road onto Ocean Grove and coffee at the Groove. On the return ride Peter O led the first group whilst Nick brought the second group home.  The return trip was via 13th Beach and Lake Road back into Geelong. 
All up, it was a great day for a ride with Alison, Chris Ha, Hugh, John H, John M, Julia, Ken S, Kim, Janet, Jennie, Jo,  Sarah, Leo, Lindy, Mark K, Nick, Peter J, Peter K, Peter O, Ray, Richard, Ron, Steve M. 

Darren Baum Addresses the Club Night on Thursday 3.11.22:
Darren gave us a wonderful insight into just how he designs and makes bikes to fit all shapes and sizes for cyclists around the world at BAUM CYCLES in North Shore.

Kim's Thursday Ride to The Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie - 3.11.22:
Because the gravel ride had been cancelled there was a large group assembled at the Grovey, all ready to ride in overcast conditions but very hopeful that we would stay dry, and fortunately we did. The participants on today’s ride were Alison, Chris Ha, David L, David S ,Doug, Gary, Julia, Ken S, myself, Kim, Mark J, Nick, Peter J. Peter O, Sarah and Steve. Along the way we collected Geoff, Trudi and Chris Hu was waiting for us at the Chocolaterie. Weaving our way through the suburb of Mt Duneed was pleasant until we encountered a head wind along Mt Duneed Rd. This was soon forgotten once we hit Forest Rd and the pace picked up. At the coffee stop there was lots of confusion with our orders but it eventually got sorted. I was a little concerned at how some riders were going to make it home after the large amount of sugar that was consumed by so many. Soon after hitting the GOR Alison punctured, fortunately the 2 Peter’s were able to assist. Further up the line we heard of the delay and while we waited at Bellbrae it was decided that the group would continue on while Nick and I waited to make sure everything was ok. We had a good tail breeze all the way home along the GOR and Horseshoe Bend Rd which made for a very fast ride home. Thank you everyone for your company today and thank you to Peter O’B for being the TEC.          
This was the second 70k ride in 3 days, so well done to those who did both rides.                                     
Distance travelled 72k, Elevation 504 mt, Ave speed 23.4 kph.

Nick's Melbourne Cup Day Ride to Winchelsea - Tuesday 1.11.22:
My WhatsApp forecast was optimistic at best and downright misleading at worst. I’ve not had a lot of luck with Winch rides.  My apologies! In my defence it is after all, Geelong, nough said. Thirteen riders turned up to battle with elements and hoping for a good ride to Winchelsea: Alison, Chris Hu, David S, Jennie, Ken S, Kim, Mark K, Peter J, Ray, Sarah, Steve and yours truly. WPD was hard work into a strong headwind made worse with showers.
I made an executive decision to go west along the bumpy, gravel detritus strewn Hwy to cut some distance and hills falsely believing that it would be easier.  First puncture to Ray. After a quick fix the tail group caught up to the rest at Buckley south Rd where there was another split. Some riders fed up with the atrocious conditions went straight onto Winch, the rest proceeded on the quiet longer route. Unfortunately just as we moved off Alison had a flat that TEC Mark fixed promptly. Again in the last group (who says you can’t lead from the rear!) we made good progress to Winch where we took shelter and enjoyed a hot cuppa. Our spirits much improved we enjoyed the rollers and great views on Mathieson's. We made rapid progress on CO assisted by a strong tailwind. After a brief stop at Moriac we headed back on Mt Duneed again making excellent progress and cruising in the big gears. Good riding everyone!  As Mark commented ‘it wasn’t that bad’ to my retort ‘it wasn’t  good’. These are often the rides we remember for good reason.

John Hagan Leads the Sunday Ride to Ocean Grove & Chris Hume leads the Extension Ride to Pt Lonsdale - 30.10.22:
A good Sunday peleton of 14 riders for our ride today to Ocean Grove and beyond for those who wanted the longer ride. All came for the stop at Groove and then Chris Hume and David L went on to Pt Lonsdale. Our riders were: Ray, Peter O'B, Leo, Jennie, Hugh, Ian, Lindy, Trudi, David L, Doug, Chris Hu, Nick, Sarah, and John H. The trip down was via Lake Rd and 13th Beach Rd and the return trip was through Wallington and the Bellarine Highway. We were surprised at how good the weather was and took full advantage of it.
Thanks to all for your company.

Peter O'Brien's Saturday Ride to Cottage Farm Nursery in Gnarwarre - 29.10.22:
Twelve riders met for this morning’s ride to Gnarwarre.  Greg, Hugh, Jennie, Jo, John H, John M, Julie, Lovro, Meri, Phil, Steve McD and myself departed Fyansford riding into strong head winds that persisted all the way to Gnarwarre.  Along the way we were joined by Ken S, Kim and Peter J, swelling the peloton to fifteen, as we continued on to the Gnarwarre Nursery for coffee.
 The ride back to Geelong was via the Colac Highway to Anderson Road where the group split up.  A number of riders continued on the highway, this being the most direct route back to Geelong, while the remaining riders headed along Anderson Road and onto Barrabool Road.  At Merrawarp Road the peloton split again with four riders taking Merrawarp Road back to Fyansford and four riders electing to ride back through Ceres to Geelong.
 Hopefully everyone got home safely. Distance travelled: 55kms.
 Regards, Peter O.

Steve McDonald Leads the Thursday Ride to Moriac - 27.10.22:
On an overcast morning we had 12 riders join me at Bunnings. Chris Ha, David S, Doug, Jennie, Ken G, Ken S (welcome back!!), Meri, Lovro, Norm, Phil, Ray, Trudi and myself headed up Ghazeepore Rd in good conditions only for the sky to open up before we had even reached Dickins Rd. After a couple of stops to put on wet weather gear we headed towards Moriac with gusty head winds all of the way, at least the rain had stopped. Unfortunately David S had another puncture today and whist the peloton kept on going along Blackgate, Ken G stayed back and accompanied David to catch us at Moriac. We dropped off Doug, Jennie and then Chris before stopping at Moriac.
It was nice to get out of the wind and have a cuppa and we decided to head straight to Reservoir Rd and take advantage of the tail winds. During the break, someone must have let the air out of Lovro’s rear tyre! He and Meri decided to take a longer and hillier route home and Ken G headed down to Mt Duneed Rd to have the clear air to himself. A reduced 40km today in inclement conditions but a fun ride in any case.
Happy 80th to Doug and welcome back to Ken S – great to see you back on the bike.
Cheers, Steve Mc.

GIPPSLAND TOUR - Day Nine - Sorrento to Home (Geelong) - Wednesday - 26.10.22:
At least we didn't need to worry about the final ferry. Had a final little HH finishing off what ever wine was left then all walked up to town and did Indian, lovely. Sarah and Nick, with help from Lindy composed a wonderful Ode to Peter and Chris. I'd publish here but you all know that "What happens on Tour, stays on Tour". Uneventful trip across the Bay, took the BRT, after the heavy rain it is a bit of mess in multiple places, a lot of work and money required. At Drysdale some headed for home others to The Bungalow for lunch. The BRT had been flooded the previous day but no problem today. Home by 1:00 pm, after an easy run, a few spots of rain to finish. Thanks everyone for your good humour and support.
Cheers Peter J.

Doug's Tuesday Ride to Little River - 25.10.22:
Joining me at Rippleside Park under threatening rain clouds were: Chris Ha, David L, David S, Gary, Jennie, Julia, Kim and Steve. Having researched roads closed in the Geelong area, due to flooding, we needed to avoid the Hovells Creek Trail and Rennie Street. We opted for School Road, Plantation Road and the Ted Wilson Trail (with lots of puddles on it - free tyre wash) in order to avoid the flooded roads. We had water free roads from Lara to Little River. The Little River General Store and Servo was the only place for coffee. The proprietor welcomed us with open arms and also provided free biscuits for us. Back to Lara saw us take Farrars Road until we reached an unexpected ROAD CLOSED sign forcing us to turn right on Branch Road to get to Lara, almost. Cruising along Forest Road North we almost made it to Fiveways but no, in our way was another ROAD CLOSED sign and at this point David S punctured splitting the peloton. David was assisted by Kim and Steve and it was decided we would regroup at the Fiveways. Some time passed and it was necessary to contact David and co however they appeared to have gone a different way so it was agreed that we would all keep going on our present course. Not long after resuming, the Ride Leader missed a left-hand turn at Canterbury Road resulting in a few more extra kilometres being added to the ride. We eventually got back on track and heading past the Shell Service Station on Princes Highway North Geelong I had the misfortune to have a vicious magpie attack me three times. Today’s ride was listed as 60 kilometres and with detours we managed 73.5 kilometres in warm sunny and very humid conditions with no rain.
Tail End Charlie duties shared and photos by our competent photographer, Kim. Despite all the hiccups it was an enjoyable ride and there were a few participants who had never cycled to Little River. Well done all.
The peloton sends a big HELLO and BEST WISHES to Mrs Chris Ha.
Scribe: Doug.

GIPPSLAND TOUR - Day Eight - Cowes to Sorrento - Tuesday - 25.10.22:
We seem to be cursed with Ferries on this trip. First of all our trip up the Bay is cancelled then we find that the big ferry is in Dry Dock and the little ferry across Western Port can't take very many bikes. We negotiated 6 with 15 passengers luckily we are able to load up the trailer and truck the rest around to Stony Point. After the Ferry trip, coffee at Crib Point before heading up and over the Mornington Penn to Dromana. Solid climb but rewarded by a great down hill through the hills.
Stopped at Mcrae for a bit of lunch then on to Sorrento for the night, last day tomorrow and I home.
Cheers Peter J.

GIPPSLAND TOUR - Day Seven - Inverloch to Cowes - Monday - 24.10.22:
After being blown into camp the night before the Easterly continued to build overnight rattling the windows and doors of the cabin. The morning dawned grey with a low cloud blowing an absolute gale, thank goodness in the right direction.
Took the scenic route via Cape Paterson, a lovely ride, good road surface, beautiful views, a roaring trailwind, what could be better. Rolled into the outskirts of Wonthaggi and took the East Area Trail which became the Bass Coast Rail Trail.
Coffee at Connells Bakery then along the Rail Trail to Kilcunda, Anderson, then the San Remo Path and on to Phillip Island and the Chocolate Factory for lunch. Everyone had a good laugh when Oo we realised they use Robots to deliver the food and coffee. During all this Lindy went to the bike shop, Wheel Heat, and had her Brake Pads replaced and a new back Tyre.
After lunch it was the final run along the path to Cowes and Anchor Belle Caravan Park
Peter J.

GIPPSLAND TOUR - Day Six - Foster to Inverloch - Sunday - 23.10.22:
After yesterday's showers Sunday dawned quite clear, some high cloud which quickly burned off to Bright Sunshine. First issue, Lindy's front brake noise, discovered no brake pad left, terminal for the time being until we can get a new set of pads.
Bike on the trailer Lindy was driver for the day. Lovely rolling run out the Prom Rd to Soldiers Rd and mainly down hill with a tail wind. A bit of a climb and it was Morning Tea time, lovely views over towards Walkerville. Rolled into Walkerville and downhill to Walkerville North and along the waterfront to the end of the road to take in the views before climbing out to continue on to Tarwin Lower fire lunch. Sharp climb out of Walkerville where the grade got up to 15% for a short period.
Lunch at the Bird and Wolf Cafe Lower Tarwin. Last push, 20 klm into Inverloch, lovely road, strong wind, mainly behind us saw us hooting along easily. Another great day on the bike.
Peter J.

Doug Wyatt Leads the Sunday Ride to Pt Henry, Leopold and St Alban's Park - 23.10.22:
For today’s easy ride we had Doug, Geoff, Greg, Hugh, Ian B, Jennie, Joanne, John H, Julia, Kim, Leo and Mark L. With several red traffic lights interrupting our riding along Garden Street, we eventually made it to the Eastern Gardens then along Portarlington Road followed by Point Henry Road and free of red traffic lights till Melaluka Road where we encountered another red light followed by a puncture to Mark’s back tyre shortly there-after. Leo got to use his special red tyre lever to ensure a speedy puncture repair. Next stop was the Rolling Pin Café for cakes, coffee and conversation. The trip back to the station was trouble free. A truly relaxing Sunday ride with a distance of 40 kilometres on mostly flat roads. Hope you enjoyed the relaxed ride. Thanks to: our resident photographer John and ‘Tail end Charlie’ who also doubled as our puncture repair master, Leo.
Scribe: Doug

John Hagan Leads the Saturday Ride to Ocean Grove - 22.10.22:
Well this was an extraordinary ride - expecting rain but not a drop - it was all on the roads. Lake road well and truly lived up to its name with water flowing over the road in about 10 places and roads such as Grubb Rd and Wallington-OG Rds under water as well! Fortunately we were were heading west on the Bellarine Highway as the cars were ploughing through water on the eastbound lanes as we approached Moolap Station Rd. The photo below shows Jo, Hugh, Lovro & Meri, Chris Ha and John H at the start at Grovedale. Just up the road John M and Phil joined us. Because of the threat of rain I had chosen the Donut King off Shell Rd as our coffee spot as there is good indoor seating. Meri and Lovro left us just before coffee. It certainly was a morning of adventure traversing all of those flooded roads and the riders expressed their enthusiasm for such a different ride.

GIPPSLAND TOUR - Free Day - Foster to Welshpool and Return - Saturday - 22.10.22:
Free Day Capers
Misty moisty morning but 8 riders were not to be put off. Starting with jackets we headed out the Great Southern Rail Trail to Welshpool. It was quite humid, not raining so jackets were soon off. A very pleasant ride, the trail is excellent, quite flat, but not uninteresting as it passes through farm lands and bush. Took our coffee and lovely home made Carrot Cake at the Oliver Branch. Heavy shower came through and when it eased it was on with wet gear and home, the light rain eased all the way back and was gone before we were home.
Peter J.

GIPPSLAND TOUR - Day Five - Leongatha to Foster - Friday - 21.10.22:
Pretty easy day today down the Great Southern Rail Trail. Set off as usual at 9.00 am, the trend from this direction is generally down, paused at Meeniyan for a photo op with locals, just after attacked by a very angry Maggie, swooped me at least 10 times and had a go at some others as well. Took coffee and some sustenance at Fish Creek, stopped at the look out at Hoddle Range Lookout views out over Corner Inlet, Sandy Point and the Prom. Unfortunately it was a bit cloudy but lovely just the same.
Lindy says this is Lester country with Don's family farming this area for many years past. From the lookout is all down hill into Foster where we are staying for a couple of nights. Dinner at the Foster Echange Hotel.
Cheers Peter J

Gary Broughton Leads the Ride to the You Yangs on Thursday - 20.10.22:
Joining me for Today’s ride, which was held in great mild sunny weather, except that is for the gentle head wind all the way back home, was Lovro, Meri, Paul, Peter O’B, Steve, David L, David S, Janet, Ken G and guest rider Linda Campbell from WA who is doing some travelling with her husband. The advertised rout along Hovells Creek was changed to riding along Shell Pde and from there onto Rennie St. We then continued along Rennie to Branch, and after climbing to the Turntable car park we rode via Flinders to enjoy our coffee break at Lara. After coffee retraced our ride rout back to Rippleside where riders went their separate way home. Thank you to all riders for a good ride and great company.

GIPPSLAND TOUR - Day Four - Warragul to Leongatha - Thursday - 20.10.22:
Warragul to Leongatha Another magic route and day on the bike, the countryside is looking absolutely stunning. A shorter distance and less climbing was easily handled by the bunch. Coming down the Main Sth Rd a local let us know that there had been a subsidence and the road was closed, we had no trouble getting around the concrete barriers but we had to run the gauntlet of a very angry Butcher Bird to get across the gap.
We continued to climb until we were able to get a good run down into Korumburra for lunch. From there were on the Great Southern Rail Trail, almost all down hill to Leongatha and our Motel.
Peter J.

GIPPSLAND TOUR - Day Three - Warburton to Warragul - Wednesday - 19.10.22:
Today could be called "A tough day at the office" - 81 klm, 1090 mtrs of climbing but the stunning views and glorious forests and farmlands were a great compensation. From Warburton we took the Rail Trail back towards Launching Place before turning left and heading towards Poweltown where we had morning tea. The road was undulating to there but after that there was serious climbing before a nice downhill with a kick up to our lunch stop at the Nayook turn off. At this point we were almost at our max altitude with the final climb to Neerim Junction. From here it was pretty well all down hill into Warragul. Happy hour moved into a Pizza night and then early to bed.
No great mechanicals so far Peter T K had a flat over night and Chris Hu had a plug pop out of his tyre. Everyone is having a great time and can't believe how green and lush the country is.
Peter J.

GIPPSLAND TOUR - Day Two - Warrandyte to Warburton - Tuesday - 18.10.22:
Got away at about 9.00am taking the Mullum Mullem Trail, lovely ride through a beautiful Linear Park, lots of bird life, grazing kangaroos, many bridges and suspended walk ways. Did a little of the East Link Trail and a lot of the Carrum to Warburton Trail.
Coffee at Ringwood East and Lunch at Mt Evelyn on the Lillydale Warburton Trail Trail. As usual there were a few hills but we overcame them arrived at our Motel about 4.00pm. Just off to Symphony 36 for dinner.
Cheers Peter J.

Doug's Tour of the Bellarine Peninsula on Tuesday - 18.10.22:
With the Weather Bureau forecasting a fine sunny day, it was no wonder we ended-up with a good-sized peloton made up of: Ben, David L, David S, Doug, Gary, Janet, Jennie, John M, Julia, Kim, Paul B and Steve for today’s ride. Ken S joined us at the start and gave us the starting flag to begin the ride. At the traffic lights near Ken’s (disastrous) corner, we said hello to the Leopold group who were riding to Drysdale. It was great riding conditions all the way to Queenscliff. The planned coffee stop was at a café that had a garden area out the back. Entering the café, I asked if they could open the side-gate so that we could get our bikes in the area. I got a very unfriendly response (it was the tone of the reply) that would not open the gate due to renovations. Given that there was no evidence of any building activities whatsoever, it was hard to believe that the gate could not be opened. We took our business to the very friendly Rolling Pin Café several doors down.
During coffee, the riders who were on last Tuesday’s Rural Ride, received their well-earned prize for participating in the quiz. The most traffic we struck today was along Thirteenth Beach possibly due to the reasonable surfing conditions as they may have been heading there to catch a wave. Arriving at the corner of Warralily Boulevard and Barwon Heads Road saw the peloton slit into three groups with one group heading directly to the Showgrounds, another group taking Warralily Boulevard to Grovedale and beyond and the third group stopping for lunch at the Cockatoo Cafe at the Warralily Village shopping centre. The Saint of cycling, La Madonna del Ghisallo looked after us today as we had no punctures or mechanical issues. Thanks to our ‘Tail End Charlie’ Gary. It was good Gary had a quiet day as TEC. Today’s distance was 88 kilometres of pleasant riding.
Scribe: Doug.

GIPPSLAND TOUR - Day One - Footscray to Warrandyte - Monday - 17.10.22:
After getting our Ferry cancelled because the Yarra was closed we pivoted on to the train, the bikes and luggage met our riders at Footscray where the bikes were unloaded and we set out for Warrandyte. Parks Vic also closed the Yarra Trail so we had to take a route away from the river which entailed a lot more climbing than the river route. It was an opportunity to take some other trails such as The Capital City Trail. After a coffee stop along the trail we pushed on through the most hilly part of Melb arriving at our CP in time for a late lunch at Beasley Nursery Cafe. Happy hour is coming up and a BBQ for tea. Cheers Peter J.

Sunday Ride to Armstrong Creek - 16.10.22:
1/ With all the rain last week we had to alter today’s course due to several flooded and closed roads on our proposed course. Taking up the flooded roads challenge were: Andrew, Craig, David L, Doug, Ian B, Janet, Jennie, Julia, Kim, Leo, Mark L, Paul B (who rode in from Pt Lonsdale), Peter J and Trudi. My pet name for this course is the Three Hills Ride as there are only three real hills to scale, they being up to Wandana Heights, the second on the bike path heading for the Uni and the third being the bike path parrell to Anglesea Road, heading to Hams Road. The small rise in the circuit of the Uni doesn’t count. As we would have needed a canoe to use the bike path along the Barwon River to Highton, we opted for Fyans Street West to Shannon Avenue and then across the bridge resuming the original course. At the Epworth Hospital corner, we were joined by Geoff C.
Riding along the bike path near the Waurn Ponds railway station we heard a noise of ppssff (or something similar) indicating a puncture and it was Janet’s back tyre. Leo got galvanised into action and had the tyre off in no time at all with his super beaut triangle shaped tyre remover. Janet is having a bad run with punctures, having had a front wheel puncture last Tuesday. Puncture repaired; we resumed our ride heading for Sullies Café at Armstrong Village. At the corner of White’s Road and the Surf Coast Highway we all waved to Ross, heading towards Geelong, who we have not seen in a while. The coffee stop was bit longer than usual as Sullies hasn’t mastered the art of quick service however there is a positive as it gave us more time for further chatter. The café was the dividing point as the 40 kilometres ride was the turn point returning to South Geelong and the longer ride of 60 kilometres was heading to Breamlea. The only taker for the long ride was David (also the ride leader). In order to avoid the flooded road near the RSL and Kmart, we rode the back streets of Belmont before riding across the bridge at High Street. Two sackings occurred on today’s ride (1) The Green Traffic Light Monitor (we mostly got red lights). (2) The photographer. The photographer got the trifecta, sacked, heavily fined and banned from using a mobile phone as a camera. To finish on a positive note, thanks to ‘Tail End Charlie’ Leo who is also holds the title of Master Puncture Repairer. Todays distance was 39.7 kilometres.
Scribe: Doug

2/ 60km Report:
David L was the sole rider for the extra distance from Armstrong Creek but met floodwaters over Lake Rd so turned around and rode home.

TWO Rides on Saturday - 15.10.22:
1/ Greg Allerton's Fast 50:
Seven riders met at 8 am South Geelong  Station on a cool morning. I was explaining the intended route when Sarah mentioned that Bluestone Bridge Rd was closed due to flooding. Luckily there was a Plan B. We took many backstreets to Ted Wilson Trail then made our way to Batesford, using the old north side service road. There was a great view from the old bridge of the flooded Moorabool River, where an SES unit was busy at work. It was then through the quiet Dog Rocks Estate  before the good climb past the rocky outcrop. Friend In Hand Rd led us down to Hamilton Highway, which was closed at this point to the west.This was no bother as we took Merrawarp Rd on our way to Ceres, with a stop on the bridge above the gushing Barwon River. Cochranes Rd gave us a fast route down to Waurn Ponds Drive. It was then back to Pigdon Rd lights from where people made their own way home. Thanks to David L, Richard W, Ken G, Peter O, Nick and Sarah T. This was the best attendance yet for the Fast  50 rides. Well done Sarah for checking on road closures. I was home just before noon after 51 km.     Greg Allerton  Ride Leader.

2/ Peter Jones Leads the Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove:
As it was my suggestion I felt should lead today's ride to Ocean Grove. I was joined by Julie, Trudi, Philip, John H, Chris Ha, Lovro, Kim, Leo, Ray, and Mark J.
A simple course, Warralily, Lake Rd, Sheep Wash and around to The Groove for an excellent coffee supplied as usual at their usual fast pace. After a lot of chit chat Lovro departed to head home via Wallington to go sailing and we all returned via 13th Beach, Mt Duneed Rd, HSB Rd and the Surf Coast Hwy. Not a bad day for a ride, a trail wind down and a fairly stiff head wind back but the Sun was shining, the Ocean looked lovely, thanks everyone for your company.
Peter J.

TWO Rides on Tuesday - 11.10.22:
1/ Rural Ride from Inverleigh to Teesdale & Lethbridge & Return to Inverleigh
With an ideal weather forecast for today’s ride, we had a fantastic turn-out of 14 riders. Riders were: Alison, Barry, Ben, David L, David S (welcome back after a few months away), Doug, Janet, Jennie, Julia, Ken G, Kim, Lyn P, Ray and Steve. Our first scheduled stop was the Teesdale Cemetery where we conducted a mini-quiz based on the inhabitants with a prize for all participants and a magnificent prize for the quiz winner. Back on the bikes we headed to the Teesdale-Meredith Road and our next turn-off some 20 kilometres away. Almost reaching our turn-off point, the front riders found the road closed and had to do a U-turn thus saving the slower riders a kilometres or two. At this point Plan B was enacted and we used Lower Plains Road (about the same width as Lake Road) to almost get us to Lethbridge. Not far along LPR Janet experienced a front wheel puncture. Whilst the rest of us rode on, Janet was assisted by Ben, Ken and Steve (apologies, I think I have missed someone).

Nearing Lethbridge we split into three groups with the purpose of not overwhelming the only coffee place in town, the Lethbridge General Store. This strategy worked well. Coffee done, we had a very speedy trip back to Inverleigh as the wind was now at our back and was a just reward for the 30 kilometres or so, we had to push into it on the outward journey. Thanks to Ben who headed up some slower riders, into the wind. Back in Inverleigh at The Bakehouse for lunch, just about everybody was complimentary about the course. It’s good to know when a course is very enjoyable for the majority of riders. Good riding everyone. Thank you to our photographer, Kim and our Tail End Charlie, Steve, who made sure nobody was left behind.
PRIZE WINNERS: The person who selected the only RED INK PEN in the bag, was Ben and he won the red ink prize (he got to keep the pen!!). Out of ten entries in the mini-quiz, I have to award a prize to every one of you. Initially, I planned to award an e-bike to the winner (just joking) and will now award a smaller prize to the ten winners. Thanks for participating in the quiz.
About 90% of the ride was on quiet, traffic wise, rural roads and such a delight to ride on despite the odd pothole. The distance forecast was 72 kilometres and with a diversion we managed 71 kilometres.
Scribe: Doug.

2/ Lindy's Easy Tour to Torquay
My status as a ride leader can only go up from here. I arrived at the Grovey just in time, having met every dead end and closed road possible on the way. I was met by Chris Ha and Hu, Peter J and O and Ted who all gave me heaps when I produced my paper list to tick them off. Little did everyone know that I had been onto Doug in the early hours of the morning to procure such list. Mine was well and truly lost amongst my emails.
Moving on, we had a pleasurable ride that led us through Paraparap and along Hendy Main and Coombes till the Torquay Hwy from where we made our way to Maple Bakery. I led admirably from the rear!! After huge donuts we all went our own way home with Peter O and Ted who were time poor heading straight back up the Hwy: Peter J and Chris Hu heading to Barwon Heads from Blackgate, and me leaving Chris Ha to his own devices at McCanns. Thank you all for your company. We rivalled Greg’a fast 50 with no rest until the bakery.

THREE Rides Involving GTC Riders on Sunday - 9.10.22:
1/ Around the Bay in a Day -
I rode from home as usual and met Trudi at the Eastern Cemetery at 5.00 am. Commiserations to Jo who hurt her back during the week and couldn't make it. It was really cold, dropped to 2 deg on the way, got into C Queenscliff about 6.10, very happy to see an open Cafe for a coffee. Lindy, Jenni, Leo and Peter joined us on the Ferry. Lindy was riding her Kennedy Bike to get a good long ride in before she heads off on her Alltrails Tour next Sat. Off the Ferry we rolled along to Mcrae for our first coffee. Peter O flatted but quickly repaired and onwards we went. Lovely riding, lovely views, stopped at the top of Oliver's Hill to take in the view before rolling along the flat country to lunch at Mordialloc.
Lunch over it was up the road to Blackrock for a coffee. More cyclists on the road from Mordialloc to the finish. With a bit of Sun out it was lovely riding. Then it was just a matter of getting home. Usually we get a train but Lindy let us know the day before that there were no trains. Luckily Don was able to drive my car and Bike Trailer up and pick us up. Peter and Jenni took the Metro Train to Werribee and Marcia picked them up. All in all a lovely days ride.
Thanks everyone for your company.
Cheers Peter J.

2/ To Moriac via the Bitumen -
It was a cold but fine 6 degrees when I arrived at South Geelong Station and met John H doing laps of the eastern end car park to keep warm. I offered to lead the ride and we set off out and across Moorabool St bridge getting a good view of the flooded Barwon River. We then made our way through the busy Sunday Market taking care as there was a slow oncoming car on the narrow bike path. Waurn Ponds creek path was safer, then it was out Waurn Ponds Drive and Reservoir Rd as we made our way to Moriac store. It took a while to get served as three very young kids carefully chose what lollies to spend their precious pocket money on. We were enjoying our coffees when the club gravelleur riders arrived to join us. On leaving we took Hendy Main Rd then Reservoir Rd and back the way we came. We had a good group of 7 riders : John H, Peter Ch, Ian B, Mark L, Craig R, Richard and myself. I enjoyed meeting three of our newer members. We rode 54 km , average 20.2  kph. Thanks for your great company guys.     Greg Allerton.

3/ To Moriac via the GRAVEL -
On a beautiful spring day I was joined by Barry, Chris Hu and Noel for a gravel ride to Moriac.  Lead by Barry, navigated by a collaborative effort and ride report by me. We enjoyed Bogans, Petteval, Norton's and Flaxbournes Roads and caught up with the roadies over coffee.  Great riding conditions were thoroughly enjoyed.

TWO Rides from Geelong Showgrounds on Saturday - 8.10.22 - Both Rides to Drysdale & Ride 2 Extended to Portarlington:
1/ Shorter Ride led by John Hagan - broke off from the total group at Curlewis to stop for coffee at The Bungalow. Before this the total group met with the Leopold group of mostly past and present members of the GTC who had another ride planned. On Jetty Rd Greg A headed home before coffee and Chris Hu moved off for a different ride and the coffee club consisted of: Meri & Lovro, Peter J, Nick & Sarah, Trudi & Leo, Janet, Kim, Chris Ha, Doug, Lindy and myself. I had intended going back on the Bellarine Rail Trail but most of the group were keen to go home via Wallington so we adopted this plan. We were fortunate to have the sun out to counteract the effects of the cool breeze. It was also enjoyable to be able to sit outside in reasonable comfort in the sunshine and being protected from the wind as we sipped our coffee.
John Hagan.

2/ The Longer Ride to Portarlington led by Steve McDonald -
After leaving John and his riders at Curlewis, David L, Jennie P, John M, Julia Mc, Peter O and myself (plus Alison until the Drysdale turnoff), headed down Portarlington Rd free of the heavy traffic on the BRT. A great ride with the sun and wind on our backs saw us stop at Daniels Donuts for a break. We headed home via Queenscliff Rd, Murradoc Rd and Portarlington Rd into a strong head wind that did not abate and we split up based on departures home and ability to fight the wind. No dramas except for yours truly having a puncture at Newcomb, thanks Peter for your help and support. Unfortunately had another puncture along the river only a couple of kms from home. Luckily a quick phone call got me a lift from there!!
Thanks to everyone for a good group ride.
Steve McDonald.

Kim's Thursday Ride to Moriac - 6.10.22
After a very wet night I was pleased to see the rain disappearing and the roads drying out. Leaving from Bunnings car park were Chris Ha, Doug, Gary, Julia, Kim (ride leader), Mark J, Peter O’B, Phil, Sarah and Nick. We were joined at the top of Waurn Ponds Drive by Lovro and Mari which made an even dozen for our ride. We proceeded along Reservoir and for a change turned at Ervins Rd where we made a short stop to view the Arthur Streaton memorial. Then we made our way to Moriac via the Highway and Considines. There was plenty of chatter along the way with perfect conditions and a tail wind. After refreshments we headed for home via Blackgate and Ghazeepore. There were some complaints at this stage due to the head wind, but I can only do so much as I had used my wish for the day that it wouldn’t rain.                              
Congratulations goes to Doug for today’s ride which was his 250th ride with the GTC, and no talk of retirement. It was great to see Mark and Peter return from their travels, I thought they were new members it’s been so long. Thank you to all of todays riders for a most enjoyable day out.                                                              
Distance 49.5k   Ave speed 21.7kph    Elevation 433m   Ride time 2hrs 20 min
Kim Gorell.

TWO Rides from Grovedale Hotel on Tuesday - 4.10.22:
1/ Doug's Ride to The Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie & Torquay
The ride calendar indicated today’s ride was 75 kilometres and with road closures there was a need to modify the course to ensure we didn’t exceed that distance. In essence it was the scheduled outward course however the Chocolaterie was our turning point, rather than Anglesea. Partaking in today’s bitumen ride were: Ben, Doug, Gary, Jennie, Lovro, Ken G, Kim, Merri and Steve. The number of riders increased along Ghazeepore Road when Trudi, Lindy and John M joined the group. It was pleasant riding on the country roads except for a very stinking dead animal smell on Anglesea Road, just before Blackgate Road. Arriving at the Chocolaterie, Ken rode on whilst the rest of us indulged in coffee and cakes. Jennie’s scones were so big, she shared them with two others. Heading to Torquay along the Great Ocean Road we had the wind coming across our right shoulder assisting us to zoom along at a speed near 30kph (delightful). Reaching Horseshoe Bend Road, the group split into two with one group going to the Maple Bakery for lunch and the other group heading directly to Grovedale, led by Gary (with thanks). The lunch group enjoyed pastries etc. and as usual, the food at the Maple was scrumptious. With tummies full, it was back on the bike to Grovedale, led by Kim (with thanks). Distance was a smidgeon under 75 kilometres.

2/ Mark Kelly's GRAVEL Ride to Bellbrae & Moriac
Six gravelleurs for today’s ride on the dirt - Sarah, Nick, Chris Hu, Chris Ha, Ray and myself. I had to shorten the ride from the original plan to go to Anglesea and so we headed out Pettavel to Nortons and back along Flaxbournes to Moriac for coffee. The riding was very enjoyable with the roads in good condition, only a light wind and no traffic. It was a little cold in parts but our good pace helped keep us all warm. Nick had a flattening rear tyre but managed to get to Moriac where he changed it while the rest of us helped by staying out of his hair and taking our coffees inside. We ran into Mark J (on a secret training run) who joined us for coffee. Thanks to all for your good company and strong riding.

TWO Rides from Sth Geelong Station - 2.10.22:
1/ Greg Allerton's 100km Ride to Lethbridge, She Oaks & Maude on Sunday 2.10.22
It was a cold 6 degrees, foggy and the start of Daylight Saving so I was unsure if anyone would turn up for this 8 am start. I was expecting Ray C as he was collecting his repaired road bike from me. We arrived at South Geelong Station to see John H pedalling around the car park to stay warm. Also there was Steve M. We pedalled off along the north river path seeing a surprising number of walkers and runners given the cold start. Thick fog persisted as we pedalled out Hamilton Hwy through Murgheboluc, glad that we all had good lights and bright jackets. After turning off the highway and heading north the fog slowly began to clear as we rode towards  Lethbridge. On arrival we were the only customers at the shop and sat outside in the sun enjoying hot drinks. Back on the bikes we had 5 km  along the Highway grateful for the good road shoulder. We then crossed Moorabool River where Ray and Steve rode strongly up the steep climb to Sheoaks, with Steve appreciating his new SPD pedals and shoes. We had a short stop at Bunjil Lookout near Maude then made our way through Sutherlands Creek into a slight head wind. I was home by 1-30 pm after a hard 103 km ride. Thanks to John , Ray and Steve for your good company.      Greg A.  

2/ Ted's Loop to Lara on Sunday 2.10.22
Nine members remembered the start of daylight saving and the correct start point of South Geelong Station. They were Doug, Hugh, Ian, Janet, Jo, Kim, Lindy, Richard S and your trusty ride leader/photographer/correspondent. A further five strays were picked up along the way being Meri & Lovro, Noel (who assumed the start was Rippleside), Trudi & Leo. Leo immediately took up his usual position as Tail End Charlie and we had a relatively uneventful ride along the Hovells Creek trail to Anna’s Cafe at Lara. Quick service and good coffee saw us on our way again through Lara to the Ted Wilson. As an added adventure Noel offered to lead us up the new Elcho Drain Path which was a wonderful flat piece of concrete of about 2 kilometres after a kilometre of dry mud with one metre diameter x half metre deep potholes at the start and 20 metres of grassy jungle at the end. The general consensus was that it was worth the effort although Doug may have had a dissenting opinion as he misjudged the route around one of the larger potholes and came a cropper (no injury reported other than his pride).


Nick's Leads the Saturday Ride to Cottage Farm Nursery Cafe in Gnarwarre - 1.10.22
A lucky thirteen riders met at Fyansford to enjoy the delights of the Barrabool hills in lovely spring weather. We travelled along the Hwy aided by a gentle breeze, made solid pace down Merrawarp, slogged away up to Ceres before enjoying the high speed descent down Cochranes to WPD. By this time we had collected Kim but farewelled Peter J, Chris Hu and Ha. We made steady progress to the nursery having just missed Ken G, Peter and Chris Hu. Coffee and cake were enjoyed in the lovely garden surroundings. Our return journey saw the group split with the leadership baton handed to Trudi who headed home via Pollocksford whilst Sarah, Kim and I chose Barrabool, Devon and WPD. Fantastic ride and no magpies!!!
Thankyou to Chris Hu and Ha, Janet, Jennie, John H and M, Julia, Kim, Paul, Peter J, Sarah, Trudi and ever faithful TEC Leo. Cheers Nick.