GTC News Wednesday - 1.3.23

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David Lambourn Leads the Otway Ride from Moriac to Lorne via Anglesea & return via Deans Marsh - 28.2.23
Last day of summer Otway ride 112km... On the coldest last day of summer for 36 years, riders where David L, David S, Julia, Ken G, Merri & Lovro, Noel, Peter O, and Ray. A long drag down Forest Road before dropping into Anglesea with the first climb of many to come. Ken returned home at Urquharts Bluff and we proceed to Lorne for a coffee stop with some cheeky cockies. At this point we where almost halfway and had a nice climb up to Benwerrin. Another coffee stop at Deans Marsh before heading home to Moriac. We all made it without any incidents and will be looking forward to a rest tomorrow.
David L.

Ken Smith Leads the Easy Ride to Drysdale on Tuesday 28.2.23
PARTICIPATING RIDERS: Ride Leader Ken Smith, Chris H, Doug, Gary, KIM, Paul B, Peter C, Peter J, Nick, Sarah, Steve, Trudi.
The Rail Trail had many other cyclists and people using it today and this made our rides extra careful as we rode to the Brown Shugar Cafe where the social time was enjoyed. A misty rain had started as we rode on from the cafe and when the group had reached the Princess Street roundabout and the rain looked like it had set in it was agreed that the ride would not go down to Banks Rd but continue back along Swan Bay Rd to the Bellarine Hwy to the B.R.T. Although three riders did ride the advertised course. When we arrived at Leopold the roads were dry and it appeared that they had not had any rain. Thank you to the riders who participated. Ken Smith.

John Hagan Leads the Sunday Ride to Maple Bakery in Torquay - 26.2.23
Sixteen riders at the start of our ride to Torquay: Andrew, Jo, Hugh, Julia, Mark L, Doug, Jennie, Noel, Paul, JC, Richard S, Peter C, Peter J, Leo, Janet and John H. We divided into 2 groups with Doug volunteering to lead the second group and Leo doing his trustworthy task looking after the end of the bunch. I did not realize that the Sunday Market was operating beside the Criterium Track and the first group almost got lost in the crowd of cars and people. We pushed on intending to go up the Settlement Rd Service Rd which I did not realize turned into one way shortly after it started. The other group meanwhile went up Francis St, with its bike lane all the way, and beat the first group over the lights at the end of Bailey St. The rest of the trip was relatively smooth travelling to the Maple Bakery for a very enjoyable morning's coffee (with cakes). The trip home had its dramas. We met Pam and Marie just before the detour on Horseshoe Bend Rd at Charlemont. Unfortunately at low speed Pam collided with the back of Leo's bike as they went around the detour and she came down. She is now recovering in Epworth Hospital. Pam - we hope you have a speedy recovery.

TWO Rides to Moriac on Saturday 25.2.23
1/ GRAVEL Ride from Waurn Ponds led by David Lambourn - not so much gravel in this ride...!
With 30 seconds to go John M arrived then Chris Ha turned up on the bell. We decided to catch up with the roadies via Cochranes Road. At Hunts Road, the only gravel we did, Chris and I took the ride down to Merrawarp Road and John went via Barrabool Road. With no sign of any riders we headed along Barrabool Road into a head wind, motor pacing behind Chris to Hendy Main Road. We caught up with the roadies at the corner of the highway and dropped down the hill for coffee.
2/ Bitumen Ride led by Peter O'Brien :
Participating riders: Peter O'B, Brian T, Chris Hu, Hugh, Jennie, Joanne, John H, John M, Julia, Ken S, Ken G, Leo, Paul, Phil, Peter J, Peter Olney, Philip, Trudi.
A large group assembled at Fyansford for the ride to Moriac this morning. It was pleasing to note that the road shoulder on the Hamilton Highway has been upgraded so that riding in a large group was not just easier but also far safer. We pedalled our way through the Barrabool Hills and Anderson Road, enjoying the downhill section on Henday Main Road, as we headed toward the Moriac General Store for our obligatory coffee break. Upon arrival at the store, we encountered a large group of cyclists which resulted in our coffee break being much longer than usual. On the return ride some riders elected to go directly to Geelong while another group of nine riders took the longer route back to Fyansford via Pollockford Road and the Hamilton Highway.
We finished the route with a decent tail-wind on the last section making for a pleasant end to the ride.
Peter O'B.

Janet's Thursday Ride to Barwon Heads - 23.2.23
Lovely warm start to the day saw  Chris Ha, Chris Hu, David L, David S, Gary, Janet, Ken S, Kim, Mark J, Mike, Nick, Noel, PJ, Peter N, Peter O, Sarah, Steve and Trudi ride through newly developed areas around the closed Horseshoe Bend then into Barwon Heads via Lake Rd, Barwon Heads Rd and Sheepwash. Coffee at Beach House with some heading to Annie's to spread the load as the Beach House only had one person working. Despite this they were reasonably quick with our coffees.  Return via the beautiful 13th Beach, Blackgate and a very enjoyable Horseshoe Bend where the road closure means there were no cars.
Thanks to Peter O for taking the second group and TEC Mark and then Chris Ha.
A lovely ride, Janet.

Nick Leads the Tuesday Ride to Bannockburn - 21.2.23
It’s been awhile since we have ridden the long way up and down dale to Bannockburn via WPD, Reservoir, Ervins, HM, Barrabool, Hwy, Brislane and Harveys. Thirteen keen riders met a Bunnings: Chris Ha, David L & S, Gary, Jennie, John M, Julia, Ken S, Kim, Peter J, N, OB and O, Ray, Sarah and Nick. We divided into two groups with Peter OB leading the first and faster group, with me leading a second with special thanks to Sarah and PJ as TECs. Along the way Gary left early but we gained Meri and Lovro, then a bit later Doug Jennie, Steve and Trudi joined us. The two group system allowed riders to ride at a comfortable pace and the fast group were seated in the warmth by the time my group arrived. Outside, with no room left in the inn it was still quite chilly. Remind me, what season is it? Our return journey included a lovely descent down Clyde Rd and then up Parkers to the Stieglitz Road. Even though there was more downhill than up along Steiglitz the stiff breeze ensured plenty of pedal effort was necessary.  Along the Ted Wilson riders began to go their own way home after a fantastic but challenging ride in great company.
Cheers Nick.

Peter Chilver Leads the Sunday Ride to Drysdale - 19.2.23
This morning I was joined by Julie, Ian ,Chris Hu, Craig, Vidit, Peter J, and Leo. We arrived at the Bungalow in Drysdale after a moderate paced ride along the BRT to be joined by our Time Trialer Leo who had a late start and had been chasing since the Showgrounds. After an enjoyable relax at the Bungalow we headed off up Princess St. Leo resumed his rightful place as TEC, Chris Hu and Julie left us at the rail trail to continue down towards Queenscllff while we continued along Princess St. On reaching Bellarine Hwy Leo’s expertise came to the fore repairing my spongy tyre. We said our goodbyes back at the Showgrounds.
Thanks to all for an enjoyable ride.

John Hagan Leads the Sunday Ride from Werribee via the Rivers & Creeks to Hoppers Crossing & Pt Cook - 19.2.23
We had excellent weather for our tour around Werribee and environs. I was joined by Jennie, Noel, Lyn, Nick, Sarah and Kim. From our starting point near the pool and football ground in Werribee we headed out on paths along the Werribee River and took Sayers Rd to connect to the next water path which was Sayers Drain. This one may not have had a very exciting title but it was certainly worth travelling through to the Skeletons Waterholes Creek. The photo below was taken as we approached Altona Meadows along this path. It was at this stage that your ride leader realised that he had left his phone (for photos) in the car so Kim stepped in as our photographer. We went through Sanctuary Lakes for our much anticipated coffee stop at Alamanda Cafe & Bistro in Pt Cook and returned to our start point via The Federation Trail and the Werribee River Path for a total of 43km. Thanks to Nick for looking after the tail of the ride and all of you for an enjoyable morning.
John Hagan.

Greg Allerton's Fast 50 to Sutherlands Creek on Saturday - 18.2.23
After a couple of very hot days today was quite pleasant for cycling. We made our way out along backstreets to Hamlyn Heights where we met Meri and Lovro. Ted Wilson Trail took us out to Creamery Rd overpass and then Bluestone Bridge Rd led us to Lovely Banks. We were soon turning down Robbs Rd which was new to Meri and had very little traffic. This way also gave us an easier climb  out of the valley. At Sutherlands Creek we turned left along Steiglitz Rd where John M caught up with us. It was then through Moorabool and we were soon back on TW Trail to the top of Church St, from where people made their own way home. I was home by 10:30 after the usual 50 km.  Thanks to my companions Peter O, Peter C, Steve M, David S, John M, Jo F, Meri and Lovro. It was very good bunch riding and nice to have two women in the group. Greg Allerton  Ride Leader .

Peter Jones Leads the Saturday Ride to Ocean Grove - 18.2.23
Twelve riders at the start, lost one then gained one to maintain my numbers. Attending today were: Trudi, Julie, Gary, Leo, Chris Ha, replaced by Phil, Doug, Brian, John H, Kim, David L, Ken S and myself. Headed down to Ocean Grove via HSBend Rd, Lake Rd and 13th Beach. A little cool to start but settled into a nice riding day. The Black Racing bunch just beat us into Groove so service was a little slow to start and poor old Phil being our first order missed out all together. After coffee the group split and six went back the way we came and six took the Banks Rd route. Nice riding, cloud had cleared, it was a sort of tail wind and my suggestion of a Cider at the Flying Brick Cider Co was accepted so we enjoyed a break in the Sun on the lawn before pedalling home. Excellent morning's ride. Thanks Leo for looking after the back and thanks everyone for joining me.
Cheers, Peter.

Steve McDonald's Thursday Ride to the You Yangs & Lara - 16.2.23
Getting a start at Rippleside before the hot weather set in were: David L, David S, Janet, Jennie, Ken S, Kim, Meri, Lovro, Noel, Norm, Peter C, Peter O, Peter J, Ray, Ted , Trudi and myself. Unfortunately the ride leader rode from Belmont without a helmet, just a cap, luckily Lovro had a spare one – Thanks! We split into two groups with Peter O leading the second group. A trouble free ride and we re-joined at Lara before setting off to the You Yangs. The continued and moving saga of roadworks on Farrars Rd continues with the section between Plains Rd and Branch Rd closed today, so a quick trip along the gravel Plains Road was undertaken. Surface was good and everyone receives a Gravelleurs point. Half the group climbed up to the Turntable (David x 2, Peter’s O & C, Meri, Ray, Ken, Kim, Noel, and Steve) with the rest heading off for an early cuppa.
A quick change in route to coming back via Forest Rd was supported and this was a nice wind assisted trip to Lara with only issue being Peter C being a target for a lazy bee which decided to sting him rather than bouncing off of him. The group again broke up after coffee at Xpresso with the majority coming home along Hovells Creek Trail again. Back before 12 and the extreme heat. Luckily Lovro has tubeless as he had 3 punctures today.
Thanks everyone.
 Cheers, Steve.

Nick Leads the Tuesday Ride from Aireys Inlet to Kennett River & Return - 14.2.23
In near perfect riding conditions eighteen riders turned up to ride the GOR: Andrew, Alison, David S,  Janet, Jennie, John M, Kim, Lovro, Mark K, Meri, Peter F, J & O and guest Peter, Sarah, Steve,  Trudi and Nick. We split into two groups which proved well suited to the light traffic conditions. Unfortunately, Steve who had ridden in from Geelong with Peter O, suffered a broken gear cable and was forced to turn back and ride  home from Aireys in a single gear. The rest of us made it to Kennett R in good time, despite the road works, to enjoy a well earned coffee and conversation. 
The return journey was equally enjoyable cycling with groups changing about with about half  stopping for early lunch in Lorne and my group going onto Onda in Aireys.  Thanks for the good company and great riding. It doesn’t get much better than today’s ride. Cheers Nick

Ken Smith's Tuesday Ride to Curlewis & Drysdale - 14.2.23
Chris, Julia, Lindy, Noel, Peter C, Ray, and myself enjoyed a pleasant ride along the bike path turning left on to Tivoli Road and making our way to the Brown Shugar Cafe. Unfortunately Chris miss judged one of the road humps and his front wheel locked and causing him to fall. Chris said the only thing hurt was his pride. Ray got his wheel spinning again and Chris had said he had an appointment to go to and would be only riding part of the way so he rode on home. After we had enjoyed the social time at the cafe we rode on the bike path to Bay Shore Ave and on to Princess Street via the By Pass bike path then to Sawn Bay and the Bellarine Hwy. Ray left us at the Wallington intersection to go home and we continued on and before we turned on to the bike path at Molap Ken punctured with two staples in his back wheel. We were not delayed very long, as Noel and Peter helped with the tube change. Thank you for your companionship.

John Hagan Leads the Easy Ride to Waurn Ponds & Armstrong Creek on Sunday - 12.2.23
Today we welcomed a new rider trying out our rides - Vidit and he was joined by Craig, Doug, Jennie, John (your ride leader), Julia, Leanne, Mark L, Noel, Peter C, and Leo then along the way we picked up Chris Hu and Geoff. We traversed the path along the north of the Barwon to the Shannon Ave Bridge and tested out the new, smooth path at the southern end under the bridge. Next came the hills of Highton and Wandana Heights before we explored the back of Deakin Uni - we then had a division of the riders with Doug leading the bitumen riders around the front of Deakin and JH leading the others around the oval to the south and up to Waurn Ponds Drive. At the bottom of the Paget Rd Path we came together again and were directed around a police vehicle parked squarely on the path which was pulling drivers over on the slip lane - probably for testing. After negotiating the Hams Rd detour we headed for coffee at Overtime Expresso off the Surf Coast Highway and Lindy joined us for the conversation and coffee. Our main concern here was that we could not see the bikes from our coffee spot. At one stage Noel stood guard to make sure they were safe! Our return trip was via the Warralily Shopping Centre and many back roads through to Breakwater. Thanks all for an enjoyable morning's ride of 37km.

Ken Smith Leads the Saturday Ride to Paraparap & Torquay - 11.2.23
The good weather had twenty five riders take part, twenty two at the start and three joined us along the way. The group divided into three and kept a safe distance apart to enable passing vehicles to have space to pull in behind each group of riders. As  we rode along Hendy Main towards Coombes road a large gum tree had been blown down across three quarters of the road leaving enough room for us to pass. After we enjoyed a chat and the refreshments at the Mapel Cafe, we rode along Merrijig Road and then along Horseshoe Bend Road with a south west wind that at times assisted us and then had the riders pushing hard into a strong head wind. Thank you to these riders for their participation: Alison, Brian, Chris Ha, David BS, David S, Greg, Hugh, Janet, Jennie, Joanne, John H, John M, Julia, Kim, Lyn L, Leanne, Mark S, Lovro, Meri, Peter J, Philip, Trudi, Leo, Zdenko and myself.

Sarah Leads the GRAVEL Ride to Moriac on Thursday - 9.2.23
Only 5 takers for todays gravel ride in fine conditions, namely Janet, Nick, Ross, PJ, and Sarah. Roads were in reasonable shape, just a few areas of  bone jarring corrugations but not a bad trade off for countryside views, and the noise of birds instead of traffic along the way. Ross scored “the bucket” mug at Moriac coffee stop so was well hydrated for his return home while the rest of us headed back to Geelong. Thanks all for a good ride.

Lindy's Tuesday Bitumen Ride to Moriac and Torquay - 9.2.23
What a beautiful morning for a ride!!! Near perfect I would say. The full company of riders were: David S, Doug, Gary, Ken S, Lyn L, Norm, Peter F, Peter N, Steve, Trudi, guest rider Peter O who is an old Geelong boy but now living OS, and yours' truly.
The change in route and starting place seemed to suit most people, although Trudi stuck to the original and met us at coffee. We effortlessly separated into two smaller groups which worked well as we rode WPD, Reservoir, CR, Considines, Hortips and single file on CO for coffee in the garden at Moriac. No one was keen to move on, thoroughly enjoying the ambiance but the arrival of the gravelleurs signalled that time was up. The return trip together via Hendy MR, through Paraparap and along Blackgate finished at Anglesea R where three riders including yours' truly returned to Bunnings via Dickens and Ghazeepore, whilst the larger group continued on to Grossmans, and Ocean Acres before turning for home. The lead rein was successfully handballed to Doug who then passed the baton onto Ken. All in all a really enjoyable ride. Thank you everyone for your company. Lindy.

Peter Jones' City Ride from Williamstown to Westmeadows on Tuesday - 7.2.23
18 Riders this morning heading to Westmeadows for lunch. Sarah, Jennie, Janet, Alison, Nick, John M, Peter C, Peter O, Peter N, Ross, Noel, Zdenko, Ken S, Ray, Steve, Chris Ha, Mark K and myself. What a mob. Everyone got to the start on time after a bit of traffic, a photo and we were on our way.
It was cloudy and cool riding with a light trail wind along the Yarra, at the Maribyrnong River we turned left to Dynon Rd and across to The Moonee Ponds Creek Trail which we followed all the way out to Lunch. But we did take a side trip to Essendon for coffee. Lunch was enjoyed by all before we headed back along the M80 Ring Rd, the Steele Creek Trail and the Maribyrnong River Trail. A lovely day on the bike through some really interesting parts of Melbourne with some great views. Thank you Nick for looking after the back end and thank you Peter O for looking after the Middle.
Cheers Peter J.

Doug's Tuesday Ride to Maple Bakery in Torquay - 7.2.23
Joining me for today’s ride were: Chris Hu, David B, Kim, Lindy, Peter F and Trudi. At the start, the Ride Leader got admonished for bringing out a camera rather than a mobile phone to take photographs. It was pointed out that it was a digital camera, not one that needs a flash and a tripod and it didn’t need a roll of film in it (do you remember those good old days taking your roll of film to the chemist and getting your photos back 3 days later). There was a deviation to the original course due to the fact that we are not using the Surf Coast Highway between the rail crossing and Baanip Boulevard due to lots and lots of stones and other extraneous materials on the verge. Safety First as always. Along Blackgate Road we encountered a short shower of rain and as a result, the ride leader was berated for not organising better weather. There’s more to come! As always, the Maple Bakery provided us with great pastries and coffee. Our coffee stop was too long in time, as the ride leader copped another barrage and was held responsible for the red traffic lights, the rain and the head wind (all in good fun). Having received all that bullying, the ride leader spat the dummy and got Kim to lead the ride back to Geelong (with my thanks). An enjoyable ride with plenty of chit chat.
Scribe: Doug

Greg Allerton's Sunday ride of 100km to Inverleigh, Teesdale & Shelford - 5.2.23
I was very pleased to meet John H, Mark J, Peter O, and Steve McD at the start, though the latter was not riding with us.We rode out to Fyansford where we met Meri and Lovro. It was a light head wind as we headed out Hamilton Hwy. The bunch rode well swapping turns at the front. Approaching Inverleigh we encountered road works with temporary traffic lights but had no trouble crossing the short section before the lights changed. We turned right at Common Rd and then took a side trip down Savage Rd to an impressive  scenic lookout above the Leigh River. The bushy Inverleigh Common provided good shelter from the wind  and we soon arrived at Teesdale for a welcome coffee stop. We then took the narrow and at times rough bitumen offroad path though Meri preferred the smoother main road. Soon we were descending at speed down into the hamlet of Shelford with its dilapidated old shacks. We turned left down the valley road following the Leigh River. The group spread out in the light head wind but we regrouped at Hamilton Hwy. We then took some back roads beside the railway into Inverleigh after dodging two young kids on E Scooters. We had some tail wind along the way back to Fyansford from where riders made their own way home. Thanks to my companions for a very enjoyable ride. Well done Meri as the only woman on the ride. I rode 101 km in 4h 16  min, max 63, av 23.5kph and was home by 1:10 pm.   
Greg Allerton. 

Ted Leads the Easy Sunday Ride to Lara - 5.2.23
It was 8:31 by my Garmin when I rolled into the Rippleside carpark and I thought I had been super smart and avoided ride leader duties on this “ride leader to be appointed” ride. Unfortunately President Lindy had just introduced a new rule of “last to arrive leads” so my devious plan was thwarted. Speaking of the Prez, as I arrived I saw her holding forth to the gathered congregation and I assumed she was updating members on the latest club news. Closer inspection revealed a curious inconsistency in her riding apparel. It wasn’t obvious at first whether her Uggies incorporated the SPD or SPD-SL cleat system but, when she admitted she had also forgotten her helmet and gloves, it became clear she was unlikely to be an active participant in today’s ride. Which, by the way, was an excellent one. Andrew, Craig, Clinton, Jennie, Julia, Kim, Leo, Mark L, Norm, Peter C, Peter C and I headed off towards St Helens, Corio Quay and the Hovells Creek Path and arrived at Xpresso Lounge without incident. With a group of 12 it was pleasing to see members split into two sub groups with a gap of about 200 metres for safety reasons. Traffic was minimal and we made good time to the coffee stop at which I took the opportunity to test the ride reporting function on the new website (coming soon to a PCLaptop/Tablet/Phone near you). It was pleasing to find the process quite simple and convenient to add photos and participant names “on the run” but a little fiddly on the phone platform especially for longish (YES, I know!) reports like this one. After refreshments and an unsuccessful search for Kim’s light switch component, which had popped out while parking, we headed back to Geelong on a slightly different route through Lara which took us through the St Laurence Retirement Village, over Forest Road to a path leading to Patullos Road and then on to another path on the north side of Patullos that we hadn’t tried before. After a short “Ted Talk”  on the history of the Bisinella Corporation at the edge of the Bisinella Estate we proceeded to the Ted Wilson and home. Thank you to all who attended today.
“Volunteer” Ted.

Ken Smith's Saturday Ride to The Dunes in Ocean Grove - 4.2.23
The day felt and looked like a winter's day, raining windy and cold, yet this did not deter Brian, David B S, Jennie, John H, Kim, Mark J, Mark S, Peter J from joining me on the ride. There was only a small number of walkers and cyclists on the B.R.T although we did encounter a large tree that had crashed over the path near Curlewis Road, after Mark J removed some smaller branches this enabled us to ride on. At Curlewis Road Mark S had an appointment to go toand he left us to continue our ride. There was many places where the water was over the verge of the road and care was taken as we rode around it. At The Dunes Cafe we sat inside and watched the waves crashing on to the shore as we chattered and enjoyed our eats and drinks. The moment had come for us to brave the elements, the South West wind was extra strong as we crossed over the Barwon Heads bridge and up the hill on to Thirteenth Beach Road although the the trees did give some protection. A blue sky appeared, the rain stopped and we only had the wind to content with all the way back to Geelong.Thank you to all who rode.
Ken Smith.

CLUB NIGHT at Sth Barwon Community Centre on Thursday 2.2.23
A good turn up for our first monthly Club night in Belmont. After pizza was consumed Leo demonstrated how the very popular Rehook Tyre Glider bicycle tyre lever is best used with many members bringing the lever and a tyre to practise this often difficult chore.
Next Ted, Peter C and Peter O'B spoke about our new club website which is being developed at the moment and will soon replace our current website which has been with us for 20 years. The new website will have the advantage that many of the club members will be able to directly contribute to the website and ride leaders will be able to put their report and photos up on the web themselves. See photo of front page of the new website below. Thanks to Ted for the photos.
John Hagan.

TWO Rides to The Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie on Thursday - 2.2.23

1/ GRAVEL Ride led by Mark Kelly:
There were 6 gravelleurs for today’s ride: Mark K, Nick, Sarah, Ross, Chris Ha and Chris Hu. On a day that felt more like May than February, we headed to the Chocolaterie via Willowite Rd and then Flaxbournes Rd. Chris Hu left us at Flaxbournes and headed back to Moriac while we headed up to Portreith Rd and then Elkington Rd to our destination. Quite a lot of the roads were heavily corrugated and the going was tough in parts. After a suitably long refreshment break and catching up with some of the roadies, we headed back along Forest Rd to Gundrys. Ross left us at the Vickerys intersection to head home and we tackled the Vickerys hill. After that, with the wind really picking up, we opted for a more direct route home than originally planned. We took Loutitt Bay Rd all the way to the Anglesea Rd and then up to White’s road. A very enjoyable ride. While the going was tough in parts the excellent company helped.
Mark K.

1/ Peter Jones Leads the BITUMEN Ride to Bellbrae:
Good roll up for the Bitumen and Gravel rides this morning, on my bitumen ride their were 4 Peters, N, O, F and J, along with Alison, Julie, Trudi, Ken S, Steve and Mike C. The forecast was cloudy and windy and it was both of those with occasional sunny patches. The riding was good zigzagging across the wind with some head wind stretches we made good time to the Chocolaterie. Coffee service was a little slow today but the food came out quickly and it was huge, sharing is definately the way to go. The return home was via Torquay and HSBend Rd. A pleasant mornings ride and thanks to Peter N for looking after the back of the ride.
Cheers, Peter.

Alison Guida Leads the Tuesday Ride to Drysdale, Pt Lonsdale & Barwon Heads - 31.1.23
We had a very good turn out this morning for the ride to Point Lonsdale with Lovro, Kim, Doug, Ray, Janet, Nick, Peter N, Richard L, Peter F, Peter J, Mark J, Mark K, David S, Meri, Julia, Jennie, Paul, Steve, John M, Chris Ha, Chris Hu, Sarah, Ken S, Noel and Lindy in attendance. Some joined us at various points along the way. We headed off along the BRT and continued uneventfully to Point Lonsdale for coffee. Some of the group headed to Queenscliff for coffee and lunch. We found Lindy waiting patiently for us at ‘Plated’. Given the impromptu swelling of the Point Lonsdale population by 25 the group split and we had coffee in two locations. We headed home along Shell Rd and through OG to BH. The ride along 13th Beach Rd was its usual lovely self. Mark Kelly had a flat at the end of 13th Beach Rd and provided a demonstration of how to use Leo’s tyre lever. Off we headed again down Lake Rd to Warralilly Blvd where the group split – some heading for lunch in Warralilly and the rest of us heading in the direction of home. Ken, Richard and I continued on towards the Showgrounds along a circuitous route given the ‘goings on’ at BH road (will it ever end?!?). It was a very enjoyable ride! Thanks to all of you who were so helpful to this newbie leader! Couldn’t have done it without you.

John Hagan's Sunday Ride to Curlewis & Leopold - 29.1.23
Six riders fronted up for our trip to explore 2 dead end roads east of Geelong. As you can see from the rain gear in the photo below there was a light drizzle which continued out to Curlewis. We were surprised that most of the users of the Rail Trail were using light clothing without any rain protection - we were the odd ones out! Our participants today were: David BS, Brian T, Julia, Chris Hu, John H and Jennie. We had not ventured far up the Bellarine Rail Trail when Jennie found her back tyre was slowly deflating. With the complications of tubeless tyres she decided to retreat back to the station. We took the BRT out to Curlewis Rd and crossed to Hermsley Rd to explore a short unnamed road off Avila Rd that gave us a good view of Corio Bay. From here we moved to The Range @ Curlewis for coffee and cake and Jennie drove down to join us. After a long chat at the driving range we took Curlewis Rd south to the Bellarine Highway being aware that the Cadel Evans Road Race was to use that road in a few hours time but it was still open for us. Our next exploration was down Brinsmead Lane where there is a picnic and viewing area just above Lake Connewarre. Having soaked in the views we took the Bellarine Highway and the Rail Trail back to South Geelong. Thanks all for your company this morning.
Keep Riding - John Hagan.

Nick's Saturday Ride to Moriac - 28.1.23
Nine riders met at Fyansford for an early ride to beat the heat. We headed out along the Hwy in cool conditions enjoying the downhill of Pollocksford before the hard work up to Barrabool. The fast run into Moriac with a tailwind was a delight. We enjoyed our coffees sitting outside when Chris Ha rolled up to join us having taken an alternative route. The way back along Mt Duneed aided again by the tailwind was good fun. Thanks to Greg, Birthday girl Janet who bought us coffee, Jennie, John H, Ken S, TEC maestro Leo, Peter J and Sarah. Today, we stayed cool, avoided the CEGOR people’s ride mega bunch and had a great ride. Cheers Nick.

Janet Leads the Gravel Ride to Moriac - 26.1.23
A beautiful morning for a gravel ride to Moriac. Up Ghazeepore to Whites, down bumpy Bogans, Dickens, Pettavel, Louttit Bay, Vickeries, Norton's, Flaxbourne then into the General Store via the back door for a welcome coffee.  Return home via Cape Otway, Ervins (sneaking through the road closed area) Revervoir, Draytons the WPD.
Thanks to Chris Hu, Jo, Mike, Nick, Noel, Ross and Sarah for joining me.

Kim Leads the Bitumen Ride to Moriac 26.1.23
Perfect conditions for todays ride with mild temperature and only a slight breeze. After a quick safety review for the roadies circuit, David S, Doug, Jennie, John H, Ken S, Kim, Peter C, Peter N, Phil and Steve proceeded up Ghazeepore Rd where we were joined by Lyn L & Greg, and this gave us 12 riders in all. We followed the usual route of Dickens, Blackgate etc but while traveling along Larcombs we were treated to a fabulous site of a Penny Farthing peddling towards us. Soon after we arrived in Moriac but due to the public holiday the general store was only open for papers. Fortunately, I had previously arranged with them for us to be catered for. So we peddled around to the backyard and after giving our orders to Gayle the coffee started coming out to us. It was very pleasant sitting out there having a chat and lapping up the sunshine. We were almost ready to leave when the gravelers arrived, so we vacated the seating and mounted up to head for home along Mt Duneed Rd.
Special thanks to TEC Phil and Steve for taking the lead when required, also to photographer John H. Distance travelled 45km.

Peter Jones Leads the Tuesday Ride to Little River - 24.1.23
18 riders: Janet, Alison, Trudi, Jennie, Sarah, Meri, Ray, Paul B, Steve, Nick, Peter N, Peter C, Ken, Noel, Kim, Doug, Lovro and myself. Took the usual way out to the outskirts of Lara and cut across to the Old highway. Sent the fast girls and boys on to Little River to spread the load on the coffee machine. After our break regrouped at the Sports Ground, pedalled down the road to find that the road really was closed, so came back and took another route back to Lara and home via Patoulos and Ted Wilson Trail. Thanks everyone for joining me this morning.
Cheers, Peter.

John Hagan's Easy Ride to Pt Henry, Leopold & St Albans Park on Sunday - 22.1.23
We had a Baker's Dozen for the ride today - from L to R in the photo below: Leo, Kim, Mark L, Lindy, David L , Jennie, Paul Ba, Craig, Peter C, John H, David B.S, Noel and Andrew who missed the photo. We tried a few different streets today just to get another view of our city - Little Richmond St which comes off the Richmond Oval would be an example, as well as a few different roads in Leopold to get between Christies Rd and Melaluka Rd. The conditions were good for cycling with a bit of a breeze to work into. Our route took us to Pt Henry where we viewed the 9am Port Phillip Ferrry heading for Docklands. We then did a circuit through Leopold and stopped for coffee at the Fork N Flower on the Bellarine Highway in Moolap. We were pleased with the friendly service in what is a fairly busy restaurant. Our return was via the back streets of St Albans Park and Breakwater. Thanks all for an enjoyable experience.
John Hagan.

Greg Allerton's Fast 50 Ride to Sutherland's Creek on Saturday - 21.1.23
At the start, there were seven (7) riders! Obviously, the word has got around about how much fun it is on Greg's rides! Riders were: Jo, Hugh, Steve, Ken, Greg, Mark & me. Riders headed out on Ted Wilson Trail, through to Ballan Road, where JC took the lead & picked up the pace, before turning onto Stieglitz Road, before the 1st climb. Everyone climbed well & waited for JC to lead them through Sutherland's Creek & the 2nd climb of the day - stiff pinch! After all had crested the climb, a truck very loudly (& persistently) expressed support for the riders' efforts! Then home, via Bluestone Bridge which was dusty & then home along the trail. Av speed - 22.2kph

Ken Smith Leads the Saturday Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove - 21.1.23
Today's ride started at Bunnings Waurn Ponds due to the construction which had commenced on the rail bridge over the surf coast hwy at Grovedale. This meant that we came back onto the surf coast hwy via Baanip Boulevard. Sixteen riders took part: Brian, David L, David S, Doug, Jennie, John H, John M, Kim, Lindy, Lyn L, Meri, Lovro, Peter N, Richard S, Leo, and myself. There were many cyclists out and about and we encountered them coming towards us and from the rear, although the Groove Cafe was crowded, we did not have to wait that long for the orders to come. Leaving the cafe six riders went a different  direction and when we arrived at the BRT four more rode home on the Portarlington Road. We meet Chris H Jean and Mick on the track and the group stopped for a chat before making our way to the show grounds, where a caravan show was under way with plenty of people and cars around. Thank you to Leo for taking his usual place as T E C .
Ken Smith.

To the Tour Down Under - Day 7 in Adelaide - 21.1.23
Another Tour is coming to an end. Today we took an easy ride out to West Beach and along to Henley Beach for Brunch. A beautiful day for a ride and the beach was magnificent, lots of the beautiful people out and about. This tour has been an adventure, so many interesting times, easy and tough, you may hear a whisper of the lovely busty Jennifer at Port Fairy, Raymond and his kilo of Coorong Mullet at Policeman Point or the bitter disappointment and joy at Salt Creek, but everyone knows what goes on tour stays on tour. So the two Peters are on the Overland, tomorrow, Ted and Jo and caravan are heading home and Ross heads home Monday.
Cheers, Peter J.

To the Tour Down Under - Day 6 in Adelaide - 20.1.23
I rode the first 40km and the last 40km of the course this morning. Norton Summit is a lovely climb - it's one we do each time we come over here but as you go over the hills there are some ripper downhills but always followed by some steep uphills. At about 40km our course cut across on Torrens Valley Rd and picked up the pro course back into Adelaide up and over the Corkscrew.
Cheers, Peter.

Janet Leads the Thursday Ride to Xpresso Lounge Cafe in Lara - 19.1.23
Joining me at Church Street today were Chris Hu, David S, Gary, Ken S, Lindy, Lovro, Meri, Nick and Sarah.  A lovely tail wind took us into Lara via the TW Trail,  Bluestone, Anakie and Tower Hill roads. Excellent service as usual at Xpresso then a strong wind back via Hovels Creek and the Port area.  The path around the new ferry terminal is proving a little difficult to navigate with at least one rider not noticing the kerb in one section.  There is a lot going on there and it's very easy to miss.  Thanks to Gary for TEC and to everyone for their company.

To the Tour Down Under - Day 5 in Adelaide - 19.1.23
Lovely ride down to Brighton Beach for Heat 2. Huge crowds, much excitement. Absolutely gorgeous beaches and magnificent homes. Easy ride of about 40km.
Cheers, Peter J.

To the Tour Down Under - Day 4 in Adelaide - 18.1.23
No bike day today for Peter O'B, Ted, Ross and myself. Ted took us out to Tanunda for Heat 1 of the Men's TDU, meanwhile Mark, Trudi and Leo rolled into town (see map) to visit Rapha and the Cycling Expo.
Dinner at the Sussex tonight before Mark, Trudi and Leo head home tomorrow.
Cheers, Peter J.

To the Tour Down Under - Day 3 in Adelaide - 17.1.23
Busy day today, went into Adelaide to watch the start of Heat 3, final heat of the WTDU starting from the Torrens Bridge. Coffee in the Rundle Mall before a visit to Rapha and home before heading out to see the finish in Campbelltown. Tonight we are taking a picnic tea into Adelaide to watch the Men's Prologue through the Park.
Cheers, Peter J.

To the Tour Down Under - Day 2 in Adelaide - 16.1.23
The stage was a bit far out for us to ride to so we decided a ride to Henly Beach for brunch would be very nice, and it certainly was. An easy ride down, taking a number of bikeways as they are called over here and quiet roads. The beach and sea looked absolutely stunning. Many cyclists like us enjoying the day. Came back via Glenelg and some other bikeways for a nice easy morning's 40km ride.
Cheers, Peter J.

Doug's Ride to Armstrong Village on Sunday - 15.1.23
The Good Church of Cycling met at the South Geelong Railway Station this morning. The congregation consisted of: Brian, Hugh, Jennie, Joanne, John M, Kim, Lindy, Nick, Richard S, Sarah and Steve. At the start, Reverent (not be confused with reverend) Brother Doug (our spiritual ride leader) mounted the pulpit to deliver a brief sermon, before the start of the ride. A couple of sinners in the congregation displayed unruly behaviour which prompted Sister Sarah to immediately intervene and restore order. Bless you Sister Sarah for your excellent handling of the situation. The congregation was then advised of the following: We will be visiting the Mount (Mt Duneed that is) and we will be bypassing that sinful place at Mt Duneed where they serve coffee, eventually. We will be collecting Brother Noel just before Fryers Road and then proceed to Sullies Café at the Armstrong Village Shopping Centre. We traversed the path along the south side of the Barwon River which proved to be in a very reasonable state now that the floods have subsided. Our next challenge was the downhill section of Pigdons Road where the head wind was so strong, I braked just to make sure I was not blown back up the hill. At the café, some riders who were time short continued on with the ride. The ride back to SGRS saw all but two riders continue on past Grovedale which was the home of those that turned off. Thanks to volunteer ‘Tail End Charlie’ Nick. In closing, it was Noel’s first ride for the year and he rode in from Lara – good effort for first ride of the year. Distance was 41.7 kilometres.

To the Tour Down Under - Day 1 in Adelaide - 15.1.23
Easy day today, rode down the Torrens Linear Trail to Glenelg. Had coffee and cake at Banjos, one of our favourite cafes there, along with hundreds of cyclists. Great atmosphere, watchid the women head off on their first Stage, then rode back to the Tour Village and watched the race on the big screen. Back at the park Ted and Jo had arrived, happy hour norphed into a BBQ for tea and the day was done.
Cheers, Peter J.

Nick & Sarah Lead the Saturday Ride to Moriac - 14.1.23
Today’s early start at Fyansford was vindicated by the pleasant cool humid conditions and the good rider turnout. Fourteen riders: David S, Greg, Hugh, Jennie, Jo, John M, Ken S, Mark K, Meri, Lovro, Sarah, Richard and Sue plus yours truly Nick T. We rode to coffee at Moriac via Hwy, Pollocksford, Barrabool, Larcombes, in two groups which worked well and allowed some riders to go a bit faster too. Richard and Sue on the tandem set a mean pace once up to speed to going downhill. Traffic was light which was another bonus. 
After coffee and good conversation at Moriac we headed home along HM, reservoir and WPD. Thanks to second group leader Sarah and TEC Mark. A most enjoyable morning out and we beat the heat too!

To the Tour Down Under - Day 7 - Murray Bridge to Adelaide - Saturday 14.1.23
Final day - day 7 - Murray Bridge to Levi Park in Adelaide - 86km with 1,127m of climbing. Started at 6:30am to avoid most of the heat. Enjoyable ride up into the hills, stopped at Nairne for coffee and cake after 43km. Continued through the hills, lovely riding, final climb up past Stirling then ripper ride down the CraftersBikeway and on to Levi Park.
Cheers, Peter J.

To the Tour Down Under - Day 6 - Policeman Point to Murray Bridge - Friday 13.1.23
Last big day today. Policeman Point to Murray Bridge. Stayed at the Coorong Hotel Motel, out host Raymond had some interesting stories. He cooked us up a meal of Coorong Mullet, very nice, went down well with a Somersby Pear Cider.
Left early to beat the heat, coffee at Meningie, no problem getting through yet but Lake Albert which is well up and starting to flood the paddocks and the edge of the road. Lunch at Tailem Bend at 103km, temp was getting up there and the last 25km into Murray Bridge was tough and hot. Got into our rooms at Murray Bridge Hotel and went straight to the bar to rehydrate, a pint of lemon squash hardly touched the sides. Last leg into Adelaide tomorrow.
Cheers, Peter J.

Doug's Thursday Ride to Lara - 12.1.23
In perfect cycling weather I was joined at Rippleside Park by: Chris Hu, David S, Gary, Jennie, Ken G, Ken S, Kim, Lindy, Lovro, Mark S (good to see Mark on his first Club ride for the year), Meri, Mike C, Nick, Peter K, Peter N, Ray, Sarah and Steve. Metres after the start, Kim had to do a U-turn due to mechanical problem which ended his ride. Towards the end of Hovells Trail Ken punctured which conveniently split the group into two. Several riders assisted Ken and because of the large number of riders, the first group opted to push-on the Millars Café with the thought of getting a speedier service if we all didn’t arrive at the same time. Arriving at Millars we found the café sparsely populated, to our delight and with our orders placed, it wasn’t long before the second group arrived.
Post coffee we had Lovro and Meri leave us for a longer ride to Little River. Nearing Bluestone Bridge Road, a couple of riders ahead of the Ride Leader, turned left and sped down the Anakie Road hill towards Geelong. Being unable to catch them we opted to leave them to their own devices. The rest of us rode a further 100 metres up the hill and turned onto Bluestone Bridge Road. At the very old bluestone rail bridge we turned left onto the bike path, thus deliberately avoiding the steep hill past the bridge. Just prior to the concrete bit of the path there was very loose gravel and our pathfinder was the first to discover just how soft the gravel was and took a tumble with no serious consequences (thankfully). At this point, everybody else dismounted and walked through the 10 metres or so of quicksand. We should all thank our pathfinder for alerting us to the problem. We then joined the Ted Wilson Trail heading towards Lara and a number of ‘Ye of little faith’ were concerned that we would end back at Lara, however the Ride Leader (with a cheeky grin on his face) assured them that we would not be going to Lara. We left the bike path at Plantation Road and had a smooth ride back to Rippleside Park. At the finish, several riders were very complimentary about the quiet roads and the fact that they had never been on several of them, making the ride even more enjoyable. The distance was 49.3 kilometres which was just short of the advertised 50 kilometres. Thank you to ‘Tail End Charlie‘ Chris. Chris handed over the baton to Nick when he turned off the Ted Wilson Trail. Thanks to Nick who led the second group to Millars and was TEC for the later part of the ride. Good team work with thanks. In closing, feed-back is always welcomed – good or not so good.

To the Tour Down Under - Day 5 - Robe to Policeman Point - Thursday 12.1.23
Our second big day - 137km - Robe to Policeman Point. Another cracker of a day with a good tail wind. Coffee and slice at Kingston SE and on to Salt Creek for muffins and coffee. A pretty good road, mostly flat. A lot of cars and caravans on the move but all very courteous. Not too hot yet but is supposedly getting hot tomorrow. Last 135km day. Lake Albert is getting close to closing the road at Meningie, fingers crossed we can get through tomorrow.
Cheers, Peter J.

To the Tour Down Under - Day 4 - Mt Gambier to Robe - Wednesday 11.1.23
Longer again today, 137km from Mt Gambier to Robe. Got away at 8:00am in cool conditions, almost a drizzle. Took the Mt Gambier RT and then a little on the Millicent RT before having to move on to the road. Took a breat at Tantanoola opp the Tantanoola Tiger (local Pub). Coffee and cake at Millicent and on to Beachport for lunch, popular place for a holiday and easy to see why, it is lovely. Then on to Robe, and Caledonian Inn for the night. Another lovely place for a holiday.
Cheers, Peter J.

Gary Broughton Led the Tuesday Ride to Torquay & Connewarre - 10.1.23
Joining me for Today’s ride to Torquay, which was held in great mild sunny weather, except that is for the gentle head wind all the way to Torquay, was Brian, Chris H, Kim, Ray, Richard S, Ted and with Lindy and Nick joining us at the corner of Ghazeepore and Mt Duneed Rds. The ride to Maple Bakery for coffee and the ride home both followed the advertised route with no mishaps or punctures. We did however take the liberty of a small detour riding back where we continued on past Lake Rd to see the beautiful surrounds of Lake Connewarre. What a beautiful site, and for me, fourth generation Geelongite, it was the first time I had been there. Thank you riders for a great ride and great company.

To the Tour Down Under - Day 3 - Portland to Mt Gambier - Tuesday 10.1.23
Longer ride today but an absolute cracker. Portalnd to Mt Gambier a bit over 100km but averaged just over 26kph because of the strong south easterly wind at our backs. Fantastic ride, arrived too early to get into our rooms so headed up to take a look at the Blue Lake, and boy it was Blue!
Cheers, Peter J.

Doug's Tuesday Ride from Lara to Little River, Balliang, Anakie & Back to Lara - 10.1.23
Meri and Lovro rode to Lara in record time with a tailwind behind them. Steve rode to the Geelong Station and caught the train to Lara and the rest of us drove to Lara. The motorists were Doug, Geoff, Janet, Jennie, Ken S and Mark K. A few weeks ago, we rode from Little River along Farrar’s Road and it was closed at Branch Road requiring us to detour along Branch Road. Today, we found Farrar’s Road closed again, this time between Branch Road and You Yangs Road thus disrupting our intended course which then required us to turn left and head for Sandy Creek Road in order to get back to our original course. The downside of this detour was the 2 unavoidable kilometres on the unsealed road between the Ford Proving Ground and the Ripley-Little River Road. With no spills (thankfully) on the unsealed road it was great to reach bitumen again. I must add that the motorists along this section were very kind and all but one vehicle slowed significantly (there’s always got to be one) and by doing this, very little dust was thrown into the air. Fifteen minutes later we turned right onto one of the best rural roads that I have ever been on, that being Granite Road. There were a couple of hills to climb along Granite Road, before we reached Anakie and they were equal to riding along Vickerys and Grundys Roads. The road surface along Granite Road was first class, the scenery was fabulous with trees on our left side, interspersed with giant granite boulders whilst the right-hand side showed acres and acres of farmland with more hills beyond them. There were patches of shade for some of the course.
The Anakie General Store was our coffee stop and the food and drinks were served in a very reasonable time (a sore point for me after our 1-hour stop last Sunday). Leaving Anakie, we headed back to the Staunton Vale Road (and our last serious hill for the day) and on past Granite Road heading to Balliang. The rural roads we were riding on had very little traffic on them, much to our delight. Not long after our photoshoot at the Balliang Memorial Hall, we turned onto Gilmores Road which had such a smooth surface and although there was no picturesque scenery on this road, it was still delightful to ride on. Our next destination was Little River via Kirks Bridge Road and Edgars Road. A quick comfort stop at the sporting complex at Little River followed by the final stop at the Lara Station. Meri and Lovro rode home whilst Steve opted for the train again. A fabulous day for cycling, weather wise and a fabulous course to compliment such a day. Thank you to: Mark for taking on the role as Tail End Charlie and thanks also to Steve for assisting with photographs. Distance was 98 fabulous kilometres. Out of ten I would give this course a nine out of ten. One point deducted because we had to use both the Geelong-Bacchus Marsh Road and the Anakie-Ballan Road for a very short distance, with no alternatives. Collectively, we rode 892 kilometres with one very minor mishap whereby Jennie’s taillight fell off. It was found.
Great course well ridden by all riders, give yourself a big pat on the back.

To the Tour Down Under - Day 2 - Port Fairy to Portland - Monday 9.1.23
Much cooler day for riding from Port Fairy to Portland. Coffee at Yambuk, reasonably easy ride with a slight side tail wind. Arrrived in Portland about lunch time before heading to our accommodation at the Royal Hotel.
Cheers, Peter J.

Doug Wyatt's Sunday Ride to Eastern Gardens and to Mt Duneed - 8.1.23
Some rides go very smoothly and some don’t. This morning’s ride was one that didn’t because; two riders didn’t get the What’sApp advising them of the changed start time; a couple of riders were late to the start; the Ride Leader inadvertently took a wrong road resulting in one rider not seeing the peloton go past: the coffee stop left a lot to be desired (more on that later). Joining me at the start were: Janet, Jennie, John M, Julia, Lyn L, Mark L, Mike C, Peter C, Ross, Steve and Ted. Along the way the peloton grew in number with Andrew joining us just after the start then Joanne followed by Kim then Ian and Lindy was waiting for us at the cafe. On a side note, it was great to see Ian, Lyn, Mike, Ross and Andrew on today’s ride as they had not ridden on a Sunday for some time (Ted almost snuck into that category). It must have been the great cycling weather that lured them to today’s ride. ‘The Coffee Stop @ 9 Grams” can best be illustrated by the following: If I had parked my car in a One Hour metered parking space outside the cafe, I would have needed to put more money in the meter to avoid a parking fine before being served with my coffee. Suffice it to say 9 Grams will not be on any of my future rides as the coffee stop. The one thing the café had going for it was the fact we sat in beautiful shade on the deck. The long coffee break resulted in the proposed route back to Geelong being changed and a flat course was undertaken rather than the hilly proposed course. Thank you for your patience with this morning’s disjointed ride and thank you to TEC Peter C.

Greg Allerton's Long Ride to Avalon on Sunday 8.1.23
Greg had only one rider to accompany him on the 100km ride and that was John C. This was a flat ride out along Hovell's Creek to Lara and then around Avalon Airport. John reported that not one car was sighted for most of the ride. John did about 70km and Greg managed to do his 100km. The only photo we have is the one John took at the beginning with Greg in it but also Ross and Peter C who were waiting for the Doug's shorter ride.

Peter J and Peter O'B Ride from Warrnambool to Port Fairy to Start their Tour Down Under - Sunday 8.1.23
The two Peters caught the train to Warrnambool and rode the first day of the tour to Adelaide to watch the Tour Down Under and do their rides around this event. The rest of the group will join them tomorrow at Port Fairy for the journey to Adelaide.