GTC News Friday - 27.11.20
Covid Restrictions from 22.11.20
WE MADE IT!!! Well done to all members for arriving at this point with such good will and cooperation. We have never had so many members doing so many rides!! A big thank you once again to all ride leaders for your management of the group sizes and to all riders who stepped up on the day as secondary leaders. For the moment we will leave it up to ride leaders to decide on the day if it would still be preferable to split a large group.
Please note: It will still be necessary to carry a mask and wear it if you need to go inside a cafe to order your drink, and basically continue to observe social distancing. Other than that we made it!! Well done everyone!!
Lindy Lester, President GTC.

Rides This Week:

Saturday 28th Nov - 9am from Grovedale Hotel - medium ride of 60km to Ocean Grove and return via Wallington & Bellarine Rail Trail - Peter Jones to lead.
Sunday 29th Nov - TWO RIDES:
1/ 8am from Sth Geelong Station - hard ride of 100km - this hilly circuit will take us via Robbs Rd to Sutherlands Creek then over Bakers Bridge and Dog Rocks. Merrawarp Rd and Devon Rd lead us to Moriac before we return through Paraparap and Freshwater Creek. - Greg Allerton to lead.
2/ 9am from Sth Geelong Station - easy/medium ride - 38km ride to 9 Grams in Mt Duneed - click here for details of route (note that it has 2 pages) - Doug Wyatt to lead.

Sarah's Easy Ride to Moriac on Thursday - 26.11.20
With a cool day forecast there were sixteen riders at Bunnings. Running down the list there were Barry, Chris Hu and Chris Ha, David, Doug, Gary, Geoff C, Jennie, two Kens, Lyn, Paul T, Ray, Ted, and Sarah and Nick. Dividing into two groups for ease of management rather than COVID 19 requirements, we took the well known roads to Moriac, starting with Ghazeepore Road. We made good progress, with some members peeling off to go their own way. At Moriac we met with Trudi, Peter Jones and Noel so enjoyed refreshments all together. We returned via Hendy Main, Reservoir Rd and Waurn Ponds Drive. Very pleasant and incident free riding, which is always welcome.

Chris Hume's Ashphalt & Gravel Ride to Queenscliff & Doug's All Ashphalt Diversion - 24.11.20
Forecast of great riding weather and the easing of restrictions, mask free outdoors - hooray!! and larger gatherings contributed to the large roll up at the showgrounds. Twenty starters there: Andrew, Ben, Butch, Chris Ha & Hu, David S, Doug, Janet, Jennie, Julia, Ken S, Mick, Mark J, PJ & P O'B, Ray Nick & Sarah, Ted and potential member Wayne, who rode with us to Leopold. Chris Ha was kelpie. Heading off along the Rail Trail we were soon joined by John M. At Melaleuca Rd Lyn G & Marie joined the peloton. We continued along the RT to Jetty Rd. Chris Ha returned home from here and we split into two groups - the A for asphalt Team with Doug leading and the G for gravel team with Chris Hu leading.

G Team Report
12 riders continued along the gravel part of the RT, which was in excellent condition, all the way to the Queenscliff Station then onto the RoRo Cafe where the A team were waiting having arrived a few minutes earlier and the ferry was about to leave. Noel joined us here. 23 of us now!! Service was good and there was plenty of outside seating. After coffee PJ and PO'B chose to return home along the Highway and Butch joined the group. We did a bit of a tour along the front and back beaches of Queenscliff and onto Point Lonsdale before rejoining the RT where it crossed Portarlington Rd. From here we retraced our journey home. At Drysdale I suggested a second coffee/lunch stop but there were no takers! So onward!  At Leopold though Butch, Mick, Lyn and me ended up at the Bakers Den for a snack. All headed home from here. There were a few punctures and a couple of slow motion falls onto the grassy verge - no damage done. All in all a great ride, one of my favorites!!
Chris Hu.

A Team Report
At the corner of the Bellarine Rail Trail and Jetty Road Drysdale, the asphalt riders took a right-hand turn heading to Queenscliff. The riders were Andrew, David S, Doug, Jennie, John M, Julia, Ken S, Ted and Trudi. Due to a puncture on the Rail Trail at Curlewis Butch was behind us and he elected to meet us at the ferry terminal. Unknown at the time, Noel was also behind us due to the fact he had punctured at the end of his drive-way and then had a repeat dose of a flat tyre on the Ted Wilson Trail. Noel made it to Queenscliff not long after the asphalt group. There were a couple of routes offered for the return journey (on asphalt) back to Geelong. Andrew, Peter O and Ted opted for the Bellarine Highway whilst David, Doug, Jenny, John, Ken, Noel, Peter J and Trudi opted for the longer route through Collendina, Ocean Grove, 13th Beach Road, Breamlea Road, Lake Road then Barwon Heads Road. When we reached The Village Warralily Shopping Centre, four caffeine deprived riders opted for a coffee at Sullies Kiosk. The others continued on. Total distance for the asphalt course was 86.23 kilometres with an elevation gain of 379 metres. Excellent riding on great day, temperature wise, for cycling. Thanks to our two tail-enders Julia and Trudi. Having more than one option for today ’s ride to Queencliff , is a great innovation.
Scribe: Doug.

Mark Shying leads the Sunday Ride to Torquay - 22.11.20
Today’s ride in muggy conditions – a return trip South Geeelong to Torquay should have been straight forward.  However, with Horseshoe Bend Road out of action and beach weather some adjustments would be required.  I was joined by Chris Ha, Chris Hu, Doug, Ian, Janet, Jesse, Jennie, Joanne (a friend of Jennie), John H, Kim, Noel, Peter J, Peter O’B, Nick, Trudi and Leo to chart a course to the Salty Dog.  Possibly for the last time we split into 2 groups, with Chris Hu leading the second group.  Making good time along Barwon Heads Road and onto Warralily Road the first group followed Doug’s  call to take HSB Road to McCanns Road and then to the Highway.  After traveling the variation all agreed it was a good change.  Along Blackgate Road to HSB Road and The Esplanade we arrived at the Salty Dog on the hour to see a queue of 30 or more people.  Doug calling on his local knowledge guided us to North Torquay and Cafe El Nido.  All enjoyed drinks, food, lively chat and quick service.  It would seem Cafe El Nido is now in the GTC black book.  With our super domestique Doug leaving us for Jan Juc, the rest of the group hit the highway for home.  53kms traveled, the good conditions saw everyone from the first group home before midday.  Thanks for the ride.  Mark S

Group 2 - had a similar experience with crowds in Torquay and failed to find the Salty Dog so went to Mejevo's instead where there was room for all of us in the outdoor seating. Chris Hu led us home on a longer route through Ocean Acres and Freshwater Creek and the bulk of the group travelled back through Breakwater to the Sth Geelong Station.
John H.

Doug's Saturday Ride to Lara - 21.11.20
At the start were Doug (Ride Leader), Janet, Jennie, John, Ken S, Lovro, Lyn, Meri, Noel, Paul, Peter O (2nd Group Ride Leader) and Ted. We didn’t follow the exact advertised course, which was fortunate for Ian as he was running a few minutes late and inadvertently met us in Baxter Road heading for Church Street. Heading to the Ted Wilson Path along Church Street, we were assisted by a tail wind, making the climb much easier. On the corner of Ted Wilson Path and Ballarat Road we collected Leo, Peter J and Trudi. Onward towards Lara in the blustery conditions we again had a tailwind along the Geelong-Bacchus Marsh Road and the turn into Elcho Road saw the wind push us sideways all the way to our Lara coffee stop. For the second time today, the script was not followed as the second group ended-up at Millar’s for coffee. Post coffee saw Jennie and John head-off for a circuit of the Avalon airport whilst Ted stayed in Lara. It was pleasing to see only part of the path underneath the freeway was covered with water (not very deep), thanks to Ted’s recent efforts to get some action. I think we should name the path under the freeway “TED’S PUDDLE” on the western side and PETER’S PUDDLE (O’B) on the eastern side, in recognition of their efforts to have the path water free. The first group returned to Rippleside Park via the Hovell’s Creek Trail. Distance was 39.94 kilometres with an elevation gain of 164 metres (Strava). By the time we got back to Rippleside Park, Noel had completed the most kilometres for the morning, as he had ridden in from Lara and was about to add more kilometres to the ride, having to get back to Lara again. In total, sixteen riders. Thanks to: Peter O’B for leading the second group and John Hagan for the photographs.

Barry's Thursday Ride to Wallington - 19.11.20
Showgrounds - Drysdale - Wallington - Ocean Grove - Barwon Heads return via Horseshoe bend Road. GTC Cyclists participating in today’s ride were: Chris Hu, Chris Ha, Doug, Gary, Janet, Jennie, Julia, Ken G, Ken S, Lyn L, Noel, Peter J, Peter O’OB, Ted R and Barry. With the forecast anticipated to reach 34 degrees today the decision was made to start the ride at 8.00 am. Fifteen riders obviously had their alarm clocks in order and arrived at the start. Chris Ha arrived and in chorus we knew it was time to ride. Dividing into two groups we set forth on the Drysdale rail trail to Curlewis Rd where we paused to say farewell to Ken G and Lynda who chose to take the route directly to the Paddock Cafe. The riders continued pushing into a slight head wind until the Princess St downwind downhill section provided cyclists with an enjoyable section of riding. Down Swan Bay Road and into Wallington Ocean Grove Rd with a timely shaded coffee stop at the Paddock Cafe. Fortunately or unfortunately no takers for a Trump dissection today.  Again we divided into two groups for the Barwon Heads to 13th Beach Rd leg. We were passed by a group of cyclists on the Ocean Grove - Barwon Heads Rd that made us feel like we were standing still. We thought for a moment it was some riders from our club. That is yet to be verified. 13th Beach had the waves pumping and the surfers out In great numbers. It looked a treat. Doug W left us at this stage when “Wiser Heads” called for a change of route. We had planned to go via Lake Rd but a safer and less windswept course was plotted by Peter OB and Peter J. Well done fellas great call. Horseshoe bend and then the usual run via the South Barwon Sports grounds to home. It was 32 degrees when we returned at 11.35 am. A big thank you to the following people who helped me with leading my first ride. Peter J, Peter O’B and the two kelpies Noel P and Chris Ha. Thank you to all cyclists for making this ride an enjoyable experience. Total distance 62 kms : Elev gain 304m: Active time 2hrs 48 mins: Average Speed 22.2 kms.

Chris Hume's Tuesday Ride to Jan Juc via Moriac - 17.11.20
We have 2 Ride Reports as they did divide into 2 Groups - 1/ by Peter J and 2/ by Doug:

There were 15 riders today, or was it 16. Chris Ha was the original leader, he pulled a hammy and flick passed it to Chris Hu, he had a couple of punctures, the second a real blowout and had to call in the cavalry to be picked up in Vickerys Rd. Chris Hu flicked it to anyone who wanted it, no one caught it so here is a brief run down on the ride. We went up Waurn Ponds Drive to Pettavel, to Reservoir Rd to Hendy Main Rd through Moriac where there was some grumbling from Trudi about stopping for a coffee like we used to and having a two coffee stop ride. I think she was just stirring as is her want. Anyway we continued on, nice fast run as we turned away from the Westerly that had been slowing our progress up until that time. Reached Vickerys and everyone was keen to push on and get the hills done. Chris Hu had his blowout and called Jean to come and collect him while everyone pushed on and regrouped at the GOR. Took the circuit through Bells and on to Swell at Jan Juc. They were very busy but looked after us very well taking our orders at the table and producing coffees and food at a great rate of knots. Home was via the Surf Coast Hwy to Grossmans, Ocean Acres, Coombes and Anglesea Rd to Ghazeepore and Bunnings. All in all a very pleasant ride in excellent company.
Cheers, Peter J.

2/ Chris Ha arranged for Chris Hu to be the replacement Ride Leader and at the start line we had, Barry (Tail-end Charlie), David S, Doug, (Second Group Ride Leader), Janet, Julia, Ken G, Ken S, Kim, Lyn, Noel, Peter J, Peter K, Peter O’B, Ray and Trudi. We split into two groups whilst Chris Ha, Lyn and Ken G went their own separate ways for various reasons. Some rides go ever so smoothly, this, unfortunately was not one of them. Into a 13 kilometres an hour headwind riding along Waurn Ponds Drive (Old Princes Highway) we had just covered two kilometres when Chris punctured. A couple of riders assisted Chris whilst the rest of us went on slowly along Reservoir Road. A left-hand turn at Hendy Main Road saw a tail wind and downhill. What more could you ask for, as a cyclist? We regrouped at the Moriac School and broke into our two pelotons again. The tailwind along Henty Main Road headed to Bell’s Beach saw us easily lift our average speed. We did a right turn onto Vickery’s Road and very shortly after, disaster struck, Chis now had a blown tyre to go with his earlier puncture. Chris’s cycling for the day had come to an abrupt end, thanks to an unrepairable tyre and it was time for him to phone a friend (wife) and seek the services of the stretch-limo for a ride home for him and the bike, along with the champagne of course. The rest of us battled on pushing up the hills along Grundy’s Road to reassemble on the corner of the Great Ocean Road and Bones Road (minus Chris). Onward for coffee at Swell’s via Bell’s Beach and we had Ken G waiting for us along Bones Road. After a reasonably long coffee break, due to Peter J mopping-up some left-overs it was back on the bike through Grossman’s Road, Ocean Acres and Anglesea Road. Yesterday’s strong winds had littered the Anglesea Road verge with small branches, sticks and twigs making the ride very hazardous. Fortunately, everybody got through unscathed. Despite the wind and a few hiccups, it was a nice cool day for riding. Thanks all.
Scribe: Doug & Photos: Barry.

Greg Allerton's Exploration of the Dead End Roads on the Bellarine Peninsula - Sunday 15.11.20
Given the forecast of 34 max and up to 40 kmh winds I was very pleased to have 6 starters on this ride. There were a few brief spits of drizzle before we even set off. John C, John H, John M, Nick T, Noel P and I rode along Bellarine Rail Trail then right at Wilsons Rd  heading south but turned off before it became gravel ( Dead End 1). Point Henry was our next dead end where we stopped at the start of the gravel and admired the great view across Corio Bay. Heading back along Point Henry Rd we turned left into Hays Rd which led us past Winchester(ammunition manufacturer) before the road stopped at Dow Chemicals (Dead End 3). We rode east along Portarlington Rd turning off  to investigate Clifton Rd, Alexander Rd  and then Hermsley Rd all bitumen finishing at Corio Bay. On the latter we turned left into Avila Drive and admired some very swish properties.
We then headed for the coffee van at Drysdale station, having already ridden over 50km. Here we met fellow GTC riders Lynn & Mick G, Marie B, and Kim G. We then wound our way down through Clifton Springs to the clifftop lookout. There was some climbing up to Drysdale before a strong tail wind had us speeding along to Swan Bay Rd (another Dead End, but not investigated today as we headed home). At Leopold we pedalled out and back on Brinsmead Rd then along Ash Rd - both Dead Ends offering great views down over Lake Connewarre. Bellarine Highway then the Rail Trail soon had us back in Geelong. I had to ride a lap of Eastern Gardens to achieve my 100 km for the day, my 52nd century for the year. Thanks to my fellow riders for such good company. Well done to Noel who did considerably over 100 km (138.75km) after riding from home near Lara. 
Greg Allerton - Ride Leader.

Ted's Sunday Ride to Drysdale - 15.11.20
South Geelong Railway Station saw 10 riders congregate for an easy ride to Drysdale. This meant that we could ride off as a single group but we were then joined by two more at the Showgrounds so we adopted social distancing principles and rode the BRT well spaced out until we reached Melaluka Road where one group continued along the trail and the rest turned on to Portarlington Road. The two groups met up again at the Curlewis Crossing where we again spread out and headed to the Drysdale Bypass where we enjoyed the wide open spaces of the new concrete shared path. Coffee was taken at The Zoo, The Bungalow and the Caravan where the usual good service and coffee was partaken. Conversation at The Zoo got pretty serious as we resolved the problems of US Politics, Victorian Social Housing and everything else that is wrong with the world. I expect the chat was a bit lighter at the other locations. The Caravan Coffee Consumers headed home via the BRT while the rest hit Princess Street, Swan Bay Road and the Bellarine Highway. Thanks to Kim, Barry, Ray, Peter J, Julia, Trudi, Chris Hu, Ian, Lyn G, Mick, Marie and Leo for a pleasant morning on the bike.

Peter Jones' Easy Loop to Torquay - Saturday 14.11.20
Fifteen riders for my ride today, the Easy Torquay Loop. Those attending: Chris Hu, Doug, Gary, Ian B, Janet, Jennie, John H, Ken S, Lindy, Paul T, Peter O, Ray, Trudi and Leo and myself. To keep within the rules, Peter O, Ray, Chris Hu, Gary, Ian B, Ken S were sent off as an advance guard while I followed with the rest. It was pleasant riding down the Surf Coast Hwy to Warralily, to HSBend Rd until Mc Canns Rd where it was necessary to return to the Surf Coast Hwy for a while until we got off again at the Shire offices. Didn’t take long to roll into Mejavo’s for coffee, very busy, must be all those Melbournites flooding into Torquay, but we found our spot and enjoyed our coffee and cake. Our advance guard finished first and rolled off home via Ocean Acres and Anglesea Rd, Doug and Lindy departed for home in their own directions and the afterguard proceeded home via Ocean Acres as well. Have to mention Jennie’s new Baum, pretty as a picture hope she has many years of enjoyable riding on it.
Cheers, Peter.

Trudi's Thursday Ride to Bannockburn - 12.11.20
Fourteen riders for my ride to Bannockburn this morning: Sarah and Nick, Norm, Ray, two Ken’s, three Peter’s, Janet, Julie, Noel, David and me. Splitting up into two groups of seven, and with Peter O leading the first group out.. With roadworks on the Hamilton Highway and Anakie Rd it was my intention to keep well away from these roads. So our route today was a bit different to our usual route out to Bannockburn. Starting on the Ted Wilson Path, Lovely Banks Rd, Ballan Rd, Robbs Rd, Stieglitz Rd, Parker Rd, Clyde Rd our coffee break was at Le Due Sorelle Cafe. It was here that both groups caught up for a well deserved chat and coffee stop. With our appetites replenished and conversation running low it was time to head back out into the wind. Retracing our steps we rode back down Clyde Rd onto Stieglitz Rd with a fabulous tailwind. Our reward for the strong winds and hills that we had endured earlier. Ballan Rd, Ballarat Rd and back onto the Ted Wilson path quickly saw us back at Church St where it all began. Thanks everyone for your attendance today a most enjoyable ride in very windy conditions.

Mark Kelly's Hot Ride from Anglesea to Wye River & Return on Tuesday 10.11.20
What else can you say about this ride on a day like today. Great riding, beautiful coastline, magnificent blue ocean and great company. We had 11 riders set out from Anglesea: Chris Hu, David, Gary, Janet, Jesse, Mark, Nick, Noel, Peter O, Peter J and Trudi, . Peter J and Trudi left us at Lorne and the rest continued onto Wye River for a brief refreshment and then back to Lorne for lunch. We cruised down the GOR with a slight tail wind in the morning but had to work a bit harder on the way back when we began to feel that heat, especially in the last 10km. Thanks to all for a most enjoyable ride. About 90km, 950mt of climbing and average speed around 22km/h.
Mark Kelly.

Ted's Cruisy Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove on Tuesday - 10.11.20
Just Ken S, Ray, Julia, David S and myself formed the B Team at the Showgrounds on a warm November morn. After extricating ourselves from a larger bunch of LAC riders we headed off down the path to the Bellarine Highway through Wallington and on to The Groove where the usual excellent coffee and service awaited. Discussion about bike theft and insurance claims, although not always pleasant experiences, was a welcome relief from the usual Covid and US election stuff. After a shortish stop we headed home via Barwon Heads Road, Stacey’s and Lake before getting back on to the BH Road and our various homeward routes. The temperature started to climb into the 30’s on our way home so we were happy for it to be a shortish day in the saddle helping us to acclimatise to the warmer weather to come.

John Hagan's Sunday Ride to Drysdale - 8.11.20
Nineteen riders turned up on a sunny morning for our ride to Curlewis and Drysdale: (from L to R in the photo below) Trudi, Leo, Sarah, Lyn G, Marie, Pam, Janet, Peter J, Nick, Lindy, Jennie, Lyn L (welcome back), Ray, Kim, Peter O'B, Chris Hu, Mick G, John H, and Ken G. My intention was to have coffee at Brown Shugar in Curlewis and then head down to the waterfront and do a circuit around Drysdale. Well, the cafe was closed despite signs sying otherwise. As coffee is one of the main aims of bike riding for many we had to find another coffee spot. The majority decision was that the coffee van at Drysdale Station would be the best bet for such a large number and riders headed in different directions to get there. This turned out to be a good move as the product is a quality one and the service fast from the Bean Cravin' Coffee Van at the Station. As riders wanted to do different distances there were 3 main groups to head home. A few needed to be back early and took the Rail Trail straight back. The rest headed down Princess St with Ken taking a group home via Banks Rd, Ocean Grove and Barwon Heads and the main group came back via Swan Bay Rd and the Bellarine Highway.
Thanks all for an enjoyable ride. John H.

Ken Smith leads the Saturday Ride to Lara - 7.11.20
There were eighteen riders who presented for the mornings ride to Lara: Chris Ha & Hu, Doug, Ian B, Jennie, John H, Julia, Kim, Lindy, Mark S, Noel, Paul, Peter J, Ray, Ted, Leo, Trudi and myself Ken Smith. Before leaving Rippleside,we formed two groups of nine riders, Chris Halpen took the lead of the second group, thanks Chris. The gate on the foreshore path was open, and with a strong tail wind we commenced our ride to Lara via Corio Quay, Esplanade, Sea Beach Parade, and Foreshore Road.The first group of riders rode the path past the Grammar School and into the water that was over the path as they crossed under the highway. Chris avoided the water by riding along Shell Parade and Rennie Road. The first group of riders had coffee at @7grams, and the other riders enjoyed theirs at Xpresso Lounge Cafe. Both groups of riders returned back to Geelong along Elcho Roads Bacchus Marsh Road and Ted Wilson Path.Thank you to all who rode. I would like to express my appreciation to Doug, Gary, Greg, and Peter J for their generous offer to loan me a bike and shoes,to enable me to keep cycling. Peter's were the right size. Thank you.
Ken S.

Doug's Thursday Ride to the Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie - 5.11.20
There would be two courses for today’s ride. First course would be on asphalt the whole journey, as per schedule and thanks to Nick’s earlier WhatsApp message, there would be a dirt ride on offer for the return journey. A good innovation.
Ten riders assembled at the start and we were to pick-up Nick at Baanip Boulevard so we broke into two groups. The first group left the car park and shortly after, the second group was joined by Noel who had a slow ride in from Lara, due to the strong headwind. Today’s riders were Chris Ha, Chris Hu (second group Ride Leader (with thanks)), David S, Doug (Ride Leader), Gary, Janet, Jenny, guest rider Jesse (on a recumbent bike), Kim (Tail-End Charlie – with thanks), Nick, Noel and Sarah. There was one apology, Ken S. Unfortunately, when Ken went to get his bike from the garage this morning, the door was open and Ken’s bike, helmet and cycling shoes were gone – a robbery, which police are now investigating. We picked-up Nick along Baanip Boulevard then onto Ghazeepore, Anglesea, Blackgate, Grassdale, Hendy Main, Grays, Forest then onto the Great Ocean Road where we met (by coincidence) the Portland to Geelong riders who started the day at Lorne. After exchanging pleasantries with them, we had a short distance to the Chocolaterie for coffee. At this stage it was just on 40 kms of cycling. Entering the Chocolaterie, we were required to produce I.D. As cyclists, not many of us carry such formal documents when riding. We eventually got it sorted. A few riders ordered cakes/slices and they were very big helpings, some with cream or ice-cream (carbohydrate loading). Having had our coffee etc. the four dirt riders (Chris Ha, Chris Hu, Nick and Sarah hit the dirt road immediately coming out of the Chocolaterie, whilst the rest of us enjoyed the magnificent tail-wind, on asphalt, back to Grovedale. Google Maps had the distance at 63.9 kilometres and Garmin had it at 67.82 kilometres. A good effort by all in very windy conditions.
Foot Note: This was Norm’s longest ride for the year. A good achievement.

Day 9 Lorne to Geelong - 5.11.20
Another front roared through overnight with strong winds and rain but the day dawned with just scudding clouds and occasional Sun. Last day on the road today for this tour. It was good riding with a strong tailwind, not a great deal of traffic but more than we have had on previous days. Coffee was taken at Anglesea with our welcoming committee of one, (Mark K) before heading on. Zdenka and Elizabeth took Forest Rd., Ray rode on to meet his brother in Geelong and the rest headed down Anglesea Rd and on to Bunnings so Ted could get his key out of his bag, unfortunately he couldn’t find it so was riding out to Lara to get a key from Jo.
Everyone split for home, another tour done and dusted.
Cheers, Peter.

Day 8 Apollo Bay to Lorne along the GOR - 4.11.20
Cool change has blown through with a little rain, started off in a bit of drizzle but soon stopped leaving just a cool breeze at our backs and overcast sky. Rolled along just enjoying the ride and the views of the ocean and hills that come right down to the water. Stopped at Wye River for coffee and cake enjoying the company of a very friendly local decked out in all his finery. Following coffee it was on to Lorne for a bite of lunch before heading to our cabins at the Lorne Caravan Park. We are really in familiar territory now but doesn’t matter how many times we ride this section of the GOR we never tire of it, it is just a beautiful ride with stunning scenery. Last night on the road, home tomorrow and another tour will be done and dusted.
Cheers, Peter.

Nick's Tuesday Ride to Winchelsea on Hot Day - 3.11.20
Twelve riders in two groups set off from Bunnings to ride to Winchelsea on what was to be a very warm (hot) sunny day. The  first group led by Nick included Sarah, Janet, David S, Noel and Gary, and in second led by Chris Hu; Chris Ha, Ken S, John H, Jennie and Barry. Both groups made good progress up WP Drive and along Reservoir before zooming down to Moriac and continued  along Hendy Main before turning on Larcombs Rd  where Doug joined us. Every bit of shade was appreciated. On the Cape Otway road there was more traffic than usual before turning off for a scenic ride with a speedy downhill into Winchelsea. Good coffee and conversation in the shade was had at Cafe La Hoot. The return journey involved some retracing of our steps with a lovely rolling tailwind assisted ride  down Mathieson's Rd  before the hot hard work of C.O Rd in a crosswind. We stopped in Moriac for a welcome rest in the shade before a fast run back to along  Mt Duneed Rd and then Ghazeepore. Despite the hot conditions posing quite a test for 80km, and requiring at least two water bottles, we made good time. Well done riders!
PS  Tarnay’s didn’t have a puncture or have to stop to mend one but Chris Hu’s group wasn’t so lucky.

From Doug: I feel Nick (Ride Leader) should be given accolades for his handling of today’s hot ride. All ride, he was checking on riders and this was particularly relevant for me on the way back from Winchelsea as I was struggling, due to the temperature. I turned-off at Layard Road Moriac and I was not home for very long when he texted me to see if everything was ok. Doug.

Day 7 Lavers Hill to Apollo Bay - 3.11.20
Firstly a word about Lavers Hill, our Motel hosts were about as laid back as you can get without falling over. Don’t worry about payment yet just get settled and relax, when we went over to the restaurant/bar for dinner, what would you like, want me to run a tab for you? These people are hard workers, milking cows, running a motel and running the restaurant/bar and the son in law got his leg smashed by a horse 3 months ago and is still hobbling around on crutches in the bar while his wife and mother in law are milking 200 odd cows. The motel is rustic and has been shut up for covid for quite a while, some thought their sheets felt damp, I reckoned they were cold so bunged on the elec blanket and no more troubles but some thought they should strip the bed, consequently there was bedding spread out everywhere in the Sun. Happy hour rolled into dinner at the bar, one of the best fish and chips I’ve had, everyone enjoyed their meal and our host agreed to put on Eggs and Bacon for breakfast the following morning, and don’t forget the tea and cappuccino, flat white and/or Latte. Not much space left for the ride but suffice to say there are a lot of down hill but also some very taxing climbs before the final run down hill into Apollo Bay. Warm to hot but a fabulous ride through some great countryside and fantastic forests. Should congratulate Peter O, his outer cable cover wore through where it went into the frame which meant he was only able to get down to the centre of the rear cassette he was effectively riding a fixie and some of those climbs he found brutal with that gearing. Hot in Apollo Bay, Zdenko and Ben went Ocean swimming, quite a few others settled for the pool which was not heated but very refreshing. To Lorne tomorrow hopefully in reasonable weather.
Cheers, Peter.

Day 6 Port Campbell to Lavers Hill - 2.11.20
Fine Sunny day today excellent for riding, stopped off in Port Campbell to get supplies before heading out to Loch Ard Gorge did a lot of sightseeing around the area, stunning scenery, continued on to the 12 Apostles, maybe 8 left, a few tourists around but nothing like pre covid. Intended to get a coffee at Princetown but everything locked up and closed down so had to make do from our own resources which wasn’t too much trouble for our resilient bunch. I took over driving for a time until part way up the hill when we did a change and I rode the last 15/20 klm. Quite warm riding protected from the wind in amongst the trees, everyone enjoyed a break at the top at Lavers Hill before heading to the Motel. Another warm day tomorrow apparently so we’ll enjoy it while we can.
Cheers, Peter.

John Hagan's Sunday Ride to Barwon Heads - 1.11.20
Quite a bit of enthusiasm for this ride with 19 at the start line and 3 more to join us on the way. We started with (from L to R in the photo below): Pam, Marie, Katrina, Jennie, Janet, Lindy, Paul T (new rider), Trudi, Chris Hu, Noel, Ian B, Clint, Barry, Doug, Leo, Nick, Mick G, Butch and your photographer John H. Andrew, Geoff and Kim met us on Bailey St in Grovedale. We at first divided into 2 groups as per the covid regulations with John leading the first group and Janet the second group and when joined by the last 3 riders spit the first group into 2 with Chris Hu leading the extra group. The conditions for riding were good as we headed down Horseshoe Bend Rd and 13th Beach Rd to Barwon Heads with the first 2 groups going to The Beach House for coffee and the last group decided on Ebb & Flow for their coffee. The return trip was back via Lake Rd and Barwon Heads Rd. A number of the group went home via Ocean Grove. Thanks all for an enjoyable morning's ride.
Keep riding, John H.

Day 5 Warrnambool to Port Campbell - 1.11.20
Cool head wind from the South East today with a good cloud cover. Took the scenic quiet country road route to The Great Ocean Road near Allansford. Mainly sealed but did have to do a few ks of gravel but our hardy bunch handled it with ease. Quite busy on the GOR, maybe because it is Sunday. Pedalled along at a steady pace, stopped at about 23 ks for morning tea before pedalling on to Peterborough for a coffee and some lunch. Pedalled along stopping at all the tourist spots, The Grotto, London Bridge, The Arch, Bay of Islands etc. The Sun was starting to appear as the clouds burnt away giving us some fabulous views of this stunning coast line, another great days riding with the promise of a warm and Sunny day tomorrow.
Cheers, Peter.

Mark Shying's Saturday Ride to Gnarwarre - 31.10.20
This morning I met up with 11 enthusiastic cyclists at Fyansford Hotel - Chris Ha, Chris Hu, Greg, Janet, John H, Ken S, Kim, Sarah, Nick, Trudi and Leo. Two groups formed up - I led the first group and Chris Hu the second.  Riding the highway out to Pollocksford we encountered a number of gravel sections - fortunately traffic was light.  In good time we were enjoying the fine food at Cottage Farm Nursery.  Group 1 settled down to eat, drink and chat when Group 2 arrived and located to the verandah.  Onto Moriac and then Hendy Main, riders then took different routes home.  An enjoyable morning with much chat, I clocked 67kms.  Thanks for joining me this morning.  
Mark S.

Day 4 Around Warrnambool - 31.10.20
Firstly an explanation of yesterday’s climb out of the Tower Hill Crater, Peter O and Julia were riding up the road out when a car and a campervan came up behind, they waved them through with plenty of room, the car went but the campervan wouldn’t go, following closely on Julia’s wheel to the extent that she just had to stop and make them go on. As we all know when you stop on such a hill it is very difficult to get started again so Zdenko channelling his very best Tour de France actions ran down, helped her get on and gave her a push, running up with her. Finally I must congratulate everyone for a fantastic Pasta Night, three great pasta dishes with salads finished off with Apple Pie, Cheese cake and Icecream.
Today it was an easy ride around some of the sites and out to the Hopkins Falls, meandered around the Esplanade Path, did a bit on the Hwy until we could break away and head into the country. As in all the rides so far the country is just superb, everything is green as and really looks a picture. Checked out the falls then headed back via Wangoon, joy oh joy coffee and cakes available at the General Store and Post Office before rolling on back home mostly into a stiff head wind.
Cheers, Peter.

Day 3 Port Fairy to Warrnambool - 30.10.20
Today dawned cloudy with patches of Sun, yesterday’s rain had passed on leaving everything fresh and green, the Port Fairy Holiday Park is one of the best parks I’ve seen, the gardens and lawns are just pristine, everything is in tip top condition. Later departure today as it is a short run into Warrnambool along the Rail Trail and we had booked into the Noodledoof Brewery at Koroit for coffee, excellent coffee and my Rum Ball was very good. After coffee Mark J, (his home town) led us up to the Lake View Road for some glorious views over Tower Hill, drank in the views before the bunch split some heading back to the Rail Trail and the rest taking the scenic tour around the inside crater of Tower Hill. Lovely little picnic area tucked away inside, worth a look if you are coming this way, it was a great run down into the crater but we had to pay getting out when the grades hit 18%. Took the Hwy into Warrnambool stopping off at a café for lunch before checking into the Fig Tree Caravan Park for the next two nights.
Cheers, Peter.

Day 2 Portland to Port Fairy - 29.10.20
Moving on day, commencing our run towards home. Looked bright early but as time went on the cloud increased and about 15 klms in the spitting rain began to fall gently and really never let up until we arrived in Port Fairy. Took Dutton Way out of Portland. This is the old Hwy right along the water with big rocks heaped up to protect the houses which are really low like the Esplanade at Portarlington. Went as far as we could before taking the road back to the Hwy for a few Klms until we were able to take a detour into the countryside away from the Hwy. Lovely ride up through the farmlands and along quiet country roads until it all had to end and we were back on the Hwy for a short distance  to our morning tea stop at the Tyendara Rec Reserve. Found some shelter to have our morning tea and then it was along the Hwy to Yambuk, again found shelter to have our lunch before the final push of about 19 klm to Port Fairy. At times the Hwy was busy with quite a few trucks, mostly very courteous in giving us a bit of room, as it was raining the road was wet and some seemed to throw a bit of spray around. In general the road is pretty poor considering it is Hwy No 1. Mostly the shoulder is very narrow and in some places non-existent but we managed and arrived safely at our Caravan Park in good spirits ready to tackle the Rail Trail to Warrnambool tomorrow.
Cheers, Peter.

Nick Tarnay's Ride from Rippleside to Pt Henry and return - Thursday 28.10.20
Thirteen riders met up at Rippleside park in foggy conditions: ride leader Nick and 2IC Sarah, Gary, Chris Ha (late pass accepted), Lindy, Norm, Jennie, David S, Ken S, Barry, Peter N and new member Paul. This was supposed to be an easy shorter but scenic ride with few hills, however the fog provided an eerily surreal experience along the foreshore and laps of Eastern Park. Along to Pt Henry the vistas were still shrouded in fog.  Unfortunately, Sarah punctured which necessitated a tube change that failed because the new tube had a slit along a fold line thus entailing more mucking about. Thanks to Barry and Kim for their help.  Lesson: don’t trust a new tube, check it out for flaws, carry patches. On the return journey down Clifton Ave and then back on the rail trail the fog started to lift. By this time many riders chose to go home leaving Yours truly, Sarah, Lindy and Norm to the marvellous views of the bay and a well earned coffee at the The Beach House on Eastern Beach. Thanks riders! Next time I’ll organise better weather!

Day 1 Portland to Geelong GTC Tour - Around Portland - 28.10.20
Lovely day for a ride today, everyone was ready to go at 9-00 am heading for Cape Bridgewater. It was easy riding mostly with a few undulations which later morphed into hills. Glorious day rolling through green paddocks with huge wind farms all slowly turning in the sun. Split the group into two to allow the “fast boys” to roll along at their own pace whilst I just cruised along with the “cruisers” enjoying the scenery. A few klm’s from the Blowholes arrived at the café just on opening time, how’s that for timing. Enjoyed our coffee overlooking the ocean before continuing on to the Cape and checking out the views. No big swells rolling in today so the Blowholes were pretty quiet but the ocean views were magnificent and the Petrified Forest very interesting. It was then back on the bikes heading for the Cape Nelson Lighthouse and lunch. Hills were a bit testing again but the road was quiet and the country just fantastic. The country roads cutting across to the Cape Nelson Rd were lovely. Saw a couple of squashed snakes on the way but the one on this stretch was a real big one. Lunch out the front of the café was excellent, did a bit of sightseeing over the cliffs, the photographers with their bazzookas said there were 4 whales out there but I just took their word for it. The Police Chopper was buzzing along the cliffs, apparently a man went missing two days ago and hasn’t been found yet. After lunch it was home via the Scenic Route, a great ride, this is a lovely area and a great way to start our tour.
Cheers, Peter J.

TWO RIDES to Jan Juc - Gravel & Road - on Tuesday 27.10.20
Photos from the start of BOTH rides and when they joined for coffee at Jan Juc:

Mark Kelly Leads the GRAVEL Ride
Five gravel grinders turned out for the ride to Jan Juc this morning - Nick and Sarah, Chris Hu, Chris Ha and Mark K. Despite a cold wind and some threatening clouds spirits were high as we watched the road riders head out from Bunnings led by Trudi. We followed them up Waurn Ponds Drive and then our ways parted as we headed down Pettavel Rd. Nice riding with some enjoyable countryside and not too much wind. We then headed up Vickery’s Rd before turning up the Elkington Rd climb that brought us out at the Chocolaterie. We resisted and headed to Jan Juc via the dirt track along Pt Addis to Bells, down the Bells Hill and then along the walking track to Swell for coffee. The roadies arrived not long after us and we enjoyed the stop together. The ride lead was handed to Nick to guide the group back to Geelong. A very enjoyable ride - thanks to the gravelleurs and the roadies as well. A ride of around 55kms and around 450 mt of climbing.
Mark K.

Trudi Leads the Road Ride to Jan Juc via Moriac
With a blustery start and grey skies above brought seventeen riders out for today rides, twelve for my road ride. Two Ken’s, two David’s, Gary, Doug, Janet, Jennie, Lyn, Kim, Peter and Trudi. Setting off up the old Colac Highway, Pettavel Rd, Reservoir Rd turning onto Hendy Main into Moriac. Jennie left us here to get back early to babysit her grandchildren. Cape Otway Rd, Church Rd, Larcombes Rd, Forrest Rd, brought us out  on the Great Ocean Rd. It was here that we joined up with Ken and Lyn who had set off ten minutes before the rest of the group. A quick discussion on whether we would ride Bells or just head down Bones Rd. Bones won, due to the wind gusts. After forty eight kms I think that we were overdue for a coffee fix. Arriving at Cafe Swell we were greeted by the dirt riders awaiting our arrival. Our route homeward was Torquay, Horseshoe Bend Rd with everyone dropping off at different locations heading for home. Many thanks to everyone for your company today for the 70 km circuit ride in the wind.

Greg Allerton's 100km Ride to Russells Bridge, Bannockburn, Gnarwarre & Moriac on Sunday 25.10.20
This was a day for serious riders with forecast 13 max and south east winds increasing to 40 kph. I was very glad to have 4 strong companions (John H, John M, Mark S and Nick T) as we left South Geelong Station just after 8 am. The tail wind gave us an easy run out via Ted Wilson Trail and Midland Highway path to Ballan Rd and it was not long before we turned into Steiglitz Rd. Parker Rd led us down into Moorabool Valley but unfortunately a wind and rain squall hit as we were climbing slowly up Clyde Hill. A short stop at Bannockburn was welcome before we headed down over Bruce Creek and left into the quiet and bushy Harvey Rd, which is a good alternative to the busier Burnside Rd. Once on Hamilton Highway at Murgheboluc we encountered a massive glass spillage which littered the road edge for over 1 km. After climbing up past Burnside Rd we stopped to check our tyres. Alas soon after turning into Pollocksford Rd John M had a rear puncture. We soon resumed pedalling knowing that a coffee break was getting closer. We were soon at Cottage Farm Nursery where a busy Chris soon had hot coffee and macadamia tart served to us, though I prefered the rhubarb slice with yoghurt. John M had another slow puncture which we repaired before leaving. Soon after another squall hit before we crossed Princes Highway. There were a few light showers as we rode through Moriac and left up to Reservoir Rd. It was then back to Waurn Ponds Drive and the creek path from where people headed home. Thanks guys for your company on a tough day. I did 101 km in 4 hours 46 minutes riding time, average 21.1 
Greg Allerton Ride Leader.

Peter Jones leads the Easy Ride to Torquay on Sunday 25.10.20
Six keen riders for today’s wild and windy ride to Torquay, Janet, Jennie, Chris Hu, Ken S, Ray and myself. Discussed where to go, preferably with a tailwind home, as four of us had done the BRT the previous day  it was decided Torquay would do the job. Good solid ride down to Mejavo’s via Anglesea Rd and Ocean Acres, best to get the hard work done before coffee. Enjoyed a good break, coffee and cake in the Sun before enjoying a fast down wind run down HSBend Rd and home.
Thanks everyone for your company and ride on. Cheers, Peter.

John Hagan's Saturday Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove - 24.10.20
On the way to join the group at Grovedale Pub I met Peter J and shortly after I heard a hissing sound 20 metres in front of me. Testament to Peter's proficency at puncture repair (tubeless tyres) - we were at the start with 9 minutes to spare. We were fortunate that the big rain band had cleared just before we left home. We had 6 starters: Janet, Julia, Jennie, Chris Hu, Peter J and myself. It was a good run via Lake Rd to Groove in Ocean Grove for coffee and cake. Our return trip was over to Curlewis and back via the Rail Trail. We thought the winds would slow us considerably but we were well protected by the trees on the rail trail. We did have to go cautiously through shallow flooding over the road on a few occasions in the earlier part of the trip. Thanks to all for a most enjoyable ride. Here is a live video of the route that Peter recorded - click here.
Keep riding. John.

Chris Halpin's Thursday Ride to Lara - 22.10.20
10 riders greeted me at Rippleside this morning - PJ, Gary, Jennie, Marge, Julia, Trudi, Kim, Barry, Norm and guest Paul. Perfect number for one social group. We headed off avoiding the temp fencing and rejoined the waterfront at St Helens. Barry promptly punctured but we were soon on our way again marvelling at all the construction activity around the docks. Passed the famous Christmas Tree being readied for launch. Then along the path to the Hovell Trail. Beautiful sunshine and a gentle tail wind made for ideal riding - until we got to Ted's flood under the Freeway. Unfortunately this mess is still a work in progress. Into Lara and along to Millars for coffee. Pretty busy here with various mothers' clubs but we eventually got served. Barry and Jennie left to hurry straight back for appointments. The rest of us headed west up Stacey's so that PJ could get a nice circle on his Strava map. Back to Church St along the Ted Wilson Trail where the group split again to head home. All told about 50km.
Thanks everyone, Chris Ha.

Mark Kelly's 108km Circuit of the Bellarine Peninsula on Tuesday 20.10.20
A group of around 15 met this morning at the Showgrounds for the Tour de Bellarine. We broke into two groups - the first consisting of Mark K, Heather, David S, David L, John, Ken, Ray and Barry were soon halted by Ray having a puncture. Meanwhile the second group, led by Ben and consisting of Julia, Peter J, Doug, Chris Hu, Jenny and Trudi, went sailing by. In addition there were a number of cameo appearances including Dr Mike, Ron, Rolf, Stenna and Elizabeth who we saw along the way. We had a pleasant cruise out the bike path, around the Drysdale bypass and onto Portarlington for coffee. Following the bay we had some great views of Melbourne with the sun poking through from time to time. Turning towards Queenscliff we had a great run with a slight tail wind. After a quick lap of the town we passed the second group heading in and continued on to Ocean Grove for a well-deserved lunch break. We headed back home via 13th Beach and Lake Rd. All in all a great day for riding with little wind and a cool temperature. We covered some 108km with around 488 metres of climbing and an average speed of 24.9, which explains my tired legs. Thanks to all for the good company. Finally, a reminder that we need to make sure that we are careful and considerate when riding along the bike path as there were quite a lot of walkers and other bikes this morning and some are understandably a bit nervous of being passed by larger groups on bikes.
Cheers, Mark.

Meri's Sunday Ride to Moriac & Bellbrae - 18.10.20
Sunday's medium/hard ride became an easy ride before it began. Temperature was below 10, and so rather chilly, but not a lot of wind thankfully.  So Mark J, Peter J, Kim, Norm, the Tarnays, Jenny, Ray, Ian, plus Lovro and myself headed up the old Colac Road. Across to Pettavel Road and then onto Resovoir and some went via Hendy Main Road, however I chose to ride downhill into Moriac via Otway Road. Good catchup at Moriac Store and homebound via Hendy Main Road, Anglesea Highway, Ghazeepore Road and back to Bunnings at Waurn Ponds. A tailwind meant we were back by 11:45. 
Thanks for the ride and the company. Meri.

Peter Jones leads the Saturday Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove - 17.10.20
13 riders today on a day threatening showers but didn’t deliver any rain, just a bit of a Southwesterly breeze. Those attending today: Chris Hu, David L, Doug, Jennie, John H, Ken S, Meri and Lovro, Sarah and Nick, Trudi and Leo, and little old me. Seeing we exceeded our riding limit I suggested David L, Ken S, Sarah and Nick, and Chris Hu be the front runners while I did my leading from the centre leading the rest. Took the usual route via lake Rd and BH Rd, did the nice run around the Sheep Wash before calling in at The Garage. It was obvious they were close to the max pax which was confirmed as I was deciding to move on and they sent out one of their girls to suggest we couldn’t fit. Moved on to Groove where we enjoyed our coffee without trouble. Combined the two groups to head home as Jennie had departed at BH as she was on a tight time schedule and Chris Hu was heading off looking for Gravel to ride. Headed home via 13th Beach, Black Rock Path, Blackgate Rd, Doug peeled off and headed home to the left at HSBend Rd while we headed right and enjoyed a bit of tailwind home. Most enjoyable ride, thanks for the company everyone.
Ride on. Cheers, Peter J.

Ken Smith's Thursday Ride to Bannockburn - 15.10.20
We rode the Ted Wilson path,and Creamery Rd, Ballan Rd, then along Steiglitz Rd on the way to our destination To comply with the Covid Resrrictions there were to groups of riders. Peter Jones kindly volunteered to lead the second group. We rode into a strong head/side wind on the way out and this enabled us with wind assistance on the way home.These are the names of the riders in no particular order: Barry, Chris Ha & Hu, David S, Gary Jennie, Julia, Meri, Peter J, PO'B, Rob, Nick, Sarah, Ted, Trudi and guest Lin Park. Ted must have been pleased to take part in a ride without been attacked by Magpies. Thanks to all who rode making it and enjoyable day.

Chris Hume's Ride from Winchelsea to Wurdiboluc & Inverleigh on Tuesday 13.10.20
There were 11 riders for today ’s Figure 8 Rural Ride from Winchelsea. Riders in alphabetical first names were: Ben, Chris Hu (Ride Leader), David, Doug, Gary, Janet, Jennie, Julia, Ken S, Peter J and Trudi. This saw the need for two groups and Peter J fulfilled the Leaders role for the second group.
In overcast conditions and a 19 kilometres an hour head wind we headed out on the Winchelsea-Deans Marsh Road. With a left turn onto the Cape Otway the wind was now at our right-hand side. We then had a short stop at the Wurdiboluc Reservoir just to check the water level hadn’t gone down since our last visit there a week or so ago. It hadn’t. Shortly after our stop David encountered a stone which resulted in a puncture. We continued back to Winchelsea without incident. Leaving Winchelsea for a second time we headed out on Barwon Park Road with Inverleigh our coffee destination. At this point Trudi was in need of caffeine fix only to be told to “suck it up sunshine as the coffee stop is at Inverleigh.” No sympathy whatsoever for Trudi. Barwon Park Road was a joy to ride as we had the wind at our back and our rural road was not that wide however there was little traffic. We were cruising along with ease up in the high twenties’ kilometres an hour. At Inverleigh we had lunch and coffee at the Inverleigh Bake House. At the café we were on our best behaviour (as always) and we had the pleasure of the Police Highway Patrol sharing our lunch-stop. Great riding from everyone, great company and the rural roads were a delight as was the very green fields along the route. A relatively flat course. Distance: 73.85 kilometres. Climbing: 197 metres (most of it in the first part of the ride). The trip back to Winchelsea saw us into the wind again however we easily maintained a speed around the mid-twenties.
Scribe: Doug.

Chris Halpin leads the Ride to Jan Juc & Torquay on Tuesday 13.10.20
3 riders, David, Ray and myself gathered at the Grovedale this morning for the club's alternate ride to Jan Juc. Being the last to turn up it was a no brainer that I would be elected leader! The preferred route was agreed to - Vickerys/Gundrys/ Bells and off we set in light misty rain. Up the usual route to Blackgate, Hendy Main and into Vickerys. The pace was easy, chatter social and traffic thankfully light. We were looking forward to coffee at Swell but got detoured straight ahead on Bells Bvd because of roadworks at Sunset Strip. Not a good choice. 3 steep climbs back up to GOR had us panting. So we kept going into Torquay for a well earned coffee at Mejavo's. Back via HSB road with a helpful southerly. Thanks gentlemen for a challenging medium ride of 72km and 650m climbing.
Chris Ha.

Greg Allerton's 100km Ride to Anakie & Staunton Vale on Sunday 11.10.20
I was pleased to lead a bunch of 8 riders on one of my favourite 100 km circuits. We left in calm mild conditions and took a few backstreets and a short detour to avoid roadwork as we rode via Hamlyn Heights and out along the bike path to Ballan Road. It was an easy run out to Anakie for coffee at the general store after 35 km. There was a long climb past Fairy Park before we were rewarded with a good downhill. We passed Anakie Gorge and were soon on flat roads through the hamlet of  Balliang before a short section on the busy Bacchus Marsh Rd. Ripley Rd led us to the start of Sandy Creek Rd at the Ford Proving Ground. The 3 km of gravel was in good condition and only 4 cars passed us, most of which slowed down. There was a long downhill before Forest Rd led us through Lara. Canterbury Rd, Shell Parade, Corio Quay and Rippleside took us back to Geelong where we parted ways. Thanks to Ray C, John H, John M, Peter O, Michael P, Janet R (only female rider) and Mark S for coming. It was great to have John Hagan on one of my long rides again.
Greg Allerton - Ride Leader.

Julia McKeag's Easy Ride to Torquay on Sunday 11.10.20 - Divided into 3 Groups with 3 Ride Reports
1/ On a lovely mild morning we commenced our ride from South Geelong station  to  Torquay. 20 riders turned up: Marie, Trudy, Leo, Ian B, Ken G, Lyn, Mick, Chris H, Peter J, Meri, Lovro, Lindy, Julia, Pam, Jennie, Sarah, Nick, Barry, Lyn L, Katrina. We split up into 3 groups which worked well. Peter Jones, Chris Hume & Julia leading. My group took the road over the break onto Barwon Heads Road then Horseshoe Bend. A very relaxing ride to coffee at Dog rocks Café.  Returned home via same route.

2/ Five in this group Marie, Barry, Chris Hu, Trudi and Leo. We left the Station and followed 200m behind PJ’s group out of Geelong and onto Horseshoe Bend Rd. At McCanns Rd we stopped for a while and were set upon by squadrons of mosquitoes!! Continued onto Torquay and Bells Bakery for coffee. Here we met up with Zac who was heading off for a run. Marie headed home solo from here and the rest headed to Anglesea Rd via Ocean Acres and onto Waurn Ponds here we split up and headed home.
A pleasant ride in fine weather.
Chris Hume.

3/ A big bunch today so Julie split it into three groups, I was lucky enough to take the first group. We took BHeads Rd to Hsbend Rd and down to Torquay. Thought we were going to have to detour at the bridge but a couple walking their dog let us know the road was open even though the road was blocked with a road closed sign. Tried the Surf Club for coffee but way too busy so went on to Mejavo's and enjoyed our coffee there. Came home via Ocean Acres and Anglesea Rd, an excellent days riding.
Peter J.

Peter Jones Leads the Ride to Drysdale & Most return via Ocean Grove - 10.10.20
Sixteen keen riders this morning on a nice Sunny day with a bit of a breeze from the South. In no particular order, Chris Ha, Geoff C, Janet, Jennie, John H, Julie, Ken S, Kim, Mark J, Meri, Norm, Ron, Ted, Trudi and Leo, and yours truly. We split into two groups for the ride out, John Hagan taking the lead for a very pleasant easy ride on the BRT. Very busy with walkers and cyclists going in both directions. My bunch stopped off at the Caravan for coffee meeting up with John M, Lyn G, Pam, Marie, Geof, Mick, Jean and Chris Hu. John H led his bunch on to the Bungalow where they took over the pit for an enjoyable coffee. Returning the bunches split into a number of options, some heading straight back on the BRT, some heading home via Princess, Swan Bay and Bellarine Hwy and others via Ocean Grove 13th Beach and HSB Rd. All in all a great morning on the bike, we’ll ignore John’s puncture almost at the end of HSBend Rd.
Ride on. Cheers Peter, thanks for the company everyone.

Chris Halpin's Thursday ride to Gnarwarre - 8.10.20
Eight optimists gathered at Bunnings this morning - 2xChris, PJ, POB, Janet, Julia,  & 2xSmith, David and Ken. Weather was not too unfriendly as we headed up Waurn Ponds Dve, Pettavel, Reservoir before turning north into the wind at Cape Otway Rd. Here we lost PJ to more important things, crossed the Hwy and laboured up Devon to Barrabool Rd. Heading west across the wind wasn't too difficult and we were soon enjoying drinks and Chris' hospitality at Cottage Farm, nearly forgot to leave! Tailing winds blew us down the hill, across the Hwy to Cape Otway then thru Moriac and back up to Reservoir and on to Bunnings. A rich reward for our efforts, ~50 km & 500m climbing plus great company. Thanks all, Chris Ha

Peter O'Brien's Tuesday Ride to Jan Juc - 6.10.20
A large group of riders gathered at the Grovedale Hotel car park this morning for the ride to Jan Juc.  Initially it was decided to break-up into three separate ride groups to ensure conformity with the COVID rules so thanks goes to Peter Jones and Mark Kelly for assisting as the additional ride leaders. Today’s route incorporated the relatively flat terrain of Freshwater Creek and Blackgate Road, the downhill ride on Vickerys Road and the rolling hills on Gundrys Road.  At this point of the ride we were well past the normal coffee stop and as there were no cafes in sight we continued on.  We had more downhill and uphill climbs on Jarosite, Bells Beach and Bones Roads and a further downhill ride to the Swell Café in Jan Juc for a coffee/lunch break.  This break was well deserved after two hours of riding.  The second and third riding groups rolled into the café soon after we’d arrived and it was very pleasant to catch up with everyone.  The three respective groups then rode back to Geelong via Torquay and Horseshoe Bend Road. The riders who participated were:  Julia, Kim, Trudi, Jenni, Ken, Peter J, Meri, Lovro, David S, David L, Doug, Ted, Ben, Barry, Ray, Mark K, Sarah, Nick, John M, Chris Hu and Chris Ha.  Apologies if I missed anyone. The total distance I covered today was 80kms however this distance would be shorter for those riders who departed from the hotel car park.
Thanks to all for an enjoyable ride. Peter O.

Kim's Sunday Ride to Moriac - 4.10.20
It was the first day of DST and we still managed 20 riders meeting on time at the Bunnings carpark. We welcomed a new member, Michael Papiernik and a guest rider and past member David Lambourn. Other riders for the day were Barry, Chris’s x2, Doug, Ian B, Janet, Jennie, John H, Julia, Lindy, Mark S, Peter’s x2, Ray, Ross, Sarah, Nick and myself Kim. Mark S has designed a new Magpie proof helmet (pictured) and as we did not see any it must have worked. We set off in 2 groups with the faster riders being delegated to the first group. There was a breakaway group in the first lot and they set a very fast pace early on with the rest of us pushing hard but close behind most of the way. The ride leader had a brain fade with sense of direction at Larcombes Rd but I was soon corrected and back on track again. As the first group were getting their coffee at the Moriac Store the second group of riders were arriving, so we crossed over to the park in order to maintain the required social distancing. The conditions for the morning were perfect, not cold, a bit of cloud cover and more importantly only a light wind. The morning was made even better because the motorists were still in bed so we had an exceptional run on the roads. Thank you everyone for a very enjoyable mornings ride covering 47k around the Moriac loop.
Cheers, Kim Gorell.

Ted's Saturday Ride to Lara - 3.10.20
Eleven riders (Janet, Jennie, John H, Julia, Katrina, Ken S, Peter J, Ray, Trudi, Leo and myself) turned up at Rippleside on the warmest morning for ages. Masks were donned for the photo op and we made sure we didn’t exceed the maximum of ten in the group pic. After a thoughtful birthday presentation from Peter J to Trudi of a hot pink club jersey we headed off around the bay sticking mostly to the shared paths where possible. A hot and strong northerly breeze (how I like my coffee and my women) was blowing but we suffered the pain to enjoy the gain of the tail wind home. The ride was relatively uneventful until we reached the Grammar School when a nasty black and white monster picked on your trusty ride leader and DREW BLOOD (see pic below). I have to say I didn’t feel it at the time and even after getting home and requesting the obligatory sympathy from the wife we couldn’t actually find the source of the red stuff. Maybe it was the magpie’s blood, not mine. We negotiated the flooded path under the freeway and managed to get two tables at Xpresso Lounge for a welcome brew. The trip home was reward for our efforts on the outward journey and we sailed along the Ted Wilson until we split off to our respective abodes. Looking forward to seeing Trudi in her new jersey.

Magpie attack on our Ride Leader, Ted.

GTC STRAVA Page - 2.10.20
We have a club Strava page for those who record their rides on this app. To go to it you click on the magnifying glass at the top of any Strava page and then down the dropdown list to "Clubs" and enter "Geelong Touring Cyclists" and you will find the page. Regular Strava users may want to become a member of this group.

Sarah's Ride to Curlewis & Ocean Grove on Thursday 1.10.20
With the promise of fine weather, 18 riders were assembled this morning at the show grounds, namely (in no particular order) Barry, Gary, Ken S and Kim, Chris Ha, David, Doug, Jennie, Julia, Marge, Mark K, Peter O, Rob, Ross, Ted, Trudi, Nick and myself. We took a well known route along BRT, down Curlewis and Wallington roads and home via Thirteenth Beach, Blackrock, Lake and Barwon Heads Road. We split into two groups, both for coffee (partaken at Dunes plus Ebb and Flow) and riding, with Barry kindly agreeing to lead a group. Fortune did not smile on the Tarnays however with each of us having a puncture; glass on both occasions. Rob and Ken were quick to offer assistance; much appreciated. Hence the trip back from Ocean Grove became a less cohesive, and alas much more windy, affair. Nevertheless all returned home safe and sound so it was a successful day. Also thumbs up to Barry for  bringing a spare mask which enabled Gary to stop for coffee and stay within COVID rules. Total distance 51km.
Thanks everyone for good riding and good company.

Chris Hume's Tuesday Ride to Winchelsea - 29.9.20
Fourteen riders headed out from Bunnings in very cool conditions: Barry, Chris x 3, David, Doug, John M, Julia, Ken S, PJ, Ray, Trudi, Sarah and Nick we were in two groups with Nick volunteering to lead the extra group and Chris Ha was kelpie. Starts off up Waurn Ponds Dr and onto the M1. Here Ken’s bike punctured. Punctured again on Devon Rd and he decided to phone for help/pickup. Onward we headed to Winch trying to use the M1 as little as possible and finishing off with a nice downhill run along Atkins Rd. Coffee was at Café La Hoot and service was good. After coffee, headed back to Geelong around Lake Wurdiboluc and onward to Moriac, using Layards Rd etc, here some stopped for more refreshments the rest headed straight home. It ended up being great conditions for riding. A most enjoyable ride!! 91km  530m ascent.
Chris Hu.

John's Sunday Ride to Donut King in Ocean Grove - 27.9.20
We were a bit uncertain about the impending weather at the start but all turned out well with no rain, some intermittent sunshine, but a breeze to keep us honest. Twelve riders assembled at the Grovedale Hotel: Chris Hu, Janet, Jenny, John, Julia, Katrina, Kim, Peter J, Ray, Ross, Trudi & Leo and were later joined by Pam, Lyn & Mick at Leopold. In two groups we took the Bellarine Rail Trail, after a detour at Whittington to avoid a magpie, and rode out to Curlewis. Heading for Ocean Grove we were aware of a particularly nasty maggie on Grub Rd near the Bellarine Highway - it swooped down on quite a few of the riders and I felt its wings on my back - fortunately not its beak! We took Empress Bvde and various back roads through to Donut King in the Ocean Grove Marketplace Shopping Mall in Shell Rd. We were spread around for the coffee with one group inside and the other group in the sunshine in the carpark. Our return trip was via Bonnyvale Rd and Ocean Thruway to Barwon Heads and back home along the Barwon Heads Rd and Lake Rd for a total of 57km.
Keep Riding, John H.