GTC News Saturday - 24.10.20
GTC is an inclusive community based recreational club for riders of all abilities, sharing a wide variety of group rides.  (3 Aug 2017).

Covid Restrictions from 27.9.20
We are now able to ride in groups of up to 10 riders. An important reminder is that social distancing and face masks are still compulsory. This applies to when you stop to order coffee, etc... When you are actually moving on the bike or sipping coffee you don't have to have the mask on. Bandanas and scarves for face covering have been explicitly ruled out ($200 fine) and we expect all club members to cooperate.  Its very important that we are seen to be doing the right thing.

Rides This Week:

Sunday 25th Oct - TWO RIDES:
1/ 8am from Sth Geelong Station - hard ride of 100km - This has been a popular 100 km circuit with a few more hills. We will pedal through Sutherlands Creek, Bannockburn, Murgehboluc, Pollocksford, Gnarwarre, Modewarre, Moriac and back to Geelong.
2/ 9am from Sth Geelong Station - easy ride of 50km - select a ride leader on the day.

John Hagan's Saturday Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove - 24.10.20
On the way to join the group at Grovedale Pub I met Peter J and shortly after I heard a hissing sound 20 metres in front of me. Testament to Peter's proficency at puncture repair (tubeless tyres) - we were at the start with 9 minutes to spare. We were fortunate that the big rain band had cleared just before we left home. We had 6 starters: Janet, Julia, Jennie, Chris Hu, Peter J and myself. It was a good run via Lake Rd to Groove in Ocean Grove for coffee and cake. Our return trip was over to Curlewis and back via the Rail Trail. We thought the winds would slow us considerably but we were well protected by the trees on the rail trail. We did have to go cautiously through shallow flooding over the road on a few occasions in the earlier part of the trip. Thanks to all for a most enjoyable ride. Here is a live video of the route that Peter recorded - click here.
Keep riding. John.

Chris Halpin's Thursday Ride to Lara - 22.10.20
10 riders greeted me at Rippleside this morning - PJ, Gary, Jennie, Marge, Julia, Trudi, Kim, Barry, Norm and guest Paul. Perfect number for one social group. We headed off avoiding the temp fencing and rejoined the waterfront at St Helens. Barry promptly punctured but we were soon on our way again marvelling at all the construction activity around the docks. Passed the famous Christmas Tree being readied for launch. Then along the path to the Hovell Trail. Beautiful sunshine and a gentle tail wind made for ideal riding - until we got to Ted's flood under the Freeway. Unfortunately this mess is still a work in progress. Into Lara and along to Millars for coffee. Pretty busy here with various mothers' clubs but we eventually got served. Barry and Jennie left to hurry straight back for appointments. The rest of us headed west up Stacey's so that PJ could get a nice circle on his Strava map. Back to Church St along the Ted Wilson Trail where the group split again to head home. All told about 50km.
Thanks everyone, Chris Ha.

Mark Kelly's 108km Circuit of the Bellarine Peninsula on Tuesday 20.10.20
A group of around 15 met this morning at the Showgrounds for the Tour de Bellarine. We broke into two groups - the first consisting of Mark K, Heather, David S, David L, John, Ken, Ray and Barry were soon halted by Ray having a puncture. Meanwhile the second group, led by Ben and consisting of Julia, Peter J, Doug, Chris Hu, Jenny and Trudi, went sailing by. In addition there were a number of cameo appearances including Dr Mike, Ron, Rolf, Stenna and Elizabeth who we saw along the way. We had a pleasant cruise out the bike path, around the Drysdale bypass and onto Portarlington for coffee. Following the bay we had some great views of Melbourne with the sun poking through from time to time. Turning towards Queenscliff we had a great run with a slight tail wind. After a quick lap of the town we passed the second group heading in and continued on to Ocean Grove for a well-deserved lunch break. We headed back home via 13th Beach and Lake Rd. All in all a great day for riding with little wind and a cool temperature. We covered some 108km with around 488 metres of climbing and an average speed of 24.9, which explains my tired legs. Thanks to all for the good company. Finally, a reminder that we need to make sure that we are careful and considerate when riding along the bike path as there were quite a lot of walkers and other bikes this morning and some are understandably a bit nervous of being passed by larger groups on bikes.
Cheers, Mark.

Meri's Sunday Ride to Moriac & Bellbrae - 18.10.20
Sunday's medium/hard ride became an easy ride before it began. Temperature was below 10, and so rather chilly, but not a lot of wind thankfully.  So Mark J, Peter J, Kim, Norm, the Tarnays, Jenny, Ray, Ian, plus Lovro and myself headed up the old Colac Road. Across to Pettavel Road and then onto Resovoir and some went via Hendy Main Road, however I chose to ride downhill into Moriac via Otway Road. Good catchup at Moriac Store and homebound via Hendy Main Road, Anglesea Highway, Ghazeepore Road and back to Bunnings at Waurn Ponds. A tailwind meant we were back by 11:45. 
Thanks for the ride and the company. Meri.

Peter Jones leads the Saturday Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove - 17.10.20
13 riders today on a day threatening showers but didn’t deliver any rain, just a bit of a Southwesterly breeze. Those attending today: Chris Hu, David L, Doug, Jennie, John H, Ken S, Meri and Lovro, Sarah and Nick, Trudi and Leo, and little old me. Seeing we exceeded our riding limit I suggested David L, Ken S, Sarah and Nick, and Chris Hu be the front runners while I did my leading from the centre leading the rest. Took the usual route via lake Rd and BH Rd, did the nice run around the Sheep Wash before calling in at The Garage. It was obvious they were close to the max pax which was confirmed as I was deciding to move on and they sent out one of their girls to suggest we couldn’t fit. Moved on to Groove where we enjoyed our coffee without trouble. Combined the two groups to head home as Jennie had departed at BH as she was on a tight time schedule and Chris Hu was heading off looking for Gravel to ride. Headed home via 13th Beach, Black Rock Path, Blackgate Rd, Doug peeled off and headed home to the left at HSBend Rd while we headed right and enjoyed a bit of tailwind home. Most enjoyable ride, thanks for the company everyone.
Ride on. Cheers, Peter J.

Ken Smith's Thursday Ride to Bannockburn - 15.10.20
We rode the Ted Wilson path,and Creamery Rd, Ballan Rd, then along Steiglitz Rd on the way to our destination To comply with the Covid Resrrictions there were to groups of riders. Peter Jones kindly volunteered to lead the second group. We rode into a strong head/side wind on the way out and this enabled us with wind assistance on the way home.These are the names of the riders in no particular order: Barry, Chris Ha & Hu, David S, Gary Jennie, Julia, Meri, Peter J, PO'B, Rob, Nick, Sarah, Ted, Trudi and guest Lin Park. Ted must have been pleased to take part in a ride without been attacked by Magpies. Thanks to all who rode making it and enjoyable day.

Chris Hume's Ride from Winchelsea to Wurdiboluc & Inverleigh on Tuesday 13.10.20
There were 11 riders for today ’s Figure 8 Rural Ride from Winchelsea. Riders in alphabetical first names were: Ben, Chris Hu (Ride Leader), David, Doug, Gary, Janet, Jennie, Julia, Ken S, Peter J and Trudi. This saw the need for two groups and Peter J fulfilled the Leaders role for the second group.
In overcast conditions and a 19 kilometres an hour head wind we headed out on the Winchelsea-Deans Marsh Road. With a left turn onto the Cape Otway the wind was now at our right-hand side. We then had a short stop at the Wurdiboluc Reservoir just to check the water level hadn’t gone down since our last visit there a week or so ago. It hadn’t. Shortly after our stop David encountered a stone which resulted in a puncture. We continued back to Winchelsea without incident. Leaving Winchelsea for a second time we headed out on Barwon Park Road with Inverleigh our coffee destination. At this point Trudi was in need of caffeine fix only to be told to “suck it up sunshine as the coffee stop is at Inverleigh.” No sympathy whatsoever for Trudi. Barwon Park Road was a joy to ride as we had the wind at our back and our rural road was not that wide however there was little traffic. We were cruising along with ease up in the high twenties’ kilometres an hour. At Inverleigh we had lunch and coffee at the Inverleigh Bake House. At the café we were on our best behaviour (as always) and we had the pleasure of the Police Highway Patrol sharing our lunch-stop. Great riding from everyone, great company and the rural roads were a delight as was the very green fields along the route. A relatively flat course. Distance: 73.85 kilometres. Climbing: 197 metres (most of it in the first part of the ride). The trip back to Winchelsea saw us into the wind again however we easily maintained a speed around the mid-twenties.
Scribe: Doug.

Chris Halpin leads the Ride to Jan Juc & Torquay on Tuesday 13.10.20
3 riders, David, Ray and myself gathered at the Grovedale this morning for the club's alternate ride to Jan Juc. Being the last to turn up it was a no brainer that I would be elected leader! The preferred route was agreed to - Vickerys/Gundrys/ Bells and off we set in light misty rain. Up the usual route to Blackgate, Hendy Main and into Vickerys. The pace was easy, chatter social and traffic thankfully light. We were looking forward to coffee at Swell but got detoured straight ahead on Bells Bvd because of roadworks at Sunset Strip. Not a good choice. 3 steep climbs back up to GOR had us panting. So we kept going into Torquay for a well earned coffee at Mejavo's. Back via HSB road with a helpful southerly. Thanks gentlemen for a challenging medium ride of 72km and 650m climbing.
Chris Ha.

Greg Allerton's 100km Ride to Anakie & Staunton Vale on Sunday 11.10.20
I was pleased to lead a bunch of 8 riders on one of my favourite 100 km circuits. We left in calm mild conditions and took a few backstreets and a short detour to avoid roadwork as we rode via Hamlyn Heights and out along the bike path to Ballan Road. It was an easy run out to Anakie for coffee at the general store after 35 km. There was a long climb past Fairy Park before we were rewarded with a good downhill. We passed Anakie Gorge and were soon on flat roads through the hamlet of  Balliang before a short section on the busy Bacchus Marsh Rd. Ripley Rd led us to the start of Sandy Creek Rd at the Ford Proving Ground. The 3 km of gravel was in good condition and only 4 cars passed us, most of which slowed down. There was a long downhill before Forest Rd led us through Lara. Canterbury Rd, Shell Parade, Corio Quay and Rippleside took us back to Geelong where we parted ways. Thanks to Ray C, John H, John M, Peter O, Michael P, Janet R (only female rider) and Mark S for coming. It was great to have John Hagan on one of my long rides again.
Greg Allerton - Ride Leader.

Julia McKeag's Easy Ride to Torquay on Sunday 11.10.20 - Divided into 3 Groups with 3 Ride Reports
1/ On a lovely mild morning we commenced our ride from South Geelong station  to  Torquay. 20 riders turned up: Marie, Trudy, Leo, Ian B, Ken G, Lyn, Mick, Chris H, Peter J, Meri, Lovro, Lindy, Julia, Pam, Jennie, Sarah, Nick, Barry, Lyn L, Katrina. We split up into 3 groups which worked well. Peter Jones, Chris Hume & Julia leading. My group took the road over the break onto Barwon Heads Road then Horseshoe Bend. A very relaxing ride to coffee at Dog rocks Café.  Returned home via same route.

2/ Five in this group Marie, Barry, Chris Hu, Trudi and Leo. We left the Station and followed 200m behind PJ’s group out of Geelong and onto Horseshoe Bend Rd. At McCanns Rd we stopped for a while and were set upon by squadrons of mosquitoes!! Continued onto Torquay and Bells Bakery for coffee. Here we met up with Zac who was heading off for a run. Marie headed home solo from here and the rest headed to Anglesea Rd via Ocean Acres and onto Waurn Ponds here we split up and headed home.
A pleasant ride in fine weather.
Chris Hume.

3/ A big bunch today so Julie split it into three groups, I was lucky enough to take the first group. We took BHeads Rd to Hsbend Rd and down to Torquay. Thought we were going to have to detour at the bridge but a couple walking their dog let us know the road was open even though the road was blocked with a road closed sign. Tried the Surf Club for coffee but way too busy so went on to Mejavo's and enjoyed our coffee there. Came home via Ocean Acres and Anglesea Rd, an excellent days riding.
Peter J.

Peter Jones Leads the Ride to Drysdale & Most return via Ocean Grove - 10.10.20
Sixteen keen riders this morning on a nice Sunny day with a bit of a breeze from the South. In no particular order, Chris Ha, Geoff C, Janet, Jennie, John H, Julie, Ken S, Kim, Mark J, Meri, Norm, Ron, Ted, Trudi and Leo, and yours truly. We split into two groups for the ride out, John Hagan taking the lead for a very pleasant easy ride on the BRT. Very busy with walkers and cyclists going in both directions. My bunch stopped off at the Caravan for coffee meeting up with John M, Lyn G, Pam, Marie, Geof, Mick, Jean and Chris Hu. John H led his bunch on to the Bungalow where they took over the pit for an enjoyable coffee. Returning the bunches split into a number of options, some heading straight back on the BRT, some heading home via Princess, Swan Bay and Bellarine Hwy and others via Ocean Grove 13th Beach and HSB Rd. All in all a great morning on the bike, we’ll ignore John’s puncture almost at the end of HSBend Rd.
Ride on. Cheers Peter, thanks for the company everyone.

Chris Halpin's Thursday ride to Gnarwarre - 8.10.20
Eight optimists gathered at Bunnings this morning - 2xChris, PJ, POB, Janet, Julia,  & 2xSmith, David and Ken. Weather was not too unfriendly as we headed up Waurn Ponds Dve, Pettavel, Reservoir before turning north into the wind at Cape Otway Rd. Here we lost PJ to more important things, crossed the Hwy and laboured up Devon to Barrabool Rd. Heading west across the wind wasn't too difficult and we were soon enjoying drinks and Chris' hospitality at Cottage Farm, nearly forgot to leave! Tailing winds blew us down the hill, across the Hwy to Cape Otway then thru Moriac and back up to Reservoir and on to Bunnings. A rich reward for our efforts, ~50 km & 500m climbing plus great company. Thanks all, Chris Ha

Peter O'Brien's Tuesday Ride to Jan Juc - 6.10.20
A large group of riders gathered at the Grovedale Hotel car park this morning for the ride to Jan Juc.  Initially it was decided to break-up into three separate ride groups to ensure conformity with the COVID rules so thanks goes to Peter Jones and Mark Kelly for assisting as the additional ride leaders. Today’s route incorporated the relatively flat terrain of Freshwater Creek and Blackgate Road, the downhill ride on Vickerys Road and the rolling hills on Gundrys Road.  At this point of the ride we were well past the normal coffee stop and as there were no cafes in sight we continued on.  We had more downhill and uphill climbs on Jarosite, Bells Beach and Bones Roads and a further downhill ride to the Swell Café in Jan Juc for a coffee/lunch break.  This break was well deserved after two hours of riding.  The second and third riding groups rolled into the café soon after we’d arrived and it was very pleasant to catch up with everyone.  The three respective groups then rode back to Geelong via Torquay and Horseshoe Bend Road. The riders who participated were:  Julia, Kim, Trudi, Jenni, Ken, Peter J, Meri, Lovro, David S, David L, Doug, Ted, Ben, Barry, Ray, Mark K, Sarah, Nick, John M, Chris Hu and Chris Ha.  Apologies if I missed anyone. The total distance I covered today was 80kms however this distance would be shorter for those riders who departed from the hotel car park.
Thanks to all for an enjoyable ride. Peter O.

Kim's Sunday Ride to Moriac - 4.10.20
It was the first day of DST and we still managed 20 riders meeting on time at the Bunnings carpark. We welcomed a new member, Michael Papiernik and a guest rider and past member David Lambourn. Other riders for the day were Barry, Chris’s x2, Doug, Ian B, Janet, Jennie, John H, Julia, Lindy, Mark S, Peter’s x2, Ray, Ross, Sarah, Nick and myself Kim. Mark S has designed a new Magpie proof helmet (pictured) and as we did not see any it must have worked. We set off in 2 groups with the faster riders being delegated to the first group. There was a breakaway group in the first lot and they set a very fast pace early on with the rest of us pushing hard but close behind most of the way. The ride leader had a brain fade with sense of direction at Larcombes Rd but I was soon corrected and back on track again. As the first group were getting their coffee at the Moriac Store the second group of riders were arriving, so we crossed over to the park in order to maintain the required social distancing. The conditions for the morning were perfect, not cold, a bit of cloud cover and more importantly only a light wind. The morning was made even better because the motorists were still in bed so we had an exceptional run on the roads. Thank you everyone for a very enjoyable mornings ride covering 47k around the Moriac loop.
Cheers, Kim Gorell.

Ted's Saturday Ride to Lara - 3.10.20
Eleven riders (Janet, Jennie, John H, Julia, Katrina, Ken S, Peter J, Ray, Trudi, Leo and myself) turned up at Rippleside on the warmest morning for ages. Masks were donned for the photo op and we made sure we didn’t exceed the maximum of ten in the group pic. After a thoughtful birthday presentation from Peter J to Trudi of a hot pink club jersey we headed off around the bay sticking mostly to the shared paths where possible. A hot and strong northerly breeze (how I like my coffee and my women) was blowing but we suffered the pain to enjoy the gain of the tail wind home. The ride was relatively uneventful until we reached the Grammar School when a nasty black and white monster picked on your trusty ride leader and DREW BLOOD (see pic below). I have to say I didn’t feel it at the time and even after getting home and requesting the obligatory sympathy from the wife we couldn’t actually find the source of the red stuff. Maybe it was the magpie’s blood, not mine. We negotiated the flooded path under the freeway and managed to get two tables at Xpresso Lounge for a welcome brew. The trip home was reward for our efforts on the outward journey and we sailed along the Ted Wilson until we split off to our respective abodes. Looking forward to seeing Trudi in her new jersey.

Magpie attack on our Ride Leader, Ted.

GTC STRAVA Page - 2.10.20
We have a club Strava page for those who record their rides on this app. To go to it you click on the magnifying glass at the top of any Strava page and then down the dropdown list to "Clubs" and enter "Geelong Touring Cyclists" and you will find the page. Regular Strava users may want to become a member of this group.

Sarah's Ride to Curlewis & Ocean Grove on Thursday 1.10.20
With the promise of fine weather, 18 riders were assembled this morning at the show grounds, namely (in no particular order) Barry, Gary, Ken S and Kim, Chris Ha, David, Doug, Jennie, Julia, Marge, Mark K, Peter O, Rob, Ross, Ted, Trudi, Nick and myself. We took a well known route along BRT, down Curlewis and Wallington roads and home via Thirteenth Beach, Blackrock, Lake and Barwon Heads Road. We split into two groups, both for coffee (partaken at Dunes plus Ebb and Flow) and riding, with Barry kindly agreeing to lead a group. Fortune did not smile on the Tarnays however with each of us having a puncture; glass on both occasions. Rob and Ken were quick to offer assistance; much appreciated. Hence the trip back from Ocean Grove became a less cohesive, and alas much more windy, affair. Nevertheless all returned home safe and sound so it was a successful day. Also thumbs up to Barry for  bringing a spare mask which enabled Gary to stop for coffee and stay within COVID rules. Total distance 51km.
Thanks everyone for good riding and good company.

Chris Hume's Tuesday Ride to Winchelsea - 29.9.20
Fourteen riders headed out from Bunnings in very cool conditions: Barry, Chris x 3, David, Doug, John M, Julia, Ken S, PJ, Ray, Trudi, Sarah and Nick we were in two groups with Nick volunteering to lead the extra group and Chris Ha was kelpie. Starts off up Waurn Ponds Dr and onto the M1. Here Ken’s bike punctured. Punctured again on Devon Rd and he decided to phone for help/pickup. Onward we headed to Winch trying to use the M1 as little as possible and finishing off with a nice downhill run along Atkins Rd. Coffee was at Café La Hoot and service was good. After coffee, headed back to Geelong around Lake Wurdiboluc and onward to Moriac, using Layards Rd etc, here some stopped for more refreshments the rest headed straight home. It ended up being great conditions for riding. A most enjoyable ride!! 91km  530m ascent.
Chris Hu.

John's Sunday Ride to Donut King in Ocean Grove - 27.9.20
We were a bit uncertain about the impending weather at the start but all turned out well with no rain, some intermittent sunshine, but a breeze to keep us honest. Twelve riders assembled at the Grovedale Hotel: Chris Hu, Janet, Jenny, John, Julia, Katrina, Kim, Peter J, Ray, Ross, Trudi & Leo and were later joined by Pam, Lyn & Mick at Leopold. In two groups we took the Bellarine Rail Trail, after a detour at Whittington to avoid a magpie, and rode out to Curlewis. Heading for Ocean Grove we were aware of a particularly nasty maggie on Grub Rd near the Bellarine Highway - it swooped down on quite a few of the riders and I felt its wings on my back - fortunately not its beak! We took Empress Bvde and various back roads through to Donut King in the Ocean Grove Marketplace Shopping Mall in Shell Rd. We were spread around for the coffee with one group inside and the other group in the sunshine in the carpark. Our return trip was via Bonnyvale Rd and Ocean Thruway to Barwon Heads and back home along the Barwon Heads Rd and Lake Rd for a total of 57km.
Keep Riding, John H.

Mike Currie recovering from his broken arm - 27.9.20
Mike is making steady progress after breaking his arm on Swanston St (not at the rail crossing) recently. Recovery could take at least another 6 weeks but he is eager to get back riding. Best of luck Mike.

Nick's Saturday Ride to Portarlington - 26.9.20
Despite the potential of wet and windy conditions, thirteen hardy riders turned up at the Showground to ride to Portarlington via the rail trail and bypass road  path. In attendance were Trudi, Leo, John H, Chris Hu, Peter J, Julia, Jennie, Ted, Janet, Mark S, Ken S, Sarah and Nick. Very shortly into the ride the first of many showery squalls hit but aided by a tailwind and good conversation we cruised along at a reasonable clip. Ted left us at Drysdale and we proceeded on the new path to the Port hills and then rocketed down the Pt Richards Rd to the bay and around the soggy gravel path. For those of us able to enjoy it, the views were lovely. Coffee and conversation in the sunshine and out of the wind was most pleasant. After the well earned break the group split for the return journey. My group reversed the Ride direction and went straight back on the shortest most direct route. However, our experience was that in the rain and the wind, the Hills seemed harder heading west and the views appeared quite different. The rail trail and path were practically deserted making pleasant riding even if the conditions were a little tough. Peter Jones' group were joined by John M and came back the Queenscliff Rd, Murradoc Rd and Princess St. Thanks riders!

Chris Halpin's Thursday Ride to Moriac - 24.9.20
A big group gathered at the Grovedale Hotel this morning in weak sunshine and a testing westerly wind. It was great to see Ben back on a bike after his recent crash. Nick & Sarah invited a guest Helen all the way from Nathalia plus Mark J, David, 2x Peters, 2x Chris, Kim, Jennie, Ray, Barry, Ken & Ron. Enough for 2 groups, so Nick kindly volunteered to lead the B team and Chris Hu filled the 'kelpie' role. We set off up Surf Coast Hwy, right into Baanip, to Ghazeepore, Dickens, Blackgate, Hendy Main into Moriac. Peter O'Brien choreographed the A team in a rolling peloton into the wind on the westerly legs. After a shakey start this provided both light entertainment and some assistance - we agreed we need more practice! Meanwhile Jennie was having puncture issues in the B team which not even Chris Hu could solve. Poor Jennie required a tow truck! Was good to wave to Ross as we entered Moriac. Coffee was a little slow but the chatter made up for it. The A team headed off up Hendy Main and then flew home on the marvelous westerly. Just hope the B team got home OK. Met John H on Thornhill Rd. Thanks everyone for a challenging 50Km ride.
Chris Ha.

Trudi's Windy Ride to Bannockburn on Tuesday 22.9.20
For our first ride back, as a group ride since the second wave of Covid restrictions, saw ten riders for my ride out to Bannockburn: Julie, Jennie, Ted, Peter J, Peter O, David S, Ray, Barry, Chris Hu and me, Trudi. Due to the strong northerly winds I decided to reverse the ride route today. So we all enjoyed the downhill run to the Hamilton Highway, then we were face planted into a strong headwind all the way to Burnside Rd. Once we turned off the highway it was still a struggle to ride with the wind just slightly over our shoulder.  A few hundred meters before our coffee stop a local magpie decided that he would welcome us to Bannockburn. With ten riders to choose from, he decided that he liked the look of Ray and his bright orange helmet. Having had several good swoops at him, the rest of us rode onward in peace, thanking our lucky stars he like Ray more. Today’s cafe of choice was still closed so I thought we’d give a new cafe a try Cafe Coco Espresso Crew. Found this to be quite slow service and it took sometime to get our refreshments. Back on our bikes and off down Clyde Rd, Parkers Rd and onto Steiglitz Rd with a fantastic tailwind blowing us homeward. Lovely Banks Rd was my option instead of  Ballan Rd today, then back along Ted Wilson path.. thanks everyone for joining me today, a very pleasant windy ride just shy of 60kms, but due to the weather conditions long enough.

Nick leads the group to Curlewis, Wallington & Ocean Grove on Sunday - 20.9.20
Six riders: Nick, Sarah, Janet, Barry, John H and Mark S met for a late start at the Showgrounds to do the rail trail and then onto Ocean Grove. Mark arrived with his helmet decorated in the Slovenian colours to celebrate Pagocar’s fantastic stage win at the Tour to take the yellow jersey. But for me, it was all about Ritchie! The sun came out for us to provide beautiful spring weather and plenty of good conversation was had whilst we rolled along the trail.  Along Wallington Rd we diverted to take a look at Orchard Cr and then proceeded onto Grubb Rd. The Dunes for coffee was busy  (no china cups yet) and lots of surfers were enjoying the favourable conditions. We bumped into Katrina J and also John Miro who rode back with us via 13th, Lake Rd and Warralilly. The stiff headwind, especially along busy 13th, made the trip home more vigorous. Thanks to all riders for such a pleasant Sunday ride.

Sunday ride to Groove the long way - 20.9.20
Eight riders for our ride from Grovedale Pub this morning, Trudi, Julie, Leo, Peter O, Doug, Ian, Chris Hu and myself. Should have had Jennie as well but a bit of miscommunication between Doug and Jennie had her at Church St, all dressed up and nowhere to go. Trudi thought 13th Beach would be nice on a fine warm day, Julie wanted to go out west to get there so we took the long way round to get to Groove for our coffee. 13th Beach was lovely but very busy with cars and surfers. We had enjoyed a lot of tail and/or side trail wind on the way down so had to push a bit of breeze to get home via BH Rd, Lake Rd and Waralily but all and all an excellent ride.
Ride on. Cheers, Peter J.

Chatty Ride to Moriac - Saturday 19.9.20
Julie and I met up with Trudi and Leo at the Fyansford Hotel this morning on a  forecast warm and humid day. A few big clouds about and an early morning shower was evident as we made our way out the Hamilton Hwy. Rolled out to Moriac General Store via Merrawarp Rd, Barrabool Rd, Hendy Main Rd. Enjoyed a good coffee on the deck in the Sun, a lot of cyclists out and about we didn’t know but we were just about to mount our trusty steeds when Ross and Chris Hu turned up so had to chat on with them and then Father Xmas turned up, aka Mark Kelly, more chatting, then we are about to depart and Trudi gets into a long conversation with a former member Geneviève. Finally we got away and rolled home via Hortips, Maggie likes me, Considines, Barrabool Rd and Polocksfords Rd to Hamilton Hwy. Couple of stiff sections into a block headwind but not too bad. Almost home and met up with John and Jennie after their ride to Avalon, then met up with Mike Currie on Barrabool Rd, another long chat, all in all a great morning on the bike.
Ride on. Cheers, Peter J.

To Avalon Beach - Saturday 19.9.200
Jennie and I headed for Avalon Beach via the Hovell Trail. We didn't go under the Freeway but crossed the creek walking on the Geelong bound lane of the Freeway and rejoined the road at Cozens Rd in Avalon. The trip down to the beach was my first on that road since I broke my leg there on 24.2.19 so took the gravel section very cautiously!! This was Jennie's first trip to the settlement. We bought coffee and tea at McDonalds in Lara and enjoyed it in the sunshine in Austin Park. Our return trip was via Tower Hill Drive and Bluestone Bridge Rd through to Fyansford and back along the Barwon for a total distance of 65km. Thanks Jennie for a very enjoyable ride.
Keep Riding, John H.

Timboon Rail Trail - Friday 18.9.20
Sarah, Nick, Peter O’B and Mark J rode the Timboon rail trail on Friday, starting from Camperdown railway station.  The first hilly 10 km were on bitumen with wonderful  views over the spectacular crater lakes before entering the rail trail proper. Most of the tree lined trail through the emerald green pasture land was a relatively straightforward gravel ride until we approached the trestle bridges with some short but steep technical bits on  muddy tracks that required care to reconnoiter. At Timboon we enjoyed a great sit down lunch (fantastic gourmet pies ) and coffee in china cups. The return trip was equally enjoyable with good company and conversation but there was more up hill, especially the last steep ‘character building’ climb back into Camperdown before the final fast descent. A great day out. Highly recommended. Thanks riders! (82kms / 60 km gravel).

Thursday ride to Point Lonsdale - 17.9.20
With a forcast of light rain our bunch of 9 quickly dropped to the hardy only, a nice little group of five. Peter O, Julie, Chris Ha, Chris Hu and myself headed down the BRT in light rain. By the time we got to Banks Rd the rain had stopped and we almost had some blue sky. Julie had a puncture just shy of the Point which delayed us a little but we were soon in Point Lonsdale, it was pleasant to be able to sit and have a coffee in a real cup. Julie's tyre went down again so the cavalry was called, (Jim) and the rest of us rolled on home via OG, BH and 13th Beach with a good strong South Easterly up our clacker.
Ride on.  Cheers, Peter J.

Trudi's Twos to Cafe with a View, Gnarwarre - 15.9.20
Two by two by one this morning with Trudi, Jennie, Julie, Peter O and myself heading out the Hamilton Hwy and up Pollocksford to Cafe with a View at Gnarwarre. Enjoyed our coffee and a very nice slice before rolling on to Moriac. Stopped and chatted with Zdenka and Elizabeth on Barabool Rd. Took Reservoir Rd across and Cochran's up to Ceres before separating to head home. Great day on the bike again.
Ride on. Cheers, Peter.

Sunday to Pt Lonsdale - 13.9.20
What a difference a day makes, two by two we headed to Point Lonsdale, Julie and myself, Trudi and Leo. Took the BRT to Jetty Rd.  across the Drysdale Bypass to Princess St., to Banks Rd., to Queenscliff Rd., to Point Lonsdale via the Point. Had a coffee sitting in the Sun overlooking the Rip, glorious! Meandered home via Shell Rd., Grubb Rd., Malpas estates and Queenscliff Rd., Fantastic mornings ride.
Ride on. Cheers Peter J.

To Moriac on Sunday 13.9.20
Ted and John rode up Waurn Ponds Drive into a stiff breeze then took Reservoir Rd and Hendy Main Rd to coffee from the Moriac General Store. As we sat in the sunshine, in the picnic area opposite the store, Chris Hu turned up having come in separately. The return trip for Ted and I was literally a breeze with a strong following tail wind along Mt Duneed Rd, then Ghazeepore, Baanip Bvde and home along the Barwon from Breakwater for a total of just over 50km. Thanks Ted for an enjoyable morning's ride.
Keep riding, John.

Thursday ride to Cheeky Cow - 10.9.20
Busy day on the cycling front today, lovely and Sunny. The Showgrounds was a popular start point. Saw Doug, Mark J and Janet there heading for Drysdale, Barry rocked up, also heading for Drysdale, we were heading for The Cheeky Cow but also passed Lyn, Mick, Butch and Barry on the BRT also heading for Drysdale.  We had a very pleasant ride through the estates to Cheeky Cow and an enjoyable coffee over the road in the Sun. Came home via the coast, 13th Beach, Blackgate Rd and HSBend Rd. Fantastic ride, just glorious.
Ride on. Cheers, Peter.

Trudi's Group do a Jan Juc circuit to Swell on Tuesday 8.9.20
Today's plan was to head down to Jan Juc with a strong tail wind via Vickerys and Gundrys, have a coffee then spin home with a tail wind after the forecast wind change.  That was the plan, and surprisingly that is what happened, oh joy, oh joy. Had to ride through a light shower but we are tough and the rain stopped, and everyone died out, and it was another good day on the bike.
Ride on. Cheers Peter J.

Trudi's Group on the Ocean Grove Circuit on Sunday - 6.9.20
Julie picked our route Sunday, Grovedale Pub, through Waralily, Lake Rd, 13th Beach to one of our Iso favourites Ebb and Flow on the Barwon at Barwon Heads. Enjoyed our coffee and continued on our two by two way back home via Wallington and across to the BRT. Fabulous day, ripper ride, ride on.
Cheers, Peter.

Ted & John to Pt Lonsdale on Sunday - 6.9.20
Ted and I rode to Pt Lonsdale via the Bellarine Highway and sipped our coffee looking out over the Rip. We dicided to get a photo of the twin Orbea e-bikes. We were not quite as close as in the photo as Photoshop has allowed us both to be photographers for this shot! Our return trip was via Barwon Heads and Lake Rd with both of us doing over 70km.
Keep Riding, John.

Jennie & John Ride to Moriac & Torquay - Saturday 5.9.20
We left from Yollinko Park on the Barwon and headed to Waurn Ponds into quite a headwind. Waurn Ponds Drive and Cape Otway Rd took us to Moriac. The going was a lot easier down Hendy Main and Coombes Rds to the North Torquay Shopping Centre where we obtained coffee and tea from El Nido Cafe. A bee alighted on my bike computer as we enjoyed a chat and a coffee and started the first part of the journey there - see photo. As we started back on Horseshoe Bend Rd Jennie's gears locked up on the big cog at the back and nothing we could do would shift it. Jennie would have been complimented for her high cadence on the way back as she came all the way in the one low gear! This was a 64km trip with beautiful sunshine and scenery.
Thanks Jennie for an enjoyable ride. Keep Riding, John.

E & B M ride to Moriac, Two by Two - Saturday 5.9.20
Another chilly morning as we headed out the Hamilton Hwy in our regulation formation of two by two. The magpie on Merrawarp satisfied himself with swooping the cyclist in front of us and left us alone. Nice ride out through the countryside, mostly Sunny, enjoyed a coffee at the General Store in the Sun before heading home taking the Pollocksford option before a lovely down wind run back to Fyansford.
Ride on. Cheers, Peter J.

Trudi's Ride to Banockburn in a Nth Westerly Gale - Thursday 3.9.20
Two by two we left Fyansford at 9.00 am heading up the Hamilton Hwy to Burnside. Chris Hu also joined us tacking on the back. The wind was increasing all the time and it was a tough slog all the way to Le Due Sorelle. Enjoyed a coffee, Jennie decided to avoid the hills and headed back along the Hwy while Trudi, myself and Chris Hu and Julie sped down Clyde's Hill, a bit exciting with the gale force side wind. Took Parkers Rd out of the Moorabool valley to Stiglitz Rd where we eventually turned down wind and were blown all the way home. Cracker of a ride. Ride on.
Cheers Peter J.

Trudi's Ride to Cumberland River on the GOR - Tuesday 1.9.20
With a reasonable day forecast a run down to Lorne and beyond looked like a good idea, and it certainly was. Ripper of a day for a ripper of a ride. The GOR was so quiet, no Chinese Tour Buses, no Chinese Driven Campervans, no Chinese Driven Kia Carnivals, lovely. It was a beautiful ride, with an off shore wind the ocean was flat calm with just a regular wave rolling in for the surfers. Glorious views of the sea, beaches, cliffs and houses as we rolled along. Enjoyed our coffee at Lorne before continuing on to Cumberland River for a photo shoot then back down the GOR to Skinny Legs Aireys  for a coffee and Pork Roll, (me). A short ride and we were back at the cars ready to head home.
Ride on. Cheers Peter J.

Chris Halpin leads 2 x 2 Groups to Moriac on Sunday 30.8.20
A morning for the true nutters. Janet, Susannah, John and I met as arranged in the Bunnings carpark and quickly decided to forget Barwon Heads and head for Moriac instead. The blustery northerly pushed us up Ghazeepore, down to Dickens and Anglesea Rd in good time. Blackgate provided dangerous cross winds but we pushed on, turning in to the wind on Hendy Main. The Moriac Store was quiet and coffee under the gazebo a bit sheltered. The chatter flowed. Homeward on Cape Otway, Reservoir and Waurn Ponds Dve was a rich reward for our efforts. Thanks for a lively morning team.

Our GTC Riders in Twos to Ocean Grove on Sunday 30.8.20
Met at Grovedale Pub for this mornings windy ride. Trudi and Leo, myself and Julie. Doug and Jennie were also there, also heading to Ocean Grove but via Leopold and Wallington. Agreed to meet at The Garage for a coffee, depending on time. Had a pretty good run down, a bit of great down wind stuff and other side winds. Enjoyed our coffee sitting on the grass out of the wind, Doug and Jennie turned up as we were about to depart, a quick chat and we were on our way. Great surf along 13th Beach. Wind was a bit tough in places but as usual we all made it back in good shape. Ride on.
Cheers, Peter J.

Leo's Egg and Bacon ride to Moriac on Saturday - 29.8.20
Very cool start from Fyansford this morning but warm Sunny forecast so we battled on enjoying the ride. Lovely out through the farm land arrived in Moriac, Leo and Peter O enjoyed their Muffins, had a chat with Nick and Sarah before heading out into a bit of wind that had sprung up and home via Pollocksford Rd and the Hamilton Hwy. Had some nice down wind riding back to Fysnsford. Ride on.
Cheers Peter J.

Jennie & John Ride to the Non-Covid Part of Little River on Saturday - 29.8.20
A beautiful morning for riding. Jennie and I rode from Belmont out along the Bay and then to avoid the flooded tunnel at Lara took Shell Rd and Rennie St. We then dismounted and lifted our bikes onto the Freeway and proceeded to the Little River BP Service Centre and took Hughes Rd through to the Old Melbourne Rd. The Covid Boundary for Melbourne is the River itself so we were careful not to cross the boundary! We bought coffee/tea at McDonalds in Lara and enjoyed our morning tea in the park. The return trip was on the Ted Wilson Path to Fyansford and along the river to Shannon Ave. From the river side I photographed the gentleman and his dog in the kyak. The total distance was 70km. Thanks Jennie for an enjoyable ride.
Keep Riding, John.

Ted's Update on Hovell Tunnel - 28.8.20
Ted checked it out this morning and still badly flooded (but passable). He contacted the engineer responsible today and he said the surveying works have been done and he would follow up with the maintenance department to check the valve and try to pump out the water.

A Funny Story from Gary's Ride to Torquay on Tuesday - 25.8.20
Tuesday dawned clear and sunny so I thought I might take a shorter ride to Torquay and back. Set off around 9ish planning to go along Pioneer Rd / Surf Coast / Blackgate / Horseshoe Bend through Torquay to Surf Coast and home.  The ride started awkwardly when I was abused by a trucky for not keeping in the bike lane along Pioneer Rd, bit hard when cars are parked in the bike lane though.  Had a nice ride until the Strawberry farm when I got a puncture.  Not to worry as I had it changed and on my way again in a reasonable time.  Continuing on my ride I hit a small pot hole in Horseshoe bend road and yes, another puncture.  I always carry 2 tubes so this again was no great issue although I had now inherited a small buckle in my back wheel.  After again changing the tube and shrugging off my concerns I again set off, only to find that the new tube had a leaking valve and quickly went flat.  Now I was in a bit of trouble, no tubes, no repair kit and a buckle in my wheel.  Nothing left to do but go to my last resort and phone my wife Pamela to come and collect me.  After about 3/4 hour she arrived and after shoehorning my bike in the car I eventually made it back home.  However my troubles had not quite finished cos when I was putting my gear away I noticed I had lost one of my riding gloves.  So next day I drove back to Torquay to see if I could find it.  However after a comprehensive search of the area I failed  to find any trace of the glove.  So, the result of my ride was $49 to fix buckle, $50 for new gloves, $18 for 2 new tubes and all this for a 21km ride where I hardly got enough riding in to even get warm. I think the swimming gods are calling me to dust off the wetty and
get back to swimming in the bay to again try to conquer my fear of jellies.
Cheers, Gary.

To Inverleigh on Thursday - 27.8.20
Ken Smith, Kim, Peter and myself rode in pairs to Inverleigh this morning. The flooded river path was quite a challenge to get to Fyansford. Kim arrived with dripping socks. The beat along the Hwy into the westerly was hard work but a tasty sausage roll at the Inverleigh Bakery aided recovery. We gratefully turned off the wind heading south to Winchelsea and then enjoyed a spinnaker run down the Princes Hwy back to Geelong.
Thanks all, Chris Ha.

Thursday ride to Swell at Jan Juc - 27.8.20
Trudi and myself and Julie and Jennie headed down to Jan Juc with a nice tail wind. Cut across to Ghazeepore through Grovedale and surprised to come across the police crime scene after this mornings shooting in Waurn Ponds. Enjoyable ride down, loved the two hills in Bells Blvd, always excellent coffee at Swell. Good chat and time to head home, wind had swung more into the West so our run home was quite pleasant as well.
Ride on. Cheers, Peter J.

Tuesday Ride in Pairs to Drysdale, Pt Lonsdale and Barwon Heads - 25.8.20
Trudi & Peter, Julie & Jennie rode the 85km circuit.

Jennie & John H Ride to Coombes Rd on Sunday 23.8.20
Rode with Jennie from Belmont down through Freshwater Creek but didn't manage to dodge all the showers. We sheltered in the Hams Rd tunnel with a young rider and jogger and got bursts of sunshine between the showers. We turned from the Anglesea Rd along Coombes Rd and then Messmate and South Beach Rds. I had heard that the repair to Horseshoe Bend Rd had hotmix at the bend so wanted to photograph the road where it crossed the creek and the cracked concrete was. Alas, they had resurfaced both sides of it but not the crossing - so no photograph! We came through to the new Coles complex on the Surfcoast Highway at Armstrong Creek and had coffee there. The last part of the 45km trip was a delight with a strong tail wind. Thanks Jennie for an enjoyable ride.
Keep riding, John.

Trudi's NON Bunch Ride to Moriac - Saturday 22.8.20
Tough ride out to Moriac against the strong Westerly flow and up a few gentle hills. Tried to find the easiest way and still get a ride. Very little of the wet stuff, a few spits now and again, hardly enough to wet my glasses. Enjoyed a coffee at Moriac before spinning home the quickest easiest way now enjoying that strong Westerly flow. Ride on. Cheers Peter J.

Trudi's Bunch to Lara - Thursday 20.8.20
Windy ride today to Lara, fairly strong Westerly, as we wended our way sometimes on the back quarter, sometimes on the side, sometimes on the front quarter. Must admit we did get a lovely down wind run on Windemere Rd. Enjoyed a coffee at Xpresso before heading home via the Hovell Trail, good to see a surveyer checking the levels under the Hwy. Same situation with the wind on the way back but probably more head wind.  Had a good few Sunny breaks and no showers so all in all a good morning on the bike.
Ride on. Cheers Peter J.

18.8.20 - Update on Ben Kersten after collision with a vehicle on 6.8.20
My thanks for eveyone's support. I'm on the mend, having started walking. Not yet on a bike but give me another week.
Ben K.

Trudi's bunch check out the Bellarine - Tuesday 18.8.20
Cool but a fine Sunny day, good run out to Portarlington, met up with Geof and Marie with Mick at Melaluka Rd on the BRT. At the Port Rd we re grouped our bunch, had a quick chat with Chris Hu on his way to catch Geof, Marie and Mick for a coffee at the Caravan in Drysdale. Arrived at Port in lovely Sunshine, took coffee at a nice little Cafe just down the hill, great views, great sitting in the Sun. Rolled around the coast in lovely weather turning slowly into the breeze at the Queenscliff to Port Rd, left or straight ahead, straight ahead, weather was starting to break up, time to head home. Almost made it too but not quite, nice big shower with hail caught us about Newcombe but still a great day out on the bike.
Cheers Peter J.

Updates on Elcho Channel Path and Flooding on Hovell Creek under Freeway Bridge - 17.8.20
Ted has checked on these 2 projects. The Elcho Channel Path will allow cyclists to go from the parkland in which Millars Cafe is situated to the Ted Wilson Path at Baccush Marsh Rd. This work has been awarded to a contractor and they expect to commence in November. With regard to the flooding on Hovells Creek under the freeway - the valve to pump water out is being checked and other possibilities for the drainage are being looked at. This is complicated because 3 authorities are involved: Corangamite Water Management Authority, VicRoads & COGG.

Bannockburn loop with Trudi's Bunch two by two on Sunday 16.8.20
Cool and foggy start from Church Street, seemed like we were pushing the head wind all the way to Le duo sorelle for coffee. Had a very light shower going down Parker Rd and a touch of Sunshine now and then. Enjoyed our coffee and it was time to head home, still pushed the wind down Burnside until finally picked up the tail wind on Hamilton Hwy. Also picked up a real shower which soaked us all, ran out of the rain before the Ring Rd and after there everything was dry as a bone. Darn!!
Ride on, Cheers Peter J.

Jennie & John H Ride to Moriac on Saturday 15.8.20
Jennie and I set off from Yollinko Park on the Barwon at 8:30 and proceeded to Moriac via Belle Vue Ave & Waurn Ponds Drive, arriving and completing our coffee break from the Moriac General Store before the groups below arrived. We enjoyed that break in the sunshine over near the railway line - photographed the speeding Melbourne bound train at the old Moriac Station platform. Our return trip was via Hendy Main, Coombes, Messmate and back along the Surf Coast Highway for a total of 65km.
Keep Riding, John H.

Chris Ha and Mike C to Moriac on Saturday 15.8.20
Mike Currie and I enjoyed a very quiet ride from Bunnings to Moriac. Only 1 fellow cyclist enjoying the sunny seat out the front of the Cafe. And then in came all these interlopers - too many to count. Mike and I fled home via Cape Otway Rd with a brief stop to admire the first flowering of the local canola crops. Lovely morning all round. Thanks Mike.

Trudi's Ride to Moriac on Saturday 15.8.20
Busy morning at Moriac this morning, Chris Ha and Mike C were having a coffee when we got there, two by two of course, Leo and myself, then pushing us along Trudi and Julie. We were just about to finish our coffee and Chris Hu and Jean rolled in, and not long after Nick and Sarah with a short time later Mark K and his friend Richard. At the same time there were at least half a dozen cyclists from other groups and a few motor cyclists. Ride on, and look out for the wild life, Leo spotted this lizard on our way down Hendy Main Rd.
Cheers Peter J.

I went solo today for a catch up with an old mate @7 Coffee Shop in Lara. I had also arranged to catch up with a City of Greater Geelong engineer at the Hovells Creek path under the M1 Freeway to discuss possible options to eliminate the flooding of the path under the bridge. It is clear that the creek level has risen to such an extent that the flooding is now permanent. Aaron explained that the previous works to install a berm and check valve to stop water coming from the creek to the path was not working because the creek level has increased and drains from the highway above are adding water to the path quicker than it can evaporate. I asked if the check valve could be checked to make sure it was still working and that the drains from the Highway diverted directly into the creek rather than on to the path. Aaron promised to look into it. Coincidently two ladies were negotiating the “lake” as I arrived and it reminded me that the problem is worse for walkers than riders. By the way, the ride was great, the catch up was greater and the coffee was even greaterer.

Ben Kersten Collides with a Vehicle - 6.8.20
Last Thursday a driver failed to give way to Ben in a roundabout (Swanston/Malop), knocking him off his bike. He was taken to hospital - no broken bones but a lot of pain and swelling. Fiona reports he has started a recovery program and is walking around the block using hiking sticks. His bike is a write-off and it looks like he won't get a replacement until late October. Stocks in shops appear to be very low.
Hope to see you back soon Ben.

Trudi's Bunch Ride 2 x 2 to Barwon Heads - Thursday 13.8.20
Another great day for a 2 x 2 ride. Lovely along 13th Beach, not a lot of good surf, but of a group in one part of the beach. Very low tide exposing a lot of rocks. Great day, ride on.
Cheers, Peter J.

Ted & Peter O's Ride to Van Looms in Wallington - Wednesday 12.8.20
Ted and Peter O set off from their CBD homes in very pleasant winter sunshine to explore the delights of Point Henry and the Bellarine. Progress on the demolition of the Alcoa smelter seems painfully slow but, when completed, will provide an interesting site for housing development with a magnificent view over Corio Bay to the City and the You Yangs. Coffee at Van Loons Nursery Cafe was a scouting exercise to check the viability of this venue for future rides. Unfortunately bike parking close to the cafe is a bit of a problem so probably isn’t practical. Tail wind home on the Bellarine Highway was great until Ted had a puncture 2 kilometres from home. Walking seemed to be the best option given my puncture repairing expertise (nil).

Janet & Chris Ha to Jan Juc on Wednesday 12.8

A glorious morning saw Chris Ha and Janet head off from Bunnings to Swell at Jan Juc via Vickeries and Bells. We both loved lockdown traffic as encountered very little the whole ride.  Windy ride back via Horseshoe Bend. Watch the potholes!
Ride safe everyone, Janet.

GTC Riders in Twos to Pt Lonsdale & Ocean Grove on Tuesday 11.8.20
Trudi's bunch met at 9.00 at the Showgrounds for our ride to the Cheeky Cow. Waved off Peter O and Ken S on their ride to Point Lonsdale. Peter J and Jennie were next away followed later by Trudi and Julie. Enjoyed a pleasant ride out via the BRT to Curlewis Rd across through Wallington estates and Ocean Grove to coffee sitting on the fence in the Sun. Returned via 13th Beach, hundreds of Surfers out catching a wave. Took Mt Duneed Rd to by pass the HSBend bridge and had an enjoyable ride home. Lovely morning on the bike, mainly Sunny.
Cheers, Peter.

Julia & Leo Ride from Grovedale to Torquay on Sunday 9.8.20
Julia & Leo started our ride at Grovedale heading to Torquay via Ghazepore Rd , Ocean Acres .  Stopped for a coffee & food at Routley`s .  Very quiet for a Sunday on the Surf coast  A very pleasant ride with cloudy skies until our return ride in sunshine.
Cheers, Julia.

Ian B & John H to Drysdale & Collendina on Sunday 9.8.20
Ian and I headed out the Bellarine Rail Trail into a strong wind to the Drysdale Station and then down Princess St and Grubb Rd Ocean Grove. We turned left into the Oakdene Estate to take a back road through to coffee at Donut King in the Shell Rd Shopping Centre. On the way through Oakdene we met up with Geof Bagley with his dog Otto. Geof kindly took the photo below for us. We rode Bonnyvale Rd through Collendina - once we turned onto Ocean Throughway we had the wind behind us for most of the rest of the ride. The trip home was via 13th Beach and Horseshoe Bend Rd. The distance for me was 75.35km with av speed of 23.1kph.
Thanks Ian for the company and some good exercise!
John H.

Peter J & Trudi Ride to Torquay on Sunday 9.8.20
After yesterday's rain this morning was a pleasure. Even had some Sun from home but clouded over quickly. Just an easy ride today down to Torquay via Ocean Acres and back via HSBend Rd. Roads seem quiet without all the Melbourne people. A lot of bikes out riding two by two.  Bit of a part head wind going to Torquay but nice run home.
Cheers Peter J

Julia and Peter J to Gnarwarre & Moriac on Saturday 8.8.20
Rainy morning so only the tough get out and ride. Meet Julie at Fyansford and headed out the Hamilton Hwy to Pollocksford, up to Barabool Rd and to Cafe with a View. After a warming coffee we headed home via Moriac and Reservoir Rd. Going down Waurn Ponds Dve, Cochrans called, so it was over Ceres and down Merrawarp and back to Fyansford. Damp at times but enjoyable morning on the bike.
Cheers Peter J.

Jennie & John H to Leopold & Waurn Ponds on Saturday 8.8.20
After putting off a longer ride in the morning due to the inclement weather, we took off about 1pm from Belmont and headed for Leopold on the Rail Trail into a stiff breeze and a few spots of rain. Coming back on the Bellarine Highway we then came along Townsend Rd to Breakwater and took the Waurn Ponds Trail to Waurn Ponds Shopping Centre. On arrival we found that Jennie had a puncture in the back tyre. However, coffee beckoned and we obtained coffee and tea at Muffin Break. Then the job was to repair the puncture - well, the tyre proved immovable - you could not even get the tyre lever under the tyre. Her bike had to be taken to a local expert to have it fixed. The ride had been well worthwhile - JH covered 36.52km and Jennie about 30km.
Keep riding, John H.

Julia and Jennie Head South on Tuesday 4.8.20
Jennie & Julia did a beautiful Thursday ride this morning  from  the Grovedale Hotel to Jan Juc, via Heyers, Ghazeepore & Anglesea Roads.  Stopped for coffee at Swell which was very pleasant before winding our way home along  Horseshoe Bend Road.

Trudi & Peter J to Jan Juc on Tuesday 4.8.20
Back to riding two by two, from Grovedale Pub across Heyers Rd to Ghazapore Rd and out Anglesea Rd to the GOR. Good riding but a bit of a slight headwind. A couple of rollers along the GOR to Bells Blvd then some really good rollers before we took Sunset into Jan Juc and a coffee at Swell. Home via Torquay and HSBend Rd with a lovely tailwind.
Cheers Peter J.

Peter O and Peter J Ride to Portarlington - Tuesday 4.8.20
As soon as our ride programme collapsed once again it was time to hook up again with my Iso Buddies for a ride to Portarlington. Trudi and Jennie and Peter O were all keen but come the morning with a bit of weather and an icy wind "the weaker sex"piked leaving just the two Peter's to roll on. A strong Westerly air flow was not good for Port so we enjoyed a nice run out to Curlewis in the Sun, cut across to Ocean Grove, stopped at "Stoked" for a very enjoyable coffee before heading home through a few scudding showers and wind. Very cold wind but we were dressed to cover the expected conditions. I enjoyed my morning out on the bike in good company,  thanks Peter. Cheers Peter J.

Mark Shying's Easy Ride to Ocean Grove and his Longer Ride from there to Torquay, Bellbrae & Moriac on Sunday 2.8.20
The 100 kms two loops ride from Grovedale Hotel was today’s ride.  Advertised as an easy ride, Geoff Cam, Andrew, Mike, John, Chris Hu, Katrina, Rob, Mark J, Julia, Jennie, Janet, Sarah, Nick and Doug joined Mark S to ride out.  Social distancing required we split into two groups and within the groups keep the 1.5 metre distance.  Down Surf Coast Hwy and Waralily, Lindy and Peter joined us at Lake road.  Across to 13th Beach, all took in the calm of the sea, dotted with surfers.  Riding under brilliant sunny skies soon we were at The Dunes for refreshments and chat.  Departing The Dunes in three groups, we returned along 13th Beach.  The group of Geoff Cam, Andrew, Mike, Lindy and Peter cycled back to Grovedale Hotel.  The other two groups rode onto Torquay.  There we split again.  Doug headed home.  Chris Hu and Julia rode direct to Moriac.  The rest headed to Moriac via Great Ocean Road and Forest Road.  A highlight was John powering up the climb out of Torquay.  On reaching Moriac we all enjoyed more sustenance and chat.  A great day for riding was fast coming to an end as we traversed  the roads back to Grovedale Hotel.  The adverstised 100 kms was achieved.  A first for Jennie – congratulations!  And a first for John since his serious accident – well done!  Thank you for joining me for today’s ride.
Mark S.

Ken Smith's Saturday Ride to Mannerim & Drysdale - 1.8.20
A cool morning 6 degrees with a warmer day to come had the ten riders ready to ride. We rode along the Bellerine rail trail to the pedestrian crossing at Moolap, we then proceeded along the Hwy and at Leopold Rob left us as he had to go home early. We took a different route to Drysdale and stayed on the Hwy passing through the round about at Wallington continuing to Banks Rd where we turned left and into a strong north head wind this prevailed until the peleton reached the Swan Bay intersection another left turn then we rode to Princess Street. Back into the head wind Ray took over the pace and we averaged 20 kph to the Bungalow Cafe. A enjoyable social time was had. We rode home on the rail trail, Johns e bike went well. Thank you for a good ride. The riders where: Barry, Ian Busch, Janet, John H, Kim, Dr Mike, Ray, Rob, Gary and myself.
Apologies - Dr Mike should have been on the left of the photo below - he is just east of the viewfinder!!

Peter O'Brien's Thursday Ride from Church St to Bannockburn via Fyansford - 30.7.20
It was cold and foggy this morning when Ross, Janet, Trudi, Ken S, Ted, Julie and myself turned out for the ride from Church Street to Bannockburn.  We decided to ride down the new streets in Fyansford where the descents were exhilarating.  Due to roadworks, we took an alternative route before connecting with the Hamilton Highway and at Pollocksford Road Doug was waiting to join the group having ridden across from Moriac.  We continued along the highway to Burnside Road and then onto Bannockburn for a coffee break. On the return trip we descended Clyde Hill Road and as we turned into Parker Road we passed Lovro going in the opposite direction - it was good to see him back on the bike.  We continued riding through the valley enjoying fantastic views of the surrounding hills.  From there we conquered the Parker Road Hill followed by a pleasant ride back home to Geelong. Distance 55kms.
Peter O.

Mark Kelly's 96km Ride to Aireys Inlet on Tuesday - 28.7.20
Eleven riders turned up at Bunnings for the trip down the Surfcoast: Gary, Ben, Julia, Mark J, Mark K, Nick, Sarah, Kim, Chris Hu, Chris Ha and Peter J. Although the weather looked a bit gloomy it soon cleared and we had a pleasant ride heading out. Doug joined us on Blackgate Rd and the ride along Forest Rd was steady with the sun poking through. At Anglesea, despite the sunshine, most of the group decided to have coffee and head back up the hill. Only four - Julia, Ben, Chris Ha and Mark K headed onto Airey’s Inlet. We passed Ross G heading back the other way. He may have been trying to warn us that none of the cafes at Airey’s (at least those at the top of the hill) were open. Despite my encouragement for one of the group to ride down the hill to see if anything was open none volunteered so we headed back to Anglesea for coffee. I was trying to set a club record for distance before coffee but at just over 60kms not sure I succeeded. While the sun disappeared the wind was relatively light and we had good climb up the Anglesea hill and with a nice little tailwind cruised along the Surfcoast Highway back to Bunnings. A solid ride of 96km and 740m of climbing. Thanks to all the riders for good company and safe riding.