GTC News Sunday - 25.9.22
Rides This Week:
Club Apparel Ride, members are encouraged to wear their club kit on these rides (optional)
Tuesday 27th Sept - TWO Rides - 1/ Due the very high probability of rain on the surf coast Tuesday's GOR ride from Anglesea is cancelled - please check WhatsApp for details on the Bunnings ride - Nick Tarnay.
2/ 9am from Bunnings in Waurn Ponds - easy ride of 45km to Moriac - volunteer needed to lead.
Thursday 29th Sept - 9am from Grovedale Hotel - medium ride of 60km to Ocean Grove via Wallington - Nick Tarnay to lead.
Saturday 1st Oct- TWO Rides - 9am from Fyansford - medium/hard ride of 65km to the Cottage Farm Cafe in Gnarwarre via Merrawarp Rd - Nick Tarnay to lead.
THREE Rides from Sth Geelong Station:
1/ 8am start - Hard ride of 100km - Greg Allerton to lead.
2/ 9am start - medium ride of 55km to Lara via the You Yangs - volunteer needed to lead.
3/ 9am start - easy ride of 40km to Lara via Hovells Ck Trail - Ted Reeve to lead.

Doug's Easy Ride of 40km to Corio & Herne Hill on Sunday - 25.9.22
Lining-up for today’s ride were: Craig, Doug, Jennie, Julia, John H, John M, Kim, Leo, Noel, Peter J, Paul B, Ray, Steve, Ted, Nick and Sarah. At the start, Ted showed us, with glee, his Geelong F.C. jumper under his GTC jersey (closet supporter – maybe). Sarah was experiencing a slow loss of tyre pressure and decided to abort the ride as did Nick. Making our way along Eastern Beach, we noted a large number of cars displaying the Geelong Football Club mini flag, much to Ted’s delight. The scheduled coffee stop was the Soft Café in Herne Hill and following yesterday’s ride to Bannockburn where all the cafes were closed, the discussion was ‘Are they open and if yes, can they fit us in, being fourteen of us.’ Peter’s organising skills to the rescue and he found out they were open and also booked a table for us. Well done, Peter. With a large area at the back of the café, we enjoyed the food and coffee with lots of chat. Only hiccup was the slow delivery of scones. With an expected large crowd at Kardinia Park (St Mary's Oval) I wanted to avoid going near the ground so I solicited Ted to lead us through West Geelong and Geelong’s CBD, to avoid what turned out to be a very large crowd at the footy ground. Today’s ride was truly a team effort. Also, thanks to our resident photographer, John H and ever reliable TEC Leo. Nobody undertook the 60kms ride. Our distance: 40 Kilometres

Chris Halpin Leads the Saturday Ride to Bannockburn - 24.9.22
Nine riders this fine sunny morning in Fyansford. Greg, Jennie, John H, John M, Peter, Phil, Trudi & Leo and myself headed up the Hamilton Hwy, enjoying the newly finished repairs. Used to be one of the most dangerous roads we ride but now one of the best. Maintaining a good pace we turned into Burnside with the Southerly helping us easily reach Bannockburn.
Alas, this is where disaster struck - no open coffee shops. After much searching Peter eventually found an open bakery with a coffee machine and a mutiny was narrowly avoided. Home via Parkers and Steiglitz Rds to Fyansford in good time. Around 60km round trip
Thanks everyone , Chris

Nick Leads the GRAVEL Ride to the Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie - 22.9.22
Today’s small gravelleur group of Alison, Sarah, Chris Ha, Ray and Nick travelled along beautiful, quiet and smooth gravel roads of Whites, Bogans Lane, Dickens, Pettavel, Vickerys and Ellington to the Chocolaterie. Chris turned back early and missed out on coffee. We encountered a very, very busy cafe but still managed to get a table, enjoy good coffee and very good croissants. No sign of the bitumeers. Had they got lost? Were they late leaving trying to decide on a leader? Punctures?  Only Mark and Ken turned up as we were leaving. I did warn riders on WhatsApp that Greys road was closed due to road works. Our return journey on Forest, Flaxbourne and  Willowite before zooming down WPD was delightful. Fantastic gravel riding. Thank you riders for the great company.

Doug Leads the Ride to the Maple Bakery in Torquay on Thursday - 22.9.22
Another great spring day for a bike ride and the following fourteen riders made up the peloton: Doug, Gary, Hugh, Jennie, Joanne, Julia, Ken G, Lindy, Mark K, Noel, Paul B, Peter J, Steve and Trudi. With no designated ride leader and nobody nominating I declared I would lead the ride which turned out to be a stop-start (non fluid) ride. Firstly, the Waurn Ponds train service severed the peloton as not everybody got through the crossing before the train. Our next stop at Ghazeepore Road was twofold, firstly to allow the peloton to reunite and secondly to collect a rider who nominated that meeting point, earlier. At this point Lindy, unannounced, joined us. We waited patiently for a period, for the rider who had arranged the meeting point. With time ticking away a telephone call was made to that person and the call went to message bank. The ride leader finally declared that we had waited long enough for the rider and we resumed our journey. Due to a very busy Anglesea Road, our next stop was to make a safe hook turn into Blackgate Road. We eventually got across the road in two waves. At the end of Grassdale Road, we made another stop as two riders thought that Grays Road was closed for road repairs. The peloton decided to risk it for a biscuit. On reaching Grays Road, we stopped again as Grays Road was shut to traffic (no biscuit). Three options were suggested, 1. Use Vickerys (hills) 2. Ride to Anglesea Road then all the way to the Chocolaterie or 3. Ride to the Maple Bakery at Torquay. Torquay proved to be the destination of the majority. At this point Ken and Mark decided to take a longer route and left us. Our next stop was the Maple Bakery and we found three empty tables which saw us all together. At coffee I had a dummy spit and declared I was not going to ride back to Grovedale, so I asked Gary to lead the peloton back to Grovedale. After financial negotiations whereby Gary’s stipend was doubled plus public holiday rates, he agreed. Gary must have made a fortune out of today’s ride (triple rates being a public holiday) as he was TEC to Torquay, the ride leader and TEC back to Grovedale. Thank you, Gary, for your efforts. Approximate distance 60 Kilometres.
Scribe: Doug

THREE Rides on Tuesday 20.9.22:

1/2/ Two Bitumen Rides to Drysdale & Pt Lonsdale
A real spring day for a bike ride with the sun shining brightly and a floral display of colourful spring flowers giving us something to look at along the way. The bitumen riders had a delayed start as Ben had moved his bike 15 metres from the car and got a puncture. An impromptu shorter ride to Drysdale was undertaken by Alison, Kim and Mark. It was Mark’s first ride for some time – welcome back. The riders to Pt Lonsdale included: Ben, David L, Doug, Gary, Jennie, John M, Paul B, Ray, Steve and Trudi. We negotiated the Rail Trail without encountering a cyclist coming in the opposite direction and crashing into anyone. On the outskirts of Point Lonsdale, we encountered Lindy and the non-thinking ride leader (Doug) didn’t stop to assess the situation re Lindy. My apologies Lindy, for not stopping. Coffee was had at The Plated Café. Post coffee we rode to the lighthouse for the view and photos. Paul had ridden to the start so he dropped off after photos and Ray, who had also cycled in, rode with us to Ocean Grove where he was visiting his nearest bike shop. At the end of Thacker Street O.G. Ben and Trudi turned right onto Wallington Road and the back to Geelong whilst the rest of us took a longer route through Barwon Heads and Lake Road to Geelong. Thank you, Gary, for being TEC. Distance: 80 plus kilometres.
Scribe: Doug.

3/ GRAVEL Ride to Queenscliff
The best day in a long time greeted 5 gravelleurs for a trip out the Bellarine Rail Trail to Queenscliff. It was good to see a couple of faces (Mark J and Noel) that we haven’t seen for a while as well as Peter J and Chris Ha. With the sun shining and light winds the ride out to Drysdale was a nice cruise. Mark J and Noel decided that Drysdale was far enough while Peter, Chris and myself pushed onto Queenscliff. A highlight of the ride was the steam train all fired up and about to head out of Queenscliff station. Quite a sight! After enjoyable coffee and conversation in the sun, Peter headed home on a different route involving a bacon and egg muffin while Chris and I headed back along the rail trail. A very enjoyable ride - thanks to all for the good company.
Mark K

TWO Rides on Sunday 18.9.22

1/ Easy Ride to Torquay Led by Doug and Return Trip by Kim
At 8.59am this morning, the designated ride leader had not appeared at the Grovedale Hotel car park and as the show must go, hasty arrangements were made whereby Doug led the ride to the Torquay and Kim led the riders back to Grovedale. Riders for the sealed roads were: David L, Doug, Jennie, John H, John M, Julia, Leo, Kim and Peter J. Today’s ride was a designated Wear Your Club Jersey Ride however one rider came out of the closet and wore an AFL jumper of the team he supports. For the record it was a Geelong jumper – Are they in a Grand Final or like? Heading to Horseshoe Bend Road we took the infrequently used Barwarre Road (sealed section) to Burvilles Road, which has been closed for some-time and I expected it to be as smooth as Warralily Boulevard. Unfortunately, the only new bitumen on Burvilles was the bit near the Surf Coast Highway. Due to the rains, we have had over the past few months, Burvilles Road like so many others had developed several big holes. Reaching North Torquay, we detoured through the smooth roads of the Sands Golf Estate to reach the Maple Bakery. Possibly due to the strong North Westerly wind, nobody opted to ride the longer course back which would have meant riding into it all the way to Grassdale Road. The return journey was via Horseshoe Bend Road. Thanks to Kim leading the group back to Grovedale and John H for photos and also thanks to Leo for TEC duties. Distance:45 kms.

2/ GRAVEL Ride to Torquay via Bellbrae led by Chris Halpin

Just two Chris's for the gravel option. We headed over Mt Duneed and down to Dickens, Loutit Bay Rd, Pettavel, Nortons and thence along Hendy Main to the Maple Cafe to share coffee with the roadies. However they'd been and gone. I guess it took longer than we thought to plough into that awful westerly. Suitably refreshed we returned along HSB with a couple of side trips covering approx 60Km. Thanks Chris.

TWO Rides on Saturday 17.9.22
1/ Greg Allerton's Speed Ride

Only Greg turned up for this ride from Sth Geelong. He rode through Batesford, Dog Rocks, Merrawarp Rd, Ceres , Waurn Ponds and back along the WP Creek to Breakwater.

2/ "Unofficial" Ride to Gnarwarre
The official ride had been cancelled but a number turned up wanting to ride to coffee. Peter J was keen to go to the Nursery Cafe in Gnarwarre and he had 4 other riders at Fyansford who were keen (or semi-keen!!) to go. Peter led off at 9am with Jennie, Paul, Richard and John H in tow with the intention of meeting Allison at the corner of Pollocksford & Barrabool Rds - the timing was so good that we almost collided at the corner! Chris, dressed in her Geelong Club footy top, and her husband gave us great service as we enjoyed the coffee, scones and rhubarb slices with extra dollops of yoghurt. We were ready for rain but only got a small amount as the great bulk of the rain fell during our coffee break. The wind was strong and gusty and kept us honest in terms of work rate on the bikes. Our return was through Mt Moriac and Waurn Ponds. Thanks all for an enjoyable ride.
John H.

TWO Rides on Thursday 15.9.22
1/ Doug's Circuit to Maple Bakery in Torquay

The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) predicted a dry morning and the weather radar showed no sign of rain, therefore I was surprised to see only four other riders show-up for this morning’s bitumen ride. Riders were: Alison, David L, Doug (outward ride leader), Kim (inward ride leader) and Steve. The route listed in the ride calendar was followed until we got to the round-a-bout at the corner of Anglesea and Coombes Road. Instead of proceeding along Coombes Road and risk an attack from the resident magpie, we took Grossmans Road, safely arriving at the Maple Bakery for coffee and cakes. Post coffee, Kim led us back to Bunnings via Horseshoe Bend Road. Photos taken by Kim with thanks. Distance:60 kms. Congratulations to BOM for a very accurate weather forecast.

2/ Mark Kelly's GRAVEL Ride to the South-West
Only two gravelleurs today - Chris Ha and myself. The plan was essentially out Pettavel Rd and back via Flaxbournes Rd. With his rocket powered machine Chris led me on a new route to Pettavel Rd by heading up Ghazeepore Rd and onto White’s Rd and then Bogans La and Dickens Rd. Chris had to head back so left me at Pettavel Rd and I returned via the original route. It has been a while since I was on the gravel bike and I had forgotten how nice it can be to ride along a country road with virtually no traffic. The road surfaces were a bit heavy due to the rain but in generally quite good condition. A very enjoyable ride and thanks to Chris for showing me some nice new roads and good company.

TWO Rides on Tuesday 13.9.22
1/ Ken's Hard Ride from Anakie to Meredith

My thanks to the 3 intrepid women who joined me on today's ride. They, unlike our male members, were not deterred by the cold nor the description "HARD".

2/ Steven McDonald's Ride to Drysdale
With a sunny start at the Showgrounds we had Barry, Chris Hu, Gary, Janet, Lindy, Paul Ba, Peter J, Sarah and Nick ready to go. Julia turned up after photos and we met Ron on the way. The weather turned a bit bleak but we could see some sunshine poking through. Heading along the BRT, Chris Ha caught up but Barry took off so he could get home early. We turned off at what I thought was Jetty Rd but that was one intersection too early but it gave a chance to check out some of the new Clifton Springs developments!
Morning tea at The Bungalow in the “boardroom” allowed us to miss the next wave of showers.
 On the ride home some saw the group split with the 2 Chris’s, Paul, Peter and Julia heading to Pt Lonsdale – the rest of us had a nice calm ride along Princess St, Swan Bay Rd and Bellarine Hway.
 Thanks for everyone’s support in my first go at Ride Leader.

Doug Wyatt's Sunday Loop to the BeachHouse Cafe in Barwon Heads - 11.9.22
Prior to the start of today’s ride, I thought I would summon the Patron Saint of Cycling, that being La Madonna del Ghisallo, requesting that she gives us her full attention and protection for today’s ride. We had a bigger than normal roll-up for a Sunday ride and the participants were: Chris Hu, Craig, David L, Doug, Greg, Hugh, Ian B, Jennie, Joanne, John H, Julia, Leo, Lindy, Nick, Paul B, Peter J and Trudi. It was John and Peter’s first Sunday ride in some time (John has been converlessing and Peter has had a winter spell in Port Macquarie – welcome back guys). Mother Nature provided us with a strong tailwind to Barwon Heads. Heading along Breamlea Road our Saint must have gone for a coffee as she allowed Lindy to puncture. Lindy decided to get the sag-wagon home. Arriving at the BeachHouse Café for coffee, we had Hugh and Joanne do a U-turn heading back to Grovedale and Chris headed further afield for a longer ride. The coffee was excellent and the service reasonably good for such a large number of riders, with an exception in that they must have lost Julia’s and John’s order because it was more than ten minutes after everybody else had been served before, they got their coffee. Back on the bike we headed along 13th Beach Road and found that Mother Nature had increased the velocity of the wind except it was now in our face. David and Peter provided wind relief for the split peloton all the way back to Horseshoe Bend Road. There, we turned right and the wind was now a sidewind. Having earlier summoned the Patron Saint of Cycling, I have to assess her performance as good because the puncture was the only hiccup of the ride and there were no magpie attacks and that’s certainly a blessing. Thanks to John for photographs and Leo for being T.E.C. Distance: 52 Kilometres.
Scribe: Doug

Chris Halpin's Planned Ride to Portarlington on Saturday 10.9.22
Popular ride this morning with 16 members gathered at the Showgrounds starting point including Alison, Chris, Greg, Hugh, Jennie, Jesse, John H and John M, Jo, Ken, Mark, Peter, Sarah and Nick, Trudi and myself.
Overnight rain had cleared and we took off promptly at 9am in bright sunshine with a gathering tail wind. There was steady traffic on the Rail Trail, walkers, dogs and riders. Unfortunately when we reached the newly upgraded Curlewis Rd crossing Ken had a nasty collision with an oncoming cyclist on the corner, and fell heavily. We were able to make Ken comfortable and called an ambulance, which arrived quite quickly and took Ken off to hospital. Mark Kelly left to retrieve his car from the Showgrounds carpark and collect Ken's bike. 
I asked Greg Allerton to assume Ride Leader duties and I'm not sure how the rest of the ride went, as Nick and I made our way home together having secured Ken's bike.
Wishing Ken all the best for a rapid recovery.
Greg Allerton led John M, Jennie and Jesse to Daniel's Donuts in Portarlington. John M had a puncture on the way and on the return Greg took them through the main part of Drysdale through to Jetty Rd and the Rail Trail. Trudi and accompanying riders went to the Bungalow for coffee and returned to Geelong via Barwon Heads and John H joined the Leopold group (mainly GTC Riders) for coffee and enjoyable conversations at Caesars (just off the northern end of Jetty Rd). This cafe was a new discovery for me!
John H.

TWO Rides on Tuesday - 6.9.22

Mark Kelly Leads the Long Tuesday Ride to Winchelsea - 6.9.22
With the weather looking better than it has for some time, a total of 19 turned up to ride today (Phil, Steve, Chris Hu, Gary, Ken S, Ken G, Richard, Lindy, Doug, Jenny, Julia, Alison , Janet, Lyn, Trudi, Nick, David, John and myself). We all started together with the first stop at the Moriac Sports Ground where Doug and four others headed off on a separate route to Moriac. The rest of us headed out the Cape Otway Rd and along Atkins to Winchelsea. With fine weather and light wind the riding was very enjoyable but we were in for a little more than planned. There were two punctures (Steve and Janet) before we got to Winchelsea. With Nick looking after the rear he helped tidy up the punctures with the assistance of John while the main peloton headed to Cafe La Hoot with the rest coming in soon after. On the way back the good news was no punctures but there was one more surprise in store for us. We broke into a couple of groups with different speeds. Nick looked after the back but with Janet (I’m sure she won’t mind me saying this) struggling somewhat Nick, Janet and myself took it slowly into Moriac. Janet decided go with the option of a lift home and that’s when we found the source of her problems. As we loaded her bike into the car Janet noticed that the rear brake was stopping the wheel from turning and it must have been that way since she punctured. No wonder she was struggling, she had been riding with strong resistance while we had been coasting! Oh well, cycling can do that to you but all’s well that ends well. And is was a very enjoyable ride, despite the surprises.
Mark Kelly

Doug Leads the Short Ride to Moriac on Tuesday 6.9.22
I rode from home (Jan Juc) to the start at Bunnings and having been attacked by a magpie on Sunday, I resurrected my magpie deterrent stick (telescope selfie-stick) to take with me, in preparation for the local magpie at the round-a-bout at the corner of Surf Coast Highway and Mt Duneed Road. Just before the round-a-bout I actioned the stick and thankfully didn’t encounter the magpie. There were two rides from Bunnings today, a long one to Winchelsea and a shorter one of 48 kilometres to Moriac with a good roll-up of nearly 20 riders with an Alfred Hitchcock appearance from Kim. We rode as one peloton to the Mt Moriac Recreation Reserve where we divided into two groups with the majority of riders heading to Winchelsea.
The Moriac riders were: Chris Hu, Doug (me), Lindy, Lyn P and Richard S. We left Reservoir Road and turned onto Ervins Road with the intention to visit the near-by Sir Arthur Streeton Memorial and a bonus of avoiding the last steep hill at the end of Reservoir Road. We avoided the hill but didn’t find the memorial. At the Moriac General Store, we enjoyed the coffee, each other’s company as well as the open fire.
The route back to Bunning was the well-worn Grassdale (Chris left us at Grassdale heading for Vickerys Road and beyond), Blackgate, Ghazeepore etc. At the corner of Blackgate and Anglesea Road Lindy took over as Ride Leader (with thanks) as I turned right heading back to JJ. Cruising along Coombes Road I had just hit the uphill section only to be confronted with the sound of flapping wings and beak snapping, YES another magpie attack and it came at me four times without any injury. You might ask “Why didn’t I use my magpie deterrent stick.” The answer is simple, you need to know where the magpies are, as the stick needs to be put into action prior to the attack area. I did ride Coombes Road last Thursday and there was no sign of magpies. NOTE: The ride on Thursday 15th September is scheduled to go along Coombes Road. Consider taking Grossmans Road!!!

Greg Allerton's Long Sunday Ride to Lethbridge - 4.9.22
I left South Geelong Station at 8:03 accompanied only by my shadow, which at least meant it was sunny, but was going to be a quiet ride. I rode out Hamilton Highway and was near Pollocksford Rd when an oncoming cyclist slowed down and asked if he could join me. It was 70 year old Supervet  Kiwi Ross from Bannockburn, who some of us had met several times when we have stopped there for coffee, as he lives close to the main road and loves to have a chat with fellow cyclists. We rode along quiet English Rd to Lethbridge for a coffee stop. I then decided to change the route as we had both separately ridden to Maude recently and Ross mentioned that nearby Tall Tree Rd, which I had not ridden for many years and used to be very rough gravel was now sealed all the way to Shelford/ Meredith Rd. It was a very quiet road through flat open country with no tall trees. We pedalled back through Teesdale along the 8 km offroad path, which Ross had never ridden. We parted ways when I turned off at Masons Rd while Ross headed back home to Bannockburn. I returned home via Hamilton Hwy into a slight head wind by 2:10 pm feeling quite weary after 120 km.   
Greg Allerton - ride leader.

Doug Wyatt Leads the Sunday Dead End Ride to Pt Henry and Leopold on FATHERS' DAY - 4.9.22
The Club schedules easy rides of a Sunday and today fitted that bill to a T, despite the hiccup of Paul having a flat tyre before we had left the start line. With Leo’s assistance the repair was swiftly dealt with. Today’s riders were Craig, Ian, Jennie, Julia, Leo, Lindy and Paul. Along Point Henry Road was the club’s resident photographer, John Hagan, who was snapping our photos as we went by. John also joined us for coffee at the Rolling Pin Bakery. The warm sunshine at our coffee stop resulted in a longer than usual stop with plenty of chitter chatter abounding. Post coffee, Paul headed in a easterly direction (to home) whilst the peloton headed west towards Geelong, by an indirect route through Breakwater. Our short travel distance along Townsend Road saw a magpie attack me three times, fortunately without injury. I certainly took one (3) for my fellow cyclists. Safely back at the South Geelong Railway Station we had cycled a few metres short 40 Kilometres on a course with only a few very minor uphills. Today’s ride certainly fitted the Club’s philosophy of an easy Sunday ride. Thank you to: John – photographs, Leo – TEC and Mr Fixit, Craig and Ian for street sign spotting. Happy Father’s Day and thank you for your company on a very pleasurable ride.
Scribe: Doug

Ken Smith Leads the Saturday Ride to Lara and David L Does the Loop to the You Yangs - 3.9.22
The ride was to be to the You Yangs but with light rain talling before we started the ride we changed our minds and the riders decided to go only as far as the Xpresso Cafe in Lara. The exception was David L who kept going to the You Yangs. After leaving Rippleside we continued around the foreshore through the Industrail area, and along the Spirit of Tasmania Quay bike path and viewed the progress of the work taking place for the Tasmania Ferry Terminal. John Hagan is still not able to ride and he met us at the cafe and enjoyed the social time with us. When it was time to go the rain came again and followed us home. Thank you to Alison, Barry T, Chris Ha, David L, Jennie, Jo, John M, Paul Ba and Trudi for your company.
Ken Smith.

TWO Rides to Moriac - Gravel Ride led by Chris Halpin and Bitumen Ride led by Ken Smith - Thursday 1.9.22

Bitumen Ride Report:
The first day of spring and rain was forecast later in the day, the riders David L, Gary, Kim, Mark K, Peter F,Steve, Trudi and myself made our way up Ghazeepore Road heading for Anglesea Road, as we turned into Blackgate Road, waiting there were David Rae and Doug. They did not ride with us but it was good to meet David again and after a short chat we were on our way into a head wind coming from the west. It was good to have the wind behind us on the way back.  We had finished our drinks and cakes, when the gravel riders Chris Ha, and Janet arrived. After a brief  chat we were on our way home. Thank you to Gary for taking on being the tail end Charlie and to all the riders who participated.
Ken Smith .

Gravel Ride Report:
Janet and I trailed the road crew up Ghazeepore and turned onto the gravel at Whites Rd. next turn was south on Bogans, all the way to Nortons. From there we headed to Flaxbournes and met the road crew at The Store. The warm fire was welcome after a cold morning. A short stop for coffee then back along Cape Otway to Ervins, Reservoir, Drayton's and home along WPD. All up about 50km and finished in warm sunshine.
Thanks Janet for the great company.

Chris Halpin's Tuesday Ride to Drysdale - 30.8.22
Facing rain, icy winds and a severe weather warning, five bravehearts gathered this morning to tackle Nick's HARD ride. Plan B was adopted and Chris, Jennie, Ken, Steve and myself headed along the BRT to Drysdale to reconsider. Consensus over coffee was that we'd tempted fate enough and a return path up Princess, Swan Bay Rd and home on the Bellarine Hwy was enough. Thanks team for an enjoyable 50km, great company and no punctures.

Kim's Ride to Moriac on Sunday 28.8.22
Including myself there were 14 riders taking part in today's easy/medium ride. Leaving from Bunnings there was Andrew, David L, Doug, Geoff, Hugh, Ian, Janet, Jennie, Jo, John M, Kim, Leo, Paul B and Trudi. We proceeded to Moriac with the Ghazeepore hill sorting us out into 2 groups with the lead group getting further away until later along Mt Duneed Rd we regroup. Going past the Moriac Store was too tempting for 3 riders who took the shorter option while the rest of us proceeded to follow the designated route and arriving back at the store a bit later. After rewarding ourselves with some treats we took HM and Reservoir Rd back to Bunnings. At the start we were unsure about some threatening clouds but the morning turned out to be just perfect for our ride. Many thanks to everyone for an enjoyable morning ride and special mention to the reliable TEC, Leo. Thankfully Leo’s services were not required today.      Distance travelled was 47km.

To Pt Lonsdale - Greg Led the Bitumen Ride & Chris Halpin Led the Gravel Ride - Saturday 27.8.22
Greg's Bitumen Report:
With a forecast of fine weather it was not surprising that there were 14 riders who set off from the Showgrounds. I volunteered to be ride leader, though it was a much bigger group than I usually lead. The rail trail led us to Drysdale, then along the bypass bike path to Princess St, Swan Bay Rd, Banks Rd, before Shell Rd led us to Point Lonsdale past the Lighthouse. The coffee stop was most welcome, and we met the 2 Gravelleurs Chris Ha and Chris Hu. Alas the fine sunny day was replaced by a thick, chilly sea mist drifting in off the bay. We rode out Portarlington Rd and were passed by a large group of loud motorcyclists. Swan Bay Rd was much quieter and the gradual climb helped to warm us up.The mist began to clear and it was a pleasant ride back taking backstreets down Leopold hill, which was new to some people. Thanks to my companions for a very enjoyable ride: Chris Ha, Chris Hu, David L, Hugh P( thanks as tail end charlie) Jennie P, Jo F, John M, Julia M, Ken S, Kim G, Richard S, Steve M and Trudie B. I was home by 1-10 pm . It was great that Lindy Lester rode down from Horseshoe Bend and John Hagan drove down to have coffee with us.                           
Greg .
Chris Halpin's Gravel Report:
Just Chris and I for the gravel option this morning, following the roadies down the BRT. We separated at Jetty Rd continuing all the way to Pt Lonsdale in bright sunshine - a lovely quiet ride. Arriving first we were greeted by Lindy and John, and enjoyed a coffee waiting for the roadies. Unfortunately the sunshine disappeared behind a rolling fog bank so we decided to head off before we got too cold. Lindy lead us back along Shell Rd, 13th Beach followed by tea and toasties at Charlemont. Back home to Geelong we chalked up 90km. Thanks Lindy and Chris for a big very enjoyable ride.

Ken's Smith Leads the Thursday Ride to the You Yangs and Lara - 25.8.22
With no one to lead Ken volunteered with a forecast of rain that did not happen. While we were on the ride I was accompanied by Brenden, Chris Hu, Gary, Janet, Paul Ba, Steve and Trudi. We rode along the foreshore through the industrial estate and on the bike paths to Lara and along Mills road on the way to ascend the You Yangs. Here all the riders took the challenge. We then rode to the Xpresso Lounge Cafe in Lara where we enjoyed our social time. Some of the group went home the quickest way, others returned with me back to Rippleside. Thankyou to all who rode.
Ken Smith.

Ken's Ride to Lara on Tuesday - 23.8.22
Today was a collaborative effort with Ken navigating and myself reporting. 
With a forecast of rain no one was keen on the advertised longer ride opting instead to head to Lara via the TWTrail, Anakie Rd, Tower Hill, Bacchus Marsh and Windemere Rds. Lovely coffee and catch up at Xpresso before heading back via Hovells Creek keen to have a look at how the ferry terminal is progressing. 
Thanks to Chris Ha, David L, Ken, Jennie, Julia, Norm, Steve for a lovely ride. 

Doug Leads the Sunday Ride to Torquay - 21.8.22
Today was a great day for cycling in that there was little wind and warm sunshine, which made it one of the better August days for cycling. Riders were: Chris Hu, Doug, Geoff C, Ian, Janet, Jennie, Ken G, Kim, Leo, Paul B, Richard S, Steve and Trudi. There was a deviation in today’s route whereby we took a left-turn off Horseshoe Bend Road and explored the smooth quiet streets of the Sands Estate/golf course area. At coffee, riders expressed their joy of the Sands area because they have never cycled the area before. Joining us for coffee were Lindy (morning bike troubles and therefore opted to ride to the Maple Bakery from home) and John H. Over coffee, the decision was made to ride the longer route back to Grovedale via the Breamlea bike path and Lake Road in order to maximise the pleasant weather conditions. There were with two exceptions being Chris who opted to go through Moriac on the way home and Doug who kept Chris company to Ocean Acres. Thanks to: Kim (Deputy Ride Leader) who took the peloton back to Grovedale, Leo for performing Tail End Charlie duties and last but not least, our resident photographer John. Hope every body enjoyed a slightly different course and thanks for your company. Note: There has been a run of punctures on most rides recently and it was good to have a ride with no punctures. May it continue.
Scribe: Doug

TWO RIDES on Saturday - 20.8.22
1/ Greg's Fast 50km Ride
There were 4 riders on this the second Fast 50 Ride : Jo F, Hugh P, Steve M and myself. We rode a similar route to the first Fast 50 on 16 July, but this time we did the circuit clockwise. After TW Trail, we went out Steiglitz Rd to Sutherlands Creek. It was then along the quiet Robbs Rd and up the steeper climb heading east.There was a light but cold south wind as we returned via Lovely Banks then Bluestone bridge and back onto TW Trail to Church St where we parted ways. I was home by 10:30 after 53 km average 22 kph. The weather was fine, though there were many puddles. I was glad to be on my mudguard bike.Thanks to my companions for an enjoyable bunch ride.The eventual goal of the Fast 50 is to complete a 50 km circuit in 2 hours without any stops.       Greg Allerton, Ride Leader.

2/ Chris Halpin's Hilly Ride to Moriac
Only two this morning at the Fyansford start. Jennie and I did a quick vote and elected me ride leader. A tough task seeing as she left me behind on every hill. In bright sunshine we headed straight up the Hwy, through the roadworks and left into Merrawarp, then Barrabool to Hendy Main. John M joined us to make three. Coffee and the open fire at Moriac were very welcome. The Store was busy with a visiting military mob having a quick break from these enormous amphibious machines parked along Cape Otway Rd. A photo was permitted as long as I didn't show his face!! The other Chris joined us for coffee and then David to make five. Things were improving. Plus a tail wind home on Cape Otway, Devon, Barrabool and Merrawarp into the Hwy again back to Fyansford made for a quick return. No rain, lots of sunshine, about 50km, no punctures and very rewarding. Thanks Jennie and John. 

Gary Broughton's Circuit to Ocean Grove - Thursday 18.8.22
I Woke up this morning thinking will I or won't I ride today, but thinking, or rather hoping, with the forecast of strong winds and the possibility of rain, that probably no one will turn up and I can just turn around again and go home. But, not to be, as I was joined for the ride by Brendan, Janet, Ken S, Peter F, Philip and Steve. The advertised ride was down the BRT, Curlewis, Wallington to Ocean Grove but we decided to do the ride in reverse, in this way, taking advantage of the wind down 13th Beach Rd. This worked a treat as we had a tail wind along 13th Beach and the trees along the BRT provided some welcome relief from the relentless wind as we rode home. The only slight blemish on an otherwise good ride was that Philip punctured on 13th Beach Rd. Thank you to all riders for a good ride and great company.

Chris Halpin's Hard Ride (via the Barrabool Hills!) to Bannockburn on Tuesday 16.8.22
Eight hardy riders at the Fyansford this morning - the cream of the GTC pitting themselves against the elements for a Nick Tarnay special. Hard it was. Ben, Janet, Jenny, John M, Peter N and Ray followed me through the Papermill, out the Hwy, up Merrawarp and into Barrabool for a few extra hills into the westerly. A beautiful wind assisted descent of Pollocksford and back to the Hamilton Hwy. A second puncture experience forced us to prune the course slightly, turning north up Burnside to a welcome coffee in Bannockburn. Perhaps we lingered a bit long over coffee as the rain finally caught up with us on Parkers and then Steiglitz Roads, but on we pushed to the Ted Wilson Trail and back to Fyansford. Just on 75km and a tough ride in the conditions. Special mention to Ray for saving us with his amazing Bikehand tyre leaver gizmo that managed to reseat Peter's tyre and complete the first puncture repair. A great ride in better company. Thanks everyone.

Lindy Lester Leads the Sunday Ride to Armstrong Creek - 14.8.22
We had a very relaxed start at the station. Our usual ride leader for the Deakin route Doug was absent and thus with the threat of rain, we mutually decided to change and shorten the route and head to Cockatoo at Warrilily for coffee. Through Breakwater, down through the ovals, crossing the BH road without the lights that we have become accustomed to, and up through Belmont back streets to Grovedale and Reserve Road. We continued onto Horseshoebend Road, weaving our way to the BH road once we reached the detour on that road. Passing coffee the first time, we decided that we needed a few more KMs, so down to the next lights and onto Warrilily Bvd back to HSB Road where we continued on the paths back to coffee. Barry led the group admirably. We met John H who had booked the table and Don at coffee. I don’t know what happened after that, because my bike went in the car at that point!!!!
It was a fun and relaxed ride. Thank you to my fellow riders: Barry T, Geoff C, Hugh, Jennie, Joe, Richard, Leo and myself.

Chris Halpin Leads the Saturday GRAVEL Ride to Bellbrae & Moriac - 13.8.22
Only 2 Gravelleurs this morning. Chris and I teamed up to enjoy the peace and quiet of the back roads over Mt Duneed to Moriac. The fire at the General Store was most welcome and we enjoyed coffee and treats. Home via Cape Otway and Waurn Ponds Dve, through Deakin Uni. Just over 50km in mostly bright sunshine.
Chris Halpin.

Doug Leads the Saturday Ride to Torquay (not Jan Juc) - 13.8.22
With no Ride Leader appointed for today’s ride I volunteered to lead the ride on two conditions. Firstly, we avoid Swell at Jan Juc because of it being Saturday morning, it is so busy and suggested we take our coffee (and cakes etc.) break at the Maple Bakery (my favourite coffee place in Torquay). Secondly, as rain was forecast for around 11.00am we shortened the course marginally, in the hope of finishing before the rain comes. The peloton consisted of: Doug, Greg, Hugh, Jennie, Jo, Ken S, Kim and John M. With all riders happy with the changed arrangements off we went. Along Whites Road we had a minor disruption in that Hugh took a work-related telephone call that took some time to deal with, so Plan B was actioned whereby Jo and Hugh would join us at the Maple Bakery. Proceeding along Willowite Road I managed to strike a diamond shaped rock which pierced the front wheel tyre into the tube resulting in a flat tyre. This ensued seeing poetry at work whereby Greg removed the tyre and tube before I even got my tyre levers out of the bag. Just as quickly, Greg had the new tube and tyre back on the wheel. The CO2 cylinder, provided by Kim, had the tyre pumped-up again and off we went. A great team effort in tyre changing with Greg leading the charge. Arriving at the Maple Bakery, Jo and Hugh were already there and were done with coffee. The chatter over coffee saw us take a bit longer than usual which indicated we were all up for a chat, enjoying each other’s company. Thanks to Ken for taking the photos and taking the peloton back to Grovedale. Thanks also to Lindy for being TEC. Distance 64 kms and no rain.
Scribe: Doug

Janet Leads the Thursday Ride to Lara - 11.8.22
With wind and rain forecast we were a small group today. Brendan, Ken S, Paul, Ray, Trudi and I.  Out to Lara via Hovells Creek we headed straight for coffee before returning along the Ted Wilson. Very slight rain on our return didn't spoil a lovely ride. Thanks for your company, Janet.

TWO Rides to Moriac - Gravel & Bitumen - on Tuesday 9.8.22

Gravel Ride Led by Chris Halpin
Chris Hu navigated the Gravelleurs, Chris Ha, Janet and Lindy, on a magic tour of the Moriac back roads in bright sunshine. We pedalled slowly to help Lindy gather her fitness and thoroughly enjoyed various turns to reach Flaxbourne Rd and into Moriac for coffee with the 'Roadies'. Home via Waurn Ponds Drive with a few more variations, totally around 50km. Thanks all, a great ride.
Chris Halpin.

Bitumen Ride Led by Ken Smith
Today’s weather forecast was to be zero degrees in the morning with fog. We were spared both as it was cold but when the sun shone, it was good to be on our bikes as we anticipated pedalling up those hills. We had an early coffee stop at Moriac. The ride leader took the wrong turn and instead of turning right off the M1 on to Hendy Main he turned left down Hendy Main to Moriac. All is forgiven - he was assured that this would not stop him being the ride leader again. The social time as usual was friendly with lots of chatter and fun. At its conclusion it was decided to back track up Hendy Main, Barrabool, Considines, Cape Otway, Mt Duneed, and Ghazeepore. There were only five riders left to complete the ride. Julia and Steve punctured on the way and turned back, Gary helped Julia and Steve was helped by the other men. Ray was having mechanical problems so he decided he had enough so he turned around and headed to Gregs.The bitumen riders were David L, Gary, Geoff, Jennie, Julia, Kim, Mark K, Ray, Steve,Trudi and Paul Ba and myself. Thank you to all who rode.
Ken Smith.

Greg Leads the 8am Sunday Ride to Gnarwarre - 7.8.22
On a fine but cool morning I was pleased to find Peter C, David L and Steve McD waiting at South Geelong Station. At 8 am we set off for TW Trail and then out Midland Hwy, using the service road to give us a speedy descent into  Batesford. Daruna Way led us through Dog Rocks Estate before the long climb passed the granite outcrop. I was pleased the group  was happy to use Merrawarp Rd rather than the long hard climb up Pollocksford Rd. We were soon at Cottage Farm Nursery and were the only visitors. Chris offered a new dish on the menu, Lumberjack Cake, which was delicious. It was then down to Princes Hwy where 3 of us turned left but Peter took Considines Rd wanting a longer ride. It was easy pedalling but we did pass a few groups of riders stopped repairing punctures caused by smashed glass. We then parted ways at Pigdons Rd.
Thanks to my companions for an enjoyable ride and to Peter for the photos.                                           
Greg Allerton, Ride Leader.

Kim Leads the 9am Sunday Ride to Drysdale via Curlewis - 7.8.22
It was a perfect morning for a ride and although a bit chilly there wasn’t any wind but lots of sunshine to brighten the day. When I arrived at the normal meeting point at South Geelong Station, with minutes to spare, there wasn’t a fellow rider insight. Surely they didn’t leave early I thought to my self. I was about to leave when I investigated some chatter I was hearing further along the platform, ah I was not alone after all. A quick election was held and an involuntary leader, being me, was elected. A couple of late riders then arrived from the showgrounds, wrong starting point. This made 8 of us, Craig, Gary, Jennie, myself Kim, Paul B, Ray, Ron and Leo.
We rode the BRT, which was very sparse with walkers, down to Curlewis shopping centre and around the back of Drysdale to the Bungalow Cafe. It was great to see John Hagan was there waiting for us with a reserved table. Once we were refuelled for the return trip we said good bye to John and headed to Swan Bay Rd and back home through Leopold. A very pleasant morning's ride with a great group of people. Special thanks to assistant ride leader Gary for his navigation skills, photographer John and to Leo and Craig for the TEC duties.

Jennie Leads the Saturday Ride to Portarlington and Ken Smith Writes the Report - 6.8.22
Jennie offered to lead the ride, and Ken would do the report, and John Hagan although not riding took the photos on the way. The morning was very cold with a north west wind. As we rode the wind assisted us most of the time on the way to Daniel's Donuts Cafe. The riders were: Alison, Chris Ha, Chris Hu, Jennie, John M, Julia, Lindy, Mark S,Paul Ba, Ray, Leo, and myself. Chris Hu and Lindy rode to Drysdale, Mark joined us on the Drysdale By Pass. On the way back the wind had strengthened and on Swan Bay Road we rode into a head wind making the ride difficult at times. The good thing we did not have any rain. Jennie thanks all who rode and helped make her first ride as leader easier.
Ken Smith.

Gary Leads the Bitumen Ride to Moriac and Janet the Gravel Ride - 4.8.22

Bitumen Report
After the weather over the last couple of days it was great to be able to ride on such a good day. Joining me for today’s ride to Moriac was Alison, Brendan McC, David L, Jennie, Julia, Ken S, Peter C, Peter F, Steve McD and Trudy while Janet and Chris H opted for the gravel ride. Unfortunately Brendan forgot his helmet and after returning home he met us at Moriac for coffee and the ride home. Also meeting us at Moriac was Kim who was delayed due to issues with his home renos. Today’s ride saw us travel to Moriac via Ghazeepore, Dickens, Blackgate, Grassdale, Hendy Main, Larcombes, Layards and CO Rd., with the return ride along CO Rd, Mt Duneed, and Ghazeepore. After mostly head winds on the outward ride we were blessed by the wind gods with a mostly tail wind coming home. Thank you all riders for a great ride and to Trudy and Julia who shared the duties of TEC.

Gravel Report
Quite a few road riders today but only Chris Hu and I were keen to take on some dirt roads. These included Whites, Petteval, Dickins and Hunts before we hit the road at Hendy Main and made our way to coffee at Moriac  where the road crew were settled in already. We found some dirt on the way home along Ervins and Drayton. They were all in good condition and and enjoyed by us both. Thanks Chris for sharing your knowledge. 

Ken Smith Leads the Tuesday Ride to Pt Lonsdale - 2.8.22
There were twelve riders including myself ready to take on the strong wind that had been forcasted. Fortunatley we only experienced the strong wind on the way back near Leopold. We enjoyed our social time at the Cafe, Chris and Alison joined us at the Cafe, and rode different ways to each other and the Peloton on the way home.Thank you to Alison, Chris, Jennie, John M, Mark J, Paul Ba, Peters C+N, Ray, Steve, and Trudi.
Ken Smith.

Greg Allerton Leads the Sunday Ride to Lara - 31.7.22
I was at Rippleside Park before 9 am  but as the last to arrive the 7 other participants decided I must lead the ride to Lara. This was a risky move on their part as I am well known for leading rides of 100 km. However I took pity on them and followed the usual Hovells Creek route to Lara into a moderate but cold NW wind. It was great to find John Hagan waiting for us near Xpresso Cafe, as he took a group photo. Xpresso was very crowded with two other cycling groups. Tail wind helped us on the return trip along TWT back to Church St, from where riders made their own way home.  Thanks to Leo and Trudie, Jennie, Paul B,  Peter C, and Lyn P for riding and John H for meeting us at Xpresso.         
Greg Allerton, Ride Leader.

The GTC Breaks into at least 4 Groups for the Ride to Moriac - Saturday 30.7.22
Pretty much a self-directed ride today. Ken and I were recovering from lurgies and had decided to take an easy option. We were met by a big group at Bunnings including Geoff, Hugh, Jennie and Jo, Julia, Kim, Ray, Peter C & Peter N, Phil, Richard and Trudi. A small group followed to Moriac the easy way. Others turned up Devon, some came down Anderson's, others through to Considines. Lindy, Mark Kelly and another Richard were sipping coffees at the General Store.  Alison and John drove to coffee to meet the cyclists. It was all happening. The run home down through Paraparap was magic in the beautiful sunshine. I hope everyone made it home safely - me and Ken did.
Cheers, Chris Halpin.

Peter Chilver extended his ride - "I left the group at Grassdale Rd continued along Hendy Main, through Ocean Acres to Grossmans into Darian, along the Esplanade to Horseshoe Bend right into Blackgate along 13th beach through to Grubb road in Ocean Grove then home along the Bellarine. Rounding out my 100km on a beautiful morning." Peter C.

Gary Broughton Leads the Thursday Ride to Barwon Heads & Curlewis - 28.7.22
As no ride leader had been designated for today’s ride I became the self-appointed leader for the ride to Ocean Grove. Riding with me were Chris H, Janet, Jennie (who left early to go to work), Peter C, Peter F, Peter N, Steve McD and Trudy. After considering the weather forecast of 80% rain and possible small hail, I decided to make a change to the advertised route and ride to Barwon Heads via Warrally, Lake, BH Road and return via 13th Beach. All went according to plan until Chris H punctured and I return to lend a hand while the rest of the peloton rode on slowly, and for us to rondevu at BH Road. However, upon our arrival, a mutiny had taken place and the mutineers decided to give BH Rd a miss and, taking advantage of the wind, wanted to use 13th Beach instead. All good, and after a great ride down 13th, we stopped for coffee at the Ebb and Flow Café to enjoy great coffee and cake and to solve some worldly problems. After coffee, and given consideration to the weather gods, it was a group decision that we abandon the return ride along 13th Beach for the original publicized script of returning via Wallington, Curlewis Rd and the BRT, which, considering that the bad weather never eventuated, was a great way to ride home. Just as we were leaving the Ebb and Flow Mark K rolled up for his first ride in six weeks. Mark rode with us for a few kilometers before returning home. Welcome back Mark. Thank you all for a great ride, good company and lots of laughs.

Janet Leads the Sunday Ride on a Circuit of Geelong - 24.7.22
Today's ride was definately a collaborative effort with navigation. A few wrong turns were taken along the way and I saw some areas I had not ridden through before.  Those starting the ride at the South Geelong Station were: Craig, David L, Geoff, Greg, Hugh, Ian, Janet, Jennie, Jo, Kim, Mark L, Peter C,  Ray and Richard S. We set off along the waterfront, through Norlane and Corio to the TWTrail which took us to our lovely coffee stop at the Fyansford Paper Mills. From there several riders departed beginning the great attrition. Next up were the hills of Wandana Heights over to Bunnings by which stage there was only Greg, Peter and myself.  From here we headed over to Armstrong Creek and the adventure began including a dirt road which looked fine at the start but ended up a honeycomb of water filled potholes. Luckily the sun was out and we were enjoying ourselves.  When Greg left us it was just the ride leader and Tail End Charli Peter left to finish the ride. Fun ride in great company.
Thanks everyone, Janet.

Chris Halpin Leads the Ride to Drysdale on a Soggy Saturday -23.7.22
"Wettest ever" said John Miro - who am I to argue. Only 2 others, Chris Hu and Peter C, waiting in light rainfall at the Showgrounds starting point this morning. We quickly agreed to shorten the ride and enjoy coffee at Bungalow instead of toughing it out all the way to Portarlington. John joined us on the BRT as we sailed on to Drysdale. John Hagan had reserved a table for us inside, which was much appreciated. Also chatting at Bungalow were Pam, Butch, Mick and families. So, back on our soggy bikes to 'enjoy' uninterrupted rain all the way home. Thanks Peter, John and Chris for your company and endurance.
Cheers, Chris Ha.

Gary Leads the Thursday Ride to Cottage Farm Nursery Cafe in Gnarwarre - 21.7.22
I’m sure if we all cast our mind back we can remember the song Daydream by The Lovin Spoonfull where the first line is “What a day for a daydream”, well today was “What a day for a bike ride”. With the peloton of Brenden M, Chris Hu and HA, David L, Janet R, Jennie P, Ken S, Peter C, Steve McD and myself assembled and ready to go at 9.00am, we were confronted with thick fog, and after deciding it was too dangerous to ride up the hill from the Hotel, we opted for the safer route to the Hamilton Hwy via Upper Paper Mills Rd. From there we were blanketed in thick fog which only started to clear near the corner of Pollocksfrod Rd and Barrabool Rd, where we were joined by Kim. Setting off again after coffee at the Cottage Farm Nursery Café, we found ourselves bathed in sunshine with no wind, no rain and no punctures, for rest of the ride home. The ride home saw us riding Barrabool Rd., Considines Rd., Hortips Rd., CO Rd., Mount Duneed Rd., Ghazeepore Rd. and Pigdons Rd. at which point, after dropping of riders along the way, the remainder of the peloton parted for our own way home.
By the way Trudy I think your crown of being the last to arrive at the start and your ability to arrive with only minutes to spare might be under serious threat from David L as he arrived just as we were leaving.
Thank you riders for a great mornings ride and great company. Gary.

TWO Ride to Queenscliff - Gravel & Bitumen Versions on Tuesday - 19.7.22
Gravel Version Led by Janet Roussety
Joining me in my gravel ride today to Queenscliff were Chris Hu, David L,  Ken G and Mark J. We road with the road group to Drysdale along the BRT then continued on the trail. The Drysdale lake was very full and there was a large amount of water along the trail around the lake. I'm not sure I convinced the others than it was part of the fun! Coffee at Rolling Pin then David and I joined the road group back along the highway as the others had gone their own ways searching for some more K's. Thanks to Steve and Chris Ha for assisting me with my first puncture on my gravel bike and also Peter for coming back to find us. 
Happy and safe riding, Janet

Bitumen Version Reported on By Peter Chilver
Today’s fine weather brought out the riders in force and at the start we had Trudi, Julie, Janet, Dave, Steve, Ken S, Chris Hu, Chris Ha, Ken G, Paul, yours truly and a big welcome back to Ray who rode in with Paul. All together for a leisurely ride along BRT to Jetty road where the dirt people separated leaving 8 roadies. We made quick time along Princess St then turned into a head wind along Swan Bay Road. At Banks Road Ken went right to go home causing a slight disruption as a few riders followed him around the corner. We all regrouped at the ambulance station and continued along Queenscliff Rd to the rail trail. Planning to coffee at the marina we had scenic ride along the rail trail only to find our destination closed. After a visit to the ferry terminal to inspect work progress we reevaluated and went to Rolling Pin catching up with the dirt tribe. A shuffle of groups saw Chris Hu and Ken G head off back to ocean Grove while the rest of us headed out with a good tail wind along the Bellarine. Ray came as far as Wallington roundabout to get his 80kms. Janet punctured near Flying Brick Cider. Dave, Trudi and Julie kept going and then there were 4. We got back to the Showgrounds together after a wonderful DRY ride.
Peter C

Peter Chilver Reports on the Sunday Ride to Lara - 17.7.22
Two brave souls joined me this morning Jo and Hugh were waiting when I arrived. After a short discussion “Where is everyone?” We set off to Lara into a gusting head wind. First stop was the end of the Hovells trail so far so good quick discussion determined Hugh needed to get home quickly so coffee was off the menu as we continued on through a couple of annoying showers along forest to Heales rd where we spotted black clouds ahead. Some people had rain jackets with them on the skies opened up with a ride into a head wind. The Ted Wilson started in dappled sunshine with Jo declaring the theory the wind would keep the rain away. Wrong another downpour had yours truly totally saturated. The ride was declared finished at Church st where we parted company for a quick ride home. Apart from the wind and rain it was enjoyable ride in good company..
Peter C.

Greg Allerton's Speed Ride - 16.7.22
I left from South Geelong Station at 8-03 am thinking I was in for a solitary ride but after just crossing Yarra St heard a yell in the distance and was very pleased to see the late arrival of Jo and Hugh with their half finished cups of coffee in hand after tardy service at a nearby cafe. There was a light north wind as we made our way out to TW Trail. Bluestone Bridge hill warmed us up as we pushed into  a strengthening head wind. Robbs Rd led us to Sutherlands Creek (26 km) and it was then back via Moorabool and again onto TWT and we parted ways atop Church St. I was home by 10-30 after 52 km in 2h23m av  22 kph, which was quite good given the strong wind. Jo and Hugh liked the concept of the early start and to get back home in quick time. I hope there will be more riders on the next Fast 50  to be held on Saturday 20 August starting 8 am SG Station.          Greg Allerton.

Ken Smith's Saturday Ride to Le Due Sorelle in Bannockburn - 16.7.22
Three riders joined me: Jennie, John M and Leo. The weather forecast was for the rain to come about 4pm but unfortunately for us it started about 9/45am and the winds strength from the North West increased. Leo turned back and the three of us continued on to Bannockburn.The ride distance was reduced, and we returned back to Fyansford the way we had ridden. When we arrived at the Cafe, the sky was clear and the rain had cleared. John Hagan was driving again and had arranged to meet us there. Although only a small number we enjoyed each other's company.
Ken Smith.

Janet Leads the Thursday Ride to Ocean Grove - 14.7.22
A cracker of a day for a winters ride to Ocean Grove. We took the usual suspects of Lake Rd, 13th Beach, coffee at the Groove then home via Wallington and the BRT. Thanks to the following for your company:
Brendon, Chris Hu, Jennie, Julia, Ken S, Mark J, (TEC) Peter F, Phil and Trudi. 
Happy riding everyone,  Janet.

Janet Leads the Sunday Ride to Portarlington - 10.7.22
A very cold morning saw the following meet at South Geelong Station: Chris Hu, Greg, Hugh, Jennie, Jo, Julia, Ken G, Leo, Lindy, Paul B, Peter C and myself. We took the BRT to Drysdale with Jennie puncturing along the way. From there some headed to the caravan for coffee while Jennie, Julia and Ken joined me to head to Portarlington.  The biggest of thanks goes to Leo who came to our rescue along the bypass when Ken had a puncture and we couldn't get the tyre off. A phone call to Leo, interrupting his coffee, was very generously answered and he came to find us. 
From there we took Mooradoc Road then around into lunch at the bakery in Portarlington.  Great food and service sitting in the sun. The roller-coaster on the way home where Ken left us to go on an extended ride, leaving the 3 ladies to finish the ride along the BRT.  Thank you all for your company and a big shout out to Leo 

Chris Halpin's Saturday Ride to Cheeky Cow in Collendina - 9.7.22
Almost needed extra suntan lotion today! T'was beautiful sunshine for the 9 bravehearts waiting patiently at the Grovedale - but still biting cold and ominous cloud formations. We had Hugh, Ken & Kim, Janet, Jennie, Jo & Julia, Leo and yours truly. We set off down Torquay Rd, turning into Warralilly Rd. John Miro joined us on Lake Rd just in time to help fix Jo's puncture. Hugh, and of course Leo, stayed to assist. The rest of us sped on to 13th Beach and around the foreshore to the Cheeky Cow. Still dry - amazing. Nice and warm inside. However, coffee prices have hit 'unprecedented' levels ($6.50), so be warned. Jo and the mechanics arrived soon after just as a heavy shower washed our bikes hanging outside. Soon the sun came out again and we decided to race the weather back the way we came. Made it most of the way back to Grovedale before a light shower caught us, and no more punctures. Thanks everyone for the company. About 60km all up.