GTC News Tuesday - 26.5.20
Cancellation of all GTC Club Rides
With regret, the GTC Exec has decided to CANCEL ALL OFFICIAL CLUB RIDES and activities, 
in line with Govt recommendations and current best practice for community organisations due to the COVID-19 Virus.

New Ride Calendar from JUNE (if covid regulations permit) - click on link in left column.

Update on Marie Bagley - 25.5.20
Marie is pleased with her progress and should be out of hospital soon. She said that she has not lost any confidence with her cycling so hopefully she will be back to it before too long. JH.

Tuesday Ride to Bellbrae and Jan Juc - 26.5.20
Good roll up for Trudi’s Bunch Ride this morning, 14 riders in all. To comply with the 10 limit we split into two groups of seven, Peter O led off with Gary, Mark K, Mike C, Nick, David and Kim. A short time later I followed with Trudi, Sarah, Jennie, Julie, Chris Ha and Doug. Usual course out to Anglesea Rd, Blackgate Rd, Grassdale Rd, Hendy Main Rd, Vickerys Rd, Gundry Rd, GOR, Addiscott Rd, Bones etc into Jan Juc where we enjoyed a lovely coffee. Unfortunately the fog did not lift apart from a few brief period now and again. Following coffee the A team took off and headed back straight down the Hwy, the B team took the Toilet option and rode the Esplanade through Torquay to the toilets, then back through the houses and rejoined the Hwy at Bunnings. An uneventful run back along the Hwy before everyone split to make their own way home, and no the fog still hadn’t lifted but fog or no fog it was a great ride in good company.
Cheers, Peter.

Doug Leads the Group to Bowside in Bellbrae for Coffee on Sunday 24.5.20
Jennie P, John H, Leo and Trudi B, along with Peter O’B and Doug W headed south from the Grovedale Hotel into a SSW 15 kilometres head wind, heading for Paraparap and Bellbrae. Along the way we encounted a light shower of rain which was just enough to require a wipe of the glasses. Heading along Hendy Main Road, Trudi punctured and as usual, Leo to the rescue, however, it took nearly as long to find the cause of the puncture (which was a small piece of wire or like embedded in the tyre) than it did for Leo to change the tube and pump-up the tyre. A timely coffee break was taken at Bowside Café in Bellbrae. The good thing about returning to Grovedale, was the tail-wind back to the starting point. Not finished with flat tyres for the day, Doug’s rear tyre went flat 50 metres from home. The wind was cold, the pace was hot and the company was extremely warm and pleasant with lots of chat along the way. Thank goodness for small group riding. In round figures the distance was 60 kilometres and we gained 315 metres. Photographs courtesy of John H.
Doug W.

Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove on Saturday 23.5.20
Two Peters, two Chris' and triple J, Jennie, Julie and Janet on today's ride to Groove. A bit of mizzle on my way to the Showgrounds to start but disappeared by the time 9.00 am came around. Rolled out to Groove with an occasional spit and occasional Sun. Coffee was good as usual at Groove, rode through a light drizzle along 13 th Beach which disappeared by the end where we took the Mt Duneed Rd option to avoid the HSBend closure. The ride home was pleasant with a trail wind for most of the way. Excellent morning ride in good company. Cheers Peter. 

A Bunch of 10 Ride to Moriac - Thursday 21.5.20
Trudi's bunch joined with Peter O and Doug to ride out to Moriac. Three extra including Janet's sister Trina and we hit the magic number, 10. We headed out to Moriac via Merrawarp and Barrabool, lovely and green after plenty of rain and with the cold crisp air and a bit of Sun it was glorious. Took coffee at Moriac in the Sun before Doug and Barry headed off to Torquay and the rest took the Hortips, Considines, Barrabool and Pollocksford option. Short run down the Hamilton Hwy back to Fyansford where we split to head home. Cheers Peter.

Marie Bagley in Bicycle Accident
Marie had a bad accident Friday morning (15.5.20) when she collided with a car door in Drysdale on her way to coffee.  She fell and the back of her helmet hit the road causing some brain damage and bleeding. Geof says that at the moment she is suffering from the effects of whiplash, a headache from the brain trauma and needs some aspects of the vascular system to stabilise. It is possible that she could be home from hospital in a couple of days. Our thoughts are with Marie and Geof and we wish her a speedy recovery.
JH - 20.5.20

Peter Jones' Ride from Torquay to Lorne & Return - 19.5.20
Peter O and Peter J rode from home, Ted took the easy option just riding to Torquay for a coffee and then home. At Torquay we met up with Nick and Sarah, great to see Nick back on the road on the bike. Also Ken S, Chris Hu, Chris Ha, and Janet. We picked up Trudi at the big Roundabout and Jennie at Anglesea and had a very enjoyable ride down to Lorne. Lunch was in the park opposite the Bakery Cafe, Egg and Bacon rolls were popular and can be highly recommended. The run home was good, a little wind affected but nothing we can't handle. Peter and Peter headed off home on the Surf Coast Hwy and the rest headed to their cars and home. Peter O picked up a pfft, pfft, pfft, puncture which was soon changed and we rolled on home. Great ride yet again. Cheers Petet J.

Peter O'B's Ride to Pt Lonsdale - 16.5.20
Lonsdale on a lovely sunny day. Chilly start but turned into a lovely day for a ride. Good to get some of the bunch back together again.
Cheers, PJ.

Ride to Moriac on Thursday 14.5.20
It was all Gary's idea - an easy ride to Moriac to work his broken toe back into shape. Apparently he kicked the Victa Mower by accident. We ended up with five starters, Mike, Janet, Barry, Gary and myself heading out of Bunnings. Up Waurn Ponds Dve, on to Pettavel, Reservoir and into Moriac on Cape Otway Rd. Shared coffee at the General Store with Sarah and Doug. Back on the bikes it was still very cold riding down Hendy Main. Said goodbye to Barry at Paraparap corner and we four headed for Blackgate Rd where we met Lindy out solo. A quick chat and then to Anglesea Rd, Dickens, Ghazeepore and home.
Thanks for leading Gary and all for the social company.  Chris Ha

Zoom meeting for our May Club Night - Thursday 7.5.20
History making Zoom meeting for our May Club Night. President Lindy welcomed Pam, POB, PJ, Nick Tarnay, Ken Smith, Ian, Doug, Ross and Janet along with fellow committee members, Mike, Ted, and myself promptly at 7.30pm.  Lindy provided a summary of committee actions including our draft Extreme Weather policy. Ted spoke to the In Case of Emergency (ICE) card initiative and reported that Ambulance Victoria Western Region Ambos have been briefed to look out for our cards in their work programs. Ted also summarised progress with the expanded insurance cover initiative. The definition of 'club sanctioned' rides was clarified. Peter O'Brien briefed us on safety issues including a video of why we shouldn't ride 2 abreast on 13th Beach Rd.
Meeting moderator Mike attempted to show us a video of his recent bike ride thru Vietnam and Cambodia to Bankok. Great video - but no sound track - so this segment was abandoned. Mike later provided a YOUTube link - Click here to watch on YouTube (right clickon link to open in new window).
The meeting finished promptly at the 40 minute deadline. Well done everyone involved for a memorable meeting.
Cheers, Chris.

We can see from STRAVA that many of our cyclists are out and about - Monday 4.5.20 - Trudi & Peter J riding Leopold, Ocean Grove & Armstrong Creek for 61km.

John & Jennie Ride Buckley's Falls, Ceres Lookout and Coffee at WP Shopping Centre, Breakwater & back along the Barwon (44km) on Saturday 2.5.20

LEST WE FORGET - Pam's Bike at the Avenue of Honour on the Bellarine Rail Trail - 25.4.20

Pam has been training her grandson Harry - he has ridden the rail trail to Moolap twice this week - 25.4.20

Nick has got Training Wheels at last!

Paired Twos at Pt Lonsdale - Tuesday 21.4.20

Cancellation of all GTC Club Rides
During this unprecedented time (in our lifetimes anyway) of the “Covid-19 lockdown” your committee have been busy behind the scenes working on two items to make your riding experience as good as can be expected in the current circumstances.
1. Insurance
We have negotiated with our insurance company to extend the personal accident cover of our policy to include any and all rides taken by our members as long as they are notified to the Club in advance. Previously you were only covered if you were taking part in one of the rides included in the official ride schedule.
Many of you have taken up that offer but, for those that haven’t, please note that the policy covers not only 80% of out of pocket medical expenses up to $1,500 but also a $50,000 accidental death cover.
Make sure you notify the Club of your rides in advance to be able to take advantage of this arrangement.
2. ICE Card
Another initiative is the provision of an In Case of Accident (I.C.E.) card. This is designed to give first responders (eg. ambulance officers) information about you that might be critical in case of needing urgent medical treatment. In addition to your name and emergency contact details the card has provision for any medical conditions, medications and allergies.
We understand that some of you will have already utilised something similar, whether it be a bracelet or necklace, either with engraved details or USB connection to provide the information electronically. We considered these options before deciding on “old school” technology to minimise cost and make it simple for everyone to use.
Ted Reeve.

A couple of paired groups riding this Saturday morning - to Freshwater Ck, Bellbrae, Jan Juc (Coffee from Swell) & Torquay on 18.4.20 - Julia & Peter J, Leo & Trudi.

All Keeping their Distance (photo below - Trudi goes past the Moriac Primary School) - Check out the link for 16.4.20

Peter Jones over the Barwon on Merrawarp Rd - Monday 13.4.20

Noel & Clint - Coffee outside Moriac Store - Monday 13.4.20

Fran Forsyth RIP - Monday 6.4.20
GTC Life Member Fran Forsyth died today peacefully at home aged 76, cared for by daughters Jane and  Kate, after a long battle with cancer. Fran attended Tate St Primary school in East Geelong as did her great friend (and fellow GTC Life Member) Lynn Kerr, who was a couple of grades ahead. Fran went to Geelong High School and then  did Nurse Training in Geelong. She worked for many years both here and in Lara. In 1989 Fran and Lynn did the Great Victorian BikeRide from Yarrawonga to Melbourne and the following year joined GTC. One of their earliest club rides was a Progressive Lunch with Cuppa Soup at my place on a cold showery day and finishing with dessert (icecream and fruit salad) at Ron Turnleys. Fran bluntly suggested that something hot might have been more appropriate. Club cuisine has improved considerably since then, thanks to Lynn and Fran. In the pre internet days Fran was the club photographer creating a great record of club activities. She loved to travel and did many tours  both local and  overseas including GVBR and Bike SA as well as Police Bike Club events. Fran was always a popular and well known rider. She also enjoyed overseas travel without bike. In more recent years she was very involved with Dragons Abreast doing ladies dragon boat racing, for which she had many medals. Fran will be sadly missed by so many friends.
Greg Allerton.

The photo of Fran below was taken last October at the Club's 40th Anniversary Celebrations at Grovedale - and the photos following are from our GTC archives - approx 2005.

A little advertising here and a request from Nick Tarnay to aid him in his rehabilitation after his bike accident:
I’ve got 2 pairs  of 10 speed Mavic kysirium SL wheels needing a new home. Make an offer - going super cheap!
I would like to borrow a turbo trainer for a month or so.

Ted & Chris Halpin ride the Hovells Creek Trail - Chris took the photos!

A reflective dam on the Bellarine by Pam - 8.4.20.

Two of our Riders for coffee in the Park at Drysdale Station - a popular spot as you can easyly keep your distance - photo from Marie.

Ken & Lyn on their recent trip to New Zealand

Peter Jones & Chris Halpin ride through Freshwater Creek - Photo on Petavel Rd - 3.4.20

Pam had company on the Ride!

Signs Around the Surf Coast Shire - this one coming into Moriac.

Sunrise from Pam on a Solo Ride

John Hagan's Easy Ride to Torquay on Sunday 22.3.20
Eleven riders turned up for the easy saunter to El Nido Cafe in Torquay. From L to R below: John H, Ken S, Marie, Clint, Ross, Noel, Mark J, Lindy, Jennie, Pam and Sarah. Lindy gave a safety talk re the Coronavirus and the importance of sticking to the guidelines (above). We broke up into 2 groups as we headed south and kept in single file with generous spacings. We took the Surf Coast Highway in light drizzle to the lights just past the Surf Coast Shire buildings and headed east to El Nido Cafe in the Dunes Village. This served our purpose well as we were able to sit outside under cover and space ourselves around. After coffee and conversation we took Horseshoe Bend Rd back to Burvilles Rd, passing the Geelong Memorial Park & Crematorium, across to the Surf Coast Highway - by this time there was only Jennie and myself left as most had headed home just before. The total distance of the loop was 28km. Most did quite a few more km as Noel & Clint had come in from Lara, Pam from Moolap and Marie from Ocean Grove.
Thanks to all for keeping to the guidelines and for an enjoyable ride. John H.

Peter Jones Leads Day FIVE of the Canberra Tour - 22.3.20
Final ride report, Day five has ended and along with it our Tour. The worsening virus situation has forced us to return a day early.
Today we went over to Kingston to the Bus Depot Markets, sadly depleted to almost nothing because of the virus restrictions. Following coffee and chat we checked out the Glass Works and watched some talented artists at work. Then it was off to lunch at Manaka before meandering home via RMC Duntroon, Mt Pleasant and Dickson Shopping Centre.
Cheers, Peter.

Doug Wyatt Leads the Saturday Ride to Barwon Heads - 21.3.20
In very overcast cool conditions, six riders assembled at the Eastern Beach car park for the ride to Barwon Heads. Riders were Ken S (Birthday Boy), Greg A, Ian B, Chris Ha, Ross (who had ridden in from Torquay) and myself. Aided by a slight tail wind we traversed Breakwater Road then onto Barwon Heads Road, Lake Road and back onto Barwon Heads Road for an easy ride into Barwon Heads, thanks to a slight tail wind. Chris and Ross elected not to stop for coffee and continued on. The tables at the Beach House café were spread far and wide to ensure compliance with current requirements. Our return course was 13th Beach Road, the cycle path, Blackgate Road. With a mild head wind after leaving Barwon Heads, every one took a turn at the front. Great team work. At Horseshoe Bend Road, Greg turned left towards Torquay to take the long way home and the rest of us turned right, the shorter way back to Geelong. The total distance was 58 kilometres.

Peter Jones Leads Day FOUR of the Canberra Tour - 21.3.20
Another lovely day on the bike. Headed up the hill past the AIS and Belconen to the Lake and up Dairy Farmers Hill. Had a very interesting tour by an enthusiastic volunteer. Rode on around the Lake to Yarralumla for lunch at the Farmer's Daughter Cafe before the bunch split to go their own ways. 
Cheers, Peter.

Peter Jones Leads Day THREE of the Canberra Tour - 20.3.20
A really easy day on the bike today, just a short ride down to the Lake and around to the National Museum. Had the usual coffee stop looking out over the lake. After the Museum some meandered back to camp, some to the National Gallery to see the Picasso Exhibition, and finally a group to the Parliament for lunch at the Queens Cafe and a tour of the building. Pizza night tonight.
Cheers, Peter.  

Chris Hume Leads the Thursday Group to Moriac - 19.3.20
Ten riders for the Moriac  ride today: David, Garry, Ross, Kim, Doug, Barry, Sarah, Noel, Chris Ha and Hu. We avoided the first part of the Hamilton Highway by going via the  Old Paper Mills and up-to the Upper Parer Mills Rd, from here it was onto Merrawarp Rd, Barrabool Rd and finally Hendy Main Rd and thus to the Moriac Store for refreshments. The weather was ideal for riding, no wind, quiet roads and temperature in the low twenties. After Coffee Doug and Ross, who had ridden to the start from Torquay headed home, the rest of us returned via Reservoir Rd, Pettavel Rd and Waurn Ponds Dr. Once onto Pigdons Rd the peleton split up as we headed home. A great ride with a few hills!!
Chris Hu.

Peter Jones Leads Day TWO of the Canberra Tour - 19.3.20
Another lovely day in Paradise, headed back down to the Lake and around to Anzac Parade, the memorial to the Boar War and the Light Horseman is just stunning. Then on to the War Memorial. After coffee at Poppys the group split into groups and did various things. I fixed my front wheel tyre, Zdenka, Ina and Elizabeth rode over to old Parliament House after touring the War Memorial. Lunch was at Poppys then myself, Don, Michele and ED rode around Mt Ainslie then came home through the Dickson Path. Peter O went climbing up Black Mountain Tower. Now it is Happy Hour before we head off to the Canberra Yacht Club fire dinner. 
Cheers, Peter.

Peter Jones Leads Day One of the Canberra Tour - 18.3.20
We arrived safely yesterday and meet up with our Northern Riders. Had an enjoyable BBQ and evening then this morning we headed around the Lake to Coffee at Yarralumla. Most enjoyable sitting on the Sun chatting. Continued around the Lake to lunch on the city. Very quiet, everyone seems to have gone to ground. After lunch the group split, some came back to camp, some to Questacon and others around the rest of the Lake and home. A lovely day for riding in our Nation's Capital.
Cheers, Peter.

Chris Halpin's Lap of the Northern Bellarine on Tuesday 17.3.20
15 riders today at the the Showgrounds meeting point (Ross, Trudi, Meri, Julia, 3x Chris, 2x Ken, Mark, David, Gary in Green Sox, Doug, Ted & Noel). After a quick refresher on 'social distancing' and etiquette in a time of Corona virus, we cycled off towards Drysdale where we lost Ted and Ross to a very inviting coffee stop. On over the 3 Sisters to Portarlington where the main break at Daniels Donuts was very popular.
Cruised along the Esplanade with a fabulous tail wind all the way to St Leonard's before turning across the wind for the return along Murradoc, Queenscliff and Swan Bay Roads. A minor tragedy struck Mark as he punctured in a large pot hole on Swan Bay Rd, and then Julia emptied her water supply which required an unscheduled pit stop at the Flying Brick Cidery - wonderful and what luck! Back on the bikes and home via Bellarine Hwy and the Rail Trail. About 75 Km in the sunshine and most enjoyable.
Thanks everyone, Chris Halpin.

TWO Rides:
1/ Greg Allerton's "Here & There 100km Ride" on Sunday 15.3.20

It was a cloudy but fine and calm morning as I left South Geelong Station at  8 am. Very light drizzle and mist awaited me as I reached Ted Wilson Trail at Church St. After crossing Midland Highway I was very pleased to find John Miro waiting for me. We followed the quiet now damp Trail out to Bacchus Marsh Rd where another off  road trail led us to Heales Rd then Houston Rd. This gave us only a short distance along busy Bacchus Marsh Rd before turning left into Staceys Rd. The long climb warmed us up and a slight south east wind helped us along to Ballan Rd. Robbs Rd then Steiglitz Rd  and Bakers Bridge led us to Midland Highway, heading back towards Batesford. We turned left at Riverdance Rd to explore the new estates northwest of the village, which was new to John. There were many large modern homes on big blocks. The smooth but hilly roads gave us a view of the nearby Ballarat railway line. We then returned to the highway and took Daruma Way into the slightly older Dog Rocks Estate, also impressive and with more established gardens. I have often ridden over 10 km here around the smooth quiet roads and dead end courts here. On exiting up the long climb of Dog Rocks Rd we stopped and saw a photo shoot underway on the nearby granite boulders. After Friend In Hand rd and Hamilton Highway  we took Pollocksford Rd to Gnarwarre and were soon at the delightful Cottage Farm Nursery and Tea House after 80 km, where we were the only customers. Host Christeen soon had coffee and tea for us and scrumptious homemade macadamia tart for John and rhubarb slice for me - only $9 each. Alas heavy drizzle had begun just as we left and we got quite damp in the next 20 minutes. We took the shortest way home along Barrabool Rd through Ceres. I was home by 2-15 pm after 106 km in 5 hours of riding , average 21.1 kph.  Thanks John Miro for such good company. 
Greg Allerton, Ride Leader.

2/ Peter Jones' Easy Ride to Barwon Heads on Sunday 15.3.20
A ride of attrition today, nothing nasty, just annoying. Surprised to see a bit of a bunch already when I arrived this morning in the drizzle. Pam, Marie, Lindy, John H, Ian B,  were already there, Jenni turned up in her car, Chris Hu and Chris Ha and Geoff C arrived, Ross rolled in having ridden in from Torquay so there was quite a bunch ready to ride. Beinning an easy ride we took the most direct route up the Surf Coast Hwy to Warralily where we turned to go across to Lake Rd., it was still drizzling although there was a bit of a promise of clearing ahead. Lost Ross at this point, a puncture in the drizzle was the last straw so Ross indicated he would catch us another day so we rolled on.
Almost through the Lake Rd diversion Lindy indicated she wasn’t feeling well and would head home, Pam and Marie decided they would keep her company so we were down to seven to carry on, which we did. The drizzle had stopped earlier and we even had some Sunshine, a lovely double Rainbow had all the photographers reaching for cameras but they quickly faded and any pics obtained didn’t do them justice. Rolled into Barwon Heads, had a very enjoyable coffee and rolled home via 13th Beach, Blackrock path, Breamlea Rd, Blue Stone School Rd, Mt Duneed Rd and HSBend Rd enjoying tailwinds a lot of the way.
Cheers, Peter.

Mark Kelly's Circuit to Bellbrae & Torquay on Saturday 14.3.20
Unfortunately today’s ride started with Nick having an accident as he entered the carpark of the Grovedale Hotel. Sarah was not riding today but she was called and took him to the hospital. Latest news was that he is being well looked after and has been admitted. So after that the remaining 9 riders (Leo, Trudy, Ken S, Peter J, Mark S, Mark K, Doug, Greg A and a guest rider Richard) headed off towards Bellbrae via Ghazeepore Rd, Blackgate Rd and along Forest Rd. Greg A left us near Forest Rd and the rest of us headed to the Bowside Cafe at Bellbrae. The wind was challenging in parts and we were lamenting the cold change compared to earlier in the week. However,  we enjoyed a well-earned coffee at the Bowside.  After coffee, Peter J left us to head home along the Anglesea road and Doug left us at Jan Juc. The rest of us headed home with a nice tailwind through Torquay and along Horseshoe Bend Rd. Apart from the start, a good ride covering just on 70 kms with 350 metres of climbing and an average speed of 23km/h. Although only a couple of photos as the ride leader forgot about taking them until we were on our way home (still learning!).

Ross Glover's Ride to The Cheeky Cow in Collendina on Thursday 12.3.20
Great turn-out for today's ride to Collendina. With roadworks on the Surf Coast Highway and Barwon Heads Road, Chris Ha, Chris Hu, Peter J, Peter O, Ted, Noel, David S, Ken S, Doug, Mark J, Gary and Ross set off  from the Grovey Hotel towards Horseshoe Bend Road, joined by late arrival Kim and sometime later, Sarah and Nick. There was a lot of traffic in Horseshoe Bend Road so our large well behaved group were in single file as we made our way south. This wasn't acceptable behavior for one ute-driving tradie who came past blasting the horn and shouting abuse. He then slowed down in front of us to deliver some more verbal abuse, before driving off.
The rest of the ride to morning tea was much more relaxed. The wind was kind and traffic levels low. Ted and Peter O left us at Barwon Heads, then we took the sea front option through Ocean Grove. Some gravel but no traffic. Morning tea was taken at a nice quiet the Cheeky Cow before our return via 13th Beach. Chris Ha kindly volunteered to take over ride leader duties at Black Rock Road so Doug and Ross abandoned there. Chris later let me know the remainder of the group made it safely back to Geelong. Thanks to all for their company. Special thanks to Chris Ha for taking over ride leader duties.
Regards, Ross.
p.s. We may need to re-think using Horseshoe Bend Road before 9.00 am on week days. The road is just too busy.

Chris Halpin's Easy Ride to Moriac on Tuesday 10.3.20
Eight keen and punctual riders this morning at the Grovedale pub (Barry, PJ, Jacqui & David, David S, Harry, Doug and myself) . Particularly pleasing to welcome back Harry after an extended absence due to home duties. Equally frightening when we nearly lost Harry at the first turn into Baanip Bvd as he made a late decision to turn across the traffic. Fortunately this ended happily but it was a timely reminder of the need for special care in heavy morning traffic. The ride along Baanip, Ghazeepore, Dickens, Surf Coast Hwy and Blackgate was picture perfect with warm sunshine and a light easterly tail wind.
Coffee, cakes and chatter on the deck at the Moriac Store saw the time disappear quickly. Back on the bikes we headed up Hendy Main, Reservoir and Pettivel, across the Freeway and down Waurn Ponds Dve back to Bunnings. Here the group split to find home. Thanks all for a lovely morning ride.
Chris Ha.

Chris Hume's Ride from Winchelsea to Birregurra & Barwon Downs on Tuesday 10.3.20
A good turn up for today's ride,eleven riders! Chris T, Trudi, Ross, Kim, Sarah, Nick, Noel, Julia, Mark K, Peter O'B and yours truly Chris Hu. The weather was fine, light SE breeze, as we headed out of Winchelsea on Marjorie Lawrence Dr then along Cape Otway Rd, close to Birregurra, but not quite close enough for Trudi to have a coffee!! I intended to head along towards Barwon Downs but the road was closed and a detour in place so we headed straight to Deans Marsh Store for refreshments. Homemade pies were popular! Then up the Bambra Hill and onward to the Cape Otway intersection. Here Julia and Trudi left us and continued directly to Winchelsea, the remainder did a lap around the Wurdiboluc Reservoir finishing off with a great downhill run into Winchelsea on Atkins Rd. A most enjoyable outing.
Chris Hu.

Peter Jones leads the Dirt Ride from Torquay to Anglesea on Sunday 8.3.20
Nine riders today on our Combined Ride with Cycling Geelong. Dave S, (CG) Linton, (CG) John M, (CG & GTC) Chris Hu, Ross, Mark K, Kim, Geoff and myself. We headed off around the path with a strong wind which came around on to our tails as we made our way dodging many, many walkers, dogs and other bikes. This is a tough ride for most and a definite challenge. John M had a couple of little lie downs but we made him get up and continue as it was too early to rest.
Stopped at the usual places to admire the view and cruised along enjoying the ride. Extremely busy on the road, just as well we were off road. Traffic was backed back to the Forest Rd Roundabout going through Anglesea. Enjoyed a coffee and slices at Anglesea then took the usual tracks up hill, Linton had a puncture near the top of the hill out of Anglesea but we were soon on our way wandering through the bush until we reached Bells Beach where we transitioned to the road through Jan Juc and back to Torquay, a most enjoyable ride as usual.

Trudi Bellia leads the Easy Ride to Expresso Lounge Cafe in Lara on Sunday 8.3.20
Six riders this morning for my easy ride to Lara: Jennie, Pam, Barry, John H, Leo and myself.. heading out to Lara on the Ted Wilson Path, Bacchus Marsh Rd, Elcho Rd and straight into Cafe Expresso. Coffees were quickly served while we all enjoyed a chit chat, while we watched John enjoy his birthday treat “a triple chocolate mini muffin”. Our return route was on the Hovells Creek Path, and as you’ll see from John’s photos there was plenty of water to negotiate our way through. All in all a very enjoyable ride in great company.

Mark Shying Leads the Saturday Ride to Lara & the You Yangs - 7.3.20
Riding up Church Street to the Ted Wilson Trail I mused who would be joining me today for the ride out to the You Yangs.   Julia, Janet, Doug, Ian, two Kens, Leo and Peter were my companions today along with Trudi who joined us at Ballarat Road.  In overcast conditions we took the Lovely Banks exit and climbed up Anakie Road until we reached Towerhill Drive.  A fast descent and the views across Corio Bay were enjoyed by all.  On to Bacchus Marsh Road and Elcho Roads we rode through the Lara six ways, then took Flinders Avenue all the way to Branch Road.  Gathering at the entrance to the You Yangs, we all agreed to ride to the top car park where we took in the views.  A fast descent, we retraced our route towards Lara six ways, diverting to the Xpresso Lounge Cafe.  Good chat as always, we formed the view that ordering anything other than coffee ensured your order was first served to the table.  We used Hovells Creek Trail to return to Geelong - we were not impeded by the shallow water over the road and under the bridge.  At North Geelong the peloton split as cyclists made their way home.  Thanks all for a great ride - 66km for me.  Also to Peter and Trudi for their help re navigation. 
Mark .

A Wet Thursday's Ride to Moriac - 5.3.20
With the sound of rain on the roof this morning, I immediately knew that Trudi wasn’t going to ride today.. So I drove down to the start at Fyansford, where I found the two Chris’s standing under the rotunda looking wet and cold. Chris Ha decided to continue on to Porter Ave and meet Ange for a coffee date.. Leaving Chris Hu to ride on by himself, but as they were about to leave in rode John-Paul. A quick chat to discuss where they would go and off into the misty rain they rode... Their destination was Moriac, the route they took was on the Hamilton Highway, Pollocksfords Rd, Barrabool Rd, Considines Rd and Hortips Rd.. on arriving at the Moriac Store they were warmly greeted by Peter, Marion, Leo and myself, who drove out to join them for a coffee and catch up. Well done to the three gents for making the discussion to venture out into the drizzly rain today.

Nick's Ride to Bannockburn, Teesdale & Inverleigh on Tuesday 3.3.20
Ten riders turned up at Fyansford. Nick, Sarah, David, Ken G, Peter J, Mark J, Mark K, Noel, Kim, and Trudi headed off up the busy Hamilton Highway before turning off up the quiet but lumpy Friend in Hand Rd in order to zig zag our way to the Steiglitz Rd before turning down Parker Rd. The scenery was lovely despite the overcast conditions and quiet roads compensated for the hard work up the Clyde Rd hill into Bannockburn. Riding out of town toward Teesdale Nick and Chris experienced a scarily close shave with a semi trailer that passed us way too close. Out of town the road condition improved with a sufficiently wide enough shoulder for us to enjoy the ride. The run into Inverleigh along a quiet rolling road couldn’t be spoiled by the very local shower that just seemed to follow us for a km or so. In Inverleigh we enjoyed good chat, good coffee and a pastry or delicious cake. Next time I’m going to have a pie! The group kept up a good pace up and down dale on the Hamilton Hwy before we all started to go our own ways. David was unlucky enough to have a puncture 10 minutes before the finish but it was fixed in quick time.
Thanks to everyone for a good day’s ride. Nick.

Greg Allerton's 100+km Ride to Lethbridge on Sunday 1.3.20
A good group of 6 riders set off from South Geelong station just after 8 am. It comprised Noel & Clint P, Mark J, Ian B, John-Paul and myself. We rode down the Deviation and out the quiet Hamilton Highway at a good pace with very light wind. The bunch spread out going up the good climb in Brislane Rd with the two younger riders getting well ahead.This nearly proved their undoing because we were turning left at Harvey Rd - lucky they were still within shouting distance, as we were not keen to chase after them. We soon turned right into another quiet road through the bush of Spring Creek. There was a short section along the busy Teesdale Rd before we turned into English Rd, which made JP feel right at home. Approaching Lethbridge the north wind was strengthening, but coffee was the main thing on our minds.Two other riders arrived from a different direction and we chatted over coffees.Coincidentally, one of them, Ross, I had met the previous weekend near Bannockburn. He was again very talkative!
Leaving town on the misnamed Tall Tree Rd it was a strong side wind until turning right into Lairds Rd with a stiff head wind. Lower Plains Rd then gave us a good downhill to Midland Hwy, where we turned left, directly into the north west wind. It  was a relief to exit at Sharps Rd and we were soon whizzing down over Moorabool River. It was a taxing climb up to the locality of Sheoaks with JP leading the way. An undulating section soon had us approaching Maude where we had the usual stop at the spectacular Bunjil Lookout. We flew home from here often cruising at over 40 kph through Sutherlands Creek to Ballan Rd where we split up. Ian, Mark and I took TW Trail and backstreets to Newtown where we went our separate ways. I was home by 1:15 pm after 103 km, average 25.1 kph. Thank you guys for your great company and strong riding.     Greg Allerton   Ride Leader. 

John Hagan's Easy Ride to Waurn Ponds on Sunday 1.3.20
Seven starters from the Showgrounds this morning but Cycling Geelong were also there for a different ride. Our starters were: Ted, Ross, Jennie, John H, Lindy, Don and Geoff C. We had intended riding the Barwon but changed plans the day before due to the Barwon River Run which could have a large number of participants. Instead we rode out in windless conditions around Breakwater going through to the South Barwon Ovals and followed the Waurn Ponds Trail out to behind Bunnings. On the return we came around to the northern side of the Waurn Ponds Shopping Centre intending to have coffee at Schnitz but were informed on entering that it would not be open until 10:30am and they promptly closed their doors! We decided on coffee from one of the food vendors nearby in the open area where we could see the bikes. While they had coffee they did not have any cakes or biscuits and the the lady producing the coffee was new at the game so Lindy had to explain how various coffees were made up. This being said my coffee was quite a good one. On the return trip we came around the back of the shopping centre where Don picked up a puncture and this was soon repaired only to have it go down again by the time we got back to the Surf Coast Highway - he waited here for Lindy to pick him up at the end of the ride! The ride finished back at the Showgrounds at 11am - the circuit was 23km.
Thanks all for an enjoyable morning's ride. Keep cycling, John.

Chris Hume Leads the Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove on Saturday 29.2.20
Fifteen starters for today’s ride: Trudi, Leo, Ken S, Ross, PJ, PO’B, Mark K, Mark S, Julia, Jackie, David, Barry, Doug, Chris Ha and Chris Hu. We made our way to Horseshoe Bend using Diaz Dr thus avoiding roadworks on Torquay Rd. Then onto Blackgate Rd and the bike path to the start of 13th Beach Rd. Here riders were given the option of going along at faster pace, which some did. We regrouped at the Barwon Heads Bridge and from here cruised to the Groove for coffee and cake. After the break Ross and Doug headed back to Torquay, the rest used Wallington Rd, Curlewis Rd and the Rail Trail to get the Bellarine Hwy crossing where we split up to head home. It was a great day for riding, cool temperatures and little win. A most enjoyable ride!
Chris Hu.

Chris Halpin Leads the Ride to Portarlington on Thursday 27.2.20
Thirteen riders waiting at South Geelong Station this morning for the ride to Portarlington. As is usual these days part of the bunch had a plan B. I was quickly elected ride leader, and I wasn't even last! Riders included 2 Chrises, 2 Kens, JP, PJ, Kim, Doug, Noel, Meri, Gary, David & Ted. Off we set along the BRT, shared with lots of other travellers. Was great to greet about 10 other GTC riders, the Leopold bunch, heading for a quiet ride along the river. We soon arrived in Drysdale and 4 riders settled at The Bungalow for coffee. Nine of us decided the Portarlington donuts were unmissable and pressed on. We were soon rewarded, the only trouble was trying to decide which one ... or two! Suitably refueled we enjoyed a lovely ride along the Esplanade to St Leonard's before turning into the wind and back to Geelong. Thanks everyone for another testing ride.
Chris Ha.

Mark Kelly's Ride from Torquay to Lorne and Return on Tuesday 25.2.20
We had a contingent of 13 riders for the trip to Lorne. Nine riders started in Torquay: Nick , Ken S, Noel , Peter O’B, Meri , Mark, Peter J, Chris Ha and new rider Chris Thomas. Nick, the two Peters, Ken and Chris Ha had ridden from Geelong so a good day in saddle for them. We set  good pace up the Jan Juc Hill where Doug joined us. Then the nice downhill run into Anglesea where Sarah met us and Ken G had started ahead of us. We caught Ken with about 5 kms to Lorne - good to see his knee is performing well. The day improved as we rode along with some great views along the coast, a good surf rolling in and little or no wind. Peter O had a flat just coming into Lorne but had it repaired in no time while the rest of us had a well deserved coffee. We headed back, again enjoying the magnificent views along the GOR. The planned pie stop at Airey’s was foiled by the shop being closed so we pushed onto Anglesea where the group separated for different routes home. Only Doug and Mark persisted with a pie stop in Torquay, which was most enjoyable. All in all a great day’s riding covering 95km and 950 metres of climbing for the Torquay-Lorne-Torquay trip. Thanks to all for a most enjoyable ride!

Mike Taylor's Ride to Freshwater Creek on Tuesday 25.2.20
The riders for today ’s easy ride were Dave and Jackie, Mick C, Dave, Gary , Barry , Chris Hu, Jean, Mark and yours truly. It was slightly muggy at the start but turned into a great day for riding. We proceeded out vi Breakwater to Grovedale pub, then down Barnip Boulevard to Ghazeepore Rd. A few of the team enjoyed a lovely sprint down the hill on Ghazeepore. We met at the Farmers Place for coffee and much pleasant conversation. We returned home via Waurn Ponds and the Waurn Ponds Creek Trail. Thanks to everyone for a very pleasurable ride!!
Mike T.

John Hagan's Easy Ride to The Hop Inn at Mt Duneed on Sunday 23.2.20
We had eleven riders for our easy ride to Mt Duneed today: Peter O'B, Lindy, Janet, Greg, JC, Noel, Jean, Chris Hu, Jennie , Andrew & John H. In beautiful weather for riding we headed west along the Barwon, then up through Highton, taking Ghazeepore & Whites Rds to our coffee destination at the Hop In on the Surf Coast Highway at Mt Duneed. The service was very slow with the last coffee arriving 52 minutes after we arrived!! There was a good conversation going so the time ticked away fairly well and the coffee was of a good standard when it arrived. There were a few dramas on the return trip as Chris Hu decided to do a longer ride and left us at the cafe and fell at the first corner - 100m from the cafe. We were in the middle of the road there doing our turn into Warralily Blvd and many of us saw him fall. He had punctured suddenly as he turned the corner into Whites Rd and came down with a front wheel slide to land on his hip. After dusting himself down and having suffered a few grazes a number of our group assisted him with the repair. He then decided to come with us as we travelled the bike path parallel to Warralily Blvd. We crossed Armstrong Creek a bit earlier than usual and took new paths beside Honey Suckle Way & Southwinds Rd to the Barwon Heads Rd. The final part of the journey was on the north side of the Barwon. As we turned a tight corner into Swanston St Jean fell from her bike. She suffered similar injuries to her husband's with a few grazes on the arm but was able to ride on. When Noel headed back from the Sth Geelong Station he picked up a nail in the tyre in Yarra St - he unfortunately unscrewed the valve core out of the velve with the pump and had to walk back to De Grandis with his bike and cleats off to get it repaired. The total distance for the ride was about 31km.
Thanks all for an enjoyable morning - except for the falls!
Keep riding, John.

Peter O’B’s Ride to the Chocolaterie and Ice Creamery, Bellbrae on Saturday 22.2.20
Eleven riders turned-up for the ride to the chocolate factory and one could surmise that they are sweet-tooths who love chocolate and the free samples on offer. You could have been forgiven for thinking this was a day in early May (not February) because the wind was chilly, the sky very overcast and riders were wearing long sleeved jerseys. The probable sweet-tooths were: Peter O’B, Ian, Mark J, Ken S, Kim, Barry T, Leo, Trudi, Chris Ha, John Paul and Doug. It was decided to get to the Chocolaterie as quickly as possible, so we ditched Moriac and took the Anglesea Road as it was believed that the coronavirus would impact on the number of buses heading along the Great Ocean Road. The assertion that there would be a reduction in bus traffic turned out to be correct. A good pace was set, stringing-out the peloton. We gathered together again at the round-a-bout where the Anglesea Road meets the Great Ocean Road. The ride leader told the unsuspecting riders that it was all downhill from here to the Chocolaterie (I think he sells snake oil on the side). After enjoying a coffee, a cake or scone and some free chocolate samples on the way out, we headed for Torquay and beyond. The free chocolate had a positive effect on our speed as we kept a fast pace of about 30kms an hour to Torquay where sanity returned and the speed dropped to a comfortable level back along Horseshoe Bend Road to Grovedale and beyond. Thanks to Peter O’B for standing in as Ride Leader. My Garmin showed a ride distance of 60 kilometres (in round figures) and an average speed of 23.2.
Photos: Peter O’B
Scribe: Doug

Chris Halpin's Ride to Queenscliff - Ferry to Sorrento - Ride to Pt Nepean on Thursday 20.2.20
The ride to Point Nepean was quite popular. Those riding to Queenscliff (Ted, Gary, David our newest member, Doug, Mark J, Kim, Noel, Sarah & Nick, PJ, JP, 2 Chrises, Ken and POB) met at the Showgrounds promptly at 8.00am as requested. The run to connect with the 10am Sorrento ferry was thankfully drama free and at a manageable pace. Coffee at the cafe was popular as more GTC members (Lindy & Don, Ross and Ken G) filed in and Gary, Ted, David and Mark headed back to home duties. If I've left anyone off I apologise - there was lots happening! The ride up to Portsea and to the visitor centre involved more hills and poor Don was showing his lack of practice.  The weather was quite good, cloudy and a moderate Souwester. The self guided tours of Sullivan's Cove, the Quarantine Station, Cheviot Beach, Fort Pearce and The Rip were well worth the effort. After exploring the various highlights in our own time we reconvened as a group at 'Baked in Portsea' for a late lunch break, and then rode back to meet the 2.00pm ferry and made our various ways home from Queenscliff. I covered about 85Km for the day. Thanks everyone - a great day in even better company.
Chris Ha.

Peter Jones' Ride to Barwon Heads on Tuesday 18.2.20
Nine riders today willing to brave the possible showers and thunderstorms: Meri, Nick, Chris Ha, Chris Hu, Ken G, Noel, Barry, Mike C and myself. As the ride was listed as an easy ride the ride down to Barwon Heads was via Reserve Rd, HSBend Rd, through Warralily to Lake Rd and down BHeads Rd. Wended our way through the local Rds to the Sheepwash checking out the houses before stopping at the Beach House for a very enjoyable coffee and Florentine. The riding was quite pleasant, a bit humid but a cool breeze, no showers but overcast.
Following our coffee and chat it was time to head home, it appeared a shower was on the way so everyone donned their jackets before we headed down 13th Beach through a light shower. The shower was all over by the end of 13th Beach and at Mt Duneed Rd the jackets were put away.  The wind was a little fresh, Sth West so I headed back via Blue Stone School Rd and Mt Duneed Rd onto HSBend Rd. A nice tail wind back home as everyone started to split off home. An excellent ride in good company and everyone home before the real rain and thunderstorms rolled in.
Thanks for your company, very enjoyable. Cheers Peter.

Greg Allerton's 104km Ride to Wensleydale on Sunday 16.2.20
I left South Geelong Station at 8:06 am with a heavy heart and not even my shadow to accompany me - it was quite overcast . I had been spoilt when  there were 8 starters  on my last long ride a fortnight ago. On reaching Fyansford my spirits were lifted when I found Nick Tarnay waiting there. His company was very welcome as I knew there would be several sections of tough easterly 40 kph head winds later on. We pedalled through Pollocksford and Gnarwarre before enjoying a short tail wind run along Princes Highway.   Buckley South Rd led us down towards Wurdee Boluc Reservoir, after 46 km  where we had a brief stop. Soon we were pedalling up a steady climb on Wensleydale Station road, which I had not ridden for several years. After 6 km we turned back at the end of the bitumen and were soon rewarded with great views as we descended toward Cape Otway Rd. From there it was mostly head wind. A slight detour via Layard, Larcombes and Hendy Main Rds kept us away from busy traffic. Moriac shop provided a welcome stop after 78 km. From there we took Hendy Main, Reservoir and briefly Anglesea Rds and the tunnel under the Bypass into Hams then Ghazeepore Rds where we parted ways. I used Baanip Path and back streets and was home by  1:15 pm after 104 km in 4 h 32m riding  av. 23 kph. Thanks Nick for such good company. 
Greg Allerton  Ride leader.

Pam Morrow's Ride to Groove in Barwon Heads on Sunday 16.2.20
Lynne, Mick, Marie, Geof, Jen, Butch, Barry, Sue and Pam rode in from Leopold. It was pretty eventful  with Barry and Butch both having punctures. Barry took a little longer to repair his as he put the tube with the hole in it back on the wheel and wondered why it would not pump up, so he had to start again with the right tube. On the bike path in South Geelong we came across a large tree branch across the path. At the station we met up with John H, Chris Hu, Ross and Doug. We picked up Andrew along the way. We rode to Barwon Heads along Lake Rd. Andrew had a puncture here. John helped repair it. Coffee was at Groove in Ocean Grove. Russell and Lindy met us there for coffee.
Peter, Ross, Chris and Doug returned home along 13th Beach and the rest of the group rode up to The Parade and along Grubb Rd to the Bellarine Highway. After Leopold John and Andrew were the only ones left to return to Geelong. A good ride 54kms. Hope everyone enjoyed it.
Pam Morrow.

Ross' Ride to Serendip + Guided Tour of the Sanctuary - 15.2.20
13 riders at Rippleside for today's ride to Serandip Sanctuary, despite the less than perfect weather. We had 2 1/2 hours before our Serandip meeting time so it was a leisurely ride out to Lara. Pam, Marie, John H, Peter O, Lindy, Peter J, Nick, Sarah, Chris Hu, Chris Ha, Ted, Ken and Ross set out via Church Street for the Ted Wilson path. We followed the path before crossing the freeway at Creamery Road and turning on the Bluestone Bridge Road. As we headed down towards the bridge, the hill up the other side became more and more obvious. The groaning from back of the pelaton reached the ears of those at the front and a last minute route change resulted in us turning right, back on to the Ted Wilson path.
An easy tail-wind cruise on Bacchus Marsh Road, then on to Millar's cafe in Lara for an extended morning tea break. Our very well organised secretary had booked a large table which turned out very prophetic as we were joined by Meri, Don and Barry from the Lara Legends cycling group. Much conversation later, the cycling group continued on to Serandip where we were joined by Jo, Angie, Don, Meri, Zdenko and Blazenka for the tour. The drizzle failed to dampen a most enjoyable experience.
Peter O used his local knowledge to lead the way home, avoiding a flooded Hovells Creek by heading down the freeway, on to Shell Parade before following the bay back to our starting point.
Thanks to all participants for a great outing. Special thanks to Vanessa, our guide from Parks Victoria and to Peter O for organising our visit.
Cheers, Ross.