GTC News Tuesday 16.7.19
Events this Week
Thursday 18th July - 9am from Bunnings Waurn Ponds - 50km to Moriac - pick a ride leader on the day. 
Saturday 20th July - NOTE: CHANGE OF START TIME - 9am from Church St/Ted Wilson Trail - 50km to Lara - Mike Curry to lead.
Sunday 21st July - 9am from Sth Geelong Station - 50km Rail Trail Ride - Ross Glover to lead.

Saturday 19th October - GTC - Breast Cancer Network Australia BUS SHOPPING TOUR 2019 - click this link for more information and Click here to Register.

Dave Simpson from Cycling Geelong leads the Combined Ride with John Miro on Sunday 14.7.19
This could be one of several reports on today's ride. It was supposed to go to St. Leonard's via Ocean Grove but, before the start from the Showgrounds, leader David announced we would ride to Drysdale via the rail trail for coffee at The Bungalow (less than 20kms). After taking refreshments, when asked where people were going from there, I replied that as the calendar said St. Leonards that was where I would be heading.
The group of 8 split with David, Rolf and Chris heading in a different direction to myself, Sarah, Trudi, Mike Taylor and Nick. We enjoyed the traverse of the Port hills pushed along by a strong tail wind.. The flat section between Portarlington and St Leonard's was done at a good speed but, on turning back towards Drysdale on Bluff Rd, it was different as we battled the now head wind. Trudi and I turned off Swan Bay Rd into Banks Rd whilst the other 3 opted for the shorter way home via the Bellarine Hwy. The 2 of us made good time to Barwon Heads where we stopped for further sustenance at the Beachhouse Cafe on Hitchcock Ave. We progressed along Barwon Heads, Lake and B H roads before going our separate ways at the intersection with Marshalltown Rd. My stats for the ride - 102.8 kms, 4h 36m, av 22.3 with 673m of climbing. Trudi and I enjoyed our ride and we hope the rest did as well. Photos taken by Mike Currie who arrived with a companion just as we were leaving The Bungalow.

Dave Simpson from Cycling Geelong leads the Combined Ride with John Miro on Sunday 14.7.19
Just 2 riders at the start today: Dave S from CG and John M from GTC. We waited an extra 15 minutes hoping that some more people would show but then headed off and did the planned ride.   We had a very nice tail wind all the way to Ocean Grove and set a fast pace!  While waiting in the queue at the Cheeky Cow for coffee we met John H, who was out walking and taking some photos.  We then had a bit of a head wind back via the Bellarine Hwy to Leopold.  A very enjoyable ride, and we managed to avoid the rain!

Saturday Ride was cancelled due to wild weather - 13.7.19
JH took the picture below as the bad weather was about to hit the coast at Ocean Grove.

Tuesday Ride to Lara - 9.7.19
Five riders rolled up today: Ron, Rolf, David I, Meri and Dr.Mike. On leaving, I suggested to the group that we take another route. All agreed, so I turned to local scout David for guidance. Off down the Ted Wilson path, this time continuing on right down to Forest Rd. Sth. and then turning into the shops to Xpresso Cafe, when seconds later local boy Ted turned up by surprise. Some interesting & important conversation ensued during the usual lovely coffee break. Farewelling Ted, we then set off onto the Hovell Trail to the Geelong Esplanade where each of us could take off locally to our homes. Special thanks to David for the navigation.
Cheers, Ron.

Ken Leads the Tuesday Ride from Meredith to Morrisons and over the Masters Race Course - 9.7.19
John Miro and Ken travelled together to Meredith where they met up with Trudi. It was a cold start but the climb up to Morrison's warmed us up. Crossing the highway at Elaine, we took the Mt. Mercer road. Then followed the Master's championship course back to Meredith. After 43 kms it was time for refreshment. Unfortunately, the Back Creek Cafe was closed because of school holidays and we had to settle for the General Store (a poor substitute).
As we were preparing to resume, rain started which delayed us by about 15 minutes. However, after that it was sunshine all the way round the Meredith, Bamgarni, Cameron and Meredith roads circuit. Over the whole of the 69km ride traffic was very light and, apart from occasional mud from trucks leaving farms, roads were in good condition. Well worth the 35 minutes of travel each way.

Ken, in the company of Greg, do the Barrabool Hills and Beyond on Sunday - 7.7.19
Only 2 dedicated randonneurs were at the start of today's 100km ride from the Grovedale Hotel. Greg and Ken made their way to Waurn Ponds Drive via Heyers, Wingarra, Sugargum, Hams and Lemins. A short stint on the Princes Hwy led to Pettavel then Reservoir. The hills of Devon warmed us up and made us feel good about the undulations of Anderson's. The downhill into Moriac was fast and furious before a more sedate pace along Cape Otway to Hortips. Considines and several kms of Barrabool brought us to the Gnawarre Nursery Cafe. Christine's delicious rhubarb cake was the unanimous choice and it did not disappoint.
Aware that rain was forecast for early afternoon we were back on the road in about 35 minutes. Buckley Rd South, Cape Otway, Layards, Larcombes, Hendy Main, Grassdale, Blackgate, Anglesea, Dickins and Ghazeepore returned us to Waurn Ponds where we went separate ways. As this was my third ride of over 100kms in a week, it was not surprising my legs did not enjoy the uphill section of Pigdons Rd. The day was mild, the breeze light and we beat the rain by more than an hour.

Chris Halpin leads the ride to The Bungalow in Drysdale on Sunday - 7.7.19
Nine keen riders at the start today at South Geelong Station.  No volunteers for assuming ride leader job, so Trudi nominated me and Dr Mike seconded and it was a done deal.  Rolf, David I, Leo, Jenny, Marie and Pam made up the participants. Off we set down the trail to Drysdale and coffee at  Bungalow. No problems to report, a slight headwind meant a lovely tail wind home.  Lots of joggers, prams, dogs and kids to wheel around but no accidents and a very pleasant ride. Thanks everyone.
Chris Ha.

Dr Mike's Saturday Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove - 6.7.19
After changing the ride from 8.30AM to 9AM I was concerned that some people might still arrive at the old time. I arrived at 08.37 and there was no one around so hopefully no one missed out. On a beautiful sunny morning an elite team of six riders gradually assembled, first Rolf , then Andrew, Ross and finally Trudi and Leo as well as yours truly. We set off down the highway to Warralily Boulevard. It was a smooth run down Warralilly and Lake Rd to Barwon Heads Rd. We turned left there and were surprised by the very large amount of traffic for a Saturday morning. We headed on to Ocean Grove via the Sheepwash Rd “shortcut”. After much pleasant conversation and coffee at the Groove, we headed back along Thirteenth Beach and Horseshoe Bend Rd. Thanks to everyone for the excellent company and a very enjoyable  ride.

Ross Leads the Thursday Ride to The Chocolaterie in Bellbrae - 4.7.19
Nine riders for today's ride from the Grovedale Hotel to the Bellbrae Chocolaterie. I arrived thinking that it was a nice mild winter's morning but the main topic of conversation prior to the start seemed to be the need (or not) for leg warmers and whether tights were superior to leg warmers. Seven sets of covered legs and two sets of bare legs set out via Baanip Blvd and Ghazepore Road to Anglesea Road. All pleasant riding with blue skies, no breeze and very low traffic levels (school holidays?). Some effort involved in getting up to the roundabout from Bellbrae then back to easy riding to the Chocolaterie.
Definitely school holidays here with people everywhere. Despite this we had our drinks (and snacks) fairly quickly and then settled in for some extended conversation. David I. took the lead to get us out of the car park with some cross country riding and wrong-way down a one-way road involved. Then it was back to business but with a slight headwind this time. Still made good time straight down the GOR, through Torquay and on to Horseshoe Bend Road. The ride leader abandoned the group at Blackgate Road. Hopefully all made it home safely.
Thank you to Trudi, Mike C, David I, Rolf, Ron, Meri, Sarah and Nick for your company.
Cheers, Ross.

p.s. Given that the ride was advertised as being 50k's, we probably should have headed to the Ballarat Road Chocolatier as there was some mumbles of discontent over the ride distance blowing out to nearly 60 k's. Apologies to anyone whose legs failed them before reaching the end.
p.p.s Happy World Chocolate Day for Sunday.

Sarah leads the ride to Pt Lonsdale on Tuesday 2.7.19
This Tuesday saw a good turnout of seven riders: Nick, Sarah, Trudi, Dr Mike, John M, Ron and Ken ready for a rerun of last Tuesday’s ride. We elected Sarah to be this week’s ride leader ably assisted by her 2IC, domestique Nick. Sarah set a solid pace toward the Lake Rd and onto Barwon Heads / Ocean Grove where Ken led us through the ritzy waterside route along the dunes toward Collendina to avoid the traffic. Approaching Point Lonsdale, after a brief stop to fix her flat tyre, Trudi led us to coffee from the Lighthouse end of town. The surf was up on the bay beach with the foreshore awash from the strong waves.
After the usual deserved cake and coffee we all headed back along the Swan Bay Rd in a pace line set against a reasonably strong head wind. At the Bellarine Hwy the group split apart as Nick, Sarah and John needed to get back home more quickly. It was a very enjoyable ride but hard and tiring work into the wind. Thanks to everyone!

Ken & Greg ride 100km to the West of Geelong on Sunday 30.6.19
On a cool but sunny morn I was surprised to find  only Ken and official club photographer John Hagan waiting at the start. Ken and I set off on an amended route given the already moderate north-west wind. I enjoyed pedalling along some less familiar roads and onto the steep Pipeline Track through Highton, which soon warmed us up. Heading into the wind along Waurn Ponds Drive there were quiet a few oncoming racing cyclists appreciating their great tail wind. We progressed more slowly along Reservoir Rd and then down Hendy Main Rd through Moriac.
Some Veteran racing  cyclists were ahead of us as we turned into Larcombes Rd. I stopped briefly to chat with an old racing colleague marshalling at the corner of Forest Rd, where we also turned. The strengthening wind was a bit more side on now and there was  a bit more tree shelter. At the Ocean Rd we turned left and managed to pass The Chocolaterie without stopping.There was a testing out and back diversion to Point Addis with big hills but sensational views. We were soon approaching Jan Juc where the Swell Cafe was a welcome stop at 11.45 am after 65 km. I though the hills might be all done but Ken headed along undulating Duffields Rd before we reached Anglesea Rd. Ken had a rear puncture but that was quickly fixed. We at last enjoyed a tail wind  along Dickens Rd before turning left into Ghazeepore Rd where it became a 45 kph  side wind. I turned off into Baanip Blvd and got home by 2-40 pm after 100 km, average 20.3 kph. Thanks to Ken for an enjoyable ride.

David I, Rolf and Dr Mike ride to Lara on Sunday 30.6.19
Cold and very windy would describe Sunday's ride with only three of us turning up: myself, Dr Mike and Rolf. Starting from Rippleside carpark we headed off to Lara along the usaul route along the Hovell Trail but this time we had to contend not only with the elements but lots of runners from the GCCC. The strong wind making the going tough we reached the end of the trail passing under the bridge with water up to our derailleurs! We decided to head into the centre of Lara in the shopping area having coffee there instead of Millars. Having had our coffees we headed back the way we came. The runners had finished their race and we enjoyed our ride back with the aid of the wind instead of a head wind. Thanks Rolf and Dr Mike for the cold but enjoyable ride.
David I.

Chris Hume & John Miro Ride to Moriac on Saturday 29.6.19
Arrived at the Grovedale Pub car park about 8:20 no one around so did many laps of the carpark to keep warm and see if anyone would turn up on this slightly wet and windy day. At 8:30 still no takers so did a few more laps and 8:35 headed off to Moriac anyway!! When I arrived at Ghazeepore Rd I was joined by John who had been running late, seen my lights in the distance and followed me. John was on his mountain bike so decided to head right at Whites Rd, a short section of smooth gravel, then onto Reservoir Rd. Then it was Cape Otway Rd with a nice tailwind but some very big puddles, both of us ending up with very wet feet, to a nice warm fire and drinks at the Moriac General Store. Coming back we used a bit more gravel, Ervins Rd, which was a bit soft and into a headwind. From here it was straight forward trip home. John and I split up to head home at the Mt Pleasant Rd - Barrrabool Rd intersection. John and I both enjoyed the ride. Where were the rest of you??
Chris Hu.

Ted Leads the GTC on a Circuit of Geelong on Thursday 27.6.19
Six riders turned out at Rippleside this morning in crisp but clear skies. I decided we would do the Geelong Circuit clockwise and include the Cementies Climb at the end. Grimaces on a few faces (especially Meri) made me reconsider but she assured me she was up to it even though she had been off the bike for four months. My suggestion that we ride through the “Green Spine” on Malop Street was also greeted with some initial displeasure but again the ride leader prevailed so off we went. The peloton of Rolf, Ron, Chris Hu, Meri, Dr Mike and I set off along Western Beach at a steady pace once Meri’s technical problems were resolved. The traffic on Moorabool and Malop wasn’t too bad and the green spine was quiet. Through Eastern Park and on to Boundary Road and Fellmongers to the Barwon River Trail and coffee at Barwon Edge Boathouse. At this stage we revisited the Cementies suggestion and Chris decided once a day is enough so he left us at Fyansford. Rolf then suggested we try a different route through the new housing estate which he explained was just as big a rise but broken down into three kicks. Here the Orbea e-bike started to justify itself and I met the rest at the top of the hill. The consensus seemed to be that this hill was just as hard as Cementies with a maximum gradient of 16.4% even though there were a couple of “rest” sections. A very pleasant ride on a perfect winter’s day. Thanks for coming.

Nick Tarnay Leads the Ride to Pt Lonsdale on Tuesday 25.6.19
What a difference good weather makes. After a cold but sunny start from the Grovedale Hotel we soon began to warm up as we rode via Warralilly, Lakes Rd toward the beach and onto Barwon Heads. Along the way the fanatastic seven caught up with John Miro. Chris Hu then took us a quiet alternative route to get onto Shell Rd toward Point Lonsdale where we then sat outside at Plated enjoying coffee in warm sunny conditions. Just lovely. To our surprise Ken turned up.
The return journey saw a variety of paths taken, Jackie and David rode directly back the way we came in, Ken took Trudy and Julia up to Queenscliff and then back through BH, Chris took the gravel  rail trail and Tarnays accompanied by John took the Swan Bay Rd option. What a delightful day’s riding! (No punctures and no dirty bike for a change!).

Sunday Ride to The Bungalow in Drysdale - 23.6.19
There was no unanimous agreement about who would be the ride leader as the 5 riders, Rolf, Elizabeth, Chris Hu, John M, and Dr Mike, headed out from Sth Geelong Station. Elizabeth needed a slower pace and asked the others not to wait for her - unfortunately they did not see her again. The sun was out as they left but after Leopold they rode into the mist which did not lift at Drysdale until nearly midday. At coffee they were joined by John H who had been taking photos of the ride. The return trip was back via the Bellarine Rail Trail as had been the outward journey.
John H.

Trudi's Ride to Swan Bay, Portarlington & Drysdale on Saturday 22.6.19
On the shortest day of the year, just happened to be one of the coldest wettest days of winter that I've ridden in this year. Seven riders today: Sue, Richard, Ross, Chris, Greg, Leo and myself. Our destination today was Daniel's Donuts in Portarlington. Our route taken today was rail trail till Queenscliffe highway, Swan Bay Rd, Portarlington highway. Having ridden in sunshine followed by drizzly rain we were looking forward to sitting inside to enjoy our coffee and donuts. Ross and myself resisted the temptation of consuming any sweet treats, but I did purchase myself one to take home. Our return route was up over the humps back through Drysdale, rejoining the rail trail on Jetty Rd. Thanks everyone who braved the cold wet weather and decided to go out for a ride. "Life is better on your bike".

Chris Hume leads the ride to Millars at Lara on 20.6.19
Four riders assembled at Church St all rugged up for the cold conditions: Ken, Nick, Ted and Chris Hu. On heading off along Ted Wilson Trail we meetup with Trudi, a peloton of five now. We continued on through Lovely Banks on the way to Millars in Lara where the sticky date muffin was popular. After coffee we headed to Ted’s place as Nick wanted to give Ted’s Giant Defy a quick check out before purchasing it. We then left Ted, he had already ridden from Lara to the start, and headed to the Hovells Creek via a new route which involved a little bit of gravel!! From here into Geelong splitting up at Rippleside and heading home. I Managed to get home before the rain.
All in all an  enjoyable ride.
Chris Hume.

Peter Jones & Chris Hume Ride to Moriac via Dog Rocks & the Barrabool Hills on Tuesday 18.6.19
As I headed for the start of today's ride at Church St in a light shower I thought there was little chance our glorious Leader Trudi would be there, and maybe no one else except for Chris Hu, and I was right, no Trudi and shortly after I got there Chris rolled up on his gravel bike ready to go find some gravel roads.
At 9-00 am we headed off to Moriac via Dog Rocks. The showers had disappeared, a bit of a cool wind but nothing us tough riders couldn’t handle. Took Merrawarp Rd up to Barrabool Rd, in the second dip took a nice gravel road out past the Horse indoor Training Arena then back on Barrabool Rd towards Hendy Main Rd. Trudi turned up in her car and followed us into Moriac, taking a few photos on the way. Enjoyed a coffee and the biggest Brownie I have seen for a while, had to get a doggie bag
The weather was overcast, a bit of Sun now and then with a fresh West South Westerly so a nice tailwind home, sought out a few gravel roads ending up on Waurn Ponds Drive for an easy roll home. A most enjoyable morning on the bike.
Cheers, Peter.

Greg Allerton's 100km+ Ride to Inverleigh & Winchelsea on Sunday 16.6.19
It proved to be a perfect winter day for a long ride. John Carleton came specially just to take the start photo before Chris Hume and I rode off at 8-06 am. It was a chilly descent down the Deviation and out through Fyansford on the quiet Hamilton Highway. There were a few brief spits of drizzle but it was basically fine as we made good time out to Inverleigh. After a brief stop we then meandered along some quiet backroads passed the Cemetery,left at Mahers rd over the railway, then right at Morgans Rd and right at Barwon Park Rd which took us back to Hamilton Highway where we turned left. After 2 km we turned left into  Flemings Rd which led us past an abandoned two storey bluestone cottage close to the road, in the middle of nowhere. Soon after we took a short out and back detour along McIntyre Rd to check on an un-named lake which was a bit smaller than other times I have seen it. There were a few cars as we pushed on south after rejoining Barwon Park Rd. We eventually reached Winchelsea for a well deserved coffee stop after about  60 km.
The trip back was more direct via Atkins Rd,then South Buckley Rd and left into Cape Otway Rd. After a few km we veered right passed Brown's Swamp and into Larcombes Rd. Hendy Main Rd took us through Moriac and up towards Mt Moriac before turning right into Reservoir Rd for a quiet run and left into Pettavel Rd. After a short section along Princes Hwy we cruised into Waurn Ponds Drive and along to Pigdons Dve where Chris went left and I crossed over onto Waurn Ponds Creek bikepath and over Breakwater  arriving home by around 1-30 pm. I rode 111 km, average 23.1  I enjoyed the ride and would like to thank Chris for his company and John Carleton for the start photo.
Greg Allerton.

Ross Glover's Ride to Drysdale on Sunday 16.6.19
Six riders for today's bike trail ride. The ride leader suggested an interesting route incorporating the Pipeline Track and a nice ride up Hyland Street but we actually set out for Drysdale via the rail trail. Rolf, Peter J, Janet, Elizabeth, new prospect Ian and Ross set off from South Geelong Station, meeting Trudi just after the first highway crossing. No much to report on the ride out to Drysdale. All very pleasant, though as the only person in shorts, the ride leader was finding the weather slightly cool. Refreshments were taken at The Bungalow Cafe with half the group choosing a nice warm inside table. Afterwards, the group again divided this time for the trip home with a few choosing a longer route via Princess Street, rather than back down the rail trail. Thanks to all for their company.
Cheers, Ross.

Peter Jones' Ride to Little River, The You Yangs & Lara on Saturday 15.6.19
Seven hardy riders this morning , including Sue and her new Pilot Richard, joining me were Trudi and Leo, Laurie and Rolf. Took the Hovell Trail out to the outskirts of Lara and then along the Old Melbourne Rd. Through Little River and back skirting the You Yangs to Xpresso for a well earned coffee, there was a bit of grumbling about over 50 ks before coffee, Rule 5 applies! Home was via The Ted Wilson Trail everyone turning off as we went along, quite a nice morning on the bike if a little brisk early on.
Cheers, Peter.

Dr Mike's Ride to Torquay on Thursday 13.6.19
Ron and I were surprised by a light sprinkle of rain and a very large rainbow as we cycled towards Grovedale. Fortunately the rain soon cleared and we were treated to an excellent riding day. Eleven   intrepid riders turned up at Grovedale pub.  Mike, Mike C,  Ron, Rolf, Chris Hu., Nick. Sarah, Wee Dave, Jackie, Ted Peter and Ross. We all had an excellent run out to Torquay, not realising I suspect that we had a tail wind. Jackie excelled leading out on Grossman’s Rd although Rolf (as usual ) won the sprint. There was coffee and cakes and great conversation at Mejavos.  The ride leader almost managed to find yet another way of breaking a bone when he stupidly climbed on the outdoor table for a photo. This foolish feat should not be attempted again as one of the beams on the table top has  large crack in it. We came back along Horseshoe Bend Rd into something of a headwind. Ted excelled up the hills on his new steed. Thanks to everyone for the excellent company and very enjoyable ride.

CLUB DINNER - Held at Cucina One 12 Restaurant in High St Belmont on Wednesday 12.6.19
Ange & Paul, Carol & Ron, Jo & Ted, Marion & Peter, Sarah & Nick, Trudi & Leo, Janet, Sue, Andrew, John, Ken, Mark, and Mike Currie made up the 19 who attended last night's dinner.  From the feedback I received, everybody had a most enjoyable evening. There would seem to be good reasons to consider holding a dinner twice a year, perhaps March and September or even close to Christmas. It would be improved if we could guarantee a number in excess of 30 so we coule have exclusive use of the Sandstone restaurant on a midweek night. I would gladly receive any comments that members might have both in relation to last night and possible future dinners.
Many thanks to all that attended.

Peter Jones' Ride from Rippleside to Melbourne on Tuesday 11.6.19
Seven keen riders on a cool and crisp morning, Sarah, Trudi, Ron, Nick, John M, Ken and myself. Overcame the first problem when Ken turned up wearing a lovely warm beanie, but no helmet. Luckily Rolf only lives a few minutes away so a quick phone call and Ken had spare helmet, problem solved.
Headed out to Lara via the Hovell Creek Trail, then via Little River, Edgars Rd, Bulban Rd into Werribee for a well earned coffee and cake. From Werribee we made our way to the Federation Trail for about 5 klm then cut across via Palmers Rd to Skeleton Creek Trail to the Bay Trail and via Altona, Williamstown to Docklands for an even more well earned coffee and bite of lunch.
As the day wore on the Northerly freshened which made pretty hard work of it but we persevered and after our refreshment break we got to Southern Cross just in time to catch the 2-30 pm Sth Geelong train. We were thinking of Ken who turned back at Altona, at least he should have had a nice tail wind home. A cracker of a day on the bike in excellent company.
Cheers, Peter.

David Innes' Combined Ride with Cycling Geelong to Millars in Lara on Sunday 9.6.19
It was a peloton size group that showed up for a as good as it gets winters day with bursts of sunshine though rather windy. Starting from the train station combined ride with Geelong Cycling we decided a different direction was needed instead of the slightly over done Drysdale Bungalow coffee ride. Ross guided us through the city down an ally - a safer route to get onto Aberdeen street - heading for the Ted Wilson Trail, Church Street entrance from there it was the usual Lovely Banks route so often taken with lovely views at the top of a short sharp climb of 13% the rest of the way was into a head wind. This made it tough going at times but the final stretch along Elcho Road was easier with the wind coming from a north easterly direction. We soon arrived at the welcome sight of Millars coffee. The route home was along the Hovell Trail with the wind behind us we enjoyed a much easier ride home. Thanks to all who attended. I’m sure everyone enjoyed the ride. A special welcome to Ian Busch a new rider to our group. In attendance were: Ross, Chris Hume, Rolf, John Miro, Janet, Marg Smith, Dr Mike Taylor, Dave Simpson, Wendy Timms and Ian Busch (new).
David I.

Trudi's Saturday Ride to Curlewis, Wallington & Barwon Heads - 8.6.19
With a cold frosty Saturday morning start, eight riders: Rolf, Mark, Ross, Jennie, Paul and Ange, Leo and myself set off for the Portarlington Rd, Coppards Rd, Balleranie Rail Trail, Curlewis Rd, Wallington Rd. My Cafe of choice today was at The Paddock. Deciding to take full advantage of the table outside that was bathed in glorious warm sunshine.  With all of our refreshments gone and the chatter slowly fading away, it was time to get back on our bikes. Our route home was Barwon Heads, Thirteenth Beach, Lake Rd, Barwon Heads Rd. Thanks everyone for joining me today on what turned out to be a magnificent winters day for a ride. Sorry to John Miro, who was only a tiny bit late this morning and missed us. "Life is better a your bike."

Ron's Ride to The Bungalow in Drysdale on Thursday 6.6.19
Ten riders, comprising Ron, Ken, Peter J, Chris Hu, Rolf, Mike T, Ted, Laurie, Nick and Sarah. Headed off from the Show Grounds via the rail trail, crossing the highway onto the new smooth and fast 4klms sealed strip and up to our regular coffee shop at The Bungalow. The usual swift service and nice hot beverages were enjoyed b the chatty group, sheltered from the drizzle outside.
On leaving we split up into groups of 5, some returning via Princes Street site so that Ted could try ou his new E-Bike on the hilly sections. Ken left them and returned via Banks and Grubb Roads to Barwon Heads. The rest of us headed back to the rail trail. Nick punctured on the trail being the only one for the day. A pleasant ride was had in good company.
Cheers, Ron.

Ken's Ride through the Barrabool Hills to Moriac on Tuesday 4.6.19
With a 40% chance of rain up to 1300 and winds up to 35 kph, it was understandable that many members would not be inclined to get out on the bike. However, Julia, PJ, Chris Hume and John Miro turned up to keep me company and we made our way to Moriac via Merrawarp, Devon, Reservoir and Hendy Main. Such was the strength of the southerly a change of route was proposed during our refreshment break at Moriac. The thought of 18 kms into the wind heading south along Hendy Main and Forest to Anglesea was not appealing so opted instead to return to Highton via Hortips, Considines and Barrabool. We rode through rain shortly after leaving Moriac but the roads were dry once past Pollocksford. I followed close behind Peter for a while uphill to listen for the sound of the power assist - I could not hear anything unusual. It was a good ride but I think all were glad when it was over.

Ken's 100km Ride to the South West of Geelong on Sunday 2.6.19
The 100 km option surged in popularity this week when twice the number of riders of a fortnight ago set out from South Geelong. On the road along the river, close to the pedestrian bridge, Laurie Atkins came from the opposite direction. He turned around and joined us as far as Ceres. Greg and I followed Merrawarp, Hamilton Hwy and Pollocksford back to Barrabool Rd. We stopped for refreshments after 34 kms at the "Cafe With A View" where Christines fresh-out-of-oven rhubarb cake was again delicious. Greg headed home along Grays Rd whilst I continued to the end of Forest. From Bellbrae on,  I was conscious of rain in the west. 10 minutes after arriving home it set in for much of the afternoon. Given the forecast, luck was on our side. I rode with  cleats for the first time in 3 months which made climbing significantly easier. A very satisfying 5 hours pedalling.

Lyn's Ride to The Bungalow in Drysdale on Sunday 2.6.19
We had 13 riders front up for today’s coolish ride down to Drysdale and return. We followed the  usual trail down to The Bungalow for coffees/cakes and chatter. On the home run some went back down the trail, and the rest took Princes Rd, Swan Bay Rd and home. Thanks to the following for a good ride: Trudi , Leo, PJ , Ross, Chris Hu, David, Rolf, Mike, Pam, Butch, Marge, Andrew and Lyn.
Cheers, Lyn.

NEWS - 23.5.19 - news also that Lyn Kerr's husband Keith John Kerr passed away recently. Our sympathies to Lyn and family. Lyn is a great supporter of the club and was a very keen rider in the early days of the GTC.
20.5.19: news that Cycling Geelong member Max Wilkinson passed away yesterday (19.5.19) after a battle with cancer. Many GTC riders will remember Max as a thorough gentleman from the combined rides a number of years ago. He will be sadly missed. John H.

Peter Jones' Saturday Ride to Bannockburn - 1.6.19
Just six for my Saturday ride out to Bannockburn: Sarah, Trudi, Leo, Rolf, Nick and myself. Took the Ted Wilson Trail to Ballarat Rd, followed the path to Ballan Rd and out to Steiglitz Rd. This is a lovely road, meandering through the countryside over some rolling hills, all looking good as the bit of rain we’ve had starts to green the paddocks up even though we are officially now in Winter. Took Parker Rd down through the Moorabool valley, lovely. Then payback, the long climb up to the Midland Hwy, then on into Bannockburn for a well earned coffee at Le due Sorelle. After coffee and chat took Burnside Rd back to the Hamilton Hwy for an easy ride back into Fyansford where the bunch split and headed for home. A most enjoyable ride in good company.
Cheers, Peter.

Sarah Reports on the Ride to Torquay on Thursday 30.5.19
Five riders braved the elements to start from Grovedale Hotel, namely Peter Jones, Ken, Chris Hu, Sarah and Nick. Thank goodness Trudi and her spare tube also caught us up at Warralily. Amazingly, in spite of the chilly and damp weather, we worked up a light sweat before coffee and cake at Mejavo's. Thus fortified, we pressed on for what we thought would be a fairly quick trip home. This was not to be however as Sarah got two punctures, both front and back, and her bike mechanic husband was frustrated in his attempts to use his brand new CO2 cylinder inflater, plus one valve failed, hence the need for a third tube. Nick ate humble pie at Hendry's and now can use the device. All's well that ends well though so all in all a good day out.

Ross' Ride around the Barwon & Waurn Ponds Creek on a very windy Tuesday - 28.5.19
Just 5 intrepid riders for today's ride. It was scheduled as a 70 km ride through the Barrabool Hills but given the  forecast, a unanimous decision was made to set our sights slightly lower and less wind-swept. Julie, Peter J, Chris Hu, John M and Ross set out for a leisurely tour around the river path with a detour via the Waurn Ponds Creek path and Pipline track to Two Sugars in Highton for a even more leisurely refreshment break. Drink, food and conversation over, each rider set off for home in a different direction.
Thanks to all for a very pleasant outing. Cheers, Ross.

David Innes' Ride to Lara on Sunday 26.5.19
A sunny day no rain in sight but very windy day met half a dozen hardy souls for a short ride to Lara. Starting from Rippleside Park taking the usual route but this time with a twist riding past Geelong Grammar School we joining an old disused road taking us past the old rubbish dump then back into the Hovell Trail. We arrived in Lara battling a strong head wind which seemed to be determined to stay in our face all the way around the circuit. Anyhow Millars was a welcome respite from the wind as we sat in a sheltered spot outside in the sun enjoying our coffees. Heading home we decided to take the Bacchus Marsh Road then onto the Ted Wilson Trail with a liffle relief from the wind. Once we were headed home it seemed then like we all had e-bikes as the wind finally assisted us.
A good enjoyable ride with no problems. With thanks to the following: Peter Jones, Chris, Dr Mike, Rolf, John Miro, and David Innes (ride leader).

Trudi's Ride to Anakie on Saturday 25.5.19
Five riders this morning for my ride to Anakie: Jennie, Peter, Mark, Greg and Trudi. Ride route taken was Ted Wilson path, Anakie Rd, Ballan Rd. As usual it was a slow pace out to Anakie due to strong headwind all the way. Coffee wasn't at the usual stop though, The Old Workshop Cafe was our cafe of choice. And what a lovely spot to stop, highly recommend this Cafe next time you're out that way. "Only open from Thursday till Sunday"  all home made cakes, sponges, slices, pies and pickling produce from their garden. With coffee and tea consumed it was time for our lovely run home or should I say a lovely wind assisted ride back along Ballan Rd. Just a side note, I counted only four trucks that passed us, and all trucks took the option of going wide giving us plenty of space. Thanks to those who rode today, as for everyone else you missed a great ride and an even better coffee stop.
"Life is better on a bike", Trudi.

Chris Halpin's Circuit to Barwon Heads & Ocean Grove on Thursday 23.5.19
Another magical Autumn day and 15 GTC members waiting eagerly at the Grovedale Hotel for yours truly. All agreed it was time to revisit Groove - so off we set along Torquay Rd, Warralilly, Lakes, then to 13th Beach which looked a picture at low tide. Interesting that most of the gang rode in formation today, 2 x 2 chatting in the lovely sunshine. A bit of a spurt into Barwon Heads - not sure who won as I was too busy photographing the surf. Coffee at Groove was the usual high standard as was the conversation. A brief pause to film a video to acknowledge Ted's Wedding Anniversary (congratulations to you both). Back along the beach again because it was so lovely, up to Horseshoe Bend and home thru the rapidly growing suburbia. Thanks to Paul & Ange, Ken, PJ, Trudi, Ron, Dr Mike, Sue & Tom, Rolf, Mark K, David, Chris Hi and yours truly Chris Ha.

The Magnificent 7 - David Innes' Ride to Little River and Werribee on Tuesday 21.5.19
The magnificent 7 turned up on a fine morning ready to ride to Werribee with relatively light to moderate winds we headed off from rippleside park along the foreshore bike path through to north shore onto the hovel trail to Lara. First stop was for a coffee in Lara where somehow Peter jones and my coffees got mixed! up I having to endure a soy! milk coffee whilst Peter my skinny milk in his. With our coffees finished we saddled up again heading for a long stint to Werribee taking in the sights of Lara as I finally got my bearings to get us to  flinders Rd where apon reaching the end of it Rolf had to leave us to go back home the rest of the trip to Werribee we alternated direction into a head wind wth some favourable winds pushing us towards Werribee. Arriving in Werribee I discovered I had a flat tyre so changed that quickly while the rest of the group ordered their lunch and beverages, after lunch the trip home was pretty good with the wind mostly behind us and easier than it was going to Werribee. Thanks to the magnificent 7 we had a great ride uneventful which is the way I like it no! Accidents!!
Attending were: Peter Jones, Rolf, Trudi, Chris, Ron, John Miro and your ride leader
David Innes.

Roads less travelled - GTC long ride Sunday 19 May 2019
It was a cool start but a great autumn day for riding in near calm conditions. The route down the Deviation and out the upgraded Hamilton Highway to Inverleigh was enjoyable with very few trucks. The ride leader then modified the intended course to visit some quiet backroads to the west of the town doing an out and back section. A seemingly abandoned car near the Warrambine creek bridge with all 4 doors open and no one in sight  was a puzzle. Further on was an isolated impressive but derelict two storey bluestone cottage located close to the road. There were only eleven cars in over thirty km in this section. The earlier puzzle at the bridge was solved when I stopped and chatted with an engineer who had been earlier under the fifty year old structure checking its safety when I crossed overhead. Back to Inverleigh it was then an uneventful trip home along the busier Hamilton Highway, to complete 104 km average 22.4 I enjoyed the ride and thanks to JC for coming to the start. Sorry but I declined the solo photo.
Greg Allerton.

Lyn Gregg's Sunday Ride to The Bungalow in Drysdale - 19.5.19
A great turn out on a very crisp morning. There were 18 of as we headed off to The Bungalow in Drysdale. We went on the new part of the rail trail which is great. We met Geoff B on the trail and Heather at Melaluka Rd. We enjoyed coffee, tea and some cakes and lots of chatter. Apologies I lost 75% of the group on the way back. Hope everyone arrived home safe.
Thank you to PJ and Marion, Pam, Ron, Trudi, Leo, Marie, Geoff, Heather, Geoff, Ross, Chris H, David, Rolf, Butch, Jennie, Mick and Lyn.
Turned to a lovely sunny day.
Cheers, Lyn. .

Check out the "Unofficial" Ride to Drysdale on Saturday 18.5.19 - This was a big group - Photos by JC. - CLICK HERE TO ACCESS.

Chris Halpin Reports on the Saturday Ride to Moriac - 18.5.19
No ride leader at Bunnings this morning, Mike obviously overwhelmed by his Polling Booth duties. Nothing lost as the 8 waiting riders (PJ, Paul & Ange, John M, Andrew, Trudi & Leo) did their own quick poll and elected the deaf bloke to fill in. Off we set in the freezing sunshine up Ghazepore to the Anglesea Rd, up Blackgate and on to the Moriac Store.  Coffee, gossip and cakes in front of the open fire was just fabulous. Very hard to leave. Home via Hendy Main where the group split - 4 down Reservoir Rd and on to Waurn Ponds Dve, Trudi, Paul Ange and John soldiered home over the Barabool hills.
Lovely riding in perfect winter sunshine. Thanks everyone. Chris Ha.

Trudi's Ride to Lara on Thursday 18.5.19
With a very cool start for today's ride to Lara, eleven cool cyclists turned up. Ken and Lyn, Chris Ha and Chris Hu, Peter, Rolf, Ron, Sarah and Nick, Jennie and Trudi. Our ride route today was Ted Wilson Path, Creamery Rd, Ballan Rd, Stacey's Rd, Bacchus Marsh Rd and Windermere.. Coffee was at Cafe Blu, the choice to sit inside out of the cool air was a good decision. With coffee, cake, bananas and muesli bars all consumed it was time to head for Hovells Creek Path and home. Quite a quick run home with everyone heading in different directions at Rippleside. Thanks everyone for a very enjoyable ride today....
"Life is better on a bike", Trudi.

Ken's Ride to The Barrabool Hills, Moriac and Freshwater Creek on Tuesday 14.5.19
10 riders who did not wish to venture into the wilds of the Otways, assembled at the Grovedale Hotel carpark. Ange & Paul, Sarah & Nick, Lyn & Ken, Chris Halpin, Dave, John Miro and Ron. Half way along Hams Rd we were alerted to the absence of Ange and Paul. Several attempts to message them failed so reluctantly we continued on via Lemins and WP Drive. Contact via text messages eventually resulted in the missing ones being welcomed back by John and Ken at the top of the Drive. The four then set out after the group ahead. Riding at a pace with which Ange was comfortable, we proceeded to Reservoir Rd via Pettavel before turning north up Cape Otway Rd. Dave passed us heading in the opposite direction and was not seen again. Because there had been no sighting of the group, I assumed they had continued along Reservoir to Hendy Main instead of tackling the hills of Devon and the strong headwind of Barrabool.
Eventually we all came together at the Moriac store and enjoyed refreshments. The wind was our ally as we sped down Hendy Main and Blackgate to the Anglesea Rd before being buffetted by crosswinds on our way to Dickins. Ghazeepore saw the departure of R, S, N & C. The 5 left in the group then headed to Highton via Pigdons, the pipeline and Wandana. Most would have clocked up 60+ kms with A, P and R significantly more. here were no photos by request!

Peter Jones Leads the Ride from Winchelsea to Birregurra & Deans Marsh on Tuesday 14.5.19
Five riders including myself on todays ride from Winchelsea, Trudi, Julie, Chris Hu, Rolf and myself. A cool morning with a cool breeze as we pedalled over to Birregurra for a coffee, very enjoyable. Then it was off to Deans Marsh, very quiet and peaceful, rolling hills, fairly green, lots of cows and beef cattle grazing on the countryside. We got harassed by an old lady walking her dog, “Not all you have lights on, why don’t you obey the rules” she shouted at us, some people have some strange ideas of the law.
Enjoyed lunch at Deans Marsh General Store, Morokan Lamb  Pies were popular, of course Trudi went for the Vegan Pie. Met up with a local rider who knew Greg, “just tell him Nick the Fireman says hello”, he said. From Deans Marsh it is undulating and up to Bambra then a long downhill, firstly through the Otway Forrest Park, then through open farmlands back to Winch. Lovely day out on the bike in excellent company.
Cheers, Peter J.

Ross Glover Leads Cycling Geelong & GTC on a Circuit of Geelong on Sunday 12.5.19
Had an excellent turnout for today's combined easy Geelong loop. Present at the Rippleside start were Kevin, Helen, Dave, Margy, Coralie from Cycling Geelong, Rolf, David I, Dr Mike, Chris Hu, and Ross from GTC plus a late arriving John M representing both clubs.
There was very little other traffic on the path so it was a nice easy ride along the waterfront towards Corio, then some interaction with traffic along St Georges Road as we made the transit to the Ted Wilson Trail. The green light duration across the Princes Highway seems to get shorter each time I ride the road. Even the front riders can barely make it across before the change to amber. Normal service was resumed on the Ted Wilson with very few other users. After some debate about riding via the new road/housing development at Church Street, we continued via the "traditional" route down Hyland Street and the river path to Barwon Edge. Concerns about Mother's Day crowds weren't realised with a choice of (outside) tables. Refreshments and conversation continued until a light shower provided the impetus to continue on. The first early finishers left here with the group gradually diminishing until just 5 finishers (4 CG, 1 GTC) arrived at the finish point.
Thanks to all participants for a very pleasant outing. Regards, Ross.

Peter J and Monica Ride to Lara on Saturday 11.5.19
Dismal looking morning early, obviously put everyone off, I was there on my lonesome, just as well I had a potential new member there to keep me company. Come 8-30 am no one else had fronted so Monica and I rolled on out to Millar’s for a pleasant coffee and chat before heading for home via the Hovell Creek Trail. Going out we took the Ted Wilson Trail. The Floodway was closed at Lara but there was only a little bit of water under the Freeway and not much head wind, and of course not a drop of rain. Very enjoyable morning, just a pity there were no members to introduce to Monica.
Cheers Peter.

Chris Halpin's MTB (with Road Alternative) Ride from Torquay to Anglesea - Thursday 9.5.19
Ten intrepid riders started in Torquay this morning. Trudi, Paul and Ange rode  down on their road bikes. PJ, John M, Nick & Sarah, Mark K and myself sported various Gravel bikes. Then who should rock up with 2 minutes to go but Ross Glover on his bespoke Surly.  An amazing effort having only arrived home from his 1000km WA trip at midnight. The weather report was pretty dire but as the great man said - "No such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing". Yeah! So off we rode, 3 road bikers on the bitumen, 7 gravellers on the clifftop trail. This is a fabulous ride.  Skirting Torquay's beautiful beaches, Jan Juc, then to Bells for a breather.  A short loop around Bells on the bitumen, then rejoined the trail thru the Ironbarks to Point Addis and down to the river mouth at Anglesea. Coffee was popular and the chatter noisy. Unfortunately the road bikers were too quick and headed off.  The return leg took us up the hill beside the Hwy, then along the ridge to Point Addis and back the way we had come. No rain, lots of fun and thanks for the company.
Chris Ha.

David Innes' Ride to Anakie and Lara on Tuesday 7.5.19
It was a sunny but very cold morning and my Garmin read below 5c! Our ride was from Church Street/Ted Wilson Trail heading out to Anakie via the Anakie Ballan Highway. A seedy bunch of riders turned up once again to tackle the advertised 80 km ride that ended up been over 90 km but that’s okay. So off we went starting well we were soon battling a strong head wind making it difficult to keep the bunch together as a few struggled along but we made it to Anakie for a very well earned coffee. The usual chatting and laughter as we enjoyed our coffee outside in the courtyard for perhaps the last of the sunshine for a while as winter is definitely here. A good rest and we saddled up and headed up the road past Fairy Park to Staughton Vale Road for the nice down hill run. It wasn’t until Balliang Road that the wind finally favoured us pushing us along at a nice pace to the Baccus Marsh Highway We decided to head straight along the highway to take advantage of the wind direction soon realising if it was the right decision because of the major road works going on there. Anyhow we navigated safely along the highway turning into Windermere road to Lara.
John Miro and myself left the rest as they stopped for lunch taking the Hovell Trail home. Thank you to all who rode today for a sometimes challenging ride but enjoyable one. In attendance were: Peter Jones, Rolf, John Miro, Ron, Trudi and ride leader
David Innes.

Ken's 100km Ride to the East of Geelong on Sunday 5.5.19
10 men and 2 women assembled at SG Stn for the two Sunday rides. Those opting for the mystery ride of around 50k were a seedy looking group so the ladies decided to throw in their lot with the endurance squad. Ange, Lyn, Greg, Ken, Paul and Mark S set out on what was more of a mystery than the rather predictable rail trail to Drysdale embraced by the other group.
Travelling on the Bellarine Hwy and then turning up Curlewis Rd, we came to the RT crossing lights on the Portarlington Rd just behind them. We continued along the following roads - Grubb, Swan Bay, Banks (both left and right) Shell and Grubb- in making our way to Van Loon's Nursery Cafe for a refreshment break. Ange and Lyn had recovered well from their hard ride to Lorne the previous Tuesday and all (apart fom Mark who left us early) comfortably achieved the 100. 

The Mystery Ride Goes to The Bungalow at Drysdale on Sunday 5.5.19
A big turn out for two rides today meeting at the south Geelong station today one the 100 km and the other half the distance for the retired racers lol.
For the 50 km ride the elite riders of the club and one new electric bike headed off to the usual Drysdale fav coffee at the bungalow nearly catching the 100 km riders we took to the dirt along the rail trail possibly for the last time as it’s soon going to be sealed. Arriving in Drysdale for a well earned coffee and considerably long social chat we then headed back along the way we came.
Thanks to the following elite who attended the harder ride: Rolf, Myself, Dr Mike, Mike Curry, Peter Jones, and Ian Fraser.
Cheers, David Innes.

GTC & Bicycle Network do a Combined Ride to Drysdale and Barwon Heads - Saturday 4.5.19
Five GTC members in this group of 14, Andrew C, Mark K, Peter M, Chris Ha and myself. Met the bunch at Barwon Valley Park, took the bike path out to Drysdale, bypassed the gravel sections by heading out past Bunnings and up Grubb Rd to Swan Bay Rd., then across on Banks Rd through Collendina and over the Barwon River bridge. Took coffee at The Beach House in Barwon Heads with a Florentine on BN. A rather large shower went through while we enjoyed our coffee and thought we might be lucky but another good one caught us on 13th Beach, of course we battled on and came out the other side ok. Took HSBend home with a very nice tailwind, finishing back at Barwon Valley Park. A most enjoyable morning riding with some new friends. Distance approx. 75 klm
Cheers, Peter J.

CONGRATULATIONS to Ross & Chris Hume on COMPLETING the 1,067km Munda Biddi Trail from Perth to Albany - 3.5.19
Greetings from Albany. We have done it! The Munda Biddi has been conquered. Probably should confess that we have taken twice as long as some people to do it. Over 1000 km at an average of less than 10 kph! The last few days have been a gradual wind-down - last day in the bush, last night in a M-B hut then last riding day. We are in remarkably good condition. No real mechanical problems other than some fairly constant gear changing issues for Chris. Mind you, we have been changing gear several hundred times a day. No punctures and no injuries other that scratches. We have a few days in Albany to rest up and look around before taking the bus back to Perth. Should be back doing club rides late next week.
Regards, Ross and Chris.

Peter Jones' SOLO Ride in the Rain to Torquay - Thursday 2.5.19
Today was the day for the real cyclist, not the fair weather cyclist who appears when the Sun is out, there is no wind, there is no rain, the real cyclist rides for the sheer joy of riding, for the challenge of overcoming the weather, and the wonderful buzz from completing the ride. Lovely peaceful ride, excellent coffee at Mejavo's now I'm off to pick up my new bike.
Cheers, Peter.

Paul M's Ride from Torquay to Lorne on Tuesday 30.4.19
Distance 93km. Coffee/lunch at Lorne Larder. Photos by Peter Jones.

Chris Halpin's Ride to Drysdale on Sunday 28.4.19
A round dozen dedicated riders met at Sth Geelong station this morning.  Peter J, Rolf, Janet, Marie, Geoff C, Mike C, Mick G, Pam, John M, Nick and then good to welcome Dr Mike. Winter seems to have arrived - blustery westerly winds, cold and a light drizzle. Who could blame Trudi for sleeping in? The pace was very gentle down the Rail Trail, on to the Bellarine Hwy, around Bunnings and back down to rejoin the Rail Trail. Here we were joined by Heather C and Lyn G.  Quite a group. Lovely tail wind took us to Bungalow in no time.  Coffee was excellent, and the chatter flowed.  Time for me to hit the road home to make an appointment.  I forgot to nominate a replacement ride leader so I hope everyone made it home in good time.
Thanks all.  Chris Ha.

Peter O'Brien's Gentle Ride to Leopold - Saturday 27.4.19
Leanne, Ian and myself met at the Showgrounds to ride to Leopold. We rode along the Bellarine Rail Trail path to Leopold and onto Panache for a coffee break.  We returned to Geelong on the trail. Thanks to all who have participated in the easy ride each Saturday over the April period. Distance 18kms.
Peter O.

Peter Jones' Saturday Ride to Collendina - 27.4.19
Only the tough today, Ron, Mark S and myself took a quiet down wind spin to The Cheeky Cow in Collendina via Warrilly, Lake Rd, 13th Beach, Ocean Throughway. Had a most enjoyable coffee and chat before heading back into the wind via Grubb Rd, Rhinds and Malpas through Leopold where Ron headed home leaving Mark and myself to spin on home. Cool breezy day but every day on the bike is a great day.
Cheers, Peter J.

Ross Glover & Chris Hume in Pemberton on the 1,067km Munda Biddi Trail from Perth to Albany
Hello from Pemberton. Having a rest day here. Lovely weather, clear skies, nice and warm. Arrived yesterday after a hard 87 km ride from Manjimup. The trails are less technical now and the surfaces are generally better so it is possible to shift focus from the trail  immediately in front and admire the scenery occasionally. We are mostly riding through karri forests now and they are most impressive. Will be riding past the famous Gloucester tree tomorrow.  No decision as yet on whether we will climb it.
Seems my schedule was rather optimistic or we are slow as we have had to change our flights home to ensure we get to the end of the trail. Otherwise, all is going well. No real dramas other than a few saddle sores and some bikes in need of adjustment. 
Cheers, Ross.

Peter O'Brien Leads the Thursday Ride on ANZAC Day to Lara - 25.4.19
Nine riders assembled at Eastern Beach this morning to ride to Lara.  Rolf, Mike, Jenny, Sarah, Nick, Noel, David I, Ron and myself meandered our way through the back streets of Geelong, Drumconda and Rippleside and onto the Hovell Creek Adventure Track with our destination being Millars Café in Lara.  Unfortunately Millars was closed so we moved to Plan B, the Xpresso Café in Lara.  The Xpresso Café were doing a roaring trade and when we eventually found seats we enjoyed a well-earned coffee. Our return ride to Geelong was via the same route.  A very enjoyable ride.  Distance 64kms.
Peter O.

Peter O'Brien's Ride to Barwon Heads and Pt Lonsdale on Tuesday 23.4.19
Eleven riders, Trudi, Paul, Angie, Peter J, Adam, Mark K, Noel, Ron, David I, Rolf and myself departed from Grovedale Hotel car park to Point Lonsdale today.  We rode via Lakes Road, Thirteenth Beach, through Barwon Heads , past the Cheeky Cow and at this point Noel left the group to head back to Geelong.  Some of the riders were starting to feel distressed at having ridden 30 kms without their shot of coffee.  This situation was not helped as we had ridden  passed two of our favourite coffee cafes.  We continued on to Point Lonsdale where we took an extended coffee break taking in the views of the bay.  John M  joined the group after riding solo from Geelong.
We rode back to Geelong along the Bellarine Highway. Thanks everyone for an enjoyable ride. The total distance covered was 72kms.
Regards, Peter O.

Greg Allerton's 100km Ride out through the Barrabool Hills - Sunday 21.4.19
Just 2 riders on this one - Greg and John Miro. Coffee was at The Cottage Farm Nursery at Gnarwarre.