GTC News Sunday 9.12.18
Rides this week:
Tuesday 11th Dec - NOTE: Peter Jones' Ride from Ballarat has been rescheduled to next week.
9am from Bunnings in Waurn Ponds - 70km via Forest Rd to Pt Addis, Bells Beach, and Torquay - Lyn Loudon to lead.
Thursday 13th Dec - 9am from Rippleside - 50km to Drysdale - Chris Hume to lead.
Saturday 15th Dec - 8:30am from Grovedale Pub - 50km to Ocean Grove, Barwon Heads or Colllendina - David Rae to lead.
Sunday 16th Dec -
1/ 8am from Sth Geelong Station - 100km - Greg Allerton to lead.
2/ 9am from Sth Geelong Station - 50km to Barwon Heads - John Miro to lead.

GTC Christmas Party at "Charlemont" - Sunday 9.12.18
Our hosts for this most enjoyable gathering are Lindy and Don Lester at their farm "Charlemont" on Tompsons Creek. One of the highlights of the afternoon is the Kris Kringle for which we have our own special set of rules. Your name is pulled out and you choose a present - however, when the next person selects a present they have the right to swap it with any of the presents selected before this. The most fortunate person is the last one to select as they can choose anyone's present. Marie took photos of this event and they will appear soon.

John Hagan Leads the Combined Ride with Cycling Geelong to Millars at Lara - Sunday 9.12.18
A really good turnout for this Sunday Combined ride of 11 riders. Some of the GTC riders may have been absent because our Christmas party was starting at 12 noon at Lindy & Don's farm south of Armstrong Creek. We headed out along Corio Bay and turned up Shell Parade, past Geelong Grammar, and through to Millars via Rennie St and Canterbury Rd. After long conversations over coffee and hot chocolate we came back to Geelong via the Hovells Creek Trail. Peter O'Brien and myself then continued through to the Christmas party.
Keep pedalling, John Hagan.

Ross & Greg Finish the Bairnsdale - Kosciuszko - Albury Tour - Sunday 9.12.18
We are sitting at Albury railway station, waiting fot the train home. The tour is over. Were expecting the ride down from the mountains to be a bit of an anti-climax but it was far from that with many unexpected pleasures such as great scenery, really quiet but excellent roads and some great camps. A standout was a return trip on the Wymah punt and a great campground to ourselves in NSW when we were expecting a bush camp with no facilities in Vic. Looking forward to home. Will catch up soon. Best, Greg and Ross.

Andrew Hanns' Ride to Moriac on Saturday 8.11.18
Not a great start to the ride, with the ride leader turning up late, however those attended showed mercy. Ken, Chris Ha, Peter Jones, Rolf, Meri & Lovro, Paul & Ange, Peter Maurer, Ray M, Peter O and Andrew H. We ventured on our way down the river bike path through Highton to Waurn Ponds drive to Colac road. Left onto Pettavel Rd, then Reservoir Rd with some breaking to ride down hill to Moriac General Store, while other took some hills on their way to the store for coffee via Hendy main Rd. The weather behaved allowing us to continue after coffee along Hendy Main Rd, where some took Colac Rd for home where others continued to Barrabool Rd, Ceres and Belmont.

Nicole, Chris Halpin and Mike Currie Finish the Great Vic Bike Ride - click the link and check out the photos.
NEW Pictures (3.12.18) of the GREAT VICTORIAN BIKE RIDE 2018 - which a number of our riders are on this year - click here.

Ross & Greg Arrive at Dead Horse Gap - 7.12.18 - note: the horses at back right are very much alive!

Peter Jones' Ride to Ceres & Mt Moriac on a HOT Thursday - 6.11.18
12 riders for todays ride: Meri, Ange, Sarah, Nick, Andrew, Paul, Norm, Ray, Mark S, Rolf, Chris and yours truly. With a hot day forecast I changed the start time to 8-00 am and decided to leave Bannockburn for another day and planned a circuit around Geelong finishing at Two Sugars in Highton which is not too far away for everyone to get home if it did heat up quickly. Our first little adventure was taking the road up through the Paper Mills, only one minor inconvenience getting through the wire fence but everyone managed without too much trouble. Continued on to Merrawarp Rd, right up Barrabool, left into Andersons and right at the Colac Rd., after a brief trip on the Hwy it was left into Ervins and over to Reservoir to commence our run back into Geelong and coffee. Took Pigdons up past the Uni and Epworth and down Belle Vue. A very pleasant ride, mainly off the busy roads, what we lacked in length we made up for in elevation, arrived into the Highton Village about 10-00 am where we met up with David and Jackie who had joined us from the river, Marion who walked down to do the shopping and Adam who is recovering nicely from his neck operation.
A lovely morning on the bike before the heat and wind. Cheers, Peter.

Ross & Greg Arrive at Mt Kosciuszko - started on 27.11.18
Hi from Knancoban. Just finisned 3rd day of + 1000m climbs from Tom Groggin on Murray River. 2hours on 1 climb today but good descent into Kancoban. Now hot. That was 3 consecutive days of 1000m. Today was 1400m. Small C/W gets much use. I have 26t. Ross has 27t with high cadence. Alpine scenery was great. Greg.

Trudi's Ride to The You Yangs on Tuesday 4.12.18
On arriving at Rippleside I thought, beauty what a great crowd for today's ride..  But no, I soon realised that there were two groups LAC and GTC. Riders today were Chris Hu, Peter J, Rolf, Ron, Meri, Julie, Ray, Peter O, Sarah and Nick, and soon to be new member Mark. Before setting off Rolf discovered that he had a flat tire so headed back home to change bikes. We dropped past Meri's house to pick her up, then continued out North Shore picking up the Hovells Creek bike path. Coffee was at Cafe Blu and as usual the coffee and service was excellent. Ted dropped past to say G'day, with the LAC arriving for their break it was time to get moving. Our route today was via the old Geelong Rd to Little River, then across and up the You Yangs stopping at the top for an early lunch. After descending from the top we regrouped and noticed that we were missing Ray. After a few phone calls we discovered that he hadn't ridden through the car park at the top and seen us off to the side having lunch. Our returned trip took us out onto the Bacchus Marsh Rd and then the Ted Wilson bike path. Thanks everyone for joining me on today's ride, I'll see you all next time.
"Life is better on your bike." Trudi.

Peter O'Brien's Ride to Maude & Anakie on Sunday 2.12.18
Chris Hu, Mark S, Mark B, Mike T, Laurie, David I  and myself were apprehensive about today’s ride given the weather predictions for some rain and a possible thunder storm accompanied by strong westerly winds.  Not to be deterred, we headed off and on the bike route along Ballarat Road, the winds were so strong the path was littered with tumble weeds meaning we had to zig-zag our way through them. We rode to Maude via Steiglitz Road which turned out to be a real grind given the hills and prevailing wind.  At Maude we stopped to view Bunjil’s Lookout but didn’t stay long due to the extremely strong winds. We then wove our way across to Anakie which involved a huge climb just out of Maude and a fast descent down Oneils Lane.  It was on this descent that David I came off his bike on a particularly sharp bend.  Despite a nasty fall David was not injured and able to continue the ride. The coffee break at Anakie was greatly appreciated as we had ridden 50kms to that point and time was getting on.  It had taken us just under three hours to get to Anakie which was testament to the riding conditions. After regaining our energy we rode along Anakie Road back to Geelong and although traffic is heavier along this route it was the most direct way home. I have subsequently spoken with David, and whilst he is a little sore, he informs me he is okay.
Regards, Peter O.

Ange's Saturday Ride to The Groove in Ocean Grove - 1.12.18
The first day of summer and we had 11 riders, plus myself. As my first go at ride leader I chose the Groove for our coffee destination. The ride group were fantastic and assisted in allowing me to guide everyone the right way...and not get lost. We headed down the Surf Coast H'way and turned down Warralily Blvd. Turned on to Barwon Heads Road, on to Lake Road towards Shaws Ln, Lake Rd. Turned down Staceys Rd and over to Blackrock Rd. This then led us to Thirteenth Beach Rd where the blue skies gave us a great view of the surfers and riders who had taken advantage of the great day. After re-grouping we continued to our destination across Barwon Heads Bridge and stopped at the Groove. Since it was such a great day I had envisioned that there would be no room for coffee...but to our surprise we had plenty of room and all enjoyed the usual great coffee and great conversation. We were expecting a visit from our fellow rider, Adam, to join us. But after a call we discovered that he had been held up by an accident that was on the Bellarine H'way...which was our proposed trip home. So it was back  down Thirteenth Beech Rd on our return trip and through Barwon Heads- Torquay Rd, back on to Blackgate Rd and turning on to Horseshoe Bend Rd. It was along this road that we encountered our usual drivers who choose to cross over a solid line to 'get around' us. It was then that we noticed a Police car was also behind us...which led to lights being put on and the driver of the car having a 'chat' with the men in Blue...Bonus for us.
With Terry leaving us at Warralily Blvd, and some smooth moves from John as we approached some lights which led me to call 'stopping' to avoid trying to beat the lights. Well done John. We continued on to Reserve Rd and down Barwarre Rd where the group dispersed and headed their own way home. 
Great ride, great company, great weather and great coffee gave me a total of 56 kms. Thanks for the ride....but I much prefer to be at the back. Ange.

Ross & Greg Arrive in Jindabyne- started on 27.11.18
Safe, sound and completely exhausted in Jindabyne. Arrived mid afternoon after a punishing ride from our Jacobs River camp. Greg was happy when the dirt roads finished. Our average speed definitely went up! Highlight was being allowed to join the L'Etape riders on a closed road in to Jindabyne. We actally passed a few over the last few k's into town. Has been a great ride so far but very tiring. Have an easier day tomorrow before our push up to Kosiosko. Will try for another report after that.
Ross & Greg.

Mike Taylor leads the Thursday Ride to Moriac & Freshwater Creek - 29.11.18
Twelve  riders turned up at Bunnings this morning  which was excellent considering the many other cycling events  happening. The riders were Meri, Ray, Chris Hu, Paul, Ange, Andrew, Ted, Nick , Sarah, Norm, Mike and new rider Mark. It was advertised as a 50km ride to Freshwater Creek. Seeing as Freshwater Creek is only 7km from Bunnings of course we decided to pick a nice loop. We headed off up Waurn Ponds Drive and took Pettavel Rd and Reservoir Rd to Moriac. We then headed down Hendy Main Rd and across to Blackgate Rd. We encountered road works on Anglesea Rd but the friendly workers gave us a personalised green light to let us through. Coffee and much interesting conversation was had at The Farmers Place. Going back along Ghazeepore Rd  we all fanned off to our home destinations. Short but sweet ride in great company!
Mike T.

Ross & Greg Riding from Bairnsdale to Albury via Khancoban - started on 27.11.18
Greetings from Buchan. Had a slow start to our tour with two easy/short days to here, although there has been some climbing involved since Bruthen. Pretty much perfect cycling weather until 5 k's from Buchan when it started to pour down. We sheltered under the pub verandah before moving on to our accommodation,  Buchan Backpackers. Interesting place run by an elderly character. It has an unusual odour! Ants running over the sink. Sweepings piled in corners. Cobwebs everywhere. But it is dry and warm so one night shouldn't kill us. Off in to the wilds tomorrow so no communication until Jindabyne.
Best Wishes, Greg and Ross.

Meri's Ride to Queenscliff & Portarlington on Tuesday 27.11.18
Fourteen riders came prepared for a ride down to Queenscliffe: Rolf, Mike, David, Nick and Sarah, Ron, Mark, Julie, Ange and Paul, Andrew, Chris Hume, Ray, and myself. Made pretty good time down to Queenscliffe along the highway, stopping for coffee alongside the moored yachts, which is a very pretty little spot. Though Julie showed us a wonderful little cafe right on the waters edge, and apparently they make great coffee and you can do a bit of “ship spotting “ ... a whole different world.
We took the Portarlington road just out of Point Lonsdale, and hiked past the paddocks, mostly with sea views. Chris had a puncture and Julie either helped or gave advice. Not sure which. By the time we headed down the highway to Drysdale, and those rolling hills we had sort of forgotten lunch, so kept going. Think by the time we were all home, most of us would have clocked over a hundred kilometres, though my Garmin said 63 miles?? A great ride, with a lot of good company. Thanks everyone, but next time we’ll stop for lunch!
Cheers, Meri.

Final Day of the NZ Tour - Around Lake Taupo on Saturday 24.11.18
The 153km ride around Lake Taupo was to be the Grande Finale to the cycling component of the tour of NZ. The forecast was for rain, heavy at times. As we were about to leave our motel a light drizzle started and this became rain aswe waited in the starting straight with over 2000 others-a lot given riders in various categories had been moving out from 0700. Peter muscled his way to the front of the long queue and got a flier. Lyn, Trudi and Leo started together a little later and Ken 26 minutes behind. The rain and some steep climbs in the first 20 kms made for a tough start. The rain stopped and heavy jackets were removed but about 20 kms on it began to bucket down. I got saturated and cold and decided against stopping until I could enjoy a hot drink at Turangi after 103 kms. The rained eased and the last 50 kms were more enjoyable. I saw Ted on the side of the road making a phone call with 25 k left (he was completing the half of the lake event). I caught Peter half way up the famed, and feared, Hatepe climb and we rode together to finish at 1550. Lyn's time was more than an hour faster than in 2016 whilst Trudi and Leo got in around 1745 ( a very good ride under difficult conditions).
Cheers to all from Aotearoa - land of the long white cloud. We have had a fabulous time. Ken

Chris Hume leads the ride to Barwon Heads on Sunday 25.11.18
Six riders started off form the Station this morning: John C, Ray, David I, Geoff and Heather and Chris Hu. We headed down to the river then around South Barwon Reserve here we met up with Peter M as we crossed Barwon Heads Rd. Contined South on Horseshoe Bend Rd all the way to Blackgate Rd then turned East and were aided by a pleasant tail wind as we continued to Barwon Heads. Here John C left us and the rest headed for coffee down the main street ending up at The Beach House. Here John M joined us. After pleasant break with much chat headed off. Heather and Geoff Headed home via Ocean Grove and the rest of returned Via 13th Beach and Lake Rd. It ended up a great day for riding, a good time was had by all!
Chris Hu.
JC - as well as providing the photo also did a report:
Like all smart leaders, consideration of wind direction was a factor for planned ride.The wind was SW, so we headed down Swanston to the river & followed the path around past Hendry up along Bailey Street to Reserve road, before turning on to HSB Rd. Saw a bloke driving a vehicle on the bike path, SO David I had a word to the driver - he turned out to be a police officer! Turned left at Blackgate, where a wonderful tailwind assisted through Breamlea & the run over 13th Beach, down into Barwon Heads. Here your correspondent turned right to go over the bridge, whilst the others Chris Hu, David I, Ray, Peter M, Heather & Geoff Christmas turned left to enjoy a well deserved coffee! JC.

Meri leads the ride to Moriac on Saturday - 24.11.18
Cold morning start saw five riders join the fray at South Geelong Station. So Ray, Chris Hu, John M, Lovro and Meri. We set off with grey clouds above but only a moderate South Westerly. Down along the Barwon trail and up Mt Pleasant Road To South Valley Road, then up to the right into Barrabool Road. We decided to go to Moriac via Cochranes Road, Resovoir Road and onto to cape Otway Road for a fast run into Moriac with a sprinkling of rain. Coffee, and then headed up Hendy Main Road and back to Highton via the  Barrabool and Ceres stretch. Rain was with us through the hills, however back around the river lane we had a bit clearer day. So, basically we had it all, hills, wind and rain .. just no sun. Next time. Great ride with good company.
Cheers Meri.

Peter O'Brien's Ride to Drysdale & Ocean Grove on Thursday 22.11.18
Ron, Norm, Sarah, Nick, Mike T, Mark, Ray and myself headed off from the showgrounds to Barwon Heads this morning.  The bike route taken included the Bellarine Rail Trail to Drysdale followed by Grubb Road to Ocean Grove.  At Thacker Street in Ocean Grove I decided the thrill of hurtling up and down the hills of Thacker Street couldn’t be resisted so off we headed en route to the Groove Café for coffee.  Once again, we were treated to special jelly cakes from the owners and needless to say they were delicious.
The return route was through Barwon Heads and Thirteenth Beach where we cyclists enjoyed the great vista of the bay and where surfers were taking advantage of the magnificent swells.  Instead of continuing along our normal route on Lakes Road we proceeded to the Lake Connewarre Wildlife Reserve.   At the reserve the viewing platforms provided fantastic views of the lake and its surrounds whilst offering the opportunity to observe an abundance of bird life. We’d initially had concerns regarding the weather; however, the forecast rain never eventuated and it turned out to be a perfect day for riding. Total distance 60km.
Regards, Peter O.

Photos from the NZ Tour form last Monday 19.11.18

Chris Hume's Tuesday Ride from Birregurra to Colac, Barwon Downs & Deans Marsh - 20.11.18
Not a good start to the day as I strained my back loading bicycles!!  Five riders for today's ride: Julia, Peter O'B, Nick and Sarah and yours truly Chris Hu. Weather overcast  with the threat of heavy rain in early afternoon. We headed off to Colac using the busy Princes Hwy. It was with some relief that we turned off and under Peter O'B's guidance headed for a quick trip around the Botanic Gardens finishing off with  coffee at the Cafe in the Gardens.  From here we headed along Forest Rd and Seven Bridges Rd to get to Barwon Downs. Nothing here in the food department so after a short break continued on to Deans Marsh. Here we had lunch at the Store. Not far to go now!! Used Rifle Butts Rd to return to Birregurra. About one minute after we arrived it started pouring!! Well timed!! It was an enjoyable ride, 88km with a few hills in good weather.
Chris Hu.

Ron Hill Leads the Ride to Lara on Tuesday 20.11.18
A total of 4 riders met for a pleasant ride to Lara: David I, Ray, Meri (Ron apologises for originally putting someone else's name) & yours truly. At coffee David was asked to take us on to Little River, where we returned to Hovells creek again. To the fairweather riders you would have reached North Shore where the brief storm hit! Thanks for the company. Cheers Ron.

Greg Allerton's 116km Ride to Anakie & Meredith - Sunday 18.11.18
This ride was a good chance for Chris Hume and me to practice climbing some long hills before our Roof Of Australia tour with Ross Glover. John Miro and newcomer Heather Maslen made up a good group of 4 riders. We took the Ted Wilson Trail then out Anakie Rd in sunny, mild, calm conditions. We swapped turns at the front with Heather riding strongly. In light traffic  we soon reached Anakie for a short stop at the oval for toilets and water. Then began the long climb of about 6 km past Fairy Park up into the Brisbane Ranges where we stopped at Durdidwarrah reservoirs. We then turned left along the much quieter Slate Quarry Rd which was very enjoyable with views of Mt Buninyong. Next came an exciting descent over the Moorabool River with a tough climb out of the valley.
Meredith came as a welcome lunch break at 11-30 after 62 hard km. We then took the normally quiet Steiglitz Rd for the second Moorabool crossing. This section was spoilt by seemingly never ending groups of noisy, very fast motor bikes. Luckily none came during the tricky, twisting descent .Following another steep climb we turned right along Sheoaks Rd. It was an easy quiet ride to Bunjil Lookout at Maude for spectacular views. There was a bit more wind on the journey home with tired legs. I was home by 2-40 after 118 km at a good average of 22.8 kph.   Thanks to Chris Hu, John Miro and Heather M for coming.
Greg Allerton.

John Hagan's Loop to Armstrong Creek on Sunday 18.11.18
A good turnup of 9 riders on a magnificent day for riding - from L to R in the group photo below: John H, Andrew, Mike T, David I, Pam, Mick G, Ray, Mike C, and Janet. Mark B took the photo of the group for us then left us to do a more challenging ride to Anglesea. Our route took us in a big loop largely to the south of Geelong. The first half of the course was a bit hilly after we left the Barwon with our final major climb being on the trail parallel to the Anglesea Rd/Princes Freeway to Hams Rd and then through the tunnel. We meandered through Armstrong Creek until finally coming to Sullies Kiosk, near the Barwon Heads Rd, for our coffee. Mike T gave an interesting name as the owner of one coffee (name digitally enlarged in the photo below!!). Quite a few obviously wanted an early lunch so left us at the Barwon River and Janet, Mike T and myself completed the ride by doing a loop through Whittington and around Eastern Gardens. Thanks to all for a leisurely ride. John H.

Chris Halpin's Saturday Ride to Barwon Heads - 17.11.18
T'Was supposed to be an easy ride down to Ocean Grove in near perfect conditions but...  Fourteen riders gathered for the start at Grovedale and headed south into a fresh breeze.  David I, David and Jackie, Meri and Lovro, Ray, Rolf, Ron, Mark, Peter O, Peter M, John M, Dr Mike and myself. Rode through the Warralilly Estate and managed to avoid the roadworks on Barwon Heads road, into Lakes Rd and then safely down to 13th Beach Rd.  All going well so far, the fast riders out the front setting a hot pace when a shout went out - 'Rider down". And so it was that 'wee David' had fallen onto the roadway.  A small group of members gathered to provide support, and a kind couple of young men stopped in their car to help.  Fortunately David managed to crawl to the side of the road, recover himself and the young men took him into their vehicle, popped his bike in the back and drove into Barwon Heads. Lots of phone calls and a cup of coffee later and we managed to contact a couple of vehicles to take David and Jackie home. It was a quite subdued group that made their way home.  At time of writing David was waiting to confirm no further damage.  We wish him all the best. Special thanks to Heather and David's daughter who answered to call for assistance to get David and Jackie home safely.
Chris Halpin.

Day THREE of NZ Tour - The Queen Stage - Queenstown to Glenorchy & Return - Thursday - 15.11.18
With Ken driving & Marion on navigator Peter, Leo, Lyn & Trudi left to follow the northern arm of Lake Wakitipu all 46 kms to the small town of Glenorchy. Participants had been warned that the terrain was up & down but that the scenery was terrific. Marion attested to the magnificence of lake & mountain views whilst riders thought the tour organiser a sadist!! After 18 kms Ken & Trudi swapped roles. Leo resolutely completed the outward section to the lunch stop at the Glenorchy cafe highly recommended by a local. The food was tops both in quality & quantity. Riders initially thought they would return by bus and that Ken would have to ride alone but PJ offered to give it a go so they left together with Leo & Trudi deciding afterwards to ride a few kms from the town centre back to Queenstown while Lyn drove the bus.

Day TWO of NZ Tour - Queenstown to Arrowtown - Wednesday 14.11.18
Another glorious morning. All 5 riders started out at 8.40 for the airport where we took delivery of a Toyota minibus. Ken put his bike into the van & drove back into town to pick up Marion. Then the whole world group came together at lower Shotover bridge. There was a minor drama when Trudi's chain broke but Leo soon had it repaired. Coffee was at the very inviting Postmasters cafe where the bikes were left whilst exploring the historic gold mining town. 90 minutes later lunch was taken at the same venue. The return journey followed a different route past Coronet Peak & the Shotover Gorge where jet boats thrilled their passengers on the river below.  We had dinner that night at the second accommodation where Trudi cooked pasta & Marion supplied the fruit salad.

Meri's Ride to Millars at Lara on Thursday 15.11.18
A nippy morning but 9 enthusiasts ,consisting of Mike, Chris Hu, Rolf, Ray, Norm, Sarah, Nick, and Ted, met at Rippleside for a wind assisted ride by the waters edge through Northshore and the bay through to Hovells Creek. The hardy Ted, who had ridden the headwind into Geelong advised us of the water under the bridge, almost half a metre, .. well perhaps not quite. Did make the bikes a little muddy. Coffee at Millers and Ron arrived, after missing the start. Well done Ron!! Left coffee for a run up Stacey’s only to find some road resurfacing, so onto Plan B, and a zig then zag and we were onto the Bacchus Marsh Road as voted on. Up Stacey’s road with a couple of people from the northern part of the state setting a cracking pace. Not to mention Chris Hume with a few zippy beans In His blood from the banana cake or somesuch. Long slog home into the wind, but as we knew well ahead not much of a burden really. Boy has Ray and Norm got some steam after their absenteeism. Well done to everyone, a good ride with great company. Even on a windy day!!!
Cheers, Meri.

Day ONE of NZ Tour - Tuesday 13.11.18
It was a beautiful sunny morning for the first day of inaugural GTC NZ bike tour as five riders assembled on the steep slope outside our accommodation. Then we were off with a short Cat 1 climb out of town as we cycled towards the airport on the Frankton Road. The scenery was fantastic with towering snow covered peaks all around as we followed Lake Wakatipu along the southern arm with many undulations to sort us out. After nearly reaching the end of the lake (30 kms) we turned & headed back to Jack's Point, a picturesque golfing estate ar the foot of the Remarkables. Lunch was enjoyed sitting in the sun at the Clubhouse. Oh life is hard to take!! The return journey was quick as the bulk of the riding had been completed with a total of 62kms for our first day. Everyone rode well & enjoyed it.
Cheers, Lyn.

Chris Hume's Ride to Moriac via the Barrabool Hills on Tuesday 13.11.18
Ten riders assembled at JB Hi Fi car park Julia, Rolf, Sarah, David I, Ray,  Chris Ha, Nick, Ross, Meri and yours truly Chris Hu. As we were heading off David and Chris Hu noticed they had flat tyres!! so it was a delayed start. Headed off along the route devised by Peter O - Waurn Ponds Drive, Cochranes Rd, Barrabool Rd, Merrawarp Rd, Hamilton Hwy, Pollocksford Rd  then back onto Barrabool Rd and called into the Cottage Farm Nursery Cafe for coffee and cake. For most of us it was the first time we had been here and we really enjoyed it, especially the garden, the views and the cakes!!
From here it was onto Moriac along Considines and Cape Otway Roads. At Moriac Ross left us to return to Torquay   and we continued along Cape Otway Rd then Mt Duneed Rd and Ghazepore Rd to Waurn Ponds Shopping Centre, from here we headed off home. Weather was fine today with a bit of a NE to NW wind and by the end of the ride was pretty warm. Good riding , good company and a good time was had by all.
Chris Hu.

Dave Simpson Leads the Combined Ride with Cycling Geelong from Torquay to Anglesea on Sunday 11.11.18
Just 5 riders for todays´ combined dirt ride to Anglesea - Dave the ride leader and Kevin from CG, Chris Hu and Ross from GTC and John M representing both clubs. The 40 km ride was advertised as 75 km on the GTC web site and that may have discouraged some potential participants. Also had an interesting range of bikes - one modern mtb, one classic mtb, one gravel grinder, one hybrid and one frankenbike - and all coped well with the varied riding surfaces.
As always, an enjoyable ride through the bush between Torquay and Angelsea. Nothing difficult but lots of great vistas and  plenty of undulation. Nothing much to report other than a mixup on the return trip where 3 of us waited at Bells Beach for the other 2, only to eventually discover they had ridden past without seeing us. A very pleasant place to waste some time watching the surfers perform down below.
Thanks to Dave and the crew for a most enjoyable outing. Ross.

Warm-up for the New Zealand Ride on Sunday 11.11.18
Some pics from our pre tour ride to check the bikes after reassembly in NZ. Lyn & Kens circuit ride from Queenstown to Arrowtown crossing the Shotover river, lunch in historic Arrowtown and return via the valley bounded by majestic snow-capped mountains, and down the Gorge Rd where we witnessed jet boats thrilling their passengers with 360o turns. The legs & bikes are now tested. Lyn.

Mike's Moriac Challenge - Saturday 10.11.18
Someone said that there are 100 different ways to get to Moriac. Well, thanks to Chris Halpin I think we have just found another one! With the club elite away in New Zealand there were still 11 trusting riders in attendance at South Geelong Station for Mike’s ride to Moriac. The riders were: Chris Ha, Chris Hu, Mike, Ron, Ray, Mark, Rolf, Peter O, John M, Dave I, and Meri as the sole representative of the fairer sex.
We proceeded initially around the south side of the river. We turned left up Queens Park Road and then the hard slog began up Scenic Rd. A magnificent view from the top was our reward. We then had a magnificent decent down Scenic and proceeded straight across Barabool Rd and up through Tim Hill Reserve, through the tunnel under the freeway and eventually heading onto Pigdons Rd.
From there we took the usual route up Waurn Ponds Drive and the Freeway to Mount Moriac Hotel. Coffee was at Ravens Creek Farm where an extraordinary number of delicious cakes were consumed. After much pleasant conversation we headed back the easy way on Cape Otway Rd and Mount Duneed Rd.
Thanks to everyone for the excellent company and a very enjoyable ride. Mike.

David Rae's Circuit to Freshwater Creek & Torquay on Thursday 8.11.18
Fifteen riders - Ross, Chris Ha, Chris Hu, David I, Rolf, Ron, Lyn L, Ray, Peter O, Ted, Sarah & Nick, Dr. Mike, Jackie and David - left the Grovedale Pub at 9.0 a.m. and met up with Terry at the end of the bike path at Ghazeepore Road. The ride continued along Dickins Road and down Anglesea Road, where recent roadworks had been done, leaving a wider lane at the side of the road which had quite a gravelly surface.  We turned left at Coombs Road and through Ocean Acres and then had a wind assisted ride along Grossmans Road into Torquay.  We had a pleasant coffee and chat at Majevo's and then planned to return home via Horseshoe Bend Road only to discover it was closed from South Beach Road onwards, so we had to make a detour along South Beach Road and on to the Surf Coast Highway.  We had a favourable wind assisted ride back home with a few riders peeling off along the way.  A pleasant day's riding!
David Rae.

Peter O'Brien's Tuesday Ride to XPresso Lounge Cafe in Lara & on to Little River & Around Avalon Airport - 6.11.18
When en route to the start of today’s ride I received a text from a very wet and soggy Ted.  Seems Ted made it as far as the Lara Golf Club when the heavens opened.  He attempted to shelter under a tree and when the weather abated he planned on returning back home. Not deterred by Ted’s text, and with scant concern for the inclement weather, five brave riders ventured out today.  John, Mark, Chris Hu, David I and myself departed Church Street in pouring rain and headed to Lara along the Ted Wilson Trail and Elcho Road.
Today’s coffee break was taken at the Xpresso Café Lara where all riders had the opportunity to dry off and enjoy a warm environment.  Following the coffee break, Chris decided to head back to Geelong while the remaining contingent continued onto Little River.  At Little River the rain eased so I decided to take the peloton on a quick tour of this mighty town, the highlights being the historic Little River Pub and that great bastion of learning, Little River Primary School number 1961.  It should be noted that many alumni of good old number 1961 have kicked on in life and some even get to write reports on the internet! The journey home was via the highway, Point Wilson Road and Dando Road, a route that provided a distinctive view of Avalon Airport and the You Yangs.  At Hovell’s Creek we took the Hovell’s Creek Trail and returned to Geelong.  When we arrived back in Geelong our clothes were dry which just goes to show the variable weather conditions we encountered during the ride today. I’m hopeful that by now Ted has left the shelter of his tree and arrived back home safe and dry and no longer feeling abandoned! A very enjoyable ride.   Distance 90kms. 
Peter O.

Mick Gregg's Sunday Ride to The Bungalow in Drysdale - 4.11.18
Eleven riders were waiting at Sth Geelong Railway Stn for todays relatively easy ride out along bike path to Drysdale.  They were: Marie, Ross, John, David, Chris Hu, Ray, Rolf, Sarah & Nick, Peter O, and myself (Mick).  When we reached the Hwy some decided to take the dirt section of the path and met the Hwy riders at Melaluka Rd. An uneventful cruise into our coffee stop at The Bungalow followed by the usual chatter etc.  Ride back home was via Princes Rd, Grubb Rd, Swan Bay Rd & Bellarine Hwy, people dropping off along the way to head home.  Weather was pretty good with light winds, looked like rain coming on way back but didn’t eventuate.  Thanks all for a good ride, Mick.

Terry Hamilton's Saturday Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove - 3.11.18
A cold overcast windy morning saw 12 enthusiastic  cyclists turned up at Grovedale pub carpark for the ride today Chris, Peter J, Ray,  Chris, David, Jackie, Mike, John, Rolf, Ron, Peter O and myself. We proceeded along Surf coast highway to the Estate turning left and proceeding to Barwon Heads Road turning right continuing on to Lake Road.  Onwards to Barwon Heads at a very good pace with a nice tail wind, passing through Ocean Grove to Shell Road turning right into Bonnyvale Road to the cheeky cow for coffee, before we could hang our bikes up we were told that the coffee machine had broken down, back on the bikes off to the Groove for coffee & much chatter. The return journey took us along 13th Beach into a head wind turning right continuing along Blackgate road to Horshoe bend road, thru Warralily, to the Torquay Road to the pub 65 kms with good company so thanks to everyone. Ray took a vote and as leader I had 4 points deducted for no coffee at the first stop.
To all members going to New Zealand have a fantastic and safe trip. Keep on Cycling - Terry.

Trudi's Ride to Moriac via The Barrabool Hills on Thursday 1.11.18
Eleven riders today for a nice ride to Moriac Lyn L, Sarah and Nick, Ange and Paul, Norm, Peter O, Peter J, Chris Hu, Ross and Trudi. Pollocksford Rd was my preferred route to take today, always good to clear out the cobwebs. Coffee was at the general store, toasted banana bread was popular. After coffee Ross and Chris headed towards Torquay, the rest of us took Hendy Main Rd some turning off at the top of Reservoir Rd. The remaining five riders headed for Barrabool Rd, Ange and Paul turned left while Sarah, Nick and myself turned right. Thanks everyone for making the effort to ride this morning it's always nice to ride the hills with friends.

Peter O'Brien's Ride from Rippleside to Southbank in Melbourne on Tuesday 30.10.18
Thirteen riders headed of to Melbourne with great expectations. The photos will identify who rode. A fabulous days riding, great trails, train service poor and we could be home by midnight.
Peter O.
Note: Peter and some of the group got home at 5:15pm. He said "We were all ready to get on the 2.50pm train however not enough bike racks as only a 3 carriage train. So some of us headed to the 3.10pm train settled in the trip home only to get 150metres out of Southern Cross before being shunted back and train cancelled. Headed across to platform 15 for the 3.50pm train. It was a long day."

John Hagan's Dirt Ride to Petteval & Paraparap on Sunday 28.10.18
A good turnup for out dirt ride today starting at Sth Geelong Station: Greg, Ken & Lyn, Ross, Chris Hu, Peter J, Rolf, Peter O'B, Ray and your ride leader John H. The day was cloudy with a wind from the SE. We headed out along the Barwon and up the Pipeline Track before going around the back of Deakin. We descended to the oval on Waurn Ponds Drive - there were many jokes about us having targets on our backs as sometimes there are warnings about the archery club aiming in the general direction of our path. We escaped unharmed as they were not out this morning. We encountered our first length of dirt road when we crossed the Princes Highway to Drayton's Rd. Generally we were heading for Willowite Rd which we took right down to the southern most part of the ride at Hendy Main Rd. We encountered a few corrugations on this section but when we left Hendy Main we were on the beautiful smooth surface of Loutitt Bay Rd and then crossed the Anglesea Rd on Blackgate Rd for a reasonably smooth run through to Uforic Food Cafe in Mt Duneed. There were some impressive cakes and scones consumed with the coffee and hot chocolate. Our return trip was largely on bitumen along Horseshoe Bend Rd but we did have one more piece of gravel on Drews Rd to take us to Barwon Heads Rd. We covered just under 60km with dirt roads accounting for about 50% of the ride.
Thanks to all participants for an enjoyable ride. Keep Riding, John Hagan.

Peter O'Brien's Ride to Moriac Via the Barrabool Hills on Saturday 27.10.18
Eleven riders left South Geelong Railway Station and headed to Barrabool Road.  Rolf, John M, David R, Jacki, Ray, Tom, Sue, Paul, Ange, Chris Ha and myself were keen to try the hills and the plan was to meet Trudi en route.  After conquering the Ceres climb, the downhill ride to the intersection of Barrabool and Merrwarp Roads was taken with caution given the prevailing winds. Trudi rang through to advice she was ahead of schedule and would meet us at Moriac.  Anderson Road is proving a popular ride route and again today the scenery provided a great back drop to the Otways.  For some riders, this was their first time on this particular section of road and they thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  Today’s coffee break was at the General Store Moriac and it was here we met up with Trudi, Leo, Terry, Peter J and Chris Hu.  The staff did exceedingly well managing to serve coffee to all the sixteen of us. After our break we headed back along Hendy Main Road to the highway at which point the group split with some riders proceeding back through the Barrabool Hills and others riding directly to Geelong.  Given the strong tailwind, the latter group were back in Geelong in no time.
A very enjoyable ride with plenty of hills.  Distance 50kms. Peter O.

Shopping Trip 2018
A successful shopping trip for BCNA. Thanks to GTC for support to this worthy cause (financials not finalised). A huge thank you Ashley McHarry- a fantastic supporter. Photo: Michelle Barton hostess for West Coast Tours, Heather Christmas, Marita O’Keefe (BCNA ) Clive Ibbotsen our McHarry’s driver.Thanks Pam for your fantastic morning tea.

Trudi Reports on the Thursday Ride to Lara - 25.10.18
On a glorious spring morning, our departure time from Rippleside was delayed. As there were so many cyclists coming from all directions 18 to be exact. Marie, Mike C, Mick, Chris Ha, Chris Hu, David, Peter J, Rolf, Meri, Ray, Peter O, Ted, Mike T, Andrew, Sarah and Nick, Trudi.  Finally setting off we rode along the bay trail, joining up onto Hovells Creek.  Our coffee break needed to be somewhere that could accommodate so many cyclists. So Millars was the obvious cafe, as usual tables and chairs were shuffled around. Taking our places in the glorious sunshine. After coffee we said our goodbyes to Chris Ha, as he had a slowly deflating tyre and decided to take the shorter run home. The rest of us rode Windermere Rd and of course up Stacey's Rd, then Ballan Rd. At the top of Stacey's Rd we waved our goodbyes to Ted, as he sailed back down. Everyone else scattered off in different directions at the Ballarat Rd traffic lights. Thanks everyone joining me today, on such a beautiful day.. Life is better on your bike !!!!!

Lyn & Kens Alternative (Unofficial) Thursday ride - 82kms with 701 meters of climbing on 25.10.18
We set out mid morning when the day was slightly warmer and headed out WP drive to Reservoir Rd and down Hendy Main, past Moriac and onto Forest Rd. It was a beautiful route through the Great Otway NP/Anglesea Heath and onto Pt Addis where we stopped for photos and to admire the wonderful views. Then it was a hard slog up the hill and onto Jarosite then Bones with its great undulations and finally to cafe Swell after 56kms hard work for a well earned rest. Finally cycling home, with a lovely tailwind, on HSB Rd (where there are roadworks between Sth Beach Rd & Blackgate Rd and this section will be closed for 6 weeks from next Tuesday).
Cheers, Lyn L.

Ken's Ride from Anglesea to Wye River and Return on Tuesday 23.10.18
Lyn was unwell this morning and Ken substituted for her. 6 Clubmen - 2 Peters, John Miro, Laurie, Chris Ha and Ken - and visitors Sarah and Nick (down from Shepparton and looking to settle in Geelong. Both are accomplished riders). The weather was kind to us, not too windy on the way down to Wye River but stronger and behind us on the way back. A coffee break at Grandma Shields Bakery on the outward journey and lunch at a cafe at the opposite end of town on the way back. There were stops to admire the scenery at several places including Mt. Defiance, Wye River and Urquhart Bluff.
A great ride in ideal conditions. Ken.

David Innes Leads the Ride to Drysdale on Tuesday 23.10.18
A choice of two different rides on the ride calendar this Tuesday morning with the A Team assembling at the Geelong Showgrounds with the show over for 2018 all was quiet. A mild cloudy day with a medium chance of rain which didn’t eventuate but for only a few spits once we stopped for coffee. We changed our destination from the planned ride toTorquay and we decided the bicycle path was beckoning us to travel to Drysdale. So off we went like the yellow brick road to OZ me being the cowardly lion with my band of characters following. The path was littered with glass, no doubt the work of the wicked witch of Whittington but luckily we mananged to avoid the traps and kept cycling on to our destination. We made our coffee stop at The Bungalow, a haven for weary adventurers enjoying a hot cuppa and conversation. We decided on the best route home to avoid the witch and with little wisdom to be gained from OZ we headed off along a familiar route down Princess Street and Swan Bay road. We eventually came onto the Bellarine Hwy except tin man, aka David Rae, due to his squeaky sticky shoulder went! left! towards Wallington! With his wife Jackie, aka Doris, followed “fair well we said “ so there were only three of us left: cowardly lion, straw man, aka Dr mike, and the wise old man from Barrabool Hills, aka Ray Moore, continued on our perilous journey back home. I waved good bye to my companions as they headed off to another location along the same path. No where was the witch to be seen!
I thank all who attended and look forward to the next adventure.
The following rode today: Chris, Ray, David, Jackie, Dr Mike and Julia.
David Innes.

To The Flying Brick Cider Co in Wallington on Sunday - 21.10.18
This ride was planned by Ian Fraser but he was unwell so John H took up the leadership on the day and followed Ian's plan to go out to Curlewis on the Bellarine Rail Trail and come back along Grubb and Swan Bay Roads to The Flying Brick Cider Co at Wallington for coffee. We had 7 starters at the Sth Geelong Railway Station and were due to meet Mike C at the Bellarine Highway after he had gone to the wrong start point. On arrival at this point Mike was there, but it was Mike T, and Mike C arrived a few seconds later. Those on the original starting grid were: Ray, Pam, Marie, Chris Hu, Ron, John H, and Andrew who was venturing out of the City on a bike for the first time. On arrival at The Flying Brick we seemed to have the place virtually to ourselves. Coffee was good (although could have been a bit hotter!) but there was no array of cakes to be selected from but quite a few had their energy bars in their pockets to consume with the coffee. Good conversations and great surroundings. We headed back via the Bellarine Highway and the Rail Trail from Moolap. The path was very busy around the Geelong Showgrounds with queues of about 50 metres into many of the gates and lines spilling onto the path. The trip distance was about 40km in pleasant weather.
Heep Riding, John Hagan.

Saturday Ride to Donut King in Ocean Grove - 20.10.18
With one minute to start time I took the almost obligatory 'selfie' thinking that I must be the only one silly enough to ride in the constant rain that was falling. However, a minute later along comes Chris Ha and then shortly after, Peter O'B. It rained all the way to Barwon Heads and was heavy at times. Wanting to take a photo that was characteristic of the day I parked beside a big puddle, near Sheepwash, to take a photo of Peter and Chris as they splashed past - the rain had just stopped then. We decided to go to Donut King in the shopping centre off Shell Rd as it would be warm and indoors. Peter had trouble getting his helmet off as his hands were so cold. We had no trouble obtaining the special offer for Seniors despite none of us carrying a Seniors' Card - for a large coffee and 2 doughnuts. The coffee served as a welcome hand warmer for Peter. For the return trip we went via Grub Rd, Rhinds Rd and through Malpas to the Wallington Rd and back via the Bellarine Highway. We were 50km into the ride before we sighted the first cyclist at Wilson's Rd in Whittington!! Weatherwise, you would think it was a different day as we headed home with sunshine for the last part of the trip.
Keep Riding, John Hagan.

Terry Hamilton's Thursday Ride to Barwon Heads - 18.10.18
A cold overcast morning saw 6 hardy cyclists turn up at Grovedale pub carpark for the ride today Ray, Ross, Lyn, Mike, Norm and myself. We proceeded along Surf coast highway to the Estate turning left and proceeding to HSB road then onto the bike path continuing on to Lake Road. Onwards to Barwon Heads a lap around the sheepwash and then to Starfish for coffee & much chatter. The return journey took us along 13th Beach into a head wind continuing along Blackgate road to Horshoe bend road, thru Warralily, to the Torquay Road to the pub 50 kms with good company so thanks to everyone. I counted only 25 drops of rain on the journey.
(As per photo Lyn couldn’t decide which way she should get home Ha Ha)
Keep on cycling. Terry.

Laurie & Julie Ride to Bannockburn, Teesdale & Inverleigh on Tuesday - 16.10.18
At 0905 still only two riders; Julie and Laurie. We decided to set off on the scheduled ride anyway following the standard route to Bannockburn, Teasdale and Inverleigh.  The NE wind had picked up by the Inverleigh break and we opted to return to Geelong via the much quieter (traffic-wise) roads of the Winchelsea-Inverleigh, Gnarwarre, and Barrabool, finally splitting up at Queens Park Bridge to go our homeward ways.  Even a little precipitation at Gnarwarre didn’t detract from a very enjoyable ride - good cycling conditions, very scenic and challenging.  Fyansford- Queens Park Bridge approx. 78 km; 1700 m gained; approx. 4 hours of cycling.

Final Day of Peter Jones' Albury-Echuca Tour - Numurka to Echuca - 16.10.18
Everyone was a bit nervous overnight, the wind blew, the rains came and it was a bit of a wild night. At happy hour everyone decided we should get on the road at 8-30 am that meant that most were ready by 8-00 am. The rain continued to spit as we left our Motel with a really strong tail wind, everyone rolled along at a really good rate on our way to Nathalia for coffee at the Bakery. The road was fairly dry for a long time but eventually a bit of a shower arrived which was a bit damp for a while but the shower cleared and we rolled into Nathalia about 10-30 am after covering about 28 klms. Excellent Bakery, good coffee. Another shower passed through while we had our coffee. Refreshed we rolled on along quiet roads to Barham for lunch. Theoretical stamping of Passports as we crossed over into NSW yet again, the Sun almost broke through and the wind continued mostly at our backs, the MTB, Gravel Bike brigade were sent off on the Old Barham Rd while the Barham Rd took us all to the Cobb Hwy where the wind was really blowing us home to Echuca. About an hour after everyone was settled in the Thunder Storms rolled in and the rains fell heavily, good timing. Tomorrow it is sightseeing time and a Paddle Boat ride before everyone heads home on Thursday.
Cheers, Peter.

Day Seven of Peter Jones' Albury-Echuca Tour - Yarrawonga to Numurka - 15.10.18
Strong East North East winds provided a lovely push along the road firstly to the Boosey Creek Café, and then on to Numurka. We pedalled along on long flat roads flanked by paddocks of crops, some lovely and green, others sad and wilted. The difference is irrigation, the roads are closely followed by Irrigation Channels and some paddocks get it and others don’t. One of the saddest things was a mob of cattle in a dry and parched paddock, there were troughs so they were obviously being fed but when they saw us riding by they thought we were going to feed them and charged towards the fences kicking up loads of dust, so sad. After coffee we continued the slide down wind and arrived in Numurkah about 1-00 pm. An easy day on the bike, may not be quite as good tomorrow, rain is forecast but we’ll see how we go.
Cheers, Peter.

John Hagan's Ride to Brown Shugar in Curlewis on Sunday 14.10.18
A good turn up of 8 riders at Sth Geelong: Ray, Ross, Marie, David I, Ian, Mike T, Dave S and your ride leader John H. Dave S was the only Cycling Geelong member. We travelled out to Leopold with the dirt riders taking the Rail Trail and the hard surface riders taking the Bellarine Highway and Melaluka Rd. At Leopold Heather & Geoff joined us for the trip to Curlewis. At Curlewis Rd we again separated and the dirt riders took Hermsley & Coriyule Rds to meet at Brown Shugar in Curlewis for coffee. Our return trip was along Curlewis Rd and the Bellarine Highway. It was fine and sunny with a good assisting wind home.
Thanks to all who came. Keep Riding, John.

Day Six of Peter Jones' Albury-Echuca Tour - Rutherglen, Corowa & Yarrawonga - 14.10.18
Good days ride from Rutherglen to Corowa for coffee at The Whisky and Chocolate Factory. Very enjoyable, I thought we may be too early for them but the joint was buzzing with locals coming in for breakfast. Coffee done it was time to move on, took the Rail Trail which was sealed until almost the end, then disaster for our Pino, the gravel covering the rails and points had come a little uncovered leaving rails sticking  up to catch our front tyre, skidded to a stop but too late both lugs on the front forks were smashed. No more Pino riding on this tour. Luckily Ted had come up for a few days so I’ve been able to get the seat up far enough for me to ride it for the rest of the tour. The road through to Mulwala is fairly flat and with a tail wind it was easy riding, stopped at the Bill Leahy Reserve for lunch and a cuppa before heading across the weir to our caravan park for the night. Decided a BBQ was the easiest as there is a BBQ right behind our cabin.
Heading for Numurka tomorrow. Weather is still fine and warm, about 27 deg today. Happy hour has just started better go, don’t want to miss out. Cheers, Peter.

Chris Halpin's Saturday Ride to Raven's Creek Farm -13.10.18
With the Club's A team pedalling furiously somewhere North, your ride leader planned an easy ride for those left behind. Was quite surprised to be welcomed by a keen group at South Geelong Station at 8:25. Perhaps it was the beautiful morning sunshine. Paul and Angie, Tom and Sue on the tandem, Trudi and Leo, Rolf, Ron, Ray and Ross, Dr Mike, Mark and myself left pretty much on time. Down to the river, past the Lil Aths and cricketers, left onto the Surf Coast Hwy, and then west on the Baarnip path. Here we met Lyn by arrangement making it 14 riders! A small detour on Ghazeepore then under the freeway and out to Waurn Ponds Drive, the Hwy to Pettavel, Reservoir and the lovely downhill sprint on Hendy Main all with kind tail winds. Our coffee at Ravens Creek was lively. Leo agonised over the cake cabinet before settling on a delicious scone, jam and cream. Good choice. Home via more of Hendy Main to Blackgate, Angelesea Rd and back into Geelong. Very pleasant ride on a magic day.
Thanks everyone. Chris Ha.

Day Five of Peter Jones' Albury-Echuca Tour - 13.10.18
Day 5 Albury Echuca Tour, another good weather day, fine and Sunny, maybe a little cloudy at times and windy off and on. The suggestion of Brunch at The Pickled Sisters was well supported, the most direct route was via the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail so it was off and away at 9-00 am. The rail trail is sealed all the way to Wahgunyah where it starts. Everyone enjoyed their brunch before some headed back to Rutherglen whilst most took the riverside path round and about Corowa and environs. The path is excellent sealed most of the way and extremely scenic. Ben and Fiona had a little excitement when one of three dogs playing an extremely high speed game of chasey ran full tilt into their back wheel, luckily they weren’t moving very fast and managed to remain upright. Following our little jaunt around the paths most headed back to have a shower and a cuppa before spending the afternoon chatting and listening to the live music downstairs. Moving on to Yarrawonga tomorrow and looking forward to Pasta night. Have enjoyed having Marcia visit for our two nights in Rutherglen and have heard from Ted that he is awaiting our arrival in Yarrawonga and may ride out and meet us tomorrow.
Cheers, Peter.

Day Four of Peter Jones' Albury-Echuca Tour - 12.10.18
Day 4. Started lovely, if a bit cool early, and continued all day. After our breakfast the trailer all packed, it was time to move on. The initial run was down through Albury on the bike path connecting to the Murray River path which ran all the way out to Wonga Wetlands. A lovely ride through various wetlands and past wonderful sculptures, and bird life. Morning tea was had and the bunch moved on to Howlong for lunch at the bakery, I can recommend the Pepper Pie. The final 20 klm leg into Rutherglen was most pleasant through fantastic green countryside, I don’t know if this area is supposed to be in drought, even the so called  “green drought” but the country looks great.
The Pickled Sisters Café at Wahgunyah for brunch tomorrow.
Cheers, Peter.

Ted's Ride to The Bungalow in Drysdale on Thursday 11.10.18
Eight riders assembled at the showgrounds for a pleasant cruise to Drysdale. Paul, Ange, Adam, Lyn, Ray, Mike C, Ian and myself were joined by the slightly late Ron about half a K along the track and by the very late Dr Mike at the coffee stop. As ride leader I was determined to not repeat the agony of last Thursday’s grind through the Moriac Mountains and Alpe d’Pollocksford and was pretty much successful except for the brisk southerly breeze that slowed some riders (rider) down on the way out. Of course that was more than compensated for by the downwind and mostly downhill ride home. Coffee at The Bungalow was excellent as usual and we all decided to be dead boring and headed back home the same way we came. On return to the showgrounds I was pleasantly surprised to see someone had left a subtle reminder that it’s not a race, and if it is, the tortoise can sometimes do OK. Sorry, Peter J, not a very exciting ride map.

Day Three of Peter Jones' Albury-Echuca Tour - 11.10.18
A fine Sunny day, top of 22 deg, who could ask for a better riding day! After a hearty breakfast provided by our hosts everyone was ready to hit the road heading to Lake Hume. A short run down Logan Rd took us to the Bungambrawatha Creek Trail which runs right down through Albury to the Botanic Gardens, a quick run around the gardens took us to the Mighty Murray River, a beautiful path beside the river, set in well mown parklands and many old River Red Gums.
Just after crossing back over the Murray River and into Victoria we stopped at the Gateway Village for our first coffee, after about 7 kms I think we deserved it. Chatting, taking pictures of flowers took some time but eventually we moved on via the Wodonga Trail to Wodonga past even bigger River Red Gums. Those without lunch headed to the bakery before we wended our way through Wodonga and on to the High Country Rail Trail, which was a good surface of fine gravel and a mixture of crushed glass, most unusual. After a few kms we came upon a section that hadn’t been topped with the fine gravel and was still bare ballast, very rocky so whilst some persevered,  the wide tyre brigade, the smart ones diverted to the paved path beside the road, all came back together just down the road. The fine gravel trail continued pretty much out to Ebden Reserve, through various patches of wetlands, over bridges and boardwalks.
Lunch was taken overlooking Lake Hume before we headed across to the Old Weir Rd which after some antics to get our bikes through the narrow opening, led us across the Weir to Lake Hume Village for coffee and/or ice-cream again overlooking Lake Hume.  Magnificent views across the Lake to the Snowy Mountains with snow still clearly visible. Of course there were some who hadn’t listened to the plan and belted away missing the Old Weir Rd and collecting a nice steep hill for their troubles. The way home was on the Riverina Hwy, a good stiff climb out of the Village but followed by a glorious downhill that seemed to go on forever, fantastic! Closer in to Albury we were able to switch to a lovely bike path which took us almost all the way before we took to the road and meandered home to our motel. Happy hour started at about 5-15 pm and morphed into Pizza Dinner at about 6-30 pm, a wonderful way to round off a great day on the bike in the most excellent company. Tomorrow we move on to Rutherglen and the fun continues.
Cheers, Peter.

2nd Seniors Ride - Rippleside to Lara - Organized by Cycling Geelong with a number of GTC Participants - 10.10.18

Day Two of Peter Jones' Albury-Echuca Tour - 10.10.18
Overnight rain which continued into the morning didn’t encourage everyone but breakfast was taken in good spirits and the rain cleared by our planned 9-00 am departure. Whilst the rain stopped the wind didn’t so we battled a good strong headwind for some time until we turned away and found a lovely new bike path following Table Top Rd to the Ettamogah Pub for coffee. Continued on to Jindera for a bit of lunch, before visiting their magnificent Pioneer Museum and heading back to our motel. Good climb up to the Gap, again into a good stiff head wind, before a long downhill to Burrows Rd  and a bit of up and down back to the Sundowner Hume Motor Inn.
Cheers, Peter.

Day One of Peter Jones' Albury-Echuca Tour - 9.10.18
Just a quick report, everyone has arrived at Albury, 9 by train, 4 in the car with the bikes and luggage and 3 from Coffs Harbour. As usual we had a BBQ at our Motel, a few wines from our Barman Ken and salads and fruit salad to finish. There was a few spits of rain but it is quite mild everyone is looking forward to getting out on the bikes tomorrow.
Cheers, Peter.

Pam Morrow's Ride to Torquay Orange for coffee on Sunday 7.10.18
Ride Report to follow. Group photo by JC.

Peter Jones' Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove on Saturday 6.10.18
12 riders turned up on time at the Pub, 2 turned up half an hour late, Ange, Paul, Jackie, David, Sue, Tom, Greg, Dr Mike, Chris Ha, Ray, Ron and myself. Ron didn’t stay long, forgot his helmet etc. so off he went home in the car agreeing to meet at the Groove in Ocean Grove. We went via Warrilly, Lake Rd, Barwon heads Rd and over the bridge to the Groove. Usual good coffee and fast service, Ron turned up as arranged and Trudi and Leo rolled in half an hour late after failing to look at the start time.
Rolled home via 13th Beach and HSBend Rd., excellent ride on a real beauty of a day.
Cheers, Peter.

Unofficial Ride to Drysdale - Saturday 6.10.18 - Photos courtesy of JC. Lyn G is only showing her shoes and lower legs!

Trudi's Ride to Moriac via the Barrabool Hills - Thursday 4.10.18
On a cool Spring day Andrew, Mike C, Ron, Rolf, Mark and Ted were waiting at the top of Church St for a lovely ride out to Moriac.... Not long after setting off we made a quick stop at the Fyansford Pub to pick up a few more riders Laurie, Lyn L, Ken, Chris Hu and Peter J. Not long after starting off again Rolf decided that he wasn't quite well enough to continue on, so turned back. Today I had decided on a different route to Moriac, this would give us a longer ride out. So we turned onto Polllocksford Rd, Barrabool Rd, Hortips Rd, Cape Oatway Rd.  Our Coffee destination was the General Store, we soon took over a few tables, service was quick the coffee and treats didn't last long.  With all our refreshments gone it was time to get moving. Everyone rode up Hendy Main Rd at Reservoir Rd everyone except for Chris, Ron and myself turned right. We had decided to go on and ride the Barrabool hills back to Church St. Thanks everyone for joining me today, I hope that you all enjoyed riding a few hills.

Peter Jones' Ride to Drysdale and Queenscliff on Tuesday 2.10.18
19 riders today: Trudi, Julie, Ange, Lyn G, Lyn L, Laurie, Ken, Mick, Chris Ha, Terry, Andrew, Chris Hu, Adam, Ron, Paul, John M, Dr Mike, Ray and myself. The Life Activities Cycle group was also starting at the Showgrounds so it was big group getting ready to head off. At 9-00 am we were first away and made our way to The Bungalow in Drysdale, two of our number had headed to the wrong start point but all gathered at the Café, unfortunately the Café was a little under staffed so coffees took some time but the chatter made up for that. After coffee there was a bit of a parting of the ways, Lyn and Mick, Dr Mike, Ron, Ray and Terry headed back via various ways the rest heading for Qcliff, Ken, Lyn L, and Julie via Swan Bay Rd the rest via Murradoc Rd, we were all back together at the Café and enjoyed sitting in the Sun for lunch. Home was via Ocean Grove, I couldn’t resist taking Thacker for a bit of fun on the Roller Coasters, had a puncture, lost Trudi, lost Ken, lost John M, found Trudi, found Ken, couldn’t find John M but rest assured I have talked to him and he did make it home ok. Enjoyed our run along 13th Beach with a nice tailwind, rolled along HSBend Rd as our group slowly dispersed to home.
Great ride on a cracker of a day. Cheers, Peter.

Nicole Collins' Mystery Ride around Geelong on Sunday 30.9.18
We found a street library.  Do you know where the street library is?  We had one flat tyre.  Thanks to the youngest eyes for finding the smallest piece of wire.  We didn't have enough sun and we visited streets I had not seem before.  Then we had too much sun? Few laughs and no coffee call.  Lucky we found coffee on the waHome was via Ocean Grove, I couldn’t resist taking Thacker for a bit of fun on the Roller Coasters, had a puncture, lost Trudi, lost Ken, lost John M, found Trudi, found Ken, couldn’t find John M but rest assured I have talked to him and he did make it home ok.y.  Heather, Russell,  David and Barb joined us at the secret coffee shop.  Thanks to Pam, Mick, Lyn, Ian, John H,  Ron,  David I,  Ray,  and Scott.  See the map of the mystery tour.

Lyn Loudon's Ride to Barwon Heads on Saturday 29.9.18
A cold 3 degree morning saw 11 hardy cyclists roll up at Grovedale pub carpark for the ride today. Paul, Ange, Andrew, Peter J, Ken, Chris Hu,Trudi, Leo, myself & two new ladies from NSW, Wendy & Marg. So a very big welcome to them from our club. We proceded down the highway to Boundary, HSB Road thru the estate and on to Lake Road. Then we took a small detour to Lake Connewarre lookout to admire that beautiful lake & surrounds. Onwards to Barwon Heads for coffee "At the Heads" where we enjoyed the views, sunshine & much chatter. The return journey took us along 13th Beach & back to Lake Road, thru Warralily again but this time via the bike paths and then to the Torquay Road to the pub carpark except for Trudi, Chris & Peter who decided to cycle some extra kms. It was a very pleasant ride of approx 50 kms with good company so thanks to everyone. 
Lyn L.

John Miro's Ride to Queenscliff on Tuesday 25.9.18
Cool overcast day with moderate Southerly wind. 12 riders today: Team Gold (Chris Hu, Peter J, Andrew H, me - John M), Team Silver (Angie, Paul, Ron, Laurie, Rolf, Dave I, Dr Mike), Team Bronze (Trudi). Unfortunately Team Bronze missed the start and went straight to Lara. The rest of us followed the Around the Bay route to Queenscliff. I had a feeling Trudi may be heading to Lara so asked Dr Mike to send her a text message - but she received it too late. Nice coffee break at Lara and Queenscliff Marina. After coffee Trudi rode home along the Hovells Creek trail with brisk headwind, while we enjoyed a nice tailwind back to Geelong from Queenscliff . Team Silver took the shortest route back home, straight up the Bellarine Highway. Team Gold did Bellarine Loop through Ocean Grove and Barwon Heads. We had a hearty lunch of Cornish Pasty and giant vanilla slice at Barwon Heads Bakery before tackling the 13th Beach Road. Total distance 93km.
See you on next ride, John M.

Chris Hume's Ride to Drysdale on Sunday 23.9.18
Eight riders gathered at the Show Grounds today: Trudi and Leo,Dr Mike, Lyn L, Rolf, Ken, new member Mark and me!! After a discussion about who will lead and what way we will go to Point Lonsdale, I ended up being leader and the destination changed to Drysdale. We headed out along the Rail Trail to the Bungalow for coffee. Then onto Princess St, Swan Bay Rd and the Bellarine Hwy. Ken and Lyn headed left at Wallington Rd to add a few kms for the home run and the rest of us continued on to Geelong. Weather was cool with a moderate Southerly wind. An enjoyable Sunday morning's cycling.
Chris H.

Ian & John M on Sunday 23.9.18
Unfortunately Ian & John M were at Sth Geelong Station for the ride today while the others gathered at the Geelong Showgrounds so they rode down to Barwon Heads.
Ian's Report > I waited @ the station by myself until 8:58 am when I was happy to see John M turned up. We both waited until after 9 am in case anyone else turned up. Because there were only the two of us and dark looking clouds, we decided to cut the ride short and just ride to Barwon Heads via Lake Rd and 13th Beach. After a very enjoyable coffee at Annies we returned to the  Railway Station. Total Distance 50 km. Thanks John for a nice ride.

David Innes' Ride to Swell at Jan Juc on Saturday 22.9.18
Today's ride started at the Grovdale carpark. A big turn out of riders showed up with fine weather. We all headed off to Jan Juc via Torquay heading along the Surf Coast Highway. Arriving in Jan Juc at the Swell Coffee Shop it was found to be very busy with seating sparse. Never the less we manged to arrange some chairs and tables settling in for a chat and hot coffee. Heading back to Geelong Chris Halpin managed to lose his compact mirror luckily Trudi was there to rescue it on the road. Riding through Torquay we headed back via the Horseshoe Bend Road as the sun started to shine through. The ride was uneventful and thankfully no accidents, no punctures or mechanicals and a good time was had by all. Thank you to all attended with the following who took part: Trudi Bellia, Andrew Hanns, Chris Hume, Chris Halpin, Adam Illingworth, Rolf Kohnert, Paul and Ange McMahon, David and Jackie Rae.
David I.

Ken Gawne's Ride to Moriac on Thursday 20.9.18
10 riders started out from the Grovedale Hotel - Jacqui, Lyn, Marie, David, Ken, Mike, Peter J, Rolf, Ron and Terry. Made our way across to Hams, through the tunnel (joined by Ange & Paul), along Lemins, up WP Drive. At the intersection of Reservoir and Cape Otway, David& Jackie, Peter & Terry opted for the shortest route to coffee - down The Cape road. 8 then continued along Reservoir, turned right into Ervins then left onto the Princes Hwy. Rolf, Ange and Paul turned left at Hendy Main whilst the remainder U turned and headed back to Andersons. The climbs up to Barrabool were not as hard as was imagined with Mike T having little difficulty. The group was brought to a standstill when Lyn had problems with the rear derailleur. The loss of time meant we arrived at Ravens Creek Cafe after the others had departed. Trudi had joined them after riding from home. A cold start, plenty of sunshine, a manageable breeze, an interesting course and good company combined for a most enjoyable ride.

East Gippsland Rail Trail Tour Day THREE - Nowa Nowa to Bairnsdale - 19.9.18
94 Km.

John Miro's Ride to The Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie and to Jan Juc and Torquay on Tuesday 18.9.18
Unlike last Tuesday when I was swooped by a magpie on De Motts Road, no killer magpies today. May be too windy for them. Great ride to Bells Beach on  sunny mild day,  70km total distance. 8 riders: Trudie, Julie, Jackie & David R, Ted H, Ken, Peter J and me. Rode along Reservoir Rd, Cape Otway, Moriac, Hendy Main Rd. At Larcombes Rd turn off we said good bye to  Jackie, David & Ted who took a shorter route to Torquay. Rest of us went Forest Rd to morning coffee at the Great Ocean Rd Chocolaterie. Then spectacular Bells Beach loop, through Jan Juc to lunch in Torquay at Bells Bakery. Wind was generally kind with tailwind or cross wind all the way to Horseshoe Bend Road. We only felt strong headwind in the last 5 km when we turned west back to Waurn Ponds.
See you on next ride, John M.

East Gippsland Rail Trail Tour Day TWO - Orbost to Nowra - 18.9.18

East Gippsland Rail Trail Tour Day ONE - 17.9.18
Chris Hume, Chris Halpin and Greg Allerton on the East Gippsland Rail Trail. Perfect weather. Even a slight tail wind.

Pam Morrow's Ride to Drysdale on Sunday 16.9.18
Today nine riders turned up to ride to Drysdale. Ian, Janet, Peter, Ron, Chris, Rolf, Marie, Alistair and Pam rode along the rail trail with a lovely tail breeze. Russell joined us for coffee at The Bungalow. On the way back Ian, Peter and Chris returned via the trail and the other riders rode via Princess Street, Swan Bay Road and the Bellarine Highway.
A very pleasant ride. Pam.

Greg Allerton's Ride to Portarlington & St Leonards on Sunday 16.9.18
Just 3 riders for Greg's long ride: Greg, John M and John H. With a forecast for thunderstorms and snow in various parts of the state we did fairly well weatherwise. Greg will be riding tomorrow with the two Chrises down on the Gippsland Rail Trail so aware of a very early start he reduced the ride to about 90km. We headed down through Drysdale to St Leonards with a strong tail wind for coffee at The Fig Tree. The wind then eased off for our return trip via the Queenscliff-Portarlington Rd and Swan Bay Rd. Coming back to Leopold Greg took us down the hill via the back streets to the south of the highway.
A delightful day out on the Bellarine. Thanks Greg.
Keep Riding, John Hagan.

The Russell Mockridge Memorial Ride on Saturday 15.9.18
This event was organized by Doug Merritt from Cycling Geelong to commemorate 60 years since the famous Geelong cyclist, Russell Mockridge aged 30 years, was killed when hit by a bus on Dandenong Rd as he rode to the start of the Tour of Gippsland Race. The group met at Balyang Sanctuary and consisted of cyclists representing most of the cycling groups of Geelong. The 3 from the GTC were: John Miro, Greg Allerton and John Hagan. Amongst those on the ride was the nephew of Russell, Robert Mockridge, as well as John Hine, an Olympic cyclist and winner of the 1980 Melbourne to Warrnambool Ride - they are at the front of the first photo below. Rod Charles, author of Whirr of Many Wheels, the 3 Vol history of cycling in Geelong, also contributed to our understanding of cycling at the time of Russell.
Doug took us first to Russell's school, The Geelong College, where we were shown aroung by staff from the College. We had many stops along the way at important locations in Russell Mockridge's life. We stopped at the Geelong Library for coffee and to look at a display on Russell's life. After visiting places in town where he bought his bicycles and where his father worked, we headed out to the Geelong West Velodrome where Rod Charles spoke to us of many aspects of Russell's life and Doug recited an important poem about Russell's life. We finished the day by riding down to Fyansford and back along the Barwon. The circuit was approximately 25km in length and the weather was a bit challenging at times.
Keep Riding, John Hagan.

Report on Ken Gawne's Solo (unofficial) 150km Ride from Anglesea to Apollo Bay and Return on 11.9.18
I decided to submit a report on my ride from Anglesea to Apollo Bay and return in order to dispel mistaken ideas held by many members about the safety of cycling the magnificent GOR. It is a lot way safer than Anakie Rd  which a group of 12 negotiated last Tuesday. The GOR has a good shoulder for most of the way, traffic moves slower and extensive works have seen the road widened in places , much new bitumen laid and an increased number of protective structures to limit rock and debris from obstructing the inside lane. The traffic today was very light between Lorne and AB. Many fit and fast cyclists were out checking out the course for Sunday's Gran Fondo. The best time to ride the GOR - anytime outside of peak holiday periods.  It is fantastic Autumn through to Spring. The hills are many but not overly demanding. I recorded 1459 m of climbing today. It is a wonderful asset and so scenic to cycle.
Check it out. Ken.

Ross' Ride to Torquay on Thursday 13.9.18
We had 8 riders at Bunnings for the start of today´s ride to Torquay. Andrew, Chris Hu, Rolf, Peter J, PO´B, Dr Mike, Ross and Trudi (who arrived exactly at the 9.00 am start time) set off up Ghazepore Road only to find the way blocked due to roadworks. The sensible course of action would have been to backtrack and make some progress into the wind via Anglesea Road but instead, we went with the flow (and a tailwind) down Whites Road where we were joined by Chris Ha who had arrived early, set off on a lap of the local area, only to arrive late for the start. He had us in sight but had taken a while to catch the peloton. Further wind assisted progress was made through Warralily and down Horseshore Bend Road to Torquay where we were too early for The Stoop and took our business to Mejavos instead. Very pleasant in the sun, sheltered from the wind but eventually we headed off via Grossmans Road. The original intention was to go via Paraparap but when the leaders turned north on to Anglesea Road, no one complained. There were roadworks right along Anglesea Road with single lane diversions in some places so it was very nice to get on to the bike path near Hams Road and complete the ride in relative peace. Thanks to all participants for a very pleasant (if slightly short) outing.

Trudi's Ride to Anakie & Steiglitz on Tuesday 11.9.18
On a beautiful spring morning twelve cyclists for today's ride to Steiglitz: Peter O, Julie, Peter J, Chris Ha, Chris Hu, John, Laurie, Ken, David, Ange and Paul, Trudi... Our destination for coffee was the Anakie store. Getting there was a slow steady push into a strong headwind, that seemed to be getting stronger every second. Arriving at Anakie we all enjoyed our coffee break, while the two Peter's took care of Ange's left pedal.
Reluctantly we rode away from Anakie, turning up along De Motts Rd and into the hills. Such a pretty road to ride along, the Wattle trees giving off a lovely scent, birds chirping away, beautiful fresh air, not many cars to deal with. Today as always we stopped for lunch at my little hut in Steiglitz. Lunch was consumed while awaiting the slow boiling kettle. After a nice cuppa we were off again, this time enjoying a lovely tailwind. Only a few little rises to mention, once again a beautiful area to ride through. Ange and Paul left us just after Maude, The rest of us riding back together with a few dropping off every so often,  heading for home. Thanks everyone for such a great ride, I hope that you all enjoyed yourselves. Thanks Peter O for taking the photos.
Life is better on your bike !!!! - Trudi.

David Salamy from Cycling Geelong Leads the Combined Ride to Portarlington on Sunday 9.9.18
For the Combined ride to Portarlington we had mainly CTC riders with Rolf, Peter J, Ken, Chris Hu, John M, who belongs to both clubs, and the ride leader David S from Cycling Geelong. John H and John C both turned up at the start to take photos and Rolf and Peter could not do the full distance because of time constraints. There was a beautiful tail wind for the riders as they headed east but the would have battled with their noses into the wind on the way back.
John H.

Mike Currie's Saturday Ride to Ocean Grove - 8.9.18
It was a beautiful spring morning with light winds when 14 riders set out from the Grovedale Pub. We headed down the Surfcoast Hwy to Warralilly Dve and then followed Horseshoe Bend Rd to Blackgate Rd and 13th Beach Road. The waves were dotted with surfers like so many seals. After some prior discussion re the choice of Garage or Groove for coffee, we chose the latter and were rewarded for our loyalty with freshly made cake. Back on the bikes, we continued along Wallington Rd to the Bellarine. There we negotiated a number of rivets dangerously strewn across the bike lane before arriving back in Geelong around 12:15. Good company and perfect weather made for a great ride. Mike.

Ted Leads the Ride to Millars in Lara on Thursday 6.9.18
On a pleasant but very windy Thursday morning just three riders assembled at the end of Church Street for the ride to Lara. Rolf and myself welcomed back the prodigal son, Peter Jones and Trudi repeated all our questions a few minute later as we met her on the Ted Wilson Trail. The Trail is now open all the way to Broderick Road (near Beckley Park) so we decided to “go all the way” and then detoured up O'Brien's Road, McManus Road and Heales Road to get ourselves back to Bacchus Marsh Road. The headwind was ferocious as the BOM screen print below shows but we battled manfully and womanfully on to a welcome stop at Millars where the chat mainly focused on the recent trips North by Peter and Rolf. Peter and Trudi also took the opportunity to try to find accommodation in Queenstown (NZ) for the November tour. The temptation to book the $76,000 per week Matakauri Lodge was clearly very strong but good sense prevailed and Leo can eat for another week. Due to the overwhelming response to the portraits posted on a recent ride report it seemed only fair to include Peter and Rolf and of course Trudi isn’t one to be shy and retiring so she got a second helping. A short cruise through Grand Lakes estate led us to Canterbury Road and the Hovells Creek Trail where I left the others to find their own way back to Geelong while I went home for a nice lie down. Thanks for the ride. Ted.

Chris Hume's Circuit from Winchelsea to Birregurra & Deans Marsh on Tuesday 4.9.18
It was a great roll-up today ten riders for an out of town ride: Ken, Lyn L, Trudi, Andrew, Paul, Ange, Julie, John M, Laurie and yours truly Chris Hu. The weather was perfect for riding: fine, no wind but a little cool to start with - around 5 degrees. We headed out along Barwon Terrace to Atkins Rd turning at Mathison and onto Cape Otway Rd which we followed to Birregurra. Morning tea at the General Store. Next we headed to Deans Marsh via Forrest Rd then Division Rd. Lunch at The Corner Store, great pies!! From here straight back to Winchelsea. I ended up with 79.98km on my Garmin, pretty close to the advertised 80km!! Six of us then stayed in Winch for a third coffee at Cafe La Hoot.
Special mention to the rugged RSL trio Ange, Andrew and Paul who rode from Belmont clocking up 140km for the trip!!!
Chris Hu.

John Hagan's Ride to Moriac on Sunday 2.9.18
Although we were bathed in sunshine at the start there were certainly threatening skies in the background. Just 2 riders for our ride on Fathers' Day: Greg and myself. We headed out along the Barwon and up Bellview Ave and took Waurn Ponds Drive and Cape Otway Rd down to Moriac. Raven's Creek Farm was particularly crowded because of Fathers' Day and it was quite a long wait for the coffee. We had sprinted to Moriac to beat the rain but this soon cleared to sunshine as we chatted and waited for the coffee. Our return trip was via Paraparap, Freshwater Creek and Armstrong Creek for a total of about 65km.
Keep Riding, John Hagan.

Ken Gawne's Saturday Ride to Barwon Heads - 1.9.18
Not sure how many riders on this one - but at least Ken, John M and a new rider Mark S. Welcome Mark. It was certainly raining outside when the photo was taken by John M. at Barwon Heads.

A number of GTC Riders - Chris Ha, Chris Hu, POB, and Andrew - on Bicycle Network's You Yangs - Brisbane Ranges GRAVEL Ride 1.9.18
Stats on the Map are from Chris Halpin's bike computer.