GTC News Sunday - 22.5.22
Rides This Week:
Tuesday 24th May - 9am from Geelong Showgrounds - medium /hard ride of 75km to Portarlington - Indented Heads - St Leonards - Swan Bay  - Click here for course map - Doug Wyatt to lead.
Thursday 26th May - 9am from Bunnings in Waurn Ponds - TWO hard Rides:
1/BITUMEN - 75 km - Jan Juc via Vickerys - volunteer needed to lead.
2/ GRAVEL - Jan Juc for Coffee - Mark Kelly to lead.
Saturday 28th May - 9am from Fyansford - medium/hard ride of 65km to Moriac via Merrawarp Rd & ret via Pollocksford - Trudi Bellia to lead.
Sunday 29th May - 9am from Sth Geelong Station - easy MYSTERY RIDE of 45km - Doug Wyatt to lead.

Sunday Ride to Lara with one group extending to the base of the You Yangs - 22.5.22
No-one really putting their hand up to lead this ride on a still, foggy morning. The group consisted of John, Craig, Mark L, Jennie, Paul, Kim, Geoff, Peter J, Leo, Doug, Jo, Lovro and Peter C. Lovro decided to give a few instructions at the start about a possible route and we followed him out along the Hovell Trail, past the Lara Station to the McIntyre Rd Railway Crossing. At this poing all those wanting to do an extension before coffee (Lovro, Paul and Peter C) headed right at Mill Rd and the others did a left turn to come into the Xpresso Lounge Cafe in Lara for a warming cup of tea or coffee. The early coffee group decided to head home via the Ted Wilson Path and most riders dispersed when we came to Church St. Thanks all for an enjoyable morning in the mist!
John Hagan.

Peter C Reports on the Extension Group
With Lovro and Paul looking after me we continued up Mills rd onto Farrars then left into Branch rd along to Flinders and down to Xpresso for a quick catch up with the (short) group. Most of our journey powering along in the 30’s. Refreshed with coffee and cake we returned via Rennie St and Shell parade, Lovro pulled into his place on the way past, Paul departed from Rippleside, I had a refreshment and said hello/goodbye to Doug.
The sun finally came out going through Moolap. Thanks to Lovro and Paul for their company
Peter C

TWO Rides to Queenscliff - Gravel & Bitumen on Saturday 21.5.22

Nick's Gravel Ride -
A small group of gravelleurs rode the BRT to Queenscliff. Mark J, Chris Ha and guest gravelleur Leo left us for coffee at the Bungalow leaving Nick, Sarah, Chris Hu and Peter J to continue on to Q. Riding the smooth fast gravel on such a glorious sunny day was a joy. After coffee we headed off around to Point Lonsdale taking in the sights before going home via OG, Lake Rd and Warralilly. A fantastic day out and about  as good as it gets. Cheers Nick

Ken Smith's Bitumen Ride -
With the air temperature about 2Degrees C the ten road riders were all warmly dressed and ready to go. They were: Alison, Barry C, Butch, and his friend Les C, Jennie, John H, and M, and me,Peter C, Mark J, Chris Ha and Leo. John H only rode to Leopold due to the on going effects of Covid. Alison, Chris Ha and Leo, rode to Drysdale, due to recovering from surgery and illness. Apart from Ken having difficulty, changing from his small ring gear to the big one, there were not any other mechanical problems. Peter C helped Ken manually changed the ring gear to the big one and there it stayed for the completion of the ride. At Queenscliff, Butch and Les decided to ride the hills at Portarlington, and that meant that Barry, Peter,Jennie, and myself, made our way to Geelong via the Bellarine Hwy. Thank you to all the riders for braving the cold conditions and making the ride enjoyable.
Ken Smith.

Sarah Leads the Thursday Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove - 19.5.22
With a benign weather forecast we had eighteen riders assembled at Grovedale Hotel, namely Alison, Chris Ha and Hu, David S, Doug, Jennie, Kens G & S, Lyn L, Meri and Lovro, Norm, Peters C, F, J& N, Sarah and Nick. I supervised ( really can’t say led) the first group while Nick took charge of a second group with PJ doing the important role of staying at the back. Easy riding and a tail breeze along 13th Beach led us together to Groove for refreshments, where the staff do a magnificent job of matching the coffee to its rightful purchaser. From there it was home via the dippy Wallington Road and quiet BRT. People headed home via various routes on the way back to the Grovedale Pub so only Peter C, Norm and I returned to the start point. I’m told it was a 57 km ride by someone who remembered to start their bike computer. All in all a very pleasant ride, thank you to all.

Nick's Tuesday Ride to Wandana Heights then Through the Barrabool Hills to Moriac & Gnarwarre - 17.5.22
What makes a hard ride: The distance, the terrain or the weather? Take your pick ! No rain, but today’s riders battled very windy conditions and some steep hills to make my shortened course to the Nursery a very challenging ride. Alison, Ben, Chris Ha (TEC) David S, Geoff, Jennie, John, Julia, Ken G, Ken S, Peter N, Sarah and I rode through Highton to the Wandana Heights lookout before heading to Ceres and down Cochranes to head for Moriac. A small group rode all of Reservoir whilst Sarah led the others down a windy swept Cape Otway Road. We all rejoined into one group along Considines before a welcome break at the Nursery. We sang ‘happy birthday’ to Alison and enjoyed coffee, cake and conversation. Our wind assisted high speed roll along Barrabool was a highlight before the group split up at Devon road. After the big Devon hill it was good pedalling back on Mt Duneed. Thank you and well done riders!

Elcho Drain Path to link Lara with the Ted Wilson Path - Progress Report from Noel Pownall - 15.5.22
Took a ride down the path today, thought you might be interested in the progress. At the moment it finishes at Mc Manus Rd but you can travel north on McManus and connect to O'Hallorans/Canterbury West Rds.

1. From Baccus Marsh Rd looking east

2. The path then turns north

3. Then turns East again

Having put my hand-up only a few days ago, to lead this ride (below), the positive from this gave members a contact person regarding the ride. Several members made contact as a result of knowing who the Ride Leader was.
There are still dates on the May-June Ride Calendar where we need a Ride Leader. Please consider putting you hand-up and give it a go. One of the Ride Committee members would only be too pleased to assist you with this task.

Doug Wyatt Leads the Sunday Ride to Moriac - 15.5.22
It is unusual to have a ride to Moriac start at the South Geelong Railway Station and given it was a Sunday Ride, it was listed as an easy ride. Given several hills along the route, this ride should have been listed as a medium ride. Apologies for the error. The following riders made-up the peloton and they were: Alison (joining us near the Epworth), Chris Hu, Craig, David L, Doug, Geoff (also joining us near the Epworth), Jennie, Julia, Paul Ban, Peter J and Ted. Traversing the southern path along the Barwon River we encountered a Fun Run underway and fortunately the small number of participants did not cause any issues for us. A strong headwind made tough going along Reservoir Road to Cape Otway Road. Jennie and Peter were time poor for the ride and elected to skip coffee and head back via Mt Duneed Road. Having arrived at the Moriac Store, it took some time to get served and for two reasons, many customers and very slow service. Post coffee our ‘Tail end Charlie’ Chris (thanks for being TEC) opted for a longer course whilst our diminishing numbers headed to Mt Duneed Road. It was payback time from Mother Nature and she obligingly blew us all along Mt Duneed Road at a healthy rate of knots. All riders handled the hills and wind with aplomb.
Distance: 48.5 kilometres
Thank you, riders, for your company. Doug.

Chris Halpin Leads the Saturday Ride Maple Bakery in Torquay - 14.5.22
Twelve stoics waiting under gathering storm clouds at the Grovedale Hotel this morning. Alison, David, Greg, Ken, John and Jenny, Mark, Nick and Sarah, PJ, POB and myself headed off to Torquay with a helpful Northerly assisting. Torquay Rd to Warralily then to HSB, right into South Beach Rd. Waved to Mark Kelly exiting Bunnings clutching a sausage. We opted for a healthy coffee break at the Maple Leaf cafe where Mark S and I shared a 'Beavers Tail' - a highly recommended Canadian specialty. Enjoyable chatter was shared but it was about now the rain decided to test us. Undaunted we continued on into Torquay to enjoy a wet run along the Esplanade back to HSB Rd and back home. All up about 45km, 0.8mm rain and great exercise. Thanks to all for the company and especially Sarah for the 'tailend Charlene' duties. Only one photo sorry - twas wet!

Lovro Leads the Thursday Ride to Bannockburn - 12.5.22
Eleven members of us took off in perfect weather for riding, on a gazzetted "medium hard 75km ride", well we fell well short of the objective. The ride included only 2 moderate hills and some fast descents for the brave all up approx 50km + ride to start.
The ride took PJ, Peter, Phil, DS, KS,Trudi, Julia, NT, ST, ML and my self out along Hamilton Hwy, right into Brislane Rd for a  coffee break at Bannockburn. 
Then Nth to the descent in Clyde Rd and the right to the hill up Parker's Rd to a fast ride along Stiglitz Rd to Lovely Banks Rd, nobody was struggling at this point clearly the regular riders fitness is improving from the rides, so without a rest  down to the bike path for people to make there respective ways home.
For future ride leaders this ride should go up Russels bridge Rd nth to Steiglitz Rd then right this would only add the 5km. Happy riding  soon a number of riders are heading either Nth or Nth hemisphere so will not be seen during the winter, bleak, wet, cold and miserable, toughen up and enjoy. 

Ken Gawne Leads the Tuesday Ride from Buninyong to Ballan & Return - 10.5.22
On a magnificent Autumn day Ben, David S, Jennie, Nick and Sarah joined me in Buninyong for arguably the best out-of-town ride for the year. The climb up Mt. Buninyong Rd warmed us up and then the long downhill to Yendon demanded adjustments to our clothing to keep out the cold.
A resolute Sarah led me up the ascent to Mt.Egerton before we all enjoyed an approx 5km descent on the E-Ballan Rd. At the cafe in Ballan, all enjoyed tasty food and a variety of hot drinks.
There were no steep climbs on the return journey via Gordon and Dunnstown. The group made good time with several competitive uphill sprints generated by Ben. We rejoined the National Championship course on turning onto Gear off Yankee Flats. Followed the old course down Fiskens - I thought Ben and I really burned down the twisting road but the group were close behind when we turned onto the main road back to Buninyong where further refreshment was taken along with lively chatter.
A terrific ride on a superb day. With only 6 in the group it was easy to keep together. Distance 77.9, average speed 21.9, with 862 m of climbing.
Ken G

Gary Broughton's Tuesday Ride to Gnarwarre & Moriac - 10.5.22
After all the confusion about the starting point for today’s ride, first it was Fyansford, then Moriac before we finally settled on Bunnings. It was no surprise that one rider went to the Grovedale Hotel for the start. After all the confusion it was a wonderful day for a ride. The seven riders who joined me at the start were Alison, who was warmly welcomed back after her op., Chris Ha, David L, Meri, Lovro, Peter C and Peter N. The ride took us up Waurn Ponds drive to the Colac road and then on to Hendy Main road where Alison decide she would go straight to Moriac as it was her ride after her illness. Peter N decided it was not safe for Alison to ride alone so he volunteered to accompany her for the ride. We were now down to six riders. We proceeded down Hendy Main to Barabool Road and from there to Hortips and on to Moriac.
We parted company with David L at the Colac Rd. as he had been away from home for the past eighteen days and thought it was a wise marital move that he cut the ride short. So it was five riders who then arrived at Moriac, to be joined by Peter N and Alison from the original starting group and also Peter J and Trudy who had gone on their own ride. The return trip, this time with a group of nine riders, was back to Bunning via Cape Otway Rd, Mt Duneed Rd., Ghazeepore Rd. I think I enjoyed a rear moment of success cos it’s not very often a ride ends with around 12% more riders than at the start. Thank you all for a great ride in perfect conditions and to Chris Ha for being TEC.

TWO Rides from Geelong Showgrounds on Sunday - 8.5.22 - Sarah leads the ride to Drysdale & Peter Chilver takes the Extension to Portarlington.

Sarah's Report on Ride to Drysdale & Curlewis:
Following the BRT I was not sure who would be doing the shorter Drysdale ride but as Chris Hu continued on the BRT we then had a crew of nine, namely  Barry C, Hugh, Ian B, Jennie, Leo and Trudi, Nick , Peter J and myself.  Refreshments and conversation were had at the Bungalow Cafe and Leo (aka Mr Fixit) showed us his new tyre lever tool (picture).

But fortunately he had no opportunity to test it out. Hugh headed home on the BRT after coffee, while the rest of us toured  by the bay and back roads of Clifton Springs and Curlewis before rejoining Jetty Road via Griggs Creek pathway. From there we farewelled P.J. Leo and Trudi, who headed home via an alternative route to the BRT which led the rest of us back to the Showgrounds. All in all a social, safe and pleasant Sunday ride for Mothers’  Day. 

Peter Chilver's Report on 'Sunday Extended':
On another cold autumn day (but no rain) we set off from the Showgrounds with a slight tail wind and cruised down the BRT with Sarah leading the main group that was going to Drysdale. I have figured out that 2 is company and threes a crowd so there was a crowd of us going to Portarlington. At Jetty Road I was joined by John H (our resident paparazzo) and Jesse who was back with us after a long hiatus. Stopped for coffee and donuts at you know where then along Queenscliff road to Swan Bay road. After spoiling the crowd with a picturesque and quiet country ride we hit Bellarine Hwy which was anything but quiet with the whole peninsula on the road going to Mother’s Day lunches.
Back at the Showgrounds we parted ways until the next time.
Thanks to the crowd for your company.
Peter C

TWO Rides to Moriac on Saturday - 7.5.22 - Nick Leads the Gravel Ride & John Hagan the Bitumen Ride

Nick's Report:
Chris Hu, Peter J, Nick and Sarah headed out to Moriac to enjoy some gravel goodness. In cold windy conditions we departed with the bitumeers but left them as we headed further west on Whites before Bogans Lane, Mt Duneed and south onto the recently graded Willowite. Despite the wind and soft gravel making pedalling hard work we made good progress. We saw some bounding kangaroos and a much harried wedge tailed eagle. Chris took the short cut to coffee whilst we continued onto Nortons, Flaxbourne and then into Moriac. Apparently, we had just missed the bitumeers. A welcome coffee and cake fortified us for the road home. This time Sarah went direct route to the beckoning hot shower and we did the Hunts road and Willowite loop only to find that Mt Duneed is now fully open to traffic. The run back to town was super fast assisted by a strong tail wind. Despite less than ideal conditions we remained warm, dodged most of the showers and had a very scenic ride on quiet roads. Thank you riders!
Cheers Nick.

John's Bitumen Report:
We had 11 bitumen riders at the start at Grovedale Hotel along with the gravel riders who rode with us until the corner of Whites & Ghazeepore Rds. The hard road crew were: Doug, Greg, Jennie, Jo, John H & M, Ken S, Meri & Lovro, Peter O'B and Philip. Our intention was to ride to the GOR Chocolaterie in Bellbrae but on reaching Paraparap Doug suffered a puncture and his shoulder was giving him trouble so he opted to get a lift home. At this stage the wind was very strong and cold and along with a few showers we made the decision to shorten the ride and go to Moriac General Store for coffee. Peter O'B was keen on the longer ride and he left us to pursue that end. Chris Ha had done a shortened version of the gravel ride and joined us soon after our arrival. Beside a roaring wood fire we enjoyed coffee/tea, cakes and conversation. The return trip was via Waurn Ponds Drive and the Waurn Ponds Trail for a total distance of approximately 50km. Thanks to Ken and Jo who looked after the tail end of the ride.
Keep Riding, John H.

Peter Nice Leads the Thursday Ride to Lara & the You Yangs - 5.5.22
The 'magnificent seven' left Rippleside in bright sunshine after a dubious election of a newbie ride leader. Ken S, David S, Trudi, Janet , PJ, Chris H and Peter N. cruised the bayside path, then Hovells Trail to Lara for an early coffee. The five dedicated athletes, then continued on a loop, out Mill road, Flinders Ave, Windermere road, Bacchus Marsh road and returned with the sun on our backs, along the Ted Wilson trail. Thanks to my navigators, PJ on the way out, and Janet on the way home, without whom I would still be wandering the You Yangs. A very pleasant ride of 60ish km, in fine weather and good company.
Peter N.

Janet Leads the Gravel Ride and Julia the Bitumen ride to Queenscliff on Tuesday - 3.5.22
Janet's Report:
A beautiful day for riding saw members gather at the show grounds for a ride to Queenscliff. The gravel riders ( Chris Ha and Hu, Ron and myself) left the others at Drysdale and enjoyed the downhill to Queenscliff with a lovely trail wind to enhance the trip. Ron had a puncture soon after Drysdale which was quickly attended to by Chris Hu, the other Chris and I being to busy talking to notice that they were gone for a while! Coffee was at the Rolling Pin where the roadies were already ensconced then a detour to Point Lonsdale light house before rejoining the BRT. Making the most of the day we had stop for lunch at Drysdale on the way back. 
Thanks for your company, Janet.
Julia's Report:
We had a beautiful morning to  ride today with the wind behind us, not so easy on our return trip. Queenscliff was our destination via  BRT, Jetty Rd, Drysdale By Pass , Princes St, Swan Bay Rd, Banks Rd and Bellarine Highway. Nine riders took on the challenge: Ben, David, Jennie, Julia, Ken S, Meri & Lovro, Trudy, & Paul.  I had the pleasure of leading the ride with my 2 valuable helpers  Ken & Trudy, most of my time spent either in the middle or Tail end  Charlie. Lunch was at the bakery which gave us many choices. Returned home down the Bellarine Highway. Julia.

Greg Allerton's 100km Ride to Lethbridge & She Oaks on Sunday - 1.5.22
This was a really good ride in a big loop covering over 100 km and including some of  my favourite roads. We rode along the quiet north side river path to Fyansford and out Hamilton Highway. It was a cool overcast morning  with a light WNW wind. Just beyond Pollocksford Rd there were road works traffic lights but we were soon cruising down through Murgheboluc then turning up quiet Brislane , Harvey, Spring Creek/Masons rds. There was only 3km along Shelford Rd dodging several potholes before turning into the quiet English Rd up to Lethbridge. The General Store (only shop) had been recently sold but still provided us with hot drinks and cake.
Heading out the misnamed Tall Tree Rd we passed a big new subdivision as we now battled the now stronger head wind through very open country. There was about 5 km along the Midland hwy before we turned right into the tranquil Sharps Rd, through a nice bushy area. There was a winding descent to Moorabool River then a stiff climb up to She Oaks junction (locality only). Then followed a good descent on smooth hot mix bitumen past the sand quarries and on to Bunjil Lookout at Maude. It was a tail wind through Sutherland Creek, Lovely Banks and onto TW Trail where parted ways at Church St. Big thanks to John Hagan for your great company.     
Greg Allerton.

Peter O'Brien's Sunday Ride to Torquay - 1.5.22
Having aborted yesterday’s ride due to a puncture on the way to the start line, I thought I’d join today’s group for a little pedal. 
Five riders met at the South Geelong Railway Station and together we worked out the best route to take to Torquay.  Our intention was to ride across to Barwarre Road and onto Horseshoe Bend Road, however, at the corner of Barwarre Road and Reserve Road our path was blocked.  An alternative route was found whereby we rode along Boundary Road so that we could reconnect with the original route at Horseshoe Bend Road.  It seems that Sunday is the preferred day for road workers because at every turn we encountered roadworks of some description!  With the aid of a tail wind we cruised our way to the outskirts of Torquay where we had coffee at Café El Nido.  The café ambience was warm and cosy making it difficult to leave and get back onto our bikes for the return trip to Geelong via Ocean Acres, Freshwater Creek and Grovedale. Today’s riders were Chris Hu, Jennie, Leo, Ted and Trudi.
Distance 58kms.
Peter O.

GTC Ride to Moriac & Gnarwarre on Saturday - 30.4.22
As 6 riders assembled in Fyansford the message came through that the scheduled ride leader, Peter O'Brien, had suffered a puncture on the way to the start and it had proved difficult to fix and he would not make it in time to lead the ride. Although we did not elect a ride leader Lovro suggested a route and we all agreed. At the start was Leo, Ken S, Greg, Lovro, Julia and John H. We rode out along the Hamilton Highway into a very strong wind and we noticed another cyclist shadowing us in the distance - this turned out to be John M who caught us by Barrabool Rd. On reaching the corner of Barrabool and Devon Roads Chris Ha was waiting for us to bring the group size up to 8.
We had decided to go down the Cape Otway Rd for coffee at the Moriac General Store. On arrival we saw big groups of cyclists going past the store. This was the Great Ocean & Otway Classic Ride which had morphed out of the ride that the GTC used to run. There were a few participants there for coffee and Wilfred Laing agreed to have his photo taken so that we would have an idea of the event clothing he was wearing. After coffee we travelled 3km down the Cape Otway Rd and passed participants in the Classic Ride. We took Hortips and Considines Rds through to Barrabool Rd. Our descent from the Barrabool Hills was on Pollocksford Rd and it was here that we started to get the full effect of having that roaring wind behind us - all the way along the Hamilton Highway to the finish. Thanks for a good morning's ride.
John Hagan.

Peter O'Brien's Thursday Ride to Portarlington - 28.4.22
Thirteen riders participated in today’s ride to Portarlington.  The ride was not without incident, with a puncture just after Drysdale and a bee sting on the return ride.  Notwithstanding this, it was a great day to be on your bike. The route encompassed the Bellarine Rail Tail, the Drysdale bypass, the Portarlington hills and Point Richard Road.  At Point Richard Road we deviated from our normal route and rode along the bay path taking in the many attractions on offer.  The Bayside Miniature Railway takes pride of place and it was agreed it would be a great spot to take your grandchildren.  Further along the path are the new environmentally focused cabins that are located within the Portarlington Caravan Park and we lucky enough to be treated to an inspection of these facilities.  Add to this the stunning views and ambience of the bay where you can clearly see to Port Philip Bay and Melbourne. 
We had our coffee break at Daniel’s Donuts in Portarlington where the riders settled-in and had to be coaxed back onto their bikes. The return route to Geelong was via Queenscliff Road, Murradoc Road and the Bellarine Rail Trail.  Attending today were Barry, Chris Ha, David S (No1), Gary, Janet, Jennie, Julia, Ken S, Lovro, Meri and the three Peters  C, N & O.  A most enjoyable ride. Distance 69 kms.
Peter O.

Nick Leads the Tuesday Ride to Maude, Anakie & Lara - 26.4.22
With bright sunshine breaking up the cool misty haze we rode to Maude on the scenic undulating Stieglitz Road. After a brief rest at the Bunjil lookout to take in the valley view we then headed east, zig zagging on mostly quiet hill roads toward Anakie. The fantastic descents were countered by some very steep, sharp climbs that suitably tested the legs. Luckily today, the gravel trucks we encountered were mostly very courteous.
Our group of Ben, Jennie, Ken G & S, Peter C, OB & J, Nick, Sarah and Trudi enjoyed a well earned coffee and food at the general store before climbing the hill and turning onto the Granite Rd with fantastic views as we rolled along. After a few kms of gravel (which Ken G avoided only to flat on the Hwy) near the Ford proving ground we enjoyed a mostly downhill run to Lara. Peter OB, Nick And Sarah (important hair appointment) left the group early to head on back via the Hovells Creek trail. Thanks to everyone for a fantastic ride: Peter OB and Doug who planned the route, Peter OB (TEC) and J for helping me navigate and not get lost and finally to Trudi who was right all along about how good the Anakie area is to ride. Namaste Trudi.

DOUG'S UNOFFICIAL RIDE TO BARWON HEADS - 6 Riders - click here for a report.

Chris Halpin Leads the Sunday Ride to Barwon Heads & Peter Chilver Leads part of the group to Pt Lonsdale -24.4.22
Chris' Report:
Twelve happy riders at the start point this morning in pleasant riding weather - overcast and little wind. We welcomed Andrew back to riding after a long siesta - then there was Doug, Greg, Jenni, Jo, John, Paul, Paul & 2 Peters, Leo and yours truly. At 9.01 we set off down Torquay Rd, left into Warralilly, then Lake Rd to 13th Beach. At the Barwon Heads roundabout Greg, John, Paul and Peter C 'raced' off to Pt Lonsdale and the sensible ones headed to The Beach House for coffee and a break. It seemed the B team was personning the coffee machine but everything went smoothly and Jo kept the conversation lively. 13th Beach was so good we decided to retrace our route to HSB Rd, where we farewelled Doug and headed for home. All up a tad over 50km and 2.5 hrs in the saddle. A great way to spend Sunday morning. Thanks to all, PJ for photo and a special mention to Leo again for his TEC duties.
Chris .

Peter's Report:
Well that was another perfect morning for a ride. We all started from Grovedale hotel and rode as one group to Barwon Heads where Greg, John, Paul Br, and myself parted with Chris’s group and continued via Shell road to Pt Lonsdale. With Greg and Paul setting the pace we made it to Plated in really good time, with John doing well to keep up. There was a table waiting for us and we soon had our refreshments and proceeded to Swan Bay road up to Princess street then straight down to the BRT. The trail was relatively quiet for a leisurely ride back to the show grounds where we declared the ride finished. A small group who were all supportive made leading and managing the ride easy.
Well done and thanks, Peter C.

Peter O'Brien's Saturday Ride to Curlewis & Ocean Grove - 23.4.22
The proposed route for today’s ride was modified due to the closure of Banks Road at the Shell Road end.  Sometimes the best laid plans can come unstuck, as was the case today, so an alternate plan was implemented.  We commenced at the Showgrounds, rode along the Bellarine Rail Trail to Curlewis Road and from there onto Wallington and eventually Ocean Grove.  We gathered for a coffee break at the Stoked Café on Grubb Road, a new spot for us, where the service was friendly and efficient.
The return ride to Geelong was along Thirteenth Beach, where the Scarlet Pimpernel materialised, and then along Lake Road and Warralily Blvd (where the group split), with one group heading towards Grovedale and the remainder riding back to Geelong along Horseshoe Bend Road and Barwarre Road. Today’s riders were Chris Hu, Janet, Jennie, Jo, John H, John M, Ken G, Ken S, Leo, Nick, Paul, Peter C, Peter J, Richard, Sarah and myself. Distance travelled 60kms.
 Regards, Peter O.

TWO Rides to Torquay on Thursday 21.4.22

1/ GRAVEL Ride led by Nick Tarnay
After a damp, cold start from Grovedale Janet , Peter J, Chris Hu and Nick cycled  toward Torquay via a mixture of gravel and bitumen. Scenic Willowite was very quiet, and the gravel not too badly corrugated before riding HM. After our coffee and excellent pastries at the Maple Leaf Bakery the gravelleurs headed to the esplanade (smooth) and Pt impossible (really bumpy in places) and we then zig zagged our way on Fishers, HSB, McCanns  and Charlemont to Waralilly  where we did a little urban gravel, single track and cross country along the Armstrong Creek. Thank you riders for an enjoyable ride.

2/ BITUMEN Ride led by Kim Gorell
I was just leaving home when the rain came down and I got wetter in the 3km trip to the Grovedale pub than for the rest of the day. Upon my arrival at the car park there was a collection of gravel riders and those following me on the bitumen route. The roadies were a small but dedicated mob consisting of Doug, Gary, Ken (good to see you back Ken), Kim, Lovro and Peter C. We lost Trudi and Meri before we even got underway as Trudi decided it was too wet to get out of the car. We could see the rain clearing by the time we were going along Heyers Rd. Ghazeepore was wet and dirty due to the graders going along the edges and spilling onto the bitumen. Doug was having some discomfort from his shoulder so he decided to continue along Anglesea Rd when the rest of us turned into Blackgate. By this stage the rain was well behind us so when we got to Hendy Main the jackets came off. Along Ocean Acres we realised that we had lost Peter, we waited for a while but there was no sign of him. We then decided to peddle back and we found him at the Ocean Acres turn off repairing a puncture. The gravelers had caught up to him first so they were there overseeing the repairs. Two replacement tubes later our desire for hot coffee was stronger than the need to follow the planned course so from here the two groups combined and we rode to the Maple Bakery where we met up with Doug who had been waiting for us to arrive. A hot drink and some nourishment went down pretty well, but we had lost a bit of time, so again we made the decision to head straight back home along Horseshoe Bend Rd and leave out the extended loop along Fischer St. Although the start was not looking very encouraging this morning it turned into a nice ride.
This morning we travelled 54km which was only 4km shorter than the planned ride.Thank you to all the riders who braved the conditions and kept me company along the way.

Peter Chilver Leads the Easter Sunday Ride to Curlewis - 17.4.22
Surprisingly eight riders joined me for an Easter Sunday saunter to Curlewis. Chris Hu, Doug, Greg, Hugh, Jennie, John H, Kim, and Peter J self nominating as TEC, thanks Peter. Was good to see Doug back in the saddle as we set of down the BRT with a gradually increasing cross wind. Jennie and John were the first to depart in Leopold to meet previous deadlines. On to Brown Shugar for coffee (closed) so the driving range was elected as the replacement. We were blown along Curlewis road after Hugh and Chris left us to return on the BRT. An enjoyable quick ride back along the Bellarine Hwy with the wind in our sales. Arrived back at the station with Doug after the others had peeled off for their preferred rides home. Thank you all for an enjoyable morning.
Sorry I forgot the coffee photos.

Trudi Leads the Saturday Ride to Moriac and Gnarwarre - 16.4.22
Seventeen riders for my ride out to Moriac on a beautiful Easter Saturday: Chris Hu, David, Hugh, Jennie, Jo, John H & M, Leo, Lovro, Meri, Nick, Peter C & J, Richard, Ross, Sarah and Trudi. Today I decided to ride my favourite way to get to Moriac, which never disappoints. It’s such a breathtakingly beautiful ride through the Barrabool hills.  Hendy  Main Rd is always a delight with a few ups and a few downs, but our reward for our effort is a lovely long downhill run into Moriac. As the general store was closed for the Easter break we had to pedal onward for our coffee fix. As always the Cottage Nursery was a welcome site as coffee was certainly on my mind and I’m quite sure it was on everyone’s else’s mind too. Chris’s homemade cakes were delicious as ever with a good assortment to choose from. It was here that we caught up with Alison & Peter, it was so lovely to see that Alison is well on her way back to good health. From here we rode down Pollocksford Rd and back onto the Hamilton Highway to Fyansford. I hope that you all enjoyed your ride today, I pretty sure that you all earned a few chocolate Easter eggs. 

Janet Roussety's Thursday Ride to the You Yangs & Lara - 14.4.22
A glorious morning saw us gather at Rippleside for a ride to the You Yangs. Joining me were Barry C, Butch, Chris Ha, David S, Ken G, Kim, Lovro, Meri, Norm, Peter C, PJ, Ted & Trudi. Hovells Creek was a treat today with calm waters and little wind. At the You Yangs we split into those who wanted up and those who wanted coffee. We did manage to catch up at Xpresso before the earlier group left. They had made a new friend during coffee, Bob. Back along the way we had come to finish a lovely ride. 
Thanks everyone for joining me,  Happy Easter and safe riding. 

Nick Tarnay Leads the Ride from Aireys Inlet to Kennett River & Return - Tuesday 12.4.22
Davids L & S, Janet, Jenny, Ken G,  Nick, Sarah, Peter J, Trudi  set off from Aireys to enjoy the cycling delights of the GOR  to Kennett  River.  While we tended to ride at different speeds over the undulating terrain the group made good progress to Kennett R where we enjoyed coffee and a chance to chat. The tailwind assisted return trip with different vistas was lots of fun to ride. Peter, Trudi and Jenny stopped for an early lunch in busy Lorne, while the rest of us rode back to Aireys where David and Ken kept pedalling to Anglesea. A great ride in great company. Thanks to Peter J for riding TEC.

Kim Gorell Leads the GTC on a Loop to Barwon Heads - Tuesday 12.4.22
It was a bit cooler this morning with a slight breeze as 6 riders congregated at the Grovedale hotel car park. They were Barry C, Chris Hu, Julia, Kim (ride leader), Peter C and Ron with Chris Ha to wave us off. The designated ride was to Barwon Heads and as there was not a leader nominated I volunteered for the job while Chris took on the role of TEC, thanks Chris. The course was mostly as per the map given on the Web site and we covered about 57km. Coffee was taken at the Barwon Ebb & Flow Café at the bridge. They were very busy due to school holidays but the service was quick. I think everyone enjoyed the ride although Barry had a screw loose, ha ha, see photo. The only cause for concern today was quite a few wheelie bins were out for collection in the bike lane along Warralily Blvd. Thank you to everyone for a most enjoyable mornings ride with great company.

John Hagan's Sunday Loop from Werribee - 10.4.22
A beautiful sunny morning as we set out from beside Churnside Park in Werribee to travel via the bike paths along the various watercourses in the district. Our 6 riders were (in the photo below): John H, Noel, Sarah, Kim, Nick and Lyn P. We headed north on the Werribee River Path then on Hoppers Crossing Linear Reserve ( following Sayers Drain - quite a nice looking channel actually) to Skeleton Waterholes Creek. As this latter creek does not have a bike path under the railway line or the Princes Highway there is a bit of manouvering to get back on the trail. We then followed it to the sea and went around Sanctuary Lakes to coffee at Alamanda Cafe & Bistro in Point Cook. Coffee, cakes and conversation ensued. The return trip was over to the Federation Trail and back along the Werribee River where I had to suddenly move to avoid a snake crossing the path - both of us took evasive action! We were tested by the wind at times but all came through with flying colours! Thank you all for an enjoyable morning's ride.
John H.

Peter Chilver Leads the Sunday Ride to Lara - 10.4.22
On a lazy Sunday morning I was joined by 10 riders Chris Hu, Greg, Hugh, Ian Bu, Jennie, Jo, Lindy, Trudi, Leo, and first time for a long time rider Rowan. Riding out along the Hovell Trail into a head wind promised an easy ride home. After coffee and multiple conversations we headed off intending to take Putullos and Links but Links was deemed a mountain bike trek by Greg, so back to Elcho where we observed some of the worst behaviour by motorists imaginable then back along Ted Wilson for a leisurely ride home. Thanks to everyone for making my first lead easy.

Trudi's Saturday Ride to Curlewis & Ocean Grove - 9.4.22
On a magnificent autumn’s day saw thirteen riders at the start for my ride to Ocean Grove. Riders were: Chris Hu, John H & M, Julia, Kim, Leo, Lindy, Mark, Paul, Peter, Ray, Ron and Trudi. Today’s route saw us on the Bellarine Rail Trail, Curlewis Rd, Swan Bay Rd riding Grub Rd through to the Groove Cafe. Coffee and treats were quickly consumed while we enjoyed plenty of conversation. Our return route was along Thirteenth Beach, how could we not, on such a awesome day. You never get sick of seeing the beautiful blue water with surfers sitting on boards awaiting some action. Onto Lake Rd turning at Warralily Boulevard the group split. Some thought that sticking with me would be a good idea were in for a interesting route back, twisting and turning around the streets making our way around the Barwon Heads Rd roadworks. Made for an interesting sometimes confusing ride back to the Showgrounds. Thanks everyone for joining me today for a very pleasant ride.

GTC Social Evening at Sth Barwon Community Centre - Guest Speakers - 7.4.22
We had an interesting pizza night for our monthly GTC social evening with two police officers talking about road safety for cyclists and answering a series of questions club members had. They promoted quite interesting discussions amongst the group and drew from their own experience of riding locally. Then Barbara and Dirk Vanderburg from Cycling Geelong discussed the CWA (Cycling Without Age) program to take the elderly out on electrically assisted TrioBikes - a program that is now operating worldwide. Click here for an interesting video of the program in the US. We are hoping that some of our cyclists may join as pilots for a program which operates from Cultura Residential Aged Care in North Geelong and take out four residents at a time on a predetermined route with twin bikes carrying 2 residents each. If you would like to find out more about the program or wish to volunteer please contact Barbara at: Phone: 0422 631 476 or Dirk at:  Phone: 0422 631 176.
John Hagan.

Gary Broughton Leads the Thursday Ride to Bannockburn - 7.4.22
Seven riders joined me at the Fyansford Hotel for today’s ride to Bannockburn. They were David S, Janet, Ken G, Meri, Lovro, Ray, Sarah and Nick. The ride down the Hamilton Hwy was surprisingly good, not too much traffic and a bit of a tail wind. We then rode along Brislane and then Harveys roads which is always a great way to ride into Bannockburn. After good conversation and refueled with coffee and cake we headed for home along Geelong Rd, onto Midland Hwy and thru Batesford. Unfortunately into a stiff head wind which made the riding a bit tough. Geelong Rd. had a couple of patches where the road shoulder disappeared, likewise on the bridge over the train line, but these were only very short and posed no problems. Thanks to everyone for a great ride and to Nick who acted as TEC.

TWO Rides to Queenscliff on Tuesday 5.4.22

Gary Broughton Leads the Bitumen Ride - 5.4.22
Seven Bitumen riders assembled at the Showgrounds for today’s ride to Queenscliff. They were: Peter C, Jennie, Julia, Kim, Trudi, David S, and myself. The weather for today’s ride was just about perfect, cool with very little wind, which was a major contrast to our rainy and windy attempted ride to Queencliffe last Thursday. We arrived in Queenscliff via the BRT, Lake, Princess, Swan Bay, Queenscliff Roads only to find most café’s closed. We eventually found one open and settled in for coffee, cake and a good chat. The return trip was more direct riding along the Bellarine Hwy, the BRT back to our starting point where riders went separate routs home. Thanks to everyone for a great ride and to Kim who acted as TEC and also to Mark K and Peter C for assisting with photos when my phone refused to fire.

Mark Kelly Leads the Gravel Ride - 5.4.22
A mild day greeted 7 gravelleurs to start the ride out to Queenscliff on the rail trail - Sarah, Nick, Janet, Ray, Chris Hu, Mark J and myself. Not far up the track we were joined by Ron. We also had special guest appearances from Dr Mike and Rolf who started before us and we caught around Drysdale where they headed off. The riding was very enjoyable as the sun came out and the run into Queenscliff was very pleasant with Swan Bay looking magnificent. As we came into Queenscliff we found Lindy heading back having started a bit earlier. It didn’t take much to convince her to join us for coffee. After I went AWOL on the back roads of Queenscliff we were led by Ray to his favourite coffee shop on the promise of excellent pies, but unfortunately it was closed! So we headed back to the Beaches Cafe. After re-fuelling Mark J and Chris Ha headed off for some additional touring, Ray headed home and the rest of us took the rail trail back. We broke up along the way as we travelled at different speeds. Again the riding conditions were excellent. Thanks all for a very enjoyable ride.

Greg Allerton Leads the Sunday Ride to St Leonards - 3.4.22
The forecast was 70% chance of showers so I came on my mudguard bike and was very pleased to have 5 companions for today's ride : Peter C, Ray Cl, John H, Mark J, and Nick T.   With Portarlington as the destination I had planned to ride this circuit anticlockwise having ridden it the opposite way last  Saturday led by Ken Smith. We rode out through St Albans Park  then on  backroads up Leopold hill and along the highway before turning down Swan Bay Rd where we split up into 2 groups. Pedalling north to Murradoc roundabout it was nice to have a sealed shoulder to ride on. After veering right into Bluff Rd we turned down Edwards Point Rd then gravel Beach Rd led us through tea trees to the waterfront. From there a narrow track took us to Lower Bluff Rd  and we were soon at the Fig Tree Cafe for coffee and cakes. It was then a fast tail wind section along the Esplanade into busy Portarlington. The hills were more challenging riding in this direction but it was not long before we were on the Drysdale bypass and soon on the familiar Rail Trail, which was very quiet at this early afternoon time. I was home just before 1 pm  after 90 km riding  average 22.9 kmh. Good riding by everyone. Thanks for coming.   
Greg Allerton  Ride Leader.

The owner of this dog kindly volunteered to take the photo of the whole group for us.

Sunday Ride to The Bungalow in Drysdale - 3.4.22
Ride started well if a bit damp, Doug was there when I arrived at the station, it was drizzling and we weren’t too confident of many riders. Paul B turned up, then Chris Hu, never a man to be put off by a little rain, and finally Jennie got out of her car and joined us. At 9-00 am off we went but unfortunately didn’t get far before Doug had a moment of distraction and rode full tilt into a post on the BRT just coming up to the big Round a Bout at the Rail Line. Doug did a somersault over the handlebars and in the process took down Paul who couldn’t avoid a crash. A kind motorist, Harry, ex nurse and a cyclist, stopped to assist and offered to take Doug back to his car at the Station while we waited with Harry’s bike and sister Rose. Harry returned in a few minutes and the rest of us continued on to The Bungalow for a coffee and returned via Princess and the Bellarine Hwy.  
Luckily the drizzle stopped just out of Geelong and it was mainly dry for the rest of the ride.
Cheers Peter J.

Peter O'Brien Leads the Saturday Ride to Moriac & Gnarwarre - 2.4.22
On an overcast day, eleven riders fronted-up at Fyansford to ride to Gnarwarre. We began by riding out to Merrawarp Road, through the Barrabool hills and then onto Moriac.  Moriac is generally a great spot for a coffee break, however, today we continued riding to the Gnarwarre Nursery where Chris delivered her usual high standard of culinary delights.  It was at the Gnarwarre Nursery that we came upon Lyn who had be waiting for us to arrive. 
The return ride was via Pollocksford Road and onto the Hamilton Highway where the riding was a little bit tougher as we encountered a headwind all the way back to Fyansford.   Thanks to Ken G, John M, Jennie, Peter J, Lyn, Meri, Lovro, John H, David L, Mark S and Jo for joining in today’s ride.
 Distance travelled: 70kms. Ascent = 603 metres. Descent = 625 metres.
 Regards, Peter O.