GTC News Sunday - 13.6.21
Hi members,
We may now ride in groups of up to 20. Please carry a mask and photo ID that includes your address.
Note that checking in via QR code is mandatory. 
Lindy Lester.

Rides This Week:
Tuesday 15.6.21 - 9am from Geelong Showgrounds - hard ride of 95km to Drysdale, Portarlington, St Leonards & Queenscliff  and return via the Bellarine Highway - Chris Hume to lead.
Thursday 17.6.21 - 9am from Bunnings in Waurn Ponds - medium circuit of 60km to Moriac - Nick Tarnay to lead.
Saturday 19.6.21 - 9am from Grovedale Hotel - medium ride of 65km to Torquay via a western route and return via Horseshoe Bend Rd - Sarah Tarnay to lead.
Sunday 20.6.21 - 9am from Church St/Ted Wilson Path - medium ride of 65km to Lara and the You Yangs - Trudi Bellia to lead.

John Hagan's Sunday Ride to Xpresso Lounge Cafe in Lara - 13.6.21
A good turnup for our ride to Lara on fine but cool morning. We set off from Sth Geelong Station and took the Barwon River path to Fyansford. The river level had risen after recent rains and we were forced to go cross country briefly at the boat ramp at the end of West Fyans St. From Fyansford there were 3 alternatives (depending on the slope!) to get to Church St. Nick led one group up Hyland St and the other 2 groups took either Monier Way or the Bike Path from Sailsbury Circuit. We gathered a few more riders at Church St to bring our final number to 18 - in the photo below from L to R: Ross, Susannah, Janet, Noel, Jennie, Peter M, Lindy, Nick, Sarah, Hugh, Peter R, Ted, Kim, Trudi, Leo, Jo, Julia & John H. The next major climb was on Bluestone Bridge Rd and it was successfully completed by all riders before our coffee stop at Xpresso Lounge Cafe in Lara for coffee/tea and cakes. As the orders were taken at the table some of us almost forgot to pay at the end but there was a long session of enjoyable conversation. On the return trip under the freeway at Hovells Creek we were pleasantly surprised to see that the path was not flooded - Ted's work on prompting the council had paid dividends and the pumps had been working beautifully. We followed the Bay path and Swanston St back to the Station. Thanks all for an enjoyable morning.
Keep Riding - John Hagan.

Peter O'Brien Leads the Ride from Grovedale to Ocean Grove on Saturday 12.6.21
Following the recent poor weather conditions, it felt good to be back in the saddle today.  With the sun shining and a favourable westerly wind, the ride conditions to Ocean Grove were ideal. The ride incorporated the normal outward route along Lake Road and along Thirteen Beach.  The views on Thirteenth Beach were simply stunning and the rolling waves presented a picture perfect opportunity.  A coffee break was taken at the Cheeky Cow with the ordering process being slower than usual due to all riders showing identification as a Covid compliance requirement.  The return ride to Geelong followed the same route as the outward ride.  Given the number of riders today we decided to split into two groups.  Riders included Ken S, Nick, Sarah, Jennie, Chris Ha, Chris Hu, Julie, John M, John Ha, Jo, Hugh, Trudi, Lindy, Ross, Kim, Doug, Lindy and Mark K.  Thanks to Nick for leading the second group. Distance travelled 60kms.
Regards, Peter O.

Chris Ha, Noel & Chris Hu Ride to Lara on Tuesday - 8.6.21
Only two hardy riders (Noel & Chris Hu) waiting patiently for me at the 'top of Church' this morning, relishing a chance to test our wet weather gear.  The last to arrive was soon elected ride leader and we made a group decision to aim for Lara and forget Steiglitz! Soft rain set in pretty quickly as we headed up the trail to the Anakie Rd, Lovelybanks and on to Stacey's. The wind now at our backs and the sun peeping thru some fantastic storm clouds made for a great run down into Lara. Xpresso is now requiring photo ID but we were allowed in to order coffees etc as a take-away. Sat across the car park and chatted in the sun till it disappeared. Noel headed for home and Chris & I took the Hovell trail back. Very pleased to note that Lake Ted is but a memory - almost dry under the Hwy bridges. Home after ~ 65km and great company.
Thanks gents, Chris Halpin.

Janet's Sunday ride to Eastern Gardens, Pt Lonsdale & Drysdale - 6.6.21
Divided into two groups we head off from the showgrounds to Drysdale. The first group consisted of Hugh, Janet, Jennie, Jo, Kim and PJ. The second were John H, Julia, Leo, Lindy, Mark J, Noel and Trudi. We had a varied ride through the Eastern Gardens, Point Henry, Curlewis with some lovely views over the bay and through to coffee at the Bungalow. Return was via the BRT with everyone pedaling off as required. Thank you all for your company and John for taking the second group and trying to follow my directions. A lovely ride.   Janet.

Chris Halpin & Doug Wyatt lead the Rides to Pt Lonsdale on Saturday 5.6.21
Chris Halpin's Report:
Barry, Doug, Hugh, Ian, Janet, Jesse, Jennie, Jo, Johns H&M, Ken S, Mark K, PJ, Sarah, Nick and myself gathered at the Grovie at 9am for the compulsory photo session. Doug promptly volunteered to lead the A team, and Nick & Sarah managed the Kelpie role behind Team B. Keeping a sensible separation we headed down to Warralilly and across to Lake Rd. A lovely tail wind spirited us to 13th Beach. Lots of surfers enjoying light waves. Ocean Grove seemed to be hosting lots of visitors (?) The beach front car parks were overflowing as we made our way thru to Collendina and on towards Pt Lonsdale. Lindy and Mark headed back, and PJ too, at some stage. Hugh commented he loves Pt Lonsdale because he feels young! The rest of us blended in nicely and enjoyed coffee and cakes. Back on the bikes the returnn journey took us thru The Point and on to Swan Bay Rd and home. Great ride of around 80km in pleasant company.
Thanks everyone, Chris.

Doug Wyatt's Report
With a big gathering at the Grovedale Hotel this morning for the ride to Pt Lonsdale it was necessary to have two groups, to meet Covid requirements (no more than ten riders in a group). It was also necessary to have two volunteer ride leaders for the day, Chris Ha led the second group and I led the first group who consisted of: Barry T, Jennie, John M, Ken S, Mark K and Peter J. The magnificent seven paved the way for the second group. At Lake Road our numbers increased to nine as we were joined by Lindy and Trudi. Overcast skies and a cold wind escorted us all the way. Having made it to Barwon Heads we had Lindy take a different direction. The rest of us cycled on and reaching Collendina where two riders elected for a coffee stop dwindling our numbers to six. Coffee was taken by both groups at The Plate in Point Lonsdale and I am pleased to say it was one of the better coffees I have had in a while. Leaving Pt Lonsdale, the number of riders in the first group was now only four and there was worse to come because when we neared the Rail Trail at Moolap our numbers reduced to three. At the Showground s the number went to two, being me (Ride Leader) and Barry (Tail End Charlie -with thanks) In essence we lost every one in between the Leader and Tail End Charlie. Hope I don’t have to provide an explanation to the powers that be, of the loss of seven riders!!! Even though it was a cold day, it was great not being restricted to a 5kms radius with only one other person. Distance: About 75 kilometres. Thanks to all, for your company.

What Our Riders are Doing - Pam M is in Uluru - 29.5.21 - Click here for photos

Nick's Ride to Torquay via Moriac on Thursday 27.5.21
A good turnout of fourteen riders left Bunnings today for coffee in Torquay: Barry, Chris Ha and Hu, David S, Jennie, Ken G and S, Noel, Peter J, Ross, Sarah, Ted, Trudi and yours truly Nick. Susannah met us at the top of WP Drive. Despite the wind and occasional shower making our progress a little more variable as a group we made reasonable time up WP Drive, Reservoir, Cape Otway, Church and Larcombes. Traffic was light and courteous. At the Hendy Main T intersection 4 riders peeled off to head back to Moriac. At the Anglesea Rd Susannah then turned back to Geelong. I was losing riders fast! The remaining ten riders rode on to a well earned coffee and victuals in the warmth of the Coffee Club. Our cruise back on Horseshoe Bend Rd with a tailwind and finally some welcome sunshine was very pleasant. At Warralily riders split up taking varied routes home. I hope everyone had a good ride, thanks for the company. A special thanks to Barry for doing a tip top job as tailend Charlie.

TWO Rides from Grovedale to Jan Juc on Tuesday 25.5.21
1/ GRAVEL Ride led by Mark Jones
Five hardy riders took to the gravel today (Mark K, Peter J, Nick, Chris Ha and Ross). We out numbered the road riders by 250%. We endured varied conditions including some nice tail winds when we headed south, some challenging cross winds and some pretty heavy headwinds. After an enjoyable and well-earned break at the Chocolaterie we headed along the Surfcoast track with a final run back along Horseshoe Bend Rd. Luckily Peter J had enough juice left in his battery to lead into the wind as well as challenge us to keep up with him along Horseshoe Bend Rd. Topping off a very enjoyable ride, we got back just in time to beat the rain. We covered around 75km (no more data as my computer lost the ride details). Thanks to all for an enjoyable ride and good company.
Cheers, Mark.

2/ ASPHALT Ride led by Peter O'Brien
It’s not often there are more gravel riders than road riders at the start line for a club ride but today this was the case.  This morning David Smith and myself were out-numbered by the tough riders of the club!   I assume the predicted forecast for high winds and rain meant many riders rolled over in bed and said, “bugger it”!  David and myself decided to stick to the planned ride route that incorporated Freshwater Creek, Blackgate Road, the downhill ride on Vickerys Road and the rolling hills on Gundrys Road.  From there we stayed on the Great Ocean Road and rode to Jasosite Road, Bells Beach and onto the Swell Café in Jan Juc for a coffee break. The return ride to Geelong was into a fairly strong headwind with a light sprinkling of rain.   Happily though, the heavy serious rain and strong wind didn’t impact us as we were safely home before the heavens opened. The total distance I covered today was 76kms.
Thanks for the company David. Peter O.

Janet's Sunday Ride to Lara - 23.5.21
Gathered on a glorious morning at Rippleside were Chris Hu, Ian, Jennie, John H, tail end Leo, Peter J, Trudi and two friends of Ian's Mark and Craig. We were joined by Noel just as we departed having ridden in from Lara. It was the sort of day that makes you glad you are a cyclist with clear skies and little wind. We had a lovely ride through the ports and Hovells Creek to coffee at Xpresso before returning along the Ted Wilson trail.
Thanks all for your company, Janet

Peter Jones' Ride to Portarlington on Saturday 22.5.21
Fifteen Riders this morning on a cold and crisp morning: Chris Hu, Mark J, Doug, Mark S, John H, Ross, Trudi, Jenni, Leo, Ken S, Jo, Chris Ha, Hugh and myself. Later in the day we were joined by John M. We took the BRT out to Curlewis where we took the Northern route to the Port Road beyond Drysdale. Wended our way through the houses and down a nice concrete path to Bayshore Ave. We were almost taken out by a charging dog trying to get to a couple of other dogs on the median strip. A few more seconds and at least one of us would have cleaned up. Good run out to Portarlington on the rollers well rewarded by donuts and coffee before we headed home via the Queenscliff Rd, Swan Bay Rd and the Bellarine Hwy. A most enjoyable mornings ride on a cracker of a day, thanks everyone for your company.
Cheers, Peter J.

Ross Leads the Ride to Barwon Heads, Ocean Grove & Wallington on Tuesday 20.5.21
Perfect riding conditions for today's ride via Barwon Heads and Wallington with mild temperatures and light winds. 19 riders fronted at the Grovedale Hotel for the start  with a couple more joining us along the way. Too many to name names but most are there in the starters photo if you want to check. We followed the usual route via Warrallily, Lake Road and 13th Beach where an attempt to break the group into two was akin to trying to herd cats, resulting in groups of 16 and 5. We regrouped at Barwon Heads before continuing on to Ocean Grove for refreshments. Half stopped at the Garage and the rest continued on to Groove. Service at the Garage was slow but the hot chocolate was hot. So not all bad. Had a few head back via Barwon Heads from here with the rest continuing through Wallington and back along the highway. More dropouts as we continued until just 2 arrived back at the "Grovey". A nice ride with good company and good weather. Thanks to all participants.

TWO Rides to Queenscliff on Tuesday 18.5.21
1/ GRAVEL Ride led by Nick Tarnay
In a new first for the club today: gravel grinders outnumbered black top roadies. Let’s face it the full  BRT is a fantastic out and back ride; scenic, quiet, traffic free and smooth. Did I mention mostly protected from the wind? We had great ride down in cool sunny conditions, arriving before the roadies to enjoy the coffee and conversation at Roro’s before retracing our steps. The scenery and ride always seems different in the opposite direction. Thanks to Chris Ha and Hu, John M, Mark K, Dr Mike, Peter J, Sarah and Ron (riding just fine on 28mm tyres) for providing great company.
Cheers, Nick.

2/ ASPHALT Ride led by Gary Broughton
Eight enthusiastic Bitumeneers set off from the Geelong Showgrounds bound for the RORO Café at the Queenscliff Ferry Terminal.  They were Ben, David, Jennie, Ken S, Norm, Peter O’B, Trudi and myself.  We rode along the BRT with the Gravolites as far as Jetty Road before parting company.  We then road along Princess Street to Swan Bay Road where we said farewell to Norm.  We were around 5-6km along Swan Bay Road when a call came from the back, “Where is Ron L”.  We stopped to wait, but after a short time, and no sign of Ron, Gary went back in search, only to find, after a phone call, that the missing Ron was not missing at all, he had ridden with the Gravolites.  After a good bit of friendly ribbing we set off again for the RORO Café.  After a well-earned coffee break the Bitumeneers set off for home via Shell Rd, Banks Rd, where we said goodbye to Trudy who went home via Barwon Heads, and the Bellarine Highway. Thank you to all riders for a great day of riding and conversation.  Thanks also to Ken S who acted as kelpie.

Greg's 100km Ride to Bannockburn, Gnarwarre, Modewarre & Freshwater Ck on Sunday - 16.5.21
Saturday was the coldest day this year so I dragged out warm clothing I had not used since last winter.The forecast was 70 % chance of morning showers  and 35 kmh west winds so I was not confident of many other riders. Mark J was the only other starter, recently back from the Mawson Trail and enjoying a lightweight  unloaded bike again. There was lots of hard head wind sections and quite a few hills. Cottage Farm Cafe at Gnarwarre provided a welcome rest where we enjoyed coffee and delicious warm rhubarb slice with yoghurt. Resuming with a good downhill we soon  were rewarded with sections of tail wind as we made our way back to Geelong. Thanks for your company Mark. I enjoyed hearing stories of the Mawson Trail Tour.
Greg Allerton - Ride Leader.

Janet's Sunday Ride to Drysdale - 16.5.21
14 riders ventured out this morning for a blustery ride to Drysdale. The wind was behind us as we went along Carr St, Boundary Rd, Bellarine Hwy, Swan and Princess St to the Bungalow.  It was a bit different on the way home but we were well protected on the BRT.  Thank you to Barry,  Chris Ha and Hu, Hugh, Jennie, Jo,  John H, Kim, Mike T, Peters J and R, Trudi and tail end Leo. Lovely morning thank you, 

Chris Halpin's Thursday Ride to The You Yangs & Lara - 13.5.21
Accurate weather forecast today - too accurate! Ten eager riders at 'top of Church' including Doug, Gary, Janet, Jennie, Ken, PJ, POB, Sarah & Nick and myself. Trudi met us on the Trail and Noel caught us a bit later. The idea was a pleasant ride out Bluestone Ridge Rd to Anakie Rd, into Staceys, across to Forest and up to the Youies entrance. Trouble was we were running out of time. "Rain expected from late morning" was dead accurate. The two Peters and Doug baled out early, headed straight to coffee at Xpresso and got home dry. The rest of us got wet, but only a little bit. Great to see Ted's Lake has disappeared on the Hovell Trail.  The new solar pumps seem to be working. 75km by the time I got home and great riding in even better company.

Doug's Circuit from Meredity to Elaine & Morrisons on Tuesday 11.5.21
Tuesday of last week (4/5/2021) was extremely windy and lots of pelting rain resulting in the rides being cancelled. Today was marginally better as the wind was only 31 kilometres an hour and the rain persistent rather than a downpour, however this did not deter four hardy souls who drove to Meredith with great expectations of having a ride and they were: Doug, Janet, Jenny and Peter O. At 8.55am the decision was made to ride, albeit a shortened course and we consequently opted for a slightly shortened version of the Masters' Course. We headed-off with the rain still falling and the wind behind us. We dodged puddles on the road for about 30 or so minutes and then rain eased to a point of just being a nuisance although the air temperature was around 10 degrees. Being in the greater Ballarat area, a low temperature should have been expected. On reaching Elaine the rain stopped falling. From Elaine, immediately after the train line we turned left onto Orrells Road. This was new territory for three of us with only Peter having cycled in this area before. The shortest route back to Meredith was taken (because of the cold) however, on a good day the roads and scenery would be most enjoyable. The hot coffee at the Back Creek Café was most welcomed as was the warmth inside. Distance 35.63 kilometres. All things equal, the decision to ride was not that a bad one as the ride was enjoyable despite the poor conditions. Thank you to my three tenacious companions who rode with me.

Mark Kelly's Cancelled Ride on the Bellarine - 11.5.21
Ride cancelled - the picture says it all. We resisted the deck chairs as well as riding.
Cheers, Mark.

Trudi's Mothers' Day Ride to Bannockburn on Sunday 9.5.21
A crisp Mothers' Day morning brought out a huge number of riders for my ride to Bannockburn. Arriving at Church St I couldn’t believe my eyes at just how many riders had turned up on what was to be a beautiful day for a ride. After taking a photo of the group we headed down to Fyansford to find another quiet large group awaiting me. Another photo and we were off, riding along the Hamilton Highway till Burnside Rd. Cafe of choice today was Cafe Le Due Sorelle, which was quite busy with mothers enjoying special treats from their loved ones. It was here that we were joined by another rider who had missed the start. Looking around it was hard to find a suitable spot for us all to sit and enjoy our refreshments. Lucky for us there were a few tables out the back of the cafe that were bathed in glorious sunshine. Our return route today was Clyde Rd, Parker Rd and onto Stieglitz Rd with a lovely tailwind to blow us homeward. Once on Lovely Banks Rd  it wasn’t long before we were back on the Ted Wilson path and back to where it all began. Thanks to everyone for a wonderful Mothers' Day ride. Hope that all the lovely mums enjoyed their special day with loved ones. In Alphabetical order riders today, if I can remember them all, were: Ian B, John H, Leo, Nick, Sarah and Trudi.

Kim's Saturday Ride to Mt Duneed & Armstrong Creek - 8.5.21
A pleasant morning had 12 riders assemble at the South Geelong Station for an easy ride through Wandana Heights and Warralily. Those who took on the not so challenging circuit were Andrew, Barry, Doug, Hugh, Janet, Jennie, Jo, John H, Peter J, Trudi and Leo, plus ride leader Kim. We were joined on route by John M. Once the ride leader was reminded it was 9am we set off down Swanston St to the river and along the shared path to the old breakwater where we crossed over to the opposite side of the river following the path until Barrabool Rd. At the Belmont roundabout Jo had her personal cheer squad giving her encouragement, meanwhile Barry was feeling a bit poorly so he headed for home. From here we turned at South Valley Rd and again at Roslyn Rd and this took us into Wandana Dr.  We followed Wandana to the end and under the ring road then up the bike path turning into Deakin Uni. We rode around the Deakin circuit and exited at the main gate then followed the path down Pigdons Rd to Waurn Ponds Drive and up the path to Hams Rd. We then took Ghazeepore Rd. with a right at Baanip Blvd (which had a lot of glass hazards) and right into Sovereign Dr. Once we reached Unity Dr it was decided to take refreshments at 9 Grams, not a great choice as it turned out with average coffee and slow disorganised service. After the coffee stop we set off along the Surf Coast Hwy and onto Warralily Blvd heading home via Barwon Heads Rd. Thanks to everyone for your company and to the ever reliable tail end charlie Leo.

GTC Members Night at South Barwon Community Centre 7pm 6.5.21
This was an excellent night with conversation and pizza for the 20 participants. Barry, Dr Mike and Paul gave us great musical entertainment, Greg told us of the history of the GTC and Simon regaled us with his experiences of Audax and the Paris-Brest-Paris Event. This famous Audax event has 5,000 participants, covers 1,300km, climbs 10,000 metres and has to be completed in under 90 hours. Thanks to Lindy and the Committee for this chance to meet when we are not on our bikes.
John H.

The MAWAON Trail - On their way Home - 6.5.21 - & Final Day - Wilpena Pound to Blinman 5.5.21
Greetings from Parachilna on the Outback Highway. We are on our way home. Yesterday ’s ride from Wilpena Pound to Blinman and Angorichna was the last and best day’s riding for the whole trip. Some fantastic scenery and very challenging tracks. We arrived at our destination substantially intact, no major bike issues and not a single puncture! Dinner at the Blinman Pub to celebrate. Now looking forward to getting home. Thanks to all for their great company. Special thanks to Peter and Mark for all the car shuffling that allowed some very enjoyable luggage free riding days and a speedy trip home.
Cheers, Ross.

Doug's Ride (filling in for Ted) to Moriac on Thursday - 6.5.21
With last Tuesday’s ride cancelled due to a howling gale interspersed with driving rain, it was a much nicer day for cycling today and the following cyclists shared my enthusiasm for a ride and they were: David S, Gary, Jennie, Ken G, Leo, Mark K, Mike C, Peter O’B and Trudi. On the hilly part of Waurn Ponds Drive (Old Princes Highway) we had to avoid a lot of dirt/mud covering the road as a result of trucks using the paddocks and then exiting onto the road, dropping mud everywhere. Turning onto Pettavel Road we encountered our second lot of mud across the road. Back onto the asphalt we were in need of some water on the road to clean the mud off the tyres, alias, no puddles, however the mud did wear or fall off after a few kilometres. With very few vehicles encountered we enjoyed the quite countryside for our ride. We arrived at the Moriac General Store to be greeted by Lyn L who had just missed the 9.00am start and unbeknown to us, followed our route to Moriac. Post coffee we returned to Bunnings via Cape Otway Road, Mt Duneed Road and then Ghazeepore Road. Thank you for joining me on a pleasant day for cycling and thank you Leo for being the taillight. Distance: 42.7 kilometres.

Single lane on Ghazeepore Road between Mt Duneed and Whites Roads.
Closure of Whites Road between Ghazeepore Road and the Surf Coast Highway from 10th May for several weeks.
Single lane on Anglesea Road between Baanip Boulevard and Whites Road.

The MAWSON Trail - Day 5 - Rawnsley Park Station to Wilpena Pound - 4.5.21
A short day today, from Rawnsley Park to Wilpena Pound. Brilliant scenery and some challenging riding. Caught up with Mark J who did the same ride in the wet and with declining light last night. Quite an effort. Some Spare hours for housekeeping and some walks around home base. Last effective riding day tomorrow. This trip has gone very quickly.
Cheers, Ross.
p.s. thank you to Peter J for his ride report yesterday. No phone reception but his more up-market accomodation had wifi.

The MAWSON Trail - Day 4 - Mt Little Station to Rawnsley Park Station - 3.5.21
After a lovely three course meal including roast lamb the night before and a great egg and Bacon breakfast we left our hosts Kelli and Peter and headed along the Mawson Trail which travels across Mt Little Station land for 18 klms. The road is a graded track through a rocky landscape so lots of rocks on the track a well as plenty bull dust. Once out the back gate we had a good run along the Outback Hwy until we reached the Moralana Scenic Route 28 klm of gravel road which connects to the Flinders Ranges Way and Rawnsley Park Station where we are staying the night. Wilpena Pound tomorrow.
Cheers, Ross.

The MAWSON Trail - Day 3 - Cradock to Mt Little Station - 2.5.21

Doug's Sunday Ride to Curlewis, Ocean Grove & Barwon Heads - 2.5.21
On a windy sunny morning eight riders participated in today’s ride and they were: Barry T, Doug, Jennie, Jo, Leo, Peter R (the Club’s newest member) Ted and Trudi. We had a minor delay due to one front tyre being on the soft side (lack of air) and our Mr Fixit (Leo) got his bike pump in motion, quickly inflating the tyre to an acceptable pressure and then we were on our way. From the bike path we turned right onto Curlewis Road and enjoyed the tail-wind all the way to the Groove. This course has only two hills of any consequence (along Wallington Road) and once over them it’s downhill all the way to the Groove. The Groove Café was not on song this morning as the service was slow and the cappuccinos were that hot, they burnt your mouth. Maybe time for a change of a coffee venue when next down that way. By consensus, we elected not to use Barwon Heads Road to the Barwon Heads Airport and came along 13th Beach Road to take in the delightful sun-drenched seascape even though it added another 2 kilometres to the advertised course distance. The downside of this route was we had a strong head wind along Blackrock and Staceys Roads. Thanks to the riders who took turns leading the peloton along this northern stretch. At the round-a-bout at the corner of Marshalltown Road and Barwon Heads Road, the peloton spilt into two with (Deputy Ride leader) Ted leading the group that were returning to the station (thanks Ted) and the others heading west along Marshalltown Road. Leo was the kelpie/guards van/last rider and a role Leo seems to fulfill on most of his rides. Thank you, Leo. Thanks to all for joining me on today’s ride. Distance was approximately 53 kilometres.
PS. Leo’s bike repair rates for a Sunday are very reasonable and the bill is in the mail (just joking)!!!

Greg Allerton's Hard Ride to Inverleigh & Teesdale on Sunday 2.5.21
Peter O'Brien and I were the only riders  today, though John Carleton very kindly came down to take the start photo. We rode at a good pace out Hamilton Highway though I had a rear puncture near Murgheboluc. On the outskirts of Inverleigh we turned right at Common Rd then pedalled through some of the new semi rural  estates north of the town. We also visited a lookout with sweeping views down over the bush surrounding Inverleigh. It was an enjoyable section through the bush on the way to Teesdale, where we rode in a big loop around the hilly outskirts of the town, passing the large cemetery. After a brief stop to consume snack bars we returned down the Inverleigh Rd with a good tail wind and entered the town beside the rail line. Hamilton Highway led us back to Fyansford then the river bike path was the easiest way back.We were home before 1 pm  having ridden 103 km in 4h 11 min average 24.6 kph. Thanks to Peter O for his great company.

The MAWSON Trail - Quorn to Cradock Saturday 1.5.21
A big day today. Quorn to Cradock turned out to be around 94 k’s with a couple of side trips. We started out with a forecast of 35 to 40 kph head winds for later in the morning. They arrived exactly as scheduled but the twists and turns of the Mawson meant it wasn’t all bad. Some Interesting interludes along the way included a spectacular gorge, a lesson in the dangers of land speculation and some extensive ruins. The highlight of the day for most of us was arriving at our destination, the Cradock Hotel. Cheers, Ross

Nick's Saturday Ride to Gnarwarre & Moriac - 1.5.21
Eight riders turned up at Bunnings for a ride to the Cottage Farm nursery: Jennie, John, Kim, Leo, Lindy, Nick, Sarah and Trudi. Note the gender balance! (Rob McGlade joined us for the first half hour before doing his own thing). We had a lovely rolling  ride along WP Drive and onto the hilly Devon, where we found John Miro waiting for us, before cruising along Barrabool. When offered the choice of the delightful views and some extra kms along Gnawarre Rd or the culinary delights of the nursery all riders took the easy option. The gardens were abundant with flowers and the cake and coffee as good as usual. The trip back with mostly a tailwind made for pleasurable riding  along Barrabool, Considines  and Mt Duneed. Thank you riders for a most pleasant roll in the hills. 

The MAWSON Trail - Greetings from Quorn - 30.4.21
The official “Best of the Mawson” got underway from Melrose this morning. Peter J, Chris Hu, Chris Ha, Mark J, his support crew Ida and Nettie plus nominal ride leader Ross lined up for the customary departure photo. The first part of the ride was along the Melrose-Wilmington rail trail where we parted company with Ida and Nettie. After brunch in Wilmington we started on a reasonable gravel road that took us most of the way to Melrose. A burst of exuberance  from a couple of riders saw them miss a turn on a long downhill and some lucky phone reception was needed to re-form the group and the miscreants avoided the front for the remainder of the ride. The turn once taken led to a very rough, very steep but highly picturesque gap through the hills and out on to the flats near our destination. So, in summary, a good ride over just about every kind of road surface you could imagine. A good introduction to the Mawson.
Cheers, Ross.

For link to Mawson Map - click here. For Itinerary - click here.