GTC News Wednesday - 26.1.22
Rides with the GTC logo - - beside the date are “Club Apparel Preferred” rides. This means, if you have a GTC jersey, we would love it if you wore it on these rides. Please note this is not compulsory so, if you don’t have one, you are still very welcome.

Rides This Week:
Thursday 27th Jan - NOTE CHANGE OF START TIME due to the heat - 8:00am from Rippleside - medium ride of 65km to the You Yangs via Church St & Ted Wilson Path to Little River and Lara for coffee - return via Hovells Creek - Janet Roussety to lead.
Saturday 29th Jan - 8:30am from Grovedale Hotel - medium ride of 60km to Ocean Grove & Wallington - Peter O'Brien to lead.
Sunday 30th Jan - 8:30am from Geelong Showgrounds - medium ride of 57km to Drysdale via Pt Henry & Clifton Springs - on return look at Connewarre / dead end roads - click here for detailed map - John Hagan to lead.

Nick Leads the Tuesday Ride from Waurn Ponds to Bannockburn - 25.1.22
Ten riders arrived at Bunnings prepared to battle the hills and heat on the way to Bannockburn. Both proved to be entirely manageable on a shortened route with an early start. Chris Hu, Peters C, J & N, Janet, Jennie, Julia, Trudi were later joined on the road by Ray and John M. We made good progress, with only very short stops and riders were able to enjoy the hazy countryside at their own pace. On reaching Le Due Sorelle we briefly caught up with Ken G, Lyn and David S. We enjoyed the opportunity to chat, recaffeinate and eat cake.  Water bottles replenished, we set off for Geelong via the Clyde Hill  and Stegleitz road. Definitely my favourite  direction. It always seems harder the other way! After Lovely Banks and Ted Hill there was only Sarah and I left to get back to Bunnings. All up a very good ride indeed. Thank you riders! Special thanks to my lovely wife in her new role as Tail End Charlie. Sarah wishes to add that she is most happy. There were no mechanicals and she will not be applying for Leo’s position.
Cheers Nick.

TWO Rides on Sunday - 23.1.22

1/ Doug's Mystery & Cryptic Quiz Ride Around Geelong
Five participants for today’s 8.00am start and they were: Doug (Ride Leader), Geoff C, Jennie, Ted and Scott (Geoff’s son). We headed west along the northern bank of the Barwon River for a couple of K’s and then encountered the shortest and steepest hill for the course, being Bridge Street Newtown. It was then onto Eastern Park followed by the suburban streets of Newcomb. A special mention to Solar Drive with its cycle verge and very smooth road making it pleasing to ride on. We then joined the Rail Trail for a few kilometres exiting at Christies Road then crossing the Bellarine Highway and using the back streets of Leopold, which were down-hill all the way to our coffee stop at the Rolling Pin Café. We had a minor hiccup at the café as two members did not have the necessary documentation to sit inside, so we all sat outside in the cool refreshing air. Nice coffee shop and stop. Post coffee was back along the Bellarine Highway then Earls Rd and through the back streets of St Albans Park and Breakwater to the finish. The suburban roads were smooth and several new roads for most of us. Distance was 40 kilometres. For the record, Geoff C won the Cryptic Quiz with all questions answered correctly. Well done Geoff.
Scribe: Doug .

2/ Greg's Ride to St Albans Park & Drysdale
Given the forecast of 34 C I was pleased to have a group of seven riders as we set off  at 8 am from South Geelong station on this now shortened ride. Instead of heading straight out along the Rail Trail we took the busy river path out to Breakwater and then wound our way through St Albans Park to Coppards Rd and then onto the Rail Trail. It was a pleasant ride, apart from an aggressive motorist as we  turned into Jetty Rd. We followed the off road path beside the Bypass along to Portarlington Rd from where we rode back through Drysdale admiring the beautiful flowering trees before stopping at the old train station for coffee at the caravan. Here we were joined by Peter O who had earlier ridden to Torquay. It was then an easy ride along the Rail Trail back to Geelong. Attendees included David L, Ian B, John H, Julia McK, Peter C, Ron L  and Peter O.
Greg Allerton - Ride Leader.

Pam & Lindy Volunteer to Help on the Alpine Classic & Explore the newly opened Great Valley Trail from Bright to Harrietville - click here to see the photos.

Nick Leads the Saturday Ride to Gnarwarre - 22.1.22
A good turnout of fifteen riders today: Davids L & S, Jennie, Jo, John H, Kim, Mark S, Meri, Peters C & J, Ray, Sarah, Trudi, Leo (ever reliable TEC) and yours truly for a lumpy Barrabool and Gnarwarre roads jaunt to the Nursery. It was an easy ride to navigate and allow riders to proceed at their own pace especially along the scenic Gnarwarre Road. At the Nursery, Jo and Sarah decided to proceed on and beat the heat. I’m not sure that really worked. The rest of us enjoyed the banter with great coffee and cake. Most of us returned at a brisk pace on now hot roads via CO, HM, Reservoir and WPD. If only we could have had more shade! Thank you riders! I hope you enjoyed the views along Gnarwarre! Enjoy a well earned rest in the cool.
Cheers Nick.

Kim Leads the Thursday Ride to Moriac - 20.1.22
A very pleasant morning for a short ride to Moriac with most favourable conditions of sunshine, a light breeze and temperature in the low to mid 20’s. The gathering at Bunnings consisted of Chris H, David S, Doug, Gary, Geoff, Janet, Kim (ride leader), Nick, Peter C, Peter J, Peter N, Ray, Sarah, Trudi, and we were joined by Meri and Lovro along Waurn Ponds Dr. which gave us a total of 16 riders. If the Waurn Ponds hill didn’t sort a few out, the Reservoir Rd hill did. After catching our breath and a swig from the water bottle we proceeded along the Hwy to Considines and down hill onto Cape Otway Rd and our stop at the Moriac Store. After a chat and some coffee and cake we lost five riders with more pressing matters so the rest of us took Hendy Main, Grassdale, Blackgate, Dickens and home along Ghazeepore. Peter J put his hand up to be the TEC, thanks Peter and thank you to everyone for your company on a most enjoyable and casual mornings ride of 50K.

TWO RIDES on the Bellarine Peninsula - 18.1.22
1/ Peter O'Brien Leads the Road Ride to Pt Lonsdale
A large group of gravel and road riders meet at the Showgrounds this morning to ride to Point Lonsdale.   The ‘gravellers’ headed off towards Queenscliff while the road riders delayed a few minutes to have a short chat relating to ‘communications within the riding group’ prior to their departure. 
There were thirteen road riders, Jennie, John M, Trudi, Julie, Janet, Doug, David S, Ray, Paul, Kim, Lovro and Meri, who elected to ride as one group along the BRT and Swan Bay Road through to Point Lonsdale.  At Point Lonsdale we had coffee on the foreshore whilst taking-in the fabulous ocean view.  We returned to Geelong via Ocean Grove and Wallington and all up had a most pleasant ride. Distance 73kms.
 Peter O.

2/ Mark Kelly Leads the GRAVEL Alternative Ride to Queenscliff
Six gravelleurs lined up for the ride to Queenscliff today - Nick, Sarah, Peter J, Ron, Chris Hu and myself. The rail trail is always a great ride and today was no exception with relatively few people on the path, a nice temperature and generally benign wind conditions, with even a bit of help on the way back. Our original plan for coffee on the wharf was thwarted by a crowded cafe so we went to the Rolling Pin which was relatively quiet. I had to get back early so left the group there with Nick taking over ride leader duties. Thanks Nick and thanks to all for your company today. Nick, Sarah and Ron took the rail trail back while Peter J and Chris Hu went exploring.

Trudi's Sunday circuit to Lara - 16.1.22
A beautiful summer’s morning brought Alison, Blazenka, Geoff, Janet, Jennie, Julia, Leo, Lovro, Kim, Meri, Noel, Paul, Peter, Zac and Trudi to the starting point at Rippleside, for a social easy ride out to Lara. With the sun shinning on the shimmering water and with very little movement made it the perfect opportunity to hug the shore line when we could. At one of the many entrances to the Geelong Grammar School I decided to take the group through the school grounds. Once in the grounds you quickly discover the private little community of houses for the teachers, with beautifully tree line street is very tranquil as there are no student’s at the moment. The tidiness is what stands out and what you would imagine and expect from a private school of such calibre. Back onto the Hovell’s Creek path, Canterbury Rd and into Lara from a different direction. Coffee in The Centreway Cafe Xpresso Lounge, and as usual service was excellent. Our return route was the Ted Wilson Path all the way to Church St with a lovely run back to the starting point. Thanks everyone for your company. It’s always a pleasure to be out riding on such a stunningly summer’s day.

Nick Tarnay Leads the Saturday Ride to Moriac & Gnarwarre - 15.1.22
Two groups headed out from Bunnings to ride to the nursery. My group of David L & S, Kim, Mark J, Lovro, Sue and Richard completed a slightly longer course of WPD, Reservoir, HM, Greys, Forest, Layard, Church, Hortips, Considines. Both groups stayed in touch, meeting at key intersections until Hendy Main. Peter Jones led the second group of Alison, Ian B, Jennie, John M, Meri, Sarah, Trudi and TEC Leo and arrived first at the nursery by cutting off the Greys road section. I’m interested to have feedback about the success of the two group, faster / slower, alternative course idea. It’s easy to do on such a circuit. As usual, we had excellent coffee and cake with entertaining conversation.
The fast tail wind assisted return journey along Barrabool, Devon, Hwy and WPD strung out group with some fast descending, especially along WPD. Lots of fun! Thank you riders! Special thanks to Peter J and Leo. Hope everyone had a good ride and let me know your thoughts. Cheers Nick T

2 RIDES ON THURSDAY to the Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie - 13.1.22
1/ Peter O'Brien Leads the Asphalt Ride:
This morning fourteen riders turned up for the planned ride down to the Chocolaterie.  Mark and Chris Ha had their gravel bikes and headed off into the unknown.  Key highlights of our road ride were: Crossing at the traffic lights on Surf Coast Highway Road onto the Baanip Bvd path (from a safety Perspective this proved a success);  The Ride Leader leading the group up the well-known path on the Baanip Bvd path;  Ride route included taking in the sights on Blackgate and Grays Roads:  Lovro’s slow leak puncture; Ideal weather for riding; Good coffee provided at the Chocolaterie; Lovro puncture fixed;  A predominately downhill ride along Surf Coast Highway back to Geelong.  Thanks to Ray, Meri, Lovro, Lyn L, Ken G, David S, Gary, Arno (Special Guest from Melbourne), Doug, Janet, Julie and myself. Distance 82 kms.
 Peter O.

2/ Mark Kelly Leads the GRAVEL Ride:
Only two gravelleurs this morning. Chris Ha and myself. We left the Grovedale Hotel following the roadies but left them at Warralily where Chris led me astray up to the Mt Duneed water tower. What a wonderful view, apart from the burnt out Ford. We then wound our way back to the original route with a nice ride up Ghazepore Rd to Blackgate Rd and onto Flaxbourne’s Rd. The riding was very pleasant although the roads were pretty corrugated. We decided to give the Chocolaterie a miss in favour of coffee at Chez Kelly and after Portreith and Vickery’s Rd headed west along Gundry’s road. We joined Forest Rd up to the Anglesea roundabout where we took the gravel track parallel to the Great Ocean Rd towards Torquay. The decision not to stop for coffee and the Chocolaterie proved fateful as Chris hit a large piece of wood on the track and was thrown off his bike. The Strava crowd will see where the ride comes to an abrupt end! Chris was OK but at bit bruised and battered so we called for back up and Annette picked us up and we got Chris home safe if not entirely sound. A somewhat inglorious end to what was otherwise a very enjoyable ride. Thanks Chris, hope you mend quickly!
Cheers, Mark.

2 RIDES ON TUESDAY - 11.1.22
1/ Peter Jones leads the Ride from Williamstown to Westmeadows & Return

Nine riders for my Westmeadows Ride today, eight at the start and Ron joining us at the Moonee Ponds Trail. Riders were Janet, Jennie, Chris Ha, David S, Andrew, Noel, Clint, Ron and myself.
Strange weather to start, quite mild with plenty of grey cloud but no rain. Took the usual path to the Moonee Ponds Trail, pausing at the West Gate Bridge Memorial. Ron wasn’t at the agreed meeting point so Chris Ha volunteered to wait while the rest of us pushed on to the coffee shop at Essendon. Very pleasant riding, quite a few others out making good use of the trail. Very enjoyable coffee break with the two wanderers turning up in time to join in the coffee and discussions.
Rolled on our way enjoying the riding and scenery, some beautiful homes out that way. Arrived at the Tavern just after 12-00 O’clock and enjoyed a very good meal before heading back by the M80 Ring Rd Path joining the Maribyrnong River Path and making our way towards the Bay Trail. Lovely riding out there, very peaceful, lots of bird life, the river slowly meandering along, it is a gravel path but very good and very smooth. Closer in the path has been sealed and took a brief stop at the lookout over looking the old Ammunition Factory. Burnt out sections from last week’s fire very obvious.
A final push against a bit of a sea breeze and we were back to the cars and heading home.  A good ride in good company, thanks everyone for joining me.
 Cheers Peter J.

2/ Doug Wyatt leads the Easy Ride on a Zig Zag Course to Drysdale
In nice weather conditions for a bike ride, the following joined me for the zig zag ride to Drysdale and they were: Chris Hu, Gary, Ian, Lindy, Julia, Lyn and Peter N. At the round-a-bout we got off to a rocky start as the ride leader said straight ahead, but not everyone was facing the same way. Within less than a minute we recovered the errant rider and proceeded towards the Eastern Gardens. The course took us along streets some of us had never traversed and included the suburban streets of Newcomb, Moolap, Leopold and Curlewis to Drysdale. A special mention to Leopold because we made a right-hand turn from Portarlington Road onto Melaluka Road in order to avoid the long hill past Melaluka Road. In essence, we didn’t avoid the hill, only delayed it because we encountered a similar hill along Warrawee Road Leopold. Reaching the top of the hill we were presented with a problem in as much as the road ahead was closed for road repair. Fortunately, we were able to ride on the footpath to get through the roadworks and keep to the planned route. Our coffee stop was the Bungalow. Post coffee, Chris headed eastwards for a longer ride whilst the rest of us sought the sanctuary of the shaded Bellarine Rail Trail back to the Showgrounds. In summing up, a nice course, with nice people and thanks to “Tail End Peter Nice”. Distance was 43 kilometres.
Scribe: Doug.

1/ Greg Allerton's 103km Loop to Bannockburn, Gnarwarre and Moriac

Zac and I enjoyed perfect cycling conditions as we pedalled through Lovely Banks then Bakers Bridge (which gives the easiest crossing of the Moorabool Valley) on our way to Bannockburn. It was then via Pollocksford before a welcome stop at the picturesque Cottage Farm Nursery where we were the only guests. Zac managed to catch a small bird that was trapped inside the cafe.The return was through Moriac and Waurn Ponds. I was home by 1-30 pm after 103 km in 4h 38 m av 22.3  Thanks Zac, I enjoyed your company.        Greg Allerton.


2/ Chris Halpin's Ride to Moriac
Very social ride to Moriac this morning. Perfect riding weather, 18 starters, 2 groups and strict instructions for an 'easy flattish ride to Moriac' - from Bunnings??? For Andrew, Chris Hu, 2xDavid, Doug, Ian, Janet, Jenny, Jo, Ken & Lyn, Kim, Lovro and Meri, Lindy, Norm, PJ and myself the only way was up - so we chose Waurn Ponds Dve, Reservoir and Cape Otway Rds. Nick and Sarah joined us to make a round 20 for a coffee. Sadly no sign of Greg Allerton and his Spartans.
Back on the bikes most of us headed into a chilly Southerly along Hendy Main before turning off to Blackgate, Anglesea and then into Ghazeepore Rd and home. A mostly easy 40km round trip and special thanks to PJ for assuming Asst Ride Leader duties, and of course Leo for TEC.

Ted’s Portarlington Hills' Ride  - Saturday 8.1.22
Grey skies and mizzle greeted 11 riders at the Showgrounds for my medium/hard ride to Portarlington. Alison, Geoff and his son Scott, Jennie, Ken, Leo, Lovro, Meri, Peter J, Peter O and I set off on the BRT and were soon joined by John M. Three riders signalled their intentions to turn at Drysdale and left us after an artistic photo op on the Curlewis foreshore. The peloton spread out on Portarlington Road with some enjoying the thrill of a super fast downhill after the hard grind up. Coffee and cake at Edina was great – once the initial issues of ordering and delivery were overcome. Perhaps it was a case of staff shortage as the waiter was clearly inexperienced and told us sheepishly that it was his first day on the job. The misty rain returned during the coffee break and our order of cheesecake with mixed berries was renamed cheesecake with mist berries (thanks Alison). A slightly longer return via Swan Bay Road and the Bellarine Highway made for a 70k plus round trip. No punctures or other incidents and clearing weather on the return leg made for a very enjoyable Saturday morning. Thanks once again to Leo for his TEC duties and Peter O for rounding up the stragglers.

Peter O'Brien's Loop to Anakie & Lara on Thrsday 6.1.22
Five riders: Leo, Doug, David S, Peter J & myself.
An early start.  Drizzle.  Sunshine.  Hills.  Long stretches.  3km gravel.  One 18% ascent.  Fast descents.  Favourable winds.  Quiet roads.  Native animals.  90km ridden.  In the words of Peter Jones, “What a cracker of a ride.” 
Peter O. 

Nick's Tuesday Loop to Moriac - 4.1.22
After last week's clockwise loop it was pleasing to see even more riders arrive for today’s anticlockwise ride in overcast temperate conditions. Given the size of the group we split in a slightly faster group of Ben, David, Ken G & S, Lovro, Peter C & N, led by Nick. The second group of Chris Hu, Janet, Jennie, Julia, Meri, Trudi and Leo led by Peter J were never far behind. Hamilton Hwy wasn’t too busy but the trucks are back. Pollocksford tested the legs and unfortunately there was no sign of the front light that bounced off on the bridge last Tuesday. We met Lyn along Barrabool Rd. After a mostly down hill run into Moriac we found Chris Ha, Lindy and John M were waiting for us at the store looking surprisingly fresh. Coffee and the usual conversation followed. Today’s featured topic was Sarah’s new super vacuum cleaner. Who would have thought so much banter can be had from such a common household item. I digress. As we were leaving Kim arrived, but too late to join us without foregoing a coffee.
The trip back in two groups again in intermittent light mizzle was uneventful with riders taking alternative paths home. I enjoyed the lumps and bumps of Andersons and the fast run down Merrawarp toward Fyansford. Thankyou riders; Peter J and Ken S for leading the second group on the way in, and a big thanks to tail end Charlie Leo whose mr fixit mechanical skills were not required today. Cheers! Thankyou riders; Peter J and Ken S for leading the second group on the way in, and a big thanks to tail end Charlie Leo whose mr fixit mechanical skills were not required today.
Cheers! Nick.

Ron Little's Easy Ride to Drysdale - Sunday 2.1.22
A group of 16 riders gathered on a beautiful mild morning at Sth Geelong Station for a ride to Drysdale. The trail we found to be fairly busy but the crowd filtered out before we got to Curlews. On reaching the Bungalow the staff were kept busy apparently glad to see us as I only counted 6 diners there when we arrived. Our riders for the morning were: Peter J, Jennie, Jo, Chris Ha, Lovro, Meri, Kim, Trudi, Paul, Ted, Leo, Alison, Hugh and myself. Lindy, Chris Hu and Mark J joined us for a short period.
Happy New Year, Ron.

Ken Smith Leads the New Year's Day Ride for 2022 to Barwon Heads
The first club ride for the new year had the planned ride to Moriac changed as the Moriac Store would not be open to the general public. As eleven enthusiastic riders had come to the early start time of 8am to beat the heat it was decided to proceed to Barwon Heads. The riders were: Ian B, Jennie, John M, Julia, Peter C, Peter J, Peter O, Nick, Trudi, Leo, and myself. Ken punctured before the ride started and was assisted by Peter O and Leo in the repair while the other riders were told to go on and we would meet up at the Beach House Cafe in the main street of Barwon Heads. On the 13th bBeach Road Ian punctured and was helped by Peter C. There did not appear to be many people moving around the main street. We enjoyed our drinks and cake and when it was time to leave riders decided the way they would return to Geelong. Most chose to ride along the 13th Beach Road and enjoyed the cool south west wind which lasted  until we reached Lake Road where the wind remained in the same direction but became hot. Thankfully all riders made it safely to their homes.
Thank you to all who participated, Ken Smith.

Lovro & Meri Lead the Thursday Ride to the You Yangs & Lara - 30.12.21
An 8.30 start at the top of Church Street saw 18 riders turn up. Some came from Leopold, and other far away places. So ready to go on a superb morning were: Chris Ha and Hu, Gary B, Geoff C, Jennie P, John M, Ken S, Lindy, Ian B, Mark L, Peter C, Peter Ob, Peter N, Ray C, Sarah and  Nick, Lovro and Meri. We went out the Bike path and got onto Ballarat Road, then turned onto Ballan Road. Thankfully this road was not that busy  and we rode in single file. Great burst of speed down Stacey's Road and onto the great surface of Windemere Road. Out Forest Road and onto the You Yangs.  Most decided to ride up to the turntable, others rode into Lara for an early  coffee. Great break at Xpresso for refreshments.  Home via Hovels Creek path or along the Old Melbourne Road. Thanks for the ride everyone. A good morning for a bike ride. Lovro said his ride report would be "we rode to Lara then back". So I added a  marginally more comprehensive paragraph or two.

Nick's Loop to Gnarwarre & Moriac on Tuesday 28.12.21
What a beautiful day for a bike ride! Fourteen riders turned up at Fyansford prepared to savour the views, the delightful downhills and the heart pumping uphills: Hugh, Jo, John M, Julia, Ken S, Meri, Lovro, Peter C, Peter N, Ray, Nick, Sarah, Trudi and Leo. We travelled along the Hwy where Ray punctured, down Merrawarp, where we met Ross, up Ceres hill where we met Chris Ha and up WPD. At this juncture we broke into to groups, a faster group doing a longer loop out the back of Moriac to the Nursery and a shorter loop taking the Cape Otway Rd option  around to Hortlips. This gave  Chris and Graham at the Nursery, at bit more time to get coffee and cake out to the now hungry tired riders. Certainly the beautiful  nursery gardens are one the best coffee spots in the district. It was here we met Ken Gawne who had caught us up. After rest and conversation we proceeded in two groups back along Pollocksford Rd taking in the fantastic views and then enjoying a  sensational downhill run. Back along the Hwy we had a stiff breeze to work into. Now, with tired sore legs I was relieved to get  get back home to take it easy. Thank you riders!  Thank you tail end Charlie Leo, now with the prettiest bike in the bunch. Thank you to Sarah who took leadership of the short course group.

John Hagan Leads the Boxing Day Ride to Drysdale - Sunday 26.12.21
A good turnup of 14 riders under grey skies and the slightest hint of drizzle for our Boxing Day ride to Drysdale. Our riders were: Ray, Leo, Trudi, Janet, Lovro, Chris Ha, Meri, Ken S, Barry, Jennie, Jo, Peter C, John H and Hugh. The highlight of the start of the ride was Leo's new Baum bicycle - see photo below as it was displayed to the group by Lovro.
Would you believe that not even a single place was open for coffee in Drysdale - we checked the coffee caravan at the station and it was missing, then to the Bungalow, the Zoo, the small coffee shop next to Coles and then Ground Zero - but alas, NO COFFEE!! Heading home we experienced cold drizzle and were desperate for coffee - why else do we go riding! Fortunately Peter C when passing the Golf Range at Curlewis poked the nose of his bike around the track and found they were offering coffee - also, Hugh & Jo were already there having left us earlier. A number of riders headed back at this stage but the remainder enjoyed coffee/tea, cake and conversation. Thanks to all for a pleasant ride.
Keep riding, John.

Ken Gawne's Thursday Loop to Moriac - 23.12.21
Ray, David L, David S, Geoff, Chris Ha, Doug, Ken S, Julia, Sarah, Noel, Kim, Peter N, Lovro and leader Ken G comprised the group of 14 that set off from Bunnings for Moriac. Up Waurn Ponds Drive then along the Princes Highway to Andersons. Some had not ridden this quiet, scenic road before, others not in the northerly direction. Along Barrabool to Hendy Main which took us to the refreshment stop at Moriac. Waiting for us there was Chris whose need for caffeine was such that he had taken a short cut which eliminated the ups and downs of both Andersons and Hendy Main. Lyn arrived near the end of our break and chatted with several before we resumed our journey. Hendy Main, Grassdale, Blackgate, Dickins and Ghazeepore got us back to Waurn Ponds. Sugargum into Rossack,where several riders turned off at Heyers. Noel and I turned left onto the path back to Bunnings whilst the remainder turned right towards Belmont.  The distance covered was 49.3kms.
A happy and relaxed festive season to all. Ken G.