GTC News Friday - 1.7.22
Rides This Week:
Saturday 2nd July - 9am from Fyansford - medium/hard ride of 55km to Gnarwarre - is the reverse loop: Hwy, Merrawarp, Ceres, Cochranes, WPD, CO, Moriac, Considines, Cottage Farm Cafe for coffee.
All the hard work first up. Home on Barrabool - Nick Tarnay to lead.
Sunday 3rd July - TWO RIDES from Sth Geelong Station:
1/ 8am start - hard ride of 100km to the Steiglitz area - Greg Allerton to lead.
2/ 9am start - easy ride of 40km to Breakwater / Armstrong Creek / Mt Duneed / Deakin Uni / Highton - Doug Wyatt to lead.

Sarah Leads the Thursday Ride to Ocean Grove & Drysdale - 30.6.22
I had two wishes today, to stay dry and finish the ride without a puncture. Both were granted, not only for myself but for all other GTC members who rode today. Hooray! Gathered at the start were Chris Hu, Jennie, Ken, Kim, Nick, Peter F , Richard W, Sarah plus a warm welcome to new member Richard S. Being sunny with little breeze we soon warmed up and collected Doug along Lake Road. At 13th Beach the sun continued to shine on the surfers enjoying the waves and on us too! After admiring the view at Ocean Grove we pressed on to Drysdale via Banks, Swan Bay and Princess Roads. Kim, Doug, Chris Hu and Jennie all needed to depart the ride before we arrived at The Bungalow for conversation and refreshments in the sunny(!) courtyard. From there it was a pleasant ride back along the BRT where we were also joined for a time by Ron L., and near the Showgrounds the six remaining riders split to return to their respective homes. A great way to spend Thursday morning, thank you to all.

Nick Leads theTuesday Ride to Winchelsea - 28.6.22
Today’s Winchelsea ride started off well enough. On the girl’steam today Janet, Jenni, Julia, Sarah and Trudi. The guys included Ken, Chris Hu, Peter C and your truly Nick T with Chris Ha and Kim deciding  to ride short but join us for some of the way. We pedalled along in the cold trying to warm up. Ken S unfortunately punctured before Andersons and then Sarah’s repaired tubeless tyre semi punctured.  Not again! Sarah had a not to be missed hair appointment so I accompanied her back to Grovey leaving the group in Chris Hu’s capable hands  to ride on to coffee. Poor  Ken had the misfortune to puncture again. The photos at Cafe La Hoot show the happy group enjoying a well earned coffee out of the cold.  Meanwhile, I pedalled back fast enough to meet the group on Atkins rd now with extras John M and Doug. The Return  journey with a slight tailwind went smoothly enough along CO and we stopped for a light lunch in Moriac before heading back to Bunnings. Thanks to all your help but especially Peter C for TEC duties and Chris Hu for leading the group into Winch for Coffee. Cheers Nick

John Hagan Leads the Sunday Ride to Curlewis - 26.6.22
We were all ready for wet weather and forecast strong winds when we turned up for today's ride. However, we were not disappointed when neither of those conditions eventuated. We probably did need the waterproofing for the water that sprayed up from the track. Lindy was at the start to greet us and take the group photo of Jo, Hugh, Jennie, Peter K and John H. Peter rode with us to Lara on the day we met all the trucks and is keen to join and ride with us. We took the Bellarine Rail Trail out to Curlewis and back. Our coffee stop was at Brown Shugar at the Curlewis Shopping Centre and we were fortunate to obtain a big table to accommodate us all. Thanks for an enjoyable ride.

Trudi's Saturday Ride to Moriac and Gnarwarre - 25.6.22
A small group of eight gathered in Fyansford for my ride to Moriac. Today’s ride out was quite a challenge in the strong wind. But once turned away from the noise and roadworks on Hamilton Highway we made the ride on Merrawarp pleasant. It was here that Nick and Sarah joined us, having had to return home for a forgotten water bottle. A mistake that Sarah won’t make again anytime soon, meant that they had the delight of riding up Cochranes to catch us. With a headwind along Barrabool Road seemed to make Hendy Main a little easier. It’s always a lovely run down into Moriac once we cross the highway. On our arrival at the General Store we were joined by Lindy and Chris Ha. Coffee was enjoyed inside by the fire, all managing to get around one table for hearty conversation. The group split here with half going their own way home the other half came with me via Cape Otway and Pollocksford Rd’s. I must say that we struggled for most of the Journey back, but we all enjoyed the downhill off Pollocksford and Hamilton Highway with a tailwind was a delight. Thanks Chris Ha, David L, Greg, Janet, Jennie, John H and M, Leo, Lindy, Nick and Sarah for braving the wind today. I thoroughly enjoyed my ride and hope that you all did too.

Chris Halpin's Loop to Curlewis, Ocean Grove and Barwon Heads on Thursday 23.6.22
Quite mild weather this morning but a forecast strong NW wind was a worry for the return journey - and so it turned out. At the Showgrounds starting point we welcomed back Lindy after a winter break, and new member Peter, Alison, Doug, Gary, Ken, Jenny, Nick & Sarah, Peter C, Trudi with Chris Hu the volunteer Kelpie. The Rail Trail was quiet and we all appreciated not seeing Ken's 'Trolley monster'. Sarah punctured not long after the start, with Nick & Chris to the rescue. Lindy turned back at Curlewis Rd and the rest of us enjoyed a helpful tail wind all the way to Groove. Jenny headed off to work and the rest enjoyed coffee and cakes. The surf along 13th Beach was inviting as we headed into the wind and home along Horseshoe Bend Rd. All up about 60km and great exercise again. Thanks everyone.

Nick's Tuesday Loop to Moriac & Jan Juc - 21.6.22
A good turn out ten riders for one of my favourite rides. This time the inclement weather held out  Instead to reward us with  a delightful cool but sunny ride. May we have more! Our small group made steady progress into a headwind without ever having to wait long for the tail to catch up. WP Drive, CO, HM and onto Vickerys we’re all pretty quiet and the cars courteous. The run to the Bells lookout was fantastic as were the views out to the deep blue sea. The only down side was Sarah having a puncture that sprayed gloop all over her bike and poor Janet. The tyre stayed up temporarily. Coffee and conversation at Swell we’re both good as usual. We even got to sit inside, a rare treat. The return journey home was incident free and a very pleasant roll home only marred by Sarah’s tyre going down on Warralilly and my ineptitude fixing the problem. Here’s what I learnt: if you pump it up remember to also rescrew the valve. If tubeless runs flat then the seals break and a small pump won’t work. You need a gas cylinder inflator. Or walk - Subaru sag wagon to the rescue Anyway at home its all easily fixed but it’s a learning process.  Thanks to Chris Ha and Hu (TEC), Janet, Jennie, late arrival John M, Julia, Ken S, Sarah and Trudi.
Cheers Nick. 

TWO RIDES from Sth Geelong Station on Sunday - 19.6.22

Doug's Shorter Circuit South of Geelong
Participants for today’s short ride were: Chris Hu, Craig, Doug, Geoff, Hugh, Joanne, Kim, Leo, Peter C and Trudi. By starting time, the sunshine had overtaken the fog however the cold breeze still prevailed. Today’s course took us through the suburbs of Breakwater, Grovedale, Armstrong Creek, Mt Duneed, Waurn Ponds, Uni and Highton. Of note was the tempory traffic lights which enabled us to cross Barwon Heads Road, at the sports grounds, safely. At this point we were joined by Kim who was waiting to join us at the lights. Coffee was taken at the Gusto Café in Highton and due to a staff shortage, there was a delay for coffee. The delay was acceptable because they advised us of their situation. Whilst waiting for coffee, we enjoyed sitting in the warm sunshine. The journey back was along the path on the southern side of the Barwon River, which was extremely busy this morning and extra care was required. The advertised distance for today’s ride was 45 kms however we managed only 39 kms. It was still a nice easy Sunday ride with minimum hills in good company. Special mention to TEC Leo – great job. In addition, it was good to have Peter back cycling, after a short-enforced break.

John Hagan's Longer Circuit of Geelong
One of our riders commented that a group of 5 riders is ideal - especially if you are following a leader on a circuitous route as ours was today. Our group of 5 consisted of Jennie, Janet, Greg, Julia and John H. We followed the Bay Trail out to Geelong Grammar then headed on School Rd over to the Ted Wilson Path near the Greyhound Track. The TW Path took us to Fyansford where we enjoyed a warm wood fire and great coffee, tea and scones at the Door Gallery Cafe. The hard work started after this (check the profile below the map) when we headed up the path past Buckley's Falls and took the long, long, hill up Grantham Drive to join the TW Path on the other side of the Ring Road. We safely negotiated the dirt section of Wandana Drive, then past Deakin and up to the Hams Rd tunnell with the intention of checking out the Baanip Cycle Path as the graveleurs had reported that it was now open all the way. However, we encountered a high fence across the road blocking our access (see photo) and had to retreat. It is probably open when they are working on the station but closed on the weekends!! Our return to Geelong was via Horseshoe Bend Rd and Bailey Street for a total of about 62km. Thanks all for an enjoyable ride.
John Hagan.

Ken Gawne's Saturday Ride to Bannockburn & Over to Waurn Ponds - 18.6.22
Thirteen at the start for the ride to Bannockburn via the Hamilton Hwy, Brislane and Harvey roads. Alison, Sarah and Nick, Greg, David L, Johns H & M, Trudi and Leo, Chris Ha, Jennie, Kens G & S enjoyed the improved weather,  rural environment and moderate pace. Refreshments at Le Due Sorelle.
A favourable light breeze aided us in a fast traverse of Burnside and the Hamilton Hwy as far as Pollocksford Rd where Trudi, Leo, Jennie and Chris continued on towards Fyansford whilst the rest opted for the delight of ascending the long climb to Barrabool Rd. Fast passage to Andersons with its exciting downhills and easy climbs. We went our separate ways at the end of Waurn Ponds Drive.
Ken G.

Nick's Thursday Ride to the Maple Bakery in Torquay - 16.6.22
When Doug rang early this morning to ask whether my ride was still going ahead I  looked out the window and replied ‘yes of course’. Wrong call! I predicted a shower or two, maybe a westerly. At least it wasn’t too cold.
Alison, Chris Hu, Doug, Gary, Julia, Janet, Sarah, Steve, Trudi and yours truly set off with ominous spits of rain falling as we left the car park and it started to pick up. The group decision was cut the ride short, avoid Barwon Heads road  and Thirteenth beach and head to coffee. Sarah spotted a rainbow and decided it to be a good omen. Not so.
Doug led us through the upmarket Streets of a new Torquay estate to the Maple Leaf Cafe. In the rain I had fantasised about eating a delicious chocolate almond croissant. Sold out! I mean really? Didn’t they know I was coming? Luckily, Trudi found the vegan croissant very much to her liking. We sat upstairs hoping the rain would ease up to no avail. Back into the rain the group decision was to take the shortest way home along the Torquay road. We survived the noise and  the very wet, filthy, debris strewn  verge to get home without a puncture or incident. Thank you riders for your fortitude and  let’s hope for better conditions next time. Enjoy the bike cleaning!
Cheers Nick.

Doug's Rural Ride from Winchelsea to Birregurra & Deans Marsh on Tuesday 14.6.22
HISTORIC RIDE TODAY. Long-time members on today’s ride tell me that today’s ride made history in that the females outnumbered the males for the first time, ever, on a Club ride. The peloton consisted of: Alison, Ben, Chris Hu, Doug, Janet, Jennie, Julia, Nick, Sarah, Steve and Trudi. A good roll-up for today’s Rural Ride with two members undertaking their inaugural rural ride, that being Alison and very new club member Steve. Apart from Trudi’s chain wanting to leave her bike (twice) we had no punctures and minimal disruption with Trudi’s errant chain.
Our first coffee stop was at Birregurra General Store and with no inside seating, we sat outside on the limited number of chairs. At the 42kms mark we turned onto Division Road which would take us nearly to Deans Marsh. Division Road was a great road to ride with only two vehicles passing us in 10 kms of cycling. Unfortunately, from a safety point of view, one of those vehicles passed us doing at least 100 kph on the narrowest part of the road. The driver was an accident waiting to happen by the speed he was travelling and the fact that the right-hand wheels left the bitumen and into the soft verge. Ben was part of a survey whereby his bike had been fitted with two cameras’ (front and back) to record motorists’ behaviour as part of a study. Unfortunately, the batteries on the cameras wet dead and we were unable to record this dangerous driving (a pity).
Our next stop for refreshments was the Deans Marsh General Store where we did sit inside and partook in hot drinks with many riders eating the award-winning pies they sell. Onward upwards on the biggest hill on the course (just after eating) then mostly downhill back to Winchelsea. Special mention to: Front wheel – Sarah, Nick for his vigilance over the journey, Nick and Trudi for photos and to Chris Hu who had the task of being “Tail End Charlie” and he admirably discharged his TEC duty. Vehicles were in the minority, including the usually busy Cape Otway Road and all roads had a good cycling surface. Distance: 77 Kilometres
Congratulations to Alison, Janet, Jennie, Julia, Sarah and Trudi for creating history and for the males for being part of this history making ride. GO GIRL POWER.
Scribe: Doug

Ken Smith's Tuesday Loop to Drysdale & Ocean Grove - 14.6.22
The morning was mild in comparison to previous mornings and no rain forecast, only four riders came to the start, Chris Ha, Gary, Ken G and myself. John M met us at the Cheeky Cow Cafe which was closed for the day, we rode to the Ebb and Flow at Barwon Heads where we enjoyed our drinks and cakes. AS we rode along B.R.T we came across a very irate pedestrian who had two empty shopping trolleys, as we approached Coppards Road he blocked one part of the path with trolley and pulled the basket of the other one and threw it at us. Fortunately I was able to deflect it from hitting us. After that excitement the ride was uneventful. We did encounter a strong head/side wind on the way back along Lake Road. Thank you to the riders who joined me.
Ken Smith.

Doug Leads the Ride to Lara & John Hagan Leads the Extension to Little River on Sunday 12.6.22

Doug's Report :
Braving today’s icy conditions were: Chris Hu, Doug, Greg, Hugh, Joanne, Leo and Trudi, all headed for Lara whilst Jennie, John H and Julia opted for the longer Little River destination. The road in front of the new Tassie Terminal was a mess with only the north bound lane opened, which we used as there was little traffic, possibly due to the public holiday tomorrow. At the rail crossing past the Lara station, on the Melbourne side saw the Lara peloton turn left whilst the Little River mini peloton turned right heading for Little River. Arriving at the Xpresso Lounge Café we found that there were very few customers and we had a choice of several tables. Good hot coffee, quick service and tasty cakes along with good conversation, were the order of our stop. The advertised route back to the start was altered by popular demand and we used the Ted Wilson Path. The peloton grew smaller the further we cycled along the path with Trudi and Leo exiting at Ballarat Road followed by Chris, Greg, Hugh and Jo leaving at the end of the path. I had a solo ride back to Rippleside and enjoyed the downhill along Church Street.
A blast from the past, former Club member, Steve Cartin received a right royal welcome from the Club’s long time members (old time member). Steve left us before we reached Lara.
Well done to all for turning-up on such a miserable day, for bike riding. Thanks to John, photos, Leo “Tail End Charlie” as always. Distance: 43 Kilometres in round figures for the Lara peloton.
Scribe: Doug.

John's Report:
The "J" Trio of Julie, Jennie & John headed up the Old Melbourne Rd with a stop at the Rothwell Bridge, which was built in 1866, for a photo. We then moved to the Little River General Store for coffee. Recently we had coffee there and sat outside but this time I asked if there was any indoor seating because of the cold and was surprised to find that there was a table with seats in a cosy nook which turned out to be a treasure trove of old games and displays - see photo. We certainly enjoyed our coffee stop before we headed into the strong wind on the way back. We returned to Lara on Mill Rd and took the same route as Doug's group on our return to Geelong. Thanks to the ladies for your company on a worthwhile extension to the Lara trip.
Keep Riding, John.

Chris Halpin's Ride to Paraparap & Moriac on Saturday - 11.6.22
Female participation excelled this morning with Alison, Janet, Jenny, Jo, Julia & Trudi patiently waiting at the Bunnings starting point. Then a couple of odd blokes struggled in - Ian,  John H, myself, Phil, Hugh and Leo of course and just in time John Miro. After a reminder about taking it easy along Anglesea Rd in a strong crosswind we headed up Ghazepore, Dickens into Blackgate, HendyMain and a welcome warm fire at the Moriac Store. Lots of chatter, coffee and treats, then back on the bikes for a wind charged return via Reservoir, Pettavel and Waurn Ponds Dve. Great morning ride of about 45Km, no rain to speak of, no punctures, warm company but an eye watering cold wind. Thanks everyone especially Leo for looking after us all.

Nick's GRAVEL Ride to Bellbrae & Moriac on Thursday 9.6.22
Jackets on, 4 intrepid gravelleurs, Chris Hu, Chris Ha, Sarah and yours truly departed Grovedale Hotel fully expecting the odd shower or two whilst exploring the quiet roads around Moriac. On Ghazepore we picked up Alison, who had gone to Bunnings, before heading up to Whites and south on Willowite for some nice gravel which although bit soft, maybe a bit slow was in good condition. Nary a drop on us despite the dramatic clouds in the distance highlighting the peaceful rolling landscape. Nortons and Flaxbourne were also very good riding. We enjoyed coffee and chat by the fire before heading back to Bunnings via north Willowite and Draytons. And still no rain despite some wet roads. About 52kms, 40% gravel, a small mob of kangas, 8 friendly Alpacas and a few frisky horses.
Great company and a super circuit. Cheers Nick.

Janet's Thursday Ride to Connewarre & Torquay - 9.6.22
A very fresh morning saw Doug, Jennie, Steve and myself meet at the Grovedale Pub for a ride to Torquay via Lake Rd.  The gravelleurs were heading in a different direction.  A lovely ride until we hit the head wind of Blackgate road which slowed us down. Jennie left us to go to work, Doug left us after coffee at El Nino so it was just Steve and myself who headed home via Horseshoe Bend Rd.
Thanks for the company, Janet.

Doug's Easy Ride to Curlewis & Drysdale on Sunday 5.6.22
Today I was joined by four members of the Polar Bear Bike Club and they were: Chris Hu, Jennie, John H and Leo. You just had to be a member of the Polar Bear Club to want to ride in such cold miserable conditions as today was. Riding along Portarligton Road, our only concern was not being splashed by passing vehicles and fortunately we didn’t encounter a vehicle and a pool of water at the same time. Coffee was taken at the Brown Shugar and a mention of the good service, coffee and eats. Eventually we were back on the windy Rail Trail, heading home and there, I had to yell out a once in a life-time warning “TIGER ON THE LEFT” as there was a tiger sitting on the edge of the path, looking very smug and I assumed from his look that he had just eaten a cyclist or a walker. Not taking any chances of being dessert, I kept pedalling rather than stop for a photo of this unusual event. We all got past the tiger safely, thankfully. For the record, Jennie took all points on offer for the title “King Queen of the Mountain.” The only hot thing about today’s ride was the excellent company. Thanks everyone. Distance: 44.65 kilometres.
Scribe: Doug

Greg's Modified Ride (because of the weather) to Breakwater, Waurn Ponds & Belmont - Sunday 5.6.22
After a fairly grim weather forecast the morning proved to be fine but with a very chilly and strong NW wind. Given the tough conditions I had amended the planned 100 km course to a shorter around town loop. John C and I set off from  South Geelong Station out through Breakwater and along the fairly quiet Waurn Ponds Creek path, meeting only a few brave walkers. The climb past Deakin warmed us up and we then cruised down Bellevue Ave before stopping for coffee at Bon Appetit, where we met a few other cyclists. The river path then led us home after a cold 24 km ride. Sincere apologies to Jesse, who we somehow missed at the start.  Thanks John C for your great company.           
Greg Allerton. 

Nick Tarnay Leads the Saturday Ride to Pt Lonsdale via Barwon Heads - 4.6.22
What a difference wind makes to the humble cyclist. Despite travelling the same roads out and back to Pt Lonsdale the contrasts were striking. In cool, almost sunny conditions, 17 cyclists set off in two groups assisted by a gentle breeze. Lovely! A good coffee and conversation was had at Point Lonsdale. Things were looking good until we realised the weather was changing, the wind was getting up and we would have a hefty headwind to test our resolve. And so it proved to be a tough, slow slog. Mark K got a puncture, not from the many shards of bottle glass littering the road verge but a pesky, tiny piece of wire. Hopefully, everyone made it home before the showers set in. Thank you Alison, Chris Ha, David L, Greg, Hugh, Janet, Jesse, Jennie, Jo, John H, John M, Julia, Mark K, Mark J, Sarah and Leo. Special thanks to TEC extraordinaire Leo and second group leader Chris.
Cheers Nick.

Doug leads the Thursday Ride to the You Yangs & Lara - 2.6.22
Winter was just two days old and we experienced very cool conditions (a single digit temperature) and I had asked Mother Nature to provide sunshine and a not too cold temperature for today’s ride. She delivered on the sunshine. For today’s ride, I was joined by: Alison, Chris Ha, David S, Jennie (who rode to the start from Lara), Julia, Kim, Nick, Peter N and Sarah. The cycle path in the area of the new Tassie shipping terminal has been altered again with more twists and turns and additional fencing between the bike path and the road. Nearing the path underneath the Princes Highway, Jennie informed me that there was water under the bridges and she rode through deep water, earlier this morning. Fortunately for us the water had been pumped out by the time we arrived at that point. Arriving near the You Yangs entrance, it was decided not to ride to the top of the You Yangs for the fear of snow at the top and a dangerous slippery road as a consequence (that’s our take as to why we didn’t go there). Coffee was at Xpresso Lounge Café where we were joined by Noel. Noel gave us an update on the new walk/cycle path being laid between Canterbury Road and the Baccus Marsh -Geelong Road. When finished, it will be a very safe way to get back to Ted Wilson Trail. Noel also joined us for the trip back to Rippleside. Due to the imbroglio at the new Tassie terminal, the consensus over coffee was to ride back via the Ted Wilson Trail. Thanks to: Nick for photos and Peter for being ‘Tail End Charlie.’ Distance: 58 Kilometres
Scribe: Doug