GTC News Thursday 14.12.17

Rides this week:
Saturday 16th Dec - 8:30am from Grovedale Pub - medium ride - Peter Jones to lead.
Sunday 17th Dec - 9am from Sth Geelong Station - easy ride - Nicole Collins to lead.

Update on Greg Allerton - 9.12.17
Greg is riding no more than 5km to doctors, physio, etc... but is steadily recovering. He would love to finish his 100 x 100kms for the year with 3 still to go but he is not sure if he will be able to!

Update on Lyn Gregg - 13.12.17
Lyn is expecting to come home from Grace McKellar Rehab on Friday.

Video Excerpts from Peter Jones' Camera on the Goldfields Trail with Chris Hume and Ben Kersten

Peter O'Brien's Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove on thursday 14.12.17
There was a good show of riders today with eighteen turning up at the Grovedale Hotel. Trudi, Mark, Ian, Ted, David and Julia Love, Terry, Chris Hume, David I, Peter J, Ron, Ken, Paul, Angie, Mike, Adam, Ray & myself (phew I think I got the names right) rode to Ocean Grove via Thirteenth Beach and Barwon Heads. At various stages along the ride the peloton spread out, given that some riders couldn’t help themselves and took advantage of tail winds. Coffee was at the Groove where as usual, the service was high quality.  While there, Mike managed to get all the riders together, not an easy task, for a group photo shoot. Back on our bikes we returned to Geelong via Barwon Heads Road and Lakes Road. All up a very enjoyable ride.
Pegards, Peter O.

Peter Jones' Ride from Ballarat to Creswick on Tuesday 12.12.17
Eight lucky riders for this wonderful ride on an absolute perfect day. Ken, David I, Rolf, Mike C, Mike T, Chris Ha, Ron and myself set off a bit late after roadworks held up everyone’s arrival. A very short ride to the Bike Rack coffee shop where a most enjoyable coffee really hit the spot. After coffee and checking out the latest Specialised Bikes we headed through Ballarat suburbs including Brown Hill to the Daylesford Rd. This can be a busy road but wasn’t too bad today, there are a couple of undulations and probably the only major hill which took us up past the White Swan Reservoir. At the Bungaree Creswick Rd we turned left and with a few more undulations we arrived at Wattle Flat, from here it is all pretty well down hill so off we went and enjoyed a 5 or 6 klm downhill run into Creswick. We arrived at about 11.45 so ordered a few drinks and relaxed before ordering lunch. We arrived at about 11.45 so ordered a few drinks and relaxed before ordering lunch. My Mum arrived at about 12.00 to join us for a lovely lunch before we headed back to Ballarat via the Bald Hills Rd and Gillies St.
First stop when got back to the Lake was Pipers by the Lake for a coffee, milkshake, Hot Chocolate or Iced Coffee. Home was via Godzilla for us to avoid the road works which worked out really well, a great day out on the bike in good company. Thanks again for the pictures Mike T.
Cheers Peter.

BBQ Christmas Lunch at Don & Lindy's Farm at Charlemont on Sunday 10.12.17
There was a slight delay as a number of the GTC members arrived at Charlemont with the sheep being moved on the road into the farmhouse. As you can see from the photos below the event was much enjoyed by those present - especially when it came to the Kris Kringle and the special rules the Club has for sharing these presents around. A big thank you to Don and Lindy for being such gracious hosts.

John Hagan's Combined Ride with Cycling Geelong to Waurn Ponds on Sunday 10.12.17
This was a good morning for a loop around to Panache at Waurn Ponds. For those in the GTC there was a time limit of 2 hours as the 2nd GTC Christmas party was to be held on Don and Lindy's farm at Charlemont at midday. We had 13 riders with a majority from CG: Linton, Dave, John M, John & Carla, Helen, Ron and Kevin and from GTC: Peter J & Marion, ChrisHu., Ian and your ride leader John H. The path under Pioneer Rd at Waurn Ponds Shopping Centre is now open for bikes so we scooted down there and had coffee at Panache. The return trip was via Deakin and Belle Vue Avenue and back along the Barwon was a circuit of about 20km.
Keep Riding, John Hagan.

Ross Rides Through VIETNAM & CAMBODIA - Updated: 9.12.17 click here to see PHOTOS and the STORY OF HIS TRAVELS.
I am currently on a bus from Phnom Penh to Ho Chi Minh City. The cycling component of my trip is over. I stripped all the good bits (pedals, seat, rack) off my bike and gave the rest to a young guy in PP. This was planned, not a reaction to riding over here. In fact, the riding was so good that I will be back again in 2018. The wifi on the bus is very poor so will send a few pics when I get to my hotel. Will be back in Torquay on Tuesday but may not have a chance to catch up as am heading off to Tas almost immediately after. If not, Merry Xmas to all.
Regards, Ross.
Below - Ross tries out something a little different!.

Peter O'Brien's Ride to Torquay via Bellbrae on Saturday 9.12.17
It was great to have twelve riders turn up for today’s ride. Rolf, Peter J, David I, Mark, Ken, John, Chris Halpin, Paul, Angie, Michael, Peter M and myself departed Grovedale for Torquay via Bellbrae.  The ride conditions to Bellbrae were overcast with light showers prevailing however this did not affect the riders as they conquered the Bellbrae hill.  The ride into Torquay was sensational and a number of our riders teamed up with a rival peloton and proceeded at pace to the Frontbeach Café for the obligatory coffee stop. Back on our bikes we returned to Geelong via Horseshoe Bend Road. Total distance travelled was 50kms. Regards, Peter O.

DAY 4 - Chris Hume, Peter Jones & Ben Kersten on the Goldfields Trail from Ballarat to Bendigo - 7.12.17.
Check out this animation of the whole route :
The final day, the Leanganook Track!!  Headed off early again and were soon into slow careful riding in difficult terrain, heading east towards Chiltern then Northwards to Harcourt. At Harcourt we had second breakfast/brunch, enough fuel on board to get us to Bendigo. We then climbed to a granite ridge below Mt Alexander. A little further on we arrived at the Coliban Water Race which we followed most of the way to Bendigo. The gravel road here generally contoured and was pleasant riding. However there two 200m climbs for us as the water went through long tunnels. Near Bendigo the GFT meandered up and down around mullock heaps, was slow going for weary riders. On nearing a sealed road we decided to use it and head for the Station ASAP, arriving there at 2:00pm. We made it!!! Distance 63km. Chris.

Trudi Bellia's Ride to Lara on Thursday - 7.12.17.
Today's ride started at the usual spot at the top of Church St, the riders were: Meri, Marie, Peter O, Ray, Ron, Ted, Ian, Mick, Dave, Mark, Julia and David new members. We started our journey along Ted Wilson path, Ballarat Rd, Ballan Rd. We all enjoyed a lovely run along Stacey's Rd with the very enjoyable down hill run till Bachus Marsh Rd. While sailing down the hill I noticed a parked car on the side of the road, with a quick look around on the opposite side I spotted some paparazzi laying low in the scrub. It didn't take me long to recognise who that paparazzi was, it was our long lost fellow cyclist Noel. We then turned left then right onto Windermere Rd, and at the roundabout Noel stopped to say hi. It was great to see him again, I hope that he is soon back on his bike to join us. Coffee was at my favourite cafe, Cafe Blu were we made ourselves comfy inside on a large table that could accommodate us all. Our return journey was the Hovells Creek path, with everyone dropping off at different points along the way. Thanks everyone for your company on what was a very enjoyable mornings ride.
Thanks to Noel Pownall for the on-road photos.

DAY 3 - Chris Hume, Peter Jones & Ben Kersten on the Goldfields Trail from Ballarat to Bendigo - 6.12.17.
Left Daylesford at 7:00 heading towards Castlemaine on the Dry Diggings Track soon stopping at Hepburn Springs General Store for a coffee and snack as no more shops until Castlemaine.eport coming soon. Headed off into the bush, this section of the trail proving to be the most challenging with some very steep climbs and large fallen trees to haul our loaded bikes over and very rocky sections at times. We lunched at Vaughan Springs and sampled the mineral water. Not to my liking!!  Then onto Castlemaine stopping at the first coffee shop. Arrived there at 3:30, distance 55km.

David Innes' Ride to Werribee on Tuesday 5.12.17.
A cloudy moderate temp and windy day with a few spots of sunshine greeted us today. With a good turn out of enthusiastic cyclists showing up for the ride to Werribee taking the usual route to Lara via the refinery to Hovell Trial we had to take a detour in Rippleside to avoid the lollipop man with his stop sign. Our first stop Millars coffee shop where we usually like to stop in Lara these days having a good chat and a few laughs. Our next destination was Werribee but only half of the group decided to battle on we headed there via Flinders Avenue then to Little River taking the back roads to Werribee. Winds were blustery but not too bad. Arriving in Werribee we had our lunch at the Coffee Pot Cafe after which we headed back to Geelong via the highway fearing that the ride back would be a difficult one - it turned out the wind wasn't bad at all. The ride was incident free with no! falls! The GTC has has its share in recent weeks. Thankfully the rain kept away apart from the constant wind it was a good day's ride with just over 100 km's. Personally most would have done 90 km's or so. Thanks to the following for coming - my apologies if I've missed a name or two: Meri, Trudi, Julie, Rolf, Ted, Ken, Paul and Ang, Adam. Agian my apologies as I didn't have a ride sheet.
Thanks for all those that attended. David.

DAY 2 - Chris Hume, Peter Jones & Ben Kersten on the Goldfields Trail from Ballarat to Bendigo - 5.12.17.
Continued on the Wallaby Track to Daylesford. Weather great, fine with a SE breeze. Had a few navigation difficulties on the edge of Creswick!! See map. Track was similar to yesterday with plenty of obstacles, mainly water and logs. By the time we reached Daylesford we were tired, especially me! Hopefully recover overnight ready for the Dry Digging section of the track.

Chris Hume, Peter Jones & Ben Kersten on the Goldfields Trail from Ballarat to Bendigo - 4.12.17.
Three riders Ben, Peter and Chris Hu started off from Mt Buninyong on a cool overcast day. Great downhill run to start but on reaching Granny White Lane had our first walk of the day! Continued into Sturt Street Ballarat where we had coffee/lunch. Then off to Creswick. The track was challenging - plenty of rocks, ruts, tree roots and water hazzards. 
All arrived safe and sound. First half of the Wallaby track done.

The First of a number of Christmas Gatherings for the GTC - this one at Mt Moriac Pub - Saturday 2.12.17.
This was a very enjoyable evening for the 16 who gathered at the Mt Moriac Pub. Lyn Gregg had done all the organizing for the event but because of an unfortunate fall from the bike is now in rehabilitation at Grace McKellar so was unable to be to enjoy the evening. We were fortunate to have the function room to ourselves - the rest of the place was packed out. I will let the pictures speak for themselves.
John Hagan.

Sue and Marion enjoy the dessert.

Chris Hume's Ride to The Farmer's Place in Freshwater Creek on Sunday 3.12.17.
Three arrived to do the ride today: John, Dr Mike and Chris H. DR Mike was there first!! Decided to head to Torquay as there was a strong SW wind blowing. Headed towards Breakwater and along to Waurn Ponds but were soon seeking shelter. Once it cleared, a bit, we were off again. More rain, more wind!! Decided just to go to The Farmer's Place. Had an enjoyable coffee and decided to head home via the shortest route. A  speedy return and no rain.  Good to get out but looking forward to better riding conditions.

Peter Jones' Ride to Ravens Creek Farm Cafe on Saturday 2.12.17.
Only three hardy souls this morning, not sure why, there was no rain and the roads were dry as a bone, it was a bit windy, seemed to be pretty well due South so a ride out to Raven’s Creek at Moriac seemed like a good idea, being across the wind it worked out very well and Chris Hu and Peter O, my companions this morning, all enjoyed the ride via Waurn Ponds Drive, M1 and Hendy Main Rd. Had a very nice coffee and rolled on home via Mt Duneed Rd., again across the wind with maybe a little bit of help on the tail. A very enjoyable morning on the bike yet again. Cheers Peter.

Mick Gregg Leads the Ride to Drysdale on Thursday 30.11.17.
On this rather warm morning 14 riders fronted up at the showgrounds for an easy ride to Drysdale and return.  We followed the rail trail down to the Bungalow for refreshments where the weather was starting to get rather hot.   Afterwards the group broke up some heading back down the trail and others going via  Princess Rd , Swan Bay Rd, Bellarine Hwy. All in a good ride tho short.  The participants were Trudi,Marie,Mark,Chris/Jean,David, Rolf,Ray,Peter O, Peter J, Ron, Barry,Dr Mike and Mick. Thanx to all for coming.   Cheers Mick      PS just a note I heard later Jean had a fall on her way home and finished in hospital.  Lyn G is now at Grace McKellar for rehab soon. Update on Jean from Mike T - Jean just got home from hospital (9:55pm).

Criss-crossing the Barrabool Hills with Ken on Tuesday 28.11.17.
7 riders presented at Bunnings for the ride advertised as "hard". Julia, Lyn L, Chris Hume, Ange & Paul, Peter O and Ken rode conservatively out along Waurn Ponds Drive aware of the long climb to follow up Cochranes to Barrabool Rd. We were joined at the intersection with Merrawarp by PJ and Trudi. Ange showed the benefit of recent training not losing any ground over the 2 climbs on Barrabool Rd en route to Andersons. Riding Andersons Rd on such a beautiful day was a delight. Turning left onto the Princes Hwy the group made its way up to Devon and enjoyed the long downhill before the climb. Try as I might I could not catch Lyn up the Devon hill. Julia, only recently returned to cycling after her fall, was coping well with the hilly terrain. The undulations on Hendy Main followed by the glorious downhill brought us to our coffee stop at Moriac. 
When is a "hard" ride not hard enough. Trudi wanted to add extra kms and proposed riding towards Torquay on Hendy Main. Ken said this could be achieved by turning onto Ghazeepore near the finish back at Waurn Ponds. The upshot was T, CH and PJ went one way whilst the rest of us went back up the Hendy hill to Reservoir and relished the undulations back to Pettavel. The speed was on down Waurn Ponds Drive and when Ken asked how they felt about more climbing ( up Lemins) all declined. PO'B rode straight on towards town, Lyn went left up Pigdons whilst Julia, A & P went back to their vehicles. Paul stated it was the best ride he had done in his short time with the club. We are lucky as cyclists to have the Barrabool Hills on our doorstep.

Ross Rides Through VIETNAM - click here to see PHOTOS and the STORY OF HIS TRAVELS.

Chris Hume's Ride to Lara on Sunday 26.11.17.
Weather report was poor! Being leader I thought that I had better turn up. Mike C was the only other rider to arrive, his first ride with GTC since NSW. We headed off then the rain started!! Sheltered at Simmond's Stadium until the worst of it was over. I phoned Trude to say that the tide was off. Mike and I then decided to do something and headed for Creamery Rd then decided to continue to Lara. Tried to find shelter from time to time and made it to Millars. After coffee heded home via Hovells Creek. A workthwhile though damp outing.

Peter Jones Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove on Saturday 25.11.17.
Eight riders for our Sat morning ride: Lyn L, Ange, Paul, Mark, Peter O, Chris Hu, Ron and PeterJ. We were a little late getting away - I had a call from Sue, they were having trouble with a flat tyre on the Tandem. After a bit of toing and froing we left on our ride and the tandem would hopefully catch up at Groove. Lyn L left us at HSBend Rd., she was feeling a bit flat and decided she would head home. It was a pleasant riding and we rolled into Groove at about 9:45am. I had invoted Rolf to come and join us for coffee which he and his friend Graeme from Adelaide did. Enjoyed out chat and coffee then headed home via 13th Beach and HSBend Rd. A most enjoyable morning on the bike. Cheers Peter.

Terry's Ride to The Farmer's Place in Freshwater Creek on Thursday 23.11.17.
It was a magnificent day 17 riders fantastic turnout: Marie, Trudi, Mark, Ian, Lyn L, Mick, Chris, Peter and Marion, Ron, Lyn, Paul and Ange, Ray, Ted and Norm. We headed off to the Farmers' Place Anglesea Rd Freshwater Creek, leaving the hotel and riding out along the Surf Coast Highway, turning left into Warralilly Blvde, then right into Horseshoe Bend Road and following this through to Torquay, before turning ritht through the Torquay estate into Fischer Street turning right into Darian Road crossing the Highway to Grossmans Rd. Then when Lyn Gregg came off and was taken to Hospital, through (Millionaires' Row) to Coombes Road, turning right at the roundabout and heading along Anglesea Road to the Ghazeepore Rd,. A most enjoyable ride of approx 40klms.
Keep on Pedalling, Cheers Terry.

Lyn Loudon's Ride from Anglesea to Wye River and Return on Tuesday 21.11.17.
Six cyclists for the ride along the Great Ocean Road to Wye River & return on a splendid sunny day - Peter J, Peter O, Chris Hume, Trudi, Ken and Lyn. Everyone managed the first hurdle of a steep climb up to the lookout at Pt Roadknight and then all rode steadily to Urquhart Bluff and onto Big Hill where we encountered a tourist cycling along with his luggage in a golf buggy! Some photos and lots of smiling later everyone continued to Lorne for a welcome morning tea. That over we set off again for the trip to Wye River & return (approx 34kms) with the small inconvenience of Mt Defiance on the way. Actually there were  fabulous views of the ocean & pristine beaches along the route and a real sense of  achievement on reaching the lookout point where we stopped for another photo shoot with a bus load of Chinese tourists. After another stop in Lorne at the bakery for lunch we pushed on back to Anglsea for the last leg of the 91km journey, completed in 4 hrs riding time. Terrific riding everyone and a wonderful day out. Thanks to all for your good company.

NEWS - UPDATE (22.11.17) Greg Allerton taken to Hospital last Saturday 11.11.17.
22.11.17 - Greg has only just got back on his bike for a very short trip to the East Geelong shops. Here is his story.
Had a phone call from Greg to say that on Friday (10.11.17) he was attempting his 97th 100Km ride for the year and had serious fall. He was on Hendy Main Road coming towards the Anglesea Rd with cars passing in opposite directions and there must have been a burnt limb of a tree in the shadows and he hit this and came down. He was knocked unconscious and a nurse who saw the accident came over to render assistance along with a number of other motorists. She called for an ambulance and Greg gained consciousness fairly soon. A farmer took Greg's bike home and left his address with Greg. Greg said the ambulance trip to hospital was very bumpy and his neck was in a brace. He spent the day and a half in Geelong Hospital. It seems he has no broken bones but has a very sore shoulder which will require more testing. The hospital were amazed that he didn't have any broken bones considering the way his clothing was ripped around. He is not yet ready to resume riding to claim 100 x 100km for the year. I hope he recovers in time to do this. Our thoughts are with you Greg.
John Hagan.

John Hagan's Half Dirt Ride South of Geelong to Uforic Food Cafe on Sunday 19.11.17.
What beautiful weather for a tour of the back roads around Geelong! Just 3 of us: Chris Hu, Ken and your leader John H for a chance to ride some roads we had never been on before and cover a distance of just over 50km. The first dirt section was at the end of Waurn Ponds Drive - we crossed the Princes Highway on to Draytons Rd and down past the Pettavel Basin to Reservoir Rd and at the railway crossing we headed south on BOGANS Lane to Dickins Rd. This took us through Freshwater Creek to Ghazeepore Rd where we turned south and then took Blackgate through to the Surf Coast Highway and the Uforic Food Cafe for some good cakes and coffee. There was also a ginger tea to be sampled. We might add that, when we asked for really hot coffee, we got just that. For the return trip we took Horseshoe Bend Rd and the dirt sections of Barwarre Rd and we were home before midday.
Keep Riding, John Hagan.

Ian Fraser's Ride to The Bungalow in Drysdale on Sunday 19.11.17.
Today's ride to drysdale was made more pleasant by a wonderful turn out of so many people on sure a lovely sunny day. A nice coffee & chart was enjoyed by the following @ The Bungalow: Geoff & Heather Christmas, Marie, Lyn & Mick Gregg, Meri & Lovro, Doc Mick and Barry joined us for some of the ride. We even had a private room for our coffee, thanks to one of our members being a slient partner in this business! (only jorking) Thanks to Doc Mick for taking the phots. A big thank you for everyone who made this nice ride extra special by coming - Ian.

Peter OBrien's Ride from Grovedale via Barrabool Hills to Moriac on Saturday 18.11.17.
On sunny morning ten riders turned-up for the hill challenge. Chris Hume, Ken, Lyn, Peter J, Rolf, Paul, Angela, Thomas, Sue and myself set off from the Grovedale Hotel to Barrabool Road.  All riders climbed the hills at Ceres and Pollocksford Road and then cruised down Considines Road to Moriac for coffee break. Unfortunately the coffee and sweets at Moriac  took an inordinate amount of time to prepare, but otherwise sitting outside under a tree provided a fantastic environment to relax and get ready for the next section of hills. 
After the break we rode along Hendy Main Road where the plan was to ride to Barrabool Road and back through Ceres to Geelong.  Lyn and Ken had advised that they would be leaving the group at Reservoir Road and returning to Geelong.  Chris, Rolf and myself led the peloton along Hendy Main Road and when we stopped at Barrabool Road, to our dismay we realised there were no riders behind us.   After a 5 minute wait, our number one scout Chris Hume retraced part of the route only to ascertain there were no riders within sight.  Phone calls were made to no avail so we concluded the other riders must have taken a different route back to Geelong which subsequently turned out to be correct.  It is not often a leader loses 70% of the peloton however in my defence I feel there were extenuating circumstances. Chris, Rolf and myself continued on the planned route via Ceres and back to Geelong covering a total distance of around 80km.
Peter O.

Unofficial Ride to The Bungalow at Drysdale on Saturday 18.11.17
John Carleton is being congratulated on completing his Law Degree.

Peter Jones' Ride to Barwon Heads on His Birthday - Thursday 16.11.17.
Four hardy riders this morning in the rain, Peter O, Ken, Chris Hu and myself. Mick opted out as leader because he doesn’t do wet but the real cyclists turned out for a ride to Barwon Heads. It wasn’t heavy rain but it was persistent, took the usual route through to Barwon Heads and headed to Annie’s because they have a warm and cozy inside. Because it was my birthday I shouted all the coffees which we enjoyed then headed home, as we organised bikes Mark turned up and joined us for the ride home via 13th Beach. Had a nice tailwind with the rain tapering off, good morning on the bike in good company.
Cheers Peter. 

Ken's Circuit from Bunninyong to Ballan on Tuesday 14.11.17.
It was very pleasing to have 8 members start in this ride undeterred by the forecast of heat and wind. Ange and Paul, Chris Hume, Peter Jones, Peter O'Brien, Lyn Loudon, Ken and newcomer Laurie Atkins set out at 0945. The climb up Mt. Buninyong (without a warm up) was done in leisurely fashion with Lyn first over the top. Laurie muttered tbat he might have bitten off more than he could chew but was assured that it did get easier. Several kms of glorious downhill followed on the road to Yendon then a series of undulations to the start of the climb up Mt Egerton. The group spread out but all were back together at the turn into the Egerton-Ballan Rd. Kms of downhill then the last serious climb of the day (photo taken at the top). The 35 kms to Ballan was done in 1h 52 mins. Lyn guided us to a nice cafe where all took refreshment.
After a stop of around 45 mins we started out on the return journey via Gordon and Dunnstown. Road works caused a delay of several minutes and Laurie suffered several cramp attacks. PJ had been observed slacking at the back so as to conserve energy for the defence of his spring title. Once onto Yankee Flats Rd, PO'B got out to a substantial lead. When we turned into Gear Ave and onto the National Championship course, PO'B had a lead of 60m on PJ with a similar distance back to KG. PJ excelled over the 5 km downhill finish into Buninyong whilst Ken almost entered the red zone as he caught PO just 50 m from the finish. The benefit of the training camp in East Gippsland last week was evident as KG, CH and PO'B dominated on tbe climbs. 
Ange & Paul rode really well, Lyn finished off strongly whilst Laurie survived to fight another day. A superb course which provided great scenery and a varied profile. At the after ride coffee stop all were in good spirits - especially PJ who had a grin from ear to ear. It would be good if we could entice greater participation in "out-of-town" rides. Car sharing might solve transport difficulties for some.

Combined Ride with Cycling Geelong - Circuit around Geelong led by Helen Lyth - 12.11.17.
Photos from Mike T.

Peter Jones' Saturday Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove - 11.11.17.
Ten riders today on an absolute cracker of a day: Trudi, Lyn L, Sue, Mike, David I, Rolf, Mark, John H, Chris Ha and Peter J enjoyed the ride out to Groove via the Estates, Lakes Rd, and Barwon Heads Rd. A quick blast around the Sheepwash before a very enjoyable coffee and chat before a return via the lovely 13th Beach and HSBend Rd. Lovely morning on the bike.
Cheers Peter.

Sue enjoying coffee at the Groove.

Peter and Sue on the tandem with Lyn and Trudi following.

Gippsland Tour - Day 3 - 10.11.17.
Final day!!
PJ and Chris Hu up 6.15am packed up sleeping gear and tents into panniers and headed off for a hearty breakfast at the Mingling Waters Cafe. Ken and PO dined in their cabin then packed. We headed off around 7:45am retracing our ride of the first day heading to  Bruthen, 30km, then onto Bairnsdale, another 30km, arriving at 11:45am. Again the weather was fantastic! Little breeze, blue skies and around 20 degrees. We lunched at the bakery then Chris, Peter O and Ken headed off the the station for the trip home and Peter J drove home.
Overall it was a great trip, very enjoyable!! Hopefully some new tourers will sign up for the next trip.
Chris Hu.

Thursday Ride to Torquay - 9.11.17.
Photos by Mike Taylor.
Eleven people for the ride today - Rolf, David I, Ted, Ian, Norm, Trudi, Lyn & Mick, Meri, Mike and yours truly, Lyn L (self appointed leader). A lovely start down Baanip Boulevarde to Ghazeepore then Dickens and the Anglesea Road to Coombes and through Ocean Acres where the chase was on along Grossmans Rd for the green jersey sprint points. (won by the in-form Rolf). After a little confusion with the cafe choice, we stopped at the Coffee Club for refreshments and lots of natter. Then it was on the bikes again back to Geelong via the Esplanade, HSB road where the group split with some going on and a few through Armstrong Creek to the Torquay Rd and  back to the cars & starting point. Just a reminder folks to inform the leader (or anyone else in the group) if you are not completing the ride with the others. Thanks to all for a nice social morning ride.
Lyn L.

Gippsland Tour - Day 2 - 9.11.17.
Up early with the Sun, lovely morning, breakfasted at Ken and Peter's cabin and left for Orbost at 8.15 am. Beautiful on the track. Lots of uphill but only about 2.0 % saw some more Wallabies and an Echidna. Enjoyed lunch at Orbost then headed back. Almost ran over a beautiful Copperhead Snake sunning it self on the track. Got back to the camp at about 4.00pm and launched happy hours immediately. Tea at the pub again tonight. Passed a big school group on the track and they are camped here with us tonight. Boys and girls hope they can keep the hormones under control.

Gippsland Tour - Day 1 - 8.11.17.
Met the train at about 11.30 Chris Ken and Peter were on board and ready to go. We headed out to Bruthen for lunch and then on to Nowa Nowa for the night. Had happy hour before heading over to the pub for tea. Saw Kangaroo Emu and Wallaby on the track. Lovely Sunny day should be better tomorrow. Cheers Peter.
Update - Peter and Ken want to include Crimson Rosellas and Kookaburra.

Peter O'Brien's Ride to Lara, Little River & the You Yangs on Melbourne Cup Day - 7.11.17.
On a bleak overcast day a group of elite riders turned up for the Melbourne Cup ride.  Ian, Mike T, Paul, Angela, Trudi, Ted, David, Jackie, Rolf, Julia and myself headed off from Church Street to Lara.  With favourable wind conditions it didn’t take long to get to Millars for coffee.  Unfortunately Millars was closed and Plan B needed to be enacted.  If this did not work McDonalds was to be our last resort.   Luckily for us, Café Blu (Plan B) was open and everyone enjoyed the break. Back on our bikes we headed to Little River via the Old Melbourne Road and continued on the circuit back to the You Yangs.  Lunch was at the You Yangs turntable car park which we shared with many others who were taking advantage of the public holiday. The ride back to Geelong was along the Ted Wilson Trail and we were all home in time to watch the Melbourne Cup.  Unfortunately I won’t be buying a new bike as all of my bets are still running.
Thanks to everyone for an enjoyable ride. Peter O.

John Hagan's Ride to The Armstrong Club in Armstrong Creek on Sunday 5.11.17.
Nine riders for our loop around Armstrong Creek - from L to R below: John H, Peter J & Marion, Chris Hume, Mark, Ian, Mike T, David I and Rolf. We first headed north to Eastern Park to view the Bay, then down Boundary Rd to Breakwater and along Barwon Heads Rd to take the scenic path along Armstrong Creek. Our coffee stop was at The Armstrong Club where, after long conversations and an examination of the new front wheel motor on Peter's bike, we took mostly bike paths through to Highton and back along the Barwon. Apart from some initial drizzle it turned out to be a good morning's ride.
As I climbed up the steep hill on Summers St on my recumbent bike, to return home on my own to Belmont, I failed to make the change into the small chainring as I had too much pressure on it. I stopped and walked forward, winding the chain onto the small chainring. However, when I remounted and put on the pressure on the hill there was a loud snapping sound and my front chainring disintegrated!!! Check the photo out below - I have not heard of this happening to anyone before.
Keep Riding, John.

Peter Jones' Ride to The Cheeky Cow in Collendina on Saturday 4.11.17.
Twelve riders today to the Cheeky Cow in Collendina. New member Ange, Lyn L, Sue, New member Paul, Rolf, Peter O, Mark, Chris Hu, Chris Ha, Tom, Mike and Peter J. The route was via Wallington for a change, cutting across to the Bellarine Hwy to Wallington Rd and up through the estates to Grubb Rd and down through more estates in Ocean Grove to the Cheeky Cow. After an excellent coffee headed home via Barwon Heads and 13th Beach. Bit of a head wind to HSBend Rd but then a tail wind home. An excellent morning on the bike in good company.
Cheers Peter.

Peter Jones' Ride to Freshwater Creek & Moriac on Thursday 2.11.17.
Twelve riders out today, forecast wasn’t that good but turned out ok. Final number of riders didn’t happen until Moriac, prospective new member Norm mixed up the start point so met us at Moriac and Trudi rode from home over the hills and eventually arrived for coffee. David and Jackie, Rolf sporting his Gold Medal, Peter O, Ken, Chris Hu, Peter J, Ted and prospective new members Ange and Paul McMahon were all at Bunnings to head out via Anglesea Rd and Blackgate Rd to Moriac.  Enjoyed a good break at the General Store and then most headed home via Mt Duneed Rd and Trudi, Chris Hu, David and Jackie all retraced their outward journey via Blackgate Rd.
Good morning on the bike. Cheers Peter.

Peter Jones' Ride to Anakie & Lara on Tuesday 31.10.17.
Eight riders for my ride to Anakie today: Trudi, Jackie, David R, David I, Mike, Chris Hu, Ken and Peter J. Quite a cool morning, with a bit of a biting wind. Took the Ted Wilson Trail to Ballarat Rd and crossed over to use the new Bike Path out to Ballan Rd, very good and nice and safe. The intial run out to Anakie was very quiet, we seemed to have struck a quiet time for the trucks, still a few cars and the few trucks that appeared a bit later gave us plenty of room. It was a side wind, maybe a little on the nose but we all arrived at Anakie in good shape, Jackie reckoned she found it a little difficult and we all reckoned it is a long road and seems to go on forever. Following a very enjoyable coffee/tea we headed up the hill towards Staughton Vale,  over the hill and down to Granite Rd, it’s a while since we have taken Granite but it is a wonderful road, a bit of a hill to start but after that it is a wonderful downhill and undulating road across to Bacchus Marsh Rd. Head wind sort of into Windemere then a tailwind into Café Blu Lara for lunch. The soup, the toasties and the Chicken and Leek pie were all good before we all headed home via Elcho Rd, Ted Wilson Trail and the river. A most enjoyable day out on the bike.
Cheers Peter.

Ross' Easy Circuit of Geelong on Sunday 29.10.17.
10 riders for today's easy ride. Ian, Chris Hu, Jean Hu, Peter and Marion J on the tandem, Mick, Lyn, Meri, Pam and Ross set out from South Geelong for a leisurely loop around Geelong. A few firsts for this ride. First ride back after an extended break for Meri, first official club ride for Jean (?), first club ride on the newly electric-assisted tandem for Marion and Peter and first time on quite a bit of the route for the ride leader. He was testing a new (to him) gps phone app with the suggested route throwing up a few challenges for most and plenty for the tandem riders – narrow safety fenced sections, short steep uphills, some very tight corners, railway crossings, chicanes and some cross-country sections. Marion and Peter cleared it all, with only a bit of walking required!  Refreshments were taken at the Door Gallery café in Fyansford. Lovely location but the owner/operator does struggle with early (10.30) starts. The wind gods were kind to us with the stronger winds holding off until after the ride finished.
Thanks to all for a most enjoyable outing. Ross.

Peter O'Brien's Ride to Drysdale & Ocean Grove on Sunday 29.10.17
This morning David I, Mike, John & myself rode from South Geelong to Ocean Grove.  Along the Bellarine Highway, just after Moolap Road, I had a puncture and having had a three months lay-off I was a bit rusty fixing punctures.  No photos were taken of my bungled attempts (NB. Peter was unaware of David taking photos - see below) and with assistance from David and Mike I was back on the road in no time.   At Leopold we took the Rail Trail to Drysdale and onto Grubb Road.  With a strong tail wind we reached Thackers Hill in no time.  John shot away, riding at top speed down the hill whilst we mere mortals stayed within speed limits.  Coffee was at the Groove where we were joined by Mark.  On such a beautiful day it was hard to not stay and enjoy the sunshine and conversation.  Back on our bikes we road into a headwind along Thirteenth Beach.  With the heat of the day increasing and winds becoming more gusty this proved quite a challenge.  We were all glad to get back to Geelong for a well-earned rest.   All up a very enjoyable ride.
Regards, Peter O.

ROLF WINS GOLD - 2017 Australian Masters Champion - CONGRATULATIONS

Peter Jones' Ride to Mejavo's in Torquay on Saturday 28.10.17
12 riders for our Sat ride, it was a cool and windy day to start but slowly changed to a Sunny day out. Those on the ride were, Trudi, Jackie, Sue, David R, Mark, Chris Ha, Chris Hu, Mike, new member, Sue’s Pilot Tom and Tom’s parents Angela and Paul. With a strong SW wind Torquay via Anglesea Rd seemed a good choice, a couple of sections into the wind but the rest side and tail winds. We rolled into Mejavo’s for coffee, met up with David E on a later ride and then took HSBend Rd home. A very enjoyable morning on the bike.
Cheers, Peter.

Unofficial Ride to Drysdale on Saturday 28.10.17
Meeting at The Bungalow were: Mick & Lyn, Geof & Marie, Pam & Russell, Jean and John H.

On Saturday 21st October, 42 ladies and 2 teenager shoppers visited 11 warehouses and spent $9,670.50 (from which we receive commission). The ladies also generously supported our two raffles by spending another $600.00. We also received support from Coles, Leopold and Dan Murphy’s. Consequently, Breast Cancer Network Australia will receive a generous donation from our club’s warehouse shopping trip of over $2,500.00 via my fundraising appeal for the BCNA trek which I am undertaking in New Zealand’s South Island in the Mt Cook and Mt Aspiring regions in late February 2018.
Sincere thanks to Nicole Collins, Julie Farrington and Sharon Jones (Lynn Gregg’s daughter) for their generous donation of raffle prizes.  We are extremely grateful to Ashley McHarry for his assistance with the bus and driver. Thank you Ashley. Huw our driver, had his first experience driving for our wonderful shoppers, and did a fabulous job.  Michelle, our hostess once again kept us laughing and “on our toes”. Pam Morrow’s and Lyn Gregg’s wonderful cake and slice making skills were appreciated at morning and afternoon tea. Lunch was a gourmet picnic prepared at the Christmas household. Thanks Lindy Lester, Marie Bagley and Geoffrey.  The 2017 shopping trip was the 14th that Pam and I have organized, with all proceeds going to health related charities. Next year’s shopping trip will be on October 20th, so mark that in your diaries and come along and purchase a lot of your Christmas gifts. It would be great to see a lot of GTC members on the bus trip; shopping, eating fabulous food and having a lot of laughs, whilst supporting Breast Cancer Network Australia.

Heather Christmas.

Ross' Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove on Thursday 26.10.17
At 8:55 we had 6 riders, by 9:05 we had 14 for today's ride starting at the Grovedale Hotel. Yes, we were still at the starting point at 9.05, partly because more riders kept arriving but mainly because most people were engaged in some sort of animated conversation.  Marie, Lyn G, Mick, Trudi, Ian, Ken, Terry, Chris Hu, David I, Dr Mike, Ted, Peter J, prospective member Norm and Ross set out in a long drawn out line as our "tail-end charlie" for the day attempted to get the more tardy moving. We re-grouped on Reserve Road before turning on to Barwon Heads Road and in to the wind. The first group across got a non-stop run through the roadworks but a second group were not so lucky being stopped twice to allow oncoming traffic through. Another re-group at Lake Road before a leisurely run in to Barwon Heads. The group broke up again here with Norm getting a puncture and the last few riders stopping to assist/supervice. Drinks were at Groove where the conversations continued until someone realised we had actually been there quite a while. Marie had already headed home, Lyn and Mick did the same, Ken decided to follow his own route with the rest enjoying the run along Thirteenth Beach and a tail-wind assisted run home via Horseshoe Bend Road.
Thanks to all for a most enjoyable outing. Ross.

Peter Jones' Ride to Bannockburn, Teesdale and Inverleigh on Tuesday 24.10.17
Only 6 riders today, hard to fathom when it was such a nice warm calm day. Harry, Chris Hu, David I, Peter O, Peter J and potential new member Laurie all had the right idea and came out riding up the Hamilton Hwy to Burnside Rd and into Bannockburn for coffee at The Two Sisters Café. Following coffee we headed out the Shelford Rd to Teesdale and across to Inverleigh for a bite of lunch. David I and Harry pushed on leaving 4 to enjoy lunch and then roll on down the Hwy back to Fyansford where we split and headed home. A most enjoyable days ride in good company.  Cheers Peter J.

Ross takes the South Australian Recreational Cycling Club down to Queenscliff on Tuesday 24.10.17
Had a very pleasant morning's ride with 20 plus riders from the South Australian Recreational Cycling Club. We have crossed paths previously, occupying a neighbouring unit at Bright when we did the high country rail trails a year or two ago. They have been in Geelong for a few days, doing rides around the local area.
Click here to see their program. Today's ride was down the rail trail to Queenscliff. I provided some local knowledge to get us on to the rail trail and then recommended our usual stop at the marina as a suitable Queenscliff refreshment stop. Job done, I headed home, leaving them to find their own way back. They are a very friendly group, so please say hello if you see them on the road.

Greg's 100km Ride to Lara and around Avalon Airfield on Sunday 22.10.17
BREAKING  NEWS !     Today 5 serious riders completed the 100 km flat black (road) course without a coffee stop!  Could this rare event be classed as a Guinness World  Record ? There are allegations that one senior rider may have consumed a caffein-laden gel sachet. A spokesman known as the Centurion believed  that this would not technically disqualify the record attempt as the caffein intake was negligable. Commenting on their success, the Centurion attributed it to a very careful route plan, which after leaving Geelong did not take the group within actual sight of a cafe. This was one of the flattest rides I have done  along some of the quietest roads in the region, although the group was a bit disheartened by the 20  km out and back leg along Beach and Point Wilson roads. We returned from Lara via the Hovell Trail but unfortunately heavy drizzle set in after the Refinery.  Thanks to Mark Boyanton, David Innis, John Hagan and Rolf Kohnert for your company.                                                                   
Greg Allerton ( century number 93 for 2017). 

Ian's Ride around the Waurn Ponds Creek to Panache on Sunday 22.10.17
Six riders turned up for the easy but enjoyable ride to Waurn Ponds, where a plesant chat & tea/coffee was enjoyed at Panache by Mick & Lyn, Nicole & Bill, Pam and myself. The biggest surprise of the day was that the ride leader never lost any of the group, not even the allowed 10%
Cheers, Ian.