GTC Ride Reports - from January 2014 through to March 2018

Ken's Ride from Buninyong through Ballan on Tuesday 6.3.18
4 riders - Ange, Andrew, Paul and Ken - started from Buninyong at 0940. Despite not having ridden a lot, Andrew managed the long climb up to Mt. Buninyong reasonably well. The forecast strong SE wind slowed progress towards Mt. Egerton where the group climbed conservatively to reach the top in a tight bunch. On the Egerton Ballan road a red light brought us to a halt at the bottom of the steep descent leading to a long gentle climb - the steel barricade on the left of the bridge had been demolished.  In Ballan the cafe had a special - egg & bacon toastie and coffee for $9 - which appealed to all bar Ange. With the wind assisting on the ride back through Gordon and Dunnstown, together with several long downhills, progress was swift. The run down Fisken to the Ballarat Rd was very fast and highly enjoyable with Paul riding like a man possessed. An extended break for refreshments back in Buninyong before heading home. A pity that such a wonderful ride has been enjoyed by so few of our members.

Peter Jones' Tour - Day Two - Warrandyte to Warburton - 6.3.18
Everyone was up early and ready to go at about 8-15 am, fairly cool but the Sun soon came up and warmed everything up. Initially our route was through the Mullam Mullam Trail. This is really nice Linear Park with lots of bush in a bit of a valley with the Mullam Mullam Creek and houses up the sides of the hills. After the trail we had a bit of road work until we could turn on to the Eastlink Trail. A very pretty ride, a bit of up and down but really nice and good to be away from cars. Being peak hour there was plenty of traffic. Stopped for a coffee at Ringwood East before continuing on past
Eastland and back on the Mullam Mullam Trail then road to Mt Evelyn for an Egg and Bacon Roll for lunch. From Mt Evelyn we were on the Warburton Rail Trail and rolled into Warburton at about 2-30 pm to enjoy a well earned Cider/Beer.
Cheers, Peter.

Peter Jones' Tour - Day One - Melbourne to Warrandyte 5.3.18
Headed to Waurn Ponds Station early in the morning, managed to get there just before a nice shower of rain. Mick, Chris Ha and myself were quite happy watching the rain drops on the train windows. Mike C wasn't quite so happy at Sth Geelong Station having been caught up in the rain. An uneventful trip into Sth Cross where we mounted up and headed for Souhbank for a coffee and muffin. Continued out the Main Yarra Trail, dodging the odd road/bridge works. Stopped at Dights Falls for a banana break then rolled on out to Beasley's Nursery Cafe for a late lunch of Grilled Chicken Burgers, Pulled Beef Burger and the super healthy Smashed Avocado. Have taken up residence in Cabin 6 at Crystal Brook CP for the night after
a very pleasant ride.
Cheers, Peter.

2nd Report - Ross & Chris Hu Across Tasmania the Hard Way - 26th Feb-9th March 2018
A lot has happened since the last report from Poatina. The first significant event was the 900 metres of climbing that started as we started the next morning. 2 hours plus in granny gear before we got to the top and enjoyed some less undulating road. That climb was a detour because the trail itself was in extremely poor condition and not suitable for bikes. There have been a few similar diversions since. The weather was very kind to us during our time in the Central Highlands and the variety of the country (and the types of roads/tracks) made it an entertaining ride. A lot of k's on closed roads allowed us to see views not available to most. We are now at New Norfolk, psyching ourselves up for tomorrow's ride up and over the Wellington ranges. 850 metres of elevation gain on rough dirt tracks. We need to keep reminding each other that this is a "fun" ride so that should be fun! Should be just three more riding days to the end and a well deserved rest. Will send a few more pics then.
Regards, Ross.

Club Member MAXINE - involved in a serious accident last Monday - 26.2.18 - this information from her brother, Garry.
On Monday morning, about 06:30, she was hit by a car while she was cycling. She was taken to the Geelong hospital. However, after a scan, she was taken to the Alfred hospital's ICU in Melb. On Fri morning, she was transferred out of ICU to ward 2 west, bay 36. She has fairly extensive injuries, which are being progressively repaired or reviewed. Unfortunately, she also has post traumatic amnesia, which includes not remembering current events, such as who visited her yesterday. The nurses say that this is quite common, & eventually goes away. When the Alfred staff think that she does not need their care, she will go to a Geelong rehab hospital for a while.

Rolf's SOLO Ride to Drysdale on Sunday 4.3.18
On a perfect Sunday morning, no one felt like going for a ride, so once again a peloton of one and this one had to be the ride leader too.  Going along the Barwon river trail and then out to Barwon Heads via Lake Road, through Ocean Grove and on to Drysdale, no riders anywhere.  When I arrived at the Bungalow Restaurant, again no one there and to make things worse, I had forgotten to bring my coffee money and could not even borrow some from my mates.  So, home I went along the rail trail and again no cyclists to be seen anywhere. All in all, a boring ride.
Cheers, Rolf.

Peter O'Brien's Ride to Pt Lonsdale on Saturday 3.3.18
It’s days like today that I enjoy living in this region.  Rolf, Meri, Trudi, Peter J, Terry, Tom, Sue, Peter M, Mike C and myself took advantage of the sunny autumn day to ride from Grovedale to Point Lonsdale via Lakes Road, Thirteenth Beach and Barwon Heads.  At this point Terry left the group and we continued on through Ocean Grove and Shell Road to Point Lonsdale for coffee.  As we approached Point Lonsdale a large container ship was entering the bay through the heads, a great sight to see. Following the coffee break we resumed our ride along the Bellarine Highway, where we were joined by Mark, and then back home to Geelong. The total distance covered was 65kms.
Regards, Peter O.

Ross & Chris Hu Across Tasmania the Hard Way - 26th Feb-9th March 2018
We are still riding the trail but our progress is much slower than expected. On the day we crossed the Mersy River, we took 2 1/2 hours to do the first 5 k's and only managed 35 k's for the day.  The itinerary suggested we should have done twice that. Our karma is very good though. We arrived at a little caravan park just minutes before a full-on storm and the lady in charge offered us an extremely cheap cabin. We said yes just before the first lightning strike! Tomorrow we head up on to the central plateau. Should be interesting!
Regards, Ross.

Peter Jones' Ride to The Cheeky Cow in Collendina on Thursday 2.3.18
Eleven riders this morning on a cool and misty day, Ange, Marie, Jackie, David R, David I, Paul, Rolf, Terry, Norm, Mick and myself. The route was up Surfcoast Hwy to Warrilly estate, through to HSBend and to the Cheeky Cow at Collendina via Blackgate, 13th Beach and the Surf Club track. Partook of an excellent coffee and chat before waiting for a little bit of drizzle to disperse and heading home via Barwon Heads Rd, Lake Rd etc. with riders dropping off along the way and heading for their homes. A most enjoyable morning on the bike. Did miss the Vegan Caramel Tart Trudi was supposed to be bringing for coffee but I guess we can’t have everything. We had good company and good coffee, we’ll just have to settle for that.
Cheers, Peter.

Lyn Loudon's Ride to Moriac, Jan Juc & Torquay on Tuesday 27.2.18
The group of 7 were waiting at Bunnings on a fabulous sunny morning for today's ride - Chris Ha, Peter J, Rolf, Ken, Jackie & David, Julia McK. Then Paul & Ange arrived but shortly after we left Paul broke his pedal so they returned to the start, very disappointed. We continued up Waurn Ponds Drive to Reservoir and on to the steep little climb of Mt Brown (named for Elizabeth as this was the first hill she ever conquered). Here Chris left us and the others sprinted for Moriac where Trudi & Merri were waiting. After a lovely leisurely pace down Forest Rd due to favorable winds we continued to the rolling hills at the back of Bells to arrive at Swell cafe for a much needed break. Coffee & food was quick to arrive and we were on our way in no time. 
The reurn trip through Torquay was lovely with the sea looking spectacular. Rolf left us at this point and we rode on up Darian & over the Surfcoast Hwy to Messmate, and then Coombes to the Anglesea Rd were the north wind was stronger & the day was hotter. Everyone was glad to be on the home run by the time we reached Ghazeepore Rd. I believe the ride was down graded a few points by then due to hot weather!! But a great day's riding with no incidents & a lovely group.
Thank you everyone. Cheers Lyn L.

Ross' Ride to Panache in Waurn Ponds on Sunday 25.2.18
Eight riders for today's easy ride. Marie, Marion, Peter J, Geoff, Rolf, John H, Ron and Ross lined up for the customary riders shot, prior to departure. There were a couple of stumbles courtesy of a loose lens and a 30 second timer setting, before John H had a photograph with which he was happy. We then set off via the river path, Belmont common and the back streets of Marshall, turning up Baanip, then Hams, before the down hill run to start of the Waurn Ponds Creek path and a gentle meander on to Panache. It must have been quite a wearying ride to this point as we needed an extended refreshment break (and lots of conversation) before setting out for the return.  Thanks to all participants for a very pleasant outing.
Regards, Ross.

Chris Hume's Saturday Ride to Ocean Grove - 24.2.18
Seven riders headed off from the Grovedale Pub this morning: Chris Ha, Chris Hu, Ken, Lyn, Meri, Peter O and Rolf. We rode along Torquay Rd then through the Estate to Horshoebend Rd and onwards to Blackgate Rd. Here Chris Ha, Ken and Lyn continued on to Torquay, the rest turned left and aided by a strong tailwind cruised into Barwon Heads. Here we were joined by Mark. Across the bridge and off to The Groove - great coffee and service, as usual! Now into the wind along Wallington Rd and Bellarine Hwy!!  Luckily for us the wind had abated somewhat and it was a pleasant ride home. I enjoyed the ride today, it is one of my favorites in the area. 

Ken's Ride to Barwon Heads on Thursday 22.2.18
A warm, overcast, still morning attracted 15 to the start at the Grovedale Hotel - Trudi, Ross, Terry, Chris Hu, Rolf, Ron, Meri, Lyn, David & Julia, Peter O, David & Jackie. Ride leader Ken described the intended route and referred to the recent spate of accidents suffered by members. In the interest of safety he said that wherever there was no bike lane or adequate shoulder, riders should ride single file where solid lines marked the middle of the road. The coffee stop was to be at the Beach House in the main street of Barwon Heads.
Boundary and BH roads took us to Lake Rd at a comfortable pace. Crossing the busy highway at the aerodrome corner we followed Black Rock Rd  before turning left into   Bluestone School Rd. Failure of several riders to adhere to the single file directive resulted in a car being held up for around 300 m before being able to pass safely-we do need to improve this aspect of our riding!
We crossed the BH bridge with riders given the go ahead to speed on the smooth surface as far as the roundabout and then return. Ken hit the road when his left shoe made contact with the front wheel as he negotiated the roundabout - skin off the left knee and elbow but only cosmetic damage to the bike. The irony of the pre-ride talk was apparent in more ways than one.
The sun came out as we started along 13th Beach. The solar energy must have charged David Rae's battery as he set a solid clip down to the bike path which then led us onto Blackgate Rd. We returned to the hotel carpark via Horseshoe Bend (Jackie flew aound the bend and yelled "I love this hill"), Kalkarra Cres and Reserve Rd. 
Feedback from several riders applauded the comfortable pace set for much of the outward journey. An enjoyable outing on a terrific morning and hopefully some us might have learnt a thing or two. Cheers, Ken.

Peter Jones' Ride from Williamstown to Westmeadows Tavern on Tuesday 20.2.18
Ten riders to enjoy my ride to Westmeadows Tavern, Mike C, Ian, Ross, Mick, Chris Ha, Chris Hu, Rolf, Ron, Peter O and myself. It was a lovely day, fine warm and Sunny, hardly a breath of wind for most of the day. Headed into Melbourne on the Bay Trail and turned off at the Moonee Ponds Trail near the Big Wheel, passed lots of cyclists in either direction, a few late commuters but mainly riders just like us out for a good ride. Took our coffee at Essendon as usual in the shade, it was starting to warm up a little but still nice riding. After coffee ran into our first annoying trail works but found our way around and continued on to the Tavern for very enjoyable lunch and in my case an Apple Cider. Following lunch it was back on the bikes and heading for the Maribyrnong River, ran into the second annoying Trail works but again worked our way around them to the Steele Creek Trail which lead us to the river and eventually the Bay Trail and to Williamstown, all in all a lovely day out on the bike on and around the bike paths of Melbourne.
Cheers Peter.

Ross' Circuit of Geelong leading the Combined Ride with Cycling Geelong - Sunday 18.2.18
A good ride leader plans the ride route carefully and does their best to ensure there are no unexpected road works or other impediments or interruptions that might impact on the safety and enjoyment of the ride participants. Unfortunately, today's ride leader showed himself to be particularly inept in that regard, not realising there was a major event, a triathlon, happening along the planned route. Luckily some of the ride participants do read the local papers and listen to the local radio so we set out knowing there might be quite a few detours along the way. Helen (representing CG), Marion, Peter J, Marie, Geoff, Chris Hu and Ross managed to skirt the triathlon mainly due to Helen's detailed knowledge of the back streets of Drumcondra. We did get to see some very pleasant suburban streets and a heritage listed concrete road along the way. Eventually we found our way back on to the "planned" route, heading out along the bay before turning up Plantation Road and detouring around the closed section of the Ted Wilson path (which also came as a surprise to the ride leader) before regaining the bike trail. Definitely a squeeze for some getting through the partially open barriers at the Church Street exit, then continuing on to Cementies Hill (aka Hyland Street) where some of the group stopped for a close look at the silo murals, before the big run down the hill and a right turn up to the paper mills where we were greeted by a camera-wielding John H (in civvies after already having completed his early morning ride). Luckily, the Doors Gallery Café owner had already had his first coffee of the day and was able to produce our orders in reasonable time, encouraged and ably assisted by Peter J's waiter service. After a leisurely break, we parted company with John, heading back along the river path, dropping people as we passed their exits. A great riding day.
A great riding day. Thanks to all for their company. Ross.

Rolf's Ride to Moriac and Torquay on Saturday 17.2.18
You could not get a more perfect day if you paid for it, no wind, sunshine but cool to warm and not too much traffic and even the roads we picked were acceptable and sans potholes.  9 riders made the best of this Saturdays ride: Meri, Ange, Lyn L., Sue, Thomas, Paul, Peter Jones, Ken and Rolf set off from Fyansford along the Hamilton Hwy, turned left into Merrawarp Road, next a right hand turn into Barrabool Road, left into Andersons Road, right onto the M1 and a left to Hendy Main Road for our refreshment stop at the Ravens Farm Café.  Had an animated conversation about our world and its short comings, then set off further along Hendy Main Road to the end and then taking Coombes Road to the Surfcoast Hwy and back to Geelong.  No incidents to report, just as we all like it and the best view I had was a few naked ladies on the side of the road (flowers in case you wonder).  Thank you all for making this ride special and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did, Rolf.

Unofficial Ride from Leopold to Drysdale - 17.2.18

Days 3 & 4 on the Tour - Warrnambool to Geelong via The Great Ocean Road - 280km.
Day 3: Lavers Hill to Lorne 95km
Awoke about 4:00am to the sound and rain and buffeting wind on the tent and flashes of lightning!! Not looking good for today's ride!
Around 7:00 decided to get up packup, in the rain, and head off to a nearby cafe to have breakfast and delay the start of the ride a bit. By 8:45 it looked like the main front had passed so Adam, Peter O and Chris Hu set off. Riding conditions were challenging, with wet road covered in bark and twigs, very strong SW wind and the odd shower. We continued along the Great Ocean Road, mainly downhill, to Castle Cove for a photo. Here I was nearly blown over as I tried to stop. We then had a flat section along the edge of the Aire River flood plain then over the river then up steepy and onto Apollo Bay for lunch.  From here we continued to Lorne, stopping at Kennett River for coffee. This section of the ride was quite fast, for us, due to wind assistance. It was a challenging , but enjoyable day.
That evening Peter O left us and Ange and Paul returned.

Day 4: Lorne to Geelong 75km.
Awoke to the sound of kookaburras about 5:50! No wind, no rain, great!! Four riders headed off today: Ange, Paul, Adam and Chris Hu with Sandra driving the RSL support vehicle. We continued along the Great Ocean road stopping at the Anglesea General Store for brunch. The wind started to pickup now, NW, a good direction for the ride home. We continued onto Torquay then to  Geelong via Horseshoe Bend Rd and home!! 
It was a fantastic trip, amazing scenery, coastal and forest with a great group. Special thanks to the Geelong RSL for their support vehicle, supplying food and payment of camping fees and thanks to Sandra for driving the vehicle.

Peter Jones Ride to Torquay on Thursday 15.2.18
Nine riders for our ride to Torquay, Trudi, Meri, Jackie, David R, Rolf, Norm, (New Member) Ron, Ross and myself headed down to Torquay via Anglesea Rd and Ocean Acres. It was a bit breezy with a couple of short sections into the wind, everyone kept together and we rolled into Torquay to have coffee at Mejavos. Following coffee it was home again via HSBend Rd. A very enjoyable morning on the bike.
Cheers, Peter.

The rest of the Warrnambool tour will go up on the web tomorrow (Friday).

FOUR DAY Tour - Warrnambool to Geelong via The Great Ocean Road - 280km.
Day1 Warnambool to Port Campbell.
After a train ride from Geelong three riders Peter O, Adam and Chris Hu headed for Allansford via Hopkins Point Rd making it to the Cheese World Cafe for lunch. From here we followed the Great Ocean to Peterborough then to Port Campbell. We visited Bay of Islands and London bridge. It was a great ride!!.

Day 2 port campbell to Lavers Hill. 
Today we had 5 riders with the addition of Ange and Paul, Sandra drove the RSL support vehicle. We did the tourist bit in the morning visiting Loch Ard Gorge and the 12 Apostles. Then had coffee and early lunch at Princetown overlooking the Aire River, a great spot. From here it was onward and upward to Lavers Hill including a deviation to Melba Gully. Another great days riding.

Enough energy food to get POB to Apollo Bay.

This is our support vehicle and thanks to Sandra for protecting us along the ride. 

Thank God for technology.

Ken & Lyn's Unofficial Ride to Lorne on 13.2.18 - 113 kms & 1355 metres climbing.
We set out on a cool morning from Moriac to ride along the Cape Otway Road through lovely rural landscape to Deans Marsh & on to the summit of Benwerrin where we stopped for a snack & photo before descending 10 kms into Lorne. Coffee and snacks were devoured alfresco at the Lorne Larder as we had completed a distance of 60km with plenty of hills. The return journey of 53kms was along the Great Ocean Rd to Aireys Inlet, Anglesea and Forest Rd back to Moriac (no strava required - an easy route to follow). The scenery along the coast was of course spectacular with blue skies & turquoise seas and many people out enjoying the summer weather. We both enjoyed this wonderful ride along our famous coastline.
Cheers, Lyn L.

Ross' Ride to Drysdale, Queenscliff & Pt Lonsdale on Tuusday 13.2.18
Seven riders at the start of today's Rail Trail ride to Queenscliff and Point Lonsdale but only 3 of the bikes were obviously "rail trail friendly". Jackie, David, Meri and Trudi were taking the bitumen to Drysdale while Peter J, Chris Ha and Ross were doing the advertised ride. It was an absolutely perfect morning for a bike ride and we all travelled together on the trail as far as the highway, then split up before re-grouping at Melaluka for the run along the trail to Drysdale. The 4 road riders continued on to the Bungalow Café for refreshments while the group of 3 turned on to the dirt for the run down to Queenscliff. Lots of work has been done on the trail with hard compacted gravel laid down in many of the previously-soft areas. This make for a very pleasant ride down to morning tea at the Queenscliff marina. The ride leader wasn’t able to duplicate Chris Hu's knowledge of the Queenscliff area and there was a stumble or two trying to retrace his route to Point Lonsdale but we managed to find the way, enjoying outstanding views across the water along the way. Return was via the rail trail, with Peter J stopping for lunch in Drysdale while Chris and Ross continued on for a late lunch at home. Does it get any better than perfect riding weather, good company, some kilometres away from cars and great scenery (did I mention gravel roads)?
Cheers, Ross

Pam's Ride to Tuckerberry Hill Cafe on Sunday 11.2.18
Six riders: John, Rolf, David, Marie, Peter and Pam enjoyed a ride down to Tukerberry Blueberry Farm in Drysdale. We rode along the rail trail to Drysdale  then turned up Murradoc Rd to the Blueberry farm. After coffee we rode down to Queenscliff - Portarlington Rd turning at Swan Bay Rd then along the Queenscliff Highway back to Geelong. The only drama was when Marie fell off her bike in the gravel as we turned into the Blueberry farm, luckily she was ok.

Ted's Ride to The Moorabool Valley Chocolate Cafe on Thursday 8.2.18
The allure of the chocolate factory must have been strong today, along with perfect conditions for riding, as 15 riders turned out at the Showgrounds where I promptly delegated Peter J as navigator and Ron as kelpie. Adam, Paul, Ange, Andrew, Peter’s J and O, David’s I and R, Jacqui, Julie, Rolf, Ken, Ross, Chris Hu and myself followed PJ along the bike path towards Leopold, the wrong direction for the Chocolate Factory, but this was just a tactic to ensure we didn’t arrive too early for the opening at 10 am. A short trek on gravel (Rolf didn’t complain – too much) led us to Moolap Station Road and Portarlington Road where we turned for chocolate via Eastern and Western Beaches. A technical “hook” turn at Boundary Road had many riders initially confused however the peloton successfully negotiated the crossing to the Eastern Gardens track and it was plain sailing from there on. Coffee and an entertaining Love story from Julia (Love) under the peppercorn trees at the Choc Factory was so pleasant we nearly lost track of the time but eventually someone said we’d better get going – and so, after nearly an hour, we did. The Bannockburn crew headed west for home and the remainder of the group returned to G-Town via the Ted Wilson Trail, Cementies Hill (descent) and Barwon River Track. A short stop to admire the silo art at Fyansford was a great way to finish the day. Thanks everyone for coming, especially Peter J who knew the way!

Peter Jones' Ride to Anakie, Staunton Vale & Lara on Tuesday 6.2.18
Ten riders for our ride to Anakie and Lara, Julie, Rolf, Andrew, (Visitor) Meri, Chris Hu, Peter O and myself met at the top of Church St., Paul, Ange and Trudi met us at Ballarat Rd and we all headed out the path to Ballan Rd., everything was going swimmingly the peloton was pedalling along nicely until it was time for a stop and a small lack of communication and a little bit of inattention left poor  Julie on a very rough bit of road. Having just been re surfaced the stone ripped into Julie’s skin and produced plenty of “sauce”, one stitch and multiple bandages with one wedding ring cut off I’m told. A lovely lady stopped and offered to take Julie and her bike into Geelong which was accepted, whilst Julie felt quite ok in herself she was a bit of a sight. That bit of a shock overcome we all pedalled on into Anakie for a coffee and chat. By 10-30 am it was time to move on up the hill and on to Lara via Granite Rd and Bacchus Marsh Rd., David I met us part the way along Granite Rd after taking young David to Kinder. We partook of lunch at the Xpresso Café in Lara and returned to Geelong via the Hovell Trail on a cracker of a day.
Cheers, Peter.

Ross' Ride to Torquay via Moriac on Sunday 4.2.18
12 riders on 11 bikes for today's ride to Torquay. There was some grumbling about the route (unadvertised hills) but the ride description did say 65 kilometres and you don't get that from taking the shortest way there and back. Peter and Marion on the tandem, Ange, Paul, Rolf, Ian, Chris Hu, David I, Mark, Mike C, John H and Ross rolled out of South Geelong station and headed along the river track, Waurn Ponds Creek track and Waurn Ponds Drive before crossing the highway and continuing up Pettavel and Reservoir Roads. At the intersection with Cape Otway Road, the group divided with the fast riders taking the more direct route straight down in to Moriac while the even faster riders continued on Reservoir and then the big run down Hendy Main. We all arrived around the same time and after re-grouping, Chris Hu led an enthusiastic bunch via Vickerys and Gundrys Roads while a smaller more sensible group continued down Hendy Main to Coombs Road and then into Torquay via Ocean Acres. Again we all arrived at the Stoop around the same time. The staff had learnt from yesterday's experience, taking names and delivering all drinks in very reasonable time. All is forgiven. A nice tailwind drove us back along Horseshoe Bend Road with the group breaking up as we neared Geelong. Thanks to Chris Hu for leading the fast group and thanks to all for the good company.

Met former GTC Members Mel and Betty White as we passed through Moriac.

Peter O'Brien's Ride to The Stoop in Torquay on Saturday 3.2.18
It was great to have fourteen riders turn up for today’s ride. Greg, Rolf, Trudi, Ross, Peter J, David I, Chris Hume, Meri, Paul, Angie, Thomas, Sue, Andrew Harris who is a new rider and  myself departed Grovedale for Bellbrae via Torquay. The coffee break was at The Stoop Torquay where the majority of riders received their fix. New owners have taken over the café and there’s room for improvement with their ordering system. Back on our bikes we travelled to Bellbrae and it was along this section of the route that Chris Hume decided he needed more training and headed towards the hills and Jan Juc. The rest of we mere mortals headed back to Geelong. Generally we do this ride route in the reverse direction and it was interesting to ride down, rather than up, the hill at Bellbrae.  A tail wind was certainly welcome on the return journey.
Regards, Peter O.

Peter Jones' Ride to Raven's Creek Farm in Moriac on Thursday 1.2.18
Twelve riders to Moriac, ten at Bunnings, Ange and Paul, Jackie and David, Ted, Ian, Rolf, Chris Hu, Ron and myself, while we headed out via Anglesea Rd and Blackgate Rd Trudi and Meri left from home and we all came together at Raven’s Creek Moriac. After a very enjoyable coffee we all headed for home, some via the Barrabool Hills and the rest via the Highway and Waurn Ponds Bvd, a most enjoyable mornings ride. We did have a little drop of rain both going and coming but being tough we ignored it and pedalled on.
Cheers, Peter .

Tuesday Ride to The Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie - 30.1.18
With no Ross and no one knowing his planned route we decided a coffee/hot Chocolate at the Great Ocean Rd Chocolaterie would be a good option, particularly as there was a good Southerly blowing. Participating was Paul and Ange, Rolf, David I, Chris Ha, Chris Hu, Ken and myself. We headed down through Moriac via Reservoir Rd., Ken likes his hills so he took it right through to Hendy Main Rd while the rest of us took the short cut via Cape Otway Rd., and Ken caught us up at coffee. The ride down Forest Rd was it’s usual long drag particularly into the wind but we were rewarded with a nice tail wind on the way home. To keep the legs ticking over we went through Bells Beach and took Ocean Bvd through Jan Juc for a change. Being early into Torquay no one needed to stop to refuel so everyone rolled on home via HSBend Rd. A very enjoyable morning on the bike.
Cheers, Peter.

John Hagan's Ride to Curlewis & Collendina on Sunday 28.1.18
At 8:30 at South Geelong Station your ride leader was still looking for company on the ride but alas there were no takers! I decided to take the rail trail out to Curlewis and cut through some of the back roads of Wallington to have coffee at the Cheeky Cow in Collendina. Although the temperature was high the strength of the wind helped to keep the body at a good temperature. Service was slow at the Cheeky Cow and I had my eye on the clock as I wanted to intercept the riders in the Cadel Evans GOR Elite Race and take a few photos. After a milkshake I rode along the Barwon Heads Rd to the Bluestone School roundabout and waited there with quite a few locals for the race to come through. The first photo below shows the breakaway group and the second photo the main group. By the time I climbed up from the Barwon to Belmont at about 12:30pm the temperature was about 38 degrees and I could feel the impact of the heat but was well satisfied with the 63km ride.
Keep Riding, John.

What our Riders are up to on Saturday 27.1.18 - Cadel Evans Ride & Unofficial ride to Drysdale.

Lyn & Ken's unofficial 101km ride Thursday 25 January
It was a lovely cool morning when we set out along WP drive, up Pettavel then Reservoir to HM Rd past Moriac and onto Forest Rd where we encountered Richie Porte & the BMC team out training for the UCI event. At the end of Forest Rd we continued to Jarosite and after  some  undulations through beautiful bushland around Jan Juc we arrived at our chosen cafe Swell having ridden 50kms. Much refreshed we continued to Torquay to Barwon Heads via Blackgate & 13th Beach where photos were taken. The return journey was on Lake Rd thru Warralily estate & HB Rd.- a great day out on the bike.
Cheers  Lyn L

Trudi's Ride to Lara via Lovely Banks on Thursday 25.1.18
On a overcast muggy day I had twelve riders: Ross, Chris, Peter, Rolf, Meri, Ange and Paul, Mike, Sue, Reece, Julia and David, Ted. Today's ride seemed to be all about road works, starting at Church St. Once around the closed start of Ted Wilson Path and onto the Ballan Rd, Peter informed me of the two sections of road that were being  re serviced. Lucky for us it was finished and quite nice to ride on, we turned onto Stacey's Rd, Bacchus Marsh Rd, Windermere Rd coffee was at my favourite Cafe Blu. On finishing our chosen beverages and all refreshed the group split into two groups to head home.
Thanks everyone for joining me today. Trudi.

Ross' Ride to Pt Lonsdale on Tuesday 23.1.18
Today was a perfect day for a bike ride and some others agreed as we had 11 people assemble at the show grounds for a cruise down to Point Lonsdale. Rolf, Chris Hu, Adam, Jackie, David, Ange, Paul, Ron, Dr Mike, Mick and Ross set out for Boundary then Portarlington Roads. The action stated with a (possibly unhinged) walker hurling abuse at us as we passed him on the rail trail. This was followed by a run of bad luck for Ron who had 3 punctures and a chain derailment in the first 10 kilometres. He decided that was enough "excitement" for one day. The only up side was that all this happened close to home. The rest of us continued on to a right turn in to Curlewis Road then on to a long run down Swan Bay Road then on to the Queenscliff Road and on to Point Lonsdale. After refreshments and conversation in the sun, we set off up Shell Road to Collendina where Mick left us, then on through Ocean Grove and on to Barwon Heads. David, Jackie and Dr Mike had decided they preferred a more sedate and direct run home, leaving the rest of the group to take advantage of a slight tail wind along the 13th Beach Road.  It felt like a quite fast run but the more sedate trio were just behind us when we arrived at Black Rock Road. The "faster" group continued on via Blackgate and Horseshoe Bend Road towards home.
Thanks to all for a great day out. Ross.

Sunday Ride to Basil's Farm at Swan Bay - 21.1.18
Dr Mike, Chris Hu & John H turned up at Sth Geelong on a rather pleasant morning for riding. We decided to head down Swan Bay Rd and possibly have coffee at Picnic if it was not too crowded - well, it was crowded so we moved down the Portarlington-Queenscliff Rd thinking that Pt Lonsdale might be the next stop. I then remembered that someone had told me there was a farm that served up pretty good coffee along the way so we turned left down the dirt track at Basil's Farm and were delighted at what we found. Check out the pictures below. Unfortunately they don't have large coffee mugs but Chris and Mike say the cakes are to be savoured. Our return was through Pt Lonsdale, Collendina, Ocean Grove, Barwon Heads and Lake Rd. We were surprised at the very heavy traffic, especially through Barwon Heads - there was a traffic jam at the roundabout at the end of the bridge!
Keep Riding - John Hagan.

TWO Rides - 1/ to Groove in Ocean Grove & 2/ the Unofficial Ride to Mejavo's Cafe in Torquay - 20.1.18
Thanks to Mike for most of the photos
Ten riders gathered at the Grovedale pub this morning - a good turnout seeing as the A team was busy at the TDU. Paul & Angie, Adam, Ken, Dr Mike, 2x Chris’, Peter, Jacqui and ride leader Wee Davey. With a gentle south easterly to point the way we headed down Surf Coast Hwy and thru the estates towards Ocean Grove. The Sheepwash deviation provided opportunity for the sprinters before a relaxing coffee at Groove. The return journey along 13th Beach was very pleasant. Met Geoff and Marie along the way returning from their coffee run. Indecision saw the bunch split at Breamlea - some taking the shortcut via Lake Road and others across to Horseshoe Bend. Was perfectly timed as we met up again at Warralily. Thence home as best we could.
Thanks all for a pleasant ride. Chris Halpin.

Ted's Ride to The Flame Tree Cafe at Roraima Nursery in Lara on Thursday 18.1.18
It was a balmy 18 degrees when 9 riders assembled at Rippleside for a trip to Lara’s Roraima Nursery. By the time we returned to the start/finish it was 30 and later in the day 41 degrees so the early starts during summer are well worth while. Mick, Chris Hu, Dr Mike, Adam, Paul, Ange, Ron and myself headed out towards the North Geelong Railway Station where we enjoyed a smooth ride on the new concrete path along the Korean War Avenue of Honour and then under the Separation Street Bridge. We joined the bike path at the wood chipping facility although some preferred the road option until we met up again on the Grammar School Road. After a  short run of 16k to Roraima we sampled their coffee and batted away a few mozzies. The Aeroguard supplied by the coffee van was empty but having experienced the Roraima mozzies before I remembered to bring the Rid. Following coffee we headed through Lara to Windermere Road and along Bacchus Marsh Road to Stacey’s Hill. At that point the peloton split with Paul, Ange, Adam, Dr Mike and Chris Hu tackling the hill and the rest taking the softer option of Bacchus Marsh Road and the Ted Wilson. The Soft Crew found an interesting track through Norlane at the Fountain of Friendship Park and returned to Rippleside exhausted (well I was anyway – leading is quite stressful!). The Stacey’s Hill Commandos successfully negotiated the hill and Ballan Road although there was a brief moment of panic when a truck passed them a bit too close for comfort.Thanks for the ride and thanks Mike for the photos. Ted.

Our GTC Riders at the Tour Down Under in Adelaide - 17.1.18
Forecast 37 deg today so we have decided to take a break at Mt Lofty and then head home instead of staying in the heat to watch the race at Stirling. 

Ken's Ride Through the Barrabool Hills, Moriac & Freshwater Ck on Tuesday 16.1.18
Thanks to Mike Taylor for the photos. Sunshine, a light breeze and cool air attracted 9 riders to the start at the river carpark at Highton. Ross, Chris Hume, Ange & Paul, Adam, Mike T, Rolf, Ken and Lloyd Ashley (a visitor from Footscray holidaying at Jan Juc). No one took up the offer to ride Challambra so we went up Mt. Pleasant then Scenic before turning into Province Blvd en route to Ceres. A variety of misadventures resulted in the group splitting so Ross led the bunch whilst Ken waited a few minutes for Lyn L.  A nice tail wind helped us speed to the end of Barrabool. Considines, Hortips then Cape Otway brought us to our coffee stop at Moriac. Lloyd told us about his club rides around the bayside suburbs of Melbourne and said how nice it was to be riding out of town. Ross left at the corner of Hendy Main and Grassdale and we travelled Blackgate, Dickins, Ghazeepore, Baanip path, Reserve, Bailey and the bike path to Breakwater. Back to our starting point via the river path was enjoyable as there were no dogs and very few walkers. A hard but satisfying ride on a terrific day. Ken.

Our GTC Riders at the Tour Down Under in Adelaide - 16.1.18

Dave Simpson's Combined Ride to Anglesea - MTB Trail and Road on Sunday 14Two combined rides today, one on the road and one on the trails between Torquay and Angelsea..1.18
Two combined rides today, one on the road and one on the trails between Torquay and Angelsea. Dr Mike joined Helen for the road ride and nine riders including Fiona, Ben and Ross from GTC followed ride leader Dave along the forest trails. The mtb route was in surprisingly good condition despite yesterday's rain with just a few puddles to be dodged. It was a nice leisurely ride with plenty of sightseeing stops and a demonstration by the ride leader of the advantage of tubeless tyres. We arrived later than the arranged time in Angelsea to find Helen and Dr Mike had finished their break and moved on. We enjoyed some refreshments and conversation in the sun before heading off ourselves, with the nice steep McDougall Road as an introduction to the climb up out of town. Some excitement trying to cross a very busy GOR, Ben tried unsuccessfully to convince a passing ambulance to use its lights and siren to force a traffic break, then back on the bush tracks. Some more excitement when we almost ran over a snake, then a very pleasant (mostly) downhill run back to Torquay. Thank you to Dave for a great ride and to all participants for the good company. Ross.

Ross' Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove on Saturday 13.1.18
If nothing else, today's ride proved that not everyone has gone to the TDU (yet). 11 of us keen cycling types assembled at the Grovedale pub for the run to Groove in Ocean Grove. Greg, Jackie and David, Rolf, Mark, Chris Hu, Ken, Peter M, Adam, Ron and Ross set out up Torquay Road (where we were joined by Terry). We took Warrilly Drive to Barwon Heads Road then Lake Road to 13th Beach, all with a nice tail wind to help us along. At the Barwon Heads roundabout, the group split with the keen types doing a lap via Sheepwash while the rest of us headed to Groove. The ride leader should have realised that on a Saturday morning in January, any coffee place near the beach would be busy and Groove was definitely busy. No big table for us but by quickly grabbing any chair that became vacant, we accumulated enough for all the group to sit down. The crowd put Groove's usual quick service to the test and there were some grumblings about a lack of coffee from the late comers (the Sheepwash folk). The last drinks arrived at about the same time as some dark clouds and after a forecast update via Mark's phone, we hit the road with half the group heading back the way we came and the other half heading back via Wallington and the highway. The pace was slightly down into the wind but still good fun. Closer to Geelong, the group started breaking up with riders taking the most direct way home. Mark's forecast was extremely accurate with a short but heavy shower hitting Torquay two minutes after I got home. Hope everyone else was similarly lucky.
Cheers, Ross. 

Terry's Ride to The Farmers Place in Freshwater Creek on Thursday 11.1.18
It was a magnificent day with a fantastic turnout of 11 riders: Ken, Lyn, Rolf, Adam, Peter, Ian ,Ross, Mick , Ted, Chris and myself. We headed off to The Farmers' Place on the Anglesea Rd at Freshwater Ck. Leaving the Grovedale Hotel and riding out along the Surf Coast Highway, turning left into Warralily Blvde, then right into Horseshoe Bend Rd and following this through to Torquay. Here we turned right through the Torquay Estate into Fischer St, turning right into Darian Rd and crossing the Highway to Grossmans Rd. It was here, on a previous ride, Lyn Gregg came off the bike and was taken to hospital. We then went through Ocean Blvde to Coombes Rd, turning right at the roundabout and heading along Anglesea Rd to the Cafe. After a welcome rest with great coffee and conversation we headed back along Ghazeepore Rd. A most enjoyable ride of about 40km.
Keep on Pedalling, Cheers, Terry.

Peter Jones' Loop from Birregurra to Colac & Barwon Downs on Tuesday 9.1.18
At 2 minutes to go it looked like Ken Lyn L and myself would be it but low and behold Chris Halpin turned up with his bike rack full, Peter O and Mike C having taken up his offer of a ride, and right behind Chris was Leo and Trudi so our 3 jumped to eight in minutes. Took a few minutes to get sorted and we all rolled out to Colac into a pretty stiff head wind. A few road works going on down that way kicking up a bit of dust but we got into Colac in reasonable time and stopped at the first coffee shop with the benefit of hindsight probably better next time to go on to the next one which is a bakery and their prices may be a bit more palatable. Had a few spits of rain before Colac and a little shower went through while we had coffee. At least after coffee we were going with the wind at times and across it at others, pulled up at the Murrroon Rd to wish everyone goodbye and Chris Ha found his cable on the rear cassette had broken leaving the chain on the smallest sprocket, not sure how he went on the later hills. That’s all for me hope someone else can add anything of interest.
Cheers Peter.

Rolf Leads Sunday Ride to Drysdale - 7.1.18
A large turnout of two people this morning, everyone else must have gone to Ballarat to watch the championships.  Mike C. and myself voted to go to Drysdale for coffee and back along Princess Road and Swan Bay Road and down the highway home.  We did notice one positive change on our way, all the New Years Eve glass had been swept off the rail trail, how good is that!  Had a quick ride to the Bungalow Café in 42 minutes which guaranteed us a nice mug of coffee.  The run home was smooth as the conditions could not have  been any better for cycling. 
Thanks for your company Mike,

Peter Jones Ride on a Very Hot Saturday - 6.1.18
Fifteen riders, the early start seemed popular on a forecast hot day of 42 degrees. When Sue and I arrived at the Pub there was already three waiting, and they rolled in right up to 7-00 am. Sue, Jackie, Lyn L, Ange, Paul, Leo, Ross, Peter O, Ken, Adam, Chris H, Rolf, David R, Mark and myself rolled out on the specified route to Barwon Heads via 13thBeach. It was very pleasant riding with the Sun just up and the air cool. 13th Beach looked a picture with the early morning Surfers out looking to catch a wave. We regrouped at Barwon Heads before doing the Sheepwash Circuit returning to Grovedale via Lake Rd and HSBend Rd. The Northerly was increasing but it was warm rather than hot as we headed up Reserve Rd taking a short left and into Sandstone Café for coffee at about 9-10 am. A nicely timed ride as Sandstone doesn’t open until 9-00 am. Everyone enjoyed their coffee/milk shakes with the odd cake before heading out into the now hot North wind and home. Thanks for coming.
Cheers Peter.

JC Reports on the Unofficial Alternate ride to Drysdale on Saturday 6.1.18
Simon, Coop & I set off early down the railtrail, as the day was predicted to reach 42c, with strong Northerly winds. A text was sent to the official alternative Saturday bunch to notify them that we would meet them at the cafe. Where they were all gathered. However, none seemed to have ridden ... After a quick coffee & a long chat, the three 'musketeers' headed back. It was 36c, with a 30 kph NNW wind, by the time we got back to Geelong! Phew! Thanks be to Coop & Simon for coming out - it is no exaggeration to say that I would not have made it otherwise!

Ted's Loop of Geelong on Thursday 4.1.18
In perfect conditions for riding 9 members: Peter J, Sue, Adam, Ken, Peter O, Ian, Ross, Ron and your trusty correspondent arrived at Rippleside with 8 bikes. Fortunately one of the bikes was a tandem so everyone saddled up and headed off along Western Beach to the Eastern Gardens. A slight detour along Portarlington Road and back along Bellarine Highway added 3k as the ride was going to be a bit short otherwise. With no verges along Moolap Station Road and the first part of Townsend Road it was a bit tight and it was suggested we should eliminate this part of the route in future. Once on Fellmongers Road things freed up  and we were soon at Breakwater and the Barwon River Trail – South Side. A very cruisey ride to the Moorabool Street bridge was followed by laps of the Criterion Circuit where some riders excelled with 3 or 4 while others were happy with 1 or 2. My suggestion of a time trial was diplomatically rejected although Peter O couldn’t resist telling me his 3:50 well and truly eclipsed my effort of 4:37 a few days earlier. Coffee at the Geelong Lawn Tennis Club was excellent but the place was a bit quiet with no one on the main courts providing the hoped for free entertainment. The last stage of the ride was along the Barwon River to Fyansford and then the dreaded Cementies Hill. I was berated for including an “unnecessary hill” between the tennis club and river but of course ignored the criticism as I’m sure it was in jest (wasn’t it?). Total circuit was between 38 and 46 klms depending on how many circuits of the crit you did. Thanks for joining me.

Sue and Peter ride the tandem on the Criterium Track

David Rae's Ride to Drysdale and Queenscliff on Tuesday 2.1.18
Thirteen riders turned up for the ride to Queenscliff this morning: Mark, Zac, Ross, Mick, Terry, Rolf, Lyn L, Peter O, Ken, Adam, Ron and Jackie and David Rae.  We followed the rail trail (dodging glass on the way) to Drysdale, stopping at The Bungalow for coffee.  We then had a very pleasant ride down Murradoc Road onto the Portarlington/Queenscliff Road, turning left at the Bellarine Highway and into a very busy Queenscliff.  We spent a pleasant 40 minutes at The Marina, where most riders had their lunch.  How good was it to be cycling along in the bike lane while the cars were bumper to bumper and at a standstill some of the time due to temporary traffic lights!  The conditions were favourable for our ride home.  When we arrived at Leopold the group stopped by to see how Lyn was doing and she had very kindly made some sandwiches and provided lovely biscuits and chocolates.  She was pleased to see us and seems to be making progress.  It was also nice to catch up with Chris H and Jean, who had popped over to see Lyn.  Mick kindly offered to take Jackie home as she had not been doing much riding lately and felt that the 75km was far enough. The group said their goodbyes to Lyn and made their separate ways home. An enjoyable day was had by all.
David Rae.

Ross Leads the Ride to Raven's Creek Farm on Saturday 30.12.17
No ride leader for today's ride so in the absence of a volunteer among the assembled riders, I was nominated. With a strongish westerly wind, Moriac was suggested as a suitable destination with the promise of a nice tail wind return. Angie, Paul, Adam, Terry, Rolf, Peter O, Peter M, Chris Ha, Ken and Ross set off in to the wind via Baanip Boulevard, Hams Road, Waurn Ponds Drive and Reservoir Road before turning for the big run down Hendy Main to morning refreshments at Ravens Creek Farm. It was suggested that Cape Otway Road should be avoided given the volume of holiday traffic so we returned back up the Hendy Main Road hill and turned on to the highway for a fantastic wind-assisted mostly downhill run back towards Geelong. Not sure what speed the others were making but I was following Terry who reported a 68 kph speed at one point. All too soon we were back at the Waurn Ponds Drive turn-off and riders were taking their own way home.
Thanks to all for a most enjoyable outing. Ross.

Chris Halpin also reported - (asked by the webmaster before Ross' ride report arrived) .....Designated leader Peter J was apparently a late scratching and the assembled crew decided the default option was Club President Ross. A roaring westerly made the choice of Moriac easy, so off we set up to Ghazepore. A surprise turn to the right took us to Hams Rd and under the freeway and through Upper Waurn Ponds to the old Princes  Hwy then on to Ravens Ck for coffee. A well earned break considering the head wind.  Return journey was a lovely wind assisted 'fly' back down the Hwy and into Waurn Ponds......

CONGRATULATIONS to Greg Allerton on Achieving 100 x 100km for 2017 on Boxing Day.
Despite Greg's recent accident and hospitalizaton I knew he was very determined to complete 100 x 100km this year. On Boxing Day he headed out on the flat course behind Avalon Airport and made good use of the terraine along Pt Wilson Rd and its extension to complete his challenge for the year. I think Greg is not firing on all cylinders yet but that didn't stop him. Well Done! I was tipped off by JC as Greg is not one to throw a big party about such achievements.
John Hagan.

Peter O'Brien's Ride to Millars at Lara on Thursday 28.12.17
On a barmy morning eleven riders (Ian, Julia, Ken, David I, Rolf, Ron, Paul, Angie, Ross, Michael and myself) departed Church Street for Rippleside, via Hovells Creek Trail and onto Lara. Along the way we met up with Trudi who had ridden like the wind to catch us but only to realise she was actually a long way in front! Trudi was found patiently waiting for us at the Hovells Creek bike underpass at Lara.  At this point Julia left the peloton to head to her home which was just a short distance away, and given that both Julia and Ian had ridden into Church Street from Lara for the ride, it was not unreasonable as they were due for a rest. We proceeded to Millars for a coffee break after which Ian headed for home.  The rest of us went on a tour of Lara around to Ted’s place in the hope of scoring another coffee, this time a freebie, courtesy of Ted’s grand Aldi machine. No luck.  Ted must have an inkling that we were about to descend upon him and he fled the district!  Disappoint and forlorn, we then returned to Geelong via the same route. 
Thanks everyone for an enjoyable ride. 
Peter O.

Peter O'Brien's Boxing Day Ride to Bannockburn, Teesdale and Inverleigh - 26.12.17
Today’s ride was from Fyansford to Inverleigh, a total of approximately 75km. Seven members who were keen to counteract their Christmas over-indulgence: Peter J, Angie, Adam, Rolf, Paul and myself, rode to Bannockburn where we’d planned to have a coffee break.  Maybe it was due to the excess Christmas kilos but we didn’t set a fast pace averaging 25km/h over the distance.  PJ left the group at Bannockburn to get back home in time for the start of the Sydney to Hobart race.  Being Boxing Day, all of the Bannockburn cafes were closed so we continued onto Teesdale where thankfully their coffee shop was open.  We then headed to Inverleigh and proceeded straight back to Fyansford.  Sadly nobody had been good enough to get a new bike from Santa let alone a bike accessory.  How sad.
Peter O.

John Hagan's Ride to Moriac & Torquay on Sunday 24.12.17
Nine riders surprised me by turning up on Christmas Eve for our Sunday circuit to Moriac, Torquay and back into Geelong on the Surf Coast Highway. Many were splendidly attired in the yellow club cycling jersey. The riders were: Ian, Peter O, Ken, Peter J, Ross, Mike, Rolf, David I and your leader John H. The plan was to go out to Moriac on the Old Princes Highway (Waurn Ponds Drive) and then follow Hendy Main Road and Coombes Rd through to the Surf Coast Highway. Thus far the plan worked well until we called into our coffee destination the Uforic Food Cafe to find that it was CLOSED. Undeterred we pressed on to give the Two Wrens Cafe a try - it too was CLOSED. By this time Ross had ridden back to his starting point of Torquay and Rolf and David I skipped the next place and headed home. The 3rd choice - The Sandstone Cafe in Grovedale was OPEN and here 6 of us enjoyed coffee and cake and long conversations about computers and technology. On that last leg of the ride we enjoyed a strong tail wind to push us home.
Keep Riding, John Hagan.

Terry's Ride to Front Beach Cafe in Torquay on Saturday 23.12.17
As I was the last to arrive I was elected ride leader, a fantastic day, we decided to go to Torquay, there were 8 riders, Angie, Paul, Adam, Rolf, Chris, Ron, Mike and myself headed off along the Surf Coast Hwy to the bike path, riding to Ghazeepore Road, then Dickens to Anglesea Road, turning left into Coombes Road, then through Millionaires estate to Grossmans Road where the peloton really picked up the speed, Adam was the first to go but couldn’t keep up the pace, next to go was Paul who kept up a steady pace which was hard to peg back and kept his slender lead all the way to the SC Hwy. We then cruised on down to the Front Beach Café, charged $5 for coffee, and then told to remove our rubbish and take it to a bin across the road,(Front Beach Café out). Great conversation, we then cruised back along the front beach to Horshoebend Road then through Warralily to the Surfcoast Highway back to the Grovedale Hotel, great ride fantastic company cheers. Merry Christmas and a Happy new year to all.
Keep on Pedalling, Terry.

Peter O'Brien's QUIZ Ride from The Showgrounds to Ocean Grove on Thursday 22.12.17
The Quiz Ride always attracts a good field of riders and today was no exception.  Fourteen riders were primed and ready to go on the start line at the showgrounds.  Trudi, Ted, David L, Terry, Paul, Angie, Mike, Adam, Meri, Ross, Rolf, Lyn, Norm & myself rode to the Groove Café in Ocean Grove via the Bellarine Highway, Grubb Road and Thacker Street.  Hopefully no speed limits were exceeded on the Thacker Street descent! During the coffee break yours truly hosted the quiz which this year was based on two themes, namely cycling knowledge and local geographical knowledge.  Lucky for me the Groove provided, at no cost, lollies to be given to those who answered correctly.  Thanks Tony and Ivy.  Unbeknown to the quiz master a certain rider was caught taking a photo over my shoulder of the answer sheet!  It just goes to show what extent some people will go to get a lolly.  Shame on you Ted.  For those riders who are unfamiliar with the Banjo Patterson classic Mulga Bill’s Bicycle, attached is the proof (including a diagram) that the creek he and his resplendent bicycle ended in was Dead Man’s Creek. At the coffee break Ted provided feedback to the group re lessons learned from the ride and this was well received.  In turn, it generated useful discussion among the riders on several issues associated with bike etiquette and safety. Back on our bikes we returned to Geelong via Thirteenth Beach and Lakes Road to the Showgrounds.
Merry Christmas to all.  I hope Santa brings club members lots of shiny new bike presents.
Regards, Peter O.

Lyn Loudon's Ride to Jan Juc on Tuesday 19.12.17
Eleven keen riders turned up for an early start due to a hot weather forecast - Chris Hu, Peter O, Dave I.Ken, Ross, Mike, Julia, Paul & Angela & friend Adam plus myself with apologies from Trudi. We cruised up Ghazeepore Rd to Dickens, the All together again we cycled the undulations of Vickerys & Gundrys though lovely bushand, everyone at a cracking pace in the cooler temperatures. Anglesea Rd and turned into Blackgate then Hendy Main Rd at a good pace until Vickerys where some missed the turn off.  After crossing the Gr Ocean Rd we tackled Addiscott, Bones and on to Sunset Strip & Swell cafe in Jan Juc for a much needed break, arriving at 10am. Peter O paid the group a great compliment by remarking that everyone obeyed the road rules by always riding single file where there were double lines. Well done all!! A few more hills was on the agenda for the return trip but I miscalculated so we rode through Torquay instead, on HSB Rd to the  Warralily estate, across to Whites Rd then Ghazeepore where the wind had picked up significantly and the sun was really hot by then. A timely return to Bunnings for most with a distance of approx 60kms -  enough on such a hot day. Thanks to everyone for a great ride and your company of course.
Lyn L. 4

Nicole Collins' Ride Around the Barwon River on Sunday 17.12.17
8.40 I was at the station.  Ian had arrived,  then David I,  Chris, Rolf, Mike and John H arrived.  Yes note I was not last to arrive today.  For my first ride after Great Victorian Bike Ride it was an easy one for me. Mike was Kelpie and did a good job. Yarra Street to the river.  North side passed the rowing sheds and watched for boats. Cruising at about 18 to 20 km per hour.  First questions about coffee were at Fyansford we were too early for the Door Gallery Cafe.  So RnR Cafe near the caravan park won the day. Where we found Lindy,  David and Barb enjoying coffee. Our coffee stop included much discussion about Elvis and German heritage in the family tree. Quiz questions to David I.  Returned to the river trail to Breakwater and back to the station. Mike decided that he would do a couple of more loops and John joined him for one.  Note Mike's new look body after his extra effort today.

Peter Jones' Ride to Torquay on Saturday 16.12.17
Thirteen riders for a nice Saturday ride to Front Beach Café at Torquay: Sue, Trudi, Angela, Lyn L, Paul, Peter M, Ron, Rolf, John H, Chris Hu, Mike T, visitor Reece and myself. It was a lovely day, fine and warm with a little bit of a Southerly breeze. Took the usual way, across to Ghazepore, Dickens, Anglesea Rd to Coombes and through Ocean Acres to Grossmans. Enjoyed a very nice coffee and then rolled on home via HSBend Rd., a great morning out on the bike.
Cheers, Peter.

Peter and Sue on the tandem at the corner of Ghazeepore and Dickens Rds, Freshwater Creek.

Peter O'Brien's Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove on thursday 14.12.17
There was a good show of riders today with eighteen turning up at the Grovedale Hotel. Trudi, Mark, Ian, Ted, David and Julia Love, Terry, Chris Hume, David I, Peter J, Ron, Ken, Paul, Angie, Mike, Adam, Ray & myself (phew I think I got the names right) rode to Ocean Grove via Thirteenth Beach and Barwon Heads. At various stages along the ride the peloton spread out, given that some riders couldn’t help themselves and took advantage of tail winds. Coffee was at the Groove where as usual, the service was high quality.  While there, Mike managed to get all the riders together, not an easy task, for a group photo shoot. Back on our bikes we returned to Geelong via Barwon Heads Road and Lakes Road. All up a very enjoyable ride.
Pegards, Peter O.

Peter Jones' Ride from Ballarat to Creswick on Tuesday 12.12.17
Eight lucky riders for this wonderful ride on an absolute perfect day. Ken, David I, Rolf, Mike C, Mike T, Chris Ha, Ron and myself set off a bit late after roadworks held up everyone’s arrival. A very short ride to the Bike Rack coffee shop where a most enjoyable coffee really hit the spot. After coffee and checking out the latest Specialised Bikes we headed through Ballarat suburbs including Brown Hill to the Daylesford Rd. This can be a busy road but wasn’t too bad today, there are a couple of undulations and probably the only major hill which took us up past the White Swan Reservoir. At the Bungaree Creswick Rd we turned left and with a few more undulations we arrived at Wattle Flat, from here it is all pretty well down hill so off we went and enjoyed a 5 or 6 klm downhill run into Creswick. We arrived at about 11.45 so ordered a few drinks and relaxed before ordering lunch. We arrived at about 11.45 so ordered a few drinks and relaxed before ordering lunch. My Mum arrived at about 12.00 to join us for a lovely lunch before we headed back to Ballarat via the Bald Hills Rd and Gillies St.
First stop when got back to the Lake was Pipers by the Lake for a coffee, milkshake, Hot Chocolate or Iced Coffee. Home was via Godzilla for us to avoid the road works which worked out really well, a great day out on the bike in good company. Thanks again for the pictures Mike T.
Cheers Peter.

BBQ Christmas Lunch at Don & Lindy's Farm at Charlemont on Sunday 10.12.17
There was a slight delay as a number of the GTC members arrived at Charlemont with the sheep being moved on the road into the farmhouse. As you can see from the photos below the event was much enjoyed by those present - especially when it came to the Kris Kringle and the special rules the Club has for sharing these presents around. A big thank you to Don and Lindy for being such gracious hosts.

John Hagan's Combined Ride with Cycling Geelong to Waurn Ponds on Sunday 10.12.17
This was a good morning for a loop around to Panache at Waurn Ponds. For those in the GTC there was a time limit of 2 hours as the 2nd GTC Christmas party was to be held on Don and Lindy's farm at Charlemont at midday. We had 13 riders with a majority from CG: Linton, Dave, John M, John & Carla, Helen, Ron and Kevin and from GTC: Peter J & Marion, ChrisHu., Ian and your ride leader John H. The path under Pioneer Rd at Waurn Ponds Shopping Centre is now open for bikes so we scooted down there and had coffee at Panache. The return trip was via Deakin and Belle Vue Avenue and back along the Barwon was a circuit of about 20km.
Keep Riding, John Hagan.

Ross Rides Through VIETNAM & CAMBODIA - Updated: 9.12.17 click here to see PHOTOS and the STORY OF HIS TRAVELS.
I am currently on a bus from Phnom Penh to Ho Chi Minh City. The cycling component of my trip is over. I stripped all the good bits (pedals, seat, rack) off my bike and gave the rest to a young guy in PP. This was planned, not a reaction to riding over here. In fact, the riding was so good that I will be back again in 2018. The wifi on the bus is very poor so will send a few pics when I get to my hotel. Will be back in Torquay on Tuesday but may not have a chance to catch up as am heading off to Tas almost immediately after. If not, Merry Xmas to all.
Regards, Ross.
Below - Ross tries out something a little different!.

Peter O'Brien's Ride to Torquay via Bellbrae on Saturday 9.12.17
It was great to have twelve riders turn up for today’s ride. Rolf, Peter J, David I, Mark, Ken, John, Chris Halpin, Paul, Angie, Michael, Peter M and myself departed Grovedale for Torquay via Bellbrae.  The ride conditions to Bellbrae were overcast with light showers prevailing however this did not affect the riders as they conquered the Bellbrae hill.  The ride into Torquay was sensational and a number of our riders teamed up with a rival peloton and proceeded at pace to the Frontbeach Café for the obligatory coffee stop. Back on our bikes we returned to Geelong via Horseshoe Bend Road. Total distance travelled was 50kms. Regards, Peter O.

DAY 4 - Chris Hume, Peter Jones & Ben Kersten on the Goldfields Trail from Ballarat to Bendigo - 7.12.17.
Check out this animation of the whole route :

The final day, the Leanganook Track!!  Headed off early again and were soon into slow careful riding in difficult terrain, heading east towards Chiltern then Northwards to Harcourt. At Harcourt we had second breakfast/brunch, enough fuel on board to get us to Bendigo. We then climbed to a granite ridge below Mt Alexander. A little further on we arrived at the Coliban Water Race which we followed most of the way to Bendigo. The gravel road here generally contoured and was pleasant riding. However there two 200m climbs for us as the water went through long tunnels. Near Bendigo the GFT meandered up and down around mullock heaps, was slow going for weary riders. On nearing a sealed road we decided to use it and head for the Station ASAP, arriving there at 2:00pm. We made it!!! Distance 63km. Chris.

Trudi Bellia's Ride to Lara on Thursday - 7.12.17.
Today's ride started at the usual spot at the top of Church St, the riders were: Meri, Marie, Peter O, Ray, Ron, Ted, Ian, Mick, Dave, Mark, Julia and David new members. We started our journey along Ted Wilson path, Ballarat Rd, Ballan Rd. We all enjoyed a lovely run along Stacey's Rd with the very enjoyable down hill run till Bachus Marsh Rd. While sailing down the hill I noticed a parked car on the side of the road, with a quick look around on the opposite side I spotted some paparazzi laying low in the scrub. It didn't take me long to recognise who that paparazzi was, it was our long lost fellow cyclist Noel. We then turned left then right onto Windermere Rd, and at the roundabout Noel stopped to say hi. It was great to see him again, I hope that he is soon back on his bike to join us. Coffee was at my favourite cafe, Cafe Blu were we made ourselves comfy inside on a large table that could accommodate us all. Our return journey was the Hovells Creek path, with everyone dropping off at different points along the way. Thanks everyone for your company on what was a very enjoyable mornings ride.
Thanks to Noel Pownall for the on-road photos.

DAY 3 - Chris Hume, Peter Jones & Ben Kersten on the Goldfields Trail from Ballarat to Bendigo - 6.12.17.
Left Daylesford at 7:00 heading towards Castlemaine on the Dry Diggings Track soon stopping at Hepburn Springs General Store for a coffee and snack as no more shops until Castlemaine.eport coming soon. Headed off into the bush, this section of the trail proving to be the most challenging with some very steep climbs and large fallen trees to haul our loaded bikes over and very rocky sections at times. We lunched at Vaughan Springs and sampled the mineral water. Not to my liking!!  Then onto Castlemaine stopping at the first coffee shop. Arrived there at 3:30, distance 55km.

David Innes' Ride to Werribee on Tuesday 5.12.17.
A cloudy moderate temp and windy day with a few spots of sunshine greeted us today. With a good turn out of enthusiastic cyclists showing up for the ride to Werribee taking the usual route to Lara via the refinery to Hovell Trial we had to take a detour in Rippleside to avoid the lollipop man with his stop sign. Our first stop Millars coffee shop where we usually like to stop in Lara these days having a good chat and a few laughs. Our next destination was Werribee but only half of the group decided to battle on we headed there via Flinders Avenue then to Little River taking the back roads to Werribee. Winds were blustery but not too bad. Arriving in Werribee we had our lunch at the Coffee Pot Cafe after which we headed back to Geelong via the highway fearing that the ride back would be a difficult one - it turned out the wind wasn't bad at all. The ride was incident free with no! falls! The GTC has has its share in recent weeks. Thankfully the rain kept away apart from the constant wind it was a good day's ride with just over 100 km's. Personally most would have done 90 km's or so. Thanks to the following for coming - my apologies if I've missed a name or two: Meri, Trudi, Julie, Rolf, Ted, Ken, Paul and Ang, Adam. Agian my apologies as I didn't have a ride sheet.
Thanks for all those that attended. David.

DAY 2 - Chris Hume, Peter Jones & Ben Kersten on the Goldfields Trail from Ballarat to Bendigo - 5.12.17.
Continued on the Wallaby Track to Daylesford. Weather great, fine with a SE breeze. Had a few navigation difficulties on the edge of Creswick!! See map. Track was similar to yesterday with plenty of obstacles, mainly water and logs. By the time we reached Daylesford we were tired, especially me! Hopefully recover overnight ready for the Dry Digging section of the track.

Chris Hume, Peter Jones & Ben Kersten on the Goldfields Trail from Ballarat to Bendigo - 4.12.17.
Three riders Ben, Peter and Chris Hu started off from Mt Buninyong on a cool overcast day. Great downhill run to start but on reaching Granny White Lane had our first walk of the day! Continued into Sturt Street Ballarat where we had coffee/lunch. Then off to Creswick. The track was challenging - plenty of rocks, ruts, tree roots and water hazzards. 
All arrived safe and sound. First half of the Wallaby track done.

The First of a number of Christmas Gatherings for the GTC - this one at Mt Moriac Pub - Saturday 2.12.17.
This was a very enjoyable evening for the 16 who gathered at the Mt Moriac Pub. Lyn Gregg had done all the organizing for the event but because of an unfortunate fall from the bike is now in rehabilitation at Grace McKellar so was unable to be to enjoy the evening. We were fortunate to have the function room to ourselves - the rest of the place was packed out. I will let the pictures speak for themselves.
John Hagan.

Sue and Marion enjoy the dessert.

Chris Hume's Ride to The Farmer's Place in Freshwater Creek on Sunday 3.12.17.
Three arrived to do the ride today: John, Dr Mike and Chris H. DR Mike was there first!! Decided to head to Torquay as there was a strong SW wind blowing. Headed towards Breakwater and along to Waurn Ponds but were soon seeking shelter. Once it cleared, a bit, we were off again. More rain, more wind!! Decided just to go to The Farmer's Place. Had an enjoyable coffee and decided to head home via the shortest route. A  speedy return and no rain.  Good to get out but looking forward to better riding conditions.

Peter Jones' Ride to Ravens Creek Farm Cafe on Saturday 2.12.17.
Only three hardy souls this morning, not sure why, there was no rain and the roads were dry as a bone, it was a bit windy, seemed to be pretty well due South so a ride out to Raven’s Creek at Moriac seemed like a good idea, being across the wind it worked out very well and Chris Hu and Peter O, my companions this morning, all enjoyed the ride via Waurn Ponds Drive, M1 and Hendy Main Rd. Had a very nice coffee and rolled on home via Mt Duneed Rd., again across the wind with maybe a little bit of help on the tail. A very enjoyable morning on the bike yet again. Cheers Peter.

Mick Gregg Leads the Ride to Drysdale on Thursday 30.11.17.
On this rather warm morning 14 riders fronted up at the showgrounds for an easy ride to Drysdale and return.  We followed the rail trail down to the Bungalow for refreshments where the weather was starting to get rather hot.   Afterwards the group broke up some heading back down the trail and others going via  Princess Rd , Swan Bay Rd, Bellarine Hwy. All in a good ride tho short.  The participants were Trudi,Marie,Mark,Chris/Jean,David, Rolf,Ray,Peter O, Peter J, Ron, Barry,Dr Mike and Mick. Thanx to all for coming.   Cheers Mick      PS just a note I heard later Jean had a fall on her way home and finished in hospital.  Lyn G is now at Grace McKellar for rehab soon. Update on Jean from Mike T - Jean just got home from hospital (9:55pm).

Criss-crossing the Barrabool Hills with Ken on Tuesday 28.11.17.
7 riders presented at Bunnings for the ride advertised as "hard". Julia, Lyn L, Chris Hume, Ange & Paul, Peter O and Ken rode conservatively out along Waurn Ponds Drive aware of the long climb to follow up Cochranes to Barrabool Rd. We were joined at the intersection with Merrawarp by PJ and Trudi. Ange showed the benefit of recent training not losing any ground over the 2 climbs on Barrabool Rd en route to Andersons. Riding Andersons Rd on such a beautiful day was a delight. Turning left onto the Princes Hwy the group made its way up to Devon and enjoyed the long downhill before the climb. Try as I might I could not catch Lyn up the Devon hill. Julia, only recently returned to cycling after her fall, was coping well with the hilly terrain. The undulations on Hendy Main followed by the glorious downhill brought us to our coffee stop at Moriac. 
When is a "hard" ride not hard enough. Trudi wanted to add extra kms and proposed riding towards Torquay on Hendy Main. Ken said this could be achieved by turning onto Ghazeepore near the finish back at Waurn Ponds. The upshot was T, CH and PJ went one way whilst the rest of us went back up the Hendy hill to Reservoir and relished the undulations back to Pettavel. The speed was on down Waurn Ponds Drive and when Ken asked how they felt about more climbing ( up Lemins) all declined. PO'B rode straight on towards town, Lyn went left up Pigdons whilst Julia, A & P went back to their vehicles. Paul stated it was the best ride he had done in his short time with the club. We are lucky as cyclists to have the Barrabool Hills on our doorstep.

Ross Rides Through VIETNAM - click here to see PHOTOS and the STORY OF HIS TRAVELS.

Chris Hume's Ride to Lara on Sunday 26.11.17.
Weather report was poor! Being leader I thought that I had better turn up. Mike C was the only other rider to arrive, his first ride with GTC since NSW. We headed off then the rain started!! Sheltered at Simmond's Stadium until the worst of it was over. I phoned Trude to say that the tide was off. Mike and I then decided to do something and headed for Creamery Rd then decided to continue to Lara. Tried to find shelter from time to time and made it to Millars. After coffee heded home via Hovells Creek. A workthwhile though damp outing.

Peter Jones Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove on Saturday 25.11.17.
Eight riders for our Sat morning ride: Lyn L, Ange, Paul, Mark, Peter O, Chris Hu, Ron and PeterJ. We were a little late getting away - I had a call from Sue, they were having trouble with a flat tyre on the Tandem. After a bit of toing and froing we left on our ride and the tandem would hopefully catch up at Groove. Lyn L left us at HSBend Rd., she was feeling a bit flat and decided she would head home. It was a pleasant riding and we rolled into Groove at about 9:45am. I had invoted Rolf to come and join us for coffee which he and his friend Graeme from Adelaide did. Enjoyed out chat and coffee then headed home via 13th Beach and HSBend Rd. A most enjoyable morning on the bike. Cheers Peter.

Terry's Ride to The Farmer's Place in Freshwater Creek on Thursday 23.11.17.
It was a magnificent day 17 riders fantastic turnout: Marie, Trudi, Mark, Ian, Lyn L, Mick, Chris, Peter and Marion, Ron, Lyn, Paul and Ange, Ray, Ted and Norm. We headed off to the Farmers' Place Anglesea Rd Freshwater Creek, leaving the hotel and riding out along the Surf Coast Highway, turning left into Warralilly Blvde, then right into Horseshoe Bend Road and following this through to Torquay, before turning ritht through the Torquay estate into Fischer Street turning right into Darian Road crossing the Highway to Grossmans Rd. Then when Lyn Gregg came off and was taken to Hospital, through (Millionaires' Row) to Coombes Road, turning right at the roundabout and heading along Anglesea Road to the Ghazeepore Rd,. A most enjoyable ride of approx 40klms.
Keep on Pedalling, Cheers Terry.

Lyn Loudon's Ride from Anglesea to Wye River and Return on Tuesday 21.11.17.
Six cyclists for the ride along the Great Ocean Road to Wye River & return on a splendid sunny day - Peter J, Peter O, Chris Hume, Trudi, Ken and Lyn. Everyone managed the first hurdle of a steep climb up to the lookout at Pt Roadknight and then all rode steadily to Urquhart Bluff and onto Big Hill where we encountered a tourist cycling along with his luggage in a golf buggy! Some photos and lots of smiling later everyone continued to Lorne for a welcome morning tea. That over we set off again for the trip to Wye River & return (approx 34kms) with the small inconvenience of Mt Defiance on the way. Actually there were  fabulous views of the ocean & pristine beaches along the route and a real sense of  achievement on reaching the lookout point where we stopped for another photo shoot with a bus load of Chinese tourists. After another stop in Lorne at the bakery for lunch we pushed on back to Anglsea for the last leg of the 91km journey, completed in 4 hrs riding time. Terrific riding everyone and a wonderful day out. Thanks to all for your good company.

NEWS - UPDATE (22.11.17) Greg Allerton taken to Hospital last Saturday 11.11.17.
22.11.17 - Greg has only just got back on his bike for a very short trip to the East Geelong shops. Here is his story.
Had a phone call from Greg to say that on Friday (10.11.17) he was attempting his 97th 100Km ride for the year and had serious fall. He was on Hendy Main Road coming towards the Anglesea Rd with cars passing in opposite directions and there must have been a burnt limb of a tree in the shadows and he hit this and came down. He was knocked unconscious and a nurse who saw the accident came over to render assistance along with a number of other motorists. She called for an ambulance and Greg gained consciousness fairly soon. A farmer took Greg's bike home and left his address with Greg. Greg said the ambulance trip to hospital was very bumpy and his neck was in a brace. He spent the day and a half in Geelong Hospital. It seems he has no broken bones but has a very sore shoulder which will require more testing. The hospital were amazed that he didn't have any broken bones considering the way his clothing was ripped around. He is not yet ready to resume riding to claim 100 x 100km for the year. I hope he recovers in time to do this. Our thoughts are with you Greg.
John Hagan.

John Hagan's Half Dirt Ride South of Geelong to Uforic Food Cafe on Sunday 19.11.17.
What beautiful weather for a tour of the back roads around Geelong! Just 3 of us: Chris Hu, Ken and your leader John H for a chance to ride some roads we had never been on before and cover a distance of just over 50km. The first dirt section was at the end of Waurn Ponds Drive - we crossed the Princes Highway on to Draytons Rd and down past the Pettavel Basin to Reservoir Rd and at the railway crossing we headed south on BOGANS Lane to Dickins Rd. This took us through Freshwater Creek to Ghazeepore Rd where we turned south and then took Blackgate through to the Surf Coast Highway and the Uforic Food Cafe for some good cakes and coffee. There was also a ginger tea to be sampled. We might add that, when we asked for really hot coffee, we got just that. For the return trip we took Horseshoe Bend Rd and the dirt sections of Barwarre Rd and we were home before midday.
Keep Riding, John Hagan.

Ian Fraser's Ride to The Bungalow in Drysdale on Sunday 19.11.17.
Today's ride to drysdale was made more pleasant by a wonderful turn out of so many people on sure a lovely sunny day. A nice coffee & chart was enjoyed by the following @ The Bungalow: Geoff & Heather Christmas, Marie, Lyn & Mick Gregg, Meri & Lovro, Doc Mick and Barry joined us for some of the ride. We even had a private room for our coffee, thanks to one of our members being a slient partner in this business! (only jorking) Thanks to Doc Mick for taking the phots. A big thank you for everyone who made this nice ride extra special by coming - Ian.

Peter OBrien's Ride from Grovedale via Barrabool Hills to Moriac on Saturday 18.11.17.
On sunny morning ten riders turned-up for the hill challenge. Chris Hume, Ken, Lyn, Peter J, Rolf, Paul, Angela, Thomas, Sue and myself set off from the Grovedale Hotel to Barrabool Road.  All riders climbed the hills at Ceres and Pollocksford Road and then cruised down Considines Road to Moriac for coffee break. Unfortunately the coffee and sweets at Moriac  took an inordinate amount of time to prepare, but otherwise sitting outside under a tree provided a fantastic environment to relax and get ready for the next section of hills. 
After the break we rode along Hendy Main Road where the plan was to ride to Barrabool Road and back through Ceres to Geelong.  Lyn and Ken had advised that they would be leaving the group at Reservoir Road and returning to Geelong.  Chris, Rolf and myself led the peloton along Hendy Main Road and when we stopped at Barrabool Road, to our dismay we realised there were no riders behind us.   After a 5 minute wait, our number one scout Chris Hume retraced part of the route only to ascertain there were no riders within sight.  Phone calls were made to no avail so we concluded the other riders must have taken a different route back to Geelong which subsequently turned out to be correct.  It is not often a leader loses 70% of the peloton however in my defence I feel there were extenuating circumstances. Chris, Rolf and myself continued on the planned route via Ceres and back to Geelong covering a total distance of around 80km.
Peter O.

Unofficial Ride to The Bungalow at Drysdale on Saturday 18.11.17
JC is being congratulated on completing his Law Degree.

Peter Jones' Ride to Barwon Heads on His Birthday - Thursday 16.11.17.
Four hardy riders this morning in the rain, Peter O, Ken, Chris Hu and myself. Mick opted out as leader because he doesn’t do wet but the real cyclists turned out for a ride to Barwon Heads. It wasn’t heavy rain but it was persistent, took the usual route through to Barwon Heads and headed to Annie’s because they have a warm and cozy inside. Because it was my birthday I shouted all the coffees which we enjoyed then headed home, as we organised bikes Mark turned up and joined us for the ride home via 13th Beach. Had a nice tailwind with the rain tapering off, good morning on the bike in good company.
Cheers Peter. 

Ken's Circuit from Bunninyong to Ballan on Tuesday 14.11.17.
It was very pleasing to have 8 members start in this ride undeterred by the forecast of heat and wind. Ange and Paul, Chris Hume, Peter Jones, Peter O'Brien, Lyn Loudon, Ken and newcomer Laurie Atkins set out at 0945. The climb up Mt. Buninyong (without a warm up) was done in leisurely fashion with Lyn first over the top. Laurie muttered tbat he might have bitten off more than he could chew but was assured that it did get easier. Several kms of glorious downhill followed on the road to Yendon then a series of undulations to the start of the climb up Mt Egerton. The group spread out but all were back together at the turn into the Egerton-Ballan Rd. Kms of downhill then the last serious climb of the day (photo taken at the top). The 35 kms to Ballan was done in 1h 52 mins. Lyn guided us to a nice cafe where all took refreshment.
After a stop of around 45 mins we started out on the return journey via Gordon and Dunnstown. Road works caused a delay of several minutes and Laurie suffered several cramp attacks. PJ had been observed slacking at the back so as to conserve energy for the defence of his spring title. Once onto Yankee Flats Rd, PO'B got out to a substantial lead. When we turned into Gear Ave and onto the National Championship course, PO'B had a lead of 60m on PJ with a similar distance back to KG. PJ excelled over the 5 km downhill finish into Buninyong whilst Ken almost entered the red zone as he caught PO just 50 m from the finish. The benefit of the training camp in East Gippsland last week was evident as KG, CH and PO'B dominated on tbe climbs. 
Ange & Paul rode really well, Lyn finished off strongly whilst Laurie survived to fight another day. A superb course which provided great scenery and a varied profile. At the after ride coffee stop all were in good spirits - especially PJ who had a grin from ear to ear. It would be good if we could entice greater participation in "out-of-town" rides. Car sharing might solve transport difficulties for some.

Combined Ride with Cycling Geelong - Circuit around Geelong led by Helen Lyth - 12.11.17.
Photos from Mike T.

Peter Jones' Saturday Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove - 11.11.17.
Ten riders today on an absolute cracker of a day: Trudi, Lyn L, Sue, Mike, David I, Rolf, Mark, John H, Chris Ha and Peter J enjoyed the ride out to Groove via the Estates, Lakes Rd, and Barwon Heads Rd. A quick blast around the Sheepwash before a very enjoyable coffee and chat before a return via the lovely 13th Beach and HSBend Rd. Lovely morning on the bike.
Cheers Peter.

Sue enjoying coffee at the Groove.

Peter and Sue on the tandem with Lyn and Trudi following.

Gippsland Tour - Day 3 - 10.11.17.
Final day!!
PJ and Chris Hu up 6.15am packed up sleeping gear and tents into panniers and headed off for a hearty breakfast at the Mingling Waters Cafe. Ken and PO dined in their cabin then packed. We headed off around 7:45am retracing our ride of the first day heading to  Bruthen, 30km, then onto Bairnsdale, another 30km, arriving at 11:45am. Again the weather was fantastic! Little breeze, blue skies and around 20 degrees. We lunched at the bakery then Chris, Peter O and Ken headed off the the station for the trip home and Peter J drove home.
Overall it was a great trip, very enjoyable!! Hopefully some new tourers will sign up for the next trip.
Chris Hu.

Thursday Ride to Torquay - 9.11.17.
Photos by Mike Taylor.
Eleven people for the ride today - Rolf, David I, Ted, Ian, Norm, Trudi, Lyn & Mick, Meri, Mike and yours truly, Lyn L (self appointed leader). A lovely start down Baanip Boulevarde to Ghazeepore then Dickens and the Anglesea Road to Coombes and through Ocean Acres where the chase was on along Grossmans Rd for the green jersey sprint points. (won by the in-form Rolf). After a little confusion with the cafe choice, we stopped at the Coffee Club for refreshments and lots of natter. Then it was on the bikes again back to Geelong via the Esplanade, HSB road where the group split with some going on and a few through Armstrong Creek to the Torquay Rd and  back to the cars & starting point. Just a reminder folks to inform the leader (or anyone else in the group) if you are not completing the ride with the others. Thanks to all for a nice social morning ride.
Lyn L.

Gippsland Tour - Day 2 - 9.11.17.
Up early with the Sun, lovely morning, breakfasted at Ken and Peter's cabin and left for Orbost at 8.15 am. Beautiful on the track. Lots of uphill but only about 2.0 % saw some more Wallabies and an Echidna. Enjoyed lunch at Orbost then headed back. Almost ran over a beautiful Copperhead Snake sunning it self on the track. Got back to the camp at about 4.00pm and launched happy hours immediately. Tea at the pub again tonight. Passed a big school group on the track and they are camped here with us tonight. Boys and girls hope they can keep the hormones under control.

Gippsland Tour - Day 1 - 8.11.17.
Met the train at about 11.30 Chris Ken and Peter were on board and ready to go. We headed out to Bruthen for lunch and then on to Nowa Nowa for the night. Had happy hour before heading over to the pub for tea. Saw Kangaroo Emu and Wallaby on the track. Lovely Sunny day should be better tomorrow. Cheers Peter.
Update - Peter and Ken want to include Crimson Rosellas and Kookaburra.

Peter O'Brien's Ride to Lara, Little River & the You Yangs on Melbourne Cup Day - 7.11.17.
On a bleak overcast day a group of elite riders turned up for the Melbourne Cup ride.  Ian, Mike T, Paul, Angela, Trudi, Ted, David, Jackie, Rolf, Julia and myself headed off from Church Street to Lara.  With favourable wind conditions it didn’t take long to get to Millars for coffee.  Unfortunately Millars was closed and Plan B needed to be enacted.  If this did not work McDonalds was to be our last resort.   Luckily for us, Café Blu (Plan B) was open and everyone enjoyed the break. Back on our bikes we headed to Little River via the Old Melbourne Road and continued on the circuit back to the You Yangs.  Lunch was at the You Yangs turntable car park which we shared with many others who were taking advantage of the public holiday. The ride back to Geelong was along the Ted Wilson Trail and we were all home in time to watch the Melbourne Cup.  Unfortunately I won’t be buying a new bike as all of my bets are still running.
Thanks to everyone for an enjoyable ride. Peter O.

John Hagan's Ride to The Armstrong Club in Armstrong Creek on Sunday 5.11.17.
Nine riders for our loop around Armstrong Creek - from L to R below: John H, Peter J & Marion, Chris Hume, Mark, Ian, Mike T, David I and Rolf. We first headed north to Eastern Park to view the Bay, then down Boundary Rd to Breakwater and along Barwon Heads Rd to take the scenic path along Armstrong Creek. Our coffee stop was at The Armstrong Club where, after long conversations and an examination of the new front wheel motor on Peter's bike, we took mostly bike paths through to Highton and back along the Barwon. Apart from some initial drizzle it turned out to be a good morning's ride.
As I climbed up the steep hill on Summers St on my recumbent bike, to return home on my own to Belmont, I failed to make the change into the small chainring as I had too much pressure on it. I stopped and walked forward, winding the chain onto the small chainring. However, when I remounted and put on the pressure on the hill there was a loud snapping sound and my front chainring disintegrated!!! Check the photo out below - I have not heard of this happening to anyone before.
Keep Riding, John.

Peter Jones' Ride to The Cheeky Cow in Collendina on Saturday 4.11.17.
Twelve riders today to the Cheeky Cow in Collendina. New member Ange, Lyn L, Sue, New member Paul, Rolf, Peter O, Mark, Chris Hu, Chris Ha, Tom, Mike and Peter J. The route was via Wallington for a change, cutting across to the Bellarine Hwy to Wallington Rd and up through the estates to Grubb Rd and down through more estates in Ocean Grove to the Cheeky Cow. After an excellent coffee headed home via Barwon Heads and 13th Beach. Bit of a head wind to HSBend Rd but then a tail wind home. An excellent morning on the bike in good company.
Cheers Peter.

Peter Jones' Ride to Freshwater Creek & Moriac on Thursday 2.11.17.
Twelve riders out today, forecast wasn’t that good but turned out ok. Final number of riders didn’t happen until Moriac, prospective new member Norm mixed up the start point so met us at Moriac and Trudi rode from home over the hills and eventually arrived for coffee. David and Jackie, Rolf sporting his Gold Medal, Peter O, Ken, Chris Hu, Peter J, Ted and prospective new members Ange and Paul McMahon were all at Bunnings to head out via Anglesea Rd and Blackgate Rd to Moriac.  Enjoyed a good break at the General Store and then most headed home via Mt Duneed Rd and Trudi, Chris Hu, David and Jackie all retraced their outward journey via Blackgate Rd.
Good morning on the bike. Cheers Peter.

Peter Jones' Ride to Anakie & Lara on Tuesday 31.10.17.
Eight riders for my ride to Anakie today: Trudi, Jackie, David R, David I, Mike, Chris Hu, Ken and Peter J. Quite a cool morning, with a bit of a biting wind. Took the Ted Wilson Trail to Ballarat Rd and crossed over to use the new Bike Path out to Ballan Rd, very good and nice and safe. The intial run out to Anakie was very quiet, we seemed to have struck a quiet time for the trucks, still a few cars and the few trucks that appeared a bit later gave us plenty of room. It was a side wind, maybe a little on the nose but we all arrived at Anakie in good shape, Jackie reckoned she found it a little difficult and we all reckoned it is a long road and seems to go on forever. Following a very enjoyable coffee/tea we headed up the hill towards Staughton Vale,  over the hill and down to Granite Rd, it’s a while since we have taken Granite but it is a wonderful road, a bit of a hill to start but after that it is a wonderful downhill and undulating road across to Bacchus Marsh Rd. Head wind sort of into Windemere then a tailwind into Café Blu Lara for lunch. The soup, the toasties and the Chicken and Leek pie were all good before we all headed home via Elcho Rd, Ted Wilson Trail and the river. A most enjoyable day out on the bike.
Cheers Peter.

Ross' Easy Circuit of Geelong on Sunday 29.10.17.
10 riders for today's easy ride. Ian, Chris Hu, Jean Hu, Peter and Marion J on the tandem, Mick, Lyn, Meri, Pam and Ross set out from South Geelong for a leisurely loop around Geelong. A few firsts for this ride. First ride back after an extended break for Meri, first official club ride for Jean (?), first club ride on the newly electric-assisted tandem for Marion and Peter and first time on quite a bit of the route for the ride leader. He was testing a new (to him) gps phone app with the suggested route throwing up a few challenges for most and plenty for the tandem riders – narrow safety fenced sections, short steep uphills, some very tight corners, railway crossings, chicanes and some cross-country sections. Marion and Peter cleared it all, with only a bit of walking required!  Refreshments were taken at the Door Gallery café in Fyansford. Lovely location but the owner/operator does struggle with early (10.30) starts. The wind gods were kind to us with the stronger winds holding off until after the ride finished.
Thanks to all for a most enjoyable outing. Ross.

Peter O'Brien's Ride to Drysdale & Ocean Grove on Sunday 29.10.17
This morning David I, Mike, John & myself rode from South Geelong to Ocean Grove.  Along the Bellarine Highway, just after Moolap Road, I had a puncture and having had a three months lay-off I was a bit rusty fixing punctures.  No photos were taken of my bungled attempts (NB. Peter was unaware of David taking photos - see below) and with assistance from David and Mike I was back on the road in no time.   At Leopold we took the Rail Trail to Drysdale and onto Grubb Road.  With a strong tail wind we reached Thackers Hill in no time.  John shot away, riding at top speed down the hill whilst we mere mortals stayed within speed limits.  Coffee was at the Groove where we were joined by Mark.  On such a beautiful day it was hard to not stay and enjoy the sunshine and conversation.  Back on our bikes we road into a headwind along Thirteenth Beach.  With the heat of the day increasing and winds becoming more gusty this proved quite a challenge.  We were all glad to get back to Geelong for a well-earned rest.   All up a very enjoyable ride.
Regards, Peter O.

ROLF WINS GOLD - 2017 Australian Masters Champion - CONGRATULATIONS

Peter Jones' Ride to Mejavo's in Torquay on Saturday 28.10.17
12 riders for our Sat ride, it was a cool and windy day to start but slowly changed to a Sunny day out. Those on the ride were, Trudi, Jackie, Sue, David R, Mark, Chris Ha, Chris Hu, Mike, new member, Sue’s Pilot Tom and Tom’s parents Angela and Paul. With a strong SW wind Torquay via Anglesea Rd seemed a good choice, a couple of sections into the wind but the rest side and tail winds. We rolled into Mejavo’s for coffee, met up with David E on a later ride and then took HSBend Rd home. A very enjoyable morning on the bike.
Cheers, Peter.

Unofficial Ride to Drysdale on Saturday 28.10.17
Meeting at The Bungalow were: Mick & Lyn, Geof & Marie, Pam & Russell, Jean and John H.

On Saturday 21st October, 42 ladies and 2 teenager shoppers visited 11 warehouses and spent $9,670.50 (from which we receive commission). The ladies also generously supported our two raffles by spending another $600.00. We also received support from Coles, Leopold and Dan Murphy’s. Consequently, Breast Cancer Network Australia will receive a generous donation from our club’s warehouse shopping trip of over $2,500.00 via my fundraising appeal for the BCNA trek which I am undertaking in New Zealand’s South Island in the Mt Cook and Mt Aspiring regions in late February 2018.
Sincere thanks to Nicole Collins, Julie Farrington and Sharon Jones (Lynn Gregg’s daughter) for their generous donation of raffle prizes.  We are extremely grateful to Ashley McHarry for his assistance with the bus and driver. Thank you Ashley. Huw our driver, had his first experience driving for our wonderful shoppers, and did a fabulous job.  Michelle, our hostess once again kept us laughing and “on our toes”. Pam Morrow’s and Lyn Gregg’s wonderful cake and slice making skills were appreciated at morning and afternoon tea. Lunch was a gourmet picnic prepared at the Christmas household. Thanks Lindy Lester, Marie Bagley and Geoffrey.  The 2017 shopping trip was the 14th that Pam and I have organized, with all proceeds going to health related charities. Next year’s shopping trip will be on October 20th, so mark that in your diaries and come along and purchase a lot of your Christmas gifts. It would be great to see a lot of GTC members on the bus trip; shopping, eating fabulous food and having a lot of laughs, whilst supporting Breast Cancer Network Australia.

Heather Christmas.

Ross' Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove on Thursday 26.10.17
At 8:55 we had 6 riders, by 9:05 we had 14 for today's ride starting at the Grovedale Hotel. Yes, we were still at the starting point at 9.05, partly because more riders kept arriving but mainly because most people were engaged in some sort of animated conversation.  Marie, Lyn G, Mick, Trudi, Ian, Ken, Terry, Chris Hu, David I, Dr Mike, Ted, Peter J, prospective member Norm and Ross set out in a long drawn out line as our "tail-end charlie" for the day attempted to get the more tardy moving. We re-grouped on Reserve Road before turning on to Barwon Heads Road and in to the wind. The first group across got a non-stop run through the roadworks but a second group were not so lucky being stopped twice to allow oncoming traffic through. Another re-group at Lake Road before a leisurely run in to Barwon Heads. The group broke up again here with Norm getting a puncture and the last few riders stopping to assist/supervice. Drinks were at Groove where the conversations continued until someone realised we had actually been there quite a while. Marie had already headed home, Lyn and Mick did the same, Ken decided to follow his own route with the rest enjoying the run along Thirteenth Beach and a tail-wind assisted run home via Horseshoe Bend Road.
Thanks to all for a most enjoyable outing. Ross.

Peter Jones' Ride to Bannockburn, Teesdale and Inverleigh on Tuesday 24.10.17
Only 6 riders today, hard to fathom when it was such a nice warm calm day. Harry, Chris Hu, David I, Peter O, Peter J and potential new member Laurie all had the right idea and came out riding up the Hamilton Hwy to Burnside Rd and into Bannockburn for coffee at The Two Sisters Café. Following coffee we headed out the Shelford Rd to Teesdale and across to Inverleigh for a bite of lunch. David I and Harry pushed on leaving 4 to enjoy lunch and then roll on down the Hwy back to Fyansford where we split and headed home. A most enjoyable days ride in good company.  Cheers Peter J.

Ross takes the South Australian Recreational Cycling Club down to Queenscliff on Tuesday 24.10.17
Had a very pleasant morning's ride with 20 plus riders from the South Australian Recreational Cycling Club. We have crossed paths previously, occupying a neighbouring unit at Bright when we did the high country rail trails a year or two ago. They have been in Geelong for a few days, doing rides around the local area.
Click here to see their program. Today's ride was down the rail trail to Queenscliff. I provided some local knowledge to get us on to the rail trail and then recommended our usual stop at the marina as a suitable Queenscliff refreshment stop. Job done, I headed home, leaving them to find their own way back. They are a very friendly group, so please say hello if you see them on the road.

Greg's 100km Ride to Lara and around Avalon Airfield on Sunday 22.10.17
BREAKING  NEWS !     Today 5 serious riders completed the 100 km flat black (road) course without a coffee stop!  Could this rare event be classed as a Guinness World  Record ? There are allegations that one senior rider may have consumed a caffein-laden gel sachet. A spokesman known as the Centurion believed  that this would not technically disqualify the record attempt as the caffein intake was negligable. Commenting on their success, the Centurion attributed it to a very careful route plan, which after leaving Geelong did not take the group within actual sight of a cafe. This was one of the flattest rides I have done  along some of the quietest roads in the region, although the group was a bit disheartened by the 20  km out and back leg along Beach and Point Wilson roads. We returned from Lara via the Hovell Trail but unfortunately heavy drizzle set in after the Refinery.  Thanks to Mark Boyanton, David Innis, John Hagan and Rolf Kohnert for your company.                                                                   
Greg Allerton ( century number 93 for 2017). 

Ian's Ride around the Waurn Ponds Creek to Panache on Sunday 22.10.17
Six riders turned up for the easy but enjoyable ride to Waurn Ponds, where a plesant chat & tea/coffee was enjoyed at Panache by Mick & Lyn, Nicole & Bill, Pam and myself. The biggest surprise of the day was that the ride leader never lost any of the group, not even the allowed 10%
Cheers, Ian.

Saturday Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove - 21.10.17
Seven riders for our speedie trip down to Groove in Ocean Grove: Mark, Rolf, Jackie, David R, Terry, Mike T and John H. The weather was a little cool and we were drizzled upon a couple of times and, as you can see from the photos, we had coffee indoors. The trip down was via Warralily, Horseshoe Bend, Blackgate and 13th Beach. Rolf was 'tapering down' his training in preparation for defending his National Title in Road Racing this coming weekend in northern Tasmania. We all wish him well in this endeavour. Mind you, his 'tapering speed' was still of a fairly high order as he disappeared into the distance a number of times on me. On the return trip the faster group (Rolf, Mark and Mike) came home via Wallington and Leopold and the 'not so fast group' (although speedie enough!) came back through 13th Beach, Lake Rd and Warralily Bvde for a round trip of about 60km.
Keep Riding, John Hagan.

Peter Jones' Tour from Sydney to Port Macquarie - October 2017 - Day 9 - FINAL DAY - Harrington to Port Macquarie
The photos are from Peter Jones' phone.
Just a brief report while we are waiting for our meal. Left the park early as we had decided we would have breakfast in Harrington. After brekkie we headed up to the look out. Spotted a few whales out to sea. Then it was off to Crowdy Head then via a gravel road to Laurieton. Stopped for morning tea on the road in the bush. Had fish and chips for lunch then headed for Port Macquarie. Really heavy head wind unfortunately Mike Currie took a tumble and had to be taken to the hospital. Luckily he has been released after tests and can fly out tomorrow. Cheers Peter.

Peter Jones' Tour from Sydney to Port Macquarie - October 2017 - Day 8 - Forster to Harrington
Headed off from Forster with a few spits of rain. Called at the bike shop in Tuncurry then moved on. Ed wanted to try the designated bike route to Black Head. The road started off sealed but deteriorated to gravel then packed sand and rock but we all pushed on and arrived at the end and a gravel road which became a sealed road at a mere 18% then to Waves Cafe in Black Head for coffee and a bacon and egg roll. Suitably fortified the peloton pushed on to Taree for lunch and then on to Harrington for the night. Cheers Peter

David Rae's Ride to Barwon Heads on Tuesday 17.10.17
Six riders met at the showgrounds - Terry, David I, Dr. Mike, Ross, David and Jackie on a lovely sunny morning. We followed the bike track to Leopold where we met up with Lyn and Mick and continued along the bike path to The Bungalow at Drysdale for coffee.  After coffee Mike decided to return home via the bike path and the rest of us went up Princess Street and onto Grubb Road into Ocean Grove and across to the rotunda at Barwon Heads for lunch.  Ross said goodbye to us here and the remainder had a very pleasant ride along 13th Beach road and then back via Lakes Road and through the new estate at Warrililly, where Lyn and Mick took a right at Horseshoebend Road and Terry, David and Jackie rode on to Torquay Road and through Armstrong Creek to Baanyip Road and along the bike path to Gazeephore Road and home. A very enjoyable ride was had by all.
David Rae.

Peter Jones' Tour from Sydney to Port Macquarie - October 2017 - Day 7 - Seal Rocks to Forster
An early morning jaunt up to Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse at 6-30 am started the day off nicely. It was a little overcast but not cold and the views of Seal Rocks and Seal Rocks blowhole were great. Back and after a good breakfast it was time to tackle the first hill of the day, a mere 17%, it was fun to ride in last night but we paid for it going out. An undulating road to Bungwahl then the Lakes Rd turning off to Smiths Lake and the Frothy Coffee Boathouse, fabulous coffee, great Bacon and Egg Rolls and a lovely outlook over the lake. Of course getting to coffee took some pain, with names on the roads like, 2nd Ridge Rd, 3rd Ridge Rd what else would you expect. Fully fortified we pressed on to Boomerang Beach, Elizabeth Beach with many stunning views. Stopped at a picnic spot for a cuppa and cake then moved on to our accommodation for the night at Lani’s Island Holiday Park. Thai attack tonight.
Cheers Peter.  

Click here for an ACTIVE map of Day 7.

Peter Jones' Tour from Sydney to Port Macquarie - October 2017 - Day 6 - Hawkes Nest to Seal Rocks
The day went well a very quiet road North to Bombah Point Ferry where we went over to the other side for coffee and lunch then back to take the Old Gibber Trail across to the Seal Rocks Rd this cut out a lot of ks and the main rds. The Old Gibber Trail was a little rocky in places but generally good. Arrived here about 3.30 and swimming was popular. Also sight seeing walks up to the lighthouse. Only slight issue is the big hill to out of here tomorrow. Cheers Peter.

Peter Jones' Tour from Sydney to Port Macquarie - October 2017 - Day 5 - Newcastle to Hawkes Nest.
After our rest day which was a bit showery today dawned fine and clear with bright Sunshine and a few puffy clouds scudding about. It was very humid, 100 % apparently but ok for riding. Route today was from Stockton to Hawkes Nest which involved a Ferry trip from Nelson Bay to Tea Gardens which is on the Myle River across from Port Stevens. The first section was along a really good concrete bike path, then on the Nelson Bay Rd with a very good shoulder. Called into Fighter World and a few had a look while others headed to Saxby’s Bakery for a coffee and all sorts of goodies. With the peloton intact again we soon turned off the main Rd and on to the much quieter Marsh Rd which meandered it’s way through the marshes before re-joining the highway. Coming into Nelson Bay we stopped briefly to watch a hydro foil kite surfer then took the Bartlet’s Cycleway into town. Lunch was on the waterfront, ED followed up with the Ferry company to ask about timetables and discovered only two bikes could fit, a bit of discussion and the number was raised to five, they only had the small boat on that day. A bit of organising and nine bikes were loaded in/on the trailer and problem solved. The ferry wasn’t due to go until 3-30 pm so everyone relaxed, chatting, eating ice cream etc. The trip across took about an hour after which we headed to the Hawkes Nest Caravan Park for the night. Dinner was at the Golf Club.
Cheers Peter.

Ross' Ride to Raven's Creek Farm in Moriac on Sunday 15.10.17
Quite a bit of climbing in the published ride for today so I was quite surprised to find 10 people waiting at South Geelong station. It appears there had been some confusion about the route and most were expecting a fairly leisurely ride so we revised the route, destination and planned refreshment stop. Marie, Pam, Lyn G, Heather, Geoff, Mick, Mark, Harry, Dr Mike, David I and Ross set off for Moriac. Our new route took us along the river path, Waurn Ponds Creek path, Waurn Ponds Drive, Pettavel Road and Reservoir Roads. The group split at Cape Otway Road with roughly equal numbers taking the easy and harder routes to Raven Creek Farm. After a nice long refreshment break in the sun, we set off for home along Mount Duneed Road. The group started to split as we working our way back to Geelong with riders taking the most direct way home.
Nice day, good ride, great company. Ross.

Peter Jones' Tour from Sydney to Port Macquarie - October 2017 - Day 4 - Rest day in Newcastle.
Well deserved rest day in Newcastle enjoying the arts culture and food on offer in this busy city. Construction everywhere. Hosting the V8 Supercars next month. Some are excited.  We celebrated with a delicious team a Pasta night featuring chefs, Ben, Fiona and Chris Hu. Cheers, Chris Halpin.

John Hagan's Ride to The Cheeky Cow on Saturday 14.10.17
Nine riders for this ride in beautiful weather for cycling. With the Port Macquarie Tour on and a few other Saturday regulars missing it was a good turn up. The group consisted of: Sue and Thomas on the tandem, John on the recumbent, and David I, Peter M, Ross, David R & Jackie and Terry on diamond framed bikes. With only a slight breeze around we headed down Lake Rd, Barwon Heads Rd and Sheepwash Rd before crossing the Barwon to Ocean Grove and down to The Cheeky Cow in Collendina. Surprisingly, it was not crowded and we enjoyed coffee and conversation on the outside seats. The return trip took us back via 13th Beach, Blackgate Rd, Horseshoe Bend Rd and the group split up at Warralily Bvde, some coming home via The Surf Coast Highway and the rest via Horseshoe Bend Rd. The total ride for most was about 70km.
Keep Riding, John.

Below - Thomas and Sue on the tandem on the Barwon Heads - Ocean Grove Rd.

Peter Jones' Tour from Sydney to Port Macquarie - October 2017 - Day 3
Fine warm Sunny day, only a short ride into Newcastle mainly on tracks/paths to Belmont then on the Fernleigh Track, one of the first Rail Trails in NSW. A very well used trail, fully sealed and marked passing through one of the only curved rail tunnels around. Had coffee at The Fernleigh Café and headed for the beach, Chris Hu noticed an eruption on the side of his tyre so we headed to the bike shop for two new tyres then on to the beach and the Skywalk. Magnificent day with fantastic views along the coast. After lunch took the ferry across to Stockton and our accommodation for the next two nights.
Cheers Peter.

Mick leads the Ride to Moorabool Valley Chocolate Cafe on Thursday 12.10.17
We had a good turnout of riders today considering there was a group away on tour.  Eleven riders fronted up at the showgrounds for a trip round the waterfront up to the Moorabool Valley Chocolate on Ballarat road. They were: Marie, Lyn G, Ian, David I, David & Jackie, Rolf, Ted, Mike, Mark and myself (Mick).  We went via Boundary Rd, thru Eastern Park, Waterfront, Rippleside, no cuppa & scones at Rolf’s so we kept going thru to Nth Geelong and into Douro St and up the Tom McKean trail to Vines Rd, Drysdale Ave and Ted Wilson Trail where we lost Ted & Ian.  Went back a few streets and found them fixing Ted’s rear tyre. Finally got to coffee stop just as MG car club was getting there so place was full. After coffee back along trail, McCurdy Rd,cementies hill and along the river with riders dropping off for home along the way. All up a good ride, a bit blowy but good around 50 klm. 
Thanx to all for coming. Cheers, Mick.

Peter Jones' Tour from Sydney to Port Macquarie - October 2017 - Day 2
Did a few more hills today on our 80 odd klm ride, some Stravas said 800 odd metres, some said 400 odd another said 600 metres of climbing whatever it was there was plenty. Left Gosford just after 9-00 am on a warm and humid morning, followed a bike path for quite a while before taking some streets and then back on a path. Trudi had a puncture but we were soon on our way to Terrigal for coffee, the run down into the town is really spectacular and great fun. The town was absolutely jammed with people and cars, no apparent reason other than it is a beautiful spot right on the ocean.
There was a very nice ice cream shop and some tried their wares. The run on to The Entrance for lunch threw up some more hills but we overcame them as usual. The Entrance was a lot quieter than Terrigal but still with lovely views over the lake. The final leg to our overnight stop at Swansea was about 40 klm, a mixture of paths and road, with hills of course, and was all over by 4-00 pm, a quiet drink to re hydrate and later happy hour and later still a BBQ finished the day nicely. Quiet day tomorrow into Newcastle for a couple of nights.
Cheers Peter.

Peter Jones' Tour from Sydney to Port Macquarie - October 2017 - Day 1
The group all gathered on Tuesday 10th Oct as planned, some by car from Geelong, some by air and some from Coffs harbour. The usual BBQ was held at the Caravan park and everyone settled into their cabins. The weather was overcast without rain but the threat of misty drizzle was in the air. Start time was discussed and agreed that we should get the 10-30 am ferry across to Ettalong which meant departing the park at 8-30 am.
The morning dawned overcast and the threat of drizzle had materialised and remained off and on until about 2-00 pm when we were almost at Gosford. We took bike paths and minor roads as much as possible the roads are very busy and being wet it made it more daunting. The lengths we went to to avoid heavy traffic were proved  when we willingly climbed many, many, steps around a headland. Following the steps we were able to take the main road which had become less busy the further out the peninsular we went eventually we arrived at Palm Beach and took the ferry across to Ettalong where we  enjoyed a coffee and cake before taking to bike path around to Woy Woy for lunch and on to Gosford for the night. Their were magnificent views if a little spoilt by the drizzle and mist. Total distance covered was around 45 klm but it included some pretty steep hills made a little more difficult by the misty drizzle.

Travelling to Sydney to start the Tour to Pt Macquarie

David Innes' Ride to Moriac on Tuesday 10.10.17
Tuesday morning turned out to be a beautiful morning, one out of the box, far and few between, sunny blue sky with little wind. Starting at Bunnings in Warn Pounds we headed towards Moriac via the Old Colac Highway, stopped at the General Store for coffee as our favoured stop Raven was closed Tuesday's. With some chat and laughter we bantered for a considerable time until we finally headed off home via the Cape Otway Rd and Ghazeepore Rds was an uneventful days ride but enjoyable mainly due to the weather and of course the company shared along the way. Those attending were David and Jackie, Dr Mike and Terry, a welcome return after some  long term injuries - good to see him riding again.
Ride Report - David Innes.
Photos thanks to Mike Taylor.

John Hagan's Combined Ride to Pettavel, Freshwater Creek and Armstrong Creek on Sunday 8.10.17
Because Around the Bay in a Day 2017 was on today and Cycling Geelong were also involved in a lot of volunteering both at the ride and at a stall on the waterfront I was not sure we would have any takers on what looked like a beautiful day. However, Richard from Cycling Geelong, and Ross, Chris Hume and myself from the GTC turned up at the Sth Geelong Station. We had only travelled a block when a woman nearly took us out as we came down Yarra St - she slid to a halt with a big screech of brakes at the give way sign and looked like she was coming straight through us. Our route took us out the back of Deakin to Pettavel then back along Reservoir Rd and the Anglesea Rd to The Farmers' Place in Freshwater Creek for coffee and cake. Our return tip took us through Armstrong Creek on Warralily Blvd and home via Breakwater for a round trip of about 50km.
Keep Cycling, John.

Around the Bay 2017 Photos from Peter Jones & Chris Halpin of Pam, Lindy, Ian, Trudi and Leo on Sunday 8.10.17

Peter Jones' Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove on Saturday 7.10.17
Just the cream of the crop for my ride today, Trudi, Lyn L, Sue, Leo, Tom, Harry and myself took an easy roll down to Groove for a coffee. Sue was riding with a new Pilot, did very well, Tom is nice and strong with some experience of tandem riding so all went smoothly. It was a bit of a headwind going down but it was great coming home after a coffee. We returned via 13th Beach and HSBend Rd., a very enjoyable morning on the bike, a good work up for our ride to Melbourne tomorrow with the Around the Bay in a Day ride.
Cheers Peter.

The Social Ride to Drysdale 7.10.17
Lyn, Jean, John & Mick at The Bungalow in Drysdale.

Lyn's Ride to Drysdale on Thursday 5.10.17
On this pleasant Thursday morning 14 turned out to ride:  Marie, Trudi,  Heather,  Geoff,  Ian,  Ross,  Terry,  Chris H,  Peter,  Rolf,  Ted,  Jean,  Mick and Lyn. We headed down the rail trail on to the Bellarin Highway, turning left at Bunnings then up Melaluka Rd to pick up the trail again and headed to Drysdale to The Bungalow where there was coffee and plenty of chatter. We resumed down Princess Street onto Swan Bay Road where Marie left us and Terry left at Wallington Road then Mick and Lyn dropped of at Kensington Road and the rest proceded back to the Show Grounds. A good ride thanks all for coming. 
Cheers Lyn.

First Senior's Ride for 2017 around the Barwon with Rod Charles from Cycling Geelong on Wednesday - 4.10.17
Quite a big turn up for this ride from Balliang Sanctuary with coffee at Barwon Edge. Three GTC riders: Chris Halpin, Peter Horan and John Hagan.

Peter's Ride to Queenscliff on Tuesday 3.10.17
Fourteen riders for our Tuesday Ride to Queenscliff, the warm forecast encouraged everyone out for a ride on a lovely day. The riders were Trudi, Julia, Lyn G, Lyn L, Zdenko, Ken, Ross, Mick, Chris Ha, Chris Hu, David I, David R, and  Mike. It was a lovely day for a ride but it was a day of punctures, we had barely gone 5 klms and Lyn L picked up a big nail right through the tyre. We made it out to The Bungalow for coffee via the bike path. Following coffee we took Princess St to Swan Bay Rd. Mick picked up our second puncture on this leg but after a short wait we were on our way and rolled into Queenscliff and down to the Marina for lunch. Lunch over the concensus was for return via 13th Beach, on this leg Lyn G dropped into a pot hole and created our third puncture. Puncture repaired we rolled on home via Ocean Grove, Barwon Heads, 13th Beach and HSBend Rd., a really lovely day on the bike.
Cheers Peter.

Ross' Tour of the Barrabool Hills on Sunday 1.10.17
Not sure how many intended to do today's ride through the Barrabool hills but 10 riders managed to navigate the transition to daylight savings (some only just) and assembled at South Geelong station for the 9.00 start. Greg, Mike C, Dr Mike, Ken, John H, Long John C, Chris Hu, Rolf, David I and Ross set off for Moriac via Barrabool Road. It was slow but steady up through Wandana Heights and Ceres with a westerly wind taking the edge of the following down hills. Mike C diverted on to his own ride then after Devon Road, John H and Long John turned back towards home meanwhile Ken was selecting his route to minimise altitude changes, appearing in front of us on the highway before turning off again and reappearing on the run down Hendy Main. During refreshments at the Raven Creek Farm, a majority decision was made for the wind-assisted fast run home down Mt Duneed Road rather than re-tracing our steps. Reward for effort! Thanks to all for a most enjoyable outing.
Cheers, Ross.

Saturday Rides to Drysdale - 30.9.17
Saturdays ride started from the South Geelong trian station where footy fans from all over arriving as well for the AFL grand final. Even a bus load of crows supporters who as we now know went home very sad ha!  ha! Lol. The cycling was good the weather a little ordinary cloudy with a few showers. The scratch bunch consisted of the two Chris's, Dr Mike, Mark, Rolf and Harry. We headed to Drysdale but as Rolf said was wetsdale as it drizzled and was wet the pace was fast as we had a nice wind behind our backs passing through we waved  to the C grade bunch who had stopped at another coffee shop and not the usual Ground Zero where we were headed. Arriving at Ground Zero it was decided to have our coffees outside but not for too long as the rains once again tumbled out of the sky so we all cowered inside listening to the rain on the tin roof of the building. When the rain stopped we went thinking perhaps the rain has gone only to find it started again but only heavier! with a few stopping to put on rain jackets. Making our way to the Queenscliff Highway back to Geelong the going was a little tough for some as we rode into a fairly stiff wind no punctures or mishaps all enjoyed the cycling even though the weather wasn't ideal thanks to all who attended.
Cheers, David Innes.

The "C grade bunch" consisted of: Lyn, Jean, Heather, Mick, John H, John C, David C, David E, and Geoff C. As you can see from the map below many arrived at The Bungalow in Drysdale by different routes.

Mike's Ride to Mejavo's Cafe in Torquay on Thursday - 28.9.17
We woke to bright blue skies but oddly a light sprinkle of rain. The forecast was for 16 degrees with a strong westerly.
Ten riders showed up to Grovedale Pub for the Thursday ride.  Mike, Peter J, Chris Hu, Lyn, Mick, Terry, Dave I, Trudi, Ken and Marie.  Mike was elected team leader, by default it seems, and we headed enthusiastically down Torquay Road. We turned left down Warralily Boulevard and across through the estate to Horseshoe Bend Road and had an uneventful run down to Torquay.
At Torquay we turned right at the Quay Boulevard roundabout and proceeded down Fischer St to the Mejavo's  Café.
After coffee we headed back along the beach to Horseshoe Bend Rd. The team leader and young Dave became involved in an engrossing conversation about cycling cornering technique when we suddenly realised that the peloton, apart from Chris Hu, seemed to have totally and inexplicably vanished.  We found them again a short time later and proceeded to Blackgate Rd. At this stage the peloton split. Peter, Terry and Dave returned to Geelong. The other 7 riders enjoyed a wonderful tail wind down 13th beach and on to Grubb Rd. Trudi, Mick and Lyn quite by chance found Rolf at the turnoff and proceeded with Rolf  down the Bellarine Highway. Mike and Chris proceeded on to Drysdale for some more refreshments at Ground Zero.
Thanks to everyone for the excellent company and an excellent ride.
Cheers, Mike.

Ross Leads the Tuesday Ride to Moriac and Bells Beach - 26.9.17
A sunny spring day with next to no wind = the recipe for a perfect riding day. Lyn G, Julie, Jackie, David R, David I, Terry, Rolf, Dr Mike, Chris Hu, Chris Ha, Ken and Ross definitely thought so and assembled at Bunnings for today's ride. We headed out via Waurn Ponds Drive, Pettavel and Reservoir Roads to Cape Otway Road where approx half took the direct route to Moriac while the rest continued along Reservoir and enjoyed the nice long Hendy Main down hill to our coffee stop at the General Store. There we were joined by Trudi and Peter J who had sought out some extra challenge by riding via the Barrabool hills.
After drinks and conversation in the sun, we set off down Forest Road. A small group down the back were witness to the makings of a road rage incident where an oncoming silver car took exception to red ute that had crossed well on to the wrong side of the road while passing us. The oncoming silver car screeched to a stop, directly in front of us then with tyres spinning, took off back up the road in pursuit of the ute. We quite expected to come across some sort of fight but further up the road we met the ute driver who told us about a verbal confrontation and asked for contact details, in case the matter went any further. At the GOR roundabout, most of the group "voted" to do the Bells Beach loop while a few continued directly on to home. Kudos to Lyn who had not ridden Bells before and Terry who has not ridden much and originally intended to head back from Moriac. Up through Bells then Jan Juc and in to Bell Street for lunch at Bells Bakery. The ride leader abandoned the group at this point but was confident they would be able to find their way home. Thanks to all for a most enjoyable outing.
Cheers, Ross.

Sunday to The Cheeky Cow in Collendina with Chris Hume - 24.9.17
Five riders turned up at Sth Geelong Station: two Chrises, two Mikes, Dr Mike and Mike C and Rolf on a very breezy day!! We cruised down to the rail trail until Mike had a puncture then shortly followed by a second puncture!!! He sent out an SOS for a pickup and left the group.  We then headed along Bellarine Hwy to Melaluka Rd where Marie, Heather and Lyn joined the group. From here we had a great run, with the wind behind us, to Swan Bay Rd then Banks Rd to the Cheeky Cow for coffee. After coffee it was into the wind most of the way home. The group soon split, Marie, Heather and Lyn headed home via Grubb Rd and the rest continued along to 13th Beach, Lake Rd and Barwon Heads Rd. It was a bit of a grind but well worth the effort.

Saturday Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove - 23.9.17
When we started at Sth Geelong Station we had only 5 riders: Rolf, Mark, David I, Chris Hume and John H. We decided to head for Groove in Ocean Grove via Barwon Heads Rd and then joined with Peter J, David & Jackie Rae, Trudi & Leo Bellia to bring the number up to 10 at Lake Rd. The sun was shining and we had a gentle headwind on the way down to a delightful coffee break at Groove. For the return journey we let the very fast group take their own way home (see map) and the rest returned via 13th Beach and Lake Rd. On 13th Beach Rd Jackie had a puncture and it was fixed by the team of David and Leo in record time and as this was happening Ross came along having had coffee with quite a few others of our GTC group at The Bungalow in Drysdale.
Keep Riding, John.

The "A" team of Mark, David and Rolf left the big group at the Goove cafe as no one wanted to join them.  We went back to Barwon Heads and took the 13th Beach Road at high speed, the blackrock path onto the Blackrock Road and turned into HSB Road.  A word of caution for anyone riding from Torquay towards Geelong along HSB Road, the edges are extensively and badly damaged and it could be treacherous to cyclists.  After HSB Road we turned into the Belmont oval and took the river trail to Swanston Street and home along the water front.  It was a fast run home and we all made it safely back, clocking up over 75kms.
Cheers Rolf.

Rolf's Ride to Millars in Lara on Thursday 21.9.17
It did look ominous and the radar map showed a lot of green, but the forecast temperature tempted Heather, Chris Hu., David, Zdenko and Rolf to front up for a headwind ride to Lara, using the Ted Wilson trail and the easy option to get to Lovely Banks, up the wee hill and onto the Bacchus March Hwy. and the dirt short cut to Millars of Lara for our well appreciated but not really earned coffee break.  For the first time since winter we could sit outside and actually enjoy warmth, so much so that Heather stated that she got a bit too warm.  The run home along the Hovell trial was a real breeze, having the breeze right behind us.  An enjoyable ride in lovely spring weather, thank you all for making it perfect.

David Rae's Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove on Tuesday 19.9.17

Eight riders met at The Showgrounds - Trudi, Mark, Lyn G, Chris Hu, David I, Ralph, David and Jackie.  We started the ride by heading towards Breakwater and down Barwon Heads Road continuing along this road until turning off onto Lake Road.  We had a good wind assisted ride along 13th Beach Road into Barwon Heads and then onto The Groove for coffee.  After a pleasant coffee and chat we rode up through Ocean Grove and onto Grubb Road, where we had a few spots of rain, but nothing to worry us too much.  We decided to keep going along Grubb Road into Drysdale, where we joined the bike path to make our way back to Geelong.  Rolf, Dave I and Mark took a right at Melaluka Road while the rest of us made our way to The Showgrounds and home.
David Rae.

3. Bourke to Swan Hill with Ross and Mick - September 2017
We have done it! Arrived in Wentworth yesterday to view the Darling joining the Murray and are now working our way home. Have continued to struggle with headwinds with an overnight stealth camp required between Pooncarie and Wentworth. That was interesting in itself with overnight temperatures falling into the negatives and everything covered with ice in the morning. It has been a most enjoyable and challenging ride with both of us enjoying visiting some out-of-the-way places. Definitely worth a second attempt! Cheers, Ross and Mick.

Greg Allerton's 106km Ride to Lara, Sutherlands Ck, Bannockburn & Mt Moriac on Sunday 17.9.17
It was a good turnout for one of my long rides with 6 starters. It was down to 3 degrees overnight  but the forecast of a sunny 19 degrees encouraged John Carleton, John Hagan, Chris Hume, Peter Maurer,  and Dr Mike to participate. I led the group on my usual backstreet route out to Ted Wilson trail and followed it to Bacchus Marsh  Rd. The sizeable group must have deterred some of my usual swooping magpies, though this did not help Chris later on.                                                 Staceys Rd was the first  long climb of the day with an "unfit " Peter and Chris getting well ahead. Robbs Rd then led us to Sutherlands Creek where John H had a bit of trouble organising us for a mobile bunch photo.  Parkers Rd gave us  a great downhill  but when spread out on the climb up Clyde Hill allowed a magpie  to pick on Chris  while leaving the rest untouched. After coffee at Bannockburn  we then took the quiet Masons Rd through Spring Creek to Hamilton Hwy. The climb out of Murgheboluc split the peleton and at Pollocksford Rd  John C decided to take the direct way home. Dr Mike did his first ascent of this long climb as I highlighted the great scenery  we had time to admire at our sedate pace. Along Barrabool Rd to Andersons Rd for more hills with Peter and Chris again leading the way.                                                               There was a short section along Princes Hwy before the quiet Reservoir Rd took us towards home. After   surviving the appalling bikepath surface we had just reached Ghazeepore Rd  when Chris had a sudden front wheel blowout. It was promptly fixed  and some more backstreets soon had us to Breakwater Rd  from where riders headed off home. The 106 km distance had us climbing 917 meters in elevation with an average of 22 kph .  Thank you all for your company!             Greg Allerton.

PS - Chris was hit on the neck by yet another magpie as he returned along the Barwon with John H.

Chris Halpin's Ride to Moriac on Saturday 16.9.17
Six sappy cyclists lined up at the starting grid this morning. Rolf, Dr Mike, Chris Hu, Peter, David & myself took off at 9.02 - unfortunately the Ride Leader had his phone turned off and missed the emergency call from John repairing a puncture. Apologies John. We headed SW along the river bank  to Breakwater encountering some amazing floodwaters in the lower Waurn Ponds Ck. On to Ghazepore and the Anglesea Rd to Blackgate finally turning off the wind into Hendy Main and a delightful coffee in the sunshine at Ravens Ck. Back onto Hendy Main with fabulous tail winds taking us over the Barrabool Hills and home. Thanks for the ride team, Chris.

John Hagan decided to ride with Cycling Geelong after repairing the puncture (on the way to the start) and met up with Richard Hamilton from Cycling Geelong. We got there too late but ran into them later as they returned from Waurn Ponds. The photo below was taken on Gundog Lane and shows the amount of flooding. John.

2. Bourke to Swan Hill with Ross and Mick - September 2017
Mick and I have arrived at Pooncarie which was where we abandoned on our first attempt at this ride. The very last section of dirt road ended just out Pooncarie and it is all sealed road to the end of our Darling River Run at Wentworth and on to our final destination at Swan Hill. I don't think Mick was sad to see the dirt end. He says "NO". Had a really good run down from Menindee. Stayed overnight in the shearers quarters at a run-down station. Great hospitality from the people there and the luxury of lights and an open fire. Nothing serious to report other than 3 puntures for me today - all thorns. Feels as though the trip is coming to an end but should have at least one more report before Swan Hill.
Best, Ross and Mick.

Lyn Gregg's Ride to Barwon Heads on Thursday 14.9.17
On a cool morning 9 cyclists arrived for a ride to the Groove for coffee: Marie, Ian, Chris, H Rolf,  Jackie, Wee Daveee, Ted, and Dr Mike. Went Reserve Rd, Horseshoe Bend, 13th Beach with a nice tail wind. To Groove for coffee but just before coffee Marie had a puncture so called Geof as she was close to home. Then going along Grubb Road I had a puncture so thank you to Rolf and wee Davee for getting me going again. I left the group at Leopold and the rest headed for home. Distance of around 62km.
Thanks for coming. Cheers Lyn.

1. Bourke to Swan Hill with Ross and Mick - September 2017
Greetings from Menindee. Apologies for the lack of reports. Absolutely intended to report from Wilcannia but had to leave in a hurry due to an imminent weather change. The ride has gone very well so far. Roads are not too bad - some pushing required - and very little traffic. It has been in the 30's for the last few days and we are both weary and having a rest day here before pushing on towards Victoria.

Combined Ride with Cycling Geelong to Jack Rabbit near Drysdale on Sunday 10.9.17
As we assembled for our ride today at the 'Park N' Ride' carpark near the Botanical Gardens we were drawn in by the beautiful scenery on this sunny Sunday morning. The Rainbow Lorikeets were in the tree besides us so I snapped a few shots. David Simpson from Cycling Geelong led the group of 13 riders from both clubs out along the Portarlington Rd to the House of Jack Rabbit Cafe just past Drysdale. The views were even better there and we enjoyed coffee out on the patio with Corio Bay stretching in the sunshine almost to the You Yangs. Our return trip was via Portarlington, St Leonards, Swan Bay Rd and the Bellarine Highway. From Cycling Geelong we had David Simpson, Linton, Brigid, Doug and Richard and from GTC Pam, Marie, Lyn G, Ben, Chris Hume, Chris Halpin, Mike T, and John H. We covered approximately 90km on our lap of the Bellarine Peninsula.
Keep Riding, John Hagan.

Saturday Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove - 9.9.17
A good turn up for this ride - 9 participants: Rolf, David I, Chris Halpin, Chris Hume, Peter Maurer, Greg Allerton, Mike T, Harry and John H. Peter M had come down from Melbourne to join us - welcome back Peter - and he hasn't lost any speed! The weather was good with some wind so we decided to head for Groove in Ocean Grove. As I had gone through some deep water further up the Barwon yesterday I kept off the Barwon Path and directed the group to Breakwater via Barwon Tce. However, some got caught at the lights and came via the River anyway! It was all clear along that side. We thought we sighted the missing riders up ahead but were not able to catch them. I sent a phone message to say we would meet them at the corner of Horseshoe Bend Rd and Blackgate Rd - then, to our surprise, they came up behind us and we travelled through to 13th Beach, Barwon Heads and Ocean Grove with a good tail wind. We got the usual good service at Groove then returned via Wallington and Leopold for a trip of just over 60km. Mike and myself returned along the southern side of the Barwon and we encountered quite a bit of flooding.
Keep Riding - John Hagan.

Trudi's Ride to Lara on Thursday 7.9.17
On a windy Thursday morning six riders were waiting at Church St, Chris, Mike, Lyn, Marie, Rolf, Ted and ride leader Trudi. With men at work at the start of the Ted Wilson Path, we had a slight detour to join the path. On reaching Ballarat Rd we turned left, then right onto the Ballan Rd. Finding ourselves in a strong headwind, our progress was slow and steady. Until the unthinkable happened !!!! With a short lack of concentration, or perhaps too many heads downs. I heard a yelp with a bang and a clatter of bikes and cyclists scrapping the ground. Luckily for Mike and Chris all was well, just a bit shaken, one with a splash of Claret on his knee. Once we turned onto Stacey's Rd we all enjoyed a lovely tailwind push, with a fantastic down hill run. We then turned left onto Bacchus Marsh Rd. Then right onto Windermere Rd and to our coffee stop at Espresso Cafe in Lara. Our homeward journey was along Hovells Creek Path, all dropping off at different stages along the way. Thanks everyone for a most enjoyable ride, life is better on your bike..

Nicole's Ride to Coffee at Millars in Lara on Sunday 3.9.17
A very windy day and we had a mostly willing group of riders not sure about the ride leader.  Riding on Father's Day was John, Mike,  Chris H,  David I,  Bill and myself.  We rode past the water front to North Geelong, to Lara via trail.  Coffee outside at Miller's.  Returning via gravel  recommended  by David.  Not sure he was thinking about the wind at this stage, blown off track but not off the bike. On to Ted Wilson trail.  Enjoyed the  downhill to the river.  His legs are cut off said a young boy on river path at seeing John. Guess that was the first time  seeing a bike like John's.  No damage to John.  All returned home safely.

Chris Halpin's Saturday Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove - 2.9.17
An awesome foursome - Mike, Chris Hu, Rolf and me - took off from South Geelong station at 9.02.  We decided to ignore the then light northerly and head to Ocean Grove via the Barwon River track, Horseshoe Bend and Blackgate roads onto Thirteenth Beach. It seems we were enjoying quite a tailwind and very nearly got blown off the Barwon Heads bridge. ''Twas more than a little scary." A bit disappointed to find our favourite tree has disappeared from the garden at Groove Coffee stop, but sure it will soon be better. Returning to the bikes we headed into the wind towards Wallington and scooted back to town along the Bellarine Hwy with almost another tail wind. Thanks team for an enjoyable ride. 
Chris Halpin.

Also on Saturday 2.9.17 - Unofficial Ride with Simon leading OZ-HPV - 5 GTC Riders met up at The Bungalow at Drysdale: Simon, John C, David C, David E & John H with Rob from Ballarat and Peter from Melbourne.

Lyn's Wallington Loop on Thursday 31.8.17
On this lovely Thursday morning 10 cyclists arrived at the Showgrounds. There was Chris, Dr Mike, Harry, Trudi, Jackie, wee Davee, Rolf, David I, Mick and Lyn. We headed out along the Bellarine Highway turning left and going in the back of Bunnings, cutting off the corner of Melauka Road. We made our way down to the rail trail and proceeded to The Bungalow for coffee where three amigos decided to go to Ground Zero. We all met up and returned home via Princess Street, Swan Bay Road, where Trudi, Dr Mike and Chris were going further, and the rest headed down the Bellarine Highway.  Thanks all for coming on a lovely day.
Cheers Lyn.

David Rae's Ride from Winchelsea to Birregurra & Barwon Downs on Tuesday 29.8.17
Six riders turned up at Winchelsea - Chris, Laurie, Julie, Trudi, Jackie and David - on a cold, cloudy morning.  On the way to Birregurra, Trudi told us the temperature had dropped to 3.6 deg, but we were all well wrapped up and had an enjoyable ride to a much welcome coffee/hot chocolate. On arrival at the usual coffee stop, we discovered it was up for sale, but we found another really nice cafe just down the road.  We continued our ride along the Forrest/Birregurra Road, where a light shower of rain followed us for a little while.  We turned left onto Division Road riding through some very pleasant countryside and started to see some patches of blue sky.  We stopped at a very nice cafe for lunch and another hot drink, where Julie, Chris and Laurie sampled the local pies. There was another shower of rain, but it cleared up before we headed off again. We all managed to negotiate Bambra Hill with the help of a slight tail wind and the good conditions made for a fast run home.  We all agreed it was a very enjoyable ride.
David Rae.

Fiona's Ride to Coffee at Millar's in Lara on Sunday 27.8.17
All went well with fortunate weather conditions. It rained whilst we had coffee at Millar's, and there was a tiny hail shower when we got back to Geelong. Pam, Lyn, Chris, Mike, David and Mark, joined Fi and Ben (Tail End Charlie) for a 50km loop to Lara via; Ginn St, pedestrian overpass, enjoying all the magnolias in flower through Geelong West, and uphill to McCurdy Rd, onto Ted Wilson until Cowies Creek where we took a U-turn to go under the Ring Rd and up a short steep section of Bluestone Bridge Rd to great views of Geelong and the Greek Orthodox Monastery. We passed the Geelong Baptist College on Anakie Rd, and rode downhill on Tower Hill Rd to the end where we used Houston Rd to keep us off Bacchus Marsh Rd as long as possible. A couple of kilometres on Bacchus Marsh Rd got us to Patullous Rd and into Lara, avoiding narrow, busy, Elcho Rd. We had stiff headwinds on our return on the Bay Trail. Everyone said that today, they rode on some road or trail that they had never previously ridden on, which made me very happy that they had all trusted me. Some riders had ridden 13 kms to join this ride so they clocked up 75+.
Thanks to Mike T for the pictures.

Mike T leads the Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove - 26.8.17
It was a perfect morning for riding with the following 7 riders turning up at South Geelong Station: Mike, Chris Hu, Chris Ha, Harry, John, Mark and Greg. With just a light north-westerly wind we decided to head out down Horseshoe Bend Rd. We had a lovely tail breeze for a dream run down Blackgate Rd and 13th Beach. Greg headed off solo at the Dunes to attempt to add to his impressive list of “century” rides this year. At The Groove we found Trudi, Leo, Dave and Jackie who had left independently from Dave’s place. After coffee at The Groove Mark came back to find a flat tyre. The Wallington Hill seems to be getting easier with practice. We faced quite a stiff head wind coming back along the Bellarine Highway.
Thanks to everyone for a great ride. Mike T.

Thursday Ride to Mejavo's Cafe in Torquay - 24.8.17
We met at the Grovedale Pub this morning and in the group we had a navigator, photographer and reporter. There was Chris H, Dr Mike, Ted, Lyn L, Mick and Lyn. We headed off down the Surf Coast Highway then across on Warralily Blvd to Horseshoe Bend Rd and later back again on Blackgate Rd to the Surf Coast Highway. We went to Mejavo Café in main street where we were surprised with a visit from Terry H. There was a lot of chatter then we headed off for home. Mick and Lyn left the group on the Surf Coast Highway and headed of home while the others returned via the longer route through Freshwater Creek.
Cheers Lyn G.

Chris Hume's Lap of the Bellarine Peninsula on Tuesday 22.8.17
On a beautiful day for riding, thirteen riders assembled a the Show grounds - Greg, Harry, Trudi, Ross, Lyn and Mick, David and Jackie, John, Dr Mike, guest rider Laurie, Chris Ha and yours truly Chris Hu. We headed along the Rail Trail to Drysdale, Ross left us here to return to Torquay, then onto Portarlington, from there had a scenic ride along the Esplanade to Indented Heads and onto St Leonard's where we had coffee at The Fig Leaf. On the way Greg had two flats!! There was a bit of agitation in the peloton as it was 43km to the first coffee break!?! Chris Ha and Greg left us at St Leonard's the rest of us headed off starting along Bluff Rd and using Swan Bay Rd and Bellarine Hwy to return. Six of us stopped for a chat and snack at the Rolling Pin rest headed home for lunch. An enjoyable outing!

Nicole's Loop around Geelong on Sunday 20.8.17
An easy ride after a few months not on the road for me. 11 Riders John H, Pam, Lyn, Mike T, Chris , Bill, Ian, Harry and guest riders Craig and Jennifer. Sun was shining with cool temperature for some but not for Lyn. We travelled into Geelong city with soon back tracking due to road closers. Taken the high path along path on western beach part of the way to ripple side. Warm coffee break at Pickers Union, North Geelong. Joined bike path to enjoy down hill at Hyland St, to return to the station via the river.

Mike & Chris visit Lake Connewarre and have coffee at Groove in Ocean Grove - Saturday 19.8.17
It was not a large peloton today with only Chris and myself turning up for the ride. The weather was quite cold but there were lots of blue patches of sky and only a very light southerly wind. We drew straws and I became the ride leader. We rode out along the river to breakwater and then up to Reserve Rd and Horseshoe Bend Rd. We then cut through the new estate to Lake Rd. On Lake Rd we made a detour down to the left to check out Lake Connewarre which was well worth a look. We then proceeded on via Thirteenth Beach to the Groove. On the way back down Wallington Rd a highlight was a stunning flock of yellow-tailed black cockatoos. All in all a very pleasant ride.

Unofficial Ride to Drysdale on Saturday 19.8.17
On a cool and rainy (off and on!) morning Mick & Lyn, Marie and John pedalled out to The Bungalow at Drysdale for coffee with Geof.

Ross' Ride to Moriac on Thursday 17.8.17
It started raining just as I arrived at today's start at Bunnings. Chris Hu and Dr Mike were already checking the radar and after a very short discussion, we unanimously agreed to postpone the ride start, don the waterproofs and head down the bike path for drinks at Panache. Mike asked the waitress to take a photo which he sent on to John H. Apparently this set a new record for a "prompt" ride report – received 20 minutes after the scheduled start! The weather improved enough to tempt us out and we set off via Waurn Ponds Drive towards Moriac. It was relatively sheltered except for a couple of locations along Reservoir Road where the wind threatened to blow us backwards. A lovely run down the Hendy Main hill had us in Moriac where a decision was made to forgo a second drink stop and head on. Very little peddling was required heading south and we were soon at Paraparap where the group split; Chris and Mike headed towards Freshwater Creek while wind power drove me home. One of those days where the ride was much better than expected.
Thanks for the company. Ross.

Tuesday Ride to Paraparap, Jan Juc & Torquay - 15th August
The weather forecast was for wind and rain. Lyn Loudon was in 2 minds whether to cancel as the rain came earlier than expected. Ken Gawne, Chris Hume and Peter Jones decided to ride  and were farewelled by Lyn. There was no further precipitation until we turned out of Grassdale and onto Hendy Main. Chris and Peter stopped to put on their jackets. Ken dropped behind along Vickerys and  got a surprise when a large grey kangaroo bounded across Grundys only 15 metres in fromt of him. Peter had a similar but closer  experience with a wallaby on the same road. The coffee break was at Swell Cafe in Jan Juc where Chris unsuccessfully tried to consume the largest muffin we had seen. The wind had increased and we were all keen to get home asap and decided to return via the Surfcoast Hwy.  Ken had a further brush with wildlife when swooped by a magpie on the climb up to the Mt. Duneed roundabout. It was the last ride for both Ken and Peter for several weeks, Peter off to Europe,  Ken to NSW and QLD.

Greg's Hard Ride to Inverleigh and Winchelsea on Sunday 13.8.17
There were 3 starters on a mild calm morning but after a short time John Carleton began to feel unwell and headed home. Chris Hume  and I headed down the Deviation and out  Hamilton Highway. Traffic was fairly light and there were few big trucks compared to weekdays, but we did have many potholes to dodge. I suffered a very slow rear puncture, so at Inverleigh we stopped and I fitted a new tube. We took a few backroads past the cemetery and eventually joined Barwon Park Rd on the west side of the river. There was little traffic on this narrow road to Winchelsea and a light tail wind helped us speed along. We reached Winchelsea at 10:30am for a coffee stop at The Black Tulip. Along Atkins Rd there was an easy Cat.15 climb before turning left at Buckley Rd. Chris suggested a short detour down a damp dirt road for a closer look at Lake Modewarre, full of water after many years dry. There was a short section along Princes Highway using the wide stopping lane well away from the fast traffic. We eventually turned off and then into Reservoir Rd down past Boral Cement. Baanip bikepath  then a few backstreets took us to Barwarre  Rd and at Breakwater Rd we parted company.  I got home at 1:15pm having ridden 104 km while Chris did almost 120 km with a longer ride to home. Average speed 24 kph. Good riding, Chris and thanks for your company.                                      
Greg Allerton.

Pam's Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove on Sunday 13.8.17
It was great to see a bit of sun and no wind for our ride today with Cycling Geelong. We had eight riders: Harry, Mick, Lynn, Mike, Kelly, Dave, Doug and Pam. We followed a route that Ross had prepared. We followed the river over to the Breakwater, then along the bike trail to Bailey Street and on to Torquay Rd. We turned into Warralily Boulevard through the new estates to Barwon Heads Rd then turning left into Lake Rd and on to 13th Beach through to Barwon Heads and Ocean Grove. Coffee was at Groove. The ride home was through Wallington with four riders finishing at Leopold and the others continued on to Geelong. A very pleasant 57 km ride.

Saturday Ride to Freshwater Creek, Bellbrae, Jan Juc & Torquay - 12.8.17
Six riders turned up at Sth Geelong Station for today's ride: Mark, Peter J, Chris Hu, Mike T, Rolf and John H. As Peter Jones was having his first ride back with us after a sojourn up north we tried to get him to lead but he resisted all efforts to make him the leader. Yours truly, John H, finally decided to take up the challenge and Jan Juc was determined to be the objective. I think you could say that all contributed to the leading of the ride as I was climbing slowly and thought the group should go through Paraparap while I took a short cut through Bellbrae where I would meet them - however, they threw this idea out and said they would all go the short cut way I had intended taking. Our goal was Swell at Jan Juc - well the crowd there had certainly swelled and we thought we would be waiting all morning for coffee so rolled on to Torquay to The Stoop (formerly known as Kobo). After long conversations there we took Horseshoe Bend Rd back to Geelong for a total of around 60km. It was certainly a day of strong winds but not too chilly.
Keep Riding, John.

Ken's Ride from Moriac to Winchelsea on Thursday 10.8.17
When loading the bikes at 0820, the wind did not seem too bad. But, at Moriac 25 minutes later it was almost gale force. Chris and Mike opted to ride but Lyn decided conditions were not conducive to cycling. So 3 of us set off along Cape Otway Rd towards Gherang. Were we fools or just foolhardy? It was a bit of slog out to Buckley Rd South where we turned head on into the wind which resulted in a significant drop in the pace. Once on Atkins Rd it was not quite so tough. We detoured down Mathison Rd then into Swabys Lane so Chris could take photos of his former home. Then on into Winchelsea for well-deserved refreshments at a very stylish new cafe. Although windy it was not cold and we sat outside so Mike could cool off. With the wind at our backs we flew along Marjorie Lawrence Drive as far as Cape Otway Rd. The return to Moriac via CO, Layards, Larcombes and Hendy Main roads was about 80% wind assisted and very enjoyable. So the decision to ride turned out favourably.

TWO Ride Reports and one Addendum:
Peter O'Brien's Ride to Lara, Little River and the You Yangs on Tuesday 8.8.17

1/ On the start line at Church Street today were Chris Hume, Rolf, Ken, Ben, Fiona and myself.  We headed along the Ted Wilson Trail where we met up with Trudi and then Ted, who had a puncture on his ride in from Lara.  Ted had run out of ammo (a gas bottle) and was a forlorn figure patiently waiting for the peloton to arrive.  Great interest was taken in watching Ted use his snazzy new gas gizmo to pump up the tyre.  Success.  We then were on our way, taking a detour to try out the new bike path on McManus Road between O’Brien’s Road and Heales Road.  Coffee was at Millar’s and there was a comedy of errors with coffee orders and spillages!   The day could only get better – and it did.  After the coffee break we rode to the You Yangs where a last minute decision was made to ride up to the car park within the park. Having conquered this climb, a short break was taken for photo snaps and recovery.  The ride to Little River was wind assisted, something which we all greatly appreciated.  Fiona elected to leave the group at Little River and take the train back to Lara.  We all had a well-earned lunch break at the Xpresso Bar in Lara then returned to Geelong via Hovells Creek.  A very enjoyable ride .
Peter O signing out.  See you all in 3 months time.

2/ Tues ride began at the top of Church Street, and alongTed Wilson Trail to Bacchus Marsh Rd, picking up two riders along the trail. Peter O, Greg A, Rolf, Chris, Ted, Trudy, Ben, Ken and Fi. Peter showed us McManus Rd - a secret cycle path that links Heales road and O'Brien's Rd but goes nowhere really useful, so we returned to Bacchus Marsh Rd. Greg went on to enjoy a longer ride on his own. To avoid Elcho Road, the main group cycled Patullous Road, but unfortunately, not everyone had been told, so one rider went it alone, but got to coffee before the rest. After coffee at Miller's, we joined Forest Road to the You Yangs, which we cycled up to the Turntable lookout. The wind was behind us as we cycled east to Little River, so it was against us coming back to Lara for lunch in the village. Fi took the train home from Little River to avoid the headwind.
Ben and Fiona.

3/ I achieved my aim of a long training ride - 104 kms in 4h 46m. Many tbanks to Ben for his assistance on the long slog into the wind from Little River to Lara. All the best Peter O on your holiday in France. We are all very envious.
Cheers, Ken

John's Ride to Two Wrens Cafe in Armstrong Creek on Sunday 6.8.17
Despite a rather foreboding weather forecast 7 riders turned up for the loop to Armstrong Creek - from L to R in the photo below: Rolf, Chris Hume, Ian, Harry, Dr Mike, Ross and your photographer and ride leader, John Hagan. We started off along the Barwon and then Barrabool Rd and a short stint on Scenic Rd before following the new Pipeline Track (see photo below) and up on to Wandana Dr where it goes through the tunnel under the Ring Road. At this point the dark clouds to the west could hold their moisture no longer and precipitation started. Undeterred we took the Ted Wilson Path to Deakin on their internal roads and down to their oval on the Old Princes Highway. With some trepidation we lifted our bikes through the narrow gate that goes through to the oval with a red flag flying beside the gate. We knew this meant the archers were at work and didn't want to be pinned to a target with an arrow so proceeded with caution. I think they were all indoors because of the rain!
Our route took us on the path adjacent to the freeway up to and under the freeway at Hams Rd. Because of the rain we decided at this point to shorten our route and make a beeline for the Two Wrens Cafe on the Surf Coast Highway. Rolf left us just before the cafe. We appreciated the wood fire that was warming the room and enjoyed coffee and cake. After this the conversation was about whether a ride leader was deemed successful if they lost more than 10% of riders before the end of the ride. Ross was heading home to Torquay at this point and all bar your ride leader decided to go for the warmth of home rather than continue the ride. I was thinking about my reputation as a ride leader as I pedalled off into the drizzle having had 86% of the group abandon the ride!!!!
Keep pedalling, John Hagan.

Greg's Saturday Ride to Bannockburn - 5.8.17
At the start I made the mistake of asking where we were going. Mark B, Dr Mike, Chris Halpin, Chris Hume and  Rolf  felt that I should decide and hence lead the ride, as long as there was a coffee stop. We set off on a fairly mild but windy morning via my usual backstreets out to Ted Wilson Trail. From there we took Midland Hwy, Ballan Rd, Steiglitz Rd, then Bakers Bridge Rd to give us the easiest climb out of the Moorabool Valley. Back on the highway riders spread out as the NW wind made it hard going. A coffee stop was welcome at Bannockburn . We then went west down over Bruce Creek and had an easy time along the bushy Harvey Rd . The rumble strips in Brislanes Rd railway crossing shook us up but once on Hamilton Hwy it was an easy tail wind run (apart from the climb out of Murgheboluc) back to Fyansford where riders turned off to make their own way home . Thanks for an enjoyable ride guys.   Greg Allerton.

Heading in All Directions on a Foggy Thursday 3.8.17
Here are the 3 reports as they rolled in:

Cancelled the ride today due to thick pea souper fog in Lara. May clear closer to 9 so I'll ask if anyone rides to send you a report. Meanwhile, Ian and I enjoyed a coffee at Blu after a 10k fumble in the fog. Ted.

Hi john rode bellarine highway to Christies road down to bike trail to jetty road and return.  Beats riding in the wind.
Cheers Lyn G.

Ride report 3/8/17 Rippleside to Lara
Just back from a week in Port Douglas. Much warmer there have sent 2 photos to compare with the ones that Dr Mike sent of today.
Arrived at Rippleside at 8:55, dropped off by my wife, bit slack today after returning from Port Douglas last night and very cold and foggy around the river. On arrival saw Rolf and Dr Mike doing circuits of the car park to keep warm. I joined in then a bit after 9:00, looked like no one else was coming, so the three of us headed off to Lara via the usual route through the industrial NW. It was very cold and very fogggy, visibility was limited!! Eventually onto the Hovells Creek track and a bit of a loop through Lara to Millars. We coffeed inside. Did the odd bit of toewarming, eye warming and finger warming and did linger a fair while there. Eventually we decided to head off, visibility had improved, a bit. The ride home was uneventful and enjoyable. Rolf left us at Swinburne St and I headed off with Dr Mike to near the hospital then continued along Swanston St to the River and home. It was  a cold but good ride.
PS. A bit different up in FNQ the two rides I went on started at 6:30, first light, were very fast, shortish 40 to 50 km, but in warm 20 degree plus conditions!!!

Ken's Ride to The Dunes Cafe in Ocean Grove on Tuesday 1.8.17
The morning was very cold but fine with only a gentle breeze. Julie, Ken, Lyn and Mike completed a circuit of Eastern Gardens before exiting onto Ryrie St. Peter O met us at the start of Portarlington Rd. Once past the Pt. Henry turn off, the traffic lessened.  Christies Rd took us through to the Bellarine Hwy where the sun deserted us as a thick fog enveloped the group. Thus we did not get to appreciate the scenic beauty of Swan Bay and Banks roads.  We agreed to change our route and head to The Dunes cafe to give time for the fog to lift. The strategy worked and the ride back to the start via Grubb, Rhinds, Wallington, Bellarine, and various roads through East Geelong was in welcome sunshine.

Pam's Easy Ride Through Armstrong Creek on Sunday 30.7.17
The decision was made on Saturday not to take our Sunday ride out to Avalon Beach, as it turned out it was the right one as the wind was very challenging. We had eight riders: Lyn, Rolf, Greg, Mike, Harry, Ross, Dr Mike and Pam. We rode along the river to the Breakwater and then on to Barwon Heads Rd. Once we reached the new estate we turned right, the road now takes you right through to Torquay Road. At Torquay Rd we turned right again and then left into the Armstrong Estate and continued on to Club Armstrong for coffee. The return ride was along Baanip Bvd then onto Torquay Rd and down Bailey St to the bike path and then down to the river where everyone parted ways. Lyn and I had a wonderful tail wind home to Leopold.
Pam Morrow.

Ross' Ride to The Bungalow Restaurant for Coffee in Drysdale on Saturday 29.7.17

Four thrill seekers and the ride leader met at South Geelong for today's ride to Drysdale. The BOM were forecasting gale force to damaging winds. Weatherzone offered a slightly less dramatic alternative view. Either way, the day was better than the forecasts suggested. Mark, Rolf, John H, Dr Mike and Ross rode out via the rail trail, meeting Mick along the way. Other than a few strong gusts, it was an uneventful ride to the Bungalow Café where we met Pam and Lyn G. Drinks were taken in the sheltered outside courtyard, with some sun adding to the experience. No arguments about heading back the same way with the rail trail offering quite good shelter. The group divided at Melaluka with three groups of two heading off in different directions.
Thanks to all for the company, Ross.

Lyn Loudon's Ride to Bellbrae on Thursday 27.7.17
Seven riders fronted up on a very chilly morning: Rolf, Harry, Ken, Ross, Ted & Peter O plus myself, of course. Unfortunately Peter O was unable to continue due to mechanical problems so the rest of us cycled off up Ghazeepore Rd to Dickens and the Anglesea Rd through to Blackgate. It was a very pretty course with lots of rainbow lorikeets sighted and no vehicles.  We continued all the way along Hendy Main Rd, plenty of undulations there, to the large roundabout at the start of the Bellbrae hill. There were dark mutterings from some about the distance covered without a coffee break but that was soon put to rest when we arrived at Bowside Cafe on the Great Ocean Rd, for a well-earned refreshment stop.
The group then broke up as Ross continued home to Torquay and Rolf cycled off quickly as he had to be back sooner than the others. Our route then took us on a lovely fast descent down School Rd to meet up again at the base of the Bellbrae hill for another climb and back to the start at Bunnings (for Ted) while Ken, Harry & I rode home via Whites Rd. A most enjoyable ride with good friends, thanks everyone for your company..

Chris Hume's Ride to Pt Lonsdale on Tuesday 25.7.17

It was a good roll-up today ten riders in total: Ken, Ross,Lyn G, Mick, Fi, Ben, Rolf, Lyn L, Dr Mike and Chris Hu. Things did not start off too well with the ride leader arriving just a few minutes before 9:00!! Should be sacked?!!
We headed out to Point Lonsdale via Bellarine Hwy, Swan Bay Rd etc finishing off using coastal bike path starting at the "narrows" to the Pt Lonsdale shops - the highlight of the trip in my opinion!! Had coffee and snacks at  Cafe Amore then headed home through Collendina and Barwon Heads using Shell Rd, 13th Beach and Lake Rd. It was a bit windy, NW, we had a few drops of rain, but towards the end of the ride it really warmed up, reaching 19 degrees in Geelong. 
A most enjoyable ride. Chris.

Ted & Peter O'B's Unofficial Portsea Ride on Monday 24.7.17
While caravanning at Queenscliff Peter O and I decided to take the ferry to Sorrento with our lovely wives  Marcia and Joanne and then pedal to Portsea while the ladies indulged in some retail therapy. Pete was keen to tackle the Arthur's Seat climb but the weather forecast was threatening so we took what we thought was the easy option of riding south to Point Nepean. Although shorter there was certainly no shortage of hills so we actually ended up with quite a challenging ride. Plenty of spectacular scenery and interesting history including Cheviot Beach, where Prime Minister Harold Holt disappeared, Forts Pierce and Nepean and the Quarantine Centre. Not to mention some verrry impressive homes. A very pleasant ride followed by coffee and luncheon with the ladies at Fine Food Cafe. 

Ross' Ride to Cafe Le Due Sorelle in Bannockburn on Sunday 23.7.17
Leaving South Geelong and riding through the suburbs, it seemed that today's riders would be enjoying much better weather than the forecast suggested. John H, Long John, Dr Mike, Rolf, Chris Hu and Ross got a taste of what was coming as we left the shelter of the houses and turned in to the wind on Ballarat Road. On Ballan and then Stegleitz Roads, we worked our way forward, peddling down the hills and "enjoying" the shelter on the up hills. Turning left at Parker Road, we were rewarded with the long and reasonably sheltered down hill run to Russells Bridge, before paying the price up Clyde Hill. A partial tail wind drove us in to Bannockburn. The Railway Café was packed so we continued down to Le Due Sorelle Café and a well-earned indoor break.
Another partial tailwind on Burnside Road had us thinking of a wind-powered ride home but it was not to be with the wind dropping and the drizzle starting as we turned on to the highway. The group broke up as we closed in on Geelong with just 3 of us continuing down the river path, with the drizzle gradually turning to rain. Still an enjoyable ride despite the weather. Thanks to all for the good company.

Chris leads the ride to Groove in Ocean Grove on Saturday 22.7.17
Four turned up at the Sth Geelong Stn for the ride today: Rolf, Harry, Dr Mike and Chris Hu. Who will be leader??**!! Ended up being Chris!! Where will we go?? Decided to head to the Groove, as usual, this time via Horseshoe Bend Rd, Warralily Rd, Lake Rd, 13th Beach etc to the Groove. As were were outside for coffee there was only a short break as I was getting cold. We then headed home along Wallington Rd and the Bellarine Hwy. A bit of a cool NE wind but still an enjoyable ride.
Simon, John C & John H went out along the Bellarine Rail Trail to The Bungalow in Drysdale for coffee and on the way back met up with Chris and Mike on the trail through Wittington. Regards, John Hagan.

Ken Leads a Traverse of the Barrabool Hills on Thursday 20.7.17
Only 3 riders braved the forecast conditions - Ken, Chris and Peter O'Brien. Starting from the carpark at the end of the Shannon Ave bridge over the Barwon, we rode the hills of Mt.Pleasant Rd and Ceres to Merrawarp. Ken was feeling the effects of a hard ride on Tuesday (and late night TdF) and dropped well back on the  Hamilton Hwy up to Pollocksford Rd. Chris and Peter were set free to race. Ken recovered and had no problems with later hills on Hendy Main, Reservoir, Devon and Barrabool. The cold, the wind and several showers made the ride uncomfortable at times but all was forgotten in the warmth of '2 Sugars' cafe at highton where Lyn Loudon joined us. Discussion disected the ride programme and floated the idea of a mid-winter break if many members were taking breaks in northern climes.

Colac to Red Rock with Lyn Loudon on Tuesday 18.7.17
A large group of three riders (Ken, Chris Hu & myself) departed from outside the police station in Colac heading towards Beeac for a much needed fuel refreshment after battling head winds for 14 kms. A further 6 kms down the road we turned off onto the Lake Corangamite Rd, past the lovely Lake Cunare and continued on this quiet undulating road for the next 30kms. There was hardly any traffic, the sun was shining and the rural views were wonderful - many stone walls, glimpses of the lake, sheep & cattle grazing and all was right with the world! The highlight of the day was the climb up to the Red Rock lookout, with Chris charging to the top of the staircase for photo opportunities, and great views of the surrounding countryside including the winery on the slopes below. Lunch was taken at the picnic area halfway down, then it was a fast descent back to Colac with a very welcome tailwind and a coffee in the town to end the day.
Thanks guys for your support and good company -  Lyn L.

Chris Halpin's Travels in Italy - July 2017
Finally got to borrow an old bike and have a real ride with my new friend Alesandro. Maybe you might like to add the map to the web site with some photos. It is unbelievably beautiful scenery here. And the weather has been fine and sunny every day - except for the wedding yesterday. Pity. Forgot to pack my GTCC shirt sorry so a little under- dressed for the ride but I was able to borrow some nice shoes so fitted in with the Italians. Ciao, as they say. Chris.
For more photos - What Our Riders Are Doing - click here.

Pam's Ride to Coffee at The Stoop in Torquay on Sunday 16.7.17
Today seven riders: John Hagan, Lyn Gregg, Rolf Kohnert, Chris Hume, Ben and Fiona Kersten and a Pam Morrow ventured out on a cold morning. We started along the river path to the Breakwater then onto the bike path to Bailey Street and up through the streets of Grovedale to Torquay Rd. We turned down Warralily Boulevard - a new road that has just opened up connecting the two new estates. We turned right at Horseshoe Bend Road and continued on to Torquay. Coffee was at The Stoop formerly Kobo. The return rides was along Horseshoe Bend Road back into Geelong. It was a pleasant ride with everyone riding together. 
Pam Morrow.

John Hagan's Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove on Saturday 15.7.17
The sun was shining but the air was distinctly nippy so at Sth Geelong Station John H was elected as ride leader. The other riders were: Rolf, Chris Hu, Peter O'B and Harry. We decided to go out to Curlewis via the Rail Trail and John, realizing that he would be left behind on the climb through Leopold, decided to meet the group at the Bellarine Highway/Grub Rd roundabout. We opted to do the big dippers on Thacker St but a few pulled the plug on that one and found their own way to Groove for coffee.
Those who did tackle it experienced the exhiliration of the big dippers - we cannot mention our max speeds as the limit is 60 kph on that section. We were not disappointed by the excellent service at Groove in Ocean Grove and we were provided with free choc coated marshmellows in the shape of large droplets. Harry had to be home early so headed straight back up the Barwon Heads Rd and the rest took 13th Beach, Blackgate and Horseshoe Bend Rds back to Breakwater at a fairly solid pace.
Keep Riding, John.

Ian Fraser's Ride to Drysdale on Thursday 13.7.17
Today's ride was attended by 9 riders who rode the railtrail to Drysdale but poor Chris had another puncture. Once there a pleasant coffee was enjoyed by Chris, Pam, Rolf, Ken, Mick, Lyn & myself @ The Bungalow. Afterwards the group broke up with Lyn, Pam, Ted & myself riding back the way we had come, while the others wanted to do some more k`s. Thank you Ross for taking the rest of the ride and to everyone who turned up & tolerated me on this my maiden ride (as leader).
Cheers - Ian.

Ian asked me to "lead" the Princess Street group so here is my addendum to his report: the group broke up after the Bungalow Café refreshment break with Rolf, Ken, Chris Hu, Mick and Ross taking a longer route home. A tail wind and no traffic down Princess Street allowed us to stretch our legs with some 50 plus kph speeds recorded. Some recovery time along Swan Bay Road then on to the highway where the group fractured further with Ken and Ross taking the Wallington option. With the wind picking up and changing direction plus showers visible on the horizon, Ken and I separated at Barwon Heads, each taking the quickest way home.
Always a good ride to Drysdale.
Cheers, Ross.

Ken's Two Rides from Anakie to Meredith on Tuesday 11.7.17
Only 3 riders met at the Anakie General Store – Ken Gawne, Chris Hume and Mike Taylor.  We rode for around 12.5 kms in the direction of Ballan through the Brisbane Ranges before turning left into Slate Quarry Rd.  Chris had a front-wheel puncture along this section.  The day’s highlight for Mike was when we had to stop and allow a flock of recently shorn sheep to pass.  SQ road is quiet, very scenic and flat except for a dive down into the Moorabool Valley followed by a steep climb out. 
At Meredith we resisted the temptation to stop for coffee and instead turned right onto the Meredith-Ballan Rd towards Morrisons. At the base of the long downhill, as we turned to climb up to the Morrisons CFA site, Chris had a second puncture.  Careful examination of the tyre revealed a minute piece of sharp metal embedded in the tread. Immediately after passing through Elaine, a left turn onto the Elaine-Mt Mercer Rd took us west past the Monastery.  We joined the Meredith-Mt. Mercer Rd 8 km from Meredith.  After riding for 60 kms we were ready for our lunch stop at the café in Meredith.
It was only 20 kms back to Anakie but a hard section which included the steep climb on De Motts Rd.  Our reward was the long downhill at the end.  More refreshments at the Anakie General Store after a ride which was very scenic, included a range of terrain and was favoured by ideal weather conditions.  Next week is another out-of-town ride starting in Colac.  The Red Rock circuit is very different to what club members would normally cycle and warrants support.  I hope to see a good roll up next Tuesday.

TWO Combined rides with Cycling Geelong leading on Sunday 9.7.17
Two different routes on offer today for the combined Cycling Geelong/GTC ride. 1/ Four GTC members, Dr Mike, Chris Hu, Mike Currie and Ross joined ride leader Dave and 6 other CG riders for the mtb ride, from Torquay to Anglesea via forest tracks. It was advertised as medium-hard but that was more a reflection of the ups and downs rather than the actual difficulty of the route. In fact, several riders including our own Chris Hu rode on road tyres. The ride itself was brilliant - dry, hard tracks - only 44 k's but definitely a good work-out. It was a windy day but we just didn't feel it as we were in amongst the trees most of the way. We will have to "steal" this one and run it for the GTC people who missed out today. A big thank you to Dave.

2/ Helen Lyth led the group of 6 taking the bitumen surfaces to Anglesea - here is Helen's report.
It was cold and windy with the probability of rain.  Who would be silly enough to get themselves to Torquay to ride to Anglesea – especially as one of the options was a potentially difficult mountain bike course? There were already several bikes lined up outside the ice-creamery in Torquay, including John’s recumbent.  (John had ridden down from Belmont so was the only cyclist not complaining of the cold.)  More cars appeared with a pre-dominance of knobbly tyred mountain bikes. By 8.30 there were 11 riders for the mountain bike route, led by Dave S, and 6 riding the road circuit, led by Helen.
After the mandatory group photo, the cyclists set off in opposite directions.  The road group consisted of John H, Barbara, Andrea, Fiona, Ben and Helen.  John was delegated as tail-ender (swapping positions with Helen for the downhill sections: if you’re fast on the descents, flaunt it). The road route headed west to Forest Road, then headed south west to Anglesea. With a strong cold head wind, the first 18km were trying, as the road riders struggled up Darian Road, across to Coombes/Hendy Main/Sharps Roads, finally turning out of the wind for a beautiful quiet ride along Forest Road.  This was followed by a fast downhill into Anglesea.
Within around 20 minutes, 11 elated mountain bikers appeared, looking fit and strong.   More coffee and refreshments were consumed before the return.  Dave quietly mentioned that he had a ‘secret’ return route for the mountain bikers.
The road group headed off up the long hill out of Anglesea, somewhat assisted by the tail wind.  This hill is deceptively difficult as it’s never too steep, and has several sections of respite.  After regrouping near Forest Road, the return to Torquay was easy, despite the heavy Sunday traffic.  Fiona and Ben had discovered a safe off-road route behind the caravan park and past the surf club to avoid the fast two-lane roundabout right turn. The sunshine had disappeared and dark clouds threatened as the road riders disbanded.  John set off back on Horseshoe Bend road for home.  There was time for a coffee and chat in the warm of the Beachfront Cafe, before the bright-eyed mountain bikers appeared once more. Thanks to the ride leaders, tail-enders and all riders, this experiment in dual-mode joint rides for the two clubs was a resounding success.

Ross' Ride to Bungalow Restaurant in Drysdale on Saturday 8.7.17
A nice easy-medium ride to Drysdale today. Trudi, Leo, Mark, John H, Chris Hu, Rolf, Dr Mike, Peter O, Harry and Ross set out from South Geelong for an easy cruise along Portarlinton Road. A puncture for Trudi just before Leopold caused a break in the pelaton but we re-grouped at Curlewis Road and diverted on to the rail trail for the run into Drysdale. Coffee was at the Bungalow Cafe where we met up with Mick, Lyn and Pam. They  were just finishing up and some of us hardier types (outdoor drinkers) were able to take advantage of pre-warmed seats. Return was via Princess Street, Swan Bay Road and the highway. The ride leader offered the option of more kilometres via Wallington but everyone was happy to just head back home. Thanks to all for a very pleasant outing.

Mick's Ride to Torquay on Thursday 6.7.17
On this fresh Thursday morning 11 riders fronted up at the Grovedale pub for an easy 40 klm ride to Torquay.  They were: Trudi, Lyn L, Ross, Chris Hu, Rolf, Dr Mike, Terry, Peter O, Lyn & Mick.  It was a tad cool heading off down Torquay Rd with the shade covering our side of the road. Once we turned at shire offices it was better then down Fishcer St to Café Kobo for some hot drinks and some had treats to keep body & soul together. For ride home it was straight back along Horseshoe Bend Rd with riders dropping off at different stages to either head home or add a few more klm’s.  Weather ended up quite nice at the end so thanx to all for an enjoyable ride,
cheers Mick.

Peter O'Brien's Ride to Pt Lonsdale on Tuesday 4.7.17
With a number of our members enjoying the sunshine north of the border and overseas, four stalwarts to turned up to ride today. Chris Hume, Mike, Rolf and myself headed off from Grovedale to Point Lonsdale via Lakes Road, Thirteenth Beach, past the Cheeky Cow and onto Point Lonsdale for coffee. With the sun shining we relaxed at our usual café and enjoyed taking in the fantastic backdrop of the bay. We departed the café and rode along the highway, stopping for a lunch break at the Bakery in Leopold.  Here we met up with Lyn and Mick (not in their lycra), whom I am reliably told frequent this establishment on a regular basis.  Some of us (no names mentioned) indulged in the bakery delights.  Delicious. Back on our bikes we rode into a tough head wind back to Geelong and home. The total distance covered was 75kms.
Regards, Peter O.

John Hagan's Easy Loop of Central Geelong - Sunday 2.7.17
The frosty photo below taken at the King Lloyd Recreation Reserve next to Shannon Ave on the Barwon will give you an idea of the temperature at the start of today's ride. Mike measured it along the river on his Garmin at minus 2.4 degrees. So we had the ear muffs pulled down for our circuit of Geelong. However the climb up Hyland St got the blood pumping and warmed us considerably. Pam, Fi, Mike, Ben and John enjoyed the scenic tour of inner Geelong which took us along the Barwon in a westerly direction to Fyansford and then up to the Gabrielle Blythe Path (named after the famous Olympic distance walker) which follows the old cementies railway line. Our coffee spot was at The Pickers Union Cafe in North Geelong. We had a few problems there with the temperature of the coffee and they admitted that they had lost their coffee thermometer. They were, however, most helpful in keeping us warm outside issuing us with blankets and lighting the gas heater. The scenic cruise continued along the shores of Corio Bay around Limeburners Pt to Boundary Rd in Newcomb and right down to Leather St in Breakwater to return to the Station via the Barwon River from the south. This was a 31km circuit with just one hill and quite a few cycle paths.
Keep cycling, John Hagan.

Saturday Ride to Ocean Grove - 1.7.17
This morning David I, Mike, Chris Hume & myself rode from South Geelong to Ocean Grove.  We deviated from our usual route riding via Leopold & the rail trail, meandering through Wallington & tackling Thackers Hill.  We arrived at the Groove where we met Mark (who had started at Grovedale) for a coffee. The return trip was via 13th Beach & Lakes Road, so whilst we'd started the ride in chilly conditions we arrived back in Geelong in the sunshine.  
Peter O.
Thanks to Mike Taylor for the photos.

Simon takes OZ HPV to Torquay on Saturday 1.7.17 - not an official GTC Ride
A number of our GTC riders - Simon, John & David E - were on the road with the recumbent group, OZ HPV, along with Rob and Steve. At coffee this morning at Mejavo's in Torquay we met with Lindy and Don who had just returned from Italy.

Trudi's Ride to Moriac on Thursday 29.6.17
With a cool start to the day, six starters for a little lumpy ride to Moriac: Meri, Chris, Mike, Rolf, Dave and ride leader Trudi. First little lump, was getting out of Fyansford then we were off and riding. Turning left at Merrawarp Rd, as always, lovely scenery along this usually quite road. Second and third lump was Barrabool Rd, once we conquered these we meet up with Ken. It's not often that a ride leader is able to finish a ride with more riders than they started with, but today was one of those days. On turning at Hendy Main Rd we had a good run down, with only a few little bumps.  On crossing the highway, we found Peter waiting patiently for us. Cruising down into Moriac we came across another familiar face, Terry. Coffee was served outside in the cold, i don't know why we all sat outside, as there was a perfectly good fire beckoning to me inside.. Our return route, was Blackgate Rd, Anglesea Rd, Ghazeepore Rd, Torquay Rd we slowly made our way to the bike path around the river and back to our homes. Thanks everyone for joining me on my circuit ride today. Life's better on your bike !!! 
PS:  At coffee this morning, we heard that our fellow friend and cyclist Ron Little came to grieve while riding home on the weekend. We would all like to wish him a speedy recovery and hope to see him  back on his bike real soon.
From all your cycling friends.

Trudi's Ride to Anakie and Steiglitz on Tuesday 27.6.17
Seven brave soles this morning waiting at the top of Church St, Julie, Meri, Chris, Peter, Rolf, Ken and ride leader Trudi. With men at work at the start of Ted Wilson Bike Path, we rode along Tahara St instead, adjoining the bike path further up. Once out onto Ballarat Rd we decided to try out the new bike path taking us to Ballan Rd. Riding in a nice bunch at a steady pace, we let Ken sit out the front to do all the work. Coffee was at the Anakie store in front of the blazing hot wood heater. The service was fast and nice extra hot mugs of coffee were delivered to our table. Leaving our warm toasty fire behind we headed up De Motts Rd. No one was in any hurry, as I think we all knew what was awaiting us. With the hills out of the way it was smooth sailing, all enjoying the great outdoors. In a few weeks all the blossoms will be in bloom, what a pretty sight that will be. Ken left us here at Steiglitz's Rd to return home by himself. The rest of us continued onto Steiglitz to have our lunch in my family's little hut. Cups of tea and coffee were served at a much slower speed, a little extra time was spent here awaiting the kettle. With most of the hills done and dusted we all had a lovely run home, stopping at Maude to enjoy the sights over the valley beyond. Thank you all for the fantastic ride, it was a real pleasure to lead you around this lovely area on what turned out to be a great day for riding. 

Pam's Ride - we have just heard from Rolf that Ron Little, on his way home from this ride, had an accident and needed motorised transport home. We wish Ron a speedy recovery and hope that he is back on the bike soon.

Pam's Ride to Club Armstrong Cafe & a Loop to Torquay on Sunday 25.6.17
We had a very different ride today. There were many changes along the way, so hopefully everyone who rode got enough riding in. John, Ian, Mike, Ðavid, Chris, Ron, Lyn, Rolf and Pam left the station, unfortunately we lost Ian on the walk overpass over the river. After a few phone calls, Ian decided is do his own ride. We regrouped and continued on. As I was on a time limit it was decided to have an early coffee break at a new cafe at Club Armstrong. Rolf rode on to our original destination in Moriac.
At coffee John, Mike and Chris decided to ride on to Torquay and return back along Horseshoe bend Rd to Geelong. Ðavid, Lyn and Ron went straight home and I went off to the football. Thanks John for taking over the ride leader after I left.

Peter O'Brien's Ride to Pt Lonsdale on Saturday 24.6.17
On a cold morning, seven hardy riders turned up to ride today.  Leo, Trudi, Chris Hume, Mike, David I,  Rolf and myself headed to Barwon Heads along Lakes Road, Blackrock Road and Thirteenth Beach.  Just before coming into Barwon Heads another riding group passed us and as we rounded the last bend one of their riders came to grief.  Travelling at about 40kph, I believe a touch of wheels caused the accident - the good news is the rider was able to get back on his bike and continue.  We proceeded to Ocean Grove, onto Shell Road and through to Point Lonsdale for coffee.  Our timing was perfect as it has just begun to drizzle.   Back on our bikes we headed to the  Bellarine Highway and returned to Geelong.  
Peter O.

Ted's ride to Roraima Nursery in Lara on Thursday 22.6.17
One day after the Winter Solstice saw just six brave souls at the top of Church Street at 9 am for the ride to Lara. June is fast becoming the month of losing Ride Leader Virginity as Mike led his first a couple of weeks ago and this was mine. I asked Rolf to lead the peloton of Meri, Rolf, Mike, Chris Hu, Ron and Ted onto the Ted Wilson Trail and of course he couldn't resist the Bluestone Bridge Hill (thanks Rolf!). I finally caught up at Tower Hill Drive and led the way around the Lara Township to a new coffee shop at Roraima Nursery. A quick coffee was followed by a brief tour of the amazing display garden with everyone declaring they will be back with their respective partners to see it again. The trip back to Geelong was along the Hovells Creek Trail and Corio Bay was looking fantastic with it's calm water reflecting the hulls and masts of the yachts at anchor in Limeburners Lagoon. A round trip of just under 40 kms was enjoyed by all.

Meri's Ride to Moriac via the Barrabool Hills on Tuesday 20.6.17
A beautiful sunny morning encouraged Rolf, Mike T, Ken G, Trudi, Julie, Peter O'Brien, Ross Glover (who rode in from Torquay) and Meri to the top of Church Street. We took the challenging way to Moriac, so it was up Scenic Road, then up Grantham Street and onto the Barabool Road through Ceres, a great run down the valley onto more hills on the Barabool Road, but none of them difficult. We turned left at Andersons Road, which I have to say is a very pretty road with lots of white fenced paddocks and about 16 or so dams.  Sheep are fat, the cattle looked content and the horses were being playful.  Everyone, everyone loves this little private road, which crosses a bridge, a small incline then beautiful views across to the Otways. Peter Jones joined us at Andersons Road as he wanted to take the hills at his own pace, which is fair enough. Lyn L joined us for coffee at Moriac, after a bit of a mix-up.  After a relaxed coffee and tea we headed West onto the Colac Road, then a right into Hortips road and onto Considines Road.  All of this area is wonderfully scenic. A bit more wind by this stage and of course it was a headwind!  Then a sandwich at the top of the Moorabool River after a fast hike down the fabulous Pollocksford Road. Peter Jones posted on FB some wonderful photos for the day, check them out if you can. Then onto the Hamilton Highway and coffee at Fyansford, then people wended their own way home. A great day on the bike, with a wind-assisted home trek which was exhilarating. Thanks everyone for coming and a great ride enjoyed by all. Thanks all

2 Rides from Sth Geelong Station on Sunday 18.6.17
1/ - 105km Loop of the Bellarine Peninsula led by John Hagan.
We had 5 starters for our lap of the Bellarine Peninsula: Mike, Chris Hu, Peter O'B, John C and John H.
The forecast was for possible rain but turned out to be quite good weather for cycling. We headed out on the Rail Trail with John C deciding at Curlewis to do a shorter ride. The main group left the Rail Trail at Jetty Rd to bypass Drysdale and go down through Clifton Springs before joining the main Portarlington Rd and the big dippers before Portarlington itself. Following The Esplanade to Indented Head we enjoyed the Bay views in the morning sunshine. We stopped at St Leonards at Ivary Deli Cafe (yes, that is the correct spelling!!) for coffee before going around the Bluff and on to Pt Lonsdale where we did a lap of the town. On the return we came off Shell Rd into the Ocean Grove Marketplace to have our lunch at Michel's Patisserie. We did discuss punctures earlier in the day and inevitebly, after such talk, we had a few - 2 for Mike and 1 for Peter. We were back in Geelong by 2:30pm feeling like we had done a good day's exercise with over 100km in the bag and over 1,000m of climbing.
Keep Riding, John H.

2/ - Ross' Circuit of Geelong - mainly on the bike paths.
A perfect winter's day for a bike ride – mild, light wind, blue sky. Pam, Lyn, Peter J, Mick, Mike C, Rolf, David I and Ross set out from South Geelong station for an easy ride around Geelong. The plan was to string some bike paths together using some quieter roads and it worked reasonably well. Nothing much to note other than the very long line of traffic when trying to cross Fellmongers Road, the P plate driver revving his engine as he followed us down Eastern Beach Road returned Rolf's friendly wave with a less friendly hand gesture as he passed us near Fishermens Pier and dogs on the loose along Western Beach. At the end of McLeod Street, the frontrunners were well on their way to North Shore before they realised the rest of the group had turned up over the highway and were heading towards Douro Street and the start of the next bike path. There was revenge of sorts at Hamlyn Park where no-one followed the leader throughout the football ground, preferring to take a more direct route to morning tea at Soft.
Return was via cementies hill and the usual Sunday "dodgem" games on the river path, with riders dropping off to take the most direct routes to home.
Thanks to all for a most pleasant outing.


Mike leads the Saturday Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove - 17.6.17
Seven intrepid athletes emerged from under their doonas for a very chilly start at Grovedale Pub this morning. Chris Hu, Trudi, Leo, Mike, Mark, Peter and Chris Ha had a quick vote and elected Mike for his first GTC team leadership assignment. The weight of responsibility was very heavy so Mike  decided to take the safe option of the Groove. We proceeded down Horseshoe bend Rd. The temperature was a bracing 2.9 degrees on the bike. A quick stop at Blackgate Rd revealed no missing appendages and we proceeded with a lovely light tail wind along Blackgate Rd and Thirteenth Beach to the Groove. The service was excellent as always and we managed to tuck into quite an array of health food to recharge our batteries. We rode home along Barwon Heads Rd and Lake Rd. By this time the weather was absolutely glorious.Thanks to everyone for a very enjoyable ride.

Photos by Mike Taylor.

Peter Jones' Ride to Moorabool Valley Chocolate on Thursday 15.6.17
Eight riders turned up to ride on a crisp day ignoring or looking forward to earning their coffee. Jackie and David R, David I, Ross, Chris Hu, Mike, Ron and myself headed off to the Break where we took the South Bike Path to Highton, this was an easy run just warming up for the climbing to come although Ross looked pretty hot when he arrived after having a puncture on the way to the start and pushing the envelope to arrive just on time. From the river to Scenic Road it is a gentle climb, wind vests and other warm clothes had been removed and everyone buckled down to the climb which is steady at about 6.6 % for most of the way before kicking up to 9.7% for the last 500 mtrs. A recovery traffic light and we continued on through Ceres stopping at Cochranes to regroup before plunging down hill and turning right into Merrawarp Rd, again downhill most of the way to the Hamilton Hwy. A quick left and right and we headed up Friend in Hand Rd to Dog Rocks Rd and to the Ballarat Rd, one final hill to climb out of Batesford before we rolled into the Chocolate Factory for a well earned break. Met up with some old cycling friends having a coffee, Loretta and Norm and Kerrie and August. Enjoyed our coffee and headed home via the Ted Wilson Trail and River, a most enjoyable ride, what it lacked in length it made up for in quality.
Cheers Peter

David Rae's Ride to Moriac, Bells Beach, Jan Juc, Torquay on Tuesday 13.6.17
There were fifteen riders - Trudi, Dr. Mike, Ross, Chris Ha, Terry, Chris Hu, David I, Peter J, Lyn L, Ken, Peter O, Julie, Ron, David and Jackie - for today's ride.  Peter O had a puncture on the way to Bunnings, but he and Dr. Mike arrived just as we were leaving, so we all headed up the old Colac Road and onto the highway up to the Moriac Hotel.  We then turned left into Hendy Main Road and all were glad for a bit of downhill after the long climb. We enjoyed a well earned coffee/hot chocolate at the Moriac General Store.  After coffee, Terry and Dr Mike decided to make their way home and the remainder of the riders continued up Cape Otway Road towards Larcombes Road, taking a right at Forest Road, which was unusually busy with trucks, probably due to the public holiday the previous day.  They were all pretty courteous, letting us know when they were passing.  At the end of Forest Road we took a left along the G.O.R. making our way to Bell's Beach.  As usual we all had plenty of fun on the downhills!  We rode into Torquay where most riders stopped at Bell's Bakery for lunch, with the exception of Peter O, Ken, Chris Ha and Ross, who decided to keep going.  We made our way home via Horseshoebend Road and Reserve Road.  A very enjoyable ride under good conditions.
David Rae. 

Combined Ride - Loop of Geelong led by Peter O'Brien on Sunday 11.6.17
It was freezing cold this morning when David I, Chris Hume, John H, Geoff, Heather, Harry, Mike, David Simpson (Geelong Cycling) and myself headed off on a scenic tour around Geelong.  We left the South Geelong Railway Station and pedalled to the beach front taking in the fabulous views of Corio Bay. We rode to St Georges Road, North Shore, then along Cox Road up the Ted Wilson Trail entrance on Anakie Road.  David I left us at this point and continued up the Anakie hill - we were later to find out he then went straight home for breakfast.  We rode along the trail to Church Street, then down to Minerva Road for a coffee stop at the Soft Cafe.  

After the break we rode to Queens Park Road.  This time we adhered to the road rules and crossed the bridge on the walking-cycling section rather than the actual road crossing.  The ride up and down Scenic Road provided great views of Geelong.  With the hills conquered, we pedalled our way through Wandana Heights onto a bike path through to Pigdons Road.  We weaved our way down to another bike path just past the Colac Ring Road roundabout.  At this point Chris departed to head to Moriac as he wanted to get some extra kilometres under his belt.  The rest of us proceeded to Baanip Boulevard and then meandered our way back to Geelong.
Cheers, Peter O.

200 Years of the Bicycle - Ross Glover takes photos of the display of old bicycles at the Brunswick Velodrome - 11.6.17

Peter Jones' Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove on Saturday 10.6.17
Only a tough core of riders this morning, Chris Ha, Chris Hu, David I, Mike, Mark and Peter J. It was a foggy start just to get to Grovedale and rather brisk, weather and pace via Reserve Rd, HSBend Rd, Blackgate Rd, Blackrock Path and 13th Beach and around to Groove for a well earned coffee. We didn’t stay too long as it began to feel colder so off we went up Wallington Rd to Queenscliff Hwy and home. Cool brisk day but good to be out and about.
Cheers, Peter.

Another group of GTC riders met unofficially at the Bungalow Restaurant in Drysdale on Saturday 10.6.17
In the picture below: Geoff, Russell, John C, David E, David C, and in the photo below that one: Pam, Marie, Heather, Geof and Mick - John Hagan took the photo.

Lyn's Ride to Cafe Ground Zero in Drysdale on Thursday 8.6.17
On a very cold morning 16 cyclist arrived at the showgrounds: Trudi, Mark, Heather, David, PJ, Rolf, Meri, Peter O, Jackie, Wee Davie, Ted, ChrisH, Harry, Dr Mike, Mick, and Lyn. We left the showgrounds and followed the rail trail to Moolap lights and then continued on the road to Melaluka Road turning left up to the rail trail and followed that to Drysdale where we went to coffee at Ground Zero. Meri was frozen when we got there and others had warmed a little. After coffee and chatting some continued down Princes Road and went along 13th Beach and some of us went home on the rail trail. A pleasant ride and thank you all for coming.     Cheers, Lyn.

David Rae's Ride to Pt Lonsdale on Tuesday 6.6.17
Ten riders - Meri, Trudi, Peter J, Peter O, Ross, Rolf, Dr. Mike, John H, Jackie and David - set off along Reserve Road into a bit of a head wind, which continued most of the way around Lakes Road and through Barwon Heads and Ocean Grove.  We planned for coffee at The Cheeky Cow, Collendena, but on arrival there was a notice in the window to say that due to unforeseen circumstances the cafe was closed, so we made the decision to keep going towards Point Lonsdale for our coffee stop.  We said goodbye to Ross and John here, as they had to make their way back home. We continued the ride down Shell Road for an enjoyable coffee at Point Lonsdale where David had to go shopping to buy lubricating oil for his chain. After coffee we rode along Point Lonsdale Road and turned left up the Bellarine Highway, for a pleasant ride aided by a tail wind.  Some riders decided to stop for lunch/coffee at MacDonalds in Leopold while the remainder made their way home.  As we started off from MacDonalds, Jackie realised she had a flat tyre, so a quick change of tube and we were off again. Luckily we didn't encounter any of the rain that had been forecast so a good ride was had by all. 
David Rae.

Pam's Loop around Geelong with Coffee at the Door Cafe in Fyansford on Sunday - 4.6.17

Peter Jones Reports on the 2nd Annual Tour of the Otways on Sunday - 4.6.17 - Not an Official Event.
Three members decided to take to the MTB’s and join this non event which started at Aireys Inlet Hotel. Zdenko, Ross and myself met up with friend of GTC Lyn P and her riding buddy Simon for a ride in the dirt, sand and mud with plenty of vert thrown in. After leaving the hotel we turned inland and just after leaving the bitumen began to climb, and climb, and climb, eventually we cracked it for a top and enjoyed a great downhill followed of course by a great big uphill, and so it went on for the rest of the ride. The full course was 110 klm but it included a 19 klm loop which we decided would not increase our enjoyment so we bypassed the loop and pushed on, a lot of the course was on good graded gravel roads interspersed with pot holed and rutted roads with lots of mud and water, great fun! At about 75 klm we hit Forest Rd for a brief while then dived off to the right and onto sandy tracks, and I mean sandy, some of the sand sections were like the beach and went on for hundreds of metres, and uphill, but all good fun. Finally just to finish off we took a bit of single track, the Currawong Falls Track then back to the Hotel to pack up, have a drink and a coffee before heading home. It must have been good, Ross reckoned it was the best days riding he has ever had, of course he is a bit of masochist, but have to admit it was hard, but heaps of fun.
Cheers Peter.

OZ HPV - A number of GTC riders on a largely recumbent experience to Torquay on Saturday 3.6.17 - Not a GTC Event.
Simon W led the OZ Human Powered Vehicles group to Torquay on a rather drizzly morning when the forecast was for sunny weather! Simon was joined by David E, John H and a number of other riders on their recumbents and David C and John C (who took the photos) on their conventional bikes. We had a great chat at Mejavo's in Torquay before returning along Horseshoe Bend Rd and with a little detour a number of the group called in to David & Barb's new house at Armstrong Creek.
Keep Riding, John Hagan.

Peter Jones Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove on Saturday 3.6.17
Ten riders on a chilly, cloudy, morning, Jackie, Sue, David R, Rolf, Ross, Chris Hu, Leo, Peter O, Mark and Peter J rolled out to Barwon Heads Rd via Reserve Rd and on to Barwon Heads via Lake Rd. A puncture split the bunch at Sheepwash, some taking the run around and the others repairing the flat and heading for Groove. Both groups joined at the bridge and we headed to Groove being pipped by Black Racing. Following a coffee Sue and I headed straight back as Sue had a Play to attend in the afternoon and most followed as the Mizzle had turned to Drizzle then to a Coastal Shower but by the time we were on Lake Rd it was quite dry again. Sue and I went via the estate through to HSBend Rd to get away from the traffic on Barwon Heads Rd which was quite heavy and annoyingly loud. We discovered it was longer than the more direct route but more peaceful.
Good morning on the bike, keep riding. Cheers Peter.

Photos from Ross.

Peter Jones Ride to Torquay via Bellbrae on Thursday 1.6.17
Twelve riders for our Thursday ride on a very nippy morning. Lyn L, Lyn G, Jackie, David R, Rolf, Terry, Ted, Mike, Ken, Ross,Chris Hu and Peter J, what a fine bunch. Took the usual longer way to Torquay until the Coombes Rd Roundabout where there was an option for “Ocean Acres” or “Bell Brae Hill”. The bunch split down the middle and six went both ways meeting at Kobo for a coffee and chat. Following coffee we headed back via HSBend Rd., a very enjoyable day on the bike.
Cheers Peter.

Peter O'Brien's Ride to Drysdale on Tuesday 30.5.17
On a bleak overcast day with a forecast of rain, Chris Hume, Peter J, Meri, David, Jackie and myself headed down the Bellarine Highway via Swan Bay Road and Princess Street to Drysdale.  We covered the distance at speed with the reward being a coffee in the warmth of Drysdale's Café Zero.  Peter J had important electrical issues to deal with at home so headed directly back to Geelong.  After some discussion, the rest of us decided to forego the Portarlington section of the route and elected to return to Geelong via Ocean Grove and Barwon Heads.  Between Barwon Heads and Lakes Road we encountered a few drops of rain but nothing of consequence.  All up, the weather was favourable and a pleasant ride was had by all.  
Peter O.

Ross' Ride to Paraparap & Torquay on Sunday 28.5.17
Nice bright sunshine at South Geelong for the start of today's ride to Torquay was surely an omen that the weather gods were going to be kinder than the forecast suggested. Harry, Rolf, John H, Chris Ha, Peter J, Dr Mike and Ross set out via the river path, Marshall and Baanip Boulevard where we had our introduction to the westerly wind. It was here that we revised the route, substituting the relative shelter of Blackgate Road for the wide open spaces along Mount Duneed Road. This had unexpected consequences when the ride leader "discovered" that he had received a text from Chris Hu. There had been some discussion prior to departure about the absence of Chris and now we had an explanation - he had punctured on the way in. Unfortunately, Chris had ridden to Moriac, in an attempt to catch up with the group while we had joined Hendy Main Road much further south. A lesson for the ride leader – if you publish a ride route, stick to it! An exchange of texts had Chris Hu riding home and the group continuing on via Vickery and Gundry Roads to a very late refreshment break at Kobo in Torquay. Too late for Rolf who headed straight home. A shortish break this morning during which a couple of the group felt the need to stock up on extra calories for the push home which was a straight run down Horseshoe Bend Road. Thanks to all riders (and apologies to Chris Hu),

Peter Jones' Ride to the Cheeky Cow in Collendina on Saturday 27.5.17
Eleven riders to Cheeky Cow Collendina by the long way, Sue and myself on the Tandem, Rolf, Ross, David I, Terry, Chris Hu, Leo, Ron, Peter O and Mike. We wended our way over to the Bellarine Hwy out to Leopold and up the Rail Trail to Curlewis Rd, good sprint to the Bellarine Hwy, to Wallington and through the estates to Grubb Rd. After Shell Rd we took a nice downhill through the houses and on to the Cheeky Cow for a most enjoyable coffee, Ross was a bit keen to get his hot chocolate and ended up with Rolf’s coffee but all got sorted to the satisfaction of all. Return home was via 13th Beach and Blackgate and HSBend Rd a most enjoyable ride, thanks for coming along. Cheers Peter.

Below - Sue on the tandem ready for take off at the corner of Blackgate Rd and Horseshoe Bend Rd.

Chris Hume's Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove on Thursday 25.5.17
On a cool but pleasant day for riding a good roll up  of sixteen riders appeared at the Grovedale Pub Carpark expecting PJ to take them on a leisurely ride to Barwon Heads but had to me, Chris Hu instead!! Who had other ideas. There was Marie, Ken, Ross,Lyn and Mick,Terry, David, Rolf, Peter O'B, Jackie and David, Ted, Mike, Harry and Rod. Trudi sent a text and met us later at Barwon Heads, making seventeen in total.
We headed out to the Groove via Reserve Rd, Horseshoe Bend Rd, Blackgate Rd 13th Beach etc. Except for Mick's puncture it was smooth sailing!! (riding). At the Groove we had a great coffee as usual then split into two groups one heading out to the Bellarine Hwy, seven in total, including me and the rest returned via Barwon Heads etc. I enjoyed the ride and the company and hope the rest did.

Ross' Ride from Moriac to Urquharts Bluff & Return - Tuesday 23.5.17
A very late change of plans by Mrs Ride Leader meant my use of the car and my nice time buffer suddenly disappeared and I needed to leave NOW !! Throw everything at the bike and out the door. Several kilometres up the road, I suddenly realise I had forgotten something quite important, my helmet! IDIOT! A quick u-turn and back home again.  Now I am really late and I need to push all the way to the ride start.
A small but select group were waiting patiently at Moriac. At exactly 9.00 am, Julia, Ken, Rolf, Chris Hu, Terry, Peter J (on his touring bike) and Ross set forth for Urquharts Bluff. Dodging gravel graded on to the bitumen on Hendy Main Road, a nice tail wind on Forest Road then the usual fast run down in to Anglesea. Needing to be back in Geelong at a reasonable hour, Terry left us here while the rest continued on to Urquharts Bluff. We stopped just long enough for some photos before heading back to the General Store for refreshments. Suitably fortified, we began the return trip. Rolf left us at the top of the Anglesea hill as he was riding via Torquay while the remainder continued up Forest Road. The Ride Leader abandoned the group at Grays Road, leaving a very small group to continue in to the breeze back to Moriac.
Thanks to all for a very pleasant outing. Ross.

Sunday Ride to The Station Restaurant in Bannockburn - 21.5.17
Almost windless but cloudy for our ride along the Barwon and then out on the Hamilton Highway to Murghebuloc and up Brislane Rd to The Station Restaurant in Bannockburn. David I, Mike T, Ron, Harry, Chris Hu, Rolf and John enjoyed the coffee and the ambiance under the big oak tree. Our return trip was down to Russells Bridge and up Parker Rd, travelling through Sutherlands Creek and Moorabool to Lovely Banks where we joined the Ted Wilson Path to take us to the Barwon Trail and home. Quite a satisfying loop to the north-west of Geelong.
Keep Riding, John Hagan.

Saturday Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove - 20.5.17
Good weather for a ride this morning from Grovedale Pub with 8 riders: Chirs Halpin, Sue, Leo, Chris Hume, Mark, Daivd Innes, Rolf and John. We decided to go down to Groove via Lake Rd and Sheepwash - with one puncture adjacent to 13th Beach Golf Course. Groove was busy and the service up to the usual high standards. Mike Taylor drove down to meet us and had a chat after we had finished coffee - also taking photos 2,3 below. The top one was taken on John's phone by the proprietor.
Our return tip was via Barwon Heads and 13th Beach - I was asked how it got its' name - the name is taken from the close proximity of the beach to the thirteenth hole of the Barwon Heads Golf Course. Blackgate and Horseshoe Bend Rds took us back to Geelong.
Keep Riding, John.

From L to R above: Chris Ha, Leo, Sue, Chris Hu, David I, Mark, Rolf & John at Groove.

David, Rolf and Sue.

Chris Ha, Leo, Chris Hu, and John.

Trudi's Ride to Lara on Thursday 18.5.17
With the promise of a beautiful autumn's day, I was pleasantly surprised by the turn out of so many riders for my ride out to Lara. There was Lyn & Mick, Jackie & David, Marie, Terry, Chris, Peter, Rolf, Ted, Zac, David I, Ron and ride leader Trudi. Starting at the top of Church St we headed out on the Ted Wilson bike path, then onto the Ballarat Rd only as far as the Ballan Rd. Riding at a nice steady pace we turned off at Stacey's Rd, everyone enjoying the lovely run down to Bacchus Marsh Rd, then onto Patullos Rd that took us into Lara's shopping centre. With a large group of thirsty cyclists Cafe Blu was out of the question. Ted suggested the cafe across the road was a good one, so we all descended on Cafe 7 Grams. Coffee was good, conversation was loud, a little extra time was spent as we all had a lot to say. The run home was along the Hovells Creek path, riders departing at different stages. The majority of the group rode back up to Church St and to their awaiting cars. Thanks everyone for a fantastic ride, especially thanks to all the ladies it was great to have the company of women in the group. Life is better on your bike....

Lyn & Ken Lead Rides with 3 Options on Tuesday 16.5.17.
Lyn's Report - Many GTC riders assembled at Grovedale Pub carpark for the various rides today - 50k to Moriac & return, 100k for another loop to Ocean Grove & a third option of 100k HARD ride (not many takers - Ken to lead).
There was a little excitment at the start as one person had a wardrobe adjustment beside the car then it was off & running for the 12 riders - Trudi, Meri, Lyn G & Mick, Terry, PJ, Glenda, Helen, Jackie & Dave, Mike and myself.
A lovely run on the bike path up Baanip Blvde onto Ghazeepore Rd, Dickens,the Angleasea Rd to Blackgate and into Moriac where welcome coffee was enjoyed by all basking in the sunshine on the cafe deck.
Glenda & Helen departed for a little extra riding into Torquay while the others returned to Grovedale via Mt Duneed Rd. Terry went on at this point for some more ks before heading home and Jackie & Dave continued home as well from Whites Rd. We all enjoyed a zippy downhill run to the Surf Coast Highway back to the carpark for Lyn & Mick (well done Lyn), and the five remaining riders headed out to Ocean Grove for the 100k distance.
By now the sun was shining again and 13th Beach looked wonderful& good time was made even though the leader (on her heavier touring bike) was leading from the rear of the pack!!
From Barwon Heads we rode to the Dunes cafe in Ocean Grove for a well-earned rest and lunch on the deck overlooking the perfect surf beach. Two ordered large meals of hamburgers & chips, great cyclist food, although some meat was fed to a starving dog and chips to other starving riders. Then it was alll systems go back to Grovedale via Lake Rd & Boundary Rd but Trudi was robbed of her 100k at the finish and was forced to do another 3 or 4 k to record that milestone.I don't know whose Garmin was incorrect but never mind, it was a great day and we all enjoyed it so thank you GTC riders for your excellent company.

Ken's Reprot - 16 riders gathered at the Grovedale Hotel carpark. Three rides were on offer: a hard (hilly) 100km, a medium 100km and an easy 50 km. Lyn Loudon led the combined 50 and medium 100 group of 12. Ken Gawne, Ross Glover, Chris Hume and Rolf Kohnert set off on a cold but sunny morning to attack the hard 100 – a course which included 5 category 1 climbs, 5 category 2 and 6 category 3 together with numerous inclines. On the way to Moriac via the steep hills of Duffields, Bells, and Vickerys, Rolf built a substantial lead in the KOM award with the other 3 being more circumspect in these early stages. After 49 km we stopped for welcome refreshments – seats were at a premium at the general store café with many cyclists from another group present. Then it was more climbing on Hendy Main through to Barrabool Road with Rolf adding more points to his tally.
At the intersection of Merrawarp and the Hamilton Highway (68km) , Rolf turned right to head back home whilst we three turned left and continued onto to the 4th category 1 climb up Pollocksford Rd. With Rolf now out of the running, Chris asserted himself and whizzed up the long hill with ease (Ken had a good view from the rear). We sped along Barrabool Rd to Anderson’s Rd (many thanks to Meri for showing us this gem a couple of weeks previous) and enjoyed the 2 exhilirating downhills before relatively easy climbs back up to the Princes Highway. Progress was fast along the highway and down Waurn Ponds Drive but Chris and Ross were warned about the last category 1 climb awaiting them. This was too much for Chris who, happy with a 100 plus effort for the day, continued straight on when K and R turned up Lemins – a short climb with a nasty turn at the steepest part. The bonus points secured by Ross were enough to secure him the KOM.
The 100 kms came up as we flew along Barnip (time 4h 37m – much faster than I had predicted). Back at the Grovedale Hotel carpark the ride distance was 104.5. Meri’s truck was still there which meant the medium hundred group were still to finish. This was partly due to them having 2 stops for refreshments to our 1. The experiment to run 100 km rides and a shorter one on the same day was a success. It was Ross’s first ride of that length with the club. The hard 100 only attracted 4 riders but I am sure that several others would be more than capable of participating.
Ken Gawne.

Combined Ride with Cycling Geelong on Sunday 14.5.17.
When we looked to the west before starting the dark thunder clouds were threatening. However, the wind dropped to almost zero and the sun came out for a near perfect morning's ride. The riders were: Rolf, Mike T, Mike C, David I, and John from GTC and Helen, Coralie, Rick, and Kelly from Cycling Geelong with Mike C being a member of both clubs. Helen Lyth took us out along Bluestone Bridge Rd, through Lovely Banks and out to the You Yangs on Forest Rd and we returned to Lara on Flinders Avenue. We struggled to find space in any of the cafes in Lara as it was Mothers' Day but squeezed into Cafe Blu with some outside and others inside. The return trip was via Hovell's Trail with a stop at Limeburners Lagoon to admire the reflections off the water in many directions.
The loop from Rippleside was about 57km. A very enjoyable ride.
John Hagan.

Terry Leads the Ride to The Groove in Ocean Grove on Saturday 13.5.17.
Today’s ride was to the Groove in Ocean Grove, a beautiful sunny day 6 riders, turning up at the Grovedale Hotel for a ride. Rolf, Harry, Mike, Mark, Leo and myself headed off along Reserve Road into Horseshoe bend road then into Boundary road then turning right into Barwon Heads Road turning left into Lake Road, back onto Barwon Heads Road to Barwon Heads. A quick lap around the sheepwash then onto the Groove for a well-deserved coffee and plenty of conversation in the sun.
The return trip was along 13th Beach road to Blackrock Road. Continuing along Blackgate Road, Horseshoe Bend Road, to Reserve Road where we all parted company. Thanks to all for a most enjoyable ride.
Keep on pedalling, Terry.

East Gippsland Tour with Ross, Peter J, Chris Halpin & Chris Hume on Saturday 13.5.17.
See comments below some of the photos.

Mingling Waters cafe Nowa Nowa after our big breakfast. Ready to ride.

Crossing the Tambo

Tambo River at Bruthen

Snack break just out of Bruthen

Almost back to the train. Lakes in the background.

East Gippsland Tour with Ross, Peter J, Chris Halpin & Chris Hume on Friday 12.5.17.
Hello and greetings from Nowa Nowa. Had an interesting trip down. Started with a 05.28 departure from Waurn Ponds. Peter and Chris Ha rode there! Don't like to think what time they got up. Got to Southern Cross to find our train was faulty. Vline did a good job with the changeover and we departed in a Velocity train but with a new destination of Sale and the worry of getting our bikes on buses.
It all worked out ok and we departed Bairnsdale at around the expected time. Had a nice tail wind and made good time despite two puntures for Peter. Even so, it was getting cold and the mist was settling by the time we reached Nowa Nowa. Tea at the pub and early to bed as it was very cold. Wasn't looking forward to getting out the the sleeping bag this morning but did so eventually to find Chris Hu had been up for quite a while and had a nice fire going in the camp kitchen. We huddled around it while having breakfast but eventually had to leave for Orbost. We were well rugged up at the start but some uphill sections soon had us shedding clothes. Had a great ride to Orbost and after an extended bakery lunch in the sun, we turned around and headed back. Another great ride back. Chris Hu has done his fire thing again and we are currently enjoying the warmth of the camp kitchen while we re-hydrate and organise tea. Planning an early (and probably very cold) start tomorrow to ensure we make Bairnsdale in time to catch the train.
Regards, Ross.

Rolf's Ride 9am Ride to Torquay on Thursday 11.5.17.
The alternative riders group decided not to join in on the official Thursday ride, they did not know what they missed out on. We had an international peloton this morning, Estelle Bridgewater from Warwick UK joined us this morning besides the locals like Meri without socks, Trudy, Terry, Sir Dr. Mike, Ron, David I. and Rolf set out along Baanip Blvd, Ghazeepore Road, Dickins Road, Anglesea Road, Coombes Road, Ocean Acres Drive and Grossmans Road into Torquay to find out that the Frontbeach Cafe was still closed, so Kobo Cafe welcomed us with super fast service of great coffee and the odd muffin as required by some riders who had expanded too much energy to get there. Next thing, Ted walked in, telling us that he and Harry assembled at the Grovedale pub at 8:30 and were terribly disappointed that no one else was there to guide/join them on the Thursday ride. Hmm, check the webside before departing?  After sorting out a minor problem with Harry's bike we all headed for HSB Road and back to our various destinations in and around Geelong. A pleasant ride in good riding weather enjoyed by all participants (I hope), thanks for your company,

The 8:30 Ride on 11.5.17 to the same destination.....!!!!!
Ted and Harry turned up bright and early (8:30) at the Grovedale pub and, lacking further support, headed up the Torquay Road for coffee at Mejavo's. Both claim the change to 9:00 start was not communicated - that's their story and they're sticking to it. 
After a coffee and lively chat they were surprised to find Terry who was equally surprised to find himself alone after thinking Mejavo's was the agreed stopping place for the main peloton. Seems that the rest of the group decided Kobo was the place for caffeine reload. Photo shows Terry desperately seeking his support riders who appeared not to want to answer their phones. 
A happy ending ensued as the two/three groups rejoined for a pleasant ride home.

East Gippsland Tour with Ross, Peter J, Chris Halpin & Chris Hume on Thursday 11.5.17.
Photos only so far ... reports may follow.

Peter Jones' Ride from Torquay to Lorne on Tuesday 9.5.17.
Eleven riders for my Torquay Lorne ride, Rolf managed to get a leave pass for part of the ride and rode down and on to Breamlea before heading home and Greg stayed with us until Aireys Inlet outskirts before turning back, I thought he should go to the bottom of the Aireys hill but he dismissed that idea, as I would. In addition there was Trudi, Meri, Lyn L who joined us at Anglesea and Ken who also rode out to the start, the two Chris’ Ha and Hu, Ross, Peter O and myself. We rolled out at 9-00 am, the Jan Juc hill is always a bit of a tough one before you are warmed up but we all got over that and headed for Anglesea, there did seem to be a very light side/head wind and the tour buses were on the move but generally it was quite pleasant riding. The ocean was a bit grey because the Sun was slow to appear but it is always nice to be riding one of the iconic roads of Australia. Enjoyed a coffee and a bit of sustenance, such as Pasty,  Brownie, Vanilla Slice and Scone jam and cream before rolling back to Aireys Bakery a break and proper lunch. Seemed to have a little wind assistance and were back at the cars by 2-35 pm after an excellent ride.
Cheers, Peter.

Ballarat Autumn Day (BAD) Ride on Sunday 7.5.17.
Photos of GTC riders on the BAD ride courtesy of Mike Taylor.

Check out this link for an ACTIVE map of Peter Jones' Ride.

Ross' SLOW Ride to Drysdale on Sunday 7.5.17.
The promise of a slow pace drew a good crowd of 9 riders to South Geelong station for today's ride. Nicole, Bill, Pam, Lyn L, Ken, (both on nice shiny new "gravel" bikes), Rolf, David I, Mick and Ross set out along the rail trail towards Drysdale. There were plenty of other people out and about enjoying the day, despite the threat of showers. No-one took the all-bitumen option as we crossed the highway and the gravel sections were pretty good despite recent rain. The good news was that they are fixing the verges along High Street in Drysdale; the bad news was that there were road works in progress with signs and witches hats pushing bike riders out towards the traffic. Note to self, let's not come back this way. There was some division at the Bungalow Cafe with the optimists sitting outside and the realists taking advantage of the nice warm interior. The outside folks luck held long enough for a leisurely refreshment break before some spits signalled time to move on. Lyn and Ken headed further east in search of more kilometres, Rolf and David headed back via Princess Street for some faster kilometres and the rest of us decided the rail trail was the best way home. The Leoplold residents left us at Melaluka Road and the last three cruised back to the station. A very pleasant ride with just a few spits of rain. Thanks to all participants.

Peter's Ride to Mejavo's in Torquay on Saturday 6.5.17.
A ride to beat the rain, Sue, Terry, Rolf, Chris Hu, Chris Ha, Harry, John, Ron and myself took the direct route to Torquay down the Surf Coast Hwy. A nice tail wind and a bit of Sunshine made the riding very pleasant. At the Shire Offices we peeled off and cut through to Fischer St making our way to Mejavo’s for a very good coffee. The return home was via HSBend Rd which is a little protected from the headwinds and at the bend/bridge over Thompson’s Creek certainly looked rather different from the last time I was down there. By Marshalltown Rd everyone was heading for home which was good as the front came through at about 12-00 with wind and rain but we were all home and dry.
Life is better on a bike. Cheers, Peter.

Above: Sue, Peter, David Ellis & Rolf and below John and Sue.

Below: Peter & Sue on the tandem on The Esplanade about to turn into Horseshoe Bend Rd.

Peter's Ride to Drysdale and Wallington on Thursday 4.5.17.
Thirteen riders on the promise of a good Sunny day and the promise of a new and exciting destination. The fine Sunny day was a given, the other may be in the eye of the beholder, but be that as it may it was a lovely day for riding and everyone enjoyed the ride even though their tongues were hanging out for a coffee by the time we reached The Palat at the back of the Geelong racecourse. Riders were Lyn L, Jackie and David, David I, Rolf, (Jack) Ron, Ross, Peter O, Chris Hu, Chris Ha, Mike, Zdenko and myself. Everyone enjoyed the ride and the coffee met expectations in a rather nice commercial ambience with good service and very pleasant staff.
Keep riding, Cheers Peter

Meri's Ride over the Barrabool Hills on Tuesday 2.5.17.
With a forecast expecting showers and a westerly wind eight hardy riders took off in the cold morning. They were the usual Peter J, John H, Peter O'B, Trudi B, Chris H, Ken G, Rolf K and myself. We were joined by Lyn L, at Ceres and Terry H, at Moriac. Our route to Moriac was via Scenic Road, Granville Road, Barabool Road, and then a right turn into Andersons Road just before the lovely little Moriac Church, then up the Colac Highway, for the run to the store along Henry Main Road. Andersons Road was introduced to me by Trudi who had an exceptional eye for country lanes, albeit sealed, well done Trudi ... such a scenic way to ride to Moriac. A well earned coffee break, just missing a shower was really appreciated. After coffee, onto The Colac Road, turning right into Hortips Road and then to Considines Road. A shower left us all huddled under trees, but it was short lived. Four riders left us at this point to ride the quickest way home, but we managed to have respite from more rain until after a quick roadside lunch. Beautiful, and fast running  Moorabool River was the chosen backdrop for lunch. A quick observance test was scheduled, all passed with good scores, as really there is just so much to see on these back roads. By-the-way, running down Pollocksford Road is an absolute joy.
Lunch over just in time to get a light soak from the clouds. We were scheduled to go right at Merrawarp Road, back over Ceres, then up through the beautiful Scenic Road, so aptly named, however although planned, coffee was enjoyed at Fyansford, to warm up a bit, then to face Cementy Hill. We all took different routes home, but mostly those that were still there at the end did about 70 k's. A great ride with good company. Thanks to everyone 
Trudi was right again, her answer to what was the cruciferous crop grown for cattle on Andersons Road WAS Turnips. She has a good memory!!
Cheers, Meri.

John Hagan's Ride around Werribee and Environs on Sunday 30.4.17.
Six riders for our tour of Werribee on a rather cool, overcast and fairly calm Sunday morning: Mike, Mick, Chris Hume, Ross, Peter and John. The majority of our trip was on cycle paths - out to the north-west on the Werribee River
, then Sayers Rd to the East through Tarneit and down to Skeleton Creek, a short link on the Federation Trail, over the railway and freeway on Old Geelong Rd, back on to Skeleton Creek to travel to the Cheetham Wetlands on the edge of Port Phillip Bay. From Sanctuary Lakes we finally called in to Alamanda Cafe in Point Cook for a long awaited coffee stop. Snydes Rd took us to the new bridge over the Maltby Bypass and we were impressed with the 3 metre concrete paths leading up and over the bridge - we were not as impressed by being requested by signs to dismount each time we got to a crossing or pedestrian lights! The Federation Trail took us back to the Werribee River so that we could follow it from the other direction back to the cars. A very enjoyable trip of 45km and we were back by lunch time.
Keep Riding, John.

Peter Jones' Medium Ride to Jan Juc on Saturday 29.4.17.
Seven riders for our Sat morning ride, Ken, Chris Ha, Rolf, Ron, Mike, Peter O and Peter J and Sue on the Tandem. Forecast was for showers and there were some around with an occasional spit but nothing to worry about. It was in fact quite mild and a few of us were feeling a bit overdressed and warm. I decided it was time for a ride with some rollers so set the course to include Vickerys and Gundries finishing off with Addiscott and Bones Rds before an excellent coffee at Swell in Jan Juc before heading straight home along the Surfcoast Hwy. An excellent mornings ride in good company. Cheers Peter.
Photos by Mike Taylor.

Ray's Ride to Moriac & Freshwater Creek on Thursday 27.4.17.

Peter O'Brien's ride to Moriac, Bells Beach, Jan Juc & Torquay on Anzac Day 2017.
When I woke this morning my first thought was to cancel the ride following the overnight deluge.  Riding conditions were sure to be poor.  But, when I went outside things didn’t look as bleak as I’d assumed so off I pedalled to Bunnings.  Seven other hardy souls joined me - Rolf, yes Rolf in the rain, Peter J, Mike, Chris Hume, John H,  Lyn and Julie.  
When we got to Moriac we were disappointed to find both Ravens Creek Farm and the Moriac General Store were closed due to it being ANZAC day.  Well, what do cyclists do when coffee is not available?  Panic.  After much discussion we decided to head to the Chocolaterie on the Surf Coast Highway and to our relief it was open.  
After coffee we rode to Bells Beach, Jan Juc and Torquay.  This particular route was quite exhilarating and what makes cycling so enjoyable.  We took the normal course along Horseshoe Bend Road and planned to take McCann Road to the Uforic Food Café for lunch.  At the intersection of Horseshoe Bend Road and Blackgate Road  there was a sign which advised the  road was closed due to flooding.  Taking no heed of the sign, we continued until we came across a raging torrent of water at the ford.  To our amazement, a motor vehicle was submerged and jammed up against a guard rail with water swirling around it.  Out came the phones with many snaps being taken.  Back on our bikes we headed back to Blackgate Road and the Surf Coast Highway only to find the Uforic Food Café  was closed.  Around this time John H had a puncture however, with some assistance from Julie he was soon able to get back on the road. As time was now getting on we decided to forego lunch and head for home. Despite the weather, scarcity of cafes and a puncture, all up it turned out be a great day for biking riding.  
Peter O.

Peter O'Brien's Mystery Tour Around Geelong on Sunday 23.4.17
Ten riders turned up for today's mystery bike tour of Geelong - David I, Rolf, Chris Halpin, John, Chris Hume, Peter J,  Mike Currie, Michael Taylor, Ross  and myself.  The original intention was to ride along the river path to Fellmongers Road but due to the large number of runners on the path a change in plans was required.  Instead, we proceeded down to Barwon Terrace and cycled to Fellmongers Road, then Boundary Road and onto Eastern Gardens. The ride through the gardens and along the esplanade was rather tranquil with the water in Corio Bay being totally still.  
Continuing north to Rippleside Park we rode along Corio Key Road, crossing the railway line at North Shore onto Station Street and then onto St Georges Road.   We headed to  Anakie Road and  Vines Road and stopped for  coffee at the Soft Café in Minerva Road. Here we were joined by Ted and his international relations, riders Barry and Liz.  
Back on our bikes we headed to Queens Park and over the bridge.   You learn something every day and today I learnt that riders are not permitted to ride across the bridge, rather we should have used the adjacent bike path.  
We  rode along Buckley Falls Road and Highett Road where we stopped to see if Ray Moore was home.  With no answer we continued back to Scenic Road and to Queens Park Bridge with the downhill ride being particularly exhilarating.  
By this time we were nearing the end of our ride and headed back to Geelong along the river path.  
Peter O.

Ross' Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove on Saturday 22.4.17
Today was one of those days where dark clouds and wet roads make it tempting to stay at home but you know you will regret a lost opportunity if you don't ride. A good crowd of 10 riders had no regrets, turning up at the the Grovedale Pub for a ride with no leader or destination. John H, Terry, Rolf, Meri, Peter O, Harry, Chris Hu, Ron, Mike and Ross headed out via the back streets of Marshall, a very soggy Belmont Common and Townsend Road to the Bellarine Highway. A nice opportunity to push up the hill up through Leopold, then some nice undulations along the highway and Wallington Road (there is still a lot of loose gravel along the Wallington Road verge), brought us to morning tea (coffee) at Groove. We had the usual excellent service, including one of the owners bringing out towels so some of us could avoid getting wet backsides. Plenty of conversation in the sun, ended when the temperature dropped a few degrees and it seemed opportune to move on. Kudos to Rolf for a long turn in to the breeze along 13th Beach and to Terry for winning the sprint down to Blackrock Road. Having brought along a ride sheet, I got to choose the route which by total coincidence, ran very close by home so I left the group at Horseshoe Bend Road. Nothing bad on the local news so presumably all made it home safely. Thanks to all for a most enjoyable outing (with no rain).

Photos from Day 2 of the EASTER RIDE - Port Campbell to Princetown - taken by Matt and John.
More photos to come on the other days...

Meri leads the ride to Lara on Thursday 20.4.17
Photos from Mike.
What a great morning to be out on our bikes. Peter Jones, Rolf, Chris Hu, Trudi Bella, David I, Harry C, Mike T, and I, all began the ride via Creamery Road and Bluestone Bridge Road out to Lara. 
As usual with this "jostle" of cyclists a fast pace was set.  No One  fell off their bike, and no one lagged behind. Not a breath of wind which is pretty normal for Autumn. Really, you can see why people like living at Lovely Banks, great views and quite rural. By the time we reached Lara and had coffee or a pot of tea, it began to feel quite warm. Someone asked where we were heading, suggestion was to Stacey's Road, but somehow we bypassed that way home and so headed for Car's Road. Which was good, otherwise we would have had a short ride, and we were all "up" for a longer run.
So up Car's Road and across to Anakie Road. Once we turned left we had the North wind on our backs. Great! Still incredibly dry out that way and dusty. We noted a fire to our right (West), but it may perhaps have been a controlled burn, not sure.
Think some of the "gun riders" should have a weight penalty or a 3 km start for some of us not yet up to their exuberant best. But perhaps not, it's all fun anyway. A great ride, even if leadership was a bit below par. Thanks to everyone.

David Rae's 70km to Portarlington/Queenscliff on Tuesday 18.4.17
14 riders started off from the showgrounds.  David and Jackie, Trudie, Ken and Lyn Loudon, Chris Hume, Ross, Peter J. Peter O. Rolf, Meri, Ron, Julia,and Mike Taylor.  We headed off along the rail trail and met up with Mick and Lyn at Melaluca rd. and continued on along the rail trail as far as Drysdale and a coffee stop at ground zero. Lyn headed home via the rail trail while the rest of us took the Port Arlington road with its pleasant ups and downs, enjoying the fine weather and calm conditions. From there we coasted along the esplanade around the bay taking in the fine views across the water,...... very enjoyable.  From there it was a comfortable pace on to St. Leonards where we stopped for our lunch, still overlooking the bay. The ride home was along Murradoc Road till we reached the turn off for Queenscliff where the group separated with most riders going through Ocean Grove and Barwon Heads back to the Showgrounds while the remainder headed back via the rail trail with Mick and Ron finishing their ride at Leopold.
A pleasant ride on a beautiful day. Rae.

Ross' Loop of Geelong on Sunday 16.4.17
Not quite everyone departed Geelong over Easter. Five GTC members turned out at for today's easy ride. Rolf, Mike, Chris Hu, Mick and Ross left South Geelong for a circuit around some of the local bike paths. Nothing too challenging today, our route was down Boundary Road to the start of the first path at Triboys, then on to the waterfront, along Western Beach and through the waterfront suburbs to Macleod Street. A quick change of direction over the fly-over to Douro Street and on to the Tom McKean path. Rolf and Mike decided that a loop around the Cementies hill pedestrian path would add a bit of interest but us others were happy to head on to coffee at Barwon Edge. It's a nice place to sit but $5-75 for my mug of hot chocolate means I won't be planning any future stops here. Turned out that the easy ride was too easy so the majority decided an extension out Drysdale way was the way to proceed. I left them to it.
Thanks to all for the good company. Ross.

Photos from the Saturday Ride to Moriac - 15.4.17

Nicole's Easter Tour Ride - Port Campbell to Princetown via some of the back roads - 15.4.17
This ride and the Saturday ride to Moriac may be delayed in the reporting - at the moment I am up the corner of a paddock as the sun sets with the computer on a fence post and my iphone in a tree to get enough power to put this report up on the net.

Nicole's Easter Tour Ride - Camperdown to Timboon via Crater to Coast Rail Trail - 14.4.17
The photos will tell the story.

Mick's Ride around the Drysdale Loop - Thursday - 13.4.17
On this coolish, slightly foggy morning 13 riders fronted up at the showgrounds for an easy ride to Drysdale and return. We took the bike path down Bellaring Hwy at Moolap, up the Hwy and down Melaleuka Rd and onto the Rail Trail. Then along the road to the Bungalow Coffee Shop at Drysdale for drinks, treats and chatter. On our return trip it was Princess St, Swan Bay Rd to Bellarine Hwy where the group split... some heading straight along the highway home, and some going on to Ocean Grove via Wallington Rd. Hoping all made it safely. The riders were:Ian, Ken, Ross, Chris Hume, David, PJ & Sue, Lyn L, Dr Mike, Ron, Rolf, Meri and myself Mick. Thanks to all for joining me on this pleasant day out. Cheers, Mick.

Peter Jones' Ride to Bannockburn & Inverleigh on Tuesday - 11.4.17
Ten keen riders on a showery day, Jackie, Trudi, Meri, Sue, David I, Rolf, Chris Hu, Mike, Ken and Peter J. We headed out the Hamilton Hwy in a light shower to Burnside Rd, then to Bannockburn for a coffee at le duo Sorelle. It was warm and dry, and excellent coffee. Waited for a light shower to pass then rolled out to Teesdale and across to the Hamilton Hwy and into Inverleigh. The Bakery was very popular, and good coffee again. The clouds had lifted and with a bit of side wind the run back into Fyansford was fairly easy. Chris Hu and Ken decided Pollocksford Rd would be a good hill so headed back home that way, the rest headed back to Fyansford and dispersed for home.
Cheers Peter.

Below - Sue and Rolf converse in The Bakery at Inverleigh.

John Hagan's Sunday Ride to The Farmers Place Cafe in Freshwater Ck - 9.4.17
With dire warnings from the Weather Bureau about storm and tempest - including possible gusts of wind to 110kph and the ABC News suggesting that people stay indoors - well, 3 hardy riders turned up for the start of the ride: Ross, Chris Hume, and your ride leader John H. Ross and Chris wanted to try out their storm gear and Ross was also testing his newly acquired Surly touring bike (Ross pointing to it in the photo below) so the conditions were ideal for this type of test. The worst of the conditions were to arrive in the afternoon. The small turn-up on a combined ride, with an absence of Cycling Geelong riders, was also partially due to a clash of events with the Ride the Bellarine 105km charity ride being on at the same time. We decided at the start that if the conditions deteriorated seriously we would not go past Panache in Waurn Ponds where we would bunker down for coffee and cake. However, on reaching Waurn Ponds, we dicided to push on to Freshwater Creek. Before this we had encountered a tree blown down on the Barwon River Path (see photo below). On reaching The Farmers' Place and finding all tables taken inside we zipped up our winter gear and sat outside - we had a window of sunshine just after the photo was taken. As Ross had ridden in from Torquay he headed south, aided by a north westerly wind, and Chris and I came back along Ghazeepore Rd,Whites Rd and through South Barwon Reserve along the Waurn Ponds Creek. The push back along the Barwon River was into a very strong headwind. We discussed how the conditions often turn out much better than predicted and all of us found the ride well worthwhile.
Keep Riding, John.

Peter Jones' Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove on Saturday 8.4.17
Ten riders on a fine and warm morning, Jackie, David R, David I, Rolf, Harry, Chris Hu, Ron, Mike, Mark and Peter J. It was very good to see Harry back riding with the club. As I am doing the 105 km Ride the Bellarine with Sue tomorrow didn’t want anything too hard so good old Groove won out. Took the other way around, down HSBend Rd, Blackgate Rd, Blackrock Path and 13th Beach. Very busy along 13th Beach, must be very good surf and I think there was a Long Board comp on as well. Enjoyed our coffee as usual and headed home via Barwon Heads Rd, Lake Rd, through the estate to HSBend Rd and home. Had a bit of head wind as we zig zagged our way home.
Keep riding. Cheers Peter.

And there were quite a few GTC Riders to The Bungalow Restaurant in Drysdale on unofficial rides - Simon, David E, John H with OZ HPV and Heather & Geoff C with a number of other memebers earlier in the morning.

Peter Jones' Ride to Torquay on Thursday 6.4.17
To Torquay on a magnificent riding day, fine and warm with little wind. Twelve riders, Meri, Trudi, Lyn L, Ken, Ron, Rolf, Terry, Chris Hu, Ross, Mike, Peter O and Peter J. It was a very rare occasion, Terry was early, he thought it was an 8-30 am start.
One of our usual ways to Torquay, across to the Anglesea Rd, and through Ocean Acres. Green Jersey points were on offer for the run down Grossman’s Rd., won by Rolf, Mike was keen but didn’t know the road and went too early.
Enjoyable coffee at Mejavo’s and then back home via HSBend Rd., Rolf, Ron, Chris and Mike liked the day and headed off on Blackgate Rd to get home via Ocean Grove and the Bellarine Hwy.
A great day to be out riding.
Cheers Peter.

David Innes' Ride to Kirks Bridge on Tuesday 4.4.17
A beautiful day at the beach but we decided to go else where as the water was too cold for swimming. A good turn out for the ride on a rather cool morning to start with but as the day wore on it became a lovely gorgeous sunny day with little wind it was just one of those special rare days to go cycling. We headed off to Lara to the usaul place Millars coffee place the going was easy and quick enjoying the company and conversation it was time to decide where to go from there.
Little River sounded good so off we went only this time we didn't turn off at the first right but headed down the road a little ways to the next one kirk's Rd. Turns out though my math was a little out and we went well above the 70 kilometres we were supposed to be doing oh well it was a nice day for it. Arriving back in Lara for lunch just in good timing at the coffee place next to the fruit shop on the main drag behind Woolworths. We headed home via the hovel trail the way we'd come with some going to Meri's house for tea and coffee.
Thanks to all that joined in for the most beautiful day one to remember as we'll soon be rugging up for the cooler weather to come.
Your names all too numerous for me to remember luckily Mr Michael Taylor our offical photographer was on hand to take pics showing all who were there.
See you all again soon, David.

Ross' Ride to Ravens Creek Farm in Moriac on Sunday 2.4.17
The ride program said a 9.00 start, the web site said an 8.30 start, it was the first morning of the daylight savings change and the route was rather bumpy so I wasn't sure how many might turn out for this morning's ride to Moriac. John H, Rolf, Chris Hu, Dr Mike and Ross set out from South Geelong towards the cement works, riding towards some very dark clouds. Our collective Karma must have been good as they slid away, leaving us to a fine but slightly breezy ride out the Hamilton Highway and up Merrawarp to Barrabool Road, where the fun began. Barrabool, Devon and Reservoir Roads came and went, leaving the lovely long downhill run to Ravens Creek Farm and morning tea. Some of the group enjoyed the first part of the ride so much, they voted to abandon the published route and head back the way we came. Only John H had the sense (and a pannier full of heavy camera equipment) to continue down Mt Duneed Road to home. The return run was almost as good but some legs had started to tire by the time we crested Ceres and the run down in to town was welcome. Thanks to all participants for your great company.

David Innes Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove on Saturday 1.4.17

Sue and Peter J beside the Tandem

Sue with the group at Groove

Also on Saturday 1.4.17 - 3 of our GTC Riders were riding to Drysdale with OZ-HPV - Simon, David C & John H - photo courtesy of John C. and a number of other Members met them for coffee at the Bungalow Restaurant in Drysdale.

Peter Jones' Ride to Barwon Heads on Thursday 30.3.17
Big crew for this mornings ride to Barwon Heads, cool start, about 9 deg but promised to warm up to 19 deg with a bit of Sun. When I got to Grovedale it was just Rolf and myself for a while but numbers quickly grew, Meri, Trudi, Jackie, David R, David I, Rolf, Ross, Chris Hu, Ron, (New Member), Terry, Mike, Ken and myself. Took Reserve Rd to Barwon Heads Rd, to Lake Rd, had a little break while I fixed a front wheel puncture, courtesy of a Bindi from Mildura. It was easy riding with a nice tail wind and we all rolled into Starfish in good time. Looked busy but as usual we found a nice table with patches of Sun and enjoyed our coffee. The return was via 13th Beach, Blackrock Path, Blackgate Rd and HSBend Rd, a little more difficult coming back against the wind but everyone made it ok.
A most enjoyable mornings ride.
Cheers Peter.

Peter Jones' Melbourne Circuit Ride - Tuesday 28.3.17
What a fantastic day! The Bay looked stunning, like a sheet of glass only cut into ripples by the RIBs laying Buoys for the Life Saving Victoria training day. We left Geelong early in case the traffic caused delays but had very little delay, arrived at Sandridge Life Saving Club in time to slip down the path and have coffee. Only two members of GTC with a sense of adventure today, Rolf and Peter. Our route was into town along the Yarra, through Docklands and up the Moonee Ponds Creek trail until we turned right passing through Royal Park to Carlton for a coffee. Heaps of bikes out on the paths enjoying a cracker of a day. Leaving coffee quickly joined the Merri Creek trail meeting the Main Yarra Trail at Dight’s Falls. Plenty of water in Merri Creek and the Yarra after last weeks and overnight rain. Followed the Yarra into Melbourne and branched off at Crown to follow the Light Rail down to the Bay where we enjoyed a coffee and Milk Shake before taking the Bay Trail back to the car and home.
An absolutely beautiful day and a wonderful ride.
Cheers Peter.

Peter Jones' Mildura Tour - March 2017 - Map of All the Routes Taken on the Tour.

John Hagan's Ride to Werribee on Sunday 26.3.17
We had a good turn up for the advertised 105km ride to Werribee. On a beautiful morning for riding with no wind and overcast and slightly misty conditions John C, Greg, Chris Hume, David Innes, Rolf and your ride leader John H set out towards Lara on the Hovell Trail. Our route took us on the eastern side of the You Yangs and over Kirk's Bridge to Werribee via Bulban Rd. Our coffee spot was at The Coffee Pot where they have particularly generous servings of coffee. We even managed to photograph Greg enjoying a cake and a coffee! The return trip was along The Old Melbourne Rd and back through Lara and the Hovell Trail. You can see from the last photo below that the yachts in the background were almost becalmed with the lack of wind. Most of the participants did well over the 105km by the time you add their ride into South Geelong.
Keep Riding, John H.

Ross' Circuit of Geelong on Sunday 26.3.17
Marie, Ian, Ross, Mick, Dr Mike, Mike C and prospective new member Ron, rolled out of South Geelong Station for a very leisurely ride around the inner suburbs of Geelong. Just in case you missed it, we had two Mikes and a Mick out of the 6 riders on the ride. A time/distance miscalculation by the ride leader had us at Soft Cafe in Minerva Road for a very early refreshment break but at least it allowed us to have an extended stop while still having an early finish. Not much else to report, the closest thing to excitement was the run down cementies hill. Even there, Dr Mike missed his personal best. Thanks to all for a pleasant outing.

Ross' Ride to Ocean Grove via Wallington on Saturday 25.3.17
If you have 3 weather apps on your phone, all offering different forecasts, should you go with the best or the worst? I left Torquay with my waterproofs in the seat bag so am probably responsible for the perfect weather we had for today's ride. A small turn-out: Rolf, Mark, Dr Mike, Chris Hu, John H and Ross, so definitely quality not quantity. A nice cruise through the suburbs, down the highway and along the undulations of Wallington Road, had us sitting in the sun at Groove for refreshments and conversation.
Return was along 13th Beach where Mark locked on to some passing fast riders and left us mere mortals to our gentle cruise. The ride leader abandoned the ride at Horseshoe Bend Road, leaving the others to find their own way home. Apologies to all and thanks for the company.
p.s. A commendation for Rolf, who did most of the ride with one hand behind his back due to a painful shoulder.

Below - Rolf's tyre cut beyond repair on the way home - after the group had broken up!

Peter Jones' Mildura Tour - 25.3.17
Warm again, forecast 34 deg but pleasant riding in the mornings. Decided the coffee was good at Scozzie Shindigz in Red Cliffs so off we went, riding through the vines and agricultural areas to Red Cliffs, enjoyed our coffee, the chef had slept in so no scones and cream but his carrot cake was pretty good instead.
Big Lizzie is at Red Cliffs so took the opportunity to have a look at her. In 1917 she arrived in Red Cliffs having taken 2 years to drive from Melbourne. She weighs 45 tons and was built in Richmond. She was heading for Broken Hill but was so heavy she couldn’t get across the Murray so was used to clear Soldier Settlement blocks, with a team of 16 men she could clear 20 hectares of land a day. Following our coffee and tourist visit we headed back home via the Spider’s Web ride, Trudi with her usual sticky fingers sampling the odd grape. A most enjoyable final ride.
Cheers Peter.

Peter Jones' Mildura Tour - 24.3.17
Today was a touristy day, in the morning we cruised to the Information Centre, wandered around and then headed out on the Chaffey Trail covering the early days of Mildura, after a couple of hours of history it was time to head back to Banjo’s Bakery and Cafe. Senior’s Deal, a free Hot Cross bun with any coffee, what a deal.
Spent some time being interviewed by the local council officer responsible for cycling and a consultant putting together an infrastructure plan, they were very happy to get our feed back. After lunch we headed to the Mildura Wharf and joined the PV Rothbury for a cruise down the Murray through Lock 11 and back. It seemed like no time at all and it was happy hour then dinner, doesn’t time fly when you are having fun.
Tomorrow will be our last ride, everyone enjoyed the coffee at Scozzie Shindigz in Red Cliff so much we are going for a spin down there again in the morning.
Cheers Peter.

Peter Jones' Mildura Tour - 23.3.17
Still going well in Mildura, today was quite cool in the morning with a top of 31 deg. We did what is called the Southwest Loop stopping at Red Cliffs for coffee. The route heads out through agricultural lands until they give way to scrubby bush. The road is excellent, and once into the bush twists and turns undulating without any large hills. We met up with Brian and Suzi the dog for coffee at Scozzie Shindigz then headed back to Mildura and home along the “Spiders Web” another lovely ride. After lunch we swapped the bikes for the kayak again.
Cheers Peter.

David Innes Ride to Ocean Grove - Thursday 23.3.17
Today's ride was to Barwon heads via Ocean Grove. Well it was decided the Groove voted number one coffee shop best coffee and customer service by the ever friendly hospitality of a Mrs Ivy Zhang. The day was cloudy and very windy with the conditions proving to be tough work for a few making the ride moderators job not an easy one to try and keep the group together. New to our group was Ron Little who we happened to meet up with on a previous ride asking about our club. He decided to join us so welcome to the club Ron.
Starting at the Grovedale Pub again!!! We headed off to Reserve Road to the Barwon heads road taking the usual way to Barwon Heads via Lakes Road the peloton was split in half so whilst I waited for the rest of the stragglers Rolf and a few others decided to do the Sheepwash circuit. On we pressed crossing over the Barwon Heads Bridge to our fav haunt the Groove coffee shop where much to our surprise Mrs Zhang came out with a plate of chocolate coated marshmallows many thanks from all at the GTC for her kind gesture. After a most enjoyable coffe and lovely marshmallow it was decided to split up as some of the riders live out in Leopold whilst the rest of us headed back the customery way of 13th Beach Road, Blackgate Road and finally Horseshoe Bend Roads.
Thank you to all those that attended apart from the windy conditions it wasn't a bad ride.
Attending were: Marie Bagley, Ross Glover, Lyn Gregg, Mick Gregg, Chris Hume, Rolf Kohnert, Michael Taylor and ( new comer ) Ron Little.
Special thanks to Michael Taylor for the well taken photos.
David Innes.

Peter Jones' Mildura Tour - 22.3.17
Today the forecast was for 32 deg and cloudy, the breeze sprang up overnight from the South and kept the temp down to about 20 deg all morning. It was a lovely ride over the Chaffey Bridge and along River Rd in NSW, the bush is very dry but there are many blocks of vines, orange trees and even Asparagus. Passed the Australian Inland Botanic Gardens on our way to Dareton where we joined the Sturt Hwy towards Wentworth diverging to cross the old Abbotsford Bridge and back to Merbein for coffee. We reckon it was one of the best coffees around, the shop was a real multi tasker, News Agent, Gifts, Cards, Light lunches and excellent coffee.
We asked about toilets, sorry they were blown down in the storm, apparently on 11th November Merbein was hit by a Super Cell storm which did heaps of damage, we had already passed a collapsed house on the way in which was at framing stage and the back wall of the shop had fallen on the units next door with sheets of tin flying down the road.
Following coffee we rolled on back to Mildura and home for a light lunch then headed down to the river for a spot of kayaking.
Cheers Peter.

On the River Rd in NSW

On the Chaffey Bridge Mildura

The 'Cancelled' GTC Ride on Tuesday - 21.3.17
Report from Chris Hume - Mike and I went for a bit of a ride today as the official one was cancelled!! Should have stayed home! We were on our way to Drysdale and simultaneously had flat front tyres near the Italian Club. Fixed them up then continued on. Showers started and by the time we got to Swan Bay Rd turnoff became very heavy, luckily the Flying Brick Cider Company was nearby so we coffeed and camped there for an hour or so until the rain eased enough for us to head home. As we headed in the rain stopped and the road dried out a bit so did a few more kms along the river. As a result of the soaking have spent an hour or so cleaning the bike and repairing the tyre ready for the next ride. Probably head out for a spin tomorrow if it is dry!
Cheers, Chris.

Peter Jones' Mildura Tour - 21.3.17
Another hot day forecast, 35 deg, so again we took off at 8-00 am. Very low percentage chance of rain, it was about 22 deg fine and Sunny as we headed out on a popular local ride called "The Spider's Web" don't really see why but a very pleasant ride just the same. The ride goes out towards and through Red Cliffs and is an undulating and winding course through vineyards heavy with fruit a lot of times and the rows of vines covered with a white protective plastic type material, Trudi says it is to protect the grapes from rail and hail which could split them.
Also rode past Kings Billabong where we stopped for a look at the lookout, photo is a bit average as we were looking directly into the Sun, David declined swimming over to the side holding up his camera so he could get a better shot.
From Red Cliffs the return was not quite so interesting with long straight roads but the coffee at the end at Pronto was worth the ride, and only a km away from our Caravan park.
Cheers Peter

Dog Suzi and Brian Kent out for early ride my day off
but Peter Jones group went on longer ride

Peter Jones' Mildura Tour - 20.3.17
All arrived yesterday and settled in to our sites, quite a warm day and night. Discussed where we would ride this morning and decided we would leave at 8-00 am to get the benefit of the cooler mornings. Everyone was ready to ride at 8-00 am Trudi and Leo, Jackie and David, Peter and Marion and Brian. We had decided on an easy ride to kick off and The Cardross Loop seemed to fit the bill, gently undulating and only about 36 kms. Because our Park is a little out of the CBD we joined in part the way and cruised out into the countryside amongst the grapes and Vegies to Cardross then wended our way back to the heart of Mildura and coffee at Banjo's Bakery and Cafe. Following coffee we took a scenic tour of the waterfront, beautifully set up with gardens and lawns aplenty with lots of Houseboats tied up, a few even for sale. Then it was time to wander home for lunch as the temp was getting into the high 20s. A few took to the pool before a shower and lunch sitting in the shade.
Cheers Peter

John's Ride to Cafe Dolce in Curlewis on Sunday 19.3.17
Today was expected to be a warm one but riding before lunch the conditions were almost ideal for the 7 GTC riders who turned up: Rolf, Mark, David I, Ross, Mick G, and your ride leader John. We took the Bellarine Rail Trail out to Cafe Dolce in the Curlewis shopping complex.
Mark and Rolf took the Highway to Leopold while the gravel riders stayed on the Rail Trail. Rolf wanted to do a longer ride so left us at Jetty Road and after coffee we came into Drysdale and took Princess St through to Wallington. Here Ross turned off to return home to Torquay via Barwon Heads. The last leg for the rest of us was along Swan Bay Rd and the Bellarine Highway to be home by about 11:30, most having covered about 50km.
Keep Riding, John.

GTC Saturday the 18/3/17 ride to Freshwater Creek, Bellbrae, Torquay and back to Geelong
On an absolute perfect day for riding temperature and wind wise, 9 riders fronted up at the Grovedale Hotel car park. Mark, Ross, Sue, Chris Ha., Chris Hu., John H., David I., Michael and Rolf headed down the SurfCoast Hwy to the concrete path alongside Baanip Drive, Ghazeepore Road, onto Dickins Road, then Anglesea Road and through Bellbrae to the Great Ocean Road, a left hand turn towards Torquay and for coffee to Kobo, where we had a good rest in the gardens with good coffee and a nice chat. The home ran was along HSB Road where we encountered the tail-end of the official bike ride with start and finish in Torquay. There were no incidents worth mentioning, so just a pleasant and harmonious ride in great weather. Thank you all for coming along and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Chris and Sue on the tandem at Horseshoe Bend on the return journey.

Peter Jones leads a ride to Cafe Blu in Lara on Thursday 16.3.17
Woke up to rain on the roof, most unusual lately, checked radar and decided it would be over before ride time. Decided to take the touring bike which has mudguards anyway as there may be showers. Received a Message from ride leader David I to say he had decided to cancel due to the weather. As I was already dressed ready to go and was resigned to riding in the rain if required I sent a message around advising David had cancelled his ride and advising I would be going anyway and stuff the rain.
A few others decided the rain would not be a problem, Mike, Chris Hu, Rolf joined me at Church St and Ted met us on the Trail, we had a little spit on the way out to Lara but it only lasted minutes and was gone. Took a bit of roundabout way to ride on a new trail which has appeared between O’Brien’s Rd and Heales Rd then on to Cafe Blu in Lara. Had a good long coffee break with occasional Sunny breaks then headed home via the Hovel Trail, a bit of a head wind but not too much of an issue.
A most enjoyable morning on the bike.
Cheers Peter.

David Innes Ride to Little River & the You Yangs on Tuesday 14.3.17
Today's ride started on a beautiful sunny morning hardly any wind to speak of with a good number of riders keen to enjoy the ideal cycling conditions. Thanks to all the women that showed up so it's not the boys club keeping our testosterone from over powering the air! .
Heading off from Ripplelside Park the usual way we cycled through north shore then onto the Hovell Trail with the exception of a rebel who won't be named but rides a pink buam bicycle. We stopped at Millars in Lara for a nice coffee and chat. The place was very busy with all the mothers- luckily we found an area where we could sit in comfort.
After coffee our numbers dwindled with a few deciding that the warmer weather and distance wasn't to their liking. So on we rode - the brave 5 only Ppeter, Julie, Trudi, Rolf and myself continued onto little river with a loop around to the youyangs for lunch. After lunch Julie was keen to climb the hill to the car park so we decided it was the thing to do. The climb wasn't too difficult with the gradient only 3-5% most of the way except at the top it reached 8% max. But down hill was lots of fun except for the big pot hole Rolf and I found in the middle of the road that was so violent it shifted my break lever on the handlebar. Luckily I was hanging on for dear life flying down the hill at break neck speed. Back to Lara we seperated, Trudi and Peter deciding to take the Bacchus Marsh Road to the Ted Wilson Trail back home whilst Julie, Rolf and myself headed back along the Hovell Trial. Thanks to all who attended making the ride all the more enjoyable and look forward to seeing you all again soon.Those to attend were:
Trudi Bellia, Helen Cuell, Julie Mc Keag, Glenda Oakley, Chris Hume, Peter Jones, Rolf Kohnert and
David Innes.

Helen from Cycling Geelong and Mike from GTC ride to the Zoo Cafe in Drysdale on Sunday 12.3.17
With a 70% chance of rain, and blowing an easterly gale I wasn't confident of many takers for the easy/medium circuit to Drysdale. As the cloud cleared and the road dried, only one other cyclist, Mike from GTC, arrived, and at 8.32 we took off for Drysdale via Bellarine Highway and Swan Bay Road. I'd been warned that there might be a paparazzi presence. Sure enough, a few ks short of Leopold, we were spotted by a huge zoom lens driven by John H. After a few words, he was off back to Geelong before another celebration for the special birthday - this time with his family on the other side of Port Phillip. The wind was no problem, the sunshine 100% as we continued through Leopold to Swan Bay Road - a pleasant uphill (Mike's first time in this direction). Cafe Zoo, as usual, provided a great place to stop for coffee, and a shady table was sought. Mike, fresh from living in Albury, gave me the gen on a new cycle path in Albury for my trip in a couple of weeks. I'll do my best to avoid the snakes.
The return was fast, with a tail wind, and a couple of lovely downhill stretches. The Bellarine Rail Trail was quiet as usual, but we deviated to Portarlington Road to avoid the unsealed section after Melaluka Road. The new barriers, heavy, fast traffic and rough stony patches now make the Portarlington Road a single file only option until west of the Alcoa turnoff.
Don't be daunted! Next time, join us.
Helen (Ride Leader).

Ross' Ride to the Cheeky Cow in Collendina on Saturday 11.3.17
Would it be faith or stupidity for 9 people to turn out for a ride with no leader or destination? Whatever the reason, Sue and Peter on the tandem, Michael, Rolf, David I, Chris Hu, Chris Ha, John H and Ross assembled at the Grovedale Hotel this morning and after a short discussion, headed off towards Collendina via the Bellarine Highway and Wallington Road. Peter led us through the maze of 10 acre properties off Rhinds Road before emerging out on to Grubb Road and a direct run to the Cheeky Cow. Very busy when we arrived, but a vacant table appeared and refreshment and conversation proceeded as per usual.
The return was via Barwon Heads and a most enjoyable run along 13th Beach. The pace quickened within sight of the wind generator, with an early escapee from the bunch being quickly run down by the tandem with a line of riders in its draft. Being the "bunny" I was too far behind to see the finish but it looked as though the drafters won the day. A more sedate pace along the bike path and Blackgate Road had me heading south for home and the bunch heading north along Horseshoe Bend.
Thanks to all for their good company and a great ride.
Regards, Ross.

Tasmanian West Coast Ride - Last Day - 9.3.17
Zac and I are sitting on the Spirit of Tasmania, waiting to head home. Day 10 was fantastic. I am slightly biased, being a past resident of this area but Cradle Mountain to Devonport is one of the best days riding you can do. High mountain country to the sea! Trending down all the way except for the uphills. Even the grind up through the Forth River valley, downstram from Cethana dam was spectacularly enjoyable. And a new cafe at the top offered a reward of baked beans on toast and a mug of tea for only $7. Perfect! Rolling farming country from there. 82 k's of pure delight.
Conclusions: Again my bias shows as I love riding in Tas. The big change from prior rides has been the 1.5 metre law. At no time in my 8 riding days did a car or truck enter my personal space. Even log trucks crawled along behind us until they could safely pass. Anyone who has ridden Tas would know what a change that is. Only negative is that people sometime concentrate so much on giving us room, they create a dangerous situation by spending too much time on the wrong side of double white lines. Despite this, I highly recommend bicycle touring in Tasmania under the new laws.
Best, Ross

Mick's Drysdale ride to Ground Zero on Thursday 9.3.17
On this fine day 12 riders fronted up at showgrounds for a easy ride to Drysdale return. Seeing as Lyn was cruising the high seas I was ride leader today. The others were Ian, Terry, David I, PJ , Rolf, Lyn L, Jackie/David, Ted, Mike, Chris Hu ( back from Tassie jaunt). We followed bike path out to Moolap then onto Bellarine Hwy thru Leopold, Kensington Rd, back on bike path to Curlewis and into Drysdale and Ground Zero for drinks and chatter. By now sun was out and getting quite warm. I gave the faster riders option of leaving us for longer ride home via OG but all decided to head home via Princes Rd,Swan Lake Rd,Bellarine Hwy. I dropped off at Leopold and the rest headed for Geelong…hoping all arrived safely. Thanx to all who came , nice ride,nice weather,nice company,cheers Mick

Tasmanian West Coast Ride - 8.3.17
Not much to report today. Just a long grind from Roseberry to Cradle Mt. Had some comments of support from passing motorists and I had my photo taken with some nice Chinese people just near the sign in the photo. I am fairly sure they were saying "hero" but that might have been wishful thinking. We had a contingency plan which consisted of a bush camp somewhere beside the road but luckily we didn't have to put in to action. It almost came back in to play when we arrived at Cradle Mt to find there were no camp sites of any kind available. Luckily we got the last cabin - at a discount - and will move to a camp site tomorrow. So tomorrow we are sightseeing. Best , Ross.

Ken's Ride from Buninyong around the Australian Championship Course - 7.3.17
Only 4 members took advantage of the superb weather to ride a very scenic, circuit course from Buninyong to Ballan via Mt Egerton, returning via Gordon and Dunnstown. Ken Gawne, Peter Jones, Lyn Loudon and Mike Taylor used the long climb up to the top Mt.Buninyong Rd as their warm up. The mountain goat (aka Lyn) took maximum points for the first KOM section but with another 4 climbs ahead there was no panic in the bunch. All, but especially Mike, enjoyed the 4km downhill to Yendon.
After several short climbs we arrived at the base of Mt Egerton and all got up without anybody tailing out. We then turned right towards Ballan and again enjoyed a fantastic downhill. After the only longish uphill on this section, Lyn called "snake" which was a ruse to get us to stop. Mike was so upset when he was told that there were another 10 km before coffee, he flung his banana skin at Ken but missed from a distance of 2m.
Coffee and food in Ballan before heading off towards Gordon on a 8km slight decline. When we turned off Yankee Flats Rd onto the Aust. Champ course, Ken let it be known that once we turned into Fisken Rd all bets were off - it was every man (and woman) for himself in a 4.5 km dash for gold. Peter jumped the gun and maintained a 50m advantage over Ken until the turn onto the Geelong Rd. Try as he might Ken could not peg a flying "long legs" back and was about 150 m behind at the finish. Lyn crossed the line 3rd but lost the bronze after a protest fired in by Mike.
The KOM points finished Ken 29, Lyn 21, Mike 16 and Peter 11. It was a ride like no other with fun and pain in equal proportions.

Tasmanian West Coast Ride - 6.3.17
And then there were TWO.
Chris has had some health niggles and after another poor night, made the very sane decision to take the bus from Strahan and head home. So that leaves Zac and Ross. A nice ride from Strahan to Zeehan this morning. Mostly wild country, good roads and just a few steep pinches. I lived and worked around Zeehan 40 years ago and it was sad to see how badly the town had deteriorated. I suppose that is how most mining towns go. The ride from Zeehan to Roseberry was much more challenging. The closer we got, the more the road undulated. Definitely need low gears in this area. We are now concentrating our energies for tomorrows slog, at the pub. We have had so many horror stories about the road north of Roseberry that it is almost impossible to seperate fact from fiction. Tomorrow we find out for ourselves.
Regards, Ross.

Peter Jones' Ride to Ravens Creek Farm on Sunday 5.3.17
Cloudy day but a bit humid for our ride today to Raven’s Creek Moriac. Pam, Marie, Heather, Mike, Rolf, John, David I and Peter J were happy to take the hilly option and proceeded through to Fyansford via the river then the Hamilton Hwy, Merrawarp Rd, Barrabool Rd to Hendy Main Rd.
It was very pleasant out in the country, good roads and little traffic. Everyone got up the hills at their own pace and everyone enjoyed the final sprint down Hendy Main to Raven’s Creek. Marie didn’t enjoy the entrance having a bit of a brain fade selecting the deepest gravel which repaid her by throwing her to the ground. Nothing hurt apart from plenty of dust and the odd graze.
Enjoyed our coffee and took the easy way home along Mt Duneed Rd., had a bit of head wind but nothing we couldn’t handle.
Most enjoyable morning on the bike.
Cheers Peter

And 2 photos from Mike.

Tasmanian West Coast Ride - 5.3.17
Day 6 - Rest day - Strahan. NO CYCLING TODAY !!!!
We did the Gordon River cruise and very little else.
Strahan to Roseberry tomorrow. Some of our fellow campers have delighted in telling us horror stories of what is to come.
Chris Hu has kindly volunteered to take over the ride reports so I am looking forward to reading something a little more interesting in future.
Best, Ross.

Tasmanian West Coast Ride - 4.3.17
Day 5 Lake Burbury to Strahan. We expected the ride up to Gormanston to be hard but it was relatively short and after counting the corners in to Queenstown, (62 by my count), we celebrated our arrival with big breakfasts all round. In retrospect, this wasn't a great idea as we had a very steep and rather longer departure from town. The rest of the day whis usualas the same with never-ending very steep sections seperated by some nice flowing road. We had lunch at a lookout and could hear what sounded like motorbikes coming from way-off. The sound actually came from a couple of Porsches, an Audi R8, a Maclaren, a Lamborgini and a hot Mercedes hooning along the road. The afternoon proceeded with many more uphills. Even Zac was walking up some, rather than his usual running. All 3 were happy to arrive at Strahan with a rest day on promise for Sunday.

Day 4 was Lake St Clair to Lake Burbury. Lake St Clair was beautiful but the Parks are only interested in the money-making holiday chalets and units. Camping is just a tiny little rough bit of ground, well away from the water. Plus it cost $54 for the 3 of us. Most disappointing. The ride to Lake Burbury was stunning. Most of it was through the Wild Rivers National Park and we stopped several times for side trips. The run down Mt Arrowsmith was breathtaking - it was very cold in the shadowed sections. Seemed like an easier day with plenty of downhills coming off the plateau but we were still exhausted by the time we arrived at our stop. After the cramped Lake St Clair camp, Lake Burbury was fantastic. Several acres of mossy campground for us 3 and a crowded gravel area for caravans. Just basic toilets but $4 each. Zac continued his practice of swimming in all available bodies of water.

Peter Jones' Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove on Saturday 4.3.17
Fine cool morning, at 8-29 am it looked like Rolf and myself with Sue would be it. Then David and Jackie rolled up at 8-30 am and just as we were leaving Mike arrived and as we turned into Reserve Rd Terry joined us making seven for my ride to Groove via HSBend Rd, Blackgate Rd, Blackrock Path, and 13th Beach. Enjoyed a great coffee then the group split, David, Jackie and Terry returning via Barwon Heads and Rolf, Mike, Sue and myself taking Wallington Rd to Queenscliff Rd and home via Leopold.
At the Bike path we split again, Mike took the path heading for a quiet ride around the river, Rolf continued into town and Sue and I headed for Townsend Rd and home, a most enjoyable day’s riding.
Cheers Peter

Tasmanian West Coast Ride - 2.3.17
We are on top of a mountain about 5 k's nw of Wayatinah Village. A bloody steep start to the day! Yesterday was a hard ride with some very steep climbs and 30 plus temps. The scenery was great though. Stocked up at Ouse as there isn't much in the way of shops for the next few days. All 3 of us would recommend the hamburgers at the local take-away. Tas has a 1.5 metre law and all the traffic has been good so far. Had lots of warnings about the log trucks but they have been very well behaved, even stopping behind us until the road is clear. That is not my prevous experience over here. That will have to do for now. All the best,
Maps will be posted up on Friday (from Zac's Strava).

Peter Jones' Ride to The Cheeky Cow in Collendina on Thursday - 2.3.17
Twelve riders on a cool and moist morning covered in fog. Lyn G, Marie, Marion, Jackie, Rolf, David R, David I, Ted, Mick, Mike, Terry and Peter J. Rolled off up Surf Coast Hwy to Reserve Rd., the plan was to head down to Barwon Heads Rd but the peloton got a bit split when the lolly pop man at the road works gave some of the riders a bum steer. We overcame it however and everyone was back together at Lake Rd. The road works on Barwon Heads Rd are starting to look like they might end soon. The peloton rolled on down through Barwon Heads, over the river and around the beach to Collendina for a most enjoyable coffee. Returning home Marie, Lyn and Mick peeled off to complete the circuit back home and the rest took 13th Beach, back onto Barwon Heads Rd and home. As we pedalled home the fog began to burn off, the Sun came out and all was blue sky, a very enjoyable mornings ride.
Cheers Peter.

Tasmanian West Coast Ride - 28.2.17
Greetings from Mt Field National Park campground. Had great weather for the first day of our trip. 28 degrees and just a slight headwind. Spent last night at the Hobart Showgrounds. Definitely not salubrious but very conveniently located on the cycleway. Beautiful ride up the Derwent for morning tea then followed the west side of the river past Salmon Ponds. Kilometres of plump blackberries along the roadside and no mention of spraying so we tucked in. Zac really got in spirit of roadside foraging and scored some apples which were shared at lunch at Bushy Park. Some steep little pinches in the afternoon but an absolute glorious last 7 k's uphill to Mt Field. All three of us have survived the first day in good form but there was only 500 metres of climbing today, much more to come.
Best, Ross.

Lyn Loudon's Ride to Urquhart's Bluff on Tuesday 28.2.17
Seven hardy riders reported at Moriac for cycling duties on Tuesday 28 Feb - Mike, Rolf, Dave, Peter J, Trudi, Ken & myself, of course. We beat a hasty retreat away from Moriac to Forest Road, making good time, then straight on through Anglesea, up to the lookout and on to Urquhart Bluff. The scenery was fabulous, some would say made even better by a bevy of Bavarian lasses straight off the tourist bus & posing for photos ! However,I was talking about the coastal views. We then headed back to the store (cafe) opposite the information centre, with some disgraceful cyclists even breaking the speed limit on the downhill run. Tsk, tsk. Good coffee & snacks over, it was back up the hill out of Anglesea where the group split up with Rolf, Dave, Peter & Trudi went on to Torquay & home and Mike, Ken & I back to Moriac where the vehicles were parked.
A good day with wonderful weather, good company & excellent cycling.Cheers,
PS the photos were taken by Mike & I haven't been able to receive them.

TWO RIDES on Sunday 26.2.17
Chris Hume's Easy Ride to Waurn Ponds
Nine turned up at Sth Geelong for this easy ride, the weather was great! The starters were Marie, Ian F, Vicky and Ian R, Lyn and Mick, Peter and Marion on the tandem and myself. We cruised out to Grovedale and onto the concrete Baanip Boulevard bike path onto Ghazeepore Rd then the Waurn Ponds Creek track stopping at Panache for coffee. Then we continued downstream back to Breakwater Rd where we split up and headed home. An enjoyable in good company.

Greg Allerton's 100km Ride to Maude, Seh Oaks & Steiglitz
After photos, John Carleton, John Hagan, Mike Taylor and I farewelled Ian Fraser ( who was waiting for the 8-30 medium ride) and pedalled off along backstreets to the Ted Wilson Trail. It was a great sunny morning in near calm conditions as we headed out Ballan Rd then turned left towards Steiglitz. This was new territory for Mike and we all enjoyed the quiet though not always smooth roads to the northwest. After Sutherlands Creek we took a scenic detour down Parkers Rd then right UP steep Russells Bridge Rd just to give JH a longer appreciation of the hill he recently hurtled down at 90 kph on a previous ride ! We were soon out at Maude where we had a well earned stop at the scenic Bunjil Lookout. Then came an undulating loop through the hamlet of Sheoaks and the former gold mining town of Steiglitz before returning to Maude. The return trip going straight back through Sutherlands Creek was much easier , though our legs were beginning to tire. We arrived back in Geelong around 1-40 pm after a tough 100 km. Well done fellow pedallers! Greg Allerton.

John Hagan's Ride to The Paddock Cafe in Wallington on Saturday 25.2.17
On a pleasant enough day for riding with some wind about 7 riders left Grovedale Pub to be joined by 2 more at Breakwater: Rolf, David I, Chris Halpin, Chris Hume, Trudi & Leo, John H and were joined by John C and a new rider, Bernie Sutton. We headed out through Leopold to Wallington where we stopped at The Paddock Cafe which was known as Elkhorn Roadhouse under the previous owners. It may appear to the viewers of the photo below that Rolf and David are getting stuck into some strongly intoxicating drinks - but looks are deceptive! We enjoyed our coffees and conversation there before returning home through Ocean Grove, Barwon Heads, 13th Beach, and Horseshoe Bend Rd.
Enjoy your Riding, John Hagan.

Peter Jones' Ride to Starfish in Barwon Heads on Thursday 23.2.17
Eleven riders: Marie, Lyn G, Jackie, David R, David I, Chris Hu, Rolf, Ted, Mick, Mike and Peter J, were ready to go on a nice easy paced ride to Starfish in Barwon Heads. Temperature was pleasant for riding, rather overcast but a nice little tail wind.
A very enjoyable coffee and off home via 13th Beach and Blackgate Rd., Rolf and David I couldn’t resist a bit of a blast with a passing peloton. It was a pretty stiff wind that had come up but all managed to get to HSBend Rd in good time. Mike misplaced his bike after a visit for a Nature Break, assisted by David I, when he found it mine wasn’t with it unfortunately.
Good run down HSBend and at Reserve Rd the peloton started to split and head home after an enjoyable mornings ride.
Cheers Peter.

Peter Jones' Ride from Williamstown to Westmeadows on Tuesday 21.2.17
Nine riders on a lovely day, perfect for riding. Everyone arrived on time and were ready to go at 9-00 am, Fiona and Ben, Rolf, David I, Mike, Chris Hu, Ross, Ian and Peter J, we headed in towards Melbourne on the Bay Trail until the Moonee Ponds Creek where we turned and followed the creek North. Good - few cyclists about coming and going, lots of Detours because of all the road widening going on which means a lot of bridges need to be widened.
Made it to Essendon in good time and enjoyed a coffee and a few eats. Rolled on out to the Westmeadows Tavern arriving just before 12-00 o’clock for a drink and early orders for the popular Seniors Meals. Had a very enjoyable meal with lots of laughs, unfortunately my laughs turned to tears when I walked outside to find a blank hole where my bike had been locked to a pole. A sickening feeling, we all had a look around but my bike, helmet and gloves were gone.
After a bit of a wait while it was reported to Police and the venue checked video tape everyone but me rode off back to Williamstown and I took the Bus to Broadmeadows Station, got off at Newmarket and took a Cab to the Williamstown Sailing Club arriving back at my car about 10 minutes before the riders started to ride in.
A most disappointing end to what had promised to be a great day’s ride.
Keep riding, keep smiling!

John's Ride to Uforic Food Cafe in Mt Duneed on Sunday 19.2.17
The weather did not look good with storm clouds looming and a strong wind but, as you can see from the photos, we managed to find sunshine and only a small amount of rain on the whole trip. Rolf, Pam, Marie, Michael, Ross, Chris and John headed first for Freshwater Creek, then down the Anglesea Rd, Coombes Rd and back up the Surf Coast Highway to the Uforic Food Cafe for a delightful repast of coffee, tea and cakes - and some good conversation as well. The return trip was via Horseshoe Bend Rd for most and Marie and Pam returned back through Barwon Heads and Ocean Grove.
Hope the photos are better this time! Keep Riding, John.

David Innes Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove on Saturday 18.2.17
Please excuse the quality of the photos today - phone was full and GoPro doesn't work too well against the light and severly cropped! - John H.

Saturday morning was a very windy westerly with low temperatures resembling more like winter than summer. Still there was a good turn out of hardy souls despite the 60% chance of rain that didn't eventuate. It was a toss up between Moriac or Ocean Grove so as ride moderator I decided we'd all head off with the wind and go to the Groove in Ocean Grove so off we went via Reserve Rd, Horseshoe Bend Rd, Boundary Rd then turned right onto the Barwon Heads Rd. Doing the loop around the Sheepwash always a pleasant distraction with a nice smooth surface. We gathered a more moderate pace to arrive at the Barwon Heads bridge where we waited for the others then the final leg to our favourite haunt and coffee shop the Groove. There we were lucky enough to get our usual table under the cover of some trees and sheltered from any wind. Coffees all around and we were greeted with the same Chinese hospitality warm and smiling friendly service we always get when we go there. After coffee we mounted our bikes deciding we'd all stop at the otherside of the Barwon bridge for those that wanted to visit the toilets. From there we headed back home along 13th Beach Rd, Blackgate Rd then along Horseshoe Bend Rd where a few of us decided to graze on some wild black berries whilst waiting for the others which proved to be very tasty. Regrouped at the end of Horseshoe Bend Rd we all slowly dispersed our different routes for home. We all enjoyed an uneventful ride with no punctures or mechanical mishaps. All was good though the weather could have been better. Thanks to all who attended - see you in Melbourne. Attending were: Ross Glover, John Hagan, Chris Hume, Peter Jones, Rolf Kohnert, Jackie Rae, David Rae, Michael Taylor and Sarah White.

David Innes.

Peter Jones Ride to Torquay on Thursday 16.2.17
Thirteen riders on a really good riding day, overcast, little wind and about 18 deg. Lyn G, Lyn L, Marie, Jackie, David R, David I, Chris Hu, Ross, Rolf, Mike, Ken and Peter J.
A simple ride today, straight down the Hwy, through the estates to Mejavo’s in Torquay, coffee is always good and good company makes it even better. Return was initially via HSBend Rd., Marie was doing the loop so departed at Blackgate Rd., Ken and Lyn L decided to do a few more ks so joined her and most of the rest after a discussion decided it was a nice morning so also headed off down Blackgate Rd., Ross and Chris Hu had an appointment with Zdenko to discuss their upcoming Tassie Tour so headed straight back.
The bulk of the riders headed back via Blackgate Rd., Blackrock Path and Lake Rd., at Warrilly it was through the estate to HSBend Rd., snuck through the unmade section, the concreters doing to kerbing didn’t bother us and the further we got into Geelong everyone split to go their separate ways home. A most enjoyable morning on the bike.
Cheers Peter.

Chris Hume's Ride via the Bellarine Rail Trail to Queenscliff on Tuesday 14.2.17
On a cool morning 16 riders turned up, some riding mountain bikes, some touring bikes and most on road bikes, a good rollup!
Trudi, Meri, Ian F, Ken, Ross, Lyn, Mick, John, Chris and Chris, David I, Peter J, Rolf, Michael T, Jackie and David were the starters.
We headed off along the rail trail to Drysdale, traffic was very busy at some road crossings and on to coffee at Ground Zero. Good service as usual!
After coffee eleven continued onto Queenscliff, Meri and Trudi by road and the rest continued along the gravel rail trail which was in good condition. Early lunch at the Harbour. From here Trudi and Meri headed for home the remaining nine did the scenic tour of Queenscliff and Point Lonsdale via tracks and trails trying to keep as close to the coast as possible.( See the photo of us at Shortland with the Black lighthouse in the background first lit 1862 one of only back lighthouses in the world). At Point Lonsdale Ken headed home via Ocean grove the rest onto Fellows Rd to re-join the rail and return home. All in all a great ride.

Pam's Ride to Tuckerberry Farm on Sunday 12.2.17
We had a great rollout for the combined ride this month with Cycling Geelong. Helen, Shane, Doug, John, Barb and Derk , Rolf, Mike, Chris, Lyn, John and Pam. We started on the Bellarine Rail trail to Moolap then on the Road to Leopold. Then it was back on the trail to Drysdale, once in Drysdale it was on the road up Murradoc Rd until we turned off to the Tuckerberry Farm. We enjoyed a morning tea of blueberry treats and coffee. Unfortunately there had been a fire at the cafe last January, the kitchen has been rebuilt and the cafe area is going to be built shortly. It is a lovely setting overlooking the blueberries and the rolling hills. The return trip was down to Queenscliff- Portarlington Rd then turning down Swan Bay Rd. The weather was overcast but the rain held off although it was quite windy on the way home. Shane had a bit of trouble with his back tyre on the way home. After putting a sleeve in the inside of the tyre we were on our way again. A very enjoyable morning riding about 62km.

David Innes' Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove on Saturday 11.2.17
Saturday mornings ride started rather humid with overnight temperature been a very mild 19c ...A good turn out for what proved to be a great day for cycling. Starting from the usual place the Grovedale carpark we all headed off down the surf coast highway towards Torquay turning left onto Mc Cannes Rd, onto horseshoe bend Rd, left onto black gate Rd where a couple of young fit looking girls passed us at speed well this was too much for Rolf to resist so off he chases with Michael In hot pursuit sad to see a couple of old blokes chasing their long lost youth I wondered what they going to do with them once they caught up lol. Onto 13th beach road and by then the peloton had split up POB said we could regroup at the end in Barwon heads well this was all the permission I needed so I pedalled like mad quickly catching the girls and our two escapees we continued leaving the girls and the peloton in our wake.
Arriving in Barwon heads was myself and Rolf the rest soon trickled in for a rest then a much slower moderate pace for the final leg into ocean grove. The Groove Cafe not the usual table we like to have under the shade of the tree some non cyclist had taken it so we settled for the shade of the umbrella instead. Lots of conversation some coffees, tea and cakes for some, lots of laughter You know its good to be a cyclist all of us having that common bond of cycling and health and to be social.

The journey back was debated if we should head back along the way we came 13th beach or back along the Barwon heads Rd since Ross was going back home towards Torquay it was decided we'd escort our comrade back along 13th beach where we parted company he continuing along the bike path whilst the rest of headed back towards Lakes Rd, Barwon heads Rd, Where we could see some delays ahead for road construction happening so it was decided we would turn left into the new estate to cut through to horseshoe bend Rd Terry was familiar with the route there so he led us through luckily there wasn't any work going on otherwise we wouldn't be let through. The rest of the way as they would say was plain sailing the wind behind us we cruised on home an uneventful ride without any punctures which was good.
Thanks to all in attendance was great fun see you all Tuesday.

Trudi/Leo Bellia
Ross Glover
Chris Helpin
Terry Hamilton
Chris Hume
Rolf Kohnert
Peter O'Brien
Michael Taylor

Ride report David Innes

Mick's Ride to Drysdale on Thursday 9.2.17
An 8.00 start and the promise of a weather change did not discourage today’s group of enthusiastic riders from assembling at the Showgrounds for Mick’s ride to Drysdale. Marie, Ian, Ross, Jackie, Lyn, David I, Rolf, Chris Hu, Mike and Mick set out along the rail trail, then the highway to Leoplold, where we were joined by Heather before continuing along the rail trail to Drysdale. Despite riding at a nice relaxed pace in the hot conditions, the early start had us at the Bungalow Restaurant in Drysdale in time for a not-too-late breakfast although all riders stuck to the usual drinks. There were some red and sweaty faces in the group and at least one person resorted to pouring water over their head to try to cool down. There was some division in the group over the best way to stay cool with some taking shelter inside and others looking for any available breeze in the shade outside. Either way, the drinks were appreciated and the cafe staff kindly provided iced water as we left. The group then divided with some taking the trail home and others heading back via Princess Street. All in all, a very pleasant ride on a potentially uncomfortable day. (Ride Report by Ross)

David Innes' Ride to Anakie, Balliang & Lara on Tuesday 7.2.17
A cloudy with mild temperatures slightly windy day greeted those attending Tuesday's ride starting at Church Street/Ted Wilson Trail. The riders were: Peter Jones, Rolf, Ken, Peter O'Brien, Chris Hume, Meri, Trudi, Sarah our youth policy and yours truly pace moderator David Innes. We all headed off towards our first stop in Anakie following the Ted Wilson Trail then onto the Anakie & Ballan Rds. We rode with the occasional truck rumbling past us riding at a gentle pace with the wind behind us making it easy going. Arriving in Anakie we shared coffee in the dim light of the cafe chatting discussing world politics, shoe cleats, cycle racing and all manner of conversions over a nice hot beverage. Saddling up we then headed off towards our next stop Ballyang tennis/playground reserve for lunch. The route taking us past the Fairy Park when some mischevious fairies tampered with Meri's bicycle bringing her crashing! down! the mystery of which is still unknown bruised and bleeding to her credit she got up and continued. Turning into Stautanvale Rd and after some minor medical intervention for our unfortunate Meri we rolled down the beautiful scenic road towards our next stop for lunch which was more like morning tea as we arrived there approx 11 am! you could say an early lunch.
Heading off from there we turned right onto Leigh's Rd and wandered our way towards the Bacchus Marsh Highway and finally on the road that would take us past the back of the Ford Proving Grounds where at that juncture PJ, POB, Trudi and Meri kept heading straight along the highway towards Geelong whilst Rolf, Chris, Ken, Sarah and myself went back the long way via Lara where we stopped again for another coffee Sarah enjoying some lunch. The final leg of our journey saw us take the Hovell Creek Trail a favourite path as it's scenic and quiet and safe from the traffic of the highways.
Thanks to all for the great day be it a little sore for one of our members thankfully no broken bones see you all again Thursday ;-) David

Ross' Ride to the Bannockburn Station Cafe on Sunday 5.2.17
Almost perfect riding weather today.
Geoff and Heather, John H, Chris Hu, David I, Peter J, Rolf, POB and Ross set out from South Geelong station, heading for the Midlands Highway. Somewhere near the cement works we were joned by Chris Ha, who had to make an early bike change. Very light northerlys on Anakie and Steiglitz Roads and an almost complete absence of traffic, made for pleasant pedalling. The group split at Parker Road with John H and Chris Ha taking the longer route through Russells Bridge. John was hoping for a new personal speed record and his smile when rejoining the group at the Midlands Highway, showed he was successful (90.9 kph). After a nice long break under the trees at the Bannockburn Railway Cafe, we took the very quiet Harvey and Brislane Roads to the Hamilton Highway. A great tail wind blew us back to Fyansford where the group broke up.
Great weather, great ride. Thanks to all, Ross.

Peter Peter O'Brien's Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove - Saturday 4.2.17
It is not often you lose the President of your club on a ride. More later.

On a magnificent summers day Rolf, Ross, Meri, Lyn L, Chris Halpin, Chris Hume, Terry, David I, Peter J, Sue, Michael and myself headed off from the Grovedale Hotel via Lakes Road to Barwon Heads. All was going well, so at our normal rest stop on Lakes Road, it was decided those riders who wanted to ride around Sheepwash Road could do so and the other riders could meander directly as a peloton to the Groove in Ocean Grove.
The second peloton stopped at the first roundabout into Barwon Heads to regroup … there was only one problem. Where was Ross? Like all good teams we sent out two scouts, Terry and Michael, to look for Ross. By this stage, the faster riders had already reached the Groove and the general topic of discussion was, “Where is Ross, and where are the two scouts”? Phone calls were made and messages were sent and after ten minutes Michael turned up, closely followed by Ross and his domestique Terry. It seems that Ross’s bike had a puncture. I have attached a photo of Ross’s bike along with a list of what every rider should take with them when riding. What is missing?
· Helmet
· Water bottle
· Mobile
· Snacks
· Sunscreen
· Pump
· Tubes
· Repair levers
· Multi-tool
· Chain master link

On the return trip we stopped along Thirteenth Beach for a group photo. Lyn had got in front of the group at this stage and continued back to Geelong. The rest of us rode along Blackgate Road, onto Horseshoe Bend Road and back home.
Regards, Peter O.

Peter Jones' Ride to Moriac on Thursday 2.1.2017
Ten riders for the ride to Moriac, eight started at Bunnings, two started from home, Trudi and Meri started from home and Greg, Rolf, Terry, David I, Chris Hu, Ross, Mike and Peter J headed off from Bunnings. David I almost immediately had to fix a puncture but we were soon on our way. It was a nice day for a ride in the country so we went via Anglesea Rd and Blackgate Rd. Mike also had a puncture which delayed us for a while, the wind also delayed us but we battled on.
Greg turned off at Larkam Rd heading for Winchelsea, he wanted another 100 km ride. We met up with Trudi and Meri at Moriac and all had a coffee before heading back over the hills, David I headed back along Mt Duneed, Terry headed back along the highway and the rest took to the hills, Trudi took Merrawarp the rest Scenic Rd and split again to get home, Mike and myself took Challambra Crs the best way, DOWN, and headed home.
Cheers, Peter.

Ross' Ride to Drysdale on Tuesday 31.1.2017
Put it down to the nice weather, short ride or the promise of a slower pace but whatever the reason, 15 riders turned out for today's ride from the showgrounds to Drysdale and return. Trudi, Glenda, Lyn, Mick, Jackie, Meri, Peter J , Ian, Terry, Rolf, David I, Chris Hu, Peter O, Michael and Ross made for a very diverse group. Rumours of road closures had the ride leader flummoxed from the start but PJ took the lead and guided us out on to Portarlington Road then back on to the rail trai. Nice to see plenty of other rail trail users enjoying the day but they were no impediment to our progress and even at a "moderate pace", we soon arrived at Cafe Zero. The queue for drink orders went from the cash register to the front door and that was just GTC riders! Lucky the three outside tables were all vacant. Following refreshments and plenty of conversation, we started back with the first split happening almost immediately. Some headed back along the trail with the majority heading down Princess Street. Another split at Grub Road with those looking for more k's and more pace heading towards Ocean Grove. A much smaller group headed back along Swan Bay Road and the highway. Great to see such a large group and thanks to all for their participation.

Peter O'Brien's Ride to the Start of the Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race – UCI Elite Event - Sunday 29.1.2017
What a weekend it’s been for cycling in Geelong. This morning David I, Rolf, Peter J, Michael T, Chris Hume, John, Vicky, Ian and myself enjoyed a ride around central Geelong. We rode on the Cadel Circuit from the Waterfront through the Eastern Gardens to Breakwater Road where we connected with the Barwon River bike path. The ride through to Fyansford showcased the beauty of the river, with lots of walkers, runners and cyclists on the track. Keeping with the theme of hill climbing, we tackled Hyland Road. John inspired us by riding up the bike track which was a herculean effort. After expending a lot of energy we stopped at the Soft Café for a well-earned coffee break. Back on the Cadel Circuit, we rode to the Waterfront where we watched the start of the men’s race. The atmosphere was terrific and we enjoyed being in close proximity to such talented and professional riders.
Cheers, Peter.

Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race – People’s Ride - Saturday 28.1.2017
From Peter O'Brien > Chris Hume, Michael Taylor and myself set off this morning on the 111km Cadel Evans Ride. For the three of us, this was the first long distance Cadel ride we had attempted and we were somewhat apprehensive at the prospect of the hill climbs ahead. As we all started together, it was appropriate we all cross the finish line together – and we did. It was a beautiful day for riding and the ride through Barwon Heads, along Thirteenth Beach and through Torquay was sensational. The surf was up at Thirteenth Beach and the waves were enticing, However, we had other things on our mind to ponder such as the Jarosite Road hill at Bells Beach.
Back in Geelong, we had enough energy to climb the Queens Park Road hill and felt pretty chuffed after riding up Melville Avenue.
We then cruised the final leg to the Waterfront after an exhilarating and enjoyable ride.

Peter O'Brien.

From Peter Jones > Sue and I decided we would like to do the Cadel Evans Peoples Ride, just the 65 km this time as we hadn’t been doing any hill training together, so we both entered and rolled up to the start at 7-30 am for our 7-45 am start. There were a few hundred ahead of us so it took a while to get riding as they let everyone go in waves. When we did get away we took every opportunity to pass as most seemed to be dawdling along on a “Sunday Ride”, even though it was Saturday. At the South Barwon Sports Grounds we picked up our support crew, David I and Rolf, and blasted off down to Barwon Heads. The coffee shops in Barwon Heads were chock a block with red jerseys so we took our pre planned option of Groove in Ocean Grove. Trudi and Leo joined us there and we had a very pleasant coffee wishing our hosts a happy Chinese New Year. We re-joined the red parade and after a bit of head wind turned onto HSBend Rd and flew back to the start finishing in plenty of time to watch the women’s race start. A very enjoyable ride in good company.
Cheers, Peter Jones.

From Rolf > David Innes and myself stood at the Barwon Park waiting for Peter Jones and Sue on the tandem, they were official riders, we were only the "bodyguard" riders for the tandem. Standing there, we saw Mark B. and his partner Petro ride past as well. Peter and Sue started at 7:45, so a lot of riders had already passed us before we saw the tandem. David rode along the dirt and caught up quickly, I had to find a break on the bike pass and it took me at least 2km before I made contact. The tandem was travelling along at over 35km/h and we made good time. In Barwon Heads all the cafés were overflowing, so we went to the Groove in Ocean Grove, where Trudy and Leo joined us. After coffee, we headed back to Barwon Heads and started to reel in riders again on 13th Beach Road. We then took the short route along HSB Road. Near the end of the HSB Road, the Ettix team came past us complete with team car. We could not resist the chance to jump in and had a nice chat with them, albeit partly in Italian as they only had one English speaking rider in the team, being Jack Bauer. We parted company from the tandem near the finish and left them to their own devises. It was a perfect day for being on the bike and we thoroughly enjoyed the ride.
Cheers, Rolf.

Greg Allerton did the longer ride - see photo below taken by John Carleton - John Hagan.

Tour Down Under in the Adelaide Hills - Final Report from Peter Jones - Sunday 22.1.17
The GTC contingent has reduced to just 4 for our last trip into town to watch Stage 6, as long as Ritchie stays on his bike he has it won and I have no doubt he will. After our ride through the hills on Friday on the Bupa Ride we backed up again to ride to the Old Willunga Hill to watch Stage 5, it is about 55 km from the park so we did about 120 km for the day but it is absolutely fantastic to be on the hill, the atmosphere is unbelievable and it is even better when Ritchie bursts out of the blocks and charges up the hill.
We left the park at 8-00 am and were in McLaren Vale by 10-30 am for coffee, Peter O had a delayed departure but caught us at coffee. We travelled via the Coast to Vines Trail basically which is great, a little hilly in parts but a magnificent path well signed and well maintained, also very well used for this event. Thousands of cyclists make their way to the Stage.
As I said our group has diminished, David I headed home Friday night, Peter O flew out this morning and Ted, Zdenko and Ross headed home via road this morning. Just Trudi and Leo, Marion and myself to go from our park, not sure when Rolf and Fran are heading home, they are staying elsewhere. Finally just have to say it has been an excellent time and a fabulous event.
Cheers Peter.

Simon Watt, volunteering on the Audax Alpine Classic, sends a photo of Shane Balkin from Cycling Geelong - he rides with us on the combined rides.

Chris Hume & John Hagan to PicNic at Swan Bay then to Pt Lonsdale & Barwon Heads on Sunday 22.1.17
This was an excellent day for riding but only Chris and John turned up. Chris was keen to continue his longer rides in preparation for the Cadel ride on Saturday so, with a gentle easterly wind blowing, we decided on coffee at PicNic on the Portarlington-Queenscliff Rd to avoid the crowds at Pt Lonsdale. After a good break here we rode on to Pt Lonsdale and weaved through the back streets where Chris had delivered messages for the Post Office as a young lad. On arriving at Pt Lonsdale we were amazed to see Port Phillip Heads seething with a mass of small craft (thinking at first that there was a swim on across the Heads) and eventually came to the conclusion that there was a run of Kingfish or some other dwellers of the ocean. The photo below shows just a small area but the boats were all the way across the entrance to the Bay - apart from the main shipping channel. We rode on through Ocean Grove, Barwon Heads, 13th Beach and came back via Horseshoe Bend Rd for a total of 87km for me and 90km for Chris.
Keep Riding, John.

Chris Hume's Ride to Moriac on Saturday 21.1.17
On a great day for riding, cool and light winds, four turned up at the Grovedale Pub, Jackie, David, Mike and Chris Hume. We cruised along to Moriac using Ghazeepore Rd, Anglesea Rd, Blackgate Rd then Hendy Main Rd. Stopped for coffee at the General Store then decided to split into two groups for the return ride. David and Jackie headed home via Mt Duneed Rd and Gazeepore, Mike and I headed home via Hendy Main Rd and Barabool Rd. A good morning's ride.

Tour Down Under in the Adelaide Hills - What the GTC are up to on Friday 20.1.17

Rolf Reports separately as he did a different distance from Peter Jones map below:
His distance according to the bike computer was 114.5km for a time of 4 hours and 4 minutes. He says: "the next day my Adelaide friend Graeme took me up Old Willunga Hill and we watched the race there, saw Richie Porte win convincingly and the world champion Peter Sagan come in 81st. The last one to finish was the Australian champion Miles Scotson. When we walked back to our car, we saw Peter Sagan near his bus and said hello to him, talked to him and I shook his hand. Guess I can't wash my hand now for a while."

Peter Jones' Report:

****Click here for a 3D version of Stage 2 from Peter Jones.

Terry's trip to Farmers' Place in Freshwater Creek - Thursday 19.1.17
It  was a day 5 riders, Jackie, David R,  Chris, Michael  and myself.
We headed off to the Farmers Place Anglesea road Freshwater Creek. Turning left into reserve road, then right into Horshoebend Road and following this through to Torquay, before turning right through the Torquay estate into Fischer Street turning right into Darian road crossing the Highway to Grossmans Road then through (Millionaires row) to Coombes Road,  turning right at the roundabout and heading along Anglesea Road to the café. A welcome rest, great coffee, cake and conversation we headed back along Ghazeepore Road,  a most enjoyable ride of approx 40 klm’s, Keep on Pedalling.
Cheers Terry.

Tour Down Under in the Adelaide Hills - Wednesday 18.1.17
GTC members have now all gathered in Adelaide, David I and Rolf and Fran arrived in Adelaide today to join Peter and Marion, Trudi and Leo, Peter O, Ted, Ross and Zdenko. Yesterday we headed out to Unley to watch the start, with a forecast of 39 deg it was rather warm but good fun any way. Today we rode out to Mylor in the Adelaide hills and enjoyed watching the race pass by 5 times as they did a circuit through the hills before heading to the finish in a Paracombe. We headed up the Crafers Bikeway which is about a 7 km climb before the ups and downs of the hills. Great fun had by all, particularly the run down into Adelaide. The atmosphere was fantastic and really worth coming.
Tomorrow we heading to Glenelg to watch the start of Stage 3.
Cheers Peter.

Is Richie Port Here??- No it's the GTC Clan: Peter O, Peter J and Ross.

Ken's Ride to Torquay on a Hot Tuesday - 17.1.17
The start time was brought forward because of the forecast for a hot 36 degree day. Four riders (Ken, Lyn, Chris and Michael) met at the carpark beside the river next to the end of the bridge on the Shannon avenue approach at 0730. We followed the path to Breakwater and the Belmont Common where we were joined by another Chris (I apologise for not knowing surnames). On Horseshoe Bend Rd we made an excursion around the Kestrel/Kalkarra figure of 8 before continuing on to South Beach Rd.
Chris was keen to ride the hills around Bells Beach and Jarosite roads in preparation for the Cadel Evans ride on the 28th, so it was agreed that we would proceed to Jan Juc via the GOR and Hoylake and stop for coffee. The café was new to most of the group and the ambience and service were excellent. It was decided that we proceed as a group to the top of Bells Boulevarde. At that point Lyn, Michael and a Chris turned right into Bones whilst Ken and Chris No.2 turned left and rode the hills. Chris 2 went on to return via Forrest Rd whilst the remaining 4 rode back to Waurn Ponds via the Anglesea Rd, Dickins and Ghazeepore.
The weather was a lot kinder than had been forecast and the ride was most enjoyable and an example of “policy making on the run”. The only incident was when Lyn’s chain came off and got wedged. It took some time to free it up and get the machine rideworthy. Michael did take a couple of photos but I do not have them.
Cheers, Ken Gawne

To Drysdale on Sunday 15.1.17
A small number for this morning's ride: Rolf, Chris, Ian and Vicky and myself we decided to ride to Drysdale via the usual way along the Bellarine Rail Trail. We hadn't discussed who would lead the ride so I guess I'm it so I've attached a few pics.
Briefly the pictures show Rolf swapping wheels with Vicky as she was having some mechanical issue of the chain kept skipping. Later the picture of my tyre showing something that looked like a slither of metal cut into my tyre anyhow we quickly fixed that and was on my way. Coffee was had at the Zoo as we always seem to go to Ground Zero thought it would make a change. Cheers, David Innes.



Chris Hume leads the ride on a loop through Ocean Grove on Saturday 14.1.17
Four riders turned up for the ride today: Rolf, Mike T, Peter O and yours truly Chris Hume. Bit of a SW blowing!! Headed to the Groove via Horseshoe Bend Rd, Blackgate Rd, 13th Beach Rd - great run on the downwind leg, but we did get a bit wet. After a great coffee we headed home via Wallington Rd and Bellarine Hwy. Bit of a headwind home, but with Rolf’s help upfront we all made it. All in all an enjoyable ride. Chris.

Wallington Loop on Thursday 12.1.17
Eight riders on an absolute perfect riding day, 26 deg, fine and Sunny, no wind, lovely! Marie, Sue, Rolf, David I, Ted, Mick, Chris Hu and Peter J were ready to go and headed out to Leopold to find that Melaluka Rd was closed again which required a bit of a gravel side track but we were soon on our way back on the Bike Path. As a change we took Jetty Rd to Wyndam Rd and around the shopping centre and down to Ground Zero for a coffee. After coffee and chat it was back home via Princess St, Swan Bay Rd and Queenscliff Hwy.
A most enjoyable morning to be out riding. Cheers, Peter.

Peter Jones' Ride from Birregurra to Colac & Barwon Downs on Tuesday 8.1.17
Cool and cloudy at Birregurra for today’s ride to Colac, Barwon Downs and return, Lyn L, Ken, Peter O, Ted, Chris Hu, Mike and Peter J were all there, David I was still battling to make it out on the Highway having ridden from home. A quick phone call and we agreed to meet David in Colac but as it turned out he caught up to us before we reached Colac.
It was cool to start but as usual we soon warmed to the task and made our way to the Farmer’s Son cafe for a coffee, that out of the way we took the Colac Forest Rd enjoying the undulating and rolling countryside with some magnificent downhills. At Seven Bridges Rd we turned left and made our way to Barwon Downs for a rest and some food before tackling the final leg back to Birregurra where we enjoyed a second coffee before heading home. Lovely day out on the bike.
Cheers Peter

Combined Ride with Cycling Geelong to Lara on Sunday 8.1.17
Eight GTC riders and six CG turned out for the combined ride after an extremely warm night. It was still 32 deg at 5-30 am. Heather, Pam, Geoff, Rolf, David I, Chris Hu, Mike and Peter J chatted before our Leader from CG, Helen led us off to Lara via the Hovell Trail. About halfway there the breeze started to feel a little cooler it swung towards the West which gave us a solid headwind to get to Millar’s for coffee. The back deck was sheltered from the wind and a little warm in the Sun so we headed inside. Service was a little slow this morning and a little mixed up but we got through and then headed back on the same course, a pleasant ride on a warm day.
Cheers Peter.

Peter Jones' Ride to Majevo's in Torquay - Saturday 7.1.17
Eleven riders managed to get out of bed for an early start of 7-30 am to avoid the forecast 36 deg heat of the day. Lyn L, Sue, David I, Rolf, Peter O, Chris Hu, Greg, Ken, Ross, Mike and Peter J. The weather was pleasant riding with little wind, we headed up Torquay Rd, took the Baanip Blvd bike path and Ghazapore Rd to Dickens and Anglesea Rd, lost a couple of riders, Lyn and Ross dropped out, Lyn felt it was a bit fast for her and Ross is fighting off a bug he imported from Tassie.
At Blackgate Rd lost another rider as Greg had to get back to hand over a couple of repairs from his workshop and at Torquay Ken decided to skip coffee at Majavo’s and keep moving while his legs were freed up.
That left 7 to enjoy a coffee before rolling back to town along HSBend Rd after a lovely ride in the cool of the morning.
Cheers Peter

Lyn's Ride to Ravens' Creek Farm on Thursday 5.1.17
****Click here for a 3D version of the ride from Peter Jones.
On this warmish day 16 riders fronted up at Bunnings for a run out to Moriac. They were: Marie,Trudi & Leo, Mark, Heather, Terry, Chris, PJ Sue, Rolf, Pam, PO, Ted, Mike, Lyn & Mick. We headed off along old Princes Hwy thru Waurns Pond and then up along main hwy to Hendy Main Rd setting a good pace before heat sets in. A good downhill run into Ravens Creek Farm for coffee. It was a nice morning sitting out under the porch with plenty of chatter although coffee was slow coming. When it was time for the home run a few of the fast men took off for a longer, hilly ride thru Ceres, the rest went up Pettavill Rd, Gazapore Rd and each dropped off along the way to home base. All up a good ride on a nice day with good company.
Thanx all for coming. Cheers Lyn
Breakaway Group Report
Yesterday Rolf, Mark, Chris Hume and myself left the group at Moriac and
rode the Cadel Evans bike race route back to Geelong. I am pleased to advise that all hills were conquered including the famous Melville Avenue.
A well-earned coffee at the Wharf Shed Café. Cheers Peter.

David Rae's Ride to Drysdale & Queenscliff on Tuesday 3.1.17
Eleven riders met at the showgrounds - Ken G, Chris H, David I, Peter J, Rolf, Peter O, Sue, Michael T, Jackie and myself. We took the usual route along the bike path at the earlier start of 8.30 and then took the Bellarine Highway to Melaluka Road where Lyn and Mick joined us. It was a very pleasant morning for riding and we continued along the bike path to Drysdale for coffee at Ground Zero. For our next part of the journey we took Murradoc Road, which is a bit of a climb to start, but we were repaid by a couple good downhills. As we turned right onto the Port Arlington/Queenscliff road, some of the riders decided to have a bit of a sprint, while the remainder rode along at a steady pace. We kept going down to the marina, where we had a very pleasant lunch break. For the return journey we made our way along the Bellarine Highway, saying goodbye to Lyn and Mick at Leopold. Some riders took the bike path for the final section of the ride while others stayed on the Highway to make their way home.
Cheers, David.

South Geelong Station to Drysdale on New Year’s Day
With Sunday being New Year’s day, I was surprised by the number of riders who turned up at the starting line. The first task was to select a leader and determine where we’d head off to, so it was after a bit of debate that David I, Rolf, Chris Hume, Michael, guest Drew and myself departed the South Geelong Station for Drysdale. We took the usual route to Ground Zero for coffee however, as it was closed we proceeded to The Zoo for a well-earned break. The return trip back to Geelong was along Princess Street and the Swan Bay route with the first puncture of the year going to David I.
A happy New Year to all.
Peter O’Brien.

Peter Jones' Saturday Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove - 31.12.16
On a fine Saturday morning a big bunch turned up, with the Sun shining a lot wanted to ride. There was Sue, Jackie, Lyn G, Mick G, David R, David I, Rolf, Michael T, Chris Hu, Chris Ha, John, Leo, Peter O and Peter J. We headed up Torquay Rd to Boundary, a couple of small gravel sections that aren’t sealed yet but quite rideable, Rolf probably didn’t like it on his pristine steed. Took the usual way to Barwon Heads via Lake Rd, Barwon Heads Rd, threw in Sheepwash and around over the bridge to Groove. Rather busy but managed to wangle a table then another and the Groove team were their usual fast good service. Home was via 13th Beach and Blackrock Path for some and others via Lake Rd with all coming together again at Armstrong Creek on HSBend Rd. A most enjoyable mornings ride.
Cheers Peter

Peter O'Brien's Thursday Ride to Millars in Lara - 29.12.16
On a very humid morning with the temperature in the low thirties Rolf, Chris Hume, Michael, David I, Peter J, Ted, John and myself headed off to Lara. We flew down Church Street to the bay where there was a lovely gentle sea breeze. From there we proceeded to the Hovell Creek riding trail and a photo stop at Geelong Grammar. The photo stop provided everyone the opportunity to catch our breath especially as David had been setting such speedy pace. The coffee break was at Millars, where we relaxed in air conditioned comfort, getting some relief from the hot conditions. Back on our bikes we headed to the Ted Wilson Trail and back to Church Street.
Rolf deserves a special mention today, as were an observant policeman within our vicinity, Rolf would have been issued with two demerit points for traffic infringements. Regrettably, I cannot divulge any details, and they must remain a secret due to possible future litigation. Mum’s the word Rolf!
All up a very enjoyable ride.
Peter O’Brien.

Tuesday Ride to Teesdale & Inverleigh - 27.12.16
A perfect day for comfortable riding with overcast skies, a misty atmosphere, only a few spots of rain and a slight wind from the east. From Fyansford David I, Rolf, Chris Hu and John headed for Bannockburn. David tells me that the Tuesday group usually stop twice on the ride for refreshments - I thought he was pulling my leg! Anyway, when we got to Bannockburn the search was on for coffee - but alas, there was none to be had with the Station and
Le Due Sorelle Cafe both closed. On we rode to Teesdale - a place which has been bereft of coffee in the past - only to find that the General Store offers coffee and there is a garden to sit in. Very big mugs of coffee so good value for money - if you like your coffee hot you will have to ask for very hot though. A pleasant romp through the Inverleigh Nature Reserve and a downhill run into Inverleigh followed with the decision that we were refreshed enough to go on. At Murgheboluc we met up with Santa sitting beside his bike and from Fyansford we dispersed home. For most of us the ride was about 80km - or a little more.
Keep Riding, John Hagan.

Black Red & Yellow - is this the German Flag riding up to Inverleigh??

Peter Jones leads the ride to Torquay on Saturday 24.12.16
Six riders to Torquay today, Rolf, John, Chris Ha, Chris Hu, David I and Peter J. Being Xmas Eve everyone was keen for an easy ride on a day that was forecast as clearing showers with a possible Thunder Storm. The showers and Thunder did pass through but had all gone by the time we had lined up to ride and we had a lovely ride with mostly Sun shine and light winds if a bit humid.
We were a little late getting away, it was well and truly Trudi time of 8-36 am, probably caused by us chatting to Sarah who couldn’t ride because she had to work but dropped in to pick up her cadence sensor from Rolf.
We took the usual longer route to Torquay via Anglesea Rd and Ocean Acres and relaxed over a coffee at Mejavos before rolling back along HSBend Rd. Four of the riders were wearing club kit and Rolf borrowed a club vest, so tried to organise a photo shoot but it was a little like herding cats, check out the pics.
A most enjoyable morning on the bike. Merry Xmas.
Cheers Peter.

Peter O'Brien's Christmas Quiz Ride to Torquay on Thursday 22.12.16
Today, Rolf, David I, Trudi, Leo, Chris Hume, Peter J, Meri, Ted, Michael, Ray C and myself set off to Torquay. We left South Geelong Station and rode along the river path to Breakwater and onto Horseshoe Bend Road. It was nice to be able to ride this route after many months of not being able to due to road closures. At McCann’s Road we headed back to the Surf Coast highway and took the more scenic route to the Kobe Café in Torquay for coffee. During the break a quiz was held with Ray proving to be a font of knowledge closely followed by Trudi. Leo was appreciative of Trudi’s expertise, being the lucky recipient of the Fredo frogs she won with her correct responses. Maybe it was the thought of Christmas indulgence with all that yummy food, but it was noted several of the riders elected to have a Fredo Frog free day.
After the break, we returned along the foreshore to Horseshoe Bend Road and from there back to Geelong. A very enjoyable ride and thanks to everyone for their involvement with the quiz.
Happy Christmas to all GTC members and their families and safe riding over the holiday period.
Peter O’Brien.

Peter Jones' Ride to Moriac and Bellbrae on Tuesday 20.12.16
Ten riders today on what turned into a lovely day, especially when we turned away from the wind. At Bunnings, Sarah, Ken, Chris Ha, David I, Rolf, Peter O, Michael T and Peter J, Trudi and Meri made their own way to Raven’s Creek Moriac where we all joined together for a most enjoyable coffee and chat. The wind and mostly uphill route kept everyone working, so we really earned our coffee. We met a couple of little budding cyclists at Raven’s Creek who joined us for our photo.
Following coffee we rolled on down Forest Rd and called in to The Chocolaterie and Ice Creamery on Great Ocean Road, the free tasting chocolate buttons had a good work out, Trudi was very pleased to find that the dark ones were vegan and no little chocs had been hurt in their manufacture. The scones jam and cream were rather large, quite popular, and very tasty. Sarah went for the kids ham and pineapple pizza, she ran out of a bit of puff so maybe a bigger one might have been in order.
The run down the Great Ocean Road with a tailwind was rather nice, through Torquay and up HSBend also with the tailwind was good and when we reached Grovedale the bunch split and headed home.
A most enjoyable day on the bike in good company. Cheers Peter.

Christmas BBQ at Geelong Trailable Yacht Club 18.12.16
We had about a dozen people for our BBQ which was organized by Peter and Marion. The photos were taken by John after a number of people had gone home and illustrate the fun had at the Kris Kringle.

Nicole's Ride to You Yangs and Lara on Sunday 18.12.16
Report soon.

To Groove in Ocean Grove on Saturday 17.12.16
One would have thought that on the 17th of December we would have had something vaguely resembling summer weather, but not in 2016. It was cool, windy and even a bit of rain, but that didn't prevent 7 riders coming out to the Grovedale pub meeting place. Lyn G, Michael T, Peter O'B, John H, Chris Hu, Michael G and Rolf were not put off and we welcomed Michael G back after is medical procedure prevented him from riding for 2 months. His bike must have not been informed of what was ahead as it threw off the chain in an attempt to stop him from joining in. We rode towards HBR, just to verify that it was open now after our encounter on Thursday where we were prevented from going through. Just after the 'Bend', we had Peter Jones and Sue coming towards us, a time constraint prevented them to have joined us earlier on. we then turned into Black Rock Road, then took the bike track and along 13th Beach Road to Barwon Heads. The going was easy and the speed quite high and we were lulled into a false sense of our own strength. Coffee was enjoyed at the Groove and our conversation had to be cut short because someone needed to be home before noon. Just as we were leaving, Mark B and his girlfriend Petro arrived at the Groove, but they were in need of a fix and could not join us on our way home. We now had to pay the price for the easy ride out and the wind did its best to decimate our peloton. Luckily we all made it safely home and I am positive the wind made us stronger for our next ride. Thank you all for your company and keep on riding,

Peter Jones Leads to Barwon Heads for Coffee at Starfish on Thursday 15.12.16
Nine riders and eight bikes, Marion agreed to come with me on the Hase Pino, who knows if she will agree again! Besides Marion there was Jackie, Sarah, David R, Terry, Ted, Chris Hu, Rolf and Me. We took Reserve Rd, Lake Rd Barwon Heads Rd into Barwon Heads and some did Sheepwash before rolling into Starfish for coffee.
The return was by 13th Beach, Blackrock Path, Blackgate Rd, HSBend Rd. Terry had been through and thought we should be right, after all it is open tomorrow, but the peloton got turned onto the bike path towards Barwon Heads Rd and Marion and I being at the back were singled out and sent back to Mt Duneed Rd. When you see the small amount of work that they have done you have to question why the road needed to be closed for four months plus.
In any case everyone got home without problems and it was a lovely day for a ride, particularly coming home with a tailwind.
Following snippet from Ted:-
Hi Peter
After sneaking through level 1 construction zone security at the south end of the Horseshoe Bend road works the peloton, minus Peter and Marion, navigated through Armstrong Creek to Barwon Heads Road(works) then back to HSBend Road via Boundary. At that point a group of rebels led by one who should remain nameless but with the initials Terry went back into the construction (war) zone while the law abiding ones carried on to the Reserve Road neutral zone.
Meanwhile, Peter and Marion remain MIA but hopefully will be bailed out of construction zone prison in time for their next ride. (Don’t worry Sue I’ll be there on Sat morning, 7-30 am as discussed, I’m free) Someone else will have to lead the ride at 8:30 am I have to be home by 10-00 am to head to Bulleen in Melb for a surprise 80th Birthday Party.
Cheers Peter.

Peter Jones' CADEL Ride on Tuesday 13.12.16
****Click here for a 3D version of the ride from Peter Jones.
Nine riders at Rippleside ready to go at 8-30 am, already quite warm with a warm breeze. We made our way along the waterfront and down to the river, not quite the Cadel Peoples Ride course but a bit safer and easier. We went through the playing fields at South Barwon and met up with another six riders making the total 15. Trudi, Meri, Lyn G, Lyn L, Jackie, Sarah, Ken, Ross, Rolf, David R, David I, Ray, Terry, Chris Hu and Peter J made up the bunch.
We rolled out Barwon Heads Rd, Jackie’s bike was playing up and it turned out to be a big screw through the tyre, at about the same time just up the road Sarah rode through a pot hole and pinch punctured, two down, prior to this my rear wheel developed a buckle, a legacy of the infamous bucket handle episode the previous Tuesday as a spoke gave up and broke, opened brakes up and soldiered on.
The run to Barwon Heads was not too bad with a tailwind but the run back along 13th Beach into the wind tested some of the bunch and David R, Jackie, Lyn G, and Terry called it quits and headed home, planning a coffee at Two Wrens in Grovedale. The rest continued on to Torquay for a coffee at Kobo, another casualty, Lyn L had trouble with a nerve in her foot and had to stop and attend to it. Ken headed back home to get a car to transport the wounded warrior home. Ray decided he enjoyed his coffee so much at Uforic on Sunday so he headed there for a coffee.
Following coffees, of various types, we were off again, Rolf had a 2-00 o’clock dentist appt so off he went with David I who also wanted to get back which just left 5, Trudi, Meri and Chris decided they didn’t need to do Bells so took the easy way, Sarah wanted the training so we headed down Bells Blvd and after photos overlooking Bells Beach we ground our way up Jarosite and back to the Great Ocean Rd where the others awaited.
The Famous Five pushed on to Moriac where rolls, tea and milk shakes along with many bottles of water contributed to the refuelling and rehydrating before Chris and Sarah took the easier way back along Mt Duneed Rd with a tailwind and Meri, Trudi and Peter took Hendy Main Rd to Barrabool Rd and down Merrawarp Rd and into Fyansford where Meri and Trudi headed up the cementies hill and Peter took the river path and home.
A bit of a tough day on the bike, mainly because of the warm wind. Rolf reported that he also had a puncture so that made three for the day after many months without one.
Peter Jones.

John's Combined Ride with Cycling Geelong to Uforic Food on Sunday 11.12.16
Ten riders for our jaunt today to Uforic Food Cafe on the Surf Coast Highway near Armstrong Creek - Dave S and John M from Cycling Geelong and Rolf, Mike T,
Ray M, Chris Hume, Lyn, David I, Ross and your leader John H. Peter Jones and Marion came down to the Cafe on their semi-recumbent tandem so an even dozen for our cakes, coffee and conversation. The route to Uforic Food was via Lake Rd, Barwon Heads Airport and then Blackgate Rd to the Surf Coast Highway. For the return trip a number had to be home early so joined Peter and Marion to go straight back on the Surf Coast Highway. The rest followed John H south to Coombes Rd in Torquay and then back on the Anglesea Rd, Dickins, Ghazeepore and Baanip Way bike path. The return trip was just over 60km on a great day for cycling.
Keep Riding, John Hagan.

Peter O'Brien's Ride to Torquay via Bellbrae on Saturday 10.12.16
Being an overcast morning it was great to have fifteen riders turn up for today’s ride. Ross, Rolf, Peter J, Sue, Jackie, David, Ray C, Ray M, Meri, Trudi, Michael, John, Lyn, Greg and myself departed Grovedale for Torquay via Bellbrae. Not long into the ride I heard a suspicious clicking sound that seemed to be emanating from my pedals so I discussed this unfamiliar noise with my consultant Rolf. Rolf couldn’t diagnose the cause of the clicking so at Dickins Road we exchanged bikes. May I say that I quite enjoyed riding Rolf’s bike, albeit it was a bit small, but it was a beautiful bike to ride being smooth and ticking over like an expensive top of the range European car. I was reluctant to hand his bike back! Noises on a bike can present strange outcomes and in this particular instance Rolf’s verdict was the noise was movement within the bike seat itself. I know what you are thinking that, (a) I’m hoping Santa Clause will bring me a new seat, or (b) I’ll lose some weight for a more even seat to bottom ratio.
Having conquered the hill at Bellbrae it was interesting to hear the comments from a group of riders heading in the opposite direction. They were impressed by our consideration of fellow riders stating, “See they wait at the top of the hill for everyone”. Indeed, why would we not! Our peloton proceeded at haste and enjoyed the ride to Torquay where the coffee break was held at Kobo Café. Due to our large numbers, half the riders stayed indoors while the other half were seated outside. I must say the outdoor environment was extremely comfortable and it was difficult to leave such pleasant spot.
Back on our bikes we returned to Geelong via Horseshoe Bend Road and McCann Road.
Total distance travelled was 60kms.
Regards, Peter O.

Peter & Sue on the tandem heading South on Ghazeepore Rd towards Freshwater Creek.

John met Steve Cartin on the way back along the Barwon - he hopes to ride with us again soon.

Check out the statistics for our GTC Website for 2016 - up until 9th December.

Ride Report to Lara, Thursday 8th December, 2016..
I woke up this morning, checked the ‘bom radar’ weather report and thought “Struth”! Prospects for the ride weren’t promising with rain and thunderstorms predicted. I had second thoughts about participating but decided to take up the challenge with such like-minded warriors as Peter J, Meri, Chris Hume and Rolf. Trudi will need to bring a note as her absence as team leader was discussed and noted! We wandered off like lost sheep along the Ted Wilson Trail and at Creamery Road Peter J and Meri stayed on the trail whereas Rolf, Chris and myself took the Bluestone Bridge Road.
Whilst riding along Bluestone Bridge Road the heavens opened up forcing us to take shelter until the heavy rain subsided. It was very strange weather, as whilst the temperature was warmish, there was some rain so we riders had our rain jackets on-hand for bursts of rainfall. The coffee break was at Millars in Lara where we met up with Ted Reeve. Rolf, Ted and myself resisted the temptation to indulge in a range of scrumptious cakes however, others couldn’t resist! The return ride to Geelong was unusual with a tail wind from Lara to the Hovells Creek trail and then head and side winds for the remainder of the ride.
All up an enjoyable ride, and despite the inclement weather, I’m glad I ventured out.
Peter O.

David Innes' Ride to Werribee on Tuesday 6.12.16.
****Click here for a 3D version of the ride from Peter Jones.

Tuesday morning was a beautiful day for cycling the sun shone brightly with little to no wind starting our adventure from Rippleside car park. Our destination for the day was Werribee via Lara, Little River with a good attendance was nice to see the ladies come along with special guest Lyn Park a friend of Peter Jones. Others to attend were: Rolf, John, Ray, Trudy, Meri and my self.
So off we went our hearts and lungs pumping breathing life into our machines pedals turning wheels spinning mine been a little unruly having to keep applying the breaks not to get too far ahead. Eargerly we headed towards the Hovell Trail a well used bike path taking us on a scenic route into Lara. First stop for coffee was Millars Coffee Shop the usually favoured by our club John Hagan almost didn't make it to coffee as a giant German Shepard with big teeth almost had him being at just the right height on his recumbent machine for the dog's gnashing teeth lol narrowly escaping with his life! .
Queuing for our coffees it seems the telephone got a fright from Ray Moore jumping off the edge of the bench he swears he didn't touch it but that wasn't all whilst sitting at out table chatting away the girl bringing our coffees had a slight accident spilling coffee and smashing a cup onto the ground. Luckily no one was burnt by the hot fluids she was however most apologetic and somewhat embarrassed. After our chat was time to head off to Werribee leaving poor John Hagan on his own as his order was forgotten whilst we were all finished we waved goodbye as he had other engagements and couldn't continue.
The ride to Little River was very pleasant makings few stops along the way for water and toilet stop at the local footy ground. We continued onto Werribee stopping there for lunch we sat under the shade of an umbrella the back of a coffee shop we often attend when ever we ride to Werribee with lunch had we headed back home deciding the quickest route back along the highway would be best.
The ride home was almost uneventful till I managed to ride over what was an old bucket handle which flicked up by my riding over it and managing to catch onto Peter Jones' rear wheel and wrap itself around his rear axle with a horrible sound coming from behind we thought oh no! he hasn't come off again! Fortunately nothing was broken and Peter managed to keep his bike upright as it skidded to a nasty screeching halt. You could say he narrowly missed kicking the bucket ha ha was just the handle instead lol. After battling to get the thick piece of wire handle uncurled from his axle we contained on home along the noisy highway. Turing off the highway onto the Hovell Trail via the unofficial exit from the highway over the mown section of grass onto the asphalt trail. Lyn had to rush off needing to pick up her kids from school so Rolf joined her riding off ahead of us all. Looking back there were a few weary riders behind me as it was a longer ride than usual 100 kilometres plus special mention must go to Ray Moore for his sterling effort after only his fourth ride back he battled manfully to keep up. Well done to all in fact it was a pleasant and most eventful ride enjoyed by all.

Ride report by David Innes.

Ross' Ride to Ravens Creek Farm at Moriac on Sunday 4.12.16.
Perfect cycling weather for today's ride to Moriac via the Barrabool Hills. Heather, Geoff, Vicki, Ian R, Ian F, John H, Rolf, Ray, Michael and Ross set out from South Geelong station and headed up through the 'burbs to the cement works and the big downhill run to Fyansford. Chris Hu joined us there and we continued on towards Moriac. The group got a bit strung out heading up through the hills and us back markers were quite surprised to see the early arrivals still waiting for their drinks and cakes, at Ravens Creek Farm. Plenty of food, drink and conversation later, we set out for home via Mt Duneed Road. Back towards Waurn Ponds, the group started breaking up with riders taking the most direct route home. The only negative to report was the cream supplied with the cakes at Raven Creek Farm was not whipped and was very difficult to heap on the cakes/slices/scones. Definitely a first world issue!
A very pleasant ride in excellent conditions with great company.

GTC CHRISTMAS PARTY at Mt Duneed Hotel - Saturday 3.12.16.
This was a very enjoyable evening with musical accompaniment with a Robbie Williams impersonator. Thanks to Lyn Gregg who organized the event.

Sue and Marion enjoying the conversation.

Sue's dog, Gemma, didn't quite have the 3 course meal but did enjoy the water!

Our Robbie Williams look alike meets up with Sue and her guide dog, Gemma, at the end of the show.

Peter Jones Leads the Ride to Ocean Grove on Saturday 3.12.16.
Eight riders on a fine Sunny day, David I, Rolf, Peter O, Chris, Michael T, Mark, Ray and Peter J headed to Reserve Rd and via HSBend Rd and Boundary, Barwon Heads, Lake Rd, Sheepwash to Groove. A most enjoyable coffee in the garden setting as usual. Black Racing arrived as we were about to leave so we passed on the spot.
As we headed home the first of the Great Vic riders we had noticed started to roll through, glad we were going in the opposite direction. Waved out to Chris H, Nicole and John C, there was a heap of riders enjoying a wonderful day’s cycling.
Decided to forgo the the Blackrock Path it was choc a block and going against the flow could have been dangerous. Decided to take Mt Duneed Rd to Charlemont Rd for a change, used to be a nice quiet road but is being used by Trucks with Dogs involved with the new developments and they weren’t inclined to give up any bitumen. Rolled back onto Barwon Heads Rd and headed home, a most enjoyable day on the bike.
Cheers Peter.

Mick's Ride to Drysdale on Thursday 1.12.16.
Well what a turn out on this lovely day it was HUGEEEE. There were 17 of us which was great. Must be the name lol: Ian, Mike, Trudi, Ross, Chris, David I, Peter J, Rolf , Meri, Ray, Peter O, Jackie, David, Ted, Sarah, Greg, and yours truly Lyn. We left the show grounds and wiggled our way on to Portarlington Road and then turned into Melaluka Road to pick up the rail trail. I rang Mick and told him to get down and warn the team at Ground Zero how many there were. But we beat him there. Our coffees didn’t take long to come and after much chatter we headed off down Princess St. and then on to Swan Bay . RdSome left us and went on further and the rest of us headed for home. It was a very pleasant ride on a beautiful day. Thanks all for coming. Cheers Lyn

GTC Riders Nicole & Chris Halpin on the 2016 Great Victorian Bike Ride:
Nicole and I are enjoying a magic 2016 GVBR. Started Sunday from Halls Gap. 4200 riders including about 1500 primary and Secondary school kids. Travelled to Dunkeld day 1. Mortlake, Port Campbell and now resting in Apollo Bay. Tough day yesterday breasting Lavers Hill(s)!! Weather and countryside magnificent. Food maybe. Accidents few fortunately. Cheers. Chris.

David Rae's Ride to Portarlington & St Leonards on Tuesday 29.11.16.
Twelve riders set off from the Showgrounds - Trudi, Terry, Chris H, David I, Peter J, Rolf, Meri, Ray, Peter O, Michael T, Jackie and myself. Everyone was happy that it was a lovely sunny morning and looking forward to a ride to Port Arlington at last! We rode along the bike path and then on the road through Leopold, where Lyn joined us at Kensington Road. We then turned left at Christies Road and joined the rail trail again to Drysdale, where we enjoyed a good cup of coffee at Ground Zero. Terry headed for home while the rest of us continued on to Port Arlington. It was a beautiful day for the ride around by the water with a clear view of Melbourne in the distance. We stopped for lunch at St. Leonards and came back along Murradoc Road. The grass cuttings left on the bike lane made it a bit difficult for riding. We returned via the bike path from Drysdale. At Kensington Road the group split up and some riders went for another coffee at The Rolling Pin in Leopold. An enjoyable ride on a lovely day.

****Click here for a 3D version of the ride from Peter Jones.

Ross' Ride to The Station Cafe at Bannockburn on Sunday 27.11.16.
Six GTC members and a guest for today's ride to Bannockburn. Vicky, Ian, Rolf David I, Peter J (back on the road bike), his son Cameron and Ross took the standard suburban route to Church Street and the start of the Ted Wilson trail. A short section of the Midland Highway then a right turn on to Ballan Road. A quiet cruise along Steiglitz Road was interrupted by a puncture for Cameron. This gave everyone a breather and provided the perfect opportunity to debate (yet again) the merits of pump vs. CO2. After the usual superb ride down (and up) through the Russells Bridge area, we took refreshments at the old Bannockburn railway station. Dave I. was most insistent we take Masons Road back to the Hamilton Highway so he lead the way home. Not sure it is any better then Burnside but does add another nice uphill. An easy cruise back to Fyansford where the group split and riders took the shortest way home.
Thanks to all for the good company.

****Click here for a 3D version of the ride from Cameron Jones.

Peter Jones' Ride to Raven's Creek Farm on Saturday 26.11.16.
Seven riders for today’s ride to Moriac, Lyn G, Rolf, Peter O, David I, Chris, Ray and Peter J. Ray rejoined us today after all his work in selling and buying houses etc. It was quite a cool and brisk westerly breeze so my original thought to go to Groove was changed to Raven’s Creek, work hard into the head wind and come home with a good tail wind. Didn’t get a lot of Sun but a pleasant ride via Anglesea Rd and Blackgate and Hendy Main into Moriac. Following an enjoyable coffee rolled on home via Mt Duneed Rd with that stiff tailwind.
Cheers Peter.

Terry Hamilton's ride to Farmers' Place in Freshwater Creek via Torquay - Thursday 24.11.16.
It was a cool overcast day 9 riders, Jackie, Lynne, Rolf, David R, David I Peter J and Peter O, Chris and myself.
We headed off to the Farmers Place Anglesea road Freshwater Creek.
After explaining to the group where we were going along the SC Hwy to McCann’s Road before turning left, we headed off getting to Mt Duneed Road half the group turned left, after getting the group back together and then turning left into McCann’s Road where we stopped, some riders denied that they had heard the directions so court was convened, I called my first witness who took the 5th my case was thrown out.
We then continued to Horshoe Bend Road following it to Torquay before turning right through the Torquay estate into Fischer Street turning right into Darian road crossing the Highway to Grossmans Road then through (Millionaires row) to Coombes Road, turning right at the roundabout and heading along Anglesea Road to the café, a welcome rest, great coffee, cake and conversation we headed back along Ghazeepore Road, a most enjoyable ride of approx 40 klm’s.
Keep on Pedalling,
Cheers Terry.

Peter Jones' Ride to Moriac via The Barrabool Hills on Tuesday 22.11.16.
Three riders today, Ray is otherwise engaged at the moment so I took over as ride leader, good choice I reckon as I haven’t ridden on an upright bike for about 6 weeks since a crash damaged my ego a lot but my shoulder even more.
Peter O and Rolf were waiting when I arrived and as I had already decided 90 km was not on my wish list at this stage of my return to riding they agreed a ride to Moriac via the Barrabool hills would be a good alternative.
So off we went, Peter and Rolf ahead, me behind on my MTB, and that is the way it continued. At Hendy Main Rd Rolf and Peter decided to continue on and take the Considine option, I took the Hendy Main option, Rolf reckoned it would be 15 minutes longer and he was right, Peter reckoned Rolf was a hard man to keep up with so I’m glad I took the easier option.
Following coffee we headed back via Mt Duneed Rd, mist had changed to light drizzle but jackets on we pedalled on, good ride, my body held up well and hopefully I can move back on to the Road bike soon.
On my way home going up Pigdon’s Rd I was pleased to see a change we at the BUG have been advocating for has finally happened with the separated bike lane now proceeding past Deakin turn off.
Cheers Peter.

Nicole's Ride to Portarlington via Drysdale on Sunday 20.11.16.
Riders John C, Ian F, Rolf, David I, Chris H, Ian and Vicki, Geoff and myself. Chris also visited to say Hi before going to another event. John C recommended the ride to be hard, stopping for coffee or slow riders. John C got a flat so opted out, so we stopped for coffee at Ground Zero for my second visit. We had a few stops to regroup and farewell the broken bike. We rode through East Geelong to Portarlington road to Drysdale. After coffee stop we traveled Murradoc road to Queenscliff- Portarlington rd to Portarlington, back to Drysdale. Just short of Drysdale my bike had a mechanical. David called it a major mechanical. Thanks for the photos David. Thanks Ian for your phone to call for the sag wagon. Thank you to Geoff for staying with me until Bill arrived. I hope the rest of the group got back with any other issues.
Regards, Nicole.

Peter O'Brien's Ride to Moriac via Fyansford on Saturday 19.11.16.
On a beautiful sunny morning John H, Nicole and myself departed the Grovedale Hotel and headed back to Geelong via Heyers Road, Ghazepore Road, Pigdons Road and Barrabool Road to Moorabool Street. John, being the social butterfly that he is, left us at this point to attend a 1y.o. birthday party in Melbourne. Nicole and myself soldiered on, meandering through Geelong streets until we reached the top of Hyland Street. Around about this point in the ride, Nicole revealed her daredevil streak, hurtling down the hill and leaving me in her wake.
The ride to Merrawarp Road and on to Barrabool Road presented some hill climbs but nothing we couldn’t conquer. Nicole is participating in the Great Victorian Bike Ride next week end and the many ups and downs on Hendy Main Road provided her with ideal training leading up to the event. Chris Halpin is also riding in the Great Vic and I’m looking forward to hearing how they fare upon their return. Crossing the Colac Highway, the downhill run in to Moriac was sensational and we enjoyed a well-earned coffee break at Raven Farm.
Our little peloton of two hardy riders then headed back to Geelong via Mount Duneed Road, Ghazepore Road and Baanip Blvd. Total distance for the ride was 60kms. Thanks Nicole for a lovely ride and thanks also to John for a his commitment and dedication by turning up prior to a social engagement.
Peter O.

David Innes Ride to Freshwater Creek and Moriac on Thursday 17.11.16.
Well it wasn't a very good showing for today's ride a beautiful sunny day only the wind spoilt it and only Meri, Trudi, Chris and myself came out today we rode to Moriac but first stopping at farmers place for coffee bit early I thought after that headed to Moriac where we decided to split up. The girls continued on to Ceres whilst us weak blokes headed back the usual way..
We had the wind advantage as it was blowing from the north west but once we got to the turn into Gazapore Rd it was pretty much a stiff head head wind most of the way back home. A silly driver in a utility vehicle narrowly missed me by matter of inches as I dodged a pot hole in the road seems like cyclist are open season since one was killed the other day in the city. Anyhow we survived but I only just made it back home forgetting to take a bottle of water in what my Garmin saying it was 36c! on an 80 km ride lucky we had coffee. Thanks to the girls for their company and Chris which made the ride all the more enjoyable look forward to seeing you all again. David Innes

Ride from Geelong to Southbank on Tuesday 15.11.16.
Ian, Chris Hume, and myself departed the South Geelong Station heading off to the big smoke at 8am this morning. Along the way we were joined by Zac at Rippleside, Meri, Trudi, Rolf and David I at Swinburne Street and Ted & Ben at Lara. It was a glorious day with the wind behind us and like school kids heading off on an excursion we were apprehensive yet excited. Ted was out of luck though as he had a flat tyre on the outskirts of Lara that took quite some time to fix. I did note it took 3 riders to repair Ted’s tyre and you’ll notice in one of the photos that Ted took on the important role of supervising the others to fix his puncture!
Peddling onwards, I’m sure the Little River locals thought Cadel and his mates were in town as we travelled at such speeds along the smooth surface of the Old Melbourne Road. In fact, were the constabulary hiding behind a tree, Rolf, David and Ben would have been in big trouble given their nippy fast riding. After 50kms, a number of riders were chafing at the bit for a coffee break so we stopped at the Coffee Pot Café in Watton Street, Werribee.
Back on our bikes we headed to the Federation Trail and onto Yarraville. There’s lots to take in along this section of the trail, from the open plains to industrial sites and a variety of smells, both good and bad. There were many roads to be crossed, the majority well controlled with bicycle signals. Unfortunately, like many other bike trails, this trail ends in no man’s land and you need to meander through various streets to link up with the Bay Trail that then turns into the Capital Trail at which point you cross the Maribyrnong river onto Footscray Road. Being simple country folk, we enjoyed the fantastic views of the Melbourne city skyline as we headed to Docklands. We crossed the Yarra River near North Wharf Road and proceeded to Southbank where riding along the promenade is surreal, given the views across the Yarra and the density of pedestrians on the promenade which kept us on high alert. I spotted a sign stating that cycling is restricted to 10kms per hour – not sure how this is enforced though. The lunch break was taken at the Food Court where there was an array of cuisines on offer.
After lunch we rode back to Southern Cross Station where half of the group caught the 2:10pm train to Geelong and the other half caught the 2:30pm train. Happily there was enough room on each of the trains to adequately cater for our bikes.
I’m awarding an Honourable Mention to David who elected to ride back home to Geelong rather than take the train - a herculean performance. I’ve been informed that David arrived home at 5:20pm having ridden a total of 170.8km. I’m assuming he’s now in bed recovering. As for the remainder of we mere mortals who only took a one way trip, the total distance travelled from the South Geelong Station to South Bank was 95kms.
Thanks to everyone for an enjoyable ride.
Peter O.

Sunday Ride to Millars in Lara - 13.11.16.
A true test of character with today's weather outlook promising fierce winds, rain showers and a return to winter temperatures. Five riders met for the regular combined ride - John H piloting the "Grasshopper", Mike, Rolf and myself representing GTCC and John Miro the solo Cycling Geelong rep. All agreed a safe ride on the Hume and Hovell Trail to Lara and coffee at Millars was the best plan, considering the northwesterly winds. A bit of a slog into the wind saw Rolf depart early for a hot bath or something to calm his nerves after yesterday's excitement. An uneventful trip to MIllars, a hot coffee and some yummy scones were just what we needed. No such luck on the way home. Somehow we managed to lose John M in the wilds of Lara. Apparently he lost sight of us and turned the wrong way - very poor leadership on my part. But worse was still to come when we happened upon road works on Canterbury Rd and had to find an alternate route through the back streets. Fortunately we managed to thread our way back to the Hume and Hovell to find John M waiting patiently for us. A wind assisted trip back to Rippleside got us back before the rain clouds arrived. Most enjoyable - thanks for the company.
Chris H.

Saturday Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove - 12.11.16.
Six riders: David I, Rolf, Chris Halpin, Chris Hume, Peter J, and John H, for our ride to Groove in Ocean Grove. The weather forecast was not good but it turned out to be excellent weather for cycling. Our first problem came when we took Boundary Rd through to Barwon Heads Rd - we did ignore the sign which said 'Road Closed' but , not to be daunted, turned our bikes into mountain bikes and got through (see photo below). Before we arrived in Barwon Heads Rolf's tyre became obstinate and did not want to stay between the rims so running repairs were required. On arriving at Groove the place was just about full with cyclists and locals but we did manage to find a seat, albeit indoors. The coffee was good as usual and is well priced. On the return trip David snapped his chain on 13th Beach Rd (must have been putting too much power into that bike!) but between himself and Rolf they had all the gear to fix it. Peter Jones was on the recumbent and had to work a bit harder than the rest of us and yours truly was on an upright bike for a change. This was a thoroughly satisyfing ride for all.
Keep Riding, John Hagan.

David Innes Leads Ride to Torquay on Thursday 10.11.16.
Return of the Prodial son came a man on a very strange looking machine half man half insect crawling along the Tarmac with an orange tail which turned out to be a flag in the end. Well my eyes aren't that good these days. It was none other than Mr Peter Jones our spiritual leader desperate to get his cycling fix despite his wounded shoulder this after a broken hand and two falls there was no! chance of him falling again ha ha.
We all gathered at the usual place Grovdale crapark a good turn out for a cloudy not so promising morning but it did turn out sunny in the end riders attending the ride were Lyn, Greg, Trudi, Ted, Meri, Chris, Rolf and of course Mr Jones on his green insect looking machine noticeable absentee was Peter O'Brien of which I'm expecting a note from his wife why he wasn't allowed to come out to play. The start was past the hour whilst no one wanted to lead us out so Lyn took the lead and off we headed towards Torquay along the busy highway with insect man crawling behind us literally crawling as it was tough going up the slopes of the highway on something that looked like a museum piece never the less we took pity on our wounded leader making sure he wouldn't be squashed by some huge lorry not seeing him scurrying along the ground. Turning left into the estate coming into Torquay via the back door couple of our lead riders took a wrong turn about to lead us up the garden path so to speak in comes Peter Jones to the rescue guiding us as he's done a thousand times before making sure we'd make our coffee stop st Kobos. Arriving safely we all went inside to enjoy each other's company especially that of PJ as we'd all missed him over the weeks whilst he was recovering from his run of misfortune.
A few enjoying their coffees with cakes and cream pictured and a surprise guest Lyn's better half Mick showed up he to is recovering from what turns out it be a serious calf injury let's hope he recovers soon and see him on a bike again. After a long break and enjoyable conversation we finally decided to get underway going back home via horseshoe bend Rd and Mccanns Rd back onto the surfcoast highway past the Grovdale hotel where we all departed going our seperate ways. Thanks to all for a pleasant day's cycling making it all the more enjoyable than it would be riding alone as poor Rolf had the misfortune to find out last ride.
See you all again soon :-)
David Innes.

Peter O'Brien Leads Ride to Lara, Little River & The You Yangs on Tuesday 8.11.16.
On a lovely day for riding, Rolf, David I, Meri, Trudi and myself headed off via Lovely Banks to Lara. With a tail wind we were able to enjoy a fast ride to Millars for our coffee stop where we were joined by Marion and Peter. The weather was perfect so sitting in the sunshine outside Millar’s was particularly enjoyable. The ride to Little River via the Old Melbourne Road was sensational, the surface being the smoothest we have ridden on for many years. From Little River we headed back to the You Yangs where we stopped for lunch at the Visitors Information Centre. Whilst it certainly is a stunning environment, it was marred by the swarms of mosquitoes causing us to depart earlier then we would have liked. We rode back to Lara then onto the Hovells Creek trail to Geelong. Total distance 80kms.
Regards, Peter O.

John Hagan's Ride to Curlewis & Collendina on Sunday 6.11.16.
A generally sunny but rather windy day for our ride down the Bellarine Peninsula. A good turn out at Sth Geelong Station for the start - 12 riders - Mike, Ian F, Chris Halpin, Chris Hume, David I, Greg, Rolf, Pam, Peter O'B, Vicky and Ian R, and John, your ride leader. We headed out east with the wind behind us along the Bellarine Rail Trail and at the Highway some continued along the Trail and others took the Highway to Melaluka Rd where they rejoined us on the Rail Trail to travel through to Curlewis. We then took Curlewis Rd to Wallington where we meandered through Orchard Crescent, with its' houses on large blocks, and then on Grubb Rd and through to Collendina. Here we met Peter and Marion, who had driven down, and the 14 of us enjoyed our coffee and conversation at the Skinny Cow. On the return trip Pam and Ian F headed home through Wallington and the rest of the group went through to Barwon Heads and back home via Lake Rd. Your ride leader was last to get in without the help of his trusty recumbent in the blowy conditions.
Keep Riding, John Hagan.

Rolf to Ocean Grove on his own - Saturday - 5.11.16.
A lovely spring morning, well, sort of and most wouldn't agree as no one else showed up at the Grovedale pub car park for the 8:30 meeting. Made it easy to select the ride leader and the destination, all done very democratically by yours truly. The peloton of one headed down Boundary Road towards the Barwon Heads Hwy, then onto Lakes Road and up to 13th Beach Road, where a nice tailwind pushed me along at about 40km/h. Across the Barwon River bridge and on to Ocean Grove to the Groove. A lonely cup of coffee and zero conversation, then onto Wallington Road, Curlewis Road and then the rail trail with a lot of company of the "walk for the homeless" people, all very well behaved, no one with ear phones in their ears either. The whole ride took about 2h,30min including the coffee stop and netted me 65km. All is all a not unpleasant ride, but would have been better in company of someone.
Keep on riding even if the wind blows,

Gippsland Tour - Ross Glover and Chris Hume - November 2016.
Two bike riders, three days of perfect bike-riding weather and 200 k's of car-free bike trail - how much better can life get? The East Gippsland Rail Trail is just about the perfect 3 day tour, if you don't mind riding on dirt. Train to Bairnsdale. Ride to Nowa Nowa with all your gear and set up camp. Next day ride the unladen bikes to Orbost and back. Day three, pack up camp and ride back to Bairsdale then train home. This is exactly what Chris and Ross did this week.
Other than the weather, the highlight of day one was coming across a large (metre long?) goanna sunning itself on the track.
(Plenty of wildlife spotted on this trip - wallabies, kangaroos, two black snakes, one huge feral cat, the one metre long goanna, numerous hares and rabbits and a wide variety of birds.) Otherwise, the 60 k's to the Mingling Waters Caravan Park, our camping spot at Nowa Nowa, was enjoyable but not particularly eventful. Mingling Waters is a quite unique spot, best described as having considerable "character" but the less charitable might call it run down.
Day two had us enjoying the ride on unloaded bikes. Had a nice meeting with some riders from the Bayside Bicycle Touring Club then just before Orbost, we passed a school group cycling to Bairnsdale. The students kept well to their side of the track but the supervising teacher was riding along on our side and only at the last moment I realised he was too busy talking to one of the female students to even notice us. I had to brake hard to avoid him and Chris avoided hitting me by swerving and crashing to the ground.
The guy asked Chris if he was okay but there was no apology for causing the situation. After picking himself up, Chris checked his bike and other than needing the back wheel removed and replaced to release a jammed rear disk brake, all was ok. The pies at the Orbost Bakery were so good that after a short walk around town to aid digestion, we returned and tested their cakes. Definitely delicious but all that cream was probably a mistake with 40 k's back to camp. A less eventful return trip and we arrived to find the cycling students (and presumably the teacher) sharing the caravan park. Some were definitely suffering from their first 40 k's and were not looking forward the the next days 60 k's to Bairnsdale.
Day three started early with us needing to get to the train by 12.45. Another nice ride but nothing to report other than meeting a few more friendly cycle tourists. Arrived with time for some lunch, at the Bairnsdale Bakery this time. I went in while Chris guarded the bikes. Big gold lettering advertised the shop having won an award for the best curried scallop pie in Australia and I can confirm they are very good. Unfortunately, mine was the last and Chris had to "settle" for a satay prawn pie instead.
Getting home took considerably longer than expected with the train stopped at Pakenham station while we waited for the police to remove an unruly passenger then we were unable to get on the first Geelong train as it was too crowded and the next was cancelled.
We managed to barge our way on to the third train despite it being one carriage set only, due to faulty carriages. Having to stand up was not a problem, having done 200 k's of dirt track over the three days.
This was Chris's first bike tour and hopefully he enjoyed it enough to go again.
Probably best if you ask him.

Peter O'Brien's Ride to Moriac on Thursday 3.11.16.
Today Rolf, Ted, David I, Jackie, Lyn, David R and myself were primed and ready to ride from Bunnings Waurn Ponds to Moriac. There was one problem, Lyn had forgotten her helmet! Solution: Jackie & David escorted Lyn to their place and provided a spare one. We all regrouped on Ghazeephore Road and headed off to Mt Duneed Road and onto Moriac. The Moriac shop was a good spot for a coffee stop. Back on our bikes and with the aid of a tailwind we then rode home via Paraparap to Freshwater Creek and back to Bunnings. A pleasant ride on a lovely day.
Peter O'Brien.

David Innes' Ride to Moriac on Tuesday 1.11.16.
Spring what spring nothing but wind and rain! had we had enough rain lately.
Tuesday's ride was once agin slated for the Inveligh via Bannockburn to Teesdale feeling like ground hog day as we only did that ride the other week but the weather made us rethink the the route we'd take for the days ride arriving in Fyansford which I'm told by Rolf our local historian was named after a police officer named Fyans and before the bridge was erected over a hundred years ago it was a ford crossing hence the name Fynsford.
Arriving there I was greeted by the lone figure of Rolf splendid in his cycling attire as usual Fran doing a good job making sure he's very presentable whilst waiting for others to arrive we were sadly disappointed with only one other brave soul Julie joining us looking fit and ready on her trek bicycle anyhow it was a unanimous decision to head out to Moriac however it was debated who should ride kelpie lol so Rolf volunteered riding behind making sure she was safe.
Riding alone the Hamilton Highway into the wind we turned the first left onto a quiet road very scenic taking me back to my junior cycle racing years back to the mid seventies riding along with my mates from the Geelong Amateur Cycling Club as it was know then it hasn't changed much in all those years taking in the scenery and the very green countryside was most enjoyable despite the chilly wind.
Reaching the end of the road we headed up the Barrabool hills grinding our way up on our granny gears we conquered the first hill then screamed down the other side to tackle the more difficult of climbs which was much longer with the gradient topping out to 12.3% was my turn to escort Julie whilst Rolf rode on ahead and I kept her company while I encouraged her sterling effort getting up the hill.
Reaching the top Rolf had ridden past our turn off so had to motion him back as Julie rode on ahead our direct route to Moriac with couple more hills it was the gusty wind that was more of a concern as we rode down into the valley with no protection from the wind it threatened to literally push us off of our bikes.
Crossing the highway the last stretch was nice and down hill all the way into Moriac arriving for a well earned coffee where we met a few of other riders and Julie's husband no less after coffee. Julie had decided she'd ride with her better half perhaps better looking than us ha ha and rode to some place unknown to us so off we rode Rolf and I quickest way home as it had started to rain earlier than the forecast expected with the roads wet we made haste hoping to get home before it really came down alas whilst we were riding along Ghazeepore Road it decided to come down pretty heavily and Rolf immediately took cover behind some trees so reluctantly I joined him as we waited a little while for it to pass.
We rode home the rest of the way without incident or rain gladly completing our ride in not so ideal riding conditions we are still praying and hoping for spring to arrive if it already hasn't left us least we have summer me to look forward to let's hope it's better weather then what we've has so far.
Thanks to Rolf and Julie for making it a club ride who without would of been a dismal days riding in such weather I look forward to catching up with a few more of our members if only they'd put away their fair weather bicycles.
Ride report: David Innes.

2 Rides and Gathering to Thank Greg Allerton for his contribution to Cycling in Geelong - Sunday 30.10.16.
Rod Charles led a ride around the places where Greg has contributed - this was at 10am.

Peter O'Brien led the 1st ride at 9am - a medium ride - here is his report:
On a blustery but warm summer morning, David I, Rolf, Chris Halpin, Zdenko C, Ian, John H, Pam, Peter D and myself, together with Geelong Cycling Club members Dave S, Greg A, Doug M and Karen A headed off on a mystery tour of Geelong. We rode from Osborne House to St Georges Road, along Cox Road in windy conditions, up the Anakie Road Hill and onto Bluestone Bridge Road, enjoying a section that provides a wonderful view of Corio Bay and Geelong. Along this section of road a little dog approached us and caused some amusement as it tried to harass some of the riders. With another short hill to climb, we continued to Braund Avenue, onto the Ted Wilson Trail, and proceeded downhill along Church Street to Minerva Road and a coffee stop at Soft.
After the break we cruised down Shannon Avenue and stopped to visit Greg's bike shop, where Doug provided an informative commentary on his association with Greg. We then headed to Queens Park Road, at which point Pam, Ian and John H left the ride to enjoy a more scenic route along the river. The rest of us continued up Scenic Road where we appreciated the stunning views and
especially the fast ride down the hill. With the hills conquered, we pedalled our way through Wandana Heights and just under the Ring Road Bridge joined a bike path to Pigdons Road. David I informed me the gradient reached 13 percent - phew. We continued on to Bunnings and the bike path back to Geelong. Greg had flat tyre which was quickly repaired and John H re-joined the group, having apparently broken the speed limit to catch up with us!
We exited the bike path along the Barwon River at Swanston Street and headed to Greg's old digs, the site that was his original bike shop in Latrobe Terrace for 26 years. Interestingly, the building has been demolished and the location is currently a vacant block. It was then back to the Waterfront and onto Osborne House where we enjoyed good company and a snack.
Greg's contribution to cycling is appreciated by all and was duly acknowledged and recognised today. Best wishes for your semi-retirement.
Cheers, Peter O

To Paraparap on Saturday and back to Highton for an Auction - 29.10.16.
Ray was selling his house so his GTC friends wanted to be there to support him. We had 2 hours to be in Highton for the sale so headed for Freshwater Creek and Paraparap where we decided to retrace our path to keep to the timetable. Chris H, Peter O'B, Rolf, David I, and Sue and John H on the tandem arrived there right on time for the auction. Our next move was to travel down to Highton Village and enjoy coffees at Darriwill Farm Cafe where Peter and Marion joined us on a beautiful sunny morning.
Keep Riding, John Hagan.

Ross' Ride to Torquay on Thursday 27.10.16.
A great turn-out for today's ride to Torquay. Rolf, David I, Mark, Sarah, Jackie, David R, Peter O, Chris H and Ross assembled at the Grovedale Pub for a ride to Torquay. Terry was waiting for us just up the road. Great to see him back on the bike. The usual route to Torquay - Baanip Bvd, Ghazeepore Road, Dickens Road and Angelsea Road - All good except for the push into the southerly wind. There was some confusion at the Coombes Road roundabout when the fast guys continued on the Angelsea Road. The mere mortals were always taking the shortest route in to town. David I. asked that the ride report include the fact that he was intending to ride the Bellbrae hill. Any rumours about him not liking hills are totally untrue. He loves hills. (is that okay, Dave?)
There was some discussion about dropping in to see Ray's new digs but a quick cruise through Ocean Acres and down Grossman's Road soon had us in Torquay. Lyn and Mick were waiting for us at Mejavos and had claimed the outside tables so we enjoyed our refreshments sitting in the sun and out of the wind. Nice. The ride back along Horseshoe Bend Road was a joy, definitely wind assisted. Today's leader abandoned the ride at the highway, leaving the group to find their own way home.
Thank you to everyone for a most enjoyable outing.

4th Seniors Ride to Lara led by Allan Marshall on Wednesday 26th October
Seventeen participants for today's Seniors' Ride to Lara led by Allan Marshall with a number of GTC riders. Two riders arrived later and are not in the photo - Angelica and Doug. Coffee was at Expresso in central Lara. It was quite a pleasant ride except for the showers that hit us as we neared the finish at Rippleside.
Keep Riding, John Hagan.

Heather & Pam lead the Shopping Trip on Saturday 22.10.16.

Despite the challenging weather on Saturday 22nd October, 33 determined female shoppers visited 10 warehouses and spent approximately $7,800.00 (from which we receive commission). The ladies also generously supported our two raffles by spending another $450.00. We also received support from Coles, Leopold and Dan Murphy’s.
Consequently, Breast Cancer Network Australia will receive a generous donation from our club of over $1,500.00.
Sincere thanks to Nicole Collins and Sharon Jones of the Pink Carnation (Lynn Gregg’s daughter) for their donation of raffle prizes. Nicole had knitted a beautiful knee rug, and Pam’s sister Sandra was extremely grateful that it was her number drawn as the lucky one.
We are extremely grateful to Ashley McHarry for his assistance with the bus & driver. Thank you Ashley. Clive our driver, only drives for our club’s shopping trip, so we are extremely fortunate.  Michelle, our hostess kept us laughing and “on our toes” as usual.
Pam Morrow’s and Lyn Gregg’s wonderful cake and slice making skills were appreciated at morning tea. Lunch was a gourmet picnic prepared at the Christmas household. Thanks Marie Bagley and Geoffrey. 
The 2016 shopping trip was the 13th that Pam and I have organized, with all proceeds going to health related charities.
Next year’s shopping trip will be on October 21st, so mark that in your diaries and come along and purchase a lot of your Christmas gifts. It would be great to see a lot of GTC members on the bus trip, shopping, eating fabulous food and having a lot of laughs, whilst supporting Breast Cancer Network Australia.

Meri's Ride to Bannockburn and Inverleigh on Tuesday 25.10.16.
Five riders rocked up Tuesday morning in quite blustery conditions. Rolf K, David I, Ross G, Julia McK and Meri L., meeting at the Fyansford Carpark. Ross rode in from Torquay, and was wringing out his sox, after coming through quite a bit of water along the bike path. We set off for Bannockburn and turned right at Friend In Hand Road. I had never been down that road before. I probably won't again, although it was quieter, the pot holes could have swallowed whole hippos, and they nearly did, thank goodness for hand signals from some of the "leading men". Coffee came at just on 10.00, we were hoping for the old Bluestone building venue, but that was closed, so went on to usual spot, not certain of its name, but you all know where I mean. As we had had a head wind one of us, did not want to leave her seat in the sun, but under pressure, she relented and pushed on. Teesdale had never looked so good, not only because of the beautiful pastures, and the obvious paddock bathing for sheep if they were so inclined, but it also meant we had a tail wind to Inverleigh or part thereof. Thankfulness was what we felt. Pastures along the Inverleigh road were already cut and baled, I'd say a pretty good season, for all the farmers. Yay!! After a leisurely lunch at the Inverleigh picnic spot we took to the highway and found that our ride back to Geelong WAS wind assisted. More yays!! Dave (unusually so) was chatting on the way home, that we had sunshine, wind on our back (side really), no rain ... what more could we want. I suggested less trucks, and an ice cream. Anyway, at the good old Merrawarp Road, Ross took off like a yacht under full sail. I was glad for him, as he would have done at least 130 k's. Good on you Ross! We parted ways at Fyansford, and I would like it duly noted that I beat Rolf up Cement Hill. No yays. I was in Lovros Ute. Great ride, great company a good days ride.
Ps. I'm not going to comment on Julias flat tyre or her "bee bite" (surely it's a bite if the bee leaves his fangs in her, not a sting), because you all only need to know the good bits!

Greg's 100km Loop Around Geelong on Sunday 23.10.16.
John Carleton, David Innes, John Hagan and I set off from South Geelong just after 8 am on a cool grey morning with showers forecast. The circuit took us through Fyansford, then Pollocksford, over the swollen Barwon River. The long climb up to Gnarwarre spread us out. Down past the rare sight of the usually dry Lake Modewarre now filled with water we cruised on through Paraparap where a big Veteran's race was underway. I am sure that former racer David began to pedal even faster! At this point John C. had to leave us for an important culinary session. The three of us then continued on to Torquay for coffee, with the venue chosen by those more expert than me. Bidon-less David had already done 73 km by this stage so he was sweating on a coffee. The wind was more helpful as we cruised through Breamlea and 13th Beach. After Barwon Heads we detoured along Lake Rd to avoid some traffic. I was home by 1-20 pm with an average of 22.6 kph . Thanks guys for an enjoyable ride.
Greg Allerton.

Sarah, David I and John to Torquay via Freshwater Ck on Saturday 22.10.16.
Wet, wet, wet ...... and windy. That would be a fairly accurate description of our ride today. Just 3 turned up for our ride today - Sarah, David I and John - and it did rain for most of the trip. As we headed into another squall coming down Ghazeepore Rd we decided that an early coffee might do the trick. So with glovved fingers crossed, at 9:10am we hoped that The Farmers Place would be open and it was. David found a table under the heater and we enjoyed a long coffee - mind you, the coffee is not all that cheap at $5 a mug. There was talk about having a second coffee at Torquay but with the rain still barrelling in we cut across Coombes Rd and South Beach Rd to Horseshoe Bend Rd for the trip back. McCanns Rd and the Surfcoast Highway got us around most of the roadworks and we hastened home for a good hot shower.
Enjoy your riding (even if it is raining), John.

Rolf's Ride to Ocean Grove on Thursday 20.10.16.
I became the ride leader for our Thursday ride by stealth as David I. had some urgent family business to attend to. On a lovely morning with a promise of a real spring day, I fronted up at the Grovedale pub car park at 8:45. Next arrival was Peter O, then came Mark with his girlfriend Petro on his wheel, next Chris Hume who was not put off by Tuesdays windy ride and last but not least came Ted in need of some kilometres as he only managed 12 km on the Peter Jones' tour. The sky was the way a spring sky should be, but the wind had not abated since early September is seems. We took off along the Hwy, turned into Boundary Road, then into Barwon Heads Road and then Lake Road. So far the wind had been kind to us and we managed a good average. As we got to the hill on Lake Road, Petro turned on her turbo and put daylight between her and the peloton. Judging by Mark's body language, he did enjoy what he saw even if he had no answer to Petro's turbo. We continued along Barwon Heads Road and took in the sheep wash before heading to Ocean Grove and our well deserved coffee. After a nice break in the sunshine, we voted on taking the Wallington Road to the Bellarine Hwy. and on to home. Peter O., Chris and Ted took the rail trail back to Grovedale while Petro, Mark and Rolf took the new bike path off the Portarlington Hwy. A near perfect day for a ride and thank you all for your lovely company along the beautiful spring countryside,

Peter Jones' Robe to Bendigo Tour - Maryborough to Bendigo - Final Day.
The temp was up along with the Northerly for the final ride to Bendigo. Another undulating to flat ride, some side, some head wind. Stopped at Edington for a coffee, arrived the same time a walking group so had bit of an extended break. Back on the road for another hour and it was time for lunch before the final push of 23 km to Bendigo, unloaded luggage, loaded bikes, showered and we are ready for dinner at the Hibernian Hotel, home of HOT ROCK STEAKS.
After about 550 km everyone is happy and fit and ready to go again.
Cheers Peter.

Peter Jones' Robe to Bendigo Tour - Ararat to Maryborough
Everyone slept well following their Chinese Banquet and awoke to a crisp but Sunny morning, 3 deg had all jigging around ready to hit the road to Avoca for lunch and on to Maryborough for the night. The road was good, light traffic and beautiful undulating country, at about 25 km we stopped for a cuppa then pushed on to Avoca to the bakery for coffee. It seemed like a lot of downhill into lunch which was great, a few hills after lunch compensated but still a most enjoyable ride.
Home is the Wattle Grove Motel and an enjoyable pizza night.
Cheers Peter.

Peter O'Brien's Ride to Drysdale & Barwon Heads on Tuesday 18.10.16
On an overcast morning David I, Rolf, Chris H, Mark and myself set off to Barwon Heads. The ride began well with a tail wind providing us with a fast ride down to Drysdale. Coffee was at Ground Zero and due to the large number of patrons we were forced to sit outside and be buffeted by the wind. Rolf was of the view that if we sat inside we would be too cold to get started again although I’m not so sure I subscribe to his way of thinking! I don’t know what was in the coffee, but Rolf and Chris decided they’d had enough and headed back to Geelong. With hindsight, I suspect they may well have had advance knowledge of inclement weather heading our way. The three remaining stalwarts rode at pace to Barwon Heads where early lunch was enjoyed at the Bakery. The heavens then opened up so we elected to stay in the comfy surrounds of the Bakery until it abated. With further rain predicted, 13th Beach was given the flick and we took the most direct route back home via Lakes Road and back to East Geelong. The head winds on the return trip were strong, no doubt much more taxing that those light little breezes ‘the others’ are experiencing up Halls Gap way.
All up a very enjoyable ride.
Peter O.

Peter Jones' Robe to Bendigo Tour - Halls Gap to Ararat
After a night of heavy showers and gusty winds the morning dawned reasonably bright with some Sun and large rolling clouds. Everyone enjoyed the rest day, the coffee shop had a good work out with coffees and brunches popular and various walks and visits to McKenzie Falls. Ted and Jo joined us for a couple of days, Ted showing absolute dedication and riding out to greet them in the rain on the ride from Dunkeld. Lyn G having a bit of neck trouble took the opportunity to get a lift home with Ted and Jo.
The rest day allowed all the gear to get dry and Leo was busy servicing and cleaning various bikes, with just 47 km to ride and a reasonable tailwind all enjoyed the ride. By Moyston a coffee shop would have been good but with the only one in town closed we retired to local netball courts where we were able to take our cuppa and slices in comfort as a strong shower passed through.
Following the cuppa the road bends up instead of the general undulation up to then. Carroll’s Cutting and Copes Hill conquered we rolled into Ararat and straight to bakery for lunch before heading for our cabins. Chinese tonight.
Cheers Peter.

Peter Jones' Robe to Bendigo Tour - Day 5 - Dunkeld to Halls Gap
As expected the run from Dunkeld to Halls Gap turned out to be a wet one, luckily the wind which had howled all night died out and whilst it was spitting to start and increased over time the wind stayed away. The Cottages we stayed in were lovely, and had an excellent BBQ. Everyone was a bit like a drowned rat by the time we reached Halls Gap and hit the showers asap. Happy hour 5-00 pm and dinner 7-00 pm Halls Gap Hotel, still raining, lucky Ted and Jo have joined us with their caravan for a couple of days and their car will help getting us all to the hotel dry.
Cheers Peter.

Ross' Ride to Moriac on Sunday 16.10.16
Have you ever participated in one of those self-perception exercises where a group has to line themselves up from shortest to highest or youngest to oldest or slowest to fastest? That's what came to mind this morning when I rolled in to South Geelong station and found Rolf, David I and Greg waiting there. Not much thought required for me! When departure time ticked over without anyone else showing up, we set out for Moriac. The usual route to the old cement works, then down the hill through Fyansford and out the Hamilton Highway. Nice and quiet on Meerawarp Road, Barrabool Road and Hendy Main Road, even the weather was kind with much less wind than forecast. There was a market at Ravens Creek Farm, with a long line for service, so we continued on to the General Store. The service was good and it was very pleasant sitting on the deck, in the sun. Yes, Greg did have coffee and there is a photograph to prove it. After refreshments were taken, I explained the route for the remainder of the ride.
My plan to continue on to Torquay, ride down my street then let the others turn back towards Geelong, was not that popular. So just me continued on while the other three turned back towards Geelong. Thanks for the company guys (as far as Moriac anyway).

Peter Jones' Robe to Bendigo Tour - Day 3 - Casterton to Hamilton & Day 4 - Hamilton to Dunkeld.
We left Casterton at 9-00 am and meandered our way through to the Portland to Casterton Rd, lovely riding through river flats and undulating country. Morning tea was taken just out of Merino where cut across on the Merino Grassmere Rd to the Hamilton Rd all through fantastic Aussie country and mostly quiet Roads. It was Pasta night in Hamilton and all cabins cooked up a storm, the Fruit Salad and icecream that Peter O and Zdenko put together to finish off went down in double quick time.

Morning brought warmer conditions but blustery NW winds, it was a short run to Dunkeld and the wind was on the Port Quarter so wasn’t too bad. Peter O left early on the V Line coach back home and the rest headed for Dunkeld after a coffee in town. Lunch was in Dunkeld at the Southern Grampians Cottages, our beds for the night, lovely spot. Some headed into town to see the Three Peaks Festival and others chilled out before enjoying a BBQ tea. To Halls Gap tomorrow, weather forecast is not good, we may get a wet tail. Cheers Peter.

John's Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove on Saturday 15.10.16
Four riders on a windy Saturday morning: Rolf, David I, Ross and John H. From Grovedale we headed south on the Surf Coast Highway to McCanns Rd and down to Horseshoe Bend and through to Ocean Grove via Blackgate Rd and 13th Beach. The coffee at Groove was up to the usual high standards and we chatted for quite a while. Ross was returning to Torquay from the cafe and John left a little bit earlier to climb the hill to Wallington. David and Rolf caught John on the Bellarine Highway and we thought we would just sail down the hill at Leopold - but while the road was now fully open at Bunnings, we now have two sets of traffic lights at the bottom of the hill and we were stopped at both! My circuit was about 60km and David and Rolf would have covered more.
Happy Riding, John Hagan.

Peter Jones' Robe to Bendigo Tour - Around Robe
Our Robe to Bendigo Tour started early Monday morning when 9 of us gathered at Geelong station to catch the V Line Coach to Ballarat to connect with the V Line Coach to Mt Gambier. From Mt Gambier a Mini Bus was organised to take us to Robe. The nine were Trudi, Ina, Zdenka, Elizabeth, Marion, Leo, Peter O, Zdenko and Peter J, in the vehicle towing the trailer with the bikes and luggage was Lyn G, Jackie, Mick and David.
Everything went to plan and we all met up at the Lakeside Tourist Park where the bikes were unloaded and made ready to ride. Chores done it was a BBQ for tea and early to bed, travelling is so tiring.
Next day being a free day everyone did their own thing but suffice to say coffee figured high in the priority list. Peter O and Zdenko rode around town and out to Beachport, the rest went walking then some did a bit of mystery tour on their bikes around town.
Fish and Chips with salad for tea hit the spot and everyone prepared to get on road to Penola the next day for the longest leg of the tour, 102 km.

Day 1 - Robe to Penola
We rolled out of Robe at 10 to nine with a quartering wind which included the odd shower with Sunny breaks. Morning tea over we continued on, by lunch we were in the midst of a shower and very happy to find the Kangaroo Inn Area School, empty because of school holidays a perfect spot to shelter and eat our lunch. The kms rolled by and by 4-15 pm we had arrived at our overnight accommodation at the Alexander Cameron Suites.

Day 2 - Penola to Casterton
The ride from Penola to Casterton is one of the prettiest around, lovely country, river flats, very green and still lots of water in pools. lots of really good looking beef cattle and sheep. wild life, Emu, Deer, a Magpie chasing a Fox, not sure who won, heaps of birds, even a yellow tail Black Cockatoo.
After a coffee, a visit to the Petticoat Lane and Mary McKillop the peloton rolled out of Penola, the weather was on the improve, the showers from yesterday cleared away leaving just a light wind. Lunch was on the road in the Sun, with mainly flat to slightly undulating country and little reason to hurry it made for a very enjoyable ride.
The long down hill into Casterton was enjoyed by all and after unloading at the Albion Hotel most headed down to Herbert’s Bakery for a coffee and various cakes such as Beestings and Vanilla Slices. Dinner was at the Albion, well recommended.
Cheers Peter.

Ross' Bellarine Peninsula Loop on Thursday 13.10.16
With a perfect riding day on offer, I decided I wouldn't do the scheduled ride today (Show grounds to the Chocolate Factory) but would do a Bellarine loop instead. When I stopped off at the show grounds to say hello to the assembled masses, they decided that if they followed me out to Drysdale, I would be ride leader and would have to write the ride report. Good thinking there!
So Ian, Rolf, David I, Mark, Chris H. and I set out for the Ground Zero Café in Drysdale via Portarlington Road and the sealed part of the rail trail. Perfect conditions for the ride and no notable incidents along the way. Despite the blue skies, it wasn't particularly warm so refreshments were taken inside. The return trip down Princess Street and Swan Bay Road was equally uneventful. I took my leave at the Wallington turnoff; the others continuing along the highway, back to Geelong. Had a very pleasant ride home via Barwon Heads and 13th Beach.
Thanks to all for the company.

David Innes and Rolf to Werribee on Tuesday 11.10.16
Didn't know where we'd end up exactly on this day first it was going to bells beach via Moriac from Waurn ponds then we changed the start to Rippleside park going to Bannockburn only then it was decided that the wind was blowing the wrong direction from the west and we'd have to work too hard!
So where to Rolf and I tossed a coin heads was to Barwon heads tails it was Werribee it was tails so off we went the morning started sunny with wet roads so as customary Rolf took to his mountain bike his all weather machine with the mud guards whilst I had to settle for my swift specialized with the ass saver attachment under the seat.
Our first stop was to Lara Millar's coffee but we almost didn't make it whilst riding to Lara on the Hovel trail I decided to take a picture of Rolf on his bike just after the pass under the bridge at the end of the Hovel trail so whilst standing there waiting for Rolf to pass I noticed the branch of this tree swaying wildly about just as Rolf had arrived an almighty snap! The massive branch came crashing down watching with amazement thinking any moment now my friend Rolf was going to crash head first into this massive branch and I'd be writing an abitchuary not a ride report.
As the picture shows Rolf jammed on his breaks whilst instinctively ducking under the branch hand up as though like superman he was going to save himself from the huge weight of the branch! I guess his disc breaks came in handy after all it was like the sword of Damocles hanging over his head how it didn't crush him was very lucky.

Undeterred we strived onwards and northwards well west actually to Millar's coffee though some whisky in it would of gone down well after that shock but the shock was Millar's was closed! :-@ so we headed to our old standby the blu coffee shop arriving there we enjoyed the sunshine outside and chatted a bit too long as it turned out on our way we encountered road works that still wasn't finished lucky it hadn't rained and the surface was solid after passing little river Rolf had noticed a big rain cloud hovering over the Youyangs to our left coming in from the west hoping to outrun the weather we hoped we could make the turn to Werribee heading easterly but it caught up to us.
Rolf spied a farm house down the road with a drive way under some trees so we stopped and waited watching some ladies cleaning and gardening they motioned to us to take shelter under the eves of the house porch area we welcomed there kind gesture and took shelter whilst the worst of the rain blew over after some 15-20 min we resumed our ride thanking the ladies off we went.
Just a few kilometers down the road we noticed the roads were bone dry meaning if we had of been just 10 min further into our ride before the rain came upon us we could have continued without stopping that was the clue that the wind was actually blowing a south westerly direction and not westerly as forecast we didn't ride into Werribee as the river path would of been inpassable with all the rain we've had so it was decided earlier we'd head towards the Geelong Werribee road passing the service station over the bridge to the Geelong bound freeway to discover the true strength of the cross wind making it very difficult going but as the old saying there's no free lunches and at some stage we had to pay the price of the easy run we had riding to Werribee.
It was a relief to make it to the unofficial entry onto the Hovel trail no overhanging branches this time ha ha by then we were pretty spent from the effort so we meandered home along the path parting our ways behind the refinery distance when I got home was just over 94 kilometers Rolf would of done approximately the same i think.

It was a bit of an adventurous ride happy my mate didn't get decapitated by a tree branch we navigated an unfinished road got rained on briefly and saved from a complete drenching had it not been for the kind ladies at the farm house though challenging we enjoyed the ride finally I blow raspberries :-p to all you guys on tour you missed out ha ha

Ride report by David Innes.

Ross' Ride to Millars in Lara on Sunday 9.10.16
I wasn't expecting a big turn out for today's combined ride given the popularity of the "Around the Bay" and the forecast of gale force winds. Four riders turned out at South Geelong station: Lynton from Cycling Geelong and John H, David I and Ross from GTC. Helen from CG dropped by to wave us off and took the first photo below. A consensus decision was made to modify the ride route so rather than head towards the open country to the North, we decided to make our way around the bay and take morning tea in Lara. John provided some initial excitement with a very close call at the end of Yarra Street when a Kombi driver decided to turn across his path. Small waves were crashing against the path along Western Beach. There was a short debate about whether we could time a run that matched the wave frequency and avoid getting drenched with salt water but instead, we took the coward's path up and around. The rest of the run out via North Shore and the Hovells Creek path was relatively uneventful.
After a very long coffee break at Millars in Lara, the wind was getting up and John led the way home via Lovely Banks. Easy going with the wind behind us but going slowly up some of the steeper hills, side on to the wind, was definitely difficult for the recumbent and John had to get off and walk up to avoid being blown over. David left us as we turned on to the shelter of the Cowies Creek path and headed back through the city. John disappeared in to the distance on the run down Moorabool Street, then Lynton left me at Barwon Heads Road. Had my fastest ever run home to Torquay and arrived safely, just as the weather turned nasty.
Thanks to my fellow riders for a most enjoyable outing.

Peter Jones Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove on Saturday 8.10.16
Eleven riders on a cool and cloudy morning but with a promise for later Sun. Jackie, Lyn G, David R, David I, Rolf, Terry, John, Chris, Peter O, Ross and Peter J all headed down to Groove in Ocean Grove via Boundary Rd, Barwon Heads Rd Lake Rd etc. Terry slept in but a quick phone call to the leader to see where we were going had him catch up along the way. The roadworks on Barwon Heads Rd make it a bit squeezy but we managed. As we hit Barwon Heads a bit of a sprinkle passed over but didn’t last long and the Sun was out brightly part way through coffee. Good coffee and great service with a reasonable price makes Groove a great destination.
Heading home we went via 13th Beach and were amazed at the Para Gliders sliding along the cliff top just brushing the bushes, with the onshore wind. The beach looked great with lots of white water but not good for the surfing brigade. It was great just rolling along in the Sun, everyone enjoyed the ride as we reached the outskirts of Geelong the group split and headed for home well pleased with the day.
Cheers Peter.

Lyn's Ride to Ground Zero in Drysdale on Thursday 6.10.16
On a bright sunny morning no rain no wind just perfect there was 15 riders keen to go: Trudi, Zac, Ian, Ross, Mick, Terry, David, Peter J, Rolf, Meri, Peter O, Jackie, David, Ted and Lyn. We met at the show grounds and rail trail to Moolap Station Road on to the highway where we turned at McDonalds and picked up the rail trail again on to Ground Zero for coffee where we were all scattered a bit. After coffee we headed down Princess St where David and Rolf were going further. At Grubb Road Trudi, Meri, and PJ went to Ocean Grove and Barwon Heads and the rest of us headed for home. It was a great morning thanks to all for coming.
Cheers, Lyn.

First Seniors' Ride on Wednesday 5.10.16
A good turn up for the first of 4 seniors rides starting in Seniors' Week. The planned historical tour along the Barwon was flooded out so Rod Charles took us around central Geelong and Eastern Gardens. Photos below of a few of the GTC riders who participated.
John Hagan.

John Hagan's Ride to Curlewis on Sunday 2.10.16
'Windy' is the word for today's ride from Sth Geelong out to Wallington, Drysdale and then coffee at Dolce in Curlewis. We had 9 riders turn up at the station at 9am AEDT - from L to R below: Peter J, Heather, Pam, Rolf, Peter O'B, John C, Moira, Ian and your photographer was John H. Unfortunately, one of our riders turned up at 9am AEST and missed the ride by an hour. On the way back John C was blown off the track by a large gust of wind and Peter J and myself had to avoid a tree which had been blown down over the Barwon River Track in Newtown. All agreed that they had earned their coffee by the time they had pedalled 30km into the wind.
Happy Pedalling, John Hagan.

Peter Jones Ride to Torquay via Freshwater Creek on Saturday 1.10.16
On a dull and drizzly day eight riders turned up ready to ride, Lyn G, Jackie, David R, Peter O, John, David I, Mark and Peter J. In view of the weather, mainly the strong Westerly wind, I decided to head to Torquay via Anglesea Rd. Original idea was Jan Juc but as with all rides things evolve as you go along. We did a couple of head wind stints but mainly the wind was on the side.
Coffee was at Kobe with a bit of Sun but as we headed back another shower gave us a damp tail, but being tough we peddled on up HSBend Rd to McCanns Rd then back on the Surf Coast Hwy. Not a perfect day but certainly worth going for a ride.
Cheers Peter.

Peter O'Brien's Poem on his Solo Ride to Ocean Grove on Thursday 29.9.16
Cycled to the Grovedale Pub without a care
Only to find there was no one there

To Barwon Heads via the usual route
When from out of nowhere a magpie did swoop

"Ahhh", as a lone rider what hope have you got
I was thinking I should have stayed home in my cot

13th Beach was sunny & bright
The magpie had left, he wasn't up for the fight

The wind in my sails I rode without fear
Over the bridge, peddling in top gear

Was going to have coffee & a bit of a chat
But none of you lot were there so gave up on that

On past the Groove, then onto the highway
Like a bat out of hell I was doin' it my way

So on Sat morning someone had better be there
Or I'll feel unloved & totally despair.

Peter O'Brien.

Peter Jones' Ride to Moriac, Jan Juc & Torquay on Tuesday 27.9.16
We ended up with 13 riders today, David I misread the program and headed to Moriac for a 9-00 am start, Peter O was at the Pub, and Meri and Trudi left from home and met us at Moriac. Anyway the rest left from Bunnings, Lyn G, Lyn L, Jackie, David R, Rolf, Mick, Ken, (new member) Mark and Peter J. There was a bit of a wind so we headed to Moriac by the most direct route, Mt Duneed Rd. Peter O joined us on the way and met David I as well who filled in time riding back to meet us. At Moriac Meri and Trudi had just arrived so we took over the back room and the noise level rose to fever pitch.
Following coffee the Forest Rd run was a tail wind and the fast boys and girls disappeared into the distance. At the GOR we regrouped, some heading to Bells and some direct to Bells Bakery in Torquay. Rolf picked up a monster nail which slowed him down somewhat. At Torquay we had lunch, Lyn L and Ken continued on, may have been a good move, during lunch a heavy shower arrived which meant we all got wet tails on the way home. A good ride, could’ve done without the rain, but that’s life.
Cheers Peter.

John's Ride to Raven's Creek Farm in Moriac on Sunday 25.9.16
Eleven riders for our ride into a stiff westerly wind this morning: John H, Greg, Mark, David I, Rolf, Peter J, Ross, Pam, Heather, Geoff & Chris. We took the path alongside Baanip Bvd, then onto the Bvd itself to Anglesea Rd, up Reservoir Rd and down Cape Otway Rd to coffee at Raven's Creek Farm in Moriac. As you can see from the photos below the sun was shining despite the weather forecast. After coffee we trundled up Hendy Main Rd to the Moriac Pub but did not call in. From this point we launched off with a mostly downhill grade and a good tail wind pushing us. We made use of the old Princes Highway for part of our trip home with the individual photos of riders taken along this quiet section of road. From Waurn Ponds the peleton dispersed in all directions after most completed about 50km.
Keep Riding, John Hagan.

To Mejavo's in Torquay on Saturday 24.9.16
All roads led to Torquay, ten riders, Sue, visitor Moira, Mark, Ross, John, Chris, David I, Rolf, Peter O and Peter J, left the Station and made their way to Torquay Rd, to the bike path along Baanip Blvd, to Ghazapore, to Dickenson, to Anglesea Rd, to Coombes Rd, through Ocean Acres and on via Grossman’s to Mejavo’s for coffee, just in time to have a chat with David E before he headed home.
David having saved us a table in the Sun we enjoyed a chat and Ray and Dee turned up as well making 13 all up for the morning. As we had a tailwind most of the way it was a really easy ride and most enjoyable in the Sun.
After coffee we all headed home via the Surf Coast Hwy, a bit of a head wind but not too bad, big wait at the Mt Duneed roundabout as all the traffic coming across from the closed Barwon Heads Rd. Passed the time chatting with the lollipop ladies before they let us get away first before letting the cars go. When we reached Grovedale the group split to head home, a most enjoyable ride, may there be many more.
Cheers Peter.

At start from L to R: David I, Mark, Rolf, Moira, Sue, Peter J, Chris, Peter O'B, Ross - and your photographer is John.

Peter & Sue on the tandem.

Peter's Ride to Lara on Thursday 22.9.16
Five riders, Chris, Rolf, Peter O, David I and Peter headed out to Lara in a bit of a light shower. We went via Ted Wilson Trail, Creamery Rd and Lovely Banks joining up with Bacchus Marsh Rd for the run via Elcho into Millar’s for coffee. David was a bit taken by his mug of coffee so took a photo. The tailwind was pleasant and made for an easy ride, after coffee we took the Hovel Trail home which meant a bit of harder work into the wind but all in all a good ride.
Cheers Peter.

Peter's Masters' Circuit from Meredith on Tuesday 20.9.16
Six riders turned up to enjoy this really picturesque ride. Trudi, Meri, David I, Peter O, Chris and Peter J. The country was absolutely fantastic, brilliant greens, vibrant yellow of the Canola Crops and all the colours of the rainbow on the many variety of gums.
The route headed out the Ballan Rd until we began to plunge into the Moorabool River valley, at the bottom of the slope a sharp left turn towards Elaine saw us climb gently out and meander through the countryside until we came to the mighty metropolis of Elaine. The pub was closed so we headed to the local General Store and had an excellent coffee at a very reasonable price. It was a pleasure to sit and enjoy a coffee and chat after a solid ride into the North Wind.
Following a long break and coffee we crossed the Midland Hwy and headed out the Mt Mercer Rd, past the Serbian Monastery and on to the Masters Course scene of Rolf’s triumph a few years ago. Now with a tailwind and sometime side wind we made good time and rolled back into Meredith about 12-00 midday where we split, David I to ride home, a couple to the Back Creek Cafe for coffee and lunch and the rest to drive home. A very enjoyable and easy days ride.
Cheers Peter.

Ross' Easy Ride Around Geelong on Sunday 18.9.16
The weather report's 80% probability of rain did not put everyone off this morning and Pam, Rolf, Chris, Ian, Peter O, Ray and Ross turned out for an easy ride around Geelong. Apart from a couple of navigational errors by the ride leader – riding the wrong way up a one-way road and then ending up on a major off-ramp – and some ad hoc route revisions, the ride was fairly uneventful. We had to change from the scheduled coffee stop at the Pickers Union café as it had been taken over by a car club. Peter O and Rolf's combined knowledge of the better local drinking establishments led us to a very "hipster" establishment in Pakington Street. Still not sure what it was called as there didn't appear to be any signs out front but it was warm and the drinks were good.
Just 32 k's from start to finish but still a very pleasant outing with no rain.
Thanks to all participants.

Greg's 100km Ride Around Geelong on Sunday 18.9.16
Despite a fairly grim weather forecast there were three starters for my long ride and John Hagan was confident that there would be only a few showers. John Carleton had not done any long rides for quite some time but was keen to come as far as he could. We pedalled off via Rippleside through Corio and out Bacchus Marsh Rd and onto Ted Wilson Trail back to Midland Highway. After a good descent into Batesford JC and I went along the concrete offroad path only to find it ended with a rough gravel indirect exit onto a side road - JH was right. After a short stop at the renovated Bannockburn toilets , now with decorative steel wall plaques, we rode down Burnside Rd past the chicken farms to Hamilton Highway. A light tail wind helped us back to Pollocksford Rd where JC had to head home. JH and I plodded up the long climb to Barrabool Rd then out through Gnarwarre and we stopped at the secluded small cafe on the left side just before the downhill. It was a delightful setting amidst a flourishing nursery /garden with only two other customers and a very talkative owner / host. After welcome hot coffees and delicious homemade tarts whilst admiring views of Mt Moriac, we cruised down over Princes HIghway along Considines, Church ,Larcombes and Hendy Main Rds up to Moriac. We returned to Geelong via Reservoir Rd and Baanip Boulevarde. I was home by 2-30 pm after 102 km averaging 20.8 .Thanks to both Johns for coming - they were great company compared to my usual "companions" of swooping magpies! Greg Allerton

Peter's Ride to Drysdale on Saturday 17.9.16
With a fine and Sunny day forecast it was surprising only 8 riders turned up for our Saturday ride. Lyn and Mick, Rolf, David I, John, Ross, Ray and Peter J. With road works all over the coast routes we headed to Drysdale, one set of road works at the new Bunnings at Leopold was negotiated and we took our usual route up the rail trail to Jetty Rd where we turned left for a change and took Wyndam Rd into Drysdale and on to Ground Zero. A table in the Sun was perfect and everyone enjoyed their coffee and some deep and meaningful discussions.
Following coffee we proceeded down Princess St, Swan Bay Rd and Queenscliff Rd back into Geelong. A most enjoyable mornings ride in good company.
Cheers Peter.

Peter's Ride to Barwon Heads on Thursday 15.9.16
Finally a day without steady rain, six riders took the opportunity to get out in the fresh air, Trudi Sad smile, Ross, Rolf, David I, Peter O and yours truly were ready to go at 9-00 am, David only just because he came around the river and had to swim his bike through quite a few lakes, he did however pull the pin at the break and went back and over the new bridge.
Trudi wasn’t happy there were no other girls, Lyn had to pass the baton to me as she had to go to a funeral. We all headed out to Barwon Heads via the usual way, Lake Rd etc. and enjoyed our coffee at Starfish, David took the opportunity to wring out his socks.
As usual after coffee we headed home via 13th Beach into a bit of a head wind, the ocean was a bit wild and not many surfers in sight, cutting across to Lake Rd again and home via Boundary Rd. Struck a bit of a shower on the way but generally an enjoyable morning on the bike.
Cheers Peter.

Rainy Tuesday at Waurn Ponds - 13.9.16
It rained all day so Peter's ride from Anglesea to Lorne was called off and a gathering around coffee at Panache at Waurn Ponds was scheduled instead. As you can see from the photo below this was quite successful.

John Hagan's Ride to Moorabool and Lara on Sunday 11.9.16
This was to be a combined ride with Cycling Geelong but only GTC riders turned up at the start at Rippleside. Peter and Sue came on the tandem, Chris H, David I and Pam were on traditional road bikes and John on his recumbent. Because we had 2 'long vehicles' John decided not to tackle Bluestone Bridge Rd with its steep hill so we took the Ballan Rd out past the old Moorabool Railway Station and came back in on the Lovely Banks Rd, then north on Tower Hill Drive and on to Baccush Marsh Rd. David decided to put on the pace and got about 50 metres ahead only to be attacked about 6 times by a magpie as we all looked on from afar. He did survive this attack and we circled aroung Lara to come into Millars for coffee. The return trip was on the Hovell Trail and along the Bay to Rippleside. As you can see from the photos it was sunny with a nice wind to blow us home.
Happy Riding, John.

Sue and Peter on the tandem on Lovely Banks Rd.

Chris, David and Pam heading east.

Pam powers towards Lara.

Peter, David, Pam, Sue, Chris and John enjoying coffee in the sun at Millars in Lara.

Ross' Ride to Moriac via the Hills on Saturday 10.9.16
The ride description said "some hills" but of the five riders that turned out for this morning's ride to Moriac, one had to get home early, two were not quite match fit and one wasn't planning on doing the whole ride so the planned route was amended to "just a few hills" before we left the Waurn Ponds car park.
Ray, Peter J, David I, John H and Ross set out along Waurn Ponds Drive with John H leaving to do his own thing at the Cochranes Road turn off. My first time on Cochranes Road and I was impressed. Scenic and very little traffic although a little steep in places. Left on Barrabool Road and slightly more exposed to the wind, it was slow going until the turn off on to Hendy Main Road.
John H was waiting, camera in hand, at the intersection with the highway and joined us for the downhill run to drinks at Raven Creek Farm. The service is usually very good here but this time poor Peter J was kept waiting for his drink and had to leave us and make his own way home. The remaining four toured back via Mt Duneed Road before splitting up on Ghazepore Road.
A short ride for me, a much longer one for David I with the others somewhere in between.
Hopefully everyone made it home safely.

Trudi's Ride to Expresso Blu in Lara on Thursday 8.9.16
I was pleasantly surprised this morning with eight riders who actually turned up for my ride to Lara... We had Peter O, Meri, Dave, Chris, Lyn and Mick, Terry and returning from Holiday Peter J. We headed out, in my usual direction for a run out to Lara, which is Ted Wilson path, Ballarat Rd, Ballan Rd and a nice run down Stacey's Rd. On reaching the Bacchus Marsh Rd we turned left then right into Windermere Rd, enjoying a nice run to cafe Blu. On our arrival we were greeted by Ted, we quickly occupied all three tables at cafe Blu. It was great to catch up, as its been awhile since seeing everyone. Our return route was to try and avoid the road works on Patullos Rd, so with a bit of ducking and weaving, we were lucky we missed it all. On reaching Bacchus Marsh Rd, up went the sails as we sailed along enjoying the lovely push, but it was all over all to soon when we turned onto the Ted Wilson path that took us back to Church St. Thanks everyone for joining me today, I enjoyed the ride and I hope you also did as well. Life is better on your bike....

To Ground Zero in Drysdale on Tuesday 6.9.16
On a lovely sunny morning Ray, David I, Lyn, Mick, Terry and myself set off from the Showgrounds to Drysdale. There were lots of riders on the Bellarine trail and it took some time for us to regroup and continue on the ride together. The magpie near the roundabout at Drysdale was on a rest day and we all managed to get to Ground Zero without an incident. After coffee we proceeded along Princess Street and Swan Bay road. This section is as always an exhilarating ride. Back on the Bellarine Highway Lyn and Mick left us at Leopold and we had a leisurely ride home from there.
An enjoyable ride.
Peter O.

Nicole's Loop Around Geelong on Sunday 4.9.16
Father's Day ride. What a great turn out. John, Ross, Ray(welcome back), Lyn, Mick, Moira, Peter, Helen, Glenda, David, Bill and visiting us Virginia and Lloyd. Due to the windy day we had a skills course with lots of changes in direction. We followed part of river path to Breakwater and St Albans Park onto Bellarine rail trail to Carr St weaving through East Geelong to get an easy crossing of Ryrie St into Eastern Park. Enjoying some lovely views of Corio Bay from the park and via waterfront. Stopped at Ripples for coffee. I think they were feeling the Father's Day pressure. Continued to Corio key, to have hard section along St Georges Road to Ted Wilson trail. Along McCurdy Road and enjoyed the down hill on Hyland. With a request to do that again( the down hill). Returned to river path and back to the station. Very enjoyable ride with a lovely group.

Saturday to Moriac - 3.9.16
Today's ride only attracted a few with rain predicted and strong winds only the hardy turned up to play with Alister, Sue, Mark and myself. Meeting at the South Geelong train station we briefly discussed where would head to and democratically decided to ride to Moriac so off we went along Moorabool Street onto Barwon Heads Road then along Settlement Road, left onto the Surf Coast Highway and eventually onto the bike path that leads to Ghazeepore Road.
The ride to Moriac was made hard going as the wind was right in our faces with no relief until we turned south towards Moriac itself. Along Forest Road the pace picked up as a north westerly pushed us along to arrive in Moriac in no time. But we weren't the only ones crazy enough to be out in that windy weather - a whole bunch of riders got there first; luckily there was just enough room for us.
After a nice hot coffee and chat we headed back home via Paraparat past the veterans cycle race club then eventually getting onto the Anglesea Highway then on to Dickens road. It was decided just to be different to head back a slightly different way back home so we rode down Whites Road as we've done many times before which ended up a big mistake as the road was closed at the end. As we looked for a way around the temporary fence that was erected a construction bloke came up and said we had to take a detour onto a dirt road no less, this brought on howls of protest by Mark which proved fruitless and one couldn't help but think that the man was discriminating against cyclist. So all we could do in the end was to turn tail back towards the intersection of whites and Gazapore roads up the rise into the head wind again :-/ turning right onto Gazapore road and back onto the bike path on which we had come. That's the point where Sue and Alister bid us farewell as they continued on along Ghazeepore and home.
Mark and I traveled back home via the Barwon Heads reserve taking in the scenic ride along the Barwon River, turning right towards the city past the athletics club onto eastern beach road. Though a little challenging with the wind heading towards Moriac it was made worthwhile with a favourable wind going home incident free except for a blocked road. A ride with no punctures for a change. We all enjoyed the morning out. Thanks to all. David Innes.

Thursday Ride to Ground Zero in Drysdale - 1.9.16
On the 1st day of Spring, many had sprung forth to enjoy the wonderful weather - Ian, Lynn, Peter O, Rolf, David, Ted, Mick, Ross, Terry and Long John - although, at the start point, many were uncertain who this interloper was! It was fortunate that Ross was there to vouch for him!
A rather pleasant morning, rolling down the rail-trail to the Bellarine Highway, and then heading out along the road. It seemed that the driveway was being installed at Bunnings, at the bottom of Leopold, so all traffic merged into a single lane. Unfortunately, there were no side lanes for the bikes to slip along, but the car users were very courteous & patient, allowing the cyclists to merge successfully.
Turned on to Melaleuca Road to get back on to the rail-trail, where all re-grouped and the photos were taken. There was another stop just near the top of Leopold. After crossing the Portarlington Road, everybody else got moving, whilst Ian, Ross and Long John amused each other with tales of being the only enthusiastic cyclist in the family. All caught up again at the end of the rail-trail and rode into Drysdale, and went to Ground Zero for coffee. It was a truly wonderful morning to sit outside, drinking coffee and solving the problems of the world. On the return trip the pelaton rode down Princess St, Swan Bay Rd and the Bellarine Highway into Geelong. An average speed of 20 kph shows how much fun it was!
Long John.

Pam's Ride to Ocean Grove on Sunday 28.8.16
Today nine riders, Marie Bagley, Ian Fraser, Lynne and Mick Gregg, Chris Hume, Rolf Kohnert, Joan Donnan ( a returning member) Helen Cuell (a new member) and Pam Morrow turned up for a ride on a beautiful Sunday morning. We had a delayed start when Mick discovered that he had a puncture. Once it was repaired we continued on our way. We rode along Barwon Heads Rd. On to Lake Road and along 13th Beach Rd into Barwon Heads and on to Ocean Grove where we enjoyed coffee at Groove Cafe. Marie left us after coffee and the rest continued on along Wallington Rd and Queenscliff Highway back into Geelong. Distance was 50km.

To Groove at Ocean Grove on Saturday 27.8.16
Our riders today were Sue, John H, Chris, Rolf and David I on a mostly sunny morning with a bit of a head wind on the way back. I will let the pictures speak for themselves (as I run out of time to do this report!). ..and yes, we did have another puncture!!!
Happy Riding, John.

John & Sue on the Tandem - starting off!

Close up of John & Sue on the move.

To Torquay on Thursday 25.8.16
Today, Ted, Chris and myself set off to Torquay on a rather cold morning. We travelled along Baanip Blvd to Ghazeephore Road, Anglesea Road and Coombes Road and on to Torquay. The Front Beach Café was closed and we headed to Whytes On The Esplanade where we enjoyed a coffee in the sunshine. We returned to Geelong along Horseshoe Bend Road until we were stopped by a
sign saying construction site no entry. This meant we needed to back track to Lower Dunned Road and head towards the Barwon Heads roundabout and ride on to Armstrong Creek. From here we headed back to Boundary Road and at Horseshoe Bend Road. Chris and I headed back to Geelong and Ted returned to Grovedale. A very enjoyable ride.
PS Peter Jones - It is too cold here so stay in Coffs Harbour.
Peter O’Brien.

To Drysdale on Tuesday 23.8.16
Fronting up at the showgrounds this morning were Rolf, David I, Mark, Ross, Trudi, Meri, Lyn & Mick, we headed off to Drysdale as first port of call for coffee at Ground Zero. The weather looked quite good but was a bit chilly. Following the bike trail down to Bellarine Hwy where Lyn had a puncture as soon as we hit bitumen. Got that fixed and approx. 1 km further on Rolf also picked up a flat, so far we had 2 flats in around 1 hour of riding…..going to be a long day at this rate. Got to Drysdale with no more dramas. After coffee we were looking at the weather which seemed to be closing in and most agreed to head for home although Rolf & Mark headed off towards Barwon Heads. Ross had left us before Drysdale for a loop back home to Torquay for an appointment. All up not a bad ride although shorter than planned, can’t wait for some heat to make the day pleasurable. Thanx to all for coming and all the ride leaders, cheers Mick.

See below for the Ross' Easy ride to Panache on Sunday
Greg & John to She Oaks and Lethbridge on Sunday 21.8.16

Embarassingly as leader I was 5 minutes late to the start of my -- long (not hard) ride because I could not get my brand new overshoes to fit with my wide touring shoes. Luckily the 2 Johns were patiently waiting, though J Hagan had done a few laps of the car park to keep warm. J Carleton was still recovering from illness and was kindly there to wish us good luck given the grim forecast of strong winds and wet conditions, but was unable to ride with us. J Hagan and I rode out backstreets to Ted Wilson Trail and then out Ballan Rd into a light head wind. We cruised out through Sutherlands Creek towards Steiglitz along one of my favourite quiet roads. We had a welcome stop in Maude at the new scenic lookout at Bunjil Reserve. There was some discussion about the proposed route as John thought we might not see a cafe. His more telling point was that I might not get my 100 km for the ride. We decided to head to the locality of Sheoaks and then proceed to Lethbridge over one of the easier Moorabool River crossings. After coffee we crossed the railway and took English Rd and then left back through Bannockburn. We returned home via Fyansford where we parted ways. I was home at 1-30 pm having ridden 95 km, average 20.7 with just a bit of light rain at the end. Thanks John H for coming. Greg Allerton.

To Panache in Waurn Ponds on Sunday 21.8.16
All the keen riders must have chosen the hard ride today as just Chris and Ross fronted at South Geelong for an easy ride to Panache in Waurn Ponds. We set out along the river path and rode via Belmont Common and the Marshall back streets to connect up with the path along Baayip Boulevard. We were cruising along nicely until Chris had a flat as we turned on to Ghazepore Road, his misfortune compounded by the only rain (drizzle) as he made the repair. Chris's new tube did not seem to be holding air so after drinks and conversation at Panache, we parted ways, both taking the shortest way home.
Thanks to Chris for the company,

To Ground Zero in Drysdale on Saturday 20.8.16
Wind, wind, wind - main description of today's ride! For today's ride we had (from L to R below) Ian, David I, Rolf, Vicki and John H. We headed out the Bellarine Rail Trail and Bellarine Highway intending to rejoin the trail past the roadworks but the fast group up the hill overshot the lights at Christies Rd so the decision was made to ride straight on. In effect we were doing the usual loop to Drysdale in reverse - so we rode Swan Bay Road and Princess St to coffee at Ground Zero at Drysdale. Ground Zero has changed a bit with entry now in through the side door and the front area of chairs can now only be accessed through the cafe (unless you jump the fence) so bike parking was a bit of an issue. Our return trip was right into the wind and your truly parted company with the group at Boundary Rd where they took the new path through Eastern Gardens.
Happy Riding, John Hagan.

To Groove in Ocean Grove on Thursday 18.8.16
There were 4 riders front up at the Grovedale pub on this windy but sunny day. They were David I, Rolf, Lyn & Mick. Destination was the Groove in Ocean Grove. We went down Boundary Rd, Barwon Heads Rd thru the road works but no hassles from vehicles, into Lake Rd back onto B/Heads Rd and onto our coffee stop. After usual talk etc.. we headed back home the reverse way into a head/side wind. At Horseshoe Bend Rd Rolf & David kept going and Lyn/Mick went on to Torquay Rd and back to the pub. In all not a bad ride of around 50 klm and first ride for us after 4 weeks off the bikes . Thanx to other 2 riders for a good morning.

From Moriac to Urquhart's Bluff on Tuesday - 16.8.16
Just two riders for today's ride from Moriac to Urquharts Bluff. Ross, excited about his first ride on the fast bike for 7 weeks and Rolf recovering from a bad bout of illness. An impaired Rolf is still a very quick rider and with the benefit of a tail wind, we averaged better than 30 kph for the Moriac to Urquharts Bluff leg.
A slightly slower ride back to Anglesea for drinks. The service at the general store was abysmal so we moved on to the shopping centre for a very pleasant sit in the sun. We parted company at the top of Anglesea hill with Rolf taking the slightly more sheltered route home via Torquay and Ross heading back up Forest Road to retrieve the car. Bit a grind into the wind but still a most enjoyable outing.
Thanks to Rolf for the company.

Sunday Ride to The Groove in Ocean Grove - 14.8.16
GTC's Mark, Chris Hume, Ross, Vicky myself and Ian joined Doug and David from Cycling Geelong at South Geelong Station. Several other riders were lurking in the car park but couldn't be enticed to join us. We analysed the options for a safe ride to Ocean Grove and decided on Surf Coast Hwy to McCann's Rd, Horseshoe Bend, Blackgate and a wonderful wind assisted sail along Thirteen Beach Rd. Chris Hume bailed out early claiming exhaustion from Saturdays ride. Coffees and cakes at Groove in the sunshine were gratefully and noisily gobbled. Ross headed home from Groove. Our return was via Wallington thru to Portarlington Rd to avoid the worst roadworks.
A very enjoyable and safe ride.
Cheers, Chris Halpin.

Saturday Ride to Cheeky Cow in Collendina - 13.8.16
Windy but sunny today for the 6 riders: Mark, Sue, Chris Halpin, Chris Hume, Alistair and John H. With restricted lanes on many of our main highways we headed down the Surf Coast Highway and took McCanns Rd across to Horseshoe Bend Rd beyond the roadworks. We had a good tail breeze on Blackgate and 13th Beach Rds through to the Cheeky Cow in Collendina. On our return trip we we visited Sheepwash then Barwon Heads Rd and Lake Rd for a total for most of us of about 75-80 km.
Happy Riding, John Hagan.

Ted's Solo Nostalgic Ride on Thursday 11.8.16
I turned up at the Grovedale pub at 8:45 but with no sign of any fellow riders, a brisk south westerly and a couple of light showers convinced me I wasn't ready for a GTC comeback just yet.
Returning to Lara I decided a solo ride to North Geelong was what I needed. So here's my ride description, complete with a bit of personal history for anyone who might be interested.
Leaving home I rode past Mums old house which Dad built in 1955 on a block of land bought with the profit on a painting job at the Lara Hall (£200). East on Canterbury Rd to the Hovells Creek and Limeburners Bay trail where local bike group The Lara Legends have been grinding exactly the same route every Saturday morning for the last 20 years.
A pause to follow instructions (see photo) and listen for sounds of wildlife, walkers(?), etc resulted in just the roar of the nearby refinery.
Onward to Lascelles Wharf where my teenage schoolmates Tom Hill, Ken Faulkner and I caught Leatherjackets through the holes in the pier. From memory the holes were only 4" long X 1" wide so any fish of a decent size didn't make it to Mums kitchen.
Great bike path pretty much all the way to the final stop in this fascinating history lesson the old Pilkingtons Glass factory, now an antique and junk market, where Dad worked as the factory painter while building the family home, often using scrap packing cases from work. Enjoyed an excellent coffee at Pickers Union Cafe accompanied by a decadent jam doffin - yes I know! Evil sugar!
Home the same way with a stop at Lascelles Wharf to see if I could revisit my teenage fishing spot (security said "no").
A total of 33 kms at a sedate average of 20.3 kph.
Sent from my iPhone - Ted.

John's Ride to Dolce in Curlewis on Sunday 7.8.16
A small group of 4 for Sunday's ride on a beautiful morning for riding. Ian, Vicki, John and David I took the Portarlington Rd out to Melaluka Rd and onto the Rail Trail through to Jetty Rd. We tried a new coffee place in the new shopping centre at Curlewis on the west side of Jetty Rd. At Dolce the coffee was good, but a bit expensive (the largest of 3 sizes was just over $5) with a wide range of cakes. We sat outside in the winter sunshine to enjoy our morning coffee before heading down Beacon Point Rd for a great view out over the Bay in almost windless conditions. The return trip was via Princess St in Drysdale, Swan Bay Rd and the Bellarine Highway for a total of about 60km.
Happy Riding, John Hagan.

ROSS arrives at the top of Cape York - CONGRATULATIONS and well done.

Coffs Harbour on Saturday - 6.8.16
Caught up with our travelling Treasurer Peter and wife Marcia for a Tour de Sawtell for a coffee at the Sawtell Surf Club. Fine and Sunny day after a bit of rain a few days ago caused by the dreaded East Coast Low.
Cheers Peter.

Saturday Ride to Groove in Ocean Groove - 6.8.16
It was a cloudy day for our ride to Groove in Ocean Grove. David I, Trudi, Chris H, Sue & Alistair on the tandem, Jacki & David, Ian and Vicki and John H converged on the cafe - however, David & Jacki R and Trudi had a different starting point and added 13th Beach to their route and returned home south of the Barwon. The main group came down via the Barwon Heads Airport and returned via Wallington and Leopold. There was some concern about the restricted road space in a few places - Barwon Heads Rd at Armstrong Creek and the Bellarine Highway near the corner with Melaluka Rd - however, we negotiated both areas without incident. The highlight of our visit to Groove was the singing of happy birthday to David Rae with a small cake and spoon substituted for a candle - which he blew out! See photo below.
Happy Riding, John Hagan.

Thursday Ride to Moriac - 4.8.16

From Maxine in Scotland - 29/7 & 4/8/16
29/7 - Once again I am absolutely loving my cycle touring. Definitely the place that I love best in the world is the Isle of Arran and I have some good friends there. Now I am in Kilmartin, Argyll and I love it here also. Isobel and Tom have given me a s/c cottage for the two nights for the price of B&B - the did the same the previous two years. My cottage has sleeping for five people and is very spacious - the pantry and frig are full of food and this morning I picked and cooked rhubarb which is absolutely delicious. This morning I went for an early walk along a walking path which passes the fields with two burial cairns which are around 4,000 years old. In this area there are also many standing stones of much the same vintage.
4/8 - I have no understanding of this but the ride from about 12 kms after Bridge of Orchy to Glencoe becomes more dramatic and more exciting every year. I just yelled with absolute joy as I was riding. If need be the motorist just sit quitely behind and never seemingly become impatient. Everywhere and everyone has just been so good.Shortly I will head off on the Road to the isles and I will be having a week in a cottage in Plockton from Saturday. Friends from England will come and stay for a couple of nights. I am looking forward to spending time with my blind friend, Edmund - just so long as he does not ask me to ride the tandem with him!
Best wishes,

From ROSS up at Cape York QLD - Greetings from Seisia - 3.8.16
Now just 40 k's from the tip so there is a very good chance we will make it. Arrived here today after a great but exhausting ride up the Old Telegraph Track (OTT). First shower and first real (non-dehydrated) food since the last ride report and first fresh fruit in 12 days. Luxury! Having a rest day tomorrow to try and shake off the accumulated tiredness. Weather is amazing and the campground looks over a beautiful white beach to a string of islands so no great problem to rest up here. The trip is coming to an end as we have just 5 days in the area before we head over to Thursday Island and home. All the best, Ross.

Telegraph Pole on the Track & Crossing Nolan's Brook

These guys were trying to cycle from the tip to Cairns in 2 weeks. Their bikes seemed totally unsuitable and they were planning to leave the OTT and hit the main road to try to get back on schedule. Very little equipment and road cleats! Not the best for pushing through sand for k after k.

Old Telegraph Track Bridge.
Bike stands up by itself. Pushing out to the end off the OTT at the Jardine river.

Pam's Ride to Avalon Beach on Sunday 31.7.16
Nine riders, Chris Halpin, Chris Hume, David Innes, Rolf Kohnert, John Hagan, Pam Morrow, Tobias Erskine (Rolf's nephew), Greg Allerton, David Cooper, left South Geelong Station we followed the Bay trail to Lara. Rolf, Tobyand David left us here and the others continued on towards Avalon Beach. Russell was waiting for us there with morning tea. Everyone enjoyed sponge, slice and biscuits with tea and coffee. The return journey was via The old Melbourne Rd and on through North Shore. Beautiful weather for a lovely Sunday ride.
Pam Morrow.

From ROSS up at Cape York QLD - Greetings from Bramwell Roadhouse - 30.7.16
Greetings from Bramwell Roadhouse at the start of the Old Telegraph Track. No mobile reception or even a public phone but there is a local wifi hotspot. Very excited this morning as I have been thinking about this particular road for several years now and here I am! Lots to report sincd Coen. We road out to the Iron Range National Park and absolutely loved Chilli Beach and Portland Roads. Then took a short cut along Frenchmans Track to re-join the main road. That was an absolute joy (other than pushing through quite a bit of soft sand) and gave us our first wade across a deeper river. All good stuff. Thats about all I have time for now as the OTT awaits! Another report from Bamaga. Regards, Ross.

Rolf - Solo to Drysdale on Thursday 28.7.16
One of the best winter days in this part of the world and no one was game enough to enjoy a ride in the sunshine. As the only GTC member at the meeting spot, I decided instead to ride to Drysdale rather than the chocolate factory as we have been there lately quite a few times. Had a wind assisted ride to Grand Zero, enjoyed my coffee, but as no one else was there, had to talk to Kelly. The ride home was better than I expected considering the wind, Christies Road, Swan Bay Road and the Queenscliff highway and through Eastern Park home for a total of 56km. As they say, life is better on a bike, cheers,

David, Jackie & Rolf to Ocean Grove on Tuesday 26.7.16
Only Jackie David and Rolf turned up for the ride to Ocean Grove, we headed along Boundary road to Barwon heads road to get onto Lakes road. We rode along thirteenth beach and made our way to the groove for coffee. It was a headwind coming back along Barwon heads road and lakes road so we had to do a bit of work. It was a pretty cold wind so we managed to get warm with the effort. A good ride on a cold winters day.
Cheers David Rae.

John's Ride to The Station Cafe at Bannockburn on Sunday 24.7.16
The Station Cafe was a new coffee distination for the Sunday riders - chosen because the wind was strong and from the NW. John H led the group consisting of Rolf, Chris Hume, Ian, David I and Mike out the Midland Highway. At Batesford John punctured with a piece of wire through the tyre and because it was the back wheel of the recumbent needed quite a few hands to complete the job. After arriving at the cafe we dicided to sit outside in the sunshine and mostly out of the wind at the front of the old Bannockburn Railway Station. The coffee and cakes were up to the high standards we have as cyclists! Just as we were leaving Rolf discovered that he had a puncture. He immediately hung is bike in the tree and efficiently changed the tyre, discovering that he also had a piece of wire through his tube. The wind gave us a huge shove from behind as we headed back to Geelong. The group parted ways at the new roundabout, which is under construction, at the intersection of the Midland Highway with the Gheringhap-Fyansford Rd. Most of us covered just over 50km for the day.
Happy Riding,
John Hagan.

Saturday Ride to Moriac & Praparap - 23.7.16
Cold strong winds and very threatening skies greeted the riders this Saturday but we were undeterred. Peter Maurer joined Chris H and John H for the ride down to Moriac via Mt Duneed Rd. Both Peter and John had driven from Melbourne this morning for the ride so wern't going to be put off by a bit of weather. Chris punctured twice (front & back wheel) on the way to coffee at the Mt Moriac Store. Our return trip was via Paraparap and Freshwater Creek. We were a bit fortunate to avoid the storms which seemed to go either side of us so we ended up with only a small amount of precipitation actually landing on us.
Keep Riding,

For link to article on Peter Jones in Dorrigo/Urunga/Bellingen BUG - click here.
For the first part of Ross' journey - story and pictures - click here

From ROSS up at Cape York QLD - 19.7.16
Hello and greetings from Coen. Arrived today after a great ride through Lakefield National Park. Had some absolutely fantastic and remote campsites and generally good roads so have made some time on our planned schedule. Came out of the park at Musgrave Telegraph Station two days back and got a shock when confronted by crowds of 4wd's and people. The last two days on the Peninsula Dev Road have been a shock as well. Quite a lot of traffic and lots of sandy corrugated riding. We are having a rest day here before heading to Archer River then turning off towards the Iron Range. No phone reception for the next 2 weeks so another report fom Bamaga. All is going very well (although some one stole my towel from the clothes line within an hour of us arriving here). Regards Ross (from Torquay ).

Meri & Rolf to Millars in Lara - Tuesday 19.7.16
Nine o'clock at the top of Church Street and only 2 willing riders there, Meri and Rolf. We set off on this rather dull grey day, but with no wind for a change, along the Ted Wilson trail and took the turn towards Lovely Banks and onto the Bucchus March Road, turned into Elcho Road and on to Millars for coffee. We just managed to vacate before LAC arrived and took the Hovells trail home. Riding past Meri's future homestead, I was invited to inspect the work in progress and was I impressed! I am so much looking forward to us all meeting there for the house warming party when the builders have completed their master piece. Thanks for a lovely ride Meri,

Pam's Sunday Ride to Moorabool Valley Chocolates - 17.7.16
It was a beautiful sunny but chilly morning which saw ten riders show up for a ride: Mark Boyanton, Ian Fraser, Lyn and Mick Gregg, John Hagan, Chris Hume, Rolf Kohnert, Sarah White, David Innes and Pam Morrow. Our ride was planned around opening hours of our Coffee stop at The Moorabool Valley Chocolate.
We rode around the river to the Breakwater, around to Boundry Rd. When we reached the Eastern Gardens we linked up to the new bicycle path, we continued on to the Bay Path around to the Grammar School. By the time we reached the Lagoon area we decided that we did not need to go on to Lara. So we back tracked and headed down Plantation Rd to the Ted Wilson Trail and on our coffee stop. Russell and Harrison joined us for a hot chocolate. After coffee a few riders went home while other headed back on the T W T and down to the river back to South Geelong. Sarah even captured a few Pokemons along the way.

Rolf leads the Saturday Ride to Torquay - 16.7.16
Such a beautiful morning that 9 people could not think of an excuse not to come out for a ride. Sue, Vicky, Ian, Mark, Chris Halpin, Chris Hume, David I, Alistair and Rolf headed out towards Freshwater Creek, but before we even left the build up area, my brand new puncture proof tire proved to be not so puncture proof when I managed to get 2 holes in it at once. It wasn't a snake bite, but a pop rivet. My CO2 inflater failed, found out at home that one of the "o" rings was damaged, possibly at the factory, but I had never tried this inflator before. With a bit of help from Mark and Chris Halpin and his pump, I did get going again. The next victim was Chris Hume in Freshwater Creek. We headed off Anglesea Road unto Coombes Road and via Ocean Acres to Torquay, where the tandem and the two Chris' left us for a speedier ride home. The rest of us headed for a well earned coffee stop in Torquay where we could also celebrate Vicky's birthday. We did our last ride along HSB Road before it will be closed for 6 months and then took the Barwon river trail to Swanston Street and home along the water front. Thank you all for a great days ride,

Rolf & Chris H to Drysdale on Thursday 14.7.16
Lovely morning, the sun was shining and the attendance was up 100%! Chris H. and yours truly hit the trail and headed for Drysdale. We had a lovely wind pushing us along and the ride was very enjoyable as there were little other trail users out this morning. Coffee was had at Ground Zero and when we started our return ride, we knew we would have to pay for the easy run earlier on. We headed back along Christies Road and then Swan Bay Road and took the highway at the Flying Brick establishment, turned left into Moolap Station Street and parted company at the Breakwater bridge. Thanks for your company Chris, riding in good company is always the best way to cover the nearly 60 kms we did this morning.

Rolf turns up for the ride to Werribee on Tuesday but no-one else wanted to ride - to Lara on his own - 12.7.16
Just as well the meeting place was close to my home, otherwise there would have been a peloton of zero. OK, it wasn't the best day for a ride, but the sun was out when I left home and I nearly got home again before the rain started. Hopefully, Thursday will be a better attendance again.
Cheers, Rolf.

Combined Ride with Cycling Geelong to Little River & Lara on Sunday 10.7.16
This was a well planned ride from Helen from Cycling Geelong. The weather was much better than the forecast strong winds and rain before midday as you can probably see from the photos. The women outnumbered the men on this ride with Helen and Karen from Cycling Geelong and Pam from GTC along with Rolf and John. Helen led us out from Rippleside along the Hovell Trail and out the Old Melbourne Rd to Little River. The return was via the You Yangs and Lara where we stopped at Millars for coffee before heading back along the Ted Wilson Path.
Happy Cycling, John H.

Here is a sign we encountered today which may change some of our routes for the rest of the year - Terry H had tipped us off about it.

An Official & an Unofficial Ride to Ocean Grove on Saturday 9.7.16
Firstly the Unofficial Ride! > Four riders...David & Jackie Rea, Lyn & Mick Gregg decided to do a shortish ride today so we picked everyone up at Barwon Heads/Boundary Rds and went along Lakes Rd,Barwon Heads Rd and across to Groove at Ocean Grove for our daily coffee fix. Soon after starting off a rider came up to was Norm so he rode with us to his stop at Starfish. We came back home same way except for a detour thru Warralily,to Horseshoe Bend Rd where we left the Rea’s who cut over to Torquay Rd and home, we went back thru Breakwater, all up a pleasant ride on a nice day especially for this time of year. Covered approx 55klms. cheers Mick.

Now the Official Ride!! - ENCOUNTER WITH CADEL:
Rolf, John, David I, & Chris, on a beautiful day for riding, took the back roads to Ocean Grove - taking in Lake Rd and the loop around Sheepwash before stopping at Groove for coffee. Just as we were arriving the Unofficial Group (David & Jackie, Mick & Lynn) stopped for a brief conversation having already had their coffee - had we been so slow in getting there!
On the return trip along 13th Beach we were stopped by a traffic management lady and pulled up behind a motorbike - there was a rider in BMC gear just in front. We presumed they were waiting for the same clearance to go ahead. David asked us if Cadel was still riding for BMC. The lady informed us that we were looking at Cadel and that he was about to be filmed. When he took off with the camera motor bike behind Rolf went to push on only to be stopped by the lady with the stop sign. They were filming Cadel and not us! Cadel did wave to us as we passed him on the side of the road up further. Well, it is not every day that we run into a superstar.
The trip back from there was along Horseshoe Bend Rd. Here we came across the sign about the closure of Horseshoe Bend Rd on 19th July - until Christmas. Terry H had sent me an email about this yesterday. Hope we can get through somewhere!
Happy Riding, John H.

Peter & Marion ride with the Coffs Harbour BUG on 7.7.16
Joined the Coffs Bug for their Thursday coffee ride to Sawtell Surf Club.
Cheers, Peter.

Greg Allerton and Friends Moves The Bicycle Factory on Sunday 3.7.16
Although it was a great day for a ride - see the GTC ride report below - some were otherwise engaged helping Greg move a lot of his things from the Bicycle Factory shop. The strongest & most agile group (Felix, Bruce, Mick, and JC) stayed on location to move the majority of the boxes into the shed, whilst the others packed up a lot of the shop and brought it over.
The logistics of the move involved two (2) vans, a enclosed trailer, and even the tray of a 4WD. After the first pass, Greg fed & watered everybody (with cakes, etc.from a stall he ventured into from the election yesterday). Whilst all the others went back to reload & prepare for another wave, the resilient 4 repacked the space in the shed. This was influenced by a rumour that the 1st wave had already succeeded in bringing across 15% of all stock. As the photos show, there were a LOT of tyres & wheels that had to be accommodated!
The group photo does not show Peter T. or Zac as they helped pack the 2nd round, but had to go from the shop. From the left, there is: Russell, Pam, Dave C, Dave E, Bruce, Adam, David, Mick, Felix and Greg. The other photos give an indication of how the space was utilised, i.e. just how much Greg had initially in the shop!
All in all, a fantastic days effort by all involved. Greg was very grateful to all & sundry. Apart from JC falling over, having a dresser dropped on his knee, and getting a filing cabinet dropped on him, there were no injuries to report.
John C.

Also thanks to David Charles for a number of the photos. I have added 3 photos I took when Greg moved in 2007 from La Trobe Tce. There were a few people there for both moves - check out who they are. Regards, John Hagan.

And from 2007:

John's Ride South of the Barwon on Sunday 3.7.16
Because Greg Allerton was packing up his Bicycle Factory Shop today I was uncertain as to who would turn up for the ride. Fortunately we had six riders as the easy rides seem to be popular even though all the participants are capable of much more - obviously the more relaxed saunter is also appealing! Chris, Vicky, Rolf, John, Ian and Ross started by heading west along the Barwon River, then up through Highton and Wandana Heights to Deakin University. Here we took the road right through the back part of Deakin and eventually the path down to their oval beside the old Princes Highway. We were cautioned by the signs that this was an archery range - we didn't have to duck to avoid the arrows but we kept a close eye on the potholes down there. From the old Princes Highway we wended our way up to Hams Rd and across to the path beside Baanip Bvd before stopping at the Sandstone Cafe for coffee. Our return trip was down Bailey St and the Waurn Ponds Trail. When we reached the Barwon Heads Rd we were able to test out the new crossing for cyclists which now has a refuge island in the middle to make crossing of this busy road easier (see photos below). The final stage of our 27km loop was back along the Barwon to Sth Geelong.
Happy Riding,

Vicky's Ride to Drysdale on Saturday 2.7.16
As 9am approached it was evident that the three amigos on todays journey were to be Rolf, John and myself and somehow into the mix I was elected (not as the chosen political party) but as our rider leader. In view of this responsibility, I engaged my leadership skills and appointed both John and Rolf as Chief navigators and it was decided to take a trip to Ground Zero in Drysdale, along the Bellarine path and then back via the highway. During the ride it became evident that as secondary roles Rolf would become the pace maker and John the local historian with information about the old railway line. With the wind behind us and Rolf pushing us along, we arrived at the café in no time where we enjoyed a coffee and a chat about very diverse topics. The return journey was into the wind but working together, we had a safe and enjoyable trip home with Rolf providing lots of encouragement in the latter stages. “All in all it was a Jolly nice day for riding”. Thank you for being part of my first ride as leader.
Hope to see you tomorrow,

Ross' Ride to Ocean Grove Cancelled on 30.6.16
Not much to report for today. Just two people (including the ride leader) turned up at Grovedale Hotel for this morning's ride. Both of us sat out of the rain, in our cars, waiting for 9.00 to roll around. While Chris H was ready to roll, the ride leader showed his true colours and promptly started with the excuses. End result was both of us heading in opposite directions for somewhere warmer and dryer.
Apologies to Chris.

Trudi's Ride to Lara on Tuesday 28.6.16

On a cool but sunny Tuesday, four riders were waiting at the top of Church St, there was Meri, Glenda, Peter and Rolf. I explained that I was only going to Lara for coffee then returning, and that they were welcome to ride further if they wished to proceed. Peter was keen to get home as he had things to do, Meri and Glenda were also happy to return, Rolf didn't have an opinion....but I think he would've liked to go on. We rode the Ted Wilson trail to the Ballarat Rd, then turned onto the Ballan Rd, having a lovely run down Stacey's Rd and into Lara.. Not having been to cafe Blu for quite some time, I decided that would be worth a visit. Sitting outside in the sunshine enjoying our coffee and chat, when Ted turned up with a few friends who were out for a ride as well. Our return trip was on the Hovells Creek trail, all taking different routes home at Swinburne St. Thanks everyone for the enjoyable ride and coffee catch up.

Ross' Loop around Geelong on Sunday 26.6.16
Clear blue sky and no wind sounds like perfect bike riding conditions.
Pity about the single digit temperature. Nine hardy riders presented for Sunday's ride around Geelong. Mark, Rolf, Chris H, Lyn, Mick, Vicky, Ian, John H and Ross set out from South Geelong to circumnavigate the northern suburbs. Out round the bay, across Plantation Road, back along the Ted Wilson Trail to Fyansford and on to Barwon Edge for a latish drinks. All the usual sunny spots were taken but some smart person noticed the empty tables out the front near the pond. Thank you to Vicky and Lyn who commandeered some towel and dried off the seats while the rest of us were waiting in line to place our orders.
Morning tea was taken in glorious sunshine in a nice sheltered corner which we had to ourselves. Clouds blotting out the sun signalled it was time to move on. Amazing how much cooler it felt riding off. Riders started disappearing off to their homes as we progressed along the river. Thanks to all participants for a very pleasant winter's ride and a special commendation to Mick who was the only person to turn out in shorts.

To Groove in Ocean Grove on Saturday 25.6.16
Icy ride to Groove this morning, Rolf, John, Chris and Peter J braved the weather and headed off to Boundary Rd, departing temperature 2.6 deg but once we were rolling and putting a bit of effort in we soon warmed to the task.
We took the usual route, Barwon Heads Rd, Lake Rd, Barwon Heads Rd, Sheepwash and over the Bridge around the river to Groove. Arrival temperature a balmy 4.9 deg. So we sat inside and enjoyed our coffee.
Black Racing were a bit of a disappointment they only had two riders, the rest came to coffee in four wheels, weak!
Coffee over we headed home via 13th Beach, Blackgate Rd and HSBend Rd. Cold but splashes of Sun, the odd sprinkle, all together a mixed bag but enjoyable.
Cheers Peter.

To Millars in Lara on Thursday 23.6.16
Plenty of wind today, work to get to Lara, Rolf, Chris, Zdenko, Ted and Peter J rose to the occasion and battled the wind to Lara. We took the most direct route along the Ted Wilson Trail, Bacchus Marsh Rd and Elcho Rd to Millar’s for a very well earned coffee, Ted’s wife Jo joined us for coffee and a chat. After coffee with the promise of plenty of tailwind we headed home via the Hovel Trail. Despite the wind a most pleasant morning on the bike.
Cheers Peter.

Peter's Ride to Wallington on Tuesday 21.6.16
Seven riders on a bright and Sunny day, Meri, (just back from OS), Trudi, (still suffering from a bad cough), Jackie, (fit but not going too far to prepare for babysitting tomorrow), David, Rolf, Mick and Peter J, what a team.
Took the trail to Bellarine Hwy and up through Leopold to Swan Bay Rd. At the top at Grubb Rd turned right and had coffee at Van Loon’s Nursery. Enjoyed coffee and as everyone was keen to get back for various reasons took Grubb Rd to Rhinds Rd, Wallington Rd and back Bellarine Hwy. As forecast the weather was starting to blow up with a good fresh North Westerly and plenty of cloud build up so we all headed home after a quite enjoyable ride. Perfect for those just getting back into cycling.
Cheers Peter.

Pam's Ride to Pt Lonsdale on Sunday 19.6.16
On Sunday 9 riders arrived at the station to go on a ride to Point Lonsdale. Mark, Ian, Lyn, Mick, John, Chris, Peter, Rolf and Pam left the station and headed down Horseshoe Bend Rd along 13th Beach Rd to Barwon heads, from there we proceeded on to Ocean Grove then on to Point Lonsdale. Peter, Mark and Rolf decided that they had enough and had their coffee at the Cheeky Cow. At Point Lonsdale Heather met us for coffee and rode back with us. Mick had a puncture along Shell Road. Total was 76kms.

Peter's Ride to Swell in Jan Juc on Saturday 18.6.16
Five riders, four bikes, Sue, Rolf, Mark, John and Peter J on a cloudy but cool morning with little indication of rain. Good day for a bit of climbing, so headed out to Jan Juc via Bellbrae and Bells Blvd and Ocean Blvd. Sue got a bit excited on the second roller on Bells Blvd as John wizzed off into the distance. Rolf missed the turn off on to Ocean Blvd so went looking for us while we were ordering coffee in Swell. Eventually he turned up and joined us. Extremely busy, chock a block actually but we found a spot and enjoyed our coffee and chat. Still no rain or showers so we headed home via HSBend Rd. Light tailwind so it was quite enjoyable and peaceful.
Cheers Peter.

Opening of Path linking Malop St with Portarlington Rd/Boundary Rd via Eastern Gardens - 16.6.16
You may recognize a few faces - amongst them Peter, Marion, Zac as well as members of Cycling Geelong.

Peter's Ride to Moorabool Valley Chocolate on Thursday 16.6.16
Five riders to brave the cold and dreary day with a promise of approaching light rain. Rolf, Mick, Ian, Ted and Peter J. Took the usual route via Boundary Rd, Bay Trail, Tom McKean Trail and Ted Wilson Trail, mostly dry with a few sprinkles as we went along.
Enjoyed a coffee and the odd chocolate brownie and after a good chat headed home via the Cementies Hill and the river trail. Might have been a cool and dreary day but still enjoyable if you are dressed to suit.
Cheers Peter.

David Rae's Ride to Moriac, Bells Beach & Torquay on Tuesday 14.6.16
On a very cold morning, five riders - Peter J, Rolf, Terry, Jackie and David - met at Bunnings. The temperature was only 2 degrees, but reached a balmy 6 degrees as we made our way up the old Colac Road and we soon warmed up on the long climb to the Moriac Hotel. We turned left down Hendy Main Road and had a great downhill to the coffee shop at Moriac. After a welcome coffee we continued down Hendy Main Road and turned right into Larcombes. We said goodbye to Terry here as he was going to make his way back home along Blackgate Road. By this time the sun was beginning to warm us up a bit and we had a very pleasant ride down Forrest Road and an exhilerating ride around Bell's Beach making our way to Torquay. We stopped at Bell's Bakery for coffee/hot chocolate/lunch, where we sat outside enjoying the sunshine. We left the bakery and rode along the Esplanade onto Horseshoebend Road, where we had an uneventful ride home. We all agreed it had been a very pleasant ride.
David Rae.

Combined Ride with Cycling Geelong to Uforic Food Cafe at Mt Duneed on Sunday 12.6.16
A long weekend and heavy traffic but we did manage to find a few quiter roads at times between the busy ones. Heading out through Armstrong Creek, Lake Rd, Blackrock Rd and the Blackrock Bike Trail were fairly quiet but Blackgate Rd got busier and the Surfcoast Highway was a constant stream of vehicles. Our coffee stop was at Uforic Food Cafe on the Surfcoast Highway - here we stayed indoors to enjoy the warmth and good coffee. Our return trip took us closer to Torquay - along Coombes Rd and the Anglesea Rd and into Geelong on Ghazeepore Rd. The wind had a bit of bite to it today and was a challenge on the way home. Below are out participants on the ride - from L to R: Chris, Ian, Peter J, Mike, Rolf, John Miro and your ride leader John Hagan.
Keep Pedalling,
John Hagan.

Peter & John to Torquay on Saturday 11.6.16
A brisk breeze with icy showers in the face greeted me on the way to Grovedale, I reckoned the only starter besides me would be John, and so it turned out. At 8-30 am we rolled out to the Torquay Rd and for a change turned right at Heyers Rd heading across to Ghazapore Rd. It was a bit of a drag up Heyers into the head wind but we plugged away and took Ghazapore out to Dickens and Anglesea Rd. The run down to Coombes wasn’t too bad with the wind on the beam. Coombes, Ocean Acres and Grossmans rolled by easily and we headed to Mejavo’s for a well earned coffee in the Sun sitting in the front window surveying the passing parade.
After coffee the showers had disappeared for our ride home along HSBend Rd, the day started off a bit miserable but ended up with a bit of Sun, well worth doing and another enjoyable morning on the bike.
Cheers Peter.

Lyn's Wallington Loop on Thursday 9.6.16
Meeting at the show grounds this morning was David Jackie Ian Rolf Ted Mick and me Lyn. We cruised down the Bellarine Highway to Mc Donalds turning left at Melaluka Rd along to the bike trail where we followed that to Ground Zero where coffee was enjoyed and a lot of chatter. Congratulations go out to new Great Grand parents Ted and Jo on the arrival of a baby girl yesterday. We headed home via the trail with a strong head wind. A pleasant morning was had by all - no rain and a little sunshine.
Thanks all for coming. In the photo outside Ground Zero from L to R: Ian, Ted, David, Michael, Jackie & Rolf.
Cheers Lyn.

David's Ride to Ocean Grove and Mannerim on Tuesday 7.6.16
Only four riders turned up for today's ride - Peter J, Lyn, David and Jackie. The start of the ride was a bit wet as we headed down Torquay Road to Boundary Road, Lakes Road and continued along Thirteenth Beach Road into Barwon Heads. The rain was on and off most of the way, but cleared up as we neared our destination for a welcome coffee at the Cheeky Cow, Collendina. The timing was good, as the rain was at it's heaviest whilst we were having our coffee and in Peter's case Brownie and ice cream! There was a bit of discussion whether to continue on to Queenscliff, but as the weather conditions weren't too good, we decided to shorten the route, riding along Banks Road and Swan Bay Road until we reached the Bellarine Highway. McDonald's at Leopold was beckoning so we went in for another coffee/hot chocolate and lunch. We then made our way home via Bellarine Highway and on to the rail trail, where we said goodbye to Lyn at Coppards Road. The rain abated for our ride home and it turned out to be a very pleasant ride.
David Rae.

Pam's Ride to The Zoo in Drysdale on Sunday 5.6.16
Well, this was a rather wet ride with constant drizzle all the way out to Drysdale. Pam led the group of Mike, John H, John C, & Peter J from Sth Geelong Station - John C was wearing shorts so soon decided to turn back due the inclement weather. We enjoyed coffee and cake at The Zoo before heading back, in slightly better weather, along the same route for a total of about 45km.
John Hagan.

Alternate Ride to Drysdale on Saturday 4.6.16
On a bright & sunny Friday afternoon, Simon had sent a text informing people of a ride to Drysdale on Saturday morning. Many then confirmed their enthusiasm. Saturday was drizzly and cool. No one turned up at the train station. Simon waited awhile, then rode off & met JC at the showgrounds. After discussing the lack of other riders, JC asked if Simon had a spare 26" tube, just in case. Simon replied, as he was on the 'Black beauty' he did not, as it never gets punctures! So, off down the rail trail they headed. Got to the other side of Leopold (just crossed Bawtree Road) and Simon exclaimed that something was wrong with his bike! After leaping off & looking, the problem became obvious - he had a flat! Simon showed a lot of ingenuity by repairing the tube with a patch from JC, but without removing the wheel! Anyway, as lunch was beckoning, both turned back, and enjoyed the roll home. Riding along, Simon explained that it could well have been 30 years since he last had a puncture on the bike. Consequently he was amazed that it had happened, and JC complimented him on the tread on the tyres. But, each was keen for coffee, so they pushed on. Had to stop to pick up a prescription, where Simon discovered that he had another flat! Although, it was the front this time ... Apart from this, great ride - good company & even better adventure.
On way out: 17.7 kph average speed, 25.7 kph max speed, 152 BPM max HR;
On way back: 19.0 kph average speed, 28.3 kph max speed, 150 BPM max HR.
John Carleton.

Peter's Ride to The Cheeky Cow in Collendina on Saturday 4.6.16
Dull and drizzly day for the real cyclist that loves being out in the fresh air with the wind whistling through their hair in good company. John, Ross, Chris and Peter J were there ready to go at 8-30 am and headed down to Barwon Heads via Barwon Heads Rd, Lake Rd, Sheepwash. Meandered our way through the houses to the bridge and took the paths along the Surf Beach to Cheeky Cow in Collendina for coffee. After coffee and chat we rolled on home via 13th Beach, Blackgate Rd and HSBend Rd. A very enjoyable morning yet again on the bike.
Cheers Peter.

Peter's Ride to Freshwater Creek and Torquay on Thursday 2.6.16
Foggy but a bit warmer than Tuesday for the ride today, Jackie, David, Ray, Rolf, Ted, Terry and Peter J, headed up Torquay Rd to the Baanip Bike Path and across to Ghazapore. The fog was so thick couldn’t see any houses at all at Armstrong Creek.
No wind to speak of so it was easy riding and not too cool at all, glasses did tend to fog up a bit though. It was good to welcome Terry back into the fold after his hernia op, we took the Coombs Rd option through Ocean Acres and down to Soul Fuel Torquay for a coffee. Sat outside as the Sun was breaking through and it was very enjoyable.
Following coffee meandered through the houses to the Esplanade to have a look at the ocean which was very calm and took HSBend Rd back home, had a brief chat with Peter L at Blackgate Rd and trundled back home into the fog again, unfortunately for Rolf there was a section of HSBend Rd where the trucks cross that was quite muddy, and Rolf had his “good” bike!
Excellent morning on the bike again.
Cheers Peter.

Ray's Ride from the Showgrounds to Drysdale, Portarlington, Indented Head & St Leonards on Tuesday 31.5.16
For the recent weeks rides, like it or not , winter is upon us i.e. Cold , Wet & Windy , plus all the added clothing worn to accommodate these conditions. Today's weather was something of an exception, yes it was very cold, but minus any rain or wind. With the sun shining really it was just a matter of being rugged up and keep moving.
Eight riders braved these cold conditions: Ross Glover, Mick & Lyn Gregg, Peter Jones, Rolf Kohnert, David & Jackie Rae and myself. We took the Rail Trail on to the Bellarine Hwy then rejoined the Rail Trail at Leopold to Drysdale. Coffee was at Café Ground Zero which was very welcome. Whilst at the Café we celebrated Lyn's birthday together with cake & candle and a full chorus of happy birthday. Also to mark the day Lyn got a puncture picking up some glass in the tyre. After coffee we had a good ride to our lunch stop at St Leonards in very pleasant sunshine. We continued the ride back to Drysdale to join the rail trail back to the Showgrounds. A great day out on the bike together in good company.
Regards, Ray.

Ross' Ride to Russells Bridge and Bannockburn on Sunday 29.5.16
An excellent turnout of 11 riders for today's ride to Bannockburn. It might be that the secret to good participation is to have a route with a few decent hills or maybe the good weather forecast had something to do with it. Either way, Lyn G, Vicki, Elizabeth, Ian B, Mick, Chris, Geoff C, Rolf, Ray, Peter J and Ross left South Geelong and zig-zagged our way across Geelong towards the Midland Highway where we met up with Leo, before continuing on to the Ballan Road where Elizabeth decided to turn back.
The rest of the group turned on to Steiglitz Road and enjoyed the few undulations on offer before turning on to Parkers Road.
A passing faster rider took Rolf's interest and he quickly disappeared into the distance while the more restrained riders enjoyed a delightful long downhill run through the river valley before a short sharp uphill to the Midland Highway where we caught up with Rolf.
Once we had regrouped, we rolled down to morning tea at the usual Bannockburn café who were "enjoying" an unusually busy morning.
A long wait for coffee for Ray was explained when the waitress came around to collect empty mugs, telling us they did not have enough to go around. A short discussion about the merits of various snack foods concluded with Chris trumping those around with his bag of nuts and dried fruit. About then the waitress turned up with his coffee and substantial vanilla slice. The nuts and dried fruit were left intact!
Suitably refreshed we pushed on down Burnside Road before turning left on to the Hamilton Highway and a most enjoyable tail-wind pushed us back to Geelong. We started dropping riders from Fyansford back around the river with people taking the shorter route home.
An excellent ride though some lovely country with good company and good weather.
Does it get any better?

Peter's Ride to Freshwater Creek & Moriac on Saturday 28.5.16
Four tough riders through the showers this morning: Rolf, Ray, John and Peter J. John reckoned he had checked the radar and most of the showers had gone! But maybe not, we headed out to Ghazeepore Rd just in time for a really nice shower, or could be called rain, after waiting in the shelter of some trees on Dickinson we decided The Farmer's Place could be good for an early break to wait out the weather. A nice warm fire was good value and nice hot coffee was good too.
Decided instead of going to Jan Juc we would take Blackgate and head out through Moriac and come back with a nice tailwind. Worked out ok, light showers came and went, sunshine came and went, and we enjoyed our ride back into Geelong from Moriac. Still a good morning out in the fresh air on the bike. The country is looking great, everything clean and green.
Cheers Peter.

Ross' Ride from Moriac to Anglesea & Urquhart's Bluff - Tuesday 24.5.16
To believers in the accuracy of the weather forecast, today was a window of opportunity not to be missed.
Eight riders turned up at Moriac for a leisurely ride to Urquhart Bluff. Trudi, Lyn, Jackie, David R, Rolf, Peter J, Ray and Ross set off in cool but still conditions, following the "standard" route to Anglesea. Other than a short detour down a wrong road, it was nice easy run down to Maids Pantry where Terry joined us for morning tea.
Seems quite a few of those present needed to be back early so just the three "R's" (Rolf , Ray and Ross) continued on to our final destination. After the traditional photo opp at the bluff, we turned around and rode back to our starting point.
Other than a puncture for Ross, within sight of Moriac, there was nothing to report other than it being a very pleasant ride.
Rolf and Ray decided to lunch at the Moriac General Store and I headed home.
Thanks to all.

TWO RIDES on Sunday 22.5.16 - John & Greg to Glenmore and Peter's Ride beside the Barwon & Waurn Ponds Ck.
John's Ride to Glenmore:
Just Greg and myself turned up for this ride to Glenmore. Greg had, in the past, led this ride in the opposite direction with its 25% gradients on the Glenmore Rd but this time we were doing it in the opposite direction. Heading out of Geelong on the Ballan Rd we stopped for coffee at the Anakie Store. We both hopped into large cakes as we realized that we would need all the energy we could get with the northerly wind blowing and the slopes up to Mt Wallace and there would not be any place we could buy lunch. Once we got to the big downhill we had the wind behind us so the trip home was literally 'a breeze'. Our total distance was 140km at an average of 23kph.
Regards, John.

Peter's Ride Around the Watercourses:
Everyone loves an easy ride once in a while. Sixteen riders turned up, Marie, Lyn G, Pam, Mark, Geoff C, Mike, Ian, Ross, Mick, Chris Halpin, Chris Hume, Rolf, Rohan, Peter M and friend Prue, and Peter J. We all cruised down to the river and headed out to the Break, around the playing fields across Barwon Heads Rd on to the Waurn Ponds Creek Trail, over Torquay Rd and out to Panache at Waurn Ponds for a coffee.
Met David E and Barb about to leave on their bikes, wished him a Happy Birthday. After much discussion and coffee continued out past Bunnings and took Pigdons Rd to Deakin, did a circuit of the Uni and continued up to the Ted Wilson Trail and over the top meandering through Wandana Drive to Scenic Rd and Barrabool Rd. Long down hill to the River, turning left out to Queen’s Park crossing over and back along the river to Barwon Edge for a second coffee for those that are really committed coffee drinkers. A number continued on to head home, ran into more club members, Ray turned up with Nicole and some other friends so another chat.
Finally the time came to leave the nice Sunny table and push on home after a very enjoyable morning in real good company. Really good to see Ian back with us after the all clear from his Doctor. Also very good to catch up with ex member Peter M and his friend Prue, come again some time.
Cheers Peter

To Ground Zero in Drysdale on Saturday 21.5.16 and David Ellis and John Hagan to The Zoo in Drysdale.
Six riders to Ground Zero on a crisp autumn morning. Sue, Vicky, Ian, (new members) Rolf, Chris and Peter J enjoyed the ride out to Drysdale via the Break, Townsend Rd, Queenscliff Rd, Bellarine Rail Trail and Port Rd. I must mention that Rolf was a picture of absolute Sartorial Elegance this morning in his Red Helmet, Red shoes, Black suit with Red stripes and Black Gloves with Red backs. A real picture on his Red and Black Giant.
After enjoying our coffee we headed home via Princess St, Swan Bay Rd, Queenscliff Rd where the group split at Boundary Rd for our homes.
A lovely ride on a really nice morning.
Cheers Peter.

John H & David E rode on the Rail Trail to The Zoo in Drysdale on David's birthday.

Peter's Ride to Millar's in Lara on Thursday 19.5.16
Six riders to thumb their noses at the wind this morning, Lyn G, Vicky, Mick, Rolf, Ted and Peter J. Starting at the top of Church St the wind does tend to whistle over the hill but our dedicated little band pedalled along riding the gusts as the wind gods threw it all at us.
We took the Lovely Banks option, I thought it may have been a little more sheltered at times, which I think it was. At one point we turned directly into the wind for a 50 mtr section before turning right again just as a little squall hit, I had to get out of the saddle to maintain forward movement, Lyn G started going backwards so thought she might get off and walk to the corner.
In general everyone handled the wind very well and we enjoyed a lovely downwind run into Millar’s for coffee. After coffee the Hovel Trail seemed the most appropriate and we had a really good run back into Geelong and home.
Cheers Peter.

Peter's Ride to Pt Lonsdale on Tuesday 17.5.16
Quiet start today, a few regulars away and a few whooshes meant that just Lyn G, Rolf and me took a flying downwind run to Point Lonsdale. On the way we called into Van Loons for a coffee, before continuing to Point Lonsdale and back to Barwon Heads Bakery for lunch.
It was a bit overcast and now and again there was a fine drizzle but not enough to wet the road, there was also some Sunny breaks. We returned along Barwon Heads Rd and Lakes Rd before getting back onto Barwon Heads Rd all the way into Belmont Common where we split to head home after a quite enjoyable ride.
Cheers Peter.

Ross' Ride to Moriac via the Barrabool Hills on Sunday 15.5.16
Including the Barabool hills in any ride tends to reduce the number of participants so it was great to see a good crowd for todays ride, especially given the BOM were forecasting 35 k winds. Pam, Geoff C, Mark, Rolf, John H, Peter O, Peter J, Ross and prospective new member Vicky set out from South Geelong, heading for the old cement works and the big run down down Hyland Street.
I thought I was moving well then John H flew past - he can fill in his top speed here - xx kph (note from your webmaster - had better not put the speed as the limit is 60kph - but can report that on Devon Rd, later on, hit 74.8kph).
Heading out of Fyansford, we started to get an appreciation of just how strong the wind was getting. It was a grind out to Merrawarp Road where the change of direction gave us a side wind and some respite. Back to a headwind when we turned on to Barrabool Road, making the push up the hills a little harder than usual. The joy of the run down Devon Road was short lived as the strong gusty side wind made life very interesting. It was my first experience of the disadvantage of deep rims and it was not pleasant!
Another grind along Reservoir Road before the beautiful long run down Hendy Main Road to Ravens Creek Farm for morning tea.
Rolf had taken one for the team by sprinting ahead to get us a good table – in the sun and out of the wind.
The array of cakes tempted quite a few of us and once suitably fortified and refreshed, we set off for home with a glorious tail wind.
Taking full advantage of the easy pedalling conditions had us back in Geelong in short time.
Thanks to all participants for a great ride.

To Groove in Ocean Grove on Saturday 14.5.16
Cracker of a day, not a cloud in the sky, nine riders, Lyn G, Sue, Sarah, John, Rolf, Ross, Mick, Chris and Peter J, all ready to enjoy the ride. We headed out the Surf Coast Hwy to Boundary Rd, to Barwon Heads Rd, taking the Lake Rd option and Barwon Heads Rd again to Sheepwash and to Groove Ocean Grove for coffee. The Sun was out and it was most enjoyable having a coffee and chat before heading home via 13th Beach, Blackrock Path, Blackgate Rd and HSBend Rd.
A most enjoyable morning, the wind had come up a little but nothing the “tough” can’t handle.
Cheers Peter.

Rolf, Peter & Chris with our new GTC tops on - showing the 3 different styles from L to R:
1. Rolf is in the racing model which is a bit tighter fitting and he has the green and gold bands of his Australian Road Championship.
2. Peter with the rain proof vest over the short sleeved more casual top.
3. Chris with the long sleeved model.

Peter's Ride to Soul Fuel in Torquay on Thursday 12.5.16
Another blustery day with a bit of a spray, but doesn’t deter the keen riders. Jackie, David R, Ray, Rolf and Peter fronted up and enjoyed a brisk ride to Torquay via Anglesea Rd, Coombes Rd and Ocean Acres. For a change we went to Soul Fuel for a very enjoyable coffee before meandering through the houses to HSBend Rd and home. Most of the ride was with a brisk side wind with a sprinkling of head winds and the very best the tail wind.
A most enjoyable ride in good company.
Cheers Peter.

Peter's Ride to Moriac & Freshwater Creek on Tuesday 10.5.16
Cool, windy and damp for our ride today, but not all at the one time, Jackie and David joined me at Grovedale Pub and we headed to Moriac via Ghazapore, Dickens, Anglesea Rd and Blackgate Rd, had a bit of breeze and a bit of a shower, and a bit of blue sky. Rolled up at Moriac only to find the cafe closed, no power, so on the bikes and a quick run down wind to The Farmers Place where we had a great coffee in warm and convivial circumstances.
The Sun came out and we spun home with a nice tailwind, a very enjoyable ride through quiet and green countryside.
Cheers Peter.

No Ride on Sunday 8th May - no one turned up for the combined ride probably due to rain and Mothers' Day.

Darling River Run - Ride Summary from Ross
Having spent a few days at home, we are probably now in a better position to summarise our recent trip.
From my perspective, while we didn't achieve our objective, we saw some areas previously unknown to us and had an most enjoyable ride back through the Mallee and on to our finish at Swan Hill.
Some of the positives include Pooncarie and points further north getting their first rains in six months, generally warm weather and mostly positive winds, Mick getting an opportunity to test out the new Surly Long Haul Tracker in it's natural environment and meeting some great country people.
No real negatives but if I had to make a call I would include Pooncarie and points further north getting their first rains in six months and riding some verge-less sections of the Murray Valley Highway.
Main lessons learned are to always stay hydrated and not to ride hard when off-colour.
The good news is that the Darling River roads are still sitting there, just waiting for a return.
You'll have to ask Mick for his opinion on that!
Cheers, Ross.

To Mejavo's Cafe in Torquay on Saturday 7.5.16
Six riders on an absolute cracker of day, little wind and forecast 25 degrees, what could be better. Sue and her tandem with me as pilot, Ross, Rolf, Ray and John. We took the longer way to Torquay across the bike path to Ghazapore Rd to Dickens and Anglesea Rd to Coombes Rd. A bit of traffic on Anglesea Rd all heading down the coast, maybe for the Great Ocean Rd run?
A short run up Coombes to Ocean Acres where we cut across to Grossman’s and headed into Torquay for coffee at Mejavo’s. There was a big group of cyclists already there but they moved on as we put our orders in, David E arrived as we did and a short while later Simon and Geoff C turned up, a good mob for an animated discussion on Simon’s recent Audax reccie ride up the Murray from Murray Bridge to Wodonga.
After coffee we returned home via HSBend Rd, a most enjoyable morning out on the bike on a day that may not be repeated weather wise for a few months.
Cheers Peter.

To The Chocolate Factory on Thursday 5.5.16
Seven riders interested in chocolate today: Jackie, Rolf, David, Ray, Ted, Peter O and Peter J. Fine and Sunny with a light breeze and occasional fluffy clouds, ideal day for a ride. We took the Rail Trail to Boundary Rd, when we reached Portarlington Rd we took the new path along past Eastern Beach Park around past Eastern beach and along the Bay Trail.
At Separation St we diverged on to the Tom McKean Trail. At Church St we diverged yet again and headed for the Ted Wilson Trail and on to the Chocolate Factory for a lovely Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Chocolate Brownie, (with Cream) Chocolate Cup Cake, (with Cream).
A lot of friends turned up with the LAC Cycling group, much chatter, before we took our leave and headed home via Cementies hill and the River Path, a most enjoyable morning riding.
Cheers Peter.

Rolf to Drysdale on Tuesday - 3.5.16
I did check the computer at 8 and the ride was still listed, so down the garage I went, got dressed for the ride and left. At 9, no one had turned up at the Show grounds and I concluded that it must have been too windy for the other riders to venture outside, but as I was there already, I left for Queenscliff. In Drysdale, I reconsidered my plan and opted for the B version, coffee at Ground Zero and home afterwards. Kelly, our friendly waitress was asking where all the others were, but I had no answer for her. My ride back went along Princess Street, Swan Bay Road and then the Queenscliff Hwy and home. While it was a little bit windy and at times I struggled to maintain 22 km/h, I got well compensated with some tail wind.
Life is great on a bike even in windy weather,

Simon's Murray River Ride - 1200km - Days 10-15 from 19.4.16 - 24.4.16
Day 10 Tue 19 - Tooleybuc to Swan Hill
Across the lifting bridge back to Victoria and the B400 to Nyah. Not the most pleasant road with no shoulder. The pleasure of a stop at Nyah followed by the Nyah bridge back to NSW on the Speewa Rd. Joy of joys, the expected gravel road on the way to the Speewa Punt has all been sealed - a very pleasant journey on quiet roads. Photo of the Nyah bridge, the small single row Speewa punt and the lifting bridge at our destination, Swan Hill. After some lunch, Don drove a few of us who were interested out to the Catalina Museum on the shore of Lake Boga. A very interesting piece of our wartime history and worth an hour or two of your time.

Day 11 Wed 20 - Swan Hill to Barham
Across the bridge to NSW again and then off onto the surprise back road - unexpected and horrible loose gravel for 20km or so. Ride organiser not very popular among the troops. Photos of the old bridge over a now dry trickle from the Murray, no, not the road, but what's left of a railway (that decaying bridge another part of the same), the lifting bridge at Gonn Crossing and finally the view to the bridge into Barham. A camp among the trees.

Day 12 Thu 21 - Barham to Echuca
Well a long day with 24km of gravel to traverse, horrible loose stuff, banked up in corners and interspersed with bike breaking corrugations. We all survived though I've had to do a few roadside repairs to my ageing corflute tailbox; time for a replacement if it survives. Dome tracked down a replacement camping ground for us when the original had no vacancies. A little burst of rain gave me an excuse to take a cabin. No photos, sorry.

Day 13 Fri 22 - Echuca to Tocumwal
Across the bridge into Echuca for breakfast, and then, after some delay for some of us - it was my turn to have a puncture (or two), away we went out the Cobb Hwy with a modest shoulder and some traffic. Crossed the bridge into Barmah where we stopped for lunch. Photos of the Barmah bridge, and the old Barmah punt which was in service until 1966. Ian and I missed our turn at Picola and benefited from the quieter road that paralleled the correct route. A good day on the road and 120km. Another fine meal at the Farmers Arms in Tocumwal.

Day 14 Sat 23 - Tocumwal to Corowa
We changed our plans and chose to ride through Yarrawonga to Corowa. On our way out of Tocumwal, a photo of the memorial and site of a WWII hospital established in the woods - just a memory now. Victoria again at Cobram, and the B400 unpleasantness to Yarrawonga where we stopped for lunch. Across the weir to NSW and on to Corowa on a fine quiet road.

Day 15 Sun 24 - Corowa to Wodonga
Last day! We were underway by 8am and chose to ride as a group for this final day. The train out of Wodonga Station for Melbourne was scheduled for 12:55, so we had ample time to enjoy the trip and make an early departure for home rather than wait until Monday, Anzac Day. After looping out to Wahgunyah to cross that bridge and the Federation Bridge back into Corowa, we followed the Riverina Hwy to Howlong where we stopped at the bakery for an early lunch. Then the very pretty road back to Victoria, a few km on the B400 before a quiet run into Wondonga.
A very helpful VLine employee sorted out our various Seniors' tickets and vouchers, and we had time to change and sit about congratulating ourselves. Dome waited and saw us off before cycling in to where he'd left his car. He stayed overnight and drove back to Sydney on Anzac Day.
All good, great trip, fine company, only very minor wounds to a couple of our riders from a couple of gravel falls (no, not me), and some memories to bank. Till the next one... Thanks to all.

Cheers, Simon.

From Ouyen with Ross and Mick - Sunday 1.5.16
Greetings from Ouyen. The last report was from Pooncarie and we were camped in the park. It had not rained there for 6 months but on our second night, the heavens opened up and we headed south towards Wentworth in steady rain. We started meeting people who had been turned back at the start of the dirt and later met others who had been towed out. Helped temper the disappointment. The 120 k's back to Wentworth went much easier than the trip up - slight downhill and a tailwind improved our time by 3 1/2 hours! Hard decisions made in Wentworth had us heading through Mildura and on to a noisey camp in Red Cliffs (traffic noise plus thunder) We are working our way to Swan Hill to possibly/probably catch the train home. Today was 85 windy k's down the Calder to Ouyen. Currently set up at the local caravan park alongside a pedelec rider heading from Adelaide to Melbourne to play golf! (He freighted his clubs over) Tomorrow we are off to Tooleybuc via Manangatang. Should be fun. Regards, Ross and Mick.

Peter O'Brien's Report on Ballarat Autumn Day Ride on Sunday 1.5.16
Today I rode the BAD ride at Ballarat. In poor conditions, it took 2 hours to ride the first 40kms into strong head winds. After the 50km mark there was a great tailwind but combined with strong side winds it meant riding in a straight line was particularly difficult. Then the rain came! The downpour caused small hailstones to smash against my face so that not only was riding treacherous but it was painful as well!
There was no real break in the ride until the lunch stop at Lake Burrumbeet at the 72km mark.
After lunch, the route back to Ballarat took many deviations making for an interesting ride. All up, I covered 100kms in 4 hours and 22 minutes. Even though I'd do this ride again, today in such inclement weather conditions I was happy to reach the end.
Regards, Peter O'Brien.

Peter's Ride on his own around Barwon & Waurn Ponds Trails on Sunday 1.5.16
On a breezy and chilly day only the really tough or stupid turned up, me. I waited for Trudi time but decided Noel time would be just too long so headed off and took the Bay Link along Yarra St to the Barwon River Trail. Being an easy ride I didn’t push myself too hard just cruised along to the break where I diverged through the playing grounds and on to the Waurn Ponds Creek Trail. The wind was on the nose for most of this section so my cruise became a bit of a slog but with a bit of protection from trees and changes in direction it wasn’t too bad.
The Sun was out and was nice and warm but I could see ahead plenty of grey with a lovely rainbow so reckoned some rain might be on the way. It was starting to spit as I got to Waurn Ponds so headed into Panache for a coffee and jelly slice to let the shower pass through.
After coffee I checked the radar and thought it would be a good idea to push on before some real rain arrived so continued out the Waurn Ponds Creek trail to Bunnings, up Pigdons past Deakin and on to the Ted Wilson Trail, over the top and down through Wandana Hts and Highton and home.
Not everyone’s idea of a good riding day but I really enjoyed it, life is too short to not get out and do what you want to do.
Cheers Peter.

Peter's Ride to Starfish Bakery in Barwon Heads - 30.4.16
Eight riders and only seven bikes this morning, a vision impaired friend Sue joined us as Stoker on her tandem with yours truly as Pilot. Lyn G, Sarah, Ray, John and Rolf kept us company on our ride to Starfish in Barwon Heads.
It was a really lovely day, plenty of sunshine as we cruised down Boundary Rd to Barwon Heads Rd and on to Lakes Rd. Sue reckoned we should pick up the pace to make up for the crank class she missed on Wednesday so we powered along to the roundabout at Barwon Heads and took the Sheepwash option. The breeze had picked up so the run back towards coffee was an opportunity to put the pedal to the metal with a nice tailwind and on to coffee.
After a good coffee and chat it was off around 13th Beach, to Blackrock Path and Blackgate Rd, returning home via HSBend Rd and Surfcoast Hwy. A most enjoyable day for a ride in good company.
Cheers Peter.

Peter & Sue on the tandem and Sarah following

John, Ray, Sue, Peter Rolf, Lyn, Sarah & Mark at Starfish enjoying coffee.

Mildura to Broken Hill with Ross and Mick - Thursday 28.4.16
Quite a lot has happened in the last few days. We had an early start from Wentworth with the thought of getting to Pooncarie in one day. We made it but at a cost. Strong headwinds and long gradual uphills made us work hard all the way and we arrived after dark and completely exhausted. The last few hours we were riding shorter and shorter distances between breaks until it was getting down to just a few k's at the time. Took a room at the pub as the campground is out of town and we didn't have front lights (and we probably wouldn't have made the extra distance). Felt reasonable the next morning so headed north after a leisurely start. Strong headwinds and some rough roads sapped the last of my energies and I went into a slow decline that manifested itself as a need to lie down at each break.
We got within about 18 k's of our evening's destination when I conked out altogether. Got down on the road and couldn't get up. Mick should probably fill in the next bit as my memory of it is jumbled. Basically a local passersby called the volunteer paramedics but I have a vague recollection of Mick asking some other stoppers if they would lend him a gun to put me out of my misery. Long story short, the locals got us back to town where we are set up in the local park, just near the "No Camping" signs. No rooms available at the pub. Verdict was hot day, strong headwind, cumulative dehydration and low blood sugar for me. Mick has a cold that is making his life miserable. Today is a day of rest as we consider our options. Strong headwinds are forecast for the next few days with the possibility of rain. Local advice is not to proceed if it rains. At this stage, we are considering heading south but no decisions made yet.
All the best, Ross and Mick.

Ray's ride to Drysdale on Thursday 28.4.16
Before starting the ride it was clear to us all that wind + rain was not going to improve. Therefore, it was generally agreed that we change the ride from Ocean Grove for a more local ride to Drysdale via the Rail Trail, in order to escape the strong wind.
However, both wind and rain followed us all the way to our coffee stop at Ground Zero. We all arrived wet with both bodies and bikes spattered with mud.The return trip homeward was via the Rail Trail both wind and rain had eased which made it more enjoyable.
As always a nice ride, we really have no complaints with the weather as so far this year it has been perfect riding conditions.
Ray Moore.

Moriac, Bells Beach, Jan Juc, Torquay on Tuesday 26.4.16
A beautiful morning for our ride to Bell's Beach! Eight happy riders - Trudi, Lyn, Meri, Glenda, Ray, Rolf, David and Jackie - set off from Bunnings up the old Colac Road and met the highway, where we continued as far as Hendy Main Road, where we took a left for a great downhill run to Moriac. The Ravens Cafe was closed so we had coffee at the shop, sitting outside in the lovely sunshine. Peter soon joined us and then Mark turned up. After a pleasant coffee break we travelled down Hendy Main Road and took a right at Larcombes. Unfortunately, Mark, Rolf and Meri were well in front and they missed the turning, but we continued on down Forrest Road, at the end of which they caught up with us. From there we enjoyed a great ride around Bell's Beach and met up with Lyn and Glenda again in Torquay, as they had decided to go straight on.
A couple of riders decided to go for another coffee at Front Beach Cafe - the rest of us had lunch on the grassy area overlooking the beach. After lunch we headed up Horseshoe Bend Road, when Meri's wheel started to "squeak". Eventually, after swopping wheels with Ray, it was decided that the problem was in the wheel, so Meri was given advice on how to fix it.
Another great ride on a beautiful day.
David Rae.

Mildura to Broken Hill with Ross and Mick
Greetings fom Wentworth. Travelled up to Mildura by train and bus yesterday and had an easy ride to Wentworth today where we are now relaxing beside the river. The first few metres of riding came as a shock - you forget how "flexible" bikes are when overloaded. Lucky the feeling soon disappears. Heading towards Pooncarie tomorrow. First 100 k's are sealed so we will have a nice introduction to our trip. Forecast is for very warm weather so we will be stocking up with water. Not expecting much in the way of phone coverage for a while so reports will be infrequent. All the best Ross and Mick.

Peter O'Brien's Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove on Sunday 24.4.16
The weather was perfect for riding today when John, Rolf, Mark, Chis Halpin, Chris Hume & myself left South Geelong.
We rode along the river path to Belmont Common and onto the Barwon Heads Road. We turned at Lakes Road & headed to 13th Beach.
I noticed there were lots of riders out & about making the most of the sunshine. At the Groove Cafe in Ocean Grove we met Ted, Jo & Marcia for coffee. We were introduced to the owners beautiful newborn daughter Carrie (unsure of spelling here). As per usual, the owners were gracious & today kindly gave us a delicious cake.
At this point, as I'm camping for the weekend at Point Lonsdale, I handed over to John to lead the ride for the return trip.
Over to you John.... The return trip was via the lumps and bumps of Wallington and Leopold with Mark & Rolf heading north of the City and the 2 Chrises & John taking the path along the Barwon River to home.
Peter O.

To Elkhorn Cafe in Wallington on Saturday 23.4.16
Just Rolf and John at a drizzly start to the Saturday ride. I texted Peter J to say that we were going to the Elkhorn Cafe in Wallington for coffee - if anyone wanted to join us. Rolf and I headed out to Leopold and then joined the Bellarine Rail Trail through to Curlewis. Here we passed a group of cyclists mending a puncture on the trail and Mike Currie was in this group. Heading south on Curlewis Rd and Wallington Rd we arrived there at 9:40. After a bit of a wait for coffee, and an enquiry by Rolf as to whether it had got lost, the coffee arrived and so did Peter and Marion. In the photo below Marion is holding up an imaginary cup as she did not order tea or coffee. On the return trip we worked fairly hard staying mostly above 30kph and covered approximately 65km for the morning.
Regards, John.

To Lara on Thursday 21.4.16
On a warm morning, given the weather reports which suggested a rainy period, Rolf, Ray, David, Jacki and myself headed off to Lara. We rode the route David Innes normally takes us (you guessed it) along Bluestone Bridge Road Lovely Banks and then up the steep incline. An exhilarating ride that gets rid of the cobwebs - if you have any! Jacki showed off her prowess in hill climbing and totally surprised Rolf as she shot past him. Upon arrival we took some time to view the specular views over Corio Bay.
The coffee stop today was at Millars located in Grand Lakes Estate where we enjoyed catching up with Marion, Peter, Mick and Lyn.
It was great to chat with Mick about his upcoming trip with Ross, both of whom are about to undertake an epic expedition from Wentworth to Bourke. What some people will do to leave Geelong! Saying this, I’m talking from the perspective of a beleaguered Collingwood - thinking that I just might join them!
Back on our bikes we had a slight head wind as we returned to Geelong from whence we headed off our separate ways at Margaret Street, North Geelong. All up a very enjoyable ride.
Regards, Peter O’Brien.

David Rae's Ride to St Leonards on Tuesday 19.4.16
Nine riders - Lyn and Mick, Trudi, Rolf, Meri, Ray, Ted and David and Jackie set off from the Showgrounds and stayed on the bike path as far as Moolap. We continued along the Bellerine Highway and turned off along Swan Bay Road across Grubb Road and took a left at Princess Street for a gradual climb to Drysdale for coffee at Ground Zero.
Peter timed it well to meet us for coffee and we were pleasantly surprised to see his passenger, Brian. It was nice to catch up with him and hear all his news. After a very pleasant coffee break, we headed off along Port Arlington Road in perfect weather conditions. As usual this was a very enjoyable stretch of the ride with some good ups and downs. We then continued along the Esplanade through Indented Heads to St. Leonards - always a beautiful ride along by the water, especially on such a lovely day. We stopped for lunch at St Leonards - the only mishap being that Meri's chain came off while at the shops.
We returned via Murradoc Road and joined the bike path at Drysdale, stopping at McDonalds in Leopold for a very welcome coffee/hot chocolate break. We said cheerio to Ted here, who decided to keep going.
A great ride on a beautiful day! Cheers! David.

Simon's Murray River Ride - 1200km - Days 6, 7, 8, 9 - 15.4.16 - 18.4.16
Day 6 - Cullulleraine - No towns on this run of 84km to Lake Culluleraine. A photo of camping site on the lake shore. BBQ dinner at the camp kitchen. All travellers in fine form. Breakfast at the roadhouse in the morning.
Cheers Simon.

Day 7 - Mildura - We changed our destination from Wentworth at 59km to Mildura at 92km. Another fine day with a photo of the Curlwaa Bridge; one way and not timed for bikes which caused some fun. Lunch in Wentworth. On to Mildura to another fine camp on the river's edge.
Walked a km or so to pub for dinner.
Cheers, Simon.

Day 8 - Euston - Breakfast at a roadhouse just out of Mildura before another day on the road. Enough trucks and vans to keep us focussed. Another revised destination, Euston instead of Robinvale and a 5 km shorter day of 79km. Pleasant surprise when Ross G stopped his car in front to say a warm hello - most unexpected. Small caravan park in town. Ate at the club. Photo at Gol Gol en route.
Cheers, Simon.

Day 9 - Tooleybuc - 97 km day and no shops expected, however Boundary Bend offered food and drink at the right time. Shoulder appeared and disappeared at whim, but traffic was light.
A roadside photo, small camping ground, another classic lifting bridge and dinner at the disproportionately sized club.
Cheers, Simon.

Sunday Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove - 17.4.16
With a strong south-easterly blowing Rolf, Chris Hume, Chris Halpin, Lyn and John H headed out along Lake Rd, the Barwon Heads Rd, and then took Sheepwash Rd for the scenic tour of Barwon Heads. We then crossed the river to Groove at Ocean Grove for coffee. The return trip via 13th Beach was greatly assisted by the following wind. Our total trip was about 60km. We usually have more photos of riders at coffee but your photographer slipped up this time and only one of the photos was good enough to publish but we can assure you that more than two of us had coffee!
Regards, John.

John's Ride to Modewarre & Torquay on Saturday 16.4.16
It was drizzle, drizzle, drizzle.... all the way to coffee. Coffee was a bit delayed too as we landed in Moriac and found Hendy Main Road blocked by the Great Ocean & Otway Classic Ride. We decided to go with the riders down to Modewarre on the Cape Otway Rd, Larcombes Rd and Forest Rd. Turning off the route on Grey's Rd we cut back to Hendy Main and were allowed along it as the sag wagon was passing. Ray, Peter O'B, Mark and John pushed through the gloom to the Surf Coast Highway and turned north, over Blackgate Rd, to the Uforic Food Cafe. Here we met up with Mick & Lyn and Peter & Marion who were unable to ride. Mark got a staple through his tyre and tube just as we stopped so had repairs to do. On the return trip we were pushed along by a brisk southerly breeze and most of us would have covered about 70km for the morning.
Happy Riding, John.

Simon's Murray River Ride - 1200km - Day 4 - 13.4.16 & Day 5 - 14.4.16
Day 4 - Had a great dinner in the Commercial Hotel, drinking "Commie Red". Set off in the morning after brekky in the servo café. Had to delay as Waikerie Punt at halfway point of our 90km day was closed from 10am till 2pm for cable replacement. The punts traverse the river on two cables pulled by hydraulically driven pulleys. We arrived just as it opened again and went into Waikerie for lunch at the bakery.
Then a splitting of the ways as some rode the official route, A20, to Cobdogla, while others recrossed the punt and took the less trafficked longer route via Lake Bonny. The last three of us saw the sun setting on Lake Bonny, and rode the last kms home with lights. Dinner in the "Cobby" Club.
Cheers, Simon.

Day 5 - Left “Cobby“ and set off around Lake Bonny. Spectacular displays by pelicans and Eagles before we stopped for morning tea at Barmera. Then the highway to Berri for lunch, and a pretty ride to the Lyrup punt. Another short sharp climb from the punt mooring followed by a nasty climb to the highway. Two punctures for Ian, rear at Berri, front just outside Renmark. Finally the lifting bridge at Paringa, with cycle path up the centre. Paringa Pub for dinner. 82km to Cullulleraine tomorrow, nothing in between, and back to Victoria.

Lyn Gregg's Drysdale - Wallington Loop on Thursday 14.4.16
On a pleasant Thursday 9 riders arrived at the show grounds: Ross, Rolf, Ray, Jackie, David,Ted, Chris, Mick and Lyn. We headed along the bike track to the lights on the Bellarine Highway where we went on the road to Melaluka Rd and turned left and went along to the bike track again and then headed for Ground Zero. Here we enjoyed coffee and sang happy birthday to Jackie. We then headed for home where Ross and Rolf went down Princess Road
and the rest back the way we came. A pleasant ride with great company - thank you all.
Cheers, Lyn G.

Simon's Murray River Ride - 1200km - Day 2 - 11.4.16 & Day 3 - 12.4.16
Day 2 was 82km to Swan Reach via Purnong and Walker Flat punts. Stopped at Walker Flat for lunch. Last 20km to Swan Reach on gravel road, hard packed limestone. Pretty good riding even on 20" front wheel recumbent, except for the odd corrugations and potholes. Murray River cliffs a new site. All good with assisting winds.
Small caravan park in Swan Reach after final punt. Only pub for dinner.
Spirits good, everyone travelling well.

Cheers, Simon.

Day 3 - 70 km to Morgan today, with our second 20km gravel stretch. Blanchetown for lunch and watching a houseboat negotiate lock 1 on the Murray. Lock operator was chatty and hubby of woman who served us coffee in Swan Reach this morning.
Russell 's birthday!
Fine meal at pub, splendid camp-site overlooking Murray.
Cheers, Simon.

Peter Jones' Ride to Shelford & Inverleigh on Tuesday 12.4.16
A bit of a grey start for today’s ride with a cool breeze but by the time everyone was up the first hill it was roasty toasty. Ten riders, Meri, Jackie, Lyn G, Mick, Ray, Rolf, Mark, Ross, David R and Peter J headed up the Hamilton Hwy into a bit of a head wind to Burnside Rd. Turning away from the wind was very pleasant and all rolled into Bannockburn and to Le Duo Sorelle for coffee.
Following coffee it was out to Shelford and left into the Inverleigh Rd which follows the Leigh River valley to Inverleigh. Pasties were nice from the bakery, and the vanilla slice wasn’t bad too, a bit too hard on the pastry but passable.
We expected a tail wind but it was more of a cross tail wind but still a good run back to Fyansford where some couldn’t resist another coffee before heading home, another fine day on the bike.
Cheers Peter

Simon's Murray River Ride - 1200km - Started Sunday 10.4.16
Quite a few GTC riders on this ride: Simon, David E, Davic C, Pam, Geoff C.
Leaving the Murray Bridge Resort Caravan Park, joined by four riders from the SA recumbents group. Lazy breakfast in town before getting away around 1030. Murray Bridge photo, group photo afterwards. A photo of the distant Murray River about 15km from Mannum Photo on the Mannum Ferry taking us across the river to our stop in Mannum Caravan Park. Photo of a few of us on the Mannum ferry.
A big day of 37km! Fine meal at the pub. Sitting in the camp kitchen watching the Paris Roubaix cycling race now. 82km to Swan Reach tomorrow, 20 km of gravel road...
Cheers, Simon.

John Hagan's Combined Ride to Bannockburn on Sunday 10.4.16
This was certainly a ride of attrition. If the ride leader is judged by returning with 100% of the riders - returning with only 43% is not a high mark! We started off from Sth Geelong Station at 9am with Helen, John M, from Cycling Geelong, and Peter J, Rolf, Ross, John H, from GTC and Mike Currie from both clubs. We proceeded along the Barwon River path until, just short of Balyang we encountered a cross country run, so took Balcombe Rd to avoid the runners and join the river further up. At Fyansford Helen, who had time constraints, decided to do a shorter ride, and the rest proceeded into a very strong headwind along the Hamilton Highway. At Murgheboluc John H, Mike and Rolf got ahead of the group on a long downhill. Meanwhile, behind drama was brewing... (see Ross' account for this part). When the 3 riders didn't appear at Brislanes Rd John made a phone call to Peter to find out what had transpired. John H, Rolf and Mike then headed off to coffee at Le Due Sorelle Cafe in Bannockburn and then returned via Batesford to Geelong.

Ross' account of what happened to the rest of the group:
I was sitting at the back of the pelaton as we passed Burnside Road. After a long drag into the wind, everyone changed up a few gears and set off to take advantage of the big downhill. Immediately in front of me, John M accelerated away then as he changed up again, the chain jumped and locked the back wheel. Smoke poured off the tyre for about 5 seconds then there was a loud bang as the tyre blew. John "fish tailed "down the hill for another 25 metres as he tried to bring the bike to a stop, finally stopping and toppling over on the verge. A most impressive demonstration of bike control. As John dis-entangled himself then the chain, Peter J came back up the hill to help. The derailleur was badly bent. The tyre was destroyed - all tread gone over about 10 cm and worn right through the casing in a couple of places. Luckily, both Peter and I both were carrying a tyre boot, and with the holes patched, a new tube and the gear that produced the least noise selected, we headed back to Geelong.
John had a lot more confidence in the repair than I would and led the way at a good pace with the assistance of the strong tail wind. We rode back to Barwon Edge for a well-deserved beverage and conversation before we each headed off towards home. Not quite the expected outing but most entertaining.

Peter Jones' Ride to Mannerim & Collendina on Saturday 9.4.16
Ten riders to Cheeky Cow in Collendina, Lyn G, Mick, Rolf, Matthew, Peter O, Mark, Chris, Zdenko, John and Peter J. On a Sunny day we headed over to the Queenscliff Rd via the Bike Path and Townsend Rd. It was a good run out the Queenscliff Rd through Leopold with a slight tail wind.
At Swan Bay Rd we turned left and climbed up to Grubb Rd, a quick dogleg and we continued to Banks Rd which took us over the Queenscliff Rd and Shell Rd to Collendina and the Cheeky Cow where we enjoyed a lovely coffee before returning home via 13th Beach, Lake Rd and Barwon Heads Rd. Thanks all for joining me on a lovely day and ride.
Cheers Peter

Peter Jones' Ride to Ocean Grind in Torquay on Thursday 7.4.16
Seven Riders for our Thursday spin to Torquay, Jackie, David R, Ray, Rolf, Mark, Peter O and Peter J. It was a little cool to start but with the Sun out we soon warmed up as we headed up Torquay Rd to the Bike Path and across to Ghazepore Rd to Anglesea Rd and Coombes. There was a bit of breeze heading West but when we took Coombes back to Torquay Rd it was a wonderful run.
I was going to head to Bunnings, I told everyone they had a really good kids play ground and they do coffee as well, no one seemed too thrilled so we diverted to Ocean Grind for an excellent coffee and chat before heading across to HSBend Rd and back home, lovely day, lovely ride.
Cheers Peter.

Peter Jones' Ride to Lara & Avalon Beach on Tuesday 5.4.16
Seven riders on a warm and blustery day, Meri, Glenda, Peter O, Rolf, Chris, Ray and Peter J. Ray was running late so we didn’t see him until half way to Lara but the rest of the riders headed out the Bay Trail into a reasonable head wind. With a forecast of increasing winds the plan was to get out and get back as early as possible.
Ran into a group from LAC on the way and had a chat which gave Ray the chance to catch up, headed to Millar’s for coffee and chat, Glenda turned around to head home and the rest had a wonderful run down wind to Avalon Beach, more than worth the head wind back to the highway where we spun down wind to the run off on to the Hovel Creek Trail again and rolled home from there.
Another fun morning on the bike.
Cheers Peter.

This report has just come in - click here to read John Carleton's description of Greg's Hard Ride to Bannockburn & Moriac on Sunday 27.3.16

Two rides on Sunday 3.4.16 - John H to Waurn Ponds & Mark to Barrabool & Moriac.
Seven riders turned up at Sth Geelong on an overcast morning. As our original ride leader Ross had injured his foot a few days ago it was up to us to elect ride leaders and decide where we would go. Mark led Barry, Rolf, Peter J and Peter O'B on a circuit through Ceres and Barrabool to Ravens Creek Farm cafe for coffee. The return trip for them was via Mt Duneed and Ghazeepore Roads.
John and Elizabeth decided on a shorter ride and headed off to Breakwater. On the way we met up with Louise and the three of us travelled along the Waurn Ponds Creek Trail to coffee at Panache in Waurn Ponds before going our separate ways.
Regards, John H.

John's Hagan's Ride to Paraparap & Torquay on Saturday 2.4.16
Seven riders set out on a rather overcast morning: Chris, Rolf, Mark, Jacki & David, Peter J and John. From Grovedale Pub we pedalled out into a southerly breeze along the bike path on Baanip Bvde and Ghazeepore Rd to Freshwater Creek. Blackgate Rd took us to Paraparap and then we followed Hendy Main Rd & Coombes through to the Front Beach Cafe to find that it does not open until 11am - so settled on Bells Bakery for an enjoyable coffee and chat. The return trip was via Horseshoe Bend Rd with a good tail wind.

Happy peddling, John.

Peter Jones' Ride to Barwon Heads on Thursday 31.3.16
Twelve riders on a cool morning for a ride to Barwon Heads, Jackie, Meri, Trudi, Lyn G, David R, Terry, Rolf, Mick, Ray, John, Ross and Peter J. Cruised down to the Barwon Heads Airport via Boundary, Barwon Heads and Lake Rds. After a brief break I sent the fast guys, Rolf, Ray and Ross off for a sprint down to Barwon Heads and around the Sheepwash, the rest of us continued down to Starfish to be joined by the fast crew within a few minutes.
Coffee was most enjoyable mainly in the Sunny area and after a good break it was home via 13th Beach, Blackrock Path, Blackgate Rd and HSBend Rd, of course with the obligatory sprint at the bottom of 13th Beach.
The group split for home at the Boundary Rd roundabout and again at Torquay Rd after a most enjoyable morning on the bike in excellent company.
Cheers Peter J.

Peter O'Brien's Ride to Pt Lonsdale on Tuesday 29.3.16
Today, Rolf, Chris Hume (first ride with the club) and myself set off to Point Lonsdale. We travelled to Lakes Road, along Blackrock Road and 13th Beach and a quick rest stop at Barwon Heads. We continued the ride to Ocean Grove and introduced Chris to the coffee culture of a bike rider and stopped at the Cheeky Cow. We continued the ride along Shell Road to Point Lonsdale. Having arrived there at 10.45am we decided to forego the lunch break and return back to Geelong. We took a few detours from the Bellarine Highway and finally headed our own way home once we reached Breakwater Road and Barwon River walk/bike path.
An enjoyable ride and distance travelled 75kms.
Peter O.

Ross' Easy ride to Waurn Ponds on Sunday 27.3.16
Six riders fronted for today's easy ride from South Geelong. Heather, Rolf, Mark, Simon, Mick and Ross rode the river bike path, Belmont Common and the back streets of Marshall before heading up the bike path on Baanip Boulevard, then down the Ghazepore Road hill and on to Panache at Waurn Ponds. The weather was mild enough for an extended outide stay with coffee and wide-ranging conversation. Eventually, it was decided to move on and we continued down the Waurn Ponds creek, through Belmont and back along the river to South Geelong.
Thanks to all for a very pleasant outing.
Regards, Ross.

Greg's Hard Ride to Bannockburn & Moriac on Sunday 27.3.16
It was a dark & stormy morning, with nary in sight when JC arrived, a tad late ...
But then Greg rolled in.
So, in the absence of anyone else, off they set, girding their loins against the inclement weather ...
Whilst discussing the paucity of participants on these rides, much to the surprise of JC, they headed valiantly up the Ted Wilson path to Creamery Road. Then along Evans/Ballan to Stieglitz, before dropping down Bakers Bridge, to the Midland Hwy, before scooting into Bannockburn.
They stopped here for a minute to refresh the bottles.
Greg was keen to stop for a coffee, but JC declined the opportunity.
So they wended their way down Moore/Pope/Levy/Charlton, and Burnside before turning left onto the Hamilton Hwy.
Greg turned off at Pollocksford to go up over to Moriac, then back into Geelong. JC kept going to Fyansford, then back along the river path, greeting all the other friendly users.
Then collapsed at home, having done 64 km; Greg would have done 100 km.

John Carleton.

Photos from Nicole's Easter Tour from Mudgegonga - 25-28.3.16

Breakfast View - Monday

Afternoon Refreshment View

Camp Site

Second Coffee Stop for Sunday

Friday Bakery Stop

Friday Visiting the Park

Saturday Coffee Stops - am & pm.

Bikes at Feathertop Winery

Tree House at the Coffee Shop

Rolf's Ride to Ocean Grove on Easter Saturday - 26.3.16
A overcast morning with a bit of drizzle and being Easter Saturday, I was not sure I would get anyone to ride with. Mick Greg was the first, Jackie and David Rae came next and Terry Hamilton was last to join us. Off we went towards Lake Road, across Barwon Heads Road to 13th Beach Road and a nice tailwind assisted us to Barwon Heads and on to Ocean Grove. We just got to the Groove before the next group arrived and looked for tables to sit on. I did take a few chocolate Easter eggs along and spread them out on our table for everyone to enjoy. Terry found they had rum in them and concluded that 8 of them would get us over the limit. There were enough for each of us to have 15 though. It showed on the way home when I noticed that I had left my helmet behind and the others must have been affected too as they didn't notice me only wearing my orange bandanna and no helmet. I had to go back and retrieve it and in between, Terry was overcome from all the rum as well as he fell off his bike. Luckily, no damage was done and we continued along 13th BR again, Lake Road and then through Warralilly to HSB Road and home. I did meet up with Pam and the Christmases who had lost David Ellis along the way, but I was unable to help them. It was a very pleasant morning in good company and thank you all for coming along.
Happy Easter to all GTC riders, Rolf

Peter O'Brien's Ride to Ocean Grove on Thursday 24.3.16
With Easter upon us, a small contingent of riders turned up for the ride to Barwon Heads. Rolf, Ross, Barry and myself headed off via Lakes Road to Barwon Heads. I knew from the outset that this would be a fast ride and Rolf (taking off like a bat out of hell) didn’t let us down! At Barwon Heads we continued at pace to the Groove in Ocean Grove for a coffee break. This break came at the right time as it enabled some of us to gather our composure for the ride back.
Back on our bikes we returned to Barwon Heads and rode along 13th Beach Road, to Blackgate Road and then to Horseshoe Bend Road where Ross departed for home. At this point, a rider on an electric bike passed us. Rolf and Barry took off after him and after catching him rode along with him for the next few km at speeds upwards of 35kph. Thank goodness the electric bike couldn’t exceed 35km!
At Marshalltown Road we split up and headed to our respective homes. The pace of the ride did not diminish on the return leg in fact, I think it was even quicker so I’m now at home recovering on the couch.
Upon reflection it was an enjoyable ride with the total distance ridden being 68km.
A Happy Easter to all.
Regards, Peter O.

Peter Jones' Ride to Moriac & Bells Beach on Tuesday 22.3.16
Seven riders on an absolute cracker of a day, Lyn G, Meri, Rolf, Terry, Peter O, Ross and Peter J. Where is everyone else? Hard to fathom sometimes, but we had an absolute glorious ride to Moriac for coffee and on to the Bells Bakery and Cafe in Torquay via Bells Beach, for lunch.
Sitting in the Sun it was just lovely. We did notice at Bells Beach that the Surfers are getting all set up so Rolf is thinking he might take a vote on the destination for his Saturday ride and perhaps Moriac would be a quieter location.
Lunch over we headed for home via HSBend Rd., lovely, glorious, fantastic all words to describe today’s ride, if you were not there then that is one you will never have. Thanks to those that joined me on such a cracker of a day.
Cheers Peter.

Nicole's Breakfast Ride to Barwon Heads Airport & Ocean Grove on Saturday 20.3.16
Rides, Ross, Barry, Ray, Peter J, Cameron and Nicole. We left South Geelong station at the early time of 8am for
me and I was not late. Enjoyed lovely conditions to ride to Geelong AeroClub on Barwon Heads road.

Had a lovely breakfast with cereal, juice and cooked options of bacon, eggs, tomatoes, baked beans and toast.
Tea and coffee. Thanks to Geelong Aero Club for arranging an lovely breakfast. After catching up with friends
Peter S from Lac and Jerry at Geelong Aero Club we rode towards Barwon Heads.

Repair time required before we got to Barwon Heads as I got a puncture. Thanks team for all the advise and
assistance. Back on our bikes we went for coffee at Groove in Ocean Grove. Barry was hoping we returned via
Leopold, but we didn't, so Barry left us. Return via thirteen beach, Blackgate Road. Ross returned home from
horsebend road. At Boundary road it was time for me to say enough riding for me today. Peter, Cameron and
Ray made their way home from Torquay Road.

Thanks for a lovely morning. Nicole

Peter Jones' Ride to Moriac - Saturday 19.3.16
Six riders on our Saturday ride, a bit of an overcast day with a bit of a drizzle on the way but little thereafter. Jackie, David R, Rolf, Ray, John and Peter J rode out Pioneer Rd to the Waurn Ponds Creek Trail and up the old highway to the Colac Rd.
By the time we reached the Colac Rd everyone was nice and warm, we continued out the Colac Rd to Hendy Main Rd and rolled down into Moriac and Raven’s Creek Cafe for a very nice coffee and break. Just as we reached the gate Peter J dropped his chain which we later discovered got twisted and bent. When we headed off for home there was much clicking and jumping of gears so a bit of bush mechanics was required to get it almost back in line so we could continue with just a click and no gear jumping.
The ride home was with a tailwind so it was very enjoyable, all in all a good morning on the bike.
Cheers Peter.

David Innes' Ride to Lara on Thursday 17.3.16
Today's ride started with only a few but enthusiastic riders forecast was for a warm 30+ degree day.
Our destination was for Lara via lovely banks though we've taken this route many times before it's always a pleasant ride given that the roads we take are generally pretty quiet.
Starting on the Wilson trail top of church street we headed along the path at nice slow steady pace as the wind started to increase from the northerly direction the going got a little harder but a small price to pay for our return journey knowing we could hoist the spinnaker and sail home.On the Baccusmarsh highway we decided to use a route we'd previously used on one of Peter o Brian's rides to Lara and rode on an unsealed section of road to get to Millars cafe whilst Rolf ever phobic of dirt in his drive chain stuck to the Tarmac what we didn't count on was how corrugated! it was! :-/ wasn't like that last time.
Riding along it must be like riding the Paris roubix over cobbles such was the bone jarring effect I chose to ride over it fast thinking it would help only to find I had to hang on for dear life anyhow we made it and had to wait for the others with Rolf arriving five minutes later.
Coffee at Millars was the usual pleasant atmosphere we discussed the ways of the world and immigration policies and how we could change it pftttt! lol and other things.
Having the usual banana and coffee on this occasion I didn't have a coffee so decided to tidy up and put my left over skin in Teds cup only trouble was it wasn't! Empty! Dohhhh!! Spilling half of it on the table was most embarrassing just seemed like the thing to do at the time :-p .We decided to head back to the Wilson trail via the Baccusmarsh highway where I parted ways to ride back home thanks to all who attended Peter jones, Peter O'brien, Ted, Rolf Kohnert and myself a small but elite group prepared for anything we enjoyed our day.
By David Innes.

Glenda's Ride to Lara on Tuesday 15.3.16
Nine riders started off on a day when it was a forecast Strong Wind warning, Glenda dropped out because she doesn’t like riding in the wind so Peter J took over. Lyn G, Jackie, Meri, Mick, Rolf, David I, David R, Peter O and Peter J battled out to the Phosphate Company before Jackie decided the wind was just too strong for her and David and Jackie turned back. The rest continued on with patches of headwind, side wind and protection from trees beside the path.
From Limeburner's Lagoon it was mainly a tailwind with occasional side wind as the path twisted and wound it’s way towards Lara. Met Ben doing a walk, has a crook elbow and resisted all our suggestions on fixing it. Nothing wrong with his legs so he was going for a bit of a hike into Geelong.
Headed into Millar’s with a nice tailwind and spent a very enjoyable coffee and chat before heading back to Geelong, we reckoned it wasn’t worth belting into a 30 knot headwind to Little River, we had done enough for the day.
Plenty of tailwind on the way home via the Ted Wilson Trail and by Church St the final split came as we all headed for home or cars. It was a tough wind but you still feel good after riding it out and conquering the blustery conditions, next time you know you will be so much better and mentally tougher to overcome whatever the weather throws at you.
Cheers Peter.

Combined Ride with Cycling Geelong - A Circuit Around Geelong - on Sunday 13.3.16
Grey clouds but good riding conditions for today's combined ride with Cycling Geelong. Peter J, Ross and a recumbent-less John H represented our club while David, Neill, Neville, John M and Helen flew the flag for CG, on Helen's circuit of outer Geelong. Nice and quiet along the waterfront, little traffic though North Shore and Corio and very few people on the bike path had us at out morning tea stop just before it's 10.00 am opening time.
Apparently the proprietor of the Door Gallery coffee shop at the old Fyansford paper works is not an early starter and we were informed that he was currently showering and would be with us soon. At least it was an interesting place to pass the time with a range of very old Indian wooden doors and a slightly deranged dog to view, and background live music from a handpan, shruti box and a guitar.
An hour later, we continued on via Highton and Deakin Uni. The extended coffee break meant that some time-poor riders weren't able to finish the scheduled ride. Peter J left us on Waurn Ponds Drive to do battle with Cochranes Road, David and Neill turned back at the the junction with the Princes Highway and Ross continued down Pettavel Road towards Torquay. The remaining riders turned left on to Reservoir Road, onto the Anglesea Rd, under the freeway on Hams Road which becomes Sugargum Rd and goes past the Waurn Ponds Station, and wended their way to Breakwater and through Geelong.
Thank you to all participants for the very pleasant company and a big thank you to Helen for a very interesting route.


Peter O'Brien Leads the Ride to Collendina on Saturday 12.3.16
Ross, David I, David R, Jackie, Trudi, Meri, Lyn, Peter J, Terry, Ray and myself headed for Collendina via Horseshoe Bend Road, 13th Beach Road, Barwon Heads and Ocean Grove. It was great to see so many riders turn up. As we travelled along 13th Beach we talked about the puncture free event held last week (Wilson’s Prom Touring Trip), when you guessed it, David R had a puncture! Terry assisted David to replace the tube and they eventually caught up with the group at the Cheeky Cow where Terry needed extra sustenance – see photo. Perfect timing gentlemen.
After refreshments we headed back home along 13th Beach and Lakes Road. Thanks everyone for an very enjoyable ride. Total distance 75kms.
Peter O.

..And on the 'Unofficial' Saturday ride to Majavo's in Torquay - Pam, Heather, Geoff, David Ellis, Simon, John Hagan, and John Carleton.

Ross' Ride to Drysdale - Tuesday 8.3.16
Showgrounds to Drysdale at a nice easy pace for today's ride. Just the 4 of us, Glenda, Lyn G, David I and Ross set out along the rail trail.
No gravel today so along the highway to Leopold where we ran in to heavy traffic trying to escape a road closure and Pam walking the grandkids along the bike path. After a natter with Pam, it was on to Cafe Zero for drinks and conversation.
Home before it got too hot.
Thanks to all.
Cheers, Ross.

Wilson's Prom Tour - Day 8 - Rye to Geelong - Tuesday 8.3.16
Final day, Rye to Home. After a very enjoyable evening at the Rye RSL and lots of laughs as we tried to figure out who was telling the truth at our little Truth and Lies game it was time to head for home. Ben and Fiona stayed in Rye and went to the Hot Springs, everyone else rolled out of the motel at 9-00 am for the 10-00 am Ferry from Sorrento.
With a hot day forecast everyone just took it very easy, enjoying our ferry ride across the Bay. Mick and Jackie couldn’t resist the Chocolate Donuts with sprinkles and the last of Peter O’s Rum Balls made by Marcia.
From the Ferry we rolled right on to Leopold for a quick snack and break after which we all started to disperse for home after a great trip away.
Cheers Peter.

Wilson's Prom Tour - Day 7 - Cowes to Rye - Monday 7.3.16
Cowes to Rye, awoke to rain this morning, light but still wet. Radar seemed to indicate that is wouldn’t last long so everyone donned the rain jackets and headed down to the wharf to await the Ferry. Our support vehicle had a 109 km round trip to meet us at Stony Point so it was an early start to get everything packed.
The ferry arrived and we loaded our bikes, no trouble at all, a little different from last time when we couldn’t get four of our riders on board and they had to ride around in 36 deg heat. It was a smooth trip over Westernport Bay to Crib Point and after disembarking we rode up the road and met up at the Coffee shop in Stony Point.
After a caffeine hit it was up and away over Mornington Peninsular, quite some climbs, noticed almost 10 % on at least one but reached Merricks Nth and the road turned down and we were soon in Dromana for lunch and a nice flat run to our Motel at Rye.
Our entertainment officers Peter O and Ted have abandoned the quiz on the days run for a game of Truth and Lie. Happy hour at 5-00 pm and courtesy bus to the RSL for dinner tonight.
Cheers Peter.

Wilson's Prom Tour - Day 6 - Invelock to Cowes - Sunday 6.3.16
Day 6 from Inverloch to Cowes an overcast and misty day again but quite cool and good riding weather. The first 10 kms approx. on the Bass Coast Highway, busy road but good shoulders. Stopped at Wonthaggi for a coffee hit before proceeding on the Bass Coast Rail Trail, good hard gravel surface, the views from Kilcunda over to Philip Island and Bass Strait are glorious. Plenty of surfers, Rock and ocean fisherman out enjoying the day.
From Kilcunda the trail climbs over the ridge to Anderson where we had lunch before heading to San Remo over the bridge to a chocolate fix at the Chocolate Factory.
The road was choc a block with traffic returning home, it is good that the bike path runs all the way into Cowes keeping us well away from the traffic. Ferry across to Stony Point tomorrow and across the Mornington Peninsular to Rye for our final night.

To Drysdale on the Bellarine Rail Trail - Sunday 6.3.16
A small but high quality group of 6 presented for Sunday's rail trail ride to Drysdale.
Lyn G, Geoff C, Simon W, Stephen R, John H and Ross set out from South Geelong station for a nice easy ride.
Interestingly, there were equal numbers of uprights and recumbents - the interesting part being recumbent riders are not known for their liking for gravel.
At least, all the chicanes are gone, as far as Drysdale anyway.
Heather C joined us before Leopold, putting the recumbents back into minority status.
Morning tea and conversation at Cafe Zero before we retraced our path back to Geelong.
Thanks to all for your good company - Ross.

Moriac & Torquay on Saturday 5.3.16
Just 3 riders met at 8:30 in Grovedale and all dressed in blue, Sarah, Mark and Rolf. We headed off along Heyers Road and wound our way around to the old Princes Highway, crossed onto the new Princes Highway and turned left into Hendry Main Road for coffee at the Ravens Farm cafe. As we had made good time, we decided to go a little further, staying on HMR, taking Coombes Road and going through Torquay to HSB Road. Taking a left turn into Boundary Road and back to Grovedale. Nothing untoward did happen even the heavier than normal traffic didn't cause any upsets, so we all got home safe and happy after about an 80 km ride, ready to fuel up what we expanded on this cool and overcast morning. Thank you Sarah and Mark for being a delightful company. Cheers,

Unofficial Ride to Torquay on Saturday 5.3.16

Wilson's Prom Tour - Day 5 - Waratah Bay to Invelock - 5.3.16
Rolled out of Waratah Bay at about 9-15 am after a really nice stay at “The Beach House” and “Pelican Point”. Chef Peter O and sleepy head assistant Ted produced a wonderful meal of Chili Con Carne with Plum Pudding and Custard to finish. A walk along the beach at dusk and early dark was lovely, on the way back our steps were hurried a little as forecast possible Thunderstorms appeared possible with sheet lightning flashing in the sky to the East but nothing came of it and no rain fell.
The morning was cool but humid with low cloud and almost fog and mist, the Sun struggled to break through for many many hours. The riding was lovely with some long gentle climbs as we moved away from the coastal plains and into the foothills, we were really sad to pass a dead wombat recently hit and lying on the road as if asleep but the flies and smell put paid to that idea.
Morning tea was just through Walkerville on the top of the ridge which should have given us wonderful final views of the Prom but the Fog and Mist blanketed the whole area. We met up with Edmund a Melbourne Bicycle Touring Club member on his way to the Prom, we invited him for morning tea and cake which he gladly accepted, we had a good chat about touring in general and our two clubs.
At about 30 kms we changed drivers in the midst of a giant wind farm and pedalled on to Tarwin Lower for lunch.
With just 20 odd kms to go we left Tarwin Lower as the Sun finally began to break through. Inverloch appeared very quickly and we arrived at our motel and settled in, hitting the showers and enjoying a cuppa and the very best complimentary muffins we have ever had, home baked by the owner Kim, just glorious.
Cheers Peter.

Wilson's Prom Tour - Day 4 - Yanakie - 4.3.16
Very short day, rode 8 kms in to Yanakie and couldn't go past the Bakery. After a coffee we rode on to the turnoff to Waratah Bay and enjoyed a lovely down hill with a tail wind. We were heading for Sandy Point first as we didn't want to get to our houses too early. A lady cyclist sprinted past and Peter O heard Rolf in his head "Don't let her get away" so he took off and had a chat. After checking out Sandy Point we headed to our houses and relaxed. David and Ben hit the waves and everyone just chilled out.
Cheers, Peter.

View at Sandy Point

The View towards Waratah Bay from Sandy Point

Topping up Supplies for Peter O's Chili Con Carne on the way to Waratah Bay

To Collendina on Thursday 3.3.16
Just three riders for this morning's ride from the Grovedale Pub to Collendina. Standard route of Boundary, Lake and Barwon Heads Roads got us to Barwon Heads, then on to Ocean Grove and Collendina. A stronger than expected south easterly meant Meri, Rolf and Ross had a well-deserved refreshment break at the Cheeky Cow before a delightful ride back along 13th Beach. Ross deserted the group at Horseshoe Bend Road leaving Meri and Rolf with a nice tailwind to help them back to home.
Thanks to all for a very pleasant outing.

Wilson's Prom Tour - Day 3 - Wilson's Prom Retreat to Tidal River and Return - 3.3.16
Today was a Free Day, or could be called a Rest Day, the hills in the last 10 kms into Tidal River certainly put paid to being a "Rest Day". The day started with a lovely Sun Rise and the forecast was good, about 21 deg is just perfect riding conditions. Again the roads were good, traffic although regular was very courteous and the views the closer we got to Tidal River were just glorious and made up for any pain the long grinding hills inflicted. As usual a stop on the road for morning tea was enjoyed by all.
Lunch and rest at Tidal River, Ben was in his togs like a flash and headed off for a swim. The rest of us had lunch and did a bit of a tour around the area. About 1-30 pm we hit the road again and we were back at Wilson's Prom Retreat our accommodation by 3-35 pm for a cuppa and cake. Fantastic day on the bike.
Cheers Peter.

Wilson's Prom Tour - Day 2 - Foster to Wilson's Prom Gate and Back - 2.3.16
We all slept well over night although it was quite warm. Everyone was up early for a 9-00 am start. After topping up with diesel for the backup vehicle we rode out the Prom Road, no shoulder but a lovely road with reasonable traffic levels. Part the way our backup vehicle started making a terrible screeching noise, metal on metal but not all the time so werode on a few ks and stopped at Yanakie for a cuppa while we tracked down the noise, turned out to be a guard which was touching the brake disc now and again. Removed the wheel and moved the guard away and all good. Continued to Wilsons Prom gate and parked in the Stockyard Camp and walked to and up the Big Drift. Quite a warm walk through the bush and a real scramble up the drift. Had our lunch and rode back to Duck Point and Wilson's Prom Retreat and
Tidal Dreaming for the night. Pasta night so we will be carbo loaded for tomorrow's ride to Tidal River.
Cheers Peter.

Wilson's Prom Tour - Day 1 - Leongatha to Foster 1.3.16
Left Geelong about 8-00 am and arrived at Leongatha about 11-30 am, the V Line coach was a little ahead of the car and trailer carrying the bikes and luggage. As usual we found a nice cafe for a coffee and lunch before the bikes were unloaded, clothes changed, and the bikes hit the trail. It was quite warm, about 29 deg with a warm Nth wind. The trail is good hard fine gravel with easy grades. Everyone enjoyed the ride down to Foster with great views out over the Prom and Corner Inlet. Cabin accommodation is good and we have had a very nice BBQ tonight ingood company.
Cheers Peter.

Meri's Ride to Moriac on Tuesday 1.3.16
Great ride on the first day of Autumn. There were just three riders today. Rolf, Mark and I. Our destination was Moriac for coffee, which was fine, but Raven Café was not open as it was just on 9.00 when we got there. So we enjoyed a good break at Café On Tracks. I first thought we would ride to Moriac and back as there are a few little hills, but when we arrived so early, we all thought it a good idea to head for Torquay. So we continued on Hendy Main Road to Coombes Road. Then along to the Housing Estate on the Hill, Ocean View or Ocean Paddocks, or something like that. So from there down Grossmans Road, through to the Esplanade via Darian Road, then headed for Horseshoe Bend Road. I thought this was all a great idea, until it occurred to me that the two gentlemen I was riding with, and not a single thought about a second coffee. Not that I really wanted one, but the break would have been good, and maybe a little sandwich. So no break, and we had a reasonably quick ride through the country. Along the way I was given quite a few “lessons”. One from Mark about getting out of trouble when, at the side of the road, your wheels get slewed by the gravel. As we were coming through HSB Road, I spotted two beautiful parrots. Quite dark, but so lovely. Apparently Mark saw them as well, but I got off the road onto the gravel, and according to the rules laid down by Mark, managed not to fall off. Phew. Thanks Mark. I was also told how to become more efficient at becoming areo-dynamic by Rolf. Apparently you put both legs against the horizontal bar, put your elbows together (I found this difficult), and get further down to the road than I thought possible. I half did it. Sorry Rolf will take more practice. So after HSB Road, onto Reserve Road, then through Grovedale (Maybe) and onto Barwon Heads Road. The temperature was still only about 27, and it was only 11.30. So down BH Road, through the ‘’çity’ sort of, around by the waterfront and home. Home just after 12.00, nearly 80 K’s, and not anywhere near 30. Yay! Thanks to Rolf and Mark. A fantastic ride!!!!

Photos to

Mick Gregg leads Easy Ride to Drysdale on Sunday 28.2.16
There were 8 riders at Sth Geelong Stn for todays ride to Drysdale and return. They were: Meri, Sarah, Lyn G, Rolf, David I, Peter J, Mark & Mick. We headed off on this very mild morning along Carr St and down along Bellarine Hwy to Leopold. The speedy ones on their road bikes left me & PJ behind a bit as we were trying out our touring bikes for next weeks away ride. At Leopold it was up the bike path to Ground Zero for coffees. After discussions and a lot of useless information from Rolf we headed back via Princess St, Swan Bay Rd, Bellarine Hwy. At East Geelong we parted ways as some continued on the hwy and some followed bike path to pick up river trail home. All up a pleasant ride, nice conditions. At Ground Zero met up with another GTC rider...Glenda, hubby Richard and Helen who did their own ride. Thanx to all who came, cheers Mick.

Greg's Hard Ride to Steiglitz on Sunday 28.2.16
Greg ended up doing much of this ride by himself as John H was only able to ride for 2 hours with commitments in Melbourne. John went out to Lovely Banks with Greg and then headed home via Moorabool for 48km and Greg enjoyed the beautiful conditions but perhaps not all the hills involved in his 100km circuit out to Steiglitz. Check out the map for the full route.
Regards, John.

Peter Jones' Ride to Ocean Grove on Saturday 27.2.16
Nine riders for my Sat morning ride to Groove: Jackie, Meri, David R, Rolf, Terry, Ray, Mark, John and Peter J. We took the long way round heading over to the Queenscliff Rd and out through Leopold to Wallington. Turning right and then left to go through the estates to Grubb Rd.
Seven riders cashed in their fun tickets and took Thacker St big dippers, arriving at Groove just as Black Racing arrived so there was a bit of a rush to get a coffee order in and then a bit of confusion as orders came out but we sorted it all out and enjoyed an excellent coffee and chat.
The return was via 13th Beach, sea was a bit rough because of the onshore wind but great views just the same. At Blackrock Path we ran into Peter and Marianne and had a quick chat before heading over to Lake Rd. At the lights on Barwon Heads Rd there was a split as some took the path through the estate to HSBend Rd and others took Barwon Heads Rd. A lovely morning out on the bike yet again.
Cheers, Peter J.

Rolf's Ride to Barwon Heads on Thursday 25.2.16
The rain stopped before sun up and it looked a perfect day for a ride. Peter J, Lyn G, Terry, David I, David R, Jackie, Ray, Ted and myself agreed on this and assembled at the Grovedale Pub car park. It did turn out a harmonious and gentle ride without any highlights if not David I would have contributed something special for today's ride. He presented his brand new Beamer (BMW) and it put such a big smile on his face that lasted even when he rode into the wind. Thing was, in all his excitement he forgot his bike shoes and announced that he could not ride with us, standing there in his new crocs. It did take a bit of convincing him that this was a poor excuse to chicken out of a beautiful ride, but we did manage it in the end and it turned out that he was still first up the hills. Maybe next time he should forget his crocs too, that might give us a more level playing field.
Thanks for all the participants to my ride, I did enjoy your company and hope we can do it again soon.

Peter Jones' Ride to Clifton Springs & Pt Lonsdale on Tuesday 23.2.16
Meri, Rolf, David I, Peter O and myself were there at 8-00 for the early shift, birthday girl Trudi was delayed by baby sitting duties delivering her niece to school. David and Jackie and Mick and Lyn decided they would wait for Trudi and hold her hand.
The early mob paid a visit to The Dell at Clifton Springs before heading to Ground Zero for a coffee where the rest eventually turned up. Enjoyable coffee and chat, discussion on where to go next produced a bit of a dividing of the ways, Mick and Lyn headed back with David I and the rest proceeded to Point Lonsdale via Princess St, Swan Bay Rd and the Portarlington Queenscliff Rd. After lunch and drinks it was a beeline for home, the temperature had jumped quite a bit, a bit higher than forecast and the blustery head wind brought Jackie and Meri undone so a quick phone call to backup rescue Mick and Lyn had them on board for the easy way home, David, Rolf and Peter O, Peter J and Trudi continued on, PJ, PO and Trudi called in at Maccas for more water and one cold Moca Frappe before kicking on back to the Show Grounds and back home. May not have been the best riding day but still in excellent company.
Cheers Peter.

David's report from last Saturday's ride has now come in - click here to read.

Peter O'Brien's Mystery Ride around the Suburbs of Geelong on Sunday 21.2.16
Rolf, Ian, Lyn, Mick, John and myself set off on the mystery ride from the South Geelong station this morning. Prior to heading out, there was considerable speculation as to whether the only clue provided (a big hill) would be the ‘cementies’ or not. The riders were keen to ascertain the route and asked a lot of probing questions only to receive vague responses in order to give nothing away.

We headed to the Barwon river and rode along the path to Fyansford where everyone realised the Hyland Hill did indeed need to be conquered. This is a hill we have ridden down many times but not up. Congratulations everyone for making it up the hill, especially to those who were first timers. After climbing the hill, we rode along McCurdy Road, Sladen Street and down to Anakie Road.

We turned onto a walking trail just over the railway line on Anakie Road. This proved to be a most challenging route due to smashed glass scattered along the track. In fact, at one point all riders needed to carry their bikes across a ten metre section of smashed glass. Luckily no punctures. A funny thing happened on this section that will take a bit of living down – the ride leader (myself) lost all of the riders. I have heard a leader can lose 10% of riders but not all of them! My rationale for this occurring is that having crossed the road and thinking the riders were behind me I continued on and around bends for about 1 km. For some reason, I had a feeling there was nobody behind me and when I looked around, lo and behold, they were gone! I back tracked and rode to the crossing where the group were patiently waiting for me.

With order restored we weaved our way across to North Geelong and had coffee at the Pickers Inn. There were large numbers there so we enjoyed our coffee sitting outside on the concrete edges of the garden beds. The first part of the suburbs quiz commenced with Mick and Lynn in the lead followed closely by John.

Back on the bikes we headed to Geelong along Eastern Beach, through the gardens and out to Coppards Road. We continued along High Street, Moolap Station Road and to the Bellarine Highway. At the bike trail entrance to the highway, the riders headed off in different direction to their homes. Prior to dispersing, the final part of the quiz was held and equal winners were John and Lyn. A coin was tossed and John was declared the winner. Mick was a close third. I am sure John will enjoy the winner’s prize, a small box of Guylian chocolates.

Distance travelled = 45kms.
Outcome of ride. An improved knowledge of Geelong suburbs and nearby towns.

Peter O.

David's Ride from Rippleside to Little River & Lara on Saturday 20.2.16
The three amigos ride again!
Saturday's ride started from Rippleside car park - the weather was good though a little cloudy and cool with a south westerly blowing. Only Peter Jones, Rolf Kohnert and myself showed up.
We decided to ride to Little river riding like three banditos with a posse on our tails we rocketed through the Elpasso Trail at Corio Quay at over 40 kph only to discover I'd lost 33.333333333333333333% of our gang. We then decided to pace ourselves at 30-33 kph whoo! easy ;-) does it .
Losing sight of our pursuers along the Hovell Trail all was well making haste to our safe haven of Millars cabin for a well earned cup and Joe chatting about our next job and what trail we should use.
We saddled up and away we went heading up Forest Rd going past Serendip Sanctuary straight on over the rail line then up Old Melbourne/Geelong Rd I forget now head little woozy from all the whisky and women ;)
Again! nearly losing 33.33333333% of my gang we slowed despite my partner saying we should leave him I said no he may have been wounded in a shoot out riding through Little River. We then headed to the You Yangs were it was rumoured that the Lara latte gang had hidden gold but no time for that so we rode down Flinders Rd into Lara- no sight of the latte gang.
We then headed from Lara to the sheriffs Wilson trail to throw off the sent of our posse pursuers where it was decided to split up to make good our get away to plan our next adventure.
Thanks to my gang escaped and enjoyed the chase. David.

Unofficial Saturday Ride to Pt Lonsdale - 20.2.16
Pam, Marie, Geoff C, and John rode to coffeeat Benito's in Pt Lonsdale this morning - taking the Swan Bay Rd down to the Portarlington-Queenscliff Rd and returned via Ocean Grove and Wallington.

Peter Jones' Ride to Torquay on thursday 18.2.16
Big mob joined me for our ride to Torquay today: Trudi, Lyn G, Jackie, David R, David I, Ross, Mark, Peter O, Ted, Rolf, Ray, Terry, John, and Mick. Took it easy today and took the Surf Coast Hwy to the Shire Offices and wended our way through the estates to Front Beach Cafe for a noisy but enjoyable break. Sad to hear that Front Beach won’t be opening until 11-30 am after 29th Feb so we will have to find another watering hole, lucky there are plenty to choose from.
The way home was via HSBend Rd and we all stopped at Blackgate after a whisper that Police will be having a blitz on that intersection some time soon. With a slight tailwind it was easy riding and at Boundary Rd the group split as all headed home, and again at Baanip Blvd leaving three to continue to the Grovedale Hotel. Most enjoyable ride thanks all for coming.
Cheers Peter.

Peter O'Brien's Ride to Drysdale, Portarlington on Tuesday 16.2.16
On what looked like an overcast day with the threat of some showers, Ray, Trudi, David I, Peter J, Rolf, Glenda, Terry, Meri, and myself set off for the ride down to Portarlington. Just before Leopold on the Bellarine Highway I had a puncture. Thanks to Peter J for his assistance. Within two kilometres of being back on the bike again, you guessed it, I had a second puncture! By this stage the group had ridden on ahead unaware of my predicament. The ever vigilant Peter J again assisted me, and this time we spent more time trying to find the source of the puncture. The problem solving techniques that went into resolving this conundrum could not be described in this commentary, except to say it was protracted and exhaustive. Final decision - no idea. Now two tubes down and three gas bottle emptied I proceeded with trepidation.
We caught up with the group who had waited patiently at the top of the Leopold hill, and at speed, we headed to Swan Bay Road. At this stage, Terry had to head off for other commitments. The ride from Swan Bay Road to Queenscliff Road and on to Portarlington was very pleasant. A section of the Queenscliff Road in under repair however, this did not stop David I reaching a speed of 45 kms in a 40 kms zone. Lucky there were no police around.
We had travelled about 40kms when I heard Rolf leading a chorus of “what do we want?”, with the response to his refrain being, “we want coffee”. Taking the hint we had coffee at the Bakery in Portarlington which was well patronised.
Caffeined-up, we set off along the Esplanade to Indented Heads and St. Leonards. We rode into a slight head wind but were compensated by wonderful views of the bay. We continued along Bluff Road and Murradoc Road where the only obstacle to the lunch stop at Ground Zero was the usual hill. Once conquered we proceeded at pace, obviously some hungry riders! We enjoyed a variety of items from the menu, with Peter J’s lunch being the envy for the group. This will be obvious when you see the photos.
We returned to Geelong via the Bellarine Rail Trail and at Melaluka Road the group split into two and headed to their respective homes.
Despite threats of showers, the conditions turned out to be very pleasant.
Distance ridden 85kms
Two punctures, three gas bottle and a seat that kept slipping down. I have had enough. I was going to buy a Tattslotto ticket this afternoon but after today events - bugger it.
Peter O.

Pam's Combined Ride with Cycling Geelong to Queenscliff on Sunday 14.2.16
On today's combined ride with Cycling Geelong we had ten riders: Ross Glover, Peter Jones, David Innes, John Hagan, Marie Bagley, Rolf Kohnert, Zdenko Coric, Pam Morrow and two from Cycling Geelong John Miro and Mike Curry. We rode on the rail trail to Curlewis Rd, where we turned right and continued on until the Bellarine Highway. We turned along Swan Bay Rd until we reached Banks Rd again doing a right turn onto Bellarine Highway where we continued into Queenscliff. Coffee was enjoyed at the Rolling Pin Bakery. The return journey was into a head wind along the Bellarine Highway. Very pleasant morning. 76km.


The Three Amigos! - David Innes' Ride from Rippleside to Jan Juc on Saturday 13.2.16
Today's ride didn't attract many riders but certainly what we lacked in numbers we made up for in quality!
We started our ride from Rippleside carpark deciding where we should ride to. It was agreed democratically and unanimously to ride to Bellbrae heading to Gazapore Rd onto Anglesea Rd up the famous Bellbrae hill which we seemed to climb with ease.
Turning left at the big roundabout toward Torquay then right at the traffic lights toward Jan Juc and our favorite coffee shop the Swell arriving to a very busy coffee shop full of people enjoying the beautiful morning and another large group of cyclist having the same idea as us luckily for us we managed to find a table for three.
After a nice chat and coffee we took off heading into Torquay where an idiot motorist pulling a caravan tired to drive in our bike lane and narrowly avoided taking us out! I then took off down the hill at over 60 kmh to get ahead of him thus avoiding getting side swiped with Rolf and Peter O'Brien not far behind me. We rode through a very busy Torquay then onto Horseshoe Bend Rd. By then it started to warm up but wasn't overly hot - the weather was glorious for a bike ride with little wind to bother us we travelled swiftly with ease averaging just on 27 kph by the time we got back to Geelong.
To summarize our ride we really did enjoy it, the weather was perfect as you could have had for a day on the bike we enjoyed each other's company myself Rolf Kohnert and Peter O'brien. Thanks.
David Innes.

Mick Gregg's Ride to the Chocolate Factory via the Waterfront on Thursday 11.2.16
Ten riders fronted up at the showgrounds for a leisurely ride to the chocolate factory in Ballarat Rd. Riders were Ian, Ross,Terry, Peter O, Ted, Ray, David & Jackie, Lyn & Mick. Headed off along bike path to Coppards Rd down to Portarlington Rd, round Eastern Beach, Rippleside and out to Nth Geelong near Pilkingtons where we crossed over hwy and into Duoro St and picked up the bike path along to Ballarat Rd. We then rode up Drysdale Ave to the Ted Wilson Trail and to our coffee stop. Several riders took advantage of slices/cakes & cream along with their drinks. David I was there to greet us and several minutes minutes later Noel rolled in......only 1hr 55mins late!!! On home run along path down cementy hill which is nice now its paved and along river path with riders dropping off for home. all in all a nice ride with good company, thanx to all who rode, Mick.

David Innes' Ride to Staughton Vale & Lara on Tuesday 9.2.16
Today's ride started from Wilson trail church street destination Anakie for our first coffee stop the day was cloudy with sunshine fast increasing for a bright sunny day lovely riding weather so off we went riding along Wilson trail then on to the Ballarat Rd turning right on to the Anakie Ballan highway.
Busy with trucks the drivers were mostly respectful of us giving us a wide berth as they passed with the wind behind us it was a nice easy ride out to Anakie where we met up with Ben who was patiently waiting for us.
Enjoying our coffee and conversation we were off on our next leg of the journey out to Balliyang to have lunch at the school house and play ground turning right onto Stautenvale Rd with a nice down hill for the first couple of kilometers was very nice so on we went as the group broke apart riding at their own pace.
Arriving in Balliyang we sat in the playground where some riders reverted back to their childhood enjoying the play equipment after lunch we were soon on our way on the longer stretch out to Lara turning right on to Leigh's Rd winding our way over a couple of bridges we made our way to the Baccusmarsh highway turning left onto the road that would take us past the Ford proving grounds and behind the Youyangs eventually making our way to the front of the Youyangs onto the final stretch to Lara via flinders Rd.
Arriving in Lara we decided to stop at Millers for a final coffee stop where to my horror I realized I had lost $40! :-( Peter jones kindly donated me $5 for an iced coffee.
Parting ways some riders decided to go home via Wilson trail while some decide to head back to Geelong via Hoval trail.
Thanks to all who attended ...Peter Jones, Rolf Kohnert, Meri Ljubanovic, Ray Moore, Glenda Oakley, Peter O'brien, Ben Kersten and Zac ( Zdenko Coric ) making a welcome return

As a footnote when I got home I decided to go back to Balliyang in the car betting it's where I had lost my money I found it against the wire fence inside the tennis shed luckily it was very isolated with few visitors going there anywhere else I wouldn't have seen it again.

Ride report by David Innes.

Ross' Ride to Drysdale & Barwon Heads on Sunday 7.2.16
Lyn L, Lyn G, Elizabeth, Mick, Rolf, Ian, John H, Peter J and Ross fronted at South Geelong station this morning for a leisurely 70 plus k ride around the Bellarine.
Poor organisation by the ride leader meant that after a lovely downhill run on Boundary Road, we were confronted by a "Road Closed" sign on Portarlington Road, due to the triathlon cycle leg running along there.
So we backtracked through the streets of Newcomb and set out along the Bellarine Highway instead.
Too much traffic here for easy conversation so we turned off on to the rail trail and continued on towards Drysdale.
We did battle with the tri-athletes again at the crossing near Curlewis Road with fancy bikes whizzing at great speed in both directions.
With the outbound lanes closed, it was relatively quiet into Drysdale then out via Princess Street and Swan Bay Roads back to the Bellarine Highway.
Rolf continued towards Geelong and we turned on to the Wallington road and coffee/tea/drinks at the Elkhorn.
Suitable refreshed, we continued on through Ocean Grove and Barwon Heads.
The volume of traffic on Barwon Heads Road made a departure from the published route through Lake Road an easy decision.
Approaching Geelong, the group slowly dissipated as individuals took the shortest way home.
Only mishap for the day was a puncture for Mick in Barwon Heads.
Thanks to all participants for a most enjoyable outing.

Peter O'Brien's Ride to Bellbrae & Torquay on Saturday - 6.2.16
On a beautiful day for riding Ross, Rolf, Mark, Peter J, Terry, Ray and myself headed off for Torquay via Bellbrae. Mark, at the outset, was having trouble with his bike and Rolf was on hand to use his considerable mechanical skills to quickly rectify. Broken glass on the roads is becoming an every-day event and the first 400 metre of today’s ride was no exception. We travelled on the bike path along Baanip Bvd and had a very pleasant ride to Bellbrae. At the Coombes Road roundabout, Terry’s bike was making strange noises and Rolf was again called upon to fix the problem, which he did. What would we do without Rolf? The hill at Bellbrae seems to be getting shorter each time we ride it, no doubt an indicator that our fitness levels are improving.
We rode along the Great Ocean Road towards Jan Juc and Terry enquired as to whether there were any more hills to be conquered to which Peter J responded in the affirmative. Peter J referred to the upcoming hills as rolling hills. As we rode over those ‘rolling hills’, speeds were achieved on the downward sections that we should not be commented on. Personally, there are two parties who I don’t want to hear about this, (i) my medical insurer, and (ii) my wife! Whatever the name of that road was, the ride was sensational.
We had coffee at Swell which was a packed house with bikes everywhere. Following coffee we returned to Geelong via Torquay and Horseshoe Bend Road. Total distance travelled was 60kms. Thanks for the ride.
Peter O

GTC February Meeting on Thursday 4.2.16
A good attendance at our February meeting with a special presentation on Elizabeth, Zdenka & Ina's 3,400km trip through Europe.

Terry's Mystery Ride to Moriac, Armstrong Creek & Breakwater on Thursday 4.2.16
Today we met at Bunnings, Jackie, Trudi and Meri, Lynne, Mark, Rolf, David R, Peter O, Peter J and the two Birthday boys Michael and Ray, (happy Birthday Lads) headed off on a mystery ride towards Moriac. We then turned left into Reservoir road then left onto Anglesea Road, and then onto the new ring road, turning right passing through Armstrong creek estate onto Surfcoast Hwy then left into Armstrong coast estate, and onto Stewarts Road which was gravel for approx 1klm (Rolf wasn’t happy he would have to clean his bike). Crossing Horshoe Bend road into the Warralily estate to Barwon heads Road turning left and heading back into Breakwater to the Coffee Cartel in Tucker Street for a great coffee, great company and conversation. We then headed back to the Bunnings, a most enjoyable ride in trying conditions of approx 45 klm’s. 
Keep on Pedalling,
Cheers Terry.

David Rae's Ride to Drysdale & Barwon Heads on Tuesday 2.2.16
Fourteen riders - Trudi, Lyn and Mick, Terry, Peter J, Ben, Rolf, Ray, Meri, Glenda, Peter O, David I, Jackie and David set off from the Showgrounds at 8.30 along the bike path. There was quite a lot glass on the first couple of sections of the path, but luckily no-one had a puncture. Apart from a few kilometers of road just before Leopold, we had a very enjoyable ride along the bike path all the way to Drysdale for coffee at Ground Zero. From Drysdale we rode down Princess Street and set a reasonable pace to Swan Bay Road, then on to Grubb Road heading for Ocean Grove. Some riders decided to do the hills on Thacker Street - the sensible ones went straight on and we all met up again at the rotunda at Barwon Heads, where we stopped for a while to enable those who had it to eat their lunch. From there we continued along 13th Beach - how lucky we were to be able to do this ride on such a beautiful day! We then rode along the bike path to Blackgate Road and took a right at Horshoebend Road, making our way home along Torquay Road, where some riders went in for another coffee at "The Two Wrens". A very enjoyable day!
David Rae.

Cadel's Elite Ride - 2016

GTC Ride Circuit Around Geelong over Cadel's Elite Route on Sunday - 31.1.16
This morning Noel and myself rode the Cadel Evans circuit around Geelong in an anti-clock wise direction. We left South Geelong Station and proceeded to Boundary Road and rode down through Eastern Park to Eastern Beach. We joined the circuit on Brougham Street and rode along the Esplanade to Church Street and up to McCurdy’s Road. We slowly traversed the Hyland Street hill as I was looking for a vantage point from which to watch the race later in the day. The ride up Deviation Road was quiet exhilarating and the first time I had ever attempted it, unlike Noel, who had done many times before.
We turned into Minerva Road, down Queens Park Road and continued up Scenic Road to the Ridge. Noel took off and sped down Challambra Crescent and Barwon Blvd. however, as usual, I rode down at a more conservative pace. The ride back along Barrabool Road and Moorabool Street was very pleasant.
This was a relatively short but enjoyable ride that provided Noel and myself with a good overview of what the elite riders would be facing later in the day.
Peter O.

David Innes Reports on His and Peter Jones' participation in the Peoples' Ride - Saturday 30.1.16
It was a cool cloudy morning for the Cadel Evans people's ride starting from Barwon Heads Road Peter Jones and myself watched the speedsters passing by before joining in. We soon latched onto a large peloton of riders 50 or more with the pace averaging 35 km/hr + it soon got up to 40!+ as we approached Barwon Heads the highway police patrol car wasn't too happy with us though as he kept blowing his siren to make the field move over more to the left trying to make room for the passing motorist but this was an almost impossible task given the size of the field.

No stopping at the Star Fish this time speeding through Barwon Heads the spiritual home and name sake of our great hero Cadel Evans we were soon onto 13th beach road were once again the pace was hectic with speeds up in the high 30s as though we were trying to finish the ride in record! time! :-/

We were soon in Torquay faster than I ever thought possible as our pleasant outing turned into a race! We slowed up stopping at Front Beach Cafe only to find they weren't open yet till 9 am so kept going deciding to head for Jan juc.
Watching a sea of yellow climbing up the first of the climbs Peter and I cheated turning left at the lights thus avoiding at least two hills :-p Sitting down at the Swell enjoying our well earned coffee we were soon back in the thick of it rejoining the ride with the riders who we had just watched earlier suffering up the hills but we couldn't escape Bells Beach hill the first real test which wasn't so bad in the end not nearly as difficult as we thought it would be - that was to come later.

Just as we thought we'd settle into a more sane pace we just couldn't help ourselves it was as if our bikes were magnetically attracted to the speeding bikes passing us so once again the pace was on with speeds in the high 30s at one point one of the riders losing his bottle cage and biddon right in front of me coming off of his bike with a big crashing sound. Luckily no one hit it narrowly missing my wheel and other's near by.
Arriving in Moriac I waited for Peter. He wasn't too far behind - he sailed past with me thinking it was coffee again but Peter had other ideas. I went looking for him at Raven's Farm but no Peter. So I called his mobile and in laboured breathing he replied he was still on course - by this time he had a good 5 min on me and my legs were beginning to feel the effects of our high speed ride to Moriac averaging nearly 30 kph.
Forgetting to eat the banana and gel still in my pocket I suffered the cyclist Cardinal sin of not eating when I should have and just when my legs required the most energy my legs went flat and like the little engine that could 'I think I can.. I think I can..' I chugged up the slope and rolled down the other side labouring up Ceres hill as it kept dragging like some giant hand hanging onto my seat pulling me back. Once over that a sign said 20 km to the finish - it couldn't come fast enough!
Over the overpass we came to the nice downhill into Highton speeding down the hill reaching 67 kph sitting up for air breaking I sped around the corner only to be faced with the daunting Scenic Rd hills. I think 'I can... I think I can...' my brain kept chanting as we crested the hill people were clapping and cheering us which was great to see the public support.
Down the other side onto Queenspark Rd I flew down the hill with a wahoo! And a yippee!! I sped past all the others that had been ahead of me like John Hagan does on his black super aero machine saying 'so long suckers!' ;-p but the joy was short lived at the realisation we had one last hill to climb over the bridge. We started to labour and one rider unclipping right in front of me. I just managed to get around him in time. Peter had a rider keel over onto the nature strip unable to unclip in time - no damage done as he was laughing at himself whilst laying on the grass.

Turning left onto Melville Avenue it then appeared like a mountain! a Goliath! a wall!! right in front of me the last obstacle to conquer like David and Goliath I battled out of the seat with every last once of strength I had left with people screaming at usand clapping. It drove us on to greater efforts - we had done it! The pain was over and there were no more ups only down hill passing the excited kids on Minerva Rd slapping their little hands in high five fashion as I passed.
Waiting for me at the Red Star coffee shop was Peter Jones sharing a coffee and bottle of water recounting the day's events patting ourselves on the back for a job well done proudly wearing our yellow jersey's back home.

Only a nagging thought as I rode home what if we did the actual pro course could we have made it ? that challenge remains for another day maybe ;-)
David Innes.

Cadel's Peoples' Ride - Saturday 30.1.16
Today we had nine riders for Cadel's people's 65km ride, starting at 7.50 we meet at the roundabout on The Esplanade.. Terry, Meri, Sarah, Ray, Rolf, Peter O, Leo and Trudi, picking up Lyn L along the way. We thought we would start riding after the official start time to avoid the mass of riders. We had the road to ourselves for about ten minutes, caught up with everyone on Boundary Rd Moolap. As everyone was riding so slow, we found ourselves passing all the time. It didn't take us long to pick up the pace, was more like a race than a leisurely Saturday ride. Made it to Barwon Heads in record time, but everyone else had the same idea as us, to stop for coffee and have a rest. So we headed for the Groove for a well earned break. Over staying our usual 30 min rest time, when we rejoined the ride, we were on our own, except for a few stragglers and the sag wagon. Terry, Rolf and Peter decided to take a short cut onto Barwon Heads Rd. The rest of us proceeded on the ride route back into Steam Packet Gardens. Only stopping to watch the ladies zoom past us racing up Boundary Rd Moolap. Catching up with Peter J at the finish, and staying on to watch the end of the race.. Fantastic day on our bikes.

Avoiding the Storms on Thursday 28.1.16
After yesterday storm I didn't think we would be able to ride, as more thunderstorms and rain was forecasted for today... But to my surprise it didn't look to bad out my front window, so off I went, knowing that there would be a few riders willing to take a chance for some exercise. We had Meri, Peter O, Ted, Ray, Rolf, Terry and last to arrive was Peter J having ridden around the river, through muddy slush, and with no taps or hoses around for a quick cleanup... Our destination today Lara, so along the Ted Wilson path we went, at the Ballarat Rd lights, we heard a loud clap of thunder, I then asked, long way or short way, everyone was quick to answer short way and fast. Short way it was well only to Rollins Rd, as the sky above darkened a few flashes of lightning lite up the sky before us. The next request was for the closest coffee shop, I suggested Packington St, so the race was on, to try and beat the rain. Arriving at The King of the Castle we were only just a little bit damp.. Peter found himself a hose and gave his bike a nice wash down. The cafe was packed but we made ourselves at home and enjoyed a coffee n chat. Thanks for taking a chance to get out on your bikes today to have a fun adventure in the rain n thunder, splashing around on our bikes..

Two Rides on Australia Day 1. Ben's Ride Around the Mansions of Werribee - 26.1.16
This is the flattest ride any cyclist will come across in Victoria. No holes, no hills. Because Werribee was so flat it was chosen in 1857 to establish three "base stones" perfectly aligned from which most of Victoria could be surveyed.
Parts of the ride covers some local history. Starting with our meet point Chirnside Park. Along the way a sculpture representing the link between the global flight migration of Red Necked Stint, (between Siberia & Victoria) and the molecular structure of water (first photo below). At this point, we met up with our 50km riders. Most of the ride at this stage is on trails. A coffee stop before we tackle the dirt roads to The Tower of Migration and Aspiration from where we can view the wetlands and across the Bay to Melbourne. Then we come to the beach side residence of the Chirnside's at Pt Cook.
So who are the Chirnside's? Come on the next ride to find out. Next stop Point Cook air museum. The guides there are from RAAF or the industry. So how did the early aircraft slow down without a throttle? Simple, turn the engine off. How is the new Marina on South Werribee Beach coming along? Into Werribee Park for coffee. Out the back gate & along the river, behind the open range zoo. No lions escaped today.
Every one safe and sound.
Ben & Fiona.

Australia Day 2. Ten Riders to Moriac - 26.1.16
On Australia Day morning 10 riders turned up for an unofficial run to Moriac, Ray, Mark, Rolf, Jackie and David, Lyn and Mick, Meri, Terry and Trudi...with no ride sheet to fill in, and no ride leader to lead us, and no one putting up their hand for the job. We pushed David forward to take over the reins, and like sheep we all followed, our destination Moriac. With our Fingers and toes crossed, we gingerly made our way there, hoping that they weren't closed, as it was a public holiday after all. Lucky for us they were open... Quickly we made the place our own, tables and chairs were moved around to accommodate us, orders placed, seats filled, and conversation flowed mainly all about the TDU. With mugs and cups now empty it was once again time to get moving, this time taking the short run home. Thanks everyone for taking the time out on a public holiday to get together for some healthy exercise in fresh air and sunshine. Happy Australia Day to us all, we are really the lucky country ain't we !!!!

Tour Down Under - Additional Comments and Photos from Rolf on Monday 25.1.16
Peter J. already did a good report of our TDU experiences, so not much I could add to it. We, Ray and I had an unlucky start too, seeing that my personal manager was not with us in Adelaide. The storms during the night kept me away as well, but I managed to get in about one hour of sleep when I was supposed to prepare myself for the ride. So it was short breakfast, no toilet, wrong water bottle and off we went. At our start line-up there were about a 1000 riders assembled when we got there, so we just went to the front and pushed in over the fence without anyone complaining. We soon realised that we could not stay together amongst 1000 look-alikes, so I found myself a nice bunch and we powered off at about 40 km/h. This lasted until at one hill our bunch broke up and there was no way one could make the connection again. I rode for many km with a Dutch rider afterwards and we were a great team. At the bottom of the KOM climb I had an average of just over 35 km/h and shortly after a cramp hit me, possibly due to not drinking enough in the humid conditions where you sweat even more and need to drink more. For the last 20 km I just struggled home and my time extended then to exactly 3 hours and 25 minutes. The next of our group in was Ray, so we did well with the Adelaide club, who had to concede to our superiority. The next day as Peter already mentioned we went up Old Willanga hill and back for another 100 km ride. The day before the ride we went up Mount Lofty, doing 50 km, mostly uphill, so all in all we had a pretty busy half week in Adelaide. Up there we also met Cadel and enjoyed to look all the latest in bike porn.
P.s: the last picture is of our Adelaide club during the night before carbo loading celebration.

Ross' Ride to Drysdale on Sunday 24.1.16
A small group of 6 fronted at South Geelong station for a Sunday 8.00 am start. Lyn, Elizabeth, Mick, David I, John H and Ross set off in perfect riding conditions - sunshine and next-to-no wind - for a leisurely ride to Drysdale. Relatively little traffic on Portarlington Road made for pleasant progress. By the time we turned on to the Rail Trail at Curlewis Road, the sun had disappeared and we were riding in a fine mist that grew steadily heavier as we approached Drysdale.
Morning tea was taken under shelter at Cafe Zoo - chosen to help differentiate this ride to Drysdale from the other two rides to Drysdale in the last week!
After a suitable interval, we reversed direction and headed back via the Rail Trail, in misty rain again. Crossed paths with Ian F. at Curlewis Road - he had fronted at the station at 9.00 and finding no one there, decided to head on to Drysdale by himself. After a brief conversation, Ian continued on for coffee and we set off home, following the Rail Trail all the way back to the station.
Thank you to all participants, Ross.

Tour Down Under - Old Willunga Hill - Saturday 23.1.16
Today is one of the favourite days of the TDU. After my efforts yesterday my legs were trashed but good enough to get out to McLaren Vale and on to the top of the Old Willunga Hill. I met my friend from the Gym at 8-00 am at Glenelg and we took the bike paths to the start of the Expressway Bike Path and on to McLaren Vale for a coffee. Watched the start, and then rode to Willunga where we ran into Rolf and Ray, after watching them come through Willunga the first time we with a thousand others rode up the hill to the top, had some Lamb Burgers for lunch and took up positions ready for the two ascents.
It was exciting stuff, the crowd was huge, the noise was deafening, fantastic. These riders just make it look so easy.
With it all over it was time to retrace our course, amazing to see the thousands of riders streaming back along the bikeway.
Another big day, 106 km, glad it is just into town tomorrow to watch them go around the circuit.
Cheers Peter.

David's Saturday Ride from Rippleside to Little River - 23.1.16
Saturday's ride began in Rippleside car park. The morning was bleak and cloudy with a 50% chance of rain.
Riders to attend were Glenda Oakley, Trudi Bella, John Hagan and myself. Our destination was Little River with our coffee stop at Millars in Lara.
Our route took us the usual behind the Shell refinery out to the Hovell Trail stopping for coffee in Lara enjoying conversation and a nice coffee we headed off again to our destination along Flinders Avenue to the You Yangs where we parted company with the girls. They turned left while John and myself turned right heading out to Little River then taking the Old Melbourne road over Brockwell Bridge and crossing over the highway making our way to Lara via the highway then back onto the unofficial exit back onto the Hoval trail.
John and I parted behind the shell refinery enjoying a day of little wind but just a very brief sprinkle of rain only lasting a few minutes. Thanks to all for the enjoyable company.
Ride report David Innes.

Tour Down Under - BUPA Challenge - Friday 22.1.16
Thurs was the Bupa Challenge, Rolf, Ray and Ted did the 100 km and Peter O and myself did the 142 km. Whilst this course was called a flat course there was a lot of UP, t oo much for my liking.
Wednesday night was wild and wooley, thunder storms, lightning and a roaring gale which meant I didn’t get a lot of sleep. I thought the tent might take off with me in it.
All this meant I slept a bit late and struggled to make the 6-30 am start in Norwood. I did get there but at the back and after most of the climbs, whilst beautiful, that’s where I stayed. Maybe it was the touring bike but more likely I’m just not good on hills.
Peter O went well as did Rolf Ted and Ray, my ride could only be called a disaster, I’ve called it Bupa Challenge to oblivion on my Strava feed.
If you look at the map I was almost into Victor Harbour, went out on the final leg and followed some jerseys I thought were still to finish only to find an hour later they were on their way home and I was 25 km from the finish. I won’t bore you with the details but Peter O and Ted came to the rescue and got me to Mt Compass where the coach picked me up on the way back to Adelaide. A day worth forgetting, 176 km and nothing show for it.
Cheers Peter.

To Drysdale on Thursday - 20.1.16
There were 9 riders front up at the showgrounds for a leisurely ride to Drysdale. They were: Trudi, Sarah, Meri, Glenda, Terry, Ross, David & Jackie, Ray C, and myself. We went along the bike trail to Moolap, down Bellarine Hwy and picked up the bike trail again at Leopold to Drysdale and onto Ground Zero for coffee and a chat. A couple of riders....Terry & Ray also had a big feed.... no brekky was their excuse. On the home run it was down Princess St, Swan Bay Rd, Bellarine Hwy back to showgrounds. Ross dropped off at Wallington Rd to head back to Torquay. Was a nice day for the ride,thanx to all for coming, cheers Mick.

Tour Down Under - To The Corkscrew - Thursday 20.1.16
Hard days riding today, met up with a friend at about 7-15 am and took a spin along the path towards Northaven, hooked up with a bunch and blasted along for a while until Rolf rang to say meet at base of Crafers Bike Path in half an hour. Didn’t think it was possible as we were a long way away.
Headed back through Adelaide and rang when we got into CBD, they were well up the hill so Lyn and I decided to have a coffee and survey the scene. Lyn was staying at Crafers so didn’t seem much point heading back there as it was still early so decided we would head out to the top of Corkscrew and check out the scene there and then Lyn could head across the hills to Crafers if that is what she wanted.
It was a long drag up, about 4/5 % on the lower slopes but rose to 11% at the end. The race flew down at 105 km. The joint was jumping at the top and it was still early, Lyn decided she still had legs so after a few photos and a drink she headed for Crafers and I headed back down to watch the finish.
It was exciting stuff the finish was a screamer, downhill and absolutely flat chat, Simon Gerhans did a great job to take the win and the leaders jersey. Don’t know how my legs will stand up for tomorrow’s Bupa Challenge did 10 km today.
Cheers Peter.

GTC Riders View the Tour Down Under in the Adelaide Hills - 20.1.16
Had a fabulous day in the hills today, left Adelaide Shores about 8-00 am and climbed to Crafers and on to Mylor to watch the race go through each lap. It was a wonderful buzz, the place was full of cyclists and other spectators all cheering the racers on. There is a coffee shop right on the corner under some trees which is very popular and a great place to have a coffee and baguette.
After the third lap I headed off along the course back to Stirling to watch the finish, the race caught me part way so I had to stop and let them go through, I wasn’t quite quick enough to keep ahead of them!
The finish in Stirling was fantastic. After the green light car everyone took off for home and we had a wild ride downhill and back into town. Came home via Glenelg, all looking lovely there for tomorrow’s start of Stage 3.
Cheers Peter J.

Meri's Hilly Ride to Lovely Banks & Moriac on Tuesday 19.1.16
Just Today 6 riders rocked up. Peter Jones, looking like the quintessential traveler with his yellow panniers. He gave me the first aid kit, but I passed it to an unhappy David Innes. Never mind. So Rolf, David, Peter, Trudi and Noel set off for a 30 second view of my studio. Peter left soon after for a coffee and to catch a train to Adelaide.

So out to Lovely Banks and over for coffee on Minerva Road at Boticelli. Refreshed we took off for Queens Park and the Scenic Road Hill. Over that bit then down to Grantham Street, and up the long hill, down to Barrabool Road. Here Trudi left us as she had some commitments. David had started counting the hills but none of us took any notice. Up through Ceres, and a glorious run downhill, and I only put the brakes on a couple of times, thanks to the encouragement of couple of riders. Then up through the Barrabool Hills heading for Gnarwarre. Turned left at Hendy Main Road, then to Ravens Creek coffee stop for a break. I think we were all grateful.

From there back down Cape Otway Road , Gazerpore Road and on to Geelong via the Torquay Road. Okay, so there were a lot of hills, but really, they were not so hard. So a great ride and company. Thanks for coming.
Cheers Meri.

John leads Sunday ride to Drysdale - 17.1.16
Just a little overcast as we started at 8am but it cleared to a fine sunny day. We had 6 riders for the trip to Drysdale with Elizabeth coming back from a long absence and she showed us she had gained a lot strength on her extended ride through Europe during the year. The other riders were Peter J, David I, Rolf, Mark and John. We took the Bellarine Rail Trail through to Drysdale and went around to the bakery in the main shopping centre but found it closed. We then headed for Cafe Ground Zero and enjoyed a long chat over coffee. The return trip was via Princess Street, Swan Bay Rd and the Bellarine Highway. With the early start we were home by 11am - before the heat struck!
Regards, John.

Peter Jones' Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove on Saturday 16.1.16
Six riders on a beautiful day, what is wrong with everyone!
Meri, Ross, Ray, Rolf, John and Peter J took the opportunity and rolled out to Wallington via our usual roads and paths. We took the roads through the estates to Grubb Rd and diverted to visit Geof and Marie in the Oakdene Estate but they weren’t home.
We rolled on and turned into Thacker St to grant Meri’s wish and all enjoyed a wonderful run on the “Roller Coasters”, Rolf hadn’t been that way before and was amazed at how the road just fell away in front of him without being able to see the bottom and the way the road rears up out of the valley. It is one where you just need to get in a crouch build up as much speed as you can and get in the right gear so that when your speed washes off you can pedal over the top.
Anyway it was good fun, we all made it, had a great coffee and a good run home, great day in good company.
Cheers Peter.

Due to your webmaster getting the times wrong on the calendar we had 2 rides on Thursday 14.1.16

Peter Jones' Ride to Torquay on Thursday 14.1.16
Those operating on the program were at Grovedale at 8-30 am, Lyn L, Mick and Peter J, (with a bit of a mix up on start times between the program and web our leader was on deck at 9-00 am.) with no sign of the leader and no response from a text enquiry it was decided an easy ride down to Front Beach Cafe in the wind, would be good.
With a strong wind it was fairly protected and we rolled into Torquay ready for a coffee, Lyn G joined us and after a good chat we flew home with a wonderful tailwind.
One positive, members are checking the web site.
Cheers Peter.

Terry's Ride to Farmer's Place in Freshwater Creek on Thursday 14.1.16
On a very windy overcast day, Jackie, Trudi, Sarah, Meri, David I, Rolf, David R, Noel, Ray and Ted, headed off to the Farmer’s Place, Anglesea road Freshwater Creek, setting off from the Grovedale Hotel, riding along Reserve Road we turned right into Horshoebend road heading to Torquay turning right into Quay Blvd and then into Inshore Drive before turning left into Fisher St and then right into Darian Rd crossing over Surfcoast Hwy into Grossmans Road then right into Briody Drive, then turning right into Messmate and then left into Frog Hollow Drive then left into to Coombes Road, turning right at the roundabout and heading to the café with a tail wind. Great coffee, great company and conversation, we then headed back to the Grovedale Hotel, a most enjoyable ride in trying conditions of approx 40 klm’s. 
Keep on Pedalling,
Cheers Terry.

Peter Jones' Ride Around Inner Melbourne on Tuesday 12.1.16
Ten riders and one passenger turned up for todays jaunt around the Capital City Trail in Melbourne, Shirley, David I Jnr, David I, Fiona, Sandra, Ben, Noel, Rolf, Zdenko, Chris and Peter J rolled into the carpark at Sandridge Life Saving Club. We were amazed to find that the council has moved the back packers on by putting in parking restrictions that allow parking from 5-00 am to 11 pm, this is great for us to park for a days ride.
With an early start the coffee shop at Vic Life Saving was the first stop to top up before the 9-30 am start.
With everyone charged up we headed into town mainly along the bike path with a short sojourn along the road. We quickly reached the units overlooking the Yarra and enjoyed the ride along the board walk to the bridge over the Yarra and through Docklands. There were a number of big boys toys floating in their private marina.
At the Moonee Ponds Creek trail we turned right and made our way under City Link beside the Creek until we took the Royal Park turn off, this is a hard right and up which caught a few out, even though they had been warned. Shirley didn’t have too much trouble simply whacking a bit of power into the electric motor. It is a bit of a climb until you look over the Zoo and then it flattens as you make your way through Carlton Nth. Coffee was at Green Park Carlton Nth before we continued to the Meri Creek Trail, the chicanes at the Rushall Station made David work to get the Chariot through and the sharp climb a bit further on made everyone put in.
At the Collingwood Children’s Farm we took a bit of an excursion from the trail to avoid the steps at Gipps St East Melbourne and rolled on to Southgate for lunch. It was quite busy with a lot of workers out for a lunchtime run.
Lunch was very enjoyable, the Mango Lassi was very popular, and after dodging our way along Southbank we took the Light Rail Path down to Station Pier and back to the Sandridge Life Saving Club, a most enjoyable day out on the bike in glorious weather.
Cheers Peter.

Combined Ride with Cycling Geelong - to Moriac via the Barrabool Hills - Sunday 10.1.16
A perfect day for a bike ride and Helen from Cycling Geelong chose a nicely undulating route for today's combined clubs ride. 10 riders, six from GC and four from GTC had an early start from Rippleside Park. Rolf, David I, Noel and Ross alongside Helen, Bridgid, Karen, Dave and Shane from GC.
The ride took us across Geelong and on to Barrabool Road via Queens Park and Scenic Roads. Just past the Ring Road, we were joined by Peter J. Some lovely hills on Barrabool Road before we turned on to Hendy Main Road and the run down to Moriac for morning tea. Plenty of conversation later, we returned the easy way via Paraparap, then zig-zagging our way back towards our starting point. The group dwindled as people took the shortest way home with just 4 arriving back at Rippleside.
Thanks to all participants for a very pleasant outing.

Click here for a map of the ride route.

Peter Jones' Loop through Wallington, Ocean Grove and Horseshoe Bend Rd on Saturday 9.1.16
Eight riders turned up for our Sat morning ride, Meri, Trudi, Rolf, Peter O, David I, Ross, Terry and Peter J, nobody for the flat direct option so we all headed over to the Queenscliff Road via various paths and Townsend Rd. We took the Queenscliff Rd through to Wallington Rd and down to Groove for an excellent coffee and chat. After coffee we returned via 13th Beach, Blackrock Path, Breamlea Rd, Bluestone School Rd and Barwon Heads Rd etc.
An excellent morning riding, and we certainly saw plenty of bikes out enjoying the ride.
Cheers Peter.

A couple of riders were left out of the ride below - they have now been added - apologies from Lyn.
Lyn's Ride to Moriac & Freshwater Creek on Thursday 7.1.16
There was 12 cyclists ready to take the ride to Moriac there was Terry, David I, Peter J, Rolf, Meri, Lyn L, Jackie, Peter O, Sarah, Ross, David R, Ted, Mick and me Lyn G.
Not sure of all the roads and Mick is no help to me!!!!! Rang Jackie and she helped me out with the names of the roads. We started at Bunnings and headed out the old Colac Rd into Pettevel Road then into Resevoir Road. At the top some went up Browns Hill down Hendy Main Road to Ravens Coffee. The rest went down Cape Otway Road into Ravens> After a lot of chatter w headed home - Hendy Main Road Blackgate Road back up Anglesea Road Ghazeepore Road.
Thanks for all the help with directions and for coming on the ride.
Cheers Lyn.

Drysdale - Queenscliff on Tuesday 5.1.16
Twelve riders met at the showgrounds for the ride to Drysdale. The bike path was busy with walkers and cyclists enjoying their time off work and school, but everyone was very friendly making our journey to Ground Zero very enjoyable.
Unfortunately I was unable to continue to Queenscliff, so returned via Ocean Grove, Barwon Heads, and 13th Beach and was joined by Mick, Lyn Loudon, Peter O'Brien and Jackie. We had a very pleasant run home with the help of a tail wind. The remainder of riders, Mark, Dave I, Rolf, Noel and possibly Fiona, continued on to Queenscliff under the guidance of Ben.
David Rae.

Bellarine Loop by Rolf on Sunday 3.1.16
8:00 am. came and went, but no one else came to make a peloton of at least two, so a TT it was. Drysdale via the rail trail first, Wallington, Ocean Grove, Barwon Heads, 13th beach Road, Black Rock path and continue to HSB road. All in all a 74 km ride for me, a bit windy at times, but nice temperature made it a pleasant ride. Hope you all had a good sleep-in, cheers, Rolf.

To The Groove on Saturday Morning - 2.1.16
An uneventful ride on a at first drizzly morning from Grovedale pub car park. David I., Mark B., Lyn Greg, Jackie Rae and Rolf fronted up. Before we started we were treated to a viewing of bruises by the girls from last Tuesday's ride along 13th Beach Road. Off we went, Boundary Road to Barwon Heads Road, Lakes Road, Barwon Heads Road and then across the bridge to our coffee shop in Ocean Grove, arriving at the Groove in pleasant sunshine. The way back was supposed to go along 13th Beach Road, but the girls were scared to face the busy road and headed straight back along the Barwon Heads Road while us 3 guys went along a practically deserted 13th Beach Road hardly seeing a car and very few people. We all made it safely back to our homes, thank you all for a pleasant ride.

Peter's Ride to Waurn Ponds & Highton on 31.12.15
Seven riders turned up willing to take a short ride to beat the forecast 40 deg heat. Trudi, Leo, David I, Rolf, Noel, Mark and Peter headed off from Church St away from Lara. We back tracked the Cadel Ride to the top of Scenic Rd, a good hill to open the pipes. Part the way down we turned right on to Leigh Rd and wended our way to the top of the hill overlooking the Ring Rd intersection with Barrabool Rd where we took the path and on to the extension of the Ted Wilson Trail and enjoyed a fast downhill with a wonderful concrete dip before flying halfway up the next hill.
This was a ride where time was the guiding factor, about an hour was the intention and by the time we had pedalled down past the new Epworth Hospital and Uni, along the highway and back to Highton Village it was about 9:10 am and time for coffee.
The plan had been to go to Two Sugars but surprise surprise they were closed but next door Darriwill Farm was open so we picked a nice lot of tables in the shade and enjoyed a coffee and chat. A few Highs and Lows were discussed, and a very detailed discussion of the English Language ensued. A most enjoyable morning ride with a very sociable bunch.
About 10-00 am it was time to split up and head for home before the heat of day really arrived. Happy New Year and see you in 2016.
Cheers Peter.

Meri's Ride to You Yangs & Anakie on Tuesday 29.12.15
Tuesday 8 am, 6 riders rocked up to Rippleside, Looked like a smallish ride group, with Trudy and Leo, Peter Jones, Rolf K, David Innes, and myself. Firstly we mirrored the route taken by Peter O'Brien on Thursday 24 December. Saw a beautiful little finch-like bird with a very round yellow tummy. If anyone can enlighten me as to what it was I would be delighted. Though in all fairness Trudi did say it was a bird.
We headed up Lovely Banks Hill and rode out the Ballan Highway to Anakie. Pretty dry country at the moment and all the crops are in. I guess with a backdrop of the You Yangs to the right and the Brisbane Ranges to the left, there is some sort of prettiness, but it is a little bit hohum for 14 K’s or so, but I wouldn’t be saying that aloud to the Anakians!
We picked up Mark B on the way and Ben and Fiona Kersten were waiting for us at the Anakie general store. Mid-way through coffee Noel turned up boosting our numbers to 10.
Good, after a leisurely coffee we rode out of Anakie up the Hill to the Staughton Vale Road, then turned left and rode up Granite Road. Steep hill to begin with which meant lots of lovely downhill runs. Experienced riders were well ahead but for me, I was hanging on hoping none of the shady bits on the roads, disguised potholes. They didn’t.
Round onto the Bacchus Marsh road for 4 k’s or so, then around the back of the You Yangs to reach our lunch destination within the Reserve. Most of us were pretty much ravenous, so could hardly wait to unwrap our rolls. Rolf, took off up the top to improve his stamina, strength and mountain climbing techniques heh heh. We relaxed, though there was a bit of “”çhain cleaning”” workshop courtesy of David, Noel and hearsay from Rolf. After lunch we headed off to Lara and then to home. On the way out, Trudi and I had a small skirmish with a large rock, a speed hump and each others bicycles. Trudi soldiered on for another 30 k’s or so to home. I went home via Ben and Fionas courtesy bus (thanks so much!), and as far as I know the rest got home according to the schedule. Though I might say, Ben did suggest to the rest, who were having coffee in Lara, they they go home via Werribee. A tad mischeivious I would say. A beautiful day for a ride with no wind – what better way to spend it! Thanks everyone. Meri.

John's ride to Connawarre and Torquay on Sunday 27.12.15
We thought the season had reverted to winter for this ride so on a rather cool Sunday morning at 8am Peter O, Peter J, Rolf and John headed down the Barwon track to Breakwater. We took the Barwon Heads Rd to Lake Rd and, to see some new territory cut back to the Barwon Heads Rd on Baenschs Lane and noted the number of farm houses that looked like they had not been painted since the 1960s. Following Bluestone School Rd, Breamlea Rd, Blackgate Rd and into Torquay on Horseshoe Bend Rd. Our timing was fairly good as most of the rain fell while we were having coffee at the Yummy Tummy Cafe on the Surf Coast Highway near Rip Curl. On the return trip up Horseshoe Bend Peter J suggested that we try the new track along Armstrong Creek. After climbing over a few ribbons we soon got onto the concrete path which wound its way parallel to the creek through to the housing estate and onto the Barwon Heads Rd. Armstrong Creek was flowing after the recent rains. With the early start we covered the 60km, consumed coffee and had quite a chat, and were back in Geelong by 11am.

Regards, John.

Peter O'Brien's Christmas Eve Scenic Tour of Geelong - 24.12.15
On a beautiful summer morning, Ross, David I, Rolf, Chris, Peter J, Meri, Trudi, Leo and I headed off on a mystery tour of Geelong. The tranquil waters of Eastern Beach presented a wonderful backdrop as we rode along the Esplanade to Rippleside. We continued to St Georges Road, Cox Road, up Anakie Road Hill and onto Bluestone Bridge Road. On this section of the road you can enjoy some fantastic views of Geelong. With another short hill to climb, we continued to Braund Avenue then onto the Ted Wilson Trail. We then had a downhill ride along Church Street to Minerva Road and a stop for coffee at Soft.
The Kris Kingle was a hoot with a lot of thought going into gift selection. The bikes, festively decorated, looked spectacular when lined up outside Soft.
We headed down Minerva Road to Queens Park Road and continued up Scenic Road. At this stage of the ride the views over Geelong are quite stunning. With the big hill conquered, we proceeded at speed to Wandana Drive and just under the Ring Road Bridge, we joined a bike path and a short climb to Pigdons Road. Now that the hills were behind us, we took a path from Bunnings back to Geelong.
As we were riding along the Barwon River path Meri yelled out “Snake”. Too late! Three riders had already ridden over a metre long snake.
The shock and horror of this potentially catastrophic event meant a short drink and recovery stop was required at Little Creatures.
Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to all riders and their families.
Peter O.

Peter Jones' Ride to Moriac & Freshwater Creek on Tuesday 22.12.15
Nine riders for Ray’s Ride, unfortunately Ray had already departed for Mallacoota to have the usual family camping holiday so I took over, there was Meri, Trudi, David I, Rolf, Noel, Peter O, Ross, Terry, Ben and Peter J.
Ray had discussed his ride with me a few times so I tried to follow his wishes although he did say Cochrane's and I reckoned Devon would be a better option and would avoid a bit of hill climbing. Peter O made the mistake of saying he hadn’t had a puncture, big mistake, within a few minutes he had a pinch puncture after running over a bolt on the road.
After climbing Devon we took Barrabool along the ridge and down to the Colac Rd., an excellent light undulating ride in lovely Sunshine. Over the Colac Rd it was down Considines and Hortips to Cape Otway Rd and to Moriac. The plan was Raven’s Creek but the place was full of pickers so the General Store provided an excellent coffee and a quiet place for a chat.
Terry departed for home to do an airport pickup, as the rest of us took Hendy Main Rd to Anglesea Rd and back to Farmers for coffee and lunch. Excellent tailwind run, shoulder looked like it had been swept and was generally very good.
Enjoyed our break and headed for home, Rolf and Noel found some friends, missed Rolf cuddling up to the Alpaca. On the way home some split off at White’s Rd and the rest heading back to Bunning's and or home on the Waurn Ponds Creek trail. Very enjoyable ride in good company and fine Sunny conditions.
Cheers Peter.

Nicole's ride around the Barwon River on Sunday 20.12.15
With 44.3 deg in Geelong on the previous day and hot weather forecast for Sunday Nicole decided to do a short ride aroung the Barwon River. Nicole, Rolf, Mark, Peter Jones and John turned up for the ride and John had heard the night before about a coffee shop in the old Paper Mill at Fyansford. Nicole decided to see if it was open.
We first rode down to
Breakwater before coming up the southern side of the river to Fyansford where we travelled down to the end of Lower Paper Mill Rd, through the gates, and followed the 'coffee' signs to The Door Cafe Gallery. What a pleasant surprise hidden away in the recesses of the Old Paper Mill!! We had the place to ourselves when we first arrived but soon a few people arrived to play music in the old building with its bluestone walls and great acousitcs. We soon learnt what a 'handpan' was and a 'shruti box'. We certainly enjoyed the entertainment. There was a kelpie dog that also entertained us as it seemed obsessed with running around the place and doing 2 or 3 laps of pieces of furniture ... and just kept running and running (you can see it in the 3rd picture below). Our return trip followed the northern bank of the Barwon back into town.
Regards, John.

Peter Jones' Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove on Saturday 19.12.15
Ten riders turned up for an extra early start, some still with sleep in the eyes, but all eager to get a ride in before the forecast heat and strong and hot Nth wind. Meri, Jackie, David R, David I, Mark, Rolf, John, Peter O, Leo and Peter J.
With the temp only about 17 deg and a fog and mist hanging over us we headed out Surfcoast Hwy to Boundary Rd, Lakes Rd, to Barwon Heads. It was very pleasant riding so we took the Sheepwash option cutting through the back roads of Barwon Heads to the bridge. Rolf almost came to grief as a large Golden Retriever sprinted across the road between him and POB, Rolf slammed the anchors on and just missed, Rolf reckons he has some hairs still on his front wheel.
Enjoyed our coffee at Groove and our lovely host gave us some cake to go with the coffee, with everyone satisfied we headed back via 13th Beach, many surfers out, fog and mist had lifted with just a hint of haze, still only about 22 deg but a little humid.
The ride back along HSBend Rd was pleasant, a little light Northerly had sprung up but just enough to cool the body of perspiration, at Boundary Rd people began to split and head home, and with the early start we were back at Grovedale before 10-00 am after a very enjoyable ride of approx. 55 km.
Cheers Peter.

Peter O'Brien's Ride to Barwon Heads on Thursday 17.12.15
On a beautiful warn morning David R, Jackie, David I, Rolf, Noel, Meri, Trudi, Terry and I met at the Grovedale Hotel to ride to Barwon Heads. We headed off via Lakes Road and Barwon Heads Road and stopped for the usual coffee at the Star Fish Café in Barwon Heads. Seating for a large group at the Café was scarce and Terry and Noel used all their prowess to convince a lady sitting on her own with her dog, at an eight seat table, to move to a two seat table. This was done in a very courteous way and the lady was most impressed. The coffee orders were eventually sorted out and everyone was happy.
With the temperature rising we decided not to stay too long and headed back along 13 Beach. As usual the views along this road are breathtaking. David I and Meri took off on 13 Beach Road, at a rate of knots, to catch a group of riders who had passed us. Very impressive. We caught up with them at Black Rock Road and proceeded home in an orderly fashion via Lakes Road. At Boundary Road the group split into two with one group heading back to Grovedale and the other group straight through to Geelong.
It was good to hear that Lovro is back home and recovering well from the fall.
Peter O’Brien.

David's Ride to Jan Juc on Tuesday 15.12.15
Thirteen riders gathered at the Grovedale pub for the normal Tuesday ride unaware of the events to take place during the day. The plan was to ride along Blackgate Road to Moriac and along Forrest Road to Bell's Beach. However the ride was changed after a suggestion of having coffee at a nice little coffee shop at Bellbrae, so we stayed on Anglesea Road. The only event on the way down was a puncture to Lovro's bike. The coffee shop was really pleasant, but unfortunately after waiting patiently we were informed that they had run out of coffee! The decision was then made to ride along Bell's Beach to Swell Cafe in Jan Juc. As time was going on, we made this our lunch break.
The ride continued along the esplanade in Torquay, planning to make the home run up Horseshoebend Road, Blackgate Road and Lakes Road. These plans were changed again due to an unfortunate incident involving Lovro. As he approached the roundabout at The Quays he hit the curb on the left hand side, which threw him across to the centre reservation, resulting in him having a nasty fall. The ambulance was called as he was unconscious for a short period of time and when he came around he couldn't remember what had happened.
He was taken to hospital, accompanied by Meri. A very kind man took their bikes to his house in Torquay for us to pick up later in the day. The rest of us rode straight up Horseshoebend Road to our various destinations.
After speaking to Meri, she told us Lovro seemed fine, but the hospital decided to keep him in overnight for observation.
David Rae.

GTC Christmas Party at Lindy & Don's Charlemont Farm on Sunday 13.12.15

Ross' Ride to Fyansford and Moriac on Sunday 13.12.15
Today was a combined ride with Cycling Geelong.
Seven riders fronted at South Geelong station; Helen, Bridget, Mike and John M from Cycling Geelong plus Rolf, John H and Ross from GTC. Ride was scheduled for a 9.00 start but when I suggested we set out, one of the CG people asked why we weren't "waiting for Noel"! So departure happened at 9:05.
Our route took us up Aberdeen Street and through Herne Hill before the big downhill run on Hyland Street - those recumbents are very fast! We turned left off the Hamilton Highway on to Merriwarp Road then right on to Barrabool Road.
Plenty of opportunity to work the legs on the undulations there and on Devon and Reservoir Roads before the lovely downhill run to morning tea at Moriac's Raven's Farm. Quite busy there so lucky that Rolf had arrived quite a bit earlier than the rest of the group and had claimed a table. He was also halfway through his coffee when we arrived! Lots of conversation here as we leisurely worked our way through drinks and their specialty "organic" scones/cakes/slices/jam/cream/etc. Rolf decided that time was marching on and set off home while the rest finished the last of our fare.
The return trip continued the leisurely vibe via Mt Duneed Road, Baanip Boulevard, Bailey Street, the bike path, Belmont Common and the Barwon River bike path back to South Geelong Station. Warm temperature, light winds, quiet roads and good company - thanks to all riders for a most enjoyable outing.
Regards, Ross.

Peter O'Brien's Ride to The Cheeky Cow in Collendina - Saturday 12.12.15
An interesting morning for riding with riders wearing a range of attire from winter through to summer gear. Ross, David I, Rolf, Mark, John and myself headed for Collendina via Horseshoe Bend Road, 13th Beach Road and Barwon Heads. With a prevailing wind one would have thought we were participating in a stage of the Tour De France, such was the speed of the ride. For the riders with the summer gear this proved to be a good decision.
It was a pleasure to ride on the newly resurfaced section on the Blackgate Road at the Breamlea Road end of the road. Also, the Parade Road in Ocean Grove is now rideable with a myriad of bitumen patches scattered over some distance. The Cheeky Cow could not come soon enough as my energy levels were depleting.
After refreshments, the usual coffee fix, we returned via Banks Road to the Bellarine Highway and back to Geelong. Ross gets the prize for the day in that he headed back into a strong head wind from the Cheeky Cow back home to Torquay.

Geoff & Heather's Videos as they are about to return from Antartica - 10.12.15

Trudi's Thursday ride to Millars in Lara - 8.12.15
Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day, oh what a beautiful morning, I hope everything is going our way....
With the temperature forecast for 24 degrees, with very little wind, and not a cloud in the sky. I wasn't surprised to see such a big group of cyclists waiting at the top of Church St this morning. There was Ian, Sarah, David and Jackie, Rolf, Terry, Peter O, Mick, Dave and myself. Riding along the Ted Wilson Path, we picked up another friendly face Noel, only a little bit late. Riding onto the Ballarat Rd, we were soon on the Ballan Rd, heading for Stacey's Rd. Our destination was Millers, a request from Terry, as this was his first visit. On our arrival, tables were shuffled around, orders and names given, now time to sit and chat awhile. Our ride home was on the Hovels Creek Path, everyone dropping off at different destinations. I chauffeured the last four riders back over the Victoria St overpass, continuing up Church St to awaiting cars. Thanks everyone for your company today, I hope you all had an enjoyable ride, bathed in glorious sunshine.. Life is better on my bike.

David's ride to The You Yangs onTuesday 8.12.15
Tuesday 8th of December a GTC historical first happened when a rider decided to make it a family day out and brought the youngest member of the GTC little David Charles Innes Jr 22 months old in a bike trailer! photos were taken to record this momentous event attached to this report.
Riders attending today were Meri ljubanovic, Peter jones, Peter O'brien, Ben Kersten, Rolf Kohnert, Ray Moore and Ted keen with Noel Pownall joining us in Lara expecting to travel to Werribee no doubt lol.

The weather forecast was for rain, possible storm, high winds and high temperatures so it was decided to greatly reduce the distance of our ride from Werribee to Lara and the Youyangs which was just as well as the going was very difficult pulling a trailer indeed!.
The usual route was via north Geelong starting in Rippleside park traveling behind the refinery connecting to the Hoval trail so off we headed as it started to rain but only briefly leading the way I was soon passed by all leaving only myself and PJ to find our way to Millers in Lara for our coffee stop where it was later decided to go up Flinders road turning left passing the Youyangs entrance where it was jokingly suggested we could go to the top with my pulling a trailer of 20 Kg! Pfttttt! Lol .
Reaching Forrest road we turned for home sailing with the wind we gathered great speed Where for once as ride leader I led from the rear with all but my only faithful confidante PJ following me but to be fair they waited at the end of the road at the roundabout where it was decided we would go our separate ways most went the Wilson trail where as I decided to take the safest route along the Hoval trial with Rolf, Meri and POB.

A great time was had by all even David Jr though it was hard to know as he slept most of the way! we managed to escape the worst of the weather except for the rise in temperature we all managed to survive hope to see you all again very soon ;-) David Innes.

John's ride to Bellbrae on Sunday 6.12.15
Our destination for today was the Bowside Cafe in Bellbrae - it is one of my first rules in planning a ride that you work out the cafe for the coffee stop first! Ross, Peter J, Ian, Mark, Marie, Rolf and John H headed for the Anglesea Rd via the Barwon River Path and Waurn Ponds. I suggested that some may want to climb the hill through the township of Bellbrae and others take the main road so we briefly split up at that point to rejoin at the Bellbrae roundabout. Just half a km down the Anglesea road the Bowside Cafe is located amidst plants, art and ironwork. We enjoyed the coffee and conversations. Our return trip was roller coaster ride through to Jan Juc and Torquay before the trip up through Horseshoe Bend. Our total distance was just over 60km in ideal conditions for cycling.
Regards, John Hagan.

Nicole reports back from the Great Vic Bike Ride at Inglewood with a few photos on Saturday 5.12.15

Peter J to Ocean Grove and the Unofficial Group to Torquay on Saturday 5.12.15
Six riders on time to ride to Groove in Ocean Grove, Rolf, Peter O, David I, Ray, Ross and Peter J. Mark caught us up on Lake Rd. We took the usual route, Boundary Rd, Barwon Heads Rd, Lake Rd etc. Rolf was feeling the Xmas spirit and bought all our coffees, thanks Rolf, and our lovely hosts at Groove provided us with a piece of their Beetroot cake as a special treat. The late comers arrived a short while later, Mick, David R, Jackie and Terry.
After coffee we all headed back via HSBend Rd with a nice little tail wind. Very pleasant ride on a lovely day.
Cheers Peter.

Simon, David E, John C, Marie, Steve and John H headed for Torquay via Freshwater Ck as a number of the group were doing the ride as an Audax ride. Coffee was at Mejavo's before heading back via Horseshoe Bend. A delightful day for a ride!

Mick's Ride to Drysdale on Thursday 3.12.15
For todays ride there was 12 smiling faces at the showgrounds for a ride to Drysdale. They were Trudi, Ian, John, David, Peter J, Rolf, Peter O, Ray, Meri, Sarah, Ted & myself. Weather was going to be pleasant if not coolish to start. Meri fronted up with no riding shoes & a different bike. We headed off along Bellarine bike trail to Leopold where Meri left us as she was having bike troubles. Took bike trail thru to Drysdale for coffee at Ground Zero. After drinks & talk we went home via Princes Rd, SwanBay Rd, Bellarine Hwy., for a good ride of around 50klms. Weather was great with little or no wind, one puncture was had by the leader..... a new tyre will be on for next ride and a couple of riders had chains jump off but all up a good ride, thanx to all who came, Mick.

David Rae's ride to St Leonards on Tuesday 1.12.15
Trudi, Lyn and Mick, David I, Peter J, Ben, Rolf, Meri, Ray, Peter O, Noel, Jackie and David gathered at the showgrounds, where the L.A.C. and Torquay groups were also meeting for their ride - a lot of lycra was on show! It was a fine morning, with a tail wind assisting us along the rail trail to Drysdale. The only mishap was a puncture for Ray not long after starting the ride. A few helpers stayed with Ray and the remainder made their way to Ground Zero for coffee.

Lyn and Mick left us at Drysdale, making their way home. We had a wind assisted ride to Portarlington, which helped us to negotiate the few hills on the way. From there we travelled along the esplanade enjoying a beautiful view across the bay to Melbourne. Because of the favourable conditions we had an early lunch at St. Leonards.

It was a different story on the way home, as we were faced with a head wind as we made our way along Murradoc Road back to Drysdale. We then took the rail trail, which offered some shelter from the wind. Some riders left us at Melaluka Road to make their way home, while the remaining four stopped for coffee at Maccas at Leopold. From hereon the ride home was quite challenging.
David R.

John's Ride around Werribee on Sunday 29.11.15
At 5 minutes to 9am I could see no other riders and thought I might be doing this ride on my own! However, as Noel drove in he spotted Ian and Peter waiting just a little distance up the road. Ian had caught the train to Wyndham Vale and rode his bike the 6km to the start of the ride.
We headed West along the Werribee River Path and Davis Creek to Sayers Rd in Tarneit - then followed Sayers Drain (quite picturesque for a drain!) down to the main Skeleton Creek Trail. On reaching the Federation Trail we travelled a km to Forsyth Rd to cross over the Princes Freeway and return once again to Skeleton Creek which we followed down to Sanctuary Lakes. The first photo below was taken on the banks of Skeleton Creek by a local fisherman (he had just caught 3 carp). At times Noel & Ian thought I must be lost but Peter trusted me a bit more even though I did take them on a rather rough track for a short distance. However, I stuck to the trusty map on my phone and navigated us back through Sanctuary Lakes, along Snydes Rd, the Federation Trail and the Werribee River to Werribee for a total of 44km. The one place I could not find was the coffee stop so we rode to the Coffee Pot in Werribee to quench our thirst at the end of the ride.
Regards, John.

Peter's Ride to Ravens Creek Farm in Moriac on Saturday 28.11.15
Five riders: Rolf, David I, John H, Ray and myself headed out to Raven’s Creek at Moriac via Heyers Rd, the old Colac Rd Waurn Ponds, up the Colac Rd to the Pub and down Hendy Main Rd to coffee. Met up with Bill a rider from Torquay who joined us for coffee and chat.
Berries are looking lovely and saw a young lady who had a bulging container of plump berries. Headed home via Hendy Main Rd and Blackgate Rd, Anglesea Rd, Dickens Rd to Ghazepore Rd. Took the bike path across to Torquay Rd. Mostly with a light tail wind. Weather stayed overcast most of the morning with occasional small patches of sun all in all quite a nice day for riding.
Cheers Peter.

Terry's Ride to The Farmers' Place at Freshwater Creek - 26.11.15
With a beautiful Geelong day forecast all 4 seasons, Jackie, Ross, Rolf, David R, Ray and Peter J and Peter O and myself.
We headed off to the Farmers Place Anglesea road Freshwater Creek, along reserve Road, we turned right into Horshoebend road ( Very strong cross winds) following it to Torquay before turning right through the Torquay estate into Fischer Street turning right into Darian road crossing the Highway to Grossmans Road then through (Millionaires row) Ocean Boulevard to Coombes Road,  turning right at the roundabout and heading along Anglesea Road to the café, a welcome rest, great coffee, cake and conversation we headed back to Ghazephore Road where Ross headed off back to Torquay (I promised him a tail wind) then Peter and Rolf left us at Whites Road and then Peter and Ray left us at Monterey, a most enjoyable ride of approx 40 klm’s,
Keep on Pedalling
Cheers Terry.

Ray's Ride to Inverleigh & Winchelsea - 24.11.15
The brief details of our route are as follows:-
0900 @ Fyansford, via the Hamilton Hwy to Inverleigh, Winchelsea, thence Atkins Rd - Buckley Rd Nth - Princess Hwy - Barrabool Rd - Pollocksford Rd - Hamilton Hwy - Fyansford to finish @ 1430. Total distance travelled was 87 kms in bright and sunny conditions.
We had 10 riders for this medium ride. The riders were Rolf, Trudy, David I, Peter J, Ben, Meri, Lavro, Ray, Noel and Peter O. We encountered strong SW winds all the way to Inverleigh. However, a good steady pace in the mid to low 20's was maintained.
After those trying conditions, coffee together with an assortment of slices at 'The Bake House' was more than welcomed. Whilst enjoying our coffee break, a big group of riders from the Geelong Life Activities Club arrived giving us a chance to renew some old friendships.
We continued our ride to Winchelsea with more favourable wind direction. Lunch break was taken in Winchelsea in the reserve in town alongside where the new bridge is under construction. Heading back to Fyansford, the wind direction was directly behind us to make a most enjoyable ride and maintaining a good pace. During the ride, three riders had punctures but nothing major - that's life on two wheels!
In all, a great ride with great company. Best wishes, Ray.

Nicole's Ride to Moriac via a rather hilly course on Sunday 22.11.15
Riding was Marie, Noel, Ray, Ian and myself. It was not a mystery tour. I selected route before leaving home.
From South Geelong station we rode to the river then along the bike path to Fyansford, Hamilton Hwy to
Merrawarp Road, Barrabool Road, Devon Road, Cape Otway Road, Reservoir Road, Hendy Main Road for tea stop at
Moriac general store. After a lovely rest and requests for no more hills, we got the chat with with Mal and Betty
who were calling at Moriac after their morning ride. We returned via Cape Otway Road, Mt Duneed Road,
Gharzeepore Road, Princes Hwy, Pigdons Road, Thornhill Road, Burdekin Road, Fryers Road, Belle View Ave,
Barrabool Road, onto river Bike Path again back to South Geelong. Lovely hilly training ride for me before Great
Victorian Bike Ride next weekend. Thanks to Lindy for doing a similar ride years ago. Was fun to revisit this
ride. Nicole.

Peter's Ride to Ground Zero in Ocean Grove on Saturday 21.11.15
Five riders came out to play on a cloudy but fine morning: Rolf, David I, Peter O, Ray and Peter J. Now that Swan Bay Rd is made I thought it would be good to take it right through to Portarlington Queenscliff Rd and then take the back way into Ground Zero at Drysdale.
We had a slight tailwind and it was an enjoyable ride, particularly through the countryside along Swan Bay Rd. At Ground Zero we were approached by Rosemary who is keen to find out about good riding groups around so we invited her to join in our photo. Maybe she will join us in the future.
After coffee we took the Rail Trail back to town with a slight head wind after a very nice ride of about 70 km.
Cheers Peter.

Mick's Ride to Ocean Grove on Thursday 19.11.15
An early start at 8.30 due to expected heat brought 13 riders out to the start at Grovedale Pub. It was a nice morning so we headed out along Reserve Rd, Barwon Heads Rd, Lake Rd, back onto Barwon Heads Rd and around to Ocean Grove at the Groove for coffee and talk. Just about the time we were due to leave the weather changed and the wind swung round and temp dropped. We rode back to Barwon Heads where the group split...Lyn, Myself and David decided a slightly easier journey home via the route we came in on. The rest went around 13th beach and home hopefully without incident. It was around 60 klms to home a good ride thanx all. The riders were: Trudi, Ross, David, Terry, PJ, Rolf, Meri, Lyn L, Noel, Peter O, Ray, Lyn/Mick.

Peter O'Brien's ride from Werribee to Southbank on Tuesday 17.11.15
Today John, Peter J, Ray, David, Noel and myself, headed off from Werribee to the big smoke of Melbourne.

Leaving the Werribee Bowling Club we proceeded along the Federation Trail all the way to Yarraville. There is a lot to see and take in along this section of the trip, from the windy open plains to industrial sites and a variety of smells and undefinable odours. The smells were particularly evident as we rode through the underpass of the Ring Road – it virtually took your breath away. There were many roads to be crossed with the majority well controlled with bicycle signals. We stopped in the Yarraville Village for coffee in a quaint little street with lovely facades. We were seated on a bench facing the road where we were ogled by car drivers and passing pedestrians. The sight of six magnificent specimens all dressed in lyrca and sipping coffee was too much for the Yarraville folk to take in!

Back on our bikes we headed to the Bay Trail that turned into the Capital Trail and as we crossed the Maribyrnong river on Footscray Road the city skyline was a lovely view. We crossed the Yarra River near North Wharf Road and proceeded to South Bank. There was certainly more activity that you’d find at the Geelong Waterfront with people on the river and walking along the promenade. The range of food for lunch was simply amazing with choices not available at our usual haunts such as the Cheeky Cow.

On the return trip we crossed the Yarra at William Street and rode along the river bike path back to North Wharf Road where we re-joined the Capital Trail. Just over the Maribyrnong River bridge, Ray had the unfortunate mishap of a broken bike seat. And wouldn’t you know it, the bolt that holds the seat on could not be found. Enter Peter J who opened his magical bag of tricks and was able to produce string and other instruments that with careful craftsmanship secured the seat enabling Ray to continue the ride. The remainder of the ride back to Werribee was uneventful although the weather was very hot. David left the group at the Werribee River on the Multby Bypass and continued his ride back home to Norlane. A special commendation to David for his great effort in covering 152kms on the day. It would also be remiss if I did not continue the congratulations and recognise Ray for being able to stay on his bike and make it home on his wonky seat.

Thanks to everyone for an enjoyable ride. A total distance travelled of 78kms.

Peter O.

Pam's ride around Geelong on Sunday 15.11.15
We had 6 riders for our Easy Sunday ride John Hagan, David Innes, Lynn and Mick Greig, Ross Glover and Pam Morrow. We left South Geelong Station and headed to the Ted Wilson Trail which we followed to Corio then we turned down Plantation Rd and headed toward the Grammer School where we linked up to the bay trail. David left us here and we all continued on into Geelong. We made a photo stop at the Christmas Tree . Our coffee stop was at the end of the ride at Botanical on Ryrie. A very pleasant ride.
Pam Morrow.

Peter O'Brien's ride to Pt Lonsdale on Saturday 14.11.15
Today, Rolf, Ray, Mark, John, Murray (welcome back) and myself set off to Point Lonsdale. We travelled to Lakes Road, along Blackrock Road and 13th Beach and a quick rest stop at Barwon Heads. It was a relatively quick ride and the panoramic views along 13th Beach are inspirational. We continued the ride to Ocean Grove past the Cheeky Cow on to Shell Road. Approaching Point Lonsdale we encountered a slight drizzle and our coffee break could not have been more perfectly timed...
Back on our bikes and with the sun out, we rode back to Geelong along the Bellarine Highway.
Total distance travelled was 70kms.
Peter O.

Also on Saturday morning from the Showgrounds at 9am to Torquay - Pam, Felix, John C., David E.

Ross to Torquay on Thursday 12.11.15
Only 4 riders for today's ride from Grovedale Hotel. David I, Rolf, Noel and Ross stood around waiting for a ride leader but no one else turned up. Dave had a vague recollection of a prior conversation on the subject but didn't think it was him. Eventually we took a democratic approach, voted on the route and 10 minutes late, headed up the Surfcoast Highway towards Torquay. Turned in to Whites Road, Ghazepore Road, Dickens Road and on to Anglesea Road where another vote was taken. The choices were Coombes Road or continue along Anglesea Road and head in to Torquay via the Bellbrae hill and the GOR. 3 to 1 for Bellbrae. Dave chose to take the Coombes Road option and head home. The other three continued on to coffee/hot chocolate and conversation in the sun at Front Beach. Ross piked in Torquay while Rolf and Noel continued back along Horseshoe Bend Road towards Grovedale.
Hope they made it back safely.

Little River Ride Tuesday 10.11.15
Eleven riders met at the top end of Church St ..Rolf, Meri , Trudi, David I, David R , Jackie, John , Peter J, Ben, Fiona , and myself.
There was some slight misty rain before starting but a quick look at the radar assured us that the rain was going to the south and would miss us.
We proceeded through the streets of North Geelong, Rippleside and North Shore to Lara via the Hovell bike path to coffee at Cafe Blu. Some riders voted for Millers but we're over ruled by the leader and the coffee was very nice!
More light rain but nothing to deter us as we headed for Little River, then to the You Yangs for lunch. By then we were down to 8 riders with the girls out numbering the boys by 5 to 3. One by one riders left the group, first Rolf at Lara, Ben at Little River, David I at the You Yangs and Fiona at Lara.
The rain had set in and the temperature seemed to be dropping as we rode back to Geelong via the Ring Rd bike path.
A good ride despite the rain.
Thanks for the company. Cheers Glenda.

Combined Ride with Cycling Geelong - Swan Bay Rd & Ocean Grove on Sunday 8.11.15
A very good turnout for today's combined ride with Cycling Geelong.
Pam, Mark, John H, David I, Rolf, Ray, Peter J, Noel, Ian and Ross from GTC set out from Rippleside Park with Helen, Kelly, Ric, Ian, Michael and Mark from Cycling Geelong.
Helen had selected a 70 k circuit of the Bellarine Peninsula that incorporated the newly sealed section of Swan Bay Road.
The group stayed fairly intact as far as Grubb Road where some of the faster riders missed the turn on to Swan Bay Road and short-cutted their way to the morning tea stop.
The rest of us caught up at Groove where John Miro from Cycling Geelong also joined us.
After morning tea in the sun, we rode via Wallington and Curlewis Road to join the rail trail for the trip back in to Geelong.
Once back in the big smoke, the group gradually broke up as riders took the most direct route home.
Thank you to Helen and the other Cycling Geelong riders for a most enjoyable outing.

Peter's Ride to Torquay via Bellbrae on Saturday 7.11.15
Seven riders on a cool and breezy day. Rolf, Ray, David I, Peter O, Peter J, Mark and John headed into the SSW wind on the assumption that our work would be rewarded with an easy run home with a tail wind. We took the bike path across to Ghazapore Rd to Dickens and on to The Anglesea Rd. For a change we continued to the big roundabout on The Great Ocean Rd at Bellbrae before taking the rollers into Torquay and coffee at the Frontbeach Cafe.
With the wind still breezy the run home along HSBend Rd was fast and easy, the closer we got to Geelong the more riders peeled off to home after a very nice ride of about 50 km.
Cheers Peter.

Also on Saturday but at Mejavo's in Torquay - from L to R: Simon, Don, Lindy and David Ellis.

Meri's Ride to Teesdale & Inverleigh on Tuesday 3.11.15
Eight of us including Rolf, Noel, Jacqueline, David, Lyn Louden, Peter Jones, Lovro and myself started our ride at Fyansford car park on a very sunny if slightly nippy morning. We headed out then down the Fyansford Gheringhap road. Unfortunately so did some Truck and Dogs, who it seemed to us were too close and in much too big of a hurry. One car being forced off the road while we watched. Burnside Road next time. Coming into Bannockburn though, is really pretty. All the older homes seem to be on the left, and are set amongst fields of wheat and oaten hay, it painted a very appealing "ride-by". It was lovely to see three grey draft horses paying no attention to our Indian file riders. Bannockburn for a leisurely coffee in the sun, a puncture fixed, and a tool bag left behind. Bugger.
We all have favourite roads to ride. One of mine is the Teesdale to Inverleigh road. I love the messmate stringybark, and the sense of isolation I get when on this stretch. We also passed Art Rocks Artist retreat, hopefully next time we'll stop off and grab a coffe from the folk there. There's a "folly" on the property which you can see from the road, which overlooks a lake, and to me this is rather quaint.
Next, down the highway to lunch at Inverleigh under a spreading gum with stories from Rolf and an update on building from Lovro. Apparently, somewhere, I think the Great Ocean Road, Rolf was chatting to a couple of bikies, who exclaimed to Rolf they had come so far on three litres of fuel, Rolf quipped back that he had come the same distance on half a litre of water! Yup, we're pack animals and one of the reasons is that we like communicating, sharing our experiences and generally enjoying each others company.
Up the road threading through the beautiful Leigh valley, up a couple of hills and home to the cars at Fyansford. As Lovro hooked back in the Ute to Bannockburn to hopefully find his tool bag, I elected to try Cement Hill with Rolf. All I can say is with Rolfs "ride whispering", I actually made it up. Big grin.
A wonderful days ride with great company. AND home well in time to watch the Cup!

1. Greg's 111 km ride to Bamganie & Inverleigh on Sunday 1.11.15
Four riders turned up for Greg's hard ride: John C, Noel, John H, and Greg. However, John C came to test out his injured leg and found that it was not up to the journey by the time we had reached La Trobe Terrace. So 3 of us continued out along the Steiglitz Rd to Maude and down the big dipper (Perdrisat Rd) at white nuckle speed and slowly up the other side. Greg managed to pedal all the way, Noel had to walk for about 50m and John for about 200m. Once we were back on our bikes we crossed the Midland Highway and Greg led us out to Bamganie, then south to Shelford, where there was another good downhill run, and finally along the Leigh River and into Inverleigh. The town was crowded - probably because of the Inverleigh Primary School 150 years celebration - and we happened to see the newly opened (4 weeks ago) Inverleigh Bakhouse on the location of the original bakery. We stopped there for coffee and John asked for his at 92 degrees C and was impressed when his wishes were acceded to. The cakes and coffees were delightful and you can see Noel wrestling with a vanilla slice. Our run home was at a good speed along the Hamilton Highway - we were at times doing 45kph on the flat with Noel leading us back through Fyansford for a total of 111 km.
Regards, John.

** See downhill video from the GoPro below photos.

2. Peter O'Brien's Circuit of Geelong on Sunday 1.11.15
Well, today’s riders certainly selected the right day for a ride - what a contrast to yesterday morning, a beautiful sunny day. Ian, Peter J, Pam, David I, Ross and myself left South Geelong station and headed towards Eastern Beach. Along the way, as we headed through Eastern Park with the bay coming into view, David sighted a submarine. At first we didn’t believe him but there it was, a little submarine. A number of suggestions were mooted as to the purpose for the sub including the Russians attacking the oil refinery or the Germans playing havoc in Corio Bay! Alas, all of these great notions came to nothing and later in the ride we realised there was no evil intent. Back to the ride … we took a slight detour from Moorabool Street along Malop Street to view and christen the new green painted bike lane that heads up to Johnstone Park. We continued the ride to Rippleside where once again we noticed the sub that was now being towed by two tugs, presumably to the dock on Quay Road. We also noticed the Geelong Christmas tree stored near the dock. I thought to myself, What next? Onwards we travelled to St Georges Road and up to the Ted Wilson Trail. It was disappointing to see the road littered with glass in five different locations and on a personal level I was thankful that I didn’t get a puncture as on two occasions I went straight over the top of it. From the Ted Wilson Trail we proceeded to Hyland Street and to the river bike path. We stopped at Barwon Edge for a coffee break and who should we run into but Terry Hamilton and his family having a scrumptious breakfast that had us salivating – our coffee just didn’t crack it! Back on our bikes we all headed home in our own different directions.
A very pleasant and interesting (if not a little intriguing) ride. Total distance 40km.
Regards, Peter O’Brien.

Ross' Ride to Moriac on Thursday 29.10.15
It was a nice day for a ride. Pity only four out of the nine riders who set out, made it back to the starting point!
Peter J, Peter O, Lyn L, David and Jacki R, David I, Terry, Ray and Ross set out from Grovie Pub for a leisurely ride out to Moriac.
The problems started on a fast run down the Ghazepore Road hill when David R had a front wheel blow-out.
Tube replaced, we headed on up Waurn Ponds Drive, then Pettavel and Reservoir Roads to Hendy Main Road.
The reward for the effort at the end of Reservoir Road was a lovely down hill run to Moriac.
Most enjoyable for all but David R who again had a front puncture a couple of k's short of morning tea.
Insisting that he and Ray had the situation under control, David R insisted we continue on.
Morning tea at the general store was completed without any sign of the missing two.
Several attempts at phone calls finally produced the news that the front tyre was damaged and an attempt at a repair using a tyre boot had failed.
David R was walking his bike to Moriac.
After some discussion about what should happen next, Lyn headed back to an appointment in Geelong and Peter O, Peter J, David I and Ross continued on, leaving Terry, Ray, Jackie and David R to work out who was waiting at Moriac and who was riding back to Geelong to get a car.
A rider loss significantly greater than the acceptable 10% adds another blot on the record of the ride leader.

GTC Shopping Trip in aid of Breast Cancer Network Australia - Saturday 24.10.15

Lyn Loudon's Ride on The Masters Road Racing Course at Meredith - Tuesday 27.10.15
Six happy riders, PJ, Ben, Noel, Peter O'Brien, Dave Innes, Ken (guest) and one reluctant leader (Lyn L) set out from Meredith on a sunny but very blustery day.
The said leader wanted to quit after 3 kms but agreed to continue in the stoic GTC manner (especially as the other riders did not know the route). After a struggle for about 7 kms there was a lovely downhill run followed immediately by a winding uphill just over a little bridge on the Ballan/Meredith road.
It was a very picturesque ride on quiet country roads, with plenty of undulations, via the township of Elaine & back to Meredith on part of the Aust Masters road course. (Eat your heart out Rolf).
We did encounter some road works for a short distance but the surface was good so that was no problem. Because of the strong windy conditions, everyone elected not to stop but ride to the café - approx. 45kms. A longer route was planned but general feeling was "that's enough for today" !
A very nice lunch/coffee break followed with much chat and general goodwill. All riders were happy to have ridden on a new course which they had not done before and Dave Innes had a good run by riding there & back from home - very impressive. A good effort by all.
Cheers, Lyn Loudon.

Pam's ride to Barwon Heads - Sunday - 25.10.15
Today Ian Fraser, Rolf Kohert, Ross Glover and John Hagan joined me for a ride down the coast. We rode along Horseshoe Bend Rd to Blackgate Rd. we connected to the bike path that joined on to Thireenth Beach Road. At Barwon Heads we decided to go to Groove for coffee. We returned via Wallington Rd. It was a very pleasant ride with lots of cyclist out enjoying the good weather.
Pam Morrow.

John Hagan's Ride to the Cheeky Cow in Collendina on Saturday - 24.10.15
A good morning for riding although a little overcast to start. Ross, Peter J, Peter O'B, Terry, Ray & John headed for Collendina via Lake Rd and Barwon Heads. Our passage was fairly smooth except for The Parade in Ocean Grove which has been dug up for sewerage pipes and not repaired well. We made good time so were ready for coffee at the Cheeky Cow at just after 9:30am. We moved along on the return journey along 13th Beach, Blackgate and Horseshoe Bend Rds to average 26kph for the morning.
Check out the frontpage photo which is also from this ride.
Regards, John.

David Innes' Ride to Barwon Heads and the Starfish Cafe - 22.10.15
Thursday's ride started cloudy and overcast with a 40% chance of rain. Our destination was to Barwon heads same old same old ho hummmm :-p
Despite the chance of rain and Peter Jones' October tour numbers for today's ride were surprising with Meri, Rolf fresh from his masters victory, Noel with his son Clint, Terry and myself. We started along Torquay Road then boundary turning right onto Barwon Heads Road then left onto Lake Road leading us back to Barwon Heads Road.
It was then we got the first spits of our 40% chance of rain :-/ luckily it was just a light drizzle but this prompted us to go straight for coffee rather than take the usual sheep dip loop we so enjoy.
Arriving in Barwon Heads it was decided to stop at the Starfish were we all enjoyed a nice hot cuppa and longer than usual chat which later proved to be to our detriment as the rain came and stayed consistent for the rest of the ride. At one point we all cowered under a large tree along Boundary Road hoping the rain would pass but no such luck as it had set in. We all enjoyed the ride without incidents with a nice hot shower waiting for us when we got home, cycling clothes straight into the wash and bike under the hose.
Thanks to all who came along and made it all the more enjoyable. Hope to see you again soon. :-) David Innes.

Overall Map of the now completed Albury to Mansfield Ride - October 2015

3rd Seniors Ride to Barwon Heads - 21.10.15
We had 20 riders, led by John Miro, on the ride to Barwon Heads. The weather was generally overcast and windy but we took our time and had a long stop At The Heads for coffee and cake and conversation. Cheers, John Hagan.

Final Day - Alexandra to Mansfield - 21.10.15
Finally the spell of hot weather broke overnight with rain falling and drumming on the roof of our cabin, I hoped it would pass through and such was the case in this morning when we awoke, the sky was cloudy but with patches of almost blue showing through. It was still about 17 or 18 deg and rather humid so the first climb out of Alexandra raised a real sweat. Even though it was cloudy the views were still spectacular.
From the top of that first climb it is almost all down hill to the Mansfield turnoff on the Rail Trail a run of approx. 10 km. Coffee was at Yarck and then it was on to Merton for lunch, before Merton we had to climb up to a plateau, higher than yesterday but still at Train Grades of about 2 to 3 percent. The puncture gremlins were out and about again with poor Ray copping two and Trudi two.
After lunch a bit of a shower blew up so it was on with the rain jackets and pedal on, just past Bonnie Doon the rain eased and we pedalled into Mansfield in the dry, the end of another successful tour.
Cheers Peter.

Note: Lyn Gregg is missing from the photo below as she was driving the support vehicle at the time the photo was taken.

Day 8 - Drysdale & Barwon Heads - 20.10.15
This morning I rode down to South Geelong Station and arrived 10 minutes prior to the start of the ride. Rolf and David I were already there and Rolf greeted me by saying, “Where is your bike helmet?” I had ridden two kms without it and thought it prudent to go back home and get it. I guess this lapse in concentration can happen to anyone and this morning it was my turn! That‘s my story. Needless to say, the ride commenced ten minutes late and you would not believe it, but I beat Noel by thirty seconds.
The plan was to head to Drysdale as part of the first leg of our trip and I am pleased to advise that this ride went very smoothly. As we disembarked from our bikes at Ground Zero, David commented that he had a flat tyre. He was not sure when it happened, but I did notice I was able to stay with David as we proceeded up several inclines in Drysdale which is a rare occurrence for me, but this might explain why he was going slower than normal.
Rolf provided David with a spare tube as David did not have one. I was staggered to see the number of patches on David’s old tube.
We enjoyed coffee and set out on the next leg of the ride to Barwon Heads along Grubb Road. This was a fast ride as we had favourable winds. A brief lunch break was taken at the rotunda adjacent to the Barwon Heads Caravan Park. The final leg of the ride was along 13th Beach Road, Breamlea Road, Bluestone School Road and Barwon Heads Road back to Geelong. We were expecting a head wind but this did not eventuate.
All up a very enjoyable and fast ride. Distanced travelled 70 Kms.
Peter O’Brien.

Day 8 - Seymour to Alexandra - 20.10.15
More forecast warm weather, last of this cycle I think, so we headed off at 8-30 am. Lyn G has trouble with her back and leg so has done a great job driving and letting everyone ride. Has also taken on the job of chief photo taker on the trail.
After topping up the fuel in our support vehicle we headed out the B340, quite a busy road but with good shoulders in most parts, also a bit up and down but nothing we can’t handle. At Trawool we joined the Great Victorian Rail Trail and rode on to a large resort centre where we knocked up the workers for a coffee sitting in their conservatory admiring the view, apparently part of the view from that point was painted by Arthur Streaton and hangs in the National Gallery.
After coffee we headed for Yea and one of the best bakeries we have seen. Lunch was very enjoyable and so many sweet treats to choose from. Rolling on the next excitement was the tunnel at Cheviot after a long but steady climb, followed by a long downhill. This is an excellent trail a good solid surface with little loose gravel.
We turned off to Alexandra and commenced the last long climb to the top of the range where we overlooked Alexandra and off to the mountains in the distance. Then it was a long downhill with a couple of minor ups before arriving in Alexandra and our beds for the night. Let over chinese tonight and BBQ finished with Fruit Salad and ice-cream.
Last day tomorrow to Mansfield.
Cheers Peter.

Day 7 - Violet Town to Seymour - 19.10.15
After a very enjoyable tea at the Pub and a comfortable night at our B&B “Ain Garth” we were all up and ready to go at about 8-00 am, with a warm day forecast it was a good idea to get on the road. It also turned out fortuitous as today was another day where Map My Ride put us on roads which exist in the depths of some computer but do not exist in fact. As usual we overcame these little setbacks but it took a bit of Maps. Me consultation and pushed our overall distance to just over 92 km. The odd gravel road figured in our day but in general the roads were quiet and well surfaced. Hit the caravan park later than expected which put back our happy hour but we will prevail.
Cheers, Peter.

Day 6 - Wangaratta to Violet Town - 18.10.15
Very cool morning, reported to be 2.7 deg. But as usual all were ready by the appointed time, except Ross, no sign of Ross, three unanswered phone calls and we were getting concerned when a flash of high viz yellow charged over the bridge heading for the caravan park. Ross arrived full of apologies and gasping for breath, he had gone for a ride and got lost, when he discovered the way back it was head down and bum up.
A pleasant ride to Glenrowan for morning tea on very quiet and good flat roads. After coffee and our under cover slices we rode on to Benalla for lunch, some had theirs packed others used Maccas. With just 35 km to go it was still pleasant riding, a bit of gravel got the attention of some and when we hit the tar again a cup of tea was definitely called for. Ray took the opportunity to do some exercises while he waited for us to get underway. Arrived in town and settled in to our B&B before heading to the pub for tea.
Cheers Peter.

To Mejavo's Cafe in Torquay on Saturday 17.10.15
Today, Rolf, David I, John and myself set off to Torquay. We travelled along Baanip Blvd to Ghazeephore Road, Anglesea Road and Coombes Road. With Rolf still in racing mode, we flew down to Torquay. Coffee was at Mejavo’s where we met with Nicole, Geoff , David E, Lindy and Don. After a one hour break, we returned to Geelong along Horseshoe Bend Road. Nicole headed back to Grovedale whilst the rest of us headed to Geelong. Along the way, Geoff and John took a different path and later we regrouped in the Belmont Common and headed home.
A very enjoyable fast ride.
Peter O’Brien.

Video Link from today - click here

Day Five - Around Wangaratta - 17.10.15

Today was a free day so we all cruised out to Milawa to taste some Wines, Cheeses and Olives. We took the path out to Milawa, another excellent sealed track. Lucky Ray picked up a bit of glass which punctured his new front tyre, (I think he is getting a complex.)
The Milawa Bakery Cafe was good for coffee and cake before heading to the Cheese Factory, very nice but very touristy. Brown Bros Winery was just down the road so we all headed down there, an absolutely beautiful set up, while some tasted others rested on the bean bags in the shade, before heading back to the Bakery and Olive shop for a bite of lunch, returning to Wang via Oxley Flats Rd. Lovely run through river flats and huge River Red Gums.
The paths around the river are excellent with fantastic new bridges, seems to be related to Aboriginal traditional lands, whatever, they are great.
Cheers Peter.

Day Four - Beechworth to Wangaratta - 16.10.15
The forecast was hot for today so we headed off at 8-00 am. The first order was to take our payback for yesterday’s long uphill climb to Beechworth, a glorious 16 km slide down to Upper Everton where we regrouped before continuing on towards Wangaratta in overcast but humid conditions. Wee Davie being the driver for this morning had our morning tea all set up when got to the Eldorado Road for a welcome cuppa and Lyn L’s chocolate and coconut slice.
After morning tea we continued on this excellent Rail Trail to Wangaratta, first coffee shop we came to overlooking the Ovens River looked great so we stopped and enjoyed our coffee before heading to the caravan park and settling in for a couple of nights. Pasta night tonight so the chefs in each cabin will be working overtime.
Cheers Peter.

To Ground Zero in Drysdale on Thursday 15.10.15
On a hot morning eager riders Ray, David I , Noel, Meri, Ian and myself set off to Drysdale. Our fearless designated leader Mick was a withdrawal as he had to attend to the new LED light installation at home. The group decided to forego the Chocolate Factory for Ground Zero at Drysdale. We met at the show grounds and headed off down Bellarine Highway and onto the rail trail. The temperature was rising and the rest break at Drysdale was very much appreciated. After coffee we proceeded with haste along Princess Street and the Swan Bay route. It was an exhilarating ride until we hit the Bellarine Highway. A head wind all the way home with the temperature hitting 35 degrees.
Glad to get home.
Peter O’Brien.

Day Three - Bright to Beechworth - 15.10.15
Forecast was for warmer weather so after much discussion decided to leave at 8-30 am after strong push for 8-00 am, as it turned out we were all ready at 8-15 am so off we went. Cabins were great overlooking the river. Took the Rail Trail, lovely riding, especially an arch of trees in blossom. Coffee was just outside Myrtleford on the deck, right on the trail almost. Had interesting fly deterrent, fine mist spray of water which kept the area a bit cooler but mainly for fly's.
Following coffee continued on the trail, which is fantastic, sealed all the way and very well maintained, look forward to when our BRT is finally sealed all the way to Queenscliff. Lunch was at Everton Station but was delayed a little when our support car and trailer was sent to the wrong spot. But as usual we overcame our difficulties having lunch in the shade at Everton Station before tackling the last 18 ks uphill to Beechworth to the Bakery and on to our caravan park. Down the Pub for a meal tonight.
Cheers Peter.

2nd Seniors Ride to Drysdale - check out the video:

Day Two - Yakandandah to Bright - 14.10.15
Technology is much better at Bright so am able to expand on what we have been up to, the Yackandandah Holiday Park is a very nice small park, the new owners were very welcoming but the resident Magpie took a distinct dislike to us and attacked relentlessly when we got there and the next day when we were about to leave.
We were on the road at 9-00 am quite lumpy and a bit of traffic but nothing we can’t handle. I was hopeful of getting on to a quieter Road but my efforts came to nothing when I realised we were heading back to whence we came. The gods were not smiling at all, Leo got a puncture in his front wheel which he fixed and as he finished replacing the wheel the back tyre blew out, problem with the spoke holes in the rim. At the same time just up the road Ray was fixing a puncture caused again by whatever caused his puncture yesterday which he hadn’t been able to find. Rest assured the problem has now been rectified.
After we got back on the straight and narrow and after a long but steady climb it was all downhill into Myrtleford for lunch and then on the Rail Trail to Bright. The scenery today was just stunning, the hills are still green, the mountains in the background are lovely and all the new growth on the deciduous trees is fresh and really brilliant green.
The trail to Bright is excellent, nice smooth bitumen, of course we had to stop at the Berry Farm for a cup of Berries, Ice cream and cream.
Tonight was Pizza Night so 9 large Pizzas of various sorts were the order of the day, we did pretty well but I think it might be cold Pizza snacks tomorrow.
Cheers Peter

Start of North East Ride - Day One - 13.10.15
G'day John can't get very good Internet at Yackandandah but we have arrived and commenced our ride. The weather was lovely here today the roads and paths good lovely scenery. Ray had a puncture only 5 ks into the ride but no other problems. Supposed to be warmer tomorrow. Cheers Peter.

To Barwon Heads with Peter on Tuesday 13.10.15
This morning Meri, Noel, Mick, Terry and myself headed off to Barwon Heads from the Grovedale Hotel. Along Lakes Road a large peloton passed us and, in Rolf style, Noel and Terry gave chase and joined them as they went off into the distance. Terry put in a great burst, staying with them until the first corner on Lakes Road. Noel continued the good work whilst we mere mortals eventually caught up with him at the intersection of Barwon Heads Road.
We stayed together and as we entered Barwon Heads Noel suggested and we agreed to ride around the sheep wash route. This was a very interesting diversion from our normal route, although saying this, I do recall following Rolf, David and Co a few months back and it was at such a hectic pace it took me a week to get over. Nevertheless, this morning’s ride provided the opportunity to appreciate nature and the surrounds.
Lunch was at Annie’s and it was noted that Meri and Terry each had a freckle biscuit with their coffees. This was most unusual and while it didn’t mean much at the time, as we headed along 13th Beach Road about I km from Black Rock Road, Meri and Terry suddenly took off at breakneck speed which totally surprised the rest of us. We could only deduce their burst of energy had something to do with the freckle biscuits!
We proceed at speed to Lakes Road/Barwon Heads Road where we regathered and then proceeded along Boundary Road to Horseshoe Bend Road. Noel and Terry left us at Smith Street to go back to the Grovedale Hotel and Mick, Meri and myself headed back home through the Belmont Common.
It was a very enjoyable ride of approximately 60km getting back home by midday.
Note: Noel turned up at the start 10 minutes early.
Peter O’Brien.

A Report from Rolf after his Gold Medal in the Masters Cycling in Adelaide
Wasn't an easy race, there were a few great riders in our age group, one from Carnegie who had just broken the Australian pursuit record over his distance. I also was the only rider who didn't have a racing license, so everyone else was much more competitive than me. I had a good partner though, he could climb better than me and I was the fastest on the flats and down hill runs. I made sure I didn't lose him and he looked after me in return on the climbs. I knew him from Geelong 2 years ago, but he is a South Aussie and knew the course well. 3 km from the finish however, he refused to come through for a turn and I was left out there dragging him along. About 150 meters from the line he jumped past me, but I am used to tricks like that and in the end I beat him by about 2 meters. There was no sour grapes on his part, he knew all along that he could not beat me in the sprint. The 3rd guy however was peeved off because we dropped him about 7 km from the finish on a hill. He could have won if he would have been with us as he also won the sprint, criterion, scratch race and the pursuit race, so quite a fast guy. He didn't show up at the presentation, maybe a bronze medal was below his expectation. Anyhow, like I promised, I brought home the gold and will bring it to the next ride I can come on, but that will not be on Tuesday as I am on medical duty for Fran.
Cheers all
Note: The second place getter was riding a $20,000 bike, Focus top of the range and Zipp wheels top of the range as well while I was on a bike that cost me less than $1,000, so it has to be the engine that matters!!

Around the Bay in a Day
Thanks to Peter O'Brien and Peter Jones for the photos from Around the Bay.

To Uforic Food Cafe in Mt Duneed on Sunday 11.10.15
This ride was billed as a combined ride with Cycling Geelong but due to the Around the Bay in a Day Ride I was unsure if I would get any paricipants besides myself. At 8 minutes before the start time - not another rider to be seen; then Ross turned up and at 9am just the two of us. I said to Ross that we had better wait until Noel Time (9:06) but that passed and I decided to ring the cafe to cancel the large table that I had booked only to see a missed call - yes, it was from Noel and he was on the way. The three of us enjoyed near perfect spring weather for riding. Our route took us out through Highton onto the path beside the Princes Freeway at Waurn Ponds and down the Anglesea Rd. We took Coombes and Messmate Rds - yes the gravel is in Messmate! - then back on the Surf Coast Highway to the Uforic Food Cafe for a leisurely morning tea and long conversations. For the return trip Ross went straight home to Torquay on the Surf Coast Highway and Noel and myself rode along McCannes Rd and Horseshoe Bend Rd for a return trip of about 50km.
Regards, John Hagan.

TWO Rides on Saturday 10.10.15
1. To
Barwon Heads
Nine riders on a dull and damp but humid day, Jackie, Dee, Rayner, Ross, David I, David R, Mark, Ray and Peter J. As it was Around the Bay the next day I opted for an Medium/Easy ride to Starfish via Barwon Heads Rd and Lake Rd. Jackie is still recovering from her flu so she and David decided to just cruise along and catch up at coffee, unfortunately the puncture gods were out and about and she punctured near the Barwon Heads Airport so after fixing the puncture she and David took Blackrock Rd and headed back. The rest did Sheepwash and enjoyed a coffee at Starfish, the skys were dull and a few spits rained down but nothing much to worry about.
We came back via 13th Beach and HSBend Rd with a slight tailwind, the puncture gods were still strong and Rayner and Mark were the lucky recipients, but all in all a very enjoyable day on the bike, nice preparation for tomorrow’s ride to Melbourne.
Cheers Peter.

2. A Group Also Rode to Torquay
A pleasant & calm day.
JC & Simon were running late, so Pam, David E., Geoff C., and Steve had already set off.
Rain started at Breakwater.
Group came together at Boundary Road.
A few more showers.
Steve started to set the pace, so JC, Simon, and Pam followed. They stopped at Blackgate Red to wait; another cyclist appeared to say that there had been an accident at the bridge ...
So, all turned back to find David looking worse for wear!
So all turned back to make sure he got home safely to rub metho & salt on the wounds.
Other than that, a lot of other riders - preparing for ATB?
John Carleton.

Lyn's Ride to Drysdale on Thursday 8.10.15
On a lovely morning 12 keen riders: Trudi, Peter J, Ray, Terry, Jackie, David, Peter O, Meri, Ross, Mick, Lyn and welcome to Rayner from Coffs. We met at the show grounds and headed of down Bellarine Highway and on the rail trail. We went to Drysdale and coffee at Ground Zero. There was a lot of chatter over coffee. We rode back along Princes Street, Swan Bay Road back onto Bellarine Highway. It was a lovely ride - the weather was great and it was good to see Jackie back after her battle with the flu.
Thank you all for coming. Cheers Lyn.

Ray's Ride to Drysdale on Tuesday 6.10.15
The weather report issued on Monday indicated severe weather for Tuesday, high temperature's from 20 deg - 35 deg and high wind's 20 - 32 km/h. With this forecast weather we decided on a 0830 start for our ride from the Showground to Drysdale via the Bellarine Rail Trail. For the ride we had (8) riders: Trudi Bellia, Lyn & Mick Gregg, Terry Hamilton, David Innes,Peter Jones,Peter O'Brien, Ray Moore. We left the Rail Trail at Newcomb to join the Bellarine Hwy thru to Leopold then rejoined the Rail Trail thru to Drysdale. This section of the ride was just fine with a strong NNW wind pushing us along all the way to to our coffee stop at the "Ground Zero Cafe" in Murradoc Rd Drysdale. After coffee, with both the wind and temperature increasing, the proposed ride thru to Queenscliff was cancelled. However, we continued our ride along Princess St. thru to Swan Bay Road leading on to the Bellarine Hwy. At this point it was a strong head wind WSW, all the way back to the Showground. At the end of the ride both Temperature & Wind speed were well into the high 30's, as forecast, Putting all the weather challenges aside, it was a most enjoyable day to be on the bike, with good company.
Ray Moore.

Congratulations to Office Bearers elected for 2015-16:

1. President - Ross Glover
2. Vice President - Lindy Lester
3. Treasurer - Peter O'Brien
4. Assistant Treasurer - Geoff Christmas
5. Secretary - Peter Jones
6. Assistant Secretary - Pam Morrow
7. Webmaster - John Hagan

Ross' Ride to Ocean Grove on Sunday 4.10.15
Great day for a bike ride - sunny warm day and light winds - nine keen riders turned out for today's medium ride. At 9.05, Heather, Geoff, Pam, John H, Peter J, Peter O, Mark, Rolf and Ross set out from South Geelong Station. First stop was on the river path where we were confronted by a large tree branch blocking our way. An opportunity to demonstrate our SES skills! Unfortunately, the job proved too much for our combined talents and we had to settle for widening the opening by breaking off a few branches. Suitably proud of our public service, we rolled on to Barwon Heads Road and Lake Road. Along 13th Beach, riding conditions were prefect and somehow the previously sedate ride disintegrated in to free-for-all at the front. We regrouped at Barwon Heads and rolled on to Groove at Ocean Grove, for a leisurely break in the sun. The day got even better when the nice people at the cafe rewarded our patronage with two plates of free cakes. Suitably refreshed, we headed towards home via Wallington and the highway.
Thank you to all riders for a most enjoyable ride,

To Moriac & Paraparap on Saturday 3.10.15
Ten riders for our Saturday adventure, fine warm day forecast with a strong wind warning out for the Bays. The gusty North Westerly was blowing early in Melbourne and I hoped that it would take some time to get to us. As it turned out we were well on our way to Moriac before it appeared. The last half hour to coffee had a bit of head and side winds. But everyone plugged on and enjoyed our coffee even more knowing that we would have a good run back with a nice tail wind. Participants today were Lyn G, Nicole, Mick, Ross, (on his brand new Giant ) Rolf, Ray, Terry, John H, David I and Peter J.
After coffee we headed home via Mt Duneed Rd enjoying that lovely tail wind, we had to work a little up Ghazepore to Whites Rd where some split and headed home, the rest enjoyed a fabulous run down hill to the Surf Coast Hwy where it was a bit of knuckle down again and people split for home. A fine ride on a warm and windy day. Cheers Peter.

To Torquay on Thursday 1.10.15
The fine warm weather forecast meant 12 riders turned out for todays ride to Torquay. Trudi, Meri, Lyn L, Glenda, Lyn G, Mick, David I, Rolf, Peter O, Terry, Ray and Peter J. We cruised down the Surf Coast Hwy in Sunny conditions and turned at the Shire Offices to take the quieter run through the residential area. Front Beach Cafe was the destination where we ordered our coffee and took up tables outside in the Sun.
Most enjoyable coffee and chat after which we took HSBend Rd home, most enjoyable day on the bike. Cheers Peter

To Moriac & Jan Juc on Tuesday 29.9.15
Ten riders for the ride today: Glenda, Lyn L, David I, David R, Rolf, Ray, Terry, Peter O, Ross and Peter J. It was a bit cloudy with occasional spots of Sun and a bit of a stiff breeze from the West Sth West. We pedalled out to Moriac and enjoyed a coffee and chat. Lyn L and Glenda are just working up to full fitness so headed back home and the rest took Forest Rd to The Great Ocean Rd. The wind was on the side and about half down Forest Rd the road bent East and with the wind slightly behind we had a good run. It was really easy down to Bells, Peter O got a big fright when his bike got up a vicious speed wobble and he thought he might have to bail. More weight forward was Rolf’s advice.
Lunch was at “Swell” Jan Juc and then it was home via Torquay, HSBend Rd all in all a most enjoyable day on the bike.
Cheers Peter.

To The Cheeky Cow in Collendina on Sunday 27.9.15
On another beautiful spring morning, Ian, John, Heather, David I, David C and myself headed off to Ocean Grove via Lakes Road and 13th Beach to Barwon Heads. With a lot of traffic on 13th Beach Road, David I led the riders in Indian file. Crossing the Barwon Heads Bridge, David I made a suggestion to take a different route to the Cheeky Cow café. This entailed an obstacle course with many twists and turns and the need to avoid posts along the dirt path.
There were many patrons at the café, obviously a popular spot for families when the sun is out. John had taken photos along the ride and over coffee let us in on some of his tricks regarding doctoring photos. This includes moving people to different spots so who knows where I’ll end up when his editing is done!
Back on the ride, we headed back home via Banks Road and the Bellarine Highway travelling a total of 60km.
An enjoyable ride.
Peter O’Brien.
The photo of the VWs below was taken by John on the Bellarine Highway at Marcus Hill.

To Ground Zero in Drysdale on Saturday 26.9.15
Twelve riders for today, must be the good weather report, fine and Sunny with a top of 20 deg, who could argue it is great riding weather. Lyn L, Mick, Rolf, Mark, Ray, Terry, David I, and Peter J signed on at the Station. Meri, Glenda, Lovro and Leo signed on at the Showgrounds. After a bit of a cooks tour to get to the Show Grounds we all headed out the Queenscliff Rd to Leopold, Lovro, Meri, Glenda and Leo decided they needed some hill training so went straight ahead while the rest of us took the easier option of the Rail Trail stopping at the toilets at Christies Rd where we all combined again and headed out to Ground Zero for a coffee.
Being a nice Sunny day we sat outside in the Sun and enjoyed our coffee and chat. The return trip with a slight tailwind was via Princess St, Swanbay Rd and Queenscliff Rd, at the Rail Trail the peloton split and everyone made their way home after an excellent day on the bike. It doesn’t get much better than that.
Cheers Peter.

To Lara on Thursday 24.9.15
Thursday's ride started from Church Street /Ted Wilsons trail - there wasn't anything special about the day other than the special company of all whom attended ...Peter Jones, Rolf, Meri and Lovro, David and Jackie Rae and Peter O'Brien.
Weather was cool and cloudy - we didn't ride the usual way instead we turned right onto Windermere Road heading to Lara via Lovely Banks. Riding to the new coffee shop in Lakes Estate we all enjoyed our coffees in a relaxed environment - when Ben arrived in a surprise visit filling us in on his leg injury that has kept him out all this time we hope to see him soon back on his bike.
The route back home was along the Hovell Trial then along Plantation Road rejoining the Wilson Trail, it was a pleasant ride despite the cooler than expected spring weather we're all waiting for we all enjoyed the ride without incident.
Thanks to all who attended.
David Innes.