GTC Ride Reports - from January 2014 through to June 2021

Kim Gorell's Saturday Ride to Ocean Grove - Divided into THREE separate groups for the ride - 14.8.21
Nick's Group -
With so many riders today my little group of Ken,Ian, Mark K, Richard, Peter and Sarah took an alternative route to coffee at The Dunes. At the end of Lake Rd we had a sightseeing stop at Lake Connewarre before proceeding on to 13th aided by a tailwind. The Dunes was delightful in the sunshine,  lots of surfers out enjoying the little waves. On the return journey we took turns into the wind along 13th, back on Horseshoe Bend, home on the Hwy.  We even missed the shower!  Thankyou riders! Nick T.

Kim's Report -
I don’t know if it is just my good looks or the excellent weather conditions for a ride that saw 26 riders take part in todays ride to Collendina. Those who met at the Grovedale Hotel car park were Alison, Andrew, Barry, Chris Ha, Doug, Greg, Hugh, Ian, Jennie, Jo, John H, Ken S, Kim, Leo, Mark J, Mark K, Nick, Peter C, Richard, Sarah, Trudi and new member David Smith (the 2nd). Having so many riders we split into 3 groups with Chris and Nick leading a group each. Nick took a slightly alternative route to create some separation. We proceeded along Reserve Rd and took a scenic tour through Charlemont which enabled us to cross Barwon Heads Rd safely with the traffic lights. At Lake Rd we picked up Lindy and Lyn and somewhere along the way John M joined us as well. We had a good tail wind as we turned into Barwon Heads Rd so the pace was good and the traffic was very light. Avoiding the Barwon Heads Village we turned at Apco and rode on to Ocean Grove where we did a right at the roundabout and another right at the lights into the Terrace which took us down to the Cheeky Cow. On arrival I thought it was closed as there was hardly anyone there. We were quick placing our orders and checking ID’s. As it was so quiet we had plenty of room both inside and out. Unfortunately though the coffee was slow coming out, but this gave us more time for a chat before heading back along the beach trail.  Andrew had a mishap along this track but fortunately he is ok. Back over the bridge and onto 13th where we found the head wind which slowed the pace until we turned at Horseshoe Bend Rd. We had the opportunity to try the recommended hook turn coming out of Warralilly Blvd which worked well and was very safe. On the home stretch we were surprised to find the Surf Coast Hwy wet from a previous shower which we managed to avoid.
An enjoyable mornings ride with great company. Thank you to everyone for your attendance and to the group leaders and tail end kelpies for your help. 
Cheers, Kim.

Trudi's Thursday Ride to Bannockburn - 12.8.21
Ten riders today for my ride to Bannockburn: Chris Ha, David, Jennie, Ken S, Lindy, Nick,  Peter C, Peter N, Sarah and Trudi. Pushing into a stiff wind, we made steady progress up and along Anakie Rd when David stopped to change his deflating rear tyre. Robbs Rd wasn’t any better as we were buffeted by the wind. Parker Rd was quite pleasant as always, it’s such a lovely area to ride through. Clyde Rd had us grinding up in low slow mode. Coffee at Cafe Le Duo Sorell was very pleasant as we sat inside out off the wind. Our return route was back the way we came but staying on Stieglitz Rd with a strong tailwind as our reward. Lovely Banks Rd was glorious as we continued to be blown homeward. Once on Ted Wilson path it wasn’t long before we were all going our own way back home. Thanks everyone for a very enjoyable but hard ride today in the wind, see you all next time.

Doug's Tuesday Ride to Moriac via the Barrabool Hills and Modewarre - 10.8.21
With the great news around noon yesterday, that Regional Victoria would no longer be on lockdown from midnight, the Club recommenced Club Rides (as per Ride Calander) and 13 riders rolled-up for today’s ride and they were: Chris Hu, David L, Doug, Gary, Janet, Jennie, John M, Ken S, Nick, Noel, Peter C, Sarah and Trudi. Today’s course had a few alterations whereby we eliminated the hill climbing along the Barrabool Road and opted for only one big hill in that area, that being Pollocksford Road. Joining the Barabool Road from Pollocksford Road, we had about another kilometre with a slight incline, however once we veered right it was all downhill, which included Buckley Road South all the way to the Cape Otway Road, some 10 kms. The three kilometres along Larcombes Road turned to disaster as there was a magpie attack followed by Gary getting wire tangled in his spokes and as we all know, when things go wrong, they usually come in three’s. Not to disappoint we got to three because Doug punctured in an unusual circumstance whereby the inner part of the valve blew out. With the wire untangled and a new tube put into the tyre in quick time, thanks to Peter’s efforts aided by a CO2 cartridge, we were soon on our way to the coffee stop at Moriac.
Due to the numbers, we had two groups to Moriac and post coffee we were able to ride as one because several riders opted for a different course to home. Google Maps was used to keep the course distance to around the advertised distance of 75 kms. In fact, Google declared it was 72.1 kms. Garmin came up with 80.89 kms and yes there was a minor detour whereby we used Hams Road and the bike path to Waurn Ponds. This should have added only 1 km. A discrepancy of 7 kms. Is not the end of the earth however I shall investigate further in order to see why was it so. We were blessed with mostly traffic free minor roads and sunshine, at times. The head wind home was challenging to say the least. Well cycled everybody and it was great to be able to ride together again. Noel and Peter rode to the start resulting in them doing 100 plus kms. – Well done guys.
THANKS TO: Nick ‘Photos’. Gary ‘Tail End Charlie’.

Nick's Thursday Ride to Moriac with a Loop through the Barrabool Hills - 5.8.21
A good contingent of riders fronted at Bunnings to ride a “Moriac circuit with one good hill”.  Thirteen riders started and eight finished my designated route. We steadily worked our way in cold blustery conditions in two groups up WPD, Reservoir and down Cape Otway to Moriac. It was there that Chris Hu & Ha, Lindy and a late arriving Trudi could not resist the warmth of the general store and left us for coffee. Kim had already turned off early. The rest of us proceeded on to complete the circuit working steadily toward Gnarwarre in a light drizzle and cold wind, thankful for windbreaks lining the road. Gary turned off early for home. Turning onto Barrabool resulted in a welcome tailwind which blew us along the hills of  Hendy Main and onto Moriac where we enjoyed coffee by the fire. Our wind assisted trip along Mt Duneed made the homeward journey quite easy. And the finishers were Alison, the two Smiths, Janet, Marge (welcome back!), Nick and Sarah, Lanterne rouge Noel who had to ride back to Lara. Noel wins the tough nut rider award. Rule number 5, respect.

Tuesday Ride to Queenscliff on Bellarine Rail Trail - Bitumen Version led by Doug - 3.8.21
This morning the sun was shining brightly, blue skies with puffy white clouds, the wattle was displaying its colourful yellow flowers, the thieving magpies were stealing the liner of the hanging baskets at my place, making nests with their ill-gotten gain. With all these indicators one could be forgiven for thinking that it was spring. Alas, the chilly wind and a temperature of 8.9 degrees reminded us it was still winter and for today’s duel ride the following riders took up the challenge to ride to Queenscliff: Alison (new member), Chris Ha, Chris Hu, Doug, Jennie, Ken S, Mark K, Nick, Noel, Peter C, Sarah and Trudi. Cycling along the BRT John M joined us and shortly after we met Butch going in the opposite direction and greetings were briefly exchanged. Reaching Jetty Road, the bitumen riders turned right and they were: Doug, Jennie, Ken, Noel, Peter and Trudi. The other riders continued on the BRT.
The bitumen course to Queenscliff had a couple of different roads imbedded in it in as much as we turned right off Swan Bay Road into Banks Road all the way to Shell Road then left into Shell Road to Queenscliff. We reached our new Queenscliff coffee stop in under 1 hour and 45 minutes (40 k’s) thanks to a mostly tail wind. A new coffee venue was required because RoRo Café at the ferry terminal is no longer there as the result of the terminal area being upgraded. We had just ordered coffee at Beaches Café in Hesse Street, when the gravel riders arrived. The coffee was excellent and the service very satisfactory.
With a hot drink and food under our belt, it was time to head back. There were three things that was going to stop me getting back to the start in the same time as it took to get to Queenscliff. 1/ old age, 2/ the long uphill to Drysdale on Murradoc Road (infrequently used road by GTC, thank goodness), 3/ The head wind, particularly along the BRT. Being the slowest rider in the peloton, on the way back, by default, I took on the duties of Tail-end Charlie. Special thanks to Peter who led me along the BRT for the last 10 or so kms. Good riding and good company, well done everybody. Distance: 80.33 Kilometres.
Scribe: Doug.

Gravel Version led by Nick
The prospect of riding the BRT in sunshine attracted seven riders: Alison, Chris Hu and Ha, John M, Mark K, Nick and Sarah. Graveleurs and Bitumeers ride  together until Curlewis Rd where we kept going along the now quiet BRT enjoying the scenery with a tailwind.  Sarah scored a flat tyre which was quickly fixed. Who said that gravel fat tyres don’t get punctures? We met up with the Bitumeers at coffee but being a little mud splashed we sat outside Our return journey was equally lovely riding  however much more difficult with a persistent cold headwind proving a challenge. We were all very glad to get back home for hot shower and late lunch. Thank you riders!

John Hagan's Circuit from Werribee to Hoppers Crossing, Altona Meadows & Sanctuary Lakes - Sunday 1.8.21
Today we were blessed with sunny weather for most of our ride from Werribee. Doug, Jennie and Kim joined me on a gentle ride out the Werribee River to the west and then down Skeleton Creek through Hoppers Crossing and Altona Meadows to the wetlands near the Bay. With all the rain I feared we might not get through all sections of the various paths but we were fortunate with only small amounts of water on the path. We stopped at Amanda Cafe & Bistro at Point Cook for coffee and Jennie shouted us all to nibbles. We came back along the Federation Bike Trail and the Werribee River Path for a total of 42.56 km and arrived back near the Werribee Swimming Pool just after midday.
Thank you all for a very enjoyable ride.
Keep Riding - John.

Trudi's Saturday Ride Across the Barrabool Hills to Moriac - 31.7.21
With the sun shining and a high temperature of 19 saw the perfect number of ten riders to the meeting place at Fyansford for my ride out to Moriac.. Janet, Jesse, Jennie, John H, John M, Julia, Ken, Mark S, Peter O and Trudi.  All was going well until Jesse came to a halt on the first rise on Pollocksford. Thanks to John H who assisted Jesse with his mechanical repairs. At the intersection on Barrabool road we found Kim waiting to join us.  At the Moriac General Store we were greeted by Alison (new member), Chris Ha, Mark K, Nick, Sarah and Richard. A quick hello and they were off again having just finished their coffee they headed back out to free up some tables. On such a beautiful winter's day our coffee and refreshments were enjoyed while sitting on the deck bathed in the warm sunshine. The group broke up into two groups for our return trip, one taking the option of Cape Otway Rd the rest rode on up Hendy Main Rd. It was here that Jesse experienced some more mechanical issues and stopped to make a phone call for a pickup. Thanks to Julie and Chris who stopped with Jesse to lend a hand. Thank you everyone for a very enjoyable ride on a lovely morning. “Life is better on your bike”. Trudi.

Nick's Ride to Ocean Grove and Return via Wallington on Thursday 29.7.21
I was very glad to be out of lockdown and out riding on a sunny day. Even better, nine riders met at the Grovey ; Chris Ha, David, Doug, Gary, Janet, Peter C, Sarah and yours truly. We set off aided by a cool tailwind, surviving the traffic and roadworks along the Hwy, before enjoying the smooth tarmac along Warralilly. At Lake Rd, Mark J and Ken S were waiting for us, making the group the max number allowed to exercise together. Unfortunately, Doug suffered a puncture  and despite  Ken and Peter’s help, tubes kept going down and Doug was forced to abandon.
The lead group kept going and enjoyed a lovely run along Thirteenth after which Mark and Gary headed home and the remnant headed onto coffee and chat at Groove.  This establishment has the fastest service and surprisingly good coffee to boot. The way home was uneventful although we chose to avoid the  muddy road works around Curlewis Rd and use Christie’s to get onto the BRT.  As usual in the late morning the BRT was quiet and protected allowing relaxed group riding in pairs.  Thank you riders for such a pleasant morning’s jaunt! Cheers Nick T.

Ken Smith's Bannockburn Loop on Thursday 15.7.21
Geelong had rain over night, we did not have any during the day. Nine riders were at the start: David, Gary, Julia, Mark J, Noel, Peter C, Ted, Trudi, and myself, Jennie, and John M, waited at Fyansford. We rode off into a strong head side wind all the way to Le Due Sorell Cafe in Bannockburn. There we enjoyed our social time. We then rode to Clyde Hill and what a relief to be going down and not up. As we rode up Parker Hill a lady parked her car in her driveway and asked me to stop and have a talk. She said she was very concerned for cyclists as it was not a quiet country road any more, and many vehicles sped  along the road. I thanked her for her concern and assured her our Club had a high regard for road safety. When we reached Steiglitz Road a tail wind assisted us home. Thank you for participation.
Regards Ken Smith

Doug's Ride from Birregurra to Colac & Barqon Downs - Tuesday 13.7.21
In very overcast and cool conditions, six riders turned-up for today’s Rural Ride and they were: Doug, Ken S, Mark J, Nick, Noel and Sarah. Just 7 kilometres into the ride Doug punctured and the puncture repair team got the job done in no time at all with a special mention to Nick’s skills in replacing the tyre on the rim without any tools. The Co2 cylinder also aided with a quick tube inflation. Onward to Colac for coffee and cake at Richo’s Bakery. Leaving Colac we headed south along the Colac-Forrest Road until we reached the Seven Bridges Road, turning left onto it. The question on everybody’s lips, are there seven bridges on this road? Another question before the answer, are there 12 Apostles? The answer is the same in both cases NO. There are not 12 Apostles and there are not 7 bridges on the road. We only found two bridges. At the end of 7 Bridges Road, we turned left onto the Forrest – Birregurra Road soon reaching Barwon Downs only to find the General Store is no longer in operation, so we had to wait till we were back in Birregurra for another coffee fix. Despite the overcast cold conditions, it did not distract from the fact that this was a very picturesque course and a sunny day would make it even better. There are very few flat spots along the course as it is mainly rolling hills with three very long down-hills which, surprisingly, were not matched by three big uphills. All the uphills were easily managed by all riders (even me). Thank you to all for your company and thanks for spending some money in the Colac and Birregurra cafés.
Photo’s courtesy of the Tarnay’s and Noel (with thanks). Distance: 71.5 Kilometres. Elevation gained: 486 metres (Garmin) and 605 metres (Strava).
Scribe: Doug.

Chris Halpin leads the Local Ride to Drysdale & Ocean Grove on Tuesday 13.7.21
Six riders at the Showgrounds this morning for a local ride. Barry, 2x Chris, Gary, Peter C & Trudi headed off just after 9am. Drysdale was the first stop and Barry headed for a cafe, whilst the rest of us continued on to the Cheeky Cow in Collendina. Back to Barwon Heads on the waterfront with a scenic 4 side trip to the bluff overlooking the river, and of course the Heads. The surf on 13th Beach looked very inviting  - except that it was wet! Waved to Mark K also enjoying a morning ride. Back into a stiff breeze to Horseshoe Bend Rd and then home. I covered 76km all up. Thanks to everyone for a great ride.

Greg Allerton's 100km Around the Bellarine Peninsula on Sunday 11.7.21
I was uneasy riding through thick fog to South Geelong Station but was very pleased to have four other starters : John H, Mark J, Noel P and Peter M. Due to poor visibility we used the quiet Bellarine Rail Trail out to Drysdale. The fog began to lift after Leopold. The off road bike path gave us a pleasant run but its poorly designed sudden ending was a bit annoying. The hills to Portarlington gave us a good workout, and we then had an easy flat road to St Leonards where the Fig Tree Cafe provided good hot coffee and tasty cakes. Bluff Rd kept us off the main road for a while. When we  turned left at Murradoc roundabout we had a slight tail wind. We were briefly on Bellarine Hwy before riding through Lakes Estate to reach Shell Rd with its tough hill. After speeding down Bonnyvale Rd  the gravel foreshore path kept us away from Ocean Grove traffic. It was then through 13th Beach to Black Rock and up to Lake Rd. Barwon Heads Rd led us back to South Geelong from where riders turned off. I was home by 1-15 pm. I rode 103 km in 4 h 25 m av 23.4. Thanks to my companions for an enjoyable ride.

Chris Halpin's Saturday Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove7.21
Very cold this morning at the start point. Beautiful sunny day but little warmth for a poor cyclist. 14 of us at the Grovey - 2x Chris, Doug, Gary, Greg, Ian, Ken, Jo, 2x John, Sarah & Nick, Trudi & Leo. Headed up Surf Coast Hwy and east on Warralilly hoping to pick up Mark and Lindy but no luck there. Waved to Sue & Rich on Lake Rd before turning into Barwon Heads Rd.  A diversion around Sheepwash to take in the flash real estate and across the bridge to coffee at Groove. Good timing as the sun was just touching the garden furniture outside. A happy coffee break, then a spectacular return ride along 13th Beach to Horseshoe bend and home. Thanks Chris & Leo for sharing the Kelpie role, and riders for the safe ride and great company.  About 65km back to the Grovey.

Trudi's Thursday Ride Across the Barrabool Hills to Moriac - 8.7.21
Twelve riders today for my ride out to Moriac on a bitterly cold but beautiful morning: Chris Hu, David S, Janet, Jennie, Julia, Ken G, Ken S, Lindy, Noel, Nick, Sarah and Trudi. With lots of glass on the road and a rock in my way I quickly came to a halt with my rear tyre puncturing.  Unfortunately for Lindy who was behind me she didn’t have much time to react but very successfully manoeuvred herself around me trying very hard not to cause an accident. I also tried very hard to stay upright and ended up over the other side of the road facing an oncoming car in the distance.  Don’t really know how we both ended up safely stopping but boy oh boy we were lucky. I think we both need to buy ourselves a Tattslotto ticket. Thanks to Sarah and Nick for helping me with a tube change. I was soon back on the move and heading for Pollocksford Rd. catching up with everyone at the top of the climb. Now back together as a group we made steady progress to the Moriac Store for our coffee break in the glorious sunshine out on the deck. Once everyone had refuelled it was time once again to tackle the hills. Well that’s what I thought, but half of the group split up at Reservoir Rd. The rest of us rolled up and down the Barrabool hills enjoying the peaceful surrounds of the countryside. Thank you everyone for your company today it was a pleasure to have you out riding on one of my favourite places to ride.
Just a side note: please let the ride leader know beforehand what your intentions are if you are going to ride a different route home.
Thank you, Trudi.

Mark Kelly's Gravel Ride from Torquay to Anglesea on Tuesday - 6.7.21
Five graveleurs headed out from Torquay this morning to tackle the coastal pathways to Anglesea - Mark K, Chris Ha, Mark J, Nick and Sarah. The weather was a bit grey and drizzly at the beginning but with no wind we made good progress and enjoyed watching the surfers at Bell’s Beach. Chris left us at Southside as he was suffering somewhat with the remains of a "non-Covid" flu. From there, with the recent rain, parts of the track were a little difficult to negotiate but we all made it safely to Anglesea. After a well-deserved coffee we headed back up the Anglesea hill on the gravel. A somewhat different experience with the new fire break. Again, there were some challenging sections to negotiate but we all made it. We then enjoyed a nice coast back from Point Addis to Torquay taking in the surfers at Bells again and enjoying the lack of wind. Our bikes were all in need of a good wash by the end. Thanks to my fellow riders for a great ride and enjoyable company. 

Doug's Tuesday Ride to Moriac, Bellbrae, Jan Juc & Torquay - 6.7.21
Assembling at Grovedale this morning for the bitumen ride were: David, Doug, Gary, Janet, Jennie, Julia, Ken G, Ken S, Kim, Lindy, Noel, Peter N and Trudi. We made our way to the corner of Baanip Boulevard and Sovereign Drive where we met Lyn L. Lyn informed us that White’s Road was still closed however Kim knew a way around the closure so we headed along Unity Drive towards Ghazeepore Road and this detour did involve a short distance on an unsealed road. Having got to the unsealed road (which was a very smooth unmade road) we saw that there was a ROAD CLOSED sign and a high wire fence across the road. Undeterred, Doug informed the group that there is a short-cut back to Baanip Blvd via Boundary Road although we will have to dismount and get under a road barrier. We reach the end of Boundary Road only to find another ROAD CLOSED sign and more wire fences. At this stage we split into two groups with one group heading back to Sovereign Drive and onto Baanip Blvd. The other group opted to walk some 50 metres across the paddock to Baanip Blvd. Were those taking the short-cut trying to save energy or tyre wear or looking for mushrooms? Maybe all three reasons. We reassembled and without any further distraction/detour, successfully made our way to Moric.
Moriac turned out to be a disaster because our pre-arranged mobile coffee van passed us and then missed the Church Street turn-off hence no coffee. Not long after, whilst passing the Brown Magpie winery on Larcombes Road, Gary’s well-being deteriorated (nothing to do with the winery) and Lindy kindly offered to accompany Gary back to Grovedale (a BIG THANKS Lindy). Forest Road was a delight to ride today as there were few vehicles on it (only two trucks – one each way). With no coffee van the deprived coffeeholics were relentlessly lambasting the poor old innocent ride leader. With a quick stop at Bell’s Beach for a photo shoot we were on our way to the not-too-distant coffee stop. Nearing the 60 kilometres mark we arrived at a new coffee stop in Torquay North, that being the Maple Bakery. Once again there was a split as some wanted to get to a warm inside spot and dined in upstairs area of the café whilst the more hardy used the reasonably sheltered area outside. Thanks to the hardy riders who kept an eye on our bikes. All agreed that the coffee and cakes etc. was worth the wait as they were of excellent quality. Back to Grovedale on Horseshoe bend Road was without any issues save that many riders peeled off along the way. Thanks to Peter N who was our ‘Tail End Charlie’ and was kept busy through-out the Ride. To the rider who put his shorts on inside-out (no names but lives out Lara way) please check your attire before leaving home. Thank you for your enjoyable company and to the one or two giving me grief, I send you a raspberry (all in good fun). In closing I will leave you with an old Chinese proverb – Rider who stays behind Ride Leader never takes a wrong turn.
Distance: 78.2 kilometres. Scribe: Doug.

Doug's Ride - Wanda Heights – Armstrong Creek – Breakwater (AKA The 3 Hills Ride) on Sunday 4.7.21
The clock was nearing 9.00am and I was sitting in the shelter shed of the South Geelong Railway Station, feeing very cold, looking at the black clouds overhead and despite sitting in the shelter, was being buffered by the very strong North Westerly wind. Secretly, I was hoping that nobody would turn-up and I could head for home and enjoy a warm fire. Instantly after those thoughts Ted arrived, then Ian, followed by Jennie, Chris Hu, John H and Noel (who had been blown in by the strong wind, all the way from Lara). Heading west along the bike path on the south side of the river was not an easy task as we were buffeted by that head wind which registered 24 kms per hour. Despite the icy cold wind, we soon found ourselves warming-up as we encountered the hills on Roslyn Road, Wandana Drive. By the time we hit Hams Road we were done with the three big(ish) hills enroute and now had that wind behind us. However, not all was smooth pedalling as Ted unfortunately found a large piece of sharp glass on Baanip Boulevard which caused the tyre to go BANG and cutting the tyre so badly, that the only remedy was a new tyre. This meant ‘Ring a Friend’ (the better half) and travel home by limousine for Ted. Leaving Ted behind, we enjoyed the tailwind all the way to our coffee stop which was the Warralily Cockatoo Café. The only vacant tables at the café were located in the outside area and despite the glass panels, there was no protection from the cold wind. Shortly after ordering a table around the corner, by the gas heater, became available and we rapidly changed tables. The waiter service was excellent however the delivery time did not match the order time. Coffee done we pushed into the wind for most of the journey back to the railway station. For Noel, having had a tailwind on the way in, it was now pay-back time (into the wind) for his trip back home. Praise to the cycleholics who decided to take-on the not-so-friendly elements for today’s ride. At least there was no rain encountered during the ride. Photographs: John H. Course Distance: 39.32 kilometres.
Scribe: Doug.

Nick's Saturday Ride to Gnarwarre & Moriac - 3.7.21
On a cold morning 12 riders turned up up to be joined by two more en route: Chris Hu, John H & M, Jo, Julia, Kim, Mark, guest rider Tim, Peter N, Richard, Sarah, Trudi, Leader Nick and tail end Charlie Leo (thanks!).  We rode steadily together along WPD, Reservoir and Devon before splitting into two groups. Nick’s troops continued ahead at faster pace up  Barrabool to enjoy the views and extra kms along Gnawarre. Sarah’s group continued along Barrabool and made it to Moriac before the rain hit. Unfortunately, I punctured right at the turnaround point on Gnawarre meaning that Mark, Tim and I caught the showers as we worked turns back to coffee. When we arrived the others were dry, warm and had the all the seats. No matter, the hot coffee was most welcome. We waited out the showers and although the roads were wet and wind cold, we had a quickish ride back to town. Jo and Kim led the way and soon outdistanced us, no doubt spurred on by the  prospect of a hot shower. Thank you riders! I hope everyone had a enjoyable ride despite the conditions.
Cheers Nick T.

GTC Social Night at Belmont Hotel - 1.7.21
A very successful night at the Belmont Hotel with 34 participants. Janet organized the procedings and Mike C led the quiz. The meals were delightful and some were enormous in size - see photo below.
John H.

Ken Gawne's Thursday Ride to Portarlington - 1.7.21
Gary, Mark J, Doug, Sarah, Nick, Kim, Noel, Janet, Dave S, Julia, Chris Hu, Jennie, Trudi, Lyn and Ken made up the group of 15 who assembled at the Showgrounds for the ride out East. After leaving the rail trail at the traffic lights at the intersection with the Bellarine Hwy, we followed this main road, which has a generous shoulder, out to Banks Rd. A short spell on Swan Bay Rd before turning onto Queenscliff-Portarlington Rd and heading to the charming bayside town for refreshments. Noel, whom I thought had turned back prior to reaching Curlewis Rd, cycled into Portarlington many minutes in arrears having had a puncture. John Miro appeared out of nowhere and accompanied us on the return journey. The Port Hills put no riders into difficulty and the smooth seal of the Drysdale  by-pass was a real pleasure. Then the group split - the diehard, rail-trail enthusiasts opting to mix it with walkers, prams, dogs and errant brethren, whilst the dedicated roadies travelled the Port Rd all the way to Boundary Rd. The two groups came together again just a km from the Showgrounds. A co-operative group and warm sun made for a very enjoyable 4h turning the pedals.

Nick's Tuesday Ride to Bannockburn via the Barrabool Hills - 29.6.21
Eleven riders turned up at the Fyansford pub on a frosty morning with the promise of blue skies over the green hills. Despite the cold we soon warmed up on sunny roads along Merrawarp and uphill along Barrabool. Ken G turned up to make ita dozen. The far reaching  views  while zooming along Pollockford were cycling at its best. Even the Ham Hwy was a good ride this morning. Three roads lead into Bannockburn; we  decided to take the quiet, scenic and safe option along Brislane. Coffee, conversation and a well earned break at Due Sorelle was very enjoyable. The way home down the Clyde hill, Stieglitz and Lovely Banks was faster and easier then the morning’s efforts.  My thanks to Barry, David, Ken G & S, Jennie, Lovro, Mark  K (and K for Kelpie, cheers!), Noel, Peter, Sarah and Trudi. A lovely group to lead on a sensational winter’s day.
Cheers Nick .

Greg Allerton's100km Sunday Ride to Sutherlands Creek, Dog Rocks & Moriac - 27.6.21
John C , John H and I  set off from South Geelong at 8 am just after a few earlier brief spits of drizzle. I was complimented on getting lights to change green on our approach and also across main roads without waiting. The usual backstreets took us to Ted Wilson Trail and out to Midland Hwy where J.C. left us. The hill in Bluestone Bridge Rd warmed us up before the fast descent from Lovely Banks. There was only a short section along Bacchus Marsh Rd before we pedalled up the long climb in Staceys Rd. There was only  a very slight wind as we headed to Sutherlands Creek and turned left. After rejoining  Midland Hwy we decided the Batesford Roadhouse was the coffee stop, which neither of us had ever visited. It was a real truckies stop, but provided a welcome warm break as it began to drizzle again. Resuming, we sped down into Batesford and then explored Riverdance Estate to the north of the highway. We crossed over to the south and meandered through the older and more bushy Dog Rocks Estate. There was another climb before Friend In Hand Rd got us to Hamilton Hwy. Merrawarp Rd led us to Barrabool Rd  with another climb up to Anderson Rd. We made a guess how many cars would pass us on this local traffic only Rd - John said 3, I guessed 5. There was only 1 car, though it did tow a horse float. We briefly went right at Princes Hwy then left into Irwins Rd and stopped at the Arthur Streeton memorial. I thought the tall stone obelisk with its fading gold lettering was a bit underwhelming for one of our great artists. Reservoir Rd, Waurn Ponds Dve then WP Creek path  took us back to busy Barwon Heads Rd where our good timing continued as we got straight across and onto Gundog Rd. We  parted ways at the Breakwater. I was home just after 1-30 pm after 104 km in 4h53 m av 21.3. It was great to do another long ride with John  H - I enjoyed his company. Thanks to John C for organising the start Photo and  riding the first section with us.
Greg Allerton - Ride Leader.

Ted Reeve's Ride to Drysdale on Sunday 27.6.21
The light rain on the window at 7 am didn’t bode well for a dry Drysdale but by 9 the clouds had cleared and we had a beautiful crisp morning with a light sou-westerly breeze to help us on our way down the Bellarine Highway. To change things up a bit we rode anti-clockwise today and, although the ride out through the hills was a bit harder than the BRT route, everyone seemed to enjoy the slightly different view and arrived at the Bungalow ready for a refreshing coffee. The ride leader’s internal GPS wasn’t quite up to scratch on the way home and we missed the left turn at Jetty Road. This turned out to be a great leader’s decision however, as the alternate route along Greenvale Drive was another pleasant variation to the norm. Thanks to the five ladies and three gentlemen who joined me today Chris Ha, Ian B, Jennie, Jo, Julia, Ron, Susannah and Trudi with special thanks to Ian for keeping us on the right track.

Sarah's Saturday Ride to Moriac & Beyond - 26.6.21
Today saw 17 riders at the start at Bunnings; namely a welcome  new member Andrew, Barry, Janet, Jennie, both Johns, Julia, Ken, Kim, Lindy, Mark J, Mark K, Richard, Ross, Sarah and Nick and Trudi. Thank you to Mark K for leading out the first group, while I decided to lead from behind with the second group. This worked well until Ken punctured on Cape Otway road but he was soon on the road again with a little help from his friends and they all met us for coffee at Moriac, together with the third Mark (S)  who had missed the start and caught up en route. After a sociable time at coffee we  started off with a tail breeze in two groups and with Lyn L and Chris Hu, who joined at Moriac.  However we left Lindy,  who found her front tyre flat, and Nick, who stayed back to help her repair it. In summary:  50 kms riding, 20 participating riders, two punctures, no rain( Hooray!) and everyone safely back. Thanks to all for good company and support.

Chris Halpin Leads the Ride to Curlewis, Ocean Grove & Barwon Heads on Thursday 24.6.21
A beautiful sunny morning - most unexpected but appreciated by 17 GTC members at the Showgrounds. Doug, Ted, Chris x2, Peter x2, Trudi, Janet, Kim, Ken x2, Sarah & Nick, Gary, John M, David and Lovro followed the Rail Trail. Very few walkers, dogs and prams this morning and very little traffic on Curlewis Rd. Easily on to Wallington Rd and Groove for a coffee. Home via 13th Beach for a surf inspection, Lake Rd to Warralily into a now blustery northerly.  About here we started to lose riders heading straight home. Thanks everyone for an enjoyable morning and approx 55km of easy riding.

Mark Kelly's GRAVEL Ride to Torquay on Tuesday 22.6.21
Seven graveleurs (Lyn, Sarah, Nick, Chris Hu, Chris Ha, Ross and Mark K) set out from Grovedale in cold but mild conditions. We took the back roads from Grovedale out to Point Impossible and then onto Torquay. On the way out Lindy was waiting for us at the end of Charlemont Drive to shepherd us through her magnificent property, which was a real highlight, and she joined us for the rest of the ride out to Torquay. After coffee at the The Salty Dog, which lived up to its name, we headed back following pretty much the same route as on the way out with a bit of added gravel along Barwarre Rd. The return ride was around 40kms so not too challenging but very enjoyable. Thanks to all of our riders for a great ride today and special thanks to Lindy for allowing access to her property.
Cheers, Mark.

Peter O'Brien's Tuesday Ride to Torquay & Moriac - 22.6.21
Eleven riders gathered at the Grovedale Hotel car park this morning for the ride to Moriac.  As we have ridden this particular route many times, to maintain interest I decided to ride the route in reverse direction. We headed-off down the highway to Torquay and from there onto Jan Juc.  Jan Juc is our usual coffee stop but as we hadn’t been on our bikes long we bypassed the Swell and continued riding. As we rode along Bones, Grundys and Vickerys Roads there were plenty of rolling hills to climb.  Two hills on Vickerys Road were particularly testing with an ascent of 11%+ that certainly challenged the riders.  Happily everyone made it! Riders were able to recharge their batteries on the rather flat section along Handy Main Road.  At the Moriac General Store we gathered for a coffee break where we appreciated the open fire before heading for home. The riders who participated in the ride today included Julia, Kim, Trudi, Jenni, Ken S, Peter M, Peter C, Janet, Doug, Gary and Mark J.  The total distance covered was 75kms.
Thanks to all for an enjoyable ride. Peter O.

Trudi's Sunday Ride to the You Yangs & Lara - 20.6.21
With the sun up early and with the fading memory of yesterday cold wet ride, brought out 13 riders to the start, for my ride to the You Yangs and Lara. Today’s route was Ted Wilson path, Anakie Rd and a very short section of the Ballan Rd then down Staceys Rd. It was here that Ted found himself in an bit of a predicament, a puncture.. His tyre was off and checked quite quickly but, Ted’s repair kit seemed to be missing something very important.. that important thing was not having the right size tube for his bike tyre, nope that won’t work. A phone call was made to Jo to come and rescue Ted…
Today five riders took up the opportunity to ride up to the turntable, the rest of us headed back for coffee at Cafe Xpresso in The Centreway of Lara. After a lovely longish break we were off again heading for Hovels Creek path. Riders today were Andrew, Barry, Janet, Jennie, John H, Julia, Leo, Lindy, Mark S, Noel, Peter O, Ted and Trudi. Thanks to everyone for joining me this morning on what turned out to be a perfect riding day to be out enjoying some exercise with friends.

Sarah's Saturday Ride to Torquay - 19.6.21
A large turnout of 26 riders gathered in the watery sunshine at Grovedale Hotel this morning. Being such a large group, we split into two. In the first group were Ian B, Jesse on his recumbent, John M, Mark J and Mark K, Peter C, Peter N, Richard W, Sarah and Nick  plus Sue and Richard on their tandem. Julia and Ken S kindly volunteered to take the second group, which also included Chris Hu and Ha, visitor David S from Mildura, Doug, Jennie, John H, Kim, Lindy, Peter O, Ross and Trudy and Leo.
Contrary to weather forecasts, the ride quickly became much more watery than sunshine-y, with showers continuing all the way to Torquay.  As a small consolation we were also treated to some lovely rainbows over green pastures. We all made our way along Ghazeepore, Dickens and Anglesea roads. Due to rain part of the second group continued along Anglesea Road to take a more direct route to El Nido in Torquay for coffee. The second group had already separated once again and Ken had a puncture which Leo repaired. That group went to Paraparap and through to El Nido, although some turned back and a couple went to enjoy the open fire at Moriac, which seems a good bet.  Our lot did a loop into Paraparap via Blackgate, Hendy Main, Larcombes, Forest, Grays and Hendy Main (again), then into Torquay via Grossmans  Road.  After a very welcome hot coffee and refreshments at The Coffee Club in Torquay we had a quick trip home via Horseshoe Bend Road with a tail wind push and a modicum of sunshine ( At last !)

Nick's Thursday Ride to Moriac - 17.6.21
Nineteen riders turned up today for a ride to Moriac. We left as one large group up WP Drive and onto Devon but Tarnay’s troopers (Barry, Dave S, Gary, Ken S, Kim, Mark K, Peter Ch, Sarah and Nick) continued on Barrabool and  Gnawarre Rd whilst Ted’s Troop (Chris Ha and Hu, Doug, Janet, Lovro, Mike, Noel, Ross, Ted and Trudi) headed south on Hendy Main to coffee. My group had a lovely gently undulating ride, enjoyed the views out west, before turning tail and retracing our steps. It seemed to get colder,  but with a gentle tail breeze along Barrabool  and a mostly downhill run we made good time on quiet roads to Moriac. It was probably a good thing we just missed Ted’s Troop because we got to sit inside and enjoy the coffee and conversation out of the cold. The chairs were still warm! The home run along Mt Duneed Rd was equally rapid with the tail breeze.  Thank you to all riders in both groups. Cheers to tail end kelpie Barry!

Chris Hume's 95km Ride to Portarlington, St Leonards & Queenscliff on Tuesday 15.6.21
Plenty of riders at the Showgrounds this morning!! Looked like about twenty LAC riders as well as our nineteen: Mark J, Lyn L, Trudi, Ted, Sarah, Ken G & Ken S, Chris Ha (kelpie) & Chris Hu, Julia, Nick, Ross, Peter C & Peter O’B, Noel, David, Gary, Janet and Jenny. Headed off along the BRT right on 9:00 to get a break on the others and cruised onto Drysdale, here three left us. Now we headed along the bypass and onto Portarlington Rd, spreading out heading for Daniels Donuts – morning tea. First puncture in this section - Noel. Onto St Leonards thence to Queenscliff Rd stopping at the Tomato Farm turn off to regroup. Jenny continuing to Geelong. Here received a phone call - Trudi’s turn to have a puncture!! Chris Ha, delaminating tyre and Noel tyre losing pressure headed home via Swan Bay Rd. Four riders headed off from here to return via Ocean Grove and the rest to RoRo Café in Queenscliff for lunch, in two groups about 15 min apart. Finished off with Bellarine Hwy to Geelong. I ended up as Kelpie and arrived at the showgrounds at 3:00, a long day! The loop itself was 95km but most riders did well over 100km with riding to and from the Showgrounds and back.
Chris Hume.

Greg Allerton's 100km Ride to Lethbridge & Maude on Sunday - 13.6.21
On today's century I was joined by Mark Jones and John Miro both of whom had done this ride  before. It was fine but overcast with only very light wind at first. Once we turned off Hamilton Highway there was very little traffic apart from 2 km along Teesdale Rd. We arrived at Lethbridge after 42 km and were glad of a hot drink. After a few more quiet backroads we pedalled 5 km along Midland Highway before taking Sharps Rd to Sheoaks, giving us the hardest climb of the ride. We had the usual stop to admire the view from Bunjil Lookout ,where there was only a gentle breeze. This gave us some assistance as we headed home through Sutherlands Creek. I was home by 1-15 pm after 102 km in 4 h 33 m Av 22.2 . Thanks to Mark and John for joining me.
Greg Allerton.

John Hagan's Sunday Ride to Xpresso Lounge Cafe in Lara - 13.6.21
A good turnup for our ride to Lara on fine but cool morning. We set off from Sth Geelong Station and took the Barwon River path to Fyansford. The river level had risen after recent rains and we were forced to go cross country briefly at the boat ramp at the end of West Fyans St. From Fyansford there were 3 alternatives (depending on the slope!) to get to Church St. Nick led one group up Hyland St and the other 2 groups took either Monier Way or the Bike Path from Sailsbury Circuit. We gathered a few more riders at Church St to bring our final number to 18 - in the photo below from L to R: Ross, Susannah, Janet, Noel, Jennie, Peter M, Lindy, Nick, Sarah, Hugh, Peter R, Ted, Kim, Trudi, Leo, Jo, Julia & John H. The next major climb was on Bluestone Bridge Rd and it was successfully completed by all riders before our coffee stop at Xpresso Lounge Cafe in Lara for coffee/tea and cakes. As the orders were taken at the table some of us almost forgot to pay at the end but there was a long session of enjoyable conversation. On the return trip under the freeway at Hovells Creek we were pleasantly surprised to see that the path was not flooded - Ted's work on prompting the council had paid dividends and the pumps had been working beautifully. We followed the Bay path and Swanston St back to the Station. Thanks all for an enjoyable morning.
Keep Riding - John Hagan.

Peter O'Brien Leads the Ride from Grovedale to Ocean Grove on Saturday 12.6.21
Following the recent poor weather conditions, it felt good to be back in the saddle today.  With the sun shining and a favourable westerly wind, the ride conditions to Ocean Grove were ideal. The ride incorporated the normal outward route along Lake Road and along Thirteen Beach.  The views on Thirteenth Beach were simply stunning and the rolling waves presented a picture perfect opportunity.  A coffee break was taken at the Cheeky Cow with the ordering process being slower than usual due to all riders showing identification as a Covid compliance requirement.  The return ride to Geelong followed the same route as the outward ride.  Given the number of riders today we decided to split into two groups.  Riders included Ken S, Nick, Sarah, Jennie, Chris Ha, Chris Hu, Julie, John M, John Ha, Jo, Hugh, Trudi, Lindy, Ross, Kim, Doug, Lindy and Mark K.  Thanks to Nick for leading the second group. Distance travelled 60kms.
Regards, Peter O.

Chris Ha, Noel & Chris Hu Ride to Lara on Tuesday - 8.6.21
Only two hardy riders (Noel & Chris Hu) waiting patiently for me at the 'top of Church' this morning, relishing a chance to test our wet weather gear.  The last to arrive was soon elected ride leader and we made a group decision to aim for Lara and forget Steiglitz! Soft rain set in pretty quickly as we headed up the trail to the Anakie Rd, Lovelybanks and on to Stacey's. The wind now at our backs and the sun peeping thru some fantastic storm clouds made for a great run down into Lara. Xpresso is now requiring photo ID but we were allowed in to order coffees etc as a take-away. Sat across the car park and chatted in the sun till it disappeared. Noel headed for home and Chris & I took the Hovell trail back. Very pleased to note that Lake Ted is but a memory - almost dry under the Hwy bridges. Home after ~ 65km and great company.
Thanks gents, Chris Halpin.

Janet's Sunday ride to Eastern Gardens, Pt Lonsdale & Drysdale - 6.6.21
Divided into two groups we head off from the showgrounds to Drysdale. The first group consisted of Hugh, Janet, Jennie, Jo, Kim and PJ. The second were John H, Julia, Leo, Lindy, Mark J, Noel and Trudi. We had a varied ride through the Eastern Gardens, Point Henry, Curlewis with some lovely views over the bay and through to coffee at the Bungalow. Return was via the BRT with everyone pedaling off as required. Thank you all for your company and John for taking the second group and trying to follow my directions. A lovely ride.   Janet.

Chris Halpin & Doug Wyatt lead the Rides to Pt Lonsdale on Saturday 5.6.21
Chris Halpin's Report:
Barry, Doug, Hugh, Ian, Janet, Jesse, Jennie, Jo, Johns H&M, Ken S, Mark K, PJ, Sarah, Nick and myself gathered at the Grovie at 9am for the compulsory photo session. Doug promptly volunteered to lead the A team, and Nick & Sarah managed the Kelpie role behind Team B. Keeping a sensible separation we headed down to Warralilly and across to Lake Rd. A lovely tail wind spirited us to 13th Beach. Lots of surfers enjoying light waves. Ocean Grove seemed to be hosting lots of visitors (?) The beach front car parks were overflowing as we made our way thru to Collendina and on towards Pt Lonsdale. Lindy and Mark headed back, and PJ too, at some stage. Hugh commented he loves Pt Lonsdale because he feels young! The rest of us blended in nicely and enjoyed coffee and cakes. Back on the bikes the returnn journey took us thru The Point and on to Swan Bay Rd and home. Great ride of around 80km in pleasant company.
Thanks everyone, Chris.

Doug Wyatt's Report
With a big gathering at the Grovedale Hotel this morning for the ride to Pt Lonsdale it was necessary to have two groups, to meet Covid requirements (no more than ten riders in a group). It was also necessary to have two volunteer ride leaders for the day, Chris Ha led the second group and I led the first group who consisted of: Barry T, Jennie, John M, Ken S, Mark K and Peter J. The magnificent seven paved the way for the second group. At Lake Road our numbers increased to nine as we were joined by Lindy and Trudi. Overcast skies and a cold wind escorted us all the way. Having made it to Barwon Heads we had Lindy take a different direction. The rest of us cycled on and reaching Collendina where two riders elected for a coffee stop dwindling our numbers to six. Coffee was taken by both groups at The Plate in Point Lonsdale and I am pleased to say it was one of the better coffees I have had in a while. Leaving Pt Lonsdale, the number of riders in the first group was now only four and there was worse to come because when we neared the Rail Trail at Moolap our numbers reduced to three. At the Showground s the number went to two, being me (Ride Leader) and Barry (Tail End Charlie -with thanks) In essence we lost every one in between the Leader and Tail End Charlie. Hope I don’t have to provide an explanation to the powers that be, of the loss of seven riders!!! Even though it was a cold day, it was great not being restricted to a 5kms radius with only one other person. Distance: About 75 kilometres. Thanks to all, for your company.

What Our Riders are Doing - Pam M is in Uluru - 29.5.21 - Click here for photos

Nick's Ride to Torquay via Moriac on Thursday 27.5.21
A good turnout of fourteen riders left Bunnings today for coffee in Torquay: Barry, Chris Ha and Hu, David S, Jennie, Ken G and S, Noel, Peter J, Ross, Sarah, Ted, Trudi and yours truly Nick. Susannah met us at the top of WP Drive. Despite the wind and occasional shower making our progress a little more variable as a group we made reasonable time up WP Drive, Reservoir, Cape Otway, Church and Larcombes. Traffic was light and courteous. At the Hendy Main T intersection 4 riders peeled off to head back to Moriac. At the Anglesea Rd Susannah then turned back to Geelong. I was losing riders fast! The remaining ten riders rode on to a well earned coffee and victuals in the warmth of the Coffee Club. Our cruise back on Horseshoe Bend Rd with a tailwind and finally some welcome sunshine was very pleasant. At Warralily riders split up taking varied routes home. I hope everyone had a good ride, thanks for the company. A special thanks to Barry for doing a tip top job as tailend Charlie.

TWO Rides from Grovedale to Jan Juc on Tuesday 25.5.21
1/ GRAVEL Ride led by Mark Jones
Five hardy riders took to the gravel today (Mark K, Peter J, Nick, Chris Ha and Ross). We out numbered the road riders by 250%. We endured varied conditions including some nice tail winds when we headed south, some challenging cross winds and some pretty heavy headwinds. After an enjoyable and well-earned break at the Chocolaterie we headed along the Surfcoast track with a final run back along Horseshoe Bend Rd. Luckily Peter J had enough juice left in his battery to lead into the wind as well as challenge us to keep up with him along Horseshoe Bend Rd. Topping off a very enjoyable ride, we got back just in time to beat the rain. We covered around 75km (no more data as my computer lost the ride details). Thanks to all for an enjoyable ride and good company.
Cheers, Mark.

2/ ASPHALT Ride led by Peter O'Brien
It’s not often there are more gravel riders than road riders at the start line for a club ride but today this was the case.  This morning David Smith and myself were out-numbered by the tough riders of the club!   I assume the predicted forecast for high winds and rain meant many riders rolled over in bed and said, “bugger it”!  David and myself decided to stick to the planned ride route that incorporated Freshwater Creek, Blackgate Road, the downhill ride on Vickerys Road and the rolling hills on Gundrys Road.  From there we stayed on the Great Ocean Road and rode to Jasosite Road, Bells Beach and onto the Swell Café in Jan Juc for a coffee break. The return ride to Geelong was into a fairly strong headwind with a light sprinkling of rain.   Happily though, the heavy serious rain and strong wind didn’t impact us as we were safely home before the heavens opened. The total distance I covered today was 76kms.
Thanks for the company David. Peter O.

Janet's Sunday Ride to Lara - 23.5.21
Gathered on a glorious morning at Rippleside were Chris Hu, Ian, Jennie, John H, tail end Leo, Peter J, Trudi and two friends of Ian's Mark and Craig. We were joined by Noel just as we departed having ridden in from Lara. It was the sort of day that makes you glad you are a cyclist with clear skies and little wind. We had a lovely ride through the ports and Hovells Creek to coffee at Xpresso before returning along the Ted Wilson trail.
Thanks all for your company, Janet

Peter Jones' Ride to Portarlington on Saturday 22.5.21
Fifteen Riders this morning on a cold and crisp morning: Chris Hu, Mark J, Doug, Mark S, John H, Ross, Trudi, Jenni, Leo, Ken S, Jo, Chris Ha, Hugh and myself. Later in the day we were joined by John M. We took the BRT out to Curlewis where we took the Northern route to the Port Road beyond Drysdale. Wended our way through the houses and down a nice concrete path to Bayshore Ave. We were almost taken out by a charging dog trying to get to a couple of other dogs on the median strip. A few more seconds and at least one of us would have cleaned up. Good run out to Portarlington on the rollers well rewarded by donuts and coffee before we headed home via the Queenscliff Rd, Swan Bay Rd and the Bellarine Hwy. A most enjoyable mornings ride on a cracker of a day, thanks everyone for your company.
Cheers, Peter J.

Ross Leads the Ride to Barwon Heads, Ocean Grove & Wallington on Tuesday 20.5.21
Perfect riding conditions for today's ride via Barwon Heads and Wallington with mild temperatures and light winds. 19 riders fronted at the Grovedale Hotel for the start  with a couple more joining us along the way. Too many to name names but most are there in the starters photo if you want to check. We followed the usual route via Warrallily, Lake Road and 13th Beach where an attempt to break the group into two was akin to trying to herd cats, resulting in groups of 16 and 5. We regrouped at Barwon Heads before continuing on to Ocean Grove for refreshments. Half stopped at the Garage and the rest continued on to Groove. Service at the Garage was slow but the hot chocolate was hot. So not all bad. Had a few head back via Barwon Heads from here with the rest continuing through Wallington and back along the highway. More dropouts as we continued until just 2 arrived back at the "Grovey". A nice ride with good company and good weather. Thanks to all participants.

TWO Rides to Queenscliff on Tuesday 18.5.21
1/ GRAVEL Ride led by Nick Tarnay
In a new first for the club today: gravel grinders outnumbered black top roadies. Let’s face it the full  BRT is a fantastic out and back ride; scenic, quiet, traffic free and smooth. Did I mention mostly protected from the wind? We had great ride down in cool sunny conditions, arriving before the roadies to enjoy the coffee and conversation at Roro’s before retracing our steps. The scenery and ride always seems different in the opposite direction. Thanks to Chris Ha and Hu, John M, Mark K, Dr Mike, Peter J, Sarah and Ron (riding just fine on 28mm tyres) for providing great company.
Cheers, Nick.

2/ ASPHALT Ride led by Gary Broughton
Eight enthusiastic Bitumeneers set off from the Geelong Showgrounds bound for the RORO Café at the Queenscliff Ferry Terminal.  They were Ben, David, Jennie, Ken S, Norm, Peter O’B, Trudi and myself.  We rode along the BRT with the Gravolites as far as Jetty Road before parting company.  We then road along Princess Street to Swan Bay Road where we said farewell to Norm.  We were around 5-6km along Swan Bay Road when a call came from the back, “Where is Ron L”.  We stopped to wait, but after a short time, and no sign of Ron, Gary went back in search, only to find, after a phone call, that the missing Ron was not missing at all, he had ridden with the Gravolites.  After a good bit of friendly ribbing we set off again for the RORO Café.  After a well-earned coffee break the Bitumeneers set off for home via Shell Rd, Banks Rd, where we said goodbye to Trudy who went home via Barwon Heads, and the Bellarine Highway. Thank you to all riders for a great day of riding and conversation.  Thanks also to Ken S who acted as kelpie.

Greg's 100km Ride to Bannockburn, Gnarwarre, Modewarre & Freshwater Ck on Sunday - 16.5.21
Saturday was the coldest day this year so I dragged out warm clothing I had not used since last winter.The forecast was 70 % chance of morning showers  and 35 kmh west winds so I was not confident of many other riders. Mark J was the only other starter, recently back from the Mawson Trail and enjoying a lightweight  unloaded bike again. There was lots of hard head wind sections and quite a few hills. Cottage Farm Cafe at Gnarwarre provided a welcome rest where we enjoyed coffee and delicious warm rhubarb slice with yoghurt. Resuming with a good downhill we soon  were rewarded with sections of tail wind as we made our way back to Geelong. Thanks for your company Mark. I enjoyed hearing stories of the Mawson Trail Tour.
Greg Allerton - Ride Leader.

Janet's Sunday Ride to Drysdale - 16.5.21
14 riders ventured out this morning for a blustery ride to Drysdale. The wind was behind us as we went along Carr St, Boundary Rd, Bellarine Hwy, Swan and Princess St to the Bungalow.  It was a bit different on the way home but we were well protected on the BRT.  Thank you to Barry,  Chris Ha and Hu, Hugh, Jennie, Jo,  John H, Kim, Mike T, Peters J and R, Trudi and tail end Leo. Lovely morning thank you, 

Chris Halpin's Thursday Ride to The You Yangs & Lara - 13.5.21
Accurate weather forecast today - too accurate! Ten eager riders at 'top of Church' including Doug, Gary, Janet, Jennie, Ken, PJ, POB, Sarah & Nick and myself. Trudi met us on the Trail and Noel caught us a bit later. The idea was a pleasant ride out Bluestone Ridge Rd to Anakie Rd, into Staceys, across to Forest and up to the Youies entrance. Trouble was we were running out of time. "Rain expected from late morning" was dead accurate. The two Peters and Doug baled out early, headed straight to coffee at Xpresso and got home dry. The rest of us got wet, but only a little bit. Great to see Ted's Lake has disappeared on the Hovell Trail.  The new solar pumps seem to be working. 75km by the time I got home and great riding in even better company.

Doug's Circuit from Meredity to Elaine & Morrisons on Tuesday 11.5.21
Tuesday of last week (4/5/2021) was extremely windy and lots of pelting rain resulting in the rides being cancelled. Today was marginally better as the wind was only 31 kilometres an hour and the rain persistent rather than a downpour, however this did not deter four hardy souls who drove to Meredith with great expectations of having a ride and they were: Doug, Janet, Jenny and Peter O. At 8.55am the decision was made to ride, albeit a shortened course and we consequently opted for a slightly shortened version of the Masters' Course. We headed-off with the rain still falling and the wind behind us. We dodged puddles on the road for about 30 or so minutes and then rain eased to a point of just being a nuisance although the air temperature was around 10 degrees. Being in the greater Ballarat area, a low temperature should have been expected. On reaching Elaine the rain stopped falling. From Elaine, immediately after the train line we turned left onto Orrells Road. This was new territory for three of us with only Peter having cycled in this area before. The shortest route back to Meredith was taken (because of the cold) however, on a good day the roads and scenery would be most enjoyable. The hot coffee at the Back Creek Café was most welcomed as was the warmth inside. Distance 35.63 kilometres. All things equal, the decision to ride was not that a bad one as the ride was enjoyable despite the poor conditions. Thank you to my three tenacious companions who rode with me.

Mark Kelly's Cancelled Ride on the Bellarine - 11.5.21
Ride cancelled - the picture says it all. We resisted the deck chairs as well as riding.
Cheers, Mark.

Trudi's Mothers' Day Ride to Bannockburn on Sunday 9.5.21
A crisp Mothers' Day morning brought out a huge number of riders for my ride to Bannockburn. Arriving at Church St I couldn’t believe my eyes at just how many riders had turned up on what was to be a beautiful day for a ride. After taking a photo of the group we headed down to Fyansford to find another quiet large group awaiting me. Another photo and we were off, riding along the Hamilton Highway till Burnside Rd. Cafe of choice today was Cafe Le Due Sorelle, which was quite busy with mothers enjoying special treats from their loved ones. It was here that we were joined by another rider who had missed the start. Looking around it was hard to find a suitable spot for us all to sit and enjoy our refreshments. Lucky for us there were a few tables out the back of the cafe that were bathed in glorious sunshine. Our return route today was Clyde Rd, Parker Rd and onto Stieglitz Rd with a lovely tailwind to blow us homeward. Once on Lovely Banks Rd  it wasn’t long before we were back on the Ted Wilson path and back to where it all began. Thanks to everyone for a wonderful Mothers' Day ride. Hope that all the lovely mums enjoyed their special day with loved ones. In Alphabetical order riders today, if I can remember them all, were: Ian B, John H, Leo, Nick, Sarah and Trudi.

Kim's Saturday Ride to Mt Duneed & Armstrong Creek - 8.5.21
A pleasant morning had 12 riders assemble at the South Geelong Station for an easy ride through Wandana Heights and Warralily. Those who took on the not so challenging circuit were Andrew, Barry, Doug, Hugh, Janet, Jennie, Jo, John H, Peter J, Trudi and Leo, plus ride leader Kim. We were joined on route by John M. Once the ride leader was reminded it was 9am we set off down Swanston St to the river and along the shared path to the old breakwater where we crossed over to the opposite side of the river following the path until Barrabool Rd. At the Belmont roundabout Jo had her personal cheer squad giving her encouragement, meanwhile Barry was feeling a bit poorly so he headed for home. From here we turned at South Valley Rd and again at Roslyn Rd and this took us into Wandana Dr.  We followed Wandana to the end and under the ring road then up the bike path turning into Deakin Uni. We rode around the Deakin circuit and exited at the main gate then followed the path down Pigdons Rd to Waurn Ponds Drive and up the path to Hams Rd. We then took Ghazeepore Rd. with a right at Baanip Blvd (which had a lot of glass hazards) and right into Sovereign Dr. Once we reached Unity Dr it was decided to take refreshments at 9 Grams, not a great choice as it turned out with average coffee and slow disorganised service. After the coffee stop we set off along the Surf Coast Hwy and onto Warralily Blvd heading home via Barwon Heads Rd. Thanks to everyone for your company and to the ever reliable tail end charlie Leo.

GTC Members Night at South Barwon Community Centre 7pm 6.5.21
This was an excellent night with conversation and pizza for the 20 participants. Barry, Dr Mike and Paul gave us great musical entertainment, Greg told us of the history of the GTC and Simon regaled us with his experiences of Audax and the Paris-Brest-Paris Event. This famous Audax event has 5,000 participants, covers 1,300km, climbs 10,000 metres and has to be completed in under 90 hours. Thanks to Lindy and the Committee for this chance to meet when we are not on our bikes.
John H.

The MAWAON Trail - On their way Home - 6.5.21 - & Final Day - Wilpena Pound to Blinman 5.5.21
Greetings from Parachilna on the Outback Highway. We are on our way home. Yesterday ’s ride from Wilpena Pound to Blinman and Angorichna was the last and best day’s riding for the whole trip. Some fantastic scenery and very challenging tracks. We arrived at our destination substantially intact, no major bike issues and not a single puncture! Dinner at the Blinman Pub to celebrate. Now looking forward to getting home. Thanks to all for their great company. Special thanks to Peter and Mark for all the car shuffling that allowed some very enjoyable luggage free riding days and a speedy trip home.
Cheers, Ross.

Doug's Ride (filling in for Ted) to Moriac on Thursday - 6.5.21
With last Tuesday’s ride cancelled due to a howling gale interspersed with driving rain, it was a much nicer day for cycling today and the following cyclists shared my enthusiasm for a ride and they were: David S, Gary, Jennie, Ken G, Leo, Mark K, Mike C, Peter O’B and Trudi. On the hilly part of Waurn Ponds Drive (Old Princes Highway) we had to avoid a lot of dirt/mud covering the road as a result of trucks using the paddocks and then exiting onto the road, dropping mud everywhere. Turning onto Pettavel Road we encountered our second lot of mud across the road. Back onto the asphalt we were in need of some water on the road to clean the mud off the tyres, alias, no puddles, however the mud did wear or fall off after a few kilometres. With very few vehicles encountered we enjoyed the quite countryside for our ride. We arrived at the Moriac General Store to be greeted by Lyn L who had just missed the 9.00am start and unbeknown to us, followed our route to Moriac. Post coffee we returned to Bunnings via Cape Otway Road, Mt Duneed Road and then Ghazeepore Road. Thank you for joining me on a pleasant day for cycling and thank you Leo for being the taillight. Distance: 42.7 kilometres.

Single lane on Ghazeepore Road between Mt Duneed and Whites Roads.
Closure of Whites Road between Ghazeepore Road and the Surf Coast Highway from 10th May for several weeks.
Single lane on Anglesea Road between Baanip Boulevard and Whites Road.

The MAWSON Trail - Day 5 - Rawnsley Park Station to Wilpena Pound - 4.5.21
A short day today, from Rawnsley Park to Wilpena Pound. Brilliant scenery and some challenging riding. Caught up with Mark J who did the same ride in the wet and with declining light last night. Quite an effort. Some Spare hours for housekeeping and some walks around home base. Last effective riding day tomorrow. This trip has gone very quickly.
Cheers, Ross.
p.s. thank you to Peter J for his ride report yesterday. No phone reception but his more up-market accomodation had wifi.

The MAWSON Trail - Day 4 - Mt Little Station to Rawnsley Park Station - 3.5.21
After a lovely three course meal including roast lamb the night before and a great egg and Bacon breakfast we left our hosts Kelli and Peter and headed along the Mawson Trail which travels across Mt Little Station land for 18 klms. The road is a graded track through a rocky landscape so lots of rocks on the track a well as plenty bull dust. Once out the back gate we had a good run along the Outback Hwy until we reached the Moralana Scenic Route 28 klm of gravel road which connects to the Flinders Ranges Way and Rawnsley Park Station where we are staying the night. Wilpena Pound tomorrow.
Cheers, Ross.

The MAWSON Trail - Day 3 - Cradock to Mt Little Station - 2.5.21

Doug's Sunday Ride to Curlewis, Ocean Grove & Barwon Heads - 2.5.21
On a windy sunny morning eight riders participated in today’s ride and they were: Barry T, Doug, Jennie, Jo, Leo, Peter R (the Club’s newest member) Ted and Trudi. We had a minor delay due to one front tyre being on the soft side (lack of air) and our Mr Fixit (Leo) got his bike pump in motion, quickly inflating the tyre to an acceptable pressure and then we were on our way. From the bike path we turned right onto Curlewis Road and enjoyed the tail-wind all the way to the Groove. This course has only two hills of any consequence (along Wallington Road) and once over them it’s downhill all the way to the Groove. The Groove Café was not on song this morning as the service was slow and the cappuccinos were that hot, they burnt your mouth. Maybe time for a change of a coffee venue when next down that way. By consensus, we elected not to use Barwon Heads Road to the Barwon Heads Airport and came along 13th Beach Road to take in the delightful sun-drenched seascape even though it added another 2 kilometres to the advertised course distance. The downside of this route was we had a strong head wind along Blackrock and Staceys Roads. Thanks to the riders who took turns leading the peloton along this northern stretch. At the round-a-bout at the corner of Marshalltown Road and Barwon Heads Road, the peloton spilt into two with (Deputy Ride leader) Ted leading the group that were returning to the station (thanks Ted) and the others heading west along Marshalltown Road. Leo was the kelpie/guards van/last rider and a role Leo seems to fulfill on most of his rides. Thank you, Leo. Thanks to all for joining me on today’s ride. Distance was approximately 53 kilometres.
PS. Leo’s bike repair rates for a Sunday are very reasonable and the bill is in the mail (just joking)!!!

Greg Allerton's Hard Ride to Inverleigh & Teesdale on Sunday 2.5.21
Peter O'Brien and I were the only riders  today, though John Carleton very kindly came down to take the start photo. We rode at a good pace out Hamilton Highway though I had a rear puncture near Murgheboluc. On the outskirts of Inverleigh we turned right at Common Rd then pedalled through some of the new semi rural  estates north of the town. We also visited a lookout with sweeping views down over the bush surrounding Inverleigh. It was an enjoyable section through the bush on the way to Teesdale, where we rode in a big loop around the hilly outskirts of the town, passing the large cemetery. After a brief stop to consume snack bars we returned down the Inverleigh Rd with a good tail wind and entered the town beside the rail line. Hamilton Highway led us back to Fyansford then the river bike path was the easiest way back.We were home before 1 pm  having ridden 103 km in 4h 11 min average 24.6 kph. Thanks to Peter O for his great company.

The MAWSON Trail - Quorn to Cradock Saturday 1.5.21
A big day today. Quorn to Cradock turned out to be around 94 k’s with a couple of side trips. We started out with a forecast of 35 to 40 kph head winds for later in the morning. They arrived exactly as scheduled but the twists and turns of the Mawson meant it wasn’t all bad. Some Interesting interludes along the way included a spectacular gorge, a lesson in the dangers of land speculation and some extensive ruins. The highlight of the day for most of us was arriving at our destination, the Cradock Hotel. Cheers, Ross

Nick's Saturday Ride to Gnarwarre & Moriac - 1.5.21
Eight riders turned up at Bunnings for a ride to the Cottage Farm nursery: Jennie, John, Kim, Leo, Lindy, Nick, Sarah and Trudi. Note the gender balance! (Rob McGlade joined us for the first half hour before doing his own thing). We had a lovely rolling  ride along WP Drive and onto the hilly Devon, where we found John Miro waiting for us, before cruising along Barrabool. When offered the choice of the delightful views and some extra kms along Gnawarre Rd or the culinary delights of the nursery all riders took the easy option. The gardens were abundant with flowers and the cake and coffee as good as usual. The trip back with mostly a tailwind made for pleasurable riding  along Barrabool, Considines  and Mt Duneed. Thank you riders for a most pleasant roll in the hills. 

The MAWSON Trail - Greetings from Quorn - 30.4.21
The official “Best of the Mawson” got underway from Melrose this morning. Peter J, Chris Hu, Chris Ha, Mark J, his support crew Ida and Nettie plus nominal ride leader Ross lined up for the customary departure photo. The first part of the ride was along the Melrose-Wilmington rail trail where we parted company with Ida and Nettie. After brunch in Wilmington we started on a reasonable gravel road that took us most of the way to Melrose. A burst of exuberance  from a couple of riders saw them miss a turn on a long downhill and some lucky phone reception was needed to re-form the group and the miscreants avoided the front for the remainder of the ride. The turn once taken led to a very rough, very steep but highly picturesque gap through the hills and out on to the flats near our destination. So, in summary, a good ride over just about every kind of road surface you could imagine. A good introduction to the Mawson.
Cheers, Ross.

For link to Mawson Map - click here. For Itinerary - click here.

Gary's Thursday Ride to Barwon Heads & Torquay - 29.4.21
WOW, what a magnificent day for a bike ride.  The morning was a bit crisp but that faded into a glorious sunny day.  There were 19 riders assembled at the Grovedale Hotel for today’s ride to Barwon Heads for our coffee stop at the Beachhouse Café.  As the number of riders was a bit large we broke into two groups, one led by myself and the other by Janet.  The riders were, apart from myself, David S, Doug W, Janet R, Jenny P, Julia McK, Ken G, Kim G, Lindy L (who joined the group at Lake Rd.) Lyn L, Norm L, Peter C, Peter O’B, Ray C, Sarah T, Nick T, Ted R and Trudy B.   I was also proud to have my son Joel, who is on work leave from Melbourne, to join us for this ride.  We had a glorious ride to Barwon Heads, sunshine and virtually no wind,  via Lake Road, Bluestone School Rd and Barwon Heads Road.  After coffee we returned via 13 Beach, Horsehoe Bend Rd to The Esplanade in Torque, then through to the Surfcoast Hwy via Bell St.  Unfortunately Joel had a puncture at Cozy Corner, so after getting him mobile again we set of for home.  If you are going to get a puncture then Cozy Corner is a pretty good place to stop. Thank you to Janet for leading the second group and to Kim and Nick for being the kelpies.

TWO RIDES on Tuesday 27.4.21:
1/ Nick's Ride from Anglesea (or Aireys Inlet) to Wye River and Return:
Six riders turned up for the GOR ride: David, Nick Peter C, Peter O’B, Sarah and Trudi. The superb six left the car park in the drizzle but by the Anglesea hill the skies were clear with a light headwind and light traffic. Jackets on and jackets off. We made good pace to Lorne  where we had our first coffee. A few minutes into coffee and chat John Miro rolled in to make us the magnificent seven. This stretch of road has some of the best scenery and was a delight to ride out and then back with a tail breeze. John opined it was the best conditions on the GOR he had experienced and I would have to agree. Not too many choices for light lunch in Lorne with only one bakery open but the pies were delicious. Fortified and rested we enjoyed a top ride back to Anglesea. Even the Aireys hill wasn’t too bad today. Special mention to Peter C for doing a warm up from Aireys to Anglesea first thing and to Peter OB (answers to tough nut or hard man) who rode from Geelong and then home to get the 100 - miles in the old language. Thank you riders for a great ride and good company.
Cheers Nick T

2/ Doug's Ride to Drysdale
With constant light rain falling this morning and a competing Club ride from Anglesea/Aireys Inlet, I didn’t expect to be joined by many others. To my surprise, we ended up with the magnificent seven who were: Chris Ha, Doug, Janet, Jennie, Lindy and two Peter’s (J and N). Persistent drizzle and sometimes mizzle, followed us all the way along the Rail Trail. As our windscreen wipers were not functioning on our sunnies, this made it difficult to see through them so a few us removed our glasses in order to see any vehicles at the cross-roads. We were held-up for a few minutes at the Geelong – Portarlington Road Rail Trail traffic light crossing because the planned roadworks were now underway. Next stop was the Bungalow for refreshments. The stop allowed us to wipe the glasses clean ready for the next lot of precipitation. With clean dry glasses we were back in the saddle to enjoy three minutes of almost sunshine before more drizzle. By the time we were reunited with the Rail Trail the sun finally broke through the clouds much to our enjoyment. With the absence of vehicular traffic there was no noise along the Trail allowing conversation to easily take place across the small peloton. Well done to all participants. Distance: 47 Kilometres.
NOTE: The vehicles we encountered along Princes Street, Swan Bay Road and Curlewis Road certainly observed the new Road Law requiring drivers to be at least one metre from cyclists at under 60kph and 1.5m for over 60kph. Let’s hope it’s a new beginning for cyclists and motorists alike.
FOOTNOTE: The new One Metre/One point five Law came into being on Monday 26th April 2021.

Janet's Sunday Ride to Drysdale - 25.4.21
A beautiful sunny morning saw quite a few riders gathered at the showgrounds. These were Doug, Greg, Heather (Geoff was also there but preceded us riding with another group which included Dr Mike), Hugh, Jennie, Jo, John H, Kim, Leo & Trudi, Peter J and Ted. We set off on an easy ride to Drysdale taking St Albans Rd, Townsend Rd, then Earl's Rd which took us to the rail trail at Bellarine Hgw. We stumbled upon Ron on Earl's Rd who joined our group. Lovely coffee and sustenance at the Bungalow was enjoyed before returning via Jetty Rd and the BRT. A sight to be seen at Bungalow was Mark J who called in for coffee during a training ride for the Mawson Trail complete with bricks in his panniers.
Thanks for your company everyone. Janet.

Peter Jones' Saturday Ride to Moriac via Paraparap - 24.4.21
15 riders for my ride to Moriac this morning: Peter C, John H, Barry, Greg, Kim, Ken S, Jennie, Trudi, Leo, Rob, Lindy and late inclusions, Mark J, Hugh and John M. The route to Moriac is pretty tried and true. I did change the initial bit to avoid a difficult transition from Bannip Path to Sovereign Dve by heading out the Torquay Rd turning right into Unity Dve. Once we were on Ghazapore Rd it was full steam ahead as usual, had a bit of a headwind in parts as we headed West. It was nice to have Hendy Main Rd car free as it was closed for the Otway Classic, lots of riders, (60 klm group I think) making their way to Moriac. Enjoyed our coffee and rolled on home via Hendy Main, Reservoir and Waurn Ponds Dve. Lovely tailwind all the way.
Thanks for your company on a pleasant morning's ride.
Cheers, Peter.

Ross Reports in from Riverton on the MAWSON TRAIL in SA - Friday 23.4.21
Caught up with Chis at Nuriootpa, a few days along the trail. Have had some cool weather and rain and this has made some sections of the trail a bit difficult. Have already had to make a few small detours. Having an easy day today, basically just two short rail trails to Clare. Cheers, Ross.
p.s. A question for the home mechanics out there. Any idea why my front derailleur is not shifting as smoothly as previously?

Trudi's Loop to Lara on Thursday 22.4.21
With plenty of wind around again today I decided not to ride my usual preferred route out to Lara. Today we rode the Ted Wilson path all the way to the end, before turning left onto Broderick Rd, Heales Rd, Bacchus Marsh Rd and straight along Elcho Rd. Cafe of choice today was Cafe Xpresso in the Lara. Having rung earlier to book tables the transition from bike to seats was very smooth and seamless. Service as always was quick and served with a smile, nothing is ever a bother. Well refreshed and refuelled it was time to see how Ted’s puddle was doing. To everyone’s amazement except for Chris, who was concentrating on what was in front of him missed the two huge poles to the left that held the solar panels. Yay progress finally, still some water on the path but hopefully once the pumps are turned on, there will be no more Ted’s Puddle to be seen. Riders today in Alphabetical order were Chris Ha, Gary, Janet, Jennie, Ken S, Kim, Mike, Noel, Norm, Peter’s C J and O, Ted and Trudi. Thanks everyone for your company today.

TWO RIDES - Both Groups to Drysdale and Gravel Riders on to Barwon Heads - Tuesday 20.4.2
Gravel Ride by Chris Halpin
Only 3 trusty gravelleurs today. PJ, John M and myself headed off after the road runners. A nice tail wind pushed us down the BRT to Drysdale. Here we parted company with Doug's group and pushed on down the Trail. Persistent rain and cross winds forced a route reassessment and we decided to turn down Banks Rd to Collendina before finding more gravel on the beach path through to Barwon Heads. Coffee and a tasty muffin at Barwon Ebb & Flow revived our soggy spirits and we set off for home along 13th Beach and on to Blackgate. Minya Lane and Fishers Rd gave us another gravel taste and then home on Horseshoe Bend as the rain tapered. Approx 70km and 10mm of rain but great company a lively ride. Thanks John and Peter.

Ashphalt Ride to Drysdale by Doug
With a weather forecast of lots of rain from 10.00am this morning, it was pleasing to be joined by 11 other cycleholics. Attendees were: Barry T, Chris Hal (Ride Leader for the fat tyre peloton aka the gravel riders) David S, Doug (Ride leader for the skinny tyre peloton aka the asphalt riders), Jennie, John M, Ken S, Kim, the 3 Peter’s (C, J and O’B) and Ted. A short discussion at the start, by the skinny tyre riders decided to make Drysdale our turn-around point. Along the Bellarine Rail Trail with the rain just starting, Ken opted for a U-turn in favour of getting wet under a warm shower at home rather than nature’s cold shower. Arriving on the outskirts of Drysdale, with rain just spitting, Jennie opted for a U-turn plus the fat tyres peloton peeled-off heading for Queenscliff, possibly. The skinny tyres peloton, of six riders, opted for a short coffee stop at the Bungalow. Waterproof jackets were now necessary as we headed back to the Showgrounds. With rain still falling, the speed increased in the hope that we would be back to Geelong before the heavy stuff. Due to the increased speed (above 25 kph) the e-bike (and rider) was not in favour of that speed so we eased off to a more manageable speed. If we were to get drenched, as a result of going slower, we had a scape-goat!!! We had just crossed Kensington Road Leopold when Peter C unfortunately punctured. Peter insisted we continue without him, informing us he will repair the puncture and head for home (nearby). There were no dissenters and we all wished Peter a safe trip home as we sped off. Not long after getting back to the Showgrounds the rain became heavier much to the detriment of those cycling to home, from the Showgrounds. We completed the 36 kilometres round trip and were still reasonably dry, which was a minor miracle, if you factor in the forecast.
Thank you all, for voting for, and joining me on a shortened ride.

John Hagan's Sunday Ride to Torquay - 18.4.21
Eleven starters for our ride to Torquay via Paraparap & Jan Juc: (from L to R below) John, Peter, Leo, Lindy, Trudi, Mike, Ian, Kim, Lovro, Doug and Jenny. If a leader can keep all of the starters right through to the finish line the ride leader usually gets top marks for the ride. However, on today's ride the attrition rate was high and we ended up with just five riders coming back to the Grovedale Pub. Our first incident was a fall on Ghazeepore Rd and assistance had to be called in, then others had to leave because of time constraints and Mike had a bike all primed up for the gravel ride which had been cancelled so he and PJ headed for coffee at Moriac. Ian told me that he had not been on Vickerys/Gundrys Rds before so we were all able to appreciate the scenery along this beautiful but hilly part of Bellbrae. After assisting at our first incident Doug and Lindy had gone directly to our coffee spot at Surfcoast Wholefoods and they had a bit of a wait for us to come through from Jan Juc. We consumed some delicious cakes and other food with our coffee and were wondering about the "wholefood" content of these beautiful morsels! Thanks to all for your assistance along the way and particular thanks to Leo for following up the tail of the ride.
Keep Riding - John.

Chris Halpin's Saturday Ride to Curlewis, Ocean Grove & Barwon Heads - 17.4.21
Twenty keen riders this morning, so 2 groups. In order we had Andrew, myself, Hugh, Janet, Jennie, Jo, Johnx2, Ken, Lindy, Lovro,  PJ, Sarah & Nick, Ted, Trudi & Leo. We also welcomed back Sue, Richard on the Tandem, and Ron after long absences. Sarah bravely volunteered to lead the 2nd group and I just appointed Leo as 'tail-ender', cause that's what he does so well! A tail wind on the BRT to Curlewis was handy. Interesting that we were overtaken by not one but two other keen groups of cyclists, manoeuvring between dogs and walkers, and one very speedy lady rider. Time for cycling speed limits on the BRT maybe? We soon turned into Curlewis Rd, still with a favourable wind and little traffic, down to Bellarine Hwy, across to Wallington Rd and on to Groove. Very busy here too. So many cyclists about. After a noisy coffee break it was again time to hit the road.  The usual confusion about toilet arrangements, who was in which group and who was missing - but somehow we seemed to get everyone back to Geelong in good time via 13th Beach and HorseshoeBend Rds. No punctures to report. I enjoyed just over 60km of great riding, even better company and special thanks to Sarah and Leo for their help.

Trudi's Loop to Bannockburn on Thursday 15.4.21
With strong winds whipping around the streets of Geelong meant that we were in for a wild ride to Bannockburn. Today’s riders in alphabetical order were: Barry, David S, Jennie, Ken S, Kim, Lindy, Nick, Peter C, Peter J, Sarah, Ted, Zac and ride leader Trudi. 
Riding into a strong headwind on the Hamilton Highway made progress slow and challenging. On turning right into Burnside Rd we found it ever so slightly easier going. Cafe of choice today was Cafe Le Due Sorelle. With plenty of seating inside we didn’t have to think twice about taking our coffee inside the cafe out of the wind. It was so nice to catch up with an old member Ange while enjoying our coffee. I would love to see Paul and Ange back riding with us again soon. Our return route was a lovely run down Clyde Rd and along the beautifully stunning valley below. Once on Stieglitz Rd and now with the wind on our backs it was a pleasure to let the wind blow us homeward. Lovely Banks Rd soon had us back on the Ted Wilson path, everyone finding their way home. Thanks for your company today, see you all next ride.

Doug's Rural Ride from Winchelsea to Eurack and Birregurra - Tuesday 13.4.21
Rain had been falling on the previous 3 days and it was pleasing to see dry roads for today’s 96.44 kilometres ride. Attendees were: Barry, David, Doug, Janet, Jennie, Ken G, Ken S, Kim, Lyn L, Mark J, Nick, Peter J, Sarah and Trudi. Leaving Winchelsea, we headed north into a mild wind hitting our right cheekbone. Our first scheduled stop was the Eurack Avenue of Honour (AOH) some 30 kilometres away. Although the wind intensified as the morning wore on, it didn’t hinder us too much with a steady pace all along the way. Arriving at AOH Trudi wanted to know where the mobile coffee van was located. As we could not see it one rider asked the repair crew were they also the mobile coffee van? The reply was “no” as they were there to do some repairs to WW1 crosses as two of them had been broken as the result of a road accident. They added that they had passed the coffee van a few kilometres back and it had broken-down (Pinocchio, your nose is getting bigger). With no coffee the peloton had to settle for jelly beans for a fix. Leaving the AOH it was only a couple of K’s to our right-hand turn and the wind would be at our back. For nearly 30 kilometres we were cruising in the high 20’s kilometres per hour with very little effort. There was a small interruption to our progress due to a road sign being absent. A quick check of the Ride Leaders map got us underway again. In Birregurra, our planned coffee stop was closed however the general store was Plan B and the food and coffee there was very good.
Shortly after leaving Birregurra, we turned left onto the Cape Otway Road. The strong wind that was previously behind us was not at our side trying to blow us across the road. The last 6 kilometres to Winchelsea was into the head wind. Thanks to Peter for going to the front, making it easier for those behind. Note: Ken G and Lyn elected to return to Winchelsea before we reached the AOH. Thank you to Nick and Barry who alternatively shared the ‘Tail-end Charlie’ duties. In summary, this was a great course, excellent roads, the wind in our favour most of the way. Thank you to all who participated and for your most enjoyable company. If there is anybody wanting to know more about the ride and or the course, please contact me. In closing, thank you to those who sent What’s App messages saying how much you enjoyed the ride.

Gary Leads the Tuesday Ride to Moriac - 13.4.21
Five members assembled at Bunnings for the ride to Moriac.  Gary B was elected unopposed as ride leader, the others in the group were Chris Ha, Lindy L, Peter N and Peter R.  All riders were keen to get started to try and outsmart the onset of a potentially windy day.  We decided to do the reverse ride to Moriac by going up Ghazeepore Rd to Dickens, Angelsea Rd, Blackgate, Hendy Main, Larcombes, Church, Cape Otway then through to Moriac.  After a great coffee at the general store and solving the problems of the world, we returned via Hendy Main, Reserve, Pettavel, Waurn Ponds Drive back to Bunnings.  We left Lindy there as she Had her car and the rest of us proceeded up Pigdons where we the departed company to individually find our home.  Thanks to all who rode for your great company and chatter.

Ted’s Magical History Tour that didn’t happen – Sunday 11.4.21
A BOM weather forecast at 7.00 am predicting gale force winds and significant rain caused the cancellation of today’s ride around Geelong but 21 members and family turned up to the Heritage Victoria site at The Heights and enjoyed an informative tour led by HV volunteers. One intrepid rider, John, did in fact hop on the bike and joined five others at the scheduled coffee stop at The Door Gallery Cafe at the Fyansford Mill. John’s decision turned out to be a good one as the morning was windy but stayed relatively dry. The non-riders didn’t seem too disappointed though. Thanks to those who supported this initiative. We’ll do it again but let’s hope for better weather next time.

Peter Jones' Saturday Ride to Drysdale & Ocean Grove - 10.4.21
Another 16 riders were willing to ignore the weather reports and join me on my ride to Groove Ocean Grove this morning, Peter O, Trudi and Leo, Jennie, Mark S, Mark J, Ken S, John M, John H, Nick, Peter C, Barry, Doug, Chris Ha, Ian B, Kim, thanks for keeping me company. My route today was out the BRT to Jetty Rd, to the Bypass, down Princess, a short traverse on Swan Bay Rd and down Grubb Rd to Thacker. The air had been a bit moist for most of the ride until we were heading into Ocean Grove when it became very damp, looking ahead I thought I could see a faint blue tinge behind the grey and gambled that the shower would all be over by the time we arrived at Groove, I was lucky this time and the rain had stopped as we arrived.
Enjoyed our coffee, mounted our trusty steeds and headed home via 13th Beach, not many surfers around, the water was very chopped up. There was a parting of the ways as riders took their decisions as to which way to get home. By this time there was no showers but there was a strong and blustery South Westerly. There is a basic sailing rule, do not give away a windward position, ie do not run downwind unless you really have to because to come back into the wind will be a lot harder. My route was across the wind with the maximum protection from the side wind, minimal headwind and maximum tailwind, as usual it worked a treat and topped off a pleasant morning on the bike.
Thanks again for coming along everyone.
Cheers, Peter.

Ross Leads the GRAVEL Ride & Kim the ASHPHALT Ride to Torquay on Thursday 8.4.21
The Ashphalt Ride:
Fortunately the fog had cleared well before our 9am start from the Grovedale Pub and from there the day just got better with a light breeze and sunshine to warm us up. With 18 riders for the road option of todays days ride it made sense to split into 2 groups. Those who participated today were: David S, Doug, Gary, Janet, Jennie (who had a short ride due to work commitments), Ken G, Ken S, Kim, Leo, Lindy, Lyn, Mike C, Nick, Paul T, Peter O’B, Ron, Trudi, and a warm welcome to new member Richard White.
We headed off along Bannip Blvd and onto Anglesea Rd with a right into Coombes Rd, then the very pleasant ride through the beautiful Ocean Acres, Grossmans Rd, SC Hwy up Bell St and along The Esplanade, which allowed us to admire the very blue ocean and perfect beach conditions. Then up Darian and into Fischer St where we encountered some unplanned road works on our side of the road so using the footpath (carefully past the driveways, from my experience) we then arrived at our coffee stop, Cafe El Nido. Here a few over heated riders removed some un wanted layers and we all had a good chat while enjoying our beverage of choice. Refreshed and ready to go we headed along Horseshoe Bend Rd from where a few riders made there own way home along the way. The rest of us turned right into Warralily Blvd and onto Barwon Heads Rd making our way back to Grovedale. I stopped and waited at Marshalltown Rd as I thought there were some riders missing, I then decided to back track only to find Richard had a puncture with Ron and David giving assistance. Fortunately I arrived at the right time as they had just completed the job. There was a bit more traffic about today than I expected and it just seemed to follow us no matter which way we went but I must say everyone was very respectful.
Thank you to all riders today for making this outing such an enjoyable one. Special thanks to Peter O’B for leading the second group and to Leo and Gary for being the 2 follow up back riders.

The Gravel Ride:
In contrast to the horde setting off on today's bitumen ride, the group for the gravel adventure was small but select. The two Chris's, Ha and Hu, PJ, Mark, Barry and Ross set off from the Grovedale Hotel in search of dirt roads. The variety of equipment in use was only matched by the variety of riding surfaces we would encounter - everything from an electric mountain bike to a brave rider using smooth road tyres. There was far too much bitumen early on but eventually, we found some nice quiet country lanes with nice country views and only the occasional corrugation and pot hole to distract us. There are limited unsealed roads in this area so it was good to find some new gems as well as the usual suspects. A wide loop brought us in to Torquay via some small gravel paths and even some green gravel (a grass field). Refreshments were taken at El Nido before a last dirt section via Point Impossible and back on Horseshoe Bend Road. The ride leader displayed his usual cavalier approach to ride leading duties and abandoned the group at Mt Duneed. Hope they all made it home safely.
Cheers, Ross.

On the way home Trudi almost ran over a snake on the Barwon Path & Peter O'B was just behind her - photo PO'B.

Peter O'Brien's Ride Through the Barrabool Hills - Tuesday 6.4.21
It was pleasing that twelve riders fronted-up at Fyansford this morning for the ride through the hills to Moriac. We rode out to Merrawarp Road and then onto Barrabool Road, where we turned left instead of the usual right, and climbed the Ceres hill.  The reward for the climb was an exhilarating ride down Cochranes Road to Waurn Ponds Drive.  At this point, we met up with Doug who had ridden in from Torquay.  Not to be forgotten, Ross also rode in from Torquay and started from Fyansford.  Sorry Doug but you’ve been gazumped! We continued onto Reservoir Road and again enjoyed the down-hill ride along the Cape Otway Road to Moriac for coffee at the General Store.  Here we met up with Lyn. 
The return ride was via Gnarwarre, Pollocksford Road and onto the Hamilton Highway.  The number of B-double trucks on this highway means we all need to be very mindful of the need to ride to the extreme left-hand side of the shoulder. Back at Fyansford a number of the riders who were still looking for hills to climb rode up Hyland Hill and then dispersed and headed off for their respective homes. Thanks to Ken G, Leo, Trudi, John M, Sarah, Janet, Ross, David S, Peters x 3 (not Jones), Doug, Lyn and Chris Ha.
Distance travelled: 74kms. Ascent: 553 metres. Descent: 587 metres.
Regards, Peter O.

GTC EasterSunday Ride (AKA the Easter Bunny Ride) led by Doug 4.4.21
On another glorious autumn morning the following cyclists assembled at the South Geelong Railway Station and they were: Doug, Jennie, John H, Kim, Marie, Mick G, Pam, Ross and guest rider Robin (Macedon Rangers Cycle Club). With the petrol prices rocketing up for the Easter Weekend, it was no surprise that everybody rode to the Station, in order to save themselves lots of petrol dollars by not using the car. Geoff C, met us outside the Epworth Hospital and at this time a small mishap occurred which resulted in a rider falling onto the grass verge. Fortunately, the Emergency Department of the hospital was not required and we rode on. Today’s course is not frequently used yet it is a very pleasant course for a Sunday ride (not much traffic). If it had not been for the Easter Bunny claiming naming rights, I would call this ride the Three Pinnacles Ride, because there are only three hills in forty kilometres of cycling. Hill One was up Roslyn Road, Hill Two on the bike path (short sharp hill) and Hill Three was the path on the western side of the Ring Road/Anglesea Road to Hams Road. Having reached Hams Road, the rest of the course is mostly flat. Our coffee stop at the Cockatoo Café saw the Easter Bunny appear and he/she generously distributed Easter Eggs to those present. The payback was to call today’s ride ‘The Easter Bunny Ride.’ Hence the title of today’s ride. Riding along Lake Road it was good to see Julia back on the bike. Thank you everybody for such wonderful company on a magnificent day for cycling. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Thanks to John H for the photos. Distance of Course 1: 39.1 kilometres. Distance of Course Two: 63 kilometres.

Chris Halpin's Saturday Ride to Moriac - 3.4.21
A warm & beautiful morning and 14 riders- PJ, Andrew, Trudi & Leo, Johns M&H, Hugh, Jo, Ken S, Ian, Chris Hu, myself and Barry as our trusty Kelpie. We all agreed busy Easter traffic was best avoided so we took mainly quiet roads (Waurn Ponds Dve,  Pettavel, Reservoir & Hendy Main) to Moriac. Lots of other riders waving cheerily.  Morning coffee in the shade on the back lawn at the Store was very social - hard to leave. Hugh punctured on Hendy Main soon after we left and Leo excelled on the repair, removing lots of glass fragments from the tyre. A gathering north westerly hurried us down to Blackgate and back into the wind on Anglesea and Ghazeepore Rd made for a challenging ride of ~ 45km. Thanks everyone for joining us.
Chris Ha.

Ted's Thursday Ride to Lara - 1.4.21
On a perfect autumn morning ten riders turned up at the Top o’ Church for the ride to Lara. In alphabetical order they were: Chris Hu, Chris Ha, David S, Doug, Gary, Jennie, Ken S, Peter C, Peter J and Ted. Trudi joined us along the TW trail. The ride to Lara was uneventful except for a few events. A lovely cruise down Bluestone Bridge Road was followed by a moment of confusion while we worked out if Anakie Road was closed or not. Being assured that it was not, we proceeded onto to what only could be described as the best bit of gravel in Geelong. Not being a regular “gravelleur” I was a bit concerned but we survived the ordeal and carried on to our next challenge which was crossing Bacchus Marsh Road in peak period. Again we prevailed and continued undaunted down Windermere to Kees Road and the new Manzeene Estate. An unfortunate navigation failure resulted in another gravel experience, this time not quite so pleasant but at least it was short. The final insult was to arrive at my (previously) favourite coffee shop to be told we weren’t welcome inside because they were fully booked and we hadn’t made a reservation. Needless to say, some of our more volatile members were “not happy Jan” but we submitted to the demand to buy takeaway and found a pleasant spot in the children’s playground – bad luck kids, move over. The trip home was, at last, uneventful and most members of the group complied with my recommendation to use the paths (you know who you are). Thank you for your company on an enjoyable morning on the bike.

Doug's Mornington Peninsular Ride From Sorrento – Flinders – Main Ridge - Arthurs Seat and back to Sorrento - 30.3.21
A great turn-out for today’s Ride. Nineteen GTC riders and they were: Chris Hu, David, Doug, Gary, Janet, Jennie, Ken G, Ken S, Kim, Lindy, Lyn L, Lyn P (new member), Mark J, Nick, the 3 Peters (J N O’B), Sarah, Trudi and guest rider Lyn. On board the ferry, there were more bikes than cars and we outnumbered all other passengers. On a glorious morning with the sun overhead we were on our way, on some very quiet roads. Just before our first big downhill, we were cheered on by Barry T (sitting in his car). As always, a downhill is followed by an uphill and this was a beauty as one section of the uphill had an incline of 18 degrees. Not long after, we turned onto Meakins Road and unexpectedly found it to be unmade. This wasn’t part of the plan. About two kilometres along the gravel, we finally struck the sealed part of the road. The sealed part of Meakins Road to the corner of Flinders – Mornington Road was (by my reckoning) the best part of the whole course. No cars, scenic views both sides of the road, tree lined and the sun overhead, no wind, just perfect. Leaving Meakins Road it was mostly uphill to Arthurs Seat. The Eagle Café at Arthurs Seat was a most welcome coffee stop and the thought of no more hills to traverse was a winner. Coffee never tasted so good. A record pace was set all the way downhill to the Nepean Highway. The flat Nepean Highway required little effort. Having reached Sorrento, it was only few extra kilometres to Baked In Portsea for one of their delicious pies. With the ferry only two kilometres away, it was an easy ride, with full tummies. As we arrived at the terminal, we were greeted with the loud sound of about 20 Harley Davidson motorbikes waiting to board the ferry. Smooth sailing back to Queenscliff saw the completion of a great day’s cycling, despite a couple of nasty hills. Good cycling and good company by all riders. Thanks to: Chris Hu who led the second group, Kim and Peter J for taking photos, Nick for doing several U turns to check on riders and several “Tail End Charlies” (team effort). Distance: 75.16 kilometres. Elevation Gain: 732 metres (Strava).
PS. Peter J, Ken S , David S and Ken G also rode from Geelong to the Ferry at Queenscliff (see map) - and you can see from the last photo that they were arriving back at sunset after covering 115km.

Alternate Ride to Drysdale & Barwon Heads on Tuesday 30.3.21
Report soon.

Nick Leads the GRAVEL Ride & Doug the ASHPHALT Ride to Moriac on Sunday 28.3.21
The Ashphalt Ride:
There was a choice of roads to Moriac today, gravel or asphalt. Of those present, 11 riders took the sealed roads to Moriac and they were: Barry, Doug, Geoff C, Jenny, Jo, John H, Kim, Leo, Lindy, Sarah and Trudi. The steeper hills enroute were done with by the time we turned onto Mt Duneed Road only to have to deal with a headwind all the way to Moriac. The gravel riders crossed our path near the end of Mt Duneed Road. The Cape Otway Road down-hill section made it an easy ride to coffee. Shortly after arriving at the general store, we were joined by Marie and Pam who had taken a different route. With coffees ordered, it wasn’t long before the gravel peloton arrived. John H ordered a large cup of coffee and it must have taken the milk from at least two cows to fill it (see photo). Leaving the general store, we proceeded south along Cape Otway Road and then we struck the resurfaced section with the very small loose stones, pushed to the edge of the road by vehicles and making it a bit hazardous. Somebody with a sense of humour declared that they had joined the gravel ride by mistake. Fortunately, we soon turned onto Church Road and left the loose stones behind us. Larcombes Road saw us on the same course as a bike race and we had many super quick cyclists whizzing by. Barry gave chase and was about to catch them when they turned right onto Forest Road - good effort Barry. With the wind behind us it was a pleasant trip back to Bunnings. Thanks to “Tail End Charlie (s) John H and deputy Lindy.” Photos by John H (with thanks). A good team ride, well done to all. Distance 40.1 kilometres.

The Gravel Ride:
A small contingent of six graveleurs, Chris Ha, Chris Hu, Greg A, Jesse, Nick and Peter J set  off from Bunnings to ride the undulations of  Willowite Rd. This is one of the prettiest and quietest north south gravel roads  to ride along with the  least corrugations compared to busier Ghazeepore or Pettavel.  At Blackgate Rd a group decision was made to head into Moriac to meet the roadies for coffee. Before we headed out again  we had to reinflate Chris Hu’s persistently leaky tubeless tyre. We rode around Hendy Main to the south end of Willowite to ride the section we missed and then continued back up to Reservoir Rd and then  home along WP Dr. Jesse on the recumbent was unbeatable  downhill on bitumen, PJ on his electric MTB beast was fastest up hill with rest of us somewhere in between pedalling an assortment of fat tyres steeds. Thank you guys for an enjoyable morning’s gravelling.

Peter Jones' Ride to The Cheeky Cow in Collendina on Saturday 27.3.21
Big bunch for my ride to The Cheeky Cow this morning, 16 riders: Janet, Jennie, Jo, Lindy, Trudi, Barry, Chris Ha, Hugh, John H, John M, Ken S, Leo, Mark S, Peter O, Ted and myself. Lindy was riding her new Trek eRoad Bike, looks very smart and travels along very nicely. Took the BRT to Curlewis Rd., thence to Wallington Rd where we were first visited by the puncture gods. Ken S was first to be attacked, once that was repaired we were on our way and they struck again, this time Janet was the victim. At this point some of our crew who had time constraints took off to get back to Geelong in good time, Hugh, Jennie, Jo, Mark S and Ted departed our bunch. Four continued to The Cheeky Cow while the rest helped Janet and met up with us at coffee. After coffee we took the view that the roads were very busy so took the quietist way home via Banks Rd, Swan Bay Rd, Drysdale Bypass Trail, Jetty Rd and back on the BRT. Almost home and Ken S was attacked again with a slow leak but decided to pump it up and limp home. A very enjoyable ride in good company, thanks for coming.
Cheers, Peter J.

Ken Smith's Easy Ride to Xpresso Lounge Cafe in Lara on Thursday 25.3.21
As the starting time was coming close and rain had been falling over Geelong and more was threatening only three riders were ready to go. Then like pigeons returning to their loft more riders appeared making a total of ten. They were Chris Hu, Doug W, Gary B, Janet R, Jennie P, Ken S, Peter J, Sarah and Nick, and Ted R. We rode from Rippleside over the Margaret Street Bridge to Victoria St, Roseneath St and on to the Tom McKean Path to Church St then  on to the Ted  Wilson path to the Bacchus Marsh Rd. We continued along to Elcho Rd and with a strong tail wind we pedalled our way to the Xpresso Lounge Cafe. After we had a chat and were nourished we moved on to Rennie St and to Ted's project, the build up of water and there was a lot on the path under the Freeway. Interestingly there were approximately ten people dressed in Viva Energy work clothing looking at the depth of the water. At  North Geelong we made our way to our homes.
Thank you to all  who participated, Ken Smith.

The Three Musketeers GTC Ride to Jan Juc on Tuesday 23.3.21
At 6.00am this morning, steady rain was falling in the Torquay area and consequently I was resigned to the fact that I was not going to get a ride-in today. Daylight came and the sky was very dark although it was not raining. A quick check of the weather radar revealed that most of the rain coming, would not fall in the Geelong area, so hastily I donned the lycra, loaded the bike into the boot of the car and headed to Bunnings. With light rain falling, enroute and if it continued, I was unlikely to start the ride in raining conditions. Having arrived at Bunning’s, with now no rain falling, the only other rider who I thought may-turn-up could be Jennie. My gut feeling was right as Jennie arrived shortly after me. After a discussion, we decided to risk undertaking the ride, despite the grey skies. As we were about to depart, Peter N joined us and the three of us headed-off to Jan Juc. The roads were wet, humidity was high and the temperature near 20 degrees. Best of all, the traffic was very light and the non-main roads had almost no traffic on them. The country air, the smell of the eucalypt gum trees along the way, made it a delight to be cycling. With the big hills behind us (on Grundys and Addiscot Roads) we were looking forward to a coffee fix however as Swell only had standing room, we opted for the Coffee Club in Torquay. Torquay provided us sunshine whilst drinking our coffee and also with dry roads which continued all the way back to Bunnings. An above average pace on Horseshoe Bend Road was a reflection of the perfect conditions for cycling. There was roadworks aplenty along the way although we didn’t encounter any hold-ups. The risk of riding today and not getting wet, was well rewarded with a most enjoyable ride and company. With only three riders we adopted the Three Musketeers philosophy for today’s ride.
“All for one and one for all, united we stand divided we fall”.
Ride distance – 65.4 kilometres.
Scribe: Doug.

Greg Allerton's Hard Ride to Bannockburn on Sunday - 21.3.21
I was glad to be joined by Ian Busch and Mark Shying for today's ride as many members were not yet back from Adelaide. There were a few light spits of drizzle as we headed out Ted Wilson Trail and along Ballan Rd  before turning into Steiglitz Rd. Bakers Bridge Rd provided the easiest climb out of the Moorabool valley. We were soon on the outskirts of Bannockburn and just after the big roundabout took a short gravel path on the left and into Lemalker Court. Many new homes were under construction all on sizeable allotments. It is well worth taking a few of the quiet sealed roads  next time you are in the area. Probably the highlight was the undulating Bruce's Creek concrete bike path which can be accessed from near the modern secondary college. Coffee was at Le Due Sorelle. The return trip was via Clyde Hill and Parker Rds and Sutherlands Creek, with a brief heavy shower and small hail just before Midland Highway. I got home around 2-15pm after riding 4 laps of Eastern gardens to achieve my century. Big thanks to Ian and Mark for riding with me.  101 km in 4 hours 51 minutes average 20.7      Greg Allerton.

Janet Roussety's Sunday Ride to Drysdale - 21.3.21
A small group consisting of Doug,  Jeannie, John H, Lindy and myself met at the station for a ride into the headwind down the BRT to Drysdale. Lindy was enjoying her new e bike on its first GTC outing. After a lovely coffee break at the Bungalow we flew home via Princess, Swan Bay and the highway. 
Happy riding,  Janet.

John Hagan's Saturday Ride to Torquay - 20.3.21
Ten participants for today's ride to Torquay: Hugh, John H, Peter C, Janet, Jo, Jennie, Doug, Chris Ha, Lyn L and John M. We travelled a few roads that some of our riders had not been on before - the first being Odyssey Drive which has recently opened through to Whites Rd and after going through Freshwater Ck and Bellbrae to Torquay we skirted down behind Torquay College to join the Surf Coast Highway at Beach Rd. We went to The Coffee Club for our morning tea/coffee. The first big surprise to me was they appeared to have no cakes or biscuits to go with the coffee. On enquiring I was told that there was only one muffin left and it was a double choc one - I ordered it straight away! We did enjoy the coffee stop and as you can see from the last photo of Chris Ha there were other things to order. As we were about to mount our bikes for the return trip Jennie discovered that her back tyre had gone down during our break. A team of us, led by Hugh, tackeled the task of repair which was difficult due to the tubeless rims which make it hard to get the tyre off. On completion we headed north along Horseshoe Bend Rd with some assistance from the wind.
Thanks all for an enjoyable morning. John.

Day 6 of our TDU catch up rides in Adelaide - 20.3.21
Final days ride today, some took the Old Willunga Hill option, others took my easy ride to Henley Beach for a coffee. Took the Torrens Linnear Trail to the sea and along to Henley Beach where we joined many, many, cyclists and others enjoying a lovely morning. Managed to get a spot in one of the many cafes and enjoyed a really good coffee and a great outlook. Rode back along the trail and were home by about 11.30am, time to chill out before happy hour at 5.00pm and our final dinner at the Sussex Hotel at 6.30pm, so our TDU Catch Up comes to an end, it has been a wonderful weeks weather and riding in great company. Thanks everyone for joining me.
Cheers, Peter.

Day 5 of our TDU catch up rides in Adelaide - 19.3.21
Today’s ride is one of my favourites of the TDU. A ride out to Mylor a little village in the Adelaide Hills which loves the TDU, when we ride out there the whole town is involved, Strawberries and Ice Cream, Sausage Sizzle, Egg and bacon rolls, it is great, nothing there today except for the Harvest Café. Lots of goodies to eat but very slow on the coffee front. A good climb up Crafers Bikeway, up and down hill across to Mylor, great roll down Stock Rd into Mylor. After coffee a lovely climb up the Aldgate Valley Rd to Aldgate then to Stirling, all generally uphill and a few stiff climbs to Crafers before a flying 8 to 9 klms down into Adelaide. From the Tollgate at the bottom of the Expressway it is still all downhill pretty well to the caravan park. A tough day on the bike but well worth it.
Cheers, Peter.

Ken Gawne's Ride through the Barrabool Hills to Modewarre & Moriac on Thursday 18.3.21
Six riders came out on a perfect Autumn day: Gary, Ian, Lyn, Peter C, Rob and myself. I told the group that under an inane provision, approved by the Club Committee, ride leaders could proceed from start to destination by any route they fancied. Hence I suggested we head from Fyansford to Moriac via Bannockburn, Teesdale, Inverleigh, Winchelsea, Marjorie Lawrence Drive and Cape Otway rd. Upon hearing objetions from 2 of the group concerning a hard Thursday ride following a tough Tuesday, I relented and we pedalled to our coffee stop at Moriac along Merrawarp, Barrabool, Andersons and Hendy Main. The pace was moderate and no one was isolated. Road works on Cape Otway Rd caused us to approach Considines via a roundabout route - Larcombes, Layard, and then Cape Otway. Travelled Barrabbool as far as Pollocksford then all flew down the descent to the 1-way bridge before steaming up the short climb. The ride ended on Lower Paper Mills Road.
Well done all, Ken.

Day 4 of our TDU catch up rides in Adelaide - 18.3.21
Another flat ride today down to Glenelg and south along the Beach Front to Brighton. Glorious weather and the scenery is just beautiful, amazing blue water with hardly a ripple lovely sandy beaches. We have some great beaches but these along this coastline are just stunning. Pulled up for a coffee at Brighton overlooking the beach for pushing on and heading inland for the run home. The bunch split at this point with David S, Ray, Murray and Rob heading back searching for Kudos in climbing The Corkscrew, we’ve all done it in previous years so have no inclination to do it again. Took Marion Rd and Anzac Hwy home, through part of the CBD and on to The Torrens Linear Trail home, great riding in good company on a cracker of a day.
Cheers, Peter.

Day 3 of our TDU catch up rides in Adelaide - 17.3.21
Today was a flat ride after two days in the hills. We headed out through Port Adelaide to North Haven where we commenced riding Adelaide’s version of Melbourne’s Beach Rd which runs along the coast. Lots of big homes overlooking the water which hardly had a ripple on it apart from a few puffs of breeze. Took coffee and cake/egg and bacon pie at the Bakery Café before heading home via the Mike Turtur Bikeway, except for Chris, Ross, Mark and Ida who took the Linnear Trail back. Ran into a tall guy looking for a friend. Rolled on through Adelaide, over the bridge and home via Melbourne St and Walkerville Tce.
Cheers, Peter.

Doug's Ride to The Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery - Tuesday 16.3.21
Eight riders assembled at Bunnings for the chocoholic’s ride to the Chocolaterie. Participants were: Chris Ha, Doug, Janet, Jennie, Jesse, Ken G, Kim and Peter C. With road works at the top of the hill in Ghazeepore Road there was a minor change to the route and we went on the western side of the Geelong By-Pass and through the tunnel onto Hams Road then into Ghazeepore Road, clear of the roadworks. Lyn was waiting for the peloton on the corner of Whites Road. It was a delight to be riding this morning on such a nice autumn day and the added pleasure of listening to nature aided by very little traffic, which was reminiscent of covid lock-down. Along Forest Road Jesse experienced a minor mechanical problem which was quickly resolved. At the Chocolaterie, the nine of us outnumbered all other patrons. Some riders enjoyed the large helpings of slices (with cream). With most riders having had their carbohydrate loading, it was back on the bike and only the hill to Grossmans Road to burn off those calories, previously consumed. At Grovedale our numbers dwindled with riders taking the most direct route home. A great day for riding as well as good company. Thanks to Kim for being ‘Tail End Charlie’ and also thanks to Janet for filling in as the photographer. I had camera troubles whereby the message on my camera screen was ‘Memory Card is Locked’ and as this message is beyond my capabilities to fix, can anybody HELP please. PS. No samples/tastings available at the Chocolaterie today.

Day 2 of our TDU catch up rides in Adelaide - 16.3.21
Ride today was up Norton Summit Rd to Norton Summit where we expected to have a nice coffee at the Scenic Hotel which is what we do in January at the TDU, always been there but not today, off season so the Hotel is only open on Wednesdays, darn, bother and blast. So when we got over our disappointment we pushed on across the hills to The Corkscrew which is a lot more fun going down than what the pros do racing up. Ted had a bit of trouble with a bad connection on his bike so headed back but had a bit of luck finding an Orbea bike shop who fixed it so he is ready to go tomorrow. Excellent ride up Norton’s Summit, steady grade of about 4 to 5 % and great views across Adelaide. The Corkscrew is a twisty windy road with several switch backs. Of about 15% so everyone took it at their own pace and we regrouped at Gorge Rd. A short trip down Gorge Rd and we transferred to the Torrens Linnear Trail and rolled on home. Another excellent morning’s riding.
Cheers, Peter.

Day 1 of our TDU catch up rides in Adelaide - 15.3.21
Brief report on todays activities, started from Levi Park at 9-00 am heading for Mt Lofty, avoided as much traffic as possible by taking secondary roads through some of Adelaide’s better suburbs with some lovely homes. On this ride the trend is always generally uphill until we reach the start of the Crafers Bikeway when it becomes really uphill but varies between 2 to 3 % up to 11 % in a couple of very short sections. Mainly the grade is around 5 to 6 % with a few 7 to 8 % bits thrown in.
After about 8 klm we regrouped, everyone got up in reasonable shape before a short run to Crafers where we turned left to Mt Lofty, another short climb of around 3 klm. Views from Mt Lofty are great and the café serves good coffee and cakes, met up with some of our non riders who joined us for coffee. From Mt Lofty we took the downhill run to Greenhill Rd for a fast and furious, (not too much furious) downhill run back into Adelaide and home to our park. For those that had time the views of Adelaide on the way down are fantastic. Time for Happy Hour, report in tomorrow after we tackle Norton’s Summit.
Cheers Peter .

Happy Hour on Arrival for the Adelaide Tour - a few photos from Trudi - and one from Peter J on the way over - 14.3.21
The Adelaide riders and partners have converged on the Levi Park Caravan Park ready to tackle the Adelaide Hills. Numbers have settled on 24 eager participants, with 16 riders. Had a short Happy Half Hour to welcome everyone and lay out our plans for Monday’s ride which is up to the Mt Lofty Lookout, always a good starter ride when we here in January for the TDU. Will report on the ride on Monday afternoon.
Cheers, Peter J.

Janet Roussety leads the ride to Drysdale - then takes the group of 5 to Portarlington & Doug brings the 6 who had coffee at The Bungalow back to Geelong - Sunday 14.3.21
Janet's Report:

A chilly start to the morning saw 11 of us gather at the station. Doug, Jennie,  Jo, John H, Kim, Lindy, Marie, Mike C, Pam and Paul A. We headed off down the BRT which was quite busy with cyclists and walkers.  At Jetty Rd our group split with myself, Jennie, John, Jo and Mike continuing on whilst the others went into Drysdale for coffee. After an unintended diversion to the road going to the Potato Shed (sorry was not paying attention to where we were going) we went along the bypass then along Murrodoc Rd enjoying the lovely views and continued at a fast pace along Queenscliff Rd to coffee at Daniel's Donuts at Portarlington.  Head wind slowed us down over the roller-coaster to Drysdale where we took Princess, Swan Bay and the highway back home.
Thanks all for a lovely ride, Janet.

Doug's Report:
Today was a two in one ride. All participants rode under Janet’s banner to Drysdale and at Jetty Road, those going to Portarlington, turned right whilst the rest of us formed a second peloton and headed to The Bungalow Café for a caffeine fix. The second peloton consisted of Doug, Kim, Lindy, Marie, Pam and new member Paul. From The Bungalow, we did a loop back to the Rail Trail where Marie left us for a shorter route home. Further along the Trail Pam turned off for the same reason. The Rail Trail was extremely busy this morning and along the way, we had the pleasure to wave and say hello to two (always wanted to use two to’s in a row) GTC members who were Butch, heading in the opposite direction and Ian B who passed us. The warmth and humour of the peloton members more than made up for the cold wind.
Distance: Approximately 40 kilometres             Scribe: Doug                 Photo’s: John H.

John Hagan Leads the Saturday Ride to Modewarre & Moriac - 13.3.21
Considering that a big group of our GTC riders have headed for a ride in SA a turn up of 9 riders for our jaunt to the west was a good result. The riders were (in the photo below from L to R): Hugh, Jo, Kim, Barry, Chris Ha, Jennie, Jesse, and not in the photo, the two Johns H & M. At the start we made the decision not to take on all the undulations in the scheduled route and cut out the excursion into the Moorabool Hills.
We took Waurn Ponds Drive and the Princes Highway heading west and at Mt Moriac Chris and Barry decided that they were desperately in need of an early coffee so escaped down Hendy Main Rd to the Moriac General Store. The rest of us continued on to Considines Rd, Hortips Rd and straight over the Cape Otway Rd, as it had road works in progress and a difficult surface to ride on, then Church, Larcombes & Hendy Main Rds back to join Chris and Barry 30 minutes later - they had finished their coffee by the time we arrived! At the back of our minds was the impending rain storm and with the aid of a beautiful tail wind we flew back to Waurn Ponds to beat the rain. Thanks all for an enjoyable ride. Regards, John H.

Ken Smith's Loop to Ocean Grove on Thursday 11.3.21
Before most of the riders had assembled at the start Jennie had  a puncture and Chris Hu helped with the repair. With nineteen riders at the start, and Lyn Loudon to collect  on the way, two groups formed and my kelpie was Chris Ha. Gary lead the second group and Nick and Chris Hu shared the kelpie duties - thanks. The riders were: Chris Ha & Hu, David S, Doug W, Gary B, Jennie P, Ken G, Ken S, Kim G, Lyn L, Lovro, Norm L, Peter C, Peter J, Ross G, Nick and  Sarah, Ted R, and  Trudi.   Our ride along the Surf Coast Highway, Warrilily, Barwon Heads, Lake, Blackrock and Thirteen Beach Road was into a slight south east wind. Jennie turned back due to time restraint at the Thirteen Beach Road and the groups continued on enjoying the ocean views as we rode toward the Groove Cafe. A good time of  chatter and enjoying the coffee and cake was had. Nine riders continued to Wallington and the Bellerine Rail Trail where the other riders chose other ways home.
Thank you to all who participated, Ken Smith.

TWO Rides to Queenscliff: 1/ GRAVEL & 2/ ASPHALT on Tuesday 9.3.21

1/ Chris Hume's Gravel Ride
There were nine riders for the trip today: Sarah, Ross, Ron, Mark J and K, PJ, Chris Hu and Ha along with Barry who was "kelpie" today. We headed out along the Rail Trail to Drysdale where we started the good part of the ride, the gravel, heading around Lake Lorne. Onwards to Suma Park where we had a photo shoot.  There was a bit of drizzle about but not enough for the rain jacket. Continued along to the the end of the RT and to Roro Cafe where we met up with the asphalt crew, everyone inside as it was a bit damp now. After coffee the gravel team continued on with their circumnavigation of the Borough of Queenscliffe, the highlight being the Pt Lonsdale Promenade and Lighthouse. From here back to Drysdale where the group split up - six heading straight for home and three going for lunch at the Bungalow before returning to Geelong. All in all a great ride, which would have been even better if I hadn't fallen off!!
Chris Hu.

2/ Doug Wyatt's Ashphalt Ride
At the start of the ride, we were blessed with an autumn day perfect for cycling, moderate temperature, sunshine and a light breeze coming over our right shoulder. The cyclists taking the asphalt all the way to Queenscliff went on their way first and they were: David S, Doug, Gary, Ian B, Janet, Jennie, Lovro, Meri and Peter C. The Rail Trail did not have many walkers or riders on it making the journey along it very pleasant. Having passed through Drysdale in sunshine we were about to get back to the unpredictable weather we have experienced this year. At the corner of Princess Street and Swan Bay Road a stop was undertaken to don the rain jackets. At this point, due to work commitments, Janet took a right-hand turn taking her back to Geelong whilst the rest of us endured the drizzle all the way to Queenscliff. Our arrival at the ferry terminal was perfect as the ferry was about to sail and we almost had the café to ourselves. Having our caffeine fix, it was back in the saddle and a very light drizzle for a few minutes. At the round-a-bout on the outskirts of Queenscliff, Lovro and Meri opted for the highway back to Geelong whilst the rest of us headed to Collendina, Ocean Grove, 13th Beach Road, Breamlea Road, Lake Road then Barwon Heads Road. When we reached The Village Warralily Shopping Centre, two riders opted to have bacon and egg rolls (highly recommended) at the Cockatoo café. The others continued on to their home destination. Ian was an unexpected rider and as he had the day-off, he joined us for his training for the Otway Classic 145 K ride being held next month. Thanks to Gary for being ‘Tail End Charlie.’ Distance 84 kilometres with 454 metres elevation. Thank you to everybody for your great company.
Scribe: Doug.

Greg Allerton's 110km Ride to Meredith on Sunday 7.3.21
I was joined at the South Geelong Station on a cool 12 degree morning by Ken Gawne, Ray Clifford and John Miro. We left just after 8 am taking a slightly different route via Skene St to Ted Wilson Trail  and had a close view of a colourful hot air balloon low over Manifold Heights. We made our way out to Steiglitz Rd in near perfect cycling conditions with no wind. There was very little traffic as we pedalled to Maude for the usual stop at Bunjil Lookout. This was Ray's first visit and he was quite impressed and happy not to be riding Perdrisat Rd with its steep climb.John enjoyed reading the history and the old photos of Maude. Then followed several testing climbs as we rode out through Steiglitz and up the long hill up from the bridge. Next came the crossing of Moorabool River and a few undulations before our well deserved  lunch stop at Meredith Store around 11-45 am. Sitting outside we watched several groups of motor bikes pass by and then a long procession of historic restored old cars drove by.
We pedalled off back along Steiglitz Rd taking care down the winding descent over Moorabool River. Another long climb followed before we turned into Sheoaks Rd. This was a very enjoyable section especially the smooth hot mix descent before the quarries as there was almost no other traffic. We were soon riding through Maude, then Sutherlands Creek and made our way back to Ted Wilson Trail. At Church St we parted ways. I was home just after 2 pm  having ridden 110 km in 4 hours  51 minutes  average 22.6 kmh. Thanks to my companions for a very enjoyable ride.
Greg Allerton, Ride Leader.

Kim Gorell's Easy Ride to Torquay on Sunday 7.3.21
Everyone was waiting when I arrived and they were all eager for an easy ride to the coast on the most perfect day we have had in some time. The 13 riders starting from South Geelong Station were Barry, Chris Hu, Doug, Jennie, John H (happy birthday John), Lindy, Paul T, Peter J, Ted, Trudi, Leo, guest rider Robin and myself. We proceeded at a leisurely pace along the river path and onto Barwarre Rd and then Horseshoe Bend Rd where we were joined by Lyn. Right onto the Esplanade and then along the foreshore we slowed to 15kph due to the long weekend traffic. Up Bell St around the roundabout and the pace increased as we climbed the small hill after which we took a right into Beach Rd then left at Fischer St. We then stopped at Cafe El Nido were we were joined by Peter C. We were told coffee would be about 20 minutes but with the crowds in Torquay there was no other option. We were able to get a couple of tables so the time passed quickly with lots of conversation. Once we had refuelled ourselves the Surf Coast Hwy took us back towards Grovedale and while some riders left us at various stages to make their way home the rest of us took Bailey St and onto the bike path to return to our starting point. Thanks to birthday boy John for being the Kelpie and thank you to everyone for a very pleasant ride on a most magnificent day.
Cheers, Kim Gorell.

Peter Jones' Saturday Ride to Moriac - 6.3.21
Twenty three riders for my easy ride today, not all from Bunnings but we caught up with Lyn L at Whites Rd and Lovro and Meri, Trudi and Leo, and John M at Moriac. Those at the start were, Janet, Jesse, Ray, Chris Hu and Ha, Andrew, Jennie, John H, Jo, Hugh, Ken S, Ross, Kim, Geoff, Peter C and myself. Took the traditional way out Ghazapore to Dickens, Anglesea Rd, Blackgate, Willowite, Hendy Main Rd. Enjoyed a very nice coffee at the Store before heading home via Hendy Main Rd, Reservoir, Pettavel, Highway and Waurn Ponds Dve. Ray had a puncture at the top of Waurn Ponds Dve so the bunch broke up and made their ways home. A most enjoyable mornings riding, thanks everyone for joining me.
Cheers, Peter.

Trudi's Thursday Ride to The You Yangs & Lara - 4.3.21
On a grey and windy morning attracted 20 rides for my ride out to the You Yangs / Lara. Chris Ha, Peter C, Gary, Barry, Peter O, Ken S, David S, Meri and Lovro, Jennie, Jesse, Peter J, Doug, Kim, Sarah and Nick, Rob, Ted, potential new member Paul and myself. Taking my usual preferred route out and away from suburbia out into the open landscape and fresh air. After pushing into the wind it was fantastic to finally have the wind behind us once we turned onto Staceys Rd. On the Bacchus Marsh Rd we regrouped after David had had a puncture on Lovely Banks Rd. With lots of trucks using Forest Rd we took Flinders Rd instead.  A brief discussion at the base of the You Yangs saw thirteen riders keen to ride on and up to the turntable at the top of the Youies. Four turned back and headed for coffee at Cafe Xpresso in Lara. After a photo opportunity at the turntable we quickly descend back into Lara for a well earned and well overdue coffee. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Ted’s puddle was nowhere to be seen on our return route on the Hovells Creek path. Once back in town everyone headed in different directions to find their way home. Thanks everyone for your company today for what was a very pleasant ride.

Nick Tarnay's Anglesea - Deans Marsh - Lorne - Anglesea  Tour
(a short version of the old Otway Classic Ride devised by Greg Allerton and the GTC) - Tuesday 2.3.21

Today’s Otway tour attracted five riders: Nick, Greg, Peter O’B, David S and Ken G prepared to tackle a hilly and demanding circuit in cool conditions. The ascent up Anglesea hill aided by the breeze wasn’t too arduous with relatively light traffic. On Forest Rd we kept a steady tempo before working turns into headwind along open landscape of Cape Otway Rd. Heading south on undulating terrain toward Bambra it took awhile for us to catch up with Ken who had forgone a short break  before arriving in Deans Marsh ready for excellent fare at the local store. The pies and coffee were excellent. Fortified, we tackled the four hills to the top of Ben Werrin making relatively good time in the cool conditions. The pedalling downhill run into Lorne was an enjoyable  highlight  and just reward for the hard work going up. It was noticeably warmer along the coast and aided by a tail breeze we made  quick time whilst admiring the scenery. Arriving back in Anglesea with now sore legs after 106kms we headed to the coffee shop for a final caffeine hit. A most enjoyable ride with great company.

Doug's Autumn Day Ride to Portarlington & St Leonards - Tuesday 2.3.21
The second day of autumn seemed more like the second day of winter. Despite the cold conditions, twelve hearty soles turned-up for the start of the tour of the Bellarine. Of note, all but one rider left their vehicle at home and cycled to the start. We increased our numbers to the baker’s dozen when Trudi joined us at the corner of the Bellarine Highway and the Rail Trail. Trudi encountered several red traffic lights on the way to the start which delayed her long enough to miss the 9.00am Off We Go. Participants were: Chris Ha, Doug, Gary, Janet, Jennie, Ken S, Kim, Lovro, Meri, Peter C, Peter J, Ray and Trudi. The Rail Trail had little traffic and no difficulties were encountered reaching Drysdale, where Chris did a U turn and headed back home. The Three Sisters (the big hills between Drysdale and Portarlington) caused the peloton to break-up with the good hill climbers streaking ahead. Coffee and donuts at Daniel’s were a welcome respite. Back in the saddle we encounted a head-wind all the way to Swan Bay Road. Ray headed straight-on to Point Lonsdale rather than turn right into Swan Bay Road. A big thanks to Peter J for leading the group when we were into the wind. Nearing the end of Swan Bay Road, several riders were interested in a second coffee stop at the Flying Brick Cider whilst the remainder kept going, probably wanted to get to the warmth of home. There was a minor drama immediately leaving the Flying Brick Cider establishment whereby Jennie ended-up on the grass verge. All is well that ends well.
Thanks to ‘Tail End’ Gary and also Peter J who did a stint as well. Distance: 76 Kilometres. Elevation Gain: 505 Metres (Strava).
Well done to all for braving the not so warm conditions. Doug.

John Hagan's Sunday Ride to Ocean Grove - 28.2.21
Beautiful weather and a good turn up of riders making a total of 20 for our outing today: from L to R below: John H, Geoff C, Jennie, Trudi, Jo, Ron, Doug, Sarah, Mark K, Janet, Lyn L, Peter J, Leo, Ray, Barry and new member Peter Chilver - we were joined later by Chris Hu, Pam, Marie, and Andrew. We explored a few housing estates on our way to coffee - the first being along Orchard Crescent behind the Wallington Primary School and the second one was in Ocean Grove near Marie's house. However, Pam experienced mechanical problems with her back sprocket with the pawls disengaging so that the pedals spun but there was no action with the back wheel. We called at Marie's place and with a swap of bikes Pam was travelling with us. We went to Donut King in the Shell Rd Shopping Centre and were given some complementary donuts to go with our coffees. The return trip was back along a very busy Barwon Heads Rd and a nice quiet Lake Rd. Leo capably looked after the tail end of the ride and Doug did security patrols to make sure our bikes were secure as we sipped coffee.
Thanks all for an enjoyable morning's ride.

Peter O'Brien's Saturday Barrabool Hills Ride to Moriac - 27.2.21
It was pleasing that twenty-three riders fronted up at Fyansford this morning for the Barrabool Hills ride.  As the Hamilton Highway was part of the route,  to ensure a safe ride, it was decided we break into two separate groups of riders.  I lead the first group and was appreciative of Ken Smith who rode as the tail-end Charlie.  Thanks also to Nick Tarnay for leading the second group and Leo for being the tail-end Charlie. The first climb of the day was the hill on Pollocksford Road from whence we continued to Barrabool Road, through Gnarwarre and onto the Princes Highway.  With some road closures on Cape Otway Road, we were unable to take out normal ride route along Considine Road, so opted to ride back along the highway to Mount Moriac, then onto Moriac for coffee.  It was here that we met Lindy and Chris Ha who’d enjoyed a shorter and more direct ride route to Moriac. Following the coffee break, the first group departed to tackle the Barrabool Hills, which included riding along Hendy Main, Andersons and Devon Roads.  On Andersons Road we passed the second group who had obviously taken an alternate route on their return to Geelong. On Merrawarp Road there was a favourable tail-wind translating to a leisurely and comfortable ride back to Fyansford. Thanks to Ken S, Ken G, Ray, Ian, Rob, Greg, Jesse, Leo, Trudi, Meri, Peter J, John M, John H, Mark S, Nick, Sarah, Jennie, Richard, Janet, Jo, Hugh and Ross (apologies if I’ve forgotten anyone) for participating in a challenging yet enjoyable ride.
Distance travelled: 62kms
Ascent: 733 metres
Descent: 762 metres
Regards, Peter O.

Chris Halpin's Thursday to Drysdale with a few Detours - 25.2.21
A modest group waiting patiently at Eastern Gardens this morning at start time. A quick photo and 'bing' the phone started ringing. "Where are you," was the nice quote. So a few minutes later those waiting at Eastern Beach arrived. Another group photo and we were soon on our way. Riders included Jennie, Kim, Lindy, Ken S, Ross, 2xChris, Sarah, David, Ray, Gary and POB as volunteer tail ender. The scheduled ride had us visiting Point Henry but we decided against chancing punctures on the skid pans and took Avila and Hemsley Rds instead enjoying lovely views across Corio Bay to the You Yangs, and some very handsome real estate. Said goodbye to Jennie here and headed to Drysdale for a very enjoyable coffee taken in the conversation pit at The Bungalow. By the time we had exhausted the chatter most of us just wanted to head home along the Rail Trail - a good option as the wind had turned quite foul. Thanks everyone for an enjoyable easy ride of about 60km.

Nick's Tuesday Ride to Russells Bridge & Bannockburn - 23.2.21
Today’s ride lived up to expectations as a “hard” ride, not just for the hilly terrain but also for the unexpected cold, the unwelcome wind and the annoying  drizzle on the return journey.  I bet every rider was relieved to make it home.  We set off in fine, but cool, conditions making steady progress along Ted Wilson, Bluestone Bridge Rd and Lovely Banks with few cars to trouble us. The Stieglitz road was busy early on but  relatively quiet as we approached Russells Bridge Rd where we turned for a fun downhill before the serious effort required up Clyde Rd. This hill never gets any easier! Finally in Bannockburn we enjoyed a well earned rest, sustenance and conversation. Trudi, the birthday girl, shouted us coffee which was much appreciated.
Congratulations Trudi! 
The return journey, started uneventfully, mostly protected from the wind we rolled down Harvey and Brislane Rds. The Ham Hwy with a tail breeze was OK until it started to drizzle. Reaching Pollocksford, everybody now chilled and wary of the looming hill and showers to the south, decided a run down the highway a much better proposition. At Merrawarp Rd Peter, David S , Sarah and Nick turned south into a strong headwind for more hard work. I trust  the homeward run into Fyansford  was not too arduous. It was my pleasure to lead today, Trudi, Janet, Jenny, Sarah, Chris Hu, David S, Ken S, Mark J, Gary and Kelpie Peter J. Thank you!

Greg Allerton's Hard Ride to Avalon, You Yangs, Lara & Sutherlands Ck on Sunday 21.2.21
It was nice to have four companions today as I  was  joined by Janet R, Ray C, Ken G and Peter O'B. It was a cool overcast day and I put on my light rain jacket before we left . Indeed I kept it on for the whole ride - it did not feel like summer. Light misty drizzle made the roads damp and it was not very pleasant riding. At Lara  I even considered an early Coffee stop at 9 am but the group  disagreed as the drizzle had eased off a bit.The section around the perimeter of Avalon Airport was on very quiet roads. The cool southerly wind brought intermittent drizzle so Cafe Xpresso at Lara provided a welcome  break. It was then an easy ride along Flinders Av to the You Yangs , but there was a cool head wind down Forest Rd. We warmed up soon after on the long climb up Staceys Rd. The dip in Robbs Rd gave Peter  a chance for some slow action photos as the group pushed up the steep climb. From  Sutherlands Creek it was a fairly smooth ride home by 1 pm. We rode 102 km in 4 hours 27 minutes, average  22.8 kmh. The strange thing is that on a summer's day after riding over 100 km we did not even see Flinders Peak despite riding so close to it!  Big thanks to my companions.           
Greg Allerton, Ride Leader.

Sarah's Sunday Ride to Drysdale - 21.2.21
Ten riders gathered at South Geelong for the easy ride to Drysdale today via the Bellarine Rail Trail. Doug, Geoff, Mark Jones, John H, Ron, Nick and Sarah, PJ, Jennie and Paul set out in the light drizzle to be shortly joined by Barry who was waiting near the Showgrounds to join the posse. The moist weather conditions kept foot traffic light on the trail and maintaining a steady pace we were soon at The Bungalow which was able to accommodate us for coffee. Also we learned how their shade umbrellas operate which might come in handy for future visits! PJ set off on his preferred route home but the rest of us returned home via the BRT, crossing paths with him again on Bellarine Highway. A happily uneventful trip was had back to Geelong, with respectful sharing of the path with other users well practised. Thank you to John for bringing up the rear and thanks to all for a pleasant Sunday ride.

Nick's Saturday Ride to Paraparap & Moriac - 20.2.21
A  small group of six: Nick, Sarah, John H, Jenny, Rob and new rider Peter set off from Bunnings up Ghazepore Rd where we picked up Lyn before proceeding on to Blackgate Rd, then turning south on Hendy Main.  The humid, mild conditions made for pleasant, easy cycling along Grey and Forrest Rd before we scooted down into Moriac. There we met John M and Ken S who had ridden an alternative route to meet us. Ken had the misfortune of not one, but two punctures trying to get to the start. Good coffee and conversation was had before moving off to enjoy the lumps and bumps of Hendy Main, Reservoir Rd and WP Drive. Thank you riders for your good company!

Barry's Paris-Roubaix Ride on Thursday 18.2.21
Fresh from the covid 19 lockdown 16 club riders turned up for the scheduled medium hard ride from Fyansford - Merrawarp Rd- Devon Rd -Cape Otway Rd to Moriac followed by a dirt road detour (Taylors Rd) -The Cottage Nursery coffee stop. Just like covid circuit breaker lockdowns, our ride was thrown a curve ball today with a 2km dirt road detour due to road closures on the Cape Otway Rd. I am sure this random dirt road section will keep us in all good stead for our next entry into the Paris-Roubaix. The spirit of adventure certainly exists within club members. I am in awe of Trudi's prowess on this stretch of dirt road riding capably with 23mm tyres onboard. Nice skill there when you take the surface conditions into account as with other riders as well.  As always, the rhubarb and macadamia slices were superb at "The Cottage".  Whilst having coffee and taking into account the hot conditions and how cyclists would return home, it was agreed that two groups would head back along different routes. Nic Tarnay would lead his group of 5 riders (thanks Nic) along Barrabool Rd and I would take the remaining riders down the breathtakingly beautiful Pollocksford Rd. A special thanks to Gary for being the ever-efficient kelpie on this ride.
The riders that attended todays ride were: Chris Hu, Chris Ha, Davis S, Gary B, Jennie P, Ken S, Kim G, Lovro L, Peter J, Peter K, Peter O'B, Rob Mc, Sarah and Nic T, Trudi B. Thanks to everyone who made this ride both safe and enjoyable. From my Garmin 60 kms travelled 605m elevation gain Average speed 21.5km/hr Temperature at home upon completion of the ride 20 degrees and humid.

Trudi's Circuit to Bannockburn on Thursday 11.2.21
Ten riders for my reverse ride out to Bannockburn David S, Meri and Lovro, Ray, Chris Ha, Peter J, Barry and Gary, Jennie and Trudi. A nice steady pace out to Burnside Rd, it was here that we waved good bye to Jennie. On our arrival into Bannockburn saw Gary riding back to beat the heat. The rest of us descended on Cafe Le Due Sorell, taking our places outside to enjoy our coffee and sweet delights. Always a fantastic run down Clyde Rd even better without the sidewinds. A gentle climb up Parker Rd and a great downward glide on Stieglitz Rd, soon saw us on Lovely Banks Rd. With a long pause at the traffic lights on Anakie Rd we joined the Ted Wilson Path.  Before we knew it, we were all back at Church St. How time flies when you’re having fun, thanks everyone for your company today for a very pleasant ride in the country side.

Doug's Ride from Winchelsea to Birregurra & Deans Marsh on Tuesday 9.2.21
Twelve riders assembled at Café La Hoot for today’s rural ride. Riders were: Barry T, Ben, David S, Doug, Jennie, Julia, Ken G, Ken S, Lovro, Mark K, Meri and Peter O’B. In overcast conditions we set-off, into the 26 kilometres an hour headwind, towards Cape Otway Road at Wurdiboluc. Heading westward along Cape Otway Road, with the wind now on our left-hand side was enjoyable riding. A quick stop to view the water level etc. at Lake Wurdiboluc and as everything at the Lake was fine, we returned to enjoy the cycling along Cape Otway Road to our coffee stop at the Otway Artisan (bakery) in Birregurra. Leaving Birregurra, it was back into the wind with lots of down-hill riding to the Deans Marsh General Store. Some riders elected to get something to eat at the store and we took the opportunity to sit in the lovely grassed area (with tables and chairs) at the rear of the store. We were now experiencing an almost cloudless sunny sky. Leaving Deans Marsh, we had one good thing going for us and that was the wind was now coming over our right-hand shoulder. The second thing was not as good and that was the fact that there were a couple of hills to traverse, the second hill being the steepest hill on course. Having got to the top of the big hill at Bambra, it was then followed by a long down-hill almost to Winchelsea. Mark K took on the responsibility of being last rider and a BIG thanks to Mark for undertaking that important role. Post ride at La Hoot Café, all riders gave their Thumbs Up of the Ride. We had good weather, a good course with little traffic and best of all was the companionship of likeminded cyclists. WELL DONE - EVERYBODY. Distance was 78.88 kilometres and an elevation gain of 344 metres according to Garmin and Strava was contradictory with a gain of 483 metres.

Peter Jones' Ride to Ocean Grove on Tuesday 9.2.21
Six riders for my local ride to Groove Ocean Grove via Wallington today. Janet, Lyn L, Gary, Chris Hu, Ray and myself. Very simple and pleasant route, out the BRT to Curlewis Rd where we turned right across to the Bellarine Hwy and Wallington Rd., just a short run to Orchard Rd where we meandered through the estates admiring their lovely gardens and expressing our gladness that we didn’t have to cut all that grass. We reached Grubb Rd where we turned right and rolled on towards the sea and Ocean Grove, at Thacker another right turn until we tipped over the edge and began to charge downhill on one of the dippers, some thought we were going to climb out but half way down it was a left turn, still downhill, and on into the back entrance to Groove where we enjoyed a coffee before heading home via 13th Beach and HSBend Rd. Lovely day's ride in absolutely cracker weather.
Cheers, Peter.

Greg Allerton's 100km ride to Bannockburn & Gnarwarre on Sunday 7.2.21
I was pleased to have a 50% increase attendance from the last Long Ride! Mark Shying, Barry Tippett and I set off on a fine but cool morning at 8-05 from South Geelong Station out to Ted Wilson Trail having a mixed response to our greetings with fellow path users. Heales Rd/Houston Dve loop gave us a brief respite from the busy Bacchus Marsh Rd where there was a vintage car rally. Staceys Rd was a tough section with a moderate head wind and Robbs Rd was no easier. Steiglitz Rd was fairly quiet  and Parker Rd even more so. The long climb up Clyde Hill was tough but the lure of coffee spurred us on. At  the Bannockburn stop we were joined by the local Veteran racer (ex New Zealander) the eccentric talkative local, Ross, whom I had met on a previous GTC ride at Lethbridge. We enjoyed the section along the quiet Harvey Rd then Brislane Rd before joining Hamilton Hwy. It was a good tail wind until we turned into Pollocksford Rd, though Mark headed back home via the highway. Barry rode strongly up the climb but my legs were still heavy from yesterday's Portarlington Hills. We turned left at  Barrabool Rd and soon after took a 4 km out and back detour along Haines Rd where the former motorbike track was and had great views looking north. Barry enjoyed the "Local Traffic" Anderson Rd on his first visit. We then took the Princes Hwy dodging the glass before turning into Waurn Ponds Dve. We parted ways at Pigdons Rd from where I took Waurn Ponds Creek path home, returning around 1-30 pm. 106 km in 4hours 52 minutes average 21.7kph. Thanks to my two companions. 
Greg Allerton  Ride Leader .

Ted Reeve's Magical History Tour of Geelong on Sunday 7.2.21
Andrew, Chris Ha, Doug, Jennie, Kim, Lindy, Lyn L, Peter J, Peter O, Ray, Sarah, Nick  and Trudi met me at South Geelong Station for an experimental tour of some homes of historical interest in Geelong and Lara. After a short introduction and explanation of the concept and route we set off up Yarra Street and stopped after an “exhausting” 600 metres at 55 Maud Street, the Old Geelong Grammar School (c 1857). A brief lecture followed in which all pupils stayed awake which was a boost to my confidence so we soldiered on. We collected Paul and Cathie along the way (making a total of 16 riders) to “The Heights” (c 1855) followed by “Raith” (c 1864 and for sale for a lazy $7m), both in Newtown (only a short climb up the Ruthven 9-percenter). Trudi was in her home patch so led the way to the Ted Wilson for our next stop at Elcho Homestead (c 1867) which was followed by coffee and cakes at the Lara Museum (c 1824) served by the happy volunteers of the Lara Historical Society and ably assisted by our backup team of Jo and Marcia in the sag wagon. After coffee, chat and brief visit to the museum we carried on to Osborne House (c 1858) in North Geelong for the final part of the lecture tour before heading home by our various preferred routes. Some intelligent questions were posed by participants, some of which I could answer, others not. Homework was to find out who the famous Hollywood couple were who lived in Elcho and what was the origin of the Elcho name. As is common now with some tours, the guide was compensated by a tip of an amount that was considered appropriate for the quality of the presentation. Tip total = $0. Nevertheless, I plan to offer another episode in April so stay tuned and stay upright.

Chris Halpin's Ride to Portarlington on Saturday 6.2.21
18 keen riders this morning at the Showgrounds for a medium/hard ride to Portarlington: PJ, POB, Trudi & Leo, Jo & Hugh, Julia, Sarah and Nick, Jenny, Kim, Ken S, 2xChris, John M, Mark J, Greg and Jennie all chatting happily. Traffic on the Rail Trail was thankfully light (nice to meet Ross going the wrong way), the weather kind, and we had no dramas before turning on to the Bypass and over the hills to Port. Daniels Donuts was again popular and coffee in the sunshine very social. Poor Leo was kept busy repairing Trudi's puncture (see photo), but I think she rewarded him with an extra donut.
Kim, Greg and the Tarnays followed me back the same way - the medium ride. The rest headed off with PJ to tackle the hard option. Pity we both got wet. All up about 65Km. Thanks everyone for the company and special thanks to Tailend Leo.
Chris Halpin.

GTC AGM at South Barwon Community Centre - Thursday 4.2.21
On 4/2/21 after Covid restrictions forcing many delays, we held our AGM. It was our best attended ever with  25 in person, many apologies and 6 appointed proxies. The club is in a very strong and stable position which was reflected in the voting for committee. All current committee members were returned with the addition of Janet Roussety. 
President: Lindy Lester
Vice President: Mike Currie
Secretary: Chris Halpin 
Treasurer: Ted Reeve
General Committee Members: Julia McKeag, Trudi Bellia and Janet Roussety.
Thank you to all for your support and confidence in our good management. 
Lindy Lester
President GTC.

Ken Smith's Ride to The Dunes at Ocean Grove - Thursday 4.2.21
The day was overcast and pleasant with a slight breeze from the north east. Twenty riders rode with seventeen at the start and three meet us on the way. We made two groups, Doug was my tail end charlie, and Chris Halpin lead the second group and Chris Hume at the rear thank you. The riders were: Barry, Chris Ha, Chris Hu, David, Doug, Jennie, Ken G, Kim, Lindy, Lyn, Mike C, Ross, Trudi, Ted, Gary, Norm, Ray, guest rider Peter Chilper [Welcome] and myself. It was good to have Mike riding again, although he said there was still discomfort from the pain in his arm. After enjoying each other's company at the Dunes Cafe and ocean views, riders went different directions home leaving eleven of us to head back via Ocean Throughway, Bonnyvale, Banks Roads and Bellerine Hwy to Geelong .
Thanks to all who participated. Ken Smith.

TWO Rides - Gravel & Bitumen - to Jan Juc on Tuesday 2.2.21
Bitumen Ride Report by Gary Broughton:
Under threatening skies I was joined for todays bitumen ride, starting at Bunnings, by Barry T, David S, Doug, Janet, Jennie, Julia, Ken G, Ken S, Kim, Mark J, Peter O’B, Nick and Trudi for the ride to the Swell at Jan Juc. We broke from tradition at the start by riding back to the lights at Bunnings, along the Colac Rd, over Waurn Ponds Drive up the path running along the Ring Road, then under the Ring Road to Ghazeepore Rd via Hams Rd. Apparently interesting indigenious botanical specimens can be found along the Anglesea road cos after conquering the Gundry Road hills a number of our male members decided to venture into the scrub to compare botanical notes. After coffee at The Swell we rode the return journey along the Surfcoast Highway and was truly granted “reward for effort” cos after battling strong head winds down to Jan Juc we had the luxury of that very same wind at our backs.
Thank you everyone for a great ride and Nick for being kelpie.
Gravel Ride Report by Mark Kelly:
We had 7 starters for our gravel ride to Jan Juc - Ben, Chris Ha, Chris Hu, Peter J, Ray, Sarah and myself. We headed up the old Colac Rd and then took Willowite Rd heading towards the coast. Peter J left us at the end of Willowite with the rest of us heading across to Giddings Rd and then along Flaxbournes Rd. After a quick stop at Drol Kar we headed for the rolling hills of Portreith Rd to Vickerys Rd and then tackled the long, very corrugated climb up Elkington Rd. We  resisted the temptation of the Chocolaterie and headed onto the coast path from Pt Addis Rd. After another quick stop at Bells we headed for some well-deserved refreshments at Swell cafe. With the toll of corrugated roads and considerable hills we headed back to Waurn Ponds via Horseshoe Bend Rd with at good tail wind to push us along. In summary a very enjoyable ride with some good challenges that we will feel for a few days - covering just on 70kms. Thanks to all for great company and safe riding.

An overcast morning saw 22 riders in total assemble at the Showgrounds for a tour of some dead end roads. We were: Andrew, Barry, Chris Ha, Chris Hu, Doug, Geoff Ca, Jennie, John H, Julia, Lindy, Mick, Marie, Meri, Lovro, Mike C, Pam, Peter J, Ross, Ted,  Trudi,  Leo (tail end Charli) and myself.
First stop was Point Henry to view the copious amounts of rubber left on the road by hoons, then down Clifton Ave for a lovely view of the bay.  Coffee was enjoyed in Leopold where we split into 3 groups at the Rolling Pin, Panache and Macca's. Cakes of various varieties were certainly enjoyed at the Rolling Pin. Here we said goodbye to Chris Hu, Barry, Marie and Mick who headed to Drysdale and beyond. Assembling again we headed up the Bellarine highway to Brimsmead Lane for a look at Lake Connewarre, back into Leopold and down Ash road for another look.  Pam left us here as we headed back towards Geelong and finished up down the rail trail back to the showgrounds where we all made our way back home. Well done to Ross and Doug who had ridden in from Torquay so had a bit further to go than the rest of us.
Thanks for a lovely morning,  Janet. 

Mark Shying's Saturday Ride to Gnarwarre - 30.1.21
Good conditions saw 11 riders leave Bunnings WP for Cottage Farm Nursery.  For the ride initially I was joined by Chris H, Greg, Hugh, Jennie, Jo, John H, John M, Julia, Ken S, Peter O’B, Ross and Nick with Ross assuming tail end Charlie duties - thank you Ross.  Most riders rode WP drive, Reservoir road, HM road, Barrabool road.  A few used alternative roads.  Greg departed along the way for work...replaced by Ian B. Arriving at the cafe we were joined by PeterJ, Trudi and Leo.  Good chat, excellent food, fine china, excellent service - thank you Chris.  The return journey  via Moriac and Cape Otway Road was under favourable conditions with riders departing along the way.  My trip of 70kms was most likely at the top end of the range.  Thank you all for joining  me today.  
Mark S.

Nick's Ride to Bannockburn via the Barrabool Hills - Thursday 28.1.21
Eleven riders turned up at Bunnings prepared to crest the hills in gusty, overcast conditions. The strong easterly aided Nick, Sarah, Lovro, Meri, Peter J, Peter OB, David S, Chris Ha, Zac, Doug and Jennie up WP Drive and along Reservoir where Doug and Jennie left us for Moriac. The hills of Devon, Barrabool and Pollocksford weren’t too hard with a strong tailwind. It was only until the Hamilton Hwy that there was much noisy traffic to contend with but the mostly generous verge kept us out of harm’s way. Harvey’s Rd into Bannockburn was a most pleasant, if slightly longer route, where we then enjoyed good coffee and conversation at Le Due Sorell. Fortified, we braced ourselves for the headwinds of the homeward journey. On the Hamilton Hwy we maintained a steady conga line into the ‘solid’ easterly wind. Peter O’B and David turned at Merrawarp to enjoy more wind and hills whilst the rest of us proceeded on into Fyansford via scenic Upper Paper Mill Rd and then the lovely, quiet river trail home. Thank you riders!

Meri & Lovro Lead the Australia Day Ride to Little River & Lara on Tuesday 26.1.21
Sorry everyone,  we forgot about the ride report! Here it is now. Started for Little River from Rippleside Park, with Sara, Doug, Peter J, Jenny, Janet, Ken, David S, and Lovro leading. Nice easy ride out past the You Yangs which were shrouded in mist, with very nice tail wind. Rain threatened, but held off till after coffee. Coffee at Xpresso, they had an Australian Day special with Pavlova and lamingtons. Quite a few of us could recommend the lamingtons. Even though they had layers of raspberry jam!!! Coming home, we bypassed Hovels Creek trail and made our way up the Old Melbourne road into the head wind.  Everyone managed very well, and we were home by 12:15. A good ride, good company and not bad weather. 
Cheers Meri and Lovro.

Greg Allerton leads the 'Long Ride' to Paraparap - Sunday 24.1.21
With an early 7-30 am start I was not sure I would have any other riders, so I was very pleased when Janet Roussety arrived. We waited for 5 minutes  but there were  no other starters  so we set off down to the river path which was quite busy with riders and runners keen to exercise before it got too hot. We  took Gun Dog Rd then along Waurn Ponds Creek path out to Bunnings. Waurn Ponds Drive was fairly quiet and we soon crossed onto Princes Highway briefly then turned into Pettavel Rd. The roadside bunting was still up from last night's concert with a few cars still parked in the fields. As there was little traffic we took Cape Otway Rd through Moriac and continued on to Church Rd, one of Janet's favourites. We met quite a few mostly solo riders and were near the end of Larcombes Rd when the Vets racers came around the corner at pace towards us. Hendy Main Rd soon brought us back to Moriac Store where we met Marge Smith who has done a few rides with GTC. Janet was disappointed with the young staff who first tried to overcharge her and then failed to bring her coffee until reminded. It was however a welcome break after 39 km. Luckily thick cloud and a gentle cool breeze made for comfortable riding up Hendy Main Rd then Reservoir Rd and the same route back as we came out along. I was home by 1-30 pm after 64 km  av. 20.7 while Janet got closer to 70 km with a longer ride to the start. I enjoyed her company.     
Greg Allerton - Ride Leader.

John Hagan Explores the Back Lanes of Geelong - 24.1.21
Peter O'Brien did all the groundwork for this adventurous ride around the back lanes of East Geelong, Chilwell, Newtown, West Geelong and Drumcondra. He took a couple of knowledgeable friends with him as he charted these lanes and produced a GPX file for us to follow. Unfortunately he had a family function to attend to so could not lead the ride. Eight riders turned up for the challenge - in the photo below from L to R: Leo, Jennie, Jo, Trudi, Kim, Geoff C, Peter J and myself. It turned out to be a very interesting ride even though your ride leader didn't spot everything as he was busily working out from the bike computer where the next turn was to be. The surfaces varied from beautifully smooth bitumen to cobblestones, gravel paths and one was so overgrown that we thought we had landed in the middle of the Amazon jungle!! We found a tennis court that hardly any of us knew about - but Jennie had played tennis there and went past the old Drumcondra lawn bowls location. We decided to stop for coffee at the cafe at Rippleside and enjoyed our break in the seats down near the bike path. Each coffee/tea was brought down separately (to keep them hot!) and the lady who served me said she just loved giving me the coffee. For the next couple of coffees the riders demanded a similar response from the staff! We returned to the Station via the Waterfront and Swanston St. Thanks all for an enjoyable ride.
Keep Riding - John .

Peter Jones Leads the Saturday Ride to Portarlington - 23.1.21
Eighteen riders today: Chris Ha, Doug, Greg, Hugh, Jennie, Jo, John H, John M, Julia, Ken S, Kim, Meri, Peter O, Ross, Trudi, Leo and myself. Absolute cracker of a day for a ride, forecast Temp of 26 deg with a light wind. Took the BRT out to Jetty Rd where we diverted to the Bypass and on to Port Rd rolling up and down the rollers. Doug and Kim left us for a coffee at Drysdale before heading home and Greg and Hugh had to be back early so they turned around before being tempted by the Donuts in Portarlington. Coffee and donuts consumed we continued around the coast, so many boats out, are there any fish left. Turned up Murradoc to the Bypass and across to Princess St and enjoyed a steady downhill run to Swan Bay Rd. Heading down Swan Bay Rd the thought of a Cider at The Flying Brick Cider House took hold and some just couldn’t ride past. On the lawns sitting in the shade of an umbrella sipping on a cider is a lovely way to take a break before we hit the road back into Geelong on the Bellarine Hwy. Fantastic day on the bike, thanks everyone for joining me. Ride on.
Cheers, Peter.

Trudi's Thursday Ride to Bannockburn - 21.1.21
Small group assembled at Church St today for my ride to Bannockburn: Meri and Lovro, Julie, Peter J, Peter O, David, Ray, Ken S and myself. What a stunningly beautiful summer’s day for a ride out in the country side. Lovely Banks Rd was fairly quite of traffic, but we encountered a few trucks on Stieglitz Rd. Fantastic run down Parker Rd and along the gully floor. But Clyde Rd soon had us at a much slower pace. Cafe Le Due Sorelle was a welcome sight, sitting inside to enjoy our coffee and caramel slices.  Riding down a lovely quiet tree lined Harvey Rd was a real pleasure for all the senses.  Thanks for those that rode today on such a beautiful summer’s day (finally) catch you all next time.

Dual Ride to Queenscliff with the Asphalt Ride led by Doug Wyatt - Tuesday 19.1.21
It must be a record attendance for this year as twenty-three riders assembled at the Showgrounds for this dual ride to Queenscliff. There were 9 riders doing the Gravel Ride and 14 starters for the Asphalt Ride and they were: Barry T, Ben, Butch, David S, Doug, Gary B, Jennie, Ken S, Kim, Lovro, Meri, Trudi, Zac and guest rider Les (friend of Butch). At Jetty Road the asphalt riders took a right turn to Princes Street whilst the gravel riders continued on the Rail Trail. At the corner of Jetty Road and the Geelong – Portarlington Road, waiting for a green light, the ride leader demonstrated his lack of flexibility, he looked around to check that all riders were present and in doing so, overbalanced to find his right knee on the road minus some skin. He now had matching patches of bare skin on each knee. Turning right onto Princess Street we now had a headwind all the way to Swan Bay Road. At the end of Swan Bay Road turning onto the Portarlington – Queenscliff Road we were advised by a passing cyclist that there were serious road works ahead and we may not get through. As there was no signage declaring the road to be closed, we decided to continue. In reality there was no other way to Queenscliff. A bit further along the road we encountered the roadworks and were delayed for about 12 minutes. The positive with the compulsory stop was a rest for us and time to re-hydrate. Arriving at the ferry terminal saw us a couple of minutes ahead of the gravel riders. We (the asphalt riders) headed home along Shell Road, 13th Beach Road, Lake Road and at Warralily Boulevard the peloton broke-up. Some taking Warralily Boulevard, some heading straight back to Geelong. Seven riders stopped for refreshments at the Village, Warralily Shopping Centre. Instead of going to Sullies Kiosk, our planned stop, we opted for the Cockatoo Café, opposite, which had the outdoor dining facilities protected from the wind. The egg and bacon rolls were delightful, if you fancy such cuisine. We also had a choice of plain water or sparkling water. Loved the bubbles and the taste of the sparkling water. A tailwind all the way back to the start made the final few kilometres easy as. A sincere THANK YOU to Ben who volunteered to be ‘Tail-End Charlie.’ Distance: 84 kilometres. Height gained: 383 metres. Temperature: Eventually 18 degrees (just as well it’s summer otherwise we may have needed our winter woollies). Wind: 27kms from the South to SSW. Well done to all riders who participated in this very popular ride.
Gravel Ride led by Chris Hume – 17.1.21
Big roll-up today for the Queenscliff ride. The asphalt crew headed off first and now it was obvious who the gravel riders were!! We had nine riders: Chris H x 2, PJ, Mark K, Paul T, Ray, Ron, Sarah and guest rider David I. On arriving at Drysdale Paul left us and returned with Barry, who was in the first group. For a change we headed around the lake at the back of the station, Lake Lorne, which was full to overflowing and teeming with birds. Now onto the good part of the Rail Trail - the gravel - which was in very good condition. From here onto Queenscliff and Roro Cafe for coffee where we caught up with the other group, had coffee snacks and a good chat. Then the asphalt group headed off, PJ joining them and Mark returned directly back along the Rail Trail leaving a group of six to do a  little tour of Queenscliff including Shortland Bluff, Rip View Lookout and the Point Lonsdale Promenade. Then it was back onto the rail trail to Geelong, 75 Km all up. A great ride!!
Chris Hu.

Ted’s Easy Ride to Drysdale & Pete’s not-so-easy Ride to Portarlington – 17.1.21
A good turnout of members gathered at the Showgrounds in perfect weather for riding with a gentle tail wind making the trip through the Bellarine Peninsula a “breeze”. At Leopold three gentlemen were having a lovely rest before joining us and making up a healthy total of nineteen for the “double header” to Drysdale and Portarlington. Just before Drysdale the Portarlington Peloton broke away and headed off for the longer ride while the Drysdale Dream Team headed for the Coffee Caravan for the usual delicious refreshments and friendly service. Good conversation ensued with various topics including the relative merits of Pinarello vs Orbea e-bikes. Orbea aficionados being somewhat at a disadvantage due to the engine problems currently being experienced by your ride leader. My Coffee Caravan Companions were Butch, Chris Ha, Lindy, Lyn & Mick, Marie & Geoff, Pam, Paul & Cathy, Peter J & myself.
Peter O'Brien's Report on Drysdale to Portarlington –17.1.21
Seven riders continued to ride on from Drysdale and tackle the hills on the Portarlington Road.  As a reward for conquering the hills, we decided to take a coffee break at Daniels in Portarlington where the donuts were delicious.  At this point John Miro joined us, however, Chris Hume wanted even more climbing so he elected to return along the Portarlington Road to Drysdale. With the magnificent backdrop of the bay we continued to ride on The Esplanade through to Indented Heads and St Leonards.  There were convoys of vintage cars on Murradoc Road so we decided the easiest ride back to Geelong was via the rail trail. Thanks to Jeanie, Jo, Jessie, Ian, Ray, Chris Hu and John M for a very enjoyable ride. Distance 76kms.
Peter O.

Sarah's Saturday Ride to Xpresso Lounge Cafe in Lara - 16.1.21
With showers threatening and unseasonably cool conditions there were twelve takers at Rippleside for today’s easy ride to Lara, namely Doug, Greg, Jennie, Julia, Ken Smith, Meri and Lovro, Peter Jones, Sarah and Nick, Trudi and Leo. Being the weekend, there was little traffic around the industrial port area. Plenty of black swans to be seen in Limeburners Lagoon before we deviated at Cummins Road to avoid the problematic perennially flooded  bike path underpass at Lara. Heading straight along Rennie St we had excellent coffee and social time at Xpresso Lounge at Lara. Thus fortified, we found a stiff blustery wind to work against on the way home via Elcho, Bacchus Marsh Rds and Ted Wilson trail. The head wind transformed the easy ride into a “not so easy ride” but we can’t always summon an obliging tail breeze!!! Riders peeled off to take different routes home after Ballarat Road but three of us completed the loop down Church St to Rippleside Park. Thank you to Leo for being the tail end Charlie and to all for a good ride. 44 kms on Julia’s computer.

TWO Rides to The Chocolotarie in Bellbrae - a GRAVEL Ride Led by Mark Kelly and an ASHPHALT Ride Led by Gary Broughton on Thursday 14.1.21
Mark's GRAVEL Ride Report:
Eight graveleurs set out from Waurn Ponds this morning - Sarah, Peter J, Peter O, Chris Hu, Chris Ha, Will (Chris Ha jnr), Ross and myself. We headed out Pettavel Rd following it all the way to the end and then along Vickerys Rd. Chris Ha and Will left us at Portreath Rd to head home as they were on a strict timeframe. After Vickerys we headed up the long climb of Elkington Rd to be rewarded by morning tea at the Chocolaterie and were joined by Lindy! We all enjoyed a well-deserved break and were just about finished when a few of the roadies arrived (not sure what happened to the rest). Ross headed back to Torquay and the remaining five headed home along Forest Rd, turning down Flaxbournes Rd. The ride along Flaxbournes was particularly enjoyable with with a light wind at our back, quiet surroundings and some unexpected sealed road. We then turned down Giddings and then across to Hunts Rd, Dickens and Willowite Rd back to Resevoir Rd followed by a great run home down Waurn Ponds Rd. All in all a great day out and a very good ride. Thanks to all for your good company and to Peter J for the photos. 
Mark Kelly.

Report on Gary's ASHPHALT Ride:
Gary was the photographer and Ken Smith the Scribe. There were twelve riders ready to tackle the road ride - they were David S, Doug W, Gary B, Jennie P, Ken G, Ken S, Kim G, Meri/Lovro, Ted R, Trudi B and new member Tony Brooks [Welcome].The ride course we rode was Waurn Ponds Drive, Pettavel, Reservoir, Cape Otway,  Church, Larcombs and Forest Roads.We were riding into a strong head wind until we reached Larcombes Road, then a tail side wind assisted as to the Chocolaterie. Teds battery went flat [Again] and on Waurn Ponds Drive he went back home. Jennie left us at Moriac for work. When we arrived at the Chocolaterie the gravel riders were already there. It was crowded so David decided to ride on and we did not see him again. Under Dougs direction (Thanks Doug) Gary, Ken S, Kim, Meri, Lovro and Tony rode to the North of  Torquary to the El Nido Cafe. The service was quick and the coffee and cakes were very nice. The Horse Shoe Bend road was selected to ride home on and the new bridge is a big improvement on the old one and much safer. Thanks to all who paticipated.
Ken Smith wrote the report.

Peter Jones Leads the Tuesday Ride from Williamstown to Westmeadows - 12.1.21
Nine riders for our Melbourne Bike Path Ride to Westmeadows Tavern. Traffic up to Williamstown was light this morning as we cruised along to the Williamstown SC. At 9-30 am we headed off on the Bay Trail in towards Melbourne, lots of works going on but the bike path remains open and well used. At the Moonee Ponds Creek Trail we headed North under the Bolte Bridge infrastructure then meandering through wonderful leafy areas and amazing homes. At Essendon we diverted from the path to our favourite coffee spot for a break.
Coffee done it was on to Westmeadows for lunch and a good chat. Meals were excellent as usual and there was time for a quiet Cider or Beer before we hit the road to cut across to the Maribyrnong River Path. Took the Steele Creek Trail  which leads onto the river trail at a wonderful lookout overlooking to river and the old ammunition factory. The view across to the City and over the suburbs is just stunning, a highlight of the ride amongst many highlights. The run back along the river and the Bay was into a stiff sea breeze but the riding conditions overall were just brilliant, a great days ride through a fantastic and diverse area. Thanks everyone for your company, those attending were, Jennie, Chris H, Mick, Ray, Ken, David S, Ross, Peter O, Ken S and myself.
Cheers Peter J.

Doug Leads the Alternative Tuesday Ride to Drysdale - 12.1.21
With two GTC Rides on today, it was a nice surprise to see ten other riders arrive for this event. Riders were: Ben, Chris Hu, Doug, Julia, Ken G, Kim, Leo, Sarah, Trudi, Zac and guest rider Blazenka (Zac’s better half). Ben arrived with his new bike (present from Father Christmas) and extolled the advantages of it. After yesterday’s scorching weather and the forecast for a hot day tomorrow, it was nice to have a sunny day with the temperature in the low 20’s, between the two. Of the many cyclists on the Trail, we came across Paul who was with his wife, Cathy, who was in the early stages of regular riding (hopefully a new Club member soon). When we reached Jetty Road, we headed down-hill, with a tail wind to the Clifton Springs Boat Harbour. From there it was uphill into the wind for a well-deserved coffee at the Bungalow. Whilst having coffee, present member Mike and ex-members Rolf and David arrived. Pleasantries were exchanged as some of us had certainly not spoken to Mike this year. Post coffee, some riders opted for a different route back to Geelong. Ken G went via Ocean Grove, Chris via Queenscliff and Julia, Trudi and Leo eventually via Barwon Heads. Kim, Zac and Blazenka opted for the Rail Trail whilst Ben Sarah and Doug stuck to the advertised course. A pleasant day for cycling in pleasant company. Special mention to Zac for making Blazenka ride the big hills from Clifton Springs rather than stick to the flat Rail Trail to Drysdale. A big THANK YOU to Leo for being last rider back. Scribe: Doug, Photos: Sarah. Distance of the advertised course was 48 kilometres.

Doug Leads the Sunday Ride to 9 grams in Mt Duneed for Coffee - 10.1.21
With a sunny blue sky interspersed with fluffy white clouds we had 18 riders turn up for today’s ride. Riders were: Andrew, Barry, Chris Hu, Doug, Hugh, Janet, Jennie, Jo, Ian B, Kim, Lindy, Lovro, Meri, Peter J, Ross, Sarah, Ted and guest rider Peter R. who was warmly welcomed. The ride started with an AFL flavour as we departed not far from the Cat’s (Geelong) home ground and after a few minutes riding turned onto Fitzroy Street followed by Richmond Terrace then onto Garden Street and the Eastern Gardens. Cycling along Hearne Parade we had Corio Bay on our left which was looking ever so splendid under the morning sun. Onward we rode towards our coffee stop. Unfortunately, at Breakwater Jenny punctured and with several other riders assisting with the repair, we were soon underway again.

At 9 Grams we were well catered for with table service and shade in the warm conditions. Resuming our course, we had several riders taking different routes as they had ridden the start and thus completed the circular route. One exception was Ted as he had a flat battery and wanted to take the most direct route home. Going through the tunnel under the Anglesea Road near the big round-a-bouts we encountered an elderly female pedestrian and as we always do, in these circumstances, a bell was rung and we vocally advised the woman we were about to pass her. To our total surprised, she replied with “P…-Off” and then deliberately moved to the centre of the path, thus delaying following riders who did not want to run into her. From motorists, we are used to this behaviour, however I think we just reached a new low. Back in the sunshine we chatted about what had just occurred. Putting that little incident behind us, it was back to enjoying each other’s company, the nice weather and the relatively flat course save the biggest hill up Pigdons Road past the Uni. At the top of the reasonable climb, it was all downhill or flat back to the start. Well done everybody. Last, but not least, I thank Chris Hu who volunteered to be ‘Tail End Charlie’ which is an extremely important job and always of great assistance to any ride leader.
Doug Wyatt.

Ken Smith Leads the Saturday Ride through the Barrabool Hills - 9.1.21
Eleven riders were at the start to tackle the Barrabool Hills they were Chris Ha, Greg A, Janett R, Meri, Lovio, Peter J, Peter O, Ross G, Trudi, Leo and myself. Leo had punctured before the start and Lovro had helped fix it, Leo again had another puncture on Merrawarp Road and Peter J and Peter O gave assistance, on the ride to the Cottage Farm Nursery the traffic was minimal,we did not know what was a head of us. [Pres] Lindy was waiting there for us with the good news and photos of the twins their daughter had given birth to. After a good social time we made our way to Moriac, where it was decided to ride the Hendy Main Road to Gazapoore Road. When we reached the Anglesea Road the cars were bumper to bumper so much so we could not cross the road, they would not stop for us, we road on to the roundabout at Mount Duneed road and on to Ghazeepore Road, making our way to our homes. Thanks to all who participated.
Ken Smith.

Trudi's Ride to the You Yangs on Thursday 7.1.21
Sixteen riders today for my ride to the You Yangs and beyond Nick and Sarah, Meri and Lovro, Jennie, Peter J, Chris Hu, Gary, Ray, Doug, Mark K, Zac, David S, Ken S, Leo and Trudi. Took my usual favourite route out to the You Yangs which is a bit longer but has open paddocks, fresh air and livestock to gaze at while peddling along. Stopping at the You Yangs entrance for a photo giving everyone a chance to make a decision if they would like to ride up to the turntable and back. No takers today, so off for a well deserved coffee.  Peter having made a phone call to book the outside tables made our arrival at Xpresso Cafe very quick. Service was fast and before we knew it we were soon enjoying our drink or slice of choice. Having decided to ride Hovels Creek path back wasn’t a good decision. With flashing lights and signs telling us that the Rennie St waterway was closed due to flooding. On first inspection yep !!! it was flooded, but we all manage to get through slowly. Ted’s Puddle was our next waterway to give us concern.  But it’s was no longer a Puddle but a Plunge Pool, and as no one had a wetsuit or snorkel this was not an option today.  So we rode home along Rennie St rejoining the bike path at Shell Refinery. Great ride, great company, great weather see you great people next ride.

The ride for 3.1.21 was cancelled due to inclement weather - Chris Hu did a ride to test some of his gear.

Peter O'Brien Leads the GTC Version of the Cadel Evans Ride on Tuesday 5.1.21
When I woke up at 7:15am to the sound of rain on the roof I had reservations as to whether we should tackle the Cadel Evans Ride route today.  We were chuffed at the start line to have our own paparazzi in attendance.  Leo, minus Trudi, was there with his camera and we’re grateful to him for making the effort.  Janet arrived, drenched having experienced a sudden downpour over Newtown yet determined to complete the ride.  Lovro, Meri, Janet, Doug, Peter J, Mark S, Jenni and myself departed Eastern Beach at 8:30am and met Nick en route at the Belmont Common. We ‘misplaced’ Lovro along the way, who unbeknown to us had a puncture near Lake Road.  Happily he eventually caught us whilst we were having coffee at Barwon Heads.  To our surprise Ken Smith turned up at this location; he also had been drenched prior to the start, requiring him to return back home for a quick change followed by a mad dash to catch the peloton.  Most impressive Ken.
We proceeded to Torquay to tackle the hills around Bells Beach and then onto Moriac.  At this stage of the ride we again misplaced Lovro and Meri due to Lovro unfortunately having a 2nd puncture that required major surgery.  They reappeared on the approach to Moriac, having taken an alternative route and just in time to join the group for a coffee break at Moriac. Next we headed back towards Geelong via the Barrabool Hills, tackling the climbs on Scenic Road and the famous Melville Avenue.  The remaining 6km was relatively flat so we cruised into town and had a celebratory session at the Yacht Club.  Thanks Lovro for getting us in through the back gate! Congratulations to- Janet, Jenni, Ken S, Mark S, Lovro, Meri, Peter J, Nick and Doug for a sterling effort. Distance ridden = 115km.
Peter O.

Doug Wyatt Leads the First GTC Ride of 2021 to Lara - 2.1.21
A baker’s dozen of riders (13) turned-up for the Club’s first event for 2021. The riders were: Barry T, Doug, Janet, Jennie, Leo, Lovro, Meri, Paul, Peter O, Ray, Ross, Ted and Trudi. Ray had ridden to the start from Point Lonsdale and Ross from Torquay. The course to Lara was not exactly as planned, however, many roads lead to Lara and with the help of a couple of course advisors en route, we got there, despite their help. The intended coffee stop was to be Xpresso Lounge Café in the heart of Lara. Riding along Elcho Road we had a brief shower of rain and as Millar’s coffee shop was closer, we opted for the sanctuary of Millar’s which proved to be a good choice as we had the eastern end room at Millar’s all to ourselves, plus table service (albeit a bit slow). The route back to Rippleside was Hovell’s Creek Trail. On the Trail, going under the freeway, we encounted “TED’S Puddle” (the water is getting deeper and a snorkel may be required if more rain falls) and had the traditional tyre wash (free of charge). To our relief “PETER’S Puddle” was as dry as a bone. With darkening skies, we made it safely back to Rippleside. Ray and Ross were riding home. By the time Ross reached Grovedale it was raining. Ross declined a lift and pushed on. The rain would have also caught up with Ray. For the record, Ross got home in one piece and thoroughly drenched. Hopefully Ray fared better. Good company and a good easy course to start off this year’s proceedings. Well done all. In round figures, it was a 40 kilometre ride.

Doug Leads the Last Ride of 2020 to Ocean Grove - 31.12.20
The final Club Ride for 2020 saw 19 riders assemble at Grovedale. Riders were: Barry T, Chris Ha, Chris Hu, David S, Doug W, Ian B, Jennie, Julia, Ken S, Lovro, Leo, Meri, Nick, Norm, Peter O, Ross, Sarah, Ted and Trudi. Unfortunately, Barry had a mechanical problem and despite the expertise within the group, we were unable to remedy Barry’s problem, hence his late scratching. According to Garmin we headed towards Warralily Boulevard into 20 kilometres an hour head wind. At the corner of Barwon Heads and Lake Road, The Pres. (Lindy) joined us. Having tried several times previously to contact our planned coffee stop (The Paddock Café) to see if they could accommodate us, we paused at the Barwon Heads round-a-bout to make one final effort to contact them. Yet again our phone call received a recorded message. Plan B was put into action and it was decided we would split into two groups with one group going to The Garage and the other group going to the Groove. The Groove turned-out to be the better of the two options. When a seaside coffee shop is scheduled, during summer, there is always an element of chance regarding the coffee shops accommodating us. Traffic wise the roads were busy through Barwon Heads and Ocean Grove.
We divided into two groups for the return trip. The first group had just departed when Lavro discovered a puncture in his rear tyre. Puncture repaired we were away enjoying the tail wind along Wallington Road, chasing the first group. When we reached the highway, not surprisingly, the first group were well out of sight. As the Geelong bound traffic was very busy and consequent noise, we elected to go via the much quieter Curlewis Road to join the Rail Trail. Special thanks to Leo for volunteering to be last person back. The ride to Ocean Grove was a nice way to conclude GTC’s Ride Calendar for 2020. Distance: 55 kilometres.
Ride Leader Doug W.
To all Club members, have a Happy, Heathy, Safe and Prosperous NEW YEAR.

Janet Roussety's Tuesday Ride to Portarlington & Return via Swan Bay Rd - 29.12.20
Quite a crowd gathered at the showgrounds for today's ride with gorgeous conditions. We were David S, David I, Gary,  Ian, Jennie, Julia, Ken G, Ken S, Lyn, Mark J, Mark  S, Meri, Lovro, PJ, Sarah, Nick, Richard and Sue, Trudi, Leo and myself. Heading off down the rail trail we were joined by John M bringing our total to 22. We took the bypass around Drysdale and the hills to Portarlington quickly split us up. Coffee at Daniel's Donuts was nice and quick and we soon were on the road to Indented Heads. Being a careless leader we had somehow managed to lose several people and we were down to 13 by this stage. We had seen several GTC riders out and about also enjoying the weather. The ride along the foreshore was absolutely beautiful, taking Bluff Road we made our way over to Swan Bay Road and back via the Bellarine Highway. Thanks for a great morning with a ride of around 80k.

Janet Roussety's Sunday Ride to Drysdale - 27.12.20
A very sultry morning saw 15 riders assemble at the showgrounds for a ride to Drysdale. Attending were Trudi, Leo, Meri, Lovro, Lindy, Barry, Jennie, PJ, Ted, Chris Hu, Barry, Paul, Mark J, Julia and myself. We set off down the rail trail to Bellarine Highway,  down to Swan Bay Road then over to coffee at the station at Drysdale (with a little bit of gravel thrown in from Princess St. to the station) where we met some of the Leopold crew. Mark headed off to Ocean Grove, Meri and Lovro headed back via the highway and the rest of us had a very pleasant trip back via the rail trail.  Lovely to be out on the bike. Thanks everyone for a great morning. 

John Hagan's Boxing Day Ride to Armstrong Creek - 26.12.20
Unsure as to how many riders would turn up on Boxing Day we were able to commense our ride from Waurn Ponds with eleven starters in almost perfect conditions for tackling the bike paths through to Armstrong Creek. We climbed out of Waurn Ponds on the path parallel to the Anglesea Road then took Baanip Bvd which was strewn with glass in many places. Winding our way down Sovereigh Drive in Mt Duneed we made out way to the Surf Coast Highway then took the bike path roughly parallel to Warralily Bvd through to the Warralily Village Shopping Centre. The 11 riders to this point were: Ken S, Paul T & Cathie, who was a first time rider with us, Andrew, Leo, Trudi, Julia, Peter J, Jennie, Ross and your leader John H. At the Cockatoo Cafe we were joined by Lindy and Don for coffee and Jo and Hugh for the ride back. Jennie had to leave us at this point to get back early. The return trip was along Barwon Heads Rd, the Barwon River Path, up through Wandana Heights and around the back of Deakin for approximately 36km.
Thanks all for an enjoyable ride. John H.

Peter Jones' Ride to Moriac on Thursday - 24.12.20
Eleven riders for my Thurs Ride: Peter O, Jennie, Chris Hu, Chris Ha, David S, Ken S, Ken G, Barry, Ted, Leo and Me. Took the easy option,  nice day for a ride through the back country to Moriac. Coffee was even better when Chris Hu shouted to celebrate his birthday tomorrow, how good is that. Thanks Chris. Enjoyable chat then home via Hendy Main and Waun Ponds Dve. Lovely morning on the bike, thanks for joining me. Merry Christmas.
Peter J.

Fyansford through the Barrabool Hills to Cottage Farm Nursery and return on Tuesday 22.12.20
Maybe it was the potential for heavy rain, perhaps it was the prospect of hills, or was it simply the necessity of Christmas shopping, but today saw only four brave, intrepid, resilient riders show up. (Too much?) Nick, Peter J, Ken S and Chris Hu set off along the highway, down Merrawarp and then up to Ceres. Despite the prospect of rain, the views into the distance as we plummeted down Cochranes, were most impressive. Onto Moriac we rode single file against the breeze and it was only on Considines road that a light shower finally caught us before we reached Cottage Farm Nursery for excellent coffee, cake and conversation. The return journey with the breeze on our backs made for a fast rolling trip down Barrabool Road. At the highest point we had a clear panorama of Geelong and district  with a background silhouette of the Melbourne CBD. We continued our rapid descent into Highton to beat the slow moving shower on our tail. Thank you guys for shorter but vigorous outing. And we didn’t get wet!

Mark Shying Leads the Sunday Ride to Bannockburn - 20.12.20
Morning tea at Le Due Sorelle Café, Bannockburn was our goal today.  Initially, six cyclists joined me in pursuit of that goal – Janet, Jennie, Jo, John H, Julia and Peter J.  From South Geelong Station taking back streets we were soon exiting Wesley Street onto Ryrie Street.  On to the Fyansford Hotel we were joined by Nick, Trudi and Leo.  With a favourable wind we made good time along the Hamilton Highway to Murgheboluc and then used Harvey Road to reach our destination in Bannockburn.  Our group of ten enjoyed drinks and munchies – I had a very nice yoyo – thanks Le Due Sorelle.  With plenty of good conversation, in no time at all it was time to depart.  We cycled to the Midland Highway and then on to Dog Rocks Estate eventually making our way back to the Hamilton Highway.  A short time later we stopped opposite the Fyansford Hotel to identify who was riding with whom and where.  I rode to Geelong West – 56 kms covered.  Thanks all for an enjoyable ride in excellent conditions.
Mark S.

Peter O'Brien's Saturday Ride from Rippleside to Lara - 19.12.20
Thirteen riders assembled at the Rippleside start line this morning for the ride to the Lara.  The route taken was slightly different to the usual one in that we crossed the highway at Margaret Street with our destination being the start of the Tom McKean Trail on Douro Street.  This trail took us to McCurdy’s Road and from there onto the Ted Wilson Trail. Our ride along Bluestone Bridge Road and Houston Road was assisted by a slight tail wind making riding a pleasure.  It should be noted that on the uphill section of the Bluestone Bridge Road three riders flew past me – Peter J, Ted & Chris Ha, all of whom coincidentally were riding their electric bikes!  Thanks goodness John H was down the back taking photos at the time otherwise I would have been overtaken by four riders.  A special commendation goes to Ken S, who made a valiant effort and caught them at the top of the hill. 
A coffee break was taken at Xpresso Lounge Café in Lara before returning to Geelong via the Hovell Creek Trail. Thanks to Doug, Trudi, Leo, Peter J, Ted, Chris Ha, Ken S, Julie, Jennie, John, Nick and Janet for an enjoyable ride. Distance ridden 52 kms.
Peter O.

Chris Halpin Leads the Gravel Ride from Torquay to Anglesea on Thursday 17.12.20
Seven keen gravelleurs this morning in Torquay.  Weather was about as good as it gets - overcast skies, little wind, warm and humid. The team included PJ, POB,  Mark K, Ray,  Nick and 2xChris, but sadly no Ross. The ride along the Surf Coast to Anglesea is truly iconic - unique Ironbark forests with the raging surf and a challenging mix of tracks. Had to walk a few times. We were soon enjoying coffee and a chat in Anglesea. The climb out to Forrest Rd is tough but from there on the return is largely downhill and magic. Back in Torquay in no time. So Mark suggested celebrating with  a "frontbeacher" and seeing its nearly  Sarah's and Chris Hu's birthdays and Christmas how could we not.  Thanks all for a very pleasant ride of 41km and 500m.
Chris Ha.

Trudi Leads the Thursday Ride to Moriac - 17.12.20
Seven riders for a nice easy cruise to Moriac:  Jennie, David, Ken, Gary, Ted, Norm and myself.  Setting off up Waurn Ponds Drive, Reservoir Rd and down Hendy Main into the Moriac Store for our refreshments. With a quick wipe down of the wet outside seats and quick service we were soon devouring our coffee and munchies. The sun decided to show itself finally, so we just kicked back and enjoyed our refreshments. Main topic for discussion today was a question from our treasurer Ted. Inquiring if any of us had read the latest email from the committee.  Quite a lengthy discussion followed on the affiliated bicycle network membership. (Thanks Ted) With food for thought and coffee cups empty it’s was about time we set off for home. Hendy Main, Blackgate, Anglesea Rd, Ghazeepore Rd soon saw us back where we started. Thanks for your company today, see you all next time.

Chris Hume's Tuesday Ride to Pt Lonsdale - 15.12.20
Twelve riders headed off from Grovedale this morning: Chris H x 2, Sarah, Nick, Ray, PO’B and PJ, Mark K, Julia, Jennie, Janet and David S. It was warm, about 24 degrees, and humid. We made our way to Barwon Heads using Warralily Boulevard, Lake Rd and 13th Beach Rd. From here over the bridge and onto Collendina, then onto Shell Rd to Point Lonsdale and Plated Café for coffee. As we arrived there, a cool southerly greeted us!! After a good chat we headed off to Drysdale. Mark K left us at Shell Rd to head back to Torquay and the rest of us continued along Swan Bay Rd and Princess St. We stopped at the new bypass. I was keen on lunch at the Bungalow as was PJ, but the rest opted to head straight home along the Rail Trail, Nick leading. PJ and I had a good break then returned home via the Rail trail too. It ended up being a great day for riding with little traffic and tail winds!!
Chris Hu.

Greg Allerton's 100km Ride to Moriac & Sutherland's Creek on Sunday - 13.12.20
Ken Gawne, Peter O'Brien and new rider Oliver King joined me on a warm morning for this 100 km ride. There was a light and fickle north wind as we made our way out on the usual route to Moriac with Oliver soon getting used to the pace of our small bunch. We cruised through Moriac at 9-15 am and in light traffic used Cape Otway Rd to Modewarre before taking Hortips and Considines Rd and  into Barrabool. There was a long gradual climb into a head wind up to Cottage Farm Nursery Cafe by 9-50 am after 40 km but alas it was not open - perhaps we were too early. Then followed a good descent down over Pollocksford  before more head wind up to Hamilton Highway, where Oliver took the short cut home, not having done a long ride for some time. There was another downhill through Murgheboluc followed by a short steep climb in Brislanes Rd. We were soon in Bannockburn for a long awaited coffee after 64 km . Clyde road "downhill" produced a maximum 63 kmh before the climb up reduced speed to single digits. Once on Steiglitz Rd it was a side/tail wind back to Ted Wilson Trail where Ken turned off for the great downhill into Fyansford while Peter and I took the recommended cyclist on road route into central Geelong. I was home by 1 pm after 100 km in under 4.5 hours  average 22.3 kph. Great riding guys and thanks for your company.
Greg Allerton - Ride Leader.

John Hagan's Sunday Ride to Torquay - 13.12.20
A good turnout of 14 riders for our easy ride to Torquay. At Sth Geelong Station were L to R below: Barry, Peter J, Ted, Paul, Jennie, Jo, Lyn L, Leo, Trudi, Chris Hu, Ian and your ride leader, John H. Mark L joined the group as we were riding off and Doug met us near the Waurn Ponds Station. Our route to El Nido cafe in Torquay North was via Freshwater Creek and we were comfortably pushed along with a north wind with an ambient temperature in the mid to high twenties. We stopped on Coombes road briefly when Doug wasn't feeling well - he had ridden further than any of us at this stage as he had pedalled in against the headwind from Jan Juc. He soon recovered and we were off to the cafe for coffee and cake. Jo and Jennie left us just before coffee to return straight up the Surf Coast Hwy as they needed to be back earlier. The return trip was up Horseshoe Bend Rd with a deviation around the works area. Our total distance was 54km. Thanks all for an enjoyable morning.
John H.


Chris Halpin's Saturday Ride to the GOR Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery - 12.12.20
Lots of excitement on todays ride to the Chocolaterie. Was great to welcome Sue and Richard back to Saturday riding on the tandem, with another 12 sheltering in the shade at Bunnings  including PJ, Jo, Jennie, Ray, Doug, John H, Julia, Rob, Ken S, Trudi, Leo as 'Kelpie', and myself. Up Waurn Ponds Dve, over the Hwy  Pettavel, Reservoir & Cape Otway Rd to Moriac. Down Hendy Main, Larcomb and onto Forrest Rd, all with a lovely tail wind.
Too easy. By this stage we had split into 2 groups, fast and leisurely. Regular passing cars kept us careful till on a bend an overtaking Falcon with loaded trailer pushed his luck too far and was forced off the wrong side of the road by an approaching gravel truck. Was a very scary moment for 4 riders who believed they could have been killed.  The offending Falcon lurched along in the mulga and somehow managed to get back onto the roadway and disappear. Lindy and Don met us at the Chocolaterie where we were enjoying a well earned coffee break UNTIL crash bang and several coffees flew up into the air to crash to the ground. Poor Jo was the only one to get wet, but fortunately not burned. Trouble comes in threes. 'What's next' we wondered as we cycled away on the GOR and Anglesea Rd back towards home. Farewelled Doug at the Torquay turnoff and battled into the North easterly and home safely. Thanks everyone for an exilerating morning.
Chris H.

GTC CHRISTMAS BBQ in Eastern Park - 10.12.20
A good turn up of 34 participants for our annual Christmas BBQ. We were entertained by a small group of talented Irish musicians: Barry, Dr Mike, Mark and Paul - who set the tone for a very enjoyable party. Thanks very much for the time and effort they put into helping the party dance along. There was great excitement with the Kris Kringle and the ancient Finnish game Finska was played at the end. Thanks to Lindy and the Committee for organizing the day. John H.

Trudi's Thursday Loop to the You Yangs & Lara - 10.12.20
Fifteen riders assembled at the top of Church St for this morning ’s ride ?to the You Yangs / Lara. Riders today were Ken S, Peter O, Peter J, Jennie, Julie, Sarah and Nick, Chris Ha, David S, Gary, Ray, Doug, Mark J, Noel and myself.  Taking my usual route out to Lara but this time adding a few extra Kilometres going up past the You Yangs. Only three taking up the challenge of riding up to the turntable and back: Peter O, Julie and Ray. The rest of us headed for a caffeine fix at Cafe Xpresso in the centre way at Lara. Having the outside area all to ourselves and full table service to boot. The service was fast as we enjoyed our coffee, cakes and protein balls. Hovels Creek saw us splashing our way through Ted’s puddle and out into the wind. Hugging the Esplanade when we could soon saw us splitting up at various spots along the way.
Thanks everyone for your company for a wonderful morning’s ride. Trudi.

Peter O'Brien Leads the 106km Otway Ride from Forrest to Lavers Hill and Return - Tuesday 8.12.20
With the weather forecast predicting showers and possible hail, eleven souls set off for a ride from Forrest to Lavers Hill. The first section of the ride from Forrest to Turtons Track involved 18kms of climbing, by far the most challenging part of the entire ride.  As we approached the entrance to Turtons Track misty drizzle prevailed meaning we needed to ride with caution along the track.  Luckily for us, the drizzle eased-up, however, the temperature dropped dramatically making riding uncomfortable.
At Beech Forest we stopped for a rest break and an opportunity to warm up before tackling the last section of the ride to Lavers Hill.  This particular route took in the little towns of Ferguson and Weeaproinah, providing some great views of the Otways along the ridge line.  After three and half hours of riding, Lavers Hill was a welcome sight and lunch was taken at Yatzies Pancakes. The café had an outdoor eating area where we were entertained by local parrots.
The return ride provided some fantastic downhill sections with two particularly exciting ones.  The first section of Turtons Track was full of twists and turns and a section along the Skenes Creek to Forrest Road was extremely fast.  The return trip was completed in two hours and forty minutes.  We enjoyed a coffee at Forrest where we reminisced about the ride before heading back to Geelong. Thanks to Sarah, Jenny, Julie, Trudi, Peter J, Mark, Ken S, Doug, Ken G and Nick for the ride. I am sure all riders will sleep well tonight.
Distance ridden 106kms. Elevation 1,870 metres.
Peter O.

Ross Glover Leads the Sunday Ride to Ocean Grove - 6.12.20
The first question when the ride leader arrived at South Geelong Station was "Have you organised a mini-bus back from Ocean Grove?". Not surprising given the rather gusty westerly wind but the answer was "No". Jennie, Janet, Doug, Chris Hu, Greg, Peter J, John H, Jesse and Ross set out for Barwon Heads Road via Belmont Common where we were joined by Nick. The very nice tail wind had us sailing along to Lake Road and on to 13th Beach. Does life get any better than the road along 13th Beach with a strong tailwind and little traffic? We regrouped in Barwon Heads and after a phone call to "The Paddock" resulted in rejection, we continued on to refreshment at either the Garage or Groove. The start of a shower plus the availability of a table under cover at the Garage made the decision easy. The ride back along Wallington and Curlewis Roads had some interesting side wind sections but despite the full-on headwind on the rail trail, there was enough shelter to make the going easier than expected. Thanks to all for a most enjoyable outing. 
Cheers, Ross.

John Hagan's Saturday Ride to Modewarre & Moriac - 5.12.20
A good turnout of 14 for our Saturday ride: Chris Ha, Trudi, Peter O'B, Barry T, Ken S, Chris Hu, Ken, Lyn L, Peter J, Julia, Leo, Ross, Geoff Ca and John H. The weather forecast was for doom and gloom with particularly high winds - however, these did not eventuate and we had cloudy but excellent riding conditions. We headed off in 2 groups with Peter O'B leading the first group and myself directing the second group with Geoff protecting the rear - travelling out Waurn Ponds Drive & Reservoir Rd to the Mt Moriac Pub and then down the Princes Highway to turn at Considines Rd for Modewarre. I was not always out the front of the second group as I was last by quite a while at getting to the coffee spot at the Moriac General Store. I had been waylaid by an elderly gentleman who was mowing his paddock at Modewarre. He told me how he had been a competative cyclist once before he fractured his scull when hit by a car on the Old Melbourne Rd at Little River and how his father had competed in the 1925 Melbourne to Warrnambool Race. After coffee I suggested that the riders might like to do a slightly longer ride than was on the calendar. We returned home via Paraparap and Freshwater Creek for a total of 48.3km.
Thanks for the company, John H.

Doug's Ride to Collendina and an Extension for Some to Queenscliff - Thursday 3.12.20
Warm sunshine and a cool breeze greeted us in the Grovedale Hotel car park. To take advantage of a nice day for cycling were: Barry, Chris Hu, David S, Doug (Ride Leader), Gary, Jennie, Julia, Ken S, Peter J, Peter O’B, Ted and Trudi. We welcomed two guest riders, Phil R (this was Phil’s second ride) and Peter F. We set-off along the Surf Coast Highway headed for Warralily Boulevard. Traffic was more prevalent than previous weeks. The Warralily Boulevard must be one of best cycling roads we encounter, smooth, wide and very little extraneous material on it. At the corner of Lake Road and Barwon Heads Road, we had Sarah and Nick increase our numbers by two. Our progress along Lake Road was halted due to Peter J getting a puncture. Puncture repaired we were on our way again. We turned into Stacey’s Road to be greeted by Mark K who had arranged to meet us at the wind-turbine near the cycle path. Mark had decided to ride towards us to see where we were. Instead of having social intercourse during puncture repair I should have sent Mark a text message to say we were delayed. My apologies Mark.
We got to the Cheeky Cow in good time, with the exception of Jennie, who did a U-turn at Barwon Heads. The Cheeky Cow only had two patrons when we arrived. We were in two minds as to whether to sit inside (as it was empty) or sit outside in the lovely sunshine. Café management decided for us by saying we have to also have food with the coffee to sit inside. They did us a favour because we all sat outside and enjoyed the sunshine. Post coffee saw a number of riders head off in the other direction as they wanted to do a longer ride on such a great day. The rest of us returned along Thirteen Beach Road until the wind turbine where there was another split of the peloton with some riders taking the cycle path whilst the rest of us headed for Lake Road. At Warralily Boulevard there was a final split with some riders taking Warralily Boulevard and the rest, traversing Barwon Heads Road back to Geelong. Thanks to “Tail-end Charlie(s)” Chris H for the outward journey and Gary for the return journey. The group who headed the other way ended up at Queenscliff with Peter have more trouble with an ageing tyre. A cold cider at the Flying Brick was a welcomed pause on the way home. A great day for a ride in excellent company. Distance: 53 Kilometres.
Scribe: Doug     Some photos: Peter J and Julia.

Ken's Tuesday Ride to Moriac - 1.12.20
Despite forecast strong winds and rain, 13 assembled at Fyansford for the ride through the Barrabool Hills to Moriac. Leader Ken G stopped on Merrawarp to don a jacket but the rain drops ceased almost immediately. From then on I knew where all riders were as I worked hard on my touring bike to stay in touch. The group wound their way up the 2 hills on Barrabool Road before tackling "Buddy Holly" climb up Devon. The fast downhill into Moriac was fitting reward. How well do you know your clubmates? Can you name everyone in the photos? Visitor Joel is Gary's son from Melbourne. Ominous clouds prompted 10 of us to head for home via Reservoir and Waurn Ponds. PJ, JP and JMc headed out further west into the eye of the storm but were probably lucky and avoided a drenching. An excellent ride through scenic and low traffic volume, rural areas.
Ken G.

Greg Allerton's 100km Loop to Sutherlands Ck in the North and Moriac in the South - Sunday 29.11.20
The forecast was grim: 95% showers,up to 15 mm rain,winds increasing to maximum 50 kph. I was pleased there were two other starters! There were quite a few hills - Bluestone Bridge was the first test and I was surprised with how well our new member Jesse Heath on his high wheel recumbent ascended this steep pinch and Mark Shying was climbing strongly.It was a head wind along Robbs Rd with another hill. Bakers Bridge provided the easiest climb out of the Moorabool valley. Dog Rocks gave us a good view of showers lurking on the horizon, but our luck held and we remained dry. I was beginning to regret being on my heavy full mudguard bike through the Barrabool Hills, though I enjoyed the descents. After 68 km we finally reached Moriac for coffee and cake which was well earned! From here it was a flat and relatively easy ride home. Thanks to my two companions Jesse and Mark  for coming on this tough but dry ride.It was 102 km in 4 hours 43 minutes riding time average 21.5 kmh.         
Greg Allerton, Ride Leader.

Doug’s GOOD, BAD and UGLY Ride from South Geelong to 9 Grams Café Mt Duneed - Sunday 29.11.20
THE GOOD: With bucket loads of rain and strong winds around sunrise it was a nice surprise to see six other hearty riders turn-up for today’s ride. At start time the sky was very grey with rain threatening. The participants were: Chris Hu, Doug (Ride Leader), Janet, Jennie, Julia, Peter J and Ted. Add good company and conversation; a new course although some bits of it have been part of other rides; a mostly a flat course with a couple of moderate hills to get the heart pumping without too much stress; a good coffee stop with us being well serviced by the café staff; good coffee and cakes/slices.
(not that bad): When we reached the Epworth hospital in Waurn Ponds, we were rained on for about ten minutes. The rain was heavy enough to wet the shoes and soak the socks. Ted took advantage of the rain as he sucked-up the water direct from the sky thus saving the contents of his bidon. For the entire journey we tried unsuccessfully to avoid the pools of water enroute, subsequently, Jennie’s new bike now needs its first wash.
THE UGLY: We encountered a moronic male driver who yelled at us with a 150-decibel voice, screaming something about being licensed. Thankfully, he was going in the opposite direction and only had to endure him for a few seconds. Some of us were hoping that he would get a flat tyre before he got home, as punishment for his outburst. ADDENDUM: We did a circuit of the Richmond Oval, not far from the start. The question is, “Who allowed the street and oval to be named Richmond? The Tigers and the Cats are arch-enemies; therefore, heads should roll for allowing this to occur!!! In Ghazeepore Road we waved to Jackie and David, who were out for a walk and fortunately carrying an umbrella, which they would require minutes later. Kim saw us riding through Highton Village and thought that we looked very wet. His observations were spot-on. Distance was 38.13 kilometres and the elevation gain was 192 metres (Strava). Certainly, a course that was different from the norm and to date, a one-off. For nearly all the journey we had a bike lane or a reasonably wide verge. Horseshoe Bend Road excluded.

Peter Jones' Saturday Ride to Ocean Grove - 28.11.20
Fifteen riders today for my ride to Ocean Grove via Lake Rd return via Wallington Rd and BRT. Participants were: Chris Hu, Chris Ha, Hugh, Janet, Jennie, Julie, Ken S, Ross, Nick and Sarah, Trudi and  Leo, Richard, (Visitor, friend of Mark K) Jo, (Joining member) and myself. Simple route, along Surf Coast Hwy to Warralily, to Lake Rd, to Blackrock Rd and 13th Beach. Good run, little traffic, not much wind, warm but not too warm. A lot of surfers out, almost a traffic jam on each wave. Arrived at The Paddock to find that their advice last week that we didn’t need to book was wrong, I should’ve booked, but they were very good and made room for us to have our coffee and chat before we continued on to the BRT down Wallington Rd and Curlewis Rd. Good run, the wind had got up from the South and blew us all the way there. Pleasant run back into Geelong along the BRT, quite busy but we didn’t have any problems, went right through to Breakwater Rd where everyone split to head home. Thanks for your company, keep pedalling.
Cheers Peter J.

Sarah's Easy Ride to Moriac on Thursday - 26.11.20
With a cool day forecast there were sixteen riders at Bunnings. Running down the list there were Barry, Chris Hu and Chris Ha, David, Doug, Gary, Geoff C, Jennie, two Kens, Lyn, Paul T, Ray, Ted, and Sarah and Nick. Dividing into two groups for ease of management rather than COVID 19 requirements, we took the well known roads to Moriac, starting with Ghazeepore Road. We made good progress, with some members peeling off to go their own way. At Moriac we met with Trudi, Peter Jones and Noel so enjoyed refreshments all together. We returned via Hendy Main, Reservoir Rd and Waurn Ponds Drive. Very pleasant and incident free riding, which is always welcome.

Chris Hume's Ashphalt & Gravel Ride to Queenscliff & Doug's All Ashphalt Diversion - 24.11.20
Forecast of great riding weather and the easing of restrictions, mask free outdoors - hooray!! and larger gatherings contributed to the large roll up at the showgrounds. Twenty starters there: Andrew, Ben, Butch, Chris Ha & Hu, David S, Doug, Janet, Jennie, Julia, Ken S, Mick, Mark J, PJ & P O'B, Ray Nick & Sarah, Ted and potential member Wayne, who rode with us to Leopold. Chris Ha was kelpie. Heading off along the Rail Trail we were soon joined by John M. At Melaleuca Rd Lyn G & Marie joined the peloton. We continued along the RT to Jetty Rd. Chris Ha returned home from here and we split into two groups - the A for asphalt Team with Doug leading and the G for gravel team with Chris Hu leading.

G Team Report
12 riders continued along the gravel part of the RT, which was in excellent condition, all the way to the Queenscliff Station then onto the RoRo Cafe where the A team were waiting having arrived a few minutes earlier and the ferry was about to leave. Noel joined us here. 23 of us now!! Service was good and there was plenty of outside seating. After coffee PJ and PO'B chose to return home along the Highway and Butch joined the group. We did a bit of a tour along the front and back beaches of Queenscliff and onto Point Lonsdale before rejoining the RT where it crossed Portarlington Rd. From here we retraced our journey home. At Drysdale I suggested a second coffee/lunch stop but there were no takers! So onward!  At Leopold though Butch, Mick, Lyn and me ended up at the Bakers Den for a snack. All headed home from here. There were a few punctures and a couple of slow motion falls onto the grassy verge - no damage done. All in all a great ride, one of my favorites!!
Chris Hu.

A Team Report
At the corner of the Bellarine Rail Trail and Jetty Road Drysdale, the asphalt riders took a right-hand turn heading to Queenscliff. The riders were Andrew, David S, Doug, Jennie, John M, Julia, Ken S, Ted and Trudi. Due to a puncture on the Rail Trail at Curlewis Butch was behind us and he elected to meet us at the ferry terminal. Unknown at the time, Noel was also behind us due to the fact he had punctured at the end of his drive-way and then had a repeat dose of a flat tyre on the Ted Wilson Trail. Noel made it to Queenscliff not long after the asphalt group. There were a couple of routes offered for the return journey (on asphalt) back to Geelong. Andrew, Peter O and Ted opted for the Bellarine Highway whilst David, Doug, Jenny, John, Ken, Noel, Peter J and Trudi opted for the longer route through Collendina, Ocean Grove, 13th Beach Road, Breamlea Road, Lake Road then Barwon Heads Road. When we reached The Village Warralily Shopping Centre, four caffeine deprived riders opted for a coffee at Sullies Kiosk. The others continued on. Total distance for the asphalt course was 86.23 kilometres with an elevation gain of 379 metres. Excellent riding on great day, temperature wise, for cycling. Thanks to our two tail-enders Julia and Trudi. Having more than one option for today ’s ride to Queencliff , is a great innovation.
Scribe: Doug.

Mark Shying leads the Sunday Ride to Torquay - 22.11.20
Today’s ride in muggy conditions – a return trip South Geeelong to Torquay should have been straight forward.  However, with Horseshoe Bend Road out of action and beach weather some adjustments would be required.  I was joined by Chris Ha, Chris Hu, Doug, Ian, Janet, Jesse, Jennie, Joanne (a friend of Jennie), John H, Kim, Noel, Peter J, Peter O’B, Nick, Trudi and Leo to chart a course to the Salty Dog.  Possibly for the last time we split into 2 groups, with Chris Hu leading the second group.  Making good time along Barwon Heads Road and onto Warralily Road the first group followed Doug’s  call to take HSB Road to McCanns Road and then to the Highway.  After traveling the variation all agreed it was a good change.  Along Blackgate Road to HSB Road and The Esplanade we arrived at the Salty Dog on the hour to see a queue of 30 or more people.  Doug calling on his local knowledge guided us to North Torquay and Cafe El Nido.  All enjoyed drinks, food, lively chat and quick service.  It would seem Cafe El Nido is now in the GTC black book.  With our super domestique Doug leaving us for Jan Juc, the rest of the group hit the highway for home.  53kms traveled, the good conditions saw everyone from the first group home before midday.  Thanks for the ride.  Mark S

Group 2 - had a similar experience with crowds in Torquay and failed to find the Salty Dog so went to Mejevo's instead where there was room for all of us in the outdoor seating. Chris Hu led us home on a longer route through Ocean Acres and Freshwater Creek and the bulk of the group travelled back through Breakwater to the Sth Geelong Station.
John H.

Doug's Saturday Ride to Lara - 21.11.20
At the start were Doug (Ride Leader), Janet, Jennie, John, Ken S, Lovro, Lyn, Meri, Noel, Paul, Peter O (2nd Group Ride Leader) and Ted. We didn’t follow the exact advertised course, which was fortunate for Ian as he was running a few minutes late and inadvertently met us in Baxter Road heading for Church Street. Heading to the Ted Wilson Path along Church Street, we were assisted by a tail wind, making the climb much easier. On the corner of Ted Wilson Path and Ballarat Road we collected Leo, Peter J and Trudi. Onward towards Lara in the blustery conditions we again had a tailwind along the Geelong-Bacchus Marsh Road and the turn into Elcho Road saw the wind push us sideways all the way to our Lara coffee stop. For the second time today, the script was not followed as the second group ended-up at Millar’s for coffee. Post coffee saw Jennie and John head-off for a circuit of the Avalon airport whilst Ted stayed in Lara. It was pleasing to see only part of the path underneath the freeway was covered with water (not very deep), thanks to Ted’s recent efforts to get some action. I think we should name the path under the freeway “TED’S PUDDLE” on the western side and PETER’S PUDDLE (O’B) on the eastern side, in recognition of their efforts to have the path water free. The first group returned to Rippleside Park via the Hovell’s Creek Trail. Distance was 39.94 kilometres with an elevation gain of 164 metres (Strava). By the time we got back to Rippleside Park, Noel had completed the most kilometres for the morning, as he had ridden in from Lara and was about to add more kilometres to the ride, having to get back to Lara again. In total, sixteen riders. Thanks to: Peter O’B for leading the second group and John Hagan for the photographs.

Barry's Thursday Ride to Wallington - 19.11.20
Showgrounds - Drysdale - Wallington - Ocean Grove - Barwon Heads return via Horseshoe bend Road. GTC Cyclists participating in today’s ride were: Chris Hu, Chris Ha, Doug, Gary, Janet, Jennie, Julia, Ken G, Ken S, Lyn L, Noel, Peter J, Peter O’OB, Ted R and Barry. With the forecast anticipated to reach 34 degrees today the decision was made to start the ride at 8.00 am. Fifteen riders obviously had their alarm clocks in order and arrived at the start. Chris Ha arrived and in chorus we knew it was time to ride. Dividing into two groups we set forth on the Drysdale rail trail to Curlewis Rd where we paused to say farewell to Ken G and Lynda who chose to take the route directly to the Paddock Cafe. The riders continued pushing into a slight head wind until the Princess St downwind downhill section provided cyclists with an enjoyable section of riding. Down Swan Bay Road and into Wallington Ocean Grove Rd with a timely shaded coffee stop at the Paddock Cafe. Fortunately or unfortunately no takers for a Trump dissection today.  Again we divided into two groups for the Barwon Heads to 13th Beach Rd leg. We were passed by a group of cyclists on the Ocean Grove - Barwon Heads Rd that made us feel like we were standing still. We thought for a moment it was some riders from our club. That is yet to be verified. 13th Beach had the waves pumping and the surfers out In great numbers. It looked a treat. Doug W left us at this stage when “Wiser Heads” called for a change of route. We had planned to go via Lake Rd but a safer and less windswept course was plotted by Peter OB and Peter J. Well done fellas great call. Horseshoe bend and then the usual run via the South Barwon Sports grounds to home. It was 32 degrees when we returned at 11.35 am. A big thank you to the following people who helped me with leading my first ride. Peter J, Peter O’B and the two kelpies Noel P and Chris Ha. Thank you to all cyclists for making this ride an enjoyable experience. Total distance 62 kms : Elev gain 304m: Active time 2hrs 48 mins: Average Speed 22.2 kms.

Chris Hume's Tuesday Ride to Jan Juc via Moriac - 17.11.20
We have 2 Ride Reports as they did divide into 2 Groups - 1/ by Peter J and 2/ by Doug:

There were 15 riders today, or was it 16. Chris Ha was the original leader, he pulled a hammy and flick passed it to Chris Hu, he had a couple of punctures, the second a real blowout and had to call in the cavalry to be picked up in Vickerys Rd. Chris Hu flicked it to anyone who wanted it, no one caught it so here is a brief run down on the ride. We went up Waurn Ponds Drive to Pettavel, to Reservoir Rd to Hendy Main Rd through Moriac where there was some grumbling from Trudi about stopping for a coffee like we used to and having a two coffee stop ride. I think she was just stirring as is her want. Anyway we continued on, nice fast run as we turned away from the Westerly that had been slowing our progress up until that time. Reached Vickerys and everyone was keen to push on and get the hills done. Chris Hu had his blowout and called Jean to come and collect him while everyone pushed on and regrouped at the GOR. Took the circuit through Bells and on to Swell at Jan Juc. They were very busy but looked after us very well taking our orders at the table and producing coffees and food at a great rate of knots. Home was via the Surf Coast Hwy to Grossmans, Ocean Acres, Coombes and Anglesea Rd to Ghazeepore and Bunnings. All in all a very pleasant ride in excellent company.
Cheers, Peter J.

2/ Chris Ha arranged for Chris Hu to be the replacement Ride Leader and at the start line we had, Barry (Tail-end Charlie), David S, Doug, (Second Group Ride Leader), Janet, Julia, Ken G, Ken S, Kim, Lyn, Noel, Peter J, Peter K, Peter O’B, Ray and Trudi. We split into two groups whilst Chris Ha, Lyn and Ken G went their own separate ways for various reasons. Some rides go ever so smoothly, this, unfortunately was not one of them. Into a 13 kilometres an hour headwind riding along Waurn Ponds Drive (Old Princes Highway) we had just covered two kilometres when Chris punctured. A couple of riders assisted Chris whilst the rest of us went on slowly along Reservoir Road. A left-hand turn at Hendy Main Road saw a tail wind and downhill. What more could you ask for, as a cyclist? We regrouped at the Moriac School and broke into our two pelotons again. The tailwind along Henty Main Road headed to Bell’s Beach saw us easily lift our average speed. We did a right turn onto Vickery’s Road and very shortly after, disaster struck, Chis now had a blown tyre to go with his earlier puncture. Chris’s cycling for the day had come to an abrupt end, thanks to an unrepairable tyre and it was time for him to phone a friend (wife) and seek the services of the stretch-limo for a ride home for him and the bike, along with the champagne of course. The rest of us battled on pushing up the hills along Grundy’s Road to reassemble on the corner of the Great Ocean Road and Bones Road (minus Chris). Onward for coffee at Swell’s via Bell’s Beach and we had Ken G waiting for us along Bones Road. After a reasonably long coffee break, due to Peter J mopping-up some left-overs it was back on the bike through Grossman’s Road, Ocean Acres and Anglesea Road. Yesterday’s strong winds had littered the Anglesea Road verge with small branches, sticks and twigs making the ride very hazardous. Fortunately, everybody got through unscathed. Despite the wind and a few hiccups, it was a nice cool day for riding. Thanks all.
Scribe: Doug & Photos: Barry.

Greg Allerton's Exploration of the Dead End Roads on the Bellarine Peninsula - Sunday 15.11.20
Given the forecast of 34 max and up to 40 kmh winds I was very pleased to have 6 starters on this ride. There were a few brief spits of drizzle before we even set off. John C, John H, John M, Nick T, Noel P and I rode along Bellarine Rail Trail then right at Wilsons Rd  heading south but turned off before it became gravel ( Dead End 1). Point Henry was our next dead end where we stopped at the start of the gravel and admired the great view across Corio Bay. Heading back along Point Henry Rd we turned left into Hays Rd which led us past Winchester(ammunition manufacturer) before the road stopped at Dow Chemicals (Dead End 3). We rode east along Portarlington Rd turning off  to investigate Clifton Rd, Alexander Rd  and then Hermsley Rd all bitumen finishing at Corio Bay. On the latter we turned left into Avila Drive and admired some very swish properties.
We then headed for the coffee van at Drysdale station, having already ridden over 50km. Here we met fellow GTC riders Lynn & Mick G, Marie B, and Kim G. We then wound our way down through Clifton Springs to the clifftop lookout. There was some climbing up to Drysdale before a strong tail wind had us speeding along to Swan Bay Rd (another Dead End, but not investigated today as we headed home). At Leopold we pedalled out and back on Brinsmead Rd then along Ash Rd - both Dead Ends offering great views down over Lake Connewarre. Bellarine Highway then the Rail Trail soon had us back in Geelong. I had to ride a lap of Eastern Gardens to achieve my 100 km for the day, my 52nd century for the year. Thanks to my fellow riders for such good company. Well done to Noel who did considerably over 100 km (138.75km) after riding from home near Lara. 
Greg Allerton - Ride Leader.

Ted's Sunday Ride to Drysdale - 15.11.20
South Geelong Railway Station saw 10 riders congregate for an easy ride to Drysdale. This meant that we could ride off as a single group but we were then joined by two more at the Showgrounds so we adopted social distancing principles and rode the BRT well spaced out until we reached Melaluka Road where one group continued along the trail and the rest turned on to Portarlington Road. The two groups met up again at the Curlewis Crossing where we again spread out and headed to the Drysdale Bypass where we enjoyed the wide open spaces of the new concrete shared path. Coffee was taken at The Zoo, The Bungalow and the Caravan where the usual good service and coffee was partaken. Conversation at The Zoo got pretty serious as we resolved the problems of US Politics, Victorian Social Housing and everything else that is wrong with the world. I expect the chat was a bit lighter at the other locations. The Caravan Coffee Consumers headed home via the BRT while the rest hit Princess Street, Swan Bay Road and the Bellarine Highway. Thanks to Kim, Barry, Ray, Peter J, Julia, Trudi, Chris Hu, Ian, Lyn G, Mick, Marie and Leo for a pleasant morning on the bike.

Peter Jones' Easy Loop to Torquay - Saturday 14.11.20
Fifteen riders for my ride today, the Easy Torquay Loop. Those attending: Chris Hu, Doug, Gary, Ian B, Janet, Jennie, John H, Ken S, Lindy, Paul T, Peter O, Ray, Trudi and Leo and myself. To keep within the rules, Peter O, Ray, Chris Hu, Gary, Ian B, Ken S were sent off as an advance guard while I followed with the rest. It was pleasant riding down the Surf Coast Hwy to Warralily, to HSBend Rd until Mc Canns Rd where it was necessary to return to the Surf Coast Hwy for a while until we got off again at the Shire offices. Didn’t take long to roll into Mejavo’s for coffee, very busy, must be all those Melbournites flooding into Torquay, but we found our spot and enjoyed our coffee and cake. Our advance guard finished first and rolled off home via Ocean Acres and Anglesea Rd, Doug and Lindy departed for home in their own directions and the afterguard proceeded home via Ocean Acres as well. Have to mention Jennie’s new Baum, pretty as a picture hope she has many years of enjoyable riding on it.
Cheers, Peter.

Trudi's Thursday Ride to Bannockburn - 12.11.20
Fourteen riders for my ride to Bannockburn this morning: Sarah and Nick, Norm, Ray, two Ken’s, three Peter’s, Janet, Julie, Noel, David and me. Splitting up into two groups of seven, and with Peter O leading the first group out.. With roadworks on the Hamilton Highway and Anakie Rd it was my intention to keep well away from these roads. So our route today was a bit different to our usual route out to Bannockburn. Starting on the Ted Wilson Path, Lovely Banks Rd, Ballan Rd, Robbs Rd, Stieglitz Rd, Parker Rd, Clyde Rd our coffee break was at Le Due Sorelle Cafe. It was here that both groups caught up for a well deserved chat and coffee stop. With our appetites replenished and conversation running low it was time to head back out into the wind. Retracing our steps we rode back down Clyde Rd onto Stieglitz Rd with a fabulous tailwind. Our reward for the strong winds and hills that we had endured earlier. Ballan Rd, Ballarat Rd and back onto the Ted Wilson path quickly saw us back at Church St where it all began. Thanks everyone for your attendance today a most enjoyable ride in very windy conditions.

Mark Kelly's Hot Ride from Anglesea to Wye River & Return on Tuesday 10.11.20
What else can you say about this ride on a day like today. Great riding, beautiful coastline, magnificent blue ocean and great company. We had 11 riders set out from Anglesea: Chris Hu, David, Gary, Janet, Jesse, Mark, Nick, Noel, Peter O, Peter J and Trudi, . Peter J and Trudi left us at Lorne and the rest continued onto Wye River for a brief refreshment and then back to Lorne for lunch. We cruised down the GOR with a slight tail wind in the morning but had to work a bit harder on the way back when we began to feel that heat, especially in the last 10km. Thanks to all for a most enjoyable ride. About 90km, 950mt of climbing and average speed around 22km/h.
Mark Kelly.

Ted's Cruisy Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove on Tuesday - 10.11.20
Just Ken S, Ray, Julia, David S and myself formed the B Team at the Showgrounds on a warm November morn. After extricating ourselves from a larger bunch of LAC riders we headed off down the path to the Bellarine Highway through Wallington and on to The Groove where the usual excellent coffee and service awaited. Discussion about bike theft and insurance claims, although not always pleasant experiences, was a welcome relief from the usual Covid and US election stuff. After a shortish stop we headed home via Barwon Heads Road, Stacey’s and Lake before getting back on to the BH Road and our various homeward routes. The temperature started to climb into the 30’s on our way home so we were happy for it to be a shortish day in the saddle helping us to acclimatise to the warmer weather to come.

John Hagan's Sunday Ride to Drysdale - 8.11.20
Nineteen riders turned up on a sunny morning for our ride to Curlewis and Drysdale: (from L to R in the photo below) Trudi, Leo, Sarah, Lyn G, Marie, Pam, Janet, Peter J, Nick, Lindy, Jennie, Lyn L (welcome back), Ray, Kim, Peter O'B, Chris Hu, Mick G, John H, and Ken G. My intention was to have coffee at Brown Shugar in Curlewis and then head down to the waterfront and do a circuit around Drysdale. Well, the cafe was closed despite signs sying otherwise. As coffee is one of the main aims of bike riding for many we had to find another coffee spot. The majority decision was that the coffee van at Drysdale Station would be the best bet for such a large number and riders headed in different directions to get there. This turned out to be a good move as the product is a quality one and the service fast from the Bean Cravin' Coffee Van at the Station. As riders wanted to do different distances there were 3 main groups to head home. A few needed to be back early and took the Rail Trail straight back. The rest headed down Princess St with Ken taking a group home via Banks Rd, Ocean Grove and Barwon Heads and the main group came back via Swan Bay Rd and the Bellarine Highway.
Thanks all for an enjoyable ride. John H.

Ken Smith leads the Saturday Ride to Lara - 7.11.20
There were eighteen riders who presented for the mornings ride to Lara: Chris Ha & Hu, Doug, Ian B, Jennie, John H, Julia, Kim, Lindy, Mark S, Noel, Paul, Peter J, Ray, Ted, Leo, Trudi and myself Ken Smith. Before leaving Rippleside,we formed two groups of nine riders, Chris Halpen took the lead of the second group, thanks Chris. The gate on the foreshore path was open, and with a strong tail wind we commenced our ride to Lara via Corio Quay, Esplanade, Sea Beach Parade, and Foreshore Road.The first group of riders rode the path past the Grammar School and into the water that was over the path as they crossed under the highway. Chris avoided the water by riding along Shell Parade and Rennie Road. The first group of riders had coffee at @7grams, and the other riders enjoyed theirs at Xpresso Lounge Cafe. Both groups of riders returned back to Geelong along Elcho Roads Bacchus Marsh Road and Ted Wilson Path.Thank you to all who rode. I would like to express my appreciation to Doug, Gary, Greg, and Peter J for their generous offer to loan me a bike and shoes,to enable me to keep cycling. Peter's were the right size. Thank you.
Ken S.

Doug's Thursday Ride to the Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie - 5.11.20
There would be two courses for today’s ride. First course would be on asphalt the whole journey, as per schedule and thanks to Nick’s earlier WhatsApp message, there would be a dirt ride on offer for the return journey. A good innovation.
Ten riders assembled at the start and we were to pick-up Nick at Baanip Boulevard so we broke into two groups. The first group left the car park and shortly after, the second group was joined by Noel who had a slow ride in from Lara, due to the strong headwind. Today’s riders were Chris Ha, Chris Hu (second group Ride Leader (with thanks)), David S, Doug (Ride Leader), Gary, Janet, Jenny, guest rider Jesse (on a recumbent bike), Kim (Tail-End Charlie – with thanks), Nick, Noel and Sarah. There was one apology, Ken S. Unfortunately, when Ken went to get his bike from the garage this morning, the door was open and Ken’s bike, helmet and cycling shoes were gone – a robbery, which police are now investigating. We picked-up Nick along Baanip Boulevard then onto Ghazeepore, Anglesea, Blackgate, Grassdale, Hendy Main, Grays, Forest then onto the Great Ocean Road where we met (by coincidence) the Portland to Geelong riders who started the day at Lorne. After exchanging pleasantries with them, we had a short distance to the Chocolaterie for coffee. At this stage it was just on 40 kms of cycling. Entering the Chocolaterie, we were required to produce I.D. As cyclists, not many of us carry such formal documents when riding. We eventually got it sorted. A few riders ordered cakes/slices and they were very big helpings, some with cream or ice-cream (carbohydrate loading). Having had our coffee etc. the four dirt riders (Chris Ha, Chris Hu, Nick and Sarah hit the dirt road immediately coming out of the Chocolaterie, whilst the rest of us enjoyed the magnificent tail-wind, on asphalt, back to Grovedale. Google Maps had the distance at 63.9 kilometres and Garmin had it at 67.82 kilometres. A good effort by all in very windy conditions.
Foot Note: This was Norm’s longest ride for the year. A good achievement.

Day 9 Lorne to Geelong - 5.11.20
Another front roared through overnight with strong winds and rain but the day dawned with just scudding clouds and occasional Sun. Last day on the road today for this tour. It was good riding with a strong tailwind, not a great deal of traffic but more than we have had on previous days. Coffee was taken at Anglesea with our welcoming committee of one, (Mark K) before heading on. Zdenka and Elizabeth took Forest Rd., Ray rode on to meet his brother in Geelong and the rest headed down Anglesea Rd and on to Bunnings so Ted could get his key out of his bag, unfortunately he couldn’t find it so was riding out to Lara to get a key from Jo.
Everyone split for home, another tour done and dusted.
Cheers, Peter.

Day 8 Apollo Bay to Lorne along the GOR - 4.11.20
Cool change has blown through with a little rain, started off in a bit of drizzle but soon stopped leaving just a cool breeze at our backs and overcast sky. Rolled along just enjoying the ride and the views of the ocean and hills that come right down to the water. Stopped at Wye River for coffee and cake enjoying the company of a very friendly local decked out in all his finery. Following coffee it was on to Lorne for a bite of lunch before heading to our cabins at the Lorne Caravan Park. We are really in familiar territory now but doesn’t matter how many times we ride this section of the GOR we never tire of it, it is just a beautiful ride with stunning scenery. Last night on the road, home tomorrow and another tour will be done and dusted.
Cheers, Peter.

Nick's Tuesday Ride to Winchelsea on Hot Day - 3.11.20
Twelve riders in two groups set off from Bunnings to ride to Winchelsea on what was to be a very warm (hot) sunny day. The  first group led by Nick included Sarah, Janet, David S, Noel and Gary, and in second led by Chris Hu; Chris Ha, Ken S, John H, Jennie and Barry. Both groups made good progress up WP Drive and along Reservoir before zooming down to Moriac and continued  along Hendy Main before turning on Larcombs Rd  where Doug joined us. Every bit of shade was appreciated. On the Cape Otway road there was more traffic than usual before turning off for a scenic ride with a speedy downhill into Winchelsea. Good coffee and conversation in the shade was had at Cafe La Hoot. The return journey involved some retracing of our steps with a lovely rolling tailwind assisted ride  down Mathieson's Rd  before the hot hard work of C.O Rd in a crosswind. We stopped in Moriac for a welcome rest in the shade before a fast run back to along  Mt Duneed Rd and then Ghazeepore. Despite the hot conditions posing quite a test for 80km, and requiring at least two water bottles, we made good time. Well done riders!
PS  Tarnay’s didn’t have a puncture or have to stop to mend one but Chris Hu’s group wasn’t so lucky.

From Doug: I feel Nick (Ride Leader) should be given accolades for his handling of today’s hot ride. All ride, he was checking on riders and this was particularly relevant for me on the way back from Winchelsea as I was struggling, due to the temperature. I turned-off at Layard Road Moriac and I was not home for very long when he texted me to see if everything was ok. Doug.

Day 7 Lavers Hill to Apollo Bay - 3.11.20
Firstly a word about Lavers Hill, our Motel hosts were about as laid back as you can get without falling over. Don’t worry about payment yet just get settled and relax, when we went over to the restaurant/bar for dinner, what would you like, want me to run a tab for you? These people are hard workers, milking cows, running a motel and running the restaurant/bar and the son in law got his leg smashed by a horse 3 months ago and is still hobbling around on crutches in the bar while his wife and mother in law are milking 200 odd cows. The motel is rustic and has been shut up for covid for quite a while, some thought their sheets felt damp, I reckoned they were cold so bunged on the elec blanket and no more troubles but some thought they should strip the bed, consequently there was bedding spread out everywhere in the Sun. Happy hour rolled into dinner at the bar, one of the best fish and chips I’ve had, everyone enjoyed their meal and our host agreed to put on Eggs and Bacon for breakfast the following morning, and don’t forget the tea and cappuccino, flat white and/or Latte. Not much space left for the ride but suffice to say there are a lot of down hill but also some very taxing climbs before the final run down hill into Apollo Bay. Warm to hot but a fabulous ride through some great countryside and fantastic forests. Should congratulate Peter O, his outer cable cover wore through where it went into the frame which meant he was only able to get down to the centre of the rear cassette he was effectively riding a fixie and some of those climbs he found brutal with that gearing. Hot in Apollo Bay, Zdenko and Ben went Ocean swimming, quite a few others settled for the pool which was not heated but very refreshing. To Lorne tomorrow hopefully in reasonable weather.
Cheers, Peter.

Day 6 Port Campbell to Lavers Hill - 2.11.20
Fine Sunny day today excellent for riding, stopped off in Port Campbell to get supplies before heading out to Loch Ard Gorge did a lot of sightseeing around the area, stunning scenery, continued on to the 12 Apostles, maybe 8 left, a few tourists around but nothing like pre covid. Intended to get a coffee at Princetown but everything locked up and closed down so had to make do from our own resources which wasn’t too much trouble for our resilient bunch. I took over driving for a time until part way up the hill when we did a change and I rode the last 15/20 klm. Quite warm riding protected from the wind in amongst the trees, everyone enjoyed a break at the top at Lavers Hill before heading to the Motel. Another warm day tomorrow apparently so we’ll enjoy it while we can.
Cheers, Peter.

John Hagan's Sunday Ride to Barwon Heads - 1.11.20
Quite a bit of enthusiasm for this ride with 19 at the start line and 3 more to join us on the way. We started with (from L to R in the photo below): Pam, Marie, Katrina, Jennie, Janet, Lindy, Paul T (new rider), Trudi, Chris Hu, Noel, Ian B, Clint, Barry, Doug, Leo, Nick, Mick G, Butch and your photographer John H. Andrew, Geoff and Kim met us on Bailey St in Grovedale. We at first divided into 2 groups as per the covid regulations with John leading the first group and Janet the second group and when joined by the last 3 riders spit the first group into 2 with Chris Hu leading the extra group. The conditions for riding were good as we headed down Horseshoe Bend Rd and 13th Beach Rd to Barwon Heads with the first 2 groups going to The Beach House for coffee and the last group decided on Ebb & Flow for their coffee. The return trip was back via Lake Rd and Barwon Heads Rd. A number of the group went home via Ocean Grove. Thanks all for an enjoyable morning's ride.
Keep riding, John H.

Day 5 Warrnambool to Port Campbell - 1.11.20
Cool head wind from the South East today with a good cloud cover. Took the scenic quiet country road route to The Great Ocean Road near Allansford. Mainly sealed but did have to do a few ks of gravel but our hardy bunch handled it with ease. Quite busy on the GOR, maybe because it is Sunday. Pedalled along at a steady pace, stopped at about 23 ks for morning tea before pedalling on to Peterborough for a coffee and some lunch. Pedalled along stopping at all the tourist spots, The Grotto, London Bridge, The Arch, Bay of Islands etc. The Sun was starting to appear as the clouds burnt away giving us some fabulous views of this stunning coast line, another great days riding with the promise of a warm and Sunny day tomorrow.
Cheers, Peter.

Mark Shying's Saturday Ride to Gnarwarre - 31.10.20
This morning I met up with 11 enthusiastic cyclists at Fyansford Hotel - Chris Ha, Chris Hu, Greg, Janet, John H, Ken S, Kim, Sarah, Nick, Trudi and Leo. Two groups formed up - I led the first group and Chris Hu the second.  Riding the highway out to Pollocksford we encountered a number of gravel sections - fortunately traffic was light.  In good time we were enjoying the fine food at Cottage Farm Nursery.  Group 1 settled down to eat, drink and chat when Group 2 arrived and located to the verandah.  Onto Moriac and then Hendy Main, riders then took different routes home.  An enjoyable morning with much chat, I clocked 67kms.  Thanks for joining me this morning.  
Mark S.

Day 4 Around Warrnambool - 31.10.20
Firstly an explanation of yesterday’s climb out of the Tower Hill Crater, Peter O and Julia were riding up the road out when a car and a campervan came up behind, they waved them through with plenty of room, the car went but the campervan wouldn’t go, following closely on Julia’s wheel to the extent that she just had to stop and make them go on. As we all know when you stop on such a hill it is very difficult to get started again so Zdenko channelling his very best Tour de France actions ran down, helped her get on and gave her a push, running up with her. Finally I must congratulate everyone for a fantastic Pasta Night, three great pasta dishes with salads finished off with Apple Pie, Cheese cake and Icecream.
Today it was an easy ride around some of the sites and out to the Hopkins Falls, meandered around the Esplanade Path, did a bit on the Hwy until we could break away and head into the country. As in all the rides so far the country is just superb, everything is green as and really looks a picture. Checked out the falls then headed back via Wangoon, joy oh joy coffee and cakes available at the General Store and Post Office before rolling on back home mostly into a stiff head wind.
Cheers, Peter.

Day 3 Port Fairy to Warrnambool - 30.10.20
Today dawned cloudy with patches of Sun, yesterday’s rain had passed on leaving everything fresh and green, the Port Fairy Holiday Park is one of the best parks I’ve seen, the gardens and lawns are just pristine, everything is in tip top condition. Later departure today as it is a short run into Warrnambool along the Rail Trail and we had booked into the Noodledoof Brewery at Koroit for coffee, excellent coffee and my Rum Ball was very good. After coffee Mark J, (his home town) led us up to the Lake View Road for some glorious views over Tower Hill, drank in the views before the bunch split some heading back to the Rail Trail and the rest taking the scenic tour around the inside crater of Tower Hill. Lovely little picnic area tucked away inside, worth a look if you are coming this way, it was a great run down into the crater but we had to pay getting out when the grades hit 18%. Took the Hwy into Warrnambool stopping off at a café for lunch before checking into the Fig Tree Caravan Park for the next two nights.
Cheers, Peter.

Day 2 Portland to Port Fairy - 29.10.20
Moving on day, commencing our run towards home. Looked bright early but as time went on the cloud increased and about 15 klms in the spitting rain began to fall gently and really never let up until we arrived in Port Fairy. Took Dutton Way out of Portland. This is the old Hwy right along the water with big rocks heaped up to protect the houses which are really low like the Esplanade at Portarlington. Went as far as we could before taking the road back to the Hwy for a few Klms until we were able to take a detour into the countryside away from the Hwy. Lovely ride up through the farmlands and along quiet country roads until it all had to end and we were back on the Hwy for a short distance  to our morning tea stop at the Tyendara Rec Reserve. Found some shelter to have our morning tea and then it was along the Hwy to Yambuk, again found shelter to have our lunch before the final push of about 19 klm to Port Fairy. At times the Hwy was busy with quite a few trucks, mostly very courteous in giving us a bit of room, as it was raining the road was wet and some seemed to throw a bit of spray around. In general the road is pretty poor considering it is Hwy No 1. Mostly the shoulder is very narrow and in some places non-existent but we managed and arrived safely at our Caravan Park in good spirits ready to tackle the Rail Trail to Warrnambool tomorrow.
Cheers, Peter.

Nick Tarnay's Ride from Rippleside to Pt Henry and return - Thursday 28.10.20
Thirteen riders met up at Rippleside park in foggy conditions: ride leader Nick and 2IC Sarah, Gary, Chris Ha (late pass accepted), Lindy, Norm, Jennie, David S, Ken S, Barry, Peter N and new member Paul. This was supposed to be an easy shorter but scenic ride with few hills, however the fog provided an eerily surreal experience along the foreshore and laps of Eastern Park. Along to Pt Henry the vistas were still shrouded in fog.  Unfortunately, Sarah punctured which necessitated a tube change that failed because the new tube had a slit along a fold line thus entailing more mucking about. Thanks to Barry and Kim for their help.  Lesson: don’t trust a new tube, check it out for flaws, carry patches. On the return journey down Clifton Ave and then back on the rail trail the fog started to lift. By this time many riders chose to go home leaving Yours truly, Sarah, Lindy and Norm to the marvellous views of the bay and a well earned coffee at the The Beach House on Eastern Beach. Thanks riders! Next time I’ll organise better weather!

Day 1 Portland to Geelong GTC Tour - Around Portland - 28.10.20
Lovely day for a ride today, everyone was ready to go at 9-00 am heading for Cape Bridgewater. It was easy riding mostly with a few undulations which later morphed into hills. Glorious day rolling through green paddocks with huge wind farms all slowly turning in the sun. Split the group into two to allow the “fast boys” to roll along at their own pace whilst I just cruised along with the “cruisers” enjoying the scenery. A few klm’s from the Blowholes arrived at the café just on opening time, how’s that for timing. Enjoyed our coffee overlooking the ocean before continuing on to the Cape and checking out the views. No big swells rolling in today so the Blowholes were pretty quiet but the ocean views were magnificent and the Petrified Forest very interesting. It was then back on the bikes heading for the Cape Nelson Lighthouse and lunch. Hills were a bit testing again but the road was quiet and the country just fantastic. The country roads cutting across to the Cape Nelson Rd were lovely. Saw a couple of squashed snakes on the way but the one on this stretch was a real big one. Lunch out the front of the café was excellent, did a bit of sightseeing over the cliffs, the photographers with their bazzookas said there were 4 whales out there but I just took their word for it. The Police Chopper was buzzing along the cliffs, apparently a man went missing two days ago and hasn’t been found yet. After lunch it was home via the Scenic Route, a great ride, this is a lovely area and a great way to start our tour.
Cheers, Peter J.

TWO RIDES to Jan Juc - Gravel & Road - on Tuesday 27.10.20
Photos from the start of BOTH rides and when they joined for coffee at Jan Juc:

Mark Kelly Leads the GRAVEL Ride
Five gravel grinders turned out for the ride to Jan Juc this morning - Nick and Sarah, Chris Hu, Chris Ha and Mark K. Despite a cold wind and some threatening clouds spirits were high as we watched the road riders head out from Bunnings led by Trudi. We followed them up Waurn Ponds Drive and then our ways parted as we headed down Pettavel Rd. Nice riding with some enjoyable countryside and not too much wind. We then headed up Vickery’s Rd before turning up the Elkington Rd climb that brought us out at the Chocolaterie. We resisted and headed to Jan Juc via the dirt track along Pt Addis to Bells, down the Bells Hill and then along the walking track to Swell for coffee. The roadies arrived not long after us and we enjoyed the stop together. The ride lead was handed to Nick to guide the group back to Geelong. A very enjoyable ride - thanks to the gravelleurs and the roadies as well. A ride of around 55kms and around 450 mt of climbing.
Mark K.

Trudi Leads the Road Ride to Jan Juc via Moriac
With a blustery start and grey skies above brought seventeen riders out for today rides, twelve for my road ride. Two Ken’s, two David’s, Gary, Doug, Janet, Jennie, Lyn, Kim, Peter and Trudi. Setting off up the old Colac Highway, Pettavel Rd, Reservoir Rd turning onto Hendy Main into Moriac. Jennie left us here to get back early to babysit her grandchildren. Cape Otway Rd, Church Rd, Larcombes Rd, Forrest Rd, brought us out  on the Great Ocean Rd. It was here that we joined up with Ken and Lyn who had set off ten minutes before the rest of the group. A quick discussion on whether we would ride Bells or just head down Bones Rd. Bones won, due to the wind gusts. After forty eight kms I think that we were overdue for a coffee fix. Arriving at Cafe Swell we were greeted by the dirt riders awaiting our arrival. Our route homeward was Torquay, Horseshoe Bend Rd with everyone dropping off at different locations heading for home. Many thanks to everyone for your company today for the 70 km circuit ride in the wind.

Greg Allerton's 100km Ride to Russells Bridge, Bannockburn, Gnarwarre & Moriac on Sunday 25.10.20
This was a day for serious riders with forecast 13 max and south east winds increasing to 40 kph. I was very glad to have 4 strong companions (John H, John M, Mark S and Nick T) as we left South Geelong Station just after 8 am. The tail wind gave us an easy run out via Ted Wilson Trail and Midland Highway path to Ballan Rd and it was not long before we turned into Steiglitz Rd. Parker Rd led us down into Moorabool Valley but unfortunately a wind and rain squall hit as we were climbing slowly up Clyde Hill. A short stop at Bannockburn was welcome before we headed down over Bruce Creek and left into the quiet and bushy Harvey Rd, which is a good alternative to the busier Burnside Rd. Once on Hamilton Highway at Murgheboluc we encountered a massive glass spillage which littered the road edge for over 1 km. After climbing up past Burnside Rd we stopped to check our tyres. Alas soon after turning into Pollocksford Rd John M had a rear puncture. We soon resumed pedalling knowing that a coffee break was getting closer. We were soon at Cottage Farm Nursery where a busy Chris soon had hot coffee and macadamia tart served to us, though I prefered the rhubarb slice with yoghurt. John M had another slow puncture which we repaired before leaving. Soon after another squall hit before we crossed Princes Highway. There were a few light showers as we rode through Moriac and left up to Reservoir Rd. It was then back to Waurn Ponds Drive and the creek path from where people headed home. Thanks guys for your company on a tough day. I did 101 km in 4 hours 46 minutes riding time, average 21.1 
Greg Allerton Ride Leader.

Peter Jones leads the Easy Ride to Torquay on Sunday 25.10.20
Six keen riders for today’s wild and windy ride to Torquay, Janet, Jennie, Chris Hu, Ken S, Ray and myself. Discussed where to go, preferably with a tailwind home, as four of us had done the BRT the previous day  it was decided Torquay would do the job. Good solid ride down to Mejavo’s via Anglesea Rd and Ocean Acres, best to get the hard work done before coffee. Enjoyed a good break, coffee and cake in the Sun before enjoying a fast down wind run down HSBend Rd and home.
Thanks everyone for your company and ride on. Cheers, Peter.

John Hagan's Saturday Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove - 24.10.20
On the way to join the group at Grovedale Pub I met Peter J and shortly after I heard a hissing sound 20 metres in front of me. Testament to Peter's proficency at puncture repair (tubeless tyres) - we were at the start with 9 minutes to spare. We were fortunate that the big rain band had cleared just before we left home. We had 6 starters: Janet, Julia, Jennie, Chris Hu, Peter J and myself. It was a good run via Lake Rd to Groove in Ocean Grove for coffee and cake. Our return trip was over to Curlewis and back via the Rail Trail. We thought the winds would slow us considerably but we were well protected by the trees on the rail trail. We did have to go cautiously through shallow flooding over the road on a few occasions in the earlier part of the trip. Thanks to all for a most enjoyable ride. Here is a live video of the route that Peter recorded - click here.
Keep riding. John.

Chris Halpin's Thursday Ride to Lara - 22.10.20
10 riders greeted me at Rippleside this morning - PJ, Gary, Jennie, Marge, Julia, Trudi, Kim, Barry, Norm and guest Paul. Perfect number for one social group. We headed off avoiding the temp fencing and rejoined the waterfront at St Helens. Barry promptly punctured but we were soon on our way again marvelling at all the construction activity around the docks. Passed the famous Christmas Tree being readied for launch. Then along the path to the Hovell Trail. Beautiful sunshine and a gentle tail wind made for ideal riding - until we got to Ted's flood under the Freeway. Unfortunately this mess is still a work in progress. Into Lara and along to Millars for coffee. Pretty busy here with various mothers' clubs but we eventually got served. Barry and Jennie left to hurry straight back for appointments. The rest of us headed west up Stacey's so that PJ could get a nice circle on his Strava map. Back to Church St along the Ted Wilson Trail where the group split again to head home. All told about 50km.
Thanks everyone, Chris Ha.

Mark Kelly's 108km Circuit of the Bellarine Peninsula on Tuesday 20.10.20
A group of around 15 met this morning at the Showgrounds for the Tour de Bellarine. We broke into two groups - the first consisting of Mark K, Heather, David S, David L, John, Ken, Ray and Barry were soon halted by Ray having a puncture. Meanwhile the second group, led by Ben and consisting of Julia, Peter J, Doug, Chris Hu, Jenny and Trudi, went sailing by. In addition there were a number of cameo appearances including Dr Mike, Ron, Rolf, Stenna and Elizabeth who we saw along the way. We had a pleasant cruise out the bike path, around the Drysdale bypass and onto Portarlington for coffee. Following the bay we had some great views of Melbourne with the sun poking through from time to time. Turning towards Queenscliff we had a great run with a slight tail wind. After a quick lap of the town we passed the second group heading in and continued on to Ocean Grove for a well-deserved lunch break. We headed back home via 13th Beach and Lake Rd. All in all a great day for riding with little wind and a cool temperature. We covered some 108km with around 488 metres of climbing and an average speed of 24.9, which explains my tired legs. Thanks to all for the good company. Finally, a reminder that we need to make sure that we are careful and considerate when riding along the bike path as there were quite a lot of walkers and other bikes this morning and some are understandably a bit nervous of being passed by larger groups on bikes.
Cheers, Mark.

Meri's Sunday Ride to Moriac & Bellbrae - 18.10.20
Sunday's medium/hard ride became an easy ride before it began. Temperature was below 10, and so rather chilly, but not a lot of wind thankfully.  So Mark J, Peter J, Kim, Norm, the Tarnays, Jenny, Ray, Ian, plus Lovro and myself headed up the old Colac Road. Across to Pettavel Road and then onto Resovoir and some went via Hendy Main Road, however I chose to ride downhill into Moriac via Otway Road. Good catchup at Moriac Store and homebound via Hendy Main Road, Anglesea Highway, Ghazeepore Road and back to Bunnings at Waurn Ponds. A tailwind meant we were back by 11:45. 
Thanks for the ride and the company. Meri.

Peter Jones leads the Saturday Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove - 17.10.20
13 riders today on a day threatening showers but didn’t deliver any rain, just a bit of a Southwesterly breeze. Those attending today: Chris Hu, David L, Doug, Jennie, John H, Ken S, Meri and Lovro, Sarah and Nick, Trudi and Leo, and little old me. Seeing we exceeded our riding limit I suggested David L, Ken S, Sarah and Nick, and Chris Hu be the front runners while I did my leading from the centre leading the rest. Took the usual route via lake Rd and BH Rd, did the nice run around the Sheep Wash before calling in at The Garage. It was obvious they were close to the max pax which was confirmed as I was deciding to move on and they sent out one of their girls to suggest we couldn’t fit. Moved on to Groove where we enjoyed our coffee without trouble. Combined the two groups to head home as Jennie had departed at BH as she was on a tight time schedule and Chris Hu was heading off looking for Gravel to ride. Headed home via 13th Beach, Black Rock Path, Blackgate Rd, Doug peeled off and headed home to the left at HSBend Rd while we headed right and enjoyed a bit of tailwind home. Most enjoyable ride, thanks for the company everyone.
Ride on. Cheers, Peter J.

Ken Smith's Thursday Ride to Bannockburn - 15.10.20
We rode the Ted Wilson path,and Creamery Rd, Ballan Rd, then along Steiglitz Rd on the way to our destination To comply with the Covid Resrrictions there were to groups of riders. Peter Jones kindly volunteered to lead the second group. We rode into a strong head/side wind on the way out and this enabled us with wind assistance on the way home.These are the names of the riders in no particular order: Barry, Chris Ha & Hu, David S, Gary Jennie, Julia, Meri, Peter J, PO'B, Rob, Nick, Sarah, Ted, Trudi and guest Lin Park. Ted must have been pleased to take part in a ride without been attacked by Magpies. Thanks to all who rode making it and enjoyable day.

Chris Hume's Ride from Winchelsea to Wurdiboluc & Inverleigh on Tuesday 13.10.20
There were 11 riders for today ’s Figure 8 Rural Ride from Winchelsea. Riders in alphabetical first names were: Ben, Chris Hu (Ride Leader), David, Doug, Gary, Janet, Jennie, Julia, Ken S, Peter J and Trudi. This saw the need for two groups and Peter J fulfilled the Leaders role for the second group.
In overcast conditions and a 19 kilometres an hour head wind we headed out on the Winchelsea-Deans Marsh Road. With a left turn onto the Cape Otway the wind was now at our right-hand side. We then had a short stop at the Wurdiboluc Reservoir just to check the water level hadn’t gone down since our last visit there a week or so ago. It hadn’t. Shortly after our stop David encountered a stone which resulted in a puncture. We continued back to Winchelsea without incident. Leaving Winchelsea for a second time we headed out on Barwon Park Road with Inverleigh our coffee destination. At this point Trudi was in need of caffeine fix only to be told to “suck it up sunshine as the coffee stop is at Inverleigh.” No sympathy whatsoever for Trudi. Barwon Park Road was a joy to ride as we had the wind at our back and our rural road was not that wide however there was little traffic. We were cruising along with ease up in the high twenties’ kilometres an hour. At Inverleigh we had lunch and coffee at the Inverleigh Bake House. At the café we were on our best behaviour (as always) and we had the pleasure of the Police Highway Patrol sharing our lunch-stop. Great riding from everyone, great company and the rural roads were a delight as was the very green fields along the route. A relatively flat course. Distance: 73.85 kilometres. Climbing: 197 metres (most of it in the first part of the ride). The trip back to Winchelsea saw us into the wind again however we easily maintained a speed around the mid-twenties.
Scribe: Doug.

Chris Halpin leads the Ride to Jan Juc & Torquay on Tuesday 13.10.20
3 riders, David, Ray and myself gathered at the Grovedale this morning for the club's alternate ride to Jan Juc. Being the last to turn up it was a no brainer that I would be elected leader! The preferred route was agreed to - Vickerys/Gundrys/ Bells and off we set in light misty rain. Up the usual route to Blackgate, Hendy Main and into Vickerys. The pace was easy, chatter social and traffic thankfully light. We were looking forward to coffee at Swell but got detoured straight ahead on Bells Bvd because of roadworks at Sunset Strip. Not a good choice. 3 steep climbs back up to GOR had us panting. So we kept going into Torquay for a well earned coffee at Mejavo's. Back via HSB road with a helpful southerly. Thanks gentlemen for a challenging medium ride of 72km and 650m climbing.
Chris Ha.

Greg Allerton's 100km Ride to Anakie & Staunton Vale on Sunday 11.10.20
I was pleased to lead a bunch of 8 riders on one of my favourite 100 km circuits. We left in calm mild conditions and took a few backstreets and a short detour to avoid roadwork as we rode via Hamlyn Heights and out along the bike path to Ballan Road. It was an easy run out to Anakie for coffee at the general store after 35 km. There was a long climb past Fairy Park before we were rewarded with a good downhill. We passed Anakie Gorge and were soon on flat roads through the hamlet of  Balliang before a short section on the busy Bacchus Marsh Rd. Ripley Rd led us to the start of Sandy Creek Rd at the Ford Proving Ground. The 3 km of gravel was in good condition and only 4 cars passed us, most of which slowed down. There was a long downhill before Forest Rd led us through Lara. Canterbury Rd, Shell Parade, Corio Quay and Rippleside took us back to Geelong where we parted ways. Thanks to Ray C, John H, John M, Peter O, Michael P, Janet R (only female rider) and Mark S for coming. It was great to have John Hagan on one of my long rides again.
Greg Allerton - Ride Leader.

Julia McKeag's Easy Ride to Torquay on Sunday 11.10.20 - Divided into 3 Groups with 3 Ride Reports
1/ On a lovely mild morning we commenced our ride from South Geelong station  to  Torquay. 20 riders turned up: Marie, Trudy, Leo, Ian B, Ken G, Lyn, Mick, Chris H, Peter J, Meri, Lovro, Lindy, Julia, Pam, Jennie, Sarah, Nick, Barry, Lyn L, Katrina. We split up into 3 groups which worked well. Peter Jones, Chris Hume & Julia leading. My group took the road over the break onto Barwon Heads Road then Horseshoe Bend. A very relaxing ride to coffee at Dog rocks Café.  Returned home via same route.

2/ Five in this group Marie, Barry, Chris Hu, Trudi and Leo. We left the Station and followed 200m behind PJ’s group out of Geelong and onto Horseshoe Bend Rd. At McCanns Rd we stopped for a while and were set upon by squadrons of mosquitoes!! Continued onto Torquay and Bells Bakery for coffee. Here we met up with Zac who was heading off for a run. Marie headed home solo from here and the rest headed to Anglesea Rd via Ocean Acres and onto Waurn Ponds here we split up and headed home.
A pleasant ride in fine weather.
Chris Hume.

3/ A big bunch today so Julie split it into three groups, I was lucky enough to take the first group. We took BHeads Rd to Hsbend Rd and down to Torquay. Thought we were going to have to detour at the bridge but a couple walking their dog let us know the road was open even though the road was blocked with a road closed sign. Tried the Surf Club for coffee but way too busy so went on to Mejavo's and enjoyed our coffee there. Came home via Ocean Acres and Anglesea Rd, an excellent days riding.
Peter J.

Peter Jones Leads the Ride to Drysdale & Most return via Ocean Grove - 10.10.20
Sixteen keen riders this morning on a nice Sunny day with a bit of a breeze from the South. In no particular order, Chris Ha, Geoff C, Janet, Jennie, John H, Julie, Ken S, Kim, Mark J, Meri, Norm, Ron, Ted, Trudi and Leo, and yours truly. We split into two groups for the ride out, John Hagan taking the lead for a very pleasant easy ride on the BRT. Very busy with walkers and cyclists going in both directions. My bunch stopped off at the Caravan for coffee meeting up with John M, Lyn G, Pam, Marie, Geof, Mick, Jean and Chris Hu. John H led his bunch on to the Bungalow where they took over the pit for an enjoyable coffee. Returning the bunches split into a number of options, some heading straight back on the BRT, some heading home via Princess, Swan Bay and Bellarine Hwy and others via Ocean Grove 13th Beach and HSB Rd. All in all a great morning on the bike, we’ll ignore John’s puncture almost at the end of HSBend Rd.
Ride on. Cheers Peter, thanks for the company everyone.

Chris Halpin's Thursday ride to Gnarwarre - 8.10.20
Eight optimists gathered at Bunnings this morning - 2xChris, PJ, POB, Janet, Julia,  & 2xSmith, David and Ken. Weather was not too unfriendly as we headed up Waurn Ponds Dve, Pettavel, Reservoir before turning north into the wind at Cape Otway Rd. Here we lost PJ to more important things, crossed the Hwy and laboured up Devon to Barrabool Rd. Heading west across the wind wasn't too difficult and we were soon enjoying drinks and Chris' hospitality at Cottage Farm, nearly forgot to leave! Tailing winds blew us down the hill, across the Hwy to Cape Otway then thru Moriac and back up to Reservoir and on to Bunnings. A rich reward for our efforts, ~50 km & 500m climbing plus great company. Thanks all, Chris Ha

Peter O'Brien's Tuesday Ride to Jan Juc - 6.10.20
A large group of riders gathered at the Grovedale Hotel car park this morning for the ride to Jan Juc.  Initially it was decided to break-up into three separate ride groups to ensure conformity with the COVID rules so thanks goes to Peter Jones and Mark Kelly for assisting as the additional ride leaders. Today’s route incorporated the relatively flat terrain of Freshwater Creek and Blackgate Road, the downhill ride on Vickerys Road and the rolling hills on Gundrys Road.  At this point of the ride we were well past the normal coffee stop and as there were no cafes in sight we continued on.  We had more downhill and uphill climbs on Jarosite, Bells Beach and Bones Roads and a further downhill ride to the Swell Café in Jan Juc for a coffee/lunch break.  This break was well deserved after two hours of riding.  The second and third riding groups rolled into the café soon after we’d arrived and it was very pleasant to catch up with everyone.  The three respective groups then rode back to Geelong via Torquay and Horseshoe Bend Road. The riders who participated were:  Julia, Kim, Trudi, Jenni, Ken, Peter J, Meri, Lovro, David S, David L, Doug, Ted, Ben, Barry, Ray, Mark K, Sarah, Nick, John M, Chris Hu and Chris Ha.  Apologies if I missed anyone. The total distance I covered today was 80kms however this distance would be shorter for those riders who departed from the hotel car park.
Thanks to all for an enjoyable ride. Peter O.

Kim's Sunday Ride to Moriac - 4.10.20
It was the first day of DST and we still managed 20 riders meeting on time at the Bunnings carpark. We welcomed a new member, Michael Papiernik and a guest rider and past member David Lambourn. Other riders for the day were Barry, Chris’s x2, Doug, Ian B, Janet, Jennie, John H, Julia, Lindy, Mark S, Peter’s x2, Ray, Ross, Sarah, Nick and myself Kim. Mark S has designed a new Magpie proof helmet (pictured) and as we did not see any it must have worked. We set off in 2 groups with the faster riders being delegated to the first group. There was a breakaway group in the first lot and they set a very fast pace early on with the rest of us pushing hard but close behind most of the way. The ride leader had a brain fade with sense of direction at Larcombes Rd but I was soon corrected and back on track again. As the first group were getting their coffee at the Moriac Store the second group of riders were arriving, so we crossed over to the park in order to maintain the required social distancing. The conditions for the morning were perfect, not cold, a bit of cloud cover and more importantly only a light wind. The morning was made even better because the motorists were still in bed so we had an exceptional run on the roads. Thank you everyone for a very enjoyable mornings ride covering 47k around the Moriac loop.
Cheers, Kim Gorell.

Ted's Saturday Ride to Lara - 3.10.20
Eleven riders (Janet, Jennie, John H, Julia, Katrina, Ken S, Peter J, Ray, Trudi, Leo and myself) turned up at Rippleside on the warmest morning for ages. Masks were donned for the photo op and we made sure we didn’t exceed the maximum of ten in the group pic. After a thoughtful birthday presentation from Peter J to Trudi of a hot pink club jersey we headed off around the bay sticking mostly to the shared paths where possible. A hot and strong northerly breeze (how I like my coffee and my women) was blowing but we suffered the pain to enjoy the gain of the tail wind home. The ride was relatively uneventful until we reached the Grammar School when a nasty black and white monster picked on your trusty ride leader and DREW BLOOD (see pic below). I have to say I didn’t feel it at the time and even after getting home and requesting the obligatory sympathy from the wife we couldn’t actually find the source of the red stuff. Maybe it was the magpie’s blood, not mine. We negotiated the flooded path under the freeway and managed to get two tables at Xpresso Lounge for a welcome brew. The trip home was reward for our efforts on the outward journey and we sailed along the Ted Wilson until we split off to our respective abodes. Looking forward to seeing Trudi in her new jersey.

Magpie attack on our Ride Leader, Ted.

GTC STRAVA Page - 2.10.20
We have a club Strava page for those who record their rides on this app. To go to it you click on the magnifying glass at the top of any Strava page and then down the dropdown list to "Clubs" and enter "Geelong Touring Cyclists" and you will find the page. Regular Strava users may want to become a member of this group.

Sarah's Ride to Curlewis & Ocean Grove on Thursday 1.10.20
With the promise of fine weather, 18 riders were assembled this morning at the show grounds, namely (in no particular order) Barry, Gary, Ken S and Kim, Chris Ha, David, Doug, Jennie, Julia, Marge, Mark K, Peter O, Rob, Ross, Ted, Trudi, Nick and myself. We took a well known route along BRT, down Curlewis and Wallington roads and home via Thirteenth Beach, Blackrock, Lake and Barwon Heads Road. We split into two groups, both for coffee (partaken at Dunes plus Ebb and Flow) and riding, with Barry kindly agreeing to lead a group. Fortune did not smile on the Tarnays however with each of us having a puncture; glass on both occasions. Rob and Ken were quick to offer assistance; much appreciated. Hence the trip back from Ocean Grove became a less cohesive, and alas much more windy, affair. Nevertheless all returned home safe and sound so it was a successful day. Also thumbs up to Barry for  bringing a spare mask which enabled Gary to stop for coffee and stay within COVID rules. Total distance 51km.
Thanks everyone for good riding and good company.

Chris Hume's Tuesday Ride to Winchelsea - 29.9.20
Fourteen riders headed out from Bunnings in very cool conditions: Barry, Chris x 3, David, Doug, John M, Julia, Ken S, PJ, Ray, Trudi, Sarah and Nick we were in two groups with Nick volunteering to lead the extra group and Chris Ha was kelpie. Starts off up Waurn Ponds Dr and onto the M1. Here Ken’s bike punctured. Punctured again on Devon Rd and he decided to phone for help/pickup. Onward we headed to Winch trying to use the M1 as little as possible and finishing off with a nice downhill run along Atkins Rd. Coffee was at Café La Hoot and service was good. After coffee, headed back to Geelong around Lake Wurdiboluc and onward to Moriac, using Layards Rd etc, here some stopped for more refreshments the rest headed straight home. It ended up being great conditions for riding. A most enjoyable ride!! 91km  530m ascent.
Chris Hu.

John's Sunday Ride to Donut King in Ocean Grove - 27.9.20
We were a bit uncertain about the impending weather at the start but all turned out well with no rain, some intermittent sunshine, but a breeze to keep us honest. Twelve riders assembled at the Grovedale Hotel: Chris Hu, Janet, Jenny, John, Julia, Katrina, Kim, Peter J, Ray, Ross, Trudi & Leo and were later joined by Pam, Lyn & Mick at Leopold. In two groups we took the Bellarine Rail Trail, after a detour at Whittington to avoid a magpie, and rode out to Curlewis. Heading for Ocean Grove we were aware of a particularly nasty maggie on Grub Rd near the Bellarine Highway - it swooped down on quite a few of the riders and I felt its wings on my back - fortunately not its beak! We took Empress Bvde and various back roads through to Donut King in the Ocean Grove Marketplace Shopping Mall in Shell Rd. We were spread around for the coffee with one group inside and the other group in the sunshine in the carpark. Our return trip was via Bonnyvale Rd and Ocean Thruway to Barwon Heads and back home along the Barwon Heads Rd and Lake Rd for a total of 57km.
Keep Riding, John H.



Mike Currie recovering from his broken arm - 27.9.20
Mike is making steady progress after breaking his arm on Swanston St (not at the rail crossing) recently. Recovery could take at least another 6 weeks but he is eager to get back riding. Best of luck Mike.

Nick's Saturday Ride to Portarlington - 26.9.20
Despite the potential of wet and windy conditions, thirteen hardy riders turned up at the Showground to ride to Portarlington via the rail trail and bypass road  path. In attendance were Trudi, Leo, John H, Chris Hu, Peter J, Julia, Jennie, Ted, Janet, Mark S, Ken S, Sarah and Nick. Very shortly into the ride the first of many showery squalls hit but aided by a tailwind and good conversation we cruised along at a reasonable clip. Ted left us at Drysdale and we proceeded on the new path to the Port hills and then rocketed down the Pt Richards Rd to the bay and around the soggy gravel path. For those of us able to enjoy it, the views were lovely. Coffee and conversation in the sunshine and out of the wind was most pleasant. After the well earned break the group split for the return journey. My group reversed the Ride direction and went straight back on the shortest most direct route. However, our experience was that in the rain and the wind, the Hills seemed harder heading west and the views appeared quite different. The rail trail and path were practically deserted making pleasant riding even if the conditions were a little tough. Peter Jones' group were joined by John M and came back the Queenscliff Rd, Murradoc Rd and Princess St. Thanks riders!

Chris Halpin's Thursday Ride to Moriac - 24.9.20
A big group gathered at the Grovedale Hotel this morning in weak sunshine and a testing westerly wind. It was great to see Ben back on a bike after his recent crash. Nick & Sarah invited a guest Helen all the way from Nathalia plus Mark J, David, 2x Peters, 2x Chris, Kim, Jennie, Ray, Barry, Ken & Ron. Enough for 2 groups, so Nick kindly volunteered to lead the B team and Chris Hu filled the 'kelpie' role. We set off up Surf Coast Hwy, right into Baanip, to Ghazeepore, Dickens, Blackgate, Hendy Main into Moriac. Peter O'Brien choreographed the A team in a rolling peloton into the wind on the westerly legs. After a shakey start this provided both light entertainment and some assistance - we agreed we need more practice! Meanwhile Jennie was having puncture issues in the B team which not even Chris Hu could solve. Poor Jennie required a tow truck! Was good to wave to Ross as we entered Moriac. Coffee was a little slow but the chatter made up for it. The A team headed off up Hendy Main and then flew home on the marvelous westerly. Just hope the B team got home OK. Met John H on Thornhill Rd. Thanks everyone for a challenging 50Km ride.
Chris Ha.

Trudi's Windy Ride to Bannockburn on Tuesday 22.9.20
For our first ride back, as a group ride since the second wave of Covid restrictions, saw ten riders for my ride out to Bannockburn: Julie, Jennie, Ted, Peter J, Peter O, David S, Ray, Barry, Chris Hu and me, Trudi. Due to the strong northerly winds I decided to reverse the ride route today. So we all enjoyed the downhill run to the Hamilton Highway, then we were face planted into a strong headwind all the way to Burnside Rd. Once we turned off the highway it was still a struggle to ride with the wind just slightly over our shoulder.  A few hundred meters before our coffee stop a local magpie decided that he would welcome us to Bannockburn. With ten riders to choose from, he decided that he liked the look of Ray and his bright orange helmet. Having had several good swoops at him, the rest of us rode onward in peace, thanking our lucky stars he like Ray more. Today’s cafe of choice was still closed so I thought we’d give a new cafe a try Cafe Coco Espresso Crew. Found this to be quite slow service and it took sometime to get our refreshments. Back on our bikes and off down Clyde Rd, Parkers Rd and onto Steiglitz Rd with a fantastic tailwind blowing us homeward. Lovely Banks Rd was my option instead of  Ballan Rd today, then back along Ted Wilson path.. thanks everyone for joining me today, a very pleasant windy ride just shy of 60kms, but due to the weather conditions long enough.

Nick leads the group to Curlewis, Wallington & Ocean Grove on Sunday - 20.9.20
Six riders: Nick, Sarah, Janet, Barry, John H and Mark S met for a late start at the Showgrounds to do the rail trail and then onto Ocean Grove. Mark arrived with his helmet decorated in the Slovenian colours to celebrate Pagocar’s fantastic stage win at the Tour to take the yellow jersey. But for me, it was all about Ritchie! The sun came out for us to provide beautiful spring weather and plenty of good conversation was had whilst we rolled along the trail.  Along Wallington Rd we diverted to take a look at Orchard Cr and then proceeded onto Grubb Rd. The Dunes for coffee was busy  (no china cups yet) and lots of surfers were enjoying the favourable conditions. We bumped into Katrina J and also John Miro who rode back with us via 13th, Lake Rd and Warralilly. The stiff headwind, especially along busy 13th, made the trip home more vigorous. Thanks to all riders for such a pleasant Sunday ride.

Sunday ride to Groove the long way - 20.9.20
Eight riders for our ride from Grovedale Pub this morning, Trudi, Julie, Leo, Peter O, Doug, Ian, Chris Hu and myself. Should have had Jennie as well but a bit of miscommunication between Doug and Jennie had her at Church St, all dressed up and nowhere to go. Trudi thought 13th Beach would be nice on a fine warm day, Julie wanted to go out west to get there so we took the long way round to get to Groove for our coffee. 13th Beach was lovely but very busy with cars and surfers. We had enjoyed a lot of tail and/or side trail wind on the way down so had to push a bit of breeze to get home via BH Rd, Lake Rd and Waralily but all and all an excellent ride.
Ride on. Cheers, Peter J.

Chatty Ride to Moriac - Saturday 19.9.20
Julie and I met up with Trudi and Leo at the Fyansford Hotel this morning on a  forecast warm and humid day. A few big clouds about and an early morning shower was evident as we made our way out the Hamilton Hwy. Rolled out to Moriac General Store via Merrawarp Rd, Barrabool Rd, Hendy Main Rd. Enjoyed a good coffee on the deck in the Sun, a lot of cyclists out and about we didn’t know but we were just about to mount our trusty steeds when Ross and Chris Hu turned up so had to chat on with them and then Father Xmas turned up, aka Mark Kelly, more chatting, then we are about to depart and Trudi gets into a long conversation with a former member Geneviève. Finally we got away and rolled home via Hortips, Maggie likes me, Considines, Barrabool Rd and Polocksfords Rd to Hamilton Hwy. Couple of stiff sections into a block headwind but not too bad. Almost home and met up with John and Jennie after their ride to Avalon, then met up with Mike Currie on Barrabool Rd, another long chat, all in all a great morning on the bike.
Ride on. Cheers, Peter J.

To Avalon Beach - Saturday 19.9.200
Jennie and I headed for Avalon Beach via the Hovell Trail. We didn't go under the Freeway but crossed the creek walking on the Geelong bound lane of the Freeway and rejoined the road at Cozens Rd in Avalon. The trip down to the beach was my first on that road since I broke my leg there on 24.2.19 so took the gravel section very cautiously!! This was Jennie's first trip to the settlement. We bought coffee and tea at McDonalds in Lara and enjoyed it in the sunshine in Austin Park. Our return trip was via Tower Hill Drive and Bluestone Bridge Rd through to Fyansford and back along the Barwon for a total distance of 65km. Thanks Jennie for a very enjoyable ride.
Keep Riding, John H.

Timboon Rail Trail - Friday 18.9.20
Sarah, Nick, Peter O’B and Mark J rode the Timboon rail trail on Friday, starting from Camperdown railway station.  The first hilly 10 km were on bitumen with wonderful  views over the spectacular crater lakes before entering the rail trail proper. Most of the tree lined trail through the emerald green pasture land was a relatively straightforward gravel ride until we approached the trestle bridges with some short but steep technical bits on  muddy tracks that required care to reconnoiter. At Timboon we enjoyed a great sit down lunch (fantastic gourmet pies ) and coffee in china cups. The return trip was equally enjoyable with good company and conversation but there was more up hill, especially the last steep ‘character building’ climb back into Camperdown before the final fast descent. A great day out. Highly recommended. Thanks riders! (82kms / 60 km gravel).

Thursday ride to Point Lonsdale - 17.9.20
With a forcast of light rain our bunch of 9 quickly dropped to the hardy only, a nice little group of five. Peter O, Julie, Chris Ha, Chris Hu and myself headed down the BRT in light rain. By the time we got to Banks Rd the rain had stopped and we almost had some blue sky. Julie had a puncture just shy of the Point which delayed us a little but we were soon in Point Lonsdale, it was pleasant to be able to sit and have a coffee in a real cup. Julie's tyre went down again so the cavalry was called, (Jim) and the rest of us rolled on home via OG, BH and 13th Beach with a good strong South Easterly up our clacker.
Ride on.  Cheers, Peter J.

Trudi's Twos to Cafe with a View, Gnarwarre - 15.9.20
Two by two by one this morning with Trudi, Jennie, Julie, Peter O and myself heading out the Hamilton Hwy and up Pollocksford to Cafe with a View at Gnarwarre. Enjoyed our coffee and a very nice slice before rolling on to Moriac. Stopped and chatted with Zdenka and Elizabeth on Barabool Rd. Took Reservoir Rd across and Cochran's up to Ceres before separating to head home. Great day on the bike again.
Ride on. Cheers, Peter.

Sunday to Pt Lonsdale - 13.9.20
What a difference a day makes, two by two we headed to Point Lonsdale, Julie and myself, Trudi and Leo. Took the BRT to Jetty Rd.  across the Drysdale Bypass to Princess St., to Banks Rd., to Queenscliff Rd., to Point Lonsdale via the Point. Had a coffee sitting in the Sun overlooking the Rip, glorious! Meandered home via Shell Rd., Grubb Rd., Malpas estates and Queenscliff Rd., Fantastic mornings ride.
Ride on. Cheers Peter J.

To Moriac on Sunday 13.9.20
Ted and John rode up Waurn Ponds Drive into a stiff breeze then took Reservoir Rd and Hendy Main Rd to coffee from the Moriac General Store. As we sat in the sunshine, in the picnic area opposite the store, Chris Hu turned up having come in separately. The return trip for Ted and I was literally a breeze with a strong following tail wind along Mt Duneed Rd, then Ghazeepore, Baanip Bvde and home along the Barwon from Breakwater for a total of just over 50km. Thanks Ted for an enjoyable morning's ride.
Keep riding, John.

Thursday ride to Cheeky Cow - 10.9.20
Busy day on the cycling front today, lovely and Sunny. The Showgrounds was a popular start point. Saw Doug, Mark J and Janet there heading for Drysdale, Barry rocked up, also heading for Drysdale, we were heading for The Cheeky Cow but also passed Lyn, Mick, Butch and Barry on the BRT also heading for Drysdale.  We had a very pleasant ride through the estates to Cheeky Cow and an enjoyable coffee over the road in the Sun. Came home via the coast, 13th Beach, Blackgate Rd and HSBend Rd. Fantastic ride, just glorious.
Ride on. Cheers, Peter.

Trudi's Group do a Jan Juc circuit to Swell on Tuesday 8.9.20
Today's plan was to head down to Jan Juc with a strong tail wind via Vickerys and Gundrys, have a coffee then spin home with a tail wind after the forecast wind change.  That was the plan, and surprisingly that is what happened, oh joy, oh joy. Had to ride through a light shower but we are tough and the rain stopped, and everyone died out, and it was another good day on the bike.
Ride on. Cheers Peter J.

Trudi's Group on the Ocean Grove Circuit on Sunday - 6.9.20
Julie picked our route Sunday, Grovedale Pub, through Waralily, Lake Rd, 13th Beach to one of our Iso favourites Ebb and Flow on the Barwon at Barwon Heads. Enjoyed our coffee and continued on our two by two way back home via Wallington and across to the BRT. Fabulous day, ripper ride, ride on.
Cheers, Peter.

Ted & John to Pt Lonsdale on Sunday - 6.9.20
Ted and I rode to Pt Lonsdale via the Bellarine Highway and sipped our coffee looking out over the Rip. We dicided to get a photo of the twin Orbea e-bikes. We were not quite as close as in the photo as Photoshop has allowed us both to be photographers for this shot! Our return trip was via Barwon Heads and Lake Rd with both of us doing over 70km.
Keep Riding, John.

Jennie & John Ride to Moriac & Torquay - Saturday 5.9.20
We left from Yollinko Park on the Barwon and headed to Waurn Ponds into quite a headwind. Waurn Ponds Drive and Cape Otway Rd took us to Moriac. The going was a lot easier down Hendy Main and Coombes Rds to the North Torquay Shopping Centre where we obtained coffee and tea from El Nido Cafe. A bee alighted on my bike computer as we enjoyed a chat and a coffee and started the first part of the journey there - see photo. As we started back on Horseshoe Bend Rd Jennie's gears locked up on the big cog at the back and nothing we could do would shift it. Jennie would have been complimented for her high cadence on the way back as she came all the way in the one low gear! This was a 64km trip with beautiful sunshine and scenery.
Thanks Jennie for an enjoyable ride. Keep Riding, John.

E & B M ride to Moriac, Two by Two - Saturday 5.9.20
Another chilly morning as we headed out the Hamilton Hwy in our regulation formation of two by two. The magpie on Merrawarp satisfied himself with swooping the cyclist in front of us and left us alone. Nice ride out through the countryside, mostly Sunny, enjoyed a coffee at the General Store in the Sun before heading home taking the Pollocksford option before a lovely down wind run back to Fyansford.
Ride on. Cheers, Peter J.

Trudi's Ride to Banockburn in a Nth Westerly Gale - Thursday 3.9.20
Two by two we left Fyansford at 9.00 am heading up the Hamilton Hwy to Burnside. Chris Hu also joined us tacking on the back. The wind was increasing all the time and it was a tough slog all the way to Le Due Sorelle. Enjoyed a coffee, Jennie decided to avoid the hills and headed back along the Hwy while Trudi, myself and Chris Hu and Julie sped down Clyde's Hill, a bit exciting with the gale force side wind. Took Parkers Rd out of the Moorabool valley to Stiglitz Rd where we eventually turned down wind and were blown all the way home. Cracker of a ride. Ride on.
Cheers Peter J.

Trudi's Ride to Cumberland River on the GOR - Tuesday 1.9.20
With a reasonable day forecast a run down to Lorne and beyond looked like a good idea, and it certainly was. Ripper of a day for a ripper of a ride. The GOR was so quiet, no Chinese Tour Buses, no Chinese Driven Campervans, no Chinese Driven Kia Carnivals, lovely. It was a beautiful ride, with an off shore wind the ocean was flat calm with just a regular wave rolling in for the surfers. Glorious views of the sea, beaches, cliffs and houses as we rolled along. Enjoyed our coffee at Lorne before continuing on to Cumberland River for a photo shoot then back down the GOR to Skinny Legs Aireys  for a coffee and Pork Roll, (me). A short ride and we were back at the cars ready to head home.
Ride on. Cheers Peter J.

Chris Halpin leads 2 x 2 Groups to Moriac on Sunday 30.8.20
A morning for the true nutters. Janet, Susannah, John and I met as arranged in the Bunnings carpark and quickly decided to forget Barwon Heads and head for Moriac instead. The blustery northerly pushed us up Ghazeepore, down to Dickens and Anglesea Rd in good time. Blackgate provided dangerous cross winds but we pushed on, turning in to the wind on Hendy Main. The Moriac Store was quiet and coffee under the gazebo a bit sheltered. The chatter flowed. Homeward on Cape Otway, Reservoir and Waurn Ponds Dve was a rich reward for our efforts. Thanks for a lively morning team.

Our GTC Riders in Twos to Ocean Grove on Sunday 30.8.20
Met at Grovedale Pub for this mornings windy ride. Trudi and Leo, myself and Julie. Doug and Jennie were also there, also heading to Ocean Grove but via Leopold and Wallington. Agreed to meet at The Garage for a coffee, depending on time. Had a pretty good run down, a bit of great down wind stuff and other side winds. Enjoyed our coffee sitting on the grass out of the wind, Doug and Jennie turned up as we were about to depart, a quick chat and we were on our way. Great surf along 13th Beach. Wind was a bit tough in places but as usual we all made it back in good shape. Ride on.
Cheers, Peter J.

Leo's Egg and Bacon ride to Moriac on Saturday - 29.8.20
Very cool start from Fyansford this morning but warm Sunny forecast so we battled on enjoying the ride. Lovely out through the farm land arrived in Moriac, Leo and Peter O enjoyed their Muffins, had a chat with Nick and Sarah before heading out into a bit of wind that had sprung up and home via Pollocksford Rd and the Hamilton Hwy. Had some nice down wind riding back to Fysnsford. Ride on.
Cheers Peter J.

Jennie & John Ride to the Non-Covid Part of Little River on Saturday - 29.8.20
A beautiful morning for riding. Jennie and I rode from Belmont out along the Bay and then to avoid the flooded tunnel at Lara took Shell Rd and Rennie St. We then dismounted and lifted our bikes onto the Freeway and proceeded to the Little River BP Service Centre and took Hughes Rd through to the Old Melbourne Rd. The Covid Boundary for Melbourne is the River itself so we were careful not to cross the boundary! We bought coffee/tea at McDonalds in Lara and enjoyed our morning tea in the park. The return trip was on the Ted Wilson Path to Fyansford and along the river to Shannon Ave. From the river side I photographed the gentleman and his dog in the kyak. The total distance was 70km. Thanks Jennie for an enjoyable ride.
Keep Riding, John.

Ted's Update on Hovell Tunnel - 28.8.20
Ted checked it out this morning and still badly flooded (but passable). He contacted the engineer responsible today and he said the surveying works have been done and he would follow up with the maintenance department to check the valve and try to pump out the water.

A Funny Story from Gary's Ride to Torquay on Tuesday - 25.8.20
Tuesday dawned clear and sunny so I thought I might take a shorter ride to Torquay and back. Set off around 9ish planning to go along Pioneer Rd / Surf Coast / Blackgate / Horseshoe Bend through Torquay to Surf Coast and home.  The ride started awkwardly when I was abused by a trucky for not keeping in the bike lane along Pioneer Rd, bit hard when cars are parked in the bike lane though.  Had a nice ride until the Strawberry farm when I got a puncture.  Not to worry as I had it changed and on my way again in a reasonable time.  Continuing on my ride I hit a small pot hole in Horseshoe bend road and yes, another puncture.  I always carry 2 tubes so this again was no great issue although I had now inherited a small buckle in my back wheel.  After again changing the tube and shrugging off my concerns I again set off, only to find that the new tube had a leaking valve and quickly went flat.  Now I was in a bit of trouble, no tubes, no repair kit and a buckle in my wheel.  Nothing left to do but go to my last resort and phone my wife Pamela to come and collect me.  After about 3/4 hour she arrived and after shoehorning my bike in the car I eventually made it back home.  However my troubles had not quite finished cos when I was putting my gear away I noticed I had lost one of my riding gloves.  So next day I drove back to Torquay to see if I could find it.  However after a comprehensive search of the area I failed  to find any trace of the glove.  So, the result of my ride was $49 to fix buckle, $50 for new gloves, $18 for 2 new tubes and all this for a 21km ride where I hardly got enough riding in to even get warm. I think the swimming gods are calling me to dust off the wetty and
get back to swimming in the bay to again try to conquer my fear of jellies.
Cheers, Gary.

To Inverleigh on Thursday - 27.8.20
Ken Smith, Kim, Peter and myself rode in pairs to Inverleigh this morning. The flooded river path was quite a challenge to get to Fyansford. Kim arrived with dripping socks. The beat along the Hwy into the westerly was hard work but a tasty sausage roll at the Inverleigh Bakery aided recovery. We gratefully turned off the wind heading south to Winchelsea and then enjoyed a spinnaker run down the Princes Hwy back to Geelong.
Thanks all, Chris Ha.

Thursday ride to Swell at Jan Juc - 27.8.20
Trudi and myself and Julie and Jennie headed down to Jan Juc with a nice tail wind. Cut across to Ghazeepore through Grovedale and surprised to come across the police crime scene after this mornings shooting in Waurn Ponds. Enjoyable ride down, loved the two hills in Bells Blvd, always excellent coffee at Swell. Good chat and time to head home, wind had swung more into the West so our run home was quite pleasant as well.
Ride on. Cheers, Peter J.

Tuesday Ride in Pairs to Drysdale, Pt Lonsdale and Barwon Heads - 25.8.20
Trudi & Peter, Julie & Jennie rode the 85km circuit.

Jennie & John H Ride to Coombes Rd on Sunday 23.8.20
Rode with Jennie from Belmont down through Freshwater Creek but didn't manage to dodge all the showers. We sheltered in the Hams Rd tunnel with a young rider and jogger and got bursts of sunshine between the showers. We turned from the Anglesea Rd along Coombes Rd and then Messmate and South Beach Rds. I had heard that the repair to Horseshoe Bend Rd had hotmix at the bend so wanted to photograph the road where it crossed the creek and the cracked concrete was. Alas, they had resurfaced both sides of it but not the crossing - so no photograph! We came through to the new Coles complex on the Surfcoast Highway at Armstrong Creek and had coffee there. The last part of the 45km trip was a delight with a strong tail wind. Thanks Jennie for an enjoyable ride.
Keep riding, John.

Trudi's NON Bunch Ride to Moriac - Saturday 22.8.20
Tough ride out to Moriac against the strong Westerly flow and up a few gentle hills. Tried to find the easiest way and still get a ride. Very little of the wet stuff, a few spits now and again, hardly enough to wet my glasses. Enjoyed a coffee at Moriac before spinning home the quickest easiest way now enjoying that strong Westerly flow. Ride on. Cheers Peter J.

Trudi's Bunch to Lara - Thursday 20.8.20
Windy ride today to Lara, fairly strong Westerly, as we wended our way sometimes on the back quarter, sometimes on the side, sometimes on the front quarter. Must admit we did get a lovely down wind run on Windemere Rd. Enjoyed a coffee at Xpresso before heading home via the Hovell Trail, good to see a surveyer checking the levels under the Hwy. Same situation with the wind on the way back but probably more head wind.  Had a good few Sunny breaks and no showers so all in all a good morning on the bike.
Ride on. Cheers Peter J.

18.8.20 - Update on Ben Kersten after collision with a vehicle on 6.8.20
My thanks for eveyone's support. I'm on the mend, having started walking. Not yet on a bike but give me another week.
Ben K.

Trudi's bunch check out the Bellarine - Tuesday 18.8.20
Cool but a fine Sunny day, good run out to Portarlington, met up with Geof and Marie with Mick at Melaluka Rd on the BRT. At the Port Rd we re grouped our bunch, had a quick chat with Chris Hu on his way to catch Geof, Marie and Mick for a coffee at the Caravan in Drysdale. Arrived at Port in lovely Sunshine, took coffee at a nice little Cafe just down the hill, great views, great sitting in the Sun. Rolled around the coast in lovely weather turning slowly into the breeze at the Queenscliff to Port Rd, left or straight ahead, straight ahead, weather was starting to break up, time to head home. Almost made it too but not quite, nice big shower with hail caught us about Newcombe but still a great day out on the bike.
Cheers Peter J.

Updates on Elcho Channel Path and Flooding on Hovell Creek under Freeway Bridge - 17.8.20
Ted has checked on these 2 projects. The Elcho Channel Path will allow cyclists to go from the parkland in which Millars Cafe is situated to the Ted Wilson Path at Baccush Marsh Rd. This work has been awarded to a contractor and they expect to commence in November. With regard to the flooding on Hovells Creek under the freeway - the valve to pump water out is being checked and other possibilities for the drainage are being looked at. This is complicated because 3 authorities are involved: Corangamite Water Management Authority, VicRoads & COGG.

Bannockburn loop with Trudi's Bunch two by two on Sunday 16.8.20
Cool and foggy start from Church Street, seemed like we were pushing the head wind all the way to Le duo sorelle for coffee. Had a very light shower going down Parker Rd and a touch of Sunshine now and then. Enjoyed our coffee and it was time to head home, still pushed the wind down Burnside until finally picked up the tail wind on Hamilton Hwy. Also picked up a real shower which soaked us all, ran out of the rain before the Ring Rd and after there everything was dry as a bone. Darn!!
Ride on, Cheers Peter J.

Jennie & John H Ride to Moriac on Saturday 15.8.20
Jennie and I set off from Yollinko Park on the Barwon at 8:30 and proceeded to Moriac via Belle Vue Ave & Waurn Ponds Drive, arriving and completing our coffee break from the Moriac General Store before the groups below arrived. We enjoyed that break in the sunshine over near the railway line - photographed the speeding Melbourne bound train at the old Moriac Station platform. Our return trip was via Hendy Main, Coombes, Messmate and back along the Surf Coast Highway for a total of 65km.
Keep Riding, John H.

Chris Ha and Mike C to Moriac on Saturday 15.8.20
Mike Currie and I enjoyed a very quiet ride from Bunnings to Moriac. Only 1 fellow cyclist enjoying the sunny seat out the front of the Cafe. And then in came all these interlopers - too many to count. Mike and I fled home via Cape Otway Rd with a brief stop to admire the first flowering of the local canola crops. Lovely morning all round. Thanks Mike.

Trudi's Ride to Moriac on Saturday 15.8.20
Busy morning at Moriac this morning, Chris Ha and Mike C were having a coffee when we got there, two by two of course, Leo and myself, then pushing us along Trudi and Julie. We were just about to finish our coffee and Chris Hu and Jean rolled in, and not long after Nick and Sarah with a short time later Mark K and his friend Richard. At the same time there were at least half a dozen cyclists from other groups and a few motor cyclists. Ride on, and look out for the wild life, Leo spotted this lizard on our way down Hendy Main Rd.
Cheers Peter J.

I went solo today for a catch up with an old mate @7 Coffee Shop in Lara. I had also arranged to catch up with a City of Greater Geelong engineer at the Hovells Creek path under the M1 Freeway to discuss possible options to eliminate the flooding of the path under the bridge. It is clear that the creek level has risen to such an extent that the flooding is now permanent. Aaron explained that the previous works to install a berm and check valve to stop water coming from the creek to the path was not working because the creek level has increased and drains from the highway above are adding water to the path quicker than it can evaporate. I asked if the check valve could be checked to make sure it was still working and that the drains from the Highway diverted directly into the creek rather than on to the path. Aaron promised to look into it. Coincidently two ladies were negotiating the “lake” as I arrived and it reminded me that the problem is worse for walkers than riders. By the way, the ride was great, the catch up was greater and the coffee was even greaterer.

Ben Kersten Collides with a Vehicle - 6.8.20
Last Thursday a driver failed to give way to Ben in a roundabout (Swanston/Malop), knocking him off his bike. He was taken to hospital - no broken bones but a lot of pain and swelling. Fiona reports he has started a recovery program and is walking around the block using hiking sticks. His bike is a write-off and it looks like he won't get a replacement until late October. Stocks in shops appear to be very low.
Hope to see you back soon Ben.

Trudi's Bunch Ride 2 x 2 to Barwon Heads - Thursday 13.8.20
Another great day for a 2 x 2 ride. Lovely along 13th Beach, not a lot of good surf, but of a group in one part of the beach. Very low tide exposing a lot of rocks. Great day, ride on.
Cheers, Peter J.

Ted & Peter O's Ride to Van Looms in Wallington - Wednesday 12.8.20
Ted and Peter O set off from their CBD homes in very pleasant winter sunshine to explore the delights of Point Henry and the Bellarine. Progress on the demolition of the Alcoa smelter seems painfully slow but, when completed, will provide an interesting site for housing development with a magnificent view over Corio Bay to the City and the You Yangs. Coffee at Van Loons Nursery Cafe was a scouting exercise to check the viability of this venue for future rides. Unfortunately bike parking close to the cafe is a bit of a problem so probably isn’t practical. Tail wind home on the Bellarine Highway was great until Ted had a puncture 2 kilometres from home. Walking seemed to be the best option given my puncture repairing expertise (nil).

Janet & Chris Ha to Jan Juc on Wednesday 12.8

A glorious morning saw Chris Ha and Janet head off from Bunnings to Swell at Jan Juc via Vickeries and Bells. We both loved lockdown traffic as encountered very little the whole ride.  Windy ride back via Horseshoe Bend. Watch the potholes!
Ride safe everyone, Janet.

GTC Riders in Twos to Pt Lonsdale & Ocean Grove on Tuesday 11.8.20
Trudi's bunch met at 9.00 at the Showgrounds for our ride to the Cheeky Cow. Waved off Peter O and Ken S on their ride to Point Lonsdale. Peter J and Jennie were next away followed later by Trudi and Julie. Enjoyed a pleasant ride out via the BRT to Curlewis Rd across through Wallington estates and Ocean Grove to coffee sitting on the fence in the Sun. Returned via 13th Beach, hundreds of Surfers out catching a wave. Took Mt Duneed Rd to by pass the HSBend bridge and had an enjoyable ride home. Lovely morning on the bike, mainly Sunny.
Cheers, Peter.

Julia & Leo Ride from Grovedale to Torquay on Sunday 9.8.20
Julia & Leo started our ride at Grovedale heading to Torquay via Ghazepore Rd , Ocean Acres .  Stopped for a coffee & food at Routley`s .  Very quiet for a Sunday on the Surf coast  A very pleasant ride with cloudy skies until our return ride in sunshine.
Cheers, Julia.

Ian B & John H to Drysdale & Collendina on Sunday 9.8.20
Ian and I headed out the Bellarine Rail Trail into a strong wind to the Drysdale Station and then down Princess St and Grubb Rd Ocean Grove. We turned left into the Oakdene Estate to take a back road through to coffee at Donut King in the Shell Rd Shopping Centre. On the way through Oakdene we met up with Geof Bagley with his dog Otto. Geof kindly took the photo below for us. We rode Bonnyvale Rd through Collendina - once we turned onto Ocean Throughway we had the wind behind us for most of the rest of the ride. The trip home was via 13th Beach and Horseshoe Bend Rd. The distance for me was 75.35km with av speed of 23.1kph.
Thanks Ian for the company and some good exercise!
John H.

Peter J & Trudi Ride to Torquay on Sunday 9.8.20
After yesterday's rain this morning was a pleasure. Even had some Sun from home but clouded over quickly. Just an easy ride today down to Torquay via Ocean Acres and back via HSBend Rd. Roads seem quiet without all the Melbourne people. A lot of bikes out riding two by two.  Bit of a part head wind going to Torquay but nice run home.
Cheers Peter J

Julia and Peter J to Gnarwarre & Moriac on Saturday 8.8.20
Rainy morning so only the tough get out and ride. Meet Julie at Fyansford and headed out the Hamilton Hwy to Pollocksford, up to Barabool Rd and to Cafe with a View. After a warming coffee we headed home via Moriac and Reservoir Rd. Going down Waurn Ponds Dve, Cochrans called, so it was over Ceres and down Merrawarp and back to Fyansford. Damp at times but enjoyable morning on the bike.
Cheers Peter J.

Jennie & John H to Leopold & Waurn Ponds on Saturday 8.8.20
After putting off a longer ride in the morning due to the inclement weather, we took off about 1pm from Belmont and headed for Leopold on the Rail Trail into a stiff breeze and a few spots of rain. Coming back on the Bellarine Highway we then came along Townsend Rd to Breakwater and took the Waurn Ponds Trail to Waurn Ponds Shopping Centre. On arrival we found that Jennie had a puncture in the back tyre. However, coffee beckoned and we obtained coffee and tea at Muffin Break. Then the job was to repair the puncture - well, the tyre proved immovable - you could not even get the tyre lever under the tyre. Her bike had to be taken to a local expert to have it fixed. The ride had been well worthwhile - JH covered 36.52km and Jennie about 30km.
Keep riding, John H.

Julia and Jennie Head South on Tuesday 4.8.20
Jennie & Julia did a beautiful Thursday ride this morning  from  the Grovedale Hotel to Jan Juc, via Heyers, Ghazeepore & Anglesea Roads.  Stopped for coffee at Swell which was very pleasant before winding our way home along  Horseshoe Bend Road.

Trudi & Peter J to Jan Juc on Tuesday 4.8.20
Back to riding two by two, from Grovedale Pub across Heyers Rd to Ghazapore Rd and out Anglesea Rd to the GOR. Good riding but a bit of a slight headwind. A couple of rollers along the GOR to Bells Blvd then some really good rollers before we took Sunset into Jan Juc and a coffee at Swell. Home via Torquay and HSBend Rd with a lovely tailwind.
Cheers Peter J.

Peter O and Peter J Ride to Portarlington - Tuesday 4.8.20
As soon as our ride programme collapsed once again it was time to hook up again with my Iso Buddies for a ride to Portarlington. Trudi and Jennie and Peter O were all keen but come the morning with a bit of weather and an icy wind "the weaker sex"piked leaving just the two Peter's to roll on. A strong Westerly air flow was not good for Port so we enjoyed a nice run out to Curlewis in the Sun, cut across to Ocean Grove, stopped at "Stoked" for a very enjoyable coffee before heading home through a few scudding showers and wind. Very cold wind but we were dressed to cover the expected conditions. I enjoyed my morning out on the bike in good company,  thanks Peter. Cheers Peter J.

Mark Shying's Easy Ride to Ocean Grove and his Longer Ride from there to Torquay, Bellbrae & Moriac on Sunday 2.8.20
The 100 kms two loops ride from Grovedale Hotel was today’s ride.  Advertised as an easy ride, Geoff Cam, Andrew, Mike, John, Chris Hu, Katrina, Rob, Mark J, Julia, Jennie, Janet, Sarah, Nick and Doug joined Mark S to ride out.  Social distancing required we split into two groups and within the groups keep the 1.5 metre distance.  Down Surf Coast Hwy and Waralily, Lindy and Peter joined us at Lake road.  Across to 13th Beach, all took in the calm of the sea, dotted with surfers.  Riding under brilliant sunny skies soon we were at The Dunes for refreshments and chat.  Departing The Dunes in three groups, we returned along 13th Beach.  The group of Geoff Cam, Andrew, Mike, Lindy and Peter cycled back to Grovedale Hotel.  The other two groups rode onto Torquay.  There we split again.  Doug headed home.  Chris Hu and Julia rode direct to Moriac.  The rest headed to Moriac via Great Ocean Road and Forest Road.  A highlight was John powering up the climb out of Torquay.  On reaching Moriac we all enjoyed more sustenance and chat.  A great day for riding was fast coming to an end as we traversed  the roads back to Grovedale Hotel.  The adverstised 100 kms was achieved.  A first for Jennie – congratulations!  And a first for John since his serious accident – well done!  Thank you for joining me for today’s ride.
Mark S.

Ken Smith's Saturday Ride to Mannerim & Drysdale - 1.8.20
A cool morning 6 degrees with a warmer day to come had the ten riders ready to ride. We rode along the Bellerine rail trail to the pedestrian crossing at Moolap, we then proceeded along the Hwy and at Leopold Rob left us as he had to go home early. We took a different route to Drysdale and stayed on the Hwy passing through the round about at Wallington continuing to Banks Rd where we turned left and into a strong north head wind this prevailed until the peleton reached the Swan Bay intersection another left turn then we rode to Princess Street. Back into the head wind Ray took over the pace and we averaged 20 kph to the Bungalow Cafe. A enjoyable social time was had. We rode home on the rail trail, Johns e bike went well. Thank you for a good ride. The riders where: Barry, Ian Busch, Janet, John H, Kim, Dr Mike, Ray, Rob, Gary and myself.
Apologies - Dr Mike should have been on the left of the photo below - he is just east of the viewfinder!!

Peter O'Brien's Thursday Ride from Church St to Bannockburn via Fyansford - 30.7.20
It was cold and foggy this morning when Ross, Janet, Trudi, Ken S, Ted, Julie and myself turned out for the ride from Church Street to Bannockburn.  We decided to ride down the new streets in Fyansford where the descents were exhilarating.  Due to roadworks, we took an alternative route before connecting with the Hamilton Highway and at Pollocksford Road Doug was waiting to join the group having ridden across from Moriac.  We continued along the highway to Burnside Road and then onto Bannockburn for a coffee break. On the return trip we descended Clyde Hill Road and as we turned into Parker Road we passed Lovro going in the opposite direction - it was good to see him back on the bike.  We continued riding through the valley enjoying fantastic views of the surrounding hills.  From there we conquered the Parker Road Hill followed by a pleasant ride back home to Geelong. Distance 55kms.
Peter O.

Mark Kelly's 96km Ride to Aireys Inlet on Tuesday - 28.7.20
Eleven riders turned up at Bunnings for the trip down the Surfcoast: Gary, Ben, Julia, Mark J, Mark K, Nick, Sarah, Kim, Chris Hu, Chris Ha and Peter J. Although the weather looked a bit gloomy it soon cleared and we had a pleasant ride heading out. Doug joined us on Blackgate Rd and the ride along Forest Rd was steady with the sun poking through. At Anglesea, despite the sunshine, most of the group decided to have coffee and head back up the hill. Only four - Julia, Ben, Chris Ha and Mark K headed onto Airey’s Inlet. We passed Ross G heading back the other way. He may have been trying to warn us that none of the cafes at Airey’s (at least those at the top of the hill) were open. Despite my encouragement for one of the group to ride down the hill to see if anything was open none volunteered so we headed back to Anglesea for coffee. I was trying to set a club record for distance before coffee but at just over 60kms not sure I succeeded. While the sun disappeared the wind was relatively light and we had good climb up the Anglesea hill and with a nice little tailwind cruised along the Surfcoast Highway back to Bunnings. A solid ride of 96km and 740m of climbing. Thanks to all the riders for good company and safe riding.


Mike Currie's Easy Sunday Ride to Lara - 26.7.20
A grim morning made me wonder how many would join me for today’s easy ride to Lara. To my surprise, ten hardy souls arrived, including Geoff C, Jennie, John H, Lindy, Pam, Peter N, Rob, Susannah and Ted. We set off along the Esplanade and Church St at an easy pace before following the Ted Wilson to Bacchus Marsh Rd where Jennie left us for a family gathering. Around the new roundabout into Elcho Rd, we had a good run down to O’Hallorans and Millars for coffee where Ian F joined us in recuperation mode. I had booked inside tables, to the dismay of the proprietor when we said we were only in for coffee, not lunch. Our route home was via Canterbury Rd and the Hovell’s Creek track. Over the course of the ride, the weather had improved and it all ended up as a very pleasant Sunday morning ride.
Thanks for your company this morning, Mike.

Julia's Saturday Ride to Breamlea - 25.7.20
Saturday's ride was lovely and sunny for most of the ride to Breamlea. Thirteen riders set off from South Geelong Station: Trudi, Leo, Ross, Kim, John, Chris Ha, Peter J, Ken S, Barry T, Doug, Janet, Lindy, Ray, Rob and Julia. Peter J kindly led the first group out. Julia led from behind with the second group. With little wind to speak of it made easy riding. On reaching Lake Rd we had 3 more riders join us.
Turning left towards Breamlea from the cycle path past Black Rock Treatment Centre we toured the quaint little village with quite a lot of history to it. Stopping at the Caravan Park for a very pleasant occasion with a very good friend of Lindy's running it. Lindy surprised us by paying the tab. Do not see Lindy paying for another coffee for the rest of this year. Returning then to Geelong via the Surf Coast. A good day had by all. A big thank you to my two photographers in Trudy & John.

Kim's Loop to Gnarwarre & Moriac on Thursday 23.7.20
We departed Bunnings with 17 riders: Barry, Chris Hu, Chris Ha, David S, Doug, Janet, Julia, Ken S, Mark J, Mark K, Peter O’B, Ray, Sarah, Nick, Ted, Rob and myself. Ken G called past on his way elsewhere. We divided into 2 groups and Sarah volunteered Nick to lead the 2nd one. Rob left us at the Barrabool hills and we were joined by Trudi and Peter J along Barrabool Rd. The weather although cool was clear and the road dry as we proceeded along Waurn Ponds Dr and then we came to the Cochranes Rd hills which spread us out a bit and then a couple more climbs along Barrabool Rd for good measure. We found Ross waiting for us at the Cottage Farm Nursery and because we were so many 7 opted to go to the Moriac Store. Meanwhile at the nursery we all enjoyed the house specialty of rhubarb crumble and coffee, a real treat. With the hills behind us we set a cracking pace past Moriac and along Mt Duneed Rd with some riders parting ways as we got closer to home. Finally, up Ghazeepore Rd and after 51ks we arrived at Bunnings just on midday. A most enjoyable outing with spectacular scenery throughout the ride. The roads were in great condition and we experienced very little traffic. Thankyou everyone for making my task as ride leader an easy and enjoyable one.

Nick's Ride to Jan Juc on Tuesday 21.7.20
18 riders turned up at Bunnings prepared for the Vickerys / Gundrys Rd roller coaster ride. Chris Hu kindly volunteered to lead the second group of Trudi, Ross, Gary, Chris Ha, Mark K, Julia, Janet, and David S. I presume they had a good ride too, also taking in the delights of the full Bells loop so that Mark could check out the surf.
Nick’s group of Sarah, Peter O’B, Kim, MarkJ, Mark S, Barry, Doug and Rob Headed off  first and made good progress through the rolling countryside. Although it was cold and misty for short spell we avoided the showers. Traffic was minimal except for a close encounter with cars on the one way bridge on Vickerys. My brakes were severely tested! 
At Swell we enjoyed a well earned coffee and met up with Peter J and Marian (we wish you a speedy recovery Marian). As Chris’ group arrived my small group departed to experience some more serious hills on Duffields Rd. It’s seems a good way to skirt around busy Torquay if hills are your thing. We then made swift progress down the Torquay Rd back home. Thank you riders! 

Grag Allerton's 100km Circuit on Sunday 19.7.20
No other starters on a mild sunny morning. With strong winds forecast I changed the route to more of  a circuit. From Rippleside I found the waterfront path to St Helens closed with no sign at the start. After the long climb up Tower Hill Rd to Lovely Banks, Lower Anakie Rd was closed to the South - lucky I wanted to go right. Further hills included Robbs Rd, Bakers Bridge, Dog Rocks, Pollocksford, and Devon Rd. A strong northwest wind helped me get home by 1 pm. 100 km  average 21.8 kph.

John Hagan's Easy Ride to Drysdale on Sunday 19.7.20
Nine riders on a cool but sunny morning for our ride to Drysdale: Chris Hu, Geoff C, Janet, Marie, Mike C, Pam, Ron, Ted and John. Our aim today was to explore the bike path beside the Drysdale Bypass Road - this turned out to be a well made 3 metre concrete path which we took to Murradoc Rd and then came into the Cafe Zoo for coffee and cake. On the return trip your ride leader was attacked by a magpie twice just before the Drysdale Railway Station - a very early first attack for the year!! In other years we have had to come out of Drysdale via Wyndham St and Jetty Road to avoid this magpie. When we got down to Curlewis, where we have had a detour for quite a while, we were able to cross the new road on a sealed path - the traffic lights have not been turned on yet as the road is not open to cars. By this time the wind was blowing strongly from the north but the Bellarine Trail is reasonably well sheltered. We arrived back at the station at about 12:15pm.
Thanks all for an enjoyable morning, John.

Chris Halpin's Saturday Ride to Ocean Grove -18.7.20
Another good crowd of eager members lined up at the starting point this frosty morning.  I tried to manage a head count but found myself confused by additional Surf Coast cyclists also meeting at the Grovedale. PJ lead off the A team of Trudi and Leo, Hugh and guest Jo, Ian, Andrew, Sarah, Rob and Dr Mike. The AA team followed a few minutes later. Kim, Julie, Mark, Barry, Ken, Doug, Ross and myself headed up Surf Coast Hwy to Boundary, into Horseshoe Bend and then Warralily. We welcomed Lindy into the group at Lake Rd and enjoyed a gathering Northerly into Barwon Heads, around Sheepwash and across to Garage coffee shop. Things were quite chaotic here - most of the AA team headed to Groove, several decided to forget coffee and head home. By this time the wind had picked up almost to ‘Houli’ status. The 13th Beach surf looked fabulous but the wind made the return trip along Blackgate and HSB Rds pretty tough. Back to the Grovedale at 59Km, a challenging ride in great company.
Thanks all, Chris Ha.

Peter O'Brien's Thursday Ride to 7 Grams at Lara - 16.7.20
Sixteen riders assembled at the Rippleside start line this morning for the ride to Lara. The riders weaved their way through the streets of Bell Park and Bell Post Hill to the corner of Ballan Road and Ballarat Road.  At this point the peloton split into two groups and rode along Ballan Road to Staceys Road on the outskirts of Lara.  The foggy conditions which prevailed along this section of road were such that visibility was down to 50 metres in parts. We emerged into sunshine and felt the exhilaration of riding down the Staceys Road descent into Lara with the aid of a tail wind. A coffee break was taken a 7 Grams in Lara and the return ride to Geelong was via Rennie Street and Corio Quay. Thanks to Sarah, Kim, Doug, Ted, Nick, David S, Ken S, Peter J, Trudi, Jennie, Chris Hu, Gary, Marge, Chris Ha and Janet for an enjoyable ride. Distance ridden 55 kms.
Peter O.

A Blast from the Past - GTC ride in the Murray to Moyne in the early 2000s - photo from Geoff Christmas.

Ken Gawne's Medium Ride to Drysdale, Swan Bay, Pt Lonsdale & Ocean Grove on Tuesday 14.7.20
Janet, Julia, Sarah, Ken G, Mark J, Mark K, Ben, Rod, Ron, Nick, David S, Ken S and Mike T separated into 2 groups for the ride along the rail trail as far as Christies Rd. Thereafter, separation was maintained through a series of stoppages - jackets off, jackets back on - and pace regulation as we progressed through Ocean Grove and onto Shell Rd. Passed many fine new homes going along Point Blvd on our way to the Queenscliff/Portarlington Rd. Mike and Ron were well looked after by Mark Kelly and Nick and were never far off the leading bunch. After 49 kms The Bungalow was a welcome sight. Upon resumption, all but David, Julia and Ken G opted to return via the trail and so missed out on a very fast run back into town along the Portarlington Rd. The finish of the ride coincided with the sun coming out - cannot complain, at least we did not get wet. Distance 67kms, ascended approx 470m.
Ken G.

Ken Gawne's Easy Ride from Deakin - Loop South of Geelong on Sunday 12.7.20
The clouds over Highton were dark and menacing at 08:30 but by 08:50 patches of blue sky and sunshine had arrived. Geoff Cameron, Ross, John, Lindy, Pam, Hugh Palmer, Jennie, Janet and leader Ken G started off with a lap of the Deakin Campus before heading down the Ted Wilson path to Wandana. A quick transit to the river path then onto the criterium track where any riders who wanted to test their speed legs and lungs were invited to push themselves around the smooth 2.2km circuit. Gundog Lane then around South Barwon Reserve before taking the pathway through to Bailey St. Made our way to Baanip Boulevarde and eventually to 9 Grams Cafe at Club Armstrong. A very pleasant half hour taking refreshments in the sun. Ross then left us to return to Torquay whilst we went back to Baanip. Hams, Lemins, Waurn Ponds Drive and Pigdons led us back to the University where several riders had left their cars. A relaxed pace, no wind and plenty of sun made for a very enjoyable morning on the bike. Distance 34kms with approx 350m of ascending.

Ken minus the familiar beard!!

Sarah's Ride to Moriac on Saturday 11.7.20
Starting from Grovedale Hotel 15 riders set out, and indeed safely finished, the familiar loop ride to Moriac and back. These riders were Trudy and Leo, Sarah and Nick, Ken S, Chris Hu, Chris Ha, Julia, Jenny, John Hagan, PJ, Doug, Greg , Kim and Peter N.  According to COVID 19 restrictions, we split into two groups with Ken S kindly volunteering to lead the second group and Nick bringing up the rear. With the forecast threat of rain and even thunderstorms, I was highly motivated to save us all a drenching so the coffee stop was near the ride’s end; 9 Grams at Armstrong Creek. Amazingly, the rain failed to materialise and in fact we all had a pleasant ride and sociable time in cool but still conditions. An excellent way to spend a winter’s Saturday morning! 48 kms on my computer. 

Chris Halpin's Circuit on the Bellarine Peninsula to Portarlington - Thursday 9.7.20
The promise of a sunny day and light winds bought out 18 riders to the Showgrounds this frosty morning. We easily split into two groups as per usual practice these days. Nick Tarnay 'volunteered' to lead the B team, with PJ acting as Sweeper.  Myself, Gary, Ken, Marks K & S, Smiths K & D plus Doug headed off down the BRT first. Traffic on the trail was quite light, and the sunshine warming. Nick & Sarah maintained a suitable separation behind with Ted, Kim, Chris Hu, POB, Jennie, Mark J and PJ.  Progress was brisk - needing to keep warm! Turned off the BRT at Jetty Rd and made our way across to the Bypass. Some rode the road, some took the adjoining shared path, and everyone was very impressed. The road tarmac was superb, and the roundabout lane markings very rider friendly I think.
On to Daniel's Donuts in Portarlington for refreshments and a convivial chat still in bright sunshine. The days sensation was the leg down the Queenscliff Rd with a gathering Northerly, again with light traffic. Into Swan Bay Rd and our first puncture. Mark politely dropped off the back of the A team and we left him for the B team to help. What are friends for? Home via the Bellarine Hwy for 72 km and about 450m, a challenging Medium ride. Thanks everyone for the wonderful company.
Chris Ha.

Mike Currie's Hard Ride through the Barrabool Hills to Ceres on Tuesday 7.7.20
A wet and misty morning saw three intrepid souls (David, Ben and self) leave Top o’ Church for the hard ride through the Barrabools to Moriac. Down Monier Way we picked up Nick and Ken C along the Barwon before making our way over Scenic Rd and along Province Bvd to Barrabool Rd and thence through Ceres to Andersons Rd. The weather was deteriorating as we faced the hills but improved for the lovely run along Andersons. Back along the Highway to Cape Otway Rd through increasing drizzle for a welcome coffee at Moriac where Chris Ha was waiting, suspiciously dry despite riding separately to Moriac. At this point we decided discretion was the better part of valour so looked for the quickest way home. Up Hendy Main Rd to Reservoir Rd, turning at Pettavel to cross the Hwy and get onto Waurn Ponds Drive for the exhilarating run back down to Bunnings. Here we went our own ways home to enjoy hot showers.
Mike C.

Greg Allerton's 100km Ride to Bannockburn on Sunday 5.7.20
Peter O'B was the only other starter at Sth Geelong, however, John M joined us on the Ted Wilson Trail. There was a cool westerly wind blowing but we encountered no showers. It was hard work up Stacey's Rd with Peter leading strongly and more head wind in Robbs Rd. Coffee was at Le Due Sorelle Cafe in Bannockburn. We headed south on Burnside Rd to the Hamilton Highway with a tail wind at last and were able to chat at an easy pace up to Ceres. The trip down to Waurn Ponds Drive was via Cochranes Rd and we then took the Waurn Ponds Creek Trail. In order to get 100km up for the day we did four laps of the Criterium Track. Our average for the day was 20.5 kph.

Ted Reeve Leads the Ride to Drysdale on Sunday 5.7.20
A cool but dry morning welcomed fifteen riders at South Geelong Railway Station for an easy pedal to Drysdale. The consensus was that the current regulations allowed up to 20 to ride together in a group so we didn’t split up. The Bellia’s (Trudi & Leo), The Peter’s (Jones and Nice) or it could be the Jones’s (Peter & Mark), Geoff, Andrew, John, Chris Hu, Ron, Pam, Jennie, Janet, David (Smith) and myself set off on the Bellarine Rail Trail with a slight tail wind. It was a dry track at first but by the time we reached The Bungalow a fine mizzle had set in so we were pleased to be allowed inside for our coffee. A limit of six per room meant we were split up with the early arrivals grabbing prime position in the lounge, a few more settled into the Boardroom while the rest of us were assigned stools near the kitchen. After a pleasant half hour or so the group split up for the return journey with some deciding to back track to the Rail Trail, a few deciding to extend their ride to Ocean Grove and 13th Beach while the rest created a nice Strava Loop via Princess Street and the Bellarine Highway. Total distance, for me, was 46 klm with an ascent of 216 metres and descent of 299. If someone could explain to me how the descent can be greater than the ascent when the start and finish positions are the same I would appreciate it.
Thanks for the ride. Ted.

Yes, John had 4 punctures on the way home via the longer route (73km) - greatly assisted by Mark & Chris - home at 2pm!!

Ken Gawne Leads the Ride to Bannockburn on Saturday 4.7.20
The prospect of a dismal wet morning was not enough to deter 8 members rolling up to the start at Fyansford. Ian Busch, John H, Janet, Mark S, Ken S, Barry, Ken G and newcomer Rob McGlade made their way along Lower and Upper Paper Mill Roads to cut out the  part of the highway which was undergoing reconstruction. It was a relief to turn into Brislane road after a lengthy slog into the westerly wind.  We were able to sit at tables indoors at a cafe on the main street of Bannockburn. With the wind now at our backs we made good time before turning off the Midland Hwy at Blackall Rd. Back to Fyansford via Dog Rocks and Friend In Hand. Despite very black skies for much of the course, we arrived back dry. Distance 47 kms, 340m of climbing.
Ken G.

"Who said I didn't have a shower this morning?"

Update on Ian Fraser - 29.6.20 Recently Ian suffered a serious heart attack - he is now out of hospital but is struggling to walk with a frame. We wish Ian well in his recovery and hope he can soon return to join us in his favourite sport - cycling.

Ken Smith's Ride to Collendina on Thursday 2.7.20 & Mike Currie wrote the report.
A cool but clear winters day brought 16 riders to the Grovedale Hotel for the medium ride to Cheeky Cow. With Ken S as leader, riders included Mike C, David S, Kim, Chris Ha, Chris Hu, Nick, Peter J, Peter O, Mark K, Julia, Jennie P, Ted R, Barry T, Jean Paul and guest Susannah G. After breaking into 2 COVID aware groups with the second group led by Peter J, we headed down Torquay Rd in heavy traffic into Boundary Rd, Horseshoe Bend Rd, Warralilly Bvd and then Lake Rd before enjoying a lovely run with the wind along 13th Beach Rd. Across the bridge and past the Ocean Grove surf beach and trail to Ocean Throughway and coffee at Cheeky Cow. A flat tyre caused Mark to head directly back to Geelong (without passing Go) while the rest of us climbed the Bonnyvale Hill to Banks Rd noting the extensive new developments here and thence onto the Bellarine. While Chris Hu repaired another tyre, most of the group opted to check out the new Drysdale bypass while the rest fought the increasing wind back to Geelong along the highway.  Overall a pleasant ride with great company.
Cheers, Mike.

Ken Gawne's Hard Ride to Bannockburn on Tuesday 30.6.20
Fresh but not freezing attracted 12 riders to the start from the top of Church. Kim, Gary, Chris Ha, Ben, Peter J, Julia, Jennie, Janet, David S, Sarah, Nick and Ken. Walkers and dogs were largely absent from the Ted Wilson Trail as we made our way to Bluestone Bridge, Lovely Banks (Anakie rd being closed), and the Ballan road. It was a pleasure to turn into Robbs which was quiet after we let a huge tractor through. The downhill on Parker was thrilling, not so the long climb up Clyde but there were no complaints. Takeaway coffee only at Bannockburn but it certainly did not bother Chris who only had eyes for the last sausage roll which he duly devoured before the arrival of his drink.
Because of the state of the Hamilton Hwy at Fyansford, and the fact that several riders had vehicles back at the start, it was decided to return via Clyde, Russells Bridge, Steiglitz, Parkers Bridge, Midland Hwy and Ted Wilson Trail. What a good decision it proved - the light tail wind resulted in the group flying down the long stretch of Steiglitz and enjoying the downhill on Parkers Bridge. The ride distance was 65.5 kms with 606m of climbing at an average of 20.6. Division into 2 groups occurred on the major roads with reasonable separation on others.  I certainly got the impression all were pleased with the very scenic country that we traversed.

Greg Allerton's Hard Ride to Murgheboluc, Lethbridge & She Oaks - Sunday 28.6.20
On a sunny but very cold 2 degree morning I was surprised to find 6 members waiting at the start: Ian B, Ken G, Mark S, Nick and Sarah T and John C who kindly took the official photo. John had to leave us at Fyansford due to a sore knee. Lucky there was no fog or wind as we headed out Hamilton Hwy but it was very hard to warm up. The sharp climb up the bushy Brislanes Rd got our lungs working and then came more lightly trafficked roads as we headed to Lethbridge. Hot drinks were greatly appreciated  as were hot jam doughnuts - thanks Nick. There were more backroads before  a 5 km section along Midland Hwy. Cruising along Sharp Rd we met Peter O riding towards us. He had missed the start but rode the route in the opposite direction hoping to meet us. Alas he had to ride up the steep climb to Sheoaks again. Sorry I did not have  my phone turned on and missed your  messages. There was the usual stop at Bunjil Lookout, which Sarah had never seen. From there we made good pace back to Geelong. I was home before 2 pm having ridden 104 km in 4 h 43 m average 21.9. Thanks for coming and well done Sarah, the first time on one of my long rides.
Greg Allerton - Ride Leader.

John Hagan's 33km Circuit of Geelong - Sunday 28.6.20
A cool, still and sunny morning for our ride around Geelong this morning. Riders were (L to R below): Barry, Susannah, Pam, Lindy, Kim, Jennie, Dr Mike & John H. Taking the trails around Geelong we met with a few obstacles. On the narrow path below the new waterfront housing being built at Rippleside Mike caught his handlebar on the fancing and came down while avoiding an oncoming cyclist on the narrow path and about a kilometre later Susannah caught her mirror on the narrow path as the Melbourne Rd goes over Separation St - fortunately she did not fall. After following Corio Bay around to North Geelong we took the Tom McKean/Gabrielle Blythe Linear Path to Fyansford and viewed the site of the removed silos before taking the Barwon River Trail on the south side to coffee at Cafe RnR at Belmont. The return was via Breakwater and St Albans Park and the Bellarine Rail Trail back to the Sth Geelong Station. This was a fairly leisurely trip of 33km with not much climbing. Thanks to our riders for an enjoyable experience.
Keep riding,

Ken Smith's Ride to Drysdale on Saturday 27.6.20
Mike Currie was to be the ride leader but was unavailable, Ken Smith lead. Seven riders braved the cold morning for the start from the show grounds on the Bellerine Rail Trail: John, Janet,  Michael T, Barry, Peter N, Ken S and guest Rob. We rode along the Bellerine Trail to the pedestrian crossing at Moolap and then rode the Bellerine Hwy to the Swan Bay Road at Wallington, turning left on to Grubb Road then right on to the Swan Bay extension then along Princess St. This road is under going repair and the surface very muddy and slippery, the good thing there were few vehicles  using the road. On reaching Drysdale we turned into Eversley St to the Bungalow Cafe, where a good chatter was had as well as enjoying the coffee and cake. They rode back to Geelong on the Bellerine Trail, no punctures, or incidents occurred on the ride, the weather may have been cold, but the company was warm and friendly.
Ken s.

Ken Gawne's Exploration of the Dead End Roads off the Portarlington Rd on Thursday 25.6.20
On a mild, overcast morning, 11members rolled up to explore roads off Portarlington Rd that ended up on the Bay's edge. Mike Currie, Ken G, Gary, Chris Halpin, Jean-Paul, Ron, Jennie, David Smith, Marge, Nick and Sarah. Accessed the Port Rd via Eastern Gardens. We went past the once, salt-producing evaporation lagoons and onto the end of Point Henry Rd where the dismantling of Alcoa's Aluminium plant was well advanced. Then took Hays Rd past the Winchester plant before turning round at the gates of the Dow Chemical works. Half way up the Leopold hill we turned onto the very scenic Alexander rd where not a single vehicle passed us in our down and back transits. Then it was onto Hermsley and Avila - no traffic but many beautiful properties. Few of our complement had ever traversed this area and most were very impressed. Out of Hermsley and almost immediately onto the rail trail to complete our journey to The Bungalow. Chris and Mike left the group at the end of the trail.
Time was of the essence for Jennie who had to work this afternoon so she, along with 5 others opted to return on the rail trail. Gary, Ken and Ron took Grubb, Swan Bay and then Bellarine Hwy. The wind was quite strong by this stage and rain threatened. Ron headed home along Melaluka, Gary & I got back on the trail which offered some shelter from the wind. After crossing Wilsons Rd we could see Sarah and others only 500m ahead. J-P and I took shelter at the station where a train was soon to depart. The temptation to get back to Lara in a dry state was irresistible and J-P got on board. An interesting, leisurely ride. I hope you all enjoyed it. Distance 66.6 kms, 450 m ascending.

Peter O'Brien's Ride from Bunnings Waurn Ponds via Barrabool Hills to Moriac - Tuesday 23.6.20
Today certainly was a beautiful sunny day for a ride.  With the plan being to ride as many hills as possible, eleven riders threw their hat into the ring to tackle this quest: Ken G, Ken S, Nick, Sarah, Jennie, Janet, Ben, David, S, Chris T, Julie and myself.  To comply with social distancing and group sizing we decided to break into two groups.  The first group headed off on their journey and about 500 metres down the road Chris T had a puncture.  The second group rode past them and continued to ride up Cochranes Road where Janet also experienced a tyre issue.  Both groups traversed Devon, Andersons and Hendy Main Roads and then took a coffee break at the Moriac General Store.
Following coffee we rode Hortips Road, Considines Road, Barrabool Hills Road and headed to Pollocksford Road with the ride down Pollocksfords Road, with the wind at our backs, being sensational.  From the Hamilton Highway we turned into Merrawarp Road and from there returned to Barrabool Road.  A concern for me were sections along the Hamilton Highway that were extremely treacherous and dangerous.  The last main hill climb along the ride was Ceres and despite tired legs this was accomplished by all.  The final ride down Cochranes Road back to Bunnings was stunning.
One of the highlights of today’s ride was the spectacular scenery of the Barrabool Hills including the rolling hills, a magnificent skyline, glorious clouds and cattle and sheep grazing in the paddocks.  What started out as a challenging ride turned into one where all riders conquered the hills.  Undoubtedly everyone who rode today will be well pleased with their effort. istance travelled 75kms. Ascent 910 metres. Descent 963 metres.
Regards, Peter O.

John Hagan's Easy Ride to Connewarre, Blackrock & Mt Duneed on Sunday 21.6.20
The weather this weekend for Geelong has been a lot better than predicted so we had ideal riding conditions for our trip out to Connewarre, Blackrock and through to Mt Duneed. We had 14 participants with Janet missing the start with a puncture and she proceeded to meet us at coffee. On the starting line at Grovedale Pub were: Sarah & Nick, Jennie, Pam, Marie, Ian B, Greg, Andrew, Chris Hu, Barry, Susannah (new member), Kim, and your ride leader John. Our coffee spot was Uforic Food Cafe on the Surf Coast Highway at Mt Duneed where Lindy was already having coffee with Janet when we arrived. Due to the Covid restrictions Marie, Nick, Andrew and Greg ended up having their coffee standing and for some it took a while to arrive. Our return trip was straight up the Surf Coast Highway but we had not gone far when Janet's wheel suffered another puncture. Greg was on the job straight away and assisted Janet to completed the repair in record time. Thanks all for an enjoyable ride.

Peter O'Brien's Central Geelong Ride - Saturday 20.6.20
Despite predictions of bleak weather for this morning’s ride, the day turned out to be warm and sunny – a great day for a ride.  Doug, Lindy, Don, Kim, Julia, Ted, Ken S, Janet and myself set off from the upper car park at Hearne Parade for a leisurely ride around the Geelong CBD.  It’s not often the GTC focuses on inner city riding and this ride provided an opportunity to explore some back streets within the city precinct noting changes to the streetscape.
Highlights of the ride included the Eastern Gardens, Pevensey Park, the Malop Street green spine path, Johnstone Park and Little Malop Street.  At Moorabool Street Ron Little joined the ride and we continued to the Road Criterium Circuit in Belmont, the school’s precinct in Newtown and the back streets of Geelong West. From the Geelong West Oval we rode back to Glenleith Avenue and meandered our way through McMahon and Vincent Avenues to Mercer Street, concluding the ride at Café Go in Swanston Street.  Thanks everyone for an enjoyable ride. Distance 25kms.
Peter O.   

Peter Jones' Ride to Millars in Lara on Thursday 18.6.20
Eighteen riders for our ride to Lara today, it was a crisp and chilly start to the day with my Garmin showing -0.7 deg on my way around the river to the Church St start. Those riding from left to right were: Trudi, Gary, Chris Ha, Mike C, Ted, Janet, Jennie, Ken S, Peter J, Peter, Marg, Lindy, Peter O, Ken G, Doug, Chris Hu, David S and Julie, what an excellent bunch.
Headed out the Ted Wilson Trail to Creamery Rd., and took Blue Stone Bridge Rd., down the hill and up the hill to the Lovely Banks Rd/ Anakie Rd intersection where we regrouped. Unfortunately I had a bit of a brain fade and took a hard left which put us on Lovely Banks Rd., instead of a softer left which would have put us on Anakie Rd., (didn’t realise my mistake until much later on Ballan Rd.) looked for Towerhill Rd., but of course it wasn’t there so being too late to turn back continued on to Ballan Rd and then to Stacey’s Rd. for a most enjoyable downhill to Bacchus Marsh Rd., etc. and to Millars for coffee.
Extremely busy for coffee but it was pleasant standing around chatting in the Sun before we mounted up and returned to Geelong along the Hovel Creek Trail. Easy ride back with a light Northerly tail wind. The bunch split at Swinburne Street with a small group heading down to say hello to Meri and Lovro, Ted reckoned Lovro would have Xray vision now after some radioactive treatment on his eye, Lovro agreed and said Ted was not a pretty sight. Excellent ride on a lovely day with a great bunch, ride on!
Cheers, Peter J.

Mark Kelly's Ride to Jan Juc on Tuesday 16.6.20
There were 15 hardy souls assembled for the ride to Jan Juc via Forest Rd with not a worry about the rain. However, shortly after heading up the Baanip bike path (which we found to be closed), the rain came and the first not so hardy soul to pull the pin was Sarah who headed home. The rest went cross country onto the road and then up Ghazeepore with the rain pretty persistent by now. Doug was the next not so hardy soul who left us a Blackgate road. We re-grouped at Hendy Main with the rain now stopped but Trudi, Chris Hu, Jennie and Peter J took the easy way home via Moriac. So we were down to just 9 truly hardy souls (Chris T, David S, Nick, Ben, Chris Ha, Janet and Julia, Ken and yours truly) for the rest of the ride. We had a nice tail wind along Forest Rd and even some sun but on reaching the GOR decided to give the Pt Addis leg a miss and headed straight for Swell cafe at Jan Juc via Bells Beach.  A quick stop to check the excellent surf at Bells and then onto Jan Juc. We returned via Torquay, Blackgate and then back along the Surfcoast Highway, where we ended as we started with some more rain. Despite the weather a very enjoyable ride - thanks to all. Ride distance: 70km and around 500m of climbing.
Mark K.

Greg Allerton's 100km Ride to Staughton Vale & Anakie on Sunday - 14.6.20
This is one of Greg's favourite rides - to Balliang, Staughton Vale and Anakie. He was accompanied by Janet and Peter O'B who was on his third 100km ride for the week! They stopped at the Anakie General Store for coffee and refreshments and found it almost deserted in contrast to the easy riders who went to Barwon Heads and couldn't find a space anywhere. The return to Geelong was a dream run with the strong wind behind them they were sitting on speeds in the high thirties in terms of kilometres per hour. Greg was able to give me a verbal report on the phone as his computer was not working.
John H.

Mark Shying's Sunday Ride to Ocean Grove - 14.6.20
The easy return ride to Barwon Heads departing South Geelong station saw me joined by nine cyclists.  Our route to the Beach House at Barwon Heads included one circuit of the Belmont criterum track and enjoying ideal conditions as we cycled along Barwon Heads, Lake, Black Rock  and Thirteenth Beach Roads.  On arrival at the Beach House our numbers had grown to 14 – Trudi, Leo, Andrew, Kim, John, Chris Hu, Peter J, Mark J, Lindy, Pam, Jennie, Mark S, Nick T and our newest member Peter N.  The Beach House could not accommodate our number, so after some discussion we cycled to the Dunes minus Chris Hu who had other cycling adventures.  The Dunes was both very busy and very quick with their service.  With plenty of space we enjoyed drinks, nutrition, good conversation and a pleasant beach view.  The return ride saw John and Pam ride on to Leopold.  Taking Thirteenth Beach Road saw 11 cyclists buffeted by strong winds.  With Trudi, Leo, Peter J and Lindy heading for Mt Duneed Road, the remaining group headed for South Geelong Station via Lake, Warralily and Horse Shoe Bend Roads – with more departing on the way.   62 kms of good riding.  Thanks for joining me today. 
Mark S 

Ken Smith's Saturday Ride to Armstrong Creek - 13.6.20
The ride started from the South Geelong Station with a total of twelve taking part, Peter O and John Hagan starting at Eastern Park. The other riders were Greg A, Ian Busch, Ken G, Chris Ha, Ken S, Jennie P, Nick and Sarah, Doug W, and new riders Rob and Katina Jeremiah. The ride went around Eastern Park along Boundary Rd, Leather St, Gundog Lane across the busy Barwon Heads Rd, on the bike path to Bailey St to Reserve Rd, along the Surfcoast Hwy to Armstrong Blv to the Armstrong Cafe, there a good social time was  enjoyed. The ride continued through Baanip, Hams, Lemins, Waurn Ponds Drive, up Pigdons path and a sight seeing ride around Deakin Unversity, along Ted Wilson Path to Wandana Heights, the riders then made their way home. This being my first time to lead - thank you to all for the help.
Ken S.

Doug's Thursday Ride to Drysdale - 11.6.20
A big peloton assembled at the start line with the Geelong Cycling Club also starting at the Showgrounds and there were close to 35 riders in attendance. Twenty one of those riders were GTC participants and in first name alphabetical order, the attendees were Chris Ha, Chris Hu, David R, David S Doug W, Gary B, Geoff Cam, Jackie R, Janet R, Jennie P, John H, Kim G, Mark J, Nick T ,Peter O, Ross G, Sarah T, Ted R Trudi B and a special welcome to new member Katrina and also guest rider Susannah. Special mention to Gary who ensured Susannah was looked after throughout the ride. A big thanks to Kim for assisting one rider who was having difficulty with a new pair of cleats and also a big thank you to our volunteer “Tail End Charlie’ aka David R.
I made a mistake counting the numbers, as I didn’t include myself and repeated that mistake up until Drysdale. All is well that ends well. Weather Report: Cool at the start then glorious winter sunshine. A perfect winter’s day for a ride. Distance: 40.49km. Coffee: The Bungalow. GTC took over the empty outside table area, with six persons to a table. Post coffee, several riders went in different directions, some opting for a longer ride in the warm sunshine. Some opting for a more direct route back from Drysdale.There were a few members who had not been seen or heard of during the lock-down. It was great to see them again and they received a hearty welcome. Great camaraderie was on display throughout the ride. Well done all. Photographs courtesy of John H (with thanks).
Doug W.

Chris Halpin's Hard Ride to Moriac on Tuesday 9.6.20
It may have been 2°C but another spectacularly beautiful day brought out 14 GTC Trojans this morning. In fact the day seemed to bring every local cyclist out. A similar number of LACs were gathering at JB HIFI, and we just missed a large contingent of Torquay Coasters at Moriac. Sarah & Nick, Ken, new member Ray, 3 Chris' - Hu, Ha & Thomas, Julie, Janet & Jenny, David, Ben, Barry & Mark K all made it to the start line. Lyn and Trudi had a sleep in and met us for coffee. Mike came late and left early but we'll count him too. The ride was an old favourite, up Waurn Ponds Dve, Pettavel & Reservoir to Cape Otway Rd. Right into Devon and across the verdant green hills, left into Barrabool. Across the Hwy again and on to Considines, Hortips then Church, Larcombe & Hendy Main into Moriac. Phew! Coffee was popular and it was very warm & peaceful on the General Store deck. Home via Cape Otway, Mt Duneed & Ghazeepore to Bunnings. Bang on 60km, 500m climbing and not a puncture.
Thanks everyone involved esp Ben for managing our tails.

Ted's Sunday Ride to Lara - 7.6.20
Another good turn out to end the week we returned from iso-hibernation with 11 riders meeting at Rippleside and a 12th joining in at Lara. Peter’s J, O and Knight (guest rider), Chris’s Hu and Ha, John H, Mark J, Lindy, Jennie, Doug and I set off at “9 ish” after a brief pre ride briefing and chat. We took the regular bay side route sticking to paths where possible and stopped for a safety check of the path under the freeway where Peter O and I measured the height of the bridge above the water line of the now permanent lake that has formed on the path. Our plan being to lobby Council to “DO SOMETHING, DON’T THINK, DO!!!”. We enjoyed a relatively traffic free ride to @7 Cafe @ Lara where we were greeted by Ian who had secured one of the rare inside seats. Five of the lucky ones joined him in the warm while the rest of the group shivered outside in the 9 degree heat (well, 9 degrees is warmer than 6 degrees, right?). After more chatting we set off for the return journey via a Tour de Lara and the Ted Wilson Trail and split up at Church Street where about half carried on down to Cementies and the rest down Church Street to their cars or homes.

The electrically assisted bike group below!

Ken Gawn's Saturday Ride to Torquay - 6.6.20
10 Club members together with a former member, who had not cycled with us in over 2 years, and a visitor made up a group of 12 for the ride to Torquay - Greg, Zac, Ken G and Ken S, John, Chris Hume, Janet, Jennie, Julia, Peter O, Ray Clifford and visitor Matthew Henderson.
The weather did not look that threatening in the early part but, on crossing Reserve Rd into Horseshoe Bend, light rain started. On crossing Boundary Rd we were 9 - Matthew got a puncture and Ray and Chris stayed to assist. The rain intensified so I asked the bunch to ride on whilst I rode back to check out the tailenders. Zac passed us and called out it was too wet, but he had a change of mind and rejoined the back group of 4 on McCanns Rd. Visibility was down to less than a km, and whilst I turned into Blackgate the 4 kept on the Surfcoast Hwy.
Upon arrival in Torquay, the group were having refreshments at Mejavos. I was soaking wet and announced that I would press on home by the shortest possible route. At a bus stop just out of the township I came across Matthew, wet and very glum - a second puncture and a broken derailleux. Ray later confirmed Matthew had received assistance to get home.

Sarah's Thursday Ride to Barwon Heads - 4.6.20
The promise of a sunny day and light winds lured many out to ride today.  Gathered at Grovedale Hotel at 9am were Lyn Louden, Ken Gawne, Jackie and David Rae Chris Hu, Chris Ha, Trudi, Julia, Mike Currie, Kim, Mark Kelly, Doug, Barry, Ken Smith, Ted, Janet, Jean Paul and guest rider Blake, David Smith, Gary, and Nick and Sarah. Whew! That put us over twenty with the expectation ( which was fulfilled) of  Lindy joining the ride at Lake Road. Twenty three riders in all. As per Coronavirus restrictions we split into two groups so many thanks to Ken Gawne for leading the second group to Barwon Heads and back. Traffic was light and it was a joy to be outside in great weather and good company. Coffee was had at Ebb and Flow plus (as we were such a large group) the Beach House so thank goodness Barwon Heads is a multi-coffee-shop town. Thus refreshed, we headed home with splendid surf views along Thirteenth Beach road.  Blackgate Road and Surf Coast Highway led us back to the Grovedale Hotel. No adverse events to report. An excellent morning out! 

BACK TO OFFICIAL RIDES - Ken Gawne Leads the Portarlington Hills Ride - Tuesday 2.6.20
The threat of wind and perhaps a shower or two did not deter the group of 13 who gathered at the Showgrounds for the resumption of Club Calendar rides. Chris Halpin, Ben Kersten (welcome back Ben), Jennie, Janet, Mark Shying, David and Ken Smith, Nick and Sarah, Chris Thomas, Barry Tippett, Doug and leader Ken.
Nick punctured on his way to the start but did not delay us getting underway. Ken gave a brief description of the route, suggested groups of 6 and 7 to improve safety and pointed out that a separation distance of 1.5m was inadequate when riding in line. Ken Smith picked up a puncture at the bottom of the Leopold hill. Chris Halpin took over leadership of a group who were to continue on down Christies Rd, rejoin the rail trail and wait at the beginning of Curlewis Rd. After about 10 mins, Ken and Dave Smith rejoined Ken G, Ben and Nick. A solid pace was set in the chase and continued down to the Bellarine Hwy and along Swan Bay Rd. By the time contact was re-established, I was puffing like a steam engine. At 11:00, having covered 41kms, we stopped for refreshments in Portarlington.
On resumption, Jennie(showing no respect for age) went past me before the first of the Port hills. I remembered an old Audax saying that " cycling was only ever hard if you were in a hurry". I must thank Ben and Chris Ha for their efforts in trying to drag me along. Just out of Drysdale, all but Barry & I elected to hit the rail trail - we turned into Grubb then Swan Bay Rd. By this time I had recovered and the trip back along the highway was covered in good time. Gold to Barry, silver to Ken with no bronze awarded. Start back-to-start distance 72.5 kms with 553m of climbing. Thanks everybody, we had some fun and fitness- honing exercise.

Sunday Ride to 13th Beach Golf Club Cafe - 31.5.20
Seven riders namely the two Peters ’, Trudi and Leo, Jennie P, John and Doug turned-up for the ride on the last day of autumn, for this year. With the wind behind us we headed to Barwon Heads via Horseshoe Bend Road, Warralily Boulevard, Lake Road, 13th Beach Road. From Barwon Heads we traversed Geelong- Barwon Heads Road to partake in a coffee at the 13th Beach Golf Club. This coffee stop may be a first for GTC riders. We were not disappointed with this coffee venue as the coffee was very acceptable and Leo gave his toasted egg and bacon sandwich 10 out of 10. The outdoor area was superb with nice big comfortable chairs and a view of the lush green golf course. After a lengthy stop it was back on the bikes and into the wind to return via Blue Stone School Road, re-joining our outward course at Black Rock Road and retracing our outward route back to Grovedale. It was a very pleasant outing with good company and lots of chat. The distance covered was just over 50 kilometres.
Photos courtesy of John H and Trudi. Scribe: Doug

Saturday Ride to Bannockburn - 30.5.20
Trudi's Bunch gathered at Church St. John and Jennie turned up on their ride and Greg joined in for a while making a full 10 for a while. We headed out the Ballan Rd, at Steiglitz Rd the ride split, John and Jennie heading to Staceys Rd and Lara, Greg on a time line to get back before 10.30 am. The rest continued on through the beautiful countryside turning at Parkers Patterson a glorious downhill before the slog up Clyde to Banockburn. Enjoyed our coffee then took Harvey Rd and Brisbane back to the Hamilton Hwy and home to Fyansford. Great day out on the bike.
Cheers, Peter.

Thursday Ride to Moriac - 28.5.20
A full bunch for Trudi's ride to Moriac, most enjoyable ride out with a bit of Sun, lovely out through the hills. Reached Moriac just as the Torquay Coasters arrived and they had a full bunch as well but luckily there's were well spread out. Got our coffee and enjoyed a good chat in the Sun before heading home via Hortips etc and down Pollocksford to the Hwy returning with a good trail wind. 
Cheers, Peter.

Doug's Thursday Ride Around the Bellarine Peninsula - 28.5.20
We had five riders to Drysdale, Kim, Peter O’B, Ken S, Julia and Doug. The Rail Trail was a breeze with the kids back to school. At Drysdale Kim did a U-turn leaving a foursome to continue. Coffee and donuts from Daniels were well received as we ate them in the warm sunshine. Just past St Leonards, I had a mechanical issue and was not able to continue. The three remaining riders made it back to Geelong with no further loss of riders.
As I have Bike Assist with the RACV, I called for help, only to be informed to call back in one hour because they are busy and cannot answer my call. Bric-bats to the R.A.C.V. With autumn about to go into winter, we enjoyed the great riding weather today.

Further Update on Marie Bagley - 27.5.20
Marie is home now from hospital but is still a bit sore and would like to pass on her thanks to all the GTC members who have enquired after her health and wished her a speedy recovery. A special thanks to Sarah and Nick who brought to her home the flowers below. JH.

Tuesday Ride to Bellbrae and Jan Juc - 26.5.20
Good roll up for Trudi’s Bunch Ride this morning, 14 riders in all. To comply with the 10 limit we split into two groups of seven, Peter O led off with Gary, Mark K, Mike C, Nick, David and Kim. A short time later I followed with Trudi, Sarah, Jennie, Julie, Chris Ha and Doug. Usual course out to Anglesea Rd, Blackgate Rd, Grassdale Rd, Hendy Main Rd, Vickerys Rd, Gundry Rd, GOR, Addiscott Rd, Bones etc into Jan Juc where we enjoyed a lovely coffee. Unfortunately the fog did not lift apart from a few brief period now and again. Following coffee the A team took off and headed back straight down the Hwy, the B team took the Toilet option and rode the Esplanade through Torquay to the toilets, then back through the houses and rejoined the Hwy at Bunnings. An uneventful run back along the Hwy before everyone split to make their own way home, and no the fog still hadn’t lifted but fog or no fog it was a great ride in good company.
Cheers, Peter.

Doug Leads the Group to Bowside in Bellbrae for Coffee on Sunday 24.5.20
Jennie P, John H, Leo and Trudi B, along with Peter O’B and Doug W headed south from the Grovedale Hotel into a SSW 15 kilometres head wind, heading for Paraparap and Bellbrae. Along the way we encounted a light shower of rain which was just enough to require a wipe of the glasses. Heading along Hendy Main Road, Trudi punctured and as usual, Leo to the rescue, however, it took nearly as long to find the cause of the puncture (which was a small piece of wire or like embedded in the tyre) than it did for Leo to change the tube and pump-up the tyre. A timely coffee break was taken at Bowside Café in Bellbrae. The good thing about returning to Grovedale, was the tail-wind back to the starting point. Not finished with flat tyres for the day, Doug’s rear tyre went flat 50 metres from home. The wind was cold, the pace was hot and the company was extremely warm and pleasant with lots of chat along the way. Thank goodness for small group riding. In round figures the distance was 60 kilometres and we gained 315 metres. Photographs courtesy of John H.
Doug W.

Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove on Saturday 23.5.20
Two Peters, two Chris' and triple J, Jennie, Julie and Janet on today's ride to Groove. A bit of mizzle on my way to the Showgrounds to start but disappeared by the time 9.00 am came around. Rolled out to Groove with an occasional spit and occasional Sun. Coffee was good as usual at Groove, rode through a light drizzle along 13 th Beach which disappeared by the end where we took the Mt Duneed Rd option to avoid the HSBend closure. The ride home was pleasant with a trail wind for most of the way. Excellent morning ride in good company. Cheers Peter. 

A Bunch of 10 Ride to Moriac - Thursday 21.5.20
Trudi's bunch joined with Peter O and Doug to ride out to Moriac. Three extra including Janet's sister Trina and we hit the magic number, 10. We headed out to Moriac via Merrawarp and Barrabool, lovely and green after plenty of rain and with the cold crisp air and a bit of Sun it was glorious. Took coffee at Moriac in the Sun before Doug and Barry headed off to Torquay and the rest took the Hortips, Considines, Barrabool and Pollocksford option. Short run down the Hamilton Hwy back to Fyansford where we split to head home. Cheers Peter.

Marie Bagley in Bicycle Accident
Marie had a bad accident Friday morning (15.5.20) when she collided with a car door in Drysdale on her way to coffee.  She fell and the back of her helmet hit the road causing some brain damage and bleeding. Geof says that at the moment she is suffering from the effects of whiplash, a headache from the brain trauma and needs some aspects of the vascular system to stabilise. It is possible that she could be home from hospital in a couple of days. Our thoughts are with Marie and Geof and we wish her a speedy recovery.
JH - 20.5.20

Peter Jones' Ride from Torquay to Lorne & Return - 19.5.20
Peter O and Peter J rode from home, Ted took the easy option just riding to Torquay for a coffee and then home. At Torquay we met up with Nick and Sarah, great to see Nick back on the road on the bike. Also Ken S, Chris Hu, Chris Ha, and Janet. We picked up Trudi at the big Roundabout and Jennie at Anglesea and had a very enjoyable ride down to Lorne. Lunch was in the park opposite the Bakery Cafe, Egg and Bacon rolls were popular and can be highly recommended. The run home was good, a little wind affected but nothing we can't handle. Peter and Peter headed off home on the Surf Coast Hwy and the rest headed to their cars and home. Peter O picked up a pfft, pfft, pfft, puncture which was soon changed and we rolled on home. Great ride yet again. Cheers Petet J.

Peter O'B's Ride to Pt Lonsdale - 16.5.20
Lonsdale on a lovely sunny day. Chilly start but turned into a lovely day for a ride. Good to get some of the bunch back together again.
Cheers, PJ.

Ride to Moriac on Thursday 14.5.20
It was all Gary's idea - an easy ride to Moriac to work his broken toe back into shape. Apparently he kicked the Victa Mower by accident. We ended up with five starters, Mike, Janet, Barry, Gary and myself heading out of Bunnings. Up Waurn Ponds Dve, on to Pettavel, Reservoir and into Moriac on Cape Otway Rd. Shared coffee at the General Store with Sarah and Doug. Back on the bikes it was still very cold riding down Hendy Main. Said goodbye to Barry at Paraparap corner and we four headed for Blackgate Rd where we met Lindy out solo. A quick chat and then to Anglesea Rd, Dickens, Ghazeepore and home.
Thanks for leading Gary and all for the social company.  Chris Ha

Zoom meeting for our May Club Night - Thursday 7.5.20
History making Zoom meeting for our May Club Night. President Lindy welcomed Pam, POB, PJ, Nick Tarnay, Ken Smith, Ian, Doug, Ross and Janet along with fellow committee members, Mike, Ted, and myself promptly at 7.30pm.  Lindy provided a summary of committee actions including our draft Extreme Weather policy. Ted spoke to the In Case of Emergency (ICE) card initiative and reported that Ambulance Victoria Western Region Ambos have been briefed to look out for our cards in their work programs. Ted also summarised progress with the expanded insurance cover initiative. The definition of 'club sanctioned' rides was clarified. Peter O'Brien briefed us on safety issues including a video of why we shouldn't ride 2 abreast on 13th Beach Rd.
Meeting moderator Mike attempted to show us a video of his recent bike ride thru Vietnam and Cambodia to Bankok. Great video - but no sound track - so this segment was abandoned. Mike later provided a YOUTube link - Click here to watch on YouTube (right clickon link to open in new window).
The meeting finished promptly at the 40 minute deadline. Well done everyone involved for a memorable meeting.
Cheers, Chris.

We can see from STRAVA that many of our cyclists are out and about - Monday 4.5.20 - Trudi & Peter J riding Leopold, Ocean Grove & Armstrong Creek for 61km.

John & Jennie Ride Buckley's Falls, Ceres Lookout and Coffee at WP Shopping Centre, Breakwater & back along the Barwon (44km) on Saturday 2.5.20

LEST WE FORGET - Pam's Bike at the Avenue of Honour on the Bellarine Rail Trail - 25.4.20

Pam has been training her grandson Harry - he has ridden the rail trail to Moolap twice this week - 25.4.20

Nick has got Training Wheels at last!

Paired Twos at Pt Lonsdale - Tuesday 21.4.20

Cancellation of all GTC Club Rides
During this unprecedented time (in our lifetimes anyway) of the “Covid-19 lockdown” your committee have been busy behind the scenes working on two items to make your riding experience as good as can be expected in the current circumstances.
1. Insurance
We have negotiated with our insurance company to extend the personal accident cover of our policy to include any and all rides taken by our members as long as they are notified to the Club in advance. Previously you were only covered if you were taking part in one of the rides included in the official ride schedule.
Many of you have taken up that offer but, for those that haven’t, please note that the policy covers not only 80% of out of pocket medical expenses up to $1,500 but also a $50,000 accidental death cover.
Make sure you notify the Club of your rides in advance to be able to take advantage of this arrangement.
2. ICE Card
Another initiative is the provision of an In Case of Accident (I.C.E.) card. This is designed to give first responders (eg. ambulance officers) information about you that might be critical in case of needing urgent medical treatment. In addition to your name and emergency contact details the card has provision for any medical conditions, medications and allergies.
We understand that some of you will have already utilised something similar, whether it be a bracelet or necklace, either with engraved details or USB connection to provide the information electronically. We considered these options before deciding on “old school” technology to minimise cost and make it simple for everyone to use.
Ted Reeve.

A couple of paired groups riding this Saturday morning - to Freshwater Ck, Bellbrae, Jan Juc (Coffee from Swell) & Torquay on 18.4.20 - Julia & Peter J, Leo & Trudi.

All Keeping their Distance (photo below - Trudi goes past the Moriac Primary School) - Check out the link for 16.4.20

Peter Jones over the Barwon on Merrawarp Rd - Monday 13.4.20

Noel & Clint - Coffee outside Moriac Store - Monday 13.4.20

Fran Forsyth RIP - Monday 6.4.20
GTC Life Member Fran Forsyth died today peacefully at home aged 76, cared for by daughters Jane and  Kate, after a long battle with cancer. Fran attended Tate St Primary school in East Geelong as did her great friend (and fellow GTC Life Member) Lynn Kerr, who was a couple of grades ahead. Fran went to Geelong High School and then  did Nurse Training in Geelong. She worked for many years both here and in Lara. In 1989 Fran and Lynn did the Great Victorian BikeRide from Yarrawonga to Melbourne and the following year joined GTC. One of their earliest club rides was a Progressive Lunch with Cuppa Soup at my place on a cold showery day and finishing with dessert (icecream and fruit salad) at Ron Turnleys. Fran bluntly suggested that something hot might have been more appropriate. Club cuisine has improved considerably since then, thanks to Lynn and Fran. In the pre internet days Fran was the club photographer creating a great record of club activities. She loved to travel and did many tours  both local and  overseas including GVBR and Bike SA as well as Police Bike Club events. Fran was always a popular and well known rider. She also enjoyed overseas travel without bike. In more recent years she was very involved with Dragons Abreast doing ladies dragon boat racing, for which she had many medals. Fran will be sadly missed by so many friends.
Greg Allerton.

The photo of Fran below was taken last October at the Club's 40th Anniversary Celebrations at Grovedale - and the photos following are from our GTC archives - approx 2005.

A little advertising here and a request from Nick Tarnay to aid him in his rehabilitation after his bike accident:
I’ve got 2 pairs  of 10 speed Mavic kysirium SL wheels needing a new home. Make an offer - going super cheap!
I would like to borrow a turbo trainer for a month or so.

Ted & Chris Halpin ride the Hovells Creek Trail - Chris took the photos!

A reflective dam on the Bellarine by Pam - 8.4.20.

Two of our Riders for coffee in the Park at Drysdale Station - a popular spot as you can easyly keep your distance - photo from Marie.

Ken & Lyn on their recent trip to New Zealand

Peter Jones & Chris Halpin ride through Freshwater Creek - Photo on Petavel Rd - 3.4.20

Pam had company on the Ride!

Signs Around the Surf Coast Shire - this one coming into Moriac.

Sunrise from Pam on a Solo Ride

John Hagan's Easy Ride to Torquay on Sunday 22.3.20
Eleven riders turned up for the easy saunter to El Nido Cafe in Torquay. From L to R below: John H, Ken S, Marie, Clint, Ross, Noel, Mark J, Lindy, Jennie, Pam and Sarah. Lindy gave a safety talk re the Coronavirus and the importance of sticking to the guidelines (above). We broke up into 2 groups as we headed south and kept in single file with generous spacings. We took the Surf Coast Highway in light drizzle to the lights just past the Surf Coast Shire buildings and headed east to El Nido Cafe in the Dunes Village. This served our purpose well as we were able to sit outside under cover and space ourselves around. After coffee and conversation we took Horseshoe Bend Rd back to Burvilles Rd, passing the Geelong Memorial Park & Crematorium, across to the Surf Coast Highway - by this time there was only Jennie and myself left as most had headed home just before. The total distance of the loop was 28km. Most did quite a few more km as Noel & Clint had come in from Lara, Pam from Moolap and Marie from Ocean Grove.
Thanks to all for keeping to the guidelines and for an enjoyable ride. John H.

Peter Jones Leads Day FIVE of the Canberra Tour - 22.3.20
Final ride report, Day five has ended and along with it our Tour. The worsening virus situation has forced us to return a day early.
Today we went over to Kingston to the Bus Depot Markets, sadly depleted to almost nothing because of the virus restrictions. Following coffee and chat we checked out the Glass Works and watched some talented artists at work. Then it was off to lunch at Manaka before meandering home via RMC Duntroon, Mt Pleasant and Dickson Shopping Centre.
Cheers, Peter.

Doug Wyatt Leads the Saturday Ride to Barwon Heads - 21.3.20
In very overcast cool conditions, six riders assembled at the Eastern Beach car park for the ride to Barwon Heads. Riders were Ken S (Birthday Boy), Greg A, Ian B, Chris Ha, Ross (who had ridden in from Torquay) and myself. Aided by a slight tail wind we traversed Breakwater Road then onto Barwon Heads Road, Lake Road and back onto Barwon Heads Road for an easy ride into Barwon Heads, thanks to a slight tail wind. Chris and Ross elected not to stop for coffee and continued on. The tables at the Beach House café were spread far and wide to ensure compliance with current requirements. Our return course was 13th Beach Road, the cycle path, Blackgate Road. With a mild head wind after leaving Barwon Heads, every one took a turn at the front. Great team work. At Horseshoe Bend Road, Greg turned left towards Torquay to take the long way home and the rest of us turned right, the shorter way back to Geelong. The total distance was 58 kilometres.

Peter Jones Leads Day FOUR of the Canberra Tour - 21.3.20
Another lovely day on the bike. Headed up the hill past the AIS and Belconen to the Lake and up Dairy Farmers Hill. Had a very interesting tour by an enthusiastic volunteer. Rode on around the Lake to Yarralumla for lunch at the Farmer's Daughter Cafe before the bunch split to go their own ways. 
Cheers, Peter.

Peter Jones Leads Day THREE of the Canberra Tour - 20.3.20
A really easy day on the bike today, just a short ride down to the Lake and around to the National Museum. Had the usual coffee stop looking out over the lake. After the Museum some meandered back to camp, some to the National Gallery to see the Picasso Exhibition, and finally a group to the Parliament for lunch at the Queens Cafe and a tour of the building. Pizza night tonight.
Cheers, Peter.  

Chris Hume Leads the Thursday Group to Moriac - 19.3.20
Ten riders for the Moriac  ride today: David, Garry, Ross, Kim, Doug, Barry, Sarah, Noel, Chris Ha and Hu. We avoided the first part of the Hamilton Highway by going via the  Old Paper Mills and up-to the Upper Parer Mills Rd, from here it was onto Merrawarp Rd, Barrabool Rd and finally Hendy Main Rd and thus to the Moriac Store for refreshments. The weather was ideal for riding, no wind, quiet roads and temperature in the low twenties. After Coffee Doug and Ross, who had ridden to the start from Torquay headed home, the rest of us returned via Reservoir Rd, Pettavel Rd and Waurn Ponds Dr. Once onto Pigdons Rd the peleton split up as we headed home. A great ride with a few hills!!
Chris Hu.

Peter Jones Leads Day TWO of the Canberra Tour - 19.3.20
Another lovely day in Paradise, headed back down to the Lake and around to Anzac Parade, the memorial to the Boar War and the Light Horseman is just stunning. Then on to the War Memorial. After coffee at Poppys the group split into groups and did various things. I fixed my front wheel tyre, Zdenka, Ina and Elizabeth rode over to old Parliament House after touring the War Memorial. Lunch was at Poppys then myself, Don, Michele and ED rode around Mt Ainslie then came home through the Dickson Path. Peter O went climbing up Black Mountain Tower. Now it is Happy Hour before we head off to the Canberra Yacht Club fire dinner. 
Cheers, Peter.

Peter Jones Leads Day One of the Canberra Tour - 18.3.20
We arrived safely yesterday and meet up with our Northern Riders. Had an enjoyable BBQ and evening then this morning we headed around the Lake to Coffee at Yarralumla. Most enjoyable sitting on the Sun chatting. Continued around the Lake to lunch on the city. Very quiet, everyone seems to have gone to ground. After lunch the group split, some came back to camp, some to Questacon and others around the rest of the Lake and home. A lovely day for riding in our Nation's Capital.
Cheers, Peter.

Chris Halpin's Lap of the Northern Bellarine on Tuesday 17.3.20
15 riders today at the the Showgrounds meeting point (Ross, Trudi, Meri, Julia, 3x Chris, 2x Ken, Mark, David, Gary in Green Sox, Doug, Ted & Noel). After a quick refresher on 'social distancing' and etiquette in a time of Corona virus, we cycled off towards Drysdale where we lost Ted and Ross to a very inviting coffee stop. On over the 3 Sisters to Portarlington where the main break at Daniels Donuts was very popular.
Cruised along the Esplanade with a fabulous tail wind all the way to St Leonard's before turning across the wind for the return along Murradoc, Queenscliff and Swan Bay Roads. A minor tragedy struck Mark as he punctured in a large pot hole on Swan Bay Rd, and then Julia emptied her water supply which required an unscheduled pit stop at the Flying Brick Cidery - wonderful and what luck! Back on the bikes and home via Bellarine Hwy and the Rail Trail. About 75 Km in the sunshine and most enjoyable.
Thanks everyone, Chris Halpin.

TWO Rides:
1/ Greg Allerton's "Here & There 100km Ride" on Sunday 15.3.20

It was a cloudy but fine and calm morning as I left South Geelong Station at  8 am. Very light drizzle and mist awaited me as I reached Ted Wilson Trail at Church St. After crossing Midland Highway I was very pleased to find John Miro waiting for me. We followed the quiet now damp Trail out to Bacchus Marsh Rd where another off  road trail led us to Heales Rd then Houston Rd. This gave us only a short distance along busy Bacchus Marsh Rd before turning left into Staceys Rd. The long climb warmed us up and a slight south east wind helped us along to Ballan Rd. Robbs Rd then Steiglitz Rd  and Bakers Bridge led us to Midland Highway, heading back towards Batesford. We turned left at Riverdance Rd to explore the new estates northwest of the village, which was new to John. There were many large modern homes on big blocks. The smooth but hilly roads gave us a view of the nearby Ballarat railway line. We then returned to the highway and took Daruma Way into the slightly older Dog Rocks Estate, also impressive and with more established gardens. I have often ridden over 10 km here around the smooth quiet roads and dead end courts here. On exiting up the long climb of Dog Rocks Rd we stopped and saw a photo shoot underway on the nearby granite boulders. After Friend In Hand rd and Hamilton Highway  we took Pollocksford Rd to Gnarwarre and were soon at the delightful Cottage Farm Nursery and Tea House after 80 km, where we were the only customers. Host Christeen soon had coffee and tea for us and scrumptious homemade macadamia tart for John and rhubarb slice for me - only $9 each. Alas heavy drizzle had begun just as we left and we got quite damp in the next 20 minutes. We took the shortest way home along Barrabool Rd through Ceres. I was home by 2-15 pm after 106 km in 5 hours of riding , average 21.1 kph.  Thanks John Miro for such good company. 
Greg Allerton, Ride Leader.

2/ Peter Jones' Easy Ride to Barwon Heads on Sunday 15.3.20
A ride of attrition today, nothing nasty, just annoying. Surprised to see a bit of a bunch already when I arrived this morning in the drizzle. Pam, Marie, Lindy, John H, Ian B,  were already there, Jenni turned up in her car, Chris Hu and Chris Ha and Geoff C arrived, Ross rolled in having ridden in from Torquay so there was quite a bunch ready to ride. Beinning an easy ride we took the most direct route up the Surf Coast Hwy to Warralily where we turned to go across to Lake Rd., it was still drizzling although there was a bit of a promise of clearing ahead. Lost Ross at this point, a puncture in the drizzle was the last straw so Ross indicated he would catch us another day so we rolled on.
Almost through the Lake Rd diversion Lindy indicated she wasn’t feeling well and would head home, Pam and Marie decided they would keep her company so we were down to seven to carry on, which we did. The drizzle had stopped earlier and we even had some Sunshine, a lovely double Rainbow had all the photographers reaching for cameras but they quickly faded and any pics obtained didn’t do them justice. Rolled into Barwon Heads, had a very enjoyable coffee and rolled home via 13th Beach, Blackrock path, Breamlea Rd, Blue Stone School Rd, Mt Duneed Rd and HSBend Rd enjoying tailwinds a lot of the way.
Cheers, Peter.


Mark Kelly's Circuit to Bellbrae & Torquay on Saturday 14.3.20
Unfortunately today’s ride started with Nick having an accident as he entered the carpark of the Grovedale Hotel. Sarah was not riding today but she was called and took him to the hospital. Latest news was that he is being well looked after and has been admitted. So after that the remaining 9 riders (Leo, Trudy, Ken S, Peter J, Mark S, Mark K, Doug, Greg A and a guest rider Richard) headed off towards Bellbrae via Ghazeepore Rd, Blackgate Rd and along Forest Rd. Greg A left us near Forest Rd and the rest of us headed to the Bowside Cafe at Bellbrae. The wind was challenging in parts and we were lamenting the cold change compared to earlier in the week. However,  we enjoyed a well-earned coffee at the Bowside.  After coffee, Peter J left us to head home along the Anglesea road and Doug left us at Jan Juc. The rest of us headed home with a nice tailwind through Torquay and along Horseshoe Bend Rd. Apart from the start, a good ride covering just on 70 kms with 350 metres of climbing and an average speed of 23km/h. Although only a couple of photos as the ride leader forgot about taking them until we were on our way home (still learning!).

Ross Glover's Ride to The Cheeky Cow in Collendina on Thursday 12.3.20
Great turn-out for today's ride to Collendina. With roadworks on the Surf Coast Highway and Barwon Heads Road, Chris Ha, Chris Hu, Peter J, Peter O, Ted, Noel, David S, Ken S, Doug, Mark J, Gary and Ross set off  from the Grovey Hotel towards Horseshoe Bend Road, joined by late arrival Kim and sometime later, Sarah and Nick. There was a lot of traffic in Horseshoe Bend Road so our large well behaved group were in single file as we made our way south. This wasn't acceptable behavior for one ute-driving tradie who came past blasting the horn and shouting abuse. He then slowed down in front of us to deliver some more verbal abuse, before driving off.
The rest of the ride to morning tea was much more relaxed. The wind was kind and traffic levels low. Ted and Peter O left us at Barwon Heads, then we took the sea front option through Ocean Grove. Some gravel but no traffic. Morning tea was taken at a nice quiet the Cheeky Cow before our return via 13th Beach. Chris Ha kindly volunteered to take over ride leader duties at Black Rock Road so Doug and Ross abandoned there. Chris later let me know the remainder of the group made it safely back to Geelong. Thanks to all for their company. Special thanks to Chris Ha for taking over ride leader duties.
Regards, Ross.
p.s. We may need to re-think using Horseshoe Bend Road before 9.00 am on week days. The road is just too busy.

Chris Halpin's Easy Ride to Moriac on Tuesday 10.3.20
Eight keen and punctual riders this morning at the Grovedale pub (Barry, PJ, Jacqui & David, David S, Harry, Doug and myself) . Particularly pleasing to welcome back Harry after an extended absence due to home duties. Equally frightening when we nearly lost Harry at the first turn into Baanip Bvd as he made a late decision to turn across the traffic. Fortunately this ended happily but it was a timely reminder of the need for special care in heavy morning traffic. The ride along Baanip, Ghazeepore, Dickens, Surf Coast Hwy and Blackgate was picture perfect with warm sunshine and a light easterly tail wind.
Coffee, cakes and chatter on the deck at the Moriac Store saw the time disappear quickly. Back on the bikes we headed up Hendy Main, Reservoir and Pettivel, across the Freeway and down Waurn Ponds Dve back to Bunnings. Here the group split to find home. Thanks all for a lovely morning ride.
Chris Ha.

Chris Hume's Ride from Winchelsea to Birregurra & Barwon Downs on Tuesday 10.3.20
A good turn up for today's ride,eleven riders! Chris T, Trudi, Ross, Kim, Sarah, Nick, Noel, Julia, Mark K, Peter O'B and yours truly Chris Hu. The weather was fine, light SE breeze, as we headed out of Winchelsea on Marjorie Lawrence Dr then along Cape Otway Rd, close to Birregurra, but not quite close enough for Trudi to have a coffee!! I intended to head along towards Barwon Downs but the road was closed and a detour in place so we headed straight to Deans Marsh Store for refreshments. Homemade pies were popular! Then up the Bambra Hill and onward to the Cape Otway intersection. Here Julia and Trudi left us and continued directly to Winchelsea, the remainder did a lap around the Wurdiboluc Reservoir finishing off with a great downhill run into Winchelsea on Atkins Rd. A most enjoyable outing.
Chris Hu.

Peter Jones leads the Dirt Ride from Torquay to Anglesea on Sunday 8.3.20
Nine riders today on our Combined Ride with Cycling Geelong. Dave S, (CG) Linton, (CG) John M, (CG & GTC) Chris Hu, Ross, Mark K, Kim, Geoff and myself. We headed off around the path with a strong wind which came around on to our tails as we made our way dodging many, many walkers, dogs and other bikes. This is a tough ride for most and a definite challenge. John M had a couple of little lie downs but we made him get up and continue as it was too early to rest.
Stopped at the usual places to admire the view and cruised along enjoying the ride. Extremely busy on the road, just as well we were off road. Traffic was backed back to the Forest Rd Roundabout going through Anglesea. Enjoyed a coffee and slices at Anglesea then took the usual tracks up hill, Linton had a puncture near the top of the hill out of Anglesea but we were soon on our way wandering through the bush until we reached Bells Beach where we transitioned to the road through Jan Juc and back to Torquay, a most enjoyable ride as usual.

Trudi Bellia leads the Easy Ride to Expresso Lounge Cafe in Lara on Sunday 8.3.20
Six riders this morning for my easy ride to Lara: Jennie, Pam, Barry, John H, Leo and myself.. heading out to Lara on the Ted Wilson Path, Bacchus Marsh Rd, Elcho Rd and straight into Cafe Expresso. Coffees were quickly served while we all enjoyed a chit chat, while we watched John enjoy his birthday treat “a triple chocolate mini muffin”. Our return route was on the Hovells Creek Path, and as you’ll see from John’s photos there was plenty of water to negotiate our way through. All in all a very enjoyable ride in great company.

Mark Shying Leads the Saturday Ride to Lara & the You Yangs - 7.3.20
Riding up Church Street to the Ted Wilson Trail I mused who would be joining me today for the ride out to the You Yangs.   Julia, Janet, Doug, Ian, two Kens, Leo and Peter were my companions today along with Trudi who joined us at Ballarat Road.  In overcast conditions we took the Lovely Banks exit and climbed up Anakie Road until we reached Towerhill Drive.  A fast descent and the views across Corio Bay were enjoyed by all.  On to Bacchus Marsh Road and Elcho Roads we rode through the Lara six ways, then took Flinders Avenue all the way to Branch Road.  Gathering at the entrance to the You Yangs, we all agreed to ride to the top car park where we took in the views.  A fast descent, we retraced our route towards Lara six ways, diverting to the Xpresso Lounge Cafe.  Good chat as always, we formed the view that ordering anything other than coffee ensured your order was first served to the table.  We used Hovells Creek Trail to return to Geelong - we were not impeded by the shallow water over the road and under the bridge.  At North Geelong the peloton split as cyclists made their way home.  Thanks all for a great ride - 66km for me.  Also to Peter and Trudi for their help re navigation. 
Mark .

A Wet Thursday's Ride to Moriac - 5.3.20
With the sound of rain on the roof this morning, I immediately knew that Trudi wasn’t going to ride today.. So I drove down to the start at Fyansford, where I found the two Chris’s standing under the rotunda looking wet and cold. Chris Ha decided to continue on to Porter Ave and meet Ange for a coffee date.. Leaving Chris Hu to ride on by himself, but as they were about to leave in rode John-Paul. A quick chat to discuss where they would go and off into the misty rain they rode... Their destination was Moriac, the route they took was on the Hamilton Highway, Pollocksfords Rd, Barrabool Rd, Considines Rd and Hortips Rd.. on arriving at the Moriac Store they were warmly greeted by Peter, Marion, Leo and myself, who drove out to join them for a coffee and catch up. Well done to the three gents for making the discussion to venture out into the drizzly rain today.

Nick's Ride to Bannockburn, Teesdale & Inverleigh on Tuesday 3.3.20
Ten riders turned up at Fyansford. Nick, Sarah, David, Ken G, Peter J, Mark J, Mark K, Noel, Kim, and Trudi headed off up the busy Hamilton Highway before turning off up the quiet but lumpy Friend in Hand Rd in order to zig zag our way to the Steiglitz Rd before turning down Parker Rd. The scenery was lovely despite the overcast conditions and quiet roads compensated for the hard work up the Clyde Rd hill into Bannockburn. Riding out of town toward Teesdale Nick and Chris experienced a scarily close shave with a semi trailer that passed us way too close. Out of town the road condition improved with a sufficiently wide enough shoulder for us to enjoy the ride. The run into Inverleigh along a quiet rolling road couldn’t be spoiled by the very local shower that just seemed to follow us for a km or so. In Inverleigh we enjoyed good chat, good coffee and a pastry or delicious cake. Next time I’m going to have a pie! The group kept up a good pace up and down dale on the Hamilton Hwy before we all started to go our own ways. David was unlucky enough to have a puncture 10 minutes before the finish but it was fixed in quick time.
Thanks to everyone for a good day’s ride. Nick.

Greg Allerton's 100+km Ride to Lethbridge on Sunday 1.3.20
A good group of 6 riders set off from South Geelong station just after 8 am. It comprised Noel & Clint P, Mark J, Ian B, John-Paul and myself. We rode down the Deviation and out the quiet Hamilton Highway at a good pace with very light wind. The bunch spread out going up the good climb in Brislane Rd with the two younger riders getting well ahead.This nearly proved their undoing because we were turning left at Harvey Rd - lucky they were still within shouting distance, as we were not keen to chase after them. We soon turned right into another quiet road through the bush of Spring Creek. There was a short section along the busy Teesdale Rd before we turned into English Rd, which made JP feel right at home. Approaching Lethbridge the north wind was strengthening, but coffee was the main thing on our minds.Two other riders arrived from a different direction and we chatted over coffees.Coincidentally, one of them, Ross, I had met the previous weekend near Bannockburn. He was again very talkative!
Leaving town on the misnamed Tall Tree Rd it was a strong side wind until turning right into Lairds Rd with a stiff head wind. Lower Plains Rd then gave us a good downhill to Midland Hwy, where we turned left, directly into the north west wind. It  was a relief to exit at Sharps Rd and we were soon whizzing down over Moorabool River. It was a taxing climb up to the locality of Sheoaks with JP leading the way. An undulating section soon had us approaching Maude where we had the usual stop at the spectacular Bunjil Lookout. We flew home from here often cruising at over 40 kph through Sutherlands Creek to Ballan Rd where we split up. Ian, Mark and I took TW Trail and backstreets to Newtown where we went our separate ways. I was home by 1:15 pm after 103 km, average 25.1 kph. Thank you guys for your great company and strong riding.     Greg Allerton   Ride Leader. 

John Hagan's Easy Ride to Waurn Ponds on Sunday 1.3.20
Seven starters from the Showgrounds this morning but Cycling Geelong were also there for a different ride. Our starters were: Ted, Ross, Jennie, John H, Lindy, Don and Geoff C. We had intended riding the Barwon but changed plans the day before due to the Barwon River Run which could have a large number of participants. Instead we rode out in windless conditions around Breakwater going through to the South Barwon Ovals and followed the Waurn Ponds Trail out to behind Bunnings. On the return we came around to the northern side of the Waurn Ponds Shopping Centre intending to have coffee at Schnitz but were informed on entering that it would not be open until 10:30am and they promptly closed their doors! We decided on coffee from one of the food vendors nearby in the open area where we could see the bikes. While they had coffee they did not have any cakes or biscuits and the the lady producing the coffee was new at the game so Lindy had to explain how various coffees were made up. This being said my coffee was quite a good one. On the return trip we came around the back of the shopping centre where Don picked up a puncture and this was soon repaired only to have it go down again by the time we got back to the Surf Coast Highway - he waited here for Lindy to pick him up at the end of the ride! The ride finished back at the Showgrounds at 11am - the circuit was 23km.
Thanks all for an enjoyable morning's ride. Keep cycling, John.

Chris Hume Leads the Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove on Saturday 29.2.20
Fifteen starters for today’s ride: Trudi, Leo, Ken S, Ross, PJ, PO’B, Mark K, Mark S, Julia, Jackie, David, Barry, Doug, Chris Ha and Chris Hu. We made our way to Horseshoe Bend using Diaz Dr thus avoiding roadworks on Torquay Rd. Then onto Blackgate Rd and the bike path to the start of 13th Beach Rd. Here riders were given the option of going along at faster pace, which some did. We regrouped at the Barwon Heads Bridge and from here cruised to the Groove for coffee and cake. After the break Ross and Doug headed back to Torquay, the rest used Wallington Rd, Curlewis Rd and the Rail Trail to get the Bellarine Hwy crossing where we split up to head home. It was a great day for riding, cool temperatures and little win. A most enjoyable ride!
Chris Hu.

Chris Halpin Leads the Ride to Portarlington on Thursday 27.2.20
Thirteen riders waiting at South Geelong Station this morning for the ride to Portarlington. As is usual these days part of the bunch had a plan B. I was quickly elected ride leader, and I wasn't even last! Riders included 2 Chrises, 2 Kens, JP, PJ, Kim, Doug, Noel, Meri, Gary, David & Ted. Off we set along the BRT, shared with lots of other travellers. Was great to greet about 10 other GTC riders, the Leopold bunch, heading for a quiet ride along the river. We soon arrived in Drysdale and 4 riders settled at The Bungalow for coffee. Nine of us decided the Portarlington donuts were unmissable and pressed on. We were soon rewarded, the only trouble was trying to decide which one ... or two! Suitably refueled we enjoyed a lovely ride along the Esplanade to St Leonard's before turning into the wind and back to Geelong. Thanks everyone for another testing ride.
Chris Ha.

Mark Kelly's Ride from Torquay to Lorne and Return on Tuesday 25.2.20
We had a contingent of 13 riders for the trip to Lorne. Nine riders started in Torquay: Nick , Ken S, Noel , Peter O’B, Meri , Mark, Peter J, Chris Ha and new rider Chris Thomas. Nick, the two Peters, Ken and Chris Ha had ridden from Geelong so a good day in saddle for them. We set  good pace up the Jan Juc Hill where Doug joined us. Then the nice downhill run into Anglesea where Sarah met us and Ken G had started ahead of us. We caught Ken with about 5 kms to Lorne - good to see his knee is performing well. The day improved as we rode along with some great views along the coast, a good surf rolling in and little or no wind. Peter O had a flat just coming into Lorne but had it repaired in no time while the rest of us had a well deserved coffee. We headed back, again enjoying the magnificent views along the GOR. The planned pie stop at Airey’s was foiled by the shop being closed so we pushed onto Anglesea where the group separated for different routes home. Only Doug and Mark persisted with a pie stop in Torquay, which was most enjoyable. All in all a great day’s riding covering 95km and 950 metres of climbing for the Torquay-Lorne-Torquay trip. Thanks to all for a most enjoyable ride!

Mike Taylor's Ride to Freshwater Creek on Tuesday 25.2.20
The riders for today ’s easy ride were Dave and Jackie, Mick C, Dave, Gary , Barry , Chris Hu, Jean, Mark and yours truly. It was slightly muggy at the start but turned into a great day for riding. We proceeded out vi Breakwater to Grovedale pub, then down Barnip Boulevard to Ghazeepore Rd. A few of the team enjoyed a lovely sprint down the hill on Ghazeepore. We met at the Farmers Place for coffee and much pleasant conversation. We returned home via Waurn Ponds and the Waurn Ponds Creek Trail. Thanks to everyone for a very pleasurable ride!!
Mike T.

John Hagan's Easy Ride to The Hop Inn at Mt Duneed on Sunday 23.2.20
We had eleven riders for our easy ride to Mt Duneed today: Peter O'B, Lindy, Janet, Greg, JC, Noel, Jean, Chris Hu, Jennie , Andrew & John H. In beautiful weather for riding we headed west along the Barwon, then up through Highton, taking Ghazeepore & Whites Rds to our coffee destination at the Hop In on the Surf Coast Highway at Mt Duneed. The service was very slow with the last coffee arriving 52 minutes after we arrived!! There was a good conversation going so the time ticked away fairly well and the coffee was of a good standard when it arrived. There were a few dramas on the return trip as Chris Hu decided to do a longer ride and left us at the cafe and fell at the first corner - 100m from the cafe. We were in the middle of the road there doing our turn into Warralily Blvd and many of us saw him fall. He had punctured suddenly as he turned the corner into Whites Rd and came down with a front wheel slide to land on his hip. After dusting himself down and having suffered a few grazes a number of our group assisted him with the repair. He then decided to come with us as we travelled the bike path parallel to Warralily Blvd. We crossed Armstrong Creek a bit earlier than usual and took new paths beside Honey Suckle Way & Southwinds Rd to the Barwon Heads Rd. The final part of the journey was on the north side of the Barwon. As we turned a tight corner into Swanston St Jean fell from her bike. She suffered similar injuries to her husband's with a few grazes on the arm but was able to ride on. When Noel headed back from the Sth Geelong Station he picked up a nail in the tyre in Yarra St - he unfortunately unscrewed the valve core out of the velve with the pump and had to walk back to De Grandis with his bike and cleats off to get it repaired. The total distance for the ride was about 31km.
Thanks all for an enjoyable morning - except for the falls!
Keep riding, John.

Peter O’B’s Ride to the Chocolaterie and Ice Creamery, Bellbrae on Saturday 22.2.20
Eleven riders turned-up for the ride to the chocolate factory and one could surmise that they are sweet-tooths who love chocolate and the free samples on offer. You could have been forgiven for thinking this was a day in early May (not February) because the wind was chilly, the sky very overcast and riders were wearing long sleeved jerseys. The probable sweet-tooths were: Peter O’B, Ian, Mark J, Ken S, Kim, Barry T, Leo, Trudi, Chris Ha, John Paul and Doug. It was decided to get to the Chocolaterie as quickly as possible, so we ditched Moriac and took the Anglesea Road as it was believed that the coronavirus would impact on the number of buses heading along the Great Ocean Road. The assertion that there would be a reduction in bus traffic turned out to be correct. A good pace was set, stringing-out the peloton. We gathered together again at the round-a-bout where the Anglesea Road meets the Great Ocean Road. The ride leader told the unsuspecting riders that it was all downhill from here to the Chocolaterie (I think he sells snake oil on the side). After enjoying a coffee, a cake or scone and some free chocolate samples on the way out, we headed for Torquay and beyond. The free chocolate had a positive effect on our speed as we kept a fast pace of about 30kms an hour to Torquay where sanity returned and the speed dropped to a comfortable level back along Horseshoe Bend Road to Grovedale and beyond. Thanks to Peter O’B for standing in as Ride Leader. My Garmin showed a ride distance of 60 kilometres (in round figures) and an average speed of 23.2.
Photos: Peter O’B
Scribe: Doug

Chris Halpin's Ride to Queenscliff - Ferry to Sorrento - Ride to Pt Nepean on Thursday 20.2.20
The ride to Point Nepean was quite popular. Those riding to Queenscliff (Ted, Gary, David our newest member, Doug, Mark J, Kim, Noel, Sarah & Nick, PJ, JP, 2 Chrises, Ken and POB) met at the Showgrounds promptly at 8.00am as requested. The run to connect with the 10am Sorrento ferry was thankfully drama free and at a manageable pace. Coffee at the cafe was popular as more GTC members (Lindy & Don, Ross and Ken G) filed in and Gary, Ted, David and Mark headed back to home duties. If I've left anyone off I apologise - there was lots happening! The ride up to Portsea and to the visitor centre involved more hills and poor Don was showing his lack of practice.  The weather was quite good, cloudy and a moderate Souwester. The self guided tours of Sullivan's Cove, the Quarantine Station, Cheviot Beach, Fort Pearce and The Rip were well worth the effort. After exploring the various highlights in our own time we reconvened as a group at 'Baked in Portsea' for a late lunch break, and then rode back to meet the 2.00pm ferry and made our various ways home from Queenscliff. I covered about 85Km for the day. Thanks everyone - a great day in even better company.
Chris Ha.

Peter Jones' Ride to Barwon Heads on Tuesday 18.2.20
Nine riders today willing to brave the possible showers and thunderstorms: Meri, Nick, Chris Ha, Chris Hu, Ken G, Noel, Barry, Mike C and myself. As the ride was listed as an easy ride the ride down to Barwon Heads was via Reserve Rd, HSBend Rd, through Warralily to Lake Rd and down BHeads Rd. Wended our way through the local Rds to the Sheepwash checking out the houses before stopping at the Beach House for a very enjoyable coffee and Florentine. The riding was quite pleasant, a bit humid but a cool breeze, no showers but overcast.
Following our coffee and chat it was time to head home, it appeared a shower was on the way so everyone donned their jackets before we headed down 13th Beach through a light shower. The shower was all over by the end of 13th Beach and at Mt Duneed Rd the jackets were put away.  The wind was a little fresh, Sth West so I headed back via Blue Stone School Rd and Mt Duneed Rd onto HSBend Rd. A nice tail wind back home as everyone started to split off home. An excellent ride in good company and everyone home before the real rain and thunderstorms rolled in.
Thanks for your company, very enjoyable. Cheers Peter.

Greg Allerton's 104km Ride to Wensleydale on Sunday 16.2.20
I left South Geelong Station at 8:06 am with a heavy heart and not even my shadow to accompany me - it was quite overcast . I had been spoilt when  there were 8 starters  on my last long ride a fortnight ago. On reaching Fyansford my spirits were lifted when I found Nick Tarnay waiting there. His company was very welcome as I knew there would be several sections of tough easterly 40 kph head winds later on. We pedalled through Pollocksford and Gnarwarre before enjoying a short tail wind run along Princes Highway.   Buckley South Rd led us down towards Wurdee Boluc Reservoir, after 46 km  where we had a brief stop. Soon we were pedalling up a steady climb on Wensleydale Station road, which I had not ridden for several years. After 6 km we turned back at the end of the bitumen and were soon rewarded with great views as we descended toward Cape Otway Rd. From there it was mostly head wind. A slight detour via Layard, Larcombes and Hendy Main Rds kept us away from busy traffic. Moriac shop provided a welcome stop after 78 km. From there we took Hendy Main, Reservoir and briefly Anglesea Rds and the tunnel under the Bypass into Hams then Ghazeepore Rds where we parted ways. I used Baanip Path and back streets and was home by  1:15 pm after 104 km in 4 h 32m riding  av. 23 kph. Thanks Nick for such good company. 
Greg Allerton  Ride leader.

Pam Morrow's Ride to Groove in Barwon Heads on Sunday 16.2.20
Lynne, Mick, Marie, Geof, Jen, Butch, Barry, Sue and Pam rode in from Leopold. It was pretty eventful  with Barry and Butch both having punctures. Barry took a little longer to repair his as he put the tube with the hole in it back on the wheel and wondered why it would not pump up, so he had to start again with the right tube. On the bike path in South Geelong we came across a large tree branch across the path. At the station we met up with John H, Chris Hu, Ross and Doug. We picked up Andrew along the way. We rode to Barwon Heads along Lake Rd. Andrew had a puncture here. John helped repair it. Coffee was at Groove in Ocean Grove. Russell and Lindy met us there for coffee.
Peter, Ross, Chris and Doug returned home along 13th Beach and the rest of the group rode up to The Parade and along Grubb Rd to the Bellarine Highway. After Leopold John and Andrew were the only ones left to return to Geelong. A good ride 54kms. Hope everyone enjoyed it.
Pam Morrow.

Ross' Ride to Serendip + Guided Tour of the Sanctuary - 15.2.20
13 riders at Rippleside for today's ride to Serandip Sanctuary, despite the less than perfect weather. We had 2 1/2 hours before our Serandip meeting time so it was a leisurely ride out to Lara. Pam, Marie, John H, Peter O, Lindy, Peter J, Nick, Sarah, Chris Hu, Chris Ha, Ted, Ken and Ross set out via Church Street for the Ted Wilson path. We followed the path before crossing the freeway at Creamery Road and turning on the Bluestone Bridge Road. As we headed down towards the bridge, the hill up the other side became more and more obvious. The groaning from back of the pelaton reached the ears of those at the front and a last minute route change resulted in us turning right, back on to the Ted Wilson path.
An easy tail-wind cruise on Bacchus Marsh Road, then on to Millar's cafe in Lara for an extended morning tea break. Our very well organised secretary had booked a large table which turned out very prophetic as we were joined by Meri, Don and Barry from the Lara Legends cycling group. Much conversation later, the cycling group continued on to Serandip where we were joined by Jo, Angie, Don, Meri, Zdenko and Blazenka for the tour. The drizzle failed to dampen a most enjoyable experience.
Peter O used his local knowledge to lead the way home, avoiding a flooded Hovells Creek by heading down the freeway, on to Shell Parade before following the bay back to our starting point.
Thanks to all participants for a great outing. Special thanks to Vanessa, our guide from Parks Victoria and to Peter O for organising our visit.
Cheers, Ross.

Peter Jones Leads the Ride to Torquay - Thursday 13.2.20
Fourteen riders for our Thursday ride to Torquay: Sarah, Nick, Ken S, Noel, Doug, Peter O, Ted, Kym, Mark K, Gary, Chris Hu, Ross, David S, (potential new member) and myself. Fairly strong South Easterly Wind on the way down. Took the usual route via Ocean Acres and enjoyed a coffee at Mejavo's before heading home via HSBend Rd., a most enjoyable morning on the bike. Ted dropped off at the old Farmers Place for his coffee and Ross and Doug departed at Torquay. Mark K decided he wanted some tail wind so came for a spin down HSBend Rd.

Trudi Leads the Ride to Lara, Little River & the You Yangs on Tuesday 11.2.20
Today saw eleven cyclists for my ride to Lara, Little River and the You Yangs... Chris Ha, Peter O, Meri, Janet, Barry, Ken G, Gary, Doug, Noel, potential new member Chris and myself. Setting off we rode along the bay through to North Shore and onto the Hovells Creek Path..  Cafe of choice today was the Xpressso Cafe. After coffee Gary headed for home for an appointment. The rest of us rode on to the old Geelong Rd to Little River. After a quick rest stop it wasn’t long before we were at the gates of the You Yangs. Here Janet left us as we were about to enter and ride up to the turntable. Our route home was along Forrest Rd, Elcho Rd, where we waved goodbye to Meri and Doug as they decided to ride back along Hovells Creek. The rest of us rode the Ted Wilson Path. It was while riding along this path that we had a short rest stop as Chris repaired his puncture with some help from Peter. A very pleasant ride in great company, see you all next time.

Dave Simpson from Cycling Geelong leads the Combined Ride to Lara on Sunday 9.2.20
Thirteen riders for our Combined ride to lara: Chris Hu, Ken G, Ian, Ron, Noel, Dr Mike, Jennie, Peter J, Barry, Dave S, John H, John-Paul & David Jones who joined us at Rippleside. All were from the GTC except our leader Dave and David Jones. This was an interesting circuit, which was mostly on bike paths, and took us north along Corio Bay to Lara and returned via the Ted Wilson Path and the Barwon path. Coffee was at Millars where there was quite a crowd but we managed to pull a few tables together outside. The wind was a very strong easterly but as we were mainly north and south we were not slowed as much as Dave and Ron would have been riding home along the Bellarine Highway to Leopold.
A very enjoyable ride.
John Hagan.

Peter O'Brien Leads the Saturday Ride to the You Yangs & Lara - 8.2.20
This morning four riders assembled at the Church Street start line for the ride to the You Yangs.  Doug, Ken, Ted and myself rode along the Ted Wilson Trail to Bacchus Marsh Road and then onto Lara. Ted headed to Millars whilst the rest of us weaved our way through the new housing development at the Lara Lakes  Estate and across to Windermere Road.  I was amazed by the sheer volume of houses and associated road works being undertaken in the housing estate and discovered that familiar roads I’d cycled many times before were now totally blocked off.  In endeavouring to depart the estate, every turn we took led to a dead end.  We couldn’t get out!  Thanks to Doug’s eagle eyes, we eventually found a small path between some houses and high-tailed it out of the joint with a view to never return!  We eventually made it to Windermere Road, and with the aid of a slight tail-wind, rode along Forrest Road to the Ford You Yangs Proving Ground on Sandy Creek Road.
On the return ride to Lara we encountered a strong cross-wind and were thankful it wasn’t a head wind.  A well-earned coffee break was taken at the Xpresso Café, Lara. The ride back to Geelong was along the Hovell Creek Trail with the total distance covered for the day being 78 kms.
Peter O.

Ron Little's Thursday Ride to Drysdale - 6.2.20
A large group rolled up at the Showgrounds today.   One by one they arrived until suddenly in the last few minutes a swarm arrived to swell the numbers to twenty. Happily, we took off along the trail, crossing the highway and cruising along at a nice leisurely pace amidst the sounds of mixed conversations, finally leaving the trail at High Street and climbing up to the Drysdale Bungalow for our caffeine hits. Dr Mike arrived 20 minutes later to join in.
On leaving for the return trip back the group splintered up. Chris Hu, Peter J and Ross and Noel headed off to Portarlington.   Ken G opted for home via Ocean Grove. The rest of us picking up Mark J onto the rail trail. A very enjoyable morning with lovely weather.  Our riders today were: myself, Peter O'Brien, Peter Jones, Chris Hume Chris Halpin, Nick & Sarah, Ken Smith,  Ken Gawne, Ted, Noel, Butch, Sue and Barry, Ross, Norm, Gary, Kim, Dr Mike and Mark J.
Ride Onward. There is no finish line. 

Peter Jones' Ride from Williamstown to Westmeadows on Tuesday 4.2.20
Seven riders to Westmeadows today: Sarah, Nick, Ken S, Noel, Chris Ha, Peter O and myself. Everyone made good time to the Williamstown Sailing Club our point of departure. It was a beautiful day for riding, not too hot, not too cold. We took the Bay Trail towards Melbourne turning off onto the Moonee Ponds Creek Trail. The trail follows the creek valley all the way out past Westmeadows and is a real treat to ride, at times the smells and the  bush could trick you into thinking you were in the middle of nowhere not passing through a city of millions. As usual coffee at Essendon was very enjoyable and then we were back on the trail and out to the Westmeadows Tavern for a Seniors lunch before hitting the road again making our way across to the Maribyrnong River Trail.  The Steele Creek Trail feeds into the Maribyrnong River Trail, unfortunately part of the trail was closed which put us up and down a few hills which really stretched the legs, lungs and friendship. Eventually the reward was a magnificent view across the river and in the distance the CBD. From there it is just a matter of following the trail, meeting the Bay Trail just under the Shepherds Bridge and back to the cars and home. A fantastic ride on a really excellent day in great company, what could be better?
Cheers, Peter.

Mike Currie's 49km Ride to Barwon Heads on Tuesday 4.2.20
With cooler weather, no rain and a light easterly breeze, today was a perfect day for riding. Eight of us turned up at Grovedale Pub including Ken G, Kim G, Chris Hu, Ron L, Jackie & David and Doug W. We headed to Barwon Heads via Warralily Bvd, Lake Rd and Barwon Heads Rd meeting the extra challenge of school kids crossing roads. My planned coffee shop was closed so we enjoyed coffee at BeachHouse on Hitchcock Ave. We had a great run with a tail wind along 13th Beach Rd and the Cadel Trail, turning back to Geelong on Horseshoe Bend Rd. A very pleasant morning's ride.

Greg Allerton's 100 Km Ride to Avalon & Pt Wilson on Sunday 2.2.20
Eight riders: Peter O, John-Paul, Mark S, Nick T, Ken S, Noel & Clint P (very rare having Father & adult son  on GTC Ride)  and myself. Thanks to John C for start photos. TW Trail gave us a quiet run out to Beckley Park though there were a few large puddles and poor visibility due to overgrown shrubs at several road crossings. Hovells Creek flowed over the road but the gates were open and we crossed safely.  It was a quiet ride around the perimeter of Avalon airfield with very few cars.We had a good tail wind along Dandos Rd. We rode for about 5 km on the flat Point Wilson Rd but turned back at the second cattle grid. Returning into a now strong head wind towards Lara, Clint, Mark and myself did a 14 km loop north while the 5 others headed for the optional coffee stop in Lara, where we later regrouped. It was then home via the Refinery, Corio Quay, Margaret St overpass and Pakington St. I was home around 1 pm after 105 km av. speed 23.5kph.
Greg Allerton.  

John Hagan Leads the Ride to Torquay on Sunday 2.2.20
Dr Mike was down to lead this ride but had medical issues last night so he came down and took the starting photograph. I think that this is the first time the numbers on the 100km ride have exceeded those of the easy ride but we did have 7 starters: (L to R below) Marie, John H, Chris Hu, Jennie, Pam, Doug and Barry. I got a call before the start from Pam to say that Marie had a puncture and they were fixing it so we waited for them.
Once unerway we headed down Horseshoe Bend Rd with a side wind from the west. After crossing Warralily Bvd we encountered an stationary ambulance facing us on our side of the road - inside was a cyclist and a number of cyclists were standing around. For coffee we kept away from the main part of Torquay because the Cadel Evans Race was going through there later and some of the streets were closed off. Our Cafe of choice was El Nido on Fischer St at the northern end of Torquay. The coffee was good but it was a bit breezy outside. On the return trip Jennie suffered a puncture and we puzzled about how to get her front wheel off especially as she had hydraulic disc brakes. A passing cyclist came over to help unravel the mystery of how the DT Swiss front wheel nut is released and we were able to fix her puncture. As we approached South Barwon Reserve on the return trip we broke into smaller groups and Pam and I watched the Cadel Evans Race go through - picture below. Thanks all for an enjoyable ride.
Keep cycling - John Hagan.

Meri Ljubanovic to lead Ross Glover's Thursday Ride to Warralily - 30.1.20
Eleven participants for this morning's ride despite the forecast for a very hot day. The ride leader exercised their discretion and changed the destination to make the ride shorter with less climbing. No one protested. Mike C, Chris ha, Chris Hu, Gary, Barry, Peter O, Peter J, Ken, Dr Mike and Ross set out from South Geelong station towards Warralily. We were joined along the way by a late arriving Noel. A nice steady pace saw us arriving quite early at Warralily Cockatoo for some very expensive refreshments. Some considerable conversation later, we reversed direction, arriving back in Geelong before the heat got too bad. Thanks to all riders for their good company.

Noel Reports on the Ride to the You Yangs on Tuesday - 28.1.20
Todays ride was listed as Anakie/Staughton Vale, the consensus of the peloton was not to ride Ballan road, therefore it was decided to go to Lara and You Yangs. Leaving Church St we travelled along the Ted Wilson bike path to Bacchus Marsh Road and proceeded out to Windemere Road then Forrest Road North and we all climbed Alp D’ You Yangs to the turntable were the obligatory photos were taken. We then rode along Branch Rd to Flinders Ave back to six ways and then to Millars were the usual coffee and cake was consumed. We were about to leave Millars for the return journey when Sarah discovered her back tyre flat on the rim, will not mention who got the blame for a leaking prior patch. We then proceeded via Elcho Rd, Bacchus Marsh Rd were I departed home and the rest travelled the Ted Wilson path back to Church St. Todays fine bunch consisted of Nick, Sarah, Mark J, Ken S, Doug and Noel. Thanks to everyone for a good ride and pleasant company - a ride of about 55k.

John Hagan's Easy Ride to Moriac on Sunday 26.1.20
A good turn up of eleven riders for our easy Sunday morning ride: Chris Ha, Marie, Pam, Ian, Lindy, Andrew, Barry, John-Paul, Noel, Jenny & John. We first avoided the rowers by joining the Barwon River Trail at Latrobe Blvd and went up through Highton on Belle Vue Ave then down past Deakin. We took Waurn Ponds Drive and Reservoir Rd to the Cape Otway Rd. Here the riders were given the challenge of either tackling the rather steep end of Reservoir Rd to Hendy Main Rd or the easier option to descend to Moriac on Cape Otway Rd. Your ride leader chose the latter while the majority tackled the hill! On arrival at Ravens Creek Farm Cafe we found that the cafe is no longer functioning (closed on 10.11.19) so we parked our bikes with all the other bikes at Moriac General Store. Here we joined quite a few other GTC riders as you can see from the cafe photos below! The coffee was good and the conversations long. Our return trip was via Mt Duneed Rd and Baanip Bvde bike track and Waurn Ponds Creek. I got a puncture on Mt Duneed Rd and I was ably assisted by Ian - most waited for the repair.
An enjoyable ride in good company.
Thanks, John.

Ron's Ride to Collendina on Saturday 25.1.20
Six riders comprising Ken Smith, Doug, Kym, Julia, Lyn Louden and myself left the showgrounds for the ride to Collendia today. A good size group considering other members may have other plans this long weekend.  A gentle tail wind aided us on our way to the Cheeky Cow.We headed off along the Rail Trail before turning right at the Bellerine Highway to Banks Road, down to Shell Road intersection crossing over and heading along to the Cheeky Cow.  Very busy there today with Holiday makers.   After coffee Ken, Kym and Doug left us to return home via 13th Beach Road, leaving me to escort thetwo ladies back to the start, I then returned home myself. A lovely mornings ride today in beautiful weather. Thanks to all for their company.  Enjoy your weekend.
Cheers, Ron.

Thursday Ride to Bannockburn called off because of the Rain - 23.1.20
Only one keen rider this morning so we cancelled.  35mm of rain to celebrate.
Chris Ha.

Nick's Ride to Torquay via Moriac Vicarys Rd & Bells Beach on Tuesday - 21.1.20.
It was a beautiful cool but fine morning for a bike ride. Eight riders: Nick, Sarah, Jonn Paul, Doug, Ken S, Mark M, Ken and Lyn met at JB HIFI and set off ascending Waurn Ponds Drive, onwards and upwards along Reservoir, speeding down to Moriac, undulating along Hendy, lumpy on Vickerys (where Chris Ha appeared) before tackling the big dippers along Gundrys. Bells was as beautiful as ever and aided by a tallwind and gravity some thrilling high top speeds were achieved. After excellent coffee at Swell we cruised the smooth scenic Esplanade with a tall breeze and sunny skies before scooting along Horseshoe Bend to Geelong. A great ride.

Greg Allerton leads the 100km Ride to Moriac & Bannockburn on Sunday 19.1.20.
John C kindly came to South Geelong station just to take the official start photo as  Noel and son Clint, John M and I set off down to the north river path and across the old Breakwater. We then took the busy Waurn Ponds Creek path before getting onto the quiet Waurn Ponds Drive. We had just completed the long climb up to the Princes Highway when we met Ken Gawne heading back home. After Reservoir Rd it was nice to ride down Hendy Main Rd to Moriac, as I usually ride up this road near the end of my 100 km rides. After a short section on Cape Otway Rd, Hortips and Considines Rds brought us back to the highway and soon up to the enchanting Cottage Nursery Cafe near Gnarwarre. As usual we were the only guests, where we had a choice of delicious home made cakes with coffee for only $9. Pedalling again we were soon riding down Pollocksford Rd then turning left at Hamilton Highway. Burnside Rd led us up to Bannockburn. We soon crossed Midland Highway and it was a nice change to ride down the steep and long Clyde Hill. Noel was keen to try Russells Bridge Rd rather than the usual Parker Rd, which proved to be a similar hard climb in the warm hazy sun. Steiglitz Rd took us back to Ballan Rd from where Noel and Clint headed back to Lara while John and I used Ted Wilson Trail before parting ways. This is one of my favourite 100 km circuits and it was a nice change to ride it in the opposite (clockwise) direction. It was good company and an enjoyable ride. 102 km average speed 23 kph. 
Greg Allerton.

Mike Taylor leads the Easy Ride to Millars in Lara on Sunday 19.1.20.
Although small in number our Sunday “easy ride” group showed considerable enthusiasm. Riders were: John, Jennie, Mark J, Andrew, Doug and Mike. Doug had commenced with his customary 24 km ride in from Torquay. Doug’s level of fitness is quite extraordinary! The weather was great for riding with just a light breeze and great air quality. We managed to negotiate the rather crowded trail along the foreshore to Rippleside and then had a lovely run out to Lara. After coffee at Millars we returned home via Elcho Rd, Bacchus Marsh Rd and the Ted Wilson trail then along the north bank of the Barwon. It seemed like there were several hundred dogs along this section but fortunately we managed to avoid them all on this occasion. Thanks to everyone for a very pleasant ride.

Janet reports on the Saturday Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove for Coffee - 18.1.20.
Upon arrival at South Geelong station it was discovered that there was going to be only a small group of 3, none of whom actually knew the listed route to Avalon Beach. After some discussion we set off to Ocean Grove instead via Barwon Heads Rd, Lake Rd and 13th beach. Nice coffee stop at Groove then return to Geelong via Wallington, Bellarine Highway and the Rail Trail. Our group consisted of Ken, Ian and myself. We were happy to meet up with John and Jenny on the way back who had ridden to Drysdale for the usual Saturday morning catch up there. Lovely morning ride.
Happy cycling everyone, Janet.

Sarah's Ride to Paraparap & Torquay on Thursday 16.1.20.
Despite cooler weather and overcast skies there were 11 starters for today’s ride namely Chris Hu, Chris Ha, PJ, Noel, Ross,  Gary, Ken Smith, Nick and Sarah. Very good to see Ken Gawne back on deck with Lyn as well visiting from up north. A few spots of rain did not deter us as we rode to Torquay, and the trucks that passed us on Hendy Main Road were notably courteous. Ken and Lyn took a slightly different route but we all met for refreshments and conversation at Mejavo’s before returning to Geelong via Horseshoe Bend Road in double quick time with a tail wind, always a bonus! 

John Hagan's Easy Combined Ride with Cycling Geelong to Deakin & Armstrong Creek on Sunday 12.1.20.
Thirteen riders there for the start of our ride from Sth Geelong and we picked up Peter & Marion at Roslyn Rd. The riders were: Peter B, Dave S, Chris Hu, Jenny, Noel, Janet, Clint, Ross, Mark S, John-Paul, Ian, Andrew, Peter & Marion J and your ride leader John. We headed out along the Barwon and up through Wandana Heights before exploring the back blocks of Deakin and coming past their oval, over Waurn Ponds Creek to Waurn Ponds Drive (the Old Princes Highway) then up the bike path beside Princes Freeway and underneath (photo below) to Hams Rd. Quite a few hills to climb for an 'easy' ride and your leader was usually last up! We then took Ghazeepore, Whites Rd and Warralily Bvde to the Warralily Cockatoo Cafe in Armstrong Creek - just off the Barwon Heads Rd. They seem to have increased the number of tables outside so there was plenty of space for us to enjoy their coffee and cakes. The return trip was via the Barwon Heads Rd and through Breakwater to the Showgrounds and back to the Station. Thanks all for an enjoyable ride.
Keep pedalling, John.

Peter Jones' Ride to Barwon Heads - Saturday 11.1.20.
Fourteen riders today at the start: Sue, Meri, Trudi, Lyn L visiting from Port Macquarie, Richard, Ken G back on the bike, Lovro, Ken S, Kym, Chris Ha, Leo, Robin friend of Doug from Macedon Cyclists, Doug and myself. With the destination set by the Ride Sub Committee I figured we should have a change of route just to keep things interesting so we went on the Great Circle Route via Anglesea Rd, Coombes Rd, Messmate Rd, South Beach Rd, HSBend Rd, Blackgate Rd, 13th Beach Rd and into Barwon Heads for a coffee at The Beach House. Barwon Heads was jumping with lots of tourists. Ken and Lyn branched off at Ocean Acres as Ken didn’t want to overdo the riding at this stage and Richard and Sue after blasting up 13th Beach Rd at over 40 kph turned for home at Blackrock Rd. The rest, (except for Doug and Robin) enjoyed a coffee and chat and rolled home via Sheepwash and Barwon Heads Rd, a bit of a tough ride with a strong side wind, we came back via Barwon Heads Rd and Mt Duneed Rd to HSBend Rd where the wind finally came on our backs and blew us home.
Cheers, Peter.

Mike Taylor's Thursday Ride to Ocean Grove - 9.1.20.
With a strong prediction of heavy smoke I was kind of looking forward to a nice sleep-in. However, on rising, I was greeted by a perfect riding day with no sign of smoke at all. What’s more I was amazed to find 21 eager enthusiastic riders waiting for me at the showgrounds. All riders appeared to have become much fitter over the Christmas New Year period (with the possible exception of the ride leader). The riders were: Gary (New Rider), Nick, Sarah, Dave, Jackie, Meri, Trudy, Leo, PJ, POB, Chris Hu, Sue, Richard, Kim, Ken, Noel, Ron, Mark, Mike C, Ted. Later at the Groove we were joined by Chris Ha, Ross and John Miro. Making a total of 24 riders for the day (and I hope I haven’t left anyone out). We had a very pleasant ride to the Groove and then along thirteenth beach with a tailwind. I was amazed to find that I had beaten my best time on Strava for Lake Rd.
Thanks to everyone for a very pleasant ride. Mike.

Chris Hume's Tuesday Ride to Ocean Grove - 7.1.20.
Forecast smoke haze had cleared so we had a fill-in ride starting at Eastern Gardens car park. Six riders today: Kim, Ken, PJ, PO'B, Ted and yours truly Chris Hu. We decided to go to Ocean Grove. We started off heading to Warralily via Boundary Rd joining the Barwon Heads Rd at Belmont Common. Here Ted left us to return home. There was light SE breeze and it was a bit damp with fine drizzle turning to light rain along Lake Rd which persisted until we made it to the Groove. Those without jackets got a bit wet!! After coffee PJ led us back to Geelong using the rear entrance to the Groove, Thacker St, Grubb Rd then through the Estate to Bellarine Hwy and onward to the Rail Trail  turn off, here we split up and headed home. The weather had improved for the second half of the ride and I was dry at the end of the ride. An enjoyable outing!!
Chris Hu.

TWO Rides on Sunday 5.1.20:
1/ Greg Allerton's Short Ride in the Rain to Armstrong Creek
The cool  damp morning deterred many from riding. Peter O'Brien was my only companion and we both agreed that a  4 1/2 hour long ride would not be very enjoyable in these conditions. We instead did a short ride down  Horseshoe Bend  Rd , Warralily Drive and returned along Barwon Heads Rd in steady light rain.I was home before 9-30 am after 26 km. Thanks for the company Peter.
2/ Chris Halpin's Short Ride in the Rain to Drysdale
Just three starters at South Geelong Staion this morning. Not surprising given the steady rain and cool temperatures. Chris Hu, PJ and I quickly agreed that an easy ride to Bungalow in Drysdale would suit. Off down the Rail Trail, the rain no more than a nuisance, and no wind to speak of, pretty good riding conditions really. So - you should have come! A long and tasty coffee break with much discussion on bushfire news and possible future tours. Returned via Princess St, Swan Bay Rd and the awfully busy Bellarine Hwy. A very pleasant ride in very pleasant company. 
Cheers, Chris Ha.

Meri's Ride to Ocean Grove on Saturday 4.1.20.
From the Grovedale Hotel, eight of us made for Ocean Grove at a fair pace. Mostly a sidewind, occasionally assisted. So Nick and Sarah, Peter J, Mark K and Mark B, Chris Hu, Lovro and myself, thought we'd coffee at the Groove. Left after coffee and cake into a pretty strong head and side wind back along 13th Beach, Lake Road then Horsehoe Bend. Smoke was not a problem, but definitely present. As were the flock of black cockatoos on our way home via Lake Road. Think the smoke may have upset them. So home by 11.30, 50 k's with good company and a pretty good run. Thanks everyone!!

Chris Halpin's Thursday Ride to Moriac - 2.1.20.
A small group gathered to greet me this morning at the Church St meeting point. Doug, Ken S and Chris Hu were punctual. Ross and Mike C just made it. The Tarnays were both late but luckily we were still chatting. A collective groan went up when I told them we would ride down Cementies and back along the the river path - from whence most had just come! Perfect weather and little traffic made for very pleasan't riding through Highton to the Pipeline track  along to Pigdon and a circuit of Deakin Uni. Sarah lead us to an inspection of the Unis new Microgrid and solar farm which will produce 7 Megawatts when commissioned soon. Waving to the anxious Security guard we rolled on through the Uni and down to Waurn Ponds Dve, up past Mt Duneed winery and into Moriac. Quite a crowd enjoying coffee at the General Store including lots of Torquay riders and one familiar face - Treasurer Ted and his faithful hound. A bit of a wait was no problem as the chatter flowed. Soon it was time to bid farewell to Ted, and most of us pedalled off down Hendy Main and home via Blackgate. Chris Hu chose the hills option and Ross headed home. Great ride in perfect weather and exceptional company. Thanks all, Chris Ha.

Ron Little's Ride to Pt Lonsdale & Ocean Grove on Tuesday 31.12.19.
14 left Grovedale in good weather for the final ride of the year.  We rode to the Warralily Estate and turned up Barwon Heads Rd, left into Lake Road etc. Up 13th Beach Road, over the bridge, over the back beach gravel path, turning off down past the Cheeky Cow to Point Lonsdale for coffees.   Finding this all full we back tracked to the Cow.   John left us at Point Lonsdale for his 180klm solo ride.   After coffees Doug and Mark left us for their Torquay route, the rest returned via Grubb Road and Bellarine Highway. Today's riders were: Peter O'B, Terry, John Miro, Meri & Lovro, Trudi & Leo, Mark K, Mark S, Ian, Doug, Nick & Sarah and Ron.
A good ride in great company. Happy New Year. Regards, Ron.

Peter Jones Leads the Easy Ride on Sunday to Drysdale - 29.12.19.
Eight riders waiting for me this morning at the station, I was a bit late, had a problem with my back tyre on the Orbea and had to walk back home and change bikes to the Oppy. Julie, Jackie, Sue and Richard, David R, Chris, Ross and Ken were all ready to go. Took the BRT out and picked up Mick at the Queenscliff Rd and Jenny and Lyn at Melaleuca Rd. A pleasant run along the BRT, busy, being well used. At The Bungalow our usual spot was taken but we were just getting settled in to a round table and the group up and left so we were able to slide into a bit more shade and enjoy our coffee and chat in real comfort. Coming home there was a bit of a split as some went on to Queenscliff on the BRT, some took Princess St and Swan Bay Rd., and some took the BRT home.
Lovely ride on a lovely day, keep pedalling. Cheers, Peter.

Peter Jones Leads the Saturday Ride to Torquay - 28.12.19.
Big bunch for Chris’ Sat Morn ride but led by myself: Sarah, Janette, Trudi, (just) Leo, (just), Nick, Mark K, Mark S, Doug, Greg, Ross, Ian, Ken and myself. The programmed ride was to Torquay via Bellbrae, took a group decision that traffic would be an issue on the Anglesea Road so the offered alternative of Ocean Acres was taken up, there may have been some confusion in some rider’s minds on how we would get to Coombes Road but I like the short sharp option as we have done on many, many, Sat morning rides. Not too much traffic on Torquay Rd to start but as the ride rolled on the traffic increased with the temperature. Ken had a puncture on Anglesea Rd., but Mark K and Ross helped out and the peloton were soon on the way to firstly Mejavo's, too busy, The Stoop, not open, so it was off to The Coffee Club where we were able to all gather around and enjoy our coffee and chat. It also was very busy but surprisingly service was very good and quick. Ross and Doug left us after coffee, Mark K stayed with us until Boundary Rd to build up his ks before heading home to Torquay. Everyone else continued along through to Geelong peeling off as when required to get home. A most enjoyable ride in lovely weather, in good company and a great tailwind along HSBend Rd.
Cheers, Peter.

Chris Hume Leads the Ride to Curlewis, Ocean Grove & Barwon Heads on Thursday 26.12.19.
Six riders headed off from the Grovedale Hotel for the Boxing Day circuit : PJ, Ken, Ross, Trudi, Leo and yours truly Chris Hu. We rode along Warralily Blvd, Lake Rd, 13th Beach Rd etc to get to the Groove at Ocean Grove for refreshments, did not go to Collendina as coffee shop closed. After coffee Ross returned to Torquay and the rest of us headed to Geelong via Wallington Rd, Curlewis Rd and the rail trail. A most enjoyable ride, good company, good weather and little traffic.
Chris Hu.

Sarah Reports on the Pre-Christmas Ride to Drysdale - Tuesday 24.12.19.
‘‘Twas the day before Christmas.... and South Geelong station saw 9 starters for a trip to “The Bungalow” along the Bellarine Rail Trail; namely Trudi and Leo, Chris Hu, Barry, Ken Smith, PJ, Ross and Sarah and Nick. Fine weather (again!!!) added to the enjoyment of the ride. At coffee several other riding friends turned up and a merry time ensued. Suitably refreshed, our homeward journey took the nine of us along Princess St and Swan Bay Rd to the Bellarine Highway. The group then divided : 4 took the direct route back to Geelong while 5 went via Barwon Heads to make a longer and arguably more scenic ride. 
Happy Christmas to all!!! - Sarah.

Below - the photo shows 4 versions of the GTC Jersey.

Ron's Sunday Ride Around the Barwon River - 22.12.19.
Six riders gathered at Sth.Geelong this morning in fine weather for a lap of the river: Ron,Peter,Ted,Noel,Doug& Ian. A welcome return to new Geelong City resident, returning from the move for his first ride back. We set off around to Breakwater, riding to the Criterium Track past the dog obedience club, returning to the river watching for the odd unsupervised off leashed dogs along the way. Turning at Fyansford on our way to the Barwon Edge Cafe for a nice coffee, then splitting up for the ride home.
Footnote : The river scenery is ever changing and a delightful solo ride in all conditions, providing public toilets & shops with sheltered spots along the way.
Have a great Xmas. Regards, Ron.

Sarah Reports on the Saturday Ride from Fyansford to Moriac - 21.12.19.
Six starters for today’s ride setting out from Fyansford: Meri and Lovro, Sarah and Nick, Ken Smith and new visitor JeanPaul. A moderate temperature and mercifully non windy conditions made for pleasant riding conditions along Hamilton Hway, Merrawarp Road and Hendy Main Road to coffee at Moriac General Store. Lo and behold who should we meet but Mark Kelly and Terry who joined us for refreshments and a chat. From there Meri, Lovro and JeanPaul returned to Fyansford on the same outward route while the rest of us headed back to Geelong via the Blackgate and Ghazepore Roads route. Nick’s leaky tube eventually refused to be pumped up and needed changing on the way home but otherwise no mishaps, just a fine ride on a fine day. 

Peter O'Brien's Quiz Ride - Showgrounds/Cowies Creek for Thursday 19.12.19.
This morning Mike T, Mike C, Ron, Peter J, Noel, Mark J, Ken, Ross, Doug and myself departed the Showgrounds, proceeded to Newtown, Geelong West and North Geelong and then onto the Cowies Creek Trail.  This particular trail crosses Thompson Road and Anakie Road so we needed to not only be alert to the volume of traffic but also be to cognisant of low hanging tree branches as well.  We meandered and ducked our way along the trail route and stopped on Bluestone Road at the end of the trail to take in the view of the Cowie Creek Railway Bridge No I.  This bridge is a two span segmental arch bluestone bridge that was built in 1860 and a magnificent structure. A coffee break was taken at the Soft Cafe on Minerva Road where the quiz was conducted.  Mike C was the star student, excelling with his general knowledge and consequently winning the most choc bar prizes.  Overall, the other riders showed what an intelligent bunch they are with the majority of questions being answered correctly.  We headed back to Geelong along Minerva Road and at Aberdeen Street the group split and riders headed back to their respective homes. A relatively short but interesting ride of 30 kms.
Peter O.

Ross Glover's Ride to Bannockburn & Ceres on Tuesday 17.12.19.
Eight riders for today's 80 km ride to Bannockburn via Russells Bridge.  Trudi, Meri, Peter O, Peter J, Chris Hu, Chris Ha and Ross set out from Church Street is almost perfect riding conditions. As a Bannockburn/Russells Bridge Road ride had been run last week, we took a non-standard route via the Hamilton Highway, Dog Rocks Road to Batesford then out the Midland Highway. As we approached our turnoff to Bakers Bridge Road, we thought we saw Noel turn out and head towards Bannockburn. Lots of arm waving didn't seem to have attracted his attention so we continued on, only to have him catch us on the uphill section towards Steiglitz Road. He obviously couldn't get enough of the hills and rode on with us. A great run down the Parkers Road hill and a slower slog up the Clyde Hill Road had us at Bannockburn for refreshments. Return was by Burnside Road and the Hamilton Highway. At the Pollocksford Road turnoff, the group split with the majority heading home along the highway and three riders heading up the hill to complete the loop necessary to make the required (?) 80 km. It was warming up by now and the climb up to Barrabool Road and on to Merrawarp Road definitely raised a sweat. Thanks to all for the good company. Ross.

Greg Allerton's Hard Ride to Bannockburn, Teesdale & Inverleigh on Sunday 15.12.19.
I was pleased to see Julia McKeag, Chris Hume and Peter O'Brien at South Geelong Station for my long ride.We left just after 8 am on an overcast  morning with a cool west wind. Ted Wilson Trail and off road path beside Midland Highway took us to Ballan Rd. At the intersection with Steiglitz Rd we met Noel Pownall and his son Clint. There was little traffic out through Sutherlands Creek and up to Parker Rd where we turned left. It was a good descent into the Moorabool Valley before the long climb up Clyde Hill. There was a short toilet stop at Bannockburn before we took Harvey Rd where the bush gave us some shelter from the wind. Spring Creek Rd with little traffic was an enjoyable ride before we rejoined the busy Shelford Rd, though mostly cars not trucks. After 55 km Teesdale provided a welcome coffee break at the shop. I then led the group up Learmonth St with its steep short hill and along Jolly St to join Inverleigh Rd. This was a nice ride through bushland and when we turned into Common Rd at last there was a tail wind, which then gave us an easy ride home along Hamilton Highway. We parted ways at Fyansford with 3 returning along the surprisingly quiet river path. I completed 100 km in 4 hours 30 minutes riding time average 22.2 kph . Thank you for your company!   
Greg Allerton  Ride Leader.

John Hagan's Easy Ride to Barwon Heads & Ocean Grove on Sunday 15.12.19.
Eight riders arrived at Sth Geelong for the easy ride: Leo, Ian, Trudi, Mick, Jenny, Pam, Marie and your ride leader John. We picked up Peter & Marion at South Barwon Reserve and Lindy at Lake Rd. The progress was good with a healthy tail breeze. We came back onto the Barwon Heads Rd at the Airport and travelled through Barwon Heads to the Groove at Ocean Grove for coffee. Peter, Marion & Lindy returned home via the southern route and the rest came back via Wallington and Leopold, into a noticeable headwind, for a round trip of 49km at an average speed of 19.7kph.
Thanks to all who participated, John.


David Rae's Saturday Ride to Barwon Heads & Oean Grove - 14.12.19.
13 riders Trudi ,Chris Ha, Peter J.,Meri, Lovro, PeterO.,Jackie, David R. Mark S.,Ken S.,SArah, Nick,and Doug.left the Grovedale pub heading down the surfcoast highway to Warililly Boulevard helped by a favourable tailwind. We made our way along the Boulevard and had an easy run along Lake road through to thirteenth beach and into Barwon Heads where we were joined by Terry as we made our way to the Groove for our coffee.  After our break we headed back along thirteenth beach road this time into a headwind, along the bike path onto Blackgate road till we reached Horseshoe bend road. Doug made his way home to Torquay while the rest of us headed toward Geelong along H.B.road.  Several riders went to have a look at a the new roundabout at South beach road while the rest of us made our way home.
Regards, David.  

Ron Little Leads the Ride to Collendina on Thursday 12.12.19.
A total of seven riders showed up for the ride to Cheeky Cow today from the Showgrounds point,comprising of Ron,Peter,Chris Hu,Mike T,Ken S, Norm & Clint. We set off along the Rail Trail to the Bellarine Highway and along there to Banks road turning off and along there to Bonnyvale road to our coffee stop for a well earned coffee & cake amid some good chatter.We decided to head off along to 13th beach Rd,Blackgate&Lake Rds,to Barwon Hds.Rd.Stopping at Warralily lights before splitting up into our return destinations. A good ride in favourable conditions.
Keep Pedalling folks. Cheers Ron.

Peter Jones' Ride from Ballarat to Creswick - Tuesday 10.12.19.
Just the cream of the crop for my ride today, not me of course, I’m just a hack but Julie, Mike C and Peter O are definitely the cream. Arrived at the Windmill Island Carpark, Western End of Lake Wendouree about 9-30 am, unloaded and tried to connect with Peter O, a bit difficult as his phone was pretty flat. Eventually caught up at coffee at the Bike Rack Café in Doveton St. Enjoyed a long coffee and chat before heading out the Daylesford Rd over Browns Hill and up past the Reservoir. Weather was a bit cloudy but slowly cleared to a fine Sunny day. Turned left at the Bungaree Rd, a little more ups and downs before breasting the final hill at Wattle Flat and headed down the final 8 klms through the Creswick State Park, this long downhill is heaps of fun and a just reward for the climbs on the way. Went first to The American, our usual lunch spot only to find that they have changed their opening hours on Tuesdays so it was on to the Farmers Arms which was excellent, it has been renovated, very nice surroundings and the food was great. Enjoyed a lovely lunch with Mum and the bunch then headed back to Ballarat via Bald Hills Rd and Gillies St., a most enjoyable day on the bike in really good company.
Cheers, Peter.

Nick's Ride to Moriac, Point Addis, Jan Juc & torquay on Tuesday 10.12.19.
Eleven riders: Trudi, Meri, Sarah, Nick, Chris Hu, Chris Ha, Ross, Kim, Mark, Ken S and Doug set off from JB Hi Fi to the bustling coast for coffee at Swell in Jan Juc in slightly overcast, cool conditions. We headed up Waurn Ponds drive and  then descended into Moriac along the Cape Otway Rd. We continued to make good progress down Forest Rd with only a few gravel trucks. The traffic on the GOR was noticeably heavier than usual before a lovely high speed and scenic descent to Pt Addis. What goes down must go up and the steep bits were pretty tough on the return. The Bells loop was another downhill delight for those that feel the need for speed before a well earned coffee at Swell. The return trip saw the Torquay contingent wave goodbye and  we cruised back via Horshoe Bend Rd enjoying a brisk tailwind. Good company, some great scenery, fast descents: what more could a cyclist want? No traffic, but you can't have everything!
Cheers Nick

Lindy & Don Lester Hosted a Great GTC CHRISTMAS PARTY at Charlemont - the photos will speak for themselves - JH.

David Ellis led us in the fun of the Kris Kringle draw:

Dave Simpson from Cycling Geelong leads the Combined Ride from Breakwater & Around Deakin - Sunday 8.12.19.
Dave led 8 riders from the 2 clubs from Sth Barwon Reserve out to Baanip Bvde, through the tunnell on Hams Rd and down to the front of Deakin. Some were keen for gravel as they had their wide tyres on so we did a circuit around the borders of Deakin mainly on the gravel paths. I went ahead from the SW corner to get some photos as they passed by. As I went by an area which had been exclavated months ago and was duly flagged beside the track I suddenly hit a cord crossing the track - fortunately it was not at neck height but about axle height. I skidded and caught the string stretching it a couple of metres out of alignment. Looking up I could see workers digging trenches in the next paddock. I took photos (below) and stopped the riders. After the photos the workers and staff from Deakin came down and erected what should have been there when they started work. It was a rather hilly ride from there on the Pipeline Track and we stopped at Darriwill Farm Cafe in Highton for a coffee and great conversation. The GTC Riders: Chris Hu, Peter J, and myself headed home from there as the GTC Christmas Party was starting at Lindy & Don's Farm at midday.
Thanks Dave for a very enjoyable ride. Keep Riding - John Hagan.

Chis Halpin Reports on the Ride Around Geelong on Saturday 7.12.19.
Five smiling faces at Rippleside for this morning's ride. With no designated ride leader and very obscure tour directions I was quickly elected Leader as long as PJ offered to guide us on a tour of Geelong. Julia, Doug and Ken S made-up the numbers as we first headed north along the waterfront. This path is dangerously narrow these days with the safety fencing being added to. Up past the Powerhouse and on towards North Geelong, over the railway and along the Ford Factory site. Over the Princes Hwy to the aboriginal co-op then along some gravel trails around Cowies creek and eventually coming out onto the rail trail. Turned in to Church St and over the hill down through the new estate and over to the river path. We then tackled Scenic Rd and along the pipeline track to Deakin Uni in a fruitless search for a cafe. Then to the Waurn Ponds Creek trail to Panache for a very social coffee break. Made our own ways home after that. I travelled a very pleasant 38Km in great company. Thanks everyone.

Trudi's Ride to the Bannockburn Station Cafe on Thursday 5.12.19.
Six cyclists for my ride to Bannockburn: Ken G, Ken S, Kim, Nick, Doug and myself. With a very stiff headwind our route saw us ride out on the Ted Wilson path, Lovely Banks Rd, Steiglitz Rd, Parker Rd.  Our cafe of choice today was at the Bannockburn Station Cafe. After a very enjoyable chat and coffee it was soon time to get on the road. This time we headed for Burnside Rd then joined the Hamilton Highway for a lovely push towards home. Thanks everyone for a very enjoyable ride, even though it was tough going at times, catch you all next time.

Peter Jones Leads the Ride from Sorrento to the Top of Arthur's Seat on Tuesday 3.12.19.
Nine riders on the ferry to Sorrento: Peter O, Mark S, Nick and Sarah all rode down and Trudi, Meri, Julie, Chris Ha and myself drove down. We had a bit of a rolly Chris Ha ride over to Sorrento, Chris Ha left us to recce a ride to Point Nepean in Feb 2020. The rest of us rolled down wind calling in at the Memorial to the 1803-4 Collins Settlement, everyone checked for their name on the list of convicts, plenty of Jones’. Called into the Rye Lime Kilns before stopping off in Rye for a coffee. The strong West wind pushed us along to Rosebud where we turned inland and took Jetty Rd, Browns Rd and Purves Rd to Arthur’s Seat. Rode through a bit of a light shower which had cleared by the time we arrived at the top giving lovely views out over Dromana, Safety Beach and over the bay to the City in the distance and the You Yangs.
A fun run down the front of Arthur’s Seat through some tight hairpins and we were back on the Nepean Hwy and into a stiff headwind, the tailwind we had enjoyed as a friend was now our enemy as we made our way to our favourite café at McCrae. The aim was to catch the 2-00pm Ferry which we were on track to do but a bit of slow service on the Soups almost brought us undone. We left the café at 1-15 pm with 18klm to ride into a stiff headwind. The riders were sent on a head to try and make the ferry while the car drivers set a little slower pace resigned to perhaps taking the next ferry. As it turned out the early riders let the ferry people know we on the way and we all managed to get on board just a few minutes late. Another rolly ride home to Queenscliff and the ride was done, lovely day out in good company. Peter O, Mark and Nick rode home, Sarah accepted a lift from Julie.
Cheers, Peter.

Doug W Leads the Ride to Drysdale on Tuesday 3.12.19.
With two rides occurring today, it was pleasing to see that we ended up with three riders as the Drysdale ride was not as attractive a ride as a ferry ride and the view from Arthurs Seat. Today’s riders shared responsibility with Mike C and Dr Mike sharing camera duties whilst I was the scribe. We set sail for Drysdale in extremely blustery conditions and if we had a spinnaker to hoist, we would not have needed to pedal as the tail wind would have taken us there in record time. The conversation over coffee was about the journey back to the station, into the wind. At times along the trail we managed 27kms per hour, however that was short lived and occasionally we could only manage 14 kilometres an hour and working hard to maintain that low speed. The ride will not easily be forgotten for the wrong reason, the ferocious wind. We were glad to get back to the start/finish. For the record, my Garmin indicated a WNW wind of 24kms an hour and I am sure it increased during the ride home.
A good effort by all.

Combined Long and Short groups at the Start - Sth Geelong Station - Sunday 1.12.19.

Ken Gawne on The Longer Ride on Sunday - 1.12.19.
Pre-ride advertising was apparently nullified by a poor weather forecast. 3 starters made their way to Barwon Heads and warmth,  shelter and refreshments at The Beachhouse. Not far into the western loop, the prospect of a heavy downpour brought about abandonment of any idea of further slogging into a strong wind all the way to Moriac. A soaking in Grovedale was our reward for taking on the elements. Thanks to Andrew and Greg for keeping me company.

John Hagan Leads the Short Ride on Sunday to Curlewis - 1.12.19.
Quite breezy this morning as we set out for Curlewis. We took the Rail Trail out to Hermsley Rd in Curlewis and then the dirt road along Coriyule Rd where there were great views across the Bay to the You Yangs. However, I am not sure all saw the views as those with road tyres thought it was a bit bumpy. We went to Brown Shugar in the Curlewis Shopping Centre which was quite crowded but one table was vacated at just the right moment for us to get a spot to eat. After coffee we came out to find the rain had set in so decided on the shortest route home into a strong NW wind. On the ride were: Jenny, Kim, Doug, Dr Mike and John. Thanks folks for an enjoyable morning.
Keep riding - John.

Peter Jones Leads the Ride from Fyansford to Drysdale & Ocean Grove on Saturday 30.11.19.
Just four at Fyansford for the ride to Inverleigh, Trudi, Leo, Ken S, and myself, I was lucky enough to be elected leader when no one else wanted it so I took Leaders prerogative and changed the ride to Drysdale for coffee, met up with a bit of a mob there. After coffee Ken took the easy option back on the BRT and Chris Hu joined us and we then headed on to Collendina via Princess, Swan Bay and Banks Rds. Rolled on through Ocean Grove, Barwon Heads and 13th Beach returning home via Lakes Rd. An enjoyable ride in quite pleasant conditions.
Cheers, Peter.

Mike Currie Reports on the Ride to Moriac & Freshwater Creek on Thursday 28.11.19.
After a late leader substitution, 14 riders assembled at Bunnings, Waurn Ponds for a loop around Moriac. These included Chris Hu, Peter J, Jackie & David, Trudi, Mark S, Nick, Barry, Doug, Mark J, Kim G, Ken S and leader Mike C. We also welcomed Ross back from the wilds of Sth America. In perfect riding weather, we headed for Moriac via Waurn Ponds Dve and Pettavel Rd then along Hendy Main and Blackgate for coffee with the Mums and bubs at The Farmers Place. From there it was the normal route back along Dickens, Ghazeepore and Baanip back to Grovedale and home.
Cheers, Mike.

Ken Gawne's 98km Ride from Moriac to Benwerrin and Return on Tuesday 26.11.19.
Cycling from Highton, I arrived at the start in Moriac with a couple of minutes to spare. It was pleasing to find Julia, Sarah, Trudi, Nick and Peter O ready to go. The southwesterly wind was up and there was a threat of rain. All went well until we turned off Cape Otway Rd onto Marjorie Lawrence Drive where the first of several showers resulted in a short stop to don jackets. Very scenic ride through Bambra, past Deans Marsh and up the 3 major climbs to the summit at Benwerrin. We discussed the pros and cons of descending the 9 kms to Lorne on a very wet road or returning to Deans Marsh for refreshments. All favoured the latter and we enjoyed the 12kms of mainly downhill, with no sharp bends, back to DM. Peter did not stop as he had to be home, change and leave for Melbourne in mid afternoon. The last of the showers fell whilst we were indoors. Despite Nick picking up a front wheel puncture a couple of kms before turning back onto Cape Otway Rd, the strong tailwind ensured  a return to Moriac in record time. The group recorded 98 kms with 1065m of climbing and an average around 21kph. An exhilarating day out.

Peter Jones Reports on the Alternate Ride to Lara on Tuesday 26.11.19.
Just three for the alternate ride at the start, Kim, Doug and myself, decided to take the easiest way in view of the blustery, showery weather. As we left on the bike path a bit of a shower arrived so we sheltered at St Helens Boat Ramp for a few minutes until it had passed through. Rolled out to Lara via the Hovel Creek trail, met Noel on the way so by the time we reached Xpresso for a coffee we were 4. Enjoyed our coffee while a couple of showers moved through then we were away back to Bacchus Marsh Rd., Noel headed home at the 6 ways and we took Houston Rd and Towerhill Rd through to Bluestone Bridge where we joined the Ted Wilson Trail. Doug and Kim had their cars at Rippleside so at Ballarat Rd they took off downwind and I continued home via the cementies housing developments and around the river. Not the best of days for riding but certainly worth going and keeping those legs turning over.
Cheers, Peter.

Chris Hume leads the GRAVEL RIDE to Paraparap & Moriac on Sunday 24.11.19.
On a beautiful day for riding eight riders started off from the JB Hi Fi, four gravel riders: PJ, Sarah, Nick and Chris H, and four road cyclists: Trudi, Leo, Meri and Lovro. We all headed out along Ghazeepore Rd as far as Dickins Rd then split meeting up again on Blackgate Rd. The gravel crew then headed down Loutitt Rd, Trudi and Leo to Moriac and Meri and Lovro off to visit some friends nearby. The gravel crew used Willowite, and Hunts Roads to get to the Moriac Store. After good coffee and snacks headed home adding Elvins and Draytons to the list of gravel Roads. The six of us finished up with the pleasant roll down Waurn Ponds Drive. An enjoyable ride in great company. Total distance 45km, 28km gravel.
Chris Hu.

Peter O'Brien Leads the Exploration of Geelong Back Laneways on Sunday 24.11.19.
Today’s ride differed from normal GTC rides, being a tour around the back lanes of old Geelong.  The weather was perfect when Lindy, Don, Janet, Pam, Mick, Jenny, John H and myself departed the South Geelong Station. We spent the first hour traversing the East Geelong laneways where the highlight for me was meeting my two grandchildren, Milla and Paddy, who were on their bikes and waiting in the lane behind their property to greet us. After winding our way around East Geelong we headed across to Pakington Street where we had a coffee break at the Southside.  Following the coffee break, we proceeded into the laneways of Chilwell and Newtown with the highlight being the downhill ride from the intersection of Fairview Avenue and Stinton Avenue.  Like all good downhill rides, it was followed by a climb - up a back lane to Noble Street in the vicinity of Geelong College. We then rode through the back laneways to Geelong West, used the pedestrian overpass to cross the railway line, rode along the Esplanade and back to South Geelong. 
A leisurely and thoroughly enjoyable ride totalling approximately 22km.
Peter O.

Jenny Prince Modelling the New GTC Jersey in the Colour Pink

Trudi Leads the Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove on Saturday 23.11.19.
Ten riders today for the advertised ride to Queenscliff:  Janet, Julie, Sue, Trudi, Doug, Richard, Mark, John M, Andrew and Leo. With a ride leader needed, I was quickly elected to the position. "Thanks everyone"  someone mentioned that there was a music festival on at Queenscliff this weekend. So It was decided with the agreement of the group that we would head towards Ocean Grove and the Groove. Bike path first till Curlewis Rd, then crossing the highway onto Wallington Rd and straight into the Groove for a lovely coffee and a long social chat. Our homeward bound journey was Thirteenth Beach, Lake Rd, Barwon Heads Rd and back to where it all began. Thanks everyone for the very enjoyable ride. See you all next time. Oops nearly forgot to mention, John and Julie continued on to Queenscliff on the rail trail.

Peter Jones' Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove on Thursday 21.11.19.
A ride of fluxuating numbers today on a hot and windy day. At the start there were 5: Nick, Peter O, Chris Hu visitor Ken, (soon to be member) and myself. We headed out the BRT and met up with Lyn and Mick who joined us at Melaleuca Rd for a short while until we turned off at Curlewis Rd to go across to Ocean Grove, so then we were 5 again. Curlewis Rd was a blast with a strong tailwind, at Queenscliff Rd we turned into Wallington Rd and after a small climb took the quiet roads through the Wallington Estate to Rhinds Rd., Grubb Rd., a nice run down Grubb again with a tailwind but there are some nasty holes and rocks, Peter O hit a rock and blew a tyre immediately. A quick repair and we were on our way, right into Thacker St until we were able to turn off and enter Groove from the back. Enjoyed a coffee in the shade and Mark J turned up, so we were back to 6. Mark’s shoe had fallen apart but nothing a bit of gaffer tape can’t fix.
Headed home via 13th Beach, strong side wind, Blackgate Rd, strong head wind, Lake Rd, strong head, side, side tailwind. Turned from Barwon Heads Rd into Waralily Blvd and Ken came to a stop and fell into the grass, suffering a bit of dehydration so we all took shelter in a shady area, cooled him down and rang an ambulance. Rose, a nice passer-by stopped to assist and later took his bike home for safe keeping. By the time the ambulance arrived Ken had partially recovered but was still showing symptoms of dehydration so he was carted off to Hospital and we all headed home into a cracker of a headwind at times. Lesson to be learnt, drink plenty of water for a start and add electrolytes if you so desire.
Cheers, Peter.

Trudi's Ride to Lara, Little River & the You Yangs on Tuesday 19.11.19.
Eight riders today for my ride to Lara, Little River and the You Yangs: Julie, Meri, Sarah and Nick, Peter J, Noel, visitor Ken and myself. Today's route saw us riding through North Shore then joining the  Hovells Creek path. As we rode past the Geelong Grammer we came across a familiar face Noel, who was waiting patiently for our arrival. My Cafe of choice today was Cafe Xpressso. Once our coffee cups were empty, and with some movement within the group is a sure sign that it's time to get going. Back on our bikes we rode along the Old Geelong Rd, turning at Little River and onto the You Yangs, stopping at the top of the Turntable for a few minutes to take in the stunning views. Lunch was enjoyed back in Lara at the bakery, except for poor Ken, who discovered that he had left his back pack, at the turntable on a bench. I hope that it was still there as it contained wallet, phone and car keys. Our last leg of the ride was on the Ted Wilson path. A very enjoyable ride of 73kms and a early finish to the day, I was back home with the kettle on by 1.30. Thanks to those that rode today, see you all next time.

Peter Jones leads the Easy Ride to Sandstone Cafe in Grovedale on Sunday 17.11.19.
Six riders for todays Easy Ride, even steven on the genders, Lyn G, Pam, Lindy, Geoff, Mike and myself, Chris Ha made a brief appearance at the start to check we all got away safely. I drew the short straw and led the ride out the river path to Fyansford and back into Highton, after the long drag up Bellevue a couple of the riders just getting back into riding expressed a wish to head for coffee, so off we went to Sandstone on Torquay Rd where we met by Chris Ha again. After coffee Do picked up Lindy as she had an appointment and the rest of us headed for the river path again and home. A very social ride with the Sun finally coming out to warm us all.
Cheers, Peter.

Chris Halpin's Saturday Ride to the You Yangs & Lara on 16.11.19.
A beautiful sunny morning brought a big group of 15 riders to the Church St meeting point. Chris Hu, Nick & Sarah, 2 Peters, Mark S, Julie, Trudy & Leo, Barry, Ian and Greg were all waiting patiently for yours truly to arrive - slightly late.  This was lucky though as new rider Mark was actually following Chris, and then Hugh also arrived.  Off we set up the pathway and onto Bluestone Bridge Rd, thru Lovely Banks, along the lower Anakie Rd to Ballan Rd, Staceys, Bacchus Marsh, and into Wyndamere and Forrest Rd to the front gate of the You Yangs Park.  Here the group split with one group heading direct to Millars for coffe, and the 'true believers' rolling up to the summit. Back down to Lara via Flinders Ave was a bit of a slog into the wind, the bunch now regrouped for a very long and social coffee break/birthday party. Thanks PJ for providing the excuse, and thanks to Janet for finally catching up and joining us.  Reluctantly back on the bikes and into the wind for the return via Hovell Creek Track. All up about 65Km in exceptional company.
Thanks everyone. Chris.

Mike Taylor's Thursday Ride to The Bungalow in Drysdale - 14.11.19.
It was a lovey day for riding today. Just a hint of chill in the air and a predicted maximum of 22C. I arrived rather late for a designated ride leader,  but was excited to find around a dozen keen GTC riders waiting at the Showgrounds. We had a lovely tail wind to Drysdale and really hardly needed to pedal. Coffee was at The Bungalow where service was, as always,  exceptional. Peter O’B and Ted were waiting for us  there after riding up the trail from Point Lonsdale. It was great to catch up with lots of GTC riders and the conversation was, as always, stimulating. We headed back down the path into a fairly stiff headwind. Riders were: Yours Truly, Rolf , Dave I,  Mike C, PJ, Chris H, Nick, Sarah, Terry, wee Dave, Jackie and Norm.

Ken Gawne's Ride from Buninyong to Mt Egerton & Ballan on Tuesday 12.11.19.
Club members aversion to out-of-town rides was evident yet again when only Greg and I fronted up at Buninyong. A tail wind blew us up 4 significant climbs on our way to Mt. Egerton and again on the road to Ballan. Food and drink were devoured there before heading off towards Gordon into a gusty westerly. Several showers hit us before Dunstown but mercifully they were short. The downhill plunge on Fisken then the highway back to Buninyong was exhilarating. Because of lack of support for rides that I have led, I have informed the ride programme sub-committee that I do not wish to lead any rides in the Jan-Mar quarter. It will be more satisfying to arrange to do challenging rides through quiet and beautiful locations with like minded people.

Peter Jones' Ride to Moriac via Freshwater Creek & Paraparap on Tuesday 12.11.19.
Good turn out of alternate riders today, Jackie, Sarah, Marge, Julie, Meri, David R, Nick, Terry, Chris Hu, Chris Ha, Barry and myself. Some riders had time constraints so started at 8-30am at the Grovedale Hotel. A few very light showers about with a stiff head wind. Took usual route out through Baanip Bike track and Ghazepore to Anglesea Rd. Turned into the wind again at Blackgate Rd but in amongst the trees it wasn’t too bad, even had a bit of Sun every now and again. Some had removed jackets but we ran  into a slightly heavier shower on Hendy Main Rd and  stopped to put on jackets before continuing into Moriac for a well earned coffee and for some, cake. Terry was already there after a bit of a mistake about the start time. Enjoyed a good chat and the ride split to come home, some took the full hills, some the half hills and the rest came with me along Mt Duneed Rd with a roaring tailwind, great stuff. Thanks for coming everyone, a most enjoyable ride in good company, also good to see Barry on his first Tuesday ride, welcome.
Cheers, Peter.

GTC 40th Anniversary Celebrations at Grovedale United Services Hall - 10.11.19.
Our last reunion was in 2009. The organising sub-committee (Nicole Collins, Julia McKeag, Nick Tarnay and myself) chose the United Services Hall in Reserve Rd Grovedale as the venue. This location and date had historic significance as this was the start for several of the Geelong Otway Challenge rides which were always held on the Sunday after Melbourne Cup, as was the day of our reunion.The organisers arrived at 10 am and set up the tables and chairs before decorating the big room with Otway T shirts and ride tops, banners, posters, ride signage and a Cadel framed photo. 
People began arriving at noon with a good mix of current and former members. The level of conversation increased until I used my blue cow bell to gain their attention. Vice President Lindy Lester welcomed everyone and then I gave a speech briefly covering the history and activities of the GTC over 40 years. It was great to have several former Presidents there - Frank Kinnersley(our first President)  Craig Blackman, Dave Ellis  and myself. Six of our Life members attended: Fran Forsyth, Lyn Kerr, John Hagan, Geoff and Heather Christmas and myself. It was then time to sample some of the fine food  people had brought and catch up with old friends. The memorabilia, old photo albums, historic documents and the three volumes of Rod Charles' Whirr of Many Wheels attracted much interest. John Hagan had painstakingly assembled a vast range of photos which were shown in rolling rotation on Nick's large TV screen. I really enjoyed catching up with lots of people including Janette & John Shandley (who travelled from Korumburrah), Gill Broadwood, Betty& Mel White, Bill & Val Rae and so many others. There was about 50 attendees. I would like to thank everyone who came (sorry, too many to mention by name) and also the sub-committee and John Hagan for his great camera work.
Greg Allerton.

Peter Jones' Ride to Waurn Ponds before the 40th Anniversary Celebrations - 10.11.19.
Expected a few more takes for my easy ride around the bike paths but it was not to be. Janet turned up, then Dr Mike and lastly a possible new member Geoff Cameron. As the 40th Celebrations were on at Grovedale at 12-00 O’clock, set a course that would get everyone back home by about 11-15 am. Rode out to Fyansford on the river path and back to the Highton turn-off. Through Highton Village up Belle Vue Ave and down to Panache Waurn Ponds for a coffee returning home via the Waurn Ponds Creek track and the River Path. A nice little ride to keep the legs turning over.
Cheers, Peter.

Heather Christmas' Report on the Shopping Trip in aid of Breast Cancer - 19.10.19.

Mike Taylor's Saturday Ride to Pt Lonsdale & Ocean Grove - 9.11.19.
It was a remarkably cold November day. When I woke up it was 8 degrees but according to the computer it felt like 4 degrees. Fortunately, as it turned out, I decided to go with the full on rain jacket with my winter top underneath. I was greeted at the station by just four extra keen riders: PJ, PO’B, Mark and Chris Hu. Feeling somewhat daunted by the high quality of the field we headed as planned to Point Lonsdale. Fortunately we had quite a nice tail wind for much of the ride and made very good time. After much pleasant conversation and arguably a few too many cakes we headed back into the wind (and by this time light rain) proceeding back along Shell Rd to Banks Rd. From Banks Rd we turned left onto the Bellarine Highway and much to everyone’s surprise, the headwind wasn’t actually too bad.
Thanks to everyone for a very enjoyable ride. Mike.

Peter Jones' Ride to Waurn Ponds on Thursday - 7.11.19.
Just Chris and myself willing to brave the wind this morning. Banockburn was not an option for me as I had to be back early, it was also a long ride into a gale and a very exposed road. A ride around the bike paths  to Bunnings seemed much more protected and sensible. From there it was up past Deakin, along the Pipe Line Track and a blast down Barabool Rd to Two Sugars for coffee. Enjoyed our coffee and headed home just before the weather really cracked up. Thanks for your company Chris it was nice to turn the legs over for a couple of hours. 
Cheers, Peter.

Peter O'Brien's Ride from Rippleside to Dockside in Melbourne on Tuesday 5.11.19.
On a rather brisk morning Lovro, Meri, Andrew, Zac and myself set off from Rippleside for the annual ride to Melbourne.  We rode out to Lara and various back roads to Little River and Werribee where we stopped for a coffee break. We proceeded towards the Federation Trail and then worked our way across to the outskirts of Point Cook to the Skelton Creek Rail Trail.  To access the trail required traversing a bridge over the creek which was a challenge in itself as pools of water at the foot of the bridge meant we needed to cross with care.  As the ride leader I thought it my duty to go first and we all managed to cross the water successfully. Riding along the Skelton Creek Trail and the Bay Trail provided many fabulous view of the Melbourne skyline.  We stopped and took in the sights from the top of the 100 Steps viewing point.  Between Altona and Williamstown we encountered another water crossing and Meri took up the challenge to cross first and demonstrated how to do so with a minimum of fuss. The ride from Williamstown to Docklands enabled us to again appreciate the sights of the city as we weaved our way towards Southern Cross Station.  We then caught the 1:50pm train to Geelong and I managed to make it home just in time to see the running of the Cup. Thanks everyone for a very enjoyable bike ride.
Peter O.

Ken Gawne's 100km Ride to Jan Juc on Sunday 3.11.19.
Greg and Peter joined me this morning at SG station. Peter was playing chef - he had a roast in the oven due out at 2pm and therefore wanted to be home before that hour. We followed Barwon Terrace up to the racecourse, around Breakwater and onto Barwon Heads Rd. A detour via Horseshoe Bend and Boundary Roads saw us back on BH before turning onto Lake. Peter tried to set various section speed records but found that the leader did not respond. The bike path at the end of 13th Beach took us to Blackgate where Greg paced us into the westerly wind right through to Horseshoe Bend Rd. Much appreciated Greg. Through Torquay which was packed with Melburnians on a 4-day weekend. Swell cafe at Jan Jug was doing a roaring trade but we found a table and enjoyed a well earned refreshment break.
Then came the hills - Bells, Bones, Gundrys and Vickerys. Hendy Main, Grays and Forest before El Presidente left us to head home and weave his culinary magic. Greg ignored my instructions to take off and leave me to slowly wend my way back. Instead he conned me into raising another effort until the strong wind blew us at good speed along the length of Barrabool Rd to Highton. Glad to get off my heavy Specialised cycle after 100.1 kms. Thanks to my companions for what turned out to be an excellent 5h of exercise. The only shower occurred whilst we were in the cafe.

John Hagan's Easy Ride to Brown Shugar in Curlewis on Sunday 3.11.19.
There was a good turnout for our easy Sunday ride. As I was taking the photo at the start Peter M & Prue turned up all loaded for a camping tour to Pt Lonsdale. They were trying out their new equipment ready for their ride around the World which will start soon. They stayed with us until Curlewis and then rode on to Pt Lonsdale. From L to R below: John H, Barry T, Jennie, Doug, Dr Mike, Chris Hu, Janet, Heather, Prue, Peter M and Pam. Peter J was to join us further down the track. Although overcast it was a good temperature for riding. We followed the Bellarine Rail Trail to the end of the golf course at Curlewis and were able to gain access to Tivoli Rd which took us through to the Curlewis Shopping Centre and our coffee destination, Brown Shugar. Here we drooled over the magnificent cakes on display and some were tempted to buy! Our return trip took us briefly along Griggs Creek and up Jetty Rd and as we approached Leopold we encountered some heavy rain with very big droplets. We returned to the Geelong Showgrounds via the Bellarine Trail for a total distance of 34.6km.
Keep Riding, John H.

Chris Hume's Thursday Ride to Moriac & Jan Juc on 31.10.19.
Four riders assembled at JB Hi Fi (near Bunnings!): Sarah, Nick, Peter J yours truly Chris Hu. It was a very warm morning with a strong N to NW wind blowing and forecast to become windier and hotter!! We headed to  Moriac via Waurn Ponds Drive, Reservoir Rd  and Cape Otway Rd. Here we topped up our water bottles and continued along Hendy Main Rd to Vickerys Rd and Gundrys Rd. This roller coaster section was most enjoyable. From here onto Swell in Jan Jac for a well earned rest, rehydration , coffee and cake! We returned home home via Horseshoe Bend Rd then through Warrilily as there is a roadwork detour. On entering Grovedale split up to head home.
Chris Hu.

Tuesday Ride to Portarlington - 29.10.19.
With the temperature predicted to be in the low 30’s, five riders set off from the South Geelong Railway Station for Portarlington by way of the Bellarine Highway, the Bellarine Rail Trail and then through to Jetty Road in Clifton Springs.  This route was selected as it enabled us to by-pass Leopold and tackle some hill climbs on the Portarlington Road.  It was along this particular section that Julia noticed she had a bent derailleur which made changing gears extremely difficult.  Not to be deterred she soldiered on and conquered all the hills. Well done Julia. A coffee break was taken at the Bakery in Portarlington and, it being such a beautiful day, the vistas across the bay were simply stunning. Following the break, with the deep blue colour of the bay as our backdrop, we rode to Indented Heads and through to St Leonards.  Along the way, Ken heard a ‘twang’ and noticed that one of his spokes had snapped.  After some quick repairs, he was able to continue the ride as we wound our way back to Geelong via the Queenscliff Road, Swan Bay Road and the Bellarine Highway. Thanks to Mark B, Julia, Kim and Ken for a very enjoyable ride. Distance 80kms.
Peter O.

Traralgon-Orbost Tour - Day 7 - Orbost to Cape Conran & Return - Final Report.
Fine day with a light cool wind for our last ride, mostly Sunny with a few fluffy clouds and smooth flat roads made riding a joy. Left just before 9-00am and rolled into Marlo just before 10-00am, tossed up whether to continue to Cape Conran or take coffee, coffee won. After some excellent coffee and yummy food we headed for Cape Conran, another lovely road with great views out over the contained Snowy River to the ocean. The Snowy is not really a river at the moment, just a long thin lake, hopefully when the rains come the Snowy will break out and flow again. After a bit of a walk on the beach we headed back to Marlo and back to Orbost. Final dinner at the Orbost Club and will be on the road and tracks home again Tuesday.
Cheers, Peter.

Mike Taylor's Sunday Ride to Millars at Lara - 27.10.19.
The easy ride to Lara again proved very popular with ten riders turning up at Rippleside. Many of them returning after a quite a lengthy absence. The riders were Geoff, Heather, Marge, Wendy, Noel, John, Mark B, Pam, Doug and Mike. It was a remarkably cold day for late October with a fairly strong northerly wind. Due to the ride leader’s rather shaky knowledge of Lara geography it was decided to do the Hovell trail in both directions. This provided wonderful seaside views in both directions. The only incident of note was the finding of a large fallen tree blocking the path near the freeway. Coffee was at Millars where the service was excellent. Thanks to everyone for a very enjoyable ride.

Mark Shying's Saturday ride from Fyansford rerouted to Moriac via Barrabool Hills - 26.10.19.
The ride calendar set today's ride as Fyansford to Bannockburn via Burnside Road.   At the signing on, the talk between Marge, Wendy, Ian and Mark centred on the wild weather - 35kmh north-west winds turning west along with expected gusts up to 65kmh and rain squalls.  After discussing some alternate routes along the river, we agreed to ride on to Merrawarp Road for reassessment.  Well, in that short ride each of us experienced the full force of head and side winds...not the best on a busy highway.  We decided to take Merrawarp Road and reroute our ride to Moriac.  With little traffic and occasional protection from the head and side winds we cycled through to Hendy Main Road.  Through rain squalls we forged on to Moriac.  The coffee break was taken at the General Store...and the rain came tumbling down.  After good conversation and some nice food, and with no let up in the rain, it was time to get back on the bikes.  We road back along Hendy Main Road, Reservoir Road, Pettavel Road and then on to Warun Ponds where each went their separate ways.  All enjoyed the return journey, with strong tail wind and the decreasing precipitation!
Thanks Marge, Wendy and Ian for cycling with me today, Mark S.

Traralgon-Orbost Tour - Day 6 - Bruthen to Orbost.
Today the wind had abated, fairly Sunny with a bit of cloud. By about 9-00am we were ready to go and took the trail on towards Nowa Nowa for coffee. Immediately we were climbing, only about 2% but about 3 to 4 klms. Elizabeth had a bad nights sleep and ran out of energy so we called in the vehicle to pick her up. The trail was very good, fine hard packed gravel, saw several wallabies, a few klms out of Nowa Nowa passed the first of two trestle bridges, magnificent structures. Had an enjoyable coffee at Nowa Nowa, egg and bacon rolls were popular plus a number of other goodies. Moved on along the trail, found some Echidnas, Trudi had a flat tyre, took lunch along the track and rolled on into Orbost about 3-00pm. Bit of relaxation and then it was time for Happy Hour followed by a BBQ, lovely.
Cheers, Peter.

Traralgon-Orbost Tour - Day 5 - Paynesville to Bruthen.
Morning dawned fine, clear and calm, Sun was up and shining, felt like a lovely day ahead. As is often the case in good old Victoria the wind roared in at about 8-00am which sent everyone diving for extra layers. About 9-00am we headed off into a solid Nor wester, a bit cloudy but lots of Sun, a couple of showers on the horizon. Took the back way out of Paynesville and crossed the main road making our way through Eagle Point to the Bluff Lookout over the Silt Jetties along the Mitchell River, longest in the Southern Hemisphere we are told. Took the old Paynesville Rd and river path to the main Paynesville Bairnsdale Rd and to the Lake Whaddie Café in Bairnsdale for our coffee break. Coffee done we rolled on to the East Gippsland RT, out to the Nicholson River is sealed, sort of, a lot has broken up but repairs have been done in the last few days. From the Nicholson it is good gravel, just when we were stripping off layers a big squall passed over and cold driving rain fell for 15 to 20 minutes, not heavy rain but enough to get everyone rugging up. When we reached Swan Reach Rd we had a quick tea and coffee break before heading the last 10 klm into Bruthen, the pie shop was doing a roaring trade, Pepper Pies were lovely. A couple of solid squalls passed through but we were home and dry. Olde world accommodation at the Bruthen Inn Hotel is good with an excellent bistro. On to Orbost tomorrow.
Cheers, Peter.

Traralgon-Orbost Tour - Day 4 - Ride & Rest Day.
The weather forecast didn’t look good for another sailing day so a 6-30am was floated and most joined in. At 6-30am 13 riders were ready to go. It was a warm night, still 19 deg at 6-30am with a light Northerly. Rolled out through the countryside to Wattle Point, stopped at Millenium which is a Low Energy Design Earth Shelter, ie an underground home. Only about 22 klm on good sealed roads. Unfortunately we were met at the waters edge by hordes of hungry mozzies so our turnaround was pretty quick, as we headed back the forecast strong winds built up very quickly and made our trip back to Paynesville a bit of a slog at times but eventually we were away with a great tailwind. French Toast, Bacon and Egg Rolls, Poached eggs, Vanilla Slices  just a few of the delights enjoyed with coffee before returning to the units and packing up the boat and motoring back to the pen.
Cheers, Peter.

POB's Ride from Rippleside to Lara & The You Yangs on Thursday 24.10.19
Five riders assembled at the Rippleside start line this morning for the ride to the You Yangs.  With the temperature expected to be in the mid-thirties, and a hot north easterly breeze, we set a brisk pace as we headed towards our destination.  The route taken was slightly different to the usual one as we stayed on the road along Shell Parade, MacGregor Court and Cummins Road and then joined the Hovells Creek Trail onto Lara. As we pedalled along towards the You Yangs, we encountered strong head winds on  Flinders Avenue.  Happily, this same wind was a tail-wind on the return trip down Forrest Road when we rode back to Millars for coffee. To complete the circuit route, we rode home via the Ted Wilson Trail where Doug had a puncture that was caused by a fair-sized piece of wire that took some manoeuvring to remove. Thanks to Noel, Kim, Doug and Norm for an enjoyable ride. Distance ridden 60 kms.
Happy birthday on Monday for Doug. Peter O.

Traralgon-Orbost Tour - Day 3 - First rest/ sailing day followed by our Pasta Night.
Woken early by ED and Rayner arriving with a cup of tea after Marion said the night before she wanted breakfast in bed. Headed around to pick up the boat to find that the batteries were flat, must have forgotten to turn them off last August. Started the motor with my jump pack and motored around to the Fisherman's Wharf and took our coffee. Had a lovely little sail and returned to our digs for lunch. After lunch the breeze had picked up and we enjoyed a very pleasant sail before returning to Happy Hour and then Pasta Night, yummy.
Cheers, Peter.

Traralgon-Orbost Tour - Day 2 - Maffra to Paynesville
Wednesday morning was foggy early but cleared before we headed out, a quick trip to Stratford, at first on the road but the traffic was a bit busy and the trail runs next to the road so we switched, again we were aiming for a “frothy coffee” and this time we succeeded before heading to Paynesville via Meerlieu, where we had lunch and Bengworden. The roads were good with very little traffic, rolling undulating country, sheep, cattle and cropping, although the further East we went the drier it seemed to be. Rolled into our accommodation for the next three nights, Captains Cove Resort, about 3-15pm. Pizza night, 11 large seemed to keep them all satisfied, another lovely day on the bike.
Cheers, Peter.

THREE Rides on Tuesday 22.10.19
1. Traralgon-Orbost Tour - Day 1
Early start for everyone on Tuesday, train travellers on the 6-32 am, and the car at 7-00 am, all calculated to get to Traralgon just before 11-00am. The train was a little late and the car encountered our usual peak hour crawl from the Maltby bypass. As it turned out we all came together at about 11-00am in Victory Park, the bikes and luggage were quickly unloaded and within an hour the group had put their bikes together, had a bite of lunch and changed into bike gear. A short trip on the road to the start of the Gippsland Plains Rail Trail and we were away on the gravel path, a bit rough in places but nice to be away from any traffic. Initially the paddocks were lush, could have been more rain but also it is an irrigation area. It was a pleasant ride passing through all the small towns the rail would have served in its heyday, there was a big Sugar Beet industry on the plains way back when, our target was Cowwarr for a “frothy coffee”, but we were to be disappointed, the store had closed, the Pub closes Monday and Tuesday so we had to take our fallback option, our own coffee, tea and slices, we carry for just such an emergency, problem solved. We continued on to Maffra to our motel and enjoyed a BBQ together before calling it a night.
Peter Jones.

2. Ken Gawne Leads the Ride from Anglesea to Wye River and Return.
On a near perfect Spring day Greg. President Peter and Ken set off up the steep climb out of Anglesea. We passed through Lorne after 70 mins and arrived at Wye River after 1h 55m. Returned to Lorne for our one and only refreshment break of 20 minutes. Back at Anglesea in 3h 54m saddle time. I will not describe the beauty seen and the exhilaration felt on this ride. It would have you weeping into your beer, wine, spirits or soft drinks, such would be your disappointment at not having participated ( for a variety of reasons). All 3 of us on the ride today noted the big improvements made, and still being made, to this road. Far from being dangerous, you should pencil it in as a 'must do'.

3. Grovedale to Torquay.
With nearly twenty club members heading for the tour of Gippsland today, I thought I may have been the only starter for today’s ride to Torquay as there was no appointed ride leader. Gladly I was joined by Ron, Kim and Julia. With no ride leader discussions took place as to which course to take to Torquay. Kim and Ron assumed the role of course directors, Doug the scribe and Julia official photographer. Truly a collaborative effort from all. In bright sunshine and with a zephyr wind we rode the cycle path from Grovedale to Waurn Ponds then Ghazeepore Road and then the regular course to Mejavo’s Café. The warm sunshine made pleasant riding which was only surpassed by the excellent company.
Doug Wyatt.

Greg's Hard Ride to Lethbridge, Sheoaks and Maude on Sunday 20.10.19
3 starters at 8 am on a cool morning with an already strong west wind - Ken G, Ian B and myself. After some discussion we decided to take Aberdeen St and the Deviation to Fyansford rather than the river path which was lucky because we would otherwise have missed meeting John Miro near Geelong Junior College as he was running a bit late. It was hard pedalling into a strengthening head  wind out Hamilton Hwy. Alas Ken had an important function to attend so he turned back near Burnside Rd. 3 of us continued through Murgheboluc, R up Brislane then L into Harvey and R along quiet Spring Ck finding it easier in the side wind. There was more head wind as we turned L at Teesdale Rd but only 2 km and R into English Rd. This was a quiet road gradually rising up to Lethbridge, where a coffee in the warm shop was most welcome .Impressive stone walls, some bluestone , are a feature of this small town.
Pushing into the wind out Tall Tree rd we passed the well named Rocklands property, R into Lairds Rd then at last some tail wind for 2 km as Lower Plains Rd took us at speed down to Midland Hwy. This section was tough as we rode northwest past the sizeable Lethbridge Airport. Ian was very glad when we went R at Sharp Rd but the steep climb up to Sheoaks had him struggling in his lowest gear. From here there was more downhill and the strong wind was now very helpful. We had a short stop at Bunjil Lookout, Maude, where I was anxious the bikes might be blown over. We flew through Sutherlands Creek and returned home via Ted Wilson Trail by 1:30 pm after 104 km at av 21.4 Thanks to my fellow riders and congratulations to Ian for completing his first club century - it was a very hard one.   
Greg Allerton.

Trudi's Easy Ride to Lara on Sunday 20.10.19
With a cool start to the day brought 10 riders out: Chris Hu, Meri and Lovro, Janet, Jennie, Doug, Kim, Ron, Leo and myself. Setting off riding through North Shore joining up with the Hovells Creek path. Cafe of choice today was Cafe Blu, but to my surprise it's had a change of ownership, and it's now called the Friendly Bean Cafe. Sitting inside, out of the cold, we all enjoyed our refreshments while catching up with each other. Our return route was along the Ted Wilson path. Thanks everyone who braved the cold and wind for an easy ride to Lara.

Peter O'Brien's Saturday Ride to Moriac via the Barrabool Hills - 19.10.19
The last time I led this particular ride we missed the turn at Merrawarp Road off the Hamilton Highway and took the longer route to Moriac via Pollocksford Road, so this time I needed to be on my mettle to ensure this error did not re-occur.  As you will see below I did not need to worry about this.
I arrived early at Fyansford around 8.40am for the 9.00am start when I noticed a missed call on my phone from Trudi,  so I rang her only to find out the ride had started at 8.30am and they were nearing Merrawarp Road.  Well, riding into a head wind I actually caught up to them on Merrawarp Road as they had decided to wait for me.  Thank you Trudi, Leo, Mark S and Peter this was most considerate.  We then rode to Andersons Road and enjoyed the great views of the surrounding pastures.  With a head wind prevailing we continued along the highway and the ride down Hendy Main Road to Moriac was a cyclist dream.  The coffee break was taken at the General Store where we met up with Ted Reeve.
After the coffee break we parted ways at the Hendy Main Road and Reservoir Road corner as Leo and Trudi rode home along the same route that we had ridden out whilst Peter, Mark and myself set sail with a strong tailwind back to Geelong.
Riding is fun, Peter O.

Mike Currie's Ride to Swell at Jan Juc on Thursday 17.10.19
With strong winds and rain forecast, this morning’s ride to Bellbrae Choclaterie didn’t look promising, but this didn’t deter Peter J, Doug W & Chris Hu. Our plan was to ride direct but a short detour to Nick's to pick up a helmet was the first plan modification. At Bellbrae we decided that the pleasures of the Choclaterie weren’t worth riding 6km into a stiff headwind so a quick spin along Bones Rd brought us to Swell at Jan Juc for coffee. From there it was back through Torquay and Horseshoe Bend turning through Warralily to avoid the roadworks and home. An enjoyable if windy morning.
Mike C

John Miro's Ride to Bannockburn, Teesdale & Inverleigh on Tuesday 15.10.19
Nine riders: Trudi, Julie, Chris Hu, Peter J, Doug, Ken, Mike C, Nick and me. Nice mild sunny day with slight wind. Rode from Fyansford to Burnside Road where Trudi caught up with her donkey. Then into headwind from Bannockburn to Teasdale.  We turned left to a beautiful quiet country road to Inverleigh for coffee. There Peter and Chris left the group for their gravel adventure, hope they survived. Seven of us rode back home along Hamilton Highway with gentle tailwind. Total distance 75-85km for most, may be 100km for Peter and Chris. See you on next ride.
John M.

Peter O'Brien's Sunday ride to Drysdale - 13.10.19
The ride this morning was a combined ride with Cycling Geelong.  GTC riders were: Nicole, Kim, Geoff, Heather, Jenny, Zac, John, Doug and myself, together with four Cycling Geelong members.  We set off to Drysdale at a leisurely pace with the intent being to enhance social interactions between club members and there was certainly a lot of chatter as we trundled along the Bellarine Rail Trail.  The coffee break was taken at The Bungalow. On the return journey we decided to give the infamous magpie who terrorises cyclists in the vicinity of Palmerston St a miss and headed to the rail trail.  With a tail wind behind us it was a lovely ride back to Geelong. 
Thanks everyone for a very enjoyable ride. Distance 40kms.
Peter O. 

Ron's Ride to The Cheeky Cow in Collendina on Saturday 12.10.19
With a sunny day forecast,  we headed along the rail trail to the Bellerine and turned right for the climb up to Grubb Road into a medium head wind.  On turning into Grubb Riad we pushed on turning down Martin Drive and along Ocean through way to Cheeky Cow.   The return trip was taken with a lovely tailwind up along 13th Beach Road, Horseshoe Bend onto Warralily estate before splitting up enroute to Geelong. Our 2 weekend only riders, Andrew and Hugh put in a gutsy effort on the climbs and showed good stamina to finish the ride.
A great ride in good company. Cheers, Ron.

Nick's Ride to The Bungalow at Drysdale & Return - PJ & CHu on to Queenscliff on Thursday 10.10.19
Ten riders: Nick, Doug, Rolf, MarkK, PeterJ, Kim, Dr Mike, Mike C, Chris Hu and Ron met at the Showgrounds for an pleasant saunter up the rail trail to Drysdale. Dog walkers and Mum's with prams were few and far between. Although the clouds promised a shower or two we stayed dry in the cool conditions. After coffee and cake at The Bungalow, Chris and Peter continued to Queenscliff on the rail trail whilst the rest of us returned back to Geelong before splitting off in various directions.

Peter Jones' Ride to Bellbrae, Jan Juc & Torquay on Tuesday 8.10.19
With an absolute rotten forecast I didn’t expect too many starters for my ride to Jan Juc and Torquay, Chris Hu rolled in and I expected thatwould be it but Nick also arrived so come 9-00am we took off. There had been some showers pass through but there were also long periods of bright blue sky and Sun, we didn’t actually get a shower until well down Anglesea Rd and that only lasted 5 minutes and cleared. I had decided on a slight change and headed out Anglesea Rd to Hendy Main Rd and turned right making our way to Vickerys Rd. Caught up with a group from Torquay Coasters just around the corner who were doing the same route, decided to join them at Bowside for a coffee, had another light shower for a couple of minutes and that was the last for us for the day. Enjoyed a long coffee break and chat, waited for another shower to pass through before taking Addiscott, Bones, Sunset through Jan Juc, Torquay, up HSBend Rd and home through Warralily, a good ride with a lovely tail wind all the way home.
Cheers, Peter.

AROUND THE BAY IN A DAY on a Very Windy Sunday - 6.10.19
Five starters today for around the bay ride: Peter J, Peter O, John M, Leo and myself. On a warm still morning saw us up very early to start our ride. Meeting the two Peter's on Boundry Rd at 5.30 to ride down to catch the ferry by 7.00. On my way down I rode over a big pothole and immediately came to a holt. Lucky I had Leo for backup, he was driving down to Queenscliff to start his ride. Once on the ferry we meet up with John M who had ridden from home. On debarking the ferry we were greeted by very strong winds whipping around us. To our surprise it seemed to be on our side if not slightly behind us Yay. First stop coffee in McRae, then onto Frankston for an early lunch by 10:30. Time seemed to fly by way too fast, before we knew it it was time to watch out for the clock tower at Black Rock for our second coffee for the day. It was here that we caught up with John M. Twenty kms to go and another around the bay was done and dusted. Fantastic day once again can't wait till next year.

Zac also rode and did the long one - 306.7km - well done under the difficult conditions.

Ken's 82km Very Windy Ride to Moriac & Bellbrae on Sunday 6.10.19
It was no surprise that only Greg turned up to accompany me on what was programmed to be a ride of over 100kms. The WNW wind was very strong and predicted to reach 40kph later in the morning. We decided to forget about riding Barrabool Rd and then further West. Instead we passed through Highton Village on route to Waurn Ponds Drive, Pettavel, Reservoir, Hendy Main and Forrest roads. The wind was diabolical and it took 2 hours to cover 29kms.
Greg had to be home by 1 o'clock so turned back after around 6kms on Forrest. The cross wind blew so hard that I was forced off the tarseal and onto the gravel more than once. The legs were not happy and started to complain so I imitated Jens Voight and responded with "shut up legs". But, to pacify them, I turned left out of Forrest instead of right to Anglesea. A detour via Jarosite and Addiscott got me away from the traffic before a return to the Anglesea Rd and onto Dickins and Ghazeepore. By the time I arrived home I had ridden 82 kms in 4h53m. I would usually expect to cover around 110 in that time - an indication of how tough the conditions were. No coffee stop.

Dr Mike's Ride to Lara on Sunday 6.10.19
I was expecting a good turn-up as the schedule indicated that  it would be an “easy” ride. However, I was astonished to see several hundred riders milling around the small hut at Rippleside at 9AM.  Of course I had inadvertently booked the start of our ride  at one of the major feeding stops for Around the Bay. However I was soon delighted to find quite a few GTC riders including Rolf, John, Chris Hu , Chris Ha and Jenny.
The wind was blowing a gale or possibly even a houlie but we were reassured by the thought of a very fast ride home. (By some strange meteorological quirk this did not actually eventuate and we had a howling headwind in both directions). We initially stopped at Millars but for some reason the place was incredibly busy. So we proceeded into  Lara CBD to Xpresso Cafe. After very pleasant conversation and various assorted drinks we headed back into the gale.
Thanks to everyone for a very pleasant and very windy ride.

Mark's Ride to Moriac via Freshwater Creek on Saturday 5.10.19
Report soon.

Trudi's Ride to Anakie on Thursday 3.10.19
With a wonderful warm start to the day, I was expecting a big turn out for my ride out to Anakie. But to my surprise only three riders were eager to show up on such a stunning 27deg morning: Mike C, Norm and myself. Setting off along the Ted Wilson path we came across a familiar face one that we haven't seen for quite a while, Noel. We had quite a good run out to Anakie, stopping for our refreshments at the "Old Workshop Cafe" Choosing a table outside in the shade, was just glorious.. After a enjoyable coffee and catch up, we were soon back on our bikes heading for home. Thanks to those that rode today a most enjoyable ride in the fresh countryside air with beautiful sunshine on our backs.

Chris Hume's Tuesday Ride to Queenscliff - 1.10.19
With perfect weather for riding there was a good turn out today. The peleton consisted of Trudi, Mick, Sarah, Barry, Butch, Kim, Nick, Peter O, John M, Ken and yours truly Chris Hu. We headed along the rail trail to Curlewis Rd where Butch, Barry and Mick continued on to Drysdale and rest of us headed south to the Bellarine Hwy, where Ken headed home via Wallington Rd. With a peleton of seven we rode to Swan Bay Rd and onward to the Ferry Terminal at Queenscliff, Roro Cafe, for coffee and snacks. This was followed by a scenic tour of Queenscliff, Point Lonsdale, Ocean Grove and Barwon heads where we stopped at the bakery for lunch. From here 13th Beach Rd, Lake Rd, Barwon Heads Rd and home. A great ride!! warm weather and we seemed to have a tail wind for most of it!
Chris Hu.

Dr Mike's Ride to Freshwater Creek & Torquay on Sunday 29.9.19
It was a great day for riding with a predicted maximum of 17. There was a slight southerly breeze which made it still feel rather cool. Ten riders assembled at Grovedale Hotel at 9am:  Peter, Chris Hu, Chris Ha, Ray, Mark Bo. Trudy , Leo, Rolf, John Miro , John H, Peter, Kim and yours truly. We were joined soon after the start by John Miro. Due to the rather indifferent recent form of the ride leader it was destined to be rather a slow ride. We took the usual route across Barnip Boulevard and down Gazepoore Rd where the webmaster obliged with some excellent action shots. It was then onto Anglesea Rd, Coombes Rd and Ocean Acres Drive, followed by the customary sprint to Torquay Rd. After coffee and cakes at The Stoop we headed home along Horseshoe Bend Rd.
Thanks to everyone for the excellent company and a very enjoyable ride. Mike.

Peter O'Brien's Ride to The Bungalow in Drysdale - Saturday 28.9.19
On an overcast morning Doug, Andrew, Peter Richmond, Hugh Palmer, Chris Ha, Julia, Trudi, Leo, Ron, Chris Hu, Ian and myself set off from the South Geelong Station and rode along the Bellarine Rail Trail to Drysdale. A coffee break was taken at the Bungalow Café in Drysdale and the number of bikes lined up against the fence was spectacular.  There was a large crowd including more GTC members and friends resulting in the queue for coffee being particularly long.  Regardless, it was great to catch up with everyone. Back on our bikes we returned to Geelong via Princess Street, Swan Bay Road and the Bellarine Highway. Thanks everyone for an enjoyable ride. Distance 45kms.
Peter O.

David Rae's Ride to Swell at Jan Juc on Thursday 26.9.19
5 riders: Trudi, Chris Hu., Doug, and David and Jackie set off from the Grovedale along the bike path to Ghazepore Rd. on a cool but pleasant morning. We made our way along Anglesea Rd. to Ocean Acres and on to Torquay. We rode past the RACV golf course which was looking good after some milder weather, then down Hoylake Rd. to the Swell Cafe where we had our coffee break and a chat. Doug intrigued us with his photographic skills till Lorraine took over to get a couple of good photos.
We returned along Horseshoe Rd. to Warralilly Boulevard and onto Torquay Rd, where we made our separate way home.
David R.

Chris Hume's Gravel Ride in the Brisbane Ranges - 24.9.19
I arrived at the Anakie Recreation Reserve fully expecting to do a solo ride as I had not heard from anyone who intended to come, then Nick and Sarah arrived! Great! Weather was cool and overcast with a bit of a breeze but good conditions for riding. We headed towards Mt Anakie on Mount Rd then onward to Anakie gorge. Next onto Staughton Vale, Murphys Road, Thompsons Track and the challenging Macs Track to McLeans Highway stopping at Little River Picnic Ground. From here onto Switch Road to Stony Creek, where we visited the Reservoir, then up again(!) to the Ballan Rd and Butchers Rd and onto Steiglitz. Asphalt now! Returned to the Reserve via De Motts Rd. We arrived at 2:00pm having done 50km in 5hours, 3hr ride time and 2 hr looking around - walking and admiring the rugged scenery the abundant wildflowers. After packing up we headed to the Anakie General Store for coffee and late lunch. All in all a very enjoyable ride.
Chris Hu.

Greg's Sunday Ride to Moriac - 22.9.19
It looked to be a pleasant sunny morning but outside a strong bitter west wind  made me glad I was wearing full tights and a  winter top. I was pleasantly surprised to have 9 starters: Mike C, Chris Ha, Chris Hu, Mark S, Dr Mike, NIck T, Doug W and official start photographer John C. We rode out Swanston St to the river path, over Breakwater and along Bailey St  then via Burleigh & Hansen St to Surfcoast Hwy. The Baanip path was hard work with a gradual climb and head wind. Hams Rd  led us to Anglesea Rd and we soon turned into quiet Reservoir Rd. The bunch was keen for hot coffee so we took the  direct route down Cape Otway rd to Moriac Store after 27 km. It was a welcome stop out of the cold wind. From here Doug headed home to Jan Juc while we battled more head wind up to Mt Moriac, where Reservoir Rd at last gave us an overdue tail wind. We then took Pettavel Rd  and soon turned off the highway into Waurn Ponds Drive. At Pigdons Rd we separated and riders made their own way home. 54km.  Average speed: 20.3kph.                                      
Thanks to all riders for an enjoyable morning. Greg Allerton, Ride Leader.

Peter O'Brien's Saturday Ride to Xpresso Lounge Cafe in Lara - 21.9.19
Two riders assembled at Church Street this morning for the ride to Lara.  No doubt, with the Cats losing last night, many of the Geelong faithful stayed at home to lick their wounds/paws.  Go the Pies this afternoon. The proposed route to Lara was somewhat different to normal routes previously ridden.  After a flying start down Church Street we connected to the Tom McKean Trail from Church Street to Douro Street, then worked our way across the North Geelong overpass to Corio Quay Road and onto the Hovells Creek Trail to Lara. A coffee break was taken at the Expresso Cafe and this enabled Ron and myself to enjoy the ambience in a warm and cosy environment.
On the return ride we headed back along the Hovells Creek Trail.  Around the Corio Quay area we encountered strong gusts of wind and light rain that continued all the way back to Geelong. At the Deakin University Waterfront Campus, a small crane had toppled over and was leaning against the building.  Consequently, the street was blocked off by emergency vehicles and a much larger crane that had be brought in to right the smaller one that had fallen. Distance 40 kms.
Peter O.

Thursday Ride to Moriac led by Peter O'Brien -19.9.19
A plaintive cry from Trudi’s sick bed prompted me to volunteer Peter O to lead the ride to Moriac. Peter’s pre ride pep talk to Doug, Norm, Sarah, Chris Hu, Janet, Nick and me included the words “not many hills”. Well, he lied. Not deliberately of course but due to the failure of his uncanny sense of direction (see picture below) we missed the “not many hills” turnoff and climbed, and climbed, and climbed our way to the summit of Mont Moriac where Chris Ha was patiently waiting for us having, obviously, found the “not many hills” route. The usual excellent coffee and egg and bacon muffins, for some, was followed by earnest discussion about the best route home. Those of us who felt that 32 Klms to a coffee shop on a Thursday was a few Klms too far opted for the short way home while others who had more time and energy took longer options. No incidents to report on the way out except for a pathetic magpie swoop on Sarah who didn’t even realise she was attacked. Hopefully everyone made it home safe. Note photo of glamorous chap in full club kit including 40th anniversary gloves and socks. I am considering a new career as a super model. Feedback not required thanks.
PS. Get well soon Trudi. We need someone who knows the way to Moriac!

Peter O'Brien's Ride from Forrest to Beech Forest & Return on Tuesday 17.9.19
Today the hill climbers came out to play.  Chris Ha, Chris Hu, Ken, Kim, Julie, Zac and myself assembled at Forrest for the programmed ride to Ferguson in the Otways. The temperature was about 2 degrees when we departed Forrest but we well and truly warmed up riding the first 18km up steep and challenging hills.  Zac raced up the hills as he's in training for the 300km ride Around the Bay in a Day. Turtons Track is an iconic track within the Otways where rainforest flora abounds and riding along the track feels like riding through an avenue of ferns.  Stunning.  But, it was cold, teetering on going below zero into the minus degrees. We reached Beech Forest and made the decision not to proceed to Ferguson but rather have lunch there.  Chris Ha gave some professional advice to a couple from Sydney who were aimlessly wandering around endeavouring to find Red Woods in the Otways.  Chris clearly has hidden skills! After lunch at Beech Forest we returned to Forrest via the same route at a much faster rate given the downhill descent. At Forrest, we decided to celebrate our achievement of completing the ride with a coffee at the local café, and can I say, their pies were in great demand.   In fact, the pies were apparently so delicious they ran out so I had to settle for my second choice of a pastie. Thanks to everyone who participated today.  I think we should enact Ken's suggestion of repeating this ride along this same route, but in the warmer months. Distance: 68km, but as my  Garmin packed-up I'm unable to tell you how many meters we actually climbed.  It was a lot!
Peter O.

Sarah Leads the Ride to The Groove in Ocean Grove on Tuesday 17.9.19
A small group met at the Grovey Pub on a beautiful sunny but brisk morning. Sarah T was elected ride leader to take Jacqui, David, new member Doug, Dr Mike and yours truly to the The Groove via Warralilly and the Lake Rd before a brief stop to admire the views of Connewarre.  Thirteenth Beach was breezy and relatively quiet before reaching coffee where we discovered John Miro had caught us. John did not have a note from home to explain his lateness. The return trip by the same route was now warmer and more enjoyable with a helpful tail breeze pushing us along. Thanks to all for a lovely  ride on a beautiful day.  And no flat tyres!
Nick Tarnay.

Ken's 108km Ride to the South West of Geelong on Sunday 15.9.19
Alone in the Carpark of the Grovedale Hotel at 0855. Then out of an unfamiliar car stepped Zac. Because of an unfavourable forecast, I decided to abandon the route which included the Winchelsea/Inverleigh loop so as we would not be caught with a long ride home in wind and rain. Zac is training for a 300 km event in 3 weeks so expressed a wish to do some hills. I agreed and planned a course with that in mind. For around 90 kms the weather was excellent - warm, only a few drops of rain every now and then (not sufficient to wet the roads) and a moderate breeze. However, our luck finally ran out and we got a drenching over the last 17 kms.

John Hagan's Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove on Sunday 15.9.19
On returning to Club riding with the GTC after my February accident I was 'leading' mostly from the back of the bunch. A good turn-up for our moderately paced ride (my av. was 20kph). The riders were from L to R in the photo below: John, Lyn, Dr Mike, Chris Hu, Janet, Mike, Pam & Jennie. To keep the ride to under 50km, as advertised, we rode out along the Barwon in great weather for riding, then through the ovals and on to the Barwon Heads Rd, Lake Rd, back on the Barwon Heads Rd to Barwon Heads and over to The Groove for coffee. Russell Morrow had got there before us and reserved a table as the venue was quite crowded. Despite this they are fast with serving. Dr Mike showed us the weather radar and as we left it started to rain lightly. However, it soon evaporated and we only got a few spits for the rest of the ride back through Leopold. Here Pam, Mick and Lyn left us to go home and we proceeded back along the Bellarine Highway and the Bellarine Rail Trail. Thanks for all who helped me get through the ride and I think the pace was suitable for a leisurely Sunday ride.
Keep riding, John Hagan.

Chris Halpin's Ride to Moriac on Saturday 14.9.19
A beautiful morning and only 7 keen riders. Geelong supporters were having a sleep in surely.  After a comprehensive briefing from yours truly Chris Hi, Trudi & Leo, Andrew, POB and Mark headed off to Moriac via Baarnip, Ghazeepore, Hams Rds, under the freeway on to Lemins and Waurn Ponds Drive then Pettavel, Reservoir and Cape Otway Rd to Moriac.  Very social chatter over coffee and a healthy breakfast of egg'n'bacon rolls and choc donuts, then back home much by the way we'd come.  Thanks all for an enjoyable sunny morning.
Chris Ha.

Ted's Ride to The Bungalow in Drysdale on Thursday 12.9.19
Ten members gathered at the Eastern Beach car park and, after a period of confusion regarding the actual meeting location (we settled on the bus stop) and need to pay a parking fee (the consensus in the end was that we didn’t) Chris Hu, Chris Ha, Peter O, Zac, Trudi, Sarah, Nick, Norm, Kim and myself set off through Eastern Park to Portarlington Road, Melaleuca Road and the Bellarine Rail Trail. A pleasant tail wind helped us to Drysdale in good time and coffee and cake at The Bungalow was up to its usual high standard. The pleasant tail wind turned into a nasty head wind for the return journey which was primarily via the Rail Trail. The ride was incident free apart from an attack by the Wyndham Street magpie who focused his attention on Chris Hu, our trusty kelpie. I’m convinced my magpie dissuading helmet protected the riders at the front of the peloton and will accept thanks in the normal manner via my Swiss bank account. Car park to car park was just under 42 kilometres at an average speed of 21.3 km/hr. Thanks for the great company.

Ross' Ride to Paraparap, Bellbrae & Torquay on Tuesday 10.9.19
Eleven riders left Waurn Ponds on a perfect spring morning. Ken, Trudi, Julia, Janet, Sarah, Nick, Chris Hu, Peter O, Doug, Kim and Ross enjoyed some intermittent sun and light winds as we took Ghazeepore, Anglesea and Blackgate Roads before turning south on Hendy Main Road. We picked up another rider at Paraparap when John M joined the pelaton. During a quick rest stop at the start of Vickerys Road, the ride leader offered the possibility of an easier route to morning tea but all participants were happy to take the Vickerys/Gundrys rollercoaster. Refreshments were taken at the Bowside Cafe at Bellbrae where we were joined by Mark K who had been cruising the back roads looking for us. Plenty of conversation and some substantial snacks later, we continued via Addiscot and Bells Beach and were soon riding through Jan Juc where Doug left us. We lost Mark K in Torquay and continued on to Horseshoe Bend Road where the pelaton broke in to several groups, traveling at different speeds. At this stage, the ride leader was at the back in a small group of 3 that happily cruised in towards Geelong. Our group broke up in Marshall with the ride leader returning to the start point and my companions continuing on towards home.
Thanks to all for their good company, Ross.

Combined Dirt Ride with Cycling Geelong to Anglesea on Sunday 8.9.19
Five riders for today's combined dirt ride to Anglesea. Our ride leader Dave, Margy, Jeff, Chris Hu and Ross set out under blue skies, through Torquay and along the Bells Beach path. It was slow going with lots of trail runners, walkers and dogs, plus plenty of stops to admire the views. Margy and Jeff decided Bells Beach was far enough and headed back, leaving three of us to continue on to the best part of the ride. Absolutely beautiful riding through the trees and along the cliff tops with just the occasional wet and muddy section to look out for. Chris was getting extra value for his money with his road tread tyres making for some interesting sideways action through the soft stuff. There was some discussion about the ethics of riding through the scout camp but the steps are in very poor condition so some trespassing was the better choice. A fast run down to Anglesea had us soon enjoying refreshments in the main street.
We experienced the first few drops of precipitation as we left Anglesea by the highway, crossing back to gravel path at the top of the hill. The ride through the forest was just as good on the way back and we were soon back on the bitumen section up to Bells Beach car park. Halfway up the hill the rain started, quickly followed a loud wooshing noise from Chris's new tubeless front tyre. A quick inspection showed a largish hole in the tyre and a lot of sealant over Chris and his bike. We tried pumping it back up but it only lasted a few metres before going completely flat. Time for plan B. Chris found some shelter under a tree and proceeded to remove the tyre, wash out the sealant and fit a tube, all while the rain came down. Deciding it would be best to take the shortest way home, we rode the bitumen through Jan Juc and back to the Beachfront Cafe. Just made it back before the heavy rain started. Thanks to Dave for a great ride, to Chris for providing some entertainment along the way and to all participants for their good company.

Sunday Ride to The Bungalow in Drysdale - 8.9.19
Five riders participated in the ride from South Geelong to Drysdale this morning.  John, Rolf, David I, Doug and myself took the Rail Trail and had a coffee break at The Bungalow in Drysdale.  On the return trip John left the group while the remaining riders returned along the same path.  Interestingly, the infamous Leopold magpie must have thought we weren’t  juicy enough and only made a half-hearted swoop before returning to his tree.
Peter O.

Thursday Ride to Barwon Heads & Ocean Grove - 5.9.19
No ride leader for today's ride to Barwon Heads so after some negotiation amongst the riders assembled at the Showgrounds, we had a volunteer leader, a volunteer photographer and a volunteer report writer. Peter O led out Mike C, Trudi, Chris Hu, Norm, Doug, Dr Mike, Rolf and Ross via Belmont Common, Barwon Heads Road and Lake Road on to 13th Beach. Blue skies, light winds and very little traffic made for a most enjoyable run in to Barwon Heads, across the river and on to Groove. We weren't the only GTC riders who chose Groove, with Geoff, Marie, Lyn and Mick already enjoying refreshments in the sun. After the usual coffee and conversation and far too many photographs by Dr Mike, the group split with Doug, Chris Hu and Ross returning along 13th Beach and the remainder heading for home via Wallington and Curlewis Roads and the rail trail. Hope the little tail wind made their return trip as enjoyable as ours.
Thanks to all for their company, Ross.

Trudi's Ride to Anakie & Steiglitz on Tuesday 3.9.19
On a beautiful Spring morning, seven riders were awaiting me for my ride out to Steiglitz. Riders today were: Chris Hu, Julie, Greg, John M, Zac, Doug and myself. Setting off along the Ted Wilson path turning onto the Ballan Rd and riding straight into Anakie. Our coffee today was at the Workshop Cafe which just happened to be open for a function and were happy to serve us. We enjoyed our coffee served out in the veggie garden that just happened to be bathed in glorious sunshine.
After a nice break it was time to tackle De Motts Rd, once the hills were conquered we then could turn our attention to the sweet fragrance in the air of the wattle trees in bloom, the chirping birds, barking dogs and with the warmth of the sun on our backs. Lunch was at the hut in Steiglitz, with tea and coffee enjoyed out in the bush garden setting.  Our return route was on the Steiglitz Rd, stopping for a quick photo shoot over the Moorabool valley, then continuing on to Lovely Banks Rd and back onto the Ted Wilson path. "Thanks to those that rode today I hope that you enjoyed it as much as I did."

Mike Currie's Fathers' Day Ride to Torquay - 1.9.19
Todays ride was listed as a 50km ride from Sth Geelong Station to Torquay. However at 8:55, I was thinking that it might be a solo expedition, with all the fathers enjoying breakfast in bed. To my relief Chris Hu arrived followed by prospective member Doug Wyatt, who had already cycled up from Jan Juc. We headed off to join the river trail to Reserve Rd, from whence we followed the usual route along Baanip, Ghazeepore, Anglesea and Coombes Rds into Torquay with coffee at Mejavo's. At this point Doug headed home while Chris and I returned to Geelong via Horseshoe Bend Rd. Despite threatening rain near Torquay, we enjoyed fine weather and great company.

Peter O'Brien's Saturday Ride to Portarlington - 31.8.19
On the last day of winter, with the sun shining brightly, eight riders set off for Leopold along the Bellarine Highway and the Bellarine Rail Trail.  The views of the bay were stunning as we rode over the various hill  climbs towards Portarlington. The coffee break was taken at Daniel’s Donuts Café where a magnificent range of delicious donuts were on display.  Some riders even went back for a second donut, under the pretext they needed an additional sugar fix to tackle the hills on the return trip.
On the way back to Geelong, just after departing Leopold, there was a bit of commotion in the main ride group.  Thinking someone must have had a mishap, we all stopped only to learn that a particularly nasty and aggressive magpie had swooped Leo and in the process landed on his shoulder and with murderous intent commenced pecking his ear.  Leo must have pretty tasty ears as this magpie refused to fly away despite his protestations.  With no blood drawn, Leo composed himself and soldiered on and now has an entertaining story to tell his granddaughter. Thanks to Mark S, Mark K, Greg, Trudi, Leo, Julia and Andrew for a very enjoyable ride.
Peter O.

Nick's Ride from Waurn Ponds to Anglesea via Moriac on Thursday 29.8.19
There are many possible loops when contemplating a trip down the coast. Do you go direct by main roads and suffer the car traffic or take a hillier, longer but more peaceful route. No contest really. So it was that Peter Ob & J, John M, Chris Hu, Norm and new riders Doug and Peter (welcome!) headed off on Nick and Sarah's treddle to the coast via, the gentle climb up Waurn Ponds Drive and the Highway before enjoying the long downhill to Moriac.  The Forest road was ablaze with wattle and quiet enough so we could ride together and chat easily. Even the downhill into Anglesea was relatively car free. After excellent coffee and cake we headed back up the hill now aided by a tail wind. Chris and Doug left us at the Bells turnoff and we carried on at a good clip along the GOR through Torquay for Horshoebend Rd. All was well until Sarah scored a flat which Nick promptly fixed only for another piece of glass to cause another flat a km later. This time Sarah's pump wouldn't attach, Nick had forgotten his old trusty, but luckily Norm saved the day. Why do Tarnay's score all the punctures? The rest of trip home went smoothly. Phew! Thanks to all for a great day out. We hope to see our new riders out again soon.

Chris Hume's Ride to Winchelsea & Moriac on Tuesday 27.8.19
Six riders fronted up at the Fyansdord Hotel for today's ride: Trudi, Mark K, John M, Peter J, Nick and Chris Hu. We headed out along the Hamilton Hwy then turned into Pollocksford Rd. Great to get off that Highway!! Continued onto Winchelsea via Barrabool Rd, the M1, South Buckley Rd and Atkins Rd ending up at La Hoot for coffee and snacks. Now onto Moriac along Barwon Terrace, Mathisons Rd and Cape Otway Rd. Along the way we stopped off at the Wurdiboluc Reservoir and rode/walked to the lookout for the photo shoot. At Moriac the peleton split, half continuing on and the other half stopping at the Store for a break and more refreshments. Those that stopped Chris Hu, PJ and Trudi headed home via the Barrabool Hills back to Fyansford. The loop ended up being 96km so most ended up with over 100km by the time we rode home. It was an enjoyable ride with good weather and good company.

David Innes Ride to Lara on Sunday 25.8.19
A very cold morning of 4.8c riding  from home but sunny day starting from the top Eastern Beach carpark we headed to Lara via the usual route through North Shore onto the Hovells Trail. Pleasant riding with scenic views along the way a most enjoyable ride was had by all. Coffee was at Millars a favourite as always sitting outside enjoying the increasing sunshine and conversation. We decided to head back the same way we had come. By then the temperature was more mild making the ride home more enjoyable. Thanks to all who came along: Marie Bagley, Chris Halpin, Pam Morrow, Jennie Prince, Mark Shying, Sahra and Nick Tarney.
David Innes.

Trudi's Ride to Moriac on Saturday 24.8.19
With a beautiful sunny start for my ride out to Moriac, brought six keen riders out: Chris Hu, Chris Ha, Peter J, Greg, Leo and myself. Unfortunately before we even moved an inch Chris Ha left us, as he had  to be home early for grandpa duties. Our ride route today was Hamilton highway, Merrawarp and straight up and over the Barrabool hills. Our coffee destination was to be at the Cottage Farm Nursery. Unfortunately for us today we found it to be closed. Feeling a little disappointed we pushed on into Moriac. It was here that we found John M, waiting patiently for us at the Moriac Store. Coffee was served while sitting inside in front of the open fire. Bacon and egg muffins were popular and were quickly devoured as well as a sausage roll. Our return route was Hendy Main Rd, Reservoir Rd, Pettavel Rd and onto Waurn Ponds Dr. This is were John had a puncture, it was also were we said goodbye to John as he rode back along the bike path. Leaving the four of us to ride up Pigdons Rd, it was here we broke into two groups of two, as Leo's legs were starting to cramp up. A very enjoyable ride under sunny blue skies, the only let down was the wind.

Trudi Reports on the Ride to Bannockburn on Thursday 22.8.19
Today's ride to Bannockburn encouraged six riders out for a ride: Peter J, Chris Hu, Norm, Kim, visitor Peter and Trudi. Our ride route this morning was Ted Wilson path, Cox Rd, Lovely Banks Rd, Steiglitz Rd and Parker Rd. Coffee was enjoyed at the Bannockburn Station sitting inside in front of the open fire. With coffee cups empty and all sweet treats consumed it was time to get moving. Our return route was Burnside Rd then onto the Hamilton Highway. Waving goodbye to Peter and Chris at Fyansford, so that left the four of us to climb up Monier Way back to the start. Such a beautiful ride out in the country side.

Ross' Ride to Drysdale, Queenscliff & Ocean Grove on Tuesday 20.8.19
Poor weather forecast but a great turn-out for today's ride to Quenscliff. Twelve riders set out from the showgrounds, along the rail trail. Very cruisey riding with a significant tail wind pushing us along, had us in Drysdale in well less than an hour. Unfortunately this was where the ride leader showed a complete lack of judgement, allowing the group to get too close to the Bungalow Cafe.
Only six of the original group were able to resist the siren call and continue on towards Queenscliff, with Sarah, Nick, Ben K, Rolf, David I and Dr Mike choosing an immediate caffeine fix and a short up-wind return home. Trudi, Julia, Peter O, Chris Hu, Mark K and Ross continued downwind towards Queenscliff, living for the moment and trying not to think about what it would be like heading back. Refreshments were taken at the Queenscliff marina before we started our grind back towards Geelong. The group worked very well, swapping leads and pushing through the gusts. A second break (lunch) was taken at Ocean Grove where a consensus decision was made regarding the route home. It turned out to be a good choice with some shelter on Wallington Road, Curlewis Road and the rail trail. Despite the wind, we arrived back at our starting point in reasonable physical condition and good spirits. Thanks to all for their good company.

Greg Allerton's Ride to the North West on Sunday 18.8.19
Forecast 45 kph north winds led me to change the intended route as we would have battled strong head wind back from the dead end road to Point Addis. Instead I told the 4 other starters (John Miro, Nick Tarnay,Chris Hume and start photographer and rider John C) we would do a scenic circuit that never took us more than 30 km from Geelong, in case of bad weather. After Ted Wilson Trail we took Bluestone Bridge Rd with its steep climb to Lovely Banks then out to the junction with Ballan Rd, where Chris left (feeling unwell) and John C also headed home. Robbs Rd gave us another short hill across to Sutherlands Creek. Our reduced bunch of 3 began to do turns to provide more wind protection. Parker Rd provided a great downhill into the Moorabool Valley before the long climb up Clyde Hill and into Bannockburn for a brief stop. A strong tail wind enabled us to speed down Burnside Rd at 40 kph + then a short section along Hamilton Hwy led us to Pollocksford Rd. On this long climb my legs began to complain after a fast 100 km ride the previous day and I rode at a more sedate pace to rejoin John M and Nick who waited at Barrabool Rd. We were soon at John's favourite Cottage Nursery Cafe at Gnarwarre and were again the only patrons. Hot coffee/tea with home made macadamia tart or rhubarb slice was only $8 which we enjoyed in the warmth looking out over the beautiful native gardens. It was hard to warm up again with the downhill start. Dark clouds were lurking on the horizon. Considines  then Cape Otway Rds brought us to Moriac before Hendy Main Rd gave us a long climb up to Reservoir Rd. Pettavel Rd soon had us on the Princes Hwy and Waurn Ponds Dve provided a good tailwind downhill. We were soon at Pigdons Rd where Nick left. John and I headed along Waurn Ponds Creek path and across the old Breakwater. Here we parted as I had to do a few back streets to bring up my 48 th century. I was home dry by 1:15 pm just before a few spits of rain began. Thanks to the participants for an enjoyable ride.    100 km in 4 h 19 min  average 23.2 kph       Greg Allerton      Ride Leader

John C took the photo below and wrote a report on the first part of the ride.
Obviously what follows is just an introduction, as Greg will provide you with a lot more. Soon. Ride started with John Miro, Chris Hume, Nick Tarney, Long John & ride leader, Greg. Good start, rolling up Yarra street, before cutting across through backstreets to avoid traffic (& the train), before popping out at Ryrie street, just before crossing Latrobe. Meandered up to & then along the Ted Wilson path. After getting off that, we went down & then UP the famous Bluestone Bridge road - where there were 17% pinches, according to my computer! After leaving LJ struggling up the hill, Chris & Nick turned left at the top. Greg just continued straight ahead, however. A quick right then left got us onto lower Anarkie road, which we followed until Ballan road. Here, the peleton fractured - LJ turned left to go home, Chris turned back to go home & the rest turned right, to head for Robbs road ... Weather-wise, it was not too cool - although everyone else was quite rugged up! The wind, however, was quite ferocious & messy! However, with Greg's planning, this meant that there were some very sweet spots with tailwind :-) This, however, did have the drawback of making it hard to stop! Was rolling down the hill after Kardinia college, touching 60 kph & then the lights changed - was too far away to roll through & yet too close - especially with the wind assist - so had to do some emergency (i.e. panicked) braking ...

Ron's Ride to The Bungalow in Drysdale on Sunday 18.8.19
8 riders gathered at Sth Geelong including 2 visitors: Hugh and Peter. Regulars comprising Rob, Mick, Mike T, Rolf, Jennie, Marie and Pam. On a partly sunny morning we set off onto the rail trail, passing numerous clumps of the dreaded yellow oxalis weed along the way. Later on blending in with a large crop of Canola to the left. As the Bungalow was fairly empty on our arrival we sat outside in the Sun, enjoying good coffee and conversation. After ample time we noticed the wind strengthening and grey clouds appearing so we decided to leave before the rain came. John Hagan was there and took some photos for the website. We returned back to the starting point ending a nice easy ride in great company. 
Cheers and Happy days to all, Ron.

Chris Hume's Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove on Saturday 17.8.19
Eleven riders met at the Show Grounds today: Trudi, Andrew, Harry, Ross, Dr Mike, Peter O'B, Julia, Rolf, David, Chris Ha and yours truly Chris Hu. A great day for riding, fine and little wind!!
We headed South, over the Barwon at Breakwater then found our way onto Horseshoe Bend Rd, Armstrong Creek and Lake Rd. Here Chris Ha left us and returned home as he was off to see the mighty Saints play in Melbourne. Onward to 13th Beach then over the bridge at Barwon Heads and onto the Groove at Ocean Grove for coffee. Here Ian joined the group and Ross headed off home to Torquay. After coffee Wallington Rd, Curlewis Rd and the Rail Trail returned us to the Show Grounds. 53km of very pleasant riding.
Chris Hu.

Trudi's Ride to Inverleigh Bakehouse on Thursday 15.8.19
With no sign of rain and with the sun poking through the clouds. Seven riders were waiting at Fyansford for my ride out to Inverleigh: Peter, Mark, Mike, Norm, Sarah, Nick and of course me. It was great to be out riding without having to bring along our rain coats. Our route today was easy, straight down the Hamilton Highway and straight into the Inverleigh Bakery for a well deserved break from the wind. With the sweet bakery delights consumed, coffee mugs empty, it was soon time to head back out on our bikes. Returning the same way we came out, but with a nice breeze over our left shoulder all the way back to Fyansford.

Nick T Reports on the Tuesday Ride to Moriac, Jan Juc & Torquay - 13.8.19
After the horrendous windy and inclement weather of the weekend it was pleasure to be out pedalling. A small bunch of Chris Hu and Ha, Trudy, John M, Kim and Ross turned up to enjoy the Moriac hills where Chris Ha abandoned us for his coffee fix but we rolled coastward via Reservoir Rd and the Henty main road before turning down Vickerys and popping the big dippers; pedal like crazy down and hope to make the top without too much effort. We stopped at Bellbrae Nursery for coffee cake and good conversation before pushing off toward the splendid scenery of the Bells loop and then the back way into Torquay before heading home along Horse Shoe Bend road. It was a great ride, one of my favourite loops. A special thanks to Ross for making sure I didn’t take too many wrong turns.
Cheers Nick T.

Chris Hume leads the ride to Torquay on Sunday 11.8.19
The ride today was a bit of a misadventure!! I went to the Grovedale Hotel for the start of the ride expecting no one else to turn up, which they didn't, so I headed off on my own ride to Moriac!! I should have gone to South Geelong Station!! Ross was waiting there for the leader who did not arrive!! Ross contacted me and we ended up meeting in Grovedale and heading to Torquay via Armstrong Creek and Horseshoe Bend Rd into a very strong and gusty Southerly wind, Ross doing most of the hard work at the front. There was plenty of water around with Thompson's Creek in flood and a lot water over the road near Blackgate Rd. We pushed on into Torquay to have refreshments at Mejavo's, where John H joined us. John took some photos and we headed home.
Chris Hu.

The regular rides for Saturday were cancelled due to bad weather - 10.8.19
However, this did not deter all of our riders from getting some exercise - photos of Chris Hu taken this morning at Drysdale.

Ted Reports on the Thursday Ride to Pt Lonsdale via Barwon Heads - 8.8.19
The bad weather forecast and ride schedule may have put a few off but four gallant Storm Troopers rocked up to the Grovey for the 60-70 km cruise to Point Lonsdale, an annual event which is slightly different to the usual Thursday offering and, with the prevailing nor-westerlies blowing at up to 30 km/h, was an “interesting” ride. The trip out, via the Surfcoast Highway, Warralily Blvd, Lake Road and 13th Beach was a breeze, literally, and we sailed along at a brisk rate of knots. Past numerous coffee shops at Ocean Grove and Barwon Heads, even the Cheeky Cow, it was starting to look like one of Greg’s 100 km non-stoppers but eventually we paused in Lonnie to coffee up and prepare for the slog back to G-Town. Much discussion about wind and new babies (somehow the two seem related) and the obvious photo opportunity of the Rip before setting off on the grind into the wind. We pretty much returned the way we came except for a couple of loops to get some respite from a constant head wind. It was here the wonderful Orbea e-bike came into it’s own and powered me up the hills and into the gale. Thanks to Trudi, Chris Ha and Nick for being an excellent team of domestiques.
Ted (Grandad of 10 – as of today).

Ross Glover's Ride to Bannockburn, Teesdale & Inverleigh on Tuesday 6.8.19
Nine riders assembled at Fyansford for today's ride to Inverleigh. Slight precipitation prior to the start caused some re-assement of riding gear but we still managed to head off close to time. No complaints as this was the only rain for the day.
The ride up out of Fyansford is always awful and even worse at the moment. A lot of dirt alongside the road means you have to ride well out in to the car area. Nasty but we all managed to get through unscarred although I did swear rather loudly at a truck that got too close for my comfort. We had a good run along the Hamilton Highway to Burnside Road with fewer than usual trucks. Turning off the highway got us out of a slight headwind and we had a nice roll along to the outskirts of Bannockburn. A group vote chose a late stop in Inverleigh over an early coffee stop in Bannockburn, so we rolled on. More headwinds along the road to Teesdale before we turned down wind and enjoyed a terrific run along the Inverleigh road - good surface, nice scenery and no traffic. All good things come to an end and we were soon heading back along the Hamilton Highway to the Bakehouse in Inverleigh for drinks and cake.
The weather seemed much cooler as we stepped back out to the bikes so it was good to start pedalling. A nice steady cruise had us back at Fyanford in good time. Thank you to Kim, Chris Ha, Chris Hu, Trudi, John M, Sarah, Nick and Julia for your good company.
Regards, Ross.

Greg Allerton's 100km to the West of Moriac on Sunday 4.8.19
I was pleased to have 3 other starters for Dead End 100k Part 3: the South West. Andrew Chin, Chris Hume, Mark Shying and I set off at 8:05 after the start photo kindly taken by deputy club photographer John Carleton. It was good winter conditions for cycling being fine, not cold and near calm. We took backstreeets onto Baanip path and then Ghazeepore Rd to Freshwater Creek. It was a quiet run along Blackgate Rd before we met racing cyclists warming up for  the Veterans race at Paraparap. We headed in the opposite direction to them and turned off Grays Rd down Flaxbourne Rd,our first "dead end road"(a sealed road which became gravel) where we turned back after passing the Buddhist Retreat. Forest and Larcombes Roads soon took us to Nobles Road for our second "dead end". We stopped to chat with the Vets race turning marshall and watched as bunches of riders did the U turn in front of us. Our final "Dead End" was  Gherang Road where we turned back at the small hamlet.  Cape  Otway Road took us back to Moriac where the shop stop refueled us. The return trip via Hendy Main, Reservoir, Pettavel and Waurn Ponds Drive took us back to Geelong where the group split up at Pigdons Road. Congratulations to new "Centurion" (100 km rider) Andrew, who we hope to see on future long rides. Thanks guys for your company. 102 km   4hours 55 minutes riding time  Average 20.6 kph.
Greg Allerton.

Peter O'Brien's Ride to The Bungalow in Drysdale on Sunday 4.8.19
At 9am this morning Rolf, David I, Jenny, Pam, guest rider Barry, Ian, Mike C, Chris Ha and myself set off from the South Geelong Station and rode along the Bellarine Rail Trail to Drysdale.  Our ride leader Chris had a very important luncheon engagement to attend so he left the group at Leopold.  A coffee break was taken at the Bungalow Café in Drysdale where we were joined by John Hagan and Russell Morrow – thanks for the photos John.  Back on our bikes, we had a leisurely ride home along the Bellarine Rail Trail.  It’s the first time I’ve  ridden on the newly sealed section between Moolap and Leopold  and what a  delight it was to ride this path rather than the highway.
Thanks everyone for an enjoyable ride. Distance 40km.
Peter O.

Trudi's Saturday Ride to the You Yangs - 3.8.19
With grey skies above eleven riders assembled at the top of Church St for my ride to the You Yangs: Peter, Chris, Rolf, Greg, Janet, Julie, Sue, Richard, new rider Hew, Leo and myself. Before even setting off, my numbers quickly dropped to ten. With a fine mist of rain was enough to send one cyclist running. Today I let Greg take the lead out along the Ted Wilson path, Bluestone Bridge Rd, Anakie Rd, Ballan Rd, down Stacey's Rd, West Gateway, Goulburn park Dr and into Windermere Rd. We then turned left into Forest Rd North and up to the You Yangs. It was at this point of taking a photo, that Julie asked aren't we riding up to the top. At first thought everyone said no, except for Peter, then a few more decided well, why not. Leaving Greg, Janet, Leo and myself to ride off to Miller's for a coffee. Not long after we arrived in rolled the rest of the group for their well earned break. Our return route was handed over to Peter to get us back out onto Canterbury Rd and Hovells Creek path. With everyone splitting up at the Melbourne Rd lights. Thanks everyone for joining me today, I'm so glad that we managed to miss the drizzly rain, too bad that we didn't manage to miss the wind.. "Life is better on your bike".

Ted's Ride to Millars in Lara on Thursday
Seven of us dedicated professionals turned up at Rippleside on a cool, overcast but dry morning with just a whisper of a breeze. After a brief briefing regarding the route, proposed speed and coffee stop we set off at a leisurely pace along the shoreline to St Helens, Lascelles Wharf, Corio Quay, Hovells Creek Path and Canterbury Road. That’s where disaster struck. Dr Mike punctured and then followed a lesson in how to quickly change a tube using the latest gas cylinder technology. All went well until the time came for actual inflation. Four attempts and two cylinders later “Old School” technology was introduced in the form of a hand pump. Fortunately there were a couple of us old enough to remember how to use one and young enough to remember to bring it. The problem seemed to be Mike’s new 202 Zipp wheels and Giant P-SLR tyres which didn’t appear to be absolutely compatible as the tyre kept falling off the rim. The lesson then turned into how NOT to quickly change a tube. Unfortunately the video was not running otherwise I’m sure it would have been a film worthy of screening on Foxtel’s Documentary Channel, or Comedy Channel. Except for a close encounter with a texting driver (silly cow) the rest of the ride to Millars was uneventful and we enjoyed great coffee before the group made its way back to Geelong the way it came. Thanks to Ross, David, Rolf, Dr Mike, Chris Hu and Kim for the company and roadside entertainment.

Peter O'Brien's Ride to Werribee South on Tuesday 30.7.19
Nine riders departed Rippleside for the ride to Werribee South yesterday.  John M, Trudi, Julie, Nick, Sarah, Mark, Ken, Zac and myself rode to Lara and then proceeded down the highway to Werribee.  We had lunch at Ramae’s at  Wyndham Harbour, Werribee South. Our return route to Geelong was along the back roads via Werribee, Little River and Lara. A long yet enjoyable ride with good company.
Peter O.

Mike Taylor's Ride to Moriac on Sunday 28.7.19
It was certainly a chilly start to the day with 4 degrees outside at 6am. Definitely a day for the long leggings. Seven riders assembled at Geelong South Station at 9am.  Ross, Ted, Ian, Trudy , Leo, Rolf, John Miro , Peter and yours truly. After quite  long absences it was great to have Peter and Ian back in the peloton. The plan was for a relatively easy ride to Moriac. We proceeded out via Grovedale and eventually onto Hendy Main Rd.  Leo showed exceptional form as we approached the coffee shop in Moriac. Terry and John Hagan were waiting for us at Moriac and John obliged with some excellent photos.
After much pleasant conversation and coffee and quite an assortment of cakes at the Moriac General Store  we headed back along Cape Otway Rd. Thanks to everyone for the excellent company and a very enjoyable ride.

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Trudi Reports on the Saturday Ride to Ocean Grove - 27.7.19
Today's ride saw nine riders attend at the Grovedale Pub for the advertised ride to Ocean Grove: Lovro and Meri, Ted, Julie, Rolf, Mike, Dave, Leo and myself. Ride route was Torquay Rd, Warralily Blvd, Lake Rd, Barwon Heads Rd and Sheepwash Rd. Cafe of choice today was the Garage, just to mix things up a bit. But next time I think we'll probably give this one a miss. I didn't  think it lived up to the expectations of the Groove. As the coffees arrived Ted noted that everyone's coffee order was different and quoted a reference to the LA story by comedian Steve Martin who knew that there could be so many different ways of ordering the hot beverage we know and love as Coffee. Our return route took us back along Thirteen Beach, to witness many surfers trying to catch a wave. A very enjoyable ride, weather was behaving itself with very little wind and no rain "Yeah". Thanks to everyone for the comradeship without you all it would've been a lonely ride. "Life is better on your bike"

Ron Little's Ride to Drysdale on Thursday 25.7.19
The trail ride to Drysdale is obviously a popular ride judging by the large attendance today. The fact that you can ride on a nice, safe smooth ground surface away from traffic, wind noise and fumes with the ability to ride and chat along the way makes for a very pleasant ride. Puncture free I thought, until Mick picked up one on the return trip. A special welcome to new ride member Kim, who joined the other 14 riders today: comprising myself, Mike C, Mike T, Mick, Trudy, Butch, Ralph, David I, Jennie, Meri, Ted, Chris, Nick and Sarah.
Cheers - safe and happy riding.

Chris Halpin leads the Ride to Swell in Jan Juc on Tuesday 23.7.19
A wee bit chilly this morning at the meeting spot.  Ken and Julie took off early claiming they needed a head start, then Ross and Trudi appeared.  The JBHiFi door lifted to announce the start so off we went, a small and enthusiastic group. Our ride south via Ghazeepore, Blackgate, Vickerys and Gundrys has to be one of the best in the Geelong region. Sure it was windy but in bright sunshine these roads are beautifully sheltered.  We even had a platoon of kangaroos chasing us along Vickerys. John Miro joined us as we cruised along the rolling hills in Gundrys, with a lovely tail wind. Coffee was enjoyed at Swell in Jan Juc. Then back on the bikes thru Torquay and up Horseshoe Bend thru the estates to Ghazeepore and Bunnings.  This last bit was a bit of a slog into the now Houlie but as they say - "What doesnt kill you makes you stronger".  Feeling very strong now.  Thanks all for a pleasant ride.
Chris Ha.

Ross' Ride to The Bungalow in Drysdale on Sunday 21.7.19
The ride calendar said today's ride was to be 50 km on a rail trail. That sounded very much like a ride to Drysdale without actually mentioning Drysdale, so that is where we went. Mike C, Dr Mike, Janet, Sarah, Nick, Rolf, David I and Ross duly set out along the rail trail with a definite tail wind pushing us along. No or minimal pedaling required down hill and on the flat meant we reached the Bungalow Cafe in very good time. We enjoyed the mild weather with an outside table in the sun for our refreshments. There was some discussion about a possible wind reversal if we stayed long enough but most considered returning home at a reasonable hour as a preferable course of action. The ride back along the rail trail was not quite so idyllic but other than in a few exposed locations, was not too onerous. All in all, a very pleasant outing. Thanks to all involved.

Chris Halpin Reports on the Saturday Ride to Lara - 20.7.19
"Dreadful place to start a ride from" I moaned as I struggled up Hyland Way to the Church St meeting point.  Rolf, Dr Mike, Trudi, Leo & Greg Allerton looked fresh and gave me no sympathy. Off we set up the Ted Wilson trail to the overpass down Bluestone Ridge and into the Lower Anakie Rd.  Never been this way before and very impressed. Turned into the main Anakie Rd to Staceys and a glorious down wind run to Bacchus Marsh Rd, Wyndamere and onto Xpresso Cafe in Lara.  Lots of chatter, gossip, even a few terrible jokes as we waited for the forecast northerly buster to arrive.  Unfortunately the Met Bureau seemed to have over-calculated and we had to make do with a gentle tailwind back down Hovells Ck Trail and home.  Thanks all for an enjoyable  ride in beautiful sunshine.
Cheers, Chris Ha.

Chris Hume's Ride to The General Store at Moriac on Thursday 18.7.19
Six club riders (Trudi, Ken, Ross, Sarah, Nick & Chris Ha) welcomed a visitor, Kim,  for today's cruise from Bunnings to Moriac. Dont you just love the symbolism of the JBHiFi security door rising to indicate our 9am ride start time - one can only obey.  So off we set up Waurn Ponds Dve past the lonely coffee barista in the horse float, over the Hwy and up Pettavel, Reservoir, Hendy Main and into the General Store.  Still one of the best coffee stops with a warming open fire, comfy seating and great chatter. Very hard to leave, but a fine tail wind pushing us down Hendy Main to Blackgate made up for the temperature. Here we said goodbye to Ross, and headed back along Anglesea Rd, Dickens, Ghazeepore and home. A pleasant ride in good company.  Thanks all.
Chris Hume.

Tuesday Ride to St Leonards - 16.7.19 - TWO Reports:
A cold damp morning met a small group of riders keen to get some winters riding in before the rains come again. Meeting at the show grounds our destination was for Saint Lenords the wind was what seemed to be coming from the south west making it not so hard going to our first destination Drysdale. Riding along the rail trial now sealed is a wonderful experience smooth riding all the way  was an enjoyable ride. Arriving in Drysdale we stopped for coffee at the usual place The Bungalow taking over the largest table inside sheltering from the cold and the wind as there was very little sunshine outside. It has been mostly cloudy anyhow it was decided that the ride leader duties would be delegated to Ken Gawne who would then take the die hards the rest of the way to St Lenords - thanks Ken. Rolf and I decided to head back home via the way we had come on the rail trial only this time the wind was to our front making the ride back somewhat tougher. I enjoyed the ride to Drysdale and hope that the rest of the group enjoyed their extended ride without incident thanks to all who came along I enjoyed the company to Drysdale now over to Ken?.
Those that attended were: Ken Gawne, Chris Halpin, Rolf, Sarah and Nick, Trudi, Dr Mike, David Innes ( part A ride leader).
David I.

This could be one of several reports on today's ride. It was supposed to go to St. Leonard's via Ocean Grove but, before the start from the Showgrounds, leader David announced we would ride to Drysdale via the rail trail for coffee at The Bungalow (less than 20kms). After taking refreshments, when asked where people were going from there, I replied that as the calendar said St. Leonards that was where I would be heading.
The group of 8 split with David, Rolf and Chris heading in a different direction to myself, Sarah, Trudi, Mike Taylor and Nick. We enjoyed the traverse of the Port hills pushed along by a strong tail wind.. The flat section between Portarlington and St Leonard's was done at a good speed but, on turning back towards Drysdale on Bluff Rd, it was different as we battled the now head wind. Trudi and I turned off Swan Bay Rd into Banks Rd whilst the other 3 opted for the shorter way home via the Bellarine Hwy. The 2 of us made good time to Barwon Heads where we stopped for further sustenance at the Beachhouse Cafe on Hitchcock Ave. We progressed along Barwon Heads, Lake and B H roads before going our separate ways at the intersection with Marshalltown Rd. My stats for the ride - 102.8 kms, 4h 36m, av 22.3 with 673m of climbing. Trudi and I enjoyed our ride and we hope the rest did as well. Photos taken by Mike Currie who arrived with a companion just as we were leaving The Bungalow.

Dave Simpson from Cycling Geelong leads the Combined Ride with John Miro on Sunday 14.7.19
Just 2 riders at the start today: Dave S from CG and John M from GTC. We waited an extra 15 minutes hoping that some more people would show but then headed off and did the planned ride.   We had a very nice tail wind all the way to Ocean Grove and set a fast pace!  While waiting in the queue at the Cheeky Cow for coffee we met John H, who was out walking and taking some photos.  We then had a bit of a head wind back via the Bellarine Hwy to Leopold.  A very enjoyable ride, and we managed to avoid the rain!

Saturday Ride was cancelled due to wild weather - 13.7.19
JH took the picture below as the bad weather was about to hit the coast at Ocean Grove.

Tuesday Ride to Lara - 9.7.19
Five riders rolled up today: Ron, Rolf, David I, Meri and Dr.Mike. On leaving, I suggested to the group that we take another route. All agreed, so I turned to local scout David for guidance. Off down the Ted Wilson path, this time continuing on right down to Forest Rd. Sth. and then turning into the shops to Xpresso Cafe, when seconds later local boy Ted turned up by surprise. Some interesting & important conversation ensued during the usual lovely coffee break. Farewelling Ted, we then set off onto the Hovell Trail to the Geelong Esplanade where each of us could take off locally to our homes. Special thanks to David for the navigation.
Cheers, Ron.

Ken Leads the Tuesday Ride from Meredith to Morrisons and over the Masters Race Course - 9.7.19
John Miro and Ken travelled together to Meredith where they met up with Trudi. It was a cold start but the climb up to Morrison's warmed us up. Crossing the highway at Elaine, we took the Mt. Mercer road. Then followed the Master's championship course back to Meredith. After 43 kms it was time for refreshment. Unfortunately, the Back Creek Cafe was closed because of school holidays and we had to settle for the General Store (a poor substitute).
As we were preparing to resume, rain started which delayed us by about 15 minutes. However, after that it was sunshine all the way round the Meredith, Bamgarni, Cameron and Meredith roads circuit. Over the whole of the 69km ride traffic was very light and, apart from occasional mud from trucks leaving farms, roads were in good condition. Well worth the 35 minutes of travel each way.

Ken, in the company of Greg, do the Barrabool Hills and Beyond on Sunday - 7.7.19
Only 2 dedicated randonneurs were at the start of today's 100km ride from the Grovedale Hotel. Greg and Ken made their way to Waurn Ponds Drive via Heyers, Wingarra, Sugargum, Hams and Lemins. A short stint on the Princes Hwy led to Pettavel then Reservoir. The hills of Devon warmed us up and made us feel good about the undulations of Anderson's. The downhill into Moriac was fast and furious before a more sedate pace along Cape Otway to Hortips. Considines and several kms of Barrabool brought us to the Gnawarre Nursery Cafe. Christine's delicious rhubarb cake was the unanimous choice and it did not disappoint.
Aware that rain was forecast for early afternoon we were back on the road in about 35 minutes. Buckley Rd South, Cape Otway, Layards, Larcombes, Hendy Main, Grassdale, Blackgate, Anglesea, Dickins and Ghazeepore returned us to Waurn Ponds where we went separate ways. As this was my third ride of over 100kms in a week, it was not surprising my legs did not enjoy the uphill section of Pigdons Rd. The day was mild, the breeze light and we beat the rain by more than an hour.

Chris Halpin leads the ride to The Bungalow in Drysdale on Sunday - 7.7.19
Nine keen riders at the start today at South Geelong Station.  No volunteers for assuming ride leader job, so Trudi nominated me and Dr Mike seconded and it was a done deal.  Rolf, David I, Leo, Jenny, Marie and Pam made up the participants. Off we set down the trail to Drysdale and coffee at  Bungalow. No problems to report, a slight headwind meant a lovely tail wind home.  Lots of joggers, prams, dogs and kids to wheel around but no accidents and a very pleasant ride. Thanks everyone.
Chris Ha.

Dr Mike's Saturday Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove - 6.7.19
After changing the ride from 8.30AM to 9AM I was concerned that some people might still arrive at the old time. I arrived at 08.37 and there was no one around so hopefully no one missed out. On a beautiful sunny morning an elite team of six riders gradually assembled, first Rolf , then Andrew, Ross and finally Trudi and Leo as well as yours truly. We set off down the highway to Warralily Boulevard. It was a smooth run down Warralilly and Lake Rd to Barwon Heads Rd. We turned left there and were surprised by the very large amount of traffic for a Saturday morning. We headed on to Ocean Grove via the Sheepwash Rd “shortcut”. After much pleasant conversation and coffee at the Groove, we headed back along Thirteenth Beach and Horseshoe Bend Rd. Thanks to everyone for the excellent company and a very enjoyable  ride.

Ross Leads the Thursday Ride to The Chocolaterie in Bellbrae - 4.7.19
Nine riders for today's ride from the Grovedale Hotel to the Bellbrae Chocolaterie. I arrived thinking that it was a nice mild winter's morning but the main topic of conversation prior to the start seemed to be the need (or not) for leg warmers and whether tights were superior to leg warmers. Seven sets of covered legs and two sets of bare legs set out via Baanip Blvd and Ghazepore Road to Anglesea Road. All pleasant riding with blue skies, no breeze and very low traffic levels (school holidays?). Some effort involved in getting up to the roundabout from Bellbrae then back to easy riding to the Chocolaterie.
Definitely school holidays here with people everywhere. Despite this we had our drinks (and snacks) fairly quickly and then settled in for some extended conversation. David I. took the lead to get us out of the car park with some cross country riding and wrong-way down a one-way road involved. Then it was back to business but with a slight headwind this time. Still made good time straight down the GOR, through Torquay and on to Horseshoe Bend Road. The ride leader abandoned the group at Blackgate Road. Hopefully all made it home safely.
Thank you to Trudi, Mike C, David I, Rolf, Ron, Meri, Sarah and Nick for your company.
Cheers, Ross.

p.s. Given that the ride was advertised as being 50k's, we probably should have headed to the Ballarat Road Chocolatier as there was some mumbles of discontent over the ride distance blowing out to nearly 60 k's. Apologies to anyone whose legs failed them before reaching the end.
p.p.s Happy World Chocolate Day for Sunday.

Sarah leads the ride to Pt Lonsdale on Tuesday 2.7.19
This Tuesday saw a good turnout of seven riders: Nick, Sarah, Trudi, Dr Mike, John M, Ron and Ken ready for a rerun of last Tuesday’s ride. We elected Sarah to be this week’s ride leader ably assisted by her 2IC, domestique Nick. Sarah set a solid pace toward the Lake Rd and onto Barwon Heads / Ocean Grove where Ken led us through the ritzy waterside route along the dunes toward Collendina to avoid the traffic. Approaching Point Lonsdale, after a brief stop to fix her flat tyre, Trudi led us to coffee from the Lighthouse end of town. The surf was up on the bay beach with the foreshore awash from the strong waves.
After the usual deserved cake and coffee we all headed back along the Swan Bay Rd in a pace line set against a reasonably strong head wind. At the Bellarine Hwy the group split apart as Nick, Sarah and John needed to get back home more quickly. It was a very enjoyable ride but hard and tiring work into the wind. Thanks to everyone!

Ken & Greg ride 100km to the West of Geelong on Sunday 30.6.19
On a cool but sunny morn I was surprised to find  only Ken and official club photographer John Hagan waiting at the start. Ken and I set off on an amended route given the already moderate north-west wind. I enjoyed pedalling along some less familiar roads and onto the steep Pipeline Track through Highton, which soon warmed us up. Heading into the wind along Waurn Ponds Drive there were quiet a few oncoming racing cyclists appreciating their great tail wind. We progressed more slowly along Reservoir Rd and then down Hendy Main Rd through Moriac.
Some Veteran racing  cyclists were ahead of us as we turned into Larcombes Rd. I stopped briefly to chat with an old racing colleague marshalling at the corner of Forest Rd, where we also turned. The strengthening wind was a bit more side on now and there was  a bit more tree shelter. At the Ocean Rd we turned left and managed to pass The Chocolaterie without stopping.There was a testing out and back diversion to Point Addis with big hills but sensational views. We were soon approaching Jan Juc where the Swell Cafe was a welcome stop at 11.45 am after 65 km. I though the hills might be all done but Ken headed along undulating Duffields Rd before we reached Anglesea Rd. Ken had a rear puncture but that was quickly fixed. We at last enjoyed a tail wind  along Dickens Rd before turning left into Ghazeepore Rd where it became a 45 kph  side wind. I turned off into Baanip Blvd and got home by 2-40 pm after 100 km, average 20.3 kph. Thanks to Ken for an enjoyable ride.

David I, Rolf and Dr Mike ride to Lara on Sunday 30.6.19
Cold and very windy would describe Sunday's ride with only three of us turning up: myself, Dr Mike and Rolf. Starting from Rippleside carpark we headed off to Lara along the usaul route along the Hovell Trail but this time we had to contend not only with the elements but lots of runners from the GCCC. The strong wind making the going tough we reached the end of the trail passing under the bridge with water up to our derailleurs! We decided to head into the centre of Lara in the shopping area having coffee there instead of Millars. Having had our coffees we headed back the way we came. The runners had finished their race and we enjoyed our ride back with the aid of the wind instead of a head wind. Thanks Rolf and Dr Mike for the cold but enjoyable ride.
David I.

Chris Hume & John Miro Ride to Moriac on Saturday 29.6.19
Arrived at the Grovedale Pub car park about 8:20 no one around so did many laps of the carpark to keep warm and see if anyone would turn up on this slightly wet and windy day. At 8:30 still no takers so did a few more laps and 8:35 headed off to Moriac anyway!! When I arrived at Ghazeepore Rd I was joined by John who had been running late, seen my lights in the distance and followed me. John was on his mountain bike so decided to head right at Whites Rd, a short section of smooth gravel, then onto Reservoir Rd. Then it was Cape Otway Rd with a nice tailwind but some very big puddles, both of us ending up with very wet feet, to a nice warm fire and drinks at the Moriac General Store. Coming back we used a bit more gravel, Ervins Rd, which was a bit soft and into a headwind. From here it was straight forward trip home. John and I split up to head home at the Mt Pleasant Rd - Barrrabool Rd intersection. John and I both enjoyed the ride. Where were the rest of you??
Chris Hu.

Ted Leads the GTC on a Circuit of Geelong on Thursday 27.6.19
Six riders turned out at Rippleside this morning in crisp but clear skies. I decided we would do the Geelong Circuit clockwise and include the Cementies Climb at the end. Grimaces on a few faces (especially Meri) made me reconsider but she assured me she was up to it even though she had been off the bike for four months. My suggestion that we ride through the “Green Spine” on Malop Street was also greeted with some initial displeasure but again the ride leader prevailed so off we went. The peloton of Rolf, Ron, Chris Hu, Meri, Dr Mike and I set off along Western Beach at a steady pace once Meri’s technical problems were resolved. The traffic on Moorabool and Malop wasn’t too bad and the green spine was quiet. Through Eastern Park and on to Boundary Road and Fellmongers to the Barwon River Trail and coffee at Barwon Edge Boathouse. At this stage we revisited the Cementies suggestion and Chris decided once a day is enough so he left us at Fyansford. Rolf then suggested we try a different route through the new housing estate which he explained was just as big a rise but broken down into three kicks. Here the Orbea e-bike started to justify itself and I met the rest at the top of the hill. The consensus seemed to be that this hill was just as hard as Cementies with a maximum gradient of 16.4% even though there were a couple of “rest” sections. A very pleasant ride on a perfect winter’s day. Thanks for coming.

Nick Tarnay Leads the Ride to Pt Lonsdale on Tuesday 25.6.19
What a difference good weather makes. After a cold but sunny start from the Grovedale Hotel we soon began to warm up as we rode via Warralilly, Lakes Rd toward the beach and onto Barwon Heads. Along the way the fanatastic seven caught up with John Miro. Chris Hu then took us a quiet alternative route to get onto Shell Rd toward Point Lonsdale where we then sat outside at Plated enjoying coffee in warm sunny conditions. Just lovely. To our surprise Ken turned up.
The return journey saw a variety of paths taken, Jackie and David rode directly back the way we came in, Ken took Trudy and Julia up to Queenscliff and then back through BH, Chris took the gravel  rail trail and Tarnays accompanied by John took the Swan Bay Rd option. What a delightful day’s riding! (No punctures and no dirty bike for a change!).

Sunday Ride to The Bungalow in Drysdale - 23.6.19
There was no unanimous agreement about who would be the ride leader as the 5 riders, Rolf, Elizabeth, Chris Hu, John M, and Dr Mike, headed out from Sth Geelong Station. Elizabeth needed a slower pace and asked the others not to wait for her - unfortunately they did not see her again. The sun was out as they left but after Leopold they rode into the mist which did not lift at Drysdale until nearly midday. At coffee they were joined by John H who had been taking photos of the ride. The return trip was back via the Bellarine Rail Trail as had been the outward journey.
John H.

Trudi's Ride to Swan Bay, Portarlington & Drysdale on Saturday 22.6.19
On the shortest day of the year, just happened to be one of the coldest wettest days of winter that I've ridden in this year. Seven riders today: Sue, Richard, Ross, Chris, Greg, Leo and myself. Our destination today was Daniel's Donuts in Portarlington. Our route taken today was rail trail till Queenscliffe highway, Swan Bay Rd, Portarlington highway. Having ridden in sunshine followed by drizzly rain we were looking forward to sitting inside to enjoy our coffee and donuts. Ross and myself resisted the temptation of consuming any sweet treats, but I did purchase myself one to take home. Our return route was up over the humps back through Drysdale, rejoining the rail trail on Jetty Rd. Thanks everyone who braved the cold wet weather and decided to go out for a ride. "Life is better on your bike".

Chris Hume leads the ride to Millars at Lara on 20.6.19
Four riders assembled at Church St all rugged up for the cold conditions: Ken, Nick, Ted and Chris Hu. On heading off along Ted Wilson Trail we meetup with Trudi, a peloton of five now. We continued on through Lovely Banks on the way to Millars in Lara where the sticky date muffin was popular. After coffee we headed to Ted’s place as Nick wanted to give Ted’s Giant Defy a quick check out before purchasing it. We then left Ted, he had already ridden from Lara to the start, and headed to the Hovells Creek via a new route which involved a little bit of gravel!! From here into Geelong splitting up at Rippleside and heading home. I Managed to get home before the rain.
All in all an  enjoyable ride.
Chris Hume.

Peter Jones & Chris Hume Ride to Moriac via Dog Rocks & the Barrabool Hills on Tuesday 18.6.19
As I headed for the start of today's ride at Church St in a light shower I thought there was little chance our glorious Leader Trudi would be there, and maybe no one else except for Chris Hu, and I was right, no Trudi and shortly after I got there Chris rolled up on his gravel bike ready to go find some gravel roads.
At 9-00 am we headed off to Moriac via Dog Rocks. The showers had disappeared, a bit of a cool wind but nothing us tough riders couldn’t handle. Took Merrawarp Rd up to Barrabool Rd, in the second dip took a nice gravel road out past the Horse indoor Training Arena then back on Barrabool Rd towards Hendy Main Rd. Trudi turned up in her car and followed us into Moriac, taking a few photos on the way. Enjoyed a coffee and the biggest Brownie I have seen for a while, had to get a doggie bag
The weather was overcast, a bit of Sun now and then with a fresh West South Westerly so a nice tailwind home, sought out a few gravel roads ending up on Waurn Ponds Drive for an easy roll home. A most enjoyable morning on the bike.
Cheers, Peter.

Greg Allerton's 100km+ Ride to Inverleigh & Winchelsea on Sunday 16.6.19
It proved to be a perfect winter day for a long ride. John Carleton came specially just to take the start photo before Chris Hume and I rode off at 8-06 am. It was a chilly descent down the Deviation and out through Fyansford on the quiet Hamilton Highway. There were a few brief spits of drizzle but it was basically fine as we made good time out to Inverleigh. After a brief stop we then meandered along some quiet backroads passed the Cemetery,left at Mahers rd over the railway, then right at Morgans Rd and right at Barwon Park Rd which took us back to Hamilton Highway where we turned left. After 2 km we turned left into  Flemings Rd which led us past an abandoned two storey bluestone cottage close to the road, in the middle of nowhere. Soon after we took a short out and back detour along McIntyre Rd to check on an un-named lake which was a bit smaller than other times I have seen it. There were a few cars as we pushed on south after rejoining Barwon Park Rd. We eventually reached Winchelsea for a well deserved coffee stop after about  60 km.
The trip back was more direct via Atkins Rd,then South Buckley Rd and left into Cape Otway Rd. After a few km we veered right passed Brown's Swamp and into Larcombes Rd. Hendy Main Rd took us through Moriac and up towards Mt Moriac before turning right into Reservoir Rd for a quiet run and left into Pettavel Rd. After a short section along Princes Hwy we cruised into Waurn Ponds Drive and along to Pigdons Dve where Chris went left and I crossed over onto Waurn Ponds Creek bikepath and over Breakwater  arriving home by around 1-30 pm. I rode 111 km, average 23.1  I enjoyed the ride and would like to thank Chris for his company and John Carleton for the start photo.
Greg Allerton.

Ross Glover's Ride to Drysdale on Sunday 16.6.19
Six riders for today's bike trail ride. The ride leader suggested an interesting route incorporating the Pipeline Track and a nice ride up Hyland Street but we actually set out for Drysdale via the rail trail. Rolf, Peter J, Janet, Elizabeth, new prospect Ian and Ross set off from South Geelong Station, meeting Trudi just after the first highway crossing. No much to report on the ride out to Drysdale. All very pleasant, though as the only person in shorts, the ride leader was finding the weather slightly cool. Refreshments were taken at The Bungalow Cafe with half the group choosing a nice warm inside table. Afterwards, the group again divided this time for the trip home with a few choosing a longer route via Princess Street, rather than back down the rail trail. Thanks to all for their company.
Cheers, Ross.

Peter Jones' Ride to Little River, The You Yangs & Lara on Saturday 15.6.19
Seven hardy riders this morning , including Sue and her new Pilot Richard, joining me were Trudi and Leo, Laurie and Rolf. Took the Hovell Trail out to the outskirts of Lara and then along the Old Melbourne Rd. Through Little River and back skirting the You Yangs to Xpresso for a well earned coffee, there was a bit of grumbling about over 50 ks before coffee, Rule 5 applies! Home was via The Ted Wilson Trail everyone turning off as we went along, quite a nice morning on the bike if a little brisk early on.
Cheers, Peter.

Dr Mike's Ride to Torquay on Thursday 13.6.19
Ron and I were surprised by a light sprinkle of rain and a very large rainbow as we cycled towards Grovedale. Fortunately the rain soon cleared and we were treated to an excellent riding day. Eleven   intrepid riders turned up at Grovedale pub.  Mike, Mike C,  Ron, Rolf, Chris Hu., Nick. Sarah, Wee Dave, Jackie, Ted Peter and Ross. We all had an excellent run out to Torquay, not realising I suspect that we had a tail wind. Jackie excelled leading out on Grossman’s Rd although Rolf (as usual ) won the sprint. There was coffee and cakes and great conversation at Mejavos.  The ride leader almost managed to find yet another way of breaking a bone when he stupidly climbed on the outdoor table for a photo. This foolish feat should not be attempted again as one of the beams on the table top has  large crack in it. We came back along Horseshoe Bend Rd into something of a headwind. Ted excelled up the hills on his new steed. Thanks to everyone for the excellent company and very enjoyable ride.

CLUB DINNER - Held at Cucina One 12 Restaurant in High St Belmont on Wednesday 12.6.19
Ange & Paul, Carol & Ron, Jo & Ted, Marion & Peter, Sarah & Nick, Trudi & Leo, Janet, Sue, Andrew, John, Ken, Mark, and Mike Currie made up the 19 who attended last night's dinner.  From the feedback I received, everybody had a most enjoyable evening. There would seem to be good reasons to consider holding a dinner twice a year, perhaps March and September or even close to Christmas. It would be improved if we could guarantee a number in excess of 30 so we coule have exclusive use of the Sandstone restaurant on a midweek night. I would gladly receive any comments that members might have both in relation to last night and possible future dinners.
Many thanks to all that attended.

Peter Jones' Ride from Rippleside to Melbourne on Tuesday 11.6.19
Seven keen riders on a cool and crisp morning, Sarah, Trudi, Ron, Nick, John M, Ken and myself. Overcame the first problem when Ken turned up wearing a lovely warm beanie, but no helmet. Luckily Rolf only lives a few minutes away so a quick phone call and Ken had spare helmet, problem solved.
Headed out to Lara via the Hovell Creek Trail, then via Little River, Edgars Rd, Bulban Rd into Werribee for a well earned coffee and cake. From Werribee we made our way to the Federation Trail for about 5 klm then cut across via Palmers Rd to Skeleton Creek Trail to the Bay Trail and via Altona, Williamstown to Docklands for an even more well earned coffee and bite of lunch.
As the day wore on the Northerly freshened which made pretty hard work of it but we persevered and after our refreshment break we got to Southern Cross just in time to catch the 2-30 pm Sth Geelong train. We were thinking of Ken who turned back at Altona, at least he should have had a nice tail wind home. A cracker of a day on the bike in excellent company.
Cheers, Peter.

David Innes' Combined Ride with Cycling Geelong to Millars in Lara on Sunday 9.6.19
It was a peloton size group that showed up for a as good as it gets winters day with bursts of sunshine though rather windy. Starting from the train station combined ride with Geelong Cycling we decided a different direction was needed instead of the slightly over done Drysdale Bungalow coffee ride. Ross guided us through the city down an ally - a safer route to get onto Aberdeen street - heading for the Ted Wilson Trail, Church Street entrance from there it was the usual Lovely Banks route so often taken with lovely views at the top of a short sharp climb of 13% the rest of the way was into a head wind. This made it tough going at times but the final stretch along Elcho Road was easier with the wind coming from a north easterly direction. We soon arrived at the welcome sight of Millars coffee. The route home was along the Hovell Trail with the wind behind us we enjoyed a much easier ride home. Thanks to all who attended. I’m sure everyone enjoyed the ride. A special welcome to Ian Busch a new rider to our group. In attendance were: Ross, Chris Hume, Rolf, John Miro, Janet, Marg Smith, Dr Mike Taylor, Dave Simpson, Wendy Timms and Ian Busch (new).
David I.

Trudi's Saturday Ride to Curlewis, Wallington & Barwon Heads - 8.6.19
With a cold frosty Saturday morning start, eight riders: Rolf, Mark, Ross, Jennie, Paul and Ange, Leo and myself set off for the Portarlington Rd, Coppards Rd, Balleranie Rail Trail, Curlewis Rd, Wallington Rd. My Cafe of choice today was at The Paddock. Deciding to take full advantage of the table outside that was bathed in glorious warm sunshine.  With all of our refreshments gone and the chatter slowly fading away, it was time to get back on our bikes. Our route home was Barwon Heads, Thirteenth Beach, Lake Rd, Barwon Heads Rd. Thanks everyone for joining me today on what turned out to be a magnificent winters day for a ride. Sorry to John Miro, who was only a tiny bit late this morning and missed us. "Life is better a your bike."

Ron's Ride to The Bungalow in Drysdale on Thursday 6.6.19
Ten riders, comprising Ron, Ken, Peter J, Chris Hu, Rolf, Mike T, Ted, Laurie, Nick and Sarah. Headed off from the Show Grounds via the rail trail, crossing the highway onto the new smooth and fast 4klms sealed strip and up to our regular coffee shop at The Bungalow. The usual swift service and nice hot beverages were enjoyed b the chatty group, sheltered from the drizzle outside.
On leaving we split up into groups of 5, some returning via Princes Street site so that Ted could try ou his new E-Bike on the hilly sections. Ken left them and returned via Banks and Grubb Roads to Barwon Heads. The rest of us headed back to the rail trail. Nick punctured on the trail being the only one for the day. A pleasant ride was had in good company.
Cheers, Ron.

Ken's Ride through the Barrabool Hills to Moriac on Tuesday 4.6.19
With a 40% chance of rain up to 1300 and winds up to 35 kph, it was understandable that many members would not be inclined to get out on the bike. However, Julia, PJ, Chris Hume and John Miro turned up to keep me company and we made our way to Moriac via Merrawarp, Devon, Reservoir and Hendy Main. Such was the strength of the southerly a change of route was proposed during our refreshment break at Moriac. The thought of 18 kms into the wind heading south along Hendy Main and Forest to Anglesea was not appealing so opted instead to return to Highton via Hortips, Considines and Barrabool. We rode through rain shortly after leaving Moriac but the roads were dry once past Pollocksford. I followed close behind Peter for a while uphill to listen for the sound of the power assist - I could not hear anything unusual. It was a good ride but I think all were glad when it was over.

Ken's 100km Ride to the South West of Geelong on Sunday 2.6.19
The 100 km option surged in popularity this week when twice the number of riders of a fortnight ago set out from South Geelong. On the road along the river, close to the pedestrian bridge, Laurie Atkins came from the opposite direction. He turned around and joined us as far as Ceres. Greg and I followed Merrawarp, Hamilton Hwy and Pollocksford back to Barrabool Rd. We stopped for refreshments after 34 kms at the "Cafe With A View" where Christines fresh-out-of-oven rhubarb cake was again delicious. Greg headed home along Grays Rd whilst I continued to the end of Forest. From Bellbrae on,  I was conscious of rain in the west. 10 minutes after arriving home it set in for much of the afternoon. Given the forecast, luck was on our side. I rode with  cleats for the first time in 3 months which made climbing significantly easier. A very satisfying 5 hours pedalling.

Lyn's Ride to The Bungalow in Drysdale on Sunday 2.6.19
We had 13 riders front up for today’s coolish ride down to Drysdale and return. We followed the  usual trail down to The Bungalow for coffees/cakes and chatter. On the home run some went back down the trail, and the rest took Princes Rd, Swan Bay Rd and home. Thanks to the following for a good ride: Trudi , Leo, PJ , Ross, Chris Hu, David, Rolf, Mike, Pam, Butch, Marge, Andrew and Lyn.
Cheers, Lyn.

NEWS - 23.5.19 - news also that Lyn Kerr's husband Keith John Kerr passed away recently. Our sympathies to Lyn and family. Lyn is a great supporter of the club and was a very keen rider in the early days of the GTC.
20.5.19: news that Cycling Geelong member Max Wilkinson passed away yesterday (19.5.19) after a battle with cancer. Many GTC riders will remember Max as a thorough gentleman from the combined rides a number of years ago. He will be sadly missed. John H.

Peter Jones' Saturday Ride to Bannockburn - 1.6.19
Just six for my Saturday ride out to Bannockburn: Sarah, Trudi, Leo, Rolf, Nick and myself. Took the Ted Wilson Trail to Ballarat Rd, followed the path to Ballan Rd and out to Steiglitz Rd. This is a lovely road, meandering through the countryside over some rolling hills, all looking good as the bit of rain we’ve had starts to green the paddocks up even though we are officially now in Winter. Took Parker Rd down through the Moorabool valley, lovely. Then payback, the long climb up to the Midland Hwy, then on into Bannockburn for a well earned coffee at Le due Sorelle. After coffee and chat took Burnside Rd back to the Hamilton Hwy for an easy ride back into Fyansford where the bunch split and headed for home. A most enjoyable ride in good company.
Cheers, Peter.

Sarah Reports on the Ride to Torquay on Thursday 30.5.19
Five riders braved the elements to start from Grovedale Hotel, namely Peter Jones, Ken, Chris Hu, Sarah and Nick. Thank goodness Trudi and her spare tube also caught us up at Warralily. Amazingly, in spite of the chilly and damp weather, we worked up a light sweat before coffee and cake at Mejavo's. Thus fortified, we pressed on for what we thought would be a fairly quick trip home. This was not to be however as Sarah got two punctures, both front and back, and her bike mechanic husband was frustrated in his attempts to use his brand new CO2 cylinder inflater, plus one valve failed, hence the need for a third tube. Nick ate humble pie at Hendry's and now can use the device. All's well that ends well though so all in all a good day out.

Ross' Ride around the Barwon & Waurn Ponds Creek on a very windy Tuesday - 28.5.19
Just 5 intrepid riders for today's ride. It was scheduled as a 70 km ride through the Barrabool Hills but given the  forecast, a unanimous decision was made to set our sights slightly lower and less wind-swept. Julie, Peter J, Chris Hu, John M and Ross set out for a leisurely tour around the river path with a detour via the Waurn Ponds Creek path and Pipline track to Two Sugars in Highton for a even more leisurely refreshment break. Drink, food and conversation over, each rider set off for home in a different direction.
Thanks to all for a very pleasant outing. Cheers, Ross.

David Innes' Ride to Lara on Sunday 26.5.19
A sunny day no rain in sight but very windy day met half a dozen hardy souls for a short ride to Lara. Starting from Rippleside Park taking the usual route but this time with a twist riding past Geelong Grammar School we joining an old disused road taking us past the old rubbish dump then back into the Hovell Trail. We arrived in Lara battling a strong head wind which seemed to be determined to stay in our face all the way around the circuit. Anyhow Millars was a welcome respite from the wind as we sat in a sheltered spot outside in the sun enjoying our coffees. Heading home we decided to take the Bacchus Marsh Road then onto the Ted Wilson Trail with a liffle relief from the wind. Once we were headed home it seemed then like we all had e-bikes as the wind finally assisted us.
A good enjoyable ride with no problems. With thanks to the following: Peter Jones, Chris, Dr Mike, Rolf, John Miro, and David Innes (ride leader).

Trudi's Ride to Anakie on Saturday 25.5.19
Five riders this morning for my ride to Anakie: Jennie, Peter, Mark, Greg and Trudi. Ride route taken was Ted Wilson path, Anakie Rd, Ballan Rd. As usual it was a slow pace out to Anakie due to strong headwind all the way. Coffee wasn't at the usual stop though, The Old Workshop Cafe was our cafe of choice. And what a lovely spot to stop, highly recommend this Cafe next time you're out that way. "Only open from Thursday till Sunday"  all home made cakes, sponges, slices, pies and pickling produce from their garden. With coffee and tea consumed it was time for our lovely run home or should I say a lovely wind assisted ride back along Ballan Rd. Just a side note, I counted only four trucks that passed us, and all trucks took the option of going wide giving us plenty of space. Thanks to those who rode today, as for everyone else you missed a great ride and an even better coffee stop.
"Life is better on a bike", Trudi.

Chris Halpin's Circuit to Barwon Heads & Ocean Grove on Thursday 23.5.19
Another magical Autumn day and 15 GTC members waiting eagerly at the Grovedale Hotel for yours truly. All agreed it was time to revisit Groove - so off we set along Torquay Rd, Warralilly, Lakes, then to 13th Beach which looked a picture at low tide. Interesting that most of the gang rode in formation today, 2 x 2 chatting in the lovely sunshine. A bit of a spurt into Barwon Heads - not sure who won as I was too busy photographing the surf. Coffee at Groove was the usual high standard as was the conversation. A brief pause to film a video to acknowledge Ted's Wedding Anniversary (congratulations to you both). Back along the beach again because it was so lovely, up to Horseshoe Bend and home thru the rapidly growing suburbia. Thanks to Paul & Ange, Ken, PJ, Trudi, Ron, Dr Mike, Sue & Tom, Rolf, Mark K, David, Chris Hi and yours truly Chris Ha.

The Magnificent 7 - David Innes' Ride to Little River and Werribee on Tuesday 21.5.19
The magnificent 7 turned up on a fine morning ready to ride to Werribee with relatively light to moderate winds we headed off from rippleside park along the foreshore bike path through to north shore onto the hovel trail to Lara. First stop was for a coffee in Lara where somehow Peter jones and my coffees got mixed! up I having to endure a soy! milk coffee whilst Peter my skinny milk in his. With our coffees finished we saddled up again heading for a long stint to Werribee taking in the sights of Lara as I finally got my bearings to get us to  flinders Rd where apon reaching the end of it Rolf had to leave us to go back home the rest of the trip to Werribee we alternated direction into a head wind wth some favourable winds pushing us towards Werribee. Arriving in Werribee I discovered I had a flat tyre so changed that quickly while the rest of the group ordered their lunch and beverages, after lunch the trip home was pretty good with the wind mostly behind us and easier than it was going to Werribee. Thanks to the magnificent 7 we had a great ride uneventful which is the way I like it no! Accidents!!
Attending were: Peter Jones, Rolf, Trudi, Chris, Ron, John Miro and your ride leader
David Innes.

Roads less travelled - GTC long ride Sunday 19 May 2019
It was a cool start but a great autumn day for riding in near calm conditions. The route down the Deviation and out the upgraded Hamilton Highway to Inverleigh was enjoyable with very few trucks. The ride leader then modified the intended course to visit some quiet backroads to the west of the town doing an out and back section. A seemingly abandoned car near the Warrambine creek bridge with all 4 doors open and no one in sight  was a puzzle. Further on was an isolated impressive but derelict two storey bluestone cottage located close to the road. There were only eleven cars in over thirty km in this section. The earlier puzzle at the bridge was solved when I stopped and chatted with an engineer who had been earlier under the fifty year old structure checking its safety when I crossed overhead. Back to Inverleigh it was then an uneventful trip home along the busier Hamilton Highway, to complete 104 km average 22.4 I enjoyed the ride and thanks to JC for coming to the start. Sorry but I declined the solo photo.
Greg Allerton.

Lyn Gregg's Sunday Ride to The Bungalow in Drysdale - 19.5.19
A great turn out on a very crisp morning. There were 18 of as we headed off to The Bungalow in Drysdale. We went on the new part of the rail trail which is great. We met Geoff B on the trail and Heather at Melaluka Rd. We enjoyed coffee, tea and some cakes and lots of chatter. Apologies I lost 75% of the group on the way back. Hope everyone arrived home safe.
Thank you to PJ and Marion, Pam, Ron, Trudi, Leo, Marie, Geoff, Heather, Geoff, Ross, Chris H, David, Rolf, Butch, Jennie, Mick and Lyn.
Turned to a lovely sunny day.
Cheers, Lyn. .

Check out the "Unofficial" Ride to Drysdale on Saturday 18.5.19 - This was a big group - Photos by JC. - CLICK HERE TO ACCESS.

Chris Halpin Reports on the Saturday Ride to Moriac - 18.5.19
No ride leader at Bunnings this morning, Mike obviously overwhelmed by his Polling Booth duties. Nothing lost as the 8 waiting riders (PJ, Paul & Ange, John M, Andrew, Trudi & Leo) did their own quick poll and elected the deaf bloke to fill in. Off we set in the freezing sunshine up Ghazepore to the Anglesea Rd, up Blackgate and on to the Moriac Store.  Coffee, gossip and cakes in front of the open fire was just fabulous. Very hard to leave. Home via Hendy Main where the group split - 4 down Reservoir Rd and on to Waurn Ponds Dve, Trudi, Paul Ange and John soldiered home over the Barabool hills.
Lovely riding in perfect winter sunshine. Thanks everyone. Chris Ha.

Trudi's Ride to Lara on Thursday 18.5.19
With a very cool start for today's ride to Lara, eleven cool cyclists turned up. Ken and Lyn, Chris Ha and Chris Hu, Peter, Rolf, Ron, Sarah and Nick, Jennie and Trudi. Our ride route today was Ted Wilson Path, Creamery Rd, Ballan Rd, Stacey's Rd, Bacchus Marsh Rd and Windermere.. Coffee was at Cafe Blu, the choice to sit inside out of the cool air was a good decision. With coffee, cake, bananas and muesli bars all consumed it was time to head for Hovells Creek Path and home. Quite a quick run home with everyone heading in different directions at Rippleside. Thanks everyone for a very enjoyable ride today....
"Life is better on a bike", Trudi.

Ken's Ride to The Barrabool Hills, Moriac and Freshwater Creek on Tuesday 14.5.19
10 riders who did not wish to venture into the wilds of the Otways, assembled at the Grovedale Hotel carpark. Ange & Paul, Sarah & Nick, Lyn & Ken, Chris Halpin, Dave, John Miro and Ron. Half way along Hams Rd we were alerted to the absence of Ange and Paul. Several attempts to message them failed so reluctantly we continued on via Lemins and WP Drive. Contact via text messages eventually resulted in the missing ones being welcomed back by John and Ken at the top of the Drive. The four then set out after the group ahead. Riding at a pace with which Ange was comfortable, we proceeded to Reservoir Rd via Pettavel before turning north up Cape Otway Rd. Dave passed us heading in the opposite direction and was not seen again. Because there had been no sighting of the group, I assumed they had continued along Reservoir to Hendy Main instead of tackling the hills of Devon and the strong headwind of Barrabool.
Eventually we all came together at the Moriac store and enjoyed refreshments. The wind was our ally as we sped down Hendy Main and Blackgate to the Anglesea Rd before being buffetted by crosswinds on our way to Dickins. Ghazeepore saw the departure of R, S, N & C. The 5 left in the group then headed to Highton via Pigdons, the pipeline and Wandana. Most would have clocked up 60+ kms with A, P and R significantly more. here were no photos by request!

Peter Jones Leads the Ride from Winchelsea to Birregurra & Deans Marsh on Tuesday 14.5.19
Five riders including myself on todays ride from Winchelsea, Trudi, Julie, Chris Hu, Rolf and myself. A cool morning with a cool breeze as we pedalled over to Birregurra for a coffee, very enjoyable. Then it was off to Deans Marsh, very quiet and peaceful, rolling hills, fairly green, lots of cows and beef cattle grazing on the countryside. We got harassed by an old lady walking her dog, “Not all you have lights on, why don’t you obey the rules” she shouted at us, some people have some strange ideas of the law.
Enjoyed lunch at Deans Marsh General Store, Morokan Lamb  Pies were popular, of course Trudi went for the Vegan Pie. Met up with a local rider who knew Greg, “just tell him Nick the Fireman says hello”, he said. From Deans Marsh it is undulating and up to Bambra then a long downhill, firstly through the Otway Forrest Park, then through open farmlands back to Winch. Lovely day out on the bike in excellent company.
Cheers, Peter J.

Ross Glover Leads Cycling Geelong & GTC on a Circuit of Geelong on Sunday 12.5.19
Had an excellent turnout for today's combined easy Geelong loop. Present at the Rippleside start were Kevin, Helen, Dave, Margy, Coralie from Cycling Geelong, Rolf, David I, Dr Mike, Chris Hu, and Ross from GTC plus a late arriving John M representing both clubs.
There was very little other traffic on the path so it was a nice easy ride along the waterfront towards Corio, then some interaction with traffic along St Georges Road as we made the transit to the Ted Wilson Trail. The green light duration across the Princes Highway seems to get shorter each time I ride the road. Even the front riders can barely make it across before the change to amber. Normal service was resumed on the Ted Wilson with very few other users. After some debate about riding via the new road/housing development at Church Street, we continued via the "traditional" route down Hyland Street and the river path to Barwon Edge. Concerns about Mother's Day crowds weren't realised with a choice of (outside) tables. Refreshments and conversation continued until a light shower provided the impetus to continue on. The first early finishers left here with the group gradually diminishing until just 5 finishers (4 CG, 1 GTC) arrived at the finish point.
Thanks to all participants for a very pleasant outing. Regards, Ross.

Peter J and Monica Ride to Lara on Saturday 11.5.19
Dismal looking morning early, obviously put everyone off, I was there on my lonesome, just as well I had a potential new member there to keep me company. Come 8-30 am no one else had fronted so Monica and I rolled on out to Millar’s for a pleasant coffee and chat before heading for home via the Hovell Creek Trail. Going out we took the Ted Wilson Trail. The Floodway was closed at Lara but there was only a little bit of water under the Freeway and not much head wind, and of course not a drop of rain. Very enjoyable morning, just a pity there were no members to introduce to Monica.
Cheers Peter.

Chris Halpin's MTB (with Road Alternative) Ride from Torquay to Anglesea - Thursday 9.5.19
Ten intrepid riders started in Torquay this morning. Trudi, Paul and Ange rode  down on their road bikes. PJ, John M, Nick & Sarah, Mark K and myself sported various Gravel bikes. Then who should rock up with 2 minutes to go but Ross Glover on his bespoke Surly.  An amazing effort having only arrived home from his 1000km WA trip at midnight. The weather report was pretty dire but as the great man said - "No such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing". Yeah! So off we rode, 3 road bikers on the bitumen, 7 gravellers on the clifftop trail. This is a fabulous ride.  Skirting Torquay's beautiful beaches, Jan Juc, then to Bells for a breather.  A short loop around Bells on the bitumen, then rejoined the trail thru the Ironbarks to Point Addis and down to the river mouth at Anglesea. Coffee was popular and the chatter noisy. Unfortunately the road bikers were too quick and headed off.  The return leg took us up the hill beside the Hwy, then along the ridge to Point Addis and back the way we had come. No rain, lots of fun and thanks for the company.
Chris Ha.

David Innes' Ride to Anakie and Lara on Tuesday 7.5.19
It was a sunny but very cold morning and my Garmin read below 5c! Our ride was from Church Street/Ted Wilson Trail heading out to Anakie via the Anakie Ballan Highway. A seedy bunch of riders turned up once again to tackle the advertised 80 km ride that ended up been over 90 km but that’s okay. So off we went starting well we were soon battling a strong head wind making it difficult to keep the bunch together as a few struggled along but we made it to Anakie for a very well earned coffee. The usual chatting and laughter as we enjoyed our coffee outside in the courtyard for perhaps the last of the sunshine for a while as winter is definitely here. A good rest and we saddled up and headed up the road past Fairy Park to Staughton Vale Road for the nice down hill run. It wasn’t until Balliang Road that the wind finally favoured us pushing us along at a nice pace to the Baccus Marsh Highway We decided to head straight along the highway to take advantage of the wind direction soon realising if it was the right decision because of the major road works going on there. Anyhow we navigated safely along the highway turning into Windermere road to Lara.
John Miro and myself left the rest as they stopped for lunch taking the Hovell Trail home. Thank you to all who rode today for a sometimes challenging ride but enjoyable one. In attendance were: Peter Jones, Rolf, John Miro, Ron, Trudi and ride leader
David Innes.

Ken's 100km Ride to the East of Geelong on Sunday 5.5.19
10 men and 2 women assembled at SG Stn for the two Sunday rides. Those opting for the mystery ride of around 50k were a seedy looking group so the ladies decided to throw in their lot with the endurance squad. Ange, Lyn, Greg, Ken, Paul and Mark S set out on what was more of a mystery than the rather predictable rail trail to Drysdale embraced by the other group.
Travelling on the Bellarine Hwy and then turning up Curlewis Rd, we came to the RT crossing lights on the Portarlington Rd just behind them. We continued along the following roads - Grubb, Swan Bay, Banks (both left and right) Shell and Grubb- in making our way to Van Loon's Nursery Cafe for a refreshment break. Ange and Lyn had recovered well from their hard ride to Lorne the previous Tuesday and all (apart fom Mark who left us early) comfortably achieved the 100. 

The Mystery Ride Goes to The Bungalow at Drysdale on Sunday 5.5.19
A big turn out for two rides today meeting at the south Geelong station today one the 100 km and the other half the distance for the retired racers lol.
For the 50 km ride the elite riders of the club and one new electric bike headed off to the usual Drysdale fav coffee at the bungalow nearly catching the 100 km riders we took to the dirt along the rail trail possibly for the last time as it’s soon going to be sealed. Arriving in Drysdale for a well earned coffee and considerably long social chat we then headed back along the way we came.
Thanks to the following elite who attended the harder ride: Rolf, Myself, Dr Mike, Mike Curry, Peter Jones, and Ian Fraser.
Cheers, David Innes.

GTC & Bicycle Network do a Combined Ride to Drysdale and Barwon Heads - Saturday 4.5.19
Five GTC members in this group of 14, Andrew C, Mark K, Peter M, Chris Ha and myself. Met the bunch at Barwon Valley Park, took the bike path out to Drysdale, bypassed the gravel sections by heading out past Bunnings and up Grubb Rd to Swan Bay Rd., then across on Banks Rd through Collendina and over the Barwon River bridge. Took coffee at The Beach House in Barwon Heads with a Florentine on BN. A rather large shower went through while we enjoyed our coffee and thought we might be lucky but another good one caught us on 13th Beach, of course we battled on and came out the other side ok. Took HSBend home with a very nice tailwind, finishing back at Barwon Valley Park. A most enjoyable morning riding with some new friends. Distance approx. 75 klm
Cheers, Peter J.

CONGRATULATIONS to Ross & Chris Hume on COMPLETING the 1,067km Munda Biddi Trail from Perth to Albany - 3.5.19
Greetings from Albany. We have done it! The Munda Biddi has been conquered. Probably should confess that we have taken twice as long as some people to do it. Over 1000 km at an average of less than 10 kph! The last few days have been a gradual wind-down - last day in the bush, last night in a M-B hut then last riding day. We are in remarkably good condition. No real mechanical problems other than some fairly constant gear changing issues for Chris. Mind you, we have been changing gear several hundred times a day. No punctures and no injuries other that scratches. We have a few days in Albany to rest up and look around before taking the bus back to Perth. Should be back doing club rides late next week.
Regards, Ross and Chris.

Peter Jones' SOLO Ride in the Rain to Torquay - Thursday 2.5.19
Today was the day for the real cyclist, not the fair weather cyclist who appears when the Sun is out, there is no wind, there is no rain, the real cyclist rides for the sheer joy of riding, for the challenge of overcoming the weather, and the wonderful buzz from completing the ride. Lovely peaceful ride, excellent coffee at Mejavo's now I'm off to pick up my new bike.
Cheers, Peter.

Paul M's Ride from Torquay to Lorne on Tuesday 30.4.19
Distance 93km. Coffee/lunch at Lorne Larder. Photos by Peter Jones.

Chris Halpin's Ride to Drysdale on Sunday 28.4.19
A round dozen dedicated riders met at Sth Geelong station this morning.  Peter J, Rolf, Janet, Marie, Geoff C, Mike C, Mick G, Pam, John M, Nick and then good to welcome Dr Mike. Winter seems to have arrived - blustery westerly winds, cold and a light drizzle. Who could blame Trudi for sleeping in? The pace was very gentle down the Rail Trail, on to the Bellarine Hwy, around Bunnings and back down to rejoin the Rail Trail. Here we were joined by Heather C and Lyn G.  Quite a group. Lovely tail wind took us to Bungalow in no time.  Coffee was excellent, and the chatter flowed.  Time for me to hit the road home to make an appointment.  I forgot to nominate a replacement ride leader so I hope everyone made it home in good time.
Thanks all.  Chris Ha.

Peter O'Brien's Gentle Ride to Leopold - Saturday 27.4.19
Leanne, Ian and myself met at the Showgrounds to ride to Leopold. We rode along the Bellarine Rail Trail path to Leopold and onto Panache for a coffee break.  We returned to Geelong on the trail. Thanks to all who have participated in the easy ride each Saturday over the April period. Distance 18kms.
Peter O.

Peter Jones' Saturday Ride to Collendina - 27.4.19
Only the tough today, Ron, Mark S and myself took a quiet down wind spin to The Cheeky Cow in Collendina via Warrilly, Lake Rd, 13th Beach, Ocean Throughway. Had a most enjoyable coffee and chat before heading back into the wind via Grubb Rd, Rhinds and Malpas through Leopold where Ron headed home leaving Mark and myself to spin on home. Cool breezy day but every day on the bike is a great day.
Cheers, Peter J.

Ross Glover & Chris Hume in Pemberton on the 1,067km Munda Biddi Trail from Perth to Albany
Hello from Pemberton. Having a rest day here. Lovely weather, clear skies, nice and warm. Arrived yesterday after a hard 87 km ride from Manjimup. The trails are less technical now and the surfaces are generally better so it is possible to shift focus from the trail  immediately in front and admire the scenery occasionally. We are mostly riding through karri forests now and they are most impressive. Will be riding past the famous Gloucester tree tomorrow.  No decision as yet on whether we will climb it.
Seems my schedule was rather optimistic or we are slow as we have had to change our flights home to ensure we get to the end of the trail. Otherwise, all is going well. No real dramas other than a few saddle sores and some bikes in need of adjustment. 
Cheers, Ross.

Peter O'Brien Leads the Thursday Ride on ANZAC Day to Lara - 25.4.19
Nine riders assembled at Eastern Beach this morning to ride to Lara.  Rolf, Mike, Jenny, Sarah, Nick, Noel, David I, Ron and myself meandered our way through the back streets of Geelong, Drumconda and Rippleside and onto the Hovell Creek Adventure Track with our destination being Millars Café in Lara.  Unfortunately Millars was closed so we moved to Plan B, the Xpresso Café in Lara.  The Xpresso Café were doing a roaring trade and when we eventually found seats we enjoyed a well-earned coffee. Our return ride to Geelong was via the same route.  A very enjoyable ride.  Distance 64kms.
Peter O.

Peter O'Brien's Ride to Barwon Heads and Pt Lonsdale on Tuesday 23.4.19
Eleven riders, Trudi, Paul, Angie, Peter J, Adam, Mark K, Noel, Ron, David I, Rolf and myself departed from Grovedale Hotel car park to Point Lonsdale today.  We rode via Lakes Road, Thirteenth Beach, through Barwon Heads , past the Cheeky Cow and at this point Noel left the group to head back to Geelong.  Some of the riders were starting to feel distressed at having ridden 30 kms without their shot of coffee.  This situation was not helped as we had ridden  passed two of our favourite coffee cafes.  We continued on to Point Lonsdale where we took an extended coffee break taking in the views of the bay.  John M  joined the group after riding solo from Geelong.
We rode back to Geelong along the Bellarine Highway. Thanks everyone for an enjoyable ride. The total distance covered was 72kms.
Regards, Peter O.

Greg Allerton's 100km Ride out through the Barrabool Hills - Sunday 21.4.19
Just 2 riders on this one - Greg and John Miro. Coffee was at The Cottage Farm Nursery at Gnarwarre.


Mark Boynton's Sunday Ride to Torquay - 21.4.19
Nice weather for a gentle ride to Torquay via Horseshoe Bend Rd, Reserve, Barwon Heads, Lake, Blackgate, Horseshoe Bend. To Torquay for coffee at The Stoop and back via Surf coast Highway.
Kind regards, Mark.

John Miro's Ride to Queenscliff on Saturday 20.4.19
10 riders on a perfect Easter Saturday morning: Trudy & Leo, Angie & Paul, Hannah & Adam, Janet, Lyn, Chris Ha and me. We rode through Barwon Heads, Ocean Grove to Queenscliff. Good to see lots of other cyclists on the road. Hot cross buns and coffee at Queenscliff Bakery. Total distance from home 93km.
See you on next ride. John M 

Peter O'Brien's Easy Barwon Loop - Saturday 20.4.19
We had a good turn-out for the easy ride this morning.  Peter J, Marion, Marcia, Lindy and Don and their guests Gordon and Susie and myself departed Landy Field, rode the river path to the Belmont Commons, returned back to where we’d started at Landy Field and then continued along the path to the Edge Café for a coffee break.  Along the way  near the rowing clubs, I had my seventh puncture within the last month so the other riders were forced to be patient as I changed the tyre. At the Edge Café there were several Geelong Cycling riders who had also stopped for a coffee so this was an opportunity for a catch up. Back on our way, Lindy, Don, Marcia and myself returned to the car park at Landy Field while Peter J, Marion, Gordon and Susie continued along the river path towards Queens Park. Thanks everyone for an enjoyable morning of cycling and conversation. Distance 15km.
Peter O.

David Innes' Ride to Millars in Lara on Thursday 18.4.19
The day started cool with only 3 early birds showing up at the start at Church Street/ Ted Wilson Trail. With only 10 min to go our numbers swelled by several heading towards Lara along the Ted Wilson Trail - Trudi and Noel joining us along the way.
Riding to the end of the trail we took to the road but came across road works and had to make a minor detour to get to Lara. Millars being our favoured coffee stop we had some conversation and a few laughs and then saddled up for the ride home using the Hovell Trail but cutting across the park lands into the estate I managed to lose a few of the riders. We waited but unbeknown to me they’d already gone ahead of us we were about to head off when I got a call from Peter Jones saying they were waiting for us on the trail lol. Rejoining the group we made our way along the trail enjoying for what turned out to be a beautiful sunny day no mishaps or falls made it even better thanks to all who attended - Sarah and Nick, Jenny, Noel, Trudi, Chris, Mark, & Peter Jones.
David I.

Ross Glover & Chris Hume in Collie on the 1,067km Munda Biddi Trail from Perth to Albany
As the subject says, we are in Collie. Staying at a backpackers with lots of Bibbulmun Track walkers so plenty of interesting people to talk to. Quite a nice little town with good services so decided on a rest day today. Tomorrow's forecast was so bad, we have extended that to two rest days so should be ready for a big effort on Saturday. All stocked up and bikes serviced, ready to go. The riding has been a bit easier (but still challenging) in the last few days with firmer tracks and quite a lot of incredibly beautiful single-track. Most of each day is in the forest so there is only an occasional vista. Can feel a bit weird when we cross a main road and see vehicles. Not a lot to report other than some 0 degree overnights and Chris only having a summer sleeping bag.... Will report from further down the track.
All the best, Ross.

Peter O'Brien's Ride to Moriac & Torquay on Tuesday 16.4.19.
Terry, John M, Trudi, Noel, Ken and myself set off from the Fyansford Hotel and headed to Merrawarp Road.  Along this section of the road Peter J joined us and we then rode through the Barrabool Hills to Andersons Road.  The decent down Anderson Road was a ride highlight, taking in stunning farm views against the skyline.  We then proceeded to Moriac for our coffee break where we happened to meet up with Lyn L and Mark K.
At this point Terry departed to return to Geelong.  With Lyn L joining the group we continued to Forest Road and the roundabout at the  Great Ocean Road.  As the Annual Rip Curl event was being held at Bells Beach, Jarosite Road was closed at this point.  Ken, Lyn and John took the Addiscott Road route to Jan Juc whilst the rest of us continued on the Great Ocean Road to Torquay.  The lure of the Bells Bakery at Torquay was too much of an opportunity to miss so pies all round were consumed, and enjoyed!  The remaining four riders rode back home via Horseshoe Bend Road. 
With the weather reaching 30 degrees the ride was taxing and this was particularly evident when Noel, Trudi and myself struggled to make it up the hill on Swanston Street.  I was glad to finally arrive back home however my thoughts were with Trudi and Noel who still had a way to go. Ride distance 90kms.
Peter O.

Sunday Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove - 14.4.19.
Sundays ride had David I, Jenny, Andrew, Noel, Trudy, Leo, Ian and myself, hope I didn't miss anyone, front up at South Geelong station.  We headed down to the rivers path and onto Barwon heads road, took the bike path to the Surfcoast Hwy and through Armstrong towards Lake Road and into Barwon Heads, then to Ocean Grove to the Groove for a fast served coffee and a nice chat.  The return trip was via 13th Beach Road to Lake road and from there we dispersed to our destinations.  Only one minor incident when Andrew, who had upgraded to clip in pedals forgot for a moment that it was different and landed softly on the grassy edge of the road. No damage done and he was in good company to see him back on his bike.  We all could enjoy a perfect day of perfect riding and great company.

Combined DIRT Ride with Cycling Geelong from Torquay to Anglesea on Sunday 14.4.19.
Just 4 riders for our little run along the cliffs from Torquay to Anglesea, John M, Chris Ha, Peter J and our leader from Cycling Geelong, Dave S. It was a lovely day, lots of Sun and a light breeze. We followed the paths along the cliffs through Torquay, past the RACV Golf Resort and Jan Juc to Bells Beach where the Surf Classic is already under way, amazing the infrastructure set up on the cliff tops. A short run along the road and then we plunged back into the bush along a wide dirt track in front of the houses set in the bush. Looks good but not if there is a bushfire about. Followed a gravel road for a while with some good downhills but of course you get nothing for free and we had to climb out eventually. Some of the track is closed off for repairs and some because of dangerous cliff collapse but some good bypass track has been put in around and through the heather on the hillside. Passed by the Caravan Park, well supported by campers with lots of bikes and kids about. Hit the River and wended our way to the Café and enjoyed a well earned break before heading back along a slightly different route until we could get back on the cliff top track. Returned through Jan Juc as we considered the path would be super busy around Torquay.
A most enjoyable mornings ride, Thanks Dave!
Cheers, Peter J.

Ross Glover & Chris Hume on the 1,067km Munda Biddi Trail from Perth to Albany - Days 1-4.
Just arrived in Jarrahdale after 2 and a bit days on the trail. Most of the people we met told us the first two days were hard and they were right! After the first half day, we started thinking that all the horror stories about pea gravel were just stories. Then we hit our first uphill with thick pea gravel and we were pushing. The first down hill and we were out of control. We have both had a few minor offs but have developed some pea gravel riding techniques that sort of work. If you are starting to think this is all about pea gravel, you might be right. We have already passed through some truly beautiful bush and are looking forward to more of the same tomorrow.
All the best, Ross and Chris.

Peter Jones Leads the Ride to Leopold on Saturday 13.4.19
On a cool and cloudy day Ian and Leanne were waiting for us at the Showgrounds. Marion and I were riding our Pino for this quiet ride out to Leopold. I’m not sure where Peter O had planned to go but as we were on the BRT seemed like a good idea. There were quite a few riders out in both directions, nice to see. Will be even more I reckon when the rest of the BRT has been sealed out to Leopold. Enjoyed our coffee at Panache at Leopold then cruised back to the Showgrounds where Ian and Leanne had the car.
Pleasant ride with good company. Cheers, Peter.

Terry Hamilton's Thursday Ride to The Bungalow in Drysdale - 11.4.19
On a Beautiful autumn morning 17 willing riders assembled at the showgrounds, Geoff and Marie, Lyn and Mike, Jack and Jill, David and Jackie, Trudi, Ken, Ted, Noel,Chris.Peter O ,Peter J, Ron and myself. We were about to set off when Jackie noticed that she had a flat tyre, while Jackie changed her tyre I sent the slow group out ahead. Finally we set off along the bike path to the Bellarine Highway turning left at Leopold and the back onto the bike path to the Bungalow at Drysdale where Coffee cake and chatter.  Back on our bikes and headed back along Princess Street winding our way back onto the Bellarine Hwy through Leopold back onto the bike path to the showgrounds where we had two riders passed giving us all high fives.
Fantastic ride great company. Keep on pedalling. Terry.

Extra rides are scheduled each Saturday in April targeting new, novice or out of practice riders.  Distances will be approximately 10-15km and vary according to rider capacity. 
Surface:  designated bike paths.
Speed:  slow and steady.
Focus:  to support and educate riders who want to get out there on a bike and be safe.
The ride dates and locations are:
- Saturday 6th April.  9am Landy Field, main gate entrance at Swanston Street.  Barwon River path.
- Saturday 13th April.  9am Showgrounds, corner Carr Street and Breakwater Road.  Bellarine Rail Trail.
- Saturday 20th April. 9.00am Landy Field, main gate entrance at Swanston Street.  Waurn Ponds bike path.
- Saturday 27th April. 9.00am Showgrounds, corner Carr Street and Breakwater Road.  Bellarine Rail Trail.

ASSISTANCE NEEDED - Spread the word!
GTC members please approach anyone you may think could be interested in giving this trial a go. 
GTC riders who would like to come along and support would be most welcome and appreciated.
Any queries contact Peter O’Brien 0438 880 586.

Peter O'Brien's Circuit to Anglesea on Tuesday 9.4.19
I felt like the Old Mother Duck in the children’s nursery rhyme today as we started with a sizeable peloton that diminished as the morning progressed.  Rolf, Peter J, David R, Jacki, Mark K,  Mark S,  Trudi, Terry and myself rode to Moriac via Ghazeepore Road (which is currently undergoing roadworks), then onto the Mount Duneed Road and Cape Otway Road.  A coffee break was taken at the Moriac General Store and it was at this stage that Terry and Rolf decided to leave the group and return to Geelong.  We continued to Forest Road and then to the Great Ocean Road where Jacki and David turned left and headed for home.  The remaining riders turned right and enjoyed the downhill ride into Anglesea.  Unfortunately we only caught a glimpse of Anglesea as at the first roundabout we took a 360 degree turn and then headed back up the hill.  At this point, John M who had been chasing us since we departed Grovedale, caught up and joined the group.  Great, after starting with nine riders, losing four then gaining one I was starting to get a complex!  At the Forest Road/Great Ocean Road roundabout Mark S and John M decided to ride straight ahead back to Geelong.  We were now down to just four remaining stalwarts, Peter J, Trudi, Mark D and myself.  With a tail wind we enjoyed a fast ride into Torquay and had lunch at the usual bakery.  Mark K then left the group but he did have a valid excuse as he lives in Torquay.  Three lonesome riders then rode back home via Horseshoe Bend Road.  Therefore, 9 – 2 – 2 + 1 – 2 – 1 = 3.
Thanks to everyone for a very enjoyable ride.  Distance 80kms.
Peter O.

Peter Jones Leads Sunday's Dirt Ride to Freshwater Creek - 7.4.19
Four riders for John’s Dirt Ride today, Rolf, Greg, Peter O and myself. We started at Bunnings and headed up Waurn Ponds Dve, caught up with Ken and Lyn who were heading out for a training ride. Got to the top and crossed the Hwy and straight onto the gravel, a brief run on the bitumen of Reservoir Rd until Willowwite Rd where we turn left and followed it right through to Hendy Main Rd. The first part is marked Fire Access Only and is more of a track than a road but still quite ridable, the rest is good gravel, very peaceful out in the countryside.
After a short bitumen run it was left onto Loutit Bay Rd with the corrugations from hell, this road is in really bad condition and was very difficult for Rolf and his arthritic hands. A democratic discussion and we abandoned the dirt and headed for The Farmers Place for a coffee, only to find it is not open on Sundays, so the fall back option was Panache at Waurn Ponds, had our coffee and a chat and then headed home. A thought for future dirt rides, I think they need to be shorter, it is difficult to maintain a good average speed over gravel roads and it would be better if we could find some good single track around where cars can’t get on it and destroy it. A bit of wind  but fine and Sunny, an enjoyable ride.
Cheers, Peter.

Lyn Gregg's Ride to The Bungalow in Drysdale on Sunday 7.4.19
On a nice morning there were 12 riders ready to go: Heather, Geoff, Trudi, Leo, Ian, Janet, Jennie, Noel, Chris, David, Mick and me. We followed the rail trail to Moolap on the highway and then picked upthe rail trail to the Bungalow in Drysdale where there was a lot of chatter and coffee and then we headed home via Jetty Road.
Thanks all for coming, cheers, Lyn.

Ted's Ride to Torquay on Thursday 4.4.19
After conscientiously advising members of the 9 am start via WhatsApp I seem to have suffered a brain fade and left home a half an hour late. A quick call to Peter O had him saddle up as alternate ride leader and he duly gave a safety talk reminding members of the dangers of riding too close together and keeping to a reasonable speed. Ange, Paul, Adam, Lyn, Ken, Peter J, Ron, Norm, Jacqui, David R, Chris Hu, Terry and Trudi formed the peloton of 14 along Torquay Road, turning off at the Surf Coast Council Offices and meandering through the residential area of Torquay to Mejavo’s Cafe. Good coffee and a chat with a local (Ross) filled in time until the esteemed leader caught up about 10 minutes later. Chris Hu left us at Torquay and the remainder headed for home along Horseshoe Bend Road. A lovely morning for a ride. Thank you one and all.

Peter Jones' Ride from Birregurra to Colac & Barwon Downs on Tuesday 2.4.19
A very cool start for our nine riders: Lyn L, Julie, Ken, David I, Mark K, Chris Hu, John M and myself. The road out to the highway was smooth with very little traffic, a herd of Black Angus were quite skittish and raced us along the fence for a while until they got tired of it all. The Highway wasn’t too bad, still a lot of road works but we managed to navigate our way through. Stopped at the Cake Shop for, you guessed it, Coffee and Cake. Then it was off on the Forest Rd into the foothills of the Otways, beautiful undulating country, some farmlands, some forest, some great downhills through the bush before we reached our turn off, the Seven Bridges Road, didn’t see 7 bridges but may have been in days gone by.
Lunch was taken in Barwon Downs in the Tennis Club’s shelter admiring their brand new nets before we hit the road back to Birregurra, undulating country again but mainly farmlands, reached our cars, packed up and headed for the coffee shop to rest and relax before heading home. Another fantastic day on the bike in the foothills of the magnificent Otways.
Cheers, Peter.

Peter O'Brien's Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove on Tuesday 2.4.19
The weather was perfect when Terry, Jacki, David R, Ron and myself departed Geelong to ride to Ocean Grove this morning.  The ride route taken was Lakes Road and Barwon Heads Road followed by the Groove in Ocean Grove where we had our usual coffee break.  Our return route was back through Barwon Heads and Thirteenth Beach, along Horseshoe Bend Road and back into Geelong. Distance ridden = approximately 50km.
Peter O.

Peter O'Brien's Ride to Collendina on Sunday 31.3.19
On a rather overcast day Chris Hu, Peter J and myself headed off from the South Geelong Railway Station to Collendina. Not long after the start Heather M who rode in from Ocean Grove joined us.  With the aid of a tailwind we rode along the Bellarine Highway to Banks Road and then onto Bonnyvale Road direct to the Cheeky Cow at Collendina for a coffee break.
The return route was through Barwon Heads and Thirteenth Beach and back to Geelong via Blackrock Road and Lakes Road.  
Regards, Peter O.

Peter Jones' Ride to Drysdale on Saturday 30.3.19
Only three hardy riders this morning, Jennie, Rolf and myself, with showers forecast and imminent, Point Lonsdale was not an option, The Bungalow seemed much better so that’s where we went. Hadn’t got far and the showers started, and just kept going, not heavy but enough to make everything including us wet.
Got there and joined the regulars, took a lot of talk and two coffees before the rain stopped, the Sun came out and we took off back home. Might have been wet but still enjoyed the ride, had to ride through another shower before home but hey what’s a bit of rain, nothing we can’t handle.
Cheers, Peter.

Chris Halpin's Saturday Ride to the Great Ocean Rd Chocolaterie - 23.2.19

13 riders this morning in near perfect weather for a trip to the Bellbrae Chocolaterie. Ross, Mark S, Dr Mike, Mark B, Jackie & David, Sarah & Nick, Meri, myself, Heather, Leo and birthday girl Trudi.  The usual route up Surf Coast Hwy, Baanip to Ghazeepore, Dickens, thru Freshwater Creek into Blackgate and Hendy Main. The turn into Gray's Rd was too tricky for the forward bunch and 3 speedsters disappeared. The Peloton cruised down Gray's and into Forrest for the long haul into the wind to the GOR. Some new tarmac and then ~200m of gravel roadworks provided a range of experiences. Met the speedsters at the Chocolaterie and the reunited bunch then enjoyed coffee, cakes, fudge brownies.... plus a free sampler of choccy buddies on the way in - and out!! A few issues leaving, at one stage the ride leader found himself alone and leading himself. How could this have happened? The Peloton soon reformed and a tail wind along the GOR to Torquay was magic, as was the beachfront, then into Horseshoe Bend Road. Heather punctured here and Leo gave us a lesson in repairs. Thanks Leo. Then safely back to Grovedale and everyone going their separate ways home. Thanks all for a top ride in the sunshine. Chris.

Ted's Ride to Millars in Lara for Coffee - 21.2.19
An overcast sky greeted 11 riders at the top of Church Street but the wind was blowing favourably from the south so we were all were keen to begin. Only problem, we lacked a leader. After a few minutes of chatting and waiting for someone to put their hand up it was clear that we weren’t going anywhere – and there was no coffee shop there! In the absence of El Presidente and the Sexy Secretary it fell to Treasurer Ted to take control. Of course this meant another croozy ride so Paul, Ange, Chris, Rolf, David, Noel, Sarah, Nick, Jennie and two Mikes set off down the Ted Wilson to Bacchus Marsh Road. A short diversion down O’Brien’s Road, McManus Road, and Heales Road had a few riders shaking their heads but it added a couple of k’s so that made it worth while. Coffee at Millars was good but noisy and it got even louder when Trudi arrived having scouted all the other coffee shops in Lara before finding our hiding place. Trudi failed to produce a late note but was forgiven as she went above and beyond the call of duty to find us. Sarah and Nick set off quickly as they had an appointment while the rest of us waited patiently for Trudi to finish her coffee before tackling the head wind back to G-Town via the Hovells Creek path. A very pleasant ride after a confusing start. Thanks for coming and sorry for picking on you Troods.

Ken's Ride to Mannerim & Ocean Grove on Tuesday 19.2.19
The programme listed today's alternative ride, for members not doing the out-of-town journey to Williamstown, as Showgrounds to Ocean Grove. This gave ride leader Ken the option of choosing any route he fancied as long as it passed through OG. Ange, Paul, Jacqui, David and Chris Hume completed the group. We took the rail trail as far as the traffic lights before taking to the road. The leopold climb was being reconstructed so onto the footpath to avoid the surface of loose crushed rock. Swan Bay Rd took us away from the traffic and eventually to Banks Rd. 
Turning back onto the Bellarine Hwy we rode to the large roundabout at the Grubb Rd intersection, turned left then right into Rhinds Rd - the gentle downhill, a lack of traffic and the many fine homes on large blocks made for a very pleasant section of the route. A refreshment break was taken at The Groove cafe which was almost devoid of customers. The quick service resulted in us being back on the bikes in only 25 mins.
13th Beach and Lake Rd were the popular choices for the return to Geelong. We split into 2 groups of 3 at the entrance to Armstrong Creek. A most enjoyable small group ride with favourable weather. With all riding to the start, most would have completed between 75 and 80 kms.

Peter Jones' Ride from Williamstown to Westmeadows - Tuesday 19.2.19
Very happy to see 14 roll up to my trip on bike paths out to Westmeadows Tavern for lunch, also noticed that Noel was there on time and in the right place. There was a cool breeze and it was a bit cloudy but promised to be a good riding day. A helpful passer-by took our starting picture, what a fine bunch, Sarah, Lyn, (visitor) Dr Mike, Laurie, Ron, Rolf, David I, Ross, Mark K, Zdenko, Noel, Ian, Nick and myself.
We all rolled off along the Williamstown waterside parklands, overlooked by some lovely homes, I always wonder if the full size horse looking out over the Yarra is a real one “stuffed”, or just a statue, maybe the owner sits astride the horse’s back and watches the world go by along the water and paths. First little excitement is the diversion under the Westgate Bridge which entails a little bit of a gravel road, a concrete pier, and then a long wooden pier, quite bumpy but ridable by our team of elite riders. Our next bit of excitement was a gigantic bang as Zdenko’s tyre and tube blew out as we crossed Sheppard’s Bridge over the Maribyrnong River. The tyre, including the bead was completely destroyed, so end of ride for Zdenko, he spent his time walking back and checking out the shops and met us when returned, sorry Zdenko will have to be next time. Continued on the Bay Trail into Melbourne turning off onto the Moonee Ponds Creek Trail and making our way out to Essendon for our coffee break, only about 20 klm but hey this is a fun ride of laughter and exploration. Good coffee and chat so back to the path and out to the Tavern for lunch, with Dr Mike and David I on strict diets we had our own guards to make sure the bikes were safe.
Following lunch there is a little bit of road riding to get across to firstly the Steele Creek Trail which then leads onto the Maribyrnong River Trail, after a little climb we enjoyed the views over the Maribyrnong River to the city and beyond. Rolling on it is just a matter of following the paths back to Williamstown and the cars, Ian and Ross cut off at Footscray to catch the train back home. A very enjoyable day on the bike.
Cheers, Peter.

Pam's Ride to Tuckerberry Hill on Sunday 17.2.19
Today 13 riders turned up on a beautiful morning for a ride: Marie, Mark, Noel,  Ross, Meri, Lovro, Chris, Chris, John, Lindy, Peter, Pam, Mike. We started on the rail trail and rode to Drysdale, once we reached Drysdale we turned up Murradoc Road. The hill we found a bit of a challenge for a few of us. Morning tea was at Tukerberry Blueberry Farm. It was a new destination for a few riders. The return journey was along SwanBay Rd and the Bellarine Highway. The team dispersed a little with some needing to return home quickly and others going in different directions to get a few more Kms in. The distance was 60 kms.

Paul McMahon's Saturday Ride to Moriac General Store - 16.2.19
We had 15 riders for today’s ride to Moriac. We started the ride at Bunnings in Waurn Ponds, heading up the well ridden route of Waurn Ponds Drive, over the Princess H’way into Pettavil Rd, Reservoir Rd to Hendy Main for the fast ride to the Moriac General Store for coffee. On my arrival at the coffee shop I was somewhat struck and amazed at Peter Jones’ speed. With no official duties for the day, Pete was a man possessed and on a mission to be first to order his coffee. I think, due to a few witness statements and sceptical concerns, Pete’s request for an ebike needs to be reviewed. The Peloton was seated orderly, coffee’s received and the group was greeted by the always happy and smiling Chris Halpin who had joined us via a different route. I was deep in thought on Chris’ arrival, and the old saying ‘the blister always turns up after the hard work is done’ came to mind.
We proceeded the ride back down Cape Otway Rd, towards the Barrabool Hills. This is where the group split, Pete kindly taking charge on getting the second group back to Bunnings. However, I will confirm this upon watching the 6pm news to ensure no riotous behaviour was conducted by this group. The rest of the group had a lovely mountainous ride through the hills, with Dr Mike  powering on. There was mumblings that he is replicating Lance Armstrong’s ability, and further testing needs to be sought. When we got to Cochranes Rd Janet continued on to head home. The remaining had a wonderful decent back to Bunnings.  Cheers…Paul.

Peter Jones' Thursday Circuit to Torquay - 14.2.19
Eighteen riders for my little ride to Torquay, 16 at the start and David and Jackie joined us at Mt Duneed Rd., also forgot Noel joined at Mejavo’s but not in time for a coffee. Those at the start were: Ange and Paul, Lyn L, Adam, Rolf, David I, Laurie, Mike C, Dr Mike, Ross, Chris Ha and Hu, Terry, Ron, with helmet, Nick, without Sarah who had a better coffee offer and myself.
Rolled up Torquay Rd and had to weave our way through banked up traffic to get to the Bike Path to head over to Ghazepore Rd and on to Anglesea Rd . Regrouped at Coombes Rd, wended our way through Ocean Acres to Grossmans, Paul won the sprint points from Adam at the Hwy and we headed to The Stoop, oops, closed Thursdays, so across the car park to Mejavo’s for a very enjoyable coffee and quite a few cakes, the Barista was enjoying herself putting designs on the top of our coffees. Headed home via HSBend Rd, a most enjoyable morning on the bike in excellent company.
Cheers, Peter.

Ross' Otway Tour - Day 3 - Gellibrand to Birregurra - 13.2.19
3 ride leaders for the final day of the Otways Tour. Is that a record? It started last night while we were discussing which railway station we wanted to target for the ride end. My plan had been to head back from the end of the trail to Birragurra over some of the same day 1 dirt roads but there were some rumblings of discontent and in a remarkable coincidence, Greg already had a fully formed plan to get us there using only sealed roads!
Despite it raining heavily overnight, we set out along the last of the Beechy Rail Trail with sunny skies. Most enjoyable going with the after-rain smell of the bush and mist rising through the trees. Other than one very steep section that really tested the legs, the riding was good and all too soon, it was done.
At the end of the trail and the start of bitumen at Bullengarook, Greg took over leadership duties. About 500 metres up the road, the heavens opened up. It was short lived but the roads were drenched and one particular log truck moved across in to the some of the deeper puddles, throwing a sheet of water across the road that drenched any parts of us not already very wet. Luckily, that was the last of the rain and we progressed in sunshine until we reached an intersection where the sign showed Birragurra directly ahead, just 4 kilometres down a dirt road. The alternative was to stay on the bitumen and go nearly 12 kilometres around 3 sides of a rectangle to reach the same end point. What to do? What to do? At this point Peter mentioned he had previously ridden this road on his road bike so he led us off (leader number 3). Just a few corrugations later, the tour was over. Lunch in the main street then off to the train station and home. Now looking forward to the next opportunity to tour. Thank you to Greg, Chris and Peter for their good company.
Cheers, Ross.

Ross' Otway Tour - Day 2 - Forrest to Gellibrand - 12.2.19
I am sitting in our cabin at Gellibrand listening to the rain hammering on the roof. The other 3 set off for a walk in sunshine, just 5 minutes ago. That sums up the weather we have had today. Rain storms, strong wind gusts, hail, sunshine but mostly drizzly rain. Despite all that, we had a great days riding despite it being a bit harder than I expected. Turtons Track in misty rain was an absolute highlight. Loved it. The long down hill on the Old Beechey Trail was almost as good. Both highly recommended.
Cheers; Ross.

Ross' Otway Tour - Day 1 - Winchelsea to Forrest - 11.2.19
Greetings from Forrest. Just 4 for the trip and we met up at Winchelsea for the "start". Two arrived by car, one part by car and bike and the true hard man of the group rode from home. No names, no excuses. Had a nice ride over to Birragurra for refreshments and to check there were no unexpected starters at the alternative start point. There weren't. A nice little hill out of Birragurra followed by some nicely corrugated dirt road. Hit the right corrugations at the right speed and you could feel your brain shaking in your skull. Peter J with his dual suspension mtn bike glided over these roads. A mixture of dirt and bitumen with plenty of undulation until Yeodene, then bitumen all the way to Forrest. A late lunch then dumped our luggage at the cabin before setting out fot Lake Elizabeth. Great scenery and some more very corrugated road before we swapped to the mtn bike tracks to and back from the lake. Lots of fun and again the mtn bike led the way. Now nicely tired and waiting for the pub to open. A good first day.
Cheers, Ross.

John Hagan's Circuit to Armstrong Creek & Freshwater Creek as a Combined Ride with Cycling Geelong on Sunday 10.2.19
A good turnup of 12 riders at Sth Geelong for our ride today. However, Ron made the mistake that many of us have in the past, and that is because he had a beanie on his head had the secure feeling that he had his helmet on - unfortunately he didn't and had to head home. In the photo below (from L to R) we have: Lindy, Peter J, Dave S (only participant from Cycling Geelong), Ian, Rolf, Heather, Ron, a new rider - Jennie, Ross and Dr Mike. Photo was taken by John and Noel made a grand return to the Club just after the photo was taken. Sunday was a good day to be heading down Barwon Heads Rd as the traffic was not as heavy as on weekdays. We followed the scenic path along Armstrong Creek and crossed the Surf Coast Highway and on to Whites Rd. Here the road had been narrowed in the rebuilding process and was cortrolled by traffic lights. However, we were unable to trigger the green light and had to make alternative arrangements. Being a dull morning (weatherwise) The Farmer's Place was not overcrowded and coffee service was quick. The highlight of the return trip was taking the newly completed Pipeline Track through Highton. Our total trip was just over 40km and by the time we finished the sun was just starting to peep through the clouds. Thanks everyone for a very enjoyable ride.
Keep Riding, John H.

Mike Taylor's Short Ride to Pakington St due to the Rain on Saturday 9.2.19
I set the alarm for 5.30 AM this morning thinking that they would be easily enough time. Unfortunately I wasn’t banking on the rowing, the stray  dogs, the 1000 runners, errant kids and raging headwind along the river. After getting to the base of Cementies I was already 1 minute late and it was raining.  I phoned through to PJ who assured me that the team would wait. I arrived as the rain was beginning to pelt down. We had 8 riders at this stage… PJ, Rolf, Nick , Sarah, Peter O, Mark , new rider Jenny and myself. The initial plan had been to go down Ted Wilson but the group unanimously decided that the Hovell Trail would be more protected given the weather.
As we moved off down Church St the rain was becoming heavier. PJ mentioned that he had checked the satellite and it looked like it was setting in, so he was pulling out for a coffee in Pako. At this stage Nick, Sarah,  Rolf and myself decided that , on the surface, this seemed like a good idea and we decided to accompany PJ. The more courageous portion  of the group decided to proceed on  valiantly to Lara. The coffee in Pako was good but the 85 decibel doof doof music unfortunately made conversation all but impossible.  After mentioning this to the waitress the volume was ‘helpfully’ turned up higher for us! I arrived home early with a wet tail and still ringing ear drums and with  a measly 18km on the Garmin.
Thanks to everyone for a very memorable morning ride. Mike.

Ted's Ride to The Bungalow in Drysdale on Thursday 7.2.19
Predicted thunder storms didn’t deter 16 fearless riders this morning and the weather turned out almost perfect anyway. A gentle north westerly propelled us from the Showgrounds to Drysdale and the pace was well within Ted’s Tolerance so thank you all. The role call recorded the attendance of Peter O, Peter J, Meri, Ange, Adam, Paul, Ron, Chris Hu, Rolf, David I, Nick, Sarah, Dr Mike, Mark, Norm and myself and we were joined for coffee at The Bungalow by Mick and Lyn. Shade was important at that stage as the sun started to heat things up a bit and the guys had begun to sweat while of course the ladies just glowed. On the return trip Lyn and Mick were accompanied on the rail trail by one or two who needed to get back home quicker while most went home along Princess Street and Swan Bay Road to the Bellarine Hwy. The peloton stretched out a bit on Alpe d’Leopold but regrouped a couple of times to allow the kelpies to catch up. A very enjoyable Croozy Thursd’y ride of 41.3 km.

David Innes' Ride to Anakie, Staunton Vale & Lara on Tuesday 5.2.19
Eleven riders left Church St with destination Anakie for coffee in mind with David at the helm. The roads today were fairly busy as we headed out along the Ballan Rd with a reasonable tail wind and arrived at the Moriac General Store in good time. On completion of our coffee and chat time the group headed north to Staunton Vale and then east across to Sandy Creek Rd. This was quite a challenge for the road tyres as the first part is gravel and at times heavily corrugated - there were a few spills. When they reached Lara quite a few of the group stayed for lunch at Xpresso Lounge Cafe before heading back along the Hovell Trail to Geelong for a total of about 100km.

Mike Taylor's Ride to Torquay via Freshwater Creek on Sunday - 3.2.19
There was much trepidation in the Taylor household this morning with the prediction of 40 degree temperatures and a howling northerly wind. Mrs Taylor advised me not to worry because most likely no one would turn up. Much to my astonishment I found 10 riders waiting for me at South Geelong Station….. John H, Chris Hu, Lindy, Janet, Ken, PJ, Ross, Rolf, Dave I, Lyn. It must have been the advertised “slow” pace which attracted people.
As it turned out the weather was perfect for riding with just a light westerly and temp around 24 degrees down to Torquay. After our customary mini sprint down Grossmans we stopped at Growlers for coffee. Despite the massive crowd of “beach people”, the service was incredibly fast and we left for Geelong at 10.05AM. The ride back along Horseshoe Bend Rd was uneventful and we were home just as it started to heat up.
Thanks to everyone for a most enjoyable ride! Mike T.

Peter Jones' Ride to Ravens' Creek Farm at Moriac Saturday 2.2.19
Ten riders at Grovedale for our Sat morning ride, happy to welcome Wendy and Marg back to the fold now they have completed their relocation from Sydney to Geelong. Also there was Ange and Paul, Tom and Sue on the Tandem, Dr Mike, Rolf, Andrew and myself. Let everyone know as leader I wouldn’t be going up any hill I could avoid, headed out to Baanip Bike Path, to Ghazepore, to Dickens, along the Anglesea Rd, following Blackgate and Hendy Main Rd to Raven’s Creek. On our way there ran into Terry who joined us for coffee. Very pleasant sitting in the shade looking over the Raspberry Vines discussing the worries of the world, of course if we asked we can fix it all, but no one asks, we’re stuck with the world as it is. As we were leaving Lyn L turned up, some problem with getting out of bed. Took the easiest way home via Mt Duneed Rd, a most enjoyable morning on the bike in excellent company.
Cheers, Peter.

Lyn Loudon's Mystery Ride South of Geelong - Thursday 31.1.19
It was no mystery that 12 riders were up for the challenge as they were given no indication of the planned route except to say that it was a combination of residential streets, bike paths & some hills!
Meri, Rolf, Dave I, Ron, Peter J, Ross, Nick & Sara, Ken, Ted, Mike T & myself headed out from the Sth Geelong station down Yarra St to the bike path around Corio Bay Rowing Club and over the McIntyre footbridge where we accessed the bike track on the opposite bank. Once we reached Highton it was a pleasant jaunt up Mt Pleasant Road with some going all the way to Scenic & others cutting through to Barrabool and finally onto the pipeline track with its numerous ups & downs and steep new section. It was at the top here that Ted felt unwell and decided to cut the ride short and headed to Panache for a cafe break accompanied by PJ Ross & Mike.
 I had already decided not to continue as planned over Ceres to Cochranes, so the rest of us carried on to the path around Deakin, the cricket club & out to WP drive where Meri & I met them. A sharp left hand turn took us up the formidable Marendaz Rd along the ridge to Luggs Rd for a sight seeing expedition then back again & onto Hams Rd, the path along Baanip Blvde and a welcome coffee break at Club Armstrong (9 Grams Cafe). After much chatter we departed on our separate ways homeward as we did not need to return to the starting point. It was an interesting ride with some grumbling but what can I say - it's all a mystery!! But thanks everyone for your company.

Peter O'Brien's Ride to Bellbrae, Bells Beach & Torquay on a HOT Tuesday - 29.1.19
What a great month it’s been for cycling with both the Adelaide TDU and the Geelong Cadel Evans Road Race last weekend.  Seeing the elite male and female cyclists power over the course, and particularly the men climbing over Challambra four times, reinforced what exceptional athletes these professional riders are.
I digress, so it’s back to the reality of the everyday cyclist.  Thirteen riders gathered at the Grovedale Hotel this morning to ride the Bells Beach section of the Cadel ride.  Today’s peloton consisted of Chris Hu, Rolf, Peter J, Ange, Paul, Andrew, Meri, Trudi, Ken, Ross, Mike T, Julia and myself, who all rode to Belbrae via Dickens Road and Anglesea Road then enjoyed a coffee break on the Great Ocean Road at Belbrae.
Following our break, we rode to Addiscott Road and completed  the Jarosite Road, Bells Beach Road and Bones Road circuit and then headed back to the Great Ocean Road and to Torquay for lunch at the Bakery.  While the views of the ocean at Bells Beach are breathtaking, it’s important to maintain your concentration as you hurtle down the road!
The return ride to Geelong was via Horseshoe Bend Road. Distance travelled 70kms.
Happy Pedalling, Regards, Peter O.

Mick Gregg's Sunday Ride to The Bungalow in Drysdale - 27.1.19
Six riders fronted at Maccas corner in Leopold for the run into Sth Geelong stn, they were your leader Mick, Lyn, Geoff, Marie, Barry & Butch (visitor). We arrived at station after dodging a big fallen tree on bike path in Sth Geelong and no one there. Thought everyone might be at Cadel ride start. Slowly they started to come in and we ended up with 15.  The others were Ian, John, Chris Hu, PJ, Rolf, Meri, Paul & Angie, Dr Mike. From this point on the ride turned into a bit of a circus!!  I had a puncture before I left the station, Dr Mike fell off before even starting…what else could happen.  Down the rail trail to showgrounds and new rider Butch hit the bitumen not yet used to cleats. At crossing the highway the group split considerably with some hooking down hwy at great rate of knots, some doing the dirt section and your leader losing sight of everyone! Rejoined at Melaluka bike path with Butch again hitting the dust in front of a girl group of riders, think he was hoping for mouth to mouth but it didn’t eventuate. Ian also had a puncture along the dirt bit. As we were leaving we noticed a back pack on a seat, John H had left it with his camera in it.  Joined up at toilet block and again off we went, with everyone going every which way. Got to our coffee stop at Bungalow for drinks, eats, talk.  Home was along Princess Rd, Swan Bay Rd and Bellarine Hwy.  Some went back along bike path.  I had a second puncture just before Leopold where I rested in a bus shelter for Lyn to come back in car.  Hope all riders got back home in one piece. Thanx to all for a good but hectic sort of ride, cheers Mick.
JH went home via Barwon Heads and took a few pics of the Cadel Evans Great Ocean Rd Race - see pics below.

The Cadel Great Ocean Rd Race riders approach The Bluff at Barwon Heads - first 3 riders were about 3mins ahead of the main bunch.

David Innes' Saturday Ride to The Stoop in Torquay - 26.1.19
Saturday morning and the Cadel race was in town - woman's race day but no racing for us as we lined up for the ride to Torquay with a thought to heading north to Lara and avoid any possible congestion on the roads leading to the coast but was promptly howled down so south it was as it turned out the roads weren't as congested as I thought they'd be passing the many offical Cadel people's ride cyclist in blue this year doing the shorter route as we quickly rode out to Torquay.
I punctured not far out of Torquay whilst the rest of the group rode on into town for coffee at The Stoop. After considerable time chatting we headed back along the Horshoe Bend Rd when the professional men's teams passed we encouraged them in French go faster but they didn't appreciate it and told us to go forth and multiply Hmmm guess they were having a bad day. 
After all had departed Rolf and I made our way home via Rippleside Park. On the path we came across a little boy of maybe 4 yo on his balance bike pushing his little legs for all he was worth with Rolf encouraging him to push faster terrified the little guy made the mistake of looking back losing balance and fell off crying as I helped him off the ground he wasn't harmed just a fright is all by a scary old cyclist lol. Thanks to all who attended: Andrew, Paul & Ange, Peter O, Peter J,Rolf, Meri, Trudi & Leo, Dr Mike.
Report by David Innes.

Ted Reeve Leads the Ride from Rippleside to Lara on Thursday 24.1.19
Welcome to this week’s edition of GTC Extreme Cycling Adventures, a minimal fact and maximum exaggeration account of, as they are starting to be known as, Ted’s Thursdays. Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to sort the fact from the fiction. So, on with the show. An enthusiastic bunch of 12 members showed up to the Rippleside start line at the extremely early hour of 7.30 in order to avoid some of the predicted extremely hot weather that the Tour Down Under contingent had kindly brought over with them from Ad-extreme-elaide. After the obligatory pep talk from the ride leader we set off at an extremely leisurely pace around the back of the new Rippleside apartments to St Helen’s and everyone behaved themselves for at least 3.25 minutes until we hit the first hill when Meri, who was sporting an extremely smart new top and extreme fitness sped off into the distance. Of course the peloton wasn’t about to let this cheeky upstart break away on her own for too long so, led by Andrew and Rolf, the pace picked up significantly. Regrouping at Sexyland (not that I noticed) we sped around Corio Quay and Sarah, Peter O, Nick and the two Mikes took pity on the ride leader at various times and held themselves back for an extremely quick chat.
Arriving in Lara at the designated coffee stop of 7-Grams but soon decided that the seating area was too exposed to the extremely hot sun and walked around the corner to Xtreme-presso Lounge where David, who mustn’t have listened to the pre ride briefing, was waiting. Once again, Noel joined the group at the coffee shop which appears to be coming an extremely common event. Chris proudly wore his TdU jersey which seemed to have departed from previous styling and was extremely orange. Peter J explained to anyone who was interested the benefits of E-assistance and it looks like we might have to watch carefully for the first appearance of a sneaky E (an E-bike that doesn’t look like an E-bike). All semblance of order vanished as the ride leader abandoned his post and left the group to its own devices. Half made their way home extremely carefully via Forest and Heales Roads while the more cautious contingent retraced their pedal strokes along Hovells Creek. Well done if you’ve read all the way to the end of this EXTREMELY long report and I hope you noticed the extremely subtle use of today’s buzz word. Ted-X.

Mike Taylor's Ride to Queenscliff on Tuesday 22.1.19
With the club elite still away in Adelaide there were still 8 keen riders in attendance at the Showgrounds for the ride to Queenscliff via Drysdale. The weather was pleasantly cool with no wind. The riders were: Rolf, Andrew H,  Ron, Nick, Sarah , Dave I, Julie  and Mike. Mike arriving  latest , was duly elected ride leader.  We took the easiest route up the rail trail to Drysdale and with an immense effort of willpower avoided stopping at the Bungalow for coffee. We proceeded up Princes St and left down Swan Bay Rd. Again we (incredibly) avoided temptation at Pik Nik and rode straight through to Queenscliff Harbour arriving there at around 10:30. After much pleasant conversation and coffee,   we headed back towards  Point Lonsdale and Shell Rd. Dave decided to take the rail trail back. Nick, Sarah, Julie and Ron took Grubb Rd. The remainder of the group did the Thatcher St big dipper and turned right a Wallington Rd.
Thanks to everyone for the excellent company and a very enjoyable ride. Mike.

TOUR DOWN UNDER - 114km to Willunga to watch Final Stage of TDU Race - Sunday 20.1.19
All but Ross fronted up for the final pilgrimage out to McLaren Vale for the final Stage, 48 klms via some Roads and then the Expressway Bike Path and the Coast to Vines Rail Trail. A good run out, coffee at The Bakery while waiting for the race to pass through on lap one. After they passed through we headed up the course to Willunga to see the race pass through, then it was time to head up the Hill, Peter O, Trudi, Leo and Chris H decided to head home so I was on my lonesome up the Hill to watch Ritchie breakaway again and take the Stage.
Then it was just time to head home via the paths and Main South Rd, it’s been a great week in Adelaide and we’ve booked again for next year. Fabulous!!
Cheers, Peter.

Greg's 104 km Ride on Sunday 20.1.19
This long ride attracted 6 riders on a pleasant mild morning. Laurie A, John C, Ken G, Andy H, John M, Scott Sampson (brother of Nicole Collins, whose parents were GTC founding members) and myself. We took Ted Wilson Trail, Bluestone Bridge Rd (the first steep climb), Lower Anakie Rd, Robbs Rd (a lesser steep climb) then out almost to Maude where Russells Bridge Rd led to the long Clyde Hill. It was then through Bannockburn on Burnside Rd, with a good downhill. We were soon on the long climb up Pollocksford Rd then through Gnarwarre and had a welcome stop after 66 hard km at the delightful Cottage Farm Perennial Nursery Cafe. Considines then Cape Otway Rds took us to Moriac. The return was via Hendy Main / Reservoir /Pettavel Rds before Waurn Ponds Dv  and the WP Creek bike path took us home. Thanks to those who did part or all of this enjoyable 104 km ride.
Greg Allerton.

John Hagan's ride to Curlewis and Collendina on Sunday 20.1.19
Excellent weather for the comfort of our riders this morning. Ten Riders: Janet, Lindy, Marie, Heather, Pam, Rolf, David I, Mick G, Mike T and your ride leader John. We took the Bellarine Rail Trail out to Curlewis then came through the back roads of Wallington, where the beautiful mansions are, and then through to The Cheeky Cow in Collendina. There was a long line out the door to order our coffee but the service was good. We divided two ways for the trip home - the Leopold/Ocean Grove group headed north and the rest of us came back via Barwon Heads Rd and Lake Rd for a round trip of about 60km.
Keep Riding, John Hagan.

Ron Little's Saturday Ride to The Bungalow in Drysdale - 19.1.19
13 club members: David Innes, Rolf, Meri&Lovro, Mike T, Chris Ha, John H, Sue&Tom, Paul & Angie, New member Andrew & Ron left Sth Geelong in perfect sunny weather heading onto the rail trail to Eddys and the Bellarine to Leopold & rejoining the rail trail to The Bungalow. On departing, Meri&Lovro went home from here & we assembled across the busy main road. I then noticed David heading back as well. The remaining ten of us then headed up to Princess St.etc and entered the Bellarine at the Flying Brick back to Geelong where we dispersed at the Barwon river trail.Thanks to John Hagan for the photos.
Regards, Ron.

Sue and Tom on the tandem.

TOUR DOWN UNDER - 103km from Myponga to Strathalbyn - Saturday 19.1.19
Very early start today, all departed Caravan Park by 5-00 am, Peter O to Glenelg to start the 158 km stage, Ross, Trudi, Leo, Chris Hu and myself to Myponga to Start the 102 km course, all to finish at Strathalbyn before the Pros came in. Cool start to the day, but soon forgotten on the first hill. Peter O had a really good day powering up the hills and flying down. The 102 km group also enjoyed their ride, starting at Myponga meant being at the top of one of the main hills so just after starting the run downhill seemed to go forever.
Lovely day on the bike in heaps of company, after finishing did a car shuffle to get our vehicles at the finish area then settled down to watch the race, initial result of Caleb winning, fantastic, but not to be, poor Caleb was DSQ, so sad. Paddy Bevin also going down was also so disappointing, nobody wants to see a race lost in this way. Tomorrow is the final stage on The Old Wilunga Hill, and we’ll all be there, where else would be!
Cheers, Peter.

TOUR DOWN UNDER in Adelaide - Friday 18.1.19
Some took a rest day, getting ready for tomorrow’s Challenge Ride, but some wanted to keep their hill legs. Ross, Trudi and Leo headed up to Mt Lofty, Chris Hu and myself headed to the Beach via the River Path, nice and flat. Chris and myself enjoyed a coffee at Henley Beach before cruising home on the Light Rail Path. After lunch Peter O and myself headed out to the Stage 4 finish at Campbelltown, very exciting, great fun joining all the Punters and the Pros, flying down hill back into town.
Cheers, Peter.

Ted's Ride to Growler's for Coffee in Torquay on Thursday 17.1.19
With a forecast of 39 degrees there was some trepidation as 10 riders assembled at the Grovey Pub for the print to Torquay. I say “sprint” but in my case it was more of a plod. Having said that I racked up 10 PR’s on Strava. Yay for me. Anyway, enough about me. Mike C, Ken, Andrew, David I, Rolf (Coffee Shop Name Jack), Paul, Ange (CSN Sally), Nick, Dr Mike and I headed off at a briskish pace along Torquay Road, then the Ring Road path to Ghazepore, Dickens and Anglesea Roads, through Ocean Acres to Torquay. A change of coffee shop scenery was on the cards so we stopped at Growlers where we had good coffee/hot chocolate and great service. Home via the normal Horseshoe Bend route where the numbers gradually dwindled as riders found their preferred way home. My Garmin stopped at 43.37 km which I was more than happy with. The temperature stayed within a very narrow band of 22 to 25 so we were happy with that. Did I say I had 10 PR’s?

TOUR DOWN UNDER in Adelaide - Thursday 17.1.19
A hot night again but the crew were all at the start at 6-30 am to head into the hills again on another of the iconic Adelaide Rides, Norton’s Summit. Many, many, riders heading up, our Mountain Goats rocketed up to the pub at the top, would have taken coffee but very early in the morning, only 7-30 am and not enough staff and too many cyclists. Intended to head across to Montacute Rd but discovered not all roads in the hills are sealed, so plan B. Returned to the Summit after riding through a very pleasant valley and took the Old Norton’s Summit road back into suburbia. Asked Trudi to jump on the front and find us a nice coffee shop, as usual she came up trumps spotting the Hibernian Café where we enjoyed a very pleasant break before rolling home, another fantastic morning on the bike.
Cheers, Peter.

TOUR DOWN UNDER in Adelaide - Montacute, Corkscrew, Gorge Rd Circuit - Wednesday 16.1.19
Another hot day forecast, nice round 40 deg, early start again at 6-30 am when the temperature is quite pleasant for riding. Headed out to the hills, Trudi’s sister Jodi joined us, at Montacute Trudi, Jodi, Leo and myself turned right, Peter O, Ross and Chris Hu continued out to Gorge Rd intending to ride up Corkscrew while the smart operators took Montacute intending to ride down Corkscrew, Trudi,  Jodi and myself rode it last year, no need to do it again! Reached the top, brief rest before heading down Corkscrew looking forward to see Peter O, Ross and Chris Hu grinding up, very disappointing, no sign of them, they missed the turn off and rode another 5 or 6 kms up Gorge Rd before coming back to do the climb. After both our circuits it was back to Norwood for coffee and breakfast and to watch the Start. Another great days riding, back to the hills again tomorrow up Norton’s Summit.
Cheers, Peter.

Unofficial Ride by Mike T, David I and Rolf to Drysdale on Tuesday 15.1.19 - click here for photo and Map

Ken's Ride Through the Barrabool Hills to Moriac on Tuesday 15.1.19
The predicted maximum temp of 33 deg must have deterrred some riders. This, together with the absence of several members in Adelaide, resulted in a small group of 5 setting out from the Highton river carpark. Mt. Pleasant, Scenic, Grantham, Barrabool, Devon, Princes, Andersons, Barrabool, and Hendy Main took us to Ravens Creek cafe for a variety of refreshments. Ange, Paul, Laurie, Meri and Ken appreciated that cloud cover and cool air temperature kept the temperature around the mid 20's whilst the hills were climbed. The sun came out and it got warmer so we returned via the shortest, easiest route - Reservoir, Pettavel,  WPDrive and Pigdons Roads. The ride was complted a little after noon, well before the day's maximum was reached.

TOUR DOWN UNDER in Adelaide - Tuesday 15.1.19 - Stage ONE of the TDU
Another early start, with 41 deg forecast no point in hanging around waiting for the heat. Todays ride was over through Port Adelaide to North Haven where we joined Adelaide’s “Beach Rd” along the coast to Glenelg for coffee. Marcia and Marion joined us while we relaxed amongst many different cycling groups. Sitting in the shade chatting was very enjoyable.
After coffee we headed back into Adelaide and beyond to North Adelaide for the start of Stage 1. Thousands of people enjoying the spectacle, fantastic! Following the start we rolled back home to the Caravan Park, about 5 km, a bite of lunch, shower, and sit back to watch the race on TV. Happy hour 5-00 pm at Ross and Chris Hu’s cabin. Another nice ride on the bike on the flat, back into the hills tomorrow, some are keen to climb the Corkscrew, been there, done that last year, I prefer to ride the corkscrew going down!!
Cheers, Peter.

TOUR DOWN UNDER in Adelaide - Monday 14.1.19
With a forecast 39 deg it was best to get out early so at 6-30 am all but Trudi were ready to ride. A climbing ride today, headed across to the Crafers Bikeway a climb of about 9 km averaging about 5 to 6 %, from Crafers it is about 3 klms further up to Mt Lofty. Lovely views, fairly clear even though apparently there had been a fire overnight in the ranges. Arrived at about the right time, the café wasn’t open and about 50 cyclists were all hanging around not knowing what time it would open with no sign of a notice about opening times. A big bunch gave up and left, 2 minutes later it opened at 8-30 am, great! Enjoyed a nice coffee and break while heaps of cyclists rolled in and out. Marcia picked up Marion and Trudi and joined us at Mt Lofty, then it was time for the good bit, all down hill via Greenhill Rd back to Levi Park. Great mornings ride, I think we’ll do a flat ride around the beach tomorrow.
Cheers, Peter.

David Simpson leads the Combined Ride with Cycling Geelong to Queenscliff on Sunday 13.1.19
Have attached some photos from our ride - Taken at Port Philip Heads in Pt Lonsdale. We stareted with 6 - myself; Mark B; Mike; Rolf; John Miro and Dave Simpson (leader from CG). Had coffee at Garage (very busy but great coffee). Great ride, cool breeze etc.
Heather Maslin.

Saturday Ride to The Stoop in Torquay - 12.1.19
A total of ten riders rolled into the Grovie Pub site for the ride to Jan Juc: Rolf, Paul & Angie, Meri & Lovro, David & Jackie, Mike T, Peter M and yours truly. We set off up to Baanip Blv and turned left into Ghazeepore Rd then right into Dickins Rd and left onto Anglesea Rd. Owing to the  heavy traffic, we opted for Torquay and made our way to cafe Stoop - good bike parking & seating options here. On leaving there we took the straighter route along the foreshore to Horseshoe Bend soaking in a lovely tailwind. Another beautiful day.
FOOTNOTE: Loved the big serve handed out by Big Paul to the impatient& ignorant driver in his works van overtaking him on double lines. Cheers till the next ride.
Keep pedalling, Ron.

David Innes' Ride to Millars in Lara - Thursday - 10.1.19
A short ride on a perfect day to Lara. It was my turn to lead and what a start to the day when I discovered that my rear tyre was flat! This was at 8 am with the start for 8.30 am so I quickly changed the tube and off I went pedalling fast as I could arriving with only 5 min to spare. The group was already assembled and ready to go so off we went via the new path along the back of Rippleside through the boat launch area winding our way through north shore to eventually get onto the Hovells Trail. A most uneventful ride out to a favourite coffee stop Millars where the coffee was good and a long lost beloved member finally showed up Noel! Was greeted warmly by those who knew him another member blew in at speed only 5 min after we'd arrived Rolf who explained to us he had not one but two punctures so well done to him for finally making it. After coffee there was much discussion about which way we'd head back. I was in favour of just going back along the Hovells Trial as it was the safest way home and to avoid the heavy diversion of traffic due to the road works but I was out numbered and everyone except me headed back across the Bacchus Marsh Highway onto the Ted Wilson Trail. Thanks to all who attended and hope everyone enjoyed the ride on what turned out to be a beautiful day. Attending were: Trudi, Mike C, Chris Hu, Peter J, Rolf, Meri, Ron, Paul & Ange, David & Jackie.
David Innes.

Chris Hume Leads the Cadel Evans Preparation Ride on Tuesday 8.1.19
I was amazed to see so many riders turn up for today's ride! There were 19 riders at the Eastern Beach Car park - Greg, Trudi, Ken, Ross (having left Torquay in early morning darkness and done the second harder part of the circuit already!!), David I, Peter J, Peter O, Mark K, Rolf, Meri, Julia, Paul and Ange, John M, Mark S, Dr Mike, and  guests Dave S and long John C and yours truly Chris Hu. We headed off in perfect weather along Limeburners Rd, Boundary Rd, Breakwater Rd and onto Barwon Heads Rd, here Sara, Nick and Mark K joined the peleton. From  here we continued to Barwon Heads, a bit of traffic, but not too bad. John C left us at Lake Rd..  Onto 13th Beach, Blackgate Rd, Horshoe Bend Rd and into Torquay for coffee at The Stoop.  50km down! Here Ross returned home having completed his 116km, David I, Rolf , Sarah and Nick headed home at this point. 
From here it was uphill to the Bells Beach turn off. The Bells Beach section involved a few hills!! We regrouped at Surf Coast Hwy then up Forest Rd to Moriac for lunch at the Moriac Store. Here we were joined by Mark B so at this stage we had all three Marks in our club present!! Off up Hendy Main Rd, Mark S returned home Via the Hwy, the rest continued on. On reaching Barabool Rd some went ahead and the rest of us continued on at a more sedate pace. Meri and Trudi headed home at Meriwarp Rd. The rest of finished the Course including a couple of steep hills and had a photo shoot at the Shark Fins Sculpture at the end. All in all it was a great ride, in good weather with an enthusiastic bunch of riders.
Chris Hu.

Chris Halpin's Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove on Sunday 6.1.19
Great to see a smiling group of riders lined up at South Geelong station this morning in bright sunshine. And they kept coming. Meri and Lovro, Chris Hu, Peter J, Rolf, Lyn, Peter O, Dr Mike, Janet, Andrew, Ross, myself and two guests, David and Sandy. We set off for Ocean Grove on the Rail Trail with lots of happy chatter but quickly had to take a side route around a fallen tree and found ourselves tip-toeing around regular heaps of broken glass.  Maybe we need to review this route option - one of the glass heaps nearly caused a nasty head-on collision with a on-coming fellow cyclist. Fortunately no more excitement as we raced along the Bellarine Hwy and turned into Wallington Road.  Lyn decided to head back here.  Coffee at Groove was up to the usual excellent standard, with lots of lively chatter and bright sunshine. Headed for home down 13th Beach, Blackgate and thence to Horseshoe Bend Roads with various riders peeling off as necessary. Lovely day for a ride and thanks everyone for the company.
Cheers, Chris Ha.

Saturday Ride to Drysdale, Pt Lonsdale & Barwon Heads - 5.1.19
Mark B was due to lead this ride but went to Sth Geelong Station for the start - meanwile the others were at the Geelong Showgrounds and elected Chris Halpin to lead. Mark caught up with the group a bit later. Check out the map for where they went.

Peter Jones leads the ride to Ravens Creek Farm in Moriac on Thursday 3.1.19
Thirteen riders at the start ready to ride: Meri, Trudi, Ange, Paul, Lovro, Leo, Peter O, Ross, Chris Hu, Rolf, Mark K, David I and myself. Just got back from the Gippsland Lakes the night before and checking on where we were going found I was leading so put the thinking cap on and thought up a different way to get from Church St to Moriac.
Headed out the Ballarat Rd through Batesford, took the Dog Rocks Rd., surprised everyone, including me, with a little bit of gravel before heading over the Dog Rock and down to Hamilton Hwy. Right turn out to Polocksford Rd., and up the hill to Barrabool Rd., a short undulating ride to Hendy Main Rd., took us right down into Moriac and Ravens Creek for a well earned coffee. Much chatter, Lyn L and Ken joined us having taken a different route, fairly busy, a bit slow with coffees, Peter O’s order was lost for a while but eventually arrived after a bit of prompting.
The return route for most was via Mt Duneed Rd. and Ghazeepoore Rd., at the Waurn Ponds outskirts everyone split to take their personal ways home, great day for a ride, thanks for joining me, very enjoyable.
Cheers, Peter.

Ross' Ride on New Year's Day 2019 to Bannockburn
Very mixed reviews for today´s ride to Bannockburn. Everything from ¨Great outing¨ to ¨Worst ride ever¨. Basically, it came down to whether having a morning coffee stop was important to the individual. There were no cafes open in Bannockburn today!!! Even the local servo couldn´t help as their coffee machine was out of service.
The combination of being the morning after New Years Eve and the ¨(hills)¨ in the ride description meant I wasn´t expecting too many today. Quite a surprise to see the crowd assembled at the Waurn Ponds Bunnings start. Greg, Ken, Lyn, Chris Hu, Peter O, David I, John M, Angie and Paul (who had already ridden in from Bannockburn), Nick and Ross warmed up on Cochranes Road before heading down Merrawarp Road to the Hamilton Highway. Here we met up with Meri, Lovro, Trudi and Leo. We continued via Dog Rocks Road to Batesford before a short slightly unpleasant section on the highway. We then got to cross the Moorabool Valley twice, once via Bakers Bridge Road (where David left us) before returning via Russells Bridge and up the hill to our ¨morning tea¨ stop. Paul managed both climbs while stuck in his highest gear. Most impressive.
There was much milling about and hand wringing in the main street of Bannockburn until the realisation of no coffee sunk in. After a short break while people filled water bottles and purchased cold drinks, we set off again (without Paul and Angie) down Burnside, back to the Hamilton Highway. The group split further at Pollocksford Road with some taking the highway back to town.
Just seven continued up the Pollocksford hill. Meri and Lovro continued on home via Barrabool Road, so just a small (but select) group turned on to Andersons Road. Greg, Nick, Peter O, John M and Ross enjoyed a fairly fast run down the Princes Highway and Waurn Ponds Drive back to our starting point.
I enjoyed the ride! (but I don´t drink coffee). Hopefully the majority of the other participants did also. Mostly quiet roads and good company. Thanks to all who turned out. Regards, Ross.

Ron's Ride to The Bungalow in Drysdale on Sunday 30.12.18
A total of 6 riders - David I, Mike C, Rolf, Meri, Lovro and myself assembled for the planned ride to Collendia via the Rail Trail the usual route, stopping for coffee at The Bungalow where we shared several interesting and funny bike related stories.   On leaving, a suggestion was made and agreed on to terminate the destination point here and return the same way to the train station.    At the Melaluka Road crossover point, David I and Rolf turned right and headed back via Portarlington Road. A dry ride until we reached Bunnings where we got rained upon for the next 7mins. (Heavy but refreshing). No incidents to report today. A nice cruisy Sunday ride was enjoyed by all. See you all again next year on the roads.
Regards, Ron.


Chris Halpin's Saturday Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove - 29.12.18
A morning for the stoics - and nine answered the call.  Heavy rain at 7.30 headed to Melbourne just in time and left us cloudy skies with a nice tail wind to push us down Surfcoast Hwy, thru Warralilly, Lake Road, around the airport, then Sheepwash and on to Groove Cafe.  Chris Hu, Janet, new member Andrew, Ross, Jacqui and David, Nick, John M and I enjoyed a long and pleasant coffee break, marvelling at the renovations happening around us at Groove. Business is going well and well deserved. The return trip over the Barwon Heads bridge was notable for the long line of holiday traffic as we wizzed up the inside lane. 13th Beach was thankfully quiet and gave us time to enjoy the view. Then on to Horseshoe Bend Road to discover the wind had shifted again and another lovely tail wind in to Geelong. Perfect. Thanks all for a great ride in great company. Cheers. Chris Ha.

Meri's Ride to Moriac on a Very Hot Thursday - 27.12.18
On a day that was forecast to be well into the 30’s, we made an early 7.30 start. Those that made the start at the top of Church Street were Andrew, Ken, Rolf, Peter O, D Innes, Chris Hu, Ross, Lovro and myself. We picked up Peter J and Lyn L. Rode out down through Fyansford, turning left at Merrawarp Road, and left into Barrabool Road up Ceres Hill. A great treat ahead as most of us like the downward run through Cochrane Road and onto the old Highway. Apparently the NZ trip has meant that Peter Jones flies down the hill at what I would call “breakneck speed”, Pete just thinks it’s fun!!!… and quite safe. Not me. Breaks on most of the way. Onto freeway and up past Pettavel and then Resevoir Road. Some of us took the easy option to Moriac via Cape Otway Road, whilst the braver and fitter went through the hills to Hendymain Road.
At coffee by 9.00 and left at 9.30. Some of us again took the shorter route home to avoid the heat. Sensible. Five of us took off for Pollocksford Road and down The Hamilton Highway. So some of us did over 80, Lovro and I did 75. Finishing at 11.30 and with heat at 34degrees according to my Garmin. Lovro yelled something to me 50 metres from home, I didn’t hear so kept riding. He, on the other hand had yelled “swim”, and went for one! I just had a shower, but was crushed when I saw what he had done. Next time I will yell “what?” and follow ……

Ron Little's Ride to Lara on Sunday 23.12.18
Absolutely perfect weather for the Lara ride today. I awoke at dawn to find a Full moon on it's final 13 minutes of setting in front of a lovely blue sky.(worth getting up for). OK/ Onto the meeting point; Quite a good group of 14 riders comprising; John H, Chris Ha, Chris Hu, Andrew, Rolf, Bonny, David I, Ian, Mike T, Peter J, Mark S, Nick, Sarah and myself headed up Yarra St.and along the waterfront to the Hovell Trail for coffees at Millars. A perfect match for the nice coffee is the toasted banana bread. I give it 9 out of ten (try it & see). For ever changing scenery this ride is the Jewel in the Crown, believe me!!! A Photographers eye candy. Just past the Grammar School the group split into equal groups for their home destinations. Great company on a great day.
Have a great Xmas,love & best wishes, Ron. 
Report from the other return group - John Hagan.
Travelling back along the Ted Wilson Trail we passed an older couple which I spoke to as we passed. The lady then looked back to see if there were more riders coming and, unfortunately, veered to the edge of the path, hitting a pole along a temporary fence. She fell heavily on the concrete and was unable to get up. After discussions with her and her husband I rang 000 and summoned an Ambulance
. The section of the path we were on was between Purnell Rd and Anakie Rd. When the ambulance arrived we disassembled the temporary fence and the ambulance people managed to get through the fence at the other end of the estate and drive right through to the path. We had assisted the lady by putting my backpack under her head as a pillow. I think the rescue operation took about 45 minutes. Peter J took one of their bikes up to Anakie Rd where they were to be picked up. We then went on with some of going down through Fyansford.

Rolf & Peter J Ride to The Bungalow at Drysdale on Saturday 22.12.18
Peter Jones said: Only two riders were ready to ride at 8-30 am, Rolf and myself, then John M turned up and we were three, somehow I ended up leader by default and decided it would be nice to head out to Drysdale to catch up with the Bungalow Bunch, so that is what we did and it was a very enjoyable morning, ride and chat. Cheers, Peter.

Rolf said: Not sure we did actually elect a ride leader seeing that we were on 3 riders fronting up at South Geelong station.  The road to the station was still closed from the water front due to the hit and run accident this morning.  The sky was grey and the forecast was not very summery, but Peter Jones, John Miro and myself fronted up for a ride.  We made a quick decision to go to Drysdale rather then Moriac because of the wind direction.  An uneventful ride until we got caught by a bunch on the highway and we moved into it and had a fast ride to our turnoff at Bunnings in Leopold.  At the Bungalow in Drysdale we met up with the social group of our club, the Bagley's with dog Otto, the Greg's and the Hume's.  A bit later Ross Glover joined all of us and we had a long and pleasant chat.  Going home along Princess Street and Swan Bay Road, only Peter Jones and my self continued along the highway home while the others made their own way.  It did turn out a lovely ride in nice company with a sunny ending.
Cheers, Rolf.

Peter O'Brien's Ride Around Geelong City Central on Thursday 20.12.18
This morning Rolf, Mike T, Ron, Peter J, Ted, Chris Hu, Norm, Tom, Sue and myself set off from the Showgrounds and proceeded to Portarlington Road and then out to Pont Henry.  The two things that stood out on this section of the ride were the tail wind, which made for very pleasant riding, followed by 600 metres of corrugated dirt road, which made of perilous riding to the Pier.  When we arrived, the views of the Bay and Geelong were well worth the bone-rattling last 600m. 
We proceeded back to Geelong and had a coffee break at the Royal Geelong Yacht Club where Peter J was in his element.  Unfortunately Lovro wasn’t riding today, so in his absence we had all a squiz at his fleet of yachts!  During the break a general knowledge quiz was held on the balcony of the Yacht Club at which Mike and Norm excelled.  It was with some regret we departed the stunning yachting environment to head off on the next stage and tackle central Geelong.  Right now a lot of high rise construction is being undertaken in Geelong and we viewed 53 Mercer Street and the nearby Miramar complex.  We had a laugh at the Worksafe building signage which states, “End of Trip Facility” (for bikes).   No doubt some highly paid consultant pushed the limits of his/her brain space coming up with that title! The ride through Johnstone Park was exhilarating where we rode a couple of circuits just to enjoy the surrounds.  In stark contrast, the ride on the new bike path along Malop Street between Gheringhap and Yarra Streets was treacherous.  Construction trucks, cars blocking the bike path, cars blocking the intersections, drivers opening their doors along the path, and even a trolley left on the pathway.  We were glad to reach the safety of Bellarine Street where we could get away from the Christmas mayhem.  At this point we lost a couple of our riders so we proceeded to ride to Ted’s new building in Little Myer Street and view the progress.  Looking good Ted!
With time getting away we then all headed back home. A relatively short ride of 33 kms but one with plenty of action.
Peter O.

Peter Jones' Ride from Ballarat to Creswick on Tuesday 18.12.18
Seven riders joined me for this nice little Boutique ride from Ballarat to Creswick. I used this ride to test out my Adelaide rider and bike carrying capacity. Ross joined me at home and then we headed over to pick up Rolf, then David I and finally Ben at Lara. We took the scenic route across to Meredith and then on to Ballarat. We arrived at Lake Wendouree with plenty of time just before Chris Ha and Zdenko.
After unloading the bikes it was time to head to the Coffee Shop, one of our shortest rides to coffee, just 4.8 klm but fully justifiable  as we all started from home early.
Enjoyed an excellent coffee at the Bike/Coffee shop before hitting the roads slowly climbing out of Ballarat to the Daylesford Rd turning left on the Creswick Rd continuing to climb until we reached Wattle Flat, from here it is all downhill into Creswick, about 10 klm, a great run through the Creswick State Forest. A tailwind also helped to speed us all downhill and on our way to lunch. Arrived at the American Hotel about 20 to 12 and enjoyed a cool drink while studying the Menu. Mum rolled up on her Scooter to join the bunch and we had an enjoyable lunch, American Fried Chicken was a popular choice for a number of the riders. Lunch over we bid farewell to Mum and rolled back into Ballarat via the Bald Hills Rd and enjoyed a coffee/milk shake at Pipers on the Lake before loading up and heading home, a most enjoyable days riding in excellent weather and fantastic countryside.
Cheers, Peter.

Ken Gawne's Ride to Barwon Heads & Wallington on Tuesday 18.12.18
Chris Hume, Lyn, Nick, Ron and Ken fronted up at the Grovedale Hotel for a local alternative to the out-of-town ride from Ballarat. We made our way to Barwon Heads via Warralily, Lake, Bluestone School and the Sheepwash loop. Lyn left us at this point. The route took us along Wallington Rd before turning into Rhinds. Refreshments were enjoyed at the pleasant cafe located in the Van Loon's Nursery complex. Swan Bay and Banks roads brought us to the Bellarine Hwy where Nick and Ron headed back towards town. Chris and I sped along at speeds hovering around 30kph through Ocean Grove and Barwon Heads, 13th Beach, Blackgate and Horseshoe Bend roads. We parted company at Marshalltown Rd. My overall distance was 92.3 kms at an average of 23.4kph. An exhilirating ride.

Greg Allerton's 102km Ride - Circumnavigation of the You Yangs then to Balliang & Anakie - Sunday 16.12.18
Despite the forecast of showers and a possible storm my long ride was held in fine conditions with only very light winds. John C, John H, Chris Hu, Peter J, Mark S and I rode out via Rippleside, Corio Quay, Shell Pd and Rennie St to Lara. We had had to wait for a while at McIntyre Rd rail crossing for a very long container goods train. We were heading out  Mill Rd when J.C had a rear wheel puncture. After a short delay we were off again setting a good pace up the east side of the You Yangs. Alas J.C suffered a front  puncture. I gave him a tube but when inflated  his front tyre had ominous splits in it. He decided the wise option was to head back home  as we had only done 37 of the 100 km total. The rest of us pushed on past  Mt Rothwell (north side of You Yangs) where parts of the Australian film The Dressmaker was shot. Suddenly there was a slight touch of wheels and instantly Mark hit the road heavily. He suffered abrasions and my first aid kit was put to good use. Luckily he had no serious injuries and the bike was rideable. We briefly headed north on Bacchus Marsh Rd before Gilmore then Hannan Rds took us towards Brisbane Ranges with no traffic and only 3 km of good  gravel. A short climb to Anakie Junction was followed by a fast run down to the Anakie Store for coffee. The return trip was marred by the high volume  of cars  as they were diverted off BMsh Rd. We took Ted Wilson Trail then people made their own way home. Thank you all for coming to complete my 52nd century ride for the year.  We rode 102 km in 4h 15 min  at an average of 24 kph.
Greg Allerton.

John Miro's Sunday Ride to Barwon Heads - 16.12.18
I was worried about the weather but it was a perfect morning for riding - sunny and cool. 5 riders: Meri and Lovro, Rolf, Ken and me. Horseshoe Bend Rd, Blackgate Rd to Barwon Heads. Great ride except for Rolf's 2 punctures on 13th Beach Rd, I had one 10 minutes from home.
See you on next ride. John M.

David Rae's Saturday Ride to Barwon Heads - 15.12.18
On a bleak looking morning Jackie and I set off to the Grovedale Hotel not expecting anyone to turn up, but who is this in the distance - Peter Jones on his trusty steed!  Then surprise surprise here comes Rolf, so the four of us headed up Torquay Road, soon to be joined by John Miro, which made a nice little group of 5.  We continued down to the turnoff at Waralily Boulevard with a bit of a head wind all the way around Lakes Road and down Barwon Heads Road, where we called in at The Beach House for our coffee.  We were chatting and enjoying a really good coffee when who should turn up but Peter O'Brien.  He had set off early and enjoyed a good ride around Torquay and Ocean Grove thinking he would find us at The Groove, but we tricked him!  Peter had worked up a good sweat by this time, but was happy with his ride.
The return trip home was along 13th Beach Road with a good tail wind and then back around Lakes Road. Peter O'Brien made his way home up Barwon Heads Road, Rolf left us at the bike path off Waralily Boulevard and John turned up Horshoebend Road.  The remaining three riders headed home via Torquay Road/Heyers Road. A very pleasant ride with not a drop of rain!
David Rae.

Lyn Loudon's Ride to Pt Addis on Tuesday 11.12.18
I was pleasantly surprised to find a large group of riders waiting outside JB HiFi at 8.50 this morning. By 9.00 it had increasesd to a total of 14 people - 2 x Chris, Peter O'Brien, Julia, Sarah & Nick, 3 x RSL, new rider Mark, Rolf, Ross, Ken & myself. We had an uneventful ride to the Anglesea Rd where we split into two groups for safety until reaching Blackgate Rd. There we were passed by two riders going fast in the opposite direction - Jackie & David out on a secret training ride!! We continued to the end of Grassdale where Chris Ha left us, through to Grays then Forest where everyone came together again. There were some dark mutterings by grumpy people and threats of reporting the leader for lack of a coffee stop but all stoically pressed on to Pt Addis to be rewarded with wonderful views and a hard climb out. Well done all! Lunch was taken at Swell Cafe after a few more hills & there we parted company with Ross & Mark. Then it was homeward bound through Torquay along the esplanade to HSB where riders split up to go on their separate ways. Thanks everyone for a fantastic day out on the bike for a total of approx 76 kms (or more for those riding from home).

GTC Christmas Party at "Charlemont" - Sunday 9.12.18
Our hosts for this most enjoyable gathering are Lindy and Don Lester at their farm "Charlemont" on Tompsons Creek. One of the highlights of the afternoon is the Kris Kringle for which we have our own special set of rules. Your name is pulled out and you choose a present - however, when the next person selects a present they have the right to swap it with any of the presents selected before this. The most fortunate person is the last one to select as they can choose anyone's present. Marie took photos of the Kris Kringle - last 3 sets of photos below.

John Hagan Leads the Combined Ride with Cycling Geelong to Millars at Lara - Sunday 9.12.18
A really good turnout for this Sunday Combined ride of 11 riders. Some of the GTC riders may have been absent because our Christmas party was starting at 12 noon at Lindy & Don's farm south of Armstrong Creek. We headed out along Corio Bay and turned up Shell Parade, past Geelong Grammar, and through to Millars via Rennie St and Canterbury Rd. After long conversations over coffee and hot chocolate we came back to Geelong via the Hovells Creek Trail. Peter O'Brien and myself then continued through to the Christmas party.
Keep pedalling, John Hagan.

Ross & Greg Finish the Bairnsdale - Kosciuszko - Albury Tour - Sunday 9.12.18
We are sitting at Albury railway station, waiting fot the train home. The tour is over. Were expecting the ride down from the mountains to be a bit of an anti-climax but it was far from that with many unexpected pleasures such as great scenery, really quiet but excellent roads and some great camps. A standout was a return trip on the Wymah punt and a great campground to ourselves in NSW when we were expecting a bush camp with no facilities in Vic. Looking forward to home. Will catch up soon. Best, Greg and Ross.

Andrew Hanns' Ride to Moriac on Saturday 8.11.18
Not a great start to the ride, with the ride leader turning up late, however those attended showed mercy. Ken, Chris Ha, Peter Jones, Rolf, Meri & Lovro, Paul & Ange, Peter Maurer, Ray M, Peter O and Andrew H. We ventured on our way down the river bike path through Highton to Waurn Ponds drive to Colac road. Left onto Pettavel Rd, then Reservoir Rd with some breaking to ride down hill to Moriac General Store, while other took some hills on their way to the store for coffee via Hendy main Rd. The weather behaved allowing us to continue after coffee along Hendy Main Rd, where some took Colac Rd for home where others continued to Barrabool Rd, Ceres and Belmont.

Nicole, Chris Halpin and Mike Currie Finish the Great Vic Bike Ride - click the link and check out the photos.
NEW Pictures (3.12.18) of the GREAT VICTORIAN BIKE RIDE 2018 - which a number of our riders are on this year - click here.

Ross & Greg Arrive at Dead Horse Gap - 7.12.18 - note: the horses at back right are very much alive!

Peter Jones' Ride to Ceres & Mt Moriac on a HOT Thursday - 6.11.18
12 riders for todays ride: Meri, Ange, Sarah, Nick, Andrew, Paul, Norm, Ray, Mark S, Rolf, Chris and yours truly. With a hot day forecast I changed the start time to 8-00 am and decided to leave Bannockburn for another day and planned a circuit around Geelong finishing at Two Sugars in Highton which is not too far away for everyone to get home if it did heat up quickly. Our first little adventure was taking the road up through the Paper Mills, only one minor inconvenience getting through the wire fence but everyone managed without too much trouble. Continued on to Merrawarp Rd, right up Barrabool, left into Andersons and right at the Colac Rd., after a brief trip on the Hwy it was left into Ervins and over to Reservoir to commence our run back into Geelong and coffee. Took Pigdons up past the Uni and Epworth and down Belle Vue. A very pleasant ride, mainly off the busy roads, what we lacked in length we made up for in elevation, arrived into the Highton Village about 10-00 am where we met up with David and Jackie who had joined us from the river, Marion who walked down to do the shopping and Adam who is recovering nicely from his neck operation.
A lovely morning on the bike before the heat and wind. Cheers, Peter.

Ross & Greg Arrive at Mt Kosciuszko - started on 27.11.18
Hi from Knancoban. Just finisned 3rd day of + 1000m climbs from Tom Groggin on Murray River. 2hours on 1 climb today but good descent into Kancoban. Now hot. That was 3 consecutive days of 1000m. Today was 1400m. Small C/W gets much use. I have 26t. Ross has 27t with high cadence. Alpine scenery was great. Greg.

Trudi's Ride to The You Yangs on Tuesday 4.12.18
On arriving at Rippleside I thought, beauty what a great crowd for today's ride..  But no, I soon realised that there were two groups LAC and GTC. Riders today were Chris Hu, Peter J, Rolf, Ron, Meri, Julie, Ray, Peter O, Sarah and Nick, and soon to be new member Mark. Before setting off Rolf discovered that he had a flat tire so headed back home to change bikes. We dropped past Meri's house to pick her up, then continued out North Shore picking up the Hovells Creek bike path. Coffee was at Cafe Blu and as usual the coffee and service was excellent. Ted dropped past to say G'day, with the LAC arriving for their break it was time to get moving. Our route today was via the old Geelong Rd to Little River, then across and up the You Yangs stopping at the top for an early lunch. After descending from the top we regrouped and noticed that we were missing Ray. After a few phone calls we discovered that he hadn't ridden through the car park at the top and seen us off to the side having lunch. Our returned trip took us out onto the Bacchus Marsh Rd and then the Ted Wilson bike path. Thanks everyone for joining me on today's ride, I'll see you all next time.
"Life is better on your bike." Trudi.

Peter O'Brien's Ride to Maude & Anakie on Sunday 2.12.18
Chris Hu, Mark S, Mark B, Mike T, Laurie, David I  and myself were apprehensive about today’s ride given the weather predictions for some rain and a possible thunder storm accompanied by strong westerly winds.  Not to be deterred, we headed off and on the bike route along Ballarat Road, the winds were so strong the path was littered with tumble weeds meaning we had to zig-zag our way through them. We rode to Maude via Steiglitz Road which turned out to be a real grind given the hills and prevailing wind.  At Maude we stopped to view Bunjil’s Lookout but didn’t stay long due to the extremely strong winds. We then wove our way across to Anakie which involved a huge climb just out of Maude and a fast descent down Oneils Lane.  It was on this descent that David I came off his bike on a particularly sharp bend.  Despite a nasty fall David was not injured and able to continue the ride. The coffee break at Anakie was greatly appreciated as we had ridden 50kms to that point and time was getting on.  It had taken us just under three hours to get to Anakie which was testament to the riding conditions. After regaining our energy we rode along Anakie Road back to Geelong and although traffic is heavier along this route it was the most direct way home. I have subsequently spoken with David, and whilst he is a little sore, he informs me he is okay.
Regards, Peter O.

Ange's Saturday Ride to The Groove in Ocean Grove - 1.12.18
The first day of summer and we had 11 riders, plus myself. As my first go at ride leader I chose the Groove for our coffee destination. The ride group were fantastic and assisted in allowing me to guide everyone the right way...and not get lost. We headed down the Surf Coast H'way and turned down Warralily Blvd. Turned on to Barwon Heads Road, on to Lake Road towards Shaws Ln, Lake Rd. Turned down Staceys Rd and over to Blackrock Rd. This then led us to Thirteenth Beach Rd where the blue skies gave us a great view of the surfers and riders who had taken advantage of the great day. After re-grouping we continued to our destination across Barwon Heads Bridge and stopped at the Groove. Since it was such a great day I had envisioned that there would be no room for coffee...but to our surprise we had plenty of room and all enjoyed the usual great coffee and great conversation. We were expecting a visit from our fellow rider, Adam, to join us. But after a call we discovered that he had been held up by an accident that was on the Bellarine H'way...which was our proposed trip home. So it was back  down Thirteenth Beech Rd on our return trip and through Barwon Heads- Torquay Rd, back on to Blackgate Rd and turning on to Horseshoe Bend Rd. It was along this road that we encountered our usual drivers who choose to cross over a solid line to 'get around' us. It was then that we noticed a Police car was also behind us...which led to lights being put on and the driver of the car having a 'chat' with the men in Blue...Bonus for us.
With Terry leaving us at Warralily Blvd, and some smooth moves from John as we approached some lights which led me to call 'stopping' to avoid trying to beat the lights. Well done John. We continued on to Reserve Rd and down Barwarre Rd where the group dispersed and headed their own way home. 
Great ride, great company, great weather and great coffee gave me a total of 56 kms. Thanks for the ride....but I much prefer to be at the back. Ange.