GTC Ride Reports - from December 2013 through to August 2018

Jacki's Ride to Torquay via Freshwater Creek - Thursday 30.8.18
Nine riders - Marie, Lyn, Trudi, Mick, Terry, Chris Hu, Peter O, David and Jackie, left the Grovedale Hotel on a dry, but chilly morning.  We went on the bike path to Ghazeepore Road riding down to Dickins Road, where most of us turned right towards Anglesea Road.  Peter O and Chris Hu went straight on here to get some practice on the gravel road, agreeing to meet us later on Coombs Road.  We discovered a lot of road works on Anglesea Road, which didn't cause any problems apart from a bit of dirt in the bike lane.  We turned left into Coombs Road where we met up with Peter and Chris again.  We made our way through Ocean Acres and onto Grossmans Road into Torquay.  The plan was to go to Majevos for coffee, but as it was a bit busy we went to Torquay Orange next door, where Ross paid us a visit.  It was nice to see him, but no good news regarding him getting back to riding, as he was still experiencing pain with his knee.  After an enjoyable coffee break we headed off again to Horseshoebend Road. Everyone except Peter O turned left at Warralily Boulevard and continued up the Surf Coast Highway back to the Grovedale Hotel.  Luckily we managed to complete our ride before the rain started. Good to be back riding with the group!

Peter O'Brien's Ride to Portarlington & Queenscliff on Tuesday 28.8.18
Eleven riders: Trudi, Paul, Angie, John M, David I, Jacki, David R, Terry, Chris Ha, Chris Hu, Chris Ho Ho Ho and myself departed the Geelong Showgrounds on a sunny day to ride to Queenscliff. The traditional coffee break was held at The Bungalow in Drysdale.  After sitting in the warm, cosy environment of The Bungalow, we got back on our bikes to find the weather had changed and became quite cold.  After coffee Terry, Jacki and David R headed back to Geelong - it was great to see David back on his bike. A group decision was made to travel to Queenscliff via Portarlington.  Even though this was going to add kilometres to our overall journey we decided it was well worthwhile.  The ocean views were stunning with Melbourne easily visible on the horizon.  David I left us along the way as he had priorities to attend to at home while the remaining riders continued to the Marina in Queenscliff for lunch.  We practically had the entire place to ourselves so I assume after the carryings-on at the Brewhouse a few days prior, maybe all the Queenscliffians had decided to stay home! We headed back to Geelong along the Bellarine Highway where a slight tail wind made this section of the ride more enjoyable.  The total distance covered was 95kms. NB Like many of the riders, I rode the extra distance home so as to ensure I achieved the magical 100kms.
Thanks everyone for a great ride. Regards, Peter O.

Greg Allerton's 100km Ride to Bannockburn and Gnarwarre on Sunday 26.8.18
I was pleasantly surprised to have 5 other riders to start this 100km journey : P O'Brien, P Maurer, J Miro, JC and J Hagan, though the latter two could only go a short way with us. I felt the odd one out amongst so many Peters and Johns! We took my usual backstreet route out to Ted Wilson Trail then the off road path to Ballan Rd where JC and JH left us to do a shorter loop via Dog Rocks.
We continued into a stiff head wind via Bakers Bridge Rd (the most gentle climb out of the Moorabool valley) to Bannockburn for a short stop. It was a fast run down Burnside Rd to Hamilton Hwy. There was an all to brief section of tail wind before we turned into Pollocksford Rd. It was here that my legs began to feel the toll of the previous 2 days of 100km rides as the 3 other strong riders got well ahead. On regrouping I persuaded them to have a coffee stop at the isolated Nursery Cafe about 1km beyond Gnarwarre where Barrabool Rd heads south. Set well off the road amongst beautiful gardens we were the only customers  and enjoyed a hot drink and home made macadamia tart for only $8. John M was particularly impressed by the toilet made from a converted water tank.
We cruised across Princes Hwy in cooler conditions until we reached Cape Otway Rd where we turned right into an even stronger head wind. Turning left into Larpent Rd gave us a tail wind back via Larcombes Rd to Hendy Main Rd and then up to Moriac. There was then a long grind in side wind up to Princes Hwy where we cruised long at over 60 kph down into Waurn Ponds Dve. The WP creek path gave us a traffic free route (apart from a few rd crossings) to he Barwon River where people made their own way home.  Good riding by you all and thanks for your company.
100.4 km   av 23.2kph  4h19 m riding time. Home by 1-15pm. Greg.

Lyn Gregg's Ride to The Bungalow Cafe in Drysdale on Sunday 26.8.18
On a rather fresh morning 10 braved the weather for the ride to Drysdale.  We took the normal route down to Drysdale to The Bungalow for coffee which was a bit slow today. After a lot of chatter we headed for home with Trudi, Leo, Chris Hu, and Marie going down Princess Street and Dr Mike, Ian, Chris Ha, Mick and Lyn returning home via the Trail.
Thank you all for coming. Cheers Lyn.

John Hagan's Ride to Donut King in Ocean Grove on Saturday 25.8.18
What a beautiful morning for riding - sunny and almost windless with magnificent scenery on the Bellarine Peninsula. We started from the Grovedale Pub with 6 riders: Trudi, Chris Hu, David I, Greg, Chris Ha and John H, but soon encountered Mark B as we came down Gundog Rd to bring our total to 7. We took the back streets of St Albans Park and with the way the streets turned some thought we were doing circles! Then out to Wallington where we pedalled along Orchard Crescent and Malpas Drive on our way to the Donut King in the Ocean Grove Marketplace just off Shell Rd. The doughnuts and the coffee were excellent. Chris Ha had to ask about the price as he was being charged under $5 for a large coffee and 2 doughnuts - the lady told him that this was the special for Seniors! Our return trip was via 13th Beach and Lake Rd for a total of about 60km.
Keep Riding, John Hagan.

Some of our riders were out at The Bungalow in Drysdale this Saturday Morning - JC took the photo - 25.8.18

David Innes leads Thursday Ride to Lara - 23.8.18
Thursdays ride started from Rippleside and was listed to go to Wallington but it was decided to go same old, same old, but pleasant ride out to Lara via the Hovells Trail. The ride was a slow gentle pace and as we rode along the foreshore of Rippleside around North Shore it was decided that Ted would lead us on a route through the Grammar School though technically not open to the general public. No one took any notice of us and it was a very different way and all enjoyed the alternate route which led us back to the Hoval trail continued along the trail instead of the road to arrive in Lara for a hot coffee in the sunshine and extended chat. Paul and Ang left us at that point to ride back to Bannockburn as myself John miro and Ted headed back along the Hovells Trail back through the Grammer School where this time we were challenged by a teacher saying it was private property. I replied "sorry" and continued on our way. An enjoyable ride on a rare sunny windless day more like a spring day than a winter's day.  Thanks to those who attended - it was a small group as most of our group are up north. Photos by John Miro.
David Innes.

Ted also sent in a report:
A Fabulous Five riders turned up at Rippleside for what was to be a ride to Wallington. For no apparent reason it was decided to head in the opposite direction so Paul, Ange, John, David and Ted headed North on a perfect day for riding. David was sad that he missed the detour through the Grammar School on the last trip out this way so we dutifully negotiated the styles, gates, potholes, masters, mistresses and children for a pleasant ride through “Olde England”. Coffee at Xpresso lounge was highlighted by meeting up with various locals (Ted knows nearly everyone in Lara) and another ride group (John knew them anyway). Paul & Ange headed back to Bannockburn via the Western route while the rest of us returned on the Hovells Creek track. Another detour through the GS created a bit of a stir as one of the “mistresses” took umbrage and advised us that this was “private property you know”. We decided to remain respectfully ignorant and ignored her. Fortunately no one was wearing GTCC colours so we shouldn’t get the club into trouble. Might avoid that detour for a few weeks.

Peter O'Brien's Ride to Moriac & Torquay on Tuesday 21.8.18
This morning John M, Chris Ha, David I, Laurie and myself met at the start line to head off for Moriac.  We navigated the normal ride route along Waurn Ponds Drive, Reservoir Road and Hendy Main Road to Moriac where we stopped for a coffee break. Back on our bikes we rode along Forrest Road to Bells Beach and continued onto Torquay for lunch.  We then returned to Geelong via Horseshoe Bend Road. The weather was kind to us for the entire ride with bouts of intermittent misty rain followed by sunshine.  What else would we expect in the Geelong region? Distance travelled 82kms.
Happy pedalling, Regards, Peter O.

Sunday 19.8.18
Because of the harsh weather conditions the dirt ride was cancelled.
Ross, turned up as ride leader for the easy ride from the Sth Geelong Station and was happy not to have to mount his bike as no-one else turned up.
Keep riding (in better weather), John Hagan.

Mark's Ride to Collendina on Saturday 18.8.18
Just 2 riders, Janet & Mark - a bit windy out to Cheeky Cow cafe //
Regards Mark.

Unofficial Ride from Geelong to Melbourne via Rosebud - Friday 17.8.18
Five riders meet at South Geelong station for an early start of 7.30, ( ride leader )Peter, Ange and Paul, Andrew, Trudi. We were hoping to catch the 9.00 ferry at Queenscliff, so the pace down was quite quick, arriving at terminal with a few minutes up our sleeve. Once on board some enjoyed a coffee, but our official coffee stop was at Dromana. Back on our bikes we thought that Frankston would be our lunch stop. Here we all enjoyed a well earned rest and some delicious food, toastie's were popular as well as milkshakes and a lovely green smoothie. With 50kms to go we knew that catching the 3.30 train wasn't going to be an option, but thought we'd give it a good go. Not long after lunch the wind thought it would show it's ugly face, making our ride all that harder.
We arrived at the station, boarded the train, tied up the bikes, grabbed a seat and waited. Then a announcement came over that that train had now been cancelled, so we grabbed our bikes and headed for another platform. Standing room only, squashed like sardines was an understatement. Arriving at North Geelong station at 5.32 it was a quick race home before it got to dark. All in all a good days ride except for the wind that buffeted us around.

Peter O'Brien leads the ride to Moriac on Thursday 16.8.18
Rolf, John M, David I and myself, set off from the Fyansford Hotel and headed to Merrawarp Road and then on to the Barrabool hills.  We decided to take Andersons Road which was a highlight given the backdrop of green pastures and a blue/grey sky.  As we approached the last uphill section on this road an unusual event occurred. Rolf and David captured, on camera, walking their bikes up the hill.  We rode on to Moriac for our coffee break where we happened to meet up with Terry Hamilton. After the coffee break we enjoyed the ride back to Geelong and with a strong tail wind we were home in no time at all. An enjoyable ride of approximately 60kms.
Riding is fun. PeterO.

John Miro leads the ride to Bannockburn, Teesdale & Inverleigh on Tuesday - 14.8.18
A magnificent ride by the Magnificent 7 on a magnificent sunny mild day: Trudi, Ted, Lawry, Peter O, Rolf, David I and me (John M). Our original leader Chris Hume is riding in Darwin instead. We rode to Bannockburn, Teasdale and Inverleigh to celebrate Peter's birthday and David's new Ultegra groupset. Strong headwind heading west but made worthwhile by strong tail wind on the way home.  Coffee at Bannockburn Sorelle Cafe and Inverleigh Bakery. Total distance 81km.
See you on next ride. John M.

David Innes' Combined Ride - GTC & Cycling Geelong - to Bannockburn on Sunday 12.8.18
It was a sunny but cold windy Sunday morning with a small group of hardy keen riders ready for the challenge of a westerly ride towards Bannockburn into the wind. Starting from South Geelong Station we headed through the city to join up to the Ted Wilson Trail then onto Ballarat Rd, down the Batesford Hill, stopping for that all important coffee at the railway station in Bannockburn. After a nice chat and a few laughs it was time to head home. This time with the wind and it was mostly down hill, except for a few uphill bits. At this time Dr Mike had been struggling and wasn't well so he had decided to call his wife to pick him up in Bannockburn with a substitute rider joining us in John Miro. We crossed the highway down a lovely hill over Russells Bridge with a gentle gradual climb heading back to Geelong via Anakie and the Ballan Rd. Here I had left to go back home via the Ted Wilson Trail and Peter O'Brien took over